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									                                 2011 STRATEGIC ROADMAP FOR
                                 AUSTRALIAN RESEARCH

       Chairs and members of the Expert Working Groups

Promoting and Maintaining Good Health

Name                              Position                                  Institution

Professor Mike Calford (Chair)    Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)         The University of Newcastle

                                  Leader, Institute of Health and
Professor Judith Clements         Biomedical Innovation, Cancer             Queensland University of Technology
                                  Research Program

Professor Simon Foote             Director, Menzies Research Institute      University of Tasmania

                                                                            Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of
Professor Doug Hilton             Director
                                                                            Medical Research

                                  Assistant Statistician, Health
Dr Paul Jelfs                                                               Australian Bureau of Statistics
                                  Information and Social Analysis Branch

                                  Foundation Professor of Population
Professor Louisa Jorm                                                       University of Western Sydney

Professor Paul Keall              NHMRC Australia Fellow                    The University of Sydney

                                  Deputy Director, Western Australian
Professor Peter Leedman                                                     The University of Western Australia
                                  Institute of Medical Research

                                  Director, John Curtin School of Medical
Professor Julio Licinio                                                     The Australian National University

                                  Director, Sansom Institute for Health
Professor Kerin O'Dea                                                       University of South Australia

                                  Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and
Professor Ian Smith                                                         Monash University
                                  Research Infrastructure)

                                                                            Australian Nuclear Science and
Dr Ron Weiner                     Chair, ANSTO LifeSciences
                                                                            Technology Organisation
Environmentally Sustainable Australia

Name                              Position                                  Institution

Dr John Gunn (Chair)              Chief Scientist                           Australian Antarctic Division

                                  Director, Centre for Energy Research
Professor Vassilios G Agelidis                                              The University of New South Wales
                                  and Policy Analysis

                                  Acting Chief of Division, Geospatial
Dr Andrew Barnicoat                                                         Geoscience Australia
                                  and Earth Monitoring Division

Dr John Church                    Fellow                                    CSIRO

                                  Science Manager, Climate Change
                                                                            Fisheries Research and Development
                                  Adaptation – Marine Biodiversity and
Dr Colin Creighton                Fisheries and
                                                                            Grains Research and Development
                                  Science Manager, Managing Climate

                                  Officer in Charge, Intergovernmental
Dr Nick D'Adamo                                                             UNESCO
                                  Oceanographic Commission

Professor David Day               Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)         Flinders University

                                  Director, Fenner School of
Professor Stephen Dovers                                                    The Australian National University
                                  Environment and Society

                                  Professor, School of Earth &
Professor Bronwyn Gillanders                                                The University of Adelaide
                                  Environmental Science

                                  Assistant Director, Environmental
Mr Warwick McDonald                                                         Bureau of Meteorology
                                  Information Services

Dr Phillip McFadden               Consultant

Dr Neil McKenzie                  Chief of Land and Water Division          CSIRO

                                                                            Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems
Dr Tony Press                     Chief Executive Officer
                                                                            Cooperative Research Centre

                                                                            Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
Dr Russell Reichelt               Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Professor Paul Sanders            Head, School of Design                    Queensland University of Technology

Professor Mike Sandiford          Professor of Geology                      The University of Melbourne

                                                                            The Royal Botanic Gardens and
Dr Brett Summerell                Director, Science and Public Programs
                                                                            Domain Trust

                                  Director, Institute of Biodiversity and
Professor Grant Wardell-Johnson                                             Curtin University
                                  Climate, School of Science

Frontier Technologies

Name                                Position                               Institution

                                    Group Executive, Manufacturing,
Dr Calum Drummond (Chair)                                                  CSIRO
                                    Materials and Minerals

Dr Phil Diamond                     Chief of Astronomy and Space Science   CSIRO

                                    Director, West Australian Centre for
Professor Lorenzo Faraone           Semiconductor Optoelectronics and      The University of Western Australia

                                    Associate Professor, Energy Systems
Associate Professor John Fletcher                                          The University of New South Wales
                                    Research Group

                                    Senior Research Scientist / Imaging    Australian Nuclear Science and
Dr Marie-Claude Gregoire
                                    Specialist, ANSTO LifeSciences         Technology Organisation

                                    Director, Institute for Photonics &
Professor Tanya Monro                                                      The University of Adelaide
                                    Advanced Sensing (IPAS)

Professor Paddy Nixon               Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)         University of Tasmania

Professor John O’Callaghan          Emeritus Professor                     The Australian National University

                                    NSW Chief Scientist and Scientific     Office of the NSW Chief Scientist and
Professor Mary O'Kane
                                    Engineer                               Scientific Engineer

Professor Bernard Pailthorpe        Chair in Computational Science         The University of Queensland

                                    Director of the Melbourne Materials
Professor Steven Prawer                                                    The University of Melbourne
                                    Institute (MMI)

Professor Judy Raper                Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)      University of Wollongong

                                    Scientific Director, National ICT
Professor Robert Williamson                                                The Australian National University
                                    Australia (NICTA)

Safeguarding Australia

Name                                  Position                                 Institution

                                      Group Executive, Food, Health and
Dr Alastair Robertson (Chair)                                                  CSIRO
                                      Life Science Industries

Dr Laurie Besley                      Chief Executive                          National Measurement Institute

Mr Brett Biddington                   Principal                                Biddington Research Pty Ltd.

Dr Regina Fogarty                     Director, Private Forestry & Resources   Industry & Investment NSW

                                      Associate Professor in Veterinary
Associate Professor James Gilkerson                                            The University of Melbourne

                                      Executive Director, Centre for
Professor Andrew John Goldsmith                                                University of Wollongong
                                      Transnational Crime Prevention

                                                                               Defence Science and Technology
Dr John Percival                      Research Leader, National Security

Professor Susan Pond                  Board Member                             Commercialisation Australia

Dr John Stambas                       Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine      Deakin University

Professor Sue Thomas                  Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)        Charles Sturt University

                                      Associate Professor, Department of
Associate Professor Colin Wastell                                              Macquarie University

Professor Tony Watson                 Deputy Vice-Chancellor (International)   Edith Cowan University

                                      Dean of the School of Computer
Professor John Roddick                                                         Flinders University
                                      Science, Engineering and Mathematics

                                      Associate Dean (Research), Faculty of
Professor Richard Tay                                                          La Trobe University
                                      Law and Management

Understanding Cultures and Communities

Name                                    Position                               Institution

Professor Rae Frances (Chair)           Dean of Arts                           Monash University

                                        Pro Vice Chancellor (Education, Arts
Professor Pal Ahluwalia                                                        University of South Australia
                                        and Social Sciences)

Ms Margaret Anderson                    Chief Executive                        History SA

                                        Deputy Director, National Centre of
Dr Paul Arthur                                                                 The Australian National University

Professor Alison Bashford               Professor of Modern History            The University of Sydney

Mr Alec Coles                           Chief Executive Officer                Western Australian Museum

Distinguished Professor Stephen Crain   Department of Linguistics              Macquarie University

Professor Ann Capling                   Professor of Political Science         The University of Melbourne

Dr Rebecca Johnson                      Head of Research                       Australian Museum

                                        Research Program Leader, Social and
Dr Marcus Lane                                                                 CSIRO
                                        Economic Sciences

                                        Director-General (commencing
Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich                                                      National Library of Australia
                                        11 March)

                                                                               Australian Institute of Aboriginal and
Dr Luke Taylor                          Deputy Principal
                                                                               Torres Strait Islander Studies

                                        ARC QE2 Fellow, Linguistics and
Dr Nicholas Thieberger                                                         The University of Melbourne
                                        Applied Linguistics

                                        Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research and
Professor Mandy Thomas                                                         The Australian National University
                                        Graduate Studies)

                                        Branch Head, Social Data Integration
Ms Gemma Van Halderen                                                          Australian Bureau of Statistics
                                        and Analysis Branch

                                        Deputy Chief Executive Officer;
                                        Executive Director, Humanities &
Professor Andrew Wells                                                         Australian Research Council
                                        Creative Arts; Social Behaviour &
                                        Economic Sciences

eResearch Infrastructure

Name                              Position                                 Institution

                                  Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-
Professor Attila Brungs (Chair)                                            University of Technology, Sydney
                                  President (Research)

Professor Paul Bonnington         Director, e-Research Centre              Monash University

Professor Andrew Cheetham         Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)           University of Western Sydney

                                  Strategic Advisor, Science, Strategy &
Dr Joanne Daly                                                             CSIRO

Mr Peter Nikoletatos              Chief Information Officer                Curtin University

                                  Pro Vice-Chancellor (Information
Mrs Linda O'Brien                                                          Griffith University

                                  Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for
Professor Andy Pitman                                                      The University of New South Wales
                                  Climate System Science

Mr Antony Stinziani               Chief Information Officer                Geoscience Australia

Ms Judy Stokker                   Director, Library Services               Queensland University of Technology

Dr Darrell Williamson             Director, eResearch                      CSIRO

                                                                           Department of Broadband,
                                  Assistant Secretary, Research and
Dr Judith Winternitz                                                       Communications and the Digital


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