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									NTCF                                                    Batchelor Area School
                                                                       Key Learning
    Unit Title Communication Technology                                             SOSE and Technology and Design
                                                                       Area / s

                       Duration:                                                          Class / Group Context

                                                                                               Years 7 to 10
                                 9 weeks
                                                                                      Mixture of ESL and mainstream
                               Term 4, 2008
                                                                                         Targeting Bands 3 and 4

                       Description of the Unit                                              Culminating Task/s

This unit has been designed by a team of Middle Years and
Secondary teachers to engage students in learning that is driven
by them, is therefore meaningful to them, and is still able to be
assessed using NTCF outcomes. The aim is to introduce this
method of learning with a view to give students the skills which
will enable them to do a less scaffolded version of this process in
                                                                       The sessions in weeks 8 and 9 will be set aside for students to
                                                                       present their work. Depending on tasks chosen, some of these
The unit itself is based on Communication Technology. Students
                                                                       may be suitable for assembly performances, to be published in
will be encouraged to take on issue based tasks using either the
                                                                         the school newsletter, played over the local radio station or
activities on the planning matrix, or a negotiated version of these.
                                                                             displayed on notice boards around the community.
They are required to choose activities from the different Blooms
levels, which total no less than 20 points.

There are 2 sessions a week allocated for this work. One of
these sessions will focus on the explicit teaching of skills and
strategies that will assist in the activities, and delivery and
engagement in the topic. Students will have the other session to
work on their activities.

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                 Learning Area Outcome/s                                                  Indicators                                   Assessment
Band 3
           Soc 3.1 Time, Continuity and Change                    Look at what groups and/or individuals think about               Assessment will be
           Investigate how the past and how events have            important events e.g. the development of chat rooms;             determined by tasks
           impacted on individuals and groups                                                                                       chosen from the
                                                                                                                                    planning matrix and
                                                                                                                                    negotiated with the
                                                                  Investigate ways that advertisers use ‘tricks of the trade’ to

           Soc 3.5 Enterprise                                                                                                       teacher.
           Examine the relationship between consumers              encourage sales
           and producers, and form opinions on what and           Develop and present a creative advertising campaign to
           how certain actions are used to meet needs and          promote a product of your choice
           wants; think about the relationship between            Critically examine push/pull factors, supply and demand
           personal characteristics, needs, wants and future       e.g. sort products in the home based on whether they were
           life roles                                              purchased because of a need or want

           DPC 3.4 Evaluate and Impact                            Describe the relationships between products, processes
           Describe the relationships and impact of                and systems, e.g. the effect of teen culture on the design of
           products/processes/systems and the                      mobile phones and phone plans

           community/environment                                  Describe how products, processes and designs could be
                                                                   made better for users, e.g. sensible phone plans for
                                                                   teenagers getting minimal pocket money or wage from part
                                                                   time job

Key Language


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                  Exit Outcome/s                                                    Indicators                                 Assessment
               (Essential Learnings)

Band 3
Inner Learner                                                Devise personal strategies to protect privacy and keep        Assessment will be
In 5 Demonstrates resilience in pursuing choices and          yourself safe, e.g. online                                    determined by tasks
dealing with change                                          Discuss issues that impact on your life, e.g. peer group      chosen from the
                                                              pressure                                                      planning matrix and
Creative Learner                                             Investigate past findings, understandings and decisions for   negotiated with the
Cr 1 Uses imagination and a variety of resources for          their validity, usefulness and appropriateness, e.g. school   teacher.
self-expression and to explore ideas and situations for       mobile phone policy
the insights and opportunities they offer                    Frame and order questions to generate and discuss
                                                              multiple ideas from a range of perspectives e.g. developing
                                                              relationships on the net
Collaborative Learner                                        Consider others’ input and respond constructively to
Col 1 Listens attentively and considers the                   alternative ideas / viewpoints
contributions and viewpoints of others when sharing          Clarify meaning by summarising others’ ideas(from journal
own ideas and opinions                                        articles, newspaper articles, personal interviews
Constructive Learner                                         Identify independently and issue or problem within a
Con 2 Uses and justifies a variety of methods to plan,        broader area of discussion relating to communication
organise and complete tasks, and continually reflects         technology
when evaluating the quality of their work                    Map out a coherent sequence of steps or tasks, e.g.
                                                              process of deciding on a suitable phone plan

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Outcomes                                                      Indicators                                                          Assessment
Band 4
           Soc 4.1 Time, Continuity and Change                   Research and analyse information about lifestyles e.g.          Assessment will be
           Analyse significant ideas, people and                  education and employment and how these have been                determined by tasks
           movements that have shaped our society                 effected by changes in communication technology                 chosen from the
                                                                                                                                  planning matrix and
                                                                 Investigate and report on key themes in the history of the      negotiated with the
                                                                  modern period e.g. effects of technological changes             teacher.

           Ent 4.3 Consumerism                                   Research and evaluate government safeguards and
           Examine patterns of production and distribution,       legislation to protect the consumer e.g. from identity theft,
           identify strategies used to persuade the               exposure to inappropriate websites
           customer, and investigate the rights and
           responsibilities of the consumer                      Review the influence of media in consumerism
                                                                 Investigate the resources used in the production of mobile
                                                                  phones and computers
                                                                 Investigate the effects of consumerism on teenagers
           Critiquing                                            Assess environmental impacts of disposal of mobile phones
           Cr 4.2 Impact                                          and computers
           Consider the appropriateness and effects of           Consider the reasons for using particular phone plans or
           products and systems on

           community/environment                                  communication methods for certain situations
                                                                 Research, consider and communicate consequences e.g.
                                                                  posters, plays, ads for young people informing them about
                                                                  sensible phone plan options or warning them about identity
                                                                  theft etc
Key Language (What words do the students need to know?)


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                  Exit Outcome/s                                                    Indicators                                   Assessment
               (Essential Learnings)

Band 4
Inner Learner                                                Explore confidently and persistently ‘what if...’ scenarios     Assessment will be
In 5 Demonstrates resilience in pursuing choices and          about a range of circumstances e.g. requests for personal       determined by tasks
dealing with change                                           information on chat sites; pressure from service providers to   chosen from the
                                                              sign up to phone plans                                          planning matrix and
                                                             Assess the degree of risk associated with activity              negotiated with the
Creative Learner                                             Analyse current technologies, through researching historical    teacher.
Cr 1 Uses imagination and a variety of resources for          development and predict possible advances, e.g. mobile
self-expression and to explore ideas and situations for       phones
the insights and opportunities they offer                    generate ideas and communicate possibilities regarding
                                                              future predictions in communication technology through
                                                              sound and music
Collaborative Learner                                        show awareness of points of view that differ from own
Col 1 Listens attentively and considers the                  set aside own point of view to consider other peoples intent
contributions and viewpoints of others when sharing           and meaning
own ideas and opinions
Constructive Learner                                         independently identify an issue or problem to investigate
Con 2 Uses and justifies a variety of methods to plan,       identify weaknesses in a plan or idea
organise and complete tasks, and continually reflects
when evaluating the quality of their work

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                      1        ‘Shift Happens’ Power Point – Overview of Technological Changes
                               Brainstorm other technologies not listed
                               Define and describe unfamiliar technologies
                               Venn Diagram – Communication (1 way & 2 way) & Entertainment

                      2        Negotiate Personal Learning Contract using Matrix
                               Make a plan

                      3        Explore and find out
                      4        Organise the information
                      5        Answer focus questions
                      6        Create Presentation/s

                      8        Presentation of Information

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                 Knowing                    Understanding               Applying                    Analysing                   Creating                     Evaluating
Verbal           Locate an article about    Discuss and list possible   Make a short film about     Survey your peers in        Compose a newspaper          Determine some
                 cyber-bullying from a      changes there will be in    an old person arguing       terms of most desirable     article or letter to the     common mistakes
                 magazine or journal and    the field of                with a teenager about       mobile phones.              editor about changes in      people make with phone
                 highlight the key points   communication               mobile phone use            Investigate what factors    communication                plans. Recommend
                                            technology based on                                     influence their choices.    technology from a            factors that should be
                                            readings regarding                                                                  number of perspectives.      considered when
                                            future predictions                                                                                               choosing a phone plan.
Mathematical     Find an article that       Create a t-chart to show    Make a variety of graphs    Calculate the best          Conduct a survey to          Assess strategies and
                 analyses and measures      the positive effects of     and charts to               mobile phone package        gather information about     tools available to
                 the average time           increased mobile phone      demonstrate a number        for you and for your        mobile phone use.            safeguard against
                 different groups of        use and results of          of current issues           parents. Investigate        Predict how this might       exposure to unwanted
                 individuals spend          excessive mobile phone      regarding                   how and why they differ.    change in the next 10        websites. Rate these
                 communicating with         use                         communication                                           years.                       according to your
                 others via the internet                                technology e.g. time                                                                 judgement on how
                                                                        spent communicating                                                                  effective they are.
                                                                        on-line compared to face                                                             Justify your choices.
                                                                        to face and via phone
Visual/Spatial   Create comparative         Draw a diagram of what      Make a cartoon about an     Draw a map of               Create a board game          Paint a picture that
                 images (draw/ make a       you think a typical         issue you have identified   Batchelor. Select and       with instructions on how     depicts conflicting views
                 model) of main             teenagers bedroom will      regarding changes in        plot the best place for a   to play based on the         on whether changes in
                 communication methods      look like in 2020 based     communication               phone tower based on        theme of communication       communication
                 in the 1900s compared      on understandings you       technology.                 factual information and     technology, highlighting     technology are positive
                 to today                   have gained from                                        location factors.           issues with current          or negative. Discuss
                                            articles on current                                                                 trends.                      choices of subject matter
                                            developments                                                                                                     and style.
Kinaesthetic     Role play comparative      Express (through role       Illustrate use of           Investigate and identify    Perform a mime that          Review how many
                 images of main             play or dance)              communication methods       the most popular mobile     illustrates the changes in   mobile phones are
                 communication methods      frustrations with current   through the ages            phones amongst your         communication                currently in use in
                 in the 1900s compared      communication methods       through performance         peers. Make a mobile        technology over the past     Australia, how many
                 to today                                                                           phone cover to fit a        100 years.                   phones are thrown out
                                                                                                    range of these.                                          each year, and how
                                                                                                                                                             many are recycled.
                                                                                                                                                             Make a model to
                                                                                                                                                             demonstrate this.
Musical          Listen to and copy the     Express how you feel        Put images showing          Make an ad with a jingle    Compose a RAP aimed          Make a song that
                 words of a song relating   about communication         changes in                  about the dangers of        at children that goes into   highlights what you
                 to communication           technology through          communication               using a mobile phone        how ‘uncool’ it is to be     judge to be important
                 technology. State the      music                       technology to               while driving.              involved in cyber-           advise for kids as they
                 meaning and intention of                               appropriate music                                       bullying                     grow up using the most
                 the lyrics.                                                                                                                                 up to date

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