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									        About Imogen                            Alexander Technique
Imogen Ragone trained at the                         Websites                             Alexander
Alexander Technique Centre of
Virginia, graduating in 2006. After
moving to Wilmington, Delaware, she
took two online courses in web design
                                               "Imogen helped me to navigate
                                               through the artistic possibilities         Technique
and created her own website. Over the          and technical demands of
past two years Imogen has designed
attractive and effective websites for
over 20 other Alexander teachers in
                                               creating a website with great
                                               ease and expertise. With the
                                               added benefit of her experience
three continents.                              as a teacher of the Alexander
                                               Technique, she was particularly
        About Robert                           helpful with wording and photo
Robert Rickover graduated in 1981              - Meade Andrews,
from the School of Alexander Studies,
London. He was one of the first
Alexander teachers to successfully use         For more information:
the web, and is creator of The
Complete Guide to the Alexander
                                               Visit:                                     Attractive, Low-Cost,
Technique (
He maintains many other websites               Go to the Gallery page to see examples    Websites for Alexander
                                               of completed websites.
promoting the Technique - his latest,, is a podcast
                                                                                          Technique Teachers
devoted to the Alexander Technique.            Contact Imogen
                                               Phone: 302 384 8454
Imogen has redesigned many of Robert's         Email:
websites over the last two years, including ,,   Contact Robert                                 No Technical,                Phone: 402 475 4433,,
                                                                                           Knowledge Required!,, and                          Note: For emails, please put "Alexander
                                               Technique Website" in the subject line.                                            
Need a Website?                                     Why Have a Website?                        What People Say
We provide low-cost websites for                    "Many Alexander Technique              "I have absolute confidence in
Alexander Technique teachers.                       teachers who have their own            recommending Imogen Ragone
                                                    websites find that the majority of     as a web designer. She is fast,
•   Simple, professional, five-page                 their new referrals come from          accurate, and a pleasure to work
    website design for as little as                 their website. Unless you have all     with."
    $200.                                           the students you want, it makes        - Ruth Rootberg
•   Three flexible layouts - choose                 no sense whatsoever to be with-
    your own color scheme, graphics,                out one. For almost any kind of
    pictures and text.                                                                     "Imogen intuited my website
                                                    business today, not having a
•   Custom design is also available.                                                       design - font, color, white space -
                                                    website is rapidly becoming
•   Add extra pages for as little as                                                       from my e-mail style and
                                                    equivalent to not having a
    $30 each.                                                                              signature, and got it exactly
•   Between $60-$75 per year to put                                                        right. She is responsible,
                                                               - Robert Rickover
    it on the web (hosting*).                                                              creative, and a joy to work with.
•   We take care of all the technical                                                      The whole process was fun and
    details.                                                                               the final product is deeply
Website Design by Alexander                                                                - Sandra Bain Cushman
Teacher, Imogen Ragone                                                           

Website Hosting* provided                                                                  "I am very pleased with both
by Alexander Teacher,                                                                      sites. Thank you so much for all
Robert Rickover                                                                            you have done. You have been a
                                                                                           joy to work with."
*Website Hosting: basically "renting space" on                                             - Jane Staggs
the world wide web, so other people can visit                                    
your site. For a website address like:              Need More Information?       ,
                                                    Phone Imogen: 302 384 8454
hosting will cost you $60 per year If you prefer
an address like:,
hosting will cost $75 per year, plus about $8-9     Phone Robert: 402 475 4433              You can see examples of completed
per year to register your domain name. Robert       Email:    websites on the Gallery page of:
can easily talk you through the registration etc.                                 
process if you need help.

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