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					VOL. 20 NO. 3                        North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women                              WINTER 2010

                By              Wait! ...for Advocacy!       Come hear Pamela Perkins of Interfaith Children’s
                Patricia Bell   How Can We?                  Movement an advocate for children’s rights as she
                NGC UMW
                Social Action
                                                             provides more information on Human Trafficking of
                             Trinity United Church           children. She is a member of Central United Method-
               will host the North Georgia Confer-           ist Church in Atlanta. She has spoken at various UMW
ence Social Action Event on March 5, 2011. It is at          functions this past year on Human Trafficking. She
this time that we will delve into Human Traffick-            has a wealth of information on children’s issues. For
ing, Domestic Violence and Immigration Rights.               more information on Pamela and these issues you may
These are those topics that I wanted to avoid since          contact her at 770-498-2141 or gain information at
taking office 4 years ago. Yet, here we are. They  
are in the news as headlines around Atlanta and the          Wait! We will also hear from Leanne Rubenstein
world. Does it make sense to cover them? Of                  from Refugee Resettlements Immigration Services
course it does. Do I want to do it? No, but these            (RISSA) of Atlanta at 404-622-2235 X243 or for more
are issues that have plagued the nation and our              information on RRISA at . How do we
communities. Recently, a little girl was reported            determine that the problem is international and not lo-
sold by her mother into trafficking to a known child         cal? How do we bridge the gap? How can we say that
predator. Is it domestic violence or human traffick-         the problem is for those people and not about me?
ing? Right now they are inseparable. Was the                 What are the issues? Who are they? What informa-
mother a citizen of the United States or an immi-            tion do I need to be an informed citizen?
grant? Wait! Where do we draw the line? Does it              Wait!! “Domestic Violence—is the problem that only
matter? NO!! She sold her daughter.                          happens behind closed doors and
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Annual Meeting: Celebrating the Past -- Anticipating the Future
                By Sue Raymond           the blessing of the birthing kits by
                NGC UMW                  AMRY District Superintendent Jim          From the President                     2
                Vice President           Cantrell. The worship service was
              The evaluations from       enhanced by the participation of the      2011 Calendar                          4
             the 2010 NGC UMW            District Superintendents in the com-
                                         munion service and the beautiful
                                                                                   Local Unit in Action                   5
             Annual Meeting said it
all….warmth of fellowship, gracious-     music provided by the host choir          Mission Today Requirements             7
ness of host church, inspirational       and soloist, Deborah Teske.
speaker, and celebration of “Faith,        Most of the evaluations listed the      Doris Paul Award Recipients            8
Hope, Love….in Action!” The United       speaker, Cathy Lee Phillips, as the
                                                                                   Annual Meeting Pictures                9
Methodist Women who gathered at          most meaningful part of the day,
Jonesboro First UMC on October 2,        with many mentioning that what            List of Teachers for Mission Studies 10
2010 were blessed by the worship         they took away from the meeting
                                         was “GOYA”….Get Over Yourself             Global Health Action                   11
service and the sharing of their ac-
complishments in 2010.                   Already!”    Cathy not only enter-        Social Action Registration Form        12
   Even some of the prayers spoken       tained with her humor, but also in-
in worship were listed as high           spired and challenged those gath-         Spiritual Growth Registration Form     13
points of the day, as attendees          ered with her insights.
                                           We celebrated the contributions         Conference Breakfast Form              14
mentioned the graciousness of the
opening prayer by host pastor Dr.        of the districts as they shared what      Annual Meeting Registration Form       15
George Freeman and the warmth of         they had accomplished during 2010
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2                                                                                                               The Reflector
              By Deloris Carhee              Methodist Church on October 2nd was          Studies, supporting our Mission
              NGC UMW                        evidence of the blessings we have ex-        Institutions and Missionaries, in-
              President                      perienced all year.        The women         creasing our membership and shar-
               As I write this article, we   brought over 4000 completed birthing         ing the history of United Methodist
              are waiting with joyful        kits to the meeting and we collected         Women. Let’s rejoice God will be
hearts in expectation for the birth of       $1,621.00 to buy items for more kits to      with us!
Jesus Christ. We celebrate with praise       go to women around the world with                A special thanks to the Pastors
and thanksgiving for the hope, peace,        complications from unsanitary deliver-       and local units who hosted our
joy and love Jesus (Emmanuel) brings         ies. The United Methodist Women lo-          events and meetings at your
at Christmas time. The coming of Em-         cal units are continuing to do hands on      churches. Thanks to the United
manuel means God is with us all the          projects like the birthing kits and          Methodist Women for living out
time. We stand in awe of what Christ         health kits for UMCOR. Let’s rejoice         our PURPOSE and to the North
means to the world and rejoice because       God was with us.                             Georgia Conference for your
God is with us in our life experiences.          I am excited and waiting in expecta-     prayers and support.
Serving with the women in North              tion to see where God will guide the           Rejoice! God is with us. Let us
Georgia has been a rewarding experi-         United Methodist Women in the New            continue to celebrate the joy of this
ence in my life. I rejoice every time I      Year. Our theme is “Guide our Feet           season through out the New Year.
think of God working through the             into the Path of Peace.” Luke
United Methodist Women to do ex-             1:79. We cannot slumber; we still            Blessings and Peace,
traordinary work to help a multitude of      have much work to do. We invite you          Deloris
people.                                      to join us on the journey of peace; with
    I can truly say God was with us this     issues relating to Social Action             Rejoice in the Lord always. I will
year when we stepped out on faith, to        (Domestic Violence, Human Traffick-          say it again. Rejoice! The Peace of
give hope and put love in action to          ing and Immigration Rights), deepen-         God which transcends all under-
meet the needs for God’s people. We          ing our relationship with God through        standing, will guard your hearts
were pleasantly surprised and thankful       Spiritual Growth, mentoring young            and your minds in Christ Je-
for God’s abundant blessings. Our An-        women to become leaders, following           sus. Philippians 4: 4 & 7
nual Meeting at Jonesboro First United       up with action items from Mission

    A Note from the Secretary…..
               By Teresa Wynn                son from the Gainesville District          friend in need, putting together a
              NGC UMW                        who managed to put it all in a format      flood bucket, giving time to one of
              Secretary                      that the printer can work with.            our sister units, or just spending time
                WOW!!! What a ride. It
                                               As I look back over 2010 several         with a shut in. We the United Meth-
              has been an amazing four
                                             things amaze me about our confer-          odist Women of North GA, by shar-
years for me as Secretary of the North
                                             ence. First, when the call came for        ing our FAITH we encourage
GA Conference. I have attended many
                                             Birthing Kits over 4,000 were              HOPE in others, and by doing for
events and had the pleasure of making
                                             brought to Jonesboro First to the An-      others we put our LOVE IN AC-
many new friends not only across the
                                             nual meeting, and even now more            TION.
Conference, but across the Southeast-
                                             money is coming in to help Sagar-
ern Jurisdiction as well. I have discov-
                                             Brown organize even more.           In     With much Love,
ered so much about UMW and about
                                             March, we answered the call for sac-       Teresa Wynn,
myself as well. As this reaches you,                                                    Outgoing Secretary
                                             rificial giving to help the struggling
the 2011 Conference Directory will
                                             Mission Institutions who call Geor-
either be in your hands or on it’s way
                                             gia home. Gearing up for 2011, we
to you. This was my last one and I
                                             will again spend our time and efforts
couldn’t have done it without the Dis-
                                             to put our Purpose into action every
trict Secretaries, and Memoree Emer-
                                             day. Whether it means helping a
Volume 20, Issue 3                                                                                                     3
Membership, Nurture &
Outreach                                                                            Social Action continued
             By Jin Pyen                      Make reservations                  does not affect me?” I think we no
             NGC UMW,                           now for the                      longer have the privilege of saying,
             Membership,Nurture                                                  “What happens at home should stay at
             & Outreach                                                          home.” Domestic violence, verbal
             Coordinator                     Social Action Event                 abuse, bullying, you name it, abuse
              I can’t believe the year         March 5, 2011                     happens and the repercussions affect
2010 is over. When I look back on               Trinity UMC                      each of us sooner or later. Let’s speak
the year 2010, I had such an awe-                                                out about it to help the silent victim
some district and local Membership
                                                Atlanta, GA
                                                                                 gain a voice. Come here Victoria J.
Nurture Outreach Coordinators who                         &                      Ferguson, M. Div. a Family Violence
worked so hard to maintain and in-                                               Counselor from the Office of the So-
crease the membership. Thank you               Spiritual Growth
                                                                                 licitor General State Court of Fulton
ladies and let’s keep up the good                    Event                       County speak on this issue. Her con-
work for 2011. In the midst of this            April 29-30, 2011                 tact info is 404-612-9623 or email
busy season where everyone is busy              Simpsonwood             
shopping and decorating for Christ-                                              Wait? How can we? Each issue is in-
mas, I challenge everyone to take            Guide our Feet into the             terwoven and impacts us daily. Let’s
time to enjoy the moment with your              Path of Peace                    gain more information to empower us
dear friends and family.                                                         to demonstrate Faith, Hope, and Love
                                                                                 in Action.
                                             (see pages 12 & 13 )                See you at Trinity UMC at 8:00 for
                                                                                 registration and 9:00 informational pro-
                                                                                 gram and sessions. Wait? No, send in
Greetings from your Conference Registrar                                         your registration form today. Begin to
                                                                                 act today!! 1Corinthians 13:13 says,
              By Irene Davis           United Methodist Women.
                                                                                 “And now these three remain: faith,
              NGC UMW                    The Griffin District came in 1st
              Registrar                place with over 100 attendees at the      hope and love. But the greatest of
               Happy Holidays and      meeting. The Atlanta College Park         these is love.” Let God guide our feet
              Happy New Year! I        District came in 2nd place and At-        to become active in advocating for
hope you celebrated the birth of       lanta Decatur Oxford District came
                                                                                 peace as we love all.
Christ and enjoyed your family and     in 3rd place with the highest number
friends.                               of attendees. I would like to thank
  I want to thank Jonesboro First      all the presidents for a job well done.
United Methodist Church and the          Ladies, registration is coming up
Griffin District for a job well done   for the Social Action Event in
on Hosting the Annual Meeting          March, Spiritual Growth Event in
  Sharon Benjamin from New Spirit      April and Annual Meeting in Octo-
UMC worked with me at 1:00am in        ber. Registration forms are in this
the morning to finish 567 name tags    issue and will be available on the
from registration forms for the        UMW website (
UMW Annual meeting at Jonesboro        Please register as soon as possible.
First UMC on October 2nd. We re-       E-mail me at 
ceived over 400 registration forms     or call me 404- 286-8188. I always
about 10 days before the meeting.      keep my lights on and will look for-
Sharon worked so hard one night,       ward to hearing from you!
she feel asleep. Thanks Sharon for
going above and beyond for the         Irene Davis
4                                                                                                              The Reflector
    The Reading Program for Children and Youth
                By Eloise Sykes           tion to get a program for children and           in church indicating children
                NGC UMW                   youth started at your church or in your          who are reading from United
                Secretary of Program      unit:                                            Methodist Women’s Reading
                Resources                     Ask all children to participate.
                  In 2011, we will be-        Choose any five books from the
gin a new and exciting reading pro-                                                    Ask children their thoughts on the
                                                   children’s and/or youth read-
gram in the North Georgia Confer-                                                          books. If they are old enough
                                                   ing lists.
ence United Methodist Women. We                                                            ask them to talk about the is-
want to give the children and youth           Explain the topics and allow
an opportunity to read books from                  groups to choose topics for
                                                                                       Help them in mission activities –
our reading lists, receive credit when             reading.
                                                                                           ask them what they think they
criteria are met, and then receive a          Youth Mission Studies may be
                                                                                           can do, and what they need to
Reading Program certificate. Since                 read for credit.
United Methodist women are con-                                                            do it. Be willing to assist them.
                                              Books may be read to children
cerned about all children, we want to                                                  Do Bible studies with them.
                                                   ages 3-6 for credit.
involve any child wishing to partici-                                                  Make it fun
pate.                                         Report names of readers to local
  The reading lists offer a wide vari-             secretary of program re-         Help our children get involved in the
ety of subjects to not only increase               sources or local president at  reading program. We believe they will
awareness of global concerns, but                  designated time.               feel the excitement.
enhance their spirituality and inten-         Have children read to each other.
sify their self-esteem. This is an ex-        Ask Sunday school teachers to
cellent way to let children and youth
be involved, learn more about the                  use Reading Program books
Purpose, and feel like an integral part            in their classes.
of United Methodist Women just as             Create a display chart, ask the
their mothers do.                                  readers to help and display it
  Please use the following informa-

                                                                                       2011 Calendar of Events
                                                                             March 5          Social Action Event
           GENERAL CONFERENCE OF 2012                                                         Trinity UMC (ACPK)

         Want to be a delegate to General Conference in 2012?                April 29, 30     Spiritual Growth Retreat
                                                                                              Simpsonwood Retreat Center
             The North Georgia Conference delegates will be                  May 21           Project Extend
                elected at the 2011 Annual Conference.                                        Location TBA
                                                                             June 14-17       Annual Conference
         The time period to submit the Candidate’s registration                               Athens, TN
           form is between January 1 and January 31, 2011.
                                                                             June 15          UMW Breakfast
         For more information, please visit the North Georgia                July 28-30       Cooperative Christian
         Conference UMW website at. Look                                       Mission Education Event
                        under Recent News.                                                    Simpsonwood Retreat Center
                                                                             Oct. 1           Annual Meeting
         You may also contact Delores Carhee at 404-505-1472.
                                                                                              Dunwoody UMC (AROS)
                                                                             Nov 5            Officer Update/Leadership
Volume 20, Issue 3                                                                                                 5
From the Treasurer
            By Lisa Short
            NGC UMW                                          LOCAL UNIT WITH A PURPOSE
               My four years of service on the       Life Springs Church in Zebulon GA is a new church in the
            North Georgia Conference UMW           Griffin District. A church whose vision is …To be a com-
as treasurer has come to an end, but I don’t in-   munity where all people can experience and live a life of
tend to stop spreading the word about what the
                                                   meaning and purpose through a deeply committed relations
UMW does and the necessity of our financial
                                                   ship with Jesus Christ. The United Methodist Women of
  When each United Methodist woman makes           Life Springs takes this vision as well as our UMW Purpose
her pledge monthly that woman is promoting         very seriously. We are proud to have two circles The Fincher
mission works worldwide for women and chil-        Circle, and The Girlfriends Circle. With at total of 20 UMW
dren. If each of us were to increase our pledge    members. Those members along with the rest of the
by just $5 per month or if each one of us be-      “Girlfriends by Grace” Women’s ministry we have adopted
came a minute woman, think of the impact           the Pike County Department of Family and Children’s Ser-
those contributions would have!                    vice as an ongoing Mission of our Church. Each month the
  If you want to learn more about what the         UMW leads the church in collecting items that our local of-
UMW supports, read the Response magazine           fice needs to help the families they serve. We have collected
and look for the      symbol.
                                                   everything from baby formula, to food, to back packs filled
  The articles      that are followed by this      with school supplies. Our focus for December was helping
symbol are missions supported by YOU.              foster children and elderly by collecting to help them have a
                                                   Merry Christmas. We look forward to what God has planned
 Thanks for the last four years -- see you at a
                                                   for us to do in 2011.
meeting sometime soon.
Lisa Short
                                                   Happy New Year from Life Springs UMC
                                                   United Methodist Women

The Reflector
would like to get
your feedback and
comments. Letters
may be edited to fit
space. Please keep
comments brief and

    2011 Reflector
         March 1
          July 1
          Dec. 1                                             United Methodist Women
                                                              Of Life Springs UMC
6                                                                                                                         The Reflector
Spiritual Growth Message……Move your Feet

              By Tryphenia Speed                goal is to reach out to Christ, who has al-     throughout 2011. Don’t let them down,
              NGC UMW                           ways reached out to us. Through this goal,      don’t let God down!
              Spiritual Growth                  we can move forward with our Faith, Hope
                  Recently, I read an inter-    and Love in Action.                                      New Bethlehem Center, Augusta
                esting quote in an email            SAVE the DATE: April 29-30, 2011 Spiri-     Augusta and Gainesville
                                                tual Growth Retreat, Simpsonwood Con-                    Paine College, Augusta
                from a friend, “Do not ask
                                                                                                Athens-Elberton and Griffin
God to guide your footsteps if you are          ference and Retreat Center. The registra-
                                                                                                         Clark College, Atlanta
not willing to move your feet”. We will         tion form for this event is a part of this
                                                                                                Atlanta-Decatur-Oxford and LaGrange
soon embark on another year of service          newsletter. All the plans have not been                  Global Health Action, Atlanta
and work as members of the NGC United           finalized but will be updated to the NGC        Atlanta-Emory and Atlanta Roswell
Methodist Women. Are we willing to              UMW website by the end of January,                       Murphy Harpst, Cedartown
move our feet? The 2011 theme-“Guide            2011. Along with the worship leaders,           Northwest and Atlanta Marietta
our feet into the path of Peace” Luke           other activities will include Bible study,               Wesley Community Centers, Atlanta
1:79- has been set.                             workshops, prayer time, and prayer walk.        Atlanta-College Park and Rome-Carrollton
   I enjoy reading the letters of the Apos-     Invite your sister, your daughter, your
tle Paul because I always seem to come          friend OR, your mother for a time of re-        Prayer: Dear God, guide us through life’s
away with something that speaks to my           newal and fellowship. Consider this as an       maze. When we are terrified illuminate
life situations and circumstances. Read-        early Mother’s Day gift. Are you willing to     our path. When we are weary keep our
ing Philippians 3:12 from two different         move your feet?                                 feet moving. Let us remember that your
versions, I was left with the thought; I           INTERCESSORY PRAYER: Keep working/           loving hand is always there to provide
must keep working/press on. “I don’t            press on. We all know the power of prayer       for our every need. We pray the great
mean to say I am perfect. I haven’t             and I believe our North Georgia Mission         bounty of your blessing for our mission
learned all I should even yet, but I keep       Institutions can benefit from our prayers       partners in 2011 and forever. AMEN
working toward that day when I will fi-         as they keep working and press on. What         Tryphenia Speed, Mission Coordinator
nally be all that Christ saved me for and       if we commit as the NGC UMW to pray for
wants me to be.” -The Living Bible and          them throughout 2011? Will God hear and
“Not that I have already obtained this or       answer our prayers? Will we dare to put
have already reached the goal, but I press      God to the test? I say move our feet, keep        The Reflector is now available
on to make it my own, because Christ            working/press on. I am asking two of the           online at
Jesus has made me his own.”-NRVS. The           districts to pray for one of the institutions

A Farwell from your Education & Interpretation                                                   Annual Meeting continued
                By Sara Worden                 Conference Christian Mission Educa-              with chants of “Faith,Hope,Love…in
                NGC UMW                        tion Event in July at Simpsonwood. I             Action!”….complete with hand mo-
                Education & Inter-             know you will continue to have mission           tions. We honored the accomplish-
                pretation                      studies in your local churches. Don’t            ments of those participating in the
                                               forget to order your 2011 Prayer Cal-            Reading Program, Channels of Giv-
                                               endar and to pray for our missionaries           ing, Mission Today Units, and Goals
To my dear Sisters in Christ,                  and let them know you are praying for            of Excellence.   Susi Edwards and
  I want to thank you for the opportu-         them. This will be one way for you to            Edna Brescia were recognized as the
nity to serve on conference for quite          become a Mission Today Unit.                     year’s recipients of the Doris Paul
a number of years now. It saddens                Since October 1st, I have been sup-            PURPOSE Awards. We said good-
me to be leaving the conference                ported by your visits, calls, cards and          bye and thank you to those leaving
team, but I know you are in good               prayers. I am home now with a visiting           the conference team and welcomed
hands. Jackie Evans, the former                nurse and am still having physical ther-         and installed the incoming officers
president of the Atlanta-Decatur-              apy. I guess it takes longer for “more           for 2011.
Oxford will be your new Education              mature” women to recover from a bro-             While we enjoyed celebrating the
and Interpretation Coordinator. It is          ken pelvis! Thank you for being the              ways in which we put our Faith,
my earnest prayer that you will con-           wonderful United Methodist Women                 Hope and Love into Action in 2010,
tinue to support UMW Mission Giv-                                                               we look forward to ways God will
                                               that you are…keep up the good work.
ing with your prayers and contribu-                                                             Guide Our Feet into the Path of
                                                                                                Peace in 2011.
tions, as you have in the past. Also,           My love and prayers are with you,
I look forward to seeing you at the             Sara Worden
Volume 20, Issue 3                                                                                                          7

                                       Mission Today Unit Requirements
Requirements for a unit with a membership of 14 or less:
Mission Today Unit: Complete 5 items, 3 must be asterisk items
Silver Mission Today Unit: Complete 6 items,3 must be asterisk items
Gold Mission Today Unit: Complete 9 items, 5 must be asterisk items
Requirements for a unit with a membership of 15 or more:
Mission Today Unit: Complete 10 items, 5 must be asterisk items.
Silver Mission Today Unit: Complete 12 items, 5 must be asterisk items.
Gold Mission Today Unit: Complete all 17 items.
___*1. Use the Prayer Calendar at each general meeting of the unit to pray for people in mission and for our mission
work with women, children and youth.
___*2. The unit will make and meet its pledge to mission.
___*3. The unit will add at least two new members to its roll.
___*4. The unit will have at least two members subscribing to Response magazine.
___*5. The unit will have at least two programs from the program book during the year.
___*6. The unit circle or subgroup will conduct at least one mission study a year.
___*7. The unit will implement the charter for racial justice policies in at least two ways during the year. Some sug-
gested plans of action: Plan a joint unit meeting with a unit of difference racial/ethnic background using programs from
the program book. Develop bi-racial/cultural or multi –racial/cultural Koinonia groups. Or Hold a joint Vacation Bible
School. Hold pulpit exchanges. Share joint worship services on special occasions. Encourage the church to sponsor a
refugee family.
___8. At least one member of the unit (other than Conference or District officers) will attend the Conference or District
Mission Education Event.
___9. At least two members (other than Conference or District officers) will attend the District or Conference Annual
___10. The unit will have a t least one person join the Untied Methodist Women’s Action Network to receive and respond
to legislative information.
__11. Members shall write to five people listed in the prayer calendar at least twice a year.
___12. The unit will participate in the Campaign for Children in two ways. Help sponsor a church or community program
related to children and youth needs. Sponsor a children’s Sabbath promoted by the Children’s Defense Fund. Get in-
volved with children in mentoring, tutoring, and “Big Sisters” programs. Write letters email or call a congregational repre-
sentative and or others in government regarding children’s issues.
___13. The unit will be a 5 Star unit contributing to all 5 channels of undesignated giving.
___14. The unit will contribute to a mission project, such as UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief),
RRISA (Refugee Resettlement & Immigration Services of Atlanta), or other United Methodist Women National
Mission Institutions.
___15. Each unit, circle or subgroup meeting will include a “Response Moment” where an article from the Response
magazine will be lifted up as a way to tell the mission story.
___16. Have at least two people from the unit circle or subgroup complete one of the Reading Program plans and report
on one of the books. And encourage all members to complete Plan one.
___17. The unit will have invited a District or Conference officer other than a member of that unit to one or more of the
unit meetings during the year.
8                                                                                                 The Reflector
                     2010 Recipients of the Doris Paul PURPOSE Award

  The Doris Paul PURPOSE Award was created at            President and a member of the UMW Conference
the request of Carl Paul to honor women who lived        Team for the last four years. Edna facilitated a
out the UMW PURPOSE in outstanding ways. Carl            breast cancer help support group in Rabun County,
Paul donated fifty Special Mission Recognition           Georgia where she served over ten years. Edna
(SMR) pins from the collection of his late wife, Doris   continues to serve in her local church and on the
Paul. In an effort to continue the legacy of the PUR-    district.
POSE exemplified by Doris Paul, Tonya Murphy
                                                           Susi Edwards is a member of Rome First United
(former Conference President) along with the Ad-
                                                         Methodist Church in the Rome Carrollton District.
ministrative committee wrote the qualifications for
                                                         Susi has been actively involved with the United
lay/clergy women to be nominated for this award.
                                                         Methodist Women (UMW) over 40 years. She has
The three first recipients were in 2008, four recipi-    served in leadership positions on the local, district,
ents in 2009 and two recipients in 2010.
                                                         conference and national levels. She has attended
  This year Edna Brescia and Susi Edwards re-            every UMW Assembly (National Meeting) since
ceived the Doris Paul PURPOSE Award given at the         1972. During Susi’s tenure as a conference officer,
North Georgia Conference United Methodist Women          she wrote a booklet titled “Membership Counts.”
Annual Meeting at Jonesboro First United Method-         Susi continues to serve in other positions in her local
ist on October 2nd . It was an honor to present Edna     church and on the conference.
and Susi with a certificate and a sapphire Special       Colossian 3: 12 & 14 was chosen in memory of
Mission Recognition from Doris Paul’s pin collec-        Doris Paul, “Therefore, as God’s chosen people,
tion.                                                    holy and dearly loved, clothe yourself with compas-
  Edna Brescia is a member of Antioch, Tiger and         sion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.
Tallulah Falls (AT&T) United Methodist Church.           And over all these virtues put on love, which binds
Edna has served as an officer on the local and dis-      them all together in perfect unity.”
trict levels. She has been the Gainesville District                                            By Deloris Carhee

      Edna Brescia                                                                          Susi Edwards
Volume 20, Issue 3                                                             9
                     United Methodist Women - Annual Meeting—October 2, 2010



10                                                                                                   The Reflector
                   Persons Willing to Teach the Mission Studies for 2010-2011
For the Love of God:                                                        Joy to the World: Mission in
                                      Lisa Short      (770-237-5302) (W)
John’s Letters                        135 Glover Rd
                                                                            the Age of Global Christianity
Alice Smith          (770-914-2265)   Cleveland, GA 30528
6026 Ridgemont Way                    Bobby Solomon       (706-764-1991)    Joan Mayer              (706-625-3649)
McDonough, GA 30253                   848 Bicentennial Trail                (NWST Dist. Only)
Gail Cook            (770-938-6103)   Rock Springs, GA 30739                775 Johnson Lake Rd
4641 Westhampton Dr                   L. Susan Stroup      (770-546-0799)   Adairsville, GA 30103
Tucker, GA 30084                      743 East Point Rd                     Cherrod Pate            (404-683-5196)
Pat Flynt            (706-486-4833)   Cedartown, GA 30125-6135              Atlanta, GA
P. O. Box 55                          Mary Anne Brannon                     E-mail contact:
Union Point, GA 30669                               (678-583-0403)          Helen Rainwater          (404-241-6191)
Gail R. Gilcrease (678-357-8729)      313 Rothaus Court                     2614 Bull Run Dr
478 Bishopton St                      Stockbridge, GA 30281                 Decatur, GA 30034
Atlanta, GA 30017                     Patricia Bell        (770-656-2362)   Marti B. Slife           (770-389-4393)
Fay Kesler          (706-235-8537)    2598 Chesterbrook Dr.                 270 Meridan Dr
(Own church only)                     Lithia Springs, GA 30122              Stockbridge, GA 30281
29 Donley Dr                          Mary A. Cannon (404-284-5590)         Joann Smith              (770-868-6828)
Rome, GA 30165-170                    3676 Tree Bark Trail                  109 Smith Circle
Janet E. McCathrin (770-913-8213)     Decatur, GA 30034                     Braselton, GA 30517
255 Cedar Way                         Jackie Evans         (404-552-8354)   Tryphenia Speed         (770-981-0200)
Loganville, GA 30052                  5505 Crestridge Dr                    4412 Wesleyan Pointe
Debra McInvale      (706-865-2875)    Atlanta, GA 30349                     Decatur, GA 30034
738 Satterfield Rd                    Lucille Howell      (706-348-7605)    Rev. Bernice Kirkland (770-422-5351)
Cleveland, GA 30528                   64 Ashwood Lane                       6011 Addington Dr.
Dorothy Y. Orr      (770-927-6471)    Cleveland, GA 30528                   Acworth, GA 30101
316 Gilbert Circle                    Rev. Bert Mathews(706-486-4400;       L. Dorothy Edmond       (404-349-1414)
Luthersville, GA 30251                706-817-3326)                         402 Cascade Park Dr.
Katherine Posey (770-232-1637)        324 North Rhodes St.                  Atlanta, GA 30331
3121 Governors Ave                    Union Point, GA 30669
Duluth, GA 30096                      Terrie Adkins       (770-476-7981)    The Beauty & Courage of
Rev. Eric Powell (678-289-9231)       3846 Carriage Gate Dr
6195 Hearn Rd                         Duluth, GA 30096                      Sudan: Peace is Possible
Ellenwood, GA 30204                   Phylissis Ransom (404-247-3309)       Rev. Sammy Clark      (706-746-3382)
Diane Boatwright (706-635-5009)       1851 So. Gordon St., SW               P. O. Box 216
(NWST only)                           Atlanta, GA 30310                     Rabun Gap, GA 30568
10513 Old CCC Camp Rd                                                       Sandra Clarke          (770-948-7183)
Ellijay, GA 30540                                                           3941 Evans Dr
Margie Bullock      (770-776-9274)                                          Lithia Springs, GA 30122
                                      Joy to the World: Mission             Katrina Ositelu (404-643-3078 (Cell);
3310 Kates Way
Duluth, GA 30097                      in the Age of Global                  404-363-9600(W)
Joan M. Leon        (770-891-7400)    Christianity                          5758 Hwy 85, Apt. 21-A
(ATHN Dist)                           Jo Sheetz        (404-218-1606)       Riverdale, GA 30274
175 S. Broad St., Apt. #208,          57 Chaumont Square                    Marilyn R. Robinson    (770-389-4309)
Winder, GA 30680                      Atlanta, GA 30327                     221 Whitesand Bay Dr
Juanita D. Mullins (770-786-7539)     Jo Harbert       (404-378-4104)       Stockbridge, GA 30281
(ADOX Dist.)                          (Local Unit)                          Sara Worden            (770-439-7524)
9196 Carlton Trail                    131 Greenwood Place                    or 404-680-4268
Covington, GA 30014                   Decatur, GA 30030                     4585 Caleb Crossing
                                                                            Powder Springs, GA 30127
Volume 20, Issue 3                                                                                                    11
                  Global Health Action
       Turning Faith and Hope into Action in Haiti
                                                                      The organized unit of United Methodist
Meetings in Haiti always begin with a prayer.
                                                                      Women shall be a community of women
   Sometimes the words are in French, which I understand well
enough, but usually they’re in Haitian Creole, and I only recog-      whose PURPOSE is to know God and to
nize a few words. But, that doesn’t matter. I can feel the rever-     experience freedom as whole persons
ence in the room and the belief, and I know that the prayer
leader is putting our work in God’s hands.
                                                                      through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative,
   As the Executive Director of Decatur-based Global Health           supportive fellowship; and to expand con-
Action (GHA), I have been traveling to Haiti for 30 years, and I      cepts of mission through participation in the
am continually humbled by the resiliency and faith of the Haitian
people. It’s easy enough to have faith when times are good, but       global ministries of the church.
for Haitians to maintain that faith and hope for a better future
amidst all the troubles and travails they have faced is awesome, in
the true sense of the word.
   GHA is working in Haiti to help turn that faith and hope
into action. We’re training community health workers (CHWs)
to serve as the first line of health promotion and care in their
own communities. We’re training farmers and providing them
with a pregnant goat, which will be a sustainable source of nutri-
tion and income for their families. We’re training and supporting
traditional birth attendants, who deliver the majority of babies in
rural Haiti. We’re educating community groups and helping to
build the capacity of local systems and providers. And, we’re
working hand-in-hand with faith partners like UMCOR and the
Methodist Church of Haiti (l'Eglise Méthodiste d'Haïti).
   Global Health Action has a 30-year history of community
health and development programs in Haiti, and when your units
and circles begin to focus on Haiti as the 2011-2012 geo-
graphic mission study, we would welcome the opportunity
to share information, perspectives, and impact stories with
your group. Please contact us at 404-634-5748 or to set up a presentation.
Robin C. Davis, Executive Director
                                                                             SUPPLEMENTAL GIVING
                                                                                      First Quarter
                                                                             New Bethlehem Community Center,

                                                                                     Second Quarter
                                                                             Wesley Community Centers, Atlanta

                                                                                      Third Quarter
                                                                              Murphy Harpst Children’s Center
                                                                                      Polk County

                                                                                     Fourth Quarter
                                                                                   Global Health Action

Global Health Action is training and supporting traditional
birth attendants like those at this recent meeting in Petit-
Goave, Haiti.
12                                                                                                                                   The Reflector

                                                                                             North Georgia Conference
                                                                                             United Methodist Women
                                                                                                Social Action Event
                                                                                                        March 5, 2011
                                                                                                      Trinity UMC
                                                                                                265 Washington Street, SW
                                                                                                 Atlanta, GA 30303-3542

                            Guide Our Feet Into the Path of Peace ….for Justice and Mercy
                                      A Journey in Faith-Hope-Love in Action

Human Trafficking                             Domestic Violence                                       Immigration Rights

Send Registration to Registrar: Irene Davis 3651 Tree Bark Trail; Decatur, GA 30034; 404.286.8188;

Registration Fee: $10 prior to Deadline Feb 14; add $2 late fee for all registrations after Deadline (including on site registration)
No refunds after the deadline of Feb 14th.

                                       8:00 AM - Registration Begins with Breakfast (refreshments)
                                                           9:00 AM - Program
                                                           12:00 PM - Closing
                                                  A parking deck is available on site.

                                                               Lunch is on your own
                                                       Make checks payable: NGCUMW

Directions for

Name: ___________________________________                         Phone: ____________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

Emergency Contact: _______________________                        Phone: _____________________________

Local Church: ___________________________ District: ___________________________________

First time attending UMW Social Action Event: Yes___ No___

Are you a Guest of the conference? Yes___ No ___

Registration fee included ($10)________________

Late fee (after deadline and onsite) included ($2)          ____________

Total Fees included_________________
Volume 20, Issue 3                                                                                         13

                                                                     North Georgia Conference
                                                                     United Methodist Women
                                                                  Spiritual Growth Retreat
                                                                           April 29-30, 2011
                                                           Simpsonwood Conference and Retreat Center
                                                                   4511 Jones Bridge Road,
                                                                     Norcross, GA 30092

     “Guide Our Feet into the Path of Peace-A Journey in Faith- Hope- Love in Action”

Name:___________________________________ Phone Number______________________



District:______________________________ Church:_________________________________

First Time Attending Event: Yes____ No____       Special Dietary Needs:___________________

Age Group:      Teen___20____ 30___      40___   50___`60____     70+______

Registration Fee:
Single $140 ____Double $90______         Triple $80______         Quad $75_____

Friday Only $30(no overnight)_______       Saturday Only $50________
Mail the registration form and check to: Irene Davis, Registrar-3651 Tree Bark Trail, Decatur, GA 30034
Tel: 404 286-8188/ Email:
Registration Deadline: March 31, 2011 (NO REFUNDS; Transferable to another person)


Directions to Simpsonwood Conference and Retreat Center at or telephone 770 441-1111
Activities Being Planned
Friday Afternoon, April 29, 2011
3:00 to 6:00    Registration
                Activities (Prayer Walk, Crafts, etc.)
5:30 -- 6:30    Dinner
7:00 -- 9:00    Session I
Saturday Morning, April 30, 2011
7:00 -- 7:30    Bible Study
8:00 -- 9:00    Registration
9:00 -- 12:00 Session II (Includes Worship/Workshops)
12:00-- 1:00    Lunch
1:00 – 3:00     Session III (Closing)

Worship Leaders: Rev Carol Cook, LaGrange DS
                 Rev. Sharma Lewis, Atlanta- Decatur-Oxford DS
14                                                                                          The Reflector

                                                                 North Georgia Conference
                                                                 United Methodist Women
                                                                   Annual Breakfast
                                                                     Annual Conference
                                                                         Classic Center
                                                                        Athens, Georgia

                        (Guide our feet into the Path of Peace)
                              A Journey in Faith-Hope-Love in Action

                                 Wednesday, June 15, 2011
                                 TIME: 7:00 am – 8:00 am
                            Cost: $15.00 — Deadline: June 1, 2011

Please Print
Name ___________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________
Phone _________________________________ Email ____________________________________________

Make checks payable to NGCUMW. No refunds will be available. Mail registration form and check to:
Elaine Mathews, Treasurer
324 North Rhodes St
Union Point, GA 30669
Please reserve ________ seats for me at the UMW Annual Breakfast, Wednesday, June 15, 2011.
Reservations are for:          Myself ____       Guest ____      Myself and Guest(s) ____

       Cost per Ticket                $        15.00
       Number of Tickets              X       ______
       Total Cost                     $       ______

Enclosed is check #__________ in the amount of $ _______________

To ensure NGC UMW has the correct information, please list all attendee(s).
Volume 20, Issue 3                                                                                         15

                                                                  North Georgia Conference
                                                                  United Methodist Women
                                                                     Annual Meeting
                                                                    Dunwoody First UMC
                                                                     1548 Mount Vernon Rd
                                                                     Dunwoody, GA 30338

                          (Guide our Feet into the Path of Peace )
                             A Journey in Faith-Hope-Love in Action

                                          OCTOBER 1, 2011
                                            9:30am – 2:00 pm
Please Print
Name ___________________________________________________________________________________
Address _________________________________________________________________________________
Phone _________________________________ Email ____________________________________________
Church ______________________________________ District _____________________________________
Emergency Contact __________________________________________ Phone ________________________
Special Needs ____________________________________________________________________________

Check Age Group       Teen         20    30             40         50+
First time attending UMW Annual Meeting?            Yes            No
Are you a guest of the Conference?                  Yes            No

$20.00 Meeting and Luncheon, prior to September 16, 2011
$10.00 Meeting only, prior to September 16, 2011.
There will be a $10 late fee for registrations received after September 16, 2011.
Make checks payable to NGCUMW. Registration deadline is September 16, 2011.
Registrar: Irene Davis
3651 Tree Bark Trail
Decatur, GA 30034
404.286.8188                          Free Childcare will be provided. Deadline to reserve is
                                                 September 16, 2011. Please pack a lunch for each child.
          Annual Meeting Agenda:
                                                 Age: ________________________________________
      8:30am – 9:30am — Registration             Dietary restrictions: _____________________________
   9:30am – 12:00 pm — Business Meeting
       12:00 pm – 12:30 pm — Lunch               Emergency Contact: ____________________________
  12:30 pm – 2:00 pm — Awards Luncheon
4511 Jones Bridge Road                                                                                        Non-Profit Org.
Norcross, GA 30092-1406                                                                                        U.S. Postage
VOL. 20 NO. 3                                                                                                   Atlanta, GA
North Georgia Conference United                                                                               Permit No. 1269
Methodist Women
Winter 2010
Annual subscription $5.00
Ann Orr
89 Hickory Cr
Ringgold, GA 30736

                                                                                                           Conference News
                                        Please share this newsletter with others in your unit or church.

16                                                                                                               The Reflector

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