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Volunteer Handbook2


									UPMC Cancer Centers / University of Pittsburgh Cancer


            A Welcome from Dr. Davidson.....................2

            History ...........................................................3

            Mission Statements........................................5

            Volunteer Opportunities ................................6

            Becoming a Volunteer ...................................6

            Volunteer Benefits .........................................7

            Volunteer Policies and Procedures ................8

            Patient Service Guidelines.............................14

            Infection Prevention and Control ..................16

            Safety and Security ........................................18

            Emergency Procedures ..................................19

            Telephone Directory ......................................22
                          Dear Volunteer:

                          Nearly 10.5 million Americans are alive today who have a history of
                          cancer. Early detection and treatment, in conjunction with
                          innovative research, are key factors to prolonged survival of patients
                          with cancer. Working together, UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI – the
                          only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer
                          Center in western Pennsylvania – continue to develop novel ways to
                          study cancer and make important discoveries in research that
                          ultimately will lead to new and better treatments for those who are
                          challenged to live with cancer.

                          The Hillman Cancer Center, located directly across from UPMC
                          Shadyside, is the hub facility of the UPMC Cancer Centers clinical
                          care and conduct groundbreaking research.

                          When you volunteer, you make a direct contribution by supporting
                          our activities in research, patient care, and administrative support.
Nancy E. Davidson, M.D.   Please use this handbook to become familiar with our policies,
                          procedures, and standards so that you may become a successful
                          member of our outstanding team. We thank you for the valuable
                          commitment you have made to support our ongoing efforts.


                          Nancy E. Davidson, M.D.
                          Director, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute
                          and UPMC Cancer Centers
                          Associate Vice Chancellor for Cancer Research
                          Chief, Division of Hematology/Oncology
                          Visiting Professor of Medicine
                          University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

History                                          In 2002, UPMC Cancer Centers became the
                                                 new name for the clinical facilities of UPCI
                                                 while UPCI continues to encompass the
UPMC Cancer Centers and the
                                                 academic and research activities for cancer.
University of Pittsburgh Cancer
                                                 With more than 40 locations throughout
Institute (UPCI)
                                                 western Pennsylvania, UPMC Cancer
The beginnings of UPMC Cancer Centers/           Centers is one of the largest networks for
UPCI are traced over two decades ago to          clinical care in the United States (see page 4
1984 when a consortium of local hospitals        for a map of the UPMC Cancer Centers
and universities established UPCI to meet        clinical network). At the hub of the UPMC
the challenge of cancer by providing early       Cancer Centers clinical network is the
diagnosis and prevention and lifesaving          Hillman Cancer Center, which opened in the
treatment and by conducting groundbreaking       fall of 2002. The Hillman Cancer Center and
research on cancer’s cause, course, and cure.    nearby administrative offices provide nearly
In 1985, Ronald B. Herberman, MD,                450,000 square feet of space to house
assumed leadership of UPCI, which quickly        pioneering programs in cancer care,
rose to national prominence. In 1988, UPCI       research, detection, diagnosis, education,
was designated a Clinical Cancer Center          prevention, and community outreach. Today
by the National Cancer Institute (NCI),          UPCI remains a premiere Comprehensive
and in 1990 it achieved NCI status as a          Cancer Center — one of only 39 across the
Comprehensive Cancer Center in record            country and the only in western
time, placing it among the nation’s elite        Pennsylvania — and a leader in translational
cancer centers.                                  research.

During the next decade, UPCI was at the          Looking ahead, UPCI has set a goal to
forefront of scientific discovery in cancer      increase its grant funding, which currently is
research and made new advancements in            ranked 12th nationally, and break into the
patient care. In 1992, UPCI was one of the       ranks of the top five cancer centers in the
first two centers in the United States to        country. Additionally, UPCI investigators
receive authorization to conduct gene            are to begin the world’s first cancer
therapy clinical trials for cancer. A year       prevention vaccine trial. Meanwhile,
later, UPCI researchers were the first in the    working in tandem together, UPMC Cancer
country to create and test a novel, synthetic    Centers — which is consistently ranked as
vaccine against pancreatic, breast, and other    one of the top centers in the country for
cancers.                                         cancer care by U.S. News & World Report
                                                 — and UPCI will continue to provide the
Throughout its history, UPCI has been            nearly six million western Pennsylvania
dedicated to moving the discoveries made in      residents unparalleled access to the latest
its laboratories to the clinical setting. UPCI   resources in cancer prevention, detection,
has utilized the forces of the marketplace to    diagnosis, and treatment services.
help achieve this goal. In 1995, the first
start-up company was launched by a UPCI
researcher and, five years later, UPCI
established the Limbach Entrepreneurial
Center to promote entrepreneurial awareness
and provide assistance for commercial-
ization of UPCI technologies. The Limbach
Entrepreneurial Center reflects UPCI’s
commitment to bring new advances in care
to as many patient beds as possible.
UPMC Shadyside                                   care, specialty, and community hospitals.
The history of UPMC Shadyside begins in          The health system also includes primary
1866, before electricity and antibiotics,        care and specialist physician practices,
when a small hospital was founded in             cancer care, imaging and surgery facilities,
downtown Pittsburgh to seek patient-             rehabilitation services, in-home services
centered, more scientific approaches to          including hospice care and durable medical
medical care. In 1884, it opened the first       devices, retirement living and long-term
nursing school in Pennsylvania, and in 1910,     care, pharmacy services, and an array of
the hospital moved to Shadyside where it         health insurance products.
continued to expand its facilities and
medical staff over most of the twentieth         Through its affiliation with the University of
century and beyond through strong                Pittsburgh School of Medicine and other
community support, philanthropy and              schools of the health sciences — the schools
volunteerism. In 1997, the hospital became       of Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing,
a member institution of the University of        Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, and the
Pittsburgh Medical Center.                       Graduate School of Public Health — UPMC
                                                 shares in the academic mission of the
UPMC Shadyside is a 486-bed tertiary care        university by providing a broad range of
hospital which serves the residents of           programs in education, biomedical research,
Pittsburgh and the tri-state area. UPMC          training, health promotion, diagnosis, and
Shadyside offers primary medical care;           treatment of disease and disability.
physician and nursing education; and a
broad range of specialties that include
cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics,
geriatrics, obstetrics and gynecology,           Mission Statements
vascular medicine, endocrinology, and
more. UPMC Shadyside’s medical staff             UPMC’s Mission
includes more than 600 primary care              The mission of the University of Pittsburgh
physicians and specialists, many of whom         Medical Center is to provide premier
have offices at the hospital and throughout      programs in patient care, biomedical and
the community.                                   health services research, and teaching that
                                                 will contribute to the prevention, diagnosis,
Specific services and facilities for cancer at   and treatment of human disease and
UPMC Shadyside include three dedicated           disability.
inpatient units, surgical suites where many
cancer surgeries are performed, and the          Volunteer & Community Services
Mary Hillman Jennings Radiation Oncology         Program Mission
Center. The UPMC Shadyside campus is             The Volunteer & Community Services
home to the Hillman Cancer Center, which         Program helps improve the quality of life for
houses the research and treatment activities     patients and their families during their stay
of UPCI and UPMC Cancer Centers.                 at UPMC Cancer Centers and supplements
                                                 and enhances the ongoing efforts of UPMC
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center          Cancer Centers/UPCI scientists, medical
(UPMC)                                           staff, and employees. Volunteers are placed
UPMC is the leading health care system in        wherever there is a need and are provided
western Pennsylvania and one of the largest      the opportunity to learn and experience
nonprofit integrated health care systems in      emotional and personal growth.
the United States. UPMC’s consortium of
health care facilities includes 20 tertiary

                                                  Healing Power of the Arts
Volunteer Opportunities                           Healing Power of the Arts offers patients
Please note that volunteers must be 14 years      and their families the opportunity to
of age or older. Parental consent is required     discover the artist inside each of us.
for volunteers under 18 years of age.             Volunteers play music, hold arts and crafts
Volunteers are required to make a three           classes, and read poetry, among other things.
month commitment to the program. Weekly           These activities offer so much more than a
hour requirements are listed below.               much-needed diversion to patients and
                                                  families; they also provide the means for
Patient and Family Support                        self-expression and discovery during a
This program requires a minimum of four           challenging time.
hours of service a week. Nurses, physicians,
and social workers at UPMC Cancer Centers         Special Events
treat the person — not just the disease. In       Volunteer & Community Services is an
this same spirit, volunteers help improve the     active partner with organizations such as the
quality of life for patients and their families   American Cancer Society and the Susan G.
by helping nurses with their duties and by        Komen Breast Cancer Foundation by
visiting with patients and their families.        coordinating their annual fund-raising
Volunteers are placed at inpatient units,         activities at UPMC and the University of
outpatient clinics, information desks, in the     Pittsburgh. Volunteers assist with these
library and host activities such as Bingo.        efforts and help with a variety of other
                                                  special events.
Laboratory Research
This program requires a minimum of ten
hours of service a week. Each day,
researchers at UPCI are taking important          Becoming a Volunteer
steps to increase our understanding of cancer
and are testing the newest, most advanced         Application / References
treatments to cure it. Volunteers work            Volunteer applicants are required to
closely with researchers to perform a variety     complete an application and submit two
of tasks. Depending on the laboratory’s           completed reference forms. References
needs, these tasks may be basic or more           cannot be related to the applicant.
complex. Duties include analyses
of gene expression and mutations in cancer,       Interview
RT-PCR, Northern Blots, and Southern              Volunteer applicants are required to
Blots for analyses of gene expression,            participate in an interview with a member of
flow cytometry, ELISA, ELISPOT, and               the Volunteer & Community Services staff.
LUMINEX assays and much more.                     During the interview, we will discuss your
                                                  interest in volunteering at UPMC Cancer
Administrative Support                            Centers/UPCI and discuss your placement in
This program requires a minimum of four           a volunteer position that best matches your
hours of service a week. Our efforts to build     skills, qualifications, and schedule with the
a future without cancer extend beyond our         volunteer opportunities currently available.
laboratories and treatment rooms and              All volunteers, 18 years of age and older,
include staff members hard at work                will be asked to authorize a criminal
providing crucial support in various offices.     background check at this time. If applicable,
Volunteers play an important role by              volunteers will be asked to provide their
performing clerical duties such as filing,        original I-94, visa, passport, and permanent
copying, labeling, and data entry.                resident card for copying purposes. All

volunteers will be asked to provide their       Health & Safety Office prior to their start
driver’s license/state ID (or other             date. Laboratory supervisors will provide
comparable photo ID) for copying purposes.      additional training specific to volunteers’
Volunteer applicants are required to            Volunteers placed in the Patient and Family
complete the online orientation process. The    Support and the Healing Power of the Arts
orientation will help prospective volunteers    Programs must view the online Patient and
become familiar with the Volunteer &            Family Training prior to their start date.
Community Services Program, including the       Volunteers will learn important information
program’s policies, procedures, and benefits.   about the role of volunteers in offering
                                                support to patients with cancer. In addition,
Tuberculosis (tb) Skin Test                     clinical supervisors will provide additional
Tb is an airborne disease and can be            training specific to volunteers’ assignments.
transmitted by breathing contaminated air.
Symptoms may include persistent cough,          Volunteers placed in the Administrative
chest pain, fever, night sweats, loss of        Support and the Special Events programs
appetite, and unplanned weight loss. Prior to   will receive job specific training from their
beginning their volunteer assignment,           supervisors on the first day of their
volunteers must have a tb test (given free of   volunteer service.
charge) to determine if they have been
exposed to tb bacteria. Volunteers may
provide a copy of a prior negative tb test      Volunteer Benefits
result given within one year.
                                                To obtain benefits, volunteers must show a
Volunteers who test positive for tb will
                                                current volunteer ID badge. Volunteers who
receive a chest x-ray (given free of charge).
                                                do not have time recorded are not eligible
Volunteers may provide a copy of a prior
                                                for certain benefits until they submit their
negative chest x-ray.
                                                unreported hours.
Volunteers who have patient contact must
                                                Accident and Liability Coverage
have a tb test annually. A chest x-ray will
                                                Volunteers are covered by UPMC’s accident
not be given again unless a volunteer
                                                and liability insurance while performing
develops symptoms of the disease.
                                                volunteer duties.
Tb tests are administered free of charge at
                                                Activity Discounts
UPMC Employee Health in Shadyside or
                                                Volunteers are entitled to discounts offered
                                                to UPMC employees. Discounts include
                                                savings on entertainment and local services.
                                                Information on discounts is listed in
Volunteers will receive training appropriate
                                                EXTRA!, an employee newsletter available
to their volunteer assignment before
                                                in the Volunteer & Community Services
beginning service, as follows:
Volunteers placed in the Laboratory
                                                Employee & Volunteer Fitness Center
Research Program must attend a two-hour
                                                For $20 per month, volunteers can join the
Chemical Hygiene/Formaldehyde
                                                center which is equipped with treadmills,
Awareness Training session provided by the
                                                bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing machines,
University of Pittsburgh’s Environmental

and more. Call 412.623.1684 for more            UPMC Shadyside Visitors Garage
information.                                    South Aiken Avenue
                                                24 hours, seven days
Flu Shots
Flu vaccinations are available free of charge   Oakland:
for volunteers.                                 Any UPMC garage designated for visitors
                                                and patients (no parking is permitted in
Optical Discounts                               employee or lease lots)
A discount on optical merchandise such as
eyeglass frames and lenses, is available from   Parking vouchers are available during
the Optical Shop located on the Eleventh        regular business hours at the Volunteer &
Floor of UPMC Presbyterian Hospital (near       Community Services suite.
the cafeteria).
                                                Reference Letter
Pharmacy Discounts                              Upon request, Volunteer & Community
A discount is available on over-the-counter     Services can provide a formal letter for
medications purchased from the UPMC             educational or professional purposes
pharmacies, located on the ground floor of      documenting the number of volunteer hours
the Hillman Cancer Center’s William M.          served. Letters of recommendation should
Cooper Pavilion and the second floor of         be obtained from the volunteer’s supervisor.
Falk Clinic.
                                                Shadyside/Oakland Shuttle Service
Meals                                           Volunteers are eligible to use the UPMC
To be eligible for a meal ticket, volunteers    shuttle service to travel to and from their
must donate a minimum of four hours in one      volunteer work sites. A copy of the shuttle
day. Volunteers are entitled to one meal        schedule is available upon request.
ticket for their personal use on the day they
volunteer. In Shadyside, meal tickets are
                                                Volunteer Recognition
redeemable at the Hillman Cancer Center
                                                Volunteer & Community Services
Café, the UPMC Shadyside Cafeteria, and
                                                recognizes volunteers in various ways
the West End Café. In Oakland, meal tickets
                                                throughout the year, including a recognition
are redeemable at the UPMC Montefiore
                                                luncheon and observance of National
and UPMC Presbyterian Cafeterias, and the
                                                Volunteer Week.
Falk Cart. Meal tickets are available during
regular business hours at the Volunteer &
Community Services suite.
                                                Volunteer Policies and
Parking                                         Procedures
Parking vouchers are for the personal use of
volunteers on the day they volunteer.
Parking is available at the following           Assignment
locations:                                      Volunteer & Community Services is
                                                committed to providing equal opportunity
Shadyside:                                      for all applicants to the volunteer program at
UPMC Shadyside Medical Center Garage            UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI. This includes
Centre Avenue                                   the acceptance, training, and assignment of
Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 12 a.m.             volunteers regardless of race, color, religion,
Sundays and Holidays, closed                    national origin, ancestry, sex, age, marital
                                                status, familial status, sexual orientation,
                                                disability, or veteran status. Acceptance

decisions will be made solely upon the basis          Contact Information Changes
of individual qualifications as related to the        It is important that you notify Volunteer &
requirements of the volunteer position to be          Community Services with changes in your:
                                                      •   mailing address
At the beginning of their service, volunteers         •   telephone number
will be given a specific assignment that              •   e-mail address
meets both their interests and the needs of           •   emergency contact
UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI. It is important             •   volunteer status
that you enjoy the work you do. If for any
reason you would like a change of                     Signing In and Out
assignment, please contact the Volunteer &            Volunteers must sign in before beginning a
Community Service’s staff.                            volunteer assignment and sign out after
                                                      completing it. It is of utmost importance that
Assignment guides are provided for all                the sign-in/out procedure be followed.
areas of volunteer service. These guides              Volunteer & Community Services needs this
state the responsibilities of volunteers within       record to locate you in case of an
their assigned department.                            emergency, to compute your volunteer
                                                      hours, and to document your presence in the
Commitment                                            event of an insurance claim. Sign-in time
Because volunteers make a commitment                  should reflect actual starting time because
of support to patients and employees it is            accident and liability insurance coverage
important that they be reliable. Please               starts when you sign in.
commit yourself to punctuality and regular
attendance. Call or e-mail your assignment            Dress Code
supervisor if you must be late or absent and          Clothing should be appropriate, clean, neat,
clear changes in your schedule with the               and in good condition. Volunteers must
Volunteer & Community Services staff. If              always wear their volunteer jacket (if
you will NOT be volunteering for                      applicable) and ID badges (above the waist).
several weeks or months, you must notify              Below is a list of appropriate articles of
your supervisor and the volunteer office.             clothing for volunteers:

Communication                                     •   females: dresses, skirts, dress or casual
Communication is the key to a successful              pants, ankle-length pants, blouses, sweaters
and rewarding volunteer experience.
Volunteers are encouraged to talk with their      •   males: sport, golf or dress shirts with
supervisor if they require clarification              shirttails tucked in, dress or sport pants
regarding their tasks or if they have
questions in general. Complaints and              •   shoes should be in good condition; tennis
suggestions are welcomed and should be                shoes may be worn but must be clean and
directed toward the Volunteer &                       without holes; opened-toe sandals are not
Community Services staff. Information that            permitted
employees and volunteers need in order to
perform their duties — as well as updates             Not Permitted:
about UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI — are              • denim clothing including jeans and shorts
distributed regularly via Extra! and through          (Exception: Volunteers placed in the
email.                                                laboratories may be advised by the
                                                      laboratory employees to wear jeans. This is

    allowed as long as volunteers are given          jacket on their first day of volunteering.
    permission by the laboratory staff to do so.)    Those volunteering in patient care settings
                                                     must launder their volunteer jackets after
• opened-toe shoes                                   every use. All other volunteers must launder
                                                     their volunteer jackets once a week. Upon
• sweatpants and sweatshirts                         completion of their volunteer assignment,
                                                     volunteers should return their volunteer
• t−shirts, tank tops, halter tops or other tight-   jacket to the Volunteer & Community
    fitting tops                                     Services suite.

• shorts                                             Photo Identification (ID) Badge
                                                     Volunteer & Community Services will issue
• tight-fitting or revealing clothing                you an authorization form to receive
                                                     a photo ID badge once all your necessary
• artificial nails                                   paperwork is on file. Photo ID badges are
                                                     issued by UPMC Human Resources in
    Grooming                                         Shadyside or Oakland. In order for patients,
•   Fingernails should be clean, filed, and not      visitors, and employees to recognize you as
    long enough to injure a patient. Artificial      part of the UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI
    nails are not permitted in patient care areas.   family, you must wear a photo ID badge
                                                     above your waist at all times when on duty.
•   Hair must be neat and clean; beards or           You must also wear your badge when
    mustaches must be neat, trimmed, and clean.      obtaining and using meal tickets and parking
                                                     vouchers or any other volunteer benefits (see
•   Make-up should be worn in a reasonable           page 7 for a listing of volunteer benefits).
    amount.                                          Photo ID badges must be returned to
                                                     Volunteer & Community Services upon
•   Jewelry should be worn in a moderate             completion of service.
    amount and not pose a safety hazard.
                                                     Customer Service Guidelines
•   Facial piercings (other than ears) or oral       The customer is defined as anyone with
    piercings should not be worn during              whom you interact with on the job,
    volunteering.                                    including but not limited to: patients,
                                                     families, visitors, employees, all other
•   Hats should not be worn                          volunteers, physicians, vendors, and the
                                                     general public. All deserve the same level of
•   Perfumes, colognes, or after-shaves should       respectful, courteous treatment as you would
    not be worn because patients, visitors, and      wish for yourself and your loved ones. To a
    employees may suffer from allergies to these     person who has never been to UPMC
    scents.                                          Cancer Centers/UPCI, his or her initial
                                                     contact with an employee member or
    Volunteer Jacket                                 volunteer will be their first impression of the
    Volunteers are required to wear a volunteer      facility and may stay with them for a long
    jacket during their volunteer service            time. Therefore, it is important to be
    (exception: laboratory research volunteers       proactive and greet customers in a friendly,
    will be given a lab coat). A $5 deposit is       helpful manner.
    required for each volunteer jacket (this
    deposit will be refunded upon completion of      Our customers are our top priority at UPMC
    service). Volunteers will receive a volunteer    Cancer Centers/UPCI. Take note of how you

    and your coworkers greet customers in your         In this world of global communities, we
    work area. Make an extra effort to greet           interact with multitudes of people different
    everyone with a smile and positive attitude,       from ourselves. Everyone has his or her own
    initiate conversations, maintain eye contact,      unique experiences to offer. By valuing the
    focus on the customer, and personally              experiences of others we can better serve
    provide assistance. Efforts like these ensure      our customers.
    service excellence and turn a customer’s
    first impression into a lasting relationship. It   Quality Improvement
    is everyone’s responsibility to ensure             The primary goal of the quality
    customer satisfaction. The following are           improvement process at UPMC/UPCI is to
    some helpful customer service tips:                promote and reinforce a culture of
                                                       continuous improvement. This is important
•   Smile!                                             so that the hospital can improve clinical
                                                       services and cost outcomes. Volunteers
•   Make eye contact and introduce yourself to         should be aware of the quality improvement
    patients.                                          efforts made in their department. It is
                                                       important for every employee and volunteer
•   Help people who look lost.                         to recognize his or her individual role in this
                                                       process of continuous improvement. The
•   Listen to complaints. Do not try to reason,        success of the overall process of patient care
    argue, or be defensive.                            depends on each employee and volunteer
                                                       doing his or her own assignment as
    If the customer gets more than he or she           accurately, timely, and cost effectively as
    expected, the end result is exceptional            possible.
    customer service.
                                                       Gratuities and Gifts
    Cultural Diversity                                 Volunteers and employee members of
    Volunteer & Community Services in                  UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI are prohibited
    conjunction with UPMC Cancer                       from soliciting or accepting tips or gifts for
    Centers/UPCI recognizes diversity in the           services rendered. Please discourage the
    workforce and in the populations we serve.         practice of gift-giving by patients and
    We are committed to fostering an inclusive         visitors. People who wish to acknowledge
    environment that respects everyone                 special performance with a gift should be
    regardless of race, color, religion, national      referred to the Development Office. The
    origin, ancestry, sex, age, marital status,        Development Office telephone number is
    familial status, sexual orientation, disability,   412-623-4700.
    or veteran status. The following are
    important points to remember:                      Illness
                                                       For the safety and good health of both
•   Be open about cultural differences.                patients and yourself, please don’t report for
                                                       volunteer duty if you are ill. Contact the
•   Do not tell ethnic jokes.                          department in which you volunteer to give
                                                       notice that you will not be volunteering.
•   Be aware that cultural background can              If you become ill while volunteering and
    influence the way people communicate               require medical attention from the
    through body language, listen, express             Emergency Department, you will be
    opinions, work, and speak.                         responsible for the cost of the care you
                                                       receive. Please notify your supervisor when
                                                       leaving your assignment. Volunteer &

    Community Services will notify your             UPCI to provide a drug-free work
    emergency contact if you choose or, if          environment for the welfare of all
    necessary, make arrangements for your           employees and patients in accordance with
    transportation home.                            the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988. The
                                                    unlawful manufacture, distribution,
    Injury While on Duty                            dispensation, possession, or use of a
    To prevent injuries while volunteering, it is   controlled substance on UPMC Cancer
    your responsibility to know and consider        Centers/UPCI premises, or while conducting
    your physical limitations and to decline        UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI business off
    tasks accordingly.                              premises, are strictly prohibited. Violations
                                                    of this policy will result in disciplinary
    All UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI volunteers         action, up to and including termination.
    are covered by UPMC’s Volunteer Accident
    insurance if injured while performing their     Smoking
    assigned duties. Any health care expenses       In keeping with the mission of UPMC
    related to the injury will be paid by UPMC’s    Cancer Centers/UPCI to prevent cancer —
    Volunteer Insurance Carrier, subject to the     and because UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI
    policy terms and conditions. If you need        are dedicated to the good health of patients,
    follow-up care, you may go to the health-       employees, and volunteers — smoking is
    care provider of your choice. Here are a few    not permitted on UPMC premises. There are
    important steps to remember:                    no designated smoking areas on UPMC
                                                    properties. Failure to comply may result in
•   If injured (minor or major), notify your        dismissal from the volunteer program.
    assigned supervisor immediately; if this is
    not possible, call the Volunteer &              Workplace Violence
    Community Services director.                    UPMC defines workplace violence as any
                                                    verbal or physical act or threat of violence,
•   If evaluation and/or treatment are necessary,   including intimidation, harassment, or
    go directly to, or be taken to, the Emergency   coercion that is made by or against any
    Department.                                     employee, volunteer, patient, or visitor that
                                                    may take place on or about a UPMC facility
•   Be sure to identify yourself as a UPMC          or is the result of employment activities at
    Cancer Centers/UPCI volunteer to the            the facility. UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI do
    Emergency Department staff. It is important     not tolerate workplace violence. Corrective
    for the Emergency Department staff to know      action for workplace violence cannot be
    that this is a UPMC liability and not a         taken unless the proper people have been
    workmen’s compensation claim.                   informed. Any volunteer who feels
                                                    mistreated in this manner is urged to contact
•   If you receive a bill for treatment resulting   Volunteer & Community Services
    from an injury while volunteering, take it to   immediately for assistance.
    the Volunteer & Community Services
    director.                                       Grievance Procedure
                                                    Any volunteer who considers himself or
•   A written note from your doctor must be         herself unfairly treated or who has a
    presented authorizing your return to            grievance related to volunteer problems,
    volunteer duty following illness or injury.     departmental policies, disciplinary action, or
                                                    termination may appeal to the Volunteer &
    Drug-Free Workplace                             Community Services director, who will
    It is the policy of UPMC Cancer Centers/

    investigate the grievance and issue a               Completion of Service
    decision.                                           If you are unable to continue in the
                                                        volunteer program, please notify your
    Disciplinary Action/Termination                     supervisor and Volunteer & Community
    If you do not satisfactorily perform your           Services. The following must be done upon
    duties as a volunteer, your supervisor in the       the completion of your service:
    area you volunteer will counsel you. In the
    event performance or behavior doesn’t              • Fill out a Completion of Service Form.
    improve within a mutually agreed upon time
    frame, you will receive further counseling         • Return your photo ID badge.
    and a written warning from the Volunteer
    and Community Services director. Failure to        • Return your volunteer jacket (if applicable).
    meet these written expectations within the
    defined period of time will result in               The Health Insurance Portability and
    termination from the volunteer program.             Accountability Act (HIPAA)
    Upon termination, volunteers must return            For additional information, refer to UPMC’s
    their photo ID badge and volunteer jacket (if       HIPAA Information Security Awareness
                                                        Established in 1996, HIPAA is federal
                                                        legislation that addresses three areas:
    Volunteer & Community Services reserves
                                                        insurance portability, administrative
    the right to terminate the services of a
                                                        simplification, and security and privacy.
    volunteer if such action is in the best interest
                                                        Under the security and privacy provision,
    of UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI or if a
                                                        health care providers must use safeguards to
    volunteer fails to comply with the rules of
                                                        maintain the privacy and security of
    UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI. In such an
                                                        protected health information (PHI).
    event, volunteers have the right to an
                                                        Because HIPAA affects every UPMC
    opportunity to respond.
                                                        Cancer Centers/UPCI employee and
                                                        volunteer, UPMC has developed many
    Volunteers may be automatically dismissed
                                                        system-wide policies to help employees and
    from the volunteer program for the
                                                        volunteers comply with HIPAA regulations.
    following reasons:
•   endangering the life of any patient,
    employees, or visitor                               Patients at UPMC Cancer Centers have the
                                                        right to privacy concerning their medical
•   divulging confidential patient, employee, or        care, nature of illness, financial status, and
    volunteer information                               family affairs. Every employee and
                                                        volunteer must uphold the patient’s right to
•   stealing or embezzlement                            privacy.

•   possession, sale, or use of alcohol or illegal      Patient information is only for health care
    drugs on UPMC premises                              workers and volunteers who have a need,
                                                        reason, and permission for access. Without
•   unauthorized possession of firearms or other        the patient’s permission, patient information
    weapons                                             can only be shared if it pertains to:
                                                        treatment, payment, or operations (TPO).
•   breach of confidentiality                           Confidentiality should be maintained for all
                                                        patient information, whether written or

It is natural for volunteers to talk about their   and home telephone numbers of employees
volunteer service, but confidentiality is          or volunteers.
necessary even if you see a relative, friend
or acquaintance in a clinical setting              The Joint Commission on
undergoing tests or receiving treatment. It is     Accreditation of Healthcare
a breach of confidentiality to share this          Organizations (The Joint Commission)
information with your family and friends or        The Joint Commission evaluates and
the family and friends of the patient without      accredits more than 15,000 health care
the patient’s permission.                          organizations and programs in the United
                                                   States. An independent, not-for-profit
The legal implications of violating patients’      organization, The Joint Commission is the
rights can bring damage not only to UPMC           nation’s predominant standards-setting and
Cancer Centers/UPCI, but also to the person        accrediting body in health care. Since 1951,
who breached confidentiality. Failure to           The Joint Commission has maintained state-
protect patient confidentiality can lead to        of-the-art standards that focus on improving
termination from the Volunteer &                   the quality and safety of care provided by
Community Services program, legal action,          health care organizations. The Joint
termination, fines, and imprisonment.              Commission’s comprehensive process
                                                   evaluates an organization’s compliance with
If you notice that someone you know is             these standards. Joint Commission
listed in the patient directory, it does not       accreditation and certification is recognized
give you permission to visit or contact the        nationwide as a symbol of quality that
person. Only when the patient or a family          reflects an organization’s commitment to
member informs you that the patient is in the      meeting certain performance standards. To
hospital may you visit without violating           earn and maintain The Joint Commission’s
confidentiality. Under HIPAA, patients can         Gold Seal of Approval™, an organization
choose NOT to be listed in the patient             must undergo an on-site survey by a Joint
directory.                                         Commission survey team at least every three
                                                   years. These on-site surveys are
When accessing the computer, do not share          unannounced.
your password with others. Never leave your
terminal while confidential patient                The Joint Commission requires every
information is displayed on the computer           volunteer to be evaluated on their start date
screen, and always log off from your               and once a year thereafter. Volunteers will
terminal at the end of your task. Also, never      be evaluated on competencies and
leave any papers with patient information          educational requirements such as fire safety
visible for others to see. This includes           and infection control, on their
placing patient information in a wastebasket       responsibilities as a volunteer, and on
(all discarded patient information must be         behavioral traits such as interpersonal
shredded).                                         relations and reliability.

Due to patient confidentiality policies,
Volunteer & Community Services’ staff
does not have access to the patient census.
                                                   Patient Service Guidelines
Therefore, if you are a patient in the hospital
                                                   Patient Rights
and want the Volunteer & Community
Services staff to know, please have a family       Patient rights are posted at all UPMC
member contact the volunteer office. Also,         clinical settings. It is important for
we are unable to provide home addresses            volunteers to review these rights on a

    regular basis. Please ask your supervisor if        • Do not give medical advice or recommend
    you have questions about any of the rights.          physicians to patients.

    Age-specific Competencies                           • Do not discuss the patient’s illness with the
    The purpose of age-specific competencies is          patient or visitors.
    to assure that employees and volunteers are
    competent to provide care and assist or             • Do not gossip with patients or visitors.
    interact in any manner with populations of
    varying age groups. Volunteers and                  • Do not witness any documents for patients.
    employees should be aware and sensitive to
    differences in patients based on the patient’s       If a patient or visitor voices a complaint to
    age group. Physical capabilities, emotional          you, stay calm and don’t become defensive.
    stresses, learning abilities, and life goals will    Listen to what the patient has to say and
    differ between teens, adults and seniors.            offer to include an employee in the
    Some examples include:                               discussion. Even if the patient doesn’t want
                                                         to talk to an employee, always report the
•   Physical capabilities: If a senior patient           incident to your supervisor in the area you
    appears to have trouble hearing, you may             volunteer.
    need to raise your voice and look directly at
    him or her when speaking.                            Patient Safety
                                                         A serious incident  is defined as an event,
•   Emotional stresses: College-aged patients            occurrence, or situation involving the
    may be worried about their studies where as          clinical care of a patient in a medical facility
    adult patients may be concerned about their          that could have injured the patient but did
    family members, especially young children.           not cause an unanticipated injury or require
                                                         the delivery of additional health care
    Communicating with Patients                          services to the patient.
    The following are tips on how to
    communicate with patients:                           A serious event   is defined as an event,
                                                         occurrence, or situation involving the
•   Always knock before entering a patient’s             clinical care of a patient in a medical facility
    room.                                                that results in death or compromises patient
                                                         safety and results in an unanticipated injury
• Introduce yourself.                                    requiring the delivery of additional health
                                                         care services to the patient.
• Ask what the patient prefers to be called.
    For example, Mr. Green or John.                      Any volunteer who reasonably believes that
                                                         a serious event or incident has occurred
• Do not call patients by nicknames such as:             must report the serious event or incident to
    honey, grandma, or dear.                             the appropriate Patient Safety Officer. An
                                                         oral or written report must be made
• Look at the patient directly when speaking             immediately, but in no event later than 24
    to him or her.                                       hours after the occurrence or discovery of
                                                         the serious event or incident. The Patient
• Reduce any background noise such as the                Safety Officer for Hillman Cancer Center,
    TV or radio.                                         UPMC Cancer Pavilion, UPMC Shadyside,
                                                         UPMC Montefiore and UPMC Presbyterian
• Always leave the room at once if the                   is Linda Conroy, 412-623-2480.
    physician enters the room to see the patient.

    Patient Safety Precautions                           Always engage both brakes and lift the foot
    In the instances listed below, a patient’s           rests out of the way when a patient gets into
    needs should be met only by a trained                or out of a wheelchair. Always back a
    professional familiar with their treatment           wheelchair into an elevator or over any
    plan. At these times, you can help the patient       bumps. Whenever possible, back a
    most by calling a nurse.                             wheelchair out of an elevator.

•   Ask a nurse before you give a patient
    anything to eat or drink (including water).
                                                         Infection Prevention and
    Many patients follow a strict diet.                  Control
•   Never give medication, including aspirin, to         Every volunteer plays an important part in
    a patient.                                           preventing the spread of infection. Using
                                                         proper infection control practices is essential
•   Never help lift or carry a patient.                  for your safety as well as patient safety. The
                                                         spread of infection can be prevented by hand
•   Never help a patient into or out of a                washing, practicing standard precautions,
    wheelchair or into or out of a bed                   and following isolation instructions.
    (volunteers can push a patient in a
    wheelchair). Instead, ask a nurse or a               Hand Hygiene
    nursing assistant to assist the patient.             Hand hygiene is the single most important
                                                         and effective way of preventing the spread
•   Never give a bedpan or urinal to a patient.          of infection. Volunteers should clean their
•   Do not sit on the patient’s bed.
                                                     •   upon arrival to their volunteer assignment
•   Do not purchase items for a patient without
    permission from a nurse.                         •   before and after removing gloves

    Patient Restraints                               •   after blowing their nose, coughing or
    Occasionally when caring for patients                sneezing
    restraints are used to secure a patient from
    hurting themselves or others. Volunteers are     •   after using the restroom
    not allowed to adjust, remove, or handle
    patient restraints in any way.                   •   every time they enter or exit a patient’s
    Restricted Areas
    Certain areas of UPMC Cancer Centers/                You should wash your hands using warm
    UPCI are posted as restricted areas. Only            water and soap. Generate lather by applying
    those volunteers whose duties require them           friction to all surfaces for at least 15
    to enter these areas may do so.                      seconds. Be sure to wash up to and
                                                         including your wrists. Let the water run
    Wheelchair Safety                                    while you dry your hands. After drying your
    Volunteers are not permitted to lift a patient       hands, use a paper towel to turn off the
    in or out of a wheelchair (volunteers can            water faucet and open the door to leave.
    push a patient in a wheelchair). Instead, ask
    a nurse or nursing assistant to assist the           When using alcohol-based hand sanitizers,
    patient.                                             dispense enough sanitizer to moisten the

    front and back of your hands and wrists.         have questions about the need for PPE in
    Rub your hands together until dry.               your assignment, ask your supervisor.

    Another effective way of preventing the          Isolation
    spread of infection is the laundering of your    In certain circumstances, precautions above
    volunteer jacket after every time you            and beyond standard precautions are needed
    volunteer (for those in patient care areas).     and a patient is put under isolation. There
                                                     are five types of isolation that may be
    Bloodborne Pathogens                             encountered:
    Bloodborne pathogens are germs found in
    blood and bodily fluids (hepatitis, HIV,         Contact Precaution Sign
    etc.). Bloodborne pathogens spread from          Prevents the transmission of resistant
    person to person via infected bodily fluids      organisms through direct contact.
    and not through casual contact (shaking
                                                     Droplet Precaution Sign
    hands, hugging).
                                                     Prevents the transmission of highly
                                                     communicable infections spread by droplets
    Standard Precautions
                                                     such as bacterial meningitis and influenza.
    Standard precautions require that we treat
    the blood and bodily fluids of all persons as    Droplet/Contact Precaution Sign
    if they are infectious. All liquids on floors,   Prevents the transmission of highly
    counters, chairs, etc. should be treated as      communicable infections spread by droplets
    contaminated fluid. Do not attempt to clean      and through direct contact.
    up spills yourself. Notify your supervisor or
    the Volunteer & Community Services               Airborne/Contact Precaution Sign
    director, who will then call Environmental       Prevents the transmission of highly
    Services to clean the spill.                     communicable diseases such as chickenpox
                                                     and disseminated herpes zoster.
    Personal Protective Equipm ent
                                                     Airborne Precaution Sign
    (PPE) such as gloves are provided to
                                                     Prevents the transmission of airborne
    protect you from exposure to blood or other
                                                     infections such as tuberculosis.
    bodily fluids for the purpose of preventing
    the spread of infection. If you get blood
                                                     Never enter a room with an Airborne
    and/or bodily fluids on you:                     Precaution or Airborne/Contact Precaution
                                                     sign on the door. Always check at the
•   Immediately wash the part of your body           nurse’s station if you are unsure regarding a
    with which the blood or bodily fluid has         sign posted near the patient’s room. If you
    come in contact.                                 realize you have entered an isolation room
                                                     in error, immediately notify your supervisor
•   Immediately report the incident to your          so action can be taken to protect you and the
    supervisor, who then will contact UPMC           patient. When entering a room with a
    Employee Health. If it is after hours, report    Contact Precaution or Droplet Precaution
    the incident to your supervisor and proceed      sign on the door, follow the directions on the
    to the Emergency Department. Also, notify        sign. For more information, contact your
    the Volunteer & Community Services               supervisor or the department of Infection
    director.                                        Prevention & Control, located in the School
                                                     of Nursing Building, 2nd Floor. Their
    Very few volunteer positions involve             telephone number is 412-623-2270.
    contact with blood or bodily fluids. If you

Waste Management                                  All medical equipment brought in by
Biohazardous waste may be contaminated            patients and visitors must be inspected by
by disease-producing microorganisms or            the Clinical Engineering Department prior to
material and may harm or threaten human           use. All electrically operated non-medical
health. UPMC’s Waste Management Plan              equipment brought in by patients and
was designed to help dispose of all wastes in     visitors must be inspected by the
a way that is safe for volunteers, patients,      Maintenance Department prior to use.
employees, the community, and the                 In case of a power loss, clinical facilities use
environment.                                      an emergency generator to provide limited
Biohazardous waste must be disposed of in         power to certain areas. Emergency power is
red biohazardous waste containers. Sharp          provided to outlets that are red in color. It is
items — used or unused — are to be                important to plug critical equipment into red
disposed of in designated sharps containers       outlets.
only. Proper segregation of wastes is vital to
regulatory compliance as well as cost             Hazard Communication
containment. Red bag biohazardous waste           Hazard communication is a program
costs as much as seven times more than            designed to identify hazardous chemicals
regular waste to dispose of. Employees and        that employees and volunteers may be
volunteers must be careful not to put non-        exposed during their workday. The goal of
infectious materials into red biohazard bags.     hazard communication is to provide
Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)        methods and training for the safe use of
is to be used every time biohazardous waste       hazardous materials as well as follow-up in
is handled.                                       the event of an exposure incident.

Lab Specimens                                     Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
Specimens must be   placed in a plastic zip       MSDS are found in every department that
bag before transporting. Volunteers should        uses hazardous chemicals. MSDS contain all
not transport specimens that are improperly       vital data relating to hazardous chemicals
sealed. Rubber gloves should not be worn to       and products including: product name,
transport specimens.                              manufacturer information, emergency phone
                                                  numbers, symptoms and dangers relating to
                                                  acute (short term) and chronic (long term)
Safety and Security                               exposure to the material, spill clean-up
                                                  procedures, and proper Personal Protective
                                                  Equipment (PPE) to be used.
It is everyone’s responsibility to be alert for
                                                  Ask your supervisor where MSDS are
any unsafe or potentially unsafe condition or
                                                  located in your department.
hazard. Unsafe conditions or hazards should
be reported to your supervisor, Volunteer &
Community Services, or Security.
                                                  Security guards are on duty 24 hours a day
                                                  and are stationed throughout key locations at
Electrical Safety
                                                  UPMC clinical facilities. Security guards are
Equipment used within clinical and research
                                                  available upon request to escort volunteers
facilities is periodically inspected for
                                                  to parking garages after dark.
electrical safety and will have a preventative
maintenance tag to indicate that it has met       Shadyside Security      412-623-2990
the safety standards. Do not use electrical       Oakland Security        412-647-3191
equipment without such a tag.

    Remember the following guidelines              • UPMC Cancer Pavilion
    regarding security:                            • UPMC Shadyside
                                                    623-3131 (Medical and Non-medical)
•   If you see anyone on UPMC Cancer Centers
    /UPCI property who looks suspicious,           • UPMC Presbyterian
    contact security immediately. If possible,     • UPMC Montefiore (Oakland)
    give security a description of the person.      647-3131 (Medical and Non-medical)

•   If you witness any incidents of concern        • Thomas E. Starzl Biomedical Science Tower
    related to patients, visitors, employees or     (Towers 1 and 2)
                                                    9-911 (Medical)
    volunteers, please notify both Security and     647-3131 (Non-medical)
    Volunteer & Community Services.
                                                   • Biomedical Science Tower South (Tower 3)
•   To minimize security risks, please do not       9-911 (Medical)
    bring valuables with you when you               624-2121 (Non-medical)
    volunteer. If you must bring valuables with
    you, please keep them in your pocket.           Emergency Codes
    UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI are not                To alert employees to certain emergencies,
    responsible for stolen or lost items.           without alarming patients and visitors,
                                                    UPMC maintains a coding system used by
•   The Lost and Found Department is in the         paging operators:
    Security Office at each hospital.
                                                    STAT — Immediate response
                                                    Condition C — Critical
                                                    Condition A — Cardiac Arrest
    Emergency Procedures                            Condition F — Fire
                                                    Condition H — Help
    Emergency Preparedness                          Condition L — Lost
    It is important that volunteers at UPMC         Code Blue — External Disaster
    Cancer Centers/UPCI know how to respond
    in the unlikely event of an emergency such      Be alert when you hear these calls so that
    as a fire. Volunteers should become familiar    you can move away from the situation in
    with the plan for emergencies and the           order to let authorized personnel respond to
    responsibilities of the department to which     the emergency.
    they are assigned. Drills are held
    periodically and volunteers are expected to     Disaster Plan
    participate if they are on duty.                A disaster includes any type of major fire or
                                                    explosion, natural disaster, major accident,
    To report an emergency, call the appropriate    or civil unrest that endangers the lives of
    number (listed below) and give your name,       people. An internal disaster is a disaster that
    location, and details of the problem.           occurs within or on the medical center
                                                    premises. An external disaster is one that
    Emergency Telephone Numbers
                                                    causes injury to persons in the community.
    Hillman Cancer Center, UPCI Research            The UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI disaster
    Pavilion                                        plan enables employees to respond
    9-911 (Medical)
    623-3131 (Non-medical)                          appropriately in the event of an emergency,
                                                    whether a natural disaster, major accident, or
• Hillman Cancer Center, William M. Cooper          civil unrest.
    Pavilion (Ambulatory)
In preparation for a disaster, your role as a       have been trained in the proper procedures.
volunteer is to become familiar with the            To operate a fire extinguisher, follow the
functions assigned to your department and           P.A.S.S. principle:
participate in disaster drills when asked to
do so. Should a disaster occur, your role as        Pull pin
a volunteer is to stay calm and continue with
your volunteer assignment until your                Aim nozzle at base of fire
supervisor instructs you otherwise. Disaster
preparedness books are located in every             Squeeze the extinguisher handle
                                                    Sweep nozzle from side to side
Fire Safety
It is the responsibility of employees and           Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations
volunteers of UPMC Cancer Centers/UPCI              To activate a fire alarm, use a manual fire
to prevent fires and to be prepared to act          alarm pull station. In the Hillman Cancer
quickly and correctly should a fire occur.          Center, these stations are located anywhere
Volunteers should learn the departmental            an exit sign is located. In UPMC Shadyside
fire plans for their assigned areas. The            and Oakland sites, the manual pull stations
paging operator will announce a code to             are marked throughout the buildings. All
                                                    volunteers should familiarize themselves
alert the employees to a fire emergency.            with the locations of manual pull stations
Never shout “fire.” Instead, remain calm            near their assigned areas.
and reassure patients and visitors. For
all UPMC facilities, the fire code is               Evacuation Procedures
“Condition F.”
                                                    If evacuation is necessary, an effort should
                                                    be made to check all areas during the
If a fire is discovered or the smell of smoke       evacuation process. Use common sense.
is present, all building occupants should           Do not reenter a fire area to search for
follow the R.A.C.E. principle:                      unaccounted individuals. When leaving
                                                    your area:
Rescue — Rescue anyone in immediate
                                                •   Remain calm.
Alarm — Sound the fire alarm from the
nearest manual pull station. Do not hesitate.   •   Do not shut off lights.
In addition, call emergency response (see
page 19 for appropriate telephone numbers)      •   Shut off equipment that could be a hazard
and give the operator your name, exact              if left operating (e.g., copy machines,
location, and details of the fire. Let the          computers).
operator repeat the information for clarity
                                                •   Close all doors and windows.
Contain — Limit smoke by closing all doors
and windows. When a fire alarm is               •   Stay low when moving through corridors to
activated, fire doors in the main hallways          avoid smoke and fumes.
will automatically close. Keep all doors and
windows closed until the “all clear” code is    •   Do not run in corridors or stairwells.
                                                •   Make efforts to move important records to a
Extinguish — Select and use the proper fire         safe area.
extinguisher if it is safe to do so and you
                                                •   Feel closed doors for heat before opening
    them. If a door feels hot, do not open it.           of Rescue. There are communication devices
•   In smoke filled areas, do not enter an area          in the stairwell that will allow people there
    that seems to have more smoke on the other           to communicate with the building Fire
    side of the door.                                    Command area. Patients moved to the Area
                                                         of Rescue should be left with an attendant.
    If you are riding an elevator and a fire alarm       Follow the posted emergency instructions to
    is announced for that building, get off on the       communicate the location of the patients.
    nearest floor (not the alarm location).              Responding City of Pittsburgh Fire
    Elevator shafts can become filled with
    super-heated gas and smoke during a fire             Department personnel will assist in
    and become very dangerous for passengers             removing patients safely.
    in an elevator car. Do not use elevators to
    attempt to evacuate a fire area; use the             UPMC Cancer Pavilion Evacuation
    stairwells instead.                                  Procedures
                                                         When the Fire Alarm System is activated,
    Hillman Cancer Center, UPCI Research                 those in the fire zone should begin to
    Pavilion Evacuation Procedures                       evacuate immediately. The fire zone is
    Due to the nature of the construction and the        defined as:
    hazards present in the UPCI Research
    Pavilion, it is necessary that the whole         •   the floor in alarm
    building be evacuated every time a fire
    alarm is initiated.                              •   the floor above the floor in alarm

    Hillman Cancer Center, William M.                •   the floor below the floor in alarm
    Cooper Pavilion (Ambulatory)
    Evacuation Procedures                                UPMC Shadyside Evacuation
    There are two types of evacuations that may          Procedures
    occur: horizontal evacuation and total               If a fire alarm is given, volunteers should
    evacuation. In horizontal evacuation, if the         listen to the overhead announcement and
    alarm occurs in the northern end of the              respond accordingly.
    building (toward Baum Blvd.), everyone
    needs to be moved to the southern end of the         In the event of an evacuation, take the
    building (toward Centre Ave.). The opposite          nearest stairwell or marked exit door and
    is done for alarms occurring in the southern         proceed to the assembly area at the loading
    end of the building (toward Centre Ave.),            dock driveway, the concourse courtyard, or
    everyone needs to move to the northern end           the emergency circle.
    of the building (toward Baum Blvd.) In total
    evacuation, everyone must leave the
    building. This will occur in the following

•   An alarm is activated in the parking garage.

•   An alarm is activated in the atrium.

•   The sprinkler system anywhere in the
    ambulatory building is activated.
    Patients who are non-ambulatory may be
    moved to stairwells that will serve as Areas

Telephone Directory
Volunteer & Community Services
Hillman Cancer Center
William M. Cooper Pavilion
Ground Floor, Suite AG40.3
5115 Centre Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15232
Fax: 412-623-4646

Lisa Huntley
Phone: 412-623-4636

Denise DiTommaso
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 412-623-6076

Lynda Staylor
Patient Relations
Phone: 412-623-3478

   Hillman Cancer Center                           UPMC Shadyside
   All numbers are in the 412 area code.*          All numbers are in the 412 area code.*
   Behavioral Medicine                  623-5888   Billing Information Services
   Café                                 623-3328   Call toll-free 1-800-854-1745       647-8393
   Cancer Information Referral                     Cafeteria                           623-2057
   Service (CIRS)                       647-2811   Guest Housing (Family House)        647-7777
   Clinical Research                    647-8073                                       623-2121
                                                   Hospital Operator
   Gift Shop                            623-4654
                                                   Human Resources                     623-2414
   Hair Salon                           623-3777
                                                   Infection Prevention and Control    623-2270
   Infection Prevention and Control     623-2270
                                                   Gift Shop                           623-2058
   Information Desk                     623-4000
                                                   Library, Hopwood                    623-2415
   LHAS Prevention and Early
   Detection                            623-5900   Mail Room                           623-2126
   Library, Gumberg Family              623-4733   Maintenance and Engineering         623-2384
   Maintenance and Engineering          623-2384   Oncology Inpatient Unit, 5 Pavilion 623-1466
   Outpatient Services, 2nd Floor       692-4724   Oncology Inpatient Unit, 7 Posner   623-2739
   Outpatient Services, 3rd Floor       235-1020   Oncology Inpatient Unit, 7 West     623-3970
   Patient Relations                    623-2014   Parking                             623-6257
   Patient Transport Services           623-1663   Pastoral Care Services              623-1691
   Pharmacy                             623-5999   Patient Information                 623-2023
   Radiology                            623-4801   Patient Relations                   623-2014
   Social Work Services, 2nd Floor      623-3669   Radiation Oncology                  623-6720
   Social Work Services, 3rd Floor      235-1025   Security                            623-2990
   UPCI Research Pavilion               623-7700   Social Work Services                623-2992
   UPMC Employee Health                 623-1920   Patient Transport Services          623-1663
                                                   UPMC Employee Health                623-1920
                                                   Volunteer and Community
   Hillman Cancer Center, Quick Reference          Services                                 623-2017
   Bank         Ground Floor,
   Machine      William M. Cooper Pavilion
                                                   UPMC Shadyside, Quick Reference
   Café         First Floor, Atrium
                                                   Bank          lst Floor Pavilion and 1st Floor
                Ground Floor,
                                                   Machine       Medical Building
   Gift Shop    William M. Cooper Pavilion
                                                   Cafeteria     1st Floor Posner
   Vending      Ground Floor,
   Machine      William M. Cooper Pavilion         Cafe          1st Floor West
* All numbers in the 623 exchange can be           Machine       1st Floor Posner
  reached from in-house telephones by dialing      Gift Shop     1st Floor Posner
  the last five digits.                            Chapel        1st Floor Posner

UPMC Presbyterian                                     UPMC Montefiore
All numbers are in the 412 area code.**               All numbers are in the 412 area code.**

Billing Information Services                          Billing Information Services
Call toll-free 1-800-854-1745          647-8393       Call toll-free 1-800-854-1745        647-8393
Cafeteria                              647-4328       Guest Housing (Family House)         647-7777
Gift Shop                              647-3181       Hospital Operator                    647-2345
Guest Housing (Family House)           647-7777       LHAS Gift and Coffee Shop            648-6107
Hospital Operator                      647-2345       Mail Room                            647-9088
Mail Room                              647-9088       Parking                              647-3194
Parking                                647-3194       Pastoral Care Services               647-9071
Pastoral Care Services                 647-7560       Patient Relations                    647-7615
Patient Relations                      647-7615       Pharmacy, Falk                       648-3123
Pharmacy, Falk                         648-3123       Security                             647-3191
Presby Flowers and Gifts               647-7872       Social Work Services                 647-3255
Security                               647-3191       Volunteer and Community
                                                      Services in the Kaufmann Bldg.       648-6105
Social Work Services                   647-3255
Volunteer and Community
Services in the Kaufmann Bldg          648-6105
                                                      UPMC Montefiore, Quick Reference
                                                      Bank Machines                    7th Floor
UPMC Presbyterian, Quick Reference                    Bridge to UPMC
                           1st Floor                  Presbyterian                     8th Floor
Bank Machine
Bridge to UPMC                                        Cafeteria                        4th Floor
Montefiore                 3rd Floor                  Coffee Cart                      7th Floor
Cafeteria                  11th Floor                 LHAS Gift and Coffee Shop        7th Floor
Chapel                     1st Floor                  Meditation Room                  7th Floor
Coffee Cart                Ground Floor               Snack Shop                       7th Floor
Gift Shop                  Lobby
                                                  ** All numbers can be reached from in-hospital
Snack Shop                 Ground Floor
                                                     telephones by dialing the last five digits.
Stamp Machine              Ground Floor

REV 10/09                                                                                          24

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