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									                                                                                                          FEBRUARY, 2011- Vol. 282

                                                             POA Board Update
                                      The severe winter weather of last week overwhelmed our community’s resources in terms of the
                                   equipment, materials and personnel available to keep our roads passable. The storm was another rare
                                   event, reported as once every fifteen years, but that is little consolation to those who were house-
                                   bound for several days. Again our maintenance, security and fire department personnel responded
outstandingly to the challenge, and there were no injuries on the roads and all emergency medical situations were met. As this is the
second winter storm in a row that has disrupted our community the Board will investigate the costs of purchasing a four wheel drive truck
capable of carrying a plow and a sand/salt distributor. In addition, the Fire Department is proposing to purchase a winch system for its
fire truck.
   The winter storm also caused the postponement by one week of the January Monday Board meeting mainly because preparatory
meetings could not be held and the external accountants were unable to gather the data for the December financials. Other issues
compounding the situation have involved problems with aging computersat both the POA office and Country Club.
  December saw the appointment of two new managers, Debra Nadler as the CMA Property Manager, and Tom Nickoloff as the Food and
Beverage Manager at the Country Club. These appointments have been detailed in e-mail blasts to the community, and, thanks to the
winter storm, both Debra and Tom have undergone a hectic introduction to Fairfield Plantation.
    The two surveys taken late in the fall have been completed, and the results were to be published prior to the holiday season.
Unfortunately an illness to Bob Hendren, the board member redesigning the POA website, prevented the publication and, with his
recovery this should be done in the near future. The results will also be available in hard copy from the information dispensers at the
gates. The Strategic Planning Committee has analyzed the community survey and will recommend future actions based on the responses
received. The Country Club Task Force is still reviewing the responses to their survey and will incorporate the survey results into their
final recommendations in the spring.
   For a number of years the POA has received legal service from Weinstock & Scavo, P.C with Stephen A. Winter being the primary
contact. In December Stephen left Weinstock & Scavo and formed his own company, Winter Capriola Zenner, LLC. As Stephen had the
major expertise and experience in community law at Weinstock & Scavo, the Board decided to transfer legal service to Winter Capriola
Zenner. As mentioned at previous Board meetings, assessment collections are a continuing issue, and the collection policy and
procedures were discussed at a town hall meeting held at the Recreation center in November. Based on community input and in keeping
with actions in other communities, the POA will adopt a schedule for legal actions to be taken through Winter Capriola Zenner when
assessments become delinquent. These actions will also be retroactive for owners who are in arrears from previous years.
  All planned road repairs have been completed but unfortunately the weather prevented the road resurfacing project being commenced
prior to the holiday season. A RFP was let in November and seven bids were received. At the present time the Roads and Maintenance
Committee are considering the bids, and it is expected that the contract will be let shortly in anticipation of an early spring start to the work.
   Finally the request for a SBA loan to cover the expenses associated with the 2009 storm damage already completed and still to be
undertaken is in the final stages of consideration. A couple of insurance and title issues remain to be resolved, but SBA has indicated that
the first installment could be released in a few days.
Dr. John L. Watson, President, Fairfield Plantation POA
      December Fairfield Plantation Property Owners Association, Treasurer’s Report
  Revenues YTD are now down to only $26,970 ahead of budget with December only bringing in $10,249. With a need now to receive
$91,773/month for the remainder of the fiscal year, we are working with our attorneys to get more aggressive on collections.
  The Country Club complex was unfavorable to budget by $3,670 for December. The major item that was Golf revenues saw declines due
to the weather and the conditions of the Greens.
  Storm damages in December were $89,715. That puts us at $370,285 YTD this fiscal year and $170,244 from last fiscal year. We also
expect to pay about $250,000 for Dam Repairs that still need to be approved by Safe Dams. The SBA loan is still in process. I believe that
we will receive funds before significant work begins on our roads to keep our Cash position strong.
  We are over in Administrative expenses by $88,854 YTD, but were $32,551 favorable for the month with some tighter controls and
reclassifying some expenses to Flood Damages. However, we are going to have to incur significant up front expenses to increase our
collections effort with additional Attorney expenses.
 With the heavy Road Repairs spending planned for the Spring, we continue to be favorable on a YTD basis by $422,444. Community
Patrol was over for the month of December by $18,740. We are looking into those costs to make sure that we do not start over running
that budget. However, we know that as a result of the Winter Storm, we can expect January to also be over budget.
Jim Perkins, Treasurer, Fairfield Plantation POA
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          Plantation Press                                                             From the General/Operations Manager
               7059 Brigade Court
               Villa Rica, GA 30180
Chairman ........ (770-838-1966) ........ Ken Waid
Editor .............. (770-832-8507).... BJ Vanderbeek
Technical Editor ................................. Mary Sarner
Treasurer ............................................... Barb Magie
Subscriptions.....(770-836-3172)....Faye Simmons
Advertising. .................. faye_press@comcast.net
Billing ................................................... Bob Winter
Computer Layout .............................. .Shirley Bush
Computer Layout ............................... Judy Moody
Computer Layout .............................. Mary Sarner
                      Staff Reporters
Victoria Barrett ........................... 678-789-7559
Patricia Castles ......................... 770-214-0125
Lori London ................................ 770-834-5051
                  Staff Photographers
               Bill Magie and Lori London

                     Copy Deadline
 Articles and photographs for next month’s
edition must be received no later than:
                                                                                                       2011 Arrives with a Bang!
  9:00am, Monday, February 21th, 2011 .                                    We started the New Year with a winter scene throughout Fairfield that was direct from
          Home Delivery Schedule                                         Currier and Ives collection. There was a peaceful tranquility about the snow-covered
 Free delivery of next month’s issue to
residents in Fairfield Plantation is due the
                                                                         landscape and the stillness of this normally very alive community contributed to a feeling
weekend of:March 5th, 2011.                                              of time having stopped as I looked around Sunday evening.
                                                                         The best piece that I read about the storm last week was an article from PolitiFact Georgia,
          Non-Resident Subscriptions                                     AJC.com titled, “Was Snowstorm That Rare?” by John Eaves appearing on 1/12/11.
 Subscriptions sent via first class mail. Cost
is $12.00 for 12 monthly issues. Payable to                                                            Was snowstorm that rare?
Plantation Press at the address above.
                                                                            Now that metro Atlantans have freed themselves from the unyielding grip of ice and
                    Commercial Ads                                       snow that descended upon the region last week, we thought it was time for some perspective
 When space is available, cost of the ad is 3                            about the magnitude of this mess.
months for $70 per square. An additional
$15 charge is made for the initial ad layout                                The miserable road conditions put several elected officials on the defensive. Fulton
and artwork. The Plantation Press is not liable                          County Commission Chairman John Eaves explained why he felt it wouldn’t make sense to
for the contents or the services provided by                             invest in snowplows or more spreader trucks. ”You’ve got to weigh the cost versus the
the advertiser.                                                          need,” he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “The reality is, this kind of snowstorm
           Want Ads (Buy-Sell-Trade)                                     happens every 10 or 15 years.” Is Eaves correct? Was this a “perfect storm” that comes
 For Plantation residents only. Ads up to 30                             along only every decade or so? Didn’t we just have a “white Christmas” that shut down
words, cost $5.00 each insertion. Additional                             schools and caused the airlines to cancel hundreds of flights at the airport?
lines are $1.00 per line. We accept cash or
checks payable to the Plantation Press.
                                                                           PolitiFact Georgia contacted the National Weather Service’s local offices, headquartered
  Leave your ad with payment, name,                                      in Peachtree City. Meteorologist Matt Sena noted that 3.7 inches of snow fell at Hartsfield-
address, and phone# in the Plantation Press                              Jackson International Airport on Jan. 9. By contrast, there were 4.2 inches of snow recorded
box at the POA office.                                                   at the airport on March 1, 2009.
           (No commercial ads!)
   Deadline- Thursday, Februry 17, 9:00am
                                                                            There! These types of snowstorms are more frequent than once a decade. But it’s not
                                                                         that simple, Sena told us. What made the last week’s storm different - very different - is the
Plantation Press is not an official                                      dangerous combination of snow, followed by sleet and freezing rain, followed by Arctic
publication of the Fairfield Plantation                                  temperatures that turned much of metro Atlanta into a skating rink for much of the week.
Property Owners’ Association.                                              So have there been similar combinations of subfreezing temperatures and precipitation
                                                                         that have lasted for days? If so, how often do they occur? Over the past 80 years, there
              Residence Report                                           have been 11 snowstorms of 4 inches or more in the city of Atlanta. The highest total was
               12/23/2010-1/19/2011                                      on Jan. 23, 1940, when 8.3 inches of the white stuff fell on Atlanta.
     Approved / Under Construction                                         The March 2009 snowfall was the most recent case for more than 4 inches. It closed some
Lakefront Houses ............................. 0                         school districts for a day, about 12,000 metro Atlanta residents lost power and Delta canceled
Golf Course Houses .......................... 0                          about 300 flights. Two days later, most of the roads had dried off, and flights were back on
Interior Houses .................................. 4                     schedule. Channel 2 Action News meteorologist David Chandley noted the March 2009
Pre-solds Under Construction .......... 1                                snowstorm and some others didn’t have the lingering impact because they didn’t have the
Specs Under Construction ................ 3                              Arctic air blast afterward that turned the snow into ice.
Houses Completed ...................... 1710                               Many say the last comparable weather event to the past week took place when Atlanta
Houses Approved ..................... 1714                               was expecting lots of company: in January 2000, the week before it hosted the Super Bowl.
Matt Davidson, Property Control                                                                                                                  (continued on page 3
                                                                                                                                           Page 3
                            Manager’s Report (Continued)                                                   Plantation Travel Club
  An ice storm left more than 300,000 homes and businesses without power for days. More than a
quarter-inch-thick ice hung from every surface. On the weekend of the big game, a second wave of
ice tackled the region. There was a 47-vehicle crash on I-20, west of the city. The St. Louis Rams
won the game in a thrilling finish, but many visitors remember the weekend for the wicked weather.
Atlanta hasn’t hosted a Super Bowl since.                                                               The next meeting of the Plantation Travel
  A snowstorm in March 1960 blanketed Atlanta and much of North Georgia with as much as 10              Club will be held on Tuedsday February
inches. A little more than a decade later, in January 1973, a cold rain turned into an icy nightmare.   1st, at 6:30 pm, at the Country Club.
The ice froze power lines, causing many of them to crash, creating a light show that could compete          Ginny Nicholoff and Bob Fisher will
with the Independence Day fireworks display at Lenox Square. For three days, more than 200,000          present a program about their backroads
people were without power.                                                                              trip to Florida. Join them on an “off the
 Nearly ten years later, on Jan. 12, 1982, there was “Snowjam.” Seven inches of snow fell across        beaten track” road trip to Miami. By elimi-
Atlanta over three days. All of the city’s 1,425 miles of surface streets and 200 miles of interstate   nating all travel on Interstate highways,
highways were immobilized. The snowstorm scared Atlantans so much that the AJC reported                 the trip was very enjoyable and relaxing.
many fled the city before an anticipated snowfall in 1983.                                                 You will see some Fairfield Plantation
   In March 1993, metro Atlanta was pounded by a blizzard that exceeded predictions. Winds              transplants and Florida’s unique wild life
reached 50 mph, as much as 1 foot of snow reportedly fell and the temperature plummeted into the        from interesting vantage points. By tak-
teens. Some call it the “Super Storm of 1993.” Sena contends snowstorms like this in 1993 and the       ing different routes coming and going, they
most recent storm are rare. ”Temperatures were cool beforehand … and we stayed below freezing           visited the delightful southern Georgia
days afterward,” Indeed, the thermometer rarely poked above the freezing point most of the week,        town of Bainbridge on the way down and
causing ice to coat roads throughout the region.                                                        historic Andersonville on the return.
  Chandley, who has been at Channel 2 Action News since 1988 and lived in the area before that,           Come and see the beauty of the back
said the worst storm he has seen was Snowjam because it took the region by surprise. This               roads on your next trip to Florida.
month’s storm is unusual, he said, because of the low temperatures that froze the snow for several          There will be a special plated dinner
days afterward. Because of the cold air that followed this storm, Chandley called it a “once-in-a-      priced at $13.00 per person (inc, tax & tip).
generation type of thing.” Eaves seems to have a point about the frequency of this type of              If you would like to attend, please call Barry
weather. We occasionally get snow and we occasionally get ice. But we rarely get the snow-ice-          Gardner (770-8838-0080) or Bob Winter
Arctic-conditions metro Atlanta lived through last week. We may not like how state and local            (770-834-9025).
officials responded to the snow and ice, but history shows this perfect storm of winter weather is      Barry Gardner, President.
rare. Eaves’ estimate of this type of thing occurring only every 10 to 15 years might actually be a
bit conservative.
 As a newcomer to the POA Team, my take away from this experience is how fortunate we                              In Memorium
are to be a part of a community where “neighborly action” really means something. I feel
confident speaking for all in expressing our appreciation for the incredible support by both
residents and vendors who supplied their 4x4 vehicles and equipment where it was most
needed and their willingness to work in the freezing wind chill all last week to facilitate the            Mr. Ronald Allen Hardin, (Green
needs of others. They deserve our collective gratitude!                                                  Court), died on January 5.
Debra Nalder, General Manager                                                                               Ron was a veteran of the United
         Please Seize This Opportunity to Provide Input                                                  States Navy and retired from the U.S.
                                                                                                         Can Company as an Human Resource
  YOU have an opportunity to suggest changes to our governing document!
                                                                                                         Director. He and Susan moved to
A 10 member Task Force of your fellow property owners has been appointed to consider and
                                                                                                         Fairfield Plantation in 1995.
recommend changes to our out-of-date Declaration of Restrictions. Your contribution is
                                                                                                           Ron was an avid golfer; a member of
important, and the Task Force wants to hear from all interested property owners.
                                                                                                         the MGA, Senior Men’s Golf
  We will conduct a nine step process that starts with your input, and ends with your vote as
                                                                                                         Association, golf course marshal and
follows: Collect suggestions; evaluate them; prioritize them; recommend to the Board; conduct
                                                                                                         “Ambassador of the “14th hole” .
legal review/wording; present final to Community; place on ballot; conduct ballot vote(s);
                                                                                                          Survivors include his wife, Susan M.
announce results.
                                                                                                         Hardin, sons Jeffery, of Maple Shade,
                        We welcome YOUR IDEAS, let them be heard!
                                                                                                         New Jersey; James of Black Mountain,
  Three Town Hall meetings are scheduled, in consideration of meeting space. If you cannot
                                                                                                         North Carolina; daughter, Judith
attend the meeting to which your Section is assigned, please attend another. Your Section
                                                                                                         Hardin of Newnan; and a sister,Marion
Number is the first number of your street address if your number has 4 digits, or the first two
                                                                                                         Anderson of Westland, Michigan.
numbers if your number has 5 digits. If you are unable to attend any of the Town Hall meetings
                                                                                                            In addition to his parents, he was
at the Country Club, we welcome your suggestions by Email. Please send to the POA office, to
                                                                                                         preceded in death by his brothers,
the attention of the Declaration of Restrictions Task Force, or go to www.fairfieldpoa.org, click
                                                                                                         Raymond Motz, William Hardin, Jr.,
on E-forms and choose Document Task Force. Fill in name and address and comments section..
                                                                                                         Richard Hardin, and sister, Marlene
                     Sunday, February 20, 3:30 pm – Sections 1, 2, and 3;
                                                                                                           Our deepest condolences to Susan
                     Saturday, February 26, 10 am - Sections 4, 5, and 6
                                                                                                         and all surviving family members.
                   Monday, February 28, 7 pm – Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11
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     Travis Hill Trucking, Inc.

 We now have pine bark, mulch, pine
     nuggets, etc. for your yard.

      Phone - 770-832-2026
        Fax - 770-836-9949

   Honey Do’s Cabinet Co.
 Counter Tops      Remodeling                    J        J. Hoyt Thomas
 Granite           Painting Int. Ext.             T           Funeral Home
 Laminate          Decks
 Solid Surface     Tile
          Any repair work                           COMPLETE FUNERAL AND
                                                     CREMATION SERVICES
         Honey Do’s                                 COMPETITIVE PRICES AND
                                                      EXCELLENT SERVICE
  Transport & Courier Service                             SINCE 1972                         119 Newnan Road        109 W. Wilson St.
                                                                                            Carrollton, GA 30117   Villa Rica, GA 30180
        Errands, Shopping,                                                                    770-836-0994           770-459-3299
                                               Melba H. Thomas / Funeral Director
     Doctor’s Appintments, etc.               1011 Topaz Lane • Villa Rica, Georgia 30180    613 Alabama Ave.       First Tuesday Mall
                                                          770-459-3676                       Bremen, GA 30110      Carrollton, GA 30117
  Call Now: 770-527-1248                                                                      770-537-1551           770-830-5645

                                                  L   K
           422 BRADLEY STREET
                                              “We’re happy when you are.”
            Office Hours By Appointment
                                              POWER WASH & WINDOWS

        Mon.-Fri. 9-12, 2-6:30 Sat. 8:30-12
 Plantation Resident
                       770-832-2211              Fully Insured

 Lawn Maintenance                                      Sprinkler Systems                      GRAPE VINE RESTAURAN T
                                          Land                                                          4720 E. HW Y 166
                                  Management                                                             CARROLLTON, 30116
                                 770-616-5455                                                           301 BRADLEY STREET
                                                                                                         CARROLLTON, 30117
  3023 Lakeview Parkway
                                                            Pressure Washing
  Villa Rica, GA 30180                                          Tree Removal                             CUISINE
                                                                                                                                  Page 5

                        Kiwanis Inducts Educators                                                        Kiwanis Korner

                                                                                                The Kiwanis Club of Fairfield Plantation
                                                                                               meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each
                                                                                               month at 11:45am at the Country Club.
                                                                                                 If you would like more information,or
                                                                                               would like to attend a meeting, please call
                                                                                               Russ Sarner (770-832-8850).

                                                                                                             February 1st
                                                                                                             Judy Cowart
                                                                                                     Altus Healthcare and Hospice

                                                                                                              February 8th
                                                                                                             Board Meeting
From left: Russ Sarner, Membership Chairman; new Kiwanians, Jennifer Shirley, Ithica El-
ementary; Marissa Ogando, Villa Rica Elementary; Rick Mayfield, Bay Springs Middle; and
                                                                                                             February 15th
Kiwanis President, Jim Wilson.                                                                               Zelma Pascall
                                                                                                            Project Eliminate
                               Plantation Planters
   February promises to be a busy month for the Plantation Planters. Valentine’s Day is                     March 1
fast approaching and what is Valentine’s Day without chocolate? That is what the Garden            Jimmy Simpson & Jessica Borst
Club had in mind when planning for our February meeting. The theme of our meeting will                   Winshape Homes
be chocolate. Melissa Pelfry has graciously accepted our invitation to be the guest speaker.   Bob Pinckney, Program Chairman
She is a chocolatier with Dove Chocolate and she will be presenting a demonstration
showing how she works with chocolate to form delicious pieces of art. Melissa will supply
samples and chocolates will be for sale following the meeting. The meeting will be held on          Neighborhood Watch
Feb. 9th, at the Country Club at 11:00am. Lunch will be a Taco Bar and the cost will be
$10.50. Tom Nickoloff, our new restaurant manager, has told us that Mexican cuisine is one
of his specialties so the Taco Bar should be a treat.
  The second activity planned for February is a trip to the Southeastern Flower Show at
the Cobb Galleria on February 25th. Our first stop will be Ray’s on the River where we will
have lunch. From there we will go to the Flower Show where Walter Reeves will be the              The next Neighborhood Watch meeting
guest speaker. For 11 years, Reeves has hosted “The Lawn and Garden Show with Walter           will be held Saturday February 19th at 9:00am
Reeves” Saturday mornings on Atlanta’s WSB radio. He also writes a weekly column for           at the Country Club.
the Thursday Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Walter hosts “Your Southern Garden” on                The speaker will be Tim Bearden. Please
Georgia Public Television and can also be seen on DIY Network’s “Garden Sense“. His            join us and ask your important questions of
topic for the Flower Show will be “Cool tools to make gardening more fun”. Those interested    your State Representative.
in attending will meet at the Country Club to carpool. Signups for the outing will be          Victoria Barrett
available at the February meeting.
                    Mardi Gras at the Country Club
  The Plantation Planters Garden Club will be hosting a Mardi Gras celebration on Saturday,
March 5th at the Country Club. There will be a cash bar starting at 6:00pm. Specialty
drinks will include hurricanes for $5,margaritas for $4, wine for $4, and draft beer for $2.
  A New Orleans style buffet will begin at 6:30pm. The buffet will include gumbo, red beans             “Stitching Time”
and rice, Cajun potato salad, and muffalatta. Dessert will be King cake and moon pies.           A ‘Stitching Time” group is planning to
After the buffet, we will dance the evening away to tunes provided by Jerry Rogers.            meet on Thursday, February 24th, from
  If you desire, come dressed for Mardi Gras. Dressing up for Mardi Gras can be as simple      10:30am to 2:30pm at the Rec Center.
as wearing the purple, gold and green colors that represent it, or as elaborate as wearing       If you do any kind of stitching, knitting,
gowns and masks. Adding purple, gold, or green Mardi Gras beads to your outfit is              crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, appliqué
another way to give yourself a festive look.                                                   etc., please come join us.
  The price for this fun-filled evening is $17.50 per person or $35.00 per couple. Advance        Bring a sack lunch and beverage. For
ticket sales will continue until February 25th. Contact any garden club member for your        more information, contact Judy Anderson
tickets. For information, call Wanda Olson (770-830-7711) or Terry Street (770-834-3875).      (770-715-4141).
Judi McClellan, Publicity                                                                      Judy Anderson
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                                                          Gutter Cleaning
                                                                           Bay Springs M iddle School
                                                                              Home of the Bobcats
                                                                         HOME RSoftball
                                                                       PRESSURE WASHING
                                                                   Ryan Ottinger
                                                          Fully Insured    678-378-4292
   Bay Springs                                                G&D Painting
                                                              G&D Painting                         TOMMY MCCLELLAN
                                                                Dave Anderson
                                                                Dave Anderson                               Your
                                                                                                    For All Your Building
  Middle School                                                  (Fairfield Resident)
                                                                   (Fairfield Resident)             187 Fairfield Road • Villa Rica, GA 30180
                                                                                                                 & Remodeling Needs
         2010-2011                                  2421 Burnside Pl • Villa Rica GA, 30180
                                                       2421 Burnside Place • Villa Rica, 30180      Decks
                                                      Drywall repairs as in flood damage
                                                    Drywall repairs as in flood damage              Fencing      Storage buildings
                                                                                                                     Carolyn Bingham
       Carroll County                                                                               Roofing
   Middle School Academic                             Phone: 404-906-5844
                                                     Phone: 404-906-5844                                         Retaining walls
                                                                                                                      Million Dollar Producer
                                                    E-mail: daveanderson@whitleygd.com              Siding       Windows & doors
                                                     Email:daveanderson@whitelygd.com                                Fairfield Resident
      Team Champion                                         www.whitleygd.com
                                                             www.whitelygd.com                      Tiling       Basements finished
                                                                  Services:                                      Licensed & Insured
                                                         Painting; Tile/Hardwood Flooring;
                                                          Painting; Tile/Hardwood Flooring                 Office: 404.843.2500
                                                      Crown/chair molding; Pressure--Washing;
                                                      Crown/Chair Molding; Pressure-Washing;                      678-614-2447
                                                                                                            Cell: 678.642.0113
“We are Bobcat Strong”                              Minor Carpentry/ Electrical/Plumbing; Roofing
                                                     Minor Carpentry/Electrical/Plumbing/Roofing    www.metrobrokers.com/carolyn.bingham

                                                                                                                Family Owned & Operated
                                                                                                                   Fairfield Resident

     Villa Rica, GA
     Villa Rica, GA
                                                                                                                 Bogner s s
Donald and Richard Smith
Donald and Richard Smith

           Bart Smith
           Bart Smith
         General Manager
         General Manager

 Magic Maid, Inc.                                                                                               “Carpet at Dalton Prices”
             Cleaning Service                                                                                      Dalton Carpet
         **Special Offer for Fairfield residents**                                                                      Outlet
         “Special Offer for Fairfield Residents”
                                                                                                     580 Newnan Road • Carrollton, GA 30117
          10% OFF DEEP CLEANING
                 OFF DEEP CLEANING
           10%today for your free estimate!
                                                                                                         “Why Shop Dalton
            Call today for your free estimate                                                          We Have Dalton Prices”
                 Some Restrictions Apply
                Some Restrictions Apply
                                                                                                     FREE                 INSTALLATION
     LICENSED • BONDED • INSURED                                                                     770•838•0033 / 770•838•0029
                                                                                                                                Page 7

Incident Report, November 29th, 2010-January 2nd 2011                                         Plantation Women’s Club

                                                                                                 At the January meeting , the members
  The following is a sample of the activity of Southern Protective Agency during the         started out the new year with the annual
        period noted above. It does not include every situation or response.                 White Elephant/Silent Auction fundraiser.
                                     On Property                                             This is the first fundraiser for the year and
    CCSO-16 Other Law Enforcement-2 Fire-6 Ambulance-4 Animal Control-2                      a fun social time for the members.
                                       Statistics                                              At this meeting officers announced dates
        Alarms-11 Animal Complaints-10 Juvenile Complaints-1 Medical-4                       for two popular activities coming in the
       Suspicious Person or Vehicle-4 Domestics-0 Noise-1 Construction-0                     spring. The spring Yard Sale will be April
                 Damage to Property: POA-0 Gates-1 Residential-1                             9th with a rain date of April 16th, and the
           Trespass-0 Disorderly Conduct-0 Illegal Burning-0 Thefts-0                        Easter Egg Hunt will be on April 23rd. More
             Burglary-0 House Fire-0 Vehicle-0 Discharging Firearm-0                         information about these events will be
                                        Traffic                                              announced later.
            Traffic Accidents-0 Traffic Complaints-0 Motorist Assist-13                          Peggi Maynor, vice president of
         Citations-4 Warnings-10 Running Gate-0 Golf Course-1 Lakes-0                        fundraising, announced that the club will
                                Miles Patrolled-5176                                         not host a charity golf tournament this year
Crawford Walker, SPA                                                                         and asked for suggestions for other types
                                                                                             of fundraisers. She also announced that the
                                                                                             Plantation Women’s Club will publish a
          Bob’s Barbs                          He started making meth....................    cookbook and these should be ready for
                                                                                             sale in August. This will be a major
  She can be rather nasty...................   .....because it was cheaper than coke.        fundraiser for the club.
                                                                                                 The February meeting of the PWC will
  .........her remarks are rather snide.        He was a trifle carelesss.................   be on Saturday, February 5th at the Country
                                                                                             Club. The social hour begins at 11:00am
  Those who really know her...............     .................his lab went up in smoke!    with the business meeting beginning at
                                                                                             11:30am. Reservations are needed for those
 ....think a broom should be her ride.                                                       wishing to eat lunch. The program for
                                                Be Smart-Don’t Start                         February will consist of several members
                                                                                             of the Carrollton Art Guild presenting some
 Bob Wilson                                    Bob Wilson
                                                                                             of their work.
                                                                                                The service project for February is the
                                                                                             Safe Haven Women’s Shelter in Carrollton.
                 Fairfield Plantation Telephone Directory                                    Members are asked to bring the following
                Additions & corrections since the 2010-2011 Issue.                           articles which are particularly needed:
                                                                                             lotions, regular size bar soap, towels, wash
BRYANT, Larry & Felicia................... 7113 West Isleway............ 770-834-6737        clothes, twin size only sheets and blankets,
STEELE, Mike & Debra Jo................... 2196 Harper Court........... 770-651-7553         and washing machine detergent.
WEIDENAAR, Bernie & Marilyn.........7150 Burnside Court........712-541-3726                      The Plantation Women’s Club is open
———————————————————————-—————-——————                                                         to any resident of Fairfield Plantation and
                       RESIDENT PROPERTY OWNERS:                                             is a great way to meet your neighbors.
   All information must be sent in writing. Complete the following and send to:              Anyone interested in joining the club or
                TELEPHONE DIRECTORY, c/o MARY SARNER                                         wishing more information may contact
              9040 TARNWOOD CIRCLE, VILLA RICA, GA 30180                                     Tammy Priest, President, (770- 809-9217) or
          Or Email: kiwanisdirectory@bellsouth.net; Fax: 770-832-3592;                       Jo Jensen, Membership Vice President (678-
                                                                                             409-8985). Those wishing to reserve a lunch
Name(s): _________________________________________________________                           for the February meeting should call Jo
Please PRINT clearly, i.e. Jim & Susie Smith                                                 Jensen or email Jo at: clair1948@gmail.com.
                                                                                             Judy Harrelson, Publicity
Street Address: ____________________________________________________
Telephone # _______________________________________________________
Add:___ Delete:___ Make Correction: ___        New Resident: Yes: ___ No ___
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  F & R Cleaning Services
  Catcher Dale Homes, Inc
  Catcher Is Homes
  Catcher DaleOur Goal!, Inc
                                                                                                      Katz Tire and Auto
              678-449-9458                                                                             41 Triangle Ct. Carrollton Ga 30116
             In Business Since 1996
    Georgia Licensed Contractor                                                                           770-830-7273
               Awnings • for 8 Windows
    Fairfield •ResidentGutters •years
                   • Floors • Pressure Cleaning
      •   Insurance Claim Services
                • Deck Restoration / Installation
      •           • Home / Office Remodeling
           Residential Construction                                                                          $19.95
      •    Roofing
                       Frank Medina                                                                    Oil Change Special
      •    Additions & Remodels
                    770-830-6400 Office                                                                  Up to 5 Qts Synthetic Blend Oil
                                                                                                          and Conventional Oil Filter.
         CATCHER 678-468-1611 Mobile
                     D ALE HOMES                                                                        Shop Supplies & Taxes Extra.
                       Fully licensed and insured                                                        All Repairs are warranted for
          www.catcherdale.com                                                                             12 months or 12,000 miles

                                                               TRIPLE CREEK
                                                               FLOWER FARM
                              United                                   “We grow, You Plant”

                                                     Now 2 Locations to Serve You Better
                                                    The Farm:                 Bloomers:
                                                    8625 Banks Mill Road        845 Bankhead Hwy
                                                    Winston, GA 30187          Carrollton, GA 30117
                                                    770-489-8022                      770-214-8333

                                                                  “Carpet at Dalton Prices”

                                                                     Dalton Carpet
                  FREE                              580 Newnan Road • Carrollton, GA 30117
                                                         “Why Shop Dalton
                                                       We Have Dalton Prices”
                                                          PERSONALIZED DENTISTRY

                                                        406 DIXIE STEET, CARROLLTON
                                                          FREE   770-834-7709
                                                     ESTIMATES                AVAILABLE
                                                     The office of Dr. William J. Pottorf
                                                         is pleased to announce that
                                                              Dr. Tejal A. Kakade
                                                         is joining our dental family.                Rube’s Tree Service
                                                     “Dr. Tejal” is a native of Carrollton
                                                       and looks forward to continuing
                                                      “Personalized Painless” Dentistry.
   Self-Storage and Office Suites
  Thanks Fairfield for your patronage!
 Mention this ad and receive 1/2 off your
          first month’s rental,
    in addition to the FREE truck!
  1836 Carrollton-Villa Rica Hwy
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         First White Christmas In Our Area Since 1882                                                          BUY/SELL/TRADE

                                                                                                         FOR SALE: 2 mounted salt water fish. One
                                                                                                         58” long Mahi Mahi dolphin. Colors are
                                                                                                         beautiful. One 66” long Wahoo fish, gray
                                                                                                         and blue in color. Call to make an
                                                                                                         appointment to see: 404-867-4182

                                                                                                              Calling All Bridge Players
                                  MGA News                                                                   The Wednesday bridge group meets
 The first MGA meeting of 2011 was held on Saturday, Jan. 8th. There were approximately                  each week at the Country Club at 10:00am,
30 members in attendance. This year, tournament dates will be based on the decision                      we break for lunch at 12:00 noon and play
by the Board of whether our greens will be redone, and if so, how many.                                  until 2:30pm.
  MGA meetings are the 2nd Saturday of every month. Meetings during standard time                         Women or men are welcome. We have at
begin at 9:00 am with breakfast served at 8:30; golf at 10:00am.                                         least two tables and welcome any number
  Once daylight savings time kicks in (March 13th this year), meetings will convene at                   of tables as we have foursomes.
8:00am with a 7:30 am breakfast and golf at 9:00am.                                                       Recent Winners: Wednesday Bridge
  Information about membership in the MGA can be obtained at the Pro Shop.                                November 17th
-Ron Acree, President, MGA
                                                                                                         1) Ginny Nickoloff, 2) Marion Johanson
                          LGA News for February                                                          January 5th
  The LGA has no news to report for January. Everyone who attended the January                           1) Nell Phelps, 2) Patricia Castles
meeting should have received a schedule for the year of 2011. If you did not attend the                    For reservations to play, please call:
meeting, please contact Kat Jackson for a copy of the 2011 schedule. New officers will                   Sandra Redding (770-838-0822.
be announced in the next Plantation Press.
 Our next Playday will be held on February 26th.                                                         Monday Bridge meets at the Country
Dea Chandler, Publicity                                                                                  Club at 1:00 pm.
                               Congratulations!                                                          Recent Winners: MondayBridge
                                                                                                         January 3rd
   A recent article in the Times-Georgian featured the McIntosh Trail Chapter of the
                                                                                                         1) Ruth Hague, 2) Walter Johanson
Military Officers Association and their new officers for the year.
                                                                                                         3) Fritz Bitterman
 Among them were Fairfield Plantation residents, Jim Brigman, (South Pinewood Court),
                                                                                                         For reservations to play, please call:
President; Barry Gardner, ( Woodlake Lane), Vice President; and Mark Halperin,( Heritage
                                                                                                         Cathy Bitterman (770-832-3051).
Drive), Director.
                                                                                                         Faye Simmons
Plantation Press Staff

      Studio 723                              WEAVER’S LANDSCAPING
                                               & BOBCAT GRADING
     Salon & Spa                              •
                                                  Free Estimates
                                                  Landscape Design
                                                                          Insured     25 Yrs. Exp
                                                                          • Irrigation, Patio Pavers
   All Hair Services, Massage, Nails,         •   Retaining Walls         • Hardscapes & Rescapes
                                              •   Concrete Removal        • Sod & Plant Installations
    Pedicures, Tanning, Foot Detox,           •   Concrete Installation   • Dry Creek Beds
  Facials, Make-up, and Ear Candling          •   Dump Truck Work         • Water Gardens
                                              •   French Drains           • Water Falls
 Next to Log Cabin Store at 4-way stop.
                                                          Randy Weaver, Owner
                                               Home: 770.577.1465              Cell: 770.855.5717
  10% off for all Fairfield Residents.        We Accept                                       40018370
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                                          FEBRUARY ACTIVITIES
       Sunday           Monday            Tuesday          Wednesday                  Thursday           Friday              Saturday
                                         1 Kiwanis*         2                    3                  4                    5
                                                                                                                          Women’s Club*
                                          11:45am CC
                     y                                   Contract Bridge*
                   pp ’ s D                Art Group                                                                      11:00am CC

               H a ne
                                                           10:00am CC
                                         Noon Rec Cent
                  ti                       Travel Club
             l en                           6:30pm CC
          Va                                Boy Scouts   Partner’s Bridge*
                                         Fire Department   7:00pm Rec
      6                7                 8                  9                    10                11                    12 MGA
                    Monday Bridge*        Kiwanis Board    Contract Bridge*                                              8:30am Breakfast
                       1pm CC               10:30am                                                                      9:00am Meeting
:      CountryClub
     11:00am-8:00pm                                        Plantation Planters                                            10:00am Golf
                                              Art Group      11:30am CC                                                  POA Office open
                                           Boy Scouts
                           Cub Scouts    Fire Department Partner’s Bridge*                                                 Dinner* CC
    13                14                 15                16                    17                 18                   19
        Brunch        Monday Bridge*          Kiwanis*     Contract Bridge*      Buy/Sell/Trade                           Neighborhood
      Country Club                           11:45am CC                          Deadline 9:00am                             Watch
                                                                                                                           9:00am CC
                                              Art Group                           Round Robin
                                                                                  1:00pm CC
                                           Boy Scouts
                           Cub Scouts    Fire Department Partner’s Bridge*
     20               21                 22                 23                   24                25                    26
                      Plantation Press                     Contract Bridge*            Stitchers   Plantation Planters    LGA Playday
                      Deadline-9:00am                                                  10:00am       Cobb Galleria
      Country Club
                                                                                      Rec center   Flower Show Trip
                      Monday Bridge*          Art Group
                       POA Meeting
                        7:30pm-CC          Boy Scouts
                        Cub Scouts       Fire Department   Partners Bridge*
     27               28                 MARCH 1           MARCH 2               MARCH 3           MARCH 4               MARCH 5
        Brunch        Monday Bridge*           Kiwanis*    Contract Bridge*                                              Plantation Press
      Country Club                           11:45am CC                                                                     Delivered

                                              Art Group                                                                       Mardi Gras
                                           Boy Scouts                                                                           Party*
                           Cub Scouts    Fire Department Partner’s Bridge*                                                    6:00pm CC

    *Reservations required! For additions and/or deletions to next month’s calendar (only),
                            Email to fppress@bellsouth.net or leave in the Plantation Press box at the POA Office

          Plantation Press                                                                                                 BULK RATE
                                                                                                                         U.S. POSTAGE
          7059 Brigade Court                                                                                                  PAID
          Villa Rica, GA 30180                                                                                             Permit # 17
                                                                                                                         VILLA RICA, GA

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