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					                                                                                                  Feb 2011

Welcome to the first edition of the Mingle at Franklin
               newsletter for 2011.                                      Sunday 6 March 2011 is Clean up Australia Day. The day
                                                                         provides the perfect opportunity to meet your neighbours
                                                                         while helping out the environment. Why not roll up your
                                                                         sleeves and help keep Franklin beautiful?
                                                                         Meeting Point: Hoskins Street Bridge
A big thank you to everyone who cleaned
                                                                         Start time: 11am
up their verge/nature strip! The streets are
                                                                         End time: 12:30pm
looking much better - keep up the good
                                                                                               To register, go to:
                                                 Would you like to
                                               volunteer at our next                  And then join us for a BBQ in
                                                  Mingle event?                                the Park!
                                                                                      At the park off Christina Stead Street.

                                                          Email us!                      Starting at 12:30pm - until the
                                               Franklincommunity@act.gov.au                     sausages run out.

    Franklin Fact
                                                       HOORAY for                           Glorious greenery
    Did you know that the street names in
    Franklin are named after famous               Coffee and Muffin Day!
                                                                                            In the coming weeks, new trees are
    writers?                                                                                scheduled to be planted in section 2C
                                                      Meet your neighbours!
                                                                                            of Franklin. The planting will include
    For example: Hesba Brinsmead Street                                                     new street and laneway trees, so keep
    was named after Hesba Fay Brinsmead         When: Sunday 13 February 2011
                                                Time: 10 - 11am                             an eye out for them.
    Hungerford (1922 – 2003). Hesba was
    one of Australia’s most influential         Where: The park on the corner of
                                                Amy Witting St and Charlotte                Unfortunately, over the Christmas
    writers for children and young adults.                                                  period, a number of street trees were
    Her first children’s book “Pastures of      Barton St in Franklin.
                                                                                            vandalised throughout Franklin.
    the Blue Crane” was published in 1964
    and earned her the Dame Mary Gilmore        Just $2 will buy you a cuppa and
                                                and a muffin.                               These will be replaced; however, we
    Medal and the Children’s Book Council                                                   encourage you to be aware of the
    of Australia Children’s Book of the Year                                                people in your neighbourhood. Get to
    Award in 1965.                              All Franklin residents are welcome!
                                                                                            know your neighbours and report any
                                                                                            suspicious activity to police.
    ABC TV subsequently made it into a
    successful mini-series.
                                                   Don’t forget!
    Do you know who your Franklin street
    is named after? Look under ‘Tools and          You need to get approval before you make any alterations to your
    Resources’ on the ACTPLA website               nature strip/verge; this includes anything other than grass, such as gravel and
    (www.actpla.gov.au) to find out!               planting trees.

                                                   But don’t panic if you have already landscaped!
                                                   Post-development approvals are currently being considered.
                                                   Call Canberra Connect on 13 22 81 for more information.
Franklin Forward - what the future holds...
                                                                                                     Mulligans Flat
Gungaderra Creek
                                                                                                     Near Franklin is the beautiful Mulligans Flat Nature
The open space corridor of Gungaderra Creek is due to be completed
by the middle of 2011. The works will include: BBQ and picnic
facilities on the corner of Tomasetti Crescent and Nullarbor Ave, a
                                                                                                     The unique habitats within Mulligans Flat provide a
small ornamental pond, boardwalks over the existing ponds adjacent
                                                                                                     home and feeding place for around 150 native bird
to Oodgeroo Ave and completion of the estate cycleway network.
                                                                                                     species. The reserve is a vital refuge for many
                                                                                                     endangered species; visitors can walk or cycle on many
Gubur Dhaura
                                                                                                     trails throughout the park.
The heritage site of Gubur Dhaura (Red Hill) will be enhanced to
create a passive recreational facility with interpretive signage and
                                                                                                     For more information, or to participate in a ranger-led
artworks highlighting the significant indigenous and European
                                                                                                     tour, contact Peter Mills from ACT Parks and
heritage values of the site. Works are due to commence in April 2011
                                                                                                     Conservation Service: 02 62072923.
and are due to be completed by August 2011.

Franklin signage
An entry statement consisting of masonry walls, steel lettering and
soft landscape will be constructed on the corner of Wells Station
Drive and Hoskins Street to celebrate the entry to the suburb of
Franklin. Construction is due to be completed by May 2011.
                                                                                          Stay connected!
Early Childhood School
The Franklin Early Childhood School will be built on the corner of                        Make sure you are on our Franklin
Oodgeroo Avenue and Marie Pitt Street. The school will include                            Mingle database! Keep up to date
community facilities such as a hall, meeting room and health room.                        with future activities and events.
Design of the school is in progress and construction is due to start at
the end of 2011 and be completed in 2013.                                                               Email us at:
Flemington Road
The Flemington Road Corridor is planned to be a mixed use area
including both retail and residential development. The intersection
of Nullarbor Ave and Flemington Road is where the main
commercial/retail outlet is proposed to be located. These shops are
anticipated to be operational within the next 2-3 years.                                                       “Fabulous Franklin Foto” Competition!
                                                                                                               Do you have a fabulous photo of Franklin?
     Community group sponsorship                                                                               Send it to: franklincommunity@act.gov.au
                                                                                                               The winner will have their photo published in our
     Did you know that the Mingle Program operates a community                                                 next Mingle newsletter and also receive a fantastic
     initiative fund?                                                                                          LDA Picnic Pack.
     Upon application, the LDA can provide financial assistance to various                                     There are some amazing sunsets in Franklin at the
     community organisations and groups for neighbourhood projects.                                            moment, providing plenty of brilliant photo
                                                                                                               opportunities. So get outdoors and capture
     Grants may be issued to provide funding for worthwile programs and                                        Franklin in all its glory!
     initiatives. If you have an idea or cause that would benefit from
     funding/sponsorship, contact us at: franklincommunity@act.gov.au

 Have you seen our Mingle Community                                                                                               The Mingle newsletter is also
 Noticeboards?                                                                                                                    available online at:

 Located at the two main entrances to Franklin, the                                                                               www.lda.act.gov.au
 Mingle Community Noticeboards will keep you
 posted on upcoming events, so make sure you keep                                                                                 Click on the Mingle button and
 an eye out for them!                                                                                                             look under “News”.

                                                                                                                      Feel free to pass this newsletter on to
                                                                                                                      your neighbours and friends.

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 before considering purchasing land or making an offer to purchase land.

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