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845 United Nations Plaza 16F
New York, NY 10017
Strategy | Technology | Leadership

Mobile: 888-639-9321
Skype: eaquiroz

I am an accomplished senior information technology professional with a demonstrated successful career in developing and
executing strategies to promote corporate departmental growth for the overall success of the corporation. I have extensive
experience leading operations for Technology, Business Development and Application Development with full P&L
responsibility within diverse range of industry sectors.

• Strategic Planning and Assessment                                      • Intranet/Extranet and N-Tier Architecture
• Organizational Development                                             • Team Development and Mentoring
• Budget Development & Cost Control                                      • R&D and full Development Lifecycle
• Contract Negotiations & Management                                     • Business Reengineering
• Process Improvements & Best Practices                                  • M&A and Change Management
• Strategic and Business Planning                                        • Database Architecture/Development
• Global IT Delivery                                                     • GUI Development - Browser Idiosyncrasies
• Enterprise Systems Planning & Integration                              • Network Planning, Design, and Installation
• Object-Oriented Architecture/Development                               • Executive Leadership and Communications

I possess in-depth experience information technology experience with a strong understanding of web-based systems
architecture and design with experience in contract development of state of work (SOW), proposal development, competitive
bidding and negotiations. My deliverables included executive strategy presentations, wireframes, user-interface specifications,
interaction flows, high fidelity mockups and functional prototypes.

I am also experienced with developing/supporting SharePoint based collaboration and publishing sites. I am highly motivated
to learn new developments in technology with strong analytical problem solving skills and a flair for creativity with the ability to
quickly master new concepts, applications and work as team player.

    Server Languages           Technologies             Platforms                       Infrastructure   Protocols   Tools
    C#                         Web Scripting            Windows                         Firewalls        TCP/IP      Visual Studio.NET
    VB.NET                     ASP.NET                  Linux                           SSL              SOAP        Adobe CS5
    ASP (VBscript/Jscript)     Javascript               Microsoft SQL Server            SSH              HTTP        Xcode
    PHP                        XML/XSLT                 MySQL                           Routing          LDAP
    Objective-C                Web Services             DotNetNuke                      DNS              FTP
    T-SQL                      TCP/IP Sockets           iPhone                          VMWare           POP
                               AJAX                      Sharepoint 2007/2010           Citrix           SMTP
                               VRML                                                      Exchange        Telnet
Chief Software Architect, Muriel Siebert Co., Inc. New York, NY 2006-Present
Siebert Financial Corp. is a holding company that provides Internet and traditional discount brokerage and related services to
retail investors. Siebert also offers institutional clients equity execution services on an agency basis, as well as equity and
fixed income underwriting and investment banking services.

        Project manager directing programmers and technical support staff for the re-architecture, redesign and deployment of
         corporate Internet The Siebert website supports retail customers with online trading in a
         multi-site architecture. The website is located at Sungard centers with bi-coastal locations and active website failover. The
         servers are connected together at SunGard VNet private high speed network and are integrated to National Financial
         Systems LLC clearing agent with dual T1 lines. This required extensive and detailed planning due to bi-coastal
    synchronization with SQL Server peer-to-peer replication.
   Architected the website to use robust .NET master pages to achieve a relatively simple design capable of scaling to
    extremely high usage while simultaneously being easy to maintain and extend. Developed number of hybrid
    content/application pages handled with ASP.NET User Controls by referencing the control in the Web Publisher XSL
    templates. Created navigation that was handled with an XHTML published file which is both displayed statically and
    queried using XSLT.
   Architected, Designed and developed corporate departmental portals using MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2007/2010, and
    InfoPath mandated by the SEC for document management. Proficient in Installation, Configuration, Creating/managing
    sites and sites collection, site templates, custom web parts, lists, document libraries, InfoPath, and Workflows.
   Implemented DBA work, and Windows administrative work, implementation of Google Search appliances, and the
    administration of Bloomberg terminal desktops. I was also instrumental in the implementation of multiple layers of
    firewalls, antivirus, anti phishing end-to-end user security via 3rd party multi level authentication. Additionally, during the
    migration of the website, requirements dictated that that no downtime and no data loss occur during the migration to the
    new system.
   Developed a content management driven website and applications architecture. Integrated numerous application third-
    party vendor platforms utilizing XML Web Services that consolidates all enterprise data for user consumption across
    multiple applications. These applications allowed department heads to update the website content for critical updates,
    freeing up time from our support team and increasing efficiencies for website support and publishing. This content
    management system and its various products include web publisher and website caching services to publish all corporate
    information throughout the company's web portal. Technologies include .NET, C#, VB.NET, ASP, XML/XSLT, Web
    Services, SQL Server and client-side JavaScript, CSS, XHTML and Comodo digital certificates for verification over the

Intranet Software Engineer, Amtrak Corporate Headquarters, Washington, DC (Contract) 2002-2006
The National Railroad Passenger Corporation, doing business as Amtrak, is a government-owned corporation that provides
intercity passenger train service in the United States.
    Lead technical developer in a team made up of four developers. Created, designed and implemented the Intranet rebuild
     at Amtrak Technologies. I was assigned to the task of heading the redesign of the Intranet cause of the adequacies and
     inefficiencies that were prevalent with the current intranet.
   Project manager. Served a dual role assisting immediate supervisor by assessing project feasibility, gathering business
    requirements, executing plans and tracking bids and proposals from initial user requirements to design, implementation,
    training and support.
   Lead Technical Developer in a team made up of four developers. Created, designed and implemented the Intranet rebuild
    at Amtrak Technologies, comprising of 40+ Enterprise multi-tiered Intranet applications running on 20+ actual servers and
    30+ Citrix virtual servers.
        o Technologies include .NET, C#, ASP, XML/XSLT, Web Services, SQL Server 2000 and extensive server-side
             Jscript, VBScript and client-side JavaScript, CSS, HTML/XHTML/DHTML, XML and Verisign digital certificates
             for verification over the Intranet. Implemented most of these applications with full lifecycle application
             development and standardized methodologies on all deployment tiers, utilizing CVS on GForge running on Linux.
        o Amtrak Intranet News and Syndication Information portal applications were implemented with XML/XSL
             partner/product syndication engine developed in.NET framework written in C# and VB.NET, ASP, SQL Server.
        o New Phonebook Application replaced the obsolete Intranet Contacts Application, and laid the authentication and
             authorization foundation for many of the applications we had created. These were retrofitted to be rewritten with
             authentication and authorization from the LDAP SunOne Solaris Enterprise Server. Implemented with .NET
             framework written in C# and VB.NET, ASP, SQL Server 2000.
        o Amtrak Train Warranty Application Systems were developed by our team to improve the tracking of service
             claims filed against the Locomotive Parts Warranties. Benefits: increased speed of filing parts requests reduced
             spares inventory and increased cash penalties assessed against manufacturers for delays. Warranty Claims
             Managers estimate these improvements have resulted in a $42 million annual saving for Amtrak. SQL Server
             2000, ASP server side Jscript, client side JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
        o Engineering Employee Review Dashboard System provides the top 40 managers in the Engineering group with
             daily reports comparing their accomplishments to date relative to the departmental goals. Benefits include
             collecting and summarizing all the performance data in a centralized location. Dashboard was developed with
             IBM WebSphere Application Server, Plumtree Enterprise Portal and Visual Mining NetCharts. Examples include
             portals for Station Agents, Call Center Agents, supervisors and union employees. Technologies include .NET
             framework, Java, C#, VB.NET, SQL Server 2000, ASP, HTML, and JavaScript.

Web Software Engineer, United States Department of Energy, 2001
Office of Environment Safety and Health, Germantown, MD (Contract)
The Office of Health, Safety and Security (HSS) was created to bring the vital Department of Energy (DOE) corporate
functions of health, safety, environment, and security together under one office.
   Web software development for the Advocacy Worker Hotline which included gathering information on individuals who
    contact the Office of Worker Advocacy in the Department of Energy to report an occupational illness or disease as part of
    the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act (EEOICPA) of 2000.
         o Developed using Windows 2000 Servers, IIS 5.0, ASP, CFML, DHTML, XML, XSLT, and SQL Server 2000 with
             T-SQL stored procedures and DTS Packages.
   Web software development for the Telecom Tracker System which allowed designated administrators to track and
    monitor cell phones, calling cards, pagers, and room assignments for all individuals working in the Office of Environment
    Safety and Health Division of the Department of Energy.
        o Developed using Windows 2000 Servers, ColdFusion Server, CFML, CFX Tags, JavaScript, XML, and SQL
             Server 7.0 with T-SQL stored procedures.

Web Application Developer, Teligent Inc., Reston, VA, 1998-2001
Americatel Corporation d/b/a Teligent is a facilities-based provider of communications services, including voice, data and
Internet access.
    Agents Alternate Channel Sales Web Application Developer and Architect of the first B2B eCommerce Extranet
     application in Teligent. The system served contract sales agents across the country and accounted for a significant
     portion of Teligent's overall revenue.
           o Implemented the process using the Microsoft DNA 2000 model, including Windows 2000 Advanced Servers, IIS
                5.0, Index Server, DHTML, Visual Basic 6.0 COM+ transactional middle-tier components, and SQL Server 7.0
                with T-SQL stored procedures.
           o Developed a custom server-cookie based ASP system, including digital certificates and authentication
                methodologies, for verification over the Extranet, while using an integrated Windows authentication for the
                internal administrative web application.
           o Created reference architecture for numerous applications developed inside Teligent, some tied to the Agents
                Extranet Portal with Oracle 8i data sources residing inside the network. Assisted in the configuration of the
                overall Extranet web DMZ architecture including minimized firewall crossings using specific TCP/IP Ports and
                hardwired fiber optic connections.
           o Worked on a full PRM (Partner Relationship Management) solution for the Agents and Partner company
                channels, using the latest .NET framework including ASPX, C# (both for the middle-tier components and the fully
                compiled ASPX pages), ADO.NET, and SQL Server 2000.
    Enterprise Web Reports (EWR) - Developed and implemented this Intranet application and portal for executive and
     enterprise users to access corporate financial and customer information. This helped executives keep tract of financial
     statements and ledgers of different departments throughout the company.
           o Built COM+ components running on MTS/Component Services to provide the business logic layer. These COM+
                components accessed Teligent's central RDBMS server's back-end data through stored procedures. These
                applications are primarily comprised of ASP, Client side JavaScript, DHTML, and ActiveX controls (ChartFX).
           o Created control java applets to allow users to navigate throughout these reporting applications, using the
                'java.awt', 'java.applet', and '' packages.
    Quality Assurance Enterprise System (QAES) - Redesigned and put into production an Intranet portal to gather mission
     critical data which would monitor events impacting customer relations. This allowed the customer service department tract
     all customer service issues trouble tickets.
           o Worked the full software lifecycle of this project, including requirements analysis, prototyping, design, coding, unit
                testing, integration, system testing, and technical documentation.
           o Implemented the system on a NT4.0 server platform with IIS 4.0 and Index Server. This application is comprised
                of ASP, DHTML, and SQL Server 7.0 with T-SQL stored procedures and triggers.

System Programmer/Web Developer, Louis Berger & Associates, Washington, DC (Contract). 1997-1998
The Louis Berger Group is one of the leading infrastructure engineering operations in the world.
   Computer Aided Facility Management Application - Managed and developed the architecture, content structure and layout
    of an Intranet application prototype for the CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) department of the company.
         o Enabled clients to perform queries on CAFM projects that encompassed drawings and statistical analysis reports
              and charts via the web browser.
         o The application was based on both client and server side processes. The client-side was primarily made up of
              JavaScript, VBScript, DHTML, and HTML, and included several Design-Time ActiveX controls. The server-side
              was made up of ASP with embedded SQL statements querying DBMS (MS SQL Server 6.5 and Access 7.0).

System Programmer/CAD Specialist, Cohen Hotz Kerxton Inc., Silver Spring, MD, 1996-1997
Torti Gallas and Partners is an architectural firm specializing in residential, commercial, and institutional buildings.
    Scripted Microstation Development Language (MDL, ANSI C) programs to aid in CAD drawings and models.
    Created direct and diffuse illuminated solar analysis impact studies using radiosity and ray tracing digital imaging.


MIT Enterprise Forum of New York City, - Currently serving as a board member for the forum
working as the webmaster and all IT related issues.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA
Master’s Degree in Advanced Studies (M. Arch A.S.) from the School of Architecture and Planning, 1992
       Modeled and analyzed urban physical environments with the use of Geographical Information Systems (GIS):
        Gathered and integrated spatial analysis data, buffering, overlays, spatial clustering, and cartographic
        representations to construct relational databases using Structured Query Language (SQL) in the Department of
        Urban Studies & Planning's Computer Resource Laboratory (CRL).
       Constructed vector-based 3-Dimensional CAD models that were used to make animated spline based camera and
        target path ray tracing digital imaging at the Media Laboratory.
The Catholic University of America (CUA), Washington, DC
Bachelor of Science Degree from the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, 1989


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