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                                                  SALARY PACKAGING WORKSHEET

The salary packaging worksheet has been designed to assist employees in determining the possible
impact of packaging superannuation, child care, car leases and parking. It is not comprehensive and is only
intended to show a possible effect of packaging in a given scenario.

Instructions to complete salary packaging worksheet

The relevant section will be hightlighted in blue. Simply enter details in the boxes resembling
and/or click on the appropriate button resembling                 . This will move you to the next question.

Information is printed in green. Please ensure that you read this as it may be relevant to your
particular situation.

Should you wish to vary the details you have input click on the                button on the final result page.

The              button on the final result page will print the final result on your default printer.

Exit from the Worksheet normally but do not save.
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ermining the possible
ot comprehensive and is only

                               and press enter,
e you to the next question.

n on the final result page.

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                                               BASE SALARY

Please enter your gross fortnightly salary excluding any allowances

To find your fortnightly salary from your per annum salary divide the per
annum figure by 26.08333. Your salary can be found on your payslip (Web
Self Service - payslip view) and your letter of appointment. If you are part-
time or fractional you will need to divide the per annum figure by the
appropriate fraction before dividing by 26.08333.

Please enter the total fortnightly gross of your
 superable allowance(s) *

Please enter the total fortnightly gross of your
 non-superable allowance(s) #

*Superable Allowances                                      #Non Superable Allowances
Clinical loadings                                          First aid allowance
Supplementary clinical loadings                            Head of Department allowance
Attraction/Retention allowance (superable)                 Higher duties allowance (HDA)
Special allowance (superable)                              Special allowance (non superable)
Professorial fellow allowance                              Commuted overtime allowance
Security base penalty loading                              Salary Progression Allowance
                                                           Market Loading
                                                           Additional Responsibility Allowance
                                                           Attraction/Retention allowance (non superable)
                                                           Discretionary salary loading
ntion allowance (non superable)
                                        SUPERANNUATION - UniSuper

Are you a member of the Defined Benefit Plan (DBP) or
Investment Choice Plan (ICP)? (7% employee, 14% employer)

Do you wish to contribute your 7% DBP/ICP contribution before tax?         Y

Are you currently making a voluntary contribution to the Award
 Plus Plan (APP) and/or Investment Choice Plan (ICP)?

Please enter the fortnightly amount you are contributing to the
 Award Plus Plan and/or the Investment Choice Plan currently

If you wish to package a voluntary contribution to the Award Plus
  Plan and/or the Investment Choice Plan please enter
  the fortnightly amount (please note any contribution to APP
  must be at least $20 per fortnight)

The Defined Benefit Plan (DBP)/Investment Choice Plan (ICP) was previously known as SSAU.
The Award Plus Plan (APP) was previously known as TESS.
                                                CHILD CARE

Are you interested in packaging child care fees?

Please note that you will only be able to package child care fees from the following centres:
    UniCare Child Care Centre, 24 Parkway, Crawley
    UWA Employees' Child Care Centre, Monash Ave, Nedlands
    After School/Vacation Care Centre, 18 Parkway, Crawley
    Uni Sports for Kids, UWA Sports, 35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley
The reason for this is that any other child care centre fees would be subject to Fringe Benefits
 Tax (FBT)

Child Care Benefit is not affected by salary packaging but the whole package must be declared
 to CentreLink. Only the portion of the fees that you personally must pay will be packaged.

Please enter your fortnightly child care fees
                                                NOVATED CAR LEASE PAYMENTS

You may only package car lease payments organised through Easifleet Management.
Only novated leases are available for packaging.

Do you wish to package a car lease payment?

Please enter the monthly lease payment (plus maintenance/fuel costs if required)

Please enter your monthly car insurance if you wish to use it to offset FBT*

Please enter the base value of the vehicle you wish to package (FBT Value)

Please enter the kilometres you estimate you will travel in a year

You may make an after tax contribution towards your lease payment. You may
 wish to do this in order to stay within the 50% limit for packaging or to reduce
your FBT liability as any contribution that you make post tax reduces the FBT
liability. Please enter the amount per fortnight you wish to contribute.

*You can only use your insurance costs to offset FBT if you have personally paid the
 insurance out of after tax monies. Leave this field blank if insurance included in lease.

        $   -
                                         PARKING FEES

Are you interested in packaging your parking fees?

Please enter your fortnightly parking fees.

UWA Red Sticker parking                                 $ 14.42 per fortnight
UWA Red Sticker parking (part-time)                     $ 10.65 per fortnight
QEII Medical Centre                                     $12.70 per fortnight
Royal Perth Hospital East Matro                         $23.60 per fortnight
Royal Perth Hospital MRF                                $33.37 per fortnight
Fremantle Hospital                                      $ 9.60 per fortnight
Princess Margaret Hospital                              $ 12.92 per fortnight
                                  LAPTOP COMPUTER

Do you wish to package a laptop computer?

Please enter the total cost of the laptop computer
(Do not include software, printers or accessories)

Is your department making a contribution towards the purchase of the laptop?

Please enter the amount your department will contribute

Over how many pay periods do you wish to package the cost of the laptop?
(Maximum number of pay periods allowable is 52)
                                   PERTH INTERNATIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL

Do you wish to package PIAF tickets?

Please enter the total amount of the tickets (cannot be more than $500 in total)

Please indicate the number of fortnights these tickets are likely to be spread over*

*Tickets may be packaged over 2 or 3 fortnights provided they are all paid up prior to the event(s).
 However, if the total of the tickets is around $100 they will be packaged over 1 fortnight.

p prior to the event(s).
                                 UWA SPORTS/UNISWIM

Do you wish to package your UWA Sport/UniSwim fees?

Please enter the combined average fortnightly fees*

* Example:   UWA Sports Card fee                                 $45
             UWA Annual Gym membership                          $260
             Pilates - Introduction fee                         $136
             UniSwim Annual fee

             Total                                              $441

             To work out the combined average fortnightly fees divide the total by 26
             e.g. combined average fortnightly fees = $16.96 ($441/26)

Have you provided your Tax File Number (TFN) to the University?

Are you claiming the tax-free threshold through your fortnighly pay?*

Do you have a Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) debt?

Do you have a Student Financial Supplement Scheme (SFSS) debt?

Please note that rebates or additional tax will not be affected by salary
packaging. They will have the same effect on your pay before packaging as
they do after packaging.

*If you are an Australian resident for taxation purposes, $6000 of your yearly
income is not taxed. This is called the tax-free threshold. You can claim this
fortnightly through your pay or at the end of the year in your tax return.
Non-residents cannot claim the tax-free threshold.
                                SALARY PACKAGING EXAMPLE
This worksheet should be used as a general guide only. It is not comprehensive nor is it
tailored to suit individual cases . The points needing consideration will vary from individual
to individual. It will also depend on the validity of the information input.

                                                     Before Packaging *                   After Packaging *
                                                   per annum    per fortnight          per annum     per fortnight

Gross salary                                            $0.00                $0.00         $0.00    **      $0.00
Less Taxation                                           #NUM!                #NUM!        #NUM!            #NUM!
                                                        #NUM!                #NUM!        #NUM!            #NUM!
Less UniSuper voluntary (APP/ICP)                        $0.00                $0.00        $0.00            $0.00
Less UniSuper (DBP/ICP)                                  $0.00                $0.00        $0.00            $0.00
Less car payments - employee                                n/a                  n/a       $0.00            $0.00

Take-home salary                                        #NUM!                #NUM!        #NUM!            #NUM!

Less approx. car costs                                  $0.00                $0.00            n/a              n/a
Less parking fees                                       $0.00                $0.00            n/a              n/a
Less laptop computer                                    $0.00                $0.00            n/a              n/a
Less PIAF ticket fees                                   $0.00                $0.00            n/a              n/a
Less UWA Sports/UniSwim                                 $0.00     ^          $0.00            n/a              n/a
Less child care fees                                    $0.00     ^          $0.00            n/a              n/a

'Disposable income' after
payment of child care, car etc                          #NUM!                #NUM!        #NUM!            #NUM!

Variation in 'disposable                                    n/a                  n/a      #NUM! #          #NUM!
income' (after packaging)

*    Excludes annual Leave Loading and deductions
** After packaging gross salary is calculated as follows:
eg. Union Fees, Health Insurance, Tea Clubs
Gross salary                                     $0.00
less UniSuper (DBP/ICP) - 8.25%                  $0.00
less UniSuper voluntary (APP/ICP)                $0.00
less car payments                                $0.00
less FBT liability                               $0.00
less GST on employee contributions               $0.00
less child care fees^                            $0.00
less parking fees                                $0.00
less laptop computer                             $0.00
less PIAF ticket fees^                           $0.00
less UWA Sports/UniSwim fees^                    $0.00
less Admin Fee                                   $0.00
Salary after packaging                           $0.00    #DIV/0!

#    WARNING: Do not forget that whilst you may have an immediate increase in the amount of disposable
     income, there are additional taxes and other charges that apply to superannuation when it is part of a
     salary package that are not included in this calculation.

^    Calculation assumes fortnightly amount applicable for entire year.

    p:\hr_area1\hric\sal_pack\604e2b2a-d007-4e63-a183-91d9f8865aed.xls Page 20                                       9/1/20112:48 AM

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