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The Zion News


									                              The Zion News
                                         Centered in God’s unconditional love and grace,
                                                                                                     Zion Lutheran Church
                                                                                                     11609 Frankstown Road
                                                                                                      Pittsburgh, PA 15235
                                Zion Lutheran Church is called to bring Christ’s peace and healing
                                      to our diverse community and world through worship,                 412-242-2626
                                          learning, nurturing, equipping and witnessing.   
                                        The Rev. Robert J. Newpher, Interim Pastor
 Cheryl M. Bunch, Director of Lay Ministries • Dr. Stanley E.Yoder, Cantor Emeritus • George K. Spencer, Director of Music
 	       	       	       	       	        	        	        	       	        	                       					Summer	2011
                                     IT’S TIME TO REGISTER FOR DAY CAMP !
                                                   JULY 18 - 22
                                      Your registration packet for this summer’s Lutherlyn Day Camp at Zion is
                              waiting for you! Children who are entering grades 1 through 5 this fall are invited
                              to come and participate in this outdoor ministry of recreation, songs, nature study,
                              worship, Bible study, and crafts.
                                      Day Camp is a partnership between Camp Lutherlyn and Zion. Lutherlyn’s
                              trained counselors lead the day camp program while Zion members take care of day
camp publicity, registration, snacks, counselor housing and meals. The cost to Zion per child for day camp is $79.
However, each child attends for only $30 for the entire week, with a maximum of $45 per family. Zion members
cover the remainder of the fee through our contributions to our current expense budget and through special
donations for camperships. If the $30 fee is a hardship for the family, scholarship request forms are available in
the registration packet. No child has ever been turned away from day camp for inability to pay!
	       Registration	packets	are	in	the	Gathering	Space.	Please	pick	one	up	or	call	the	church	office.	Forms	must	
be returned by July 13.
        We also welcome your help. Here are some things that you can do.
                • donate toward camperships
                • house the counselors for the week
                • host the counselors for dinner one evening
                • donate snacks, such as drink boxes or drink pouches or any individually wrapped treats
                • help serve snacks or lunch one day
                • donate Giant Eagle gift cards
	       Please	call	the	church	office	at	412-242-2626	or	Charlotte	Murray	at	412-373-2963	if	you	can	help	or	if	
you have any questions.
        See you at camp!

                                              Unbinding the Gospel
                                                                                             A commentary by Jim Thomas

         The Discipleship Hour Adult Class and Zion Council are unbinding the Gospel by sharing their faith; not
by screaming on the street corners, not by getting on TV, not by jamming their beliefs down someone’s throat, but
just by sharing a few faith stories with those who need our support to help them through life’s struggles.
	        Last	month,	in	the	first	segment	of	a	two-part	commentary,	Jim	Thomas,	leader	of	the	discipleship	hour	
adult class, shared his thoughts, chapter by chapter, of how Unbinding	 the	 Gospel,	 written	 by	 Martha	 Grace	
Reese,	has	influenced	the	way	members	are	doing	evangelism.		The	commentary	is	concluded	here	in	this	second	
                                             Chapter 7 – ”How’s Your Church Doing?”
                                                     Did you have to ask that question? We have to start building
                   Congratulations           bridges instead of creating barriers. We tend to make excuses about
                  to our Graduates! why	we	don’t	evangelize	instead	of	finding	ways	to	evangelize.	This	
                                             chapter was discussed in great detail during the Discipleship Hour.
Jonah Rickus graduated from Trinity We	 need	 to	 find	 the	 lost	 and	 discover	 how	 to	 relate	 to	 them.	 First	
Christian High School and will be we	need	to	better	understand	where	they	stand.		Martha	Grace	Reese	
attending	 Robert	 Morris	 University	 broke it down into nine categories of people: 1. Children and youth of
in	 the	 fall.	 	 He	 received	 a	 Founders	 the	congregation,	2.	Children	and	youth’s	friends,	3.	People	attached	
Scholarship.                                 to your church who never joined, 4. Committed Christians from
                                             similar church backgrounds, 5. Committed Christians from different
Brody Smith graduated Penn Hills High church	backgrounds,	6.	People	raised	in	the	church	who	drifted	away,	
School and will be attending Slippery 7.	People	raised	in	the	church	who	were	hurt,	8.	Unchurched	people	
Rock	University	in	the	fall.                 who	are	like	current	church	members,	9.	Unchurched	people	who	are	
                                             different from current church members.
Ashley Cook graduated from Point Park Who would you ask to church? How do you relate to people with such
College with a Bachelors degree in Child different circumstances? Well, Christ gives us some clues in the “lost”
and	Family	Psychology.                       parables. When the coin was lost, it did not know it was lost and we
                                             had to unwaveringly search until it was found. When the sheep was
Breanna Smith graduated from lost, it did not want to be lost and we had to rescue it by bringing it
Washington	 &	 Jefferson	 University	 back	to	the	flock.	When	the	son	was	lost,	he	wanted	to	become	lost,	yet	
Phi Beta Kappa with majors in English we welcomed him with open arms upon his return. Our evangelism
and History and a concentration in approach needs to parallel the parables of Jesus.
Professional writing.
                                             Chapter 8 – “The Holy and the Practical”
Alyson        D’Ambrosio        Cyprowski            Who does what? A practical person thinks that holy people
graduated	 from	 the	 University	 of	        are so encased in the pragmatic that they are no earthly good. The holy
Pittsburgh, Oakland with a Juris person thinks that the practical people are so busy doing things that
Doctorate.                                                                                          Continued on Page 2
 Summer	2011	              	     	        	          	        	    	       	        	        	        															Page	2
  The Community of the
	       Martin	 “Peanut”	 Jones	 is	 an	
active member of Bridge of Peace
Lutheran Church in Camden, New
Jersey, where he regularly attends
Tuesday night Bible Study and
Affirmation	 of	 Baptism	 class.	 	 The	
fact that Peanut is only 5 years old and
has been diagnosed with ADHD and
sensory integration disorder in no ways
interferes with his full participation.
        The Rev. Giselle Coutinho
says that Peanut is an example of the
vibrant membership at Bridge of Peace.
“Peanut	 reflects	 Christ	 to	 us	 and	 we	
reflect	Christ	to	him	in	the	community	
of the baptized. It is ‘God’s work in
our hands.’”
        Bridge of Peace began as a
mission development project of the
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the New Jersey Synod eight years ago and became an organized
congregation	in	2007.		Pastor	Coutinho	has	been	with	the	congregation	since	2006,	first	as	mission	developer	and	
then as called pastor.
        Bridge of Peace is thriving in a community recognized as the second poorest in the country with the
second highest crime rate. At the root lies strong, local lay leadership like Peanut’s parents, Rich and Rose. Proud
parents of three adult children and three adopted foster children, they have raised awareness about autism and
other developmental disabilities.
	       Unconditional	acceptance	is	the	ménage	of	Bridge	of	Peace,	which	worships	in	three	languages:		English,	
Spanish, and Portuguese. Pastor Coutinho says, “We are all created in God’s image ….. It’s not about what we
can’t do, but what we can do.”

                                                                                                 Pastor Robert J. Newpher
       ULLA Response Exceeds $10,000
you      to     all
who      faithfully
supported      this                                                        Unbinding the Gospel
year’s	 Unified	                                                                                          Continued from Page 1
L u t h e r a n                                                            they just don’t get it. In reality, everybody
Lenten Appeal.                                                             has his/her own spiritual gifts and each of
Your generous                                                              us should use those gifts to serve in God’s
response       will                                                        house. Each of us, whether holy or practical
support ministries                                                         or both, has the responsibility to reach out
and        provide                                                         with the gifts God has given them. Some
services for thousands of youth, seniors, seminarians, students,           may	find	it	easy	to	invite	people	to	worship;	
veterans, hungry, homeless and others in need who are served by            others	 might	 find	 it	 easier	 to	 ask	 people	 to	
Lutheran and other organizations locally and worldwide. Once               help in our church’s ministries. Whatever
again,	Zion	members	gave	sacrificially	and	with	open	hearts.               your pleasure, recognize that you are called
        Seventy Zion giving units (individuals or couples)                 by God to share the Gospel of Christ.
contributed	 a	 total	 of	 $10,183	 to	 this	 year’s	 ULLA	 campaign.	
Following	is	a	list	of	the	organizations	we	supported	and	the	priority	    Chapter 9 – “Smart Sailing”
of our giving:                                                                      Is it really that easy? Not really.
                                                                           There	 are	 growing	 pains,	 conflicts	 and	
World	Hunger		         	    	           $1,244		         	        12.2%    distractions. (Oh good, more reasons not
Shepherd’s	Heart	Veteran’s	Home	        	1,114	 	        	        10.9%    to start evangelizing). We are in this boat
Lutheran	SeniorLife	 	      	           	1,099	 	        	        10.8%    together. We can set sail to new adventures or
Ministry	of	Compassion	     	           				914	 	       	        		9.0%   stay at the dock to rot. These new adventures
Lutheran	Service	Society	   	           				869	 	       	        		8.5%   won’t always be easy, especially if we reach
St.	Afterschool	(regional)	 	           				779	 	       	        		7.7%   out to those who might be different than us.
Camp	Lutherlyn	        	    	           				659	 	       	        		6.5%   But remember, those individuals will become
Members’	Mission	Projects	 	            				609	 	       	        		6.0%   very much like us in our love of Christ.
Gettysburg	Seminary	Capital	Fund	       				559	 	       	        		5.5%
Lutheran	Campus	Ministry	 	             				484	 	       	        		4.8%  Chapter 10 – “Getting Started”
Glade	Run	Lutheran	Services		           				474	 	       	        		4.7%          Just turn the key.      What is the
Bethesda	Children’s	Home	 	             				404	 	       		       		4.0%  key? Prayer. In real estate, there are three
Seminarian	Support	Fund	 	              				264	 	       	        		2.6%  key factors in selling homes … location,
Camp	Agape	 	          	    	           				229	 	       	        		2.2%  location, location. In church life, there are
Thiel	College	 	       	    	           				164	 	       	        		1.6%  three key factors in saving souls… prayer,
Tri-Synod	Archives	 	       	           				164	 	       	        		1.6%  prayer, prayer. I pray that you will be part
Synod	Resource	Center	      	           				154	 	       	        		1.5%  of	an	E-team	that	will	go	out	and	recognize	
                                                                          the needs of others, spreading the Gospel by
Total	 	       	       	       									$10,183	 	       										100.0% sharing your faith.
 Summer	2011	             	        	       	       	        	      	        	        	       	        															Page	3
       Call Committee Update                                From the Health
        The Call Committee continues to seek                Ministry Team
a shepherd for Zion and some progress is being
made. Your continued prayers for this process and           The Zion Health Ministry
our decisions are greatly appreciated.                      is a caring ministry which
	       One	 of	 the	 first	 tasks	 the	 Call	 Committee	   promotes physical, emotional
and Council had to undertake was discerning the             and spiritual health and well
qualifications	of	a	Pastor	for	Zion.			Much	thought	        being to congregation and community
and prayer went into this process. Although the             through wholistic education, personal
following	are	not	the	qualities	we	identified,	they	        health counseling, advocacy and
do	present	the	challenges	we	meet	in	trying	to	find	        referrals with spiritual support throughout
the right pastor. We hope you enjoy the humor in
the description, as we did.                                 Plans Underway for Visitation Ministry

                                                            	       The	 Zion	 Health	 Ministry	 Team	 and	 other	
              The Perfect Pastor                            interested members of the congregation met in early June
                                                            to	 discuss	 the	 creation	 of	 a	 Visitation	 Ministry	 at	 Zion.	
                                                            The consensus of the group (and feedback that had been
                                                            received by others and shared at the meeting) was that this
                                                            idea	is	definitely	worth	pursuing.			While	there	are	many	
                                                            types of visitation ministries, the focus of this ministry
                                                            will be to serve members who are ill, have special needs
                                                            and/or	are	shut-in.
                                                                    A lot of ideas were generated including the use of
                                                            telephone outreach and home visits as well as strategies
                                                            to assist people with transportation needs. The Health
                                                            Ministry	 Team	 will	 continue	 to	 work	 on	 plans	 over	 the	
                                                            summer to 1) identify and prioritize which needs will be
                                                            addressed	 first	 2)	 how	 to	 identify	 those	 who	 may	 have	
                                                            needs but could be hesitant to ask for help and 3) building
                                                            a pool of Zion members who are willing to assist. In
                                                            the meantime, if you or your loved one needs assistance
                                                            please feel free to contact members of the Health Care
                                                            Team	or	the	church	office	to	see	if	we	can	be	of	assistance.	     	
                                                            Likewise if this type of service is your gift, let us know!
                                                            Please include this new ministry in your prayers.

                                                            Watch Where You Walk, Work and Play
The perfect pastor preaches exactly 10 minutes.
                                                                    Summer days and warm weather tend to drag us
He/ she condemns sin roundly but never hurts                all outdoors for play time, walking and cycling, gardening
anyone’s feelings.                                          and so much more. It’s also the time of year when poison
                                                            ivy, oak and sumac thrive. Be aware of the plants that
He/she works from 8am until midnight and is also            are in the area where you walk, play or weed and avoid
the church janitor.                                         touching these plants.
The perfect pastor makes $40 a week, wears good
clothes, drives a good car, buys good books, and
donates $30 a week to the church.
He/she	 is	 29	 years	 old	 and	 has	 40	 years	
Above all, he (or she) is nice looking.
The perfect pastor has a burning desire to work
with teenagers, and (s)he spends most of his/her
time with the senior citizens.
He/she smiles all the time with a straight face
because he/she has a sense of humor that keeps                       If you come in contact with one of these plants,
him/her seriously dedicated to his/her church.              wash the area immediately with soap and water. Quickly
                                                            washing the area can prevent a reaction, but it doesn’t
He/she makes 15 home visits a day and is always in          usually help if done more than 1 hour after touching the
his	or	her	office	to	be	handy	when	needed.                  plant’s	 sap.	 Flush	 the	 eyes	 out	 with	 water.	 Don’t	 forget	
                                                            to clean under your nails since small amounts of sap can
The perfect pastor always has time for church               remain there for days.
council and all of its committees.                                   Carefully wash any contaminated objects or
He/she never misses the meeting of any church               clothing alone in hot soapy water. Do not let the items
organization and is always busy evangelizing the            touch any other clothing or materials.
unchurched.                                                 	        An	 over-the-counter	 antihistamine	 such	 as	
                                                            Benadryl or a steroid cream may help relieve itching. You
The perfect pastor is always in the church down the         will probably not need to visit the emergency room. If you
street!                                                     are concerned, call your doctor or poison control.
  Summer	2011	              	       	        	        	           	         	      	       	       	       															Page	4
Honoring Christ through Symbols
               In this ongoing series, we are focusing on various symbols in the Zion church building, designed
intentionally when the new building was being planned prior to 1960. Descriptions and the meaning of these
symbols were recorded in 1986 in a booklet that was a gift to the congregation from founding Pastor H. Paul
Gerhard and his wife, Helen. Their gift was in thanksgiving for and in celebration of Pastor Gerhard’s 50th
anniversary of his ordination.
        This month we learn about the meaning of the Baptismal Font.

The	Font

	       An	unusual	concept	for	the	baptismal	font	came	from	Holland	where	the	Master	Craftsman,	H.	
Roosmalen,	designed	a	30-inch	tall	Jonah	and	Fish	for	his	parish	cathedral.	Reducing	it	to	a	size	suitable	for	
Zion,	“Jonah	and	the	Fish”	graces	the	cover	of	the	font.	Here	children	and	adults	receive	the	sacrament	of	Holy	
Baptism, entrance into the fellowship of believers by which their lives are henceforth buried into Christ and
raised with him as St. Paul proclaims: “Do you not know that all of us who have been baptized in Christ Jesus
were baptized into his death? We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, so that as Christ was
raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.” Romans		6:3,	4
	       Martin	Luther	in	his	small	Catechism	declares:	“Baptism means that our sinful self, with all its evil
deeds and desires, should be drowned through daily repentance; and that day after day a new self should arise
to live with God in righteousness and purity forever.”
	       Jonah	and	the	Fish	is	an	excellent	symbol	for	the	font	since	it	reminds	us	of	Christ’s	prophecy	concern-
ing his burial: “In the same way that Jonah spent three days and nights in the belly of the big fish, so will the
Son of Man spend three days and nights in the depths of the earth” Matthew	12:40.		H.	Roosmalen	used	the	
Matthean	record	of	Jonah’s	deliverance,	relating	it	to	Christ’s	burial	and	resurrection	to	explain	our	burial	in	
Christ and the new life we have through baptism. This piece capping the font depicts the joy of Jonah at the
moment of his deliverance just as the Christian’s deliverance is assured at the moment of baptism and cel-
ebrates	life	in	Christ	now	and	forever.	The	Jonah	and	the	Fish	is	crafted	in	hand-hammered	silver	and	treated	
so	that	its	pewter-like	finish	will	not	change.
        Carved in the oak base of the font is the inscription, decorated with a fish and a crown, to personalize
each Christian’s baptismal proclamation:
                                      “I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord.”

	       Fall	 is	 the	 perfect	 time	 to	 fall	 in	 love	 with	
your spouse all over again! That is what couples
overwhelmingly report is the result of attending a
Lutheran	 Marriage	 Encounter	 Weekend.	 	 Weekends	
run	from	Friday	at	8	PM	to	Sunday	at	5	PM	and	are	
designed to enrich all marriages.
        There is a $45 per couple registration fee, plus
toward the end of the weekend you will be given an

                                                                       Lord, in your mercy,
opportunity	 to	 make	 a	 confidential	 contribution	 of	
whatever amount you wish toward continuation of
the program. Two nights lodging, 5 meals for each of

you, and all supplies are included.
        Sign up now while there are still openings for
one of the fall Weekends:
                                                                      Robyn	McKee,	Doug	Rice,	Zola	Redwing,	Joye	Beier	
	       Sept.	16-18	at	the	beautiful	Olmsted	Mansion	
& Retreat Center in Ludlow, PA, which is located in                   (Seneca	Place),	Bob	McClure,	Rebecca	Beresky
the	Allegheny	National	Forest,	20	minutes	southeast	
of Warren, PA, or                                                     Prayers Requested for:
	       Nov.	 4-6	 at	 the	 Radisson	 Hotel	 Sharon,	 in	             Pastor William Hauser, Tracy Shimko, Jeffrey Kojsza (son
West	Middlesex,	PA	(currently	undergoing	extensive	                   of	Wayne	&	Wanda),	Elsie	Harcarik(sister	of	Mary	Mertz),	
renovation	 and	 being	 re-named	 “Park	 Inn	 by	                     Kelly	 Billstone	 (wife	 of	 Bob),	 Linda	 Barnett(daughter-
Radisson.”) This is an outstanding facility located an
hour north of Pittsburgh where all rooms have king                    in-law	of	Ed	&	Jan	Barnett),	Doris	Taylor	(sister	of	Jean	
beds	and	in-room	hot	tubs.		                                          Pletcher), JoAnn Hixon (sister of Barbara Cooper), Bob
        To register for either of the Weekends, simply                & Joyce Lowy (former Zion members), for the Habib
go	to	the	website:	and	                     family as they visit family in Egypt for a month, and for
sign up using your credit card, or for questions, or
                                                                      the	families	of	Virginia	Wagner,	Bob	McDonald	and	Rick	
if you would like a brochure with registration form
mailed to you, contact Pennsylvania Directors of                                   Cline (friend of Arlene Hayek).
Lutheran	Marriage	Encounter,	Fred	&	Julie	Schamber,	
at	724-325-3166	or	email:                                      hear our prayer.
  Summer	2011	               	       	       	             	         	     	      	      	       	       															Page	5

Thank You’s . . .
Dear	Zion	Friends,
                                                                             Thank you, Thrivent Members!
                                                                                     Thank you to all the Zion members
                                                                             of	 Thrivent	 Financial	 for	 Lutherans	 who	
                                                                             donated your Thrivent Choice dollars to
                                                                             Zion this year. These are fraternal funds
        Thank you for all of your kindness and support to Dad and that Thrivent makes available to members,
our	 family	 during	 this	 past	 difficult	 year	 of	 watching	 his	 health	 based on the value of members’ Thrivent
decline. He appreciated every card, note, prayer, phone call and financial	 products	 and	 volunteer	 hours	
visit	and	you	truly	reflected	the	heart	of	lay	ministry	that	“every	 contributed	to	Thrivent	activities.			Members	
member is a minister.” I also found great comfort in your spiritual may then contributea	 registered	 nonprofit	
                                                                                                   their allotted Thrivent
                                                                             Choice	 dollars	 to	
friendship and in the prayers that I knew were being lifted up, organization of their choice. Zion is a
especially	at	those	times	when	I	found	it	difficult	to	pray	myself.		 registered organization.
	       My	sisters	and	I	sincerely	appreciated	everyone	who	served	                  To date, Thrivent members have
at Dad’s funeral service and who were at the funeral home and the donated over $1,000 of their Thrivent
service to support us. It was the essence of Christian community. Choice dollars to ministries when needed,
                                                                                                Zion. These funds will
                                                                             supplement Zion
And as always, the funeral meals team outdid themselves with the such as this summer’s Lutherlyn day camp.
luncheon they provided for our family and friends.                           Council approves the expenditure of such
        It is indeed a blessing to be part of this community of faith. “I funds. Thrivent members may provide
give thanks upon my every remembrance of you.” (Philippians 1:3)             input to any Council member regarding
                                                             In His Love, suggestions for the use of Thrivent Choice
                                             Cheryl	(McDonald)	Bunch                 Thrivent members, your generosity
                                                                             is sincerely appreciated.

             		2		Lila	Hernandez-Tolmeo		                                                       I want to convey my sincere
                                                                                        appreciation to the Zion family for
               4 Leanne Evans                                   1 Debbie Welsh          everything that you have done for my
             		5		Shaylan	Martin	                               3 Stephen D’Ambrosio    mother,	Martha	Wayman,	and	for	my	
             		6		Nancy	Pisarek	                                5 Kelsey Snyder         family. Your many visits to my moth-
                                                                     Tara Snyder        er during her illness, including taking
                                            August Birthdays

               7 Kathy Conrad
             		8			Lauren	Stiffler	                            	6			Evelyn	Lamm	        her communion, demonstrated your
July Birthdays

                                                                      Bill Weil         commitment	to	a	Christ-centered	life.	
               9 Elaine Bartley                                                         My	 motherís	 memorial	 service	 on	
                   Jim Snider                                        Jean Pletcher      June 4th was lovely and spiritually
             11 Lisa Yankoski                                  	9				Nancy	Fabel	       uplifting, thanks to the contributions
             12		Sylvia	Smith                                  10 Bill Brown Jr.        of so many: Pastor Newpher for his
             						Marion	Ertel	                                      Pamela Rall       guidance and deft management of the
                                                               13			Frank	Renn	Sr.	     service;	 Julie	 Nieser	 for	 efficiently	
                  Cheyenne Hankins                                                      and patiently answering my many
             15 Guinevere Bartley                              14 Ingeborg Booher
                                                                                        questions; George Spencer for the
             						Helen	Miller	                               16			Carol	Dugan				     beautiful music; Clare Glauser for as-
                   Kate Welsh                                         Doug Rice         sisting with the communion service;
             16		Wanda	Kojsza	                                 18 Jack Anderson         Earl Johnson and Bill Weil for usher-
                                                                      Bob Billstone     ing;	 Don	 Fabel	 and	 Neil	 Santoriello	
             18 Lisa Rickus                                                             for their hospitality extraordinaire;
                                                               20			Grace	Gordon	
             19		Paul	Feathers	                                                         and the church members who par-
                                                               21			Adam	Evans	
                   Evelyn Ross                                                          ticipated in the service. I will always
                                                               23			Teresa	Armor	       remember the kindness and compas-
             21		Ray	Rall,III	
                                                               24			Eleanor	Gibson      sion of the Zion family, and I hope
             22		Rocco	Estatico	
                                                               27			Bob	McClure	        that	Godís	blessings	will	continue	to	
             	23		Ruth	Cunningham	                                   Geraldine Kearns   enrich your wonderful church.
                   Diane Lagrotteria                           						Todd	Morris	
             27		Don	Mertz	                                    28		Amber	Voigt	                                    Sincerely,
             						Ruth	McWilliams	                                                           Sally	Kalin,	Marthaís	Daughter
                                                               30			Merle	Daw
             30 Zola Redwing
                    Joey Hankins
                                                                               August Anniversaries
                 July Anniversaries
                                                                           August		8,	1964		Donna	and	Phillip	Federoff
              July	2,	1977	Nancy	&	Doug	Rice	                                August 11, 1990 Carey and Andy Voigt
            July	7,	1990	Tom	&	Annette	Felmley                              August	16,	1975	Jim	and	Meryl	Thomas	
               July 11, 1981 Lisa & Ed Rickus                               August	24,	1956	Maryan	and	Stan	Yoder	
           July	18,	1950	Gloria	&	Dave	Fetherston	                            August	24,	1957	Flo	and	Jim	Shields	
             July	24,	1997	Jane	&	Tom	Bigenho	                               August	25,	1979	Kathy	and	Ron	Braun	
            July	24,	2004	Jennifer	&	Brian	Jurges                           August	28,	1959	Virginia	and	Bill	Lersch

                  The	deadline	for	the	next	issue	of	The	Zion	News	will	be	Sunday,August 21th at 10:45 a.m.
                            The	following	deadline	will	be	Sunday, September 18th	at	10:45	a.m.

         Please	submit	anything	by	the	above	date	and	time	by	either	placing	a	copy	in	the	Newsletter	mailbox	
                              located in the church office or email to
                          Please include name and phone number with all submissions.
                              Worship Assistants

                        July                                                   August
Sunday,	July	3,	2011		Third	Sunday	after	Pentecost	 	    Sunday,	August	7,	2011		Eighth	Sunday	after	Pentecost	

Acolytes	     	       Nicholas	Ford,	David	Ford	         Acolytes             Ashley & Kaylee Belohlavek
Altar Guild           Carol Hendershot                   Altar Guild          Kathy Conrad
Bread                 Evelyn Ross                        Bread                Evelyn Lamm
Comm. Assistants      Pat Pope, Jim Shields              Comm.	Assistants	    Sue	Clydesdale,	Jason	Mileto
Comm.	Presenters	 Jim	&	Flo	Shields	 	                   Comm. Presenters     Ed & Jan Barnett
Greeters              Ed & Jan Barnett                   Greeters             Lee & Carol Hendershot
Ushers		      	       Paul	Feathers,	Lee	Hendershot,	    Ushers		     	       Bill	Weil,	Merle	Daw,	
	      	      	       Jim	Murdock,	Fred	Ross                                  Earl Johnson, Tony Lamorte
Offering Counters     Pat Pope, Jean Pletcher            Offering	Counters	 Tony	Lamorte,	Doris	Meyers	
____________________________________________             ____________________________________________
Sunday,	July	10,	2011		Fourth	Sunday	after	Pentecost	    Sunday,	August	14,	2011		Ninth	Sunday	after	Pentecost	

                                                         Acolytes             Allison Welsh, Kate Welsh
Acolytes              Ashley & Kaylee Belohlavek         Altar Guild          Kathy Conrad
Altar Guild           Carol Hendershot                   Bread	 	      	      Tracie	Stiffler
Bread                 Sue Clydesdale                     Comm. Assistants     Lee & Carol Hendershot
Comm.	Assistants	     Earl	Johnson,	Mary	Lou	Feathers    Comm.	Presenters	 Jim	Rodella,	Jim	Murdock	
Comm.	Presenters	 Fred	&	Evelyn	Ross	 	                  Greeters             Walt & Evelyn Lamm
Greeters	     	       Paul	&	Mary	Lou	Feathers           Ushers		      	      Don	Mertz,	Jim	Shields,	
Ushers		      	       Bob	Stiffler,	Matthew	Stiffler,	   	      	      	      Fred	Ross,	Chuck	Snyder
	      	      	       Earl	Johnson,	Brice	Morris         Offering	Counters	 Mary	Lou	D’Ambrosio,	
Offering Counters     Tony Lamorte, Chris Dippold        	      	      	      Don	Fabel
____________________________________________             ____________________________________________
Sunday,	July	17,	2011		Fifth	Sunday	after	Pentecost		    Sunday,	August	21,	2011		Tenth	Sunday	after	Pentecost	

Acolytes	     	       Matt	Fabrizi,	Sam	Seroky           Acolytes	      	      Nicholas	Ford,	David	Ford
Altar Guild           Carol Hendershot                   Altar Guild           Kathy Conrad
Bread                 Jean Betker                        Bread	 	       	      Mary	Lou	D’Ambrosio
Comm. Assistants      Jean Betker, Kathy Conrad          Comm. Assistants      Ed & Jan Barnett
Comm. Presenters      Doug & Nancy Rice                  Comm.	Presenters	 Paul	&	Mary	Lou	Feathers	
Greeter               Jean Coates                        Greeters              Ed & Jan Barnett
Ushers		      	       Merle	Daw,	Jim	Rodella,	           Ushers		       	      Brice	Morris,	Jim	Rodella,	
	       	     	       Don	Mertz,	Jim	Shields             	      	       	      Paul	Feathers,	Jim	Murdock
Offering	Counters	    Mary	Lou	D’Ambrosio,	              Offering Counters     Donna Opalinski, Chris Dippold
                      Don Cook                           ____________________________________________
____________________________________________             Sunday,	August	28,	2011		Eleventh	Sunday	after	Pentecost
Sunday,	July	24,	2011		Sixth	Sunday	after	Pentecost
                                                         Acolytes               Amber Voigt, Lauren Voigt
Acolytes	     	        Matt	Fabrizi,	Sam	Seroky          Altar Guild            Kathy Conrad
Altar Guild            Carol Hendershot                  Bread	 	      	        Patty	Shifflett
Bread                  Carol Hendershot                  Comm.	Assistants							Chuck	&	Madelyn	Snyder
Comm.	Assistants							Brice	Morris,	Diane	Santoriello   Comm. Presenters Norma Crissman, Kay Clydesdale
Comm. Presenters      Kay & Sue Clydesdale               Greeters	     	        Paul	&	Mary	Lou	Feathers								
Greeters               Jim & Gladys Rodella              Ushers		      	        	Lee	Hendershot,	Bill	Weil,	
Ushers		      	        Fred	Ross,	Brice	Morris,	         	      	      	        Merle	Daw,	Bob	Stiffler	
                       Tony Lamorte, Chuck Snyder        Offering Counters      Pat Pope, Jean Pletcher
Offering	Counters	 Jenny	Fabrizi,	Jean	Betker
Sunday,	July	31,	2011		Seventh	Sunday	after	Pentecost

Acolytes              Amber Voigt, Lauren Voigt
Altar Guild           Carol Hendershot
Bread                 Brenda Wolfe
Comm. Assistants      Paul Agnew, Brenda Wolfe
Comm.	Presenters	     Mary	Lou	D’Ambrosio,	
                      Brenda Wolfe
Greeters	     	       Jim	&	Flo	Shields
Ushers		      	       Bob	Stiffler,	Matthew	Stiffler,	
	      	      	       Paul	Feathers,	Lee	Hendershot
Offering	Counters	    Jenny	Fabrizi,	Don	Cook

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