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									MAY 2003                                       Miami Valley Insurance Women

          News and Views
                                             Meeting. Like the flowers and the trees,
President’s Message                          these women will bloom into the new
                                             leaders of our association. Let's all help
A    pril showers bring May flowers...and
     allergies! If you are anything like me, cultivate their reign and encourage their
                                             growth. I am sure they want to know what
     you are currently suffering from
seasonal allergies. I have started popping you want to see out of this association.
the pills and stocking up on tissues and eye Voice your opinion and make this YOUR
drops. I have to limit the amount of time I association.
spend outdoors (which is pretty hard to do
when I have 260 bulbs to plant)!             Respectfully Submitted,
Reportedly, I am now snoring, but I refuse
to admit to it since I have not heard        Connie Petertonjes
myself snore.                                President

Even though my allergies are not a fun
experience and I go through this every
spring, I love this time of year. I love to
watch as my trees get leaves and my
flowers bloom. I love fresh cut grass and
cool, spring breezes. Everything seems so
new. And, even though I know the humid
Cincinnati summer is just around the
corner, I can hardly wait for each new
week to start. I am always so anxious to
see what new flowers will bloom
or how tall my trees will grow.    INSIDE
                                     4 Off the Cuff
Spring also always brings new
things to MVIW. New officers         5 Employment
are elected in April. We have a      8 Region IV Information
great group of ladies who will
be installed at our June
                                    10 Collect
  2                                                                                     News and Views

       April’s Treasurer’s Report
BEGINNING BALANCE (4/4/03)                           $3366.27
      4/7/03    3 New Members                           133.50
                             Total Deposits           $133.50
                                                                 In accordance with the Established Goals
EXPENSES                                                         and Ethical Standards of the National
      Ck 1621 NAIW 3 New Members                         96.00
      Ck 1622 Scioto Valley Assoc. of Insurance          35.00   Association of Insurance Women
      Women Laurie Johnston Registration
      Ck 1623 IWOGC Insurance Fest                       32.00   [International], I pledge:
      Ck 1624 Quality Hotel & Suites                    426.44
              Bank service charge 3/14/03                 5.94
                                                                 To respect the competition within our
                           Total Expenses             $595.38
ENDING BALANCE (5/4/03)                           $3,366.27
                     submitted by Kim Boehmler
                                                                 To work willingly in an honest and
                                                                 thorough effort to give service graciously
                                                                 and professionally in the best interest of
                                                                 those I serve; and

                                                                 To perform in a manner that will reflect
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                                          honor and credit on our industry through
               June Monthly Meeting                              superior service to the public.
   When:       June 18, 2003
  Where:       Quality Inn, Norwood
Program:       Officer Installations
   Price:      $18 Members, $20 guests
Dinner Choice                                                             DON'T THROW IT AWAY!
1. Chicken Teriyaki with Tossed Salad
2. Chef Salad with Fruit Cup
                                                                 Have you finished reading your latest edition of
Both selections come with rolls, tea or coffee and               Today's Insurance Professionals and NAIW
sherbet or ice cream.                                            Now!? If so, don't throw them away. Please
                                                                 bring them to the next meeting and give them to
   Name:                                                         Connie Petertonjes. We use these for our
                                                                 prospective member packets. NAIW charges us
                                                                 $2.50 an issue if we order them. So, if people
Employer:                                                        donate their used copies that will save the
                                                                 association the expense of having to order these
Please mail, fax or e-mail Annette Brunner                       from National.
306 Park Ave.
Harrison, OH 45030
        Daytime Phone: (513) 870-2000 ext. 4883
                 E-mail: annette_brunner

  3                                                                                    News and Views

           2002-2003                                                IMPORTANT DATES/EVENTS

      NAIW National Officers                             June 4th                   Board Meeting
                                                                                    Cincinnati Financial Corporation
                                                         June 11th – 14th           NAIW National Convention
Your new National Officers for the upcoming term are                                Nashville, TN
as follows:
                                                         September 12th-14th        Networking Weekend
                                                                                    Cherry Valley Lodge
Linda P. Santiso, CPCU, CPIW                                                        Newark OH
                                                         March 25th-28th, 2004     2004 Regional Conference
2025 Sun Drive                                                                     French Lick Springs, IN
Rockwall, TX 75032
Phone: 214-360-8197
Fax: 214-360-8097                                                   NAIW National Conventions
                                                        June 11-14, 2003
Cheryl Blair-Lee, CPIW                                  Renaissance Nashville Hotel & Nashville Convention Center
President-Elect                                         Nashville, Tennessee
Troy Metro Agency
5980 Livernois                                          June 2-5, 2004
Troy, MI 48098                                          Westin Convention Center Hotel
Phone: 248-813-8540                                     Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fax: 248-620-2287
                                                        June 5-8, 2005
                                                        John Ascuaga's Nugget Resort Hotel Casino
                                                        Reno, Nevada
Chris Kelly-Storbeck, CPCU, CPIW
Vice President
Omega Financial Services, Inc.                                                   STRESS DIET
10827 NE 68th #200                                                   Submitted by Connie Petertonjes
Kirkland, WA 98033
Phone: 425-822-5722                                     This is a specially formulated diet designed to
                                                        help cope with the stress that builds during the
Fax: 425-827-0889                                       day.
                                                        1 grapefruit
Paulette Pace                                           1 slice whole-wheat toast
Secretary                                               1 cup skim milk
Contact Information will be provided at a later time.   LUNCH
                                                        small portion lean, steamed chicken

                                                        with a cup of spinach
                                                        cup herbal tea
                                                        1 Hershey's Kiss
                                                        AFTERNOON TEA
 NAIW services its members by providing                 The rest of the Hershey Kisses in the bag
                                                        1 tub of Hagen-Daaz ice cream with chocolate-chip
 professional education, an environment in              topping
 which to build business alliances and the              DINNER
 opportunity to make connections with people            4 glasses of wine (red or white)
 of differing career paths and levels of                2 loaves garlic bread
                                                        1 family size Supreme pizza
 experience in the insurance industry.                  3 Snickers bars

                                                        LATE NIGHT SNACK
                                                        1 whole Sarah Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from
                                                        the freezer)

                                                        "Stressed" spelled backward is "desserts"

  4                                                                          News and Views

                                                     He went to his room, closed his door, and
                                                     placed his grade card on his dresser in plain
                                                             At dinnertime, Josh’s mom sent his
                                                     younger brother to get him. Josh was found
                                                     in his bathroom with a sheet tied around his
                                                     neck. The other end was tied to the shower
                                                     curtain rod. An ambulance was called and
                                                     Josh was rushed to the hospital. Josh is still
                                                     alive, and is now home on hospice. He’s
            OFF the CUFF                             suffered severe brain damage and has not
               By Linda Gail Adams                   come out of a coma.
       A number of people have called or                     Josh’s community has rallied around
emailed asking if I was okay after not               him. If Josh were awake he would know that
getting elected president-elect. I’ve been           the largest church in the community opened
urged not to see the vote as a rejection of          its doors to have a prayer service for him,
me. A small part of me wonders how I                 and it was packed out. Every student at the
cannot, but the rest of me understands the           high school showed up. For you see, they saw
message that they’re sending.                        value in Josh that Josh couldn’t see in
         I read a book recently called Failing       himself.
Forward by John Maxwell. He writes that                      It looks like it’s too late for Josh, but
life is full of disappointments and it is how        it’s not too late for the rest of us to reach
you handle the trials of life that determines        out to those around us who are hurting. We
whether your life will be a success or a             all know people who are going through a tough
failure. He also goes on to say that if you          time. A phone call or a note can make a
don’t try at all, you will definitely be a failure   difference. It will show the hurting person
because you never dared to try. I’m not              that they aren’t alone. It will give them a
saying that losing was fun, but I am most            reason to press on and not give up. It will
definitely choosing to fail forward.                 show them that they are valued. I challenge
       My parents called the other night to          you to reach out MVIW and make a
tell me a Senior at the High School I                difference in someone’s life. And if it’s you
graduated from had handled bad news poorly.          that’s going through a tough time, chose to
(For privacy’s sake I’ll call him Josh.) Josh        fail forward. Make something good come out
got his mid-term grade card and found that           of a bad situation. It won’t be a mistake.
he was not passing a couple of classes. It                  (I’m sorry to report that Josh died
was a disappointing blow, but there was still        after I wrote this article. His funeral was
time to turn things around and still graduate        attended by overflow crowds. He will be
if he wanted to work hard. Instead of failing        missed.)
forward and using the bad report card as a
motivator, Josh went home and told no one.

 5                                                                       News and Views

                                                 ideas are stupid. Psyche them out by doing
                                                 the same.

                                                 Are you an unnecessary perfectionist? I’ve
                                                 met my share of male perfectionists, but
                                                 according to Ms. Swiss, this is a special
                                                 problem for women. They don’t want to let
                                                 something go until it’s, well, perfect. But
           Legislative Report                    refusing to take a step until you have
                No report submitted              everything nailed down means … you are
                                                 nailed down. So learn to let things go when
                                                 they’re 80% perfect and trust that you can
                                                 handle any problems later.

                                                 Are you unwilling to take risks? Risk
                                                 should not be a four-letter word. Success in
                                                 business means leaving your comfort zone
                                                 occasionally to achieve something great. That
                                                 doesn’t mean be impetuous (leave that to the
                                                 guys.) But when facing uncertain situations,
                                                 weigh the pros and cons, listen to your
                                                 intuition, talk to coworkers and customers,
                                                 and then take a leap. Nothing ventured,
              Employment Report
                                                 nothing gained.
I’ve heard that in the mountains of Colorado     Do you take things too personally? When
you can actually put your hand in a pot of       someone criticizes your idea, do you assume
boiling water and not get burned. (What I        they’re criticizing YOU. They’re not. YOU are
want to know is who tested this to find out.)    more than your ideas. Learn to take feedback
How could such a thing occur? It happens         without taking it to heart.
because in the thin mountain air, water boils
at a lower temperature.                          Do you exude insecurity? Some people are
                                                 like dogs: they can smell fear. Which means
Well, just like those Colorado cooks, you can    you need to fool them into thinking that you’re
avoid getting burned when your male              confident even when you aren’t. Wear your
coworkers turn up the heat. The tips below       power suit, picture your nemesis in his
should help you keep cool when the situation     underwear, read a file of glowing letters just
starts to sizzle. For more, check out Deborah    before you meet. Develop a bag of tricks that
Swiss’s book, "The Male Mind at Work"            will help you feel (or fake) confidence when
(Perseus, 2000).                                 your knees are shaking.
Are you tentative when you offer ideas?          These tips should get you cooking with your
Do you start your proposals with, "You might     coworkers. And if you doubt that a little bit of
not agree but…" or "This might not work but. .   self-esteem can go a long way, take a really
."? Beat around the bush with phrases like, "I   good look at those guys you work with.
think maybe we should…" instead of saying
boldly, "let’s do THIS." Notice the sureness     -Submitted by Laurie Johnston
with which men offer ideas-even when the

    6                                                                                    News and Views
                                                            When a Tornado WATCH is Issued – (WATCH
                                                            means a tornado is possible in your area)
                                                               Listen to local radio and TV stations for further
                                                               Be alert to changing weather conditions. Blowing
                                                                debris or the sound of an approaching tornado may
                                                                alert you.
                                                            When a Tornado WARNING is Issued – (WARNING
                                                            means a tornado has been sighted and may be headed
Are you Prepared in the Event of a Tornado?                 for your area. Go to safety immediately.
                                                               If you are inside, go to the safe place you picked to
Yes, it’s that time of year again! Tornado season is            protect yourself from glass and other flying objects.
well on its way. On April 9, 1999, the Blue                     The tornado may be approaching your area.
Ash/Montgomery tornado displayed winds greater than
207 mph. The average speed of a tornado is 30 mph              If you are outside, hurry to the basement of a
but that may vary to 70 mph in a matter of seconds. In          nearby sturdy building or lie flat in a ditch or low-
Cincinnati, tornadoes are most common during the                lying area.
spring but can occur at any time of the year. Are you
prepared in the event a tornado should come your               If you are in a car or mobile home, get out
way? The American Red Cross has provided the                    immediately and head for safety (as above.)
following information to help you prepare for a potential   After the Tornado Passes
                                                               Watch out for fallen power lines and stay out of the
                                                                damaged area.
Prepare a Home Tornado Plan                                    Listen to the radio for information and instructions.
   Pick a place where family members could gather if          Use a flashlight to inspect your home for damage.
    a tornado is headed your way. It could be your
    basement or, it there is no basement, a center             Do not use candles at any time.
    hallway, bathroom, or closet on the lowest floor.          If in need of help, call your local American Red
    Keep this space uncluttered.                                Cross chapter.
   If you are in a high-rise building, you may not have
    enough time to go to the lowest floor. Pick a place             Safety Tip of the Week –
    in a hallway in the center of the building.
                                                                          Identity Theft
Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit Containing –                              Submitted by Maggie Ryan
   First aid kit and essential medications.
   Canned food and can opener.                             The following information was forwarded for everyone’s
                                                            benefit and was from a corporate attorney addressed to
   At least three gallons of water per person.             his employees.
   Protective clothing, bedding or sleeping bags.
                                                            1-The next time you order checks have only your
   Battery-powered radio, flashlight, and extra            initials (instead of first name) and last name put on
    batteries.                                              them. If someone takes your checkbook they will not
                                                            know if you sign your checks with just your initials or
   Special items for infant, elderly, or disabled family   your first name; but your bank will know how you sign
    members.                                                your checks.
   Written instructions on how to turn off electricity,
    gas, and water if authorities advise you to do so.      2-When you are writing checks to pay on your credit
    (Remember, you’ll need a professional to turn           card accounts, DO NOT put the complete account
    natural gas service back on.)                           number on the "For" line. Instead, just put the last four
                                                            numbers. The Credit Card Company knows the rest of
   Listen to your local radio and TV stations for          the number and anyone who might be handling your
    updated storm information.

  7                                                                                          News and Views
check as it passes through all the check processing          By the time I was advised to do this, almost two weeks
channels won't have access to it.                            after the theft, all the damage had been done. There
                                                             are records of all the credit checks initiated by the
3-Put your work phone # on your checks instead of            thieves' purchases, none of which I knew about before
your home phone (or no number at all). If you have a         placing the alert. Since then, no additional damage has
PO Box use that instead of your home address. If you         been done, and the thieves threw my wallet away this
do not have a PO Box use your work address.                  weekend (someone turned it in). It seems to have
                                                             stopped them in their tracks.
4-Never have your SS# printed on your checks, you
can add it if it is necessary. But if you have it printed,   10-The numbers are:
anyone can get it.                                           Equifax: 1-800-525-6285
                                                             Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742
5-Place the contents of your wallet on a photocopy           Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289
machine, do both sides of each license, credit card,         Social Security Administration (fraud line): 1-800-269-
etc. You will know what you had in your wallet, and all      0271
of the account numbers and phone numbers to call and

                                                                 NAIW Hall of Fame
cancel. Keep the photocopy in a safe place.

6-I also carry a photocopy of my passport when I travel
either here or abroad. We've all heard horror stories        Here are three more of our members who have received Hall of
about fraud that's committed on us in stealing a name,       Fame Nominations! (Even though Shauna and Phyllis listed
address, Social Security number, credit cards, etc.          IWOGC as their association, they still deserve recognition in our
                                                             newsletter.) We have had 4 other members who were previously
Unfortunately, I, an attorney, have firsthand knowledge
                                                             nominated for the Hall of Fame. What an awesome group of
because my wallet was stolen last month. Within a
                                                             members we have! Congratulations to everyone, for being a
week, the thieve(s) ordered an expensive monthly cell
                                                             member of such a wonderful local association!
phone package, applied for a VISA credit card, had a
credit line approved to buy a Gateway computer,              There are just too many ways to count why being a member of
received a PIN number from DMV to change my driving
                                                             NAIW has its rewards. All I can say is THANK YOU for giving me
record information online, and more.
                                                             the opportunity to work with thirteen of the greatest women I have
                                                             ever met, for giving me the tools to become a better employee and
7-But here's some critical information to limit the
damage in case this happens to you or someone you            NAIW member, and for opening my eyes, ears, and heart to the
know: We have been told we should cancel our credit          best industry organization around!        Shauna Lieberman
cards immediately. But the key is having the toll free                                    Insurance Women of Greater Cincinnati
numbers and your card numbers handy so you know
whom to call. Keep those where you can find them             All along the way, I found a niche in teaching and have participated
easily.                                                      in many of the NAIW programs as well as the INS series, both in a
                                                             live classroom and online classes. My role now is to be a mentor to
8-File a police report immediately in the jurisdiction       the new members of our local association and give back to those
where it was stolen, this proves to credit providers you     who helped me rise through the NAIW ranks.
were diligent, and is a first step toward an investigation                                            Phyllis Sapp, AU, AIS, CPIW
(if there ever is one).                                                                   Insurance Women of Greater Cincinnati

9-But here's what is perhaps most important: (I
                                                             If it weren't for MVIW, I wouldn't have had the courage
never even thought to do this). Call the three national
                                                             to dream. My local association has been behind me
credit-reporting organizations immediately to place a
                                                             every step of the way encouraging my endeavors.
fraud alert on your name and Social Security number. I
                                                             Thank you MVIW!
had never heard of doing that until advised by a bank
that called to tell me an application for credit was made                                            Linda Gail Adams, AU, AIS
over the Internet in my name. The alert means any                                                Miami Valley Insurance Women
company that checks your credit knows your
information was stolen and they have to contact you by       You can read all the current Success Stories on the NAIW website.
phone to authorize new credit.                               Go to and click on Hall of Fame. Then, select the
                                                             link to the success stories. There are tons of members of Region
                                                             IV who have been nominated.

  8                                                                                              News and Views

                Change of Information                                 Walk through a pictorial memory of our Regional
Is your information published in the Membership Roster correct?        Conference at the official conference website:
Are your bulletins being mailed to the wrong address? Has your         
company been victim of a merger? Why not fill out the Change of
Information form so you do not miss out on any of the MVIW
mailings or newsletters.
                                                                  A special Thank You to all members of the Michigan Council
                                                                  of NAIW for showing our Region IV members a very
Date of Change:
                                                                  memorable time in Lansing, Michigan. Just as springtime
Name:                                                             brings out new growth in the flowers and trees around
                                                                  us…the educational and networking opportunities and all the
Home Address:                                                     fun activities during the conference allowed us to “Grow the
                                                                  NAIW Tree.”
                                                                  CAREER CORNER COMING!
                                                                  Not only is spring the customary time for regional
Business Address:                                                 conferences but before you know it, it will be time for
                                                                  membership renewals again. Do you remember the
                                                                  demographics on the back of your renewal form that asked
                                                                  you to list the top three challenges you face each day? You
Home Phone:                                                       may think that you filled this section out on your form for
                                                                  nothing but that’s not true at all. As a result of the
Business Phone:
                                                                  demographic survey from the 2001-2002 membership
Fax:                                                              renewal, your NAIW leaders have taken the results of this
                                                                  survey and developed the Career Corner. The Career Corner
E-mail:                                                           is a new feature that will be on NAIW’s web site and in
                                                                  upcoming issues of NAIW now! to assist you in the top three
Birth date:                                                       areas that the majority of our members listed as typical every
                                                                  day challenges in the workplace – organization, technology,
Preferred Mailing Address:    Home:         Office:
                                                                  and time management. Starting in the near future, you will
If changing name, please indicate former name:
                                                                  be presented with top-selling books, tapes, links, and other
                                                                  resources. They will be sorted out on a basic level as well as
          Please complete and return to: Linda Hanley             an advanced level. Whichever category you fit, take the time
                    3091 Allen Fork Drive                         to read suggestions in an upcoming newsletter or on the web
                    Burlington, KY 41005
                     Fax: (859) 689-0311
                                                                  site. It is just one more way NAIW seeks to educate our
                                                                  members in diverse ways.
                                                                  SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE
                                                                  One of our industry partners, National Alliance, is again
                                                                  providing scholarship opportunities to NAIW members.
                                                                  National Alliance is offering 23 scholarships to NAIW. The
                                                                  deadline to apply for the scholarships is May 1 and the
                                                                  application is available on the web site or from Fax-On-
                                                                  The National Alliance scholarships aren’t the only scholarships
                                                                  open to NAIW members. AICPCU and Excelsior College have
                                                                  joined together to sponsor an annual college scholarship
                                                                  program offered exclusively to NAIW members. Any current
                                                                  NAIW member who is interested in earning a business degree
                                                                  from Excelsior College is eligible to enroll in one of Excelsior’s
                                                                  undergraduate business degree programs and to take one of
                                                                  the courses offered by the Institutes to satisfy degree
              REGION IV CONFERENCE                                requirements. The scholarship is awarded based on a 500-
                                                                  word essay written by the applicant and financial need.
                    A HUGE SUCCESS!                               Excelsior College provides a scholarship for its enrollment fee
                                                                  which equates to the cost of enrolling in one of their business
                                                                  baccalaureate degree programs while the other half of the
                                                                  award is sponsored by the Institutes and provides a
                                                                  scholarship of $500 applicable towards the cost of either the

  9                                                                                          News and Views
enrollment fee to one of the Institutes’ online classes, study         Tippewa Association of Insurance Women
materials, or the Institutes’ national examination fee. This is
                                                                       South Bend/Mishawaka Association of Insurance
a wonderful opportunity for our members to get ahead of the
race and take advantage of NAIW’s partnerships and
scholarship opportunities. The deadline for this scholarship is        Insurance Women of Columbus Ohio
December 31, 2003 so check the NAIW web site for a link to
AICPCU’s site to obtain more information.                        There were four special awards presented on behalf of the
                                                                 Central Insurance Companies. The two Shining Star
INTRODUCING TWO NEW PROGRAMS                                     Award winners were Nancy Fournier of the Insurance
                                                                 Women of Metro Detroit and Pearl Taylor of the Southern
Jerry Hargrove, an attorney who specializes in insurance
                                                                 Kentucky Association of Insurance Professionals. These two
issues, has been approved to write two new programs for
                                                                 long-term members have served NAIW on many levels and
NAIW. The first program is a 6-hour course discussing
                                                                 continue to serve throughout the association. These ladies
NAIW’s focus, cyber crime, and concentrating on what is
                                                                 are the epitome of what our association stands for.
included and excluded in most policies and how we, as
insurance professionals, can find the coverage our clients       The two Rising Star Award winners were Margie Barker
require. Mr. Hargrove is looking at the coverage from a          of the Indianapolis Association of Insurance Women and Lisa
property and liability point of view and will discuss why the    Hochradel of the Insurance Women of Toledo. These ladies
standard fire policy and commercial property package do not are in the early stages of their NAIW careers and have
work for cyber crime risks. He will also discuss the different   already taken on leadership roles. These women represent
types of losses, valuation issues, and the product               the future of our association.
marketplace. This course will be highly educational and fits
NAIW’s focus for the industry. The second course Mr.             UPCOMING MEETINGS
Hargrove is writing is a Professional Liability program and will
discuss professional liability and intellectual property. The    2003 -- NAIW National Convention, Nashville, TN,
two-hour program will address the legal environment,
                                                                             June 11-15
advertising injury, and proprietary infringement such as
trademarks and copyrights. He will also discuss cyber            2003 -- Networking Weekend, Cherry Valley Lodge,
solutions such as multi-media E&O and the insuring                          Newark, Ohio, September 12-14
agreement as well as covering the product marketplace.           2004 -- Region IV Conference, French Lick Springs Resort,
                                                                          French Lick, Indiana, March 25-28
Both of these courses are in the process of being developed
and we hope to have them to our members very shortly.
Watch for the announcement of their availability in upcoming
                                                               REGIONAL DINNER IN NASHVILLE
NAIW publications, Inroads, and on our web site.               Margaret Wildi is busy planning our regional dinner at
                                                               Nashville’s famous Jack’s Bar-B-Que in the downtown district.
                                                               Details are being ironed out at this time but the price will be
                                                               around $25 and the restaurant is within walking distance
                                                               from the Renaissance Hotel.
Please join me in congratulating the following Region IV                 Indiana Council of NAIW announces their Spring
Award Winners:                                                           Meeting – May 17, 2003 at Bethel United Church of
CWC: Stacy Curry                                                         Christ in Evansville, Indiana. Registration is $25
                                                                         and you can contact Linda Wilson at
CWC runner-up: Terri Dull, AAI, CIC, CPIW, DAE                 , (888) 676-2342 ext. 274 or
Insurance Professional of the            Year:    Ann   B.               (812) 474-2141 for more information. There are
Westmeyer, AIC, SCLA, CPIW, DAE                                three hotels in the area. Please contact Linda for that
                                                               information as well.
Claims Professional of the Year: Cari L. UitdeFlesch, API,
                                                               Please check out “The Professional Pipeline” newsletter on
Rookie of the Year: Rhonda D. Manley, AIT
                                                               South Bend/Mishawaka Association’s web site –
Pinnacle Awards – Receiving the most points:          Webmaster Diane Davidson has done a
                                                               wonderful job keeping this site updated on a regular basis.
     10 - 25 members: Northern Kentucky Association of
Insurance Women
      26 – 50 members: Insurance Women of Metro Detroit
Local winner -- meeting point value minimums:

  10                                                              News and Views

Our Regional Conference was filled with great speakers and
excellent educational seminars. Keynote speaker, Dr.
Knapke, who helped us analyze our leadership style in a
changing environment, wanted to share the following
message with all our Region IV members.

                     A NEW DAY
       This is the beginning of a new day.
  I have been given this day to use as I will.               Collect
         I can waste it or use it for good.
               WHAT I DO TODAY IS                  Take us, O God, under Thy divine
                                                   protection. Make us to act as Thy
            IMPORTANT BECAUSE                           messengers for peace and
           I’M EXCHANGING A DAY                                 contentment,
              OF MY LIFE FOR IT.                     for harmony and understanding.
                                                  Grant that we may see more clearly
   When tomorrow comes, this day will be
                                                   the point of view of other men and
       Gone forever, leaving in its place            women in all lines of insurance.
        Whatever I have traded for it.               Realizing the highly competitive
      I pledge to myself that it shall be:         nature of our business, teach us to
                                                     respect competition at all times.
                GAIN, not LOSS
                                                     Keep us free from pettiness and
               GOOD, not EVIL                     unwise discrimination. Let us do our
           SUCCESS, not FAILURE:                        work willingly, honestly and
In order that I shall not regret living this day. thoroughly, giving service graciously
                                                    at all times. Teach us, O Lord, to
                                                      know and to realize that by Thy
                                                   grace, we can live in perfect peace
                                                    with one another. And grant that
                                                    through this organization we may
                                                     become closer in friendship and


  11                                                                              News and Views
                                                           Valentine’s Fund Raiser 2/02           161.53
                                                           Candle Sales                           175.85
                                                           Sapphire Ring                          613.00
                                                           Regional 2002 50/50                    125.00
                                                           Regional Tupperware Fundraiser         138.00
                                                           Regional Grab Bags                      20.00
                                                           May 50/50 Raffle                       118.00
                                                           National 2002 50/50                    252.00
                                                           Tupperware Fundraiser                  110.00
                                                           Garage Sale                            227.70
                                                           CFC Bake Sale                          775.58
                                                           Split the Pot                          252.50
                                                           Game Night Donations                    85.00
                   Conference                              Flower Bulbs                           477.50
              Financial Summary                            Misc. Sales                             50.00
                                                           Oct. Joint Mtg. Split the Pot           72.00
                 3/8/03 to 4/25/03                         No Bake Bake-sale                       48.00
                                                           Mary Kay Gift Basket                    94.00
                                                           Wrist Band Shopping                    160.00
Beginning Balance:                         $2089.99        Conference 50/50                        81.00
     Deposit 3/16/03                         852.50
     Deposit 3/24/03                         262.50
     Deposit 4/12/03                         442.50   Continuing Fund Raisers:
     Deposit 4/14/03                         817.00
     Deposit 4/14/03                         300.00
     Deposit 4/25/03                         563.50
                                                      Long-Sleeve T Shirt
TOTAL DEPOSITS:                            $5327.99        Deposit                              $15.00
                                                           Total Profit to date               $1331.15
       Check 556                            $312.04
       Check 557                             264.15   Umbrellas
       Check 587                             244.46        Deposit                               60.00
       Check 558                             101.35        Total Profit to Date              ($403.08)
       Check 559                             311.32
       Check 560                             391.09
       Check 561                             273.71   Red Golf Shirts
                                                           Total Profit to Date             ($1521.99)
TOTAL EXPENSES:                            $1898.12
                                                      IMOK Regional Pins
Ending Balance                             $3429.87        Total Profit to Date               $344.48

   Fund Raiser Summaries:                             Sun Visors
                                                           Total Profit to Date                $89.91
Completed Fund Raisers:
        Cincinnati Pops Profit              $108.29   Snack Box Fund Raiser
        Tennis Tournament Profit             408.00        Deposits                           2458.00
        Winter 2000 Current, Inc. Profit     544.75        Expenses                           1898.12
        Candy Bars/Lollipops Profit          643.80        Total Profit to Date               5624.58
        Money Received from MVIW           3,000.00
        Spring 2001 Current Profit           107.50
        February 50/50 Raffle Profit          37.00
                                                      Rhinestone NAIW Pins
        March 50/50 Raffle Profit             16.50        Total Profit to Date             ($1028.90)
        Regional Conference 2001 50/50
                  Raffle Profit              148.00   Red, White & Blue Pins
        April 50/50 Raffle Profit             13.00        Deposit 11/18/02                     12.00
        May State 50/50 Raffle Profit         45.00        Total Profit to Date                $40.44
        June 50/50 Raffle at National        179.00
        Lollipop Raffle at National          333.00
        Tupperware Fund Raiser 9/01          227.20

 12                                                                   News and Views
                                               Education:   No report. Phyllis Sapp
Sponsorships                                   notified us that IWOGC is holding I Can
      Ohio Council                   $500.00   Programs at their meeting next month if
      NKAIW                          $500.00   anyone is interested in attending.

Valentine’s Fund Raiser                        Legislation:     No report.
      Deposit                        $751.25
      Expenses                       $374.74   Membership:     No report.
      Total Profit                   $376.51
                                               Ways & Means: No report.

                     ******                    Social:   No report.

                                               Employment:      No report.

                                               Safety:       No report.
          Regular Meeting Minutes
         MINUTES OF MEETING 4/9/03             Reservations/Programs: No report.

                                               1) May Meeting: Will be held at the
Meeting called to order by Connie                 Metropolitan Club in Covington. May
Petertonjes at 8:17 p.m.                          20, 2003 at 6:30 p.m. Nancy Moore
Collect read by Linda Gail Adams.                 anticipates the receipt of 4 to 30
Dinner held at the Quality Inn, Norwood,          responses and essays. Linda Gail
OH.                                               Adams has volunteered to be a judge.
 Attendance: 22 members with 1 guest,          2) May State Education Day is May 2-3 in
Monica Williams                                   Chillicothe, OH.
                                               3) Networking Weekend is September 12-14
                                                  at the Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark,
Guest Speaker: Ron Wilson, Marketing              OH. Cost is $65 per person.
Manager from Natorp                            4) June meeting will be held the 3rd week
                                                  in June.
Ron provided us with brochures, packets
of seeds, promotional material, hand           Unfinished business:
product, and his newsletter after his
presentation to the group. Ron spoke in        Elections: The nomination acceptances
depth about how the season’s weather has       for each office have been published in
affected planting cycles; what actions         the newsletter.
can be taken to keep insects, poisons,         For the position of President Elect we
deer, etc away from our gardens and            had two candidates run: Cindy Howard and
shrubbery. He demonstrated unique              Linda Gail Adams. A ballot vote was
tools, plants, and products that could         taken and the tellers were Jennifer
make gardening, landscaping, and               Baker, Linda Hanley, and Dee Welsh. No
planting a more pleasurable experience.        final count, however the Elected are as
Committee Reports:
                                               Linda Hanley, President; Cindy Howard,
Treasurer’s Report: Printed in the             President-Elect; Laurie Johnston, Vice
bulletin.                                      President; Kim Boehlmer, Treasurer;
                                               Shannon Brown, Secretary; Mary Ann Cox:
Minutes/Correspondence:                        2nd year Board Member; Annette Brunner,
Stand approved as printed in the               2nd year Board Member, Linda Gail Adams
bulletin.                                      reappointed Board Member to serve out
                                               the 2nd year Board Member term vacated by
Bylaws/Long Range Planning: Printed in         Cindy Howard, and Suzanne Culley, 1st
the bulletin. Additionally, name change        year Board Member.
will be forwarded and voted at National.       2) Nominations for Insurance
The majority voted for the name change             Professional of the Year should be
to date.                                           submitted to Mary Ann Cox, last
                                                   year’s winner.

 13                                                                  News and Views
3) Nominations for Rookie of the Year
   should be submitted to Annette
   Brunner, last year’s winner.
4) Website: Brenda Adams, LaShawna
   Cardwell, and Lori Bagoli have
   volunteered to view other Insurance
   women’s websites in order to assist
   in the preparation and design of our
   own. Our goal is to have the site up
   and running by summer’s end.
5) State Meeting in Chillicothe in May.
   Linda Hanley has is going as our
   delegate. Laurie Johnston will be
   the alternate delegate.

New Business

1) State meeting: Motion by Brenda Adams
   for voting authority given to the
   delegate. Motion seconded by Cindy
   Howard. Motion passed.
2) National convention: Motion by
   Jennifer Baker for voting authority
   given to delegate. Motion seconded
   by Kim Boehlmer. Motion passed.
3) Conference meeting will be held on
   4/16 at 6:30 p.m. at Max & Ermas in
   West Chester. If you will be
   attending please inform Jennifer
   Baker by next Monday.
4) Fundraiser with Avon. Phyllis Sapp
   is not interested in promoting this
   through our group. Suzanne will
   notify her representative for a
   future meeting attendance in August

Meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m.
                                                    Linda Gail Adams – May 12th
Respectfully submitted by   --
                                                     Suzanne Culley – May 18th
Suzanne Culley, Secretary
                                                   Lashawna Cardwell – June 9th
                                                     Vicky Hartman – June 25th

         Board Meeting Minutes
              May 7, 2003                  Did we miss your birthday? If so, contact Linda Hanley
                                           with your birthday information so that we may add it to
         No Board Meeting Held             the membership roster.

14                                                                                          News and Views

                                                                   2002-2003 COMMITTEE CHAIRS

                                                                           BULLETIN          Linda Gail Adams
                                                               BYLAWS / LONG RANGE           Brenda Adams
                                                                         EDUCATION           Cindy Howard, Phyllis
                                                                      EMPLOYMENT             Laurie Johnston
                                                                      LEGISLATION           Amy Meyer
                                                                      MEMBERSHIP             Linda Hanley
                                                                 PUBLIC RELATIONS
2002-2003 DIRECTORS AND OFFICERS                            RESERVATIONS/PROGRAM             Annette Brunner
                                                                            SAFETY           Brandy Fait
                                                                            SOCIAL           Stephanie McLaughlin
                                                                    WAYS & MEANS             Mary Ann Cox
Connie Petertonjes                 (513) 603-5352 - W      (513) 759-0338 - H    If you interested in serving as a committee chairperson or
                                   (513) 870-2097 - F    serving on one of the above committees, consult your
                                                         Membership Manual for a description of what each of the
PRESIDENT-ELECT                                          committees does and what the chairperson’s
Linda Hanley                       (859) 689-2950 - W               (859) 689-0300 - H
                                                         responsibilities are. Contact Connie Petertonjes if you are
                                   (859) 689-0311 - F    interested in chairing a committee or contact the
                                                         Committee Chairperson of the committee you are willing
VICE PRESIDENT                                           to serve.
Brenda Adams                       (513) 651-6049 - W                  (513) 791-8622 - H
                                   (513) 721-0095 - F
                                                                   Membership Roster Update
Kim Boehmler                       (513) 870-2000 - W                                  Please add the following new members to your
                                                         Membership Roster.
                                   (513) 603-5708 - W
Suzanne Culley                                           Chery Dukes          (513) 825-1978 - H    Cincinnati Financial Corporation
                                   (513) 870-2970 - F    6200 S. Gilmore
                      nd                                 Fairfield, OH 45014-5141
BOARD MEMBER (2            year)                         e-mail:
Linda Gail Adams                   (513) 603-5207 - W
                                                         W: (513) 603-5594             (513) 942-9778 - H
                                                         H: (513) 737-4021
                                   (513) 881-8589 - F
                                                         F: (513) 881-8759
BOARD MEMBER (2            year)                         Deborah Schumacher
Mary Ann Cox                       (513) 870-2000
                                                         The Cincinnati Life Insurance Company                   ext. 4735 - W
                                                         P.O. Box 145496
                                                         Cincinnati, OH 45250-5496
                      st                                 e-mail:
Cindy Howard                       (513) 870-2000 - W    W: (513) 603-5563            (513) 942-8912 - H    H: (513) 598-5682
                                   (513) 870-2971 - F    F: (513) 870-2099

                      st                                 Robin Trelut
Annette Brunner                    (513) 870-2000 - W    Ohio Casualty Group         (513) 367-0823 - H    245 Knollrisge Ct. 301
                                                         Fairfield, OH 45014
                                                         W: (513) 603-2829
                                                         H: (513) 603-2829
                                                         F: (513) 603-3128


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