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Dancing 'all for the kids'


									                                                                                                                                                                                Vol. 124
                                                                                                                                                                                 No. 19

March 16, 2011 w Since 1887                                                     “Spera In Deo”                                       Hope College w Holland, Michigan
                        ARTS                                FEATURES                                                                 SPORTS
                        Ben Percy Visits Knick Unconventional Spring Break                                                           Hockey Comes Up Short
                        Hailing from Oregon, writer         What are you planning on doing over spring break?                        Hope hockey ended its season with a 5-3 loss in the
                        brings storytelling to Hope.        Try something creative and different.                                    National Championship final.
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  Dancing ‘all for the kids’                                                                                                                                     Students
                                                                                                                                                                 ready to
 2011 Dance Marathon raises $40,000 more than expected                                                                                                           immerse
 Aleesa Ribbens
                                                                                                                                                                 in Christ,
 Staff Writer

      Oliver Emerson finds great
joy in getting to spend quality
time with his family. He likes                                                                                                                                   Madalyn Muncy
                                                                                                                                                                 CamPuS neWS Co-editor
playing with his toy trucks and
constructing buildings out of his                                                                                                                                   Spring break is almost upon
Legos. Oliver also loves Dance                                                                                                                                   us and Hope students are looking
Marathon.                                                                                                                                                        forward to time off from classes.
    The 4-year-old son of Derek                                                                                                                                  Many are headed to warmer
Emerson, director of events and                                                                                                                                  climates for vacation, and others
conferences, quickly worked                                                                                                                                      are headed home for time with
his way into the hearts of Hope                                                                                                                                  family and friends.
College’s community after he                                                                                                                                        However, approximately 200
was diagnosed with stage four                                                                                                                                    Hope students will be going
neuroblastoma cancer this past                                                                                                                                   around the United States and
summer.                                                                                                                                                          abroad to participate in 15
    Oliver, who is currently un-                                                                                                                                 spring break immersion trips
dergoing treatment at the Helen                                                                                                                                  where they will spread the love
DeVos Children’s Hospital, be-                                                                                                                                   of Christ through service to
came one of 22 Miracle Children                                                                                                                                  others.
for this year’s marathon.                                                                                                                                        In prior years, these Hope-
    Dance      Marathon     2011:                                                                                                                                sponsored        spring       break
Clowning Around for the Kids,                                                                                                                                    excursions were called mission
marked the 12th consecutive                                                                                                                                      trips. This year, Hope has
year of Hope’s partnership with                                                                                                                                  renamed them “immersion
the Children’s Miracle Network                                                                                                                                   trips,” feeling that immersion
to raise money for the Helen De-                                                                                                                                 better fits the atmosphere of
Vos Children’s Hospital, located                                                                                                                                 these trips.
in Grand Rapids. The proceeds                                                                                                         Photo by holly evenhouSe      “This isn’t as much because
aid in the development of the       tHe Big reVeal— Members of the Dance Marathon Dream team unveil the total amount                                             these trips are not about
hospital which in turn, helps en-   of money raised by Hope students this year. the total was $40,000 more than last year’s total.                               missions, but more to help us
able children, like Oliver, to be   it isn’t the record though: Hope raised $120,878.62 in 2008.                                                                 remember that we are going
treated in a state-of-the-art in-                                                                                                                                more as learners than as do-
stitution.                          24 hours of food, games and of           “My friends definitely got me          for someone,” said Sawyer.                   ers,” explained Kate Kooyman,
     A variety of different stu-    course, dancing. Over 250 mo-         through. While changing socks                 For first time dancer Dani-              director of outreach and social
dents and organizations joined      ralers were there to keep the 200     and shoes, brushing your teeth            elle Portfleet (’13), the various            justice at campus ministries.
together and raised a total of      dancers on their feet the entire      and changing your clothes can             events put on by the Dream                      “Instead of focusing first on a
$90, 390.69 “for the kids.”         time.                                 help, there is nothing compared           Team were a large part of what               project, or diving in to ‘help’ right
    The 24- hour dance-a-thon          Four-time dancer Katie Saw-        to seeing a friend walk into the          got her through the night. “There            away, these trips will encourage
kicked off at 5 p.m. in The Dow     yer (’11) said that staying on her    Dow and give you a huge hug               were times where, if I wasn’t                students to learn how they might
Friday night. Close to 600 stu-     feet for 24 hours straight was        and tell you that you are doing                see   MARATHON, pAge 2                  be part of the system of injustice
dents gathered in the gym for       challenging.                          great and making a difference                                                          on a bigger scale. They encourage

Hope explores e-book options
                                                                                                                                                                 students to really understand an
                                                                                                                                                                 injustice before trying to ‘fix’ it,”
                                                                                                                                                                 said Kooyman.
                                                                                                                                                                    Trips as close as Holland
Chris Russ                                                                                                                                                       and Detroit and as far as
CamPuS neWS Co-editor               to which Hope has begun to            that have been similarly replaced         figuring out if students are going           Nicaragua and Honduras have
                                    incorporate e-books was estab-        with digital collections. The dig-        to use them or not. We’re mov-               been planned. Each trip has two
   The internet and digital tech-   lished. In addition, the future of    ital collection of reference books        ing ahead but we’re moving cau-              student leaders who have been
nologies have changed the way       e-books at Hope                                              includes           tiously. Most of the reference               on mission trips before. Student
education works. It’s hard to       was examined.                                                the Oxford         books we will be buying will be              leadership is an important aspect
imagine college without the in-        Hope current-                                             English Dic-       electronic,” said Director of Li-            of immersion trips, providing a
stant communication of email or     ly boasts a total                                            tionary, En-       braries Kelly Jacobsma.                      sense of community and spiritual
without the fact-checking power     count of 32,000                                              cyclopedia               She said that while some               guidance among participants.
of the Internet. One area of edu-   e-books in the                                               Britannica,        schools have advanced more                      Sarah Wentz (’11) who is
cation that has proven slower       library catalog.                                             and      hun-      rapidly in the field of digial text,         leading a trip to World Impact
to change, is the digitization of   These books fall                                             dreds of other     Hope is taking it slowly due to              in Newark, N.J. discussed her
books themselves.                   into two basic                                               scholarly ref-     two reasons. First, the user in-             motivation for participating in
  A number of Hope College fac-     categories. First                                            erence books.      terface for many e-books has                 the program.
ulty and staff members met on       there are texts                                                    “The li-     not advanced far enough for the                 “I am leading a mission
March 8 to discuss e-books and      that are simply                                              brary is go-       technology to be convenient.                 trip because through my past
how they related to education at    digital replace-                     GraPhiC by emily dammer ing to con-        Secondly, she feels that the pric-           experiences of mission trips
the college. The advantages and     ments of the print books on the       tinue looking in to purchasing            ing rates of many e-books are
disadvantages of digital texts      stands. Secondly, there are a         e-books, so far we’ve only pur-                  see e-BOOKs, pAge 2                          see   TRIps, pAge 10
were discussed, and the extent      large number of reference books       chased very small collections,
  What’s InsIde                  natIonal 3                arts 5                 Features 6                   VoIces 8                   sports 11
                                                         Got a story idea? Let us know at, or call us at 395-7877.
2    The anchor                                                            Campus                                                                                     March 16, 2011

            In BrIef                  clowning around: dancers, moralers enjoy lip-sync, ‘circle of Hope’
                                      w MARATHON, from page 1
 ElEmEntary cErtificatE
   program approvEd
                                      continuously participating
   The Hope College teacher-          in different things, I would
preparation program has earned        get tired. It was important
approval      from      Michigan’s    to constantly be moving.”
Department of Education as                 Throughout the night
meeting the standards required        and into the morning, dif-
by the state’s new Elementary         ferent events were put on
Certificate Program.                  to keep the dancers on
   There are currently 33             their feet and energized.
colleges      and      universities   Students had the opportu-
approved by the Michigan State        nity to meet new people,
Board of Education to prepare         grab a quick bite to eat,
teachers and recommend them           learn a line dance put on by
for a certificate to teach. Only      Life Support and rock out
those that, like Hope, have           to local bands. Many of the
                                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Kaylynn KEEdy
obtained approval under the           Miracle Families were on                                                                  HigH fives all around— left: students had
new standards will be allowed         hand to share their testi-                                                                the opportunity to shake the hands of Miracle fam-
to admit students to their            monies as well.                                                                           ilies in the Circle of Hope. above: daniel Branch
elementary teacher-education                Much to the crowd’s                                                                 (’11), ron radcliffe (’11), Bryant russ (’11), andrew
programs after December of this       delight, the ever-popular                                                                 Young (’11) and randall snow show off their lip sync
year.                                 lip synch competition was                                                                 skills to “My Heart Will go on” by Celine dion.
                                                                                                     Photo by holly EvEnhousE
   The approval follows a             back and saw action from a
history of high praise for Hope’s     mix of Greek Life, sports teams     -- or more accurately, Hope’s           money, it was for the kids.          Kevin Watson (’12) said, “This is
teacher-preparation       program     and student formed groups.          service fraternity Alpha Phi               The most meaningful part of       the reason we do Dance Mara-
from the department in the past.          In a performance most likely    Omega, who claimed second               Dance Marathon came at the           thon, to support these families
For example, Hope’s program           to never be forgotten, Daniel       place with their interpretation         end when the participants and        by giving a portion of our time,
is one of six across the state        Branch (’11), Ronald Radcliffe      of “Telephone.”                         community members circled            a lot of our energy, our resourc-
tied for second place in the          (’11), Bryant Russ (’11), Randall        The best was saved for last        around the gym for “The Circle       es and to humble ourselves, all
state’s “Teacher Preparation          Snow and Andrew Young (’11)         when Benjamin Thomas (’11)              of Hope.” During this time, the      to let these families know that
Institution Performance Scores        received honorable mention for      and Kyle McKey (’11) proved             family members took time to          Hope stands beside them in this
for Academic Year 2008-09,” the       their heartwarming interpreta-      that fairytales really do come          personally thank each person         on-going battle.”
most recent rankings available.       tion “My Heart Will Go On” by       true by clinching the lip synch         who was involved with the fund-           Dream Team member Alli
   Hope is meeting the new            Celine Dion.                        title for their interpretation of       raiser. Each student received a      Springett (’13) added, “It really
requirements        through       a      The men’s and women’s tennis     “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.           mixture of hugs and high fives       puts things in focus for students
combination of existing and new       teams got the audiences’ hearts          By the time the end of the         from the children and “thank         to see outside their world and to
courses. The college’s department     jumping after their third place     marathon was in sight and the           you’s” from the children’s par-      see what is affecting their fami-
of education prepares students        interpretation Britney Spears       total had been announced, many          ents.                                lies … This is something we’re
to teach in elementary and            1999 hit “Crazy.”                   students came to the realization              “The Circle of Hope at the     passionate about and it both
secondary schools.                        Lady GaGa was in the house      that the marathon wasn’t for the        end was really moving because        unites us and it fosters com-
                                                                                                                  you realized why you had just        munity. At the end of the day, it
                                                                                                                   participated in Dance Mara-         truly is ‘for the kids.’”

       OUR SaUceS WILL
                                                                                                                   thon,” Sawyer said.
                                                                                                                     Dance Marathon Co-Director

                                                                                                                  E-books may lower textbook
       GeT YOUR TaSTe                                                                                             costs, provide greater access
                                                                                                                  w E-BOOKS, from page 1

       BUDS FLYInG!                                                                                               not ideal at this point.
                                                                                                                      One of the successes in the
                                                                                                                  library’s early exploration of e-
                                                                                                                  books is the collection of Spring-
                                                                                                                  er e-books. This collection has
                                                                                                                                                             “They may impact students
                                                                                                                                                       at Hope College by lowering
                                                                                                                                                       somewhat the current outra-
                                                                                                                                                       geous cost of textbooks. Us-
                                                                                                                                                       ing e-books on a single reading
                                                                                                                  been successful largely due to       device or accessible from one,
                                                                                                                  its format. It breaks up each        will lessen the sheer weight of
                                                                                                                  chapter of texts into individual     material students will have to
                                                                                                                  down-loadable files. However         lug around campus and to their
                                                                                                                  other digital texts have not got-    classes. Electronic texts, as op-
                                                                                                                  ten as warm of a response.           posed to printed texts, can easily
                                                                                                                        “I can’t say I’ve had over-    be linked to oral readers so that
                                                                                                                  whelming response from stu-          students with disabilities can
                                                                                                                  dents that they want to use e-       hear their texts read to them,”
                                                                                                                  books. But if you can get your       said Bandstra.
                                                                                                                  hands on the books that you               “Also, having texts in elec-
                                                                                                                  need, 24 hours a day, does that      tronic form opens up possibili-
                                                                                                                  outweigh it not being on paper?      ties for integrating them more
                                                                                                                  It may come down to that even-       closely with other course mate-
                                                                                                                  tually,” Jacobsma said.              rials, such as within. E-books,
                                                                                                                       One major advantage of e-       by their digital nature, allow for
                                                                                                                  books over regular texts is a        enhancement with other media,
                                                                                                                  concept known as patron-initi-       such as music, podcasts, movie
                                                                                                                  ated purchasing.                     clips, etc. compared to print
                                                                                                                      “You would load you know,        textbooks,” Bandstra added.
                                                                                                                  50,000 titles into the catalog,         However, Bandstra also listed
                                                                                                                  but you wouldn’t pay for a book      a number of disadvantages to e-
                                                                                                                  until a student had used it say,     texts. He said they are a different
                                                                                                                  three times. We order books all      and unfamiliar way to read; the
                                                                                                                  the time that may or may not get     digital texts are more difficult to
                                                                                                                  used, so this way, you’re mak-       navigate through or annotate,
                                                                                                                  ing sure that you’re only paying     also they can’t be sold once a
                                                                                                                  for things that students want to     student is done with them and
                                                                                                                  use,” Jacobsma said.                 they can not as easily be shared
                                                                                                                     Dr. Barry Bandstra, professor     with fellow classmates. Howev-
                                                                                                                  of religion at Hope and director     er Bandstra believes that many
                                                                                                                  of academic computing, also          of these disadvantages will be-
                                                                                                                  spoke on the potential advan-        come irrelevant as technology
                                                                                                                  tages of e-books.                    improves.
     BWW1802_Hope_Anchor_ad.indd 1                                                          2/28/11 2:01:12 PM
MArch 16, 2011
                                     N         ational                                                                                                                 The Anchor       3

Japan devastated by quake, tsunami                                                                                                                       Rep. Gifford
Aftan Snyder
Co-NatioNal Editor

   Rescue       efforts,   serious
aftershocks and concerns over                                                                                                                            Matt Lee
nuclear meltdowns all continue                                                                                                                           Co-NatioNal Editor
this week in Japan as the country
reels from the effects of an 8.9-                                                                                                                           Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’s seat
magnitude earthquake.                                                                                                                                    remains empty as she recovers
   The      earthquake      struck                                                                                                                       from her gun shot wound but
Thursday 05:46 GMT off the                                                                                                                               three of her friends are making
north-east coast of Japan, about                                                                                                                         sure her voice is still heard in
250 miles away from Tokyo and                                                                                                                            Congress.
at a depth of about 24 km. The                                                                                                                              During every hearing of
tremor created a tsunami that                                                                                                                            the House Armed Services
ripped through Japan, creating                                                                                                                           Committee, the committee’s top
an unstoppable flow that                                                                                                                                 Democrat, Rep. Adam Smith of
destroyed homes, roads, rice                                                                                                                             Washington state, takes time out
paddies, cars and anything else                                                                                                                          of his already time-limited turn
in its path. The wall of water                                                                                                                           questioning military officials
reached at least 10 meters high                                                                                                                          to ask a question on Giffords’
in the city of Sendai.                                                                                                                                   behalf.
   The tsunami traveled across                                                                                                                              “She’s a critical member of
                                                                                                                   photo CourtEsy of asssoCiatEd prEss
the Pacific at a rate of about 500                                                                                                                       the committee — has been for
mph. Hawaii and the West Coast
                                     cities in ruins— People walk a road in between the rubble of destroyed buildings in Mi-                             the four years that she’s been
                                     yagi Prefecture in northern Japan on March 14, just three days after a powerful earthquake
took safety precautions, and                                                                                                                             here,” Smith said in a recent
                                     triggered a massive tsunami tsunami hit the country’s coastline.
officials have reported no major                                                                                                                         interview with MSNBC, just
damage. The highest waves            that two nuclear reactors at         explosions, engineers have had        Some officials estimate that the         days after visiting Giffords at a
reportedly reached only about        the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear        to vent radioactive vapor in          magnitude of these could go as           Houston hospital. He confers
six or seven feet high, according    power plant had suffered partial     order to relieve high pressure        high as 7-magnitude. Meanwhile           with the Arizona Democrat’s
to the Pacific Tsunami Warning       meltdowns. The plant’s cooling       within the reactor.                   at least 1.4 million home are            staff on questions that Giffords
Centre. Other countries in the       systems were compromised                 Officials are also monitoring     without water and 1.9 million            might ask about energy or the
Pacific have since had their         after suffering tsunami damage.      a separate nuclear complex            homes without electricity.               two major military installations
tsunami warnings lifted.             Engineers are trying to prevent      about seven miles south of               The international community           in her district, the Army’s Fort
   According to Japanese officials   a meltdown by flooding the           Fukushima, which according to         has stepped in to assist. Two            Huachuca and Davis-Monthan
over 3,300 were confirmed dead       reactors with seawater.              the International Atomic Energy       U.S. carrier groups rest off             Air Force Base.
through Tuesday afternoon,               On Saturday an explosion         Agency does not have the              Japan’s coast and are delivering            “I want to make sure her
with estimates as high as            at the Fukushima Daiichi plant       electricity necessary for cooling.    food and water in Miyagi, as well        initiatives get in there,” Smith
10,000 in some regions of the        blew the roof off a building             Authorities in the area plan      as helping with rescue efforts.          said.
country. In the state of Miyagi,     housing one of the reactors,         to distribute iodine to residents,       Japanese Prime Minister                  On Tuesday night Smith,
police spokesman Go Sugawara         releasing mildly radioactive         which will counter the effects        Naoto Kan said that Japan’s              along with the help of Rep.
estimated that the death toll        iodine and cesium into the air.      of radiation. Testing facilities      future would be decided by the           Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-
could rise as high as 10,000,        This prompted an evacuation          have already measured radiation       response to the disaster.                Fla., and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand,
although thus far only 349 have      of more than 200,000 people          exposure in at least 1,500               “This is Japan’s most severe          D-N.Y., hosted a fundraiser
been confirmed dead in that          living within 12 miles of the        citizens, although according to       crisis since [World War II]              for Giffords’ 2012 campaign at
state. Miyagi is one of the three    plant, although thus far officials   NPR’s Doualy Xaykaothao, “it’s        ended 65 years ago,” Kan told            the International Brotherhood
states of Japan hardest hit by the   say the radiation levels around      not clear who’s been exposed,         CNN reporters. “I strongly               of Teamsters building just a
tsunami and quake.                   Fukushima Daiichi are not            and how dangerous the level.”         believe that we can get over this        few blocks from the Capitol.
   The crisis expanded when the      harmful.                                 Thus far Japan has been rocked    great earthquake and tsunami             Members of the Democratic
government reported on Sunday            In order to prevent similar      by at least 150 aftershocks.          by joining together.”                    leadership also contributed.

Life in another universe: religious implications
                                                                                                                                                            “I’ve been protecting her
                                                                                                                                                         flank politically,” Wasserman
                                                                                                                                                         Schultz told MSNBC. She is also
Raina Khatri                            Speaking in a session titled         Confronted by a real scientific       Nothing in Christian doctrine         intent on making sure Giffords
asst. Copy Editor
                                     “Astronomical Pioneering: The        discovery, “Would the people go       overtly argues against the               has a hefty account for her next
    Learning that we’re not alone    Implications of Finding Other        nuts?” he asked. “Well, that’s        existence of aliens, said Jennifer       election.
in the universe could spark street   Worlds,” Shostak, from the           presumptuous, because what if         Wiseman of the AAAS Science                 Giffords will remain absent
riots, global economic shutdown      SETI Institute in Mountain           they’re nuts already? But I don’t     and Policy Programs office in            from Congress for some time
or grave announcements of            View, Calif., noted that one-        think so.”                            Washington, D.C. However,                as she will undergo months of
apocalypse      from     religious   third of Americans believe              Most speakers in the session       Wiseman stated, finding them             rehabilitation from her traumatic
leaders. But it’s much more          extraterrestrials have already       agreed with Shostak that we fully     would raise tough questions for          brain injury. Meanwhile her
likely that none of those things     come to Earth. “I calculate from     expect aliens to exist—and to         Christians.                              three friends are filling in the
will happen, said astronomer         the polls that 35,000 people a       contact us. In a discussion before       When Nicholas Copernicus              gaps of Giffords’ daily political
Seth Shostak on Feb. 20 at the       day are being abducted by aliens     an audience of about 100 people,      concluded in the 16th century            work and ensuring that the
2011      American Association       for experiments their mothers        the five panelists discussed the      that Earth went around the Sun,          three-term        congresswoman
for the Advancement of Science       wouldn’t approve of,” Shostak        implications for various faiths of    the concept challenged the               remains politically productive
meeting in Washington, D.C.          said.                                finding intelligent life elsewhere.                 see Universe, page 4       during her absence.

                                                                                Asia                                              Middle East                        Americas
                                          According to a Swedish-based thinktank, INDIA has over-
   A                                      taken China to become the world’s largest arms importer. SAUDI ARABIA sends                                       AMERICA’s         space

                                                                                                      troops into Bahrain to                                shuttle Discovery ends
                                          The Dalai Lama of TIBET says he will step down as political help protect govern-                                  a 27-year flying career.

  the                       News In Brief
                                          head of government-in-exile at next session of Parliament. ment facilities after
                                                                              Africa                  weeks of unrest.                            US oil giant Chevron
                                                                                                                                                  appeals a court case in
                     Europe        In IVORY COAST violence continues as the nation’s dis-                                 ISRAEL approves fur- ECUADOR in which
In response to Japan’s unfolding puted president, Laurent Gbagbo, refuses to step down af-                                ther settlements in the it was ordered to pay
crisis, GERMANY suspends a ter a November election declared Alassane Ouatarra presi-                                      West Bank.              $8.6 billion in pollu-
controversial plan to extend the dent.                                                                                                            tion damages.
service of its ageing nuclear pow-                                                                                        A suicide bomber in Troops in COLOM-
er stations.                                                                                                              IRAQ targets Iraqi BIA recover 22 of 23
                                   Clashes erupt in SOUTH SUDAN, with South Sudan ac-                                     army      headquarters, employees of Canadi-
Silvio Berlusconi, prime minister cusing Northern President Omar al-Bashir of plotting                                    killing 10 soldiers and an oil firm abducted by
of ITALY, unveils reform to the against the South.                                                                        injuring 25.            rebels.
country’s justice system.
4   The anchor                                                             NatioNal                                                                                      March 16, 2011

    This Week in                       Controversial statements spur resignation
       neWs                            Matt Lee                              serious crime under U.S. law,”            CNN reports that Crowley           respectable career with the
                                       Co-NAtioNAl editor                    Crowley said in a statement           has told friends that he is deeply     State Department. He first
                                                                             Sunday. “My recent comments           concerned about the treatment          served under the Clinton
“A large physique is also                  P.J. Crowley unexpectedly         regarding the conditions of the       of Manning and fears that the          administration as a National
often considered attrac-               resigned as State Department          pre-trial detention of Private        alleged mistreatment could             Security Council spokesman.
tive in Pacific island so-             spokesman Sunday as a result          First Class Bradley Manning           undermine the prosecution              He has also been the Obama
cieties, but you no longer             of controversial                                                                          of     the     young     administration’s        spokesman
need to be a chief to eat              statements        he                                                                      private.    Crowley      for many international stories
like one.”                             recently       made                                                                       has also voiced          as the daily briefer at the State
– Joshua E. Keating, an editor at      about the Bradley                                                                         concerns         over    Department for Secretary Hilary, describing          Manning case.                                                                             the possibility of       Clinton.
why many of the world’s fattest            Sources close                                                                         such mistreatment           A senior White House
people live on islands.                to the matter told                                                                        d a m a g i n g          official told CNN that Crowley’s
                                       CNN that the                                                                              the          Obama       departure had been coming
                                       resignation was                                                                           administration and       for months and that the MIT
“I came here ready to go               a direct result of                                                                        their efforts to end     incident only “hastened that
to war. The people didn’t              pressure from the                                                                         the perception that      departure.”
send me here to compro-                White House after                                                                         the U.S. tortures           “Everybody likes P.J. This was
mise.”                                 Crowley accused                                                                           prisoners.               more a situation where it wasn’t
                                       the         Obama                                                                            President barack      the right fit,” the official told
– Newly elected Rep. Joe Walsh         administration                                                                            Obama revealed in a      CNN, noting there were times
(R-Ill.), describing his methods for   of      mistreating                                                                       White House news         when Crowley wasn’t on the
getting things done in his district
and in Washington.                     Manning,         the                                                                      conference        last   same page as Clinton, let alone
                                       Army         private                                                                      Friday that he spoke     the White House.
                                       who is being                                                                              with       Pentagon         Crowley will be replaced
“We need to get back to                held in solitary                                                                          officials and asked      by White House aide Mike
where we can talk about                confinement                                                                               “whether or not          Hammer who was sent to the
compromise. It’s a word                in       Quantico,                                                                        the procedures that      State Department to serve
that people have kind of               Virginia, under                                                                           have been taken in       as Crowley’s deputy a couple
demonized.”                            suspicion that he                                                                         terms of (Manning’s)     months prior.
                                       leaked classified                                                                         confinement        are      Clinton told CNN she
– Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.),        State Department                                                                          appropriate and are      accepted the resignation “with
discussing a different method to       information                                                                               meeting our basic        regret.”
accomplish things in Washington.       to the website                                                                            standards.”                 “P.J. has served our nation
                                       WikiLeaks.                                                                                   Obama added           with distinction for more than
                                           CNN reports                                       Photo Courtesy of AsssoCiAted Press that       Pentagon      three decades, in uniform and as
“OPEC is ready to meet                 that           while Resignation — in this sept. 2010 photo, state De- officials                        “assure    a civilian,” she said. “His service
any shortage in supply                 speaking to a partment spokesman J.P. Crowley addresses reporters. me that they are. I                             to country is motivated by a
when it happens. There                 small group at Crowley recently resigned over his controversial com- can’t go into details                         deep devotion to public policy
is fear and concern, but               MIT last week, ments concerning the treatment of suspected WikiLe- about some of their                             and public diplomacy, and I wish
there is no shortage.”                 Crowley was asked aks source PFC Bradley Manning.                                         concerns, but some       him the very best.”
                                       about allegations                                                                         of this has to do           Crowley feels very strongly
– Saudi Arabian Oil Minister           that Manning is being tortured were intended to highlight the with Private Manning’s safety as                     about the mistreatment of
Ali al-Naimi describing OPEC’s         and kicked up a firestorm broader, even strategic impact of well.”                                                 prisoners because his father was
preparedness to meet any poten-
tial oil disruption due to Libyan      by answering that what is discreet actions undertaken by                        In a recent article CNN            a prisoner of war.
protests. Libya represents about       being done to Manning national security agencies every reports that Manning is confined                               In his statement, Crowley said
2 percent of the world’s daily oil     by       Defense       Department day and their impact on our to solitary confinement for 23                       he leaves with “great admiration
supply.                                officials “is ridiculous and global standing and leadership. hours a day and stripped down                         and affection” for his colleagues
                                       counterproductive and stupid.”      The exercise of power in today’s to boxers at night and not given              and “deep respect for the
                                           BBC       reporter,   Philippa challenging times and relentless a pillow or blanket.                           journalists who report on foreign
“Money will always flow                Thomas,         who      attended media environment must be                     Manning’s lawyer told CNN          policy and global developments
toward opportunity, and                Crowley’s talk, said that after his prudent and consistent with that recently he was forced to                     every day, in many cases under
there is an abundance of               comments Crowley also added, our laws and values,” Crowley sleep nude because defense                              dangerous       conditions     and
that in America. [Our]                 “nonetheless, Bradley Manning said. “Given the impact of my officials thought there was a                          subject to serious threats. Their
best days lie ahead.”                  is in the right place.”             remarks, for which I take full suicide threat so they took away                efforts help make governments
– Warren Buffet, commenting on             “The unauthorized disclosure responsibility, I have submitted his boxers.                                      more responsible, accountable
his plans to make major capital        of classified information is a my resignation.”                                 Crowley has had a very             and transparent.”

                                        Scientists discuss faith implications of life in other worlds
investments in the U.S.

“They love me…They                     Universe, from page 3                 several verses in the Qur’an              Smith said that if advanced        searching for life,” he said.
will die to protect me, my                                                   that specifically mention other       life forms existed, they would             A successful detection won’t
people.”                                  Catholic Church for centuries.     worlds. The verses use language       have visited us by now. And if         shock anyone, Shostak claimed.
                                       “Ultimately, Copernican science       such as “lord of the worlds” and      they do exist, they are so distant     In the early 20th century many
– Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan dic-
tator, denies the protests against     was found compatible with the         “seven Earths,” making it easier      that they are beyond our reach.        people believed there were
him.                                   Christian faith,” Wiseman said.       for Islamic scholars to accept the    “Those folks will never enjoy          civilizations on Mars. Aside from
                                       “Will the discovery of other life     concept of life elsewhere.            an episode of ‘I Love Lucy,’” he       Orson Welles’s radio broadcast
                                       be otherwise?”                           However,       one     speaker     joked, referring to our leaks of       of the “War of the Worlds,” the
                                          According to Wiseman, some                                               electromagnetic broadcasts.            impact upon daily life on Earth,
“Every Chinese person                  Christian thinkers worry that                                                   The growing number of              he noted, was zero.
with dreams hopes that
China will become pros-
perous, rich, and power-
ful, that the people will
not have to worry about
                                       intelligent life elsewhere would
                                       throw mankind’s significance in
                                       the eyes of God into question.
                                       Others maintain that all living
                                       beings, including aliens, would
                                                                               “  Would the people go
                                                                                  nuts?...Well, that’s
                                                                                  presumptuous, be-
                                                                                  cause what if they’re
                                                                                                                   exoplanet discoveries goes
                                                                                                                   against     Smith’s    viewpoint,
                                                                                                                   said Wesley Traub of NASA’s
                                                                                                                   Jet Propulsion Laboratory in
                                                                                                                   Pasadena, Calif. Many of these
                                                                                                                                                              “It’ll be a very messy news
                                                                                                                                                          story,” Shostak said. “It’ll take
                                                                                                                                                          about a week, and it’ll be over.”
                                                                                                                                                              Smith countered Traub’s
                                                                                                                                                          optimism by describing the
food and clothing, that                be important to God.                                               “        are small bodies, not much             conditions for life as too specific.
the government is upright                 Nidhal Guessoum of the
                                                                                  nuts already?                    larger than Earth— a crucial           The shape of a planet’s orbit, the
and honest, and that the               American University of Sharjah              — AstroNomer seth               factor in their possible support       distance between the planet and
judiciary is impartial and             in the United Arab Emirates
                                                                                                 shostAk           of life, Traub stated. Rocky           its star, and the size requirements
just.”                                 seconded these concerns for                                                 planets about twice the diameter       of the planet itself are among
                                       the Islamic faith. He believes                                              of Earth represent the upper           many factors that combine to
– Statement made in a translation      aliens we may encounter would         dissented. “You will forgive          limit, he said: “If you have a         create insurmountable odds
of an open letter to China’s Na-
tional People’s Congress, from the     be so advanced they would             me if I speak bluntly,” said          planet larger than that, it’ll be a    against intelligent life arising
organizers of the Chinese Jasmine      be post-biological, capable of        Howard A. Smith of the                gas giant.”                            anywhere else, Smith said.
Rallies. The organizers are calling    engineering their own bodies.         Harvard-Smithsonian    Center             Traub    predicted       major         “We are special,” he said,
for a new revolution in China.         “If they are so far ahead of us,      for Astrophysics in Cambridge,        discoveries soon. “Sometime in         reflecting on his Jewish faith.
                                       how will we be important, even        Mass. “We are probably alone,         the upcoming decade and a half,        “We are blessed.”
                                       spiritually?” Guessoum asked.         and we will have to solve our         we will find at least five nearby
                                          Guessoum         pointed    to     own problems.”                        planets where we can begin
MArch 16, 2011
                rts                  A                                                                                                                             The Anchor           5

Ben Percy brings storytelling to the Knick for VWS
                                     prominent literary organization.
                                                                                                                                                        This Week in ArT
 Caitlin Klask                           The public is welcome, and                                                                                  Mon.-Sat.        March 12-19
 Arts Co-Editor                      admission is free.                                                                                              “Another Year” - movie
                                         Master of fiction and nonfic-                                                                               Knickerbocker, 7:30 p.m.
    With his heart and his mind      tion creative writing, Percy has                                                                                $6 adults, $5 seniors & students
back in his home state Oregon,       roots in nature and rural soci-
creative writer Benjamin Percy       ety. His rugged style reflects his
takes to storytelling well. At       childhood in Oregon; a roaring                                                                                  Monday             March 28
the Knickerbocker Theatre on         bear greets visitors to his per-                                                                                Chapel Choir concert
March 28-29, he’ll have a chance     sonal website (www.benjamin-                                                                                     St. Francis de Sales, 7:30 p.m.
to prove himself to the Holland, as does an outdoor-
community.                           sy photo of Percy sitting in the
    As the next presenter for the    woods. His novel “The Wilding”
Visiting Writers Series, Percy       centers on a camping trip with a                                                                                Friday-Saturday       April 1-2
will discuss his fiction and non-    strange family dynamic, and his                                                                                  InSync Dance Theatre
                                                                                                                                                      Knickerbocker, 8 p.m.
fiction works on stage at 7 p.m.,    short fiction collection “Refresh,                                                                               $10 general, $7 seniors, $5 students
following a jazz performance at      Refresh” has been showered            Author And outdoorSMAn— Creative fiction and
6:30 p.m.                            with praise and awards, includ-       nonfiction writer Ben Percy is the next VWS installment.
    The Visiting Writers Series      ing mentions of the best book of
was created by Jack Ridl, Hope       the decade.                          follow a certain formula: male       tation of blood, whether by fist
English professor, in 1982 in or-        New York Times best-selling      leads, nature and horror. But        or knife or bullet, is often thera-   pressive awards are the Whit-
der to “provide our campus and       author Peter Straub calls Percy      even with a set formula, his ideas   peutic or metaphoric.”                ing Award, the Distinguished
West Michigan with a literary        “one of our most accomplished        are anything but orthodox.              In addition to writing and         Stories of 2008 award, the Best
experience that will enliven, en-    younger writers. Benjamin Percy         “My characters are often male     presenting, Percy teaches at          American Short Stories award,
thuse, and excite,” according to     moves instinctively toward the       and often in pain,” Percy said in    Iowa State University. In the         the John Gardner Fellowship in
its website. Visitors range from     molten center of contemporary        a 2008 interview with New West       past, he taught at University of      Fiction and dozens more.
prestigious award winners to         writing, the place where genre       Writers. “They don’t know how        Wisconsin-Stevens Point and              Catch Percy on the Monday
new and refreshing voices, all       fiction – in this case, horror       to talk... So they often engage      Marquette University, and with        and Tuesday after spring break
equipped with stimulating ma-        – overflows its boundaries and       in non-verbal communication,         the rest of his time, he teaches      at the Knickerbocker to witness
terial. Audiences listen to and      becomes something dark and           sometimes by gutting a deer vio-     with the Low-Res program fac-         his short story-telling ability.
offer opinions on the topics pre-    grand and percipient.”               lently, sometimes by shattering      ulty at Pacific University.
sented. VWS is recognized as a           The bulk of Percy’s plotlines    glass in their hand. The manifes-       Included in his assorted im-

 Lemonjello’s welcomes                                                        In Remembrance: ‘Party Down’
 Daniel and the Lion                                                       Elena Rivera
                                                                                                               off in the way they expect? Rob
                                                                                                               Thomas suggested that these
                                                                                                                                                   liners, Party Down is a revolu-
                                                                                                                                                   tionary comedy: its characters
                                                                            stAff WritEr
                                                                                                               people all worked for a catering    can be realistic and unlikeable.
                                                                                 What makes a good televi-     company called Party Down, and            The characters don’t get
                                                                          sion show? Is it the accolades,      the show was born. After many       amazing job offers and solve all
                                                                          the Emmys and Golden Globes it       years, conflicting schedules,       their problems in the constraints
                                                                          acquires over its many seasons?      and networks agreeing and then      of 28 minutes. Their failures out-
                                                                          Is it the number of fans, the loyal  dropping the pilot, the show        weigh their victories, just like in
                                                                          viewers that tune in each week       was finally picked up by Starz,     real life. Nothing is glamorized
                                                                          to cry or laugh at the misadven-     a company looking for original      or idealized in “Party Down,”
                                                                          tures of their favorite characters?  programming in their lineup.        and there’s something refresh-
                                                                          Is it the number of advertising            “Party Down” is a show        ing about watching a comedy
   lumBerjaCkS or indie artiStS?— daniel (left)                           dollars the show brings in for       about transitions. Each episode     that relies on the witty wordplay
   and the lion (right) played lemonjello’s last Wednesday.               the network? Or is                                                                     that exists in nor-
                                                                          it the quality of the                                                                    mal life instead
 Elena Rivera                         world of interchangeable and        writing and acting                                                                       of slapstick or
 stAff WritEr                         lyrically empty pop songs, these    on the show?                                                                             clichéd comedy
     Wednesdays at Lemonjello’s       two guys really understood                 Te l e v i s i o n                                                                plotlines.
 are usually pretty quiet. There’s    what music is about: conveying      is a medium that                                                                               But the rev-
 the normal crowd of latté en-        true emotion to an audience. In     facilitates creativ-                                                                     olutionary show
 thusiasts and college kids trying    the song that opened their set      ity and long-term                                                                        found a tiny au-
 to get their homework done,          list, entitled “The Chase,” Lin-    improvement, and                                                                         dience. The num-
 with a dash of older Holland         ville sang about love and life,     usually the qual-                                                                        ber of households
 residents for variety. Some-         somehow making these uni-           ity of the program                                                                       that subscribed to
 times there’s a concert, which       versal themes at once seem en-      will keep it on the                                                                      Starz were around
 was the case on March 9.             lightening yet familiar.            air for many sea-                                                                        20 million, but
     Nestled in between a cam-            Another song, “Hollywood,”      sons.                                                                                    Party Down would
 pus favorite, Stationary Trav-       talked about the dissatisfac-              But television                                                                    barely       break
 elers, and an up-and-coming          tion of fame and the trickiness     is also a cutthroat                                                                      500,000 viewers a
 band from Grand Rapids, Val-         of long-distance relationships.     business, where           Burnt out— “Party down” stars a gang of old actors week, a complete
 entiger, lay Daniel and the Lion.    In between songs, Linville and      executives          will  brought together by working at a catering company.              failure in corpo-
 A folksy band from Baraboo,          Pingrey cracked jokes about         keep programs on                                                                          rate terms.
 Wisc., Daniel and the Lion con-      their Wisconsin-bred polite-        the air that lack                               focuses around a par-          Critics rallied to save the
 sisted of a guitarist and a pia-     ness and genuinely seemed ex-       innovation but are cash cows for ty the crew is catering, allowing program, but “Party Down” was
 nist.                                cited to be playing at Lemonjel-    the company.                         for cycling guest stars to interact cancelled at the end of its second
     The guitarist and lead singer    lo’s, even if the crowd was made           In this far-from-ideal world, with the cast. The catering team season. The actors in the show
 is Jimmie Linville, “the Lion” of    up of about 12 people.              sometimes the best shows have is led by the dim-witted, some- went on to star in prime time
 the group, looking as if he was          They may not have the wide-     the shortest lifespan. Sometimes times racist Ron (Ken Marino). programs, some that gained
 entering a lumberjack look-          spread acclaim and notoriety        the best shows on television have Rounding out the ranks are big followings. Jane Lynch was
 alike contest. Daniel Pingrey        that comes with a major label       small audiences. Such is the case Kyle (Ryan Hansen) and Roman cast as Sue Sylvester on “Glee”;
 entertained the crowd with           debut, but something about          with “Party Down.”                   (Martin Starr). In the first sea- Adam Scott became a regular
 his skills as a mime and piano       these guys’ music has captured             It started as the collec- son, Jane Lynch (“Glee”) shows on “Parks and Recreation”; Ryan
 prodigy. Folk-pop duos are           the hearts and minds of their       tive brainchild of John Enbom, up as Constance, an optimistic Hansen was cast in a 2011 pilot
 commonplace in the indie mu-         fans. Impressively, they man-       Rob Thomas (“Veronica Mars”), and motherly acting veteran. Fi- called “Friends With Benefits”;
 sic scene, but for some reason       aged to independently produce       Dan Etheridge, and Paul Rudd nally, Adam Scott plays Henry, and Ken Marino showed up
 Daniel and the Lion stood out.       their upcoming album “Sweet         (“I Love You Man,” “Clueless”). the new bartender, and Lizzy on “Children’s Hospital.” Party
     The simplicity of their music    Teeth” solely through 75 dona-      Inspired by the British version Caplan plays Casey, a comedian. Down was equal parts crude
 sets the band apart. There were      tions from fans. At the end of      of “The Office,” the four guys             As the series progresses, charming, hilarious and heart-
 no heavily engineered sounds,        the night, Daniel and the Lion      dreamed up a show that dealt the catering team experiences breaking. It never found the fol-
 no thumping background beats         were unabashedly charming           with the aftermath of fame.          heartache (through romance and lowing it deserved, but the fans
 or wailing backup singers…just       and disarmingly good, com-                 What happens to actors in rivalry) and successes (through that loved it will not soon forget
 two guys playing songs that          pletely worth the listen.           between their big breaks, when promotions and marriages). Be- it. It’s a TV death that will be
 were close to their heart. In the                                        their careers don’t really take tween the sight gags and one- mourned for years to come.
6    The Anchor

                            Features                                                                                                                                                               MArch 16, 2011   7

                  Spring Break 2011: In the most unlikely of places!
Thinking of going home for spring break? Well, don’t finalize those plans just yet. Try something new, something exciting. Try something that doesn’t include staying at home with the parents. And
you know all those destinations that every college student goes to? Avoid those too; Tourist traps, every single one of them. Here are some places you can go without breaking the bank:

                                     Stay in Holland. Wouldn’t that be lovely? For some people, a quiet campus is all they
                                     need to get rejuvenated for the last weeks of the semester. Just think, you can enjoy the
                                     warm-ish weather, dance around in the Pine Grove without anyone else seeing you, get
                                     ALL of your homework done, and be one of the few students in JP’s or LJ’s. You can
                                     even imagine it is Tulip Time. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

    Get a map of Michigan. Close your eyes. Put your finger down anywhere on the map. Now pack your bags and go. It’s
    spontaneous and exciting! Who said you always have to plan where you’re going? Now’s the time to get away, to have
    some fun. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about how much time you’re going to spend there. I would sug-
    gest that you don’t plan anything for the trip (including, but not limited to: where you’re going to sleep, meals, excursions
    on the trip, etc.) Now grab that map and have some fun!

                                             Camp in the Arctic tundra. The North Pole! Who wouldn’t want to endure tem-
                                             peratures colder than we’ve even dreamed of here in Holland? Food is scarce and
                                             people scarcer, so it’s a great place to sit and read a good book. Plus, since the 12
                                             months of darkness is over, it will be bright and sunny all week (literally)! It is a
                                             perfect place to relax in the sun. Just be sure not to get frostbitten in the process.
                                             Polar bears love it! Why wouldn’t you?

Go to Ohio. There is so much to do in Ohio! Like… that one place with the giant field! And that once city down south is
pretty exciting…on second thought, don’t go to Ohio.

                                                                                                                                      If picking a place in Michigan doen’t sound that fun, try picking
                                                                                                                                      randomly from the entire US map at the last minute. You know
                                                                                                                                      how it is; while you may have a real minor, everyone knows it’s
                                                                                                                                      really procrastination and indecision. Wait until Friday morning,
                                                                                                                                      gather your friends and start driving out of state. You may only
Death Valley. Can’t stand the cold? Try one of the lowest, driest, places in the United States. Vast landscapes of bar-               make it as far as Mishawaka before you realize you really needed
ren earth surround visitors, exposing beautiful color palettes of the desert. Did you know the National Park Service is               to plan this better, but at least you’ve made it out of the state!
actually trying to get people to visit? It’s a tough sell, even for someone like Don Draper.
                                                                                                                                                                      By John Rebhan and Alyssa Barigian
8      The Anchor
                                          V        oices                                                                                                                              MArch 16, 2011

    Paradoxical perspectives                                                                                             Lyricality
    While we are dreaming                                                                                                Planning
    James Nichols                                                                                                        Becca Hawkins
    Co-Editor-in-Chief                                                                                                   Columnist

       Water: the key to life.
       Without it, we wouldn’t exist. Without it,
    no life on Earth would exist. Without it, the        Zealand last month. Imagine if your car got                        The fall 2011 class schedule is currently available to agonize over,
    world as we know it wouldn’t exist.                  8,000 times more miles per gallon. Imagine if                   grapple with, and plan accordingly. I don’t say this as a public service an-
       Without it, thousands of people would still       there were 8,000 times more murders in the                      nouncement, but rather as a caution to those similar to myself.
    be alive in Japan. As I sit in my living room,       United States per year. Imagine if there were                      I opened up KnowHopePlus, casually glanced at the class schedule,
    watching the footage from the recent earth-          8,000 times more people on Earth.                               and…could it be? Yes! A way to waste my entire day and boggle my mind!
    quake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, all              It’s almost impossible to fathom the extent                  I morphed, becoming that whirling, flustered monster of planning and
    I can think of is how fortunate I am. It’s not       of the damage the Japanese are suffering. Not                   scheduling that envelops my being every once in a blue moon. I cannot
    just me either. Most of us are fortunate.            just financial damage but emotional, physical                   cover up my anxious, nerdy, four-year-plan-loving self. That’s right, I
       When is the last time we have had to worry        and psychological damage too.                                   have a color-coded, footnoted, tabled four-year plan — I’m one of those
    about a natural disaster in West Michigan?              People have lost their household objects                     people. And for people like me, the most exciting news of the week will
       When is the last time a wall of water, crawl-     because of this. They have lost phone ser-                      be the posted Fall 2011 schedule. How many credits can I fit into one se-
    ing across the Earth like a dense, brown fog                                                                         mester? What time can I wake up next year? Can I avoid Friday classes?

    consuming everything in its path has been a                                                                             Allow me to defend my geekdom. It’s about the mystery. I have my
    concern of ours?                                                                                                     four-year plan in front of me, waiting to mold itself into a new one; I
       When is the last time our world was liter-              While we are trying to make it                            have two more college years in front of me, waiting to mold myself into
    ally shaken to its core? And not just one time,         through these last few days before                           a new student. In the song “Baby Come On,” +44 sings, “the past is only
    or two, or three or even four; multiple after-
    shocks, with magnitudes of six plus, have hit
    Japan since the initial 9.0 magnitude quake
                                                            spring break, millions of people
                                                            across the globe are trying to make it
                                                            through the next few hours.
                                                                                                            “            the future with the lights on.” So much of life is about the mystery of the
                                                                                                                         future, and we often wonder so much about the future that we stop living
                                                                                                                         in the now.
    devastated the country.                                                                                                 My past may only be my future with the lights on, but the future is
       We may not be able to empathize with the                                                                          just so much more appealing. I plan my classes for the fall, just as I reach
    suffering Japanese but we can surely reflect                                                                         midterms. I wonder about settling down in Colorado and California be-
    on how much we have to be thankful for.              vice, television service, heat, electricity, cars,              fore I have my next year’s housing figured out. I pick out my wedding
       If we get in a train headed for say Chicago,      houses, in some cases jobs, and, worst of all,                  ring without having the faintest clue who will slip it on my finger. Isn’t the
    we don’t have to worry about that train dis-         loved ones because of this.                                     future just more exciting?
    appearing under a tsunami. The fact that we             While we are trying to make it through                          But soon enough, I will be in the classes I so eagerly scheduled when
    have enough money and time to even go to             these last few days before spring break, mil-                   I was bored and tired and looking toward the future. Those classes will
    Chicago is something to be thankful for.             lions of people across the globe are trying to                  become the past with the lights on, and ironically, will lose their flame.
       If we leave the house to go grocery shop-         make it through the next few hours.                             Everything is more appealing when there’s a hint of mystery involved,
    ping, we don’t have to worry about coming               While we are anticipating trips to the                       when the lights are dimmed, but after the plans are made and the fate is
    home to a horror scene; all of our belongings        Caribbean, Florida and various other places                     revealed, where is the delight?
    strewn throughout the house, objects broken          across the country, others are anticipating                        I should it hope it is in the now—the dull-lighted, yet ever-present
    and, possibly, a house knocked off its founda-       months, possibly years, of recovery.                            today. It may not be mysterious, but it’s as real as it gets. We so easily fall
    tion.                                                   While we are dreaming about warm                             victim to the allure of the future, and the boredom of the past. I challenge
       If we go to work in the morning, we don’t         weather and pristine water, the Japanese are                    you just as I am challenging myself to find the little places of mystery and
    have to worry about nuclear reactors explod-         writhing in agony because of the same sub-                      dim light of today. Find curiosity within your interactions with friends,
    ing or fires breaking out. Instead, we worry         stance.                                                         your meals and your classes. If you’re a four-year-planner, enjoy the class-
    about much less important things. What am               Water: walking the thin line between sus-                    es you have planned for yourself! And if you are not, please help those of
    I going to have for lunch? I wonder if Julie will    taining life on earth and destroying it at the                  us that are. But, most importantly, see all the shades of mystery that life
    say hi to me today.                                  same time.                                                      has to offer, in the past, future and now.
       The earthquake in Japan was 8,000 times
    more intense than the earthquake in New

      Casey Sullens (’12),
                                 Joggin’ the globe: the abroad column
         studying in:                               This semester I’ve been in Sydney, Australia. While it has been                finding out that I was from Michigan, one woman asked me how
       Sydney, Australia                        a welcome change from being in the snow globe that is Holland, I’d                 Kwame Kilpatrick was doing. Way to make Michigan proud, Kwame.
                                                like to get a few points out of the way. Yes, they do eat vegemite. Yes,           I guess this has made me fully realize that Americans are pretty slack
                                                they do say “G’day!” Your friends are your “mates,” and no, there are              on the going-ons in the world because honestly, I can’t name one
                                                no kangaroos hopping around in the city (though they are in the                    single political scandal that’s ever happened in Australia.
                                                country, so watch out for that).                                                       While there is no language barrier, there is a “language” barri-
                                                    One stereotype that is true however, is the laid-back Aussie way               er. I’ve asked some Aussie friends to repeat simple sentences a few
                                                of life. On my trek over from the states, my flight from L.A. to Syd-              times, like when one asked if I wanted to get “brekkie.” What’s brek-
                                                ney was cancelled. But I was the only person freaking out in line.                 kie you ask? Breakfast. No worries, they totes love to abrev here.
                                                Most of the other passengers were Australians, and were relaxed                        While there is so much American culture here, like McDonalds,
                                                and calm. One man turned to me and said, “No worries, we’ll get                    Dominos (that gets delivered to you on a moped), Subway, and
                                                there eventually!” I was already being impacted by Australia, and I                Hungry Jacks (don’t let the name fool you, it’s actually Burger King),
                                                hadn’t even arrived yet.                                                           significant parts of the good ol’ American way have been left out.
                                                    However, it seems that I am not the only person that has pre-                  Provolone and American cheese have been switched for Swiss, and
                                                conceived ideas about what a culture is like. For example, I’ve been               the NHL has been replaced by the AFL (Australian Football League.
                                                asked if all Americans actually carry guns. That was easy enough                   Google that, I dare you).
                                                to answer, but the question, “What’s the deal with the Confederate                     All in all, it’s been much more of a transition than I thought, com-
                                                flag and the South?” was a little more tedious. If only I knew. If only            ing from one Western country to another. I can’t wait to see where
                                                anyone knew, really.                                                               these next five months take me. I hope you are all enjoying the snow. I
                                                    That’s not to say that all questions have been stereotypical. Upon             think of you Dutchmen while I’m at the beach. Spera in Deo, mates!

                                                                                              2011 Spring SemeSter Staff

    Karen Patterson   Co-Editor-in-ChiEf        Aftan Snyder    national nEws Co-Editor   John Rebhan     fEaturEs Co-Editor       Emily Dammer     graPhiCs Editor         Raina Khatri asst. CoPy Editor
      James Nichols   Co-Editor-in-ChiEf            Matt Lee    national nEws Co-Editor Alyssa Barigian   fEaturEs Co-Editor        Shelby Wyant    ads ManagEr        Brooke McDonald asst. CoPy Editor
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March 16, 2011                                                                                           Voices                                                                                                            The anchor                   9

  From the inside out                                                                                                            Beautiful Feet
  Into our own                                                                                                                   Can’t end in dissonance
  Caitlin Klask                                                                                                                 Bryant Russ
  Arts Co-Editor                                                                                                                Columnist

     Probably because I don’t mind                            giing break my freshman year and rap-                                I remember my freshman year mu-                            ing at times. Death is the ultimate dis-
  change (in fact, I embrace it), I become                    idly recounting half a semester’s worth                           sic professor sitting down at the piano                       sonance because it appears so perma-
  aggravated by the springtime theme of                       of Introduction to Mass Media—just                                and playing a terrible chord. “This is an                     nent—like the song ended in discord
  “Gosh, time has flown, and I need to get                    blabbering to any family member with                              example of dissonance,” he said. Then                         with that note on its knees begging for
  my life figured out.”                                       ears. “The printing press totally changed                         he played another chord that seemed                           resolution. “Please! It’s not supposed
     Time has not flown, and you’ve been                      the world.” “Do you even CARE how se-                             to answer the one before; he called it                        to end like this!” Our world is stuck in
  paying $35,000 a year to have your life                     rious today’s media trends are?” I was                            resolution. He explained that in the                          an unstable state of disagreement. Our
  figured out for you.                                        over-excited by the prospects of the                              world of music there are notes that just                      pain demands an answer.
     I’m extremely proud, therefore, of                       future, but too young to do anything                              don’t sound good on their own. They                              A friend once asked me, “how can
  the developments I’ve seen—achieve-                         about it.                                                         are unstable and demonstrate a lack of                        you believe in a loving God when there’s
  ments toward the final goal of get-                             We have effectively left that phase                           harmony in the progression of a song.                         so much s**t in the world?” In a way he’s
  ting my life’s train on the future track.                   somewhere between freshman and                                    Such notes require resolution—a chord                         right. Doesn’t hopelessness make more
  Last semester, I got a B on my cultural                     sophomore years and cultivated adults                             that sweeps in to makes sense of things,                      sense than hope, isn’t sorrow more ap-
  heritage take home final exam essay.                        out of those children. At the awkward                             because songs just can’t end in disso-                        propriate than joy? This is when I think
  One reason I was marked down was                            ages of 19-22, I feel like we’re coming                           nance.                                                        back to that lesson I learned in my fresh-
  my “journalistic” style, my professor                       into our own, morphing the realms of                                 Songs just can’t end in dissonance:                        men music class: songs don’t end in dis-
  wrote. I broke my sections down with                        adult and adolescent and basically cre-                           I’ve been hanging on to this promise for                      sonance.
  headings, and the paragraphs were too                       ating that futuristic identity we dreamed                         three years. See, one thing that happens                         Though at times everything inside us
  choppy. I never told this professor I                       about in elementary school.                                       in college is your eyes are enlarged to                       and around us is ringing with a heavy
  wanted to be a journalist—but I guess                           So the future scientists are doing re-                        the state of the world. In class you learn                    note of death, I believe that God can
  my writing spoke for me.                                    search with professors, the future danc-                          about diseases and civil wars, you learn                      speak to dry bones, open up graves and
     Another Anchor staff member once                         ers have joined their respective student                          about broken histories and have oppor-                        breath back Life. As the Apostles Creed
  recounted a time where her professor                        companies, the future engineers are                               tunities to see for yourself that clean and                   says, I believe in the Resurrection.
  marked plenty of grammar mistakes                           making robots, and it seems like ev-                              instant drinking water is not the norm                           While I don’t know when this will
  due to the use of AP style rather than                      erybody is telling everybody else about                           for most people on the planet.                                happen, or how it will happen, I do know
  the assigned method. If the professor                       their great new internships.                                         But more than the learning that hap-                       that Jesus is called the firstborn from
  hadn’t known that the staff member                              More ready than ever before to move                           pens in the classroom is the learning                         among the dead. I do know that Jesus
  was using AP style due to her experi-                       from “student” to “full-time employee,”                           that goes on with friends as you share                        mocked death and compared it to sleep-
  ence as a journalist, she said she would                    leave the shock of growing up behind                              so much time together. I daresay it is                        ing—something temporary and harm-
  have lost serious points off of the essay.                  you and just do what you want to do.                              impossible to go four years—even four                         less. I do know that Jesus himself died in
     A graduating English major last                          Stop talking about being too young, too                           months—in college without tragedy                             the greatest act of dissonance this world
  week discussed his plan to work at                          ill-prepared, too anxious.                                        rearing its ugly head: the death of a fam-                    has ever known, but that he rose again
  McDonald’s. He has no car, he says, and                         “And the puzzle will last until some-                         ily member, cancer, suicide, sorrowful                        as a promise of the Great Resolution, the
  he’ll walk or ride his bike to work. It’s                   body will say, ‘There’s a lot to be done                          drug use, accidents that cut too deeply,                      beautiful chord that will make all things
  honest; I like it.                                          while your head is still young.’ If you put                       broken hearts, hurt feelings, disappoint-                     new, that will come upon His return.
     My sister just took an internship                        down your pen, leave your worries be-                             ments, friends whose lives are ended                             For now I eagerly wait for that Day,
  with NASA, too. She’ll just be working                      hind, then the moment will come and                               prematurely when what was meant for                           trusting that when God created the
  on the Messenger, “uncovering the se-                       the memory will shine.” (Belle & Sebas-                           the sky comes crashing to the ground.                         properties of music, He did so with a sly
  crets of Mercury.”                                          tian, “Sleep the Clock Around”).                                     We are exposed to so much hurt, so                         smile and the assurance that songs just
     I remember going home for Thanks-                                                                                          much dissonance, that it is overwhelm-                        don’t end in dissonance.

Letter to the Editors
‘Why are we not doing more to help prevent the genocide of women?’
   As a part of my women’s studies key-                          It is not like this is just in one war-                     er places, there is rape because a soldier                     lent rapes. After reading about the work
stone course, I have been asked to read                      stricken country, it’s everywhere. It is                        wants a woman. Here, it’s that, but also a                     this group is doing, I felt a passion come
the book “Half the Sky.” This book out-                      killing women around the globle. No one                         viciousness, a mentality of hatred, and it’s                   over me like I have not felt in some time. I
lines the massive oppression that women                      wants to talk about it, and when we do,                         women who pay the price” (84).                                 have been trying to decide what exactly I
are facing globally. As a women’s stud-                      we just write it off as “their” problem.                           I think rape is the most dangerous                          want to do after graduation—grad school,
ies major, I have often felt quite edu-                      Well, this isn’t just their problem, this is                    weapon of all because when a person is                         work, travel, or some other adventure—
cated about issues like sex trafficking                      a global problem; our brothers and sisters                      shot, the bullet pierces their skin, but                       and I have decided to try a mix of all of
and the pandemic of rape as a weapon of                      worldwide are being destroyed physically,                       rape pierces both body and soul and is a                       the above.
war. I learned, however, that I had only                     mentally and spiritually by the weapon of                       tool to scare the whole community. Why                             I contacted the people at HEAL be-
scratched the surface. What I thought                        rape. One of the most difficult subjects                        are we not doing more to help prevent the                      cause I have felt a calling to get involved.
was just an issue, I found out is the geno-                  addressed in “Half the Sky” is rape as a                        genocide of women everywhere? Why is                           If they will allow me to, I want to get in-
cide of half the world’s population.                         weapon of war.                                                  this not talked about more? Why is it that                     volved with their organization and move
   It blows my mind that I watch the                             “In almost every conflict, mortality                        small grassroots organizations are left                        to the Congo this fall. I have wanted to
news every day and hear about how bad                        is disproportionately male. But whereas                         doing the work that gets little funding                        use my education to help make an impact
the economy is, about the war in Iraq,                       men are the normal victims of war, wom-                         or attention? Why is it that people don’t                      on the world, but until now I have been
and about global unrest as a whole, but                      en have become a weapon of war—meant                            realize that this is possibly the biggest                      unsure how exactly I wanted to do this.
I never hear about the poor health care                      to be disfigured or tortured to terrorize                       evil of our generation? Why don’t more                         I am young, I have no plans, no relation-
that women receive, which leads to cata-                     the rest of the population”(87). In some                        people care?                                                   ships holding me back, so why not take
strophic maternal mortality rates. In Si-                    areas like Congo, the weapon of rape has                           In one chapter of “Half the Sky,” they                      a leap of faith and go where the help is
erra Leone for example, for every 100,000                    been unleashed on three quarters of the                         talk about a grassroots organization                           needed? There is no better time to do it
births, over 2,100 mothers die during the                    women.                                                          called HEAL Africa. This group helps to                        than right now.
birthing process, compared to the United                         “All militias here rape women, to show                      repair vaginal tearing suffered by women
States, where the rate drops to two mothers.                 their strength and your weakness. In oth-                       during child birth and the frequent vio-                                                 Jason Storm (’11)

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10 The Anchor                                                                             NEWS                                                                             MArch 16, 2011

More from Dance Marathon Immersion trips serve those in U.S. and abroad
                                                                                    wTRIPS, from page 1

                                                                                    my eyes and heart have been             “Hope      students     should   in the real world outside of the
                                                                                    opened to what is going on in        consider going on a mission trip    Hope community.
                                                                                    the world and understanding          for many reasons. You get to           “You are allowed the
                                                                                    God’s call on our lives to be a      meet new people, you get to go      opportunity to go into the world
                                                                                    part of this, whether near or        to a cool place, you get to learn   and be the hands and feet of
                                                                                    far. He works through His body       about God and you don’t have to     Christ,” Wentz said.
                                                                                    which is us, and participating in    go home! All of these things, and      “You are exposed to injustice
                                                                                    one of these trips is a way we can   more, are reasons why I have        and given the chance to learn
                                                                                    respond to this,” Wenz said.         gone in the past,” said Michael     about how you can make a
                                                                                        Those who have participated      Dirksen (’12), one of the leaders   difference fighting for these
                                                                                    in Hope mission trips before         of the ReMember Immersion           issues. You will without a
                                                                                    know the value of the experience.    trip to Pine Ridge Reservation in   doubt grow, both educationally
                                                                                    Many students claim that it is       South Dakota.                       and spiritually through the
                                                                                    life changing and spiritually           Perhaps what garners the         experience. It also gives you the
                                                                                    uplifting, offering a new            most impact is seeing the gospel    chance to work with a team,
                                                                                    cultural experience in which         of Christ directly working in the   as the body of Christ, and get
                                                                                    they are challenged in their         world. Immersion trips allow        to know a new group of Hope
                                                                                    understanding of injustice and       students the ability to actually    students,.”
                                                                                    suffering.                           live out the teachings of Christ

                                                        Photos by holly EvEnhousE
Dance the night away— Marathon participants (top)
show off the line dance at the end of the 24 hours. the Dream
team (center) also performed the line dance. Miracle Families
(bottom) personally thank all the participants at the end of the
marathon during the “circle of hope.”

                                                                                                                  O F FAITH

                                                                                                            FFM2011                                                      MUSIC

                                                                                            The Civil Wars • Matisyahu • My Brightest Diamond
                                                                                                        Jon Foreman • Vienna Teng
                                                                                             ALSO • Gregory Wolfe • Luke Powery • Tom Beaudoin • David Dark
              Introducing the GVSU Full-Time                                                   • Ken Heffner • Agents of Future • Jessica Hopper • Just Pete •
            Integrated M.B.A. (FIMBA) Program.                                                        Sarah Masen • Brett McCracken • Jessica Misener
                                                                                                    John Van Sloten • Daniel White Hodge • ... and more!

       Good things come to those who don’t wait. GVSU’s accelerated
       14-month M.B.A. program is now available to recent business
       grads. Students receive a well-paid fellowship and opportunities
       to study in Washington, D.C., and abroad. Apply by April 15.
       Call 616.331.7400 or visit for more info.
MArch 16, 2011
                                     Sports                                                                                                                              The Anchor      11

Hockey finishes second in nation
Charlotte Park                       just give up, but instead we dug     good job of staying out of pen-          Wednesday. Fall had 39 points in
                                                                                                                                                          ThiS Week in SporTS
                                                                                                                                                         Women’s Tennis
                                                                                                                                                                                   March 16

Asst. sports Ediotor                 deep and mounted an amazing          alty. We just could not put away         27 games, with a season average        vs. Olivet at 4 p.m.
                                     comeback.”                           the rebounded and easy goals             of 80 percent win percentage on
   For the third time in nine           Other goals for Hope on Fri-      around the goal.”                        face-offs.                            Thursday                  March 17
years, the Flying Dutchmen           day were scored by Christian            Nowicki had a .901 save per-              These injuries took away 72        Men’s Tennis
concluded their season finish-       Leathley (’14), Jake Green (’13)     centage and a 2.4 goals against          points from Hope’s offense for         vs. Grand Valley at 3 p.m.
ing second at the American           and Kevin Deane (’14). Dave No-      average for the tournament.              the national tournament.
Collegiate Hockey Association        wicki (’12) did exceptionally well      “[Nowicki] was stellar all year           Despite not skating away with
(ACHA) Division III national         in net for the night, stopping 31    long and there is no doubt that          the National championship title
                                                                                                                                                                      in Brief
tournament held at The Edge Ice      of 34 shots.                         he held us in every game,” said          this season, the Dutchmen have
Arena in Holland last week.             Early Saturday, Hope posted a     LaDouce. “Our defense was ex-            a lot to be proud of when look-
                                                                                                                                                            Men’s tennis splits
   Hope bowed to the College         4-2 semi-final win over the Uni-     ceptional throughout the tour-           ing back on their season.
                                                                                                                       Chris Kunnen (’12) had a sen-
                                                                                                                   sational year and was a driving          The Flying Dutchmen defeat-
                                                                                                                   force to Hope’s offense, scoring      ed Oberlin 8-1 on Saturday, but
                                                                                                                   56 points in 27 games, earning        bowed to Elmhurst, Ill. 6-3. Ver-
                                                                                                                   first team all-conference, first      sus Oberlin, captain Jonathan
                                                                                                                   team all-national tournament,         Lautz (’11) at #2 singles defeated
                                                                                                                   conference MVP, and possibly          his opponent 6-4, 7-5 (13-11),
                                                                                                                   All-American honors.                  while Kevin Hagan (’11) and
                                                                                                                       “His leadership mentality will    Brad Boelkins (’11) at #3 and #4
                                                                                                                   definitely be the main thing we       singles also won their matches.
                                                                                                                   will feed off of in next year’s run   The #1 doubles team of Gabe
                                                                                                                   for the national title,” LaDouce      Casher (’13) and Alex Hughes
                                                                                                                   said.                                 (’12) also were victorious at 8-
                                                                                                                       The freshmen of the Flying        2, while the #2 doubles team of
                                                                                                                   Dutchmen were especially im-          Lautz and Parker Bussies (’14)
                                                                                                                   pressive this season, with every      had some close competition at
                                                                                                                   member playing a significant          9-8.
                                                                                                                   role in the team’s success.              Versus Elmhurst, Hughes
                                                                                                                       Riley Hoernschemeyer (’14)        took the win at #1 singles 6-0, 6-
                                                                                                                   stepped up in a big way last          3 along with Bussies who played
                                                                                                                   week, scoring a total of four         a three set match at #3 singles 6-
                                                                                                                   goals in the tournament.              7, 6-4, 6-3. Hughes and Casher
                                                                                                                       Kevin Deane (’14) led the         defeated their opponents 8-4 at
                                                                                                                   team in goals with 26, and fin-       #1 doubles, while Lautz and Bus-
                                                                                        photo by holly EvEnhousE   ished with 49 points on the year.     sies added another 8-4 win at #2
                                                                                                                       Looking back on their sea-        doubles. The men’s next indoor
BaTTling for possession— Two Hope players scramble for the puck in their final ACHA                                son, the Dutchmen are grate-          match is home Thursday versus
national championship game Saturday night vs. the College of Canyons, Calif. at The Edge Ice
                                                                                                                   ful for the leadership found in       Grand Valley at 3p.m at the De-
Arena in Holland. The Dutchmen were defeated 5-3, finishing second in the nation overall after
                                                                                                                   their four seniors. Captain Brett     Witt Tennis Center.
five tournament games.
                                                                                                                   Kopinski, Will Guerin, Michael
                                                                                                                   Bazydlo and Kyle Plachta left           tWo hope sWiMMers
of Canyons, (Calif.) 5-3 in the      versity of Central Florida gaining nament as well. Nick Cornicelli            a large impact on Hope’s team          qualify for nationals
championship game Saturday           them entrance into the national (’13) and Anthony Gasparotto                  throughout their careers.
night, bringing their overall re-    championship game.                 (’13) stepped up big and made                  The men of Hope’s team owe           Libby Westrate (’13) of
cord to 27-5- 1 for the season.          Goals from Cory Gowman plays that may not be noticeable                   much of their success to Van-         Grandville and Josh Grabijas
    “Our goal was to get to this     (’12), Chris Kunnen (’12), Justin to the average fan, but to us were          Timmeren who has an overall           (’13) of Howell will each com-
game and win but I am proud          Johnson (’13), and Riley Hoern- game changing plays.”                         record of 222-70-9-2.                 pete in three freestyle events at
that we never gave up and left       schemeyer (’14) led the Flying        Two key injuries greatly sti-               “Not only does he know            the NCAA Division III cham-
everything we had on the ice,”       Dutchmen to a 4-0 advantage fled the scoring of the Dutch-                    how to win, but he knows how          pionships to be held March 23-
said coach Chris VanTimmeren.        heading into the third period.     men in this tournament.                    to make each and every player         26 at the Allan Jones Aquatic
    The national tournament be-          Central Florida scored twice      Justin Glick (’14) was a third          believe in themselves, and be         Center in Knoxville, Tenn. Wes-
gan on Wednesday with pool           to cut the lead to 4-2 midway line center who had 33 points                   proud to wear Hope on their           trate enters the competition
play against Florida Atlantic        through the third period before in just 21 games when he went                 chest,” said LaDouce.                 as the MIAA champion in the
University whom the Flying           Hope clinched the win on Gow- out from a back injury in a game                    While VanTimmeren has             50, 100, and 200-yard freestyle
Dutchmen defeated 5-1.               man’s second goal of the game against UCF early in the second                 claimed three runner up titles        events, while Grabijas enters as
    Hope suffered a tough 1-0 de-    with six minutes left to play. semester.                                      over the years, the class of 2013     the MIAA champion in the 500-
feat on Thursday versus Robert       Hope ended with a 36-24 advan-        Second line center Court Fall           has set a personal goal of being      yard and 1,650-yard freestyle.
Morris University, forcing them      tage in shots on goal.             (’13) was also out after being hit         able to hand him a champion-
into a must-win situation.               While the Dutchmen un- from behind in the FAU game                        ship title before they graduate.         Men’s lacrosse opens
    Despite having an over-          for tunately                                                                                                           season With victory
whelming 48-16 advantage in          struggled
shots-on-goal, Hope failed to        putting the                                                                                                            The Flying Dutchmen kicked
capitalize allowing Robert Mor-      puck in the                                                                                                         off their season this past Sat-
ris to score with 4:50 remaining     net     versus                                                                                                      urday at Zeeland Stadium, de-
in the third period.                 the College                                                                                                         feating rival Calvin 20-1. Pieter
    The loss was only the fourth     of the Can-                                                                                                         Norden (’11) was unstoppable in
in 31 games for Hope and the         yons Satur-                                                                                                         net, allowing zero goals and con-
first time this season that an op-   day night, the                                                                                                      tributing five saves. Eric Weber
ponent held them scoreless.          five games of                                                                                                       (’11) led the team in points for
    Friday’s 4-3 win against the     the tourna-                                                                                                         the day with six goals, three as-
University of Colorado was an        ment were                                                                                                           sists, and 11 ground balls. Allen
incredible come-from-behind          filled    with                                                                                                      Campbell (’11) also earned three
victory for the Dutchmen.            non-stop de-                                                                                                        goals and three assists for the
    Hope trailed 3-1 with 15 min-    termination                                                                                                         Dutchmen, while Duncan Wie-
utes remaining in the third pe-      and excep-                                                                                                          rengo (’11) accounted for a goal,
riod before regaining strength to    tional perfor-                                                                                                      an assist, and six grounders. Josh
tie up the score. Caleb Digison      mance.                                                                                                              Kamstra also showed a stellar
(’14) blasted a shot from the blue       “ O u r                                                                                                         performance with two goals and
line to win the overtime thriller.   goaltending                                                                                                         three assists. Scott Bahash (’13)
    “When we were down 3-1, we       was great for                                                                                                       along with juniors Noah Bus-
stuck by one word ‘believe’ and      most of the                                                                                                         man, Ryan Holmes and Keegan
that’s what we did all week right    tournament,”                                                                                                        Aguilera anchored the defense
                                                                                                           photo by holly EvEnhousE
up until the last buzzer,” said      said VanTim-                                                                                                        for Hope.
Sean LaDouce (’13).                  meren. “We a juMp sTarT— Will Guerin (’11) clears the puck against College of the Can-
    “It would have been easy to      also did a yons on saturday.
12   The anchor                                                                  SportS                                                                               March 16, 2011

Baseball team sets goals for regular season
Jolene Jeske                                     niors and six juniors.                          game, and it’s something we have to a couple of spots that will be determined
SportS Editor                                        The strong leadership of the upper          talk about when preparing to move for- after the performances down South,”
                                                 classmen is something that Fritz is famil-      ward,” Fritz said. “We also have to look Fritz said.
   Coach Stu Fritz is entering his 18th          iar with.                                       at the nine games over break as mentally         With a solid season last year, the
season this year with 358 victories and              “It’s a typical roster, and a very good     preparing ourselves for a double header, Dutchmen are looking to not only cap-
                eight conference cham-           group of guys,” Fritz said. “The leadership     where you have to be mentally and physi- ture the MIAA championship but also
                      pionships under            will primarily come from the seniors and        cally ready.”                                 catch a bid into the NCAA tournament.
                         his belt. With          captains, but everyone is held account-             As the team mentally approaches pre-         But to get to that point the Dutchmen
                          experience             able for leading the team.”                     season as a regular season buffer, they have to patch up a few holes and tweak a
                          on his side,               With a strong and experienced team,         also look to gain confi-                                      few things from last year.
                            Fritz is look-       bonding seems as if it’s the last thing the     dence over break.                                                “We’re going to work

                            ing forward          Dutchmen need to work on.                           “I would say that we                                      on the little things this
                            to another               Instead they’re focusing on the             generally play better                                         season, hitting according
                             winning             strengths that will put them ahead of           teams in Florida, so it’s        Failure is a big             to the situation and hav-
                             season with
                              an experi-
                                                 their competition.
                                                     “Our team has very strong hitters and
                                                 pitchers,” Colton Bodrie (’11) said. “Our
                                                                                                 nice to come back from
                                                                                                 spring break with a good
                                                                                                 record because it’s defi-
                                                                                                                                  part of playing the
                                                                                                                                        —coach Fritz
                                                                                                                                                       “       ing our outfield positions
                                                                                                                                                               play stronger so there are
                                                                                                                                                               no dips or double plays,”
                                   team          freshman class is strong and some new           nitely a confidence boost-                                    Fritz said.
                                    of five      guys are going to be playing some impor-        er,” Derek Fairchild (’11)                                       Working on the little
                                      se-        tant roles this year. More importantly our      said.                                                         things seems like the
                                                 team is bonding and our team chemistry              The spring break trip to Winter Ha- ticket to an MIAA championship for the
                                                 is strong. This will all help us succeed in     ven, Fla. not only serves as an uplifting 18-season coach, but the beginning of the
                                                 this upcoming season.                           expereince, if all goes according to plan, regular season will truly tell if all the hard
                                                     Heading into the preseason games            but it gives the Dutchmen a chance to work over break really paid off.
                Graphic By Emily dammEr          over break, Fritz is focused on preparing       improve their overall game and test areas
                                                 the Dutchmen mentally for competition.          that need to be strengthened.
                                                     “Failure is a big part of playing the           “Our lineup is solidified, but there are

Baseball roster 2011                                                                             Softball roster 2011
  (1) Zach VanNoord (’12)                 2B       (17) Jon Ponte (’12)           C                (2) Stephanie Faber (’12)      OF             (15) Amanda Barker (’14)        IF
  (2) Jordan Carrigan (’13)               C/P      (18) Eric Dawson (’14)         3B               (3) Abby Phillips (’11)        C              (17) Amber Born (’14)           IF/OF
  (3) Chris Mattson (’12)                 SS       (19) Kevin Olson (’14)         SS               (4) Jo Forst (’13)             OF             (18) Suzie Stevenson (’11)      IF
  (4) Alex Hunt (’14)                     2B       (20) TJ Klein (’13)            OF               (5) Emma Page (’14)            IF             (22) Julia LaBounty (’14)       OF
  (5) Alex Luke (’13)                     P        (21) Derek Fairchild (’11)     P                (6) Laura Tjepkema (’13)       IF/OF          (23) Alyssa Hansen (’13)        IF/OF
  (6) Steve Esbin (’12)                   OF       (22) Ty Peterson (’13)         2B               (7) Kristin Higgs (’13)        SS             (24) Kori Nieuwsma (’11)        3B
  (7) Eric Zylstra (’13)                  P        (23) Drew Carmody (’11)        OF               (8) Cara Conrad (’14)          C/OF           (32) Michella Marra (’11)       P
  (8) Colton Bodrie (’11)                 3B       (24) Kyle Coggins (’14)        P                (11) Brooke Nienhuis (’12)     IF/OF          (33) Andrea Reinecke (’11)      P/2B
  (9) Steve Lewis (’11)                   C/DH     (25) Phil Haywood (’14)        P                (12) Molly Collins (’13)       IF/OF
  (10) Eric Sherman (’14)                 P        (26) Cory Schmidt (’13)        P
  (11) Josh Kranz (’14)                   OF       (27) Eric Vachon (’14)         C              Early season note:
  (13) Andrew Klinkman (’11)              P        (29) Joey Carty (’14)          2B
  (14) Adam Clements (’12)                P        (30) Jordan Herman (’14)       SS/OF                                 Finlandia Tournament All-Team
  (15) Danny Detmar (’12)                 1B/P     (31) Tom Tresh (’14) P         P                                              Andrea Reinecke (’11)
  (16) Curtis Drozd (’13)                 3B/C                                                                                    Kristin Higgs (’13)

Softball team focuses on bonding and building a foundation
Jolene Jeske                                     work on, but with the experienced play-         already played four games up in Mar-          senior Michelle Marra best defines one of
SportS Editor                                    ers we have it shouldn’t be hard to lay the     quette, which was a great start to the rest   those major strengths:
                                                 foundation.”                                    of our season,” Kori Nieuwsma (’11) said.        “We act and play like a team. Everyone
    Under the influence of new coach,               Relying heavily on senior players to         “We are practicing hard each day striving     has an important and different role on the
Mary Vande Hoef, the Dutch are looking           help set the tone for the season plays a        to improve with every opportunity. Our        team, which helps us to be who we are.
to burst into the regular season with good       large role on and off the field.                games in Florida will prepare us to play      We help each other out, pick each other
team chemistry and a winning record.                It’s important for preseason games to        outside. It will be awesome to return to      up and cheer each other on both on and
    Vande Hoef looks to set the tone for         build team cohesiveness and skill. Junior       Michigan ready to start the season in full    off the field,” Marra said.
this season by changing some things and          Brook Nienhuis knows exactly how im-            fledge against Carthage.”
leaving some as is.                              portant team building is.                           With high hopes from the offseason
    She looks to set a base line of expecta-        “Our inspiration for the year is all about   carrying into the game against Carthage,
tions for the women so that they can learn       being one body together. Each of us are         the team also looks to improve their over-                          Graphic By Emily dammEr
to expect good things from each other.           part of the body because we bring differ-       all record from the previous season.
    “We’re going to be fast paced and pro-       ent things to the table.When we put our             “I expect us to be a solid team this
ductive at all time on the field this year,”     talents together and support each other,        year,” Susan Stevenson (’11) said. “I think
Van Hoef said. “I want us to play hard           we are unstoppable,” Nienhuis said.             some of the teams that beat us last year
and compete every game. Pitching depth              Team chemistry this season looks             are going to be surprised at how much we
is something that we’re going to have to         like it won’t be a problem for the Dutch,       have improved since last season.”
                                                                             so this year’s          “Last year we were fourth in the con-
                                                                             spring break        ference, but I think if we keep playing and
                                                                             trip around the     hitting like we did in our tournament a
                                                                             States from Il-     few weeks ago, we’ll definitely be one
                                                                             linois to Penn-     of the top teams in the league this
                                                                             sylvania should     year,” Stevenson said.
                                                                             be     engaging         High hopes, great expecta-
                                                                             and pleasant        tions and team building this
                                                                             for the women.      season are pulling the Dutch
                                                                                Along with       toward a winning sea-
                                                                             team chemis-        son, and with plenty of
                                                                             try the players     leadership the MIAA
                                                                             look to prepare     championship is not
                                                                             themselves          far from reach.
   Hope College
                                                 HollAnd, MI 49422-9000
                                                                             both mentally           The team has
                                                 po Box 9000
                                                                             and physically      many strengths
   U.S. Postage
                                                 141 e 12tH St
                                                                             for the regular     coming into
                                                                             season.             the regular
                                                 Hope College
                                                                                “We have         season, but

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