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					How To Start Making Money

      By: Syberpro
Hey guys! I’m going to show you some money methods I learned and which I found I would
need to share with you guys I will try to make it as much noob friendly with a lot of images so
you can understand as much as possible!
                   Let’s Get Started!!
Method #1:

This method works with: Fileserve, FileSonic, and Hotfile …

In this method I will use Fileserve:

  1. You need to register Fileserve. If you would like to help me please register with if not just go and register to

  2. Once you have registered here comes the part where you will make your money!
     Go to now your going to search a music/program/game
     that everyone would want you can use these sites to help you find what people
     are really looking for. ( & (

  3. In this example I’m going to pick Virtual DJ Pro 7 so I’m going to search this on

4. Now click “Search” you should get plenty of results make sure on the side you
     check “Mediafire”

5.    Find the program that seems to be legit go on the mediafire link ( its does not
     mind if its more than 1 link , its actually better)Once you are the mediafire link
     right click “Click here to start download” and click “Copy link address” now you
     should have the direct link to download that file.

6. Head on to fileserve and click remote upload. Its right beside Split archives
     allowed (make sure you are logged in)

7. Now you’re going to paste your link you’re copied in that big white box. Enter
     your login info and press submit (I actually had to use and other version on
      Virtual Dj since all other links were dead)

   8. Once uploaded it should be in “My Files” Now get that download link and head on
      to try finding a popular warez forum usually forums with 5 stars are
      very active. I will use now go and register to the forum
      and go in the right section: If it’s a movie>Movie Section, If App > Application and
      so on… Make a thread post your fileserve link. In my thread I usually add in this

            Download link
Notice: The more files you post + the greater the file + the more download you get the
more money you get! Also the fun part about katz if the forum uploader decides to put
your thread in you could get a lot of download like these:

Alright this is one method!
Method #2:

This method is one I tried recently! It works for a lot of people!

   1. You will need a twitter account and a facebook account if you don’t already you
       can make your twitter account and your facebook
   2. Once registered your both accounts go to and register your account on this site if you don’t want to help me go to the
       non ref link here. Now login and you will see some products you can checkmark
       after than you will be taken to the main page looking a little bit like this

       As you can see everyone who clicks your link you will get that amount of money!
       Isn’t that great?

   3. Now chose an offer you can handle then click                         change the
       settings on the right as you like then click the big green button “Saves message”

   4. Now that ad/message will be posted on your twitter and facebook each click will
       get you the amount you chose! You can post that link in your forum signature, tell
       friends, put on your site there is many possibilities. Remember! Do NOT tell in
       your message “Click the link below” or something similar.
Method #3:

This method is not really making money but it might help for some of the methods you
use. To get a lot of followers use this method.

   1. Go to or if you don’t want to help me: and sign up! Once you sign up you will need to enter your
      interests I suggest you add these: YouTube, Google, twitter, facebook, and
      music. Now you will need to link your twitter with twiends link it and you will be
      taken to homepage which will look like next step

   2. To earn its simple you will get a page like this

       click “ +twined button “ each people earns you an amount of credits when you
   get about 200 credits head on to the settings and do following

3. Watch your followers grow! It’s easy as that… Come back daily and earn credits
   to get more followers. The more credits you offer the more you will get faster
   since it will appear 1st in the search and people want more credits so they can get
   followers too.

   Notice: You can also use this method to get some facebook page like and yo
                                Facebook tab.
   can also earn credits in the F
Method #4:

Here is a method you can get money if you have a lot of followers

   1. Make sure you have a twitter account with more than 50-100 followers your
      twitter account is older than 90 days and you posted more than 100 tweets then
      head on too

   2. Press the big signup button if you did not see it , it looks like
      xD then you will be redirect to a page you will need to click

                                      and sign in with your twitter account then click

   3. Then homepage will look like

       ( They had no tweets for me ) I chose the option to get email when they got
      offers but basically they will post some tweets on your twitter and you will be paid
      for that its that easy and simple.
Thank for reading my eBook I give you the rights to share my eBook but I
do not give the rights to sell neither to leech my method! I worked hard to
                    make this eBook so please enjoy it!

If you have any question or suggestion I should add in my eBook please
you can email me at or PM me or hackforum by
           going to the following site

I will be adding more methods as soon as I find
            working one and worth it!

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