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										 	 The	Boyce
                                                                                                                             Community College of Allegheny County/Boyce Campus
                                                                                                                                                                  Monroeville, PA
                                                                                                                                          Vol. 42 Issue 1 Monday, September 21, 2009

 CCAC to close during G-20 summit
   PITTSBURGH—All campuses and cen-                                                                the global economy and the international          system.
 ters of the Community College of Allegh-                                                          financial system.                                                 Achievements
 eny County will close Wednesday, Sept.                                                               The proposals made by the G-22 and the           The G-20 has progressed a range of is-
 23, through Friday, Sept. 25, due to the                                                          G-33 to reduce the world economy’s sus-           sues since 1999, including agreement about
 Pittsburgh Summit. All classes will be can-                                                       ceptibility to crises showed the potential        policies for growth, reducing abuse of the
 celled and college offices will be closed on                                                      benefits of a regular international consulta-     financial system, dealing with financial
 those dates.                                                                                      tive forum embracing the emerging-market          crises and combating terrorist financing.
    CCAC administration made the decision                                                          countries.                                            The G-20 also aims to foster the adop-
 to close due to anticipated transportation                                                          Such a regular dialogue with a constant         tion of internationally recognized standards
 difficulties for students, faculty and staff as   economic stability.                             set of partners was institutionalized by the      through the example set by its members in
 a result of the meeting of G-20 leaders in          By contributing to the strengthening of       creation of the G-20 in 1999.                     areas such as the transparency of fiscal pol-
 Pittsburgh. CCAC has no residential facili-       the international financial architecture and      The European Union, who is represented          icy and combating money laundering and
 ties; all students are commuters.                 providing opportunities for dialogue on na-     by the rotating Council presidency and the        the financing of terrorism.
    CCAC has campuses in the North Shore,          tional policies, international co-operation,    European Central Bank, is the 20th mem-                In 2004, G-20 countries committed to
 Monroeville, McCandless and West Mif-             and international financial institutions, the   ber of the G-20.                                  new higher standards of transparency and
 flin and centers in Bethel Park, Braddock         G-20 helps to support growth and develop-           To ensure global economic fora and            exchange of information on tax matters.
 Hills, Downtown, Homewood-Brushton,               ment across the globe.                          institutions work together, the Managing          This aims to combat abuses of the finan-
 Oakdale and Washington County.                                        Origins                     Director of the International Monetary            cial system and illicit activities including
                                                      The G-20 was created as a response both      Fund (IMF) and the President of the World         tax evasion.
              What is the G-20?                    to the financial crises of the late 1990s and   Bank, plus the chairs of the International             The G-20 also plays a significant role
    According to the official G-20 website:        to a growing recognition that key emerg-        Monetary and Financial Committee and              in matters concerned with the reform of the
 The Group of Twenty (G-20) Finance Min-           ing-market countries were not adequately        Development Committee of the IMF and              international financial architecture.
 isters and Central Bank Governors was             included in the core of global economic         World Bank, also participate in G-20 meet-            The G-20 has also aimed to develop a
 established in 1999 to bring together sys-        discussion and governance.                      ings on an ex-officio basis.                      common view among members on issues
 temically important industrialized and de-               Prior to the G-20 creation, similar         The G-20 thus brings together important        related to further development of the glob-
 veloping economies to discuss key issues          groupings to promote dialogue and analy-        industrial and emerging-market countries          al economic and financial system and held
 in the global economy.                            sis had been established at the initiative of   from all regions of the world.                    an extraordinary meeting in the margins
    The inaugural meeting of the G-20 took         the G-7. The G-22 met at Washington D.C.            Together, member countries represent          of the 2008 IMF and World Bank annual
 place in Berlin, on December 1516, 1999,          in April and October 1998.                      around 90 per cent of global gross national       meetings in recognition of the current eco-
 hosted by German and Canadian finance                 Its aim was to involve non-G-7 coun-        product, 80 per cent of world trade (includ-      nomic situation.
 ministers.                                        tries in the resolution of global aspects of    ing EU intra-trade) as well as two-thirds of          At this meeting, in accordance with the
                   Mandate                         the financial crisis then affecting emerg-      the world's population.                           G-20s core mission to promote open and
    The G-20 is an informal forum that pro-        ing-market countries.                              The G-20's economic weight and broad           constructive exchanges between advanced
 motes open and constructive discussion                Two subsequent meetings comprising a        membership gives it a high degree of le-          and emerging-market countries on key is-
 between industrial and emerging-market            larger group of participants (G-33) held in     gitimacy and influence over the manage-
                                                                                                                                                                          SEE G-20, PAGE 4
 countries on key issues related to global         March and April 1999 discussed reforms of       ment of the global economy and financial

 Boyce Campus to
 host first job fair
 September 29
      “A perfect place for job seekers
        to explore new and exciting
        employment opportunities.”
 By Pamela Nichols
                                      DIRECTOR OF CAREER SERVICES

          The Fall Job Fair will take place Tuesday, Sept. 29 from 9:30 a.m.
 to 1:00 p.m. in the Boyce Campus Student Union. Everyone is welcome.
 The Job Fair is FREE and open to the public.
      Companies who attended last year’s fair include Allegheny County,
 Commonwealth of PA, State Civil Service, Dollar Bank, PNC Bank,
 AFLAC, UPMC, University of Pittsburgh, Citizen’s Bank, Primerica, The
 Academy, Health South, Gateway Newspapers, Waddell and Reed, West
                                                                                                                                                                   PHOTO BY JOHN GODSHALL
 Penn Allegheny Health System, Jefferson Regional Medical Center, Mercy
                                                                                         Student Joe Gray (Hotel Management major) looks over the Job Fair posters with Career Services
 Behavioral Health, Highmark, HCR Manor Care, Home Instead Senior
                                                                                        personnel including Director, Pam Nichols (seated), Mary Ellen Roddy (center), and Employment
                                                   SEE JOB FAIR, PAGE 4                 Specialist Carol Johnson (right).

              WHAT’S INSIDE                             Calendar Highlights                                            Dean’s List - Spring & Summer
  PERSPECTIVES ......................PAGES 2 & 3       Sept. 23,24,25 — All CCAC campuses           The Dean’s list, which recognizes academic achievement, is announced at the end of each
    *REMEMBERING 9/11 *FIRST JOB LESSONS               and centers closed for the G-20                                            semester. As a full-time student, you will make the Dean’s list
    *BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH                     Summit                                                                      if you have accumulated 12 credits with a cumulative grade
  CCAC NEWS..............................PAGES 4 & 5                                                                                point average (GPA) of 3.50 or higher and received no “F”
                                                        Oct. 1 — Last day to apply for
     *WHAT’S CLOSING DURING THE G-20?                                                                                             grades and not more than one “W” grade during the semester.
                                                       December graduation
                                                                                                                                   Courses below 100 are not included inthe calculations of the
     *PHOTO GALLERY- NEW FACULTY,                      Oct. 15 —Mid-term grades
                                                                                                                                   Dean’s list GPA if you are a part-time student, you will be on
      READING CONTEST WINNERS, STUDENT                 available on CCAC Central                                                 the Dean’s list each time you have accumulated 12 credits with
       AUTHOR                                          eServices                                                                  a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher and have received no “F”
  BRADDOCK HILLS NEWS .....PAGE 8                      Oct. 19 —Spring 2010 registration                                                                      grades.
  STUDENT ACTIVITIES.............PAGE 11               begins
     *CROSS COUNTRY RACERS, ZOMBIES,                   Nov. 23 - 29 —Thanksgiving                                                                    SEE PAGES 6 & 7
     *GOLFERS                                          Break (Monday–Sunday)
Page                                                                                                                                                Monday, September 1, 009
 The	Boyce	
  In This Issue
         Tom	Babeo
      Ardis	Biancaniello
       Don	Breitbarth
        Gyn	Bradford	
       Dave	DeVenzio	
        John	Godshall
       Frank	Kaufman
     	Leelavati	Murthy
      Linda	Neubauer	
       Hilary	Pisula
         Linda	Rice
        Brianna	Stefan
      Dominique	Tolomeo

     Peggy K. Roche

     Faculty Advisor
     Imogene Hines

  The	Boyce	Collegian	is	
  the	official	newspaper	
  of 	the	Boyce	Campus	
    of 	the	Community	
   College	of 	Allegheny	
    County.		Opinions	
     expressed	in	this	
    newspaper	do	not	
  necssarily	reflect	those	                                                First Job Experience
   of 	the	faculty	or	the	
    administration	of 	            Valuable lessons can be learned from get-us-through college jobs
      Boyce	Campus.
                                   By Brianna Stefan                  register was 26(!) dollars short).     job as a hostess, and I absolutely       probably the most important
                                            BOYCE STUDENT                 Talk about throwing me out         love that job, and I plan to stay        people in the establishment (i.e.
                                                                      of my comfort zone. I was ridicu-      there throughout college.                Dishwashers, cooks...) then your
 Contact Information                 “We are featuring our orange     lously horrible at the job at first        Here are some of the other les-      job isn’t going to go as smoothly
    CCAC/	Boyce	                creamsicle milkshakes tonight—        (try months).                          sons I felt were valuable, and I’m       as you’d like it to go.
      Campus                    Henry will be your server—En-             Before almost every shift, I       sure you’ll appreciate them too:             6. Get an education. Un-
                                joy your meal.”                       considered quitting, and every             1. Pay attention to detail.          less an entry-level position is
  595	Beatty	Road
                                     Okay, so we have that milk-      time I clocked out, it was the best    Okay, so I’m still trying to get this    your passion, keep working hard
   Monroeville,	PA	             shake every day. And the manag-       thing in the world, let me tell you.   one down pat. But if you don’t,          until you achieve your career
       15146                    er just cut two people, so maybe      When I tell people how horrible I      someone notices.                         goals—It’ll be worth while. I’m
    724.325.6730                Henry isn’t your server—But           was, they normally say, “Oh, stop          Maybe it’ll be a person call-        looking forward to a career that
      E-mail:                   you’ll find that out as soon as Ka-   being so hard on yourself.”            ing in to complain that you for-         doesn’t require me to remember
                                tie instead takes your order.             Those people did not work          got a baked potato in his to-go,         the pancakes. ;)
                                     And I wasn’t intentionally or    with me. I swear, once I was pack-     or maybe the result won’t be as
                                unintentionally lying about that      ing a to-go order for a “wake-up       immediate, but someone will be
                                last part—I really don’t want to      special” of sorts, and I remem-        watching.
     Letters Policy                                                                                                                                       Consider working
                                have to summon the manager just       bered the butter and the syrup, but        The owner of our company
Readers	are	encouraged	to	
submit	letters	to	the	editor	
                                because your water was too cold       I forgot the pancakes.                 recently visited out store location,          for the Boyce
                                or your chicken tasted too much           How does someone manage to         and when coming up to the regis-                Collegian.
      by	print	or	e-mail.		
                                like chicken.                         do something like that, you might      ter after his meal, he picked up a
 ALL	letters	must	include	
                                     Don’t get me wrong—I do          ask. My answer: I have no idea,        crayon off the floor and handed it
   the	author’s	name	and	
                                care. I really do. Your desire not    but the customer wasn’t pleased,       to us to throw away. That was a
                                                                                                                                                               We need
    telephone	number	for	                                                                                                                                writers and office
                                to cook or do the dishes tonight      and neither was my boss.               BIG “Whoops, our bad” moment
   verification.	No	letters	
  will	be	printed	without	
                                keeps me employed—and I like              But then things started to             2. Patience. Some people,                managers. You
                                having a job...but it’s just that,    change. I used to have anxiety         no matter how nicely you treat              can gain valuable
 the	author’s	name.		The	
                                unless I handled your to-go order,    problems like you wouldn’t be-         them, will not be nice back. I             experience in both.
Collegian	reserves	the	right	
                                you might as well be talking to       lieve. (It took me a while to learn    think that there should be one day
  to	edit	such	material.	A	
                                the dishwasher because both she       how to answer the phone without        out of the year that people in the
drop	box	is	located	outside	                                                                                                                                 Interested?
                                and I had nothing to do with your     getting nervous), and making eye       service industry should be able to
    The	Collegian	Office,	
        Room	N-570.
                                dissatisfaction.                      contact and small talk with people     scream at customers without any                    E-mail
                                     That being said, I love my job   was almost unbearable.                 ramifications, but until that day            Peggy Roche
                                as a restaurant hostess, and I have       But, slowly, I overcame that,      comes, we should continue prac-    
    Advertisng Policy           learned a lot from my first job, so   when I never thought I would. I        ticing this virtue.
 The	Collegian	reserves	        much more than I could have ever      also stopped considering quitting          3. Leave personal prob-
    the	right	to	reject	
   advertising	which	it	
                                     When I applied last year to
                                                                      my job, and I felt proud of myself
                                                                      for that, too.
                                                                                                             lems at home. Come in, do your
                                                                                                             job, and leave Facebook at home.
 considers	objectionable	       a restaurant near my house, I             I eventually lost my job any-      Drama = Arg! Enough said.                      Deadline
    and	inappropriate	          checked DISHWASHER/BUS-               way (I wasn’t fired, I swear!) The         4. You can’t please every-
  for	a	college	student	        PERSON very deeply, but instead       establishment went out of busi-        one. In a society where people
       newapaper.               got HOSTESS/CASHIER.                  ness (Not because of me, I think...    want too much (Waterproof, yet
  Advertisements	that	                Ironic, because I a) Had no     though I’m not ruling out that my      washable       mascara...Tough-as-                 Friday
  discriminate	by	race,	
 creed,	color,	handicap,	
                                people skills and b) Have no math
                                skills (Okay so this part didn’t
                                                                      pop addiction caused them to go
                                                                      bankrupt....I really liked having
                                                                                                             nails, yet pliable glue, and so
                                                                                                             on...) everyone is not going to be
                                                                                                                                                                Oct. 9
  age	or	sex	will	not	be	       change much, except now my            free Mountain Dew, but hey, who        happy, no matter what.
        accepted.               registers are always even, unlike     wouldn’t?)                                 5. Appreciate the people
                                the first night I worked when the         Within a week I found another      in the back. If you don’t respect
  Monday, September 1, 009                                                   perspectives                                                                                    Page 

                                                                          Think Pink!
             Knowledge the greatest weapon in fight against cancer
                                                                                                                     phase (not dividing).                  destroy cancer cells onto which it
By Dominique Tolomeo                                                                                                   It is believed that because Cy-      is attached.
             BOYCE STUDENT                                                                                           toxan causes breaks in the DNA            Taxol, on the other hand, targets
                                                                                                                     of the cancer cells, they can’t        the rapidly growing cancer cells,

            ctober is the National                                                                                   divide and they die. Cytoxan is        sticks to them while they are try-
            Breast Cancer Aware-                                                                                     often combined with two other          ing to divide and prevents them
            ness month.                                                                                              drugs, Herceptin and Taxol.            from completing the division pro-
           This campaign that be-                                                                                      Because these cancer cells grow      cess.Most people fear chemother-
gan a few years ago was designed                                                                                     in uncontrolled fashions, Her-         apy because they have heard that
to focus the national attention on                                                                                   ceptin works on the surface of the     it can have horrible side effects.
this disease, as well as to chart                                                                                    cancer cell by blocking the chem-         The undesirable consequence
the progress of the new frontiers                                                                                    ical signals that can stimulate this   of chemotherapy affecting your
of medicine and of the treatment                                                                                     uncontrolled growth.                   body not related to the cancer is
options that are being offered to                                                                                      Genes are like instruction man-      commonly referred to as “a com-
the women who have developed                                                                                         uals that tell each cell of our body   plication of treatment” or side ef-
this horrible illness.                                                                                               to grow, what kind of cell to be-      fect.
      It is estimated that 182,000                                                                                   come and how to behave. Some              Some common side effects of
women and 1700 men will be                                                                                           of the cells have abnormalities in     the therapy are still the nausea
diagnosed this year with this dis-                                                                                   genes that tell the cell how much      and vomiting, usually occurring
ease, and more then 40,000 wom-                                                                                      and how fast to replicate.             within the first 72 hours of treat-
an and about 450 men will lose                                                                                         Most of the time, the cancer         ment. The eventual hair loss, as
their lives in the fight for their                                                                                   cells have too many copies of          well as the weakness and fatigue
survival.                              trapping bacteria, cancer cells or      catheter or port, are surgically      these genes with abnormalities,        are the general expectations.
     The word cancer refers to         other harmful substances.               placed in a large vein near the       causing the cells to grow and             The most serious and perhaps
changes in the body’s cells that         Lymph nodes may be as small           heart and can stay in place for       spread. Researchers refer to this      life threatening of all the symp-
cause them to grow out of control.     as the head of a pin or as large as a   long periods of time.                 as “overexpression.”                   toms are the decreased white
These cells can grow very fast         grape, and they are located in spe-       The VAD eliminates the need to        Some breast cancer cells make        and red blood cell counts. This
and spread, eventually crowding        cific regions around the body.          have smaller catheters repeatedly     these “overexpressed” too may          behavior could halt the treatment
out normal cells and damaging            If you were to have a throat in-      placed in arm veins, for the con-     copies of a particular gene known      plan until the body’s immune sys-
entire systems of the body.            fection, the lymph nodes in the         tinuous drug infusions.               as HER2 protein receptor. The          tem can be restored.
     Cancer can occur in almost        neck may swell and become ten-            Through research and devel-         HER2 receptors are like ears, or          As the patient moves beyond
any cell. It begins with damaged       der and of course react.                opment, the implementations of        antennae, on the surface of all        the initial shock and begins the
DNA, the building block of life          Most patients’ understanding of       multiple drugs are necessary for      cells.                                 personal journey of surviving
that controls all cell functions,      cancer is far less confusing than       the types of behaviors that certain     These receptors receive signals      cancer, the cancer patient has
including when to divide (repro-       the understanding of the current        cancer cells demonstrate.             that stimulate the cell to grow and    good reasons for optimism.
duce) and when to die.                 medical treatments associated             Cytozan is a chemical and one       multiply and tend to pick up too          Science and medicine continue
    When DNA is damaged, cells         with the different types of cancer      such drug that is used in combina-    many signals and start overpro-        to make tremendous progress in
can divide rapidly or outlive nor-     diagnoses.                              tion with other drugs. It has an      ducing.                                treating cancer. Chemotherapy
mal cells. Most of the time, the         In the case of breast cancer, the     interesting background; it was de-      This drug, Herceptin works by        is one of the most significant
body’s immune system recog-            majority of cases, or patients, as      rived from mustard gas and acts       attaching itself to the HER2 re-       advancements in the history of
nizes these damaged cells and de-      they preferred to be called, will       as an anti-tumor drug.                ceptors on the surface of the breast   medicine. For millions of peo-
stroys them.                           undergo a surgical procedure              Cytoxan works on cancer cells       cancer cell and blocks them from       ple, it has led to a higher rate of
    However, if this normal pro-       called, the Modified Radical            by damaging their RNA or DNA          receiving such signals, which can      survival, and with fuller, more
cess does not happen, a tumor can      Mastectomy.                             when they are in their resting        also alert the immune system to        productive lives.
grow. A tumor is a mass, or col-         This procedure requires that the
lection, of cells. Tumors can be       entire breast be removed as well
benign or malignant.                   as the axillary lymph nodes. A
    A benign tumor is non-cancer-      sample of tissue from the lymph              Student Health and the Flu
ous. They can grow, but they do        nodes will be taken within the af-
not invade surrounding tissues or      fected breast.                               CCAC is closely monitoring the H1N1 virus (swine flu) and the impact
travel to other areas of the body.       This additional tissue will be             it may have at the college this fall so that we may continue to provide a
Malignant tumors are cancerous.        biopsied, which is a process of
                                                                                    safe environment for quality education. Anyone can take simple measures
    They are very different from       observation to determine what
                                       type of cancer and the rate of its           to minimize the spread of the disease. These include washing hands
normal cells, cancer cells can in-
vade nearby tissues. They also         growth. If and when the patient              frequently, coughing or sneezing into the sleeve rather than hands or the air,
can travel to areas away from the      makes a full surgical recovery; a            getting the H1N1 vaccine when it is available and staying home when ill.
original site and grow in other        new round of additional therapies
parts of the body. This is called      will begin.                                  College officials urge students, faculty and staff with flu symptoms not to
metastasis.                                      Chemotherapy (chemi-               go to class or work. The college will attempt to assist students who must
      In the case of breast cancer;    cal therapy) is the general term             miss class due to the H1N1 virus to successfully complete their courses.
each breast is made up of 16-20        for any treatment involving the              Information and updates about H1N1 can be found at
lobes. The lobes contain many          use of chemical agents to stop
smaller lobules. The lobules con-      cancer cells from reproducing.
tain tiny glands that can produce        Chemotherapy is considered a
milk.                                  systemic treatment because it can            Child Development Club Fundraiser
        The milk flows from the        eliminate cancer cells at sites un-
lobules through thin tubes called      related to the original area.                The Child Development Club is selling The Pie Shoppe of Laughlintown
ducts to the nipple, where fat fills     Chemotherapy works by de-
                                                                                    Pies, Cinnamon Rolls, Pumpkin Rolls and Apple Dumplings. The
the spaces between the lobules         stroying the cancer cells. Unfor-
                                       tunately, the chemicals are unable
                                                                                    baked goods will be delivered on Tuesday, October 20th.
and ducts.
   The breasts also contain lymph      to differentiate between normal
vessels. These vessels lead to         healthy and fast growing cells,              Orders can be placed by stopping by the Child Development Center,
small, round organs called lymph       such as hair and blood cells.                N418 between 8 AM and 4 PM, before Tuesday, October 6th. Payment
nodes. Groups of lymph nodes             Many patients have visions of              is required at the time of ordering. Order forms are also located in the
are near the breast in the axilla      hot molten lava flowing through              Business Office, Student Accounts’ Office, and the Academic Dean’s Office.
(underarm).                            their veins, destroying anything             Order forms are also available at Braddock Hills Center front desk.
    The lymph nodes are a part of      in its path.
the lymphatic system, which car-         Chemotherapy is typically                  Questions can be answered by calling Ext. 6677.
ries lymph fluid, nutrients and        given in cycles, with rest periods
waste material between the body        between the cycles. A cycle can
tissues and the blood stream.          last one or more days. A cycle is
                                       typically given every week for up
                                                                                    Upcoming Bake Sales
  The lymphatic system is also
the important part of the immune       to four weeks and may consist of
                                                                                    Sept. 22 International Club Bake Sale—Front Hall, L5, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.
system, the body’s main defense        multiple cycles.
                                         If the chemo is given through
                                                                                    Sept. 24 Art Club Bake Sale—Front Hall L5, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
system against disease.
  The lymph nodes filter lymph         an IV, a vascular access device
fluid as it flows through them,        (VAD) , such as an implanted
  Page              CCAC		News           Monday, September 1, 009

G-20 Summit will close many schools throughout area
sues related to global economic
stability and growth, the Min-
isters and Governors discussed
the present financial market cri-
sis and its implications for the                                                               Membership
world economy. They stressed
their resolve to work together to         The G-20 is made up of the finance ministers and central bank governors of 19 countries including the USA:
overcome the financial turmoil
and to deepen cooperation to im-     •	    Argentina     •	   Brazil   •	   China         •	   Germany •	 Indonesia                   •	   Japan      •	   Russia
prove the regulation, supervision
and the overall functioning of the   •	    Australia     •	   Canada •	 France            •	   India          •	   Italy              •	   Mexico •	 Saudi Arabia
world’s financial markets.                                                                                         Turkey
                                                                       •	   South Africa                      •	

                                                                       •	   South Korea                       •	   United Kingdom
        Closures announced by Sept. 12, 2009. Others
            may have been announced since then.

                                                                   Job Fair scheduled                                                                 ATTENTION ALL

  •	 Amtrak trains will not have service in or out of
     the downtown Pittsburgh station from Sept. 24-
                                                                   at Boyce Sept. 29                                                                  DECEMBER 2009

                                                                   FROM BOYCE CAMPUS, PAGE 1                                                        Students who are eligible
     26, although trains will still pass through the
                                                                                                                                                      or think they may be
     city and passengers will be allowed to transfer to            Care, American Express Financial, Westmoreland Hospital, Edgewood
                                                                                                                                                     eligible for December
                                                                   Country Club, Robert Half International and Leed’s, just to name a
     connecting trains as long as they don't leave the                                                                                              2009 Graduation, should
                                                                                                                                                    schedule an appointment
     platform.                                                               Participants will be able to apply for many current and future
                                                                                                                                                   to meet with an Academic
                                                                   job opportunities including full and part-time positions, internships,
                                                                                                                                                     Advisor. The last day
                                                                   co-op and temporary employment positions.
     Government Offices                                                                                                                              to apply for December
                                                                             The recruiters will also distribute company and career
                                                                                                                                                   graduation is Oct. 1, 2009.
  •	 U.S. District Court for the Western District of               literature, collect resumes and conduct on-site interviews. The recruiters
                                                                   will also have a number of promotional gifts for participants.
     Pennsylvania -- the federal courthouse on Grant                         “Dress for success and bring your resume,” suggests Carol
                                                                                                                                                     You can schedule an
                                                                                                                                                   appointment by accessing
     Street -- will close Sept. 23 through Sept. 25.               Johnson, Employment Specialist in Career Services, Boyce Campus.
                                                                                                                                                   Appointment Central via
  •	 The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office Firearms                “This is a perfect opportunity to explore new and exciting opportunities
                                                                                                                                                    our website (www.ccac.
                                                                   with local companies, all under one roof.
     License Division will close Sept. 23 through Sept.                                                                                             edu) or at the Advising
                                                                             “Every employer who will be on site for the Job Fair is
                                                                                                                                                   Department Room S-561.
     25.                                                           looking for people to fill current openings with their company, and it is
                                                                   a fantastic way to get a job in your field.”
  •	 Pittsburgh City Council offices will be closed                                                                                                 Advising hours are 9-3
                                                                             Job Fair participants will also receive a copy of the Employer
     Sept. 23 through Sept. 25. Council members will                                                                                                  Monday – Friday.
                                                                   Directory, a valuable resource for job-hunters.
     be available via e-mail.                                                For more information, please contact Career Services at 724-

  •	 The First Lutheran Church in downtown                                                     GAP Scholarship Still
     Pittsburgh will close Sept. 23 through Sept. 25.
                                                                                               Available for Fall 2009
  •	   Pittsburgh Public Schools will dismiss early on                 The CCAC GAP Scholarship application period is now open. It is designed to
       Wednesday, Sept. 23, and will be closed Sept. 24                increase student learner success by providing financial assistance up to $500
       and Sept. 25.                                                   per semester to learners encountering unforeseen personal circumstances
  •	   Duquesne University will shut down Wednesday,                   which may prohibit them from continuing their education at CCAC, including
                                                                       such varied events as the loss of a job halfway through a final semester,
       Sept. 23, at noon through Friday, Sept. 25.                     the sudden inability to afford child care required to attend classes or being
  •	   Robert Morris University's downtown Pittsburgh-                 able to afford tuition but having difficulty financing the purchase of books.
       based center and the Bayer Center for Nonprofit
       Management will shut down Sept. 23 through                      How to Apply
       Sept. 27.                                                       The GAP Scholarship application is available online at www.ccac.
  •	   The entire Community College of Allegheny                       edu . Students may return completed applications to the Dean of
       County system will close Sept. 23 through Sept.                 Student Development Office at S571 or call 724-325-6651 for an
       25.                                                             appointment. The application deadline is the last day to withdraw from
                                                                       classes with a “W” grade each term – Oct. 26 for this fall term.
  •	   Carlow University will cancel all classes
       beginning after 4 p.m. on Sept. 23 through Sept.                Expenses Covered
  •	   Several schools in the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese              The CCAC GAP Scholarship would cover educational expenses such as books,
                                                                       supplies, supplementary materials and instruction, transportation, child care
       will have early dismissal on Wednesday, Sept. 23,
                                                                       costs and other essentials as approved by the application review committee.
       and no classes on Sept. 24 and Sept. 25.
 •	    The West Mifflin Area School District will be                   Eligibility Criteria
       closed because the school is located near the
       Allegheny County Airportwhere several G-20                      To be eligible for the CCAC GAP Scholarship, an applicant must:
       participants will be arriving on private planes.                • be a current CCAC student learner having completed a
                                                                       minimum of 15 credits with a minimum 2.0 GPA
 •	    The Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s Downtown                      • have completed the college’s financial aid application
       campus on the Boulevard of the Allies will close                process (Can be eligible or ineligible for financial aid)
       on Sept. 24 and 25 because of the G-20 summit.                  • maintain 12 credits with minimum GPA of 2.5 during the semester of award
       The school was scheduled for a break during that                • be degree or certificate seeking
       time, so no classes will have to be canceled.                   • be in good financial standing with the college.
  Monday, September 1, 009                                                 CCAC		News                                                                                  Page 

            Boyce welcomes new faculty                                                                            Student works on book
                                                                                                                  about county veterans

                                                                             PHOTO BY JOHN GODSHALL
      Deans Richard Allison (left) and Robert Farinelli (right) welcome new faculty to
     Boyce this fall: Marianne Trale and Liz Healey (l-r sitting) and Derek Handley and                                                                      PHOTO BY JOHN GODSHALL
     Denise Lake (standing).
                                                                                                                     Todd Murray (left), an e-commerce student at Boyce
Reading students at Boyce find that                                                                                Campus interviews an Allegheny County World War II
                                                                                                                   veteran in a project being mentored by John Godshall,
reading books pays off — literally                                                                                 Professor of Media Services at Boyce Campus. Mr.
                                                                                                                   Godshall has agreed to mentor Mr. Murray who has as-
                                                                                                                   sumed a project of collecting names, stories and pho-
                                                                                                                   tographs of the veterans who are eager to share their
                                                                                                                   stories for a new book.
                                                                                                                     Mr. Murray, with Phyllis Paciulli of the Penn Hills Se-
                                                                                                                   nior Center, plans to complete a book about the Veter-
                                                                                                                   ans from the Allegheny County area. Ms. Paciulli plans
                                                                                                                   to distribute the book to libraries such as the White
                                                                                                                   House and the State Capital as well as local libraries
                                                                                                                   in the area. This publication will include a “then” and
                                                                                                                   “now” photo of each of the veterans and their individual

                                                                                                                  I especially enjoyed the books       this contest, I plan to expand my
                                                                                                                  with lessons that can help others    reading list, and rather than just
                                                                                                                  to avoid making bad choices with     brushing certain books off, I’ll
                                                                                                                  their lives.”                        be more likely to pick up a book
                                                                                                                       Another scholarship winner,     and try it. You never know how
                                                                                                                  Terry Despotakis, an elementary      good a book can be until you try
                                                                                                                  education major, said, “It didn’t    it out!”
                                                                                                                  even feel like a contest to me
                                                                                                                  because I like to read, and when       SOTA
                                                                                                                  I saw the books selected for the
                                                                                                                  contest, I couldn’t wait to read       starting
                                                                                   PHOTO BY JOHN GODSHALL
   Reading winners include (front row L-R) Rose Owens, Rasim Abbasov, Terry Depo-
                                                                                                                     The benefits of regular reading
                                                                                                                                                         with active
 takis and (back row L-R) Cynthia Edmond, Kalubi Mutombo, Don Breitbarth (Reading
 Instructor), Kelly Ambrose, and Rosella Milchak (not pictured Qualyne Miller).
                                                                                                                  are beyond dispute. Regular
                                                                                                                  reading not only makes students
                                                                                                                  better readers, but also helps         SOTA started the semester
                                                                                                                  them to become better writers,         off and
By Don Breitbarth                      to read at least 10 books during      approved book, the students          speakers, listeners and thinkers.      running
     READING INSTRUCTOR                the spring 2009 semester (two         discussed the book with a member           Research also shows that         with a
                                       students read 20 books!).             of the reading faculty, who kept     regular readers score higher on        visit to the
          How many books have              There were a total of 60 books    a record of which books each         standardized tests and greatly         campus
you read in the past 12 weeks?         approved for the contest, and the     student read.                        increase their chances for school      by Cathy
     A surprising number of first-     titles ranged from classics by           Once the students successfully    and job success.                       Dolhi,
year college students would tell       Mark Twain and Charlotte Bronte,      read and discussed their 10 books,       Reading is also fun and can        President of Pennsylvania
you that they have never read a        to contemporary fiction, historical   they were eligible for a $100        provide a reader with a deeper         Occupational Therapy
book from cover to cover in their      biographies, inspirational, and       cash scholarship from Townsend       and richer understanding of the        Association(POTA). This
entire lives – despite the enormous    self-help titles.                     Press – provided the student also    human condition. Needless to           informational meeting
benefits of regular reading.                Kalubi Mutombo, a first year     successfully completed their         say, the time students invest in a     was to introduce first and
       With that in mind, the          nursing student at Boyce, read a      developmental reading course.        good book will pay dividends for       second level students to
developmental reading students         total of 12 books and said she had    Students who read and discussed      the rest of their lives.               American Occupational
at CCAC’s Boyce campus were            serious doubts about whether she      20 books received a $200 cash          Kelly Ambrose, an occupational       Therapy Association and
challenged to read at least 10         could do it, “Never in a million      prize.                               therapy major, may have said it        Pennsylvania Occupational
books as part of the Townsend          years did I think I could read so         The first student to reach 20    best, “For some, the contest was       Therapy Association and
Press      Reading       Scholarship   many books in that short a time!      books was Cynthia Edmond. Ms.        just easy cash, but for me, the        give them an idea what
Contest.                               But once I started the contest, I     Edmond, a business management        contest opened me up to different      these organizations are
   I am happy to tell you that eight   was hooked!” she said.                major and avid reader, said, “The    books that I never thought about       about and what they do
hard working students managed                 Upon completion of each        variety of books was really great!   picking up at the bookstore. After     for the world of OT.
 Page                                                                                                                    Monday, September 1, 009
                                                             		Dean’s	List
                                                         Spring 2009
                                                                                                     Tamika Rutherford          Julie    Watt
                                                                                                     Cynthia Sabat              Jessica Weale
                                                                                                     Lauren Sabock              Janelle Webb
                                                                                                     Christine Sadowski         Leslie Weinell
                                                  Leslie Goheen                John     Marron       Achille Salerno            Andrew Wellman
                                                  Jaime Goodwin                Angela Marsh          Rebecca Sanner             Maryann Wetmore
                                                  Gopi     Gopaulthiagarajan   Eileen Marutiak       Georgia Sarantinoudis      Patricia Whitaker
                                                  David Gornall                Patricia Massimino    Michelle Sarkozi           Daniel Williams
                                                  Bethann Greer                Debra Maurizi         Robert Sassi               Kreig Williams
                                                  Ralph Greider                Brian Mauro           Matthew Sauter             Tasha Williams
                                                  Samantha Grieve              Caroline Mayger       Justin Sawhill             Therese Williams
                                                  Michael Grove                Cody Mcclelland       Caitlyn Sboray             Mary Wilps
                                                  Joseph Gumbosky              Caitlin Mcdonald      April Scarberry            Adam Wilson
                                                  Matthew Hails                Wyatt Mcqueen         Angela Scatena             Dawn Wilson
                                                  Calvin Hall                  Andrew Mcwhinney      Kelly Schreib              Susan Womer
                                                  Sandra Hann                  Kathryn Messina       David Schreiber            Katherine Woodward
                                                  Kaitlin Harrison             Tina     Metzler      Kathryn Schultz            Cynthia Wu
                                                  Paulette Harry               Sarah Milko           Brandie Sciolla            Mark Wunderly
                                                  Kaitlin Hartman              Susan Miller          Vicki Scott                Melissa Wynn
                                                  Paula Hawn                   Rachel Milliken       Andrea Sedilko             Jing     Xu-seeger
Rasim Abbasov              Stephanie Cirner       Dorothy Hayes                Natalya Mishkova      Brian Segriff              Dominic Yount
Nancy Abbott               Tudor Cisloiu          Tamia Hayes                  Zachary Moore         Justin Segriff             Zachary Zeli
Alyssa Aiello              Peter    Clark         Jessica Hayko                Shari Morgan          Kathi Sekara               Amanda Zenuh
Patricia Airhart           Lavel Claytor          Karen Heim                   Warren Morgano        Paula Sever                Robert Zientara
Olayinka Akinmerese        Michele Cline          Joel     Heinbaugh           Margaret Mulwa        Shane Shafferman           Justine Zollner
Deanna Aliberti            Kendra Coho            Devon Hickman                Paul     Mwambu       John     Sheldon           Toni     Zottola
Katelyn Allman             Amber Coletta          Rachel Hohman                Daniel Negri          Thomas Shilling
Agnes Anderson             Tamara Collins                                                            Stephanie Shiner
April Andriscin            Nickol Constantine
                                                  Jacob Holeczy
                                                  Stephen Holeczy
                                                                               Ellis    Neilly
                                                                               Donna Nelson          Jordan Shirey             First Summer
Heather Andrus             Caitlyn Conte                                                             Rebecca Shriver
Charles Arelt              Bilal    Cook
                                                  Matthew Hordubay
                                                  Bernard Humbles
                                                                               Jessica Nelson
                                                                               Lauren Nespoli        Carolyn Siatkosky          2009 Dean’s
Mark Arnold
Antonia Askew
                           Andrew Cordisco
                           Nicole Corso
                                                  Belinda Hurlbut              Lindsay Nolan         Diane Silva
                                                                                                     Maria rosario     Silva
                                                  Michael Hyde                 Lauren Nyalka
Joshua Atchison            Neia     Covington     Jeanne Ianni                 Robbert O’daffer      Richard Sima               Kyle     Allen
Valerie Austin             Spencer Craig          Nicholas Iorio               Kevin O’leary         Janet    Simmons           Oana Apostolescu
Vincent Azzara             Janet    Cronin        Sarah Ireland                Denise O’malley       Ashlee Simonetti           Megan Baker
Kristina Backoefer         Carter Crosgrove       Megan Isaacs                 Marie Ohodnicki       Scott    Skarupa           Brian Barnett
Sydney Baird               Laura Cross            Debra Isaiah                 Christine Olszewski   Bethany Slaugenhaupt       Frank Boxley
Chelsea Balawejder         Mary Cross             Alfiya Ishmukhametova        Jacquelyn Orris       Shane Slobada              Kimberly Bradford
Nicole Baldauf             Tiffany Cummings       Elizabeth Jaffe              Melissa Packowski     Kathryne Smith             Tzveta Bradley
John      Balik            Ryan     Cupps         Marc Jaroudi                 Kayla Pail            Talon Smith                Veronica Bucci
Alexandra Barron           Lori     Dague         William Jaroudi              Christina Palombi     Nicole Snyder              David Byers
Jacqueline Barto           Brenda Daniels         Vincent Johnson              Patricia Panuccio     Maryann Sobota             Yvette Caviness-Kelley
Jill Beers                 Rachel Davis           Christopher Johnston         Rhonda Paredes        Shawna Sommers             Kelly Cervone
Kate Beers                 Michael Dayton         Nichole Jones                Lucas Park            Sheena Souder              Dawn Cesaratto
Lee Belback                Julia    Depascale     Sharon Jones                 Michael Parks         Kristyn Spanik             Peter    Chase
Joette Bell                Kelli    Dethomas      Timothy Jones                Jessica Parrish       Philip Spina               Cory     Citriniti
Jonathan Beringer          Tina     Denardo       Lauren Kallenbaugh           Pamela Patalsky       Shawn Spragg               Ryan     Condarcure
Corrie Berk                Alecia Denillo         Lori     Kamauf              Nishtha Patel         Charlene Spriggs           Amanda Copeland
Richard Beymer             Terrence Despotakis    Mary Karchella               Rush     Paul         Brianna Stefan             Andrew Cordisco
D’anne Bico                Courtney Devita        Joseph Kasper                David Pawlowski       Zachary Stelling           Angela DelleDonne
Starzy Bisker              Robin Diaz             Brittany Kearney             Jessica Peretic       Mary Stevens               Jennifer Desarno
Roxianne Blair             Wallace Diethorn       Katherine Kearns             Brittney Pero         Stephanie Stitt            Jaclyn Durick
Chelsea Bonaddio           Jeffrey Dietz          Cheryl Keller                Roman Phillips        Diane Stokum               Mary Fairley
Erica Bonelli              Jennifer Diperna       Mandi Keller                 James Pifko           Michael Stover             Deborah Faux
Alexandra Boneva           Leonard Dixon          Clara Kelley                 Richard Pitschman     Shannon Strellec           Nicholas Figel
Alexander Bonfiglio        Terri    Donaldson     Stephanie Kelley             Leah     Pocratsky    Susan Strzesieski          Colleen Finley
Jonathan Borland           Lisa     Doppelhauer   Sean     Kerr                Samuel Polinsky       James Sudduth              Shauna Frill
Maryann Borowitz           Alyssa Doudna          Benjamin Kessler             Tammy Pommer          Edward Susalla             William Gallaher
Carrie Bortz               William Drischler      Thomas Kimball               Calvin Pope           Richard Susalla            Cathy Gao
Adam Bost                  Edward Dudzinski       Perry King                   Sean     Potts        Mi-seon Sutherland         Ana      Gelotti
Jonquil Boston             Gloria Duffy           Michael Klein                Julie    Powell       Kirsten Szekely            Jessie Hall
Zachary Bouchat-friedman   Jared Duffy            Michael Klimko               Kerwin Powell         Kara     Tamburro          Sanya Hart
Shannon Bradburn           Angel Dzhenkov         Valerie Kline                Erin     Price        Jennifer Tarr              Jami     Hatch
Tzveta Bradley             Brian Ehrlichman       Daniel Klueg                 Margaret Rafferty     Tiffani Tatko              Courtney Hoole
Corey Brahm                Ashley Eiler           Lyda     Koeser              Rebecca Raible        Maria Tedeschi             Darlene Hovis
John      Brainard         Sean     Ernst         Ryan     Kofford             Rachel Rainey         Laurence Tell              Craig Huber
C         Brammer          Michael Evans          Lara     Kokales             Andrea Ramler         Jonathan Terry             Sarah Ireland
Jamie Brandon              Michelle Falcone       Glenn Kopec                  Ellanora Ramsey       John     Thompson          Meghan Jablonski
Matthew Brinson            Tracey Feagins         Jessica Kostelec             Mark Ratajeski        Tracey Tickle              Ebbanee Jimenez
Marissa Broadus            Tara     Fiscus        Kristee Kowalski             Keonna Rawlings       Madelon Tieman             Carla Johnson
Timothy Broderick          Emily Fitchwell        Jeff     Kozlosky            Michael Reber         Jonathan Timmons           Ian      Klink
Emily Brown                Conor Flaherty         Ronald Krall                 Sarah Rechichar       Joshellen Tolbert          Erica Koelsch
Lauren Brown               Zachary Fletcher       Danielle Krivoski            Jessica Rees          Nickisha Tooks             Diane Kugler
Elizabeth Brozek           John     Float         Joshua Kwiatkowski           Catherine Reid        Tucker Trainor             Carley Lang
Eric      Brugh            Stephanie Flory        Nicole Lacava                Stacey Rerko          Keisha Trowery             Dawn Leeper
Eugene Brzozowski          Jared Ford             Donald Lachie                Vicki Rerko           Ryan     Uzzo              Deborah Lippert
Thomas Bullen              Leah     Ford          Orlando Ladson               Kristine Riberich     Lena     Valare            Sara     Livesey
Carrie Bumbaugh            Robin Fowler           John     Lange               Wayne Richter         Terri    Veltre            Angela Loughner
Rhonda Burns               Ashley Francis         John     Layman              Laura Rickert         Andrea Vergara             Caitlin Maloney
Melissa Burrell            Susan Frey             Grace Lentz                  Linda Riley           Sheree Vergerio            Kelly Mansfield
Harvey Butts               Ryan     Fricke        Katlyn Lightner              Katelyn Risher        Taryn Veri                 April Marchek
Kimberly Buzzelli          Allison Furey          Laura Lininger               Ashley Roberts        Lora     Verner            Alan     Martin
Robert Calhoun             Karen Garland          Christy Lishego              Kristin Roberts       Ashley Verrengia           Dawn Matthews
Stephen Callihan           Wanda Gary             Ashley Lorent                James Robertson       Jennifer Versino           Karen McKissock
Zhihua Cao                 Elizabeth Gee          Dustin Lowes                 Peter    Rogers       Nathan Vertosick           Kelsey McKissock
Kristin Caputo             Nicole Gegick          Erin     Lowry               Amie Rogowski         Meghan Voelker             Thomas McQuin
Shane Cartia               Nicole George          Candice Lupyan               Margot Romero         Brooke Wade                Horia Merches
Kayla Caruso               Linda Gershater        Holly Lyons                  Carlo Rometo          Virginia Wadleigh          Karen Michel
Daniele Chahoy             Rachel Geyer           ClaireMacdonald              Julie    Roth         Sandra Wallace             Peter    Mikhnyuk
John      Charney          Matthew Gisoni         Kathryn Mackowick            Heather Ruffolo       James Walsh                Kimberly Millender
Christy Chesher            Jeffrey Gluckson       Maria Magnotta               Corina Rupert         Sara     Ward              Jennifer Miller
Bethany Chiarizio          Michael Godleski       Ethan Markel                 Megan Rusk            Danielle Washington        Alma Morris
 Monday, September 1, 009
                                               Student	Life                                                                                 Page 

Lorraine Murphy
Brandy Mysliwiec
                                       Student Life Welcomes Students Back!
Saralinda Newbury
William O’Neill                                                                                                               Phi Theta
Samuel Olechovski
Tamara Oliver
Kimberly Ostrawski
Anita Paesano
Jennifer Pecorari                                                                                                             Chapter -CCAC
Whitney Ponczak
Stefania Pricer                                                                                                               Boyce Campus
Nicole Pristera
Maresa Proverbs Ward                                                                                                          —Office of
Edward Radecki
Candice Rae
                                                                                                                              Student Life
Laurel Raines
Ryan     Rentler
Wayne Richter                                                                                                                 Information and
Heather Riddle                                                                                                                Upcoming Dates:
John     Robinson
Kristen Rodgers                                                                                                               Sept. 15 thru Sept. 30,
Andrew Ross                                                                                                                   2009 – Honor Students
Omar Saleem                                                                                                                   who meet eligibility
Sandra Schmidt                                                                                                                requirements will receive
Timothy Segina                                                                                                                Membership Invitations to
Carla Sherry                                                                                                                  join Phi Theta Kappa, the
Ashlee Simonetti                                                                                                              International Academic
Jacquelyn Stange                                                                                                              Honor Society of Two-year
Rachel Stearns                                                                                                                Colleges. Membership
Amanda Steinhauser                                                                                                            is by invitation only.
                                                                                                   PHOTO BY LINDA NEUBAUER
Jennifer Stokes
Linda Tabb                     “Captain Jack” (L) from Funny Fotos photographs student Miki Sarkozi as Dick Tracy             Honor students must have
Paula Takosky                 during Student Life’s Welcome Back fesitivities. “Funny Fotos” entertained students in the      a 3.50 or better cumulative
Christopher Taylor            Union during the first week of classes here.                                                    QPA, completed 12 or
Lana     Tebbets                                                                                                              more credits at CCAC and
James Todd                                                                                                                    be currently enrolled in
Robert Trayers                                                                                                                CCAC classes this semester.
Keisha Trowery                                                                                                                Please open your U.S. Mail
Kelly Uhring                                                                                                                  from CCAC promptly!
Christina Vongeis
Samantha Wallace                                                                                                              Our first chapter meeting of
Nicole Walton                                                                                                                 the semester was held Sept.
Michelle Weber                                                                                                                16. All lifetime members
Tracey Wilson                                                                                                                 on campus this semester are
Angela Wiskeman                                                                                                               welcome to attend chapter
Katrina Wyant                                                                                                                 meetings which will be
Evan     Zajdel                                                                                                               hosted on the 1st and 3rd
Courtney Zelinsky                                                                                                             Wednesdays of each month
Brock Zwierzelewski                                                                                                           through the Fall 2009
                                                                                                                              semester from 1:00-2:00
  Second                                                                                                                      pm in the Corner Pocket
                                                                                                                              Conference Room in the
  Summer                                                                                                                      Student Life Office, S521.

2009 Dean’s                                                                                                                   Sept. 30, 2009 – (Wednesday)
                                                                                                                              Blood Drive with the
    List                                                                                                                      American Red Cross in the
Joseph Brown                                                                                                                  Student Union from 9:00
Elizabeth Butler                                                                                  PHOTO BY FRANK KAUFMAN      am to 2:00 pm. Please
Rena     Carrera            Greg Joseph of The Clarks preformed in the Student Union on the first day of fall semes-          donate and help save lives!
James Comunale
                          ter classes, August 17, 2009, thanks to Student Life.
Martha Conners                                                                                                                Oct. 16, 2009 – (Friday)
Neia     Covington                                                                                                            Orientation for potential
Tiffany Cummings                                                                                                              New Members in the
Zachary Fleming                                                                                                               Student Union from 7:00
Dana Grubbs                                                                                                                   pm to 9:00pm. Additional
Edward Hoffman                                                                                                                information about this
John     Johnson                                                                                                              event will be included
Amanda Judge                                                                                                                  in the Membership
Djeda Kalassa                                                                                                                 Invitation mailing.
Laura Karelitz
Laura Keller
Tara     Klingensmith                                                                                                              INTRAMURAL
Irina    Lazjkova                                                                                                                   Champions
Preston Lenigan
                                                                                                                                     Fall 2009
Dustin Lowes
Cody McClelland
                                                                                                                              Food Fun
Blaine McClendon
                                                                                                                                      Caleb Roach
Sarah McLaughlin
                                                                                                                              Pig Sty
Danielle Myers
                                                                                                                                      Jessica Pfauth
Maitram Nguyen
                                                                                                                              Gas Usage
Heather Nicholls
                                                                                                                                      Chuck Winkler
Kristopher Phillips
                                                                                                                              Coin Toss
Susan Premozic
                                                                                                                                      Amanda Kranick
Moshe Reich
                                                                                                                              Pins in the Bottle
Katherine Rutherford
                                                                                                                                      Brian Sharpley
Charles Saybel
                                                                                                                              Miniature Golf
Deanna Shirley              “Here are some of the trophies that you can win by participating in the Boyce Intramural
                                                                                                                                      Dave DeVenzio
Frank Sparano             program. There are over 30 activities offered per semester. You can win one of the pictured         Long Drive
John     Stephans         trophies by playing chess, predicting football, joining the table tennis tourney or participating           John Hanna
Tucker Trainor            in the family feud, just to name a few. For more information visit the intramural office located    Home Run Hitter
Annette Ward              at S-523.”                                                                                                  Markita Ero
Robert Zientara
                                                         Braddock	Hills/CCAC	News                                                              Monday, September 1, 009

     Returning to College                                                                            BHC enrollment up
        After attending CCAC
     Braddock Hills Center from
     2004 until spring of 2006, As a
     single mother of three I needed
     to put my education on hold.
        I have returned Fall of
     2009. This time I applied to
     be a work-study and to my
     surprise I was hired. As a
     customer service assistant.
        This gives me the
     opportunity to give back
     by greeting my fellow students and assisting them in
     getting settled in. When I’m not greeting, I study. I’m back
     as though I had never missed a beat. Thank You to the
     staff of the Braddock Hills Center for granting me this
     opportunity to share and to welcome others to come and
     experience the joy of continuing my college education.
              Thank you CCAC Braddock Hills Center Staff !
                                                              Linda Rice, student
                                                                                                                                                       PHOTOS BY JOHN GODSHALL
                                                                                               Smart Start Orientation for New Students at Braddock was one indication
                                                                                               of the major increase in new enrollment at Braddock Hills Center for
            Disney World: The Internship                                                       Fall 2009. Photo shows (L-R) Roslyn Price , BHC Student Council
                   of Your Dreams                                                              Rep as the MC, Dr. Charles Martoni , President of Boyce Campus and
                                                                                               standing is Dr. Charles Bostaph, Dean of Student Development, Boyce
                                                                                               Campus and Elisa Beckstein, student speaker graduate of CCAC.

                                                                                                      Student Engagement Workshops
                                                                                                       held at Braddock Hills Center

My roommates and I (at Minnie’s right) posing with Mickey
and Minnie at our Disney College Program Graduation.

By Hilary Pisula
                                   Disney College Program Campus Representative

        Walt Disney once said, “You can dream, create, design and build the most
wonderful place in the world…but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”               By Ardis Biancaniello
                                                                                                                           Financial Representative/Special Projects Coordina-
          In the spring of 2007, I began my career with the Walt Disney Company as a                                                  tor Boyce Campus/Braddock Hills Center
College Program student. Interning at the World of Disney store Downtown Disney and
as a “Fairy Godmother-in-Training” at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, I made a tight knit
group of friends from around the world. My favorite part about work was seeing the               Three consecutive workshops were provided at Braddock Hills Center
smiles on guests’ faces. I knew that I was a cause of these smiles and a part of their once-   for new and returning faculty. After a brief introduction by Gyndolyn Brad-
in-a-lifetime trip to Walt Disney World.                                                       ford, Braddock Hills Center Assistant Dean, a welcome was given by Dr.
          During my program, I lived in Disney housing. My three bedroom apartment             Charles Martoni, the President of Boyce Campus.
was beautiful, complete with a full kitchen, living room, dining room, walk-in closets           Mary Kate Quinlan, from the Office of Planning and Institute Research
and even a balcony. My roommates from around the country and I spent many days                 presented a workshop on Student Engagement in the Classroom. Faculty
swimming in our pool and working out in our gym. We became best friends through                were able to ask questions and share ideas that worked on engaging
the housing activities Disney provided, such as Grocery BINGO and Night of Stars and           students in class.
playing in all the theme parks.                                                                  Another workshop on using Kurzweil was presented by Ed Adams from
          Also while in the Disney College Program, I took one of many accredited classes
                                                                                               Supportive Services, Boyce Campus.
Disney offers to students completing internships. In my class, I learned about the art of
storytelling at the Magic Kingdom and was even able to network with many Disney                  The final workshop on Student Success at Braddock Hills Center was
leaders.                                                                                       delivered by Juresha Sadie” Peoples, Student Services Coordinator at
          But, most of all, my adventure while in the Disney College Program was fun!          Braddock Hills Center.
I made many new friends and memories that will last a lifetime, while getting great              Participants requested additional workshops on Student Engagement.
internship experience with a Fortune 100 company. I would not trade that opportunity at
“The Happiest Place on Earth” for the world, and I would go back in a heartbeat.
          Altogether, after completing my Disney College Program, I realized that Walt                                           F.Y. I.
was right. It does require people to make the dream a reality. I am truly honored to be one              Located in the Braddock Hills Shopping Center, 250 Yost Boulevard,
of those people. You could be one of those people, making dreams come true everyday,              the state-of-the-art instructional facility called the Braddock Hills Center
too.                                                                                            contains seven classrooms, three computer labs and a video conference lab.
          To make your dreams become a reality and learn more about the Disney                    Courses offered at the center are a strong foundation for any of CCAC’s
College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and the Disneyland                      certificate or degree programs. Students can take a number of college
Resort in California, attend our on-campus presentation on Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009                    classes including math, English, history, psychology and a variety of
at 2 p.m. in room 413/415.                                                                            general electives. In addition to regularly scheduled credit classes,
          If you have questions about the Disney College Program or would like to talk to           the center offers Community Education courses and opportunities for
the author of this article, please e-mail Hilary at                         customized workforce job training for corporations and businesses.
  Monday, September 1, 009                                               Feature                                                               Page 9

Each CCAC campus recognizes, honors special employees
      2009 Awards
          A major component of the CCAC
Professional Development Program is
the Campus Recognition and Rewards
Program. Each campus is able to recognize
employees who devote their time and
efforts to make CCAC a learning-centered
          The Spirit Award is presented
to an individual whose attitude, work,
and achievement has had a positive
effect on others. This individual has an
exceptional ability to foster collaboration,
communication, and cooperation among
          The “Go the Extra Mile Award”
is awarded by each campus to express
appreciation and acknowledge employees
for their good deeds, great ideas,
genuineness, and selflessness.

        The winners of the 2009 Campus
Recognition Awards are listed below.
             Boyce Campus
              Spirit Award
              Roy Hollatz
            Extra Mile Award
         Gerry Berkowitz, Suzie
         Shore, Susan Guerrini

              South Campus
               Spirit Award                                                                                                              PHOTO BY JOHN GODSHALL
                   Linda Ferriss                 The 2009 recepients of the Extra Mile Award are (l - r) Gerry Berkowitz, Susan Guerrini, and Suzie Shore, all
             Extra Mile Award                   adminstrative assistants who work for faculty and academic deans on Level Four.
                 Debbie Phillips

           Allegheny Campus
               Spirit Award
                                                  COMMUNITY COLLEGE OF ALLEGHENY
                  Kristin Spiker
            Extra Mile Award                      COUNTY
                 Linda Hickman

              North Campus
                                                  GO THE
               Spirit Award
                      Lil Faloon                  EXTRA MILE
             Extra Mile Award
                 Bill Minsterman                  AWARDS PROGRAM
Honors                                            I would like to recognize________________________________
Program                                                                                   (Name)

Students                                          From________________________________________________
                                                                      (Campus/College Center)
Offer Free
                                                  For going the extra mile by________________________________________________
Peer Tutoring                                     ______________________________________________________________________
          In hopes of increasing retention        ______________________________________________________________________
and assisting with the Achieving the Dream        ______________________________________________________________________
initiative, the Honors Program is offering a
one-credit service learning experience in         ______________________________________________________________________
which Honors students provide tutoring to         ______________________________________________________________________
students enrolled in developmental read-
ing, math and English courses.
          The tutors participated in tutoring
training conducted by Donald Breitbarth,
Developmental Reading Ed-Tech and Sup-
plemental Instruction Coordinator.                Name:__________________________________
          Boyce Campus Honors student
Simone McDavis has established one study
group hour per week in which she hopes to
help students reach their academic goals.
          Please bring your questions, your
desire to succeed and a friend to the fol-
lowing study group session!                        Return your completed form to the First Stop on campus or at the Office at Braddock Hills. Or mail
        Simone McDavis: Tuesdays
                                                  your completed form to: Recognition & Rewards Committee, 595 Beatty Road, Monroeville, PA 15146
          2-3 p.m. in room S524
  Page 10                                                                                                                                               Monday, September 1, 009
Nanotechnology: Technology of new millennium
                                                                                                colleges.                                        •Develop nanoparticles and nanotubes for
                                                                                                         NSF estimates that there will be        diagnosis and treatment of tumors
                                                                                                close to a million jobs in Nanotechnology        •Enable Medical Devices that eliminate the
                                                                                                in the USA by the year 2015.                     need for surgery and organ transplantation
                                                                                                                                                 •Produce Cleaner and more affordable
                                                                                                         What is Nanotechnology?                 energy
                                                                                                •Gives us the ability to see and manipulate      •Detect and Clean up hazardous chemicals
                                                                                                matter, atom by atom, at the nanoscale           in the environment
                                                                                                 (one billionth) level                           •Create smaller and faster electronic
                                                                                                •A multidisciplinary field that creates          components including laser beams for
                                                                                                nanomaterials, devices and systems with          faster internet speed
                                                                                                new and unique properties                                  Please feel free to e-mail Dr.
                                                                                                •Is driving an advanced manufacturing and        Murthy at if you need
                                                                                                new product development revolution that          more information on this multidisciplinary
                                                                                                is changing the way we live and learn on         field of Nanotechnology.
                                                                                                our planet                                                 Dr. Murthy participated at
                                                                                                •Solve some of our biggest challenges            the South Central Bio-Link Meeting
                                                                                                in Medicine, Environment and Energy              on Biotechnology at Bossier Parish
                                                                                                Sustainability                                   Community College at Bossier City,
                                                                                                                                                 Louisiana from May 28 to May 31, 2009.
                                                                                                         What is so special about                          At this meeting, participants
                                                                                                             Nanotechnology?                     learned new skills and techniques, examined
                                                 PHOTO BY Professor ABBY ILUMOKA NWABUZOR       •Materials can have different properties at      and tested exemplary curriculum models
Electronmicrograph of nanowires synthesized by Dr. Murthy at Penn                               the nanoscale                                    and instructional materials and engaged in
State’s Nanotechnology Lab                                                                      •Better in conducting electricity or heat        discussions about regional program needs.
                                                                                                •Are stronger and have larger surface area                 Dr. Murthy received a Research
                                                                                                •Different Magnetic Properties                   Opportunity Grant Award from NSF
BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT: Dr. Leelavati                held at Pennsylvania State University at       •Reflect light better                            to conduct a Summer Research Project
R. Murthy, Professor of Biology/                 University Park, this past summer.             •Change colors as their size is changed          on “Signal Transduction Mechanism in
Biotechnology at Boyce campus was one                     This workshop was sponsored                                                            Mammalian Cells” at the University of
of the 14 faculty selected on a nationwide       by National Science Foundation (NSF)            Some Applications of Nanotechnology:            Pittsburgh’s Department of Structural
basis to participate in the Nanotechnology       and Pennsylvania State Department of           •Create functionalized nanoparticles for         Biology, a topic that Dr. Murthy teaches in
Applications and Career Knowledge                Community and Economic Development             targeted drug delivery with fewer side           her Cell Biology course at CCAC’s Boyce
(NACK) Train the Trainer Workshop                for faculty of two-year and four year          effects                                          campus.

Career Services arranges internships/co-ops
Do you want an internship at U. S. Steel,                                                       cially important for liberal arts majors.                 The time to think about apply-
                                                                                                Adding some practical job skills to your         ing for an Internship is NOW – plan early
 Walt Disney World, District Attorney’s                                                         academic expertise makes you a much bet-         and use these “experimental careers” as a

         Office or with a CPA?                                                                  ter candidate for any job.
                                                                                                  3. Do Some Comparison Shopping
                                                                                                                                                 means to pave the way to a bright future.
                                                                                                                                                          Contact Career Services S-514
                                                   •A FUTURE JOB. Many companies use              Use an internship/Co-op to sample vari-        or call 724-325-6618 and speak to Carol
  CAREER SERVICES: A degree with
                                                 their Internship/ Co-op programs to bol-       ous fields before choosing your major.           Johnson, Employment Specialist to help
a good QPA and related work experience
                                                 ster their recruitment efforts.                You may not need specialized skills to do        you gain valuable work experience as an
will help you get a good job.
                                                   Working with interns gives them the          this sort of Internship; many organizations      Intern/ Co-op student, or explore a career
          New grads with experience offer
                                                 chance to try out motivated, ambitious stu-    rely on interns for projects that require only   through Job Shadowing.
something extra to prospective employers
                                                 dents before employing them. If the intern     general skills and a good work ethic.              Boyce Campus Career Services offers
when they are looking for a job such as an
                                                 does a good job the company may make a           Internships/Co-ops give you important          Co-operative Education and Internships
Internship or Cooperative Education (Co-
                                                 job offer.                                     insights into the typical workday with a         in many locations, such as these possible
op for credit) experience related to their
                                                   2. Develop new skills                        particular company or career. Exploring          sites:
                                                   Internships/Co-ops can also help you di-     careers in this way can help you choose a                 Walt Disney World, United Steel-
          Career exploration such as Job
                                                 versify your background and experience.        major and future career.                         workers US Steel, Radio and TV Stations,
Shadowing provides the opportunity to
                                                 While it is good to have an area of strength             So you see, there are different        Chamber of Commerce, Social Service
meet with employers in their place of busi-
                                                 (a focus on your career), more diverse         kinds of internships for different phases of     Organizations, Law Offices, Business and
ness to talk about their career and to see the
                                                 skills in a variety of fields can make you     your college career. Not merely resume           marketing, Public Defenders Office, Re-
day-to-day activities of the job.
                                                 more marketable to a potential employer.       builders, Internships can play a crucial role    search Laboratories, District Attorney’s
          An Internship or Co-op is an
                                                           This type of Internship is espe-     in every stage of career planning.               Office and R. J. Lee Group
employment situation in which a student
works in order to gain hands-on experience
and valuable work experience, to help you
develop marketable skills and provide you
with real work experience in your field of
                                                                                       Student Life Fitness Center
study that can be added to your resume.                                               Hours for FALL 2009 Semester
          Best of all, they can help you
land a job after college. Career Services
                                                                                                August 17—December 11
has many opportunities to help you gain
work experience. Internships and Co-ops                                                         Closed November 23–26
can also help you throughout your college
career.                                                                                               Monday
          Here are a number of things In-                                                      7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
ternships and Co-ops help you do:
                                                                                                11 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  1. Get Your Foot in the Door
  For the most competitive careers, Intern-                                                          Tuesday
ships are essential. Research indicates that                                               CLOSED -for HPE/PTA Classes
the more semesters graduates spend intern-                                                          Wednesday
ing, the less time they spend looking for                                                      7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
                                                                                                11 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
          Internships typically predict high-
er starting salaries. In a crowded job mar-                                                          Thursday
ket, an Internship provides:                                                                   7:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.
  •EXPERIENCE. Studying a major is                                                            12:30 p.m. - 3: 30 p.m.
one thing: applying that knowledge to                                                                 Friday
“real world” situations is entirely another.
                                                                                               7:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
In an Internship//Co-op you learn to back
up your smarts with actions.
  •CONTACTS. Working with profession-                                                               Proper attire required
als, you tap into a network that can offer                                                           Student ID required
references, advice and information about
new job opportunities.
  Monday, September 1, 009                         		The	Boyce	Collegian                                                               Page 11

Pittsburgh                                               2009 CCAC Boyce Campus Fall Golf Team


 Mark Menold
               PRODUCTIONS, LLC

  Pittsburgh, PA – July 11, 2009 – You can’t
keep Pittsburgh zombies down. After tem-
porarily ceding the world record for largest
zombie walk to Nottingham, England, the
record has been reclaimed by the city that
established the initial record in 2006.
  The zombie walk held at the Monroeville                                                                                   PHOTO BY FRANK KAUFMAN
Mall outside Pittsburgh, PA on October 26,      Boyce golfers pose in Deep Creek, Maryland, at The Wisp Aug. 30. (L-R) David Mullen, Tyler
2008, has been certified by Guinness World      O’Rourke, Nathan Vertosick and Joe Hanna are coached by Frank Kaufman, Student Life
Records as the World’s Largest Zombie           director.
Walk with 1,341 participants.
  The walk was organized by “The It’s
Alive Show,” a weekly horror host pro-
gram originating from Pittsburgh, as part
of its World Zombie Day, where more than
50 cities worldwide participated in zombie                Cross Country Team Runs at Heinz Field
walks and food drives on the same day, cu-
mulatively raising more than two tons of
food donations to benefit their local hunger
  World Zombie Day was also honored
with a Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Award
for Best Fan Event of 2008. The Rondos
are awarded for excellence in the horror
genre by the Classic Horror Film Board
based solely on fan nominations and vot-
  Pittsburgh established the inaugural
Guinness World Record for largest zombie
walk in 2006, when 892 people dressed as
zombies invaded the Monroeville Mall,
site of the iconic zombie film “Dawn of the
Dead.” Since then, the popularity of zom-
bie walks has exploded, many of which
feature a charity event.
  This year’s World Zombie Day will take
place on Sunday, October 11 with the hub
once again at the Monroeville Mall. Cities
around the world are lining up to partici-
pate in this charity event to raise awareness
of global hunger. Participants in the zom-
bie walks are asked to bring a non-perish-
able food item as a donation.

     Tickets for Sale in                        Posing with the Steelers mascot at the Steelers Gatorade 5-K Aug. 30 at Heinz Field are members
  Student Accounts Office                       of the system wide CCAC Cross Country Team. Over 3000 participants included (L - R) Maryann
                                                Sobota, Amber Hill, Jason Hines, Steely McBeam, coach Kim Porter and Jessica Kenzie.
             Zoo $7 each                        Times:
                                                Jason Hines                South 21:23
       Destina Movie Theater                    Hilary Lynch               North 24:25
        Tickets $6 for day                      Amber Hill                 North 24:38
          or evening use                        Maryann Sobota           Boyce 25:00* (estimated clock time – her chip did not register)
                                                Jessica Kenzie             North 25:42
      WWE Wrestling-Sun.,
   Oct. 25, 7:45 p.m., $21 each
                                                     The Boyce Women’s Basketball team is gearing up for the upcoming season. Practice
     Ringling Bros Circus, Sat.,                     starts on October 2nd, and games begin in November. Boyce plays in the challenging
      Nov. 7, 3 p.m., $12 each                       Western Pennsylvania Collegiate Conference and plays a 24 game schedule against
                                                   local teams as well as teams from Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland. If you are a full time
     Pittsburgh Doo Wop, Fri.,                    student and an experienced basketball player and would like to try out for the team, contact
     Dec.11, 7 p.m., $21 each                         Coach Dave DeVenzio in the student life office (S-521) or call him at 724 325-6782.
Page 1                                                                            Monday, September 1, 009

     Your ambition meets
        our tradition

     Take time to explore your transfer options at the University of Pittsburgh College of General
     Studies (CGS). With flexible scheduling, four convenient locations, and a wide range of world-
     class degree programs, CGS is committed to providing you with the support and resources you
     need to take your degree to the next level and succeed in today’s competitive job market.

      Earn your bachelor’s degree in: Health Services · Humanities · Administration of Justice
             Natural Sciences · Media and Professional Communications · and more…

             Visit a CGS transfer counselor at the CCAC Boyce job fair
                              tuesday, september, 29
                                 9:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m.

      Schedule an appointment with a transfer counselor today!
             Call 412-624-6600 or e-mail
                        UNIVERSITY OF PITTSBURGH


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