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                                                                FRIDAY BRIEF
  Good to Great!                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 6, 2009
                                      2nd Nine Weeks Honor Rolls Featured - Beginning on Page 5
                                                                                                                            PAGE 1
                                     Congratulations Students!

             Lowe’s Donates Money for PLANTING PARKER PRIDE PROJECT
                                                                             with Eric Proctor, the store manager and Ed Chambers,
                                                                             Commercial Sales Manager, and we are all eager to begin. These
                                                                             managers even mentioned that employees may be able to help us
                                                                             with the manpower for the project. We are overwhelmed with the
                                                                             awarding of the grant from the corporate level, and the
                                                                             enthusiasm from the local store is very encouraging” said Mrs.
                                                                                      All K-12 public schools in the United States are eligible
                                                                             for the Toolbox for Education program. More information is
                                                                             available at

                                                                                Local Educator Wins $5,000 in
                                                                                 Horace Mann $25K Giveaway
L-R Christi Westbrook, Gaye Holmes-WE Parker Principal, Eric Proctor Store
Manager, Anne Marie May-Human Resources Manager, Trista Caddell, David
Caddell, Michelle Carter, Ray Kibler-Landscape Designer, Ed Chambers-
Commercial Sales Manager.

            W.E. Parker Elementary School has received a $5,000
  Lowe’s Toolbox for Education grant for a project entitled
  "Planting Parker Pride" which will renovate a large courtyard
  area on the school grounds.
            "We are thrilled to announce that Lowe’s has awarded
  our PTO funding to renovate and create a beautiful outdoor
  learning environment for our students. We wish to thank
  Lowes, our PTO, and our School Improvement Council for
  their efforts and support of W. E. Parker Elementary School,"
  said Principal Gaye Holmes. The grant application was based
  on the goal of improving the learning community and overall
  beauty of the school.
            Roy Kibler, a horticulturalist for the City of North                 Shown left to right are: JE Principal Bruce Lee, Kim
  Augusta, volunteered his time and talent to develop a plan to                  Gilley and Kevin Hunt of Horace Mann.
  transform the existing courtyard space into an outdoor
  classroom complete with a pergola, a pondless waterfall and                            Johnston, SC – Horace Mann, the nation’s largest
  plantings that will provide year-round color. Students will have             multiline insurer serving educators, and Horace Mann
  opportunities to participate in science labs and various learning            representative Kevin Hunt congratulate Kim Gilley of
  activities within the space. It will also provide a beautiful                Edgefield County School District for being a winner in Horace
  setting for special events such as Grandparents' Day. The                    Mann’s $25K Giveaway. Kim Gilley was recently awarded a
  awarded funds will be used to purchase the materials and all                 $5,000 cash prize in the sweepstakes’ grand prize drawing.
  the labor will be completed by parent volunteers.                                      The sweepstakes ran Aug. 1-Dec. 31, 2008 and
            The grant was co-written by parents, Trista Caddell                awarded more than $100,000 in total prizes to educators
  and Christi Westbrook, with David Caddell providing the                      throughout the U.S., including two $25,000 grand prizes, four
  figures for the budget analysis. “Our school will greatly benefit            first prizes of $5,000 and 20 second prizes of $1,000 VISA gift
  from this grant. We wish to thank our friends at Lowe’s for                                    (Continued on Page 2)
  generously supporting this important project. We have met
                                Superintendent’s Friday Brief -                        Page 2

                  STHS                                                     Strom Thurmond Career Center
       Culture of Excellence Award                                        FBLA Regional Awards

          Michele Goforth, a math instructor and SAT/ACT
Prep Coach, has received the honor of being named the
January “Culture of Excellence Award” recipient at Strom         Pictured are: 1st Row: Haley Locklair, Kathleen Hill, Adam
Thurmond High School. She was nominated for the award            Talbert, Jessica Peacock. 2nd Row: Allie Girardin, Heather Martin,
                                                                 Lizeth Orozco, Lydia Blain. 3rd Row: Taylor Corley, Kathryn
by fellow teachers.
          This award, established by Principal Matthew           Parton, Reona Broadwater, Bailie Campbell, Bennie Padgett
Schilit recognizes teachers who demonstrate “good school                 Thirteen students traveled to Spartanburg, Saturday,
culture” and excellence in teaching. Nominations are made
                                                                 January 31st to attend the District I FBLA Leadership
by teachers. The award will be presented once a month.
          Recipients will receive a star of excellence pin,
                                                                 Conference and Competitive Events.          These students
and lunch from the principal.                                    competed in a variety of business events. All 13 students
                                                                 placed in their competitive event and will be traveling to
                Kim Gilley – From Page 1                         Charleston in March to compete at the State Level.
cards each week throughout the sweepstakes. A complete           Congratulations to the following students!
list of winners will be posted online at once                     1st Place Winners – Bailie Campbell –
all winners have claimed their prizes.                           Business Math; Jessica Peacock – FBLA Principles &
          Kevin Hunt presented Gilley with her prize during a    Procedures; Kathleen Hill – Computer Applications;
faculty meeting at Johnston Elementary School on                 Lydia Blain – Personal Finance
          “Whether it’s by giving every educator a chance to             2nd Place Winners –Allie Girardin – Accounting
go for the green in Horace Mann’s $25K Giveaway or               I; Heather Martin, Kathryn Parton, & Adam Talbert –
through the personalized service and products we tailor to       Business Plan; Reona Broadwater – Job Interview
meet the needs of our customers, we work hard to make                    3rd Place Winners – Bennie Padgett – Business
every educator feel like a winner and a valued member of our     Calculations; Haley Locklair – Business Law; Taylor
community,” said Hunt.
          Horace Mann -- the largest national multiline          Corley – Business Math
insurance company focusing on educators' financial needs --              5th Place Winner - Lizeth Orozco – Personal
provides auto and homeowners insurance, retirement               Finance.
annuities, life insurance and other financial solutions.                 Congratulations to these students and best of
Founded by educators for educators in 1945, the company is       luck at the state competition.
headquartered in Springfield, Ill. For more information, visit

                                    TALK IT UP WITH YOUR PARENTS!
                     Third Annual Edgefield County School District Educational Summit
                                        “Parent University”
                               February 28, 2009 – JET Middle School
                             Superintendent’s Friday Brief -                         Page 3

     Bellamy Signs with                                Edgefield County School District
    South Carolina State                              Eighth Graders Attend Career Fair

        Strom       Thurmond      High      School   Eighth Grade students view Medical Helicopter and hear Mark Jebens talk about First
outstanding Rebel football player, Tristan           Responders.
Bellamy officially signed a full athletic
scholarship to South Carolina State University on            Edgefield County School District eighth graders from
Wednesday of this week. He is shown with his         Merriwether Middle and JET Middle School attended the annual
mother, Valerie and father Charles, both seated      Career Fair on February 4. The event was held at JET Middle
and Head Football Coach Lee Sawyer standing          School.
left and STHS Principal Matthew Schilit,                     A total of thirty-seven community business owners and
standing at right. Congratulations Tristan!          leaders were present to give the students first hand information on
                                                     their specific profession. The students had previously listed
 FAFSA Workshop At Strom                             possible career choices that they would like to pursue and were
                                                     then assigned to the various speakers who could give them
   Thurmond High School                              information on their career choices.
                                                             Speakers and their fields were: Armed Services-O’Shawn
          A workshop is planned to help              McClendon, Banking-Pat Altman, Biologist-Bill Jackson; Child
  seniors and their parents fill out the FAFSA       Care-Candi LaLonde; Computers-Gary Senn; Construction-T.J.
  on Thursday, February 19 at Strom                  Quarles; Drama-Danny Dunaway; Engineering-Sgt. Dominic
  Thurmond High School in the library.               Nardelli and Sgt. Todd Siry; First Responder-Mark Jebens;
                                                     Hairdresser-Linda Murrell; Law Enforcement-Adell Dobey;
  Assistance will be provided by personnel
                                                     Lawyer-Shane Massey; Mechanic-Tony Frazier; Musical
  from local colleges’ financial aid offices         Production-Steve McKinney; Sports-Louis Scott; Teacher-Debbie
  any time between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm.              Courtney; Wedding Planner-Nita Hozey; Veterinarian-Dr.
  Parents and students should bring all              Bagshaw; Artist-Lorenzo Williams; Coaching-Doug Painter;
  information needed to complete the                 Doctor-Elean Leaphart; Game Warden-Karen Swink; Lab
  FAFSA, including 2008 tax returns and any          Technician-Gary Fuller; Nurse-Lynn Rearden; Photographer-
  financial statements.      Participants will       Jennifer Murphy; Social Worker-Gail Smith; Ag Science-Dan
  actually complete the FAFSA online. The            Henderson; Chemist-Kevin Cloud; Dentist-Randy Bryan;
  student and one parent need to each have a         Forestry-Jimmy Walters; Landscape Design-Hugh Bland;
  PIN.                                               Massage Therapist-Eileen Kiline; Radio/TV Reporter-Stacy
          Please have this number before             Hilton; Retail Business-Crystal Arnold; Truck Driver-Ron
                                                     Eubanks and Writer-Julia Sellers.
  coming to the workshop. A PIN can be
  generated at                               The Career Fair is part of the School-To-Work Program
                                                     under the coordination of Mrs. Jewel Carpenter. It is held during
        For more information,             contact    the month of February which is designated as School-To-Work
  Rhonda Herlong at 275-1767.                        Month.
                             Superintendent’s Friday Brief - Page 3
                               Superintendent’s Friday Brief - Page 4

  Spotlighting Outstanding                                            Superintendent’s Key Issue Column

       FFA Members                                                 “Keep Yourself Informed”
                                                                   It has been reported that thousands of
                                                            educators participated in South Carolina’s first
                                                            virtual faculty meeting with State Superintendent Dr.
                                                            Jim Rex on Monday afternoon. The meeting was
                                                            shown on S.C. Educational Television and ran in
                                                            streaming video.
                                                                   Dr. Rex discussed the state budget crisis,
                                                            funding reform and the need to elevate the teaching
                                                                   This broadcast has been archived and is now
                                                            available on Educator+ at
                                                                   If you missed the broadcast on Monday, you
                                                            can view it in the archived location.
     Hugh Bland (left), Agricultural                                “Parent University” Offers
Education instructor at the Strom
Thurmond Career Center, recently met with                            Information for Parents
former Strom Thurmond FFA members
Kyle Harper and Josh McIlvried who are                            The Third Annual Edgefield County School District
now students at the Horry-Georgetown                      Educational Summit – “Parent University” will be held on
Technical College. Harper is majoring in                  February 28, 2009 at JET Middle School.
                                                                  Additional speakers include Mandy Lowe and Jennifer
Wildlife Biology and McIlvried in
                                                          Bruckner from Merriwether Elementary who will be addressing
Forestry. They will graduate in May and                   the impact that parents can have on their child’s ability to read.
transfer to Clemson University later this                 Dr. John Lane, EECA Education Associate: Personal Pathways to
year. Both students were active members                   Success from the State Department of Education will offer a
and officers of the local FFA chapter while               session on Dropout Prevention. Scot Edgeworth, Community
in high school.                                           Relations Officers with the SC Highway Patrol will give a session
           Miss Fox Creek                                 on using seatbelts, and how to install car seats and booster seats
           Beauty Pageant                                    th
                                                                  Pass the word on to parents for them to mark February
                                                          28 , 2009 on their calendars and make plans to attend this event
         Fox  Creek  High  School  held  their            designed to assist them with various educational tips to help their
annual Miss Fox Creek Pageant on January 31.              children.
The  following  honors  were  received.  Casey 
Mathis was crowned Miss Fox Creek. 
         Ad  Sales  ‐  Hanna  Jacobs;  Photogenic                     UPCOMING EVENTS FOR FEBRUARY
Runner  up  ‐  Sulina  Martin;  Miss  Photogenic  ‐                     February is Black History Month
Kaitlyn Johnson Miss Congeniality ‐ Hanna Jacobs 
 Freshmen:  2nd  runner  up  Sulina  Martin,  1st 
runner  up  Carrie  Krebs,  Miss  Freshman  Kristen 
                                                                     President’s Day Holiday – February 16
Anderson                                                            ECSD Educational Summit – February 28
Sophomore:  2nd  runner  up  Candace  Cordell,  1st 
runner  up  Amber  Baker,  Miss  Sophomore  Claire                         School Board Meetings:
Parks                                                                    February 10 and February 24
Juniors:  2nd  runner  up  Megan  Moxley,  1st  runner            7:00 p.m. District Office Conference Room
up Meghan Prince, Miss Junior Jade Bryan  
Senior: 2nd runner up Hanna Jacobs, 1st
runner up Ashton Tobias, Miss Senior Kaitlyn                               February 10th Board Meeting
Johnson                                                                       “Spotlight” Program
                             Douglas Elementary

       First Grade All A Honor Roll: Summer Anderson, Dashawn Bonnett,
Saliyah Brighthop, Elizabeth Cleveland, Timothy Drumming, Taylor Fulmer,
NyAsha Jenkins, Jerzey Jones, David Martin, Ariel Meriwether, Jamerol Scott,
Tyrick Sunkett.
       First Grade AB Honor Roll: Patience Clark, Ineisseiya French, Severino
Garcia, Christian Hillary, Mackquez Holmes, Aaliyah Mealing, Daniel Strickland,
Jayla Williams, Demarkus Young.
       Second Grade All A Honor Roll: Jasmine Elam, Kendall Stover.
       Second Grade AB Honor Roll: Omar Anthony, Destiny Benson, Tyler
Boatwright, Kevin-Jacob Butler, Kashwon Cade, Eric Harris, Dante’ Holloway,
Zachary Holloway, John Jackson, Kennedy Jackson, Katherine Lewis, Kimberly
Reynolds, ShaQuanna Satterwhite, Josef Washington.
       Third Grade All A Honor Roll: Jazmine Coleman, Bethany Crawford,
Jacob Crook, David Fleming, Jayla Gaines, Evan Johnson, Alexis Williams.
       Third Grade AB Honor Roll: La’Shanda Andrews, Zachariah Biggs,
Rhyneisha Caldwell, Tymara Chick, Johnny Clark, Jupri Coleman, John Martin,
Ashlee Mitchell, Destiny Moton, Christian Raffield.
       Fourth Grade All A Honor Roll: Emily Cleveland, Arely Velazquez.
       Fourth Grade AB Honor Roll: Lakayla Adams, Ronnesha Drumming,
Michael Elam, Tiaja Frazier, Mason Griffin, Cassidy Hurt, Crystal Keels,
Breanna Kinard, Skydasia Luchie, Paul Martin, Jasmine Merriweather, Terell
Quarles, Darius Ross, Donovon Stevens.
       Fifth Grade All A Honor Roll: Alex Mikell, Marcus Williams.
       Fifth Grade AB Honor Roll: Leo Antuna, Chris Bragg, Tamera Clark,
Keitrez Coleman, Cody Crook, William Hurt, Christal Moton, Christian Padgett,
Zachary Revert, Dante Stover, Sierra Tucker, Alexia Williams.

                            Johnston Elementary

       First Grade All A Honor Roll: Mikayla Beasley, Ryan Brown, Ty Culver,
Whitney Davis, Hailey Dingess, Ikeyia Heflin, Darriah Holmes, Savannah Kelley,
Jaheim Mathis, Nydiah Mathis, Emily Rutland, Emma Sexton, Sanaiya Watkins,
Noah Whitfield, Cameron Wood.
       First Grade AB Honor Roll: Shanedrell Brown, Neely Busbee, Alexis
Clark, Taylor Cockrell, Jennifer Cristino, Dalev’on Culbreath, Ashley Deese,
Amore Fletcher, Hannah Goodman, Will Hood, A’Traveon Key, Annie Mace,
DeAsia Marshall, Joi Merriweather, Danaijha Murray, Destiny Odom, Andrea
Payne, Constance Stevens, Brianna Williams, Crystal Williams.
       Second Grade All A Honor Roll: Natiana Axen, Stephen Barwick, Ayshia
Bush, Carmen Carrigan, Bailey Cato, William Clark, Reico Norris, Jada Pixley,
Robert Playford, Meg Prince, Rachel Simpkins, Bryson Thompson, Graceyn
       Second Grade AB Honor Roll: Tucker Bledsoe, Jake Borden, ZaCary
Bush, Note Gordon, Xavier Harling, Jada Houston, Jamarvious Jones, Walker
Kelly, Emily Luna, Traviana Mathis, Deshaun Miles, Chase Miller, Kayla
Newman, Chase Odom, Devi’Jai Phillips, Tre’Miya Phillips, Jah’shaun Sewell,
Patia Sullivan, Shakina Weaver.
       Third Grade All A Honor Roll: Casey Bledsoe, Jaquan Edwards, Gracie
Herrin, Macaleb Kemp, Rebecca Lorimer, Akaysha Mathis, Essence Mealing,
Jeniyha Padgett, Lakelan Rutland, Weston Whitfield.
       Third Grade AB Honor Roll: Stacey Asbell, Chandler Bell, Deja Bosket,
Chelsea Donaldson, Billi Hernandez, Allen Holmes, Javin Holsten, Destinee
Howard, Ty Johnson, Keyanna Mathis-Rolland, Genia Nicholson, Jordan Pixley,
Kathy Ricketson, Brooke Smith.
       Fourth Grade All A Honor Roll: Dylan Bonczek, Bryston Butler, Gabe
Herrin, Carly Hutcherson.
       Fourth Grade AB Honor Roll: Deion Adams, Cedrick Bryant, Keonee
Bush, Bryer Corley, Ashley Hill, Madison Jones, Madison Newsome, Tyrece’
Nick, Gage Quarles, Mitchell Settles, Deacon Taylor, Tyler Thompson, Ethan
Turner, Connan Vereen, Bonnie Watson.
       Fifth Grade All A Honor Roll: Kayla Bush, Hunter Herrin.
       Fifth Grade AB Honor Roll: Shuron Burt, Kayla Cleveland, Taylor Culver,
Rod Dobbs, Josh Godfrey, Kristal Herrin, Tori Nicholson, Mahiva Patel,
Makenzie Quarles.

                          Merriwether Elementary

       First Grade All A Honor Roll: Jacob Allen, Lauren Baker, Coy Barnes,
Kate Barrett, Autumn Bates, Dalton Bennett, Tatelyn Benton, Abby Bowser,
Haley Brown, Hope Butler, Will Clark, Rivers Doolittle, Chloe' Goforth, Justin
Greene, Zak Griffin, Gabriel Grucela, Jenna Hall, Brooke Hattaway, Matthew
Holmes, Denyziahe Hood, Tori Jackson, Emily Johnson, Garrett Jones, Tyler
Kitchens, Reagan Lewis, Bryson Lowe, Mason Loyd, Braylon McCain, Jasmine
McCain, Miyah McCoy, Carson McGowan, Tyrik McKie, Janiya Mealing, Traa
Mitchell, Jacob Nickelson, Kyleigh Patton, Eli Presnell, Connor Revis, Derek
Rhodes, Madyson Richardson, Michael Riley, Katelyn Roberts, Trenton Roey,
Cole Saggus, Lillian Shealy, Kayden Shirey, Braeden Sides, Spencer Siverhus,
Spencer South, Rebecca Stephens, Marcella Strasser, Chace Strauss, Idalis
Taylor, Morgan Thompson, Tillman Thompson, Jacob Trull, Brianna Walden,
Jada Walker, Winchester Whitcomb, Brooks Wight, Lorena Wright
       First Grade AB Honor Roll: Caylin Arbaugh, Stanton Armstrong, Jagger
Bodie, Willie Bonds, Demonte' Brown, Brelyn Burt, Jatonious Butler, Kalie
Carlisle, Brighton Carroll, Hava Chandler, Shelby Coleman, Tannah Davidson,
Dalton Gallagher, Katelyn George, NyAjah Gifford, Jack Harrison, Bailey
Holbrook, Mackenzie Jones, Tray Jones, Trevor Maddox, Jeremy Mathis, Emilee
McAllister, Reannah McCluggage, Preston Miller, Adrian Palma, Austin Powell,
Bailey Redd, Garret Reville, Bryson Simmons, Marissa Sprouse, Torrence
Thomas, Curtis Tillman
       Second Grade All A Honor Roll: David Almond, Hammond Armstrong,
Trinity Barnes, Savannah Beasley, Natalie Brenes, John Blake Carroll, Wyatt
Chapman, Rosemary Childers, Jud Childress, Anna Costello, Karli Culpepper,
Jenna Crase, Camryn Dobey, Kristen Dutton, Erik Escalera, Brandie Field, Addie
Folland, Kenny Glanton, Peyton Glass, Lindsey Guy, Kaylyn Hardy, Anna Kate
Hightower, Tyler Holmes, Noah Johnson, Brianna Jones, Jaiden Kane, Kelsey
Kenrick, Madeline Kepner, Grayson Kirkland, Nathan Kulp, Kennedy Lee, Dustin
Loehr, Nia Lott, Christian Lowe, Mason Martin, Jackson McMillian, Connor
McPherson, Abby Powell, Lexi Quarles, Allye Grace Richardson, Eric Rodgers,
Nate Russo, Kianna Ryan, Gracie Smith, Dalton Shivers, Truett Taylor, Haleigh
Timmons, Colin Trahan, Zack Tyler, Beth Verdery,
Stephanie Yano.
       Second Grade AB Honor Roll: Magan Bedenbaugh, Blair Benenhaley,
Glen Blythe, Joseph Boyd, Hallie Brinson, Aisha Burrell, Caitlynn Campbell,
Reginald Dickerson, Joseph Dixon, Madison Dupriest, Garrett Elkins, Alex Elvira,
Vanessa Franco, Charlie Gardner, Whit Guess, Carter Kingery, Connor Kirkland,
Macey Lewis, Cansler Manly, John Marshall, Emilie Martin, Logan Mayson,
Stetson Mayson, Frederick McCain, Dylan Messina, Thomas Nabritt, Madison
Nance, Bailey Parr, Lexis Pierre, Madeline Ramp, Allen Roberson, Ar’Brianna
Simpkins, Austin Tager, Megan Turner, Morgan Wise.
       Third Grade All A Honor Roll: Kinsey Amos, Dalton Barnes, Dustin
Barnes, David Bombard, Dylan Cagle, Carson Cockrell, Hunter Cadiere, Caresse
Carree, Tia Gordon, Lane Hardee, Karly Heath, Taylor Herndon, Meg Hoffmann,
Daniel Hutto, Evan Johnson, Erin Kelly, Rachel Kelly, Elijah Knight, Kristen
Langford, Marquez Langford, Cally Macklin, Hannah Mayo, Tommy McCain,
Markees Murray, Njasi Oji, Cassidy Pfennig, Jason Pope, Alfonso Quiller,
Zackary Russ, Maddie Shaver, Hunter Shivers, Damian Sierra, Adam Weeks,
Kaleigh Zackery
       Third Grade AB Honor Roll: Emilee Ammons, Thomas Asbelle, John
Bannister, Kristeen Battle, Benton Bell, Juel Bosdell, Allie Brown, James
Bryant, Cooper Crews, Chloe Cummings, Kelsey Curry, Phallyn Dobey, Alena
Glover, McKenna Hamilton, Destiny Harrison, Jada Holloway, Kathryn Homyer,
Katie Jackson, Tyree Jackson, Noah Ladousier, Caitlin Malcom, John Thomas
Mathis, Ally McDowell, Ashley Metts, Tre’ Moore, Jordan Mosley, Lauren Naomi,
Kinsley Nelson, Keely Samuels, Nicholas Stephens, Jzalea Tavares, Aaron
Thompson, Kaitlyn Tolbert, Jesse Waldrop, Faith Walton, Ally Williams
       Fourth Grade All A Honor Roll: Trevor Anderson, Caroline Ball, Jared
Bass, Maria Bautista, Jared Bodiford, Darius Broadwater, Zachary Clark,
Caroline Cockrell, Courtney Collins, Alle Floyd, Carolyn Barrett Guess, Taylor
Hattaway, Misty Henderson, Jacob Hodges, Andy Hoffmann, Wil Holmes, Taylor
Kerr, Cameron Kiser, Gage Logan, Ethan Lowe, Keeley Marchant, Michael Ray,
Madison Taylor, Chandler Thacker, Taylor Thompson
       Fourth Grade AB Honor Roll: Kelsey Barrett, Jordan Beall, Dalton Bodie,
Forrest Boyce, Cameron Brooks, Walker Buist, Hannah Cain, Dallas Calhoun,
Kaylee Carpenter, Danny Cawley, Phillip Colvin, Ryan Cross, Peyton Doolittle,
Lori Duran, Caleb Ellyson, Adilene Elvira, Juliana Fletcher, Bailey George,
Robert Gillespie, Hope Gore, Jontae Herrin, Dawson Holbrook, Andrew Jackson,
Shayna James, Evan Jenkins, Amanda Kelly, Austin Loyd, Jayla Mathis, Tanner
Mayson, Alyssa Oleson, Spencer Prior, Jordan Rawls, Hailey Reese, David
Richardson, Ashley Salter, Marissa Sherlock, Pride Stanley, Josh Starnes, Kylie
Tager, Lizzy Thomas, Sekina Tillman
       Fifth Grade All A Honor Roll: Elizabeth Adams, Gregory Baucom, Clayton
Bowen, Tannor Byrd, Henry Cartrett, Bailey Costello, Dolan Culpepper, Olivia
Floyd, Mallory Fulmer, Dylan Grose, Adeleigh Hamilton, Jaz Harris, Ciera
Holder, Geddings Jhant, Brittany Laird, Faith Lowe, Aaron Mathis, Joshua
Martin, Christina Naomi, Olivia Paradis, Katie Pfennig, Hunter Reville,
DeAndre` Ryan, Palmer Saggus, Scott Sherman, Logan Smith, Morgan Smith,
Morgan Swearingen, Chloe Syms, Alana Thurmond, Lyric Tillman, Ashton
Williams, Pressley Wilson
       Fifth Grade AB Honor Roll: Tyler Amerson, Lauren Ard, Bailey Arthur,
Trevor Arthur, Lydia Bertzfield, Samuel Blythe, Bethenie Britt, Hunter Cartrett,
Justin Cross, Hailey Dyer, Cassidy Farrer, Caitlin Faulkner, Tamara Garrett,
Porsha Gomillion, Austin Harper, Brooke Hatcher, Shaniyah Hood, Bryan Hurt,
Elisha Israel, Bryana Johnson, Nisha Josey, Ashley Loehr, Keli Lovett, Morgan
Matthews, Claire Mims, Daija Mims, Pierce Mitchell, Katelin Moores, Caitlin
Patton, Bryson Perry, Kaylan Rodgers, William Rogers, Matt Sherlock, Dalton
Swires, Megan Tate, Savannah Tate, Betty Jo Vignati


        First Grade All A Honor Roll: Anijay Bean, Sean Bryan, Emily Cockrell,
Trent Cockrell, Hunter Corley, Jolie Daniel, Taylor Driggers, Kasmine Griffin,
Garret Hammond, Kenyatta Hammond, Alexis Hays, Daniel Herlong, Precious
Jackson, Kevin Johnson, Lasavion Johnson, Sanavia Johnson, Rhett Jolly, Jack
Leaphart, Colby Martin, Philip Merriweather, Jahonna Miles, Ashley Mims,
Chance Murrell, Emileigh O’Brien, Katelyn Ouzts, Kardae Paige, Brycen
Patterson, Emma Pedersen, Maggie Sumner, Kayla Taylor, Matthew Wash, Amya
Watson, Azaria West, Avery Williams, Cade Williams, J’ziah Williams, Bailie
Willis, Lucas Wise, Ryan Wood.
        First Grade AB Honor Roll: Travious Abney, Patrick Berry, Isaiah Chinn,
Jasmine Chinn, Joshua Coursey, Jordan Duncan, Kenya Hammond, Xavier
Jackson, Destiny Landy, Jermaine Lee, Jaquilla Lee, Denajea Mathis, Zachary
McCleary, Jordan Middleton, Elena Pittman, Jazmin Polatty, Hannah Pressley,
Miracle Roberts, Steven Rodgers, Wyatt Townsend, Keithmontrez Williams.
        Second Grade All A Honor Roll: Jordan Baker, LaTyiah Barnes, Haley
Bates, Lauren Berry, Deshawn Boyd, Madison Brawley, Justus Broadwater,
Jonelle Brown, Kayla Burton, Ta’Sheema Culbreath, Ke’Mon Culbreath, Willie
Dublin, Dalton English, Michael Feagin, Aliyah Griffin, Tavion Griffin, Caroline
Hammond, Carrie Herlong, Jordyn Hill, Cameron Huston, Jada James, QuaVez
Johnson, Destiny Jones, Modesti Jones, Bradley Kemp, Johnathan Kemp, Josh
Knight, Merissa Macdonald, Tyene Martin, Arianna Miller, Sha’Toya Moore,
Reyna Morris, Will Padgett, Graham Pittman, Tommie Prince, Shanel Walker,
Davis Wash, Joshua Wates, Dante West, Arthur Whitmore, Caroline Williams,
Jayleen Williams, Jo’Zara Williams, Orrin Williams, Madelyn Wise, Jemiah
Yeldell, Will Yonce.
        Second Grade AB Honor Roll: Carter Brown, Kamil Bussey, Adam
Cottrill, Joseph Dasher, De’Vontae Ellis, Shelby Harter, Sarah Hill, Moses Hillis,
Keshon Jones, Passion Mack, Jalen McCurry, Travis Moore, Allyson Newsome,
Katie Quarles, Aurie Richardson, Alexis Rouse, Cristiana Tapia, Kaitlyn Ticknor,
Janiya Williams, Justin Williams.
        Third Grade All A Honor Roll: Olivia Bedenbaugh, Julia Crim, Garrett
English, Mary Ashlyn Goforth, Ivy Claire Huiet, Hannah-Grace Humphries, Jack
Jolly, Jazmine Neal, Chris Price, Mercedes Schoneman, Ashlyn Shelton, Samone
Stevens, Michelle Thomas, Ashley Thomas.
       Third Grade AB Honor Roll: Jasmin Benson, C.D. Berry, Randall Blalock,
Destiny Brown, Deviln Bussey, Cityah Butler, Tyrese Chandler, Jessica Cockrell,
Kyle Cockrell, David Dickau, Marlee Faust, Shannon Hill, George Johnson, Zaika
Jones, Taniya Martin, Jacoby Miles, Alexus Moore, Greyson Moyer, Wright
Moyer, Quinzavious Phillips, Brie’le Potts, Lawson Reel, Jalin Swann, Noah
       Fourth Grade All A Honor Roll: Alana Caddell, Lee Jolly.
       Fourth Grade AB Honor Roll: Tatyana Adamson, Maegan Carter, Titus
Cunningham, Gustavo “Angel” Diaz, Ahmad Hartley, Turner Jolly, Trejhan
Lanham, Astra Lee, Deione McCullough, Devin Moore, Collin Perry, Talton
Prince, Brandon Pugh, Shatoria Rouse, Keyshawn Stevens, Jada Thornburg,
David White, Kyu Yeldell.
       Fifth Grade All A Honor Roll: Corley Christie, Lanora Edwards, Alexis
Gordon, Justin Hutchins, Bailey Pedersen, Elizabeth “Mae” Schermerhorn.
       Fifth Grade AB Honor Roll: Titus Bean, Khala Becker, TyRee Becker,
Micaela Cockrell, Shelby Faust, T’Mara Gilchrist, Michael Green, Tayten
Howard, Jakob Kemp, Terrance Morton, Jordan Mobley, Kyeif Jean-Pierre,
Samantha Prescott, Kallie Reeves, Breana Robinson, Padgett Sumner, DeShawn
Surry, Jack Terry, Michael Williams, Avery Wise, Libby Yonce, Superior Young.


       6TH Grade All A Honor Roll: Antonia Adams, Sarah Alexander, Brittany
Berry, Brittany Clester, Garrett Gibson, Micah Goforth, Alexis Keels, Charles
Oehlberg, Autura Pineda, Morgan Reel, Hannah Sexton, Christa Turner,
Johnathan Wintrow, John Autrey Yonce, Taylor Yonce.
       6th Grade AB Honor Roll: Randy Lucky Bailey, Andrew Barwick, Shannon
Bonczek, Shakayla Campbell, Melissa Castillo, Shamone Chandler, Will
Cheatham, S.J. Clark, DeQuontra Coleman, Montrez Coleman, Alexis Curry,
Becky Doolittle, Aaron Gooley, Susannah Hammond, O’Neila Harris, Elizabeth
Hernandez, Tyree Stidem, Taylor Jaggers, Roseanna Johns, Deangleo Johnson,
Kadesha Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Margaret Jolly, Demarcus Lankford, Kayce
Locklair, Olivia Love, Teaysha Martin, Cambrine Mathis, Tyler Morgan, Tierra
Nick, Helen Leigh Northrop, Eddie Patterson, Monica Pineda, Cheyenne
Rodgers, Kentrell Rollins, Carnetta Stevens, Kelsey Thomas, Delshawn
Wardlaw, Brittany West.
       7th Grade All A Honor Roll: Vanessa Merriweather
       7th Grade AB Honor Roll: Charlie Abney, Bryan Ashley, Brent Bragg,
Maggie Figueroa, Ben Gordon, Iesha Harris, Cedric Herrin, Alisha Hillis, Malcolm
Holloway, Brittany Hutchins, Brooklyn Johnson, Amber Laughinghouse, Sally
Mickelsen, Dusty Pearson, Meryl Prince, Reanna Prince, Jenna Redman, Reid
Scott, Shadoe Taylor, Alicia Thomas, Libby Timmerman, Kaeli Wates.
       8th Grade All A Honor Roll: Dayna Barnhart, Brandy Bonczek, Jake
Goforth, Jamal Jackson, Jacory Jefferson, Ebony Johnson, Caroline Lorimer,
Shaquanna Miles, Trent Miller, Dominick Stone, T’Nesha Thomas.
       8th Grade AB Honor Roll: Laura Crim, Keylondria Crouch, Miranda Deese,
Vonne Doran, Haley Flores, Jimmy Foley, Rucker Gibson, Bertin Hernandez,
Dasha Herrin, Jasmine Holmes, Baylor Jones, Teilor McManus, Diana Palma,
Tori Perano, Kaitlyn Pugh, Kiana Rollins, Carley Rearden, Nick Scoggins.
                       MERRIWETHER MIDDLE SCHOOL

       6TH Grade All A Honor Roll: Andrew Ball, Brittany Bargstedt, Brooke
Benenhaley, Olivia Bernard, Bryce Boeke, Morgan Bookstaver, Jacob Britt, Lara
Campbell, Paige Fowler, Caleb Hoffmann, Amanda Horton, Hunter Litke,
Jamarr McCain, Halle McPherson, Duncan Oliver, Lindsey Pack, Grace Russ,
Sabrina Shutters, Rachel Simmons, Jeremiah Tate.
       6th Grade AB Honor Roll: Robert Allgood, Clayton Allmond, Michael
Almond, Jackson Ammons, Edward Bates, Breanna Benenhaley, Zane Brinson,
Jarius Byrd, Lauren Caines, Kirsten Carroll, Courtnie Coon, Kyle Crews, Hannah
Culpepper, Bailey Davidson, Gabriel Gibson, Joseph Glover, Caleb Hamilton,
Maggie Hightower, Kyle Hill, Ashlyn Hunter, Katie Kelly, Justin Moody, Oji Oji,
Justin Passmore, Tucker Paul, Nicolas Presley, Jarrett Reed, Brandon Revis,
Haley Ryans, Noah Smith, Madison South, Tori St. Clair, Martin Strauss, Hannah
Thompson, John Thompson, Travis Thompson, Melissa Waldrop, Clinton
Washington, Eden Weidman, Kali Wiggins, Raven Williams, Kristin Worth,
Caroline Yano.
       7th Grade All A Honor Roll: Tessa Adams, April Arthur, Jacob Bass,
Amanda Biddlecome, Maggie Childress, Megan Sherman, McKenzie Wilson.
       7th Grade AB Honor Roll: Sarah Adams, Karson Barrett, Kalei Bowser,
Kaylee Bryant, Kimberli Busbee, Joseph Carroll, Brittany Cross, Chelsie Erwin,
Yahaira Escalera, Lacey Hall, Kendall Hill, Erin Holley Cla Knight, Chassidy
Lusby, Bailey Mattox, Dominique Riley, Evan Roberson, Collin Smith, Erin
Sweeney, Tori Whatley, Hannah Williams, Morgan Williams, Dewey Wilson.
       8th Grade All A Honor Roll: Kylie Amos, Ashley Bodiford, Haley Bryant,
Danielle Chitty, Shelby Collier, Nic Hoffmann, Allie Jhant, Jackie Polz, Miller
Thompson, Austin Turner.
       8th Grade AB Honor Roll: Lindsey Barron, Stephan Bowe, Holt Brinson,
Tabatha Buzek, Emily Cartrett, Aaron Cook, Megan Costello, Haley Duckworth,
Cody Erwin, Robbie Guess, Samantha Hodges, Lainie Hollifield, Brittany Hurt,
Emma Kitchens, Brent Lacey, Allison Lemmon, Cody Miller, Trevor Richardson,
Rachael Rudd, Sarah Szybura, McKenzie Talbert, Maci Wheeler.

                      STROM THURMOND HIGH SCHOOL

       9TH Grade All A Honor Roll: Jordan Samuel Ball, Tiffany Nicole Bishop,
William Reed Covar, Jonathan McKie Drew, Lillie Elise Jackson, Rachel Marie
Litke, Melanie Ann McKinney, Kari Lontine Sprouse, Kristen Brooke Thomas,
A’dreanna JerVanta Truesdell.
       9th Grade AB Honor Roll: Latrage Dominique Blocker, Arquinas Dayi-shad
Buckhanon, Chermeka Monique Butler, Michael Allan Cash, Cody Daniel
Christie, Cody James Clester, Megan Lindsey Dixon, Brittany Lynn Gordon,
Zachary Alan Green, Rictavis Da’Vonta Harris, Peter William Hoffmann, Samuel
Walter Jebens, Kyle Tucker Johnson, Anna Nicole Logan, Heather Ann Meyer,
Ashley Amber Moon, Raymond Anthony Parkman, Taylor Nicole Paul, Megan
Ashley Rudd, Christian Morgan Speight, Alecsander Vollie Terry, Sarah Grace
Turner, Latasha Cierra Wardlaw, Madelyn Blair Wasden.
       10th Grade All A Honor Roll: Jacob William Mundy, Hunter Adam
       10th Grade AB Honor Roll: Lacey Marissa Black, Hailee Faith Carrigan,
Patrice Jasmine Clark, Lydia Frances Kathryn Dorn, Stephanie Nicole Fletcher,
Cameron Abbott Fulford, Raven Elextra Glanton, Chastity Dominique Houston,
Charnise Janae Marie Jackson, Francheska Shaniqua Keels, Paloma Bella Luna,
Robert O’Brian Mitchell, Ashton Taylor Moody, Kristen Nicole Moore, Rodolfo
Aquirre Pineda, Mallory Elizabeth Reames, Brittney Reynolds, Jessica Katherine
Rohr, Noland Andrew Seigler, Clifton Cletus Sherrill, Makinzie Len Spaulding,
Kristin Rebecca Turner, Demetre Lintrey Weaver, Amanda Lynn Whatley.
       11th Grade All A Honor Roll: Kyle Thomas Christie, Jankiben Suresh
Patel, Sarah Elizabeth Turner.
       11th Grade AB Honor Roll: Ronald Evan Abney, Dylan Andrew Barnhart,
Christin Faye Blackwell, Reona Kenai Broadwater, Jonathan Bradley Brown,
Heather Denise Cockrell, Cody Paige Corley, Anne Marie Covar, Melissa Danielle
Crouch, Alexandra Grace Girardin, Kathleen Elizabeth Hill, Ryan Joseph Key,
Mary Christen Mickelsen, Shatori Natanya Moore, Samuel Clyde Northrop,
Tanika Denise Parks, Mark Lee Reeves, Samantha Marie Robins, Lance Edward
Swiger, Adam Ronald Talbert, Margaret Ann Turner, Alexis Nicole Wren.
       12th Grade All A Honor Roll: Ann Elizabeth Blizard, Karina Elizabeth
Garcia, Elizabeth Arias Gonzalez, Avia Shanez Harris, Ladavia Shakena Key,
Stacie Brooke Morgan.
       12th Grade AB Honor Roll: Tristan Oscar Bellamy, Heather Allyssia
Biddlecome, Rosalind Samone Booker, Genny Lee Brady, Portia Renee Brooks,
Allison Leshea Brown, Courtney Elise Burckhalter, Sean Tyler Busbee, Brandie
Lee Cadiere, Zachary Kendall Collier, Usiel Custodio-Felix, Jeremy Paul Dixon,
Justin Mathew Dooley, Ainsley Katherine Ellis, Paige Ariel Eubanks, Megan
Frances Garland, Corodeo Roderqiuz Green, Ladelrie Shanika Hall, Porshcia
Domique Hillary, Nicholas Giovanni Johnson, Sierra Monet Johnson, Kristin
Symone Lanham, Elizabeth Michele Lynn, Victoria Virginia Lynn, Cody Mckhee
Mathis, Summer Rae Mayson, Spencer Alexandria McManus, Rebecca Lee Mims,
Shaquaila Ewnique Morgan, Lizeth Dedios Orozco, Bennie Lee Padgett, Lorene
Rowe, Lindsey Hope Rushton, Danielle Simone Smith, Carolyn Anita R. Stevens,
Patricia Tamayo, Courtney Chevron Walker, Josh Chandler Wilson.

                          FOX CREEK HIGH SCHOOL

      9TH Grade All A Honor Roll: Samuel Alexander Brianna Ryan, Virginia
Simmons, Jeremy Weeks.
      9th Grade AB Honor Roll: Kristen Anderson, Megan Bedenbaugh,
Stephanie Bedenbaugh, Sarah Byrd, Kayla Clem, Amberlyn Harper, Edward
Howard, Sulina Martin, Rastislav Mikus, Justin Reed, Brianna Ryan, Christopher
Stephens, Joshua Wearn.
      10th Grade All A Honor Roll: April Baker, Robert Herring, Stetson
       10th Grade AB Honor Roll: Amber Baker, Jessica Horton, Amanda Jones,
Kyle Macklin.
       11th Grade All A Honor Roll: Jayme Wearn, Jason Weeks.
       11th Grade AB Honor Roll: Caleb Bell, Paul Bell, Lindsey Elgin, Garrett
Grice, Rachael Lemmon, Megan Moxley, Jeffrey Peterson, Brianna Thomasson,
Nicholas Willing.
       12th Grade All A Honor Roll: Katie Maner, Christopher Morrison, Brian
       12th Grade AB Honor Roll: Dobie Boyd, Samantha Bryant, Caleb Clark,
Josh Davis, Josh Hall, Devin Lacey, Mariah Mattox, Linzi McCleary, Angelique
Paradis, Ashley Presnell, Lindsey Templeton, Becca White.

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