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									WISWRP Story Challenge 1: Back to School

                                   “Breed-a-thon” by Codify

        I love new life.
        I love closing my jaws gently around a female's neck and pushing into their hot, wet
tightness until I fill them with my seed. (I mean, who doesn't?)
        But I also love what happens afterwards. I love watching their bellies swell with the
miracle of life. I love watching their breasts fatten, nipples hardening and lengthening, as they
begin to fill with warm, sweet milk. I love watching them struggle with the weight of their
babies, that adorable high-tailed waddle, the paw on their lower backs to support them. The
cries as they labor to bring forth that new life at the climax of their long, gorgeous
        That's why I became an obstetrician.
        And in my time as one, I thought I'd seen every type and size of pregnant female,
every way that it could occur. But I was wrong.

        It happened in September, appropriately. I'd been practicing for five years, counting
my residency, and was twenty-eight winters. Gone was the connotation of learning that
usually accompanied the beginning of fall, as students returned to school. It was just another
month in the practice. In fact, I was much more concerned with global... or, should I say,
universal... events that day. It was the week after the Public Declaration that the final stages of
Seeker One were underway... the vast colony ship that would, at last, spread the many races of
our world to the stars.
        The mall which I found myself in that day was, of course, full of new merchandise...
now that Seeker One's final constructed form had been unveiled, there were models, posters,
events, clothing, video games, and just about everything else that the event could be related to
(I even saw an adult novelty object shaped like the starship) on sale. I was circumspect about
it, having gone to the mall just to buy a new pair of khakis, my last pair having been ruined in
a torrent of amniotic fluid as I had helped a rhino give birth two days prior. But things were
very busy... navigating the crowd of fur, feathers, and scales was not easy. I had scented an
odd spoor as I walked about, though...
        It was a female in heat.
        I paused, slightly confused. A mammal? In heat, now? In Autumn? The scent conjured
memories of the City Orgy the previous Spring Festival. I remembered the wolfess that I had
taken for a hard ride in the city square, surrounded by four thousand other naked, madly
rutting furs, our minds lost in the frenzy of breeding instinct, our lupine bodies mashing
madly together as I planted my seed in her again, and again... my member was beginning to
unsheathe and my pants get uncomfortably tight as I was forced to relive the memory by the
out-of-place scent. I seemed to be the only one to detect it... not surprising, as we wolves have
a well-deserved reputation for sensitivity in that regard. I dropped to all fours and sniffed at
the ground, looking for the trail.
        Then, suddenly, I was hit by an electromagnetic pulse that made my fur rise, my brush
thickening with the odd sensation. Springing back up onto my hinds, I whipped my head
around, looking for the source in the crowd.
        I saw her standing behind a column in the atrium, near a pretzel cart. She was a rabbit
doe, her long, beautiful ears pierced together at the tips behind her back. White-furred, but
with black highlights, the most prominent being a black circle around her left eye that was too
perfect to be dyed. She wore a uniform, a catholic school uniform... I recognized the blue
sweater, white blouse, plaid skirt and knee-high forest-green socks of a freshman at Faith and
Hope College. I'm certain that the heat-scent still making me a little hard was encouraging the
thought, but it looked to me as though her young, supple body was just crying out to be freed
from that restrictive clothing, her six breasts tenting out her blouse, her wide hips seeming to
stretch the very fabric of her skirt. She couldn't possibly have been a year over eighteen
summers, her silky fur still with the sheen of youth, and standing awkwardly with her knees
together in the manner of young girls. She was short... perhaps two pawspans shorter than
myself. Her ancestors had probably hailed from the Eastern Empires, by all signs. And what's
more, she held a bioscanner in her petite paws.
        My ears settled back slightly in anger. I strode through the crowd to her, leaping over
a mouse-child who wandered into my way, and stood before her in just under four seconds.
She started, lowered the bio-scanner, and tried to speak, but she stuttered and I cut her off.
        "Do you know the penalty for using a bioscanner without authorization?!" I asked,
sternly, my doctoral habits rising to the fore. "That's confidential information you're
gathering, young miss. You shouldn't even be touching that equipment without proper
training, which I know you don't have. If I alerted the authorities, they would revoke your
breeding rights for at least five winters." I leaned forward, trying to look menacing, although
the lean was really more to cover up the still-present bulge at my crotch. "You have twenty
seconds to give me a satisfactory explanation."
        "Uh..." she shrank towards the column, trying to hide within its shadow. "G...g-good
morning, s-sir. I'm a member of the j... junior varsity track team at f... f..."
        "Faith University, yes, I'm only colorblind at long distances. How nice for you."
        "And we... um... we're doing a... donation drive..." she held up a clipboard with a
trembling hand.
        Ah, fundraisers. NOW it felt like autumn. Her club was making her fish for financial
donors at the mall, I guessed. I began to pity her, both for being put to that unpleasant duty
and because her shyness was beginning to soften my own edge.
        "The bioscanner," I reminded her. "Please hand it over."
        She had obviously seen the caduceus I wore around my neck as a permanent legal
symbol of medical authority, so she gently handed it to me. It was then that I realized that
something wasn't right. The bioscanner wasn't of the type I used every day in my practice.
Well, it was, but it was obviously a custom job. Besides the chassis being different, the
readout was also strange... it didn't display the usual medical information, but instead flashed
unfamiliar codes. One caught my eye: S-COUNT, at 121 million. About 120 million... that
was my own normal sperm count!
        The bunny doe screwed up her courage. "It's not... technically a bioscanner," she said
as bravely as she could, faced down with a gray wolf, and a doctor at that. "I doesn't have the
readouts that are illegal. I, um... built it myself."
        There was an awful lot of green on the readout... whatever it was scanning, it had
seemed to like me very much. "I suppose not," I had to admit, though I didn't know what most
of those codes meant. I handed it back to her, and turned to leave, feeling very out-of-sorts for
some reason, and somehow, a little nervous. There was a little of that heat-scent around her.
Not ON her, of course... we wouldn't have been having a civil conversation were that the case.
But near her. She was associated with the strangeness, had been around it.
         "Wait!" she squeaked as I turned. "Please, sir, I... I mean, the junior varsity team needs
your support!"
         Sighing, I paused. I hated giving money to fundraisers... I donated vast amounts to
charity every year, and I don't like being pressured into giving extra money. But I felt a little
guilty at having yelled at her, so I dug a paw into my pocket to find a seven-credit rod and
held it out to her.
         "No!" she said, the pinks of her long ears reddening slightly. "Oh, no, sir! We don't
need a donation of money."
         I blinked, ears perking in confusion. "What do you need, then?"
         "Well..." she reddened even more. "Um... volunteers." Before I could object that I had
no time to spare, she pressed on haltingly. "There's a... four-thousand-credit reward that the
government is offering for the donation of newborns to the Seeker Project..."
         I nodded, still baffled.
         "Our team is... using that to raise funds."
         "But... how?!" I objected. "You mean... your team will do it themselves?!"
         "Um... yes, sir," she answered, deeply embarrassed.
         "But why do you need..."
         She looked down at my crotch, and as I began to understand it started to harden again.
"Oh," I said a little weakly, swallowing. Gods, she was beautiful...
         I shook my head to clear it. "No one could possibly breed fast enough to give birth by
the deadline before the launch. And besides that, it's not the season for it! Who is even fertile
at this time of year?"
         "If you would just please come with me, sir... It would be easy to explain at the
donation tent."
         What could I say? I had to see for myself. As it would turn out, I would do a lot more
than just see that day.
         I knew that she was taking me in the right direction because that maddening heat-scent
got even stronger as we made our way to the food court, and there I saw it: a vast pavilion,
orange-colored, festively adorned, and splashed with the giant letters: BREED-A-THON.

        The heat-scent was definitely wafting from within. It was so strong that even some of
the non-canid males walking by it were showing mild signs of arousal, and I saw a young
male gray fox, perhaps twenty-two summers, pawing lightly at his member as he tried to order
a slice of pizza from a nearby stall, probably to distract himself from his arousal. He must
have been too shy to go in, but too aroused to leave.
        Both of which I could definitely sympathize with at that moment. I hesitated at the
entrance. "Um... miss," I said to the bunny doe, who was just about to open the flap of the
        "Akiko," she corrected me, shyly.
        Yes, Eastern Empire after all. "Um, Miss Akiko, I'm really not sure if I should..."
        At that moment, she opened the tent flap, and a wave of warm wind full of the scent of
breeding-females in heat washed over my entire form. My member swelled much larger, my
knot even beginning to form, and now nothing could hide the shape of my member pressing
against my restrictive clothing.
        "Please," she begged. "Come inside."
        Haltingly, I stepped into the pavilion.
         My ears swivelled, picking up the sounds of males and females grunting, groaning,
panting, and crying out in ecstasy. The pavilion was the size of a small house, and contained
many cubicles cordoned off with tent-flap. Behind them, I could see silhouettes of bodies
pressed together, tails flagging, hips bucking into each other. Oddly, some were mismatched...
I saw a tiger tail lashing behind a male silhouette who was savagely breeding what was
obviously a skunkess, by the shadow of her thick tail. How...?
         My fur puffed out as I was grasped lightly by the arm, and settled down when I saw
that it was Akiko. She directed me towards a chair and instructed me to wait there. I didn't
have long to wait... and it was a good thing too, as I was already beginning to lose my self-
control to the heat-scent all around me and was considering just walking into a cubicle and
taking one of the females without further ado.
         The vixen who returned with her was enough to stun me back to reality. "Dr.
Whytefur?!" I exclaimed, rising to my hinds. The vixen was slightly tall, nearly my height,
her fur the same red as the leaves of the month. Her chest... particularly her top pair of breasts,
but all eight, really... were impressive, so impressive that her labcoat was literally straining at
the buttons, and her tail swished with pleasure as she followed my gaze there, as though she
took pleasure in my appreciation of her potential as a breeder.
         "Dr. Greytail," she responded cordially. "How is your practice?" Her voice was low
and breathy, almost as though she were panting with need herself, although again I blamed the
ambient heat-scent for this thought of mine.
         "I should have expected someone as... enterprising as you to be behind this," I said to
her. "You always were interested in fertility treatments at the Center." I tried to recall the
work breeding sessions that had occurred around the Spring Festival, searching for an image
of her voluptuous body naked and being fucked by a randy he-fox. I came up empty, though...
which was strange. I was pretty sure I had seen all of my co-workers during my residency
breed, but somehow, she had not been present.
         "I've made quite a few strides in my research since then," she said, walking around to
my right and passing another bioscanner over my body, lingering between my thighs. I
         "I haven't signed a permission affidavit," I reminded her, weakly.
         "You don't need to. That Custom Technology Clause hasn't been added to the bill by
the Senate yet," she said, chuckling. "My... you are as... impressive as I remember."
         I swallowed and tried to put her on the defensive. "This is all useless, Whytefur," I
said. "I don't know how you found all of these females in heat outside of breeding season, but
they'll never be able to give birth by the deadline for the offspring buyout. And besides, how
will you match them with their own species? I smell at least forty species of female in here."
         "As I said, I've made progress in my research," she responded, still looking at the
readout screen, and she licked her fangs as she saw the results. "I've decided to do my duty to
the young schoolgirls and help them raise record funds for their team. It will be enough for
full funding for sixty years, after... inflation." There was something odd about the way she
said that word. "And at the same time, I can perfect the Serum." If I had been less aroused, I
might have been warned by the just slightly ecstatic tone she used when referring to her own
experimental product, but then I was having trouble with such things.
         "You couldn't have done all of this yourself," I said, trying to sound in charge. "I know
for a fact that you couldn't have constructed those custom scanners. It would take a whole
development team a year to do."
         "Well, that's true," she admitted. "I had help... quite a lot of help from a very special
girl." She walked around behind Akiko and licked one of her ears affectionately.
         My ears laid back a bit at the public display of affection, and Akiko looked fatally
embarrassed, but then I realized what she was saying. "You mean, she...??"
         "Yes... she built them all in just under a month. She's what the Eastern Empire calls a
'tensai'; a prodigy. She's very eager to help her team, to make her mark on her school. And
only a Freshman! Who knows what she'll do by the time she's twenty summers?" Dr.
Whytefur ran her paw up Akiko's teardrop tail, causing the young doe to shudder, though she
still stood obediently at attention, clutching her clipboard.
         The vixen whispered something into the doe's ear and then walked off, long tail
swishing. "She's... gone to prepare the Serum," Akiko told me, not looking me in the eye. "It's
still a prototype, and has to be prepared specially for each donor."
         I suddenly had an urge to step forward, burst the buttons of her blouse off with a swipe
of my claws, turn her around, close my teeth around her neck, and... I shook my head. The
sounds of furious breeding were all around me, and the scent... my reason was under siege. "I
still don't understand how..."
         "The Serum will be injected into a female of your choice," she said, the speech
sounding trained. "It will have several effects. Within five minutes, the female will enter
heat." There were substances said to be known to the Southern Tribes, the furs who still lived
naked on the plains and worshipped strange powers, that were supposed to have the ability to
cause heat in a female out of season, so it wasn't unheard-of, but still... "Next, Akiko
continued, blushing again, "the... the donation occurs. Afterwards, the Serum will...
accelerate the process of gestation within the female, and labor will occur within seven days."
         My mind exploded. "What?!" I exclaimed. "Seven days?!" Had Whytefur actually
done it? She was clever... very clever, from what I remembered in our residency together in
the OG ward at the medical center. But had she really done it? "But still... what about the
species barrier? Wolves can only breed with wolves, rabbits with rabbits..."
         "The Serum takes care of that. It modifies the genetic code of the female, and makes it
possible to... well, the Doctor calls it 'Cross-breeding'. Look, s... sir, I need to..." Akiko
hesitated. I wondered what was wrong... she wouldn't look me in the eye, and she was
acting... aroused? But females don't get aroused by the heat-scent of other females. She
seemed very nervous indeed. I felt a surge of sympathy and affection for her... she was so shy,
so modest, standing there trembling in her Faith school uniform. She was probably a Faithful
herself, her religious views strict on the subject of breeding, and now here she was... here all
of her young classmates were... in this place. What was the Breed-a-thon doing to them...?
         She turned and walked down a tented corridor. "Let me... show you some candidates,"
she said, and I followed.

         Several females rose from floor-couches as we entered the room and went to stand in a
line in front of me. Some looked relaxed, some nervous... one, a raveness, looked a little
rebellious, even. They were all wearing the plaid Faith uniform. None were in heat, yet, but I
knew that the Serum would force whichever female I chose into a breeding frenzy. I imagined
each of them tearing their skirts off and begging me to mount them...
         Akiko was saying something to me, but I could barely hear her through the moans and
groans, the smells, the sound of blood pounding in my head and in my throbbing member, and
the sights of the fertile young females before me. The first one I considered was a lizard. She
had beautiful azure scales, and I had always had a keen interest in oviposition (laying eggs, to
the layman). The thought of mounting her appealed to me.
        Then, a gazelle. Her eight breasts were so perky beneath her uniform, and those
lovely, spiraling horns would be perfect to hold onto as I bred her. She looked ready for it,
too, her tongue hanging slightly out of her mouth as she panted. How adorable that little body
would look full of my seed...!
        Then, a tigress. I felt the electricity when I looked into her golden eyes that could only
come from another predator. Her six breasts were massive, her sweater not even able to be
buttoned around them, hanging open at her sides. I imagined those mammaries fattening with
milk to feed my young...
        Whytefur's voice behind me startled me. "Have you made your choice yet, Greytail?"
She held up a capped syringe labelled SERUM X-8837. "To whom will you bestow your kind
        I took a deep breath, and then I did something of which I am both proud and ashamed.
I turned away from all the females offered to me, and pointed to Akiko, who was standing
shyly in the corner. "I want her," I said with finality, and at my decision my member jerked,
bloating close to full size, tearing my undergarments slightly.
        Akiko looked completely stunned. "But, I... I'm not a breeding candidate, I'm on the
Logistics Committee..."
        "Now, now," said Whytefur. "You want to help your club, don't you? Help the team in
'any way you can'? That's what you said to me, isn't it, Aki-chan?" she approached the bunny
with a predator's gait.
        "But... I don't want to," she said a little desperately, her teardrop tail flagging in a mild
panic. "I have a boyfriend, I want to wait for him... I'm... AAAAAHHH!!!" she yelped as
Whytefur, who had put her arm around her in a motherly way, suddenly injected her with the
Serum, driving the needle into the freshman's belly.
        The effects were immediate. Akiko let out a moan which went from one of pain to one
of barely-covered lust in under ten seconds. She dropped the clipboard, one hand roaming to
her chest and roving over her hardening nipples while the other hesitated, trembling, at the
hem of her skirt. "No..." she whispered, horrified at how quickly the Serum was affecting her
body and her brilliant mind, but everything else about her screamed "yes".
        "You have four minutes and thirty seconds before you won't even be able to walk
anywhere," Whytefur whispered hotly into the bunny's ear. "I suggest you show Dr. Greytail
to a breeding-chamber right... this... second." She licked the doe on the ear, heavily, and
grabbing her firm ass, shoved her down the corridor. I followed, helpless against my own
arousal and the heat-scent that was just beginning to flow from the injected bunny.
        "I expect many great things from you, Dr. Greytail," I heard Whytefur say. I barely
heard it.

         The room was dark, though my lupine eyes could see quite well in the darkness. There
was a semi-upright table in one corner with stirrups and restraints... a birthing table, I
recognized. The rest of the room was heavily cushioned and festooned with pillows of many
         Akiko was standing in the center of the room, her back turned to me. She was shaking
like a leaf. "Why... why did you have to choose me?" she asked. I couldn't tell if she was
sobbing or panting. The heat-scent was rising, and I felt my trousers strain even more. I let out
a shuddering breath and tried to answer her, words beginning to fail me.
         "You... you're the most beautiful of all. Your mind, your body... so beautiful. I... our
cubs will be so clever, so strong..."
         "I... But... It's all happening so fast," she said desperately. "I don't know what I want...
what's... happening to me?" Her body was giving off a genuine heat-scent now, and I was
beginning to feel the Spring Frenzy upon me, turning me into a mating-machine. I took two
more steps until I was just behind her, and then I grasped her from behind. I breathed hotly in
her ears, licking them as my paws grabbed her ripe breasts and mashed them firmly, rolling
and brushing her hardened aureolae through the thin fabric of her blouse between squeezes.
She moaned loudly, her voice joining the chorus of mating furs in the pavilion for the first
true time as her lust expressed itself purely, savagely, in the sound.
         "You will be bred," I told her, the predator rising in me. "You will accept my maleness
inside your warm, sweet body. You will become full of my seed, and you /will/ give birth to
my offspring." It was true... her heat-scent was perfect, and I had no choice but to breed her...
and she had no choice either.
         "I... I will be bred," she panted, desperately, now at one, as I was, with her instinctive
desires, feeling the Serum transform her body and mind in preparation for the mating.
         I reached down and sought, at long, long last, to free my crimson member, but when
she heard the button of my trousers being undone, she turned around. "No... no, I... have to do
         I panted desperately. We were both rapidly becoming breeder-beasts, and I needed to
mount her. But I knew about that particular tenet of the Faithful. They weren't allowed to
remove their own clothing at breeding season... their mates had to do it. It was an ancient
tenet of the Faith. She reached out with a trembling hand and re-buttoned my straining
trousers, and then, slowly, panting, she unbuttoned them again and slid the zipper down. My
erection was already pressing hard at my undershorts, and she could see the tapered beauty of
the thing she would have inside her within minutes, and at that sight I smelled her heat-scent
rise and heard her breath catch in her throat.
         Wrapping her paws around the hem of my shirt, she lifted it up over my head. When it
was bare, she buried her nose in the fur of my chest and inhaled. Though I was a wolf and she
a rabbit, she needed me... the serum had modified her very core, binding it to mine. Sliding to
her knees as they became weak with her impossible arousal, she found herself looking straight
at my long, thick penis, veiled in my undershorts. Inhaling its scent directly, she let out
another gasping, choking moan as more of her mind was surrendered to the breeding-frenzy.
         She pulled my trousers down and I stepped out of them with a small movement before
she began nuzzling my length through the undershorts. Grasping the backs of my knees, she
leaned forward and, according to tradition, took my last piece of clothing in her teeth and
pulled it downwards and off with her mouth. When she looked back up, I was naked.
         Her breath caught as she saw my crimson shaft, my canine knot already fully formed
at the base, the tip bearing a white bead of my seed. She cried a little, but as her flagging tail
told me it was out of a deep, natural joy. Females and males alike were not allowed to breed
until eighteen... she had never been to the Spring Festival, though her body had been ready for
it for years. Now it knew that, at last, it would be penetrated, bred, filled with life again and
         She couldn't help herself... she leaned forward and tasted of my seed. She gasped and
moaned as the taste made her even hornier, and ran her soft, pink tongue down my red shaft,
coaxing out another few gobs of my seed. She put out her tongue to taste them, and then,
trembling, turned away without doing so. "Need it... inside," she said. These were to be her
last words until the end of the seeding, her rational, intelligent mind silenced by the burning
need in her young, tight vagina. She grabbed a tent-pole and pulled herself upward, turning
away from me, and looking back desperately. She was not allowed to free herself from her
         My part was much less gentle than hers. I, too, was beyond words, a predator driven
positively stupid with instinct. I grasped her sweater and pulled it savagely off of her... she
cried out as she was handled a little roughly, but she did not resist. Having no time for
anything else, I pulled at the hem of the skirt, and it tore off easily, as it was already
struggling around her wide hips. I tried to pull her thin, silky lavender panties down, but they
were caught on her tail, and, growling, I ripped them down the sides with my claws, baring
her generous rump and, at last, her sweet, sweet sex to the air of the small chamber.
         Helplessly, I was drawn to it, falling to my knees and pressing my cold, dark nose
against her pearly folds. She shrieked loudly at the sensation, half-turning, and I licked, once,
twice, hearing her yelp with pleasure each time. She was delicious, like a breeding-bitch and
prey all at the same time. She turned, putting her paws on my shoulders for stability, and I
looked up, the beast in my eyes finding the beast in hers. We both knew that it was time. I
drew her downward, her legs locking behind my back, and slowly, slowly, speared her on my
bloated, throbbing member.
         We both screamed at the sensation as her tight, hot pussylips grasped at my engorged
cock down all ten long inches of the journey. By the time she was pressed against the top of
my knot, I had felt her squeeze me inside a dozen times, each time more fully than the last.
Grasping her shapely ass, I began to lift her smaller body up with my strong arms and then let
her drop back down, six inches at a time. Her shrieks were not rhythmic... every motion, up or
down, was a blaze of pure, mind-erasing pleasure, every pause a sweet torture that made the
next rise or fall all the more impossibly soul-searing. She screamed louder and louder until
she let out what I would have called a true howl had she been a bitch, clenching my cock hard
inside and wetting my heavy balls with sweet warmth.
         That orgasm carried her heat-scent right out into the open, right out onto my body, and
I stiffened, growling as the very last shred of restraint left me. Now a pure beast in rut, I
snarled, turned her around and slammed her to the pillowed floor on all fours. I mounted her
gloriously, like an alpha-breeder of the Plains, locked my jaws firmly yet gently around her
neck, grasped her tits in my hands, tearing her blouse a little with my claws, and began to rut
her, violently, purely, savagely. I could feel her six ripe breasts bouncing and jiggling with
every thrust, and her shouts became sobbing grunts as she was bred so hard that she had
trouble breathing.
         Finally, I tied with her. I don't think that I could possibly describe the sound she made
when my four-inch thick knot fully pressed into her sopping, grasping hole. It was like a gasp,
a howl, a choke and a pure, mindless laugh of sheer joy all in one impossible breath. The
orgasm that took her lasted for nearly a minute, during which I plied her with short, quick,
desperate thrusts, knowing that the beginning of my own seeding-time was near.
         Her eyes rolled back in her head and, breathing shallowly, she started to go limp after
the orgasm. I put on hand on her belly and one on her tail and lifted her up, the both of us in a
standing position, she speared backwards on my cock and hoisted into the air as I began to
fountain at last, my rich seed flowing in white-hot spurts into her, and I howled. The entire
food court heard my breeding-howl, but at that moment, I would have gladly done it in front
of the world, would have broadcast it into space with Seeker One... the two of us, savagely
mating, our message to the stars.
         Slowly, the two of us fell back to the floor, she twitching and stiffening with yet
another orgasm, me feeling the steady flow of ecstasy as I emptied into her. I felt filled with a
tender affection for the beautiful female I had just bred, and I noticed now that she still had
her blouse and socks on, which nearly made me chuckle, but I was too tired. I simply licked
her neck and ears and tenderly kneaded her six generous breasts as we stayed locked together.
         What happened next is something of a matter of historical record. Now that the Serum
has been made available to the public, the term "the Ripening" has been given to the process
that next occurred. What neither of us knew, however, was that Akiko would be the first to
undergo it in its perfected form.
         It began with a flutter. Akiko suddenly jerked a bit in my arms, letting out a gasp of
shock. I didn't know the reason, but I was still in the middle of my lengthy canine orgasm, and
paid it little mind.
         But then, she gasped again, and let out a little shriek. "Inside... something... OH!" she
         That first swell was so subtle that it thought that the bloating of her white-furred
young belly beneath my paw was just the natural slight distension of so much seed pouring
into her. But then she cried out again, and I felt it literally swell out an inch under my hand.
"What..." she tried to ask, trying to form words in the face of so much pleasure, utterly
confused. "Why... OOOHHH!!!" she groaned, as another swell wracked her small frame.
         This was not the only change. One of my hands had been exploring her breasts all this
time, and I had grown rather fondly familiar of their firm, spherical size and shape. But now,
under my very paw, I felt her breasts tighten, and then, in a tiny, pulsing rush with each of her
heartbeats, begin to push outward. Already generous, within sixty seconds they were truly
prodigious, the same size as the tigress in the breeding selection chamber.
         She groaned, eyes wide, as her belly surged outwards yet again, making her look five
moons pregnant with a full litter. I began to be concerned that she was in pain, but as one of
her hands moved to caress her swelling belly and the other moved to tweak the engorged
clitoris of her vagina, still stuffed with my thickness, I had my answer. She was in ecstasy.
         "M...mooore...." she groaned, lowing like a cow. She was beginning to give milk like
one, too... I could feel the warm liquid beginning to flow from her inflating tits as I squeezed
them all the more firmly. She gurgled, pussy clenching around my member as her belly rolled
and jiggled before pushing out another few inches. "More... MORE!" she cried. I heard a
tearing, popping noise, and a few shiny things flew off one by one into the darkness. It took
me a moment to realize that they were the buttons of her blouse as her bouncing tits could no
longer by held by it, and they jiggled out into the naked open, Within a minute, I was helping
her tear the useless, sopping garment away from her nubile body, now naked but for her
         She began to bounce and jerk in my lap, turning halfway to face me, and then all the
way, still trying to get more seed into her needy vagina. As she leaned back, crying out to the
ceiling, all six of her breasts, swollen, expanding, dribbling with sweet milk, bounced before
my eyes, and I couldn't resist. I latched onto one with my muzzle and sucked.
         Immediately, she screamed out in another orgasm, the breeding serum having
transformed her nipples into a fully erogenous zone, sensitive as the clit she was now having
trouble reaching over her swelling, fattening belly. Giving up, she threw her hands backwards
and braced herself against the floor, bucking her hips as I sucked at her burgeoning breasts.
"YES... oh please... more... more... inside me... IN... SIIIDE!!!!" she screamed, creaming
around me again.
         Her belly was now pressing directly against mine, even when she leaned back, and I
had to bend forward to get a good grasp on her bouncing, squirting, enlarging tits in order to
suckle more of the milk. Each of her six breasts was now the size of her own head... I doubted
that she'd be able to stand upright even if she weren't still locked to me by the knot in her
         I belched milkily, having drunk more than my fill from her tits and still somehow
wanting more. Her belly, though, was now so large that it was literally pushing her away from
me, and it was becoming painful to both of us, tugging at my knot, so I got to my knees and
turned her around so that she was on all fours. Her belly and breasts were already brushing
against the pillows, and she looked like she was full term with at least seven of my offspring.
Once on all fours, though, she tried to rock backwards and forwards, to feel my cock in her
pussy, as I rubbed her belly and milk-spurting breasts, licking her neck affectionately from
atop her back. She was growing more beautiful by the swelling, expanding second.
         Eventually, we both fell to the side. I didn't understand why at first... it was like she
tried to get up and the we both fell over. I tried to clasp my hands around her belly, but found
that I just couldn't... her life-filled body was far, far too swollen with my offspring for me to
even close my arms around it. Her belly was nearly the size of her entire torso now, and I
started to worry that she would burst with my young. I needn't have... the Serum caused a
state of elasticity in the skin that prevented it. But her belly was so huge that I could see
through the fur to the pinkness of her skin, and all the while, she screamed, orgasming almost
constantly, trying to milk herself and get more of my seed inside her. And I knew... her belly
had grown so large that it had lifted her right off of her paws.
         I don't know how long we fucked in that position... it seemed like we lay locked like
that, laying on our sides, my penis stretching her tight, hot vagina, her breasts swelling, belly
inflating outwards with new life, for eons.
         By the time my knot finally deflated enough to pull myself out of her and look at her, I
choked at the sight. She was a goddess of pure fertility, a testament of raw fucking, the perfect
picture of impossible breeding excess. A full-grown fox could have been hiding in that
massive, stretched belly, and each of her breasts was now leaking a rivulet of milk that had
soaked the pillows and was starting to pool.
         I called for help and the lizardess and tigress from the selection room came running in.
I tried to get them out of their shock by telling them repeatedly that we had to haul her onto
the birthing table... it couldn't be long now. Finally, they complied, and the three of us...
barely... got Akiko up and into the stirrups on the birthing table. She was out of her mind,
hands pressed to the sides of her mammoth womb, screaming, mostly incoherently, but
sometimes I caught a word..... "YES.... OH, GODS.... YES.... FATTER.... WANT TO... BE
         Her belly kept pressing outwards, and by the time I had finished tying her wrists down
to the birthing table and her legs to the stirrups, Milk was pooling all around the table from
her fountaining tits. Several girls were now in the room, watching in awe at the breeding-
creature their friend had become. Akiko kept clutching at her breasts as though they hurt, but
she couldn't reach the nipples... they were too large for that now, and she started crying out
for help. Six of the girls moved in to massage her breasts, letting out torrents of milk, but
inevitably each of them swallowed some of the tasty liquid and began sucking directly on the
engorged nipples.
        I couldn't stand it... Akiko was begging for more cock in her pussy, and mine was the
only one in the room. I tilted the breeding-table backwards so that she was almost lying down
and, grabbing her ballooning belly in both arms, shoved my thick cock back into her grasping
        That image... the image of me fucking the gloriously swollen female rabbit while six
of her friends sucked her enormous tits (most of them also sliding fingers into their own
panties as the aphrodisiac quality of Serum-corrupted milk began to affect them) was the one
that would be remembered by the public, as the hidden camera in that room recorded
everything. After all, this was the first successful hyperbreeding... the tape obviously had to
be shown to the medical establishment, and was 'leaked' to the press within hours of that.
        Her pussy began to clamp down on me... rhythmically, and growing more insistent. I
couldn't tell if it was still more orgasms or birth contractions. It turned out to be both...
Serum-infused females experience contractions as powerful orgasms. I had been careful not to
tie with her again, and it was a good thing, as I was able to pull out when the contractions
became close enough together, and I personally delivered fourteen babies that day, my own
and Akiko's. All through the labor, she screamed out in ecstasy, tears of joy streaking her
face, and praised my stud-cock and the feeling of each and every one of the babies being
slowly, ecstatically birthed from her young vagina.
        So not in one week, but in one single unforgettable hour did we produce a huge litter
of children. I later learned that they were all of them healthy and well above average
intelligence, gifted even. They were also the first of a new hyperfertile, hybrid race... neither
wolf nor rabbit, they had all the best qualities of both, and each bred dozens more in their
time, scattering our seed among the stars. Yes... it was for the decades-long journey of Seeker
One that the government had wanted babies, and by the time they reached the habitable planet
that had been discovered, they each of them awakened educated in their sleep by an AI statis
program, and fully mature... and ready to breed and fill a new empty world.
        The Breed-a-Thon donated over 300 cubs to the project, and their hyperfertility and
natural intelligence made them a dominant force on that faraway world. But the story of their
breeding-adventures is not for me to tell, bound still to this world, like every other adult at the
time of the launch.
        But that's all right, because the story of the Breed-a-thon is far from over, and I still
have much to tell you about many things...

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