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									                                  MEETING MINUTES
23 JANUARY 2004, 9am.
MEETING RE. 2012 Olympic Bid – Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy

Location: Committee Room 4, County Hall, Dorchester

Name                    Organisation            e-mail Address
David Jenkins           DCC           
Chris Skinner           DCC           
Liz Tripp               DCC           
Adam Godfrey            S W Tourism   
Kay Homer               SWRDA         
Rubert Best             Portland Port 
Ian Cambrook            BDPEP         
John Tweed              WPSA          
Nick Thornley           WDDC          
Rick Dowell             Dorset Police 
John Derbyshire         RYA           
Phil Allen              DFRS          
Mike Mitchell           DFRS                    scweymouth&


Name                    Organisation            e-mail Address
Miles Butler            DCC           
Bill Ludlow             WPSA          
Malcom Bell             SW Tourism    
Tom Grainger            WPBC          
Malcom Palmer           Dorset Police 

   Everyone around the table introduced themselves to the group.
   Rick Powell from Dorset Police explained that as Malcolm Palmer is retiring
   soon, he is now the contact for the group.
   Phil Allen explained that as Mike Mitchell is retiring soon, he will be the main
   contact in the future.

   On behalf of the group, David Jenkins congratulated John Tweed, Bill Ludlow
   and all involved in the success of the Olympic Bid to the London Committee.
   David Jenkins explained that the hard work is appreciated and that the
   appointment of Weymouth and Portland as the proposed venue for the
   London Olympics in 2012 is a major achievement of which the whole of Dorset
   can be proud.
   John Tweed also added that it was very much a team effort and again thanked
   all group members for their support. Initial feedback from the London
   Committee was very positive as to the team support, and in that the
   application was one of the most professional and easiest to assess.
   John Tweed pointed out that the previous meeting minutes, Page 3,
   paragraph 3, should state that the Olympics summary report requests five
   1mile courses and not five 2-mile courses as originally written.

   John Tweed explained that after completing the initial application in
   November, Weymouth and Portland has been chosen by the London
   Committee as the proposed venue for the sailing events in 2012. This was
   made public knowledge recently as the London Committee officially
   announced their 2012 Olympic Bid proposals internationally. The Government
   and the City of London are fully committed to bringing the Olympics to

   The proposals make for a compact bid, as most of the venues for the
   Olympics would be within 15 miles of the centre of London, 17 out of 27

   The Weymouth and Portland Sailing venue will be the only significant venue
   used outside London other than the football stadiums. It is therefore a major
   achievement which offers particular opportunities to Dorset and the South

   John Derbyshire added that Weymouth and Portland had led a number of
   competitors for the sailing venue including Torbay and North Ayrshire.

   John Tweed identified 3 main objectives for the group to focus on now that the
   application has been successful to this stage:
   i.)    Ensuring the community is aware, supportive and on side. The group
          and Councils have a significant role in encouraging support for
          Weymouth and Portland to be part of the greatest show on earth.
   ii.)   To be positive and support the London Committee as effectively as
   iii.)  Ensure Dorset benefits – improved infrastructure, funding opportunities
          through Sport England, Regional Bodies etc.

   18th May 2004 – Olympic Committee present city list – (9 at present)
   November 2004 – All venues must have provided all information and
   15th November 2004 – IOC must have received all final bids
   January 2005 – IOC completes analysis of all bids
   February / March 2005 – IOC Evaluation Commission visits all venues
   May 2005 – Evaluation Commission report to IOC and a shortlist is presented
   6th July 2005 – IOC select the city to host the 2012 Olympic Games

   There are around 125 IOC members –the Evaluation Commission consists of
   around 6 - 8 members.

   It was agreed that the time is now right to realise opportunities for Dorset in
   terms of transport and accommodation issues. It was agreed that a ‘can do’
   approach and positive presentation is needed to maximise the chances of
David Jenkins highlighted that the Weymouth relief road funding should be an
example of a positive frame of mind. The scheme had been given the go-
ahead by. Project management for the scheme is now in place and there was
every hope that the scheme will now run its course through to completion. Kay
Homer enquired as to whether the change in route had eliminated or improved
environmental risks and concerns. David Jenkins explained that although the
new orange route is more expensive, it does address the major environmental
concerns. It does create other objections, but these are thought to be less
intractable. Rupert Best feels the Olympic bid should offer opportunities to          DJ
help push the scheme through faster and wonders whether there is any
possibility of extra funding, increased resources or a chance of speeding up
the process. David Jenkins would discuss these issues with Miles Butler.

It was re-iterated the fact that this is a great opportunity and should provide a
substantial card in assisting developments and also creating a positive image
around the county, especially from a community perspective.

It was necessary now to identify the timetable from now until final submission        JT
of applications in November 2004. John Tweed is unsure at present what is
required, as the bid has only just been officially announced. He is awaiting
feedback from the London Committee. He is looking to liase closely with the
London Committee and feels that it may be a case of as and when information
is needed the group will provide.

It is unclear at this stage as to exactly what funding sources are available.         JD
John Derbyshire will look into the funding issue and will get back to the group
with some more definite figures. He believes that London has £17 million put
aside to assist the development of the bid rather than construction / capital
work. He also believes that London has allocated around £168 million towards
the Olympic bid if successful of which John feels £100 million of that may have
been allocated to be spent outside of London to the rest of the UK. Kay Homer         KH
to pursue issue and report on sources of funding for Dorset. John Tweed also
adds that Tessa Jowell has visited the venue and has some understanding,
and as the only South West venue, there should be a good opportunity to gain
funding. David Jenkins will pursue funding opportunities and report back to the

Weymouth and Portland Bid
The group addressed each of the sections in the bid for Weymouth and
Portland so that any manor issues can be discussed and progress can be
i.) Event Management – The group agree that this section involves a lot of
      technical detail of which will be required nearer the time. The operational
      side of things such as fire and rescue and police are important areas to
      consider, but progress cannot be made until plans are finalised and risk
      assessments can be conducted. The group must also consider the pre
      Olympic dress rehearsals and Para-Olympics.
ii.) Transport and Access – John Tweed explained that Transport for London            JT
      is taking a lead role in all transportation issues for the Olympics and plan
      to visit the area. John Tweed will arrange and finalise the date of the visit
      with Weymouth and Portland Borough Council and Dorset County
      Council. Relief road issues as discussed previous.
iii.) Accommodation – The lack of 4 star plus hotels is an issue for the area.
      The bid highlighted the use of cruise ships as the likely option. The group
      would like to see new hotels and upgrades in the area and feel this
        needs to be pursued. It is felt that there is not a long-term benefit for
        hotels after the Olympics, which will stop developments. Kay Homer feels
        the link with Heritage status needs to be explored, as this will add
        strength to the case. The Natural History Museum is engaged in
        discussions with the County Council and others over the possible
        creation of an international visitor centre and conference facilities for the
        heritage coast, which may again require quality accommodation. Nick
        Thornley asked if grants are available to give to the private sector to
        increase standards and move in the right direction. Adam Godfrey will           AG
        look into any grant opportunities but is not confident there are many
        opportunities. Adam believes the Olympics will enable Dorset to forge a
        stronger link with the London customer market, which can also assist
        development. Adam also feels public services in the area such as public
        toilets; showers and general improvements should be able to benefit from
        the bid. Nick Thornely will discuss the accommodation issues at the next        NT
        Dorset and New Forrest Tourism Partnership to gage reaction and

   Ian Cambrook feels there must be information from previous games, which              IC
   can assist. Ian volunteered to research previous games for information, which
   may help the group.

   John Derbyshire feels that the sailing academy must also consider training
   events in Feb / March when the Evaluation Commission visits to create a good

   John Derbyshire explained that Poole is keen to offer support the bid in any         JD
   way they can. Poole has lots of local businesses such as boat builders which
   could offer valuable assistance and offers work to local business. The group
   agrees the support is very much welcomed, and feels the event should be
   seen in a wider Dorset context, with visible leadership on behalf of Dorset.

   Rupert Best emphasised the need for the project to be county based rather
   than simply Weymouth and Portland. The group should be looking to gain
   benefits for the whole of the county and seeking county community support.

   It was agreed the scheme needs a political leader. David Jenkins put forward         DJ
   Tim Palmer, Leader of the Council, as a candidate and is sure he will be
   happy to take on this role. The group agrees although this role must be
   representing the wider partnership and not just Dorset County Council.

   The issue of logos was addressed, and whether Dorset should produce its              JT
   own Olympic logo. John Derbyshire believes that the London Olympic
   Committee has control over the use of logos and may well produce logos for
   the different venues. John Tweed to consider and report back.

   It is suggested that maybe the RYA may have useful contacts / personnel in           JD
   helping to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the bid. John Derbyshire
   will look into this and consider any options.

   A name is needed for the group. It was agreed the group to be called:
   Dorset Olympic Bid Working Group.
   Overview / Actions
    David Jenkins to discuss proposals at the Dorset Strategic Partnership        DJ
    David Jenkins / Miles Butler to assess possibilities of increased funding /   DJ /
      speeding up Weymouth relief road scheme                                      MB
    Kay Homer to look at any funding opportunities and report back
    John Tweed to contact London Committee for information on the way             KH
      forward                                                                      JT
    Nick Thornley to discuss accommodation issues with the Dorset / New
      Forrest Tourism Partnership                                                  NT
    Ian Cambrook to research past Olympic documentation                           IC

   Tuesday 18th March, 9.30am, Dorset Room, Colliton House, Dorchester.

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