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B and B, Hotels,Hostels and Motels in Fairbanks
August 2008, January 2009
m:/office/2008-2009 hotel, bb,motel,hostel listings
                   Name                          Street Address   Phone     Minimum Qualify for          August-08          January-09        Types of payment - check all accepted
                                                                            age to rent? Govt Rate?    Nightly Rates       Nightly Rates      Cash Check MO CC             Others Dep Required       Web                    Transport provided   Transport provided Distance Continental               Check in Check out
                                                                                                      Single Double Single             Double                   V,A,M,D            with Reservations Address                to hotel?            from Hotel to UAF? to UAF? Breakfast?                 Hours    Hours

Go North Alaska Adventure Trevel Center       3500 Davis Road (907) 479-7272 18         n             $25    $25     not open in winter        Y     Y      Y    Y                no       Y- $8 per ride         Y- $8 per ride     4 Miles   No- but kitchen available anytime   11 AM

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