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					                                                                                                       A Night at the Ballpark with Fireworks Friday August 12, 2011
                        Weekly Liturgical/Service Schedule                                 Come celebrate St. Gregory night at the Washington Wild Things game followed by
                                                                                           Fireworks at Consol Energy Park in Washington, PA on Friday August 12, 2011. Cost
                Sunday of the Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council                      is $13.00 per ticket (The Men’s Club is subsidizing the remaining cost of each ticket; they
                                   June 4-5, 2011                                          will also be subsidizing total cost of tickets for the altar servers). The game starts at
    Sat.       June     4     5:00 p.m.   Divine Liturgy (+Dr. Michael Culyba,             6:35pm, but show up at 5:15 and enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet complete with soft
                                          req. by Dorothy & Dave Mayernik)                 drinks, an outdoor bar and comfortable deck seating. Fireworks will start at the end of the
    Sun.       June     5     9:30 a.m.   Divine Liturgy (+Alice & Michael Charochak,
                                          req. by Jodi Hernandez)                          game. The sign up sheet is located at the back of the church. The deadline to sign-up is
                                                                                           Sunday July 10, 2011. Payment by cash or check can be made to David Schmidt or put in
                               Pentecost (Green) Sunday                                    an envelope marked Washington Wild Things and then placed in the collection basket.
                                   June 11-12, 2011                                        Please make checks payable to St. Gregory Church. If you have any questions, please
    Sat.       June     11    5:00 p.m.   Divine Liturgy (+George & Ann Checque,           contact David Schmidt at 412-760-2378.
                                          req. by Robert Checque)
    Sun.       June     12    9:30 a.m.   Divine Liturgy (+Hilda Metzger,                                                           Cars for Help
                                          req. by Joan & Andrew Sakmar)
                                                                                           Donate your old car and help the needy. In addition receive a tax deduction of $500+. It’s
                           Seminarian Thomas Slosky Blogspot                               fast, it’s easy, and it requires only one phone call or visit at the Cars for Help website.
Sem. Tom Slosky has set up a blog site to keep everyone updated on his seminary            Cars for Help, a 501(c)3 not for profit charity, is working through various Catholic
progress. The blog site is                         charities to help alleviate human suffering. If you would like to donate any vehicle of
                                                                                           yours in any condition, or just have questions, please call (630) 595-9272. You can also
                       Congratulations to our Parish Graduates                             visit the Cars for Help website at With mention of this bulletin,
Our parish of St. Gregory Nazianzus congratulates the graduates of our parish and prays    10% of your vehicle donation will go directly to benefit our parish of St. Gregory
for many more years of success and blessings from the Lord. Our parish graduates are       Nazianzus.
Kyle Dudzinski (high school), Eric Forrester (high school), Antonio Wolfe (high
school), and Kyle Lyn Coval (college). God grant them many happy and blessed years!                  Archieparchial Faith and Fun Day for Altar Servers – Friday, July 8
                                                                                           Attention all altar servers! Meet and spend time with guys from other Byzantine Catholic
                             New Altar Servers Training Class                              Churches in the Archeparchy who love the Lord and enjoy serving as much as you do.
Any boy (having completed the second grade) who is interested in becoming an altar         The day will begin at 9:15 a.m. at the Cathedral in Munhall with registration, followed by
server at our parish, is asked to attend a training session on Sunday, June 12,            a brief prayer service and a few interesting speakers. You’ll then head over to the
immediately following the 9:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy. Fr. Tom and our current St.            Cathedral Center for a hearty lunch, and board the shuttle buses for Pittsburgh’s North
Gregory altar servers will conduct the training session.                                   Shore to spend several hours at the Carnegie Science Center, USS Requin (submarine) and
                                                                                           SportsWorks. Next stop is PNC Park, where you’ll see the Pirates play the Chicago Cubs
                 Parish Bible Study Adult Religious Education Classes                      from your “all-you-can-eat” seats! You also will receive a promotional stadium souvenir
Our parish will be beginning a series of adult education classes on Thursday nights at 7   as well as a new Roberto Clemente jersey. After the 7 p.m. game, you’ll “bus-it” back to
p.m. at our parish beginning June 2 (and running 8 weeks) using a program entitled, A      the Cathedral for pickup by your parents/chaperones. Sign up with your pastor by June
Quick Journey Through the Bible. For more information, contact Fr. Tom.                    12. Open to servers elementary through high school. Cost: only $35 per server for a day of
                                                                                           Faith and Fun!
                                     WEEKLY COLLECTION                                                                St. Gregory Flea Market Fundraiser
                                        2011 May 29                                               On Saturday, August 27th from 8 am – 3 pm St. Gregory’s is hosting a Flea Market
                                                                                          Fundraiser in the church hall. With your support this will be a major fundraiser for our
      Category                      Amount                                                church’s needs. We are asking everyone to clean out your closets, garages, playrooms
 1.   Envelopes                     1,289.00                                              and basements and donate items to this fundraiser event. You may bring your items to
 2.   Debt                          1,250.00                                              church before and after Liturgy beginning Saturday, July 9th. The last day to bring your
 3.   Loose                            34.00                                              items to church is Sunday, August 21st.
 4.   Candles                          40.00                                                       Please bag the items by categories (books, toys, holiday, tools, etc.) and place them
 5.   Ascension                         5.00                                              in the back of the church basement where category signs will be posted. Following is a
                                                                                          list of possible items:
 TOTAL Deposited                $ 2,618.00
                                                                                               books (NO encyclopedia sets)                              lamps
Envelopes                                                             Debt                     jewelry                                                small furniture
3@        50 =              150.00                   8@        50 =           400.00           puzzles                                                    DVDS
5@        40 =              200.00                   3@        40 =           120.00           games                                                      CDS
1@        35 =               35.00                   1@        35 =            35.00           toys                                             baby items (strollers, etc.)
1@        30 =               30.00                   4@        30 =           120.00           kitchen items (dishes, glassware, etc.)               sports equipment
16@       25 =              400.00                  18@        25 =           450.00           small electrics                               linens (tablecloths, bedding, etc)
14@       20 =              280.00                   4@        20 =            80.00           tools                           home décor (pictures, frames, knickknacks, etc.)
10@       10 =              100.00                   4@        10 =            40.00           purses
 1@        7=                  7.00                  1@         5=               5.00          holiday items (NO Christmas trees)                    household items
 5@        5=                 25.00                                                            infant & children’s clothing ONLY       electronics (sound systems, musical, TV’s)
 1@        2=                  2.00                  Total 43                $ 1,250.00
                                                       Average = $ 29.07                  **All items must be clean and in working condition
Total 61               $ 1,289.00                                                         If you have any questions or would like to volunteer for this fun event, please contact
Average =   $ 21.13                                                                       Michele D’Angelo at 412-835-7378 or
                                                                                          Thank you in advance for your support!
Average needed per week to meet expenses prior to fund-raising (based on last year’s
total expenses including debt reduction expenses) = $2612.70                                                    St. Gregory Nazianzus 40th Anniversary Meeting
                                                                                          Anyone who would like to help plan the 40th anniversary celebration for our parish for
                 Looking for Old Editions of the Byzantine Catholic                       later this year is asked to please attend a meeting in our church hall on Sunday, June 5
                                         World                                            immediately following the 9:30 a.m. Divine Liturgy.
              1992: All Issues, 1993: All Issues, 1994: All Issues, 1998:
              Issues 13 through 25, 1999: All Issues, 2000: Issues 15                                                            Fudge for Sale
              through 24, 2001: Issues 1, 2, 3, and 14, 2002: Issue 6,                    Our parish still has some unsold fudge left over from the Upper Saint Clair Community
              2003: Issues 7 and 22                                                       Day. Flavors include Belgium chocolate, Chocolate with Walnut, and Chocolate Peanut
                                                                                          Butter. The price is $6 for a half pound. Please call Fr. Tom or see him after one of the
                                                                                          weekend liturgies.
                                   This Week’s Reflection                                                                                 Camp Healing Hearts
                                The Role of the Christian Today                                        Family Hospice and Palliative Care is pleased to announce Camp Healing Hearts, a day
                                                                                                       camp for grieving children, ages 6-12, and their parents and guardians. Camp Healing
    A current television ad asks “What if you went to church and it changed your life?” My first       Hearts is offered free of charge and held at the Center for Compassionate Care at 50
reaction was “And what if it didn’t?” If you are familiar with the 21-minute sit-com set-up or the     Moffett Street in the South Hills. The camp will be held on Sat., June 11, from 9 a.m. –
2-hour feature film format, most human-interest circumstances can be resolved almost                   3:30 p.m. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required and applications are currently
immediately with an eye-opening event or a dramatic, heartfelt speech. If you have spent any time
                                                                                                       being accepted. For registration or further information, please contact the Bereavement
in the real world (not watching “reality” television), you know that many situations or
relationships have highs and lows that span decades. The “best” homily we ever heard may not be        Department at 412-572-8829.
even a faint memory. Time colors those memories and a recent bad experience may erase all good
intentions. Church can only change you - like anything else - over a lifetime.                                                          Slavic Food Festival 2011
    We are after all, ONLY human - we live in a fallen world and we can all think of many              Holy Resurrection Byzantine Catholic Church, 455 Center Road, Monroeville, PA will
examples of that. Even Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, a kind of modern day saint for the           hold its 13th annual food festival on Friday, June 17 and Saturday, June 18 from 4 to 10
everyman, had her doubts and her dark nights of the soul. So, we may ask ourselves, what is the        p.m. Friday’s menu will feature the church’s popular “fish fry” entrees which include the
role of the Christian? And, therefore, what is the role of the Church? We can be led to believe that   best-of-its-kind fish sandwich and crab-stuffed haddock along with Slavic foods.
any type of religious expression is quaint, at best, and antiquated and out-of-touch and even          Saturday’s menu: roasted pig served sandwich style, stuffed chicken breast dinner,
ridiculous for the thinking person, in some people‘s exalted opinion. It was good enough for our       holubki (stuffed cabbage), pirohi, haluski, and spanakopita (spinach pie). Ethnic baked
uneducated, immigrant ancestors but does the Church truly speak to the men and women of today?         goods include: nut rolls, nut and apricot horn cookies, lady locks, baklava, cheese pockets,
Can we truly embrace the Gospel and put it into practice?
                                                                                                       and more! Entertainment – Friday: Radost at 7 p.m., Saturday: Rus’ky Musikanty at 7 p.m
    I don’t think these are only third millennium questions. I think they have been contemporary to
everyone in every place at every time. Perhaps they haven’t been articulated and perhaps they
don’t seem relevant in our own lives - but we’ve all had our doubts and we’ve all had our dark                                           Orthodox Men’s Retreat
nights. The Gospel story of Saint Thomas (Second Sunday of Pascha) shows us that even those            All men, single, married, and of all ages are welcome to participate in the upcoming
intimately connected to Jesus didn’t have all the answers to all their questions. The Gospel of the    Orthodox Men’s Retreat led by Fr. Meletios Webber. Participants will enjoy a weekend of
Myrrh-bearing Women (Third Sunday) conveys to us that if we are committed to our relationship          fellowship, learning, worship and relaxation (not to mention Chef Tim’s Fabulous Grilled
with Jesus, we will witness the essence of His message - resurrection. The Gospel of the Paralytic     Salmon cookout on Saturday evening!) with a schedule that is intentionally designed to
(Fourth Sunday) tells us we all require healing and we may need to get up out of our comfort zone      provide a balance of all of these elements. The atmosphere is casual and there will be free
or sick bed and get moving. The Gospel of the Woman at the Well (Fifth Sunday) reminds us that         time to explore the woods, shoot some hoops, or even take in a round of golf at nearby
Jesus also heals our human relationships and then makes us preachers of His Good News, in our
                                                                                                       Champion Lakes Golf Course. The theme of this year’s retreat is “From Thinking to
words and in our deeds. The Gospel of the Man Born Blind (Sixth Sunday) says that Jesus can
take away our spiritual blindness and shows us the truth.
                                                                                                       Praying: from the head to the heart.” The retreat will be held at Antiochian Village in
As we come to celebrate the Ascension, we are reminded that Jesus left the earthly Church and left     Latrobe, PA from Friday evening, June 17 to Sunday noon, June 19. Call 724-238-3677.
 us “in charge,” as it were. The Church has become His abiding presence on the earth and we have
  all become His abiding presence on the earth by virtue of our membership in the Church through                                   Widows and Widowers Luncheon
  Baptism. Therefore, anything we can say about Jesus, we can say about the Church; anything we        The Widows and Widowers Luncheon will be held on June 15 at Bravos in the
   can say about Jesus and the Church, we can say about ourselves and each other. Try this on for      Galleria. Please call Gerri Luchok (412-835-750) or Nancy Romza (724-745-2274 if you
 size. I am committed to being and becoming the healing presence of Jesus in the world; I can heal     plan to attend.
    my relationships and bring people to God and I can open my eyes and their eyes to His truth.
                                                                                                                                             Thank You
 (written by Fr. Steve Wahal, pastor of St. Michael’s (Donora, PA) and St. Mary’s
                                                                                                       Thank you to all those who helped with the food preparation and food booth sales at the
(Monessen, PA) Byzantine Catholic Churches)                                                            recent Upper St. Clair Community Day. Total profit from the food booth was $421.25.
St. Gregory of Nazianzus                                                                      items include: spaghetti sauce, macaroni and cheese, canned vegetables (green beans,
Byzantine Catholic Church                                                                     peas, corn, carrots, spinach etc.), cereals and diapers. Your help in this endeavor is greatly
2005 Mohawk Road                                                                              appreciated!
Upper St Clair, PA 15241                                                                                            St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church Choir Recordings
412-835-7800                                                                                  St. Nicholas B. C. Church choir in Barberton, OH is selling recordings of Byzantine
724-317-6986 (cell)                                                                           Catholic liturgies and hymns. CD’s for sale include seasonal chants of the Eastern church,
                                                                                              Church Slavonic Divine Liturgies, and ecumenical presentations featuring Byzantine
Website:                                                                 Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant choirs. For more info: 330-825-2979 or by e-mail:
Email: or                       
ECF Classes: Sundays 10:45-11:45a.m.
Confession: By appointment & Saturday at 3 - 4 p.m.                                                                        Please Take Care of Pew Books
Marriage: at least six months notice; Pre-Cana classes from the Archeparchy
                                                                                              Just a reminder to take care of our church’s pew books. Please do not allow children to rip
Cantors: George Tichi, Michael Pillar, Sylvia Bender, Jeremy Mayernik
ECF Coordinator: Carol Planitzer at or 724-969-4122
                                                                                              pages and pull and fray ribbons. These books are expensive, so please take care of them!
Youth Ministry: Michael Kiss at or 724-693-8983
Church Founding & Historical Committee: Barb Stasiuk (412-885-2140)                                                         Eastern Christian Publications
Bethany Ministry: Jennifer Kehm at or 724-941-5352                              Eastern Christian Publications, the company that produces our weekly bulletin covers, has
Parish Nurse: Dorothy Mayernik at or 412-310-0521                 a wide variety of Eastern Christian spiritual, liturgical, and historical books, CD’s, and
                                                                                              DVD’s available for purchase. They have an online catalog available at their website:
                                                                                     To request a catalog by mail, please call 703-691-8862 or write to Eastern
                                          Fr. Tom’s Communion Visitation List                 Christian Publications, P.O. Box 3909, Fairfax, VA 22038-3909.
If you know of any parishioners who are sick and unable to come to church for an
extended period of time, please inform Fr. Tom, so he can call them up and see about                                        Afterschool Volunteers Needed
putting them on his home communion visitation schedule. Thank you.                            South Hills Interfaith Ministries is looking for volunteers for an after school program in
                                                                                              Baldwin-Whitehall that works with a multi-cultural population grades K-5. Shifts are
                                          Single, 21 & Over (or know someone who is)          available M-F 4:30-7:00 p.m. All volunters must have Act 33/34 clearances. Call SHIM
Looking for a new way to meet people, make friends, and share good times with others?         program director - Doris Nagel at 412-854-9120 ext. 20.
Check out the Catholic Alumni Club. The group offers parties, picnics, hiking, volleyball,
tennis, softball, dinners, trips, scripture study, community service, bowling, cultural and                          Extra Help for People with Medicare Insurance
many other great events. For more information, visit our website:,      Do you know someone on Medicare, and who has a low income and limited assets? If so,
or call 412-341-4070.                                                                         it is possible that they may qualify for financial assistance with their Medicare
                                                                                              expenses.There are two programs that help: The Medicare Savings Program, which helps
                                        Donations for the Poor Collection Container           with Part B premiums for individuals with monthly income that is below $1,226 (for a
During the four fasting seasons of the Byzantine Catholic Church Year, a blue specially       married couple, $1,655); and The Low Income Subsidy, which helps with the Part D
marked container will be located in the narthex (vestibule) of the church to collect          premiums and prescription drug copayments for individuals with monthly income below
donations (non-perishable food items or monetary donations) for the Pittsburgh-area poor.     $1,361 (for a married couple, $1,839). To find out more, to obtain an application, or for
Items and monetary donations collected will be forwarded to the South Hills Interfaith        assistance in completing an application, please call the Allegheny County Department of
Ministry for distribution in the South Hills and Greater Pittsburgh area. Greatly needed      Human Services at 412-350-7079 or email
                         St. Gregory Byzantine Catholic Church                                                      FIVE YEAR DEBT REDUCTION PLAN

                                      Did you know?
                                                                                             Original Mortgages
                                                                                             (1st Mortgage balance of $240,000 @ 5.5% and 2nd Mortgage of $75,000 @ 0%)
St. Gregory’s financial board has recently released the 2010 financial report and set
financial goals for 2011. It is important that our Parishioners understand the facts and        •   Mortgage payments are $3600.00 a month and applied to the 1st mortgage until
goals set forth.                                                                                    completed. Then applied to the interest free mortgage when the balance in
Weekly and Holiday Offerings
                                                                                                •   Current 1st mortgage balance $240,000 but after 5 years $68,603.
   •   Weekly offering (white envelopes) are able to sustain regular monthly debts.
                                                                                                •   In 80 months the entire first mortgage will be paid in full
   •   Average envelopes offered each week 65
                                                                                                •   21 months later the $75,000 second mortgage will be paid in full
   •   If you only use a white envelope from the offering box and are contributing all you
       can please continue to do so in that manner since we are making projections from
       the amounts you offered in the 2010 white and holiday envelopes.                      Air Conditioner:

Debt Reduction Offering                                                                         •   The terms of this loan are estimated at $1300.00 a month for 60 months

   •   Monthly offering needed for payment on the two outstanding mortgages is               How we bridge the GAP:
                                                                                                •   Increase the average debt envelopes collected but not at the expense of the weekly
   •   Monthly offering needed for the Air Conditioning loan is $1300.00 for a term of              envelopes offering reducing in any way.
       five years
                                                                                                •   A blend of an increase in debt reduction offerings and fund raising
   •   Monthly average offered from 2010 was $1891.00
                                                                                                •   2010 debt offering equaled $22,700                  ($1891.00 a month)
   •   Average envelopes offered in 2010 was 45
                                                                                                •   2011 projected debt payments $58,800              ($4900.00 a month)
   •   Shortfall in 2011 debt payments can be made up in several ways and will be
       published in the Debt Reduction 5 year plan document                                     •   GAP    $36,100 or ( $3008 a month)

Terms of the debt payments are determined by the Archeparchy                                    •   Fundraising goal $36,100 (without any new debt offerings)
   •   Fundraising through Easter is projected to be $16,500 and nearly half way to our
       goal and it’s only April

   •   See Annual fundraising ideas and goals for the closing of the GAP potential to
       be published in a future bulletin

                           Parish Website Under Construction
Our parish of St. Gregory Nazianzus has a website currently under construction. To view
the parish website go to Thanks to Nick Kiss for getting our parish
website online and for updating it with the latest information (including the most recent
bulletin editions). This website will help our parish to continue to reach out to our local
community and to the world with the Light of Christ shining through our Byzantine
Catholic Faith and Tradition.

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