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Project        :       EES.5653
Title          :       Quality of Service in In-Home Digital Networks
Project leader :       Prof.dr. E.H.L. Aarts

Location       :       Philips Research Laboratories, WDC, Denktank 4
Date           :       Friday, December 10, 2004
Time           :       10.00 hrs (incl. lunch)

S.N. Kozlov                   Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
M.A. Albu                     Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
D. Jarnikov                   Technische Universiteit Eindhoven S.B. Luitjens     Philips Research Laboratories
J. van der Meer               Ericsson Telecommunicatie BV
Ir. J.J. de Waal              Twente Institute for Wireless and Mobile Communications BV
J. Rous                       Philips Digital Systems Lab Eindhoven
Dr. J.J. Lukkien              Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
M. Lijding                    Universiteit Twente
R. Gemesi                     Universiteit Twente
O.S. Kaya M.Sc.               Universiteit Twente
Dr. P.D.V. van der Stok       Philips Electronics Nederland BV F.A. Karelse           Technologiestichting STW (secretaris)

Prof.dr. E.H.L. Aarts         Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Dr. H.H. Eggenhuisen          Philips Research Laboratories C.H. van Berkel   Philips Research Laboratories
J. Rous                       Philips Digital Systems Lab Eindhoven

1.     Opening by the chairman - project leader
       Welcome by Lukkien

2.     Agenda --

3.     Business announcements - secretary
a.     Apologies for absence: Aarts, Eggenhuizen, Van Berkel (Rous unclear)
b.     Documents received / documents sent: meeting documents
c.     Announcements
       The users committee has been extended with members of the Featherlight project.
       This extension was unclear to the members, the secretary apologises for that. It is
       stressed that all presented information must be treated as confidential unless it is
       published by the project partners.

4.     Progress of the project
a.     Introduction: The project has shown nice progress
       The results are deployed in Philips projects; At the CES conference in San Francisco a
       demo was given. Contacts with Malerdalen en CSU were made.
b.     Presentations

Presentation Weffers-Albu: Terminal QoS
The research aims at the performance as a parameter of the QoS of the terminal, and the
predictability of the system: The prediction and, subsequently, the control of the performance
quality parameters. In principle it is platform independent. Trimedia is in back of the mind, but
results should be applicable to other systems too. The dynamic behaviour of the application is
modelled with 5 performance quality parameters and 4 control parameters.
A test on two case studies with a MPEG player showed good prediction by the model. This
resulted in guidelines for intelligently choosing the packet size in MPEG to optimise the

Presentation Kozlov: Network QoS
Kozlov presents a study to streaming MPEG video over a wireless link. There are tree types of
frames of which one is not crucial. 50% of the stream is of this type. The study focuses on the
question which frames to neglect in case of a full send buffer. The solution is to retransmit the
crucial frames at the expense of the non-crucial frames. Only the sender part has to be
modified for this.
There is a discussion about the double and multi receiver case.
A demo is created to prove this work with a Linksys access point. It is implementable on
PDA’s, GSM’s. The idea of dropping frames is not new, but the combination of this with
wireless is: A patent on this is pending.

Presentation Jarnikov: In-home network
Video transmission over network: The “Source-terminal” communication becomes “transcoder
– network sender-receiver – terminal”
At the end, only the layer characteristics are needed for estimation of the optimal layer
configuration, the other characteristics are given by the created transcoder lookup table: Every
layer size, network condition and number of layers asks for a separate strategy.
User tests on the proportion of the base and enhancement layers versus the quality are
Jarnikov will start writing his thesis soon.

5.     Use of results (utilization)
       Discussed under 4. if applicable.

6.     Any other business and date next meeting -

7.     Closure

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