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					Croydon Libraries
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    Heather Kirby
  Croydon Libraries
What & how & why?
       A taster of
  Croydon’s experience
Croydon Online
   What is Croydon Online?
     The vision
     Services & resources

   How are we doing it?
     Necessities
     Approaches

   Why do it & why in libraries?
What is Croydon Online?
   Web Site is the hub of the
    Community Network
   Providing:
     Information   and Email
   Building:
     New   resources and new services
   Encouraging:
     Ownership     and participation
 Croydon Online will become the
 first service which everyone living,
 working, studying in, or visiting
 Croydon, will use to:
  findinformation;
  Make contacts;
  Do business;
  Engage in learning; or
  Develop hobbies.
Vision (cont.)
   Croydon Online will be:
     Updated   daily
     Interactive
     Easy to use
     Community-wide
     Collaborative
Content & Services
   INCH
   Job Mart
   Skillsboost Online
   HUG
   Community Information
   Feedback
   Consultations/surveys
   Policy documents
Content & Services
   Library news
   Book reviews
   Archives Service…database
   Museum & Heritage - collections,
    exhibitions, education…database
   Email lists and contacts
   Promotion
Information Network for
Croydon Health

   Directory and contact information
    on Croydon Online
   Unified, current, authoritative
   Managed by a cross-sectoral
Job Mart

   A one stop shop on Croydon
    Online for employment
    opportunities in the local area
   Highly Interactive, flexible and
    income generating
Housebound User

  14 members, aged 45 to 89
  Dial-up connection & equipment
  Training and support
  Email List; diary sheets, visits
HUG outcomes

   New, enthusiastic users of IT;
    exchanging URLs;
   contacting politicians;
   looking up the OPAC;
   sending enquiries and requests by
A HUG quote:

   You will never know how grateful I
    am for this opportunity to learn with
    patient teachers….One of my
    friends, a very clever lady, is still
    making a dog’s dinner of her
    emails, so I am optimistic….
Skillsboost Online

   Croydon’s first distance learning
   Online assessment & guidance
   Basic Skills Agency
                                         IT’s easy
                       to learn Computer Skills
•    How The Courses Will Be Run...                •     Courses Will Include…
      – Quality (Hands on individual PCs)                 – Microsoft Office
      – Professionally Qualified Tutors                   – Microsoft Word
      – Affordable (£20.00 per course)                    – Microsoft Excel
      – Small, Manageable Modular Courses                 – Microsoft PowerPoint                  Training
      – Small Groups (max 8 people per group)             – Microsoft Access                      sessions
      – All levels (Introductory to Advanced)             – Using A PC                            are also
      – Suitable, Convenient Hours...                     – Microsoft Windows                       for
                  –   Every Wednesday/Thursday
                                                          – Internet                             busine sses
                  –   at Croydon Central Library
                  –   9:30am to 11:30am            To Book A Place - complete an Enrolment Form and...
                  –   12:30pm to 2:30pm
                                                         hand in to           Heather Kirby
                  –   3:30pm to 5:30pm
                                                       Library Staff      Croydon Centra l Library
       A New Training Opportunity                        or send to          Katharine Street
    provided through a partnership of…                                      CROYDON, CR9 1ET
            Croydon Libraries
         Hogarth Training Group                       For further information contact Library Staff or
        Business Learning Network                  Heather Kirby (Croydon Central Library - 0181 760 5400)
How are we doing it?
   Consulting, talking, extending
   Demonstrating the product
   Promoting the vision
   Contacting again
   Vision for Croydon Online;
    Croydon Libraries; and for Croydon
   Commitment from staff
   Budget - something to start up
   Knowledge and skills - not new for
    old but new and old
   Integration, e.g. with C.I. Database
     CarersContact Line
     Age Concern directory

   Simultaneous publication, e.g.
    consultation documents
   Fill templates, e.g. voluntary
   Code from electronic copy
   Type and code from hardcopy
Approaches (cont.)
   Web-edit training for staff
   Ftp login and shared building and
    updating of the resource
   Extend this practice to contacts in
    other organisations, with caution
   Continuously invite feedback on all
    aspects of the site
Why are we doing this?
   Modernise information services
   Respond efficiently to information
    & communication needs
   Improve our efforts towards social
   Extend provision of lifelong
    learning opportunities
Why (cont.)
   Enable the sharing of information
    skills across sectors
   Spread good practice
   Build partnerships

   The technology offers the
    opportunity to build a network for
    all interests & needs in the
   The public library, as a trusted,
    neutral organisation in the
    community, is best placed to do it.

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