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Dear Contestant,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Heartland Model and Talent Search hosted by
American Star Discovery on Saturday, July 10, 2010. Through this opportunity you have
the chance to distinguish yourself as an “Up and Coming Model and/or Talent”!

Model and Talent Agents from around the country will be attending and judging this
competition searching for new clients. As a bonus, casting directors, film makers and
photographers will attend this event in search for their next big star! If you have ever
dreamed of being in the entertainment industry, THIS EVENT IS NOT TO BE MISSED!

The Heartland Model and Talent Search is an event packed, ONE DAY, showcase which
brings entertainment industry professionals together with up-and-coming models, actors,
singers, dancers and other talented individuals. By offering this as a one-day event you
will gain the same knowledge, experience and contacts as week-long events at a fraction
of the cost! You will be allowed to MEET with talent agents, one-on-one, during our
“Go-See” session and ask the agents questions during our panel discussion! You will
ALSO be invited to rub elbows with some of the hottest names in the film and television
industry during the “mingle party”. This is all IN ADDITION to performing and
competing in front of agents who are looking for new talent!

We are excited to offer you this opportunity, and look forward to seeing you on stage,
under lights, at the Heartland Model and Talent Search! Again, an enthusiastic
“CONGRATULATIONS” in your decision to join us and we look forward to working
with you!

                                      Yours Truly,

all the details on the last page of this packet!
                       Heartland Model and Talent Search
                               Tentative Schedule
All events will take place at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center in Indianapolis,
Indiana. This schedule will be updated with changes closer to the event date and
forwarded to all registered contestants.

Friday, July 9, 2010
7:00-9:00 PM - Check in for All Contestants

Saturday, July 10, 2010
8:00 – 9:00 AM – Late Check in for Contestants
8:00 - 8:45 AM – Ask an Agent, Open Panel Discussion with Model and Talent Agents
8:45 - 9:00 AM – Welcome and Orientation
9:00 – 10:00 AM – Runway Model Competition
10:30 – 11:15 AM – Outfit of Choice Runway Competition
11:30 – 12:15 PM – Talent Competition
12:15 – 1:30 PM – Break for Lunch
1:30 – 2:15 PM – Monologue Competition
2:30 – 3:15 PM – Commercial Acting Competition
3:30 – 4:30 PM – Go-See an Agent Event for All Runway Competition Contestants
5:00 – 6:00 PM – Mingle party with Casting Directors, Film Makers, Producers, Agents
and Managers. *Refreshments provided; Talent free to bring business cards, comp cards,
headshots and acting reels. Attendees must be in competition or have an admission or
VIP badge to attend.
6:00 – 7:00 PM – World Premier of the original film “Inside Extra”; Meet the Stars,
Producer and Director.
7:30 – 9:00 PM – Awards Ceremony

This will be a very busy, information packed day full of networking opportunities and
competition. It is essential that we stay on schedule so please do not be late to any event.
Room rates at the Ramada Inn are very reasonable at just $59 a night and a room block
has been arranged for a limited time. You MUST indicate that you are with the
Heartland Model and Talent Search to receive the discounted rate. This hotel is
conveniently located right off Indianapolis’ Interstate 465 and boasts an indoor pool, full
breakfast buffet and many more amenities. Please make your reservations at
317-787-8341 today!
                 Age Division Titles are Awarded to the following categories:

                                     0-24 Months Baby Star*
                                     2-4 Years Toddler Star*
                                      5-7 Years Child Star*
                                        8- 10 Young Star*
                                      11-12 Pre-Teen Star*
                                      13 – 15 Jr. Teen Star*
                                        16 – 18 Teen Star*
                                          19 + Ms. Star*
                               0-10 Boys Star* and 11+ Male Star*

Competition Categories:
Runway Modeling Event:
The Runway Modeling Event is a REQUIRED competition and is split into ten age divisions. It will also
be separated into TWO height categories; High Fashion Runway Model (5’7” and taller) and Commercial
Runway Model (5’6 and shorter). The separation between these two categories is to showcase each
model’s strongest potential in their given field. This required competition is judged on Stage Presence,
Poise and Appearance. Each contestant will wear denim bottoms (shorts, pants or skirt) and a black tank
top (American Star Discovery tanks will be available or you may bring a plain black tank top). All
contestants will wear black shoes and female contestants age 13+ are to have at least a 2” heal. Each
contestant will walk the runway and strike 5-7 different poses at the end of the runway for the cameras.
This event will be recorded and photographed by professional photographers with American Star Discovery
as well as the press and a Reality Television Show so it is important that you do your best and be creative
with your posing.

Each age category will have a winner who will be awarded the title of Runway Model. Age Divisions with
contestants in both High Fashion Runway Model (5’7” and taller) AND Commercial Fashion Runway
Model (under 5’6”) Categories will be awarded winners in BOTH. We are looking for every size, shape
and age at this competition so please do not worry if you do not fit the tall high fashion standard, you will
only compete against contestants in your genre and age division for this prestigious award!

Additional Opportunity Events:
“Additional Opportunity” Events are optional competitions for which each contestant may compete as an
Additional Opportunity to be seen by talent and model agents as well as win wonderful awards. Winners in
each age category will be awarded Optional Event titles, such as “Acting Talent Winner,” “Portfolio Print
Winner,” “Print Model Winner,” etc. These events are optional and are not included in the Runway
Modeling Event Entry fee. Contestants may enter any of the Additional Opportunity Events, just one, or
all of them. At least two Additional Opportunity Events are required for Top Super Model Title.
        Important to note: ONLY THE TWO HIGHEST SCORING events will be used in calculating
   final scores for “Top Super Model” Award. So if you enter ALL of the Additonal Opportunity Events,
                     your two BEST scores will be used and your lowest scores dropped!

Cover Model Event:
Contestants submit a digital or 8x10 headshot, color or black & white, that should be natural and age
appropriate no later than July 3, 2010 to We are not looking for
perfect touched-up photos. Photos can be professional but should not be retouched unless it’s a stray hair,
blemish, etc. The highest scoring photo will be featured on the FRONT COVER of the event’s “Look
Book” and distributed to every agent and industry professional at the event and every casting director
throughout the region. Extra “Look Books” will be available the day of competition at the registration
table for a small fee.
Portfolio Event:
Contestants turn in their modeling portfolio at registration and should consist of six to ten 8x10 photos. A
proper portfolio will be a combination of headshots, full length shots, ¾ shots, color, and black & white.
Professional photos are not required. Contestants should avoid heavily enhanced photos.

Outfit of Choice Event:
This is an opportunity to showcase your personal style to the agents who are judging this competition.
During the Outfit of Choice contest contestants select clothing and a modeling style which best fits their
personal style. You may use your own music for this on-stage event or fast paced runway music will be

Commercial Acting Event:
This is an on-stage event for contestants to show their acting skills. Prior to the competition, contestants
should select one of the sample commercial scripts included in this packet. Contestants should memorize
the script and try to create interesting timing, pacing, and voice inflections. Although this competition is not
timed, the commercial should not last longer than thirty seconds.

Monologue Talent Event:
As any seasoned actor will tell you, it is essential to have a polished monologue on hand for your next big
audition! Here is your chance to shine by polishing up a monologue of your choosing and perform it on
stage in front of agents and casting directors! Monologues may be comedy (eg. Educating Rita, When
Harry Met Sally, etc.) or drama (eg. Romeo and Juliet, The Village, etc.) Actors should try to limit their
performance to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Be creative and be animated as a monologue is what defines
you during an audition!

Talent Competition:
Here is your opportunity to showcase your talent by playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, baton,
etc. in the Rising Star Talent Competition. In addition to awarding a winner in each age division, American
Star Discovery recognizes true talent by awarding ONE individual the title of “Rising Star.” The Rising
Star winner is the contestant with the highest score in the Talent Event in all age divisions.

If you are not interested in a modeling or acting career, you MAY enter JUST the Talent competition to be
eligible for the Talent Age Division Titles and the Rising Star award. You WILL NOT be eligible to attend
the “Go-See an Agent” but are welcome to attend the Mingle Party and World Premier. Talent ONLY
competition is less expensive when entered in conjunction with the Runway Model Competition.

   The Rising Star winner will be awarded a 1 year talent contract with Ryan Talent and Model –
   Regional Office, a professional talent photoshoot, a four foot trophy and a supporting role in an
                          American Star Discovery Television Commercial.

Additional Opportunities to Network

The Open Panel Discussion Forum is an opportunity to ask Agents general questions about the
entertainment industry and what they look for in aspiring talent. This is an informational session and is not
judged in any way. Each contestant will receive a One-On-One personal review with the judges of this
event at the “Go-See an Agent” event. This is an opportunity for aspiring models and actors to have some
one on one time with industry professionals. Contestants are encouraged to bring a portfolio (portfolios
entered in the competition will be returned by this time) or several photos for critiquing. If you have
questions regarding your personal situation, now is the time to ask!
Mingle with Film Makers Party; If you have ever thought you should be on the big screen or in
commercials, here is your chance to rub elbows with some of the areas finest film makers and producers.
Refreshments will be provided and talent is encouraged to bring their headshots/resumes, comp cards,
business cards and reels to this party like atmosphere.
World Premier Screening: Join us for the World Premier of the original film, “Inside Extra”. Filmed by
Indianapolis Production Company, Bad Baby Productions and starring the famous Eden and Mickie Wood,
this is sure to put a chuckle in your belly right before the awards ceremony. Several stars of the film as
well as the producer, director and writer will be available at the screening.
                             At the Heartland Model and Talent Search one Overall Winner will be awarded
                                               “Top Super Model” and will receive:
                                     - A lead role in a television commercial for American Star Discovery
                                    - 1 year modeling/talent contract with Ryan Talent and Model Agency
                                                    - A Professional Model Headshot Session
                                              -50 Professional Acting Headshots or Modeling Comp Cards
                                                 - A 12x12 Hard Cover Professional Modeling Portfolio
                                            - A Professional Acting Starter Reel from Bad Baby Productions
                                                              -An Amazing Five Foot Trophy!
                                                     - Many More Surprises (prizes added constantly!)

The possibilities won't stop there, with the 1 year contract, the winner has endless opportunities to build an acting/modeling/talent resume, travel to
                                                auditions, and entertainment industry jobs nationwide!

            The title of “Top Super Model” is awarded to the contestant with the highest combined score in the
               Runway Modeling Event plus her/his two highest scoring “Additional Opportunity” events.

       The Look Book
       The Look Book is the official program book for the Midwest Model and Talent Search and will feature
       every contestant’s name and photo. These books will be distributed to the Model and Talent Agents at the
       event as well as casting directors and industry professionals in the area. The look book is not only an
       excellent opportunity to showcase your photogenic qualities through your photos placement but it is also a
       superb way to earn extra prizes as well as ENTER THE COMPETITION FOR FREE!

       Enter the Model and Talent Search for FREE!
       Advertisement sales in The Look Book help pay for essentials such as Ballroom Rental, Prizes, Awards,
       Agent Accommodations, and many other expenses for this event. As an incentive and a THANK YOU for
       selling ad space, we offer several benefits to contestants!

       Ad/Sponsor pages are 8.5x11, sell for $100 a page and can be split into smaller sizes (see sample page).
       Each contestant who sells 1 ad page will receive an amazing trophy on stage at the awards ceremony.
       Sell 3 pages and receive ALL your optional competitions PAID IN FULL and a trophy on stage.
       Sell 7 Pages to receive your ENITRE Entry Fee PLUS ALL your optional competitions PAID IN FULL.
       One Contestant who sells the most ad pages (8 Minimum) receives the Heartland Grand Ambassador
       Award and will receive a FEATURED PART in American Star Discovery’s Television Commercial, a
       Complete Model Photo Shoot, and a FIVE FOOT trophy on stage (plus your entire entry fee and all
       optional competitions paid in full)!

       Ad pages may be sold to businesses, family, friends, neighbors or social organizations. For each full or
       half page of ad space you sell your photo will be featured in The Look Book for even MORE visibility to
       the agents and casting professionals who will receive this book. As we request that you use a different
       photo with each ad page you sell, you will be able to show off several looks while earning your entry fees
       and awesome prizes! Ad pages may be “Good Luck Wishes” or business advertisements. If you do not
       have “camera ready artwork” for your ad, don’t worry, we will type set a professional looking
       advertisement or Good Luck Wish for you! Please see the “Sample Page” for details regarding ad and
       photo requirements and GO SELL SOME ADS!

       Sibling Discount!
       The first sibling (with the highest balance) pays regular price and each additional sibling
       may take 50% off of their total entry fees!
Contestant Name:_______________________________D.O.B.:____________________

Complete Mailing Address:_________________________________________________


Phone Number:__________________Parents Names (if under 18):__________________

Email Address: __________________________________________________________

Hobbies & Interests:_______________________________________________________


Ambition for the Future:____________________________________________________

Rules & Regulations
-Your age will be determined as of the day of the competition. Proof of age should be available upon
request. There are no marital status requirements.
-No video taping or still photography will be allowed during any competition event. DVDs and Photos
will be available for individual purchase through Bad Baby Production Company.
-This is a fair competition judged by qualified judges. All decisions are final.
-There will be no refunds of deposit, sponsorship or ad fees, under any circumstances.
-If you are win any major title, you must stay for photographs or you will not receive your award package.
-All questions concerning rules, guidelines or any other showcase information should be directed to the
national office
-All contestants give American Star Discovery permission to use their photographs and video footage for
publicity purposes.
-All paperwork and entry fees are subject to deadlines and due dates. Any contestant who fails to meet the
proper deadlines and/or due dates will be ineligible to compete. No refunds will be permitted.
-The American Star Discovery staff in not responsible for any accident, injury or loss before, during or
after the competition.
-Poor sportsmanship will not be allowed and will be grounds for disqualification without refund.
-The American Star Discovery staff asks that the parents and audience members refrain from the use of
tobacco and alcoholic beverages in and around the competition area.
-No information will be given out concerning who is competing or how many contestants are entered.
-Anyone arriving late for competition events or going excessively over the time limits will be subject to
point deductions from each judge.
-The American Star Discovery staff reserves the right to use their discretion when selecting and accepting
contestants. Any contestant who has displayed poor sportsmanship at any past American Star Discovery
Showcase or Casting Call may not be accepted as a contestant.
 - Failure to comply with the rules and guidelines will result in immediate disqualification and forfeiting of
all prizes, fees, titles, awards, etc.

A parent and/or contestant signature on the application and/or on the line below means both the parent and
the child understand the rules and guidelines and agree to abide by them. Contestants may not compete
without a signed application.

________________________________                                  _________________________________
      Contestants Name/Date                                             Parents Name/Date (if under 18)
Runway Modeling Event Fee
(mandatory)           $395.00………………………………………………………..                                          $______

Talent Competition ONLY (Will not be eligible for Modeling Events or Top Model)
                      $150.00………………………………………………………..                                          $______

Add’l Opportunity Event Fee         $25.00………………………………………………………..
                                                      # _______ events x $25 = $ ______

(Circle) Cover Model ♦ Portfolio ♦ Outfit of Choice ♦ Commercial Actor ♦ Monologue Actor ♦ Talent

ASD Black Tank Top          $15.00………………………………………………………..
                                              (circle one) Size XS, S, M, L, XL $ ______

Add’l Admission Passes $10.00…………………………………………………………
        (passes are $15 at the door)         # ________passes x $10 = $______

Look Book Ad Pages          $100 full page …………………………………………………
                                                   # _________ pages x $100=$______
Look Book Ad Page Sales                                                               minus   $_______

                                                                             Total            $_______

Sibling Discount (with one contestant at regular rate)                       divided by .50   $_______

                                                                             Grand Total      $_______

Deposit (due with registration form)                                                          $- 100.00

Total Due at Registration                                                                     $ ________

Any Balance left over MUST be paid in CASH or CERTIFIED FUNDS at Registration. Arrangements to pay by any other
means must be made one week prior to the State Showcase and coordinated with Heather at We accept; Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Cash, Money
Orders and Business Checks. All checks must be made payable to Ryan Talent and must arrive no later than one week prior
to competition.

                     Any additional questions should be sent to

                                      Mail Registration Forms to:
                                        American Star Discovery
                                              Attn: Heather
                                      5144 Madison Avenue, Suite 1
                                         Indianapolis, IN 46227
                                                 Entry Deadlines:
Super Early Bird Package: Enter the Model Competition BEFORE May 1, 2010 and receive a $100
Earlybird Entry Special: Enter Model Competition and ALL the Optional Contests AND pay in full by
June 15, 2010 for just $500!
Payment Plans: We gladly provide payment plans upon request! Send your deposit and make
payments as low as $25 a week until your entry fees are paid in full.
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