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									                       The SLS Review
                            For alumni/ae and friends of Elizabeth Seton, South Hills
    Seton-La Salle              Catholic and Seton-La Salle Catholic High Schools
Catholic High School
 1000 McNeilly Road    VOLUME 1, NO 12                                                                                          SPRING 2009
Pittsburgh, PA 15226
                       Internet boosts alumni organizing efforts

IN THIS ISSUE               n November, when Darren
                            Savikas ‘92 and Megan
                            Carney Gilson ‘93 organ-
     A letter
                       ized a Happy Hour for alumni at
    from the           The Capital Grille in downtown
    Principal          Pittsburgh, they used Facebook
                       and e-vite to spread the word.
      Page 2           The Facebook group, dubbed
                       Seton-La Salle HS Alumni, was
                       started by Carlos Zeisel ‘91 last
                       fall and now has close to 300
 Rebel Classic         members.
                            When Ralph Stalter ‘68
  to Chip at                                                        Email helped SLS contact recent alumni for a winter reunion. (l to r) Rachel
                       and his classmates were organiz-
  Recession            ing their class reunion, Ralph
                                                                   Klisavage, Sean Morgan, Mary Olsen, Matt Rodgers, Scott McClelland, Michelle
                                                                   Perry, John Goray, Mark Mazur, Keith Donnelly, Jessica Minsterman, Brendan
                       created a blog for the South Hills McCreary, Doug Sullivan, Amanda Kerr, Peter Leehan and Meghan Tranovich
      Page 3           Catholic Class of 1968. The blog
                       delves into topics such as the change from                     of events and news. When the Boys’ Soccer
                       “Knights” to “Rebels” for the high school teams.               Team won the State Championships last fall, an
                            The South Hills Catholic Class of 1976 meets              email was broadcast to the 1500 or so alumni
  Class Notes          on the last Friday of every month at Redbeard’s                who have provided email addresses to the school.
                       Saloon in Mt. Washington (owned by Leonard                     Notifications of raffles, reservation deadlines,
      Page 8           Semplice ‘76). Mickey Livingston ‘76 sends                     alumni news, and even an online auction were
                       email reminders                                                                 possible because of the Internet.
                       to build partici-                                                                 Communicating electronically is
                       pation. The                                                                     second-nature to today’s SLS
                       Women of                                                                        student. The monthly newsletter,
 Hall of Fame          Seton, a group                                                                  Rebelations, is posted online;
  Inductions           of Elizabeth                                                                    student grades, syllabi and assign-
     2009              Seton High                                                                      ments are accessed through the
                       School alumni,                                                                  SLS online portal. Even the sports
     Page 12           accomplished                                                                    and practice schedules are posted
                       most of their                                                                   on the Web. These changes
                       planning for a                                                                  occurred gradually over the past
                       scholarship       photo by Mickey White ‘68                                     few years and save the school
                       reception last Frank Tomczyk, Mike Sylvester and Dan Pierce browse the time and money.
                       spring via          1968 Yearbook. Much of the planning for the Class of          Many SLS alumni are getting
                                                     1968’s reunion took place via email.
                       email, too.                                                                     savvy at online communication,
                            Alumni of all ages increasingly rely on elec-             too. They contact SLS via email, donate online,
                       tronic communication to stay in touch, plan                    and check the Website regularly.
                       reunions and reconnect with friends from days                       Seton-La Salle received phone calls about sto-
                       gone by. The Web and email tools are helping                   ries published in the last issue of the newsletter
                       SLS reach people more affordably to notify them                                                         continued on page 3
Calendar of Events                                     From the principal

    12    St Patrick’s Alumni Happy Hour                 f we have learned one thing in the current financial
          (pg 15)                                        crisis, it is a greater realization of how the countries
    14    Rebel Marching Band marches in the             of the world depend on one another. In preparing
          St. Patrick’s Day Parade
                                                    students for the world of the 21st Century, we are aware
    27    Spring Musical “Into the Woods”
    28    Spring Musical “Into the Woods”           that change may be the only constant in their world and
                                                    chose the objectives for our upcoming Middle States evaluation accordingly.
April                                               We are planning ways to improve the students’ critical thinking skills and their
    3     Spring Musical “Into the Woods”           understanding and appreciation of diversity, while finding additional ways to
    4     Spring Musical “Into the Woods”           work with students who need more help to develop the gifts that God has
    10    Good Friday
                                                    given them for the world.
    13    Easter Sunday
    16    SLS Spring Concert                             As Catholics we are aware of the interrelatedness of the world since we
    17    Comedy Night @ SLS (pg 6)                 acknowledge that God has a plan of salvation, which is unfolding in our lives
          featuring Matt Wohlfarth                  in unexpected ways. We know that God created and loves all people and has
          & Sean Blackham                           given us each gifts to help one another. The doctrine of the Mystical Body of
    19    Women of Seton -                          Christ—the Church Triumphant, Church Militant, and Church Suffering—takes
          Scholarship Reception (pg 15)
                                                    our dependence on one another to a level that is out of this world!
    22    Campus Beautification Day
    25    Lettermen’s Tailgate (5:30 pm)                 Daily I have reason to be grateful for the many people who help Seton-La
                                                    Salle achieve its mission. This issue of the SLS Review is filled with the many
May                                                 achievements and contributions of our alumni and our students. We have
    15    SLS Rebel Golf Classic at Chestnut        those who are keeping connected on the personal level through reunions and
          Ridge Golf Resort & Spa                   events; those who plan and attend school-sponsored events, such as the
    21    SLS Junior/Senior Prom
                                                    Rebel GolF Classic and the Green & Gold Gala; those who find small ways to
    22    SLS Student Cedar Point Trip
    29    2009 Commencement                         give, those who give to the Annual Fund for Tuition Assistance, and those
                                                    who sponsor our scholarships. On the students’ side we have those who
     To check current sports schedules, log on      excel in sports, in activities, and in the classroom. All contribute to the
      to and        tradition begun at South Hills Catholic and Elizabeth Seton High Schools and
        click athletics to link to the WEEKLY       carried on at Seton-La Salle for nearly thirty years. With the help of our
                                                    students, parents, alumni, and friends, we continue to offer the benefits of
                                                    Catholic education to the families in the South Hills. I again ask your help in
    The SLS Review is published in the spring       whatever ways you are able to share your talents, time, and treasure. Above
                 and fall by the
                                                    all I ask your prayers.
             Office of Development
          Seton-La Salle High School
              1000 McNeilly Road
          Pittsburgh, PA 15226-2593                                                  In Fide et Caritate,
         Sister Patricia Laffey, SC                                                 Sister Patricia Laffey, SC
         Editor/Development Director
               Marilyn Walsh
                                                   Join us for the Rebel Lettermen’s Tailgate!
            Margaret Myron-Sigg                    Come to Seton-La Salle’s new Rebel Athletic Field and become part of the Rebel
              Amy Ganser ‘90                       Lettermen’s Club. Celebrate your high school accomplishments and find out
                  Photography                      about this new opportunity to get involved at SLS. Tom Donahoe ‘65, honorary
                 SLS students
                                                   chair of the Rebel Lettermen’s Club along with coaches, friends and others.
      Seton-La Salle Catholic High School is a
      private non-profit 501(c)3 corporation,           Saturday, April 25 at the Rebel Athletic Field
    operating under the direction of the Diocese
                   of Pittsburgh.                              5:30 pm (dinner at 7:00 pm)
                                                        Check the Web for details and to make reservations.
2         The SLS Review
Internet boosts alumni involvement                                                                  continued from page 1

before it was mailed. That’s because,              about $10 per year per person
the day it is sent to press, it was also           to send out newsletters. On
posted on the SLS Website. The fall                the school’s tight budget, it is
issue of the SLS Review was accessed               important for the SLS Review
by about a dozen people weeks before               to reach the intended person.
the piece arrived in homes.                             There are many ways that
     If you want better communication              alumni can keep in touch with
from your alma mater, provide SLS with             each other and with their alma
your email address. It saves time and              mater, from attending events
money and offers another form of                   and planning reunions to join- Kate Meacham Scotti ‘96, Maura Gatto Cermak ‘96, Darren
communication—just in case we lose                 ing an online group. In every        Savikas ‘92, Amy Ganser ‘90, Toni Luvara, Marilyn Walsh ‘76,
                                                                                        Maria Eastland Panucci and Rocco Panucci ‘81 and David
touch. When alumni move and do not                 instance, those who have
                                                                                        Langbein ‘76 used E-vite to RSVP to the Networking Happy Hour.
notify the school, the post office usual-          made the effort not only find
ly provides an address update at a cost            that it is fun, but also that their involve- And, for the
of about 75 cents each. The cost                   ment leads to some valuable and unex-               record: We don’t spam. We rarely
seems minimal until you consider that              pected connections.                                 send out more than one email per
about 3 percent of our 11,000 mailing                   If you don’t want to miss the latest           month and would never give your
list move every year. In addition to               news and would like to be included in               address to anyone without your permis-
address changes, the school pays                   SLS emails, email Amy Ganser at                     sion.

New scholarships attract students and families

       his fall, Seton-La Salle will award four new                                                              Ray and Gail lived in Brookline
       scholarships. The Anthony and King                                                                        and sent their three boys to
       O’Toole Honorary Scholarship is a gift                                                                    South Hills Catholic. Gail also
from the O’Toole family in memory of their                                                                       worked as a secretary in the
grandfather, Anthony, and in honor of their                                                                      office from 1967 to 1974. She
father, King’s 78th birthday. The award is a                                                                     valued her time at SHC as well as
$1000 scholarship for a junior at SLS who                                                                        the Catholic education her sons
demonstrates academic achievement, service                                                                       received. The merit-based scholar-
and financial need. Anthony O’Toole, the long-                                                                   ship is a financial award ($2600
time maintenance engineer at Elizabeth Seton                                                                     over four years) for a student resid-
was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006.                                                                      ing in the Brookline community.
King worked with him for a time. King’s wife                     Anthony O’Toole, whose children have created a     The St. Francis Academy
Barbara Desch O’Toole ‘54 noted, “How                             scholarship in his honor, at work at Elizabeth Alumnae Association Legacy
                                                                           Seton High School in 1966.            Scholarship is a $1000 award
proud my father-in-law was to have his son work
with him! He always enjoyed signing their projects with a                          provided through the generosity of the SFA Alumnae
sign “Done by the King and I.””                                                    Association members. The scholarship will be awarded to
                                                          The Ray &                an incoming freshman woman who is sponsored by an SFA
  Scholarships awarded this year include:
   • Edward Martin Ryan, Jr. Memorial Scholarship       Gail Kennedy               alumna. The recipient must demonstrate academic achieve-
   • Elizabeth Seton Legacy Scholarship                 Memorial                   ment, service to church and community, financial need and
   • Bishop Donald W. Wuerl Scholarship                 Scholarship for            admiration for the examples of St. Francis of Assisi.
   • Anna Marie Catanzaro Scholarship                   Academic                        The Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill have also estab-
   • William Stout Scholarship for St. Bernard Students
   • The J.L. Merrick Academic Scholarship              Achievement                lished a scholarship, a $1000 award for an incoming fresh-
   • The Gus Gillespie Scholarship                      was created in             man at Seton-La Salle. The scholarship considers service,
   • Crossroads Foundation Scholarship                  memory of Ray              academics and need and is in honor of Saint Elizabeth Ann
   • Bishop Wuerl Junior Achievement Scholarship        and Gail Kennedy           Seton. For applications and information about these and all
   • Richard R. Grandey Scholarship
   • Patrick Mackey Fund for St. Bernard Students       by their son, Tom          scholarships available to SLS students, visit our website
   • Frank DeBor Scholarship for BRC Students           Kennedy ‘66                ( and click on ‘Admissions’ or call Nancy
   • Pgh Foundation Fund for St. Sylvester Students     and his family.            Rizza at 412-561-3583 x 129.

                                                                                                                                  Spring 2009       3
Rebel Golf Classic ‘09 chips away at recession
                                                                                                new spa, and there are early registra-
                                                                                                tion discounts. Already, several of our
                                                                                                alumni who are well-known in their
                                                                                                field as financial professionals, have
                                                                                                assured the committee they’ll be
                                                                                                there. Act fast and you could golf with
                                                                                                Brian Dieckmann ‘95, Darren
                                                                                                Savikas ‘92, Tom Tomczyk ‘66,
                                                                                                Brien Wall ‘66, or one of our other
                                                                                                ‘celebrity’ alumni who work as finan-
                                                                                                cial professionals. See the list posted
                                                                                                on the SLS website.
                                                                                                     Our guest speaker for the evening
                                                                                                will be local comedian and sports
                                                                                                columnist Gene Collier.
Tom’s Run at Chestnut Ridge, one of the most beautiful courses in the area, will again be the        The 19th Annual Rebel Golf Classic
site of the Rebel Classic. The event now includes spa treatments and overnight golf packages.
                                                                                                takes place on Friday, May 15, 2009 at

    nstead of waiting around for the             one third of SLS families could not            Chestnut Ridge Golf Resort & Spa.
    recession to end, Seton-La Salle is          send their children to Seton-La Salle               Again, Rocco Panucci ‘81, as
    taking a club to it! A golf club that        without the aid provided through the           general manager of the resort, promis-
is. This spring, Seton-La Salle High             generous gifts of alumni and friends.          es a day of great golf, relaxation and
School will hold the “recession-busting              So this year, the Rebel Golf Classic       food. Like every other Rebel Classic in
edition” of the Rebel Golf Classic.              committee plans to tackle the reces-           past years, it will be a fun day to net-
    From last year to this, a lot has            sion head-on with stress-relieving             work, reconnect and reminisce.
changed in our world. But one thing              mini-massages on the putting green,                 We hope you’ll join us. To receive an
hasn’t: Seton-La Salle needs your                opportunities for a second day of golf         invitation, contact Amy Ganser at 412-
support. With tuition at $7045, about            or spa services at Chestnut Ridge’s            561-3583 x 136 or

    Some creative ways to give
     n tough times, Seton-La Salle needs to look for creative            • Shop at Target and use your Red Card ~ First, apply
     ways to keep donations coming in. It is even more                   and get a Target Red Card VISA, then go online and desig-
     important now to have funds available to help families              nate Seton-La Salle as your beneficiary (School ID#15101).
 that experience job loss or other economic problems. Here               Then shop and pay with your Target Card and SLS receives
 are some great ways you can give to SLS …without hurting                a donation for 1 percent of your purchases. Since enrolling
 YOUR bottom line.                                                       five years ago, SLS has received $1850 in funds from
 • Use Goodsearch ~ Don’t Google to search the internet,                 Target.
 “Goodsearch.” Goodsearch is an online search engine pow-                • Recycle with us. SLS has ABITIBI bins in the parking
 ered by Yahoo and gives SLS a penny for each search                     lot. We take newspapers, magazines, office paper and
 through their site. You can even add a Goodsearch toolbar               more. Visit for details, then load
 to your homepage. Since joining Goodsearch as an eligible               up your car and drop your recycling in our bins and help us
 charity last year, the school has raised close to $300. It’s            earn money. While you’re here, take a look at the new
 certainly possible to build on this with YOUR help! (Select             field, walk Rebel Way, or stop in our office for a visit!
 Seton La Salle High School as your charity).                            • Donate your unused gift cards ~ Go to www.giftcard-
 • Giant Eagle Advantage Card ~ Register your card              and designate SLS as the recipient of proceeds
 online or in the store and designate Seton-La Salle as the              from your unwanted gift cards. We receive 75 percent of
 recipient of your “Apples for Students” rewards. (SLS is                the value of your unused and unwanted gift cards. An easy
 #0960)                                                                  way to clean out the wallet and help SLS.

4         The SLS Review
Gala breaks records                                                                                           GREEN & GOLD
                                                                                                             GALA SPONSORS

                             he Green & Gold          Gillespie family, the Hotz family and the
                             Gala, Seton-La           Perellas are just a few.
                             Salle Catholic                The Green & Gold Gala’s success is also
                       High School’s largest          due to increasing numbers of alumni who
                       annual fundraiser, was         donate and get involved. Tickets to The               Gus ‘64 & Susie
                       held at the Hilton             Big East are available thanks to the                    Gillespie
                       Garden Inn at                  Carney family; Stephen Flaherty ‘78
  2008 Green & Gold    Southpointe on                 has consistently donated tickets to his
Gala Chairs Janice and November 8, 2008.              Broadway productions. Alumni like Mary
     Gary Perella      The Gala, which                Black ‘76, Linda Boss ‘66, Tony
includes live and                                                                    DeFilippo ‘69,            Heartland Homes
silent auctions                                                                      and Charles
and dinner, was                                                                      Pellegrini ‘77,
chaired this year                                                                    Rocco Panucci
by SLS parents                                                                       ‘81 and Fred
Gary and Janice                                                                      Hartman ‘81
Perella. The                                                                         have been
evening benefits                                                                     involved and given         GOLD SPONSOR
Seton-La Salle’s                                                                     generously
technology and                                                                       throughout the
classroom needs          Nick Hoban, Gary Rodgers, Nancy Rizza, Mary Grace           years. In recent
and raised more        Rodgers, Geori Prahl, Joe and Sparky DelSardo and JoLyn years, other new
                                       Hoban enjoy the evening
than $150,000.                                                                       alumni donors
    In large part, the Gala’s success was                                                   include            GREEN SPONSOR
due to generous underwriting support from                                                   Phil
our sponsors (see list). Proceeds will be                                                   Costantini
used to purchase internet service (T-1),                                                    ‘93, Ken
and upgrade computer labs, Smartboards                                                      Wahlster
and classroom tools such as microscopes                                                     ‘88 and
and digital music equipment. Janice
Perella pointed out, “This event was creat-
                                                                                            Anita            Carmen Paliotta
                                                                                                             Carmen Paliotta
ed 14 years ago when a group of parents                                                     Prentiss
                                                                                                             Contracting, Inc.
                                                                                                             Contracting, Inc.
offered their help to secure funding for the              Gifts tables offer unique and      ‘89.              REBEL SPONSORS
school’s technology needs. I was pleased              affordable items just in time for the A listing of
to find that many of these people have                               holidays.
                                                                                             all donors     McKenna     & Associates
remained involved and continue to build               is on our website. If you can, please sup-
                                                                                                            CORPORATE SPONSORS
the event each year.”                                 port the businesses and thank the gener-
    Those who are still involved include                                                                    Dickie McCamey & Chilcote
                                                      ous folks who helped make this the best
Dan and Peggy Carney, Herman and                      Gala yet.                                                Graphics 22 Signs, Inc
Kay Dieckmann, Joe ‘66 and Toni                            If you would like to donate an item or             Toni McGonigle Interiors
Luvara, Debbie and Steve Vargo, and                   otherwise get involved in planning the 15th          Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill
Alan and JoEllen Yeasted. As years                    annual Green & Gold Gala, please call Amy                    Welte Roofing
have gone by, other families have joined              Ganser at 412-561-3583 x 136 or email
us and remain involved in the effort—the                                         Space limitations make it
                                                                                                           impossible to thank everyone
      Mark your calendar now and please join us for the                                                    who helped make the Gala a
                                                                                                             success. However, please
             19th Annual Green & Gold Gala on                                                               know that your involvement
  Saturday, November 7, 2009 at the Hilton Garden Inn at Southpointe                                         and participation are truly
                      Joseph & Suzanne (O’Toole) Aiello ‘82, chairs                                                appreciated.

                                                                                                                          Spring 2009         5
Reunion News
uES Class of 1959- Plans are coming together for the
 50th Reunion. Check the SLS website for updates.
u ES Class of 1960 - Plans have begun for the 50th
  Reunion. To get involved, contact Mary T. DeBlasio Carey
  at 412-922-3498.
u SHC Class of 1960: A 50th reunion planning committee
  is being organized. Help Carmen Lebder locate lost alum-
  ni and celebrate this important milestone. Call Amy at
  412-561-3583 x 136 for information.                                     The ESHS Class of 1948 held its 60th Reunion on November 8, 2009 at
                                                                            Calabria’s Restaurant. In attendance were (seated) Mary Anna Engel
u ES Class of 1964: will hold a 45th Year Reunion                         Whalen, Mary Gert McVeigh Adamiak, Vera Sharkey Lippert, Marguerite
 Luncheon at the Green Tree Radisson on Saturday,                         Meyers Pilcher, Anna Marie Mueller Bernhardt, (standing) Sr. Anne Flynn,
 September 19, 2009. For information, contact Mary Feuer                     Catherine Gimigliano Brace, Constance Calabria Mazza, Kay Rancel
                                                                              Tischler, Patricia Dorian Heilman, Evangeline Gonzalez Tesla, Sr.
 Stewart at                                          Antoinette Bosco, Rosemary Delahanty Crist, Mary Lou Griffin Bollman.
u ES Class of 1969: Planning for the 40 Year Reunion has
 begun. To join the committee or update your address information, contact Amy
 Ganser at 412-561-3583x136 or                                                            Attention:
u SLS Class of 1983: Plans are forming for a 25 Year Reunion.                                          Graduates of classes
u SLS Class of 1984: A committee has formed to begin plans for the 25 Year                              ending in “4” a”9”
 Reunion. To join the committee, please contact Amy Ganser at 412-561-3583x136

 or                                                                                    f your class is not on this list,
                                                                                                          it’s not too late. If you would
                                                                  u SLS Class of 1989: A                  like to form a committee to plan
                                                                  reunion committee is now in
                                                                                                      your reunion, contact SLS and we’ll
                                                                  the planning stages for a 20
                                                                                                      help you get started. If you gradu-
                                                                  Year Reunion. Check
                                                                                                      ated in a ‘5’ or ‘0’ year, get a head
                                                                                                      start and start planning your
                                                                  Alumni.html for updates.
                                                                                                      reunion now. Contact Amy Ganser
                                                                  u The SLS Class of 1993:            and 412-561-3583x136 or
                                                                  will hold its 15 Year Reunion
                                                                  u SLS Class of 1994:
                                                                  Some alumni are trying to form a committee to plan for their 15 Year
                                                                  Reunion. If you are interested in helping to find classmates and plan
Bill Geyer, Troy and Michelle (Perry) McDonald, and AJ Nedzesky   the event, contact Amy Ganser at 412-561-3583x136 or
     at the SLS 1988 Class Reunion held at Molly Brannigan’s.

              Comedy Night@SLS                                                                               FRIDAY
            Nationally known comedian and SLS Alumni                                                      APRIL 17, 2009
                                   RING                                                                     7-10 PM
                                                                                                           $20 in advance
                       Matt Wohlfarth ‘81                                                                  $25 at the door.
                                              and                                                       (Sorry, must be 21 or over)
                    Shaun Blackham                                          Matt Wohlfarth ‘81 and Shaun Blackham, return to the
                                                                            SLS auditorium for the third annual Comedy Night @ SLS.
                     Call 412-561-3583 x136 to make reservations.           The event is open to the public (21 and over), and includes
                                                                            refreshments and cocktails.

6       The SLS Review
Student Currents
The Forensics Team took a top spot in            Almanac as Premier Pigskin Performers.           academic excellence and a commit-
the Speech Sweepstakes where the                                                                  ment to pursue a college education.
                                                 The relatively new Rebel Swim
10 best student scores from each
                                                 Team has grown into a team to                    Three SLS students won cash awards
school are compared. With only six
                                                 watch in just three short years. Ten             in the “Public Art in Public Places”
students competing, SLS came in
                                                 team members qualified for the WPIAL             multi-media contest to celebrate
third. Contributing to this win at Pine
                                                 finals and several will                                         Pittsburgh’s 250th
Richland were: Petey Bruni, Mike
                                                 appear in more than                                             anniversary. Sponsored
Columbus, Lauren Hess, Ellie
                                                 one event.                                                      by Senator Jim Ferlo and
Riedel, Ed Rosenbusch and Molly
                                                                                                                 Matthews International,
Tornblom.                                        Girls’ Basketball is
                                                                                                                 seniors (l to r) Karalyn
                                                 having a great sea-
Lauren Hess was selected for an                                                                                  Hillebrecht, Rosemary
                                                 son, having won their
apprenticeship this semester at Point                                                                            Nee and Madelyn
                                                 section with a 10-0
Park University in Broadcast                                                                                     Bucci, were among 12
                                                 record. Currently in
Journalism.                                                                                       local high school students recognized
                                                 the WPIAL playoffs, the Rebels have
                                                                                                  for their submissions.
The Rebel Cheerleading Squad                     defeated Avonworth and Riverside and
traveled to Indianapolis, IN to com-             are in the Semi-Finals at press time.            JoAnn Conwell, Frank Hall, and
pete at the Super Jamfest Nationals                                                               John Manear were recently recog-
                                                Senior Grace Killian was honored for
and finished fourth in the country,                                                               nized as three of the Best 50 High
                                                her volunteer service with a state-level
only .05 points from third place.                                                                 School Teachers by St. Vincent
                                                Certificate of Excellence from the
                                                                                                  College in Latrobe, PA.
The Lady Rebels                                                  Prudential Spirit of
Volleyball Team                                                  Community Awards.                Senior Christopher Mankos is a
won its fifth straight                                           Grace also received the          National Merit Commended student.
section title.                                                   Horatio Alger
                                                                 Association’s Franklin             Join us for the SLS Spring Musical
The Rebel Football
Team was the 2008
                                                                 Scholars Award which                   “Into the Woods”
                                                                 assists students who                    Friday & Saturday
Conference champion
                                                                 have demonstrated                  March 27 & 28 and April 3 & 4
and Matt Fedor and
                                                                 integrity, perseverance
Mike McConville                                                                                          Call 412-561-3583 for tickets
                                                                 in overcoming adversity,
were selected by The            2008 Lady Rebels volleyball                                                    and show times
                                                                 strength of character,

A perfect season
S   eton-La Salle Rebel Soccer Team completed a
    perfect season, winning the WPIAL A
Championship and the PIAA Class A Boys Soccer
Championship. (25-0)
     It was an unforgettable season marked by
amazing accomplishments and broken records. The
PIAA Championship game embodied all that made
the 2008 Rebel Boys’ Soccer season “perfect.” With
only five seconds left in the match against Camp
Hill, Mike Liebert took a pass from Alex Fischetti and
drilled home the only goal of the game.                photo by Robert DelGreco ‘72
     It was a total team effort with a storybook       Rebel soccer team celebrates their perfect season with the final win in Hershey, PA.
ending. In addition to the team effort, individual
seniors were honored at the season’s end included David DelGreco as The Almanac’s Player of the year and MVP.
Michael Liebert and Alex Fischetti were named to the Elite Eleven All-Star team and Mike Szolinski was selected
Rookie of the Year. Also for the second time in three seasons, Coach Aaron Panczyk was named Coach of the Year.

                                                                                                                           Spring 2009        7
    Class Notes
Class of 1958                                   Company in 1985,                              Champion. This award honors individuals
                    Sr. Judith Laffey, SC       working with more                             who have distinguished themselves in sup-
                    celebrated her 50th         than 450 small busi-                          port of the Three Rivers Regatta, and other
                    anniversary as a Sister     nesses, teaching                              river activities, as well as those who boat,
                    of Charity of Seton Hill.   secrets he learned from                       fish, swim, and work on Pittsburgh’s rivers.
                    She is pastoral care        three of America’s most
                    minister at Caritas         successful marketing                          Class of 1969
                    Christi, the mother-        companies. He retired in 2002 after triple    Johnstown resident Richard Holsinger
house of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill   bypass surgery and moved to South             retired in March 2007 from the United
in Greensburg. She has also served as           Carolina where he and his fiancée plan to     States Department of Labor Black Lung
chaplain in the department of pastoral care     make a home. Bruce recently started a         Program. Richard’s two children, Philip and
at Mercy Hospital and was staff nurse in        new company that optimizes web sites. His     Richard, are graduates of Bishop McCort
the acute and chronic hemodialysis unit         mother, Lucy Bruce, still works at Seton-     High School in Johnstown but now live in
and medical ICU at Allegheny General            La Salle and is celebrating her 40th          the Pittsburgh area.
Hospital.                                       anniversary this year.
                                                                                              Class of 1970
Class of 1962                                                      Joe Luvara has been        Dr. David Carbonara was recently elect-
Harry James Price entered his one-of-a-                            recognized for inclusion   ed president-elect of the Teacher Education
kind 1970 Mustang Mach One in the Mt.                              in the 15th edition of     Division of the Association for Education,
Lebanon Auto Show and placed third . Last                          The Best Lawyers in        Communications, and Technology (AECT).
September, he drove the Mustang to Luray,                          America 2009. Joe is a     David is director of Instructional Technology
Virginia and saw the Shenandoah and                                fellow in the Academy      in the School of Education at Duquesne
Skyline Caverns. He walked through the                             of Trial Lawyers of        University. His book, Technology Literacy in
Wall of Mirrors and drove through a cov-        Allegheny County and a member of the          Learning Environments, from Idea Group,
ered wooden bridge built in 1883.               Federation of Defense and Corporate           continues to do well. David can be reached
                                                Counsel. He is a 1986 graduate of the         at
James Wonn (posthumously) and other             Duquesne University School of Law.
members of the US Navy Squadron VO-67                                                         C.T. O’Donnell, Ph.D.
were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation     Class of 1968                                 is president and chief
in Washington, DC for “Extraordinary hero-      Betty Sassano gradu-                          executive officer of
ism” during the Vietnam War. The citation       ated from Carlow                              The Rensselaerville
is a rarely bestowed recognition requiring      College in 1972 and                           Institute, an independ-
that a military unit demonstrate “…a            taught French at Mon                          ent, nonprofit education
degree of heroism that which would war-         Valley Catholic High                          center. Called the think
rant award of the Navy Cross to an individ-     School for two years.                         tank with muddy boots by The Wall Street
ual.” The squadron received a                   She then returned to                          Journal, the Rensselaerville Institute works
Congressional nomination for this award         school, earning a Master of Science in        with those who invest to improve human
after its mission was declassified.             Nursing from Pace University. After several   lives and those who spend investments in
                                                years as a nurse, she went to Pitt Law        social programs and develop, test, and use
Class of 1964                                   School. She practiced law in Chicago and      products called Outcome Tools, which help
Ursula (Sturms) Papp and her husband            eventually became Vice President and          investors and implementors shift from a
John are living in North Central                Assistant General Counsel of a medical        focus on activity and process to commit-
Massachusetts and have a folk acoustic          malpractice insurance company. She is         ment and outcomes.
group called Folk Pie. She graduated in         currently Legal Counsel for Keenan &
1994 from Worcester State College with a        Associates, an insurance services agency in   Class of 1971
BS in Geography and Biology and currently       Torrance CA. She enjoys European travel,      A resident of Canonsburg, Mike Walker
serves as a nurse at a school for adoles-       cooking and the arts. She is also a volun-    has been a food service project manager
cent boys with serious behavior issues. She     teer for the American Cancer Society.         with Aramark for the past 28 years. Major
has three sons, Jim, Ian, and Ed.                                                             projects have included PNC Park and Heinz
                                                State Senator                                 Field, New Orleans Convention Center,
Class of 1966                                   Wayne Fontana was                             Coors Field, Seahawks Stadium, Citizens
After spending 15 years as a marketing          selected by the                               Bank Park, and, currently, Citi Field, the
executive for McDonalds, Walt Disney            Pittsburgh Three Rivers                       New York Mets new ballpark. He and his
World, and General Mills, Patrick Bruce         Regatta as the inaugu-                        wife Kate have three sons.
started Patrick Bruce Management                ral 2008 Regatta

8        The SLS Review
                                                                                                   Elizabeth Seton High School
                                                                                                South Hills Catholic High School
                                                                                                    Seton-La Salle High School
Class of 1972                                    Class of 1979                                   Rod Quinn is married to Wendy and has a
Robert G. Del Greco, Jr. has been rec-           Upon graduation, Doug Brendel earned a          four-year-old son, Rory. He lives in Atlanta
ognized for inclusion in the 15th edition of     degree in advertising commercial art and        and works in the mortgage industry.
The Best Lawyers in America 2009. He is          worked for some of the top Pittsburgh ad
an attorney at Dickie McCamey & Chilcote.        agencies and design studios. He took a          John Stich lives in Lithuania and works as
                                                 break in 1988 and joined the US Army            an international financial consultant. He
Class of 1974                                    1st/30th Infantry. He earned US Para-           was in Pittsburgh recently and visited SLS.
                    The National                 trooper wings in the 1st 507th airborne as      Brian Klisavage took that opportunity to
                    Association of Real          well as British and German Paratrooper          have him speak with this Honors US
                    Estate Investment            wings. Stationed in West Germany with the       History class about international business
                    Trusts presented its         2nd/11th Cavalry, a border guard unit, he       business and the experience of living over-
                    2008 Industry                witnessed the fall of the Wall and German       seas.
                    Achievement Award to         reunification before returning to the US
                    Martin Cicco, head of        and to the advertising business.                Class of 1984
the investment firm of MJC Associates.                                                           Suzie McConnell
Prior to launching his own investment firm,      Class of 1980                                   Serio was inducted
Martin was a leader in Merrill Lynch’s           The managing share-                             into the Women’s
investment banking operations, where he          holder of Rothman                               Basketball Hall of Fame
became vice chairman of global commer-           Gordon P.C., Bill                               in 2008. She mentioned
cial real estate.                                Lestitian has been                              Seton-La Salle in her
                                                 appointed to the Board                          speech, as well as her
Class of 1977                                    of Trustees of Achieva,                         coach Ben Hartman. In addition, in her dis-
Pete Serio coached the Lady Indians at           Western Pennsylvania’s                          play, her high school letter, the interlocking
Peters Township High School this year. He        largest nonprofit organization serving          SL, is prominently featured. No other ath-
previously coached Mt. Lebanon women’s           adults and children with disabilities. Bill     lete had included a high school monogram.
basketball teams and Bishop Canevin Lady         also serves on the finance committee and
Crusaders basketball teams. He and his           chairs the audit committee.                     Class of 1985
wife Suzie McConnell Serio ‘84 have                                                              Florida residents Laure (Surdzial)
four children, Peter, Jordan, Mandy, and         Class of 1981                                   Hartman and her husband Joe will cele-
Madison.                                         Michelle Monahan has been employed              brate their 20th anniversary this year, as
                                                 for 20 years in the Pittsburgh Public           well as the arrival of their first grandchild,
Class of 1978                                    Schools and was recently promoted to K-         Sean Patrick. Their children, Kristen and
Stephen Flaherty was                             12 Gifted Program Supervisor and given          Stephanie are both attending college.
one of several artists                           the task of rewriting the delivery model for
honored at The                                   identified students, as well as supervising     Class of 1986
Kennedy Center as it                             the gifted program district-wide. A resident    Michael John Walsh is currently
celebrated the third                             of South Fayette, Michelle has two daugh-       employed as a process designer for M+W
generation of Broadway                           ters, Alyssa (18) and Abby (15).                Zander US Ops. Inc. and is living in
composers. Flaherty’s                                                                            Scottsdale, Arizona.
acclaimed Broadway musical Ragtime, will         Class of 1983
run at the Kennedy Center as a brand new         Keith Abbott lives in Orlando, Florida,         Class of 1987
production. According to art critics, “With      and has a 12-year-old son.                      Danny Piacquadio hosted Steelers fans
its cast of vibrant characters, vivid sets and                                                   in a far-north-suburban outpost of Phoenix
costumes, and Tony Award winning score,          Thomas Dimuzio attended California              called Cave Creek at Harold’s Corral, a
Ragtime is the can’t-miss theater event of       University and Berklee College of Music in      popular Steelers’ bar. His restaurant seats
spring 2009.”                                    Boston. He now maintains a studio and           650 and is regularly sold out for the
                                                 residence in San Francisco’s Sunset District    Steelers’ season broadcasts. For the
Tim O’Brien was featured in the recent           with his wife Anne. He works at Digidesign      Superbowl, he erected tents to accommo-
publication of the book The Essentials of        as a software tester, owns and operates his     date the many more fans who arrived from
Corporate Communications and Public              own recording/mixing studio, Gench, and is      as far as Lake Havasu and Tucson.
Relations from Harvard Business School           a live concert presence in the San
Press. O’Brien’s insights formed the basis       Francisco music scene. Tom has toured           Class of 1988
for the book’s chapter on “Issues                and performed internationally and recorded      Michelle Kealy has been working at
Management and Crisis Communications.”           and collaborated on countless CDs. His          Clarion University in various capacities
He owns and operates a communications            website is
practice in Pittsburgh.                                                                                                  continued on next page

                                                                                                                             Spring 2009          9
  Class Notes
since 1999, most recently as Director of       and a 1997 graduate of the University of      University, Matthew Kiser is employed by
Residence Life Services. She is a 1993         Pittsburgh School of Law, Juliet worked for   UniSea Inc., which is one of the world’s
undergraduate of Gannon University and a       two different law firms and as a Judicial     leading seafood producers. He works in
graduate of Kent State University’s mas-       Deputy Clerk for the Superior Court before    Dutch Harbor, Alaska, located in the
ter’s program in Higher Education              starting her own practice. She resides in     Aleutian Islands.
Administration. Michelle now resides in        Cranberry Township with her husband,
Clarion and spends her time with               John, and their three children. In addition   William ‘Woody’ Woods married Kelly
DeWayne Harbaugh and his children              to her legal career, she keeps busy as a      Weitzel on July 5, 2008. He is currently
Andrew and Abby.                               Girl Scout leader and coordinator of the      employed by the Peters Township Police
                                               local youth chess club.                       Department.
Leslie (Schneider) Krueger resides in
Canonsburg with her husband Stephen            Class of 1991                                 Nick Palso earned a Ph.D. in Recreation,
and their children Paul (6), Grace (3), and    Tony Gigliotti accepted the position of       Park, and Tourism Management from Penn
a newborn. She teaches voice and piano         director of Corporate Learning Systems for    State in 2008, with a dissertation on
out of her home.                               UPMC.                                         Alaska road trips. He previously earned a
                                                                                             Master’s degree in Public Administration
Patti (Woods) Skeba and her husband            Amy (O’Toole) Shaughnessy, after six          from Villanova University and a BA in
Sam have five children, Patrick (13), Alex     years as a stay-at-home mom, recently         Wildlife Biology from the University of
(11), Stephanie (7), Samantha (5), and         took a part-time teaching job at St.          Alaska Fairbanks. Nick lives in Maryland
Michael (20 months). She works as a            Edmunds Academy. She and her husband,         and works on Capitol Hill for the Federal
physical therapist in homecare for UPMC        Michael, who runs his own business called     Energy Regulatory Commission, where he
and outpatient for Fox Chapel PT. The          Mouse Call Computer Services, live in         approves environmental, recreational, and
family resides in Rosedale in Penn Hills       Baldwin with daughters Emma (7) and           historical protection plans for the non-fed-
and belongs to St. Joseph Parish, Verona.      Maeve (3).                                    eral hydropower dams in the Northeast.

Father Dennis Yurochko was appointed           Class of 1992                                 Class of 1999
as the rector of St. Paul Seminary and         Jason Vargo has started his own business      Recently married to Kristin Pearl Dross,
director of the Pre-ordination Formation       J. Vargo & Sons Contracting LLC, a home       Chris Skibinski is currently working for JP
program by Bishop Zubik. Father                remodeling and repair business in the         Morgan Chase as vice president of
Yurochko served for nearly three years at      Pittsburgh area.                              Investments/Financial Advisor in Northwest
the pontifical North American college in                                                     Indiana, about 20 minutes south of Chicago.
Rome as director of apostolic formation        Class of 1993
and as a formation adviser while pursuing      Irene Rose (Dunlap) Donofrio has              A 2003 graduate of the University of Notre
doctoral studies in Theology at the            been married for more than 10 years to        Dame, Benjamin M. Susco obtained his
Angelicum. As rector, Father Yurochko will     her grade school sweetheart and has one       Doctor of Medicine from West Virginia
serve as chairman of the Seminary              daughter. During the tax season, she          University School of Medicine in 2007. He
Admissions Board and a member of Bishop        works as a tax preparer for H&R Block.        is currently in his second year of residency
Zubik’s Administrative Board.                  The rest of the year, she is a domestic       at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical
                                               engineer, soccer, and volleyball mom.         Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
Class of 1990
Residents of Brookline for almost 12 years,    Class of 1994                                 Sarah (Woods) Jones married Colin
Stacey (Paul) Ziegler and her husband          Kevin Mullooly and his wife Anne are          Jones on August 2, 2008. She teaches 5th
Daniel welcomed Matthew Paul on                proud to announce the birth of son, Hagan     grade at Carver Intermediate School in
November 29, 2007. He joins older brother      Arthur, on September 23, 2008. The family     Chesapeake, Virginia, and attends gradu-
Zachary. Stacey works at Mercy Hospital in     resides in Washington, D.C.                   ate school.
the Surgical/Oncology Progressive Care Unit.
                                               Class of 1996                                 Class of 2000
                   Veteran Butler County       Maureen (Gallaher) Tapolci and her            Patrick Reilly is running for District 4
                   attorney Juliet Abel        husband, Jason, recently welcomed their       Pittsburgh City Council. Classmate Pete
                   is running for              first child Riley Jason on July 21, 2008.     Wagner is helping him build his campaign.
                   Magisterial District        The family lives in Washington,               You can contact Patrick at
                   Judge in Cranberry          Pennsylvania.                       
                   Township and Seven
                   Fields Borough. A           Class of 1997                                 A 2004 graduate of St. Joseph’s University
1994 graduate of Penn State University         A 2002 graduate of West Virginia              with a degree in Biology, Lauren Susco

10       The SLS Review
                                                                                                 Elizabeth Seton High School
                                                                                              South Hills Catholic High School
                                                                                                  Seton-La Salle High School

obtained her doctor of Physical Therapy         Adam Hamill works for PNC Bank as a             Girls’ Varsity Basketball ‘A’ team.
from Thomas Jefferson University in 2007.       services analyst in Washington DC. He is
She is currently part of the Acute              now living in Arlington, Virginia.              Rachel Bucci will receive her Bachelor of
Rehabilitation Department staff at Moses                                                        Health Sciences degree from St. Francis
Cone Memorial Hospital in Greensboro, NC.       Nick Bilski graduated from California           University in May. She will continue with
                                                University in December 2007 with a bache-       graduate studies toward her Doctorate of
Class of 2001                                   lor’s degree in sports management. He is        Physical Therapy degree beginning with an
Oakland Raiders claimed former SLS and          currently director of Food and Beverage for     internship at UPMC Sportsworks this
Toledo quarterback Bruce Gradkowski             the Hagerstown Suns Baseball Team in            Summer.
off waivers from the Browns. Gradkowski         Hagerstown Maryland. The Suns are a             Class of 2006
spent his first two seasons with Tampa          Class A affiliate of the Washington             Elizabeth Caprio was named to the
Bay. He briefly played for St. Louis last       Nationals and is a franchise owned by           dean’s list at Messiah College for the
year before joining the Browns.                 Mandalay Baseball.                              spring 2008 semester.

Class of 2002                                   Jennifer Casne currently teaches English        Duquesne University sophomore line-
                   Terry Heubert mar-           for the AEON Corp.. in Himeji, Japan.           backer Nathan Totino was named first
                   ried Katherine Bugbee                                                        team All-Northeast Conference. Nathan led
                   at the Academy of the        Class of 2004                                   the Dukes with 110 tackles and averages
                   Sacred Heart Chapel in       Caitlin Goodwin was                             12.2 tackles per game, ranking him fifth
                   New Orleans in May           named the 2008 recipi-                          nationally. He is studying accounting.
                   2008. A Castle               ent of the La Roche
                   Shannon native, Terry        College Department of                           Class of 2007
and his wife make their home in                 Teacher Education                               A sophomore forward on the Wheeling-
Washington, D.C., where he is a federal         Award for Academics                             Jesuit University men’s soccer team, Niki
lobbyist for Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney.       and Service Excellence.                         Balzer, was lauded as “Player of the
                                                Goodwin earned her bachelor’s degree in         Week” in the WVIAC. A member of the
Laura Descutner is planning a May 2009          elementary education last spring.               SLS 2006 WPIAL and PIAA championship
wedding to Alex O’Neill. She is a 2006                                                          team, he was also profiled by WTRF, the
graduate of the University of Pittsburgh        Jim Sheppard works for Pittsburgh City          local radio station in Wheeling.
and will graduate in May 2009 from              Councilman Jim Motznik ‘81 as his
Gannon University with a Doctor of              deputy chief of staff. Last August, Jim was     Megan O’Keefe was named to the dean’s
Physical Therapy Science.                       a delegate at the 2008 Democratic               list in the Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 terms
                                                National Convention in Denver, CO. He is        at the University of Notre Dame. She was
Class of 2003                                   also vice president of the Western Region       also selected to continue her studies for
As reigning Miss Smiling Irish Eyes of          of the Pennsylvania College Democrats and       six weeks in Spain with a group of UND
Pittsburgh, Katelyn Wood competed in            intends to run for president of the organi-     students.
the Maidens of the Mournes competition in       zation in April 2009.
Ireland in conjunction                                                                          Class of 2008
with a week-long festi-                         Angelo DiNardi is a fifth-year software         Former SLS students turned into Penn
val. Katelyn graduated                          engineering major and chair of the              State fans. Michael Baker, Emily
magna cum laude in                              Computer Science House at the Rochester         Zaccaro, Eric Weiss and Brendan
2007 from St. Mary’s                            Institute of Technology. He was recently        August got their photo with Franco Harris
College with a degree in                        featured in RIT Newsfor using the Internet      while cheering on the Nittany Lions.
music-vocal perform-                            Coke Machine that allows students to
ance. She is now studying for her master’s      order a cold soda from a department
degree in musicology on the ethnomusico-        vending machine that has been
logical track at Florida State University and   ‘hacked’ to respond to remote comput-
plans to continue for her doctorate.            er commands.

A 2007 graduate of Georgetown University        Class of 2005
with a degree in Human Science from the         Erica Bilski was named to the Dean’s
School of Nursing and Health Sciences,          List at Chatham University for the
Jennifer Susco is now employed with             Spring and Fall semesters of 2008.
Wealth Management by UBS in Pittsburgh.         When not studying, she is head coach
                                                for Sacred Heart Elementary School’s

                                                                                                                      Spring 2009        11
Hall of Fame honors those who make a difference

       eton-La Salle Catholic High
       School recently inducted four
       individuals into the Hall of
Fame. Joseph L. Luvara ‘66;
Brother Joseph Mahon, FSC,
first principal at Seton-La Salle;
Virginia Spadafore Sanders ‘66;
and Patricia Strazza, former
teacher were honored at the Seton-
La Salle Founder’s Day Celebration
on January 10, 2009 at South Hills
Country Club.
     The four were selected by an
alumni advisory committee of grad-
uates from Seton-La Salle, Elizabeth
Seton and South Hills Catholic High
Schools. The committee chose
                                       2009 Hall of Fame inductees and their presenters (l to r) Brother Joseph Mahon, Sister Donna Lydon, Joseph
these individuals from dozens of         Luvara, Robert DelGreco, Marianne Hudzik, John Manear and Patricia Strazza (Virginia Sanders could not
applications received over the past                                        attend due to weather conditions).
two years.
     Joseph Luvara, recently recog-          alumni for his service to the Brothers                 Center Immunology Program, the
nized by ‘The Best Lawyers in                of the Christian Schools and Seton-La                  Heart and Lung Research Institute
America’ is a fellow in the Academy of       Salle High School. Currently, Brother                  and the Center for Brain and Spinal
Trial Lawyers of Allegheny County. He        Joe serves as a teacher and counselor                  Cord Repair. She teaches graduate
received his JD from Duquesne                at San Miguel School in Camden, NJ.                    and medical students and has been
University School of Law in 1986, cum        He also served as director of the                      honored many times for her work.
laude, and is a shareholder of Dickie,       Christian Brothers Retreat House and                   She has been awarded 10 research
McCamey & Chilcote, P.C. According           was the Assistant Provincial of the                    grants in the past 13 years and two
to the nomination submitted by               Congregation. Yet, perhaps his most                    Career Development Awards from the
Robert DelGreco ‘72, “As I look at           difficult endeavor—and biggest                         American Cancer Society and the
[past Hall of Fame recipients] I can         achievement in the eyes of his nomi-                   Schweppe foundation of Chicago. As a
say with unflinching certitude that          nators—was the successful merger of                    member of a number of professional
none have contributed to Seton-La            former South Hills Catholic and                        societies including the American
Salle in terms of time, money, effort        Elizabeth Seton High Schools.                          Association of Immunologists, she is
and leadership more than Joe Luvara.”        According to a nomination by Sister                    committed to multidisciplinary
     Joe served as a faculty member,         Ildefonse Goss, “No one could have                     research.
assistant football coach, and involved       been better suited to the task.                              Ginny also finds time for service
parent. He was instrumental in the           Brother Joseph had the wisdom to                       to the community and to SLS.
creation of the Advisory Board and           respect what had been before and the                   According to her nomination by fellow
served on it and on the Auditorium           patience and tact to move toward the                   classmate Marianne Hudzik ‘66,
and Library Renovation committees,           uniting of two traditions into a fine                  “The SLS community, and the larger
the Merrick Field Committee and other        educational institution under the two                  medical community have been
fund-raising event committees. From          patron saints.”                                        touched by her years of student,
the time he was a student to his pres-            Virginia Spadafore Sanders is                     career and community accomplish-
ent role as parent and chair of the          a professor in the Department of                       ments.”
Board of Directors, his passion and          Molecular Virology, Immunology &                           Patricia Strazza began teaching
leadership have touched every facet of       Medical Genetics at Ohio State                         at South Hills Catholic High School in
the school and the Catholic community.       University. She is also a member of                    1973 as a full-time religion teacher.
     Brother Joseph Mahon, FSC               the Institute for Behavioral Medicine                  In addition to her duties, she raised
was nominated by both faculty and            Research, the Comprehensive Cancer                     two children and married South Hills

12       The SLS Review
Catholic teacher, Bill Strazza. Pat                                                                          PAST SLS HALL OF FAME
became religion chair in 1990 and                                                                                  RECIPIENTS
kept that role until her retirement in                                                                                      1991
2003. During her 30 year career, she                                                                                   John T. Cicco*
touched the lives of many students,                                                                                  Thomas A. Bird ‘60
                                                                                                                  Anna Marie Catanzaro ‘53
faculty and families within the                                                                                     D. Michael Fisher ‘62
school.                                                                                                            Stephen C. Flaherty ‘78
    According to her nomination by                                                                                  Donald A. Gmitter ‘63
                                                                                                                    Edward M. Ryan ‘64
former employee and parent,
                                                                                                                    Herbert H. South ‘65
Mariann Devine, “Pat had great                                                                                        William Strazza**
interaction with her students. She                                                                                 James J. Sweeney ‘80
always tried to relate to them by                                                                                           1992
having interesting discussions. To be                                                                                 James L. Murdy*
                                                                                                            Cheryl M. Kanfoush AKA Maria Alsatti
able to teach morality to teenagers in Randy ‘68 and Chris Castriota join Dr. Ronald Bowes and Brother           David J. Dattilo, D.D.S. ‘69
                                         Joseph Juliano, FSC enjoy the evening in honor of the inductees.
these days is a great accomplishment.                                                                              Thomas K. Donahoe ‘65
Pat lives and exemplifies the spirit of           Fame developed out of an effort to help                        Brother Alexis Kirk, F.S.C.**
                                                                                                            Sister Marion Puerzer, S.C., M.D. ‘59
Christianity that Seton-La Salle professes to     retain the identity of both South Hills
embrace. She is your perfect candidate for                                                                                   1994
                                                  Catholic and Elizabeth Seton High Schools,                          Bernard J. Powers*
the Hall of Fame.”                                which merged in 1979 to form Seton-La                      Colonel Carol Ganser, USAFNC ‘55
    Pat “retired” in 2003, but continues to       Salle. An Alumni Advisory Board, formed in                 Sister Mary Agnes Schildkamp, S.C.
work as a substitute teacher and supports                                                                          Frederick W. Thieman ‘69
                                                  1990, established the guidelines and con-
                                                                                                                  Ensign James C. Wonn ‘62
the school in many ways. She and her hus-         ventions for the awards which honor distin-
band, Bill (also a Hall of Fame member)           guished alumni, faculty, former faculty and               Brother David S. Baginski, F.S.C. ‘64
continue to give generously and participate       friends of Seton-La Salle and its predecessor                      James L. Palmer**
in just about every fund-raising and friend-      schools.                                                    Jane E. Jehovics Klose-Tucker ‘62
                                                                                                               Suzanne T. McConnell-Serio ‘84
raising event                                                    The first awards were presented
the school                                                                                                                  1998
                                                             in 1991. Recipients are selected
                                                                                                                  Gerard (Jerry) Conboy**
holds.                                                       from nominations solicited from                         Stephen F. Litz ‘67
    In addition                                              alumni/ae, faculty and friends.                     Dianne Page McKenna ‘61
to her work                                                      Hall of Fame recipients must                      Nicholas A. Merrick ‘81
                                                                                                                       Ted A. White**
as teacher,                                                  have demonstrated excellence in
she is a mem-                                                their academic pursuits, career                         James L. Palmer*
ber of the St.                                               achievements and in their church                           Lucy Bruce**
Margaret of                                                  and community service. Service to                         Kenneth Buka**
Scotland                                                                                                         Robert G. DelGreco, Jr. ‘72
                                                             the high school and diocese are
                                                                                                               Sr. Marlene Mondalek, S.C. ‘59
Parish and                                                   also taken into consideration.
serves as a                                                      Nominations are open to all                      Dr. Alan & Mrs. Yeasted*
Eucharistic                                                  graduates of at least 10 years, all                    Thomas A. Dattilo ‘66
Minister.                                                    present or former faculty and                          Richard J. Lacey ‘64
                                                                                                             Sr. M. Ellenita O’Connor, S.C. ‘45**
    The                                                      distinguished friends of the school.                    Harry Pitchok ‘62**
Seton-La Salle
                                                              Guests, Mary K McDonald and Sister Joyce                     2004
Catholic High                                                   Serratore are both Board members and             Father Joseph Lonergan*
School Hall of                                                               ESHS alumni.                        Margaret ‘Peg’ Bennett ‘45
                                                                                                                  Alan ‘Gus’ Gillespie ‘64
                                                                                                                     Edwin P. Shiner**
                                                                                                                  John ‘Jack’ Mascaro ‘62
Nominations for 2011 being accepted                                                                                  Frank W. Zych**

         e all know someone who is deserving of recognition for career and lifetime                                 Mrs. Kay Dieckmann*
         achievements as well as service to the community. Take a moment and nominate                              Sister Kay Palas, SC**
         them for the next induction ceremony for the SLS Hall of Fame. Nominate a                                 Mr. Anthony O’Toole**
                                                                                                                  Mr. William McGregor ‘67
former classmate, teacher or yourself! The nomination form is online at                                          Kathy McConnell-Miller ‘85
www. Then click on the Hall of Fame Awards tab.                                      *Denotes John T. Cicco Award
Or, you can call SLS at 412-561-3583 x 136 and a nomination form will be sent to you.                       **Denotes faculty

                                                                                                                         Spring 2009            13
Report urges preservation of faith-based schools

       arly this year, a report by the             America.”
       National Center for Education                     Fortunately, in the State of             2008-09 and 2009-10
       (NCE) called for a sustained col-           Pennsylvania, there is a unique way            EITC CONTRIBUTORS
laborative effort by edu-                                          that businesses can sup-
cators, elected officials,               or generations,           port private educa-tion.             Allegheny Millwork
philanthropists, neigh-                                            The Educational
borhood leaders, and
                                        Catholic schools           Improvement Tax Credit               Brookside Lumber
many others, to support         have played an invalu- (EITC) program, enacted                         Fieldcrest Steel Corp
America’s faith-based            able role in America’s in 2001, has become the
urban schools. According cities. They are part of                  national model for busi-
                                                                                                          Gatto Associates
to the report, “Their
                                   our nation’s proud              ness educational tax                  Heartland Homes
preservation will greatly                                          credit programs.
                                 story of religious free-                                                 HP Starr Lumber
benefit countless disad-                                              It is easy to see why.
vantaged students,                 dom and tolerance,              EITC provides a tax                 Maher Duessel, CPA
numerous underserved              community develop-               credit of up to 90 per-
                                                                                                           Premier Safety
communities, and as a
                                ment, immigration and cent for companies that                           Rex Glass & Mirror
result, our Nation at                                              donate to non-profit
large.”                         assimilations, academic scholarship and educa-
                                                                                                     Specialty Bar Products
     In the report, it was       achievement, upward tional improvement
noted that “A strong               mobility and more               organizations.                   Shanahan Transportation
education institution can                                             Since its inception,               Simply Primitives
stabilize a community. It can attract              EITC has provided more than $1 mil-
new families and jobs. It can provide              lion in aid to our students. SLS has                Clara Spatafore DDS
safety and hope in areas where both                found that having this scholarship                  Waste Management
are in short supply.” (For the full                money available to families with
report, go to                          demonstrated need can really make
admins/comm/choice/faithbased/                     the difference for enrollment,
                                                                                                  Please join the Women of Seton
report.pdf.)                                       keeping our school community vibrant.
                                                                                                               for the
     The NCE report also noted that                      This year for the first time, there is
“between the 1999-2000 and 2005-06                 still money available for businesses              Elizabeth Ann Seton
school years, the K-12 faith-based edu-            who want to participate in EITC. The             Scholarship Reception
cation sector lost nearly                                           State has increased the            Sunday, April 19, 2009
1,200 schools and nearly                                            amount of the tax credit               2 -4 o’clock at
425,000 students.                                                   and widened the scope                The Seton Center
     “This is a cause for                                           of businesses eligible to
                                                                                                        1900 Pioneer Avenue
national concern for a                                              participate.
number of important                                                   It is easy to apply to         The Elizabeth Ann Seton Legacy
reasons. First, for gener-                                                                             Scholarship will be awarded
                                                                    participate. The one-
ations, Catholic schools                                            page application can be          Members of the ESHS classes of
have played an invalu-                                              found online at                  1945 - 1949 will be recognized.
able role in America’s                                     and             The 200th Anniversary of the Founding
cities. They are part of                                            locate Educational            of the Sisters of Charity in America will
our nation’s proud story About half of SLS students qualify for Improvement Tax                                be celebrated.
                              financial aid and EITC has become a
of religious freedom and          primary tool in providing aid.     Credit.
                                                                                                       Refreshments, door prizes
tolerance, community                                                  If you have questions
                                                                                                           and basket raffle.
development, immigration and assimi-               or would like a packet of information
lation, academic achievement, upward               about EITC, please call Marilyn Walsh                      $10 per person
mobility, and more. To lose these                  at 412-561-3583 x 119.                                Call 412-561-3583 x 119
schools is to lose a positive, central                                                                        for reservations
character in the narrative of urban                                                                      RSVP by April 10, 2009

14       The SLS Review
   In our prayers
   Please remember in your prayers
  these recently deceased members
  of the Seton-La Salle community:

      William ‘Mike’ Bridgeman ‘69
        Roberta Eperthener ‘66
          Janet (Peters) Fry ‘71
            Gregory Lenz ‘76

  Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
                                             Field renovation continues
         early at the                        Phase I of the renovation of Seton-La      generate income. “If any alumni are
                                             Salle Catholic High School’s athletic      interested in placing signage on the
    2nd Annual SLS                           field has been completed with funding      fences surrounding the stadium,
   St. Patrick’s Day                         for the project nearing 100 percent.       they’ll find it is a great way to attract
                                             The field is already in use as much or     business. Plus it shows support of our
  Alumni Happy Hour                          even more than initial projections esti-   alma mater.”
             v                               mated. In addition to the school                 Phase II of the project, which
  Thursday, March 12, 2009                   usage, the Mt. Lebanon Recreation          consists of a field house, toilets and
       The Claddagh                          Department, the Pittsburgh River           concession stand, is in planning
                                             Hounds, area middle schools and oth-       stages and will move ahead as soon
         SouthSide Works                     ers are interested in use or have          as feasible.
        407 Cinema Drive                     already contracted for use of the field.        If you are interested in helping
                v                                 Seton-La Salle Catholic High          with this project in any way, contact
        beginning at 5 pm                    School Athletic Director Brian Geyer       Nancy Rizza at 412-561-3583 x 129,
    Drink Specials ~ Appetizers              ‘00 stated, “It now seems incredible or visit the website
                                             that our sports activities were func-      and click on field project under “About
  Call Amy Ganser at
  412-561-3583                               tioning at such a high level without       SLS.”
  ext 136                                    the field. It is a blessing. It brings
  to RSVP.                                   people together at the school. It is
                                             much safer than the old facility and
                                                                                            Support the
                                             the convenience and savings have
                                             been immediately realized.”
                                                                                            SLS Review
                                                  Geyer also noted that there are        If you enjoy reading this publica-
                                             advertising opportunities which will        tion, show us that you do. Please
                                                                                         consider a gift in support of this
                                                                                         publication. The SLS Review costs
Volunteers Needed                                                                        approximately $7,500 to print and
                                                                                         mail two times per year. A dona-

       o you find you need some excitement or variety in your life? Do you have          tion of just $10 helps us to contin-
       time and talents you’d like to share? Looking to meet some new people or          ue this valuable service for our
       reconnect with old friends? Seton-La Salle can use your help. From organ-         alumni.
izing archives to helping locate lost alumni; from public relations efforts and event         You can use the envelope
planning to computer input, if you would like to help SLS and be a part of the           included with this publication to
school’s future, we would greatly appreciate your help. Call 412-561-3583 x 119.         make your contribution.

                                                                                                             Spring 2009        15
 Class Notes
 New job? Just moved? Earned a degree? Welcomed a new family mem-
 Or just want to reconnect with friends? Please send your latest news or
 some of your SLS memories for our newsletter. Mail this completed form to
 Seton-La Salle Catholic High School, 1000 McNeilly Road, Pittsburgh, PA
 15226-2593. Include photos, too! You can also visit the web site at, click on the Development Office tab and complete the Class Notes form. Or-e-mail wal- (Include electronic images up to 1.5M with e-mail.)

 Name __________________________Maiden __________________________Class of __________________


 City ______________________________State ______________________________Zip __________________

 Phone (H) __________________________(W) __________________E-mail         __________________________

 News about you or remembrances of SLS/ES/SHC: _________________________________________________







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                                                                                          Pittsburgh, PA
                                                                                         Permit No. 2391

Seton-La Salle HIgh School         ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED
    1000 McNeilly Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15226-2593
     PH: 412-561-3583

Through dedicated instruction
in the academic disciplines,
faithful teaching of the gospel,
active participation in worship,
and the generous sharing of
time and talent, Seton-La Salle
High School seeks to nurture
and incorporate into its very
life the message revealed in
Jesus Christ.

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