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New Sport Policy Title


									Australian sport: The Pathway to
             ASC Briefing   19 May 2010
                             A better Australia
           Health, well-being, social cohesion and inclusion,
             international relations, international success,
            economic benefits, national identity and pride

        Collaborative national sports system creating
      opportunities for all Australians to participate and

                                  State and                     AOC/APC/ACGA
              NSOs                            Other system
           (including SSOs       Local Govt
              and Clubs)                        partners

       “A shared vision for Australian sport”
Cohesive effective national sports system:
critical building blocks
  • new National Sports Policy Framework - clear objectives / KPIs
  • greater funding certainty- longer time horizons
  • vastly improved connectivity, alignment and collaboration- planning
    and delivery coordination
  • whole of sporting pathway focus- high performance and
    development /participation (not or)
  • boosting children’s participation
  • strengthening core system elements including talent identification
    and development, coaching and officiating, SO capacity and
    support, facilities, volunteer support, inclusion strategies and
    athlete well-being
  • increased research and sharing best practice to drive system
    improvement and innovation
  • ASC system leadership and new priorities
       Australian sport: The Pathway to Success

     Increasing            Strengthening
                                             Striving for success
participation in sport   sporting pathways

               “Whole of sport approach”
    Key reform package components

      Increasing sport participation

                    Participation                                                     places to
Boosting child        planning
 participation                           Supporting Breaking down     Breaking           play
                 More NSO funding
                                         people and    barriers to
                                                                    down barriers        RLCIP
                                        athletes with women’s and to Indigenous
                    Club funding
                     assistance                                                       Building the
   Sport and
                                          disability      girls’                       Education
                  Support coaching
                   and officiating
                                                      participation participation     Revolution
                       training                                                     Australian Sports
                 Social Inclusion and                                                 Foundation
                   Sport Strategy
Key reform package components

          Strengthening sporting

     Support for
 volunteers, coaches
     and officials   Talent identification                                          Athlete contribution
                      and development                         Boosting               AIS athlete volunteer
  National Sport Volunteer                                  development
          Strategy             Expand and enhance                                          scheme
                                      NTID                    pathway
 NSO funding for Coaching
       and Officiating        NSOs employing TID staff Local Sporting Champions
  Development Managers                                  Emerging athlete funding
  Additional coaching and                               Strengthen national level
   officiating training for                                   competitions
     community C&Os
    Key reform package components

                  Striving for success

                       Supporting and
                        retaining high                                      Reforming            Boost research
   Boosting              performance                                      Australia’s high       and innovation
 international          coaches and              Investing in high         performance             More funds for
  competition              officials               performance            delivery system         applied research
Funding to NSOs for   Support for retention of       athletes            AIS/SIS/SAS Alignment    Increased sports
   international         national coaches                                                        science support for
                                                 Increased funding for
    competition          Access to expert                                                             athletes
                                                   top 3 and top 10
                          technical staff              athletes.
                          More funds for
                       coaches and officials
                        to access training
ASC’s Future Funding Horizon – new direction
                                      ASC Government Funding 1988/89 to 2013/14


                                                             Other Programs (inc ASOP, NTAFL etc)


                                                                         Aust Paralympic
  150                                                                                                      High Performance
                                                                                                          AIS Integrated Sports
$mill                                                                                                                                 $195
                                                                                                                                   million in
  100                                                                                                                                 new
                                            Olympic Athlete Program                                                                 funding
                                                                       Increased ASC base funding
   50                               Maintain the                      From 2010/11 includes High Performance support, AIS
                                 Momentum/Next Step                       Integrated Sport Initiative and Local Sporting

                                                                                                            End of current
                                                                                                            financial year

        89   90   91   92   93   94    95    96   97    98    99    00    01   02     03   04   05   06   07    08    09    10    11   12   13   14
                                                                   Financial Year Ending
                                ASC future funding horizon-
                                  prior to new direction
                                            ASC Government Funding 1988/89 to 2013/14
                                                                                        Other Programs                                              pending
  200                                                                                                                                               with loss of
                                                                                                                                                    / lapsing
                                                                  Aust Paralympic Committee
                                                                                                                      High Performance              funds
                                                           Site Redevelopment
                                                                                                                       AIS Integrated Sports


                                                                                                          End of current financial
                                                                                                          year funding
                                              Olympic Athlete Program

    50                          Maintain the Momentum/Next Step

                                                                                                         ASC Base Funding

            89   90   91   92    93    94     95    96    97      98    99    00   01    02   03     04    05    06     07   08      09   10   11    12   13   14
                                                                             Financial Year Ending
                          Benefits to Sport

• Secure increased funding base with rolling 4 year
  funding envelopes
   – provides surety for sports moving forward and allows them to plan with confidence
   – sports now have a more secure platform to grow their capacity and sustainability

• Strengthened sporting pathways
• Stronger NSOs
   – increased organisational capacity to deliver

• Increased funding for athletes and coaches
   – coach attraction and retention
   – athletes not “distracted”

• Better aligned high performance program
   – AIS and State and Territory Institutes of Sport collaborating and with improved
     coordination of program delivery
                        Benefits to sport
• Increased opportunities for aspiring emerging
  athletes through increased investment in TID and
  Local Sporting Champions program
• Increased support for volunteers, particularly
  coaches and officials
   –   extra resources for training and education
   –   along with a reward scheme

• Stronger focus on getting people participating in
  sport, especially children
   – For the first time, sport and education will be partners at Commonwealth, state
     and local levels, getting more kids physically active and loving sport

• Specific population groups will have more
  opportunities to participate in fun, safe and inclusive
  sport environments
                        Benefits for ASC
• Our role and positioning as system leader reinforced
   – “ in recognition of the significant leadership role played by the ASC,
     Australia’s peak national sport agency will be tasked with progressing
     Australian Sport: The Pathway to Success”

• AIS remains with ASC
   – integrated and guided by our planning and system leadership
   – recognition of importance of continuing to invest in SSSM

• Our strategic plan’s fundamentals affirmed
   – particularly pleasing is the recognition of our role in working with other
     Government Departments (DEEWR, DoHA, DFAT, FaHCSIA, Infrastructure)
   – recognition of the importance of contribution to broader Government objectives
   – recognition of the appropriateness of driving for a more cohesive and
     collaborative system
   2010 Roadmap: SRMC Reform Priorities

•National Sport and Active Recreation Policy Framework

•Sport Institutes Technical Advisory Group

•Indigenous sport reform

   May – Jun 2010           Jul – Sep 2010        Oct – Dec 2010
2010 Roadmap – ASC Strategies and NSO
        Planning and Funding
     • NSO funding         • NSO Strategic                   • NSO Sports
      assessments            Plans by 30/9                Development plans
 • Confirm NSO planning     • NSO High                   participation by 30/12
      requirements          Performance
                             Plans 30/9

 May – Jun 2010           Jul – Sep 2010                   Oct – Dec 2010

                          Development of key national strategies:
                          • Sport and Education
                          • Volunteers in sport
                          • Sport and Social Inclusion

                          System leadership strategies
ASC’s new collaborative planning


  ASC        Plans        SDSRs
                         and SISs
                 Building system cohesion

ASC and SDSRs work with      ASC        NSO
SSOs to strengthen their
NSO–SSO alignment

                            SDSR        SSO

  Current alignment is strongest horizontally
  Governments need to strengthen the vertical alignment to role model
  expected behaviours and reinforce the importance of the NSO-SSO
                   Aligning high performance

                                                Key elements

ASC is leading                             Collaborative Partnership
                     AIS   ASC     NSO
the                                        Agreement / SRMC reform*
strengthening of
alignment and                              National Athlete Support
collaboration by                           Scheme
joint SIS/SASs
                     SIS   SDSR    SSO
and AIS
                                           AIS reforms
with the NSO on
high                 RAS   local   clubs
performance                govt
                    High Performance Roadmap

                             NSO assessments                           ASC Board                         Final HP
 SIS/SAS                       completed and                             agrees to                         plans
consultation                 draft list of priority                    final priority                   approved,
  re NSO                     sports agreed with                         sports and                       funding
assessment                      SIS/SAS and                               notional                      confirmed
   criteria                    NSOs advised                             allocations                         30
  20 May                           3 June                                  5 July                      September

                ASC Board                             Consultation                      Meeting with
                  agrees                              meeting with                         priority
               interim NSO                            draft priority                       NSOs,
               assessment                                NSOs &                            advise
                  criteria                            fringe group                        notional
                  24 May                                 14 June                        allocations,
                                                                                         Late July
                   collaboration for complementarity

                    SDSRs                                      ASC
providers                                  Health
                                         bodies eg.
                new    $                 VicHealth
     sport                                             NSOs
   providers                       SSOs                              Sport and
               Clubs                                                 Education,
                                                                       , Social
                                    Strengthen relationships          Inclusion
                                    and alignment
Sport Development / Participation Roadmap
with SDSRs
 about NSO
participation                                                                                     Priority sports
planning and                                                                                       advised of
   funding.                                                                                          notional
    SDSR                         SDSR                           Consultation                       allocations,
Feedback on                   assessment                        meeting with                       commence
assessment                      of NSOs                         draft priority                       detailed
    criteria                   completed                           NSOs                              planning
    20 May                      27 May                            14 June                           Late July

                 ASC Board                 NSO assessments                       ASC Board                            Final sport
                  approves                 complete and draft                      agrees to                        development
                interim NSO                  list of priority                    final priority                     / participation
                assessment                 sports agreed with                     sports and                             plans
                   criteria                SDSRs and NSOs                           notional                          approved,
                   24 May                       advised                           allocations                          funding
                                                 31 May                            Mid July                           confirmed
2010 Roadmap – ASC organisational change

       • Finalise 10/11
    Divisional Business            • Commence detailed implementation
    Plans and budgets          planning and delivery of core new initiatives
        aligned to new        • Continue to build organisation capacity and
            priorities         shift our culture including “1ASC “ as part of
     • Commence next          restructured ASC aligned to the new direction
  steps in organisational       • Clarify future direction of AASC program
  change: re-structuring
   and capacity building

    May – Jun 2010          Jul – Sep 2010                       Oct – Dec 2010

                            Development of key national strategies:
                            • Sport and Education
                            • Volunteers in sport
                            • Sport and Social Inclusion

                            System leadership strategies
                    What are we seeking?

• Identify which sports should be targeted for investment
  to maximise the impacts reflected in the objectives
   – Objectives ultimately derived from the new National Sport and
     Active recreation Policy Framework
   – Need to assume some interim objectives for the first iteration : these
     informed by Ministerial Charter letter and State and Territory
• Need to define criteria to determine the priority sports
   – Existing ASC criteria need to be reviewed cognisant of the interim
       • sports excellence : international competition results and planning capacity/ cap
       • sports relevance : participation level and cultural significance
       • sports effectiveness: governance, management and financial viability
   – New criteria likely to differ for high performance and participation
    Some considerations re criteria

• How should international success be defined?
• Should capacity to self fund be a consideration?
• Should all criteria be equally weighted?
• Is the current weighting afforded Olympic sports
  appropriate going forward?
• How should membership (current participation)
  be measured?
• Should we adopt different objectives and criteria
  (weighting) for high performance pre 2012 and
  post 2012?
 Concluding thoughts

1. We have been given the opportunity to take Australian
   sport to the next level – we need to think sport and
2. We are at the beginning of a new collaborative planning
   process which will require tolerance for ambiguity,
   agility, trust, and understanding that we have some
   critical timelines to hit in the first iteration of this new
3. We should think from an integrated not individual
   jurisdiction perspective- both planning and program
   delivery: “whole of system contribution focus”
 Concluding thoughts

4. It is critical to secure strong NSO-SSO alignment,
   particularly around NSO strategic plans: this has
   implications for both governance, culture and
5. It is likely that ASC will strengthen performance review
   and accountability requirements for funding as a part of
   the “new world”

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