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					                        Briarbend Newsletter
                            October 2003

Hi Neighbors –
      How about this weather?? Don’t you wish you could just bottle it up and
keep it forever?

                   Welcome Your New Neighbors

A hearty welcome to our five wonderful additions to Briarbend:

Randall and Kara Richardson – 7815 Del Monte
Their house was previously owned by Stuart and Emily Bodden, who have just
moved three doors down to 7911 Del Monte. Randall is an attorney with Fulbright
and Jaworski and Kara is an attorney at David M. Marks. When they aren’t at
work, they have their hands full taking care of eighteen-month-old William.

Charlie Stoddard – 7911 Chevy Chase
Charlie has finally moved in after extensive remodeling. Charlie is self-employed.

Dick and Karen Lynn – 7911 Meadow Lake
Dick is an attorney and Karen teaches school at St. Michael. They have two
grown children who live in Chicago.

Marty McVey – 7911 Burgoyne
Marty is the former president of Briar Meadow’s Neighborhood Association and
CEO of McVey & Co.

Ben and Bailey Kinney- 7810 Ella Lee
Ben and Bailey have been very busy renovating their new home and it certainly
looks terrific!

     If you live near these new neighbors, why not introduce yourself and give
them a personal welcome?
                        Homeowners Meeting

      On September 25th, we held our Semi-Annual homeowners meeting at
Ninfa’s. They did a wonderful display of Mexican hors d’ouvres at each table. The
food was delicious! The main purpose of the meeting was to vote on our budget
for 2004. With increased costs of garbage expense and other items, we had to
vote on approval for a higher maintenance fee to accommodate these higher
costs. Below is a copy of the budget that was proposed by our treasurer, Jeff
Fetzer, and approved by a majority:
                               Security Alert
There have been two robberies in Charnwood in the last month. In both instances,
the intruder broke in through the back door and held the homeowners at gunpoint.
The first robbery was on Briar Rose near Voss. The second was on Woodway on
Friday, October 10th at 9PM. The invasion lasted about thirty minutes and
appeared to be a professional job.

                                 Safety Tips

Below are common mistakes people make in securing their homes (These tips are
from a burglar who was a member of the “Dinner Set” burglary ring for a dozen
years. He spent eleven years in prison, and is now on the other side of the law).

  1. Installing - but not using – alarms. Nearly all of the houses we robbed had
     expensive alarm systems – and more than half the time, the alarms weren’t
     turned on. Set the alarm, even if you are only running out for fifteen
     minutes. Even when you’re home in the evening, keep your alarm set.

  2. Don’t display signs that identify the alarm company. Burglars can buy
     information on how the systems are wired. Buy signs at home supply stores
     that read, “This house is protected by an alarm system.”

  3. Leaving lights on. A light that stays on all the time is no more of a deterrent
     than a dark house. Use timers to turn lights on and off in different parts of
     the house at different intervals.

  4. Hiding valuables in the bedroom. It’s the first place that burglars look. Keep
     money or jewelry that you rarely wear in a safe deposit box. Hide other
     valuables in places where burglars don’t think to look.

  5. Getting a big dog. A Rottweiler or German Shepherd may look scary, but
     burglars know better. Most big breeds aren’t barkers. What you want are
     “yappers”, small dogs that make a lot of noise.

  6. Hiding windows with landscaping. Tall bushes and shrubs allow burglars to
     jimmy windows without being seen. Keep bushes trimmed to below window

  7. Having newspaper and mail delivery stopped. When you ask to have your
     paper or mail stopped, you don’t know who gets the information. Have a
     neighbor pick up newspapers and mail.

  8. Counting on chain locks - they’re useless. The screws that hold them only
     go about ½ inch into the door or frame. They pull out with very little
     pressure. Secure every door with deadbolts. Use three – one each at the
     top, middle, and bottom of each exterior door. Install them directly across
     from hinges for more strength.

  Of course, the best possible security measure is being aware of any unusual
  activity and reporting it to your neighbors. Let’s all look out for each other.
                            Yard of the Month

Congratulations to our recent winners of yard of the month:

August 2003
Paul and Laura Goehrs at 7922 Chevy Chase

September 2003
Brian and Lacy Rieke at 7815 Chevy Chase

October 2003
Caroline Whitmore at 2207 Stoney Brook

                                Block Parties

Again, we have funds to subsidize block parties. It doesn’t have to be fancy and
believe me, it’s a great way to further friendships. I have done this for the last
two years and plan to do it again this year. It’s really fun to get the neighbors
together. If you would like to do this, contact Jeff Fetzer at 713-789-1844, and see
how much can be budgeted for your party. It will be well worth your while.

              Just a Reminder From Your President

Dear Neighbor:

Display of signs for any reason other than the sale of one’s home and Yard of The
Month signs is explicitly forbidden by the Deed Restrictions of the community.

      Briarbend Deed Restrictions, Section 6

      No signs of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any residence
      building site except one sign of not more than five (5) square feet
      advertising the property for sale or rent, or signs used by a builder to
      advertise the property during the construction and sales period.

                             Halloween Party

Be looking for a flyer about our biggest party of the year. The Halloween bash has
always been fun for the adults as well as the children. Estelle Joyner is planning
lots of games and fun activities with candy and creative prizes for different age
groups. We really encourage our new neighbors to attend this popular event.
                        New Kids on the Block
Peter and Jennifer Blomquist of 2411 Stoney Brook and present president
of our homeowners association are proud parents of their precious baby
boy Peter Jr., who was born on January 25th of this year.

Bret and Christina Kimmel of 7906 Meadow Lake Ln. added Danielle Marie
to their growing family on June 23, 2003.

Matt and Lanette Matthews of 7910 Burgoyne now have a beautiful girl
Macey born May 17th of this year.

Travis and Kimberly Overall of 7930 Chevy Chase are rapidly increasing
our population explosion with the birth of their second child named
Addison Faye born July 14, 2003.

Brian and Lacy Rieke of 7815 Chevy Chase have a beautiful baby girl
named Mary Lacy born July 29, 2003.

Our new neighbors, Ben and Bailey Kinney at 7810 Ella Lee have just had
our latest arrival on September 29th, and her name is Kane Elizabeth

Derek and Brooke Halverson of 7803 Ella Lee have added a second boy,
Mack, born September 6, 2002.


Our new neighbor Caroline Whitmore just became a grandmother for the
first time with the birth of her namesake, Caroline.

If anyone is interested in hiring a maid, I can highly recommend mine, who
is looking for extra work. Please give me a call at 713-781-7276.

Would anybody be interested in having a paragraph in the newsletter for
people who have items to sell? This was suggested, and I think it’s a good
idea. Let me know if you have any items you would like to sell.

                       With Deepest Sympathy

      I apologize for not including this sad news in the last newsletter, but I
guess I was personally too involved and it completely slipped my mind. One of our
oldest neighbors Dr. Sam Kelsall, passed away in June. He had been a resident
since 1964 and I’m sure many of us will miss seeing him walking his dog each
morning, as was his daily ritual. Our deepest sympathy to his family.
                            Memo From Muffie*

Houses now available for sale:

2315 Stoney Brook (3br 2bath)
$259,000 – 2282 sq. ft. – $114 per sq. ft.

7811 Overbrook (3br 2bath)
$269,900 – 2301 sq. ft. - $117 per sq. ft.

7811 Ella Lee (3br 2bath)
$275,000 – 2050 sq. ft. - $134 per sq. ft.

7806 Locke (4br 4bath)
$352,422 – 3298 sq. ft. - $107 per sq. ft.

2415 Stoney Brook and my listing at 7806 Piping Rock are both sale pending.

Houses sold:

2207 Stoney Brook (3br 2bath)
$271,450 – 2152 sq. ft. - $126 per sq. ft.

7911 Burgoyne (3br 2 1/2bath)
$298,000 – 2269 sq. ft. - $131 per sq. ft.

7815 Del Monte (3br 2bath)
$340,000 – 2253sq. ft. - $151 per sq. ft.

7911 Chevy Chase (3br 2bath)
$310,000 – 2610 sq. ft. - $119 per sq. ft.

7911 Del Monte (4br 3bath)
$505,000 – 2806 sq. ft. - $174 per sq. ft.

7910 Del Monte (4br 3bath)
$515,000 – 3653 sq. ft. - $141 per sq. ft.

*All information was provided by MLS statistics published by the Houston
Association of Realtors.


                                                           Muffie Bridge

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