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2009-Q1 Kings Hwy Chronicle.indd


									                                                                                                       Jan - Mar 2009
                                                                                                      Volume 19 Number 1

  Mardi Gras comes to Oak Cliff
                       Inspired and organized by Kings Hwy resident Amy Cowen

O     n Sunday, February 22, Oak Cliff had
      its first Mardi Gras parade. It started
around Methodist Hospital at 4pm, work-
                                               800 block of N Bishop Ave, complete with
                                               tepee, chairs, and many revelers.
                                                                                              Already, plans are under consideration for
                                                                                              next year to include a Masquerade Ball the
                                                                                              night before the parade.
ing its way 1.2 miles south on North Bish-     There were 38 float entries, ranging from
op Avenue, ending up in the Bishop Arts        families to neighborhood associations to a
District.                                      Hip Hop Station to a woman-owned motor-
                                               cycle supply company called Motoliberty.               Content:
The woman behind the parade from its in-       Other participants included Oak Cliff Earth
                                                                                               Cover: Mardi Gras                      1
spiration to its clean-up was Kings Hwy.       Day and the Old Oak Cliff Conservation
                                                                                               Oak Cliff Organizations                1
resident Amy Cowan                             League.
                                                                                               President’s Letter                     2
                                                                                               Events                                 3
At least 2,000 people filled the streets of     At the end of the parade, The Cliff, a local
                                                                                               Environmental Group                    4
the Bishop Arts District and about half        blues band, entertained the crowd as the pa-
                                                                                               Notices & Announcements                5
that number aligned the streets along the      rade wound its way through the shops and
                                                                                               Code Compliance                        6
route. Keith Jasiecki threw a party at the     restaurants of the District.

        Oak Cliff Organizations
                   Volunteer Opportunities                                                      Quarterly Meeting Dates
                                                                                                    Apr 23, 2009
T   here are numerous organizations in
    Oak Cliff that offer involvement and
volunteer opportunities. Some of these
                                               currently 29 neighborhood associations
                                               covering nearly 10,000 households within
                                               the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas.
                                                                                                    Jul 23, 2009
                                                                                                    Oct 22, 2009
organization are:                              The League is dedicated:                                 7pm
                                                   To preserve and enhance the                  Location: Kessler Methodist Church
Old Oak Cliff Conservation League                  architectural, historic, and cultural                Turner & Colorado.
The League is a non-profit 501(c)3 that             heritage and natural resources of Old
functions as an umbrella organization for                                                         Please MARK your calendar
                                                                   see volunteering pg 4

           Kings Hwy Conservation District - a 501 c(3) - Non-profit - Jan-Mar 2009                                              -1-
                                                                                    President’s Letter
                                                                                                         W      ith spring around the corner, we
                                                                                                                turn our eyes to fresh beginnings.
                OFFICERS & COMMITTEES                                                                    The Kings Highway board met recently
                                                                                                         to discuss our priorities for the coming
                                                                                                         year and I wanted to take this opportu-
      President                                       Ed Meier                                           nity to share those with you.
      Vice-president                                  Paul Zubiate
      Secretary                                       Lynn Hall                                         Expand neighborhood participation
      Treasurer                                       Dan Guenther                                      We have a vibrant group of neighbors
                                                                                    who regularly participate in social events, neighborhood
      Newsletter Editor                                         Lybo Buchanan       volunteer days, and general meetings, and we hope to ex-
      Webmaster                                                 Sara Mccutchen      pand our participation to include new folks to the neighbor-
      Event Coordinator                                         Annmarie Winston    hood as well as people who have lived here for awhile. We
                                                                                    have appointed a membership chair, Catherine Walker, who
      Membership Coordinator                                    Catherine Walker
                                                                                    has made it her mission to spread the word about our activi-
      Technical Strategy Coordinator                            Ryan Hall
                                                                                    ties and find new ways to get people plugged in. If you have
      Historian                                                 Lybo Buchanan       never attended a First Friday, I encourage you to join us at
      OOCCL Rep                                                 Jennifer Zubiate    our next event.
      Crime Watch ............................................. Charles Soechting
          contact...214.287.2783.                                                   Beautify Stone Park
                                      This neighborhood has spent so much time, money, and ef-
      Code Coordinator .................................. Bill Miller               fort to building a beautiful park on Edgefield just north of
          contact...972.567.2144                                                    Kings Highway. The park has been landscaped and is com-
                                                                                    plete with park benches and welcoming walkways. It’s a

                                                                                    perfect place for a spring afternoon with the family. We
                                                                                    need the community to pitch in to help keep Stone Park
                            Block Captains:                                         beautiful. Over the course of the year, we will be organiz-
       For contact information on who your block captain is,                        ing volunteer work days where we will invite folks to weed,
         or if you are interested in becoming a block captain,                      plant, and clean up in the park. We cannot let this gem of
      please call or email Charles Soechting at 214.946.3340 or                     a neighborhood gathering place fall apart after all the re-
                                                   sources we have invested in it.
                  ************************                                          Helping out neighbors in need
  This publication is distributed throughout the Kings Highway                      Last year the board raised funds to help out a neighbor in
   Conservation District at no cost to you. If you wish to make                     need of some repairs to her home. This year, we would like
  a donation to assist with printing costs or reserve advertising                   to expand our efforts to help neighbors in our community
  space, email All other subscriptions                      who cannot afford to make necessary repairs to their homes.
                 are $10.00 per year. (4 issues).                                   As we raise money through our annual auction, we will con-
                                                                                    tribute a portion of these funds to this cause. And we plan
                 AD SPACE                  4 ISSUES per YR                          not just to contribute funds to the effort but also our time and
                                                                                    energy to help make the home repairs. We will select homes
 Full Page          $400.00               1/4 Page-                  $100.00        based on need. If you have neighbors in mind who might
 1/2 Page           $200.00               Business Card              $ 50.00        truly benefit from a neighborhood gift, please let me know.
                      Deadline for the Chronicle:                                   These initiatives cannot be accomplished alone by the board.
                                                                                    We need your enthusiastic participation to help make them
 Qtr 2:       27 Mar 2009 (Fri)                Qtr 4:     25 Sep 2009 (Fri)         a reality. Please come to our annual fundraiser (tentatively
 Qtr 3:       26 Jun 2009 (Fri)                Qtr 1:     25 Dec 2009 (Fri)         set for May 2nd) to help raise the necessary funds to carry
                                                                                    out our goals. Volunteer at the next Stone Park clean-up
                        Currently distributed                                       day. Show up for a First Friday to meet your neighbors and
               to more than 500 homes and businesses.                               meet all the awesome and caring neighbors in this vibrant

-2-           Kings Hwy Conservation District - a 501 c(3) - Non-profit - Jan-Mar 2009
   Events and First Fridays

                                                                J   anuary’s event was held on the 2nd at the home of Anthony
                                                                    Klatt. He focused on some choice wines and a wonderful as-
                                                                sortment of cheeses. A good crowd this evening.

F    ebruary 6 First Friday was hosted by Val Haskell and
     Jenni Stolarski. Quite a few neighbors gathered for the

W     elcome back Roger Vertrees & Tony Valenzuela. They moved
      away from the neighborhood several years ago, and attended
February’s First Friday. They are pictured here with the folks who
bought their house, Cheryl & Mike Motta.

           Kings Hwy Conservation District - a 501 c(3) - Non-profit - Jan-Mar 2009                                           -3-
                  A New Environmental Group
                      Forms in Oak Cliff
                                                                                                    of Pet Ownership

by Amy Ward-Meier

A   new “Green” Environmental Group has formed in the North Oak Cliff area through                  ogs and cats must be spayed,
    the hard work and organization of the Oak Cliff Chamber of Commerce, the City of                neutered.
Dallas, and a few dedicated O.C. residents. The organization is made up of Green Leaders
from more than 25 different homeowners associations in Districts 1 and 3. Your current         A combined total of 4 dogs and/or
KHCD representatives are Jenni Stolarski and Amy Ward-Meier.                                   cats can live in a single-family dwell-
                                                                                               ing that shares a common wall with
So have you ever wondered what you can do to help preserve the environment? For start-         another unit. Only 6 pets are allowed
ers the meeting touched on the benefits of recycling. For example, did you know that if         in a detached single-family home. Up
everyone in the U.S. recycled just 1/10 of their newsprint, we would save the estimated        to eight are allowed in a single-fam-
equivalent of about 25 million trees a year! In the city of Dallas alone old newspapers        ily home on property of a half-acre or
make up approximately 49% of the recycled material. So how can you recycle at home?            more.

•    First, request a Big Blue Roll Cart from the City of Dallas by calling the Sanita-        All outdoor animals must be confined
tion Department at 214-670-4475 or by contacting your KHCD Green Representatives at            and restrained at all times in a fenced (Amy) and/or (Jenni). Approximately half               yard, in an enclosed pen or structure,
of Dallas household residents already have a blue cart, so call today.                         or on a leash held by hand. Dogs con-
                                                                                               fined outdoors must have at least 150
                                                         •       Next, combine and place       square feet per animal, and must have
                                                         all your recyclable materials         access to shelter that is adequate size
                                                         loose in the blue cart. There is no   and structurally sound.
                                                         longer a need to separate or place
                                                         items in blue bags. To learn what     Dogs deemed dangerous can be seized
                                                         is and what is not recyclable in      and impounded.
                                                         Dallas check out www.greendal-
                                                You can       Unsupervised dogs can be tethered
                                                         contaminate a whole load when         only for the length of time it takes
                                                         you include inappropriate items       you to complete a temporary task,
                                                         or items that have not been thor-     never more than 3 hours in a 24-hour
                                                         oughly cleaned of food debris.        period.

volunteering continues from pg 1.                                                              For more information on registering
                                                                                               your pet, visit www.dallascityhall.
      Oak Cliff through direct action and public education.                                    com and click on Animal Services
                                                                                               or call Dallas Animal Services at
      To support the neighborhoods of the League with assistance, grants, and training, and    214.670.682
      to serve as an umbrella organization unifying the neighborhoods for greater advocacy
      and representation with the City of Dallas.

      To promote communication and cooperation between and
      among organizations and community groups to increase their
      effectiveness in addressing issues affecting Oak Cliff.

      To promote Oak Cliff to the wider community as an
      exceptional place to live.

Oak Cliff Earth Day
With its beginnings in April 2007, this group of dedicated
volunteers works all year to put on an annual festival promoting
the environment. The health of our planet depends on what we,
as a people, do. The 2008 Earth Day committee received the
Chamber of Commerce’s “Quality of Life Award”.                  see volunteering pg 6

-4-          Kings Hwy Conservation District - a 501 c(3) - Non-profit - Jan-Mar 2009
Notices & Announcements

Do you have a plumber you
                                       Want the Latest
really like or someone who
did a good job refinishing                Updates?
your hardwood floors?
                                        Send your name and email address to
Sara McCutchen has put a            
list up on the Website letting
others know which service              to get included on our distribution list.
providers are being recom-                   You will receive important
mended by your neighbors.               neighborhood notices and invitations
                                           to meetings and social events.
    Please help her by
 forwarding information
 on who these people are.        Your email address will not be rented, sold, or used
                                             for solicitation purposes.
Email Sara at:

                                      Annual                       Notice
    Know any                          Auction                Oak Cliff Earth Day
New Neighbors?                         & potluck
                                        come on out
                                                               19 April 2009
       please inform our               & help support
                                     your neighborhood           Lake Cliff Park

   Welcome Coordinator .               May 2
                                                                 11am - 5pm

                                                               looking for volunteers
  contact Catherine Walker           Sweet 200
                                       738 W. Davis         contact Lenore Casmore                            
       (214) 943-3724                    6 - 9pm

       Kings Hwy Conservation District - a 501 c(3) - Non-profit - Jan-Mar 2009             -5-
volunteering continues from pg 4.
                                                                        Oak Cliff Community Gardens
                                                                        Community gardens are green spaces that are communally
Ft Worth Avenue Development Group                                       cultivated and cared for, provide a source of inexpensive, nutritious
The Fort Worth Avenue Development Group is a group of committed         food and a rewarding personal experience.
volunteers from the neighboring community that are interested in
developing existing businesses and bringing new businesses and             1. They are almost universally organic.
residents to the West Commerce/Fort Worth Avenue corridor.                 2. They often provide food for common dining.
                                                                           3. They expose children to nature and to sources of food.
Mission: The purpose of the Fort Worth Avenue Development Group            4. They are therapeutic for most who work in the gardens.
is to improve the West Commerce/Fort Worth Avenue corridor and             5. They help create important biodiversity in the community.
maintain a high quality of life for the area’s residential neighbors,           Community gardens create habitat support for insects
property owners and businesses. The group’s objectives are to:                  and birds.
                                                                           6. They buffer urban noises and sounds.
      -Inspire involvement                                                 7. They are a source of sustainability.
      -Communicate issues
      -Promote public safety and environmental advocacy                 Jefferson Median Beautification Project
      -Develop and preserve natural green spaces                        The purpose of this group is to beautify the wide median along
      -Foster relationships that promote the objectives of the group    Jefferson, starting at the Hampton intersection and extending east                                         & west. The group will be planting trees, native grasses and other
                                                                        greenery to enhance this broad median strip.
Friends of Oak Cliff Parks
Brings residents, neighborhood associations and businesses              Twelve Hills
together to help restore, beautify and maintain Oak Cliff parks. As     Twelve Hills Nature Center is an urban preserve located in the Oak
a group, Friends of Oak Cliff Parks will work to return our parks       Cliff neighborhood of Dallas. It serves as an outdoor classroom
to their original luster. Your financial support will help purchase      and passive recreational area. It seeks to educate both adults
plant material and fund ongoing maintenance. You can volunteer          and children about environmental stewardship and community-
to create flower beds by planting flowers, watering, and removing         building through the grassroots creation and maintenance of a
weeds.                                                                  native Texas blackland prairie and small wetland.
        Volunteer or Donate Today by calling 214 670-1925
                                                                        OUR MISSION: The mission of the Twelve Hills Nature Center is
Mission: To restore horticulture and beautification to four historic     to promote positive interaction between diverse community groups
parks: Kiest Park, Lake Cliff Park, Kidd Springs Park and Oak           surrounding the nature center by facilitating and encouraging
Cliff Founders Park and parks throughout Oak Cliff.                     participation in the ecological stewardship of the land for the dual                             purposes of education and recreation.

                                         Code Compliance

                                       Top 5 Code Violations

LITTER – Keep your lawn cleared and the property free of                 OBSTRUCTIONS – Keep streets, alleys, sidewalks and public
litter, including garbage, wood, bedding, auto parts and appli-          grounds clear of obstructions, including tree branches, shrub-
ances. Maintain property from the curb to the middle of the              bery and vines. Sidewalks must have a height clearance of 8
alley for the back property line if there is no alley.                   feet; streets and alleys must have 15 feet of overhead clearance.

HIGH GRASS/WEEDS – Keep your lawn mowed, clipped,                        BULK TRASH – Place large limbs, shrubbery, bagged leaves,
muched or cleared from the front curb to the middle of the alley         furniture, appliances, mattresses and box springs, etc. for bulk
(or the back property line if there is no alley).                        trash pick-up at the curb no earlier than 7 a.m. on the Thursday
                                                                         prior to the assigned collection week. Dirt, rock and concrete
JUNK MOTOR VEHICLES – An inoperative and/or partially                    will not be removed. Call 311 to find out your assigned collec-
dismantled motor vehicle that has expired license tags or safety         tion week.
stickers is considered a “junk motor vehicle” and must be stored
in a garage to avoid towing.

-6-           Kings Hwy Conservation District - a 501 c(3) - Non-profit - Jan-Mar 2009
Homes of Kings Way
        A Premier Collection of Historic Rental Home Apartments

The Homes of Kings Way is a collection of beautiful, fully renovated Historic buildings
located in the North Oak Cliff area. From a selection of nine architecturally distinct
buildings, our units are full of charm and character. Each rental unit contains
all the finish out amenities only found in high end rental properties, such as......
hardwood floors, wood mouldings, ceramic tile flooring, new appliances, alarm
systems, internet capabilities, gated parking and much more.

From a selection of over 18 different unit floor-plans ranging in size from
522 square feet to 1,092 square feet, your choices are abundant
Give us a call at 214-942-6311 or look us up on the web:

  Kings Hwy Conservation District - a 501 c(3) - Non-profit - Jan-Mar 2009                 -7-
             KHCD                                                      Presort Std
                                                                       US postage paid
             P.O. Box 4566                                             Dallas, Tx
             Dallas, Texas 75208                                       permit no. 1938

-8-                                      a
      Kings Hwy Conservation District - -8- 501 c(3) - Non-profit - Jan-Mar 2009

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