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  240Z, 260Z,
  280Z, 280ZX,
   300ZX Z31,
   300ZX Z32,
                                    F LAT O UT
                                V OLUME 12, ISSUE 12     D ECEMBER 2007

                                                                                 S PECIAL POINTS OF
                                                                                 INTEREST :

                                                                                 •   ZCAR Car Show results.

  Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Tidewater Z Car Club                 •   ZCCA Convention Impres-
                                                                                 •   The Year’s Calendar of
                                                                                     Events so you can plan
                                                                                     your schedule to attend.

                                                                                 I NSIDE THIS ISSUE :

                                                                                 T EAM Z R ACERS          3

                                                                                 ZCAR M INUTES            4

                                                                                 U PCOMING E VENTS        5

Here are the TZCC Partiers at the home of Steve and Wendy Smith. Thank you,
                                                                                 P HASE 4                 7
Steve and Wendy, for once again having us into your home and for a great time.
                                                                                 ZCAR R ALLY              8

                                                                                 C ONV -P RESSIONS 9

                                                                                 R OAD TO J APAN 10

                                                                                 ZCAR C HAMPS             13
P AGE 2                                                                                       F LAT O UT

                                       C LUB O FFICERS
                      TZCC                                              ZCAR
  President           Todd Wagner                 President                Theo Hartmann
                      (757) 851-8098              Membership               (804) 763-0285

  Vice President      Kim Setzer                  Vice President           Nick Sletnar
                      (757) 721-4555                                       (804) 307-1071

  Treasurer           Frank Hudson                Treasurer                Gaile Cormier
                      (757) 867-7698                                       (804) 270-1842

  Secretary           Wendy Smith                 Secretary                Aleta Perkins
                      (757) 483-5026                                       (804) 526-8227

  Membership          Paul Hollander              Web Master               Randy Frommater
  Chairman            (757) 483-9745                                       (804) 264-0662

  Tech Chairman       Todd Wagner                 ZCAR Store               Ronald Perkins
  ZCCA Liaison        (757) 851-8098                             

  Newsletter Editor   Paul Hollander                                              as of:       31-Oct-07
                      (757) 483-9745                                Checking Account

  Motorsports         Jim Setzer                    Previous Bal-
                                                    ance                       Sep-07            $543.67
                      (757) 721-4555
                                       Deposits & Other
                                                                    Credits                      $325.00
  Historian           Patti Hollander                               Checks & Pay-
                      (757) 483-9745                                ments                        $510.61
                 Ending Bal-
                                                    ance                       Oct-07            $358.06
  Activities          Mandi Gregg                                   Savings Account
                      (757) 851-8098
                                                    Previous Bal-
                                                    ance                       Sep-07          $4,966.71
  Webmaster           Don Strifler
                                            Interest                       $0.63

                                                                    Deposits                       $0.00
  TZCC Store          Wayne Lewis
                                         Withdrawals                  $200.00
                                                    Ending Bal-
                                                    ance                       Oct-07          $4,767.34
V OLUME 12,   ISSUE    12                                                                                 P AGE 3

 TZCC Minutes                       October 8, 2007
No Minutes submitted

                                     Z Team Racing End of Year Standings
                                                                                            Jim Setzer

 The Z Team Racing Championship Season 2007 is now complete. We all had a
 great time.   The lead in each class changed hands several times throughout
 the season. Everyone really stepped up their game again this year. Con-
 gratulations to everyone who trophied and thanks to everyone who came out
 and either competed or spectated. Here's the final result board where we
 score the best 5 out of 7 events:
 Final Standings:
 2007 Z Team Racing Season Finals

 Place Name                 Total      20-May    10-Jun    15-Jul    18-Aug   19-Aug   16-Sep        21-Oct
                            Points     Event     Event     Event     Event    Event    Event         Event
 Open Class
 1T     Todd Wagner 54                 9         9         7         12       12       12
 2T     Jim Setzer     49              7         12        12                          6             12
 3T     Steve Shell    39              5         4         4         9        9        7             9
 4      Roy Armstrong 38               12        6                   7        7        5             6
 5      Don Strifler   34              6         5         6         6        6        9             7
 6      Wayne Lewis    24              3         3         5         5        5        4             5
 7      Mark Wood      20              4         7         9
 Ladies Class
 1T     Mandi Gregg    60              12        12        12        9        12       12
 2T     Maribeth Cupps 51              7         9         9         12       9                      12
 3      Kim Setzer     18              9                                               9
 4      Elaine Shell   16                                                              7             9
 Novice Class
 1      Ron Stimbert   12                                                     12

 We hope to present trophies at the December TZCC club meeting, so don't
 miss it.

 If you'd like to find out more about 'Z Team Racing' and would like to come
 out and join us next season to race or to watch, contact Jim Setzer (757)
 721 4555, This email address is being protected from
 spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it   for more information.
 Also, check out the web site calendar for a listing of motorsports activi-
 ties in Hampton Roads and beyond in which TZCC members participate.
 P AGE 4                                                                                                           F LAT O UT

                                              ZCAR Z OOMINGS
                                    Doinz of the ZCar Association of Richmond
Minutes of ZCAR Meeting November 19, 2007 at Ghengis            received free meals and Mark was forced to take a ZCAR calen-
Kahn Mongolian Grill were taken by the treasurer Gaile          dar signed by several featured members.
Cormier due to the absence of the secretary.

                                                                Club Officer Nominations. James Csomay is in charge of the
The meeting was called to order by President Theo Hartmann      nominations. No nominations were made during the meeting.
at 7:30 p.m.

                                                                December 8th (Saturday) - Christmas Party. Party will be held
Attendance: There were 16 members present and no guests.        at Theo and Delia Hartmann’s home starting at 6:30 pm. At the
                                                                Christmas party, election of officers for 2008 will be held, along
                                                                with the announcement of the ZCar Club Championship win-
Old Business:                                                   ner. A flyer with directions and information on the party was
                                                                handed out. Please bring a $10.00 wrapped gift to exchange.
                                                                Food and soft drinks will be provided. Feel free to bring your
Theo moved for the minutes to be accepted as published.         own adult beverage. Please RSVP by Sunday, December 2nd if
Motion was approved and seconded.                               you plan to attend.

Treasury Update – October’s previous balance was                Club Championship Standings at this time:
$3,489.52. Deposits and credits included checks and cash
from the Victory Nissan Car Show, $2,040.00, and the ZCar                1st place – Ron & Aleta Perkins, 135 points
Store, $511.50, for a credit total of $6,041.02. Debit checks            2nd place – Gaile & John Cormier, 100 points
included the Gimmick Rally, $63.10, a check for stamps &
                                                                         3rd place – Lynne Kelly, 90 points
printing $130.81, a check for Nis sport $60.75 and a check
for trophies $1,008.00 for a debit total of $1,262.66. Ending            4th place – Sharon, Marian & Dale Upton, 82 points
balance for November was $4,778.36.
                                                                         5th place – Theo & Delia Hartmann, 76 points

Membership Update – The club currently stands at 54 paid
                                                                New Meeting Place. The new meeting place starting January
up memberships. There was 1 new member, Joel Nolting.
                                                                2008 will be Dolce Vita, an Italian Restaurant at 2401 Colony
We currently have 18 unpaid memberships.
                                                                Crossing Place, Midlothian that is right off 288 in the back of
                                                                Brandermill. It has a separate room for the meetings and several
                                                                members have stated the food is very good. A flyer with direc-
                                                                tions was handed out at the meeting.

October 21st (Sunday) – Ztoberfest Car Show at Victory Nis-
                                                                New Business:
san in Richmond. There were 54 car entries and a very nice
day for a car show. George Metcalf thanked everyone for         Larry Fowler provided a flyer for the Mechanicsville Christmas
voting for his car.                                             Parade on December 2nd. We will be in Division III and will
                                                                stage at 2:00 pm, leaving the staging area at 2:45 p.m. to join
                                                                the parade. There is no limit to the number of cars that can en-
November 18th (Sunday) – Gimmick Rally. Coordinator             ter. The theme is “Old Time Christmas”. Anyone needing addi-
Theo Hartmann and Ron Perkins said there were 7 cars that       tional directions should contact Larry.
showed up for the event. Five teams started the rally with
one dropping out early due to prior commitments. Winner
was team 5, Delia and Mark (who was checking out the club       Next Year 2008 Activities.
for possibly membership in the future). For winning, they
                                                                                                                 (Continued on page 6)
V OLUME 12,    ISSUE   12                                                                                                P AGE 5

                          TZCC/ZCAR U PCOMING E VENTS
 Date / Time      Event                                          Coordinator              Where we meet

   01-Dec-07      TZCC Christmas Party                           S & W Smith              The Smith’s Residence
    Saturday      Holiday Party. A relaxing time to close out a year full of activities   3000 Ferguson Drive
    6:30 PM                                                                               Portsmouth, VA 23703

   08-Dec-07      ZCAR Christmas Party                           Delia Hartmann           The Hartmann's Residence
    Saturday      Holiday Party and December Club meeting. A relaxing time to             6124 Claypoint Road
    6:30 PM       close out a year full of activities and elect the club officers for     Chesterfield, VA 23832

   31-Dec-07      TZCC New Years Eve Party                       Mandi Gregg              The Wagner’s Residence
    Monday        Ring in the New Year at the Annual Party                                6 Rosser Drive
    7:00 PM                                                                               Hampton, VA 23669

   27-Jan-08      ZCAR Bowling                                                            Bowl America
    Sunday                                                                                11532 Hull Street Road
    3:00 PM                                                                               Midlothian, VA 23112

   24-Feb-08      ZCAR Karting                                                            G-Force Carts
    Sunday                                                                                4245 Carolina Avenue, Bldg B
    1:00 PM                                                                               Richmond, VA 23222

   23-Mar-08      ZCAR event, reserve it on your calendar                                 to be determined

   27-Apr-08      ZCAR Wine Trip                                                          to be determined
    9:00 AM

   17-May-08      TZCC Z Odyssey                                                          to be determined

   22-Jun-08      ZCAR event, reserve it on your calendar                                 to be determined

   27-Jul-08      ZCAR Summer Picnic                                                      to be determined

   24-Aug-08      ZCAR Air Show                                                           to be determined

              Call ZCAR @ (804) 763-0285 or TZCC @ (757) 868-6753 for additional information
P AGE 6                                                                                                     F LAT O UT

 (Continued from page 4)                                        Club Championship for 2008. It was decided that for
                                                                recruiting new members, all points will go toward the Club
 January – Bowling coordinated by James Csomay
                                                                Championship for a free membership.
 February – G Force Go-Carts coordinated by Gaile Cormier
 March – Possible trip to West Virginia coordinated by Sharon
                                                                Door prizes were won by Delia Hartmann who received a
                                                                ZCAR shirt and George Metcalf who received a calendar
 April – Wine trip and 100th birthday for Angelo Ricciardelli   and book. The 50/50 drawing amounted to $22.00 with
 May – TZCC Car Show                                            $11.00 going to winner Theo Hartmann and $11.00 going
                                                                in the treasury.
 June – No activity yet
 July – Suggestions - Picnic by Sharon Upton; Colonial Downs
 by Delia Hartmann                                              The meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

 August – Flying Circus Air Show coordinated by Ron Perkins
 September – State Fair Parade coordinated by Larry Fowler      Best regardZ    Aleta

 October – Nissan Victory Car Show coordinated by Gaile
 November – Hoe-down coordinated by Delia Hartmann at
 her residence
 December – Christmas party coordinated by Theo Hartmann

                                                                    December 26th       Thomas Gonnella      TZCC
                                                                    December 27th       Hope E. Hicks        TZCC

Birthdays in December                                               December 27th       Melvin L. Moore      TZCC
                                                                    December 28th       MaryBeth Forester    ZCAR
                                                                    December 30th       Holly Pratt          ZCAR

   Date                    Name               Club
   December 8th            Nicole Parnell     TZCC
   December 11th           Jonathan Butcher   TZCC
   December 17th           Connie Heller      ZCAR
   December 17th           Shelley McNeece    ZCAR
   December 18th           Shoko Nagy         TZCC
   December 18th           Rob Davis          TZCC
   December 18th           Cathy Hudson       TZCC
   December 19th           Nell Murrell       TZCC
   December 19th           Terry Corrnett     TZCC
   December 19th           Melissa Watkins    TZCC
   December 23th           Harry Bradley      TZCC
   December 25th           Doug Smith         ZCAR
 V OLUME 12,        ISSUE    12                                                                                                             P AGE 7

                                                 PHASE IV – RECONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                                                       by Ron Perkins

Phase IV was mostly performed at Ample Storage, just outside Colonial Heights, VA where I rented a 15’ X 30’ storage shed. There I re-
furbished parts prior to getting the 240Z back from Stan’s and put those and newly acquired new parts, back onto the newly painted and
upholstered 240Z. Much of the work was done during the evening hours because of the high 90 degree heat we were experiencing due to
that pesky “global warming” caused by my SUV, and maybe because it was July and August in Virginia. I equipped the shed with a pedestal
fan, ice maker, TV with a built in VCR and a cooler with some nice cold adult beverages.
                                                            I installed the front license plate and a new hood emblem, pop-riveted the refur-
                                                            bished data plate back into the driver's door jamb, and replaced the antenna. I in-
                                                            stalled the new rear view mirror and attached the refurbished passenger side sun
                                                            visor and the glove compartment door and lock. I attached the refurbished driver's
                                                            side sun visor, installed the new outer shift boot and snapped on the new hand
                                                            brake cover, reinstalled the center console and attached the aftermarket air condi-
                                                            tioning controls and radio antenna rocker switch. Then came the new carpet,
                                                            windshield cowl, the threshold covers and scuff plates, and finally the riser trim. I
                                                            reinstalled my refurbished tail light panel, to which I reattached a set of Blaupunkt
                                                            speakers that fit nicely into the tail light access panel cut-outs. I also installed new
                                                            seat mechanism covers, reinstalled the passenger's seat and installed the new gas cap
                                                            onto the refurbished gas cap flange and gas door flap. I installed the rear deck lid
                                                            emblems, the roof emblems and the front fender emblems - thus completing the
                                                            exterior reconstruction (with the exception of mounting the original rims, new
                                                            Toyo tires and refurbished hub caps. I installed "Dynamat" inside the driver's door
to help with the road noise, covered the door with plastic as a vapor/moisture barrier, installed the refurbished door panel and installed the
new door handle escutcheon and handle cover, replaced the original armrest,
and installed the new window crank handle and door panel protector, as well as                                                                      a
new lock pull. I also replaced the steering column cover. I went through the
above procedure with the passenger's side door, which included installation of a
new assist grip. I installed "Dynamat" in the luggage compartment and installed
the new dark red quarter panels, quarter window trim set, overhead roof trim,
and refurbished body side panels, all of which required a lot of trimming to fit
properly. I then installed the last interior panel, the deck lid panel, which fit
perfectly without trimming. I removed the 280Z mag wheels and mounted the
original rims with new Toyo tires and refurbished wheel covers. So Phase IV is
now complete and Phase V will commence as soon as I can build up some more
savings - which may be a while. Stay tuned for Phase V, and visit
“” and search on “ronaldmp” to see the entire process as it un-
Shortcut to:
 V OLUME 12,     ISSUE   12                                                                                               P AGE 8

                                2007 ZCAR Gimmick Rally
                                                                                                                    by Ron Perkins

Everything came together on Sunday, November 18,
2007 for ZCAR’s annual gimmick rally. The course was
set, the temperature was brisk, the sky was clear – a per-
fect day. The only thing that didn’t make it was the par-
ticipants! Of course the regulars were there, John and
Gaile, Theo and Delia, and Ron and Aleta; however
Theo, Ron and Aleta had worked on the rally so they
couldn’t compete. Larry was there bright and early –
raring to go even though he had no co-pilot, as was
Sharon and her friend Kirk. Al and Suzanne came rolling
in from the East and we were able to field five competing
teams. Delia would not have competed, were it not for a
new guy, Mark Gilenson, who drove up in his new blue
350Z Roadster to check us out. Mark ended up driving
with Delia as his co-pilot. John and Gaile (Team #1)
left the starting point at 12:50 PM and at ten minute intervals, Al and Suzanne (Team #2), Sharon and Kirk (Team #3), Larry
                                                                         (Team #4) and Mark and Delia (Team #5) followed.
                                                                         Theo hit the road as the route manager and Ron and
                                                                         Aleta proceeded to the first checkpoint. As they arrived
                                                                         to take pictures of the contestants as they passed, Larry
                                                                         zipped them, in first place, followed by John and Gaile,
                                                                         Al and Suzanne, and Theo. They caught a glimpse of
                                                                         Sharon and Kirk, but they we doing a U-Turn
                                                                         (apparently to return for a missed clue) and we never
                                                                         saw them again. Ron and Aleta didn’t have time to wait
                                                                         for Mark and Delia, because they had to get to check-
                                                                         point #2. When they got there they found that Larry
                                                                         was still in the lead, followed by John and Gaile, Theo
                                                                         and Al and Suzanne. Sharon and Kirk checked in on
                                                                         their cell phone to explain that they had other commit-
                                                                         ments, so they were headed home. Sorry they weren’t
                                                                         able to complete the course!! And still no sign of Mark
and Delia. At that point, Ron and Aleta figured that Mark and Delia were probably sitting at the bar at the Boathouse Restau-
rant at Sunday Park, Midlothian, VA (the end of the rally), having some wine and enjoying the view, instead of driving around
the countryside. Ron and Aleta were wrong! They were still on route, methodically collecting the clues and making their way
to ultimate victory. That’s right, when all was said and done; Mark and Delia won the rally with 31 out of 40 possible points.
Larry tied with John and Gaile for second place with 30 points, and Al and Suzanne came in third with a very close 28 points.
Well done all!! This was a tough course with a lot of “strange” clues. The winner’s ate dinner at the Boathouse restaurant on
ZCAR, and Mark was forced to accept a 2007 ZCAR calendar, which was autographed by several of the pictured participants.
Lucky Mark!! Although a very small turnout, everyone who did participate seemed to have a great time, and we very likely
will have gained a new member – Mark.
P AGE 9                                                                                          F LAT O UT

                               Our First ZCCA Convention
                                                                          By John   and Gaile Cormier,   ZCAR

Arriving in Daytona Beach on Friday nite before        the judges came and they didn’t stop writing. I
the National Convention, it started to rain, in fact   went over to Larry and Sabrina and he, too, was
it came down in buckets…Gaile and I towed our          nervous…It was our first National Show and the
car down to the convention to keep it clean and in     four of us didn’t know what to expect…Then the
15 minutes it was all for not…Was this an omen…        inspectors came back to Larry’s car and judge it
                                                       again telling him he was in the running for the
As we checked in we were met with open and
                                                       Gold Medallion …The highest honor of the
friendly arms…I was a little disappointed with the
                                                       show…he was about to faint…Wednesday was
goody bag as I heard great things about what you
                                                       racing days and Mark entered the lapping…he did
might find in it…OH Well!!! We had signed up for
                                                       a great job running the inside track…At first you
the car show (judged) and was eager to go out to
                                                       had an instructor with you for the first few laps
Daytona Raceway, again it started to rain…we got
                                                       but the instructor told Mark he was ready after
our car clean and it rained again…This went on
                                                       the first lap and off was Mark running thru the
for most of the morning… then we were allowed
                                                       turns like an expert...
in the garages where all the NASCAR’s’ go…
Great…Cleaned the car some more and then it was        He made my whistle wet and next year I’m going
time for the Parade laps on the Speedway…Gaile         to do it…Mark was also noted with his ingenious
was exited as you can imagine…I told her we are        way of protecting his paint job if he happen to hit
not going in the parade lap and getting the car all    a cone…He use painters masking tape and every-
dirty…so she grabbed the camera and went off to        one thought it a great idea…Not to mention the
take pictures of the parade…at the end of the pa-      cool looks…Friday nite was the Banquet and the
rade I saw trucks getting in the parade so I hop       guest speakers from Japan who have been with
into my truck and was in the parade. Guess who         Nissan or Datsun from the beginning…They gave
took my picture… She came up to me with a few          an interesting speech of the beginnings of MR. K
choice words and I told her that the track was dry     and others…Nice to know info…Then came the
and the car wouldn’t get dirty…well to save me I       awards…we were all anxiously awaiting the re-
think the officials heard her and decided to hold a    sults…Larry came close to winning the Gold Me-
second parade lap for people who didn’t make the       dallion taking second place in his class…Gaile and
first one, THANK GOD for that…It was like a kid        I were hoping for a third place finish and when
in a candy store…Gaile drove carefully with some       that was announced we were disappointed but
speed and we went around three more times…I            then we heard Gaile’s name called for First Place
was taking pictures of her driving and of the          finish and we couldn’t believe our ears…What a
track…What a Thrill…We had a great day…It was          Highlight…A great ending for our first show…To
a great feeling to drive on Daytona Speedway…          drive on the Daytona Raceway, it was a great first
The highlite so far…                                   National Show…
Gaile represented Richmond ZCAR at the National               We can’t wait til next year
Convention…With the voting of the National Offi-
cers and the City for the next National Conven-        in Cleveland…
tion…All current officers were re-elected to the
current post…The next meeting for the National
Convention will be in Cleveland…
On Tuesday morning we got to the track early to
check over the car and touch up…
We waited and waited for the show to start and
was extremely nervous of what they would find…
 V OLUME 12,        ISSUE    12                                                                                                        P AGE 10

                                                             A Trip To Japan
                                                                                                                                  By Todd Wagner

           Thanks to the ZCCA there is an opportunity for members of the
various clubs to be able to go to Japan and attend the Ultimate Z show.
This is something that if you have the opportunity to do that you should
do. The trip is organized by none other than Mad Mike himself. The aver-
age trip is 10 days in country with great sightseeing and opportunities to
see some Nissan things that you will not see here. I had a great time and
would do it again (twice so far) when the opportunity presents itself. This
will give all of you people thinking about the possibility of going an idea of
what to expect other than a great time. Obviously the trip does change
from year to year ant the Japanese come every other Year to attend the
ZCCA convention and to see various parts of the United States.
          The entire group had a great time and included members from
                                                            VA, New
                                                            Texas, and
                                                            Houston. While touring Japan some of the highlights of the trip were to attend
                                                            the Super GT race at Fuji Speedway as Guests of Nismo, Go to Nismo head-
                                                            quarters and have lunch with the Executives. We also went to a great shopping
                                                            district and visited a very large Buddhist Temple. While traveling we stopped
                                                            at a Nissan showroom to get a look at the new 2009 Nissan GTR before most
                                                            of the group went to a kabuki theater. I was fortunate enough to get to go the
                                                            dinner with Mike Taylor, Tetsu Takakamo, Mr. K, and Norio Matsumura. If
                                                            you are going to visit Japan there is of course the obligatory Tokyo tour which
                                                            visits numerous site throughout the city and the day was topped off with a din-
                                                            ner with Mr. K in his private office.
            The trip was full of exciting think but a one of the highlights was
the visit to Zama where Nissan stores its vintage vehicle’s. This collection
is basically one or more of all the different and specialty vehicles Nissan
has produced throughout the years. Upon leaving the facility we went to
visit Autech Japan. This is the Group responsible for the Nismo 350z and
other specialty vehicles. After visiting the plant we got to go to dinner
with John Yakawa (father of the 350z) and the execs from Autech. The
tour the n traveled to Nikko with an English speaking guide to visit the
shrines and a beautiful waterfall. We then checked into a traditional Japa-
nese ryokan (hotel) and after a trip to the hot springs dressed in traditional
attire went to dinner.
           The next day was another “Car” day with a tour of the Nissan
Tochigi Plant where the 350z is produced and for those of you wondering
the GTR also. We then went to visit Tetsu’s shop (another of those man
things) and then did a little shopping at a large shopping mall. There was
then a welcome party for all us foreigners by the Ultimate Z car club.
After recovering from the welcome party we once again boarded the bus to go to the Car Show hosted By Ultimate Z an all day affair with a
lot of great cars from all over the country. There were lots of new and old friends in attendance and after the show we all retired to the ban-
quet room at the host hotel for dinner and afterward out to drink party and carry on. After a night of carrying on off to the Nissan Tochigi
Test Track for a day of driving the track, autocross and a new thing the left/right car. Do you think you can autocross a car that turns right
when you steer to the left and vice versa?
           So the trip is concluded and here it is the next day, you get back on a plane to return to the U.S. leaving at 7:00 pm and arriving the
same day earlier than you left. The trip was great but now it is time to return to reality and the normality of life. If something like this is an
interest for you please let Mike Taylor (Mad Mike) know and he will let you know if and when it will be possible for you to attend. The at-
tendees are picked from a list of interested people from all over the country to try to get some diversity both in clubs and age groups. Every-
one you meet all have the same thing in common A great Love and Passion for the “Z” .
P AGE 11                                                                                                                   F LAT O UT

                                      Preferred vendors
      Tidewater Z Auto Service                       Banzai Motor Works
 Special consideration given to club mem-                 301-937-5746

       Steve Millen Sports Cars                  Black Dragon Auto
        (714) 540-9154 ext. 138               1-800-789-DRGN(3746)
Ask for Adam. Discount varies by part and Free catalog
                 order.                   www.BlackDragonAutocom
                                                                                                Advertising Rates
                                                         Victory Nissan
           Motorsport Auto                                757-436-4900                          Advertising rates are as follows:
             800-633-6331                    Michael Hemelin—Parts Specialist       Business card:           $15.00 per quarter
 10% off parts, identify as a club member.   20% off Nissan parts
                                             10% off Motorsports (NISMO) parts.     ¼ page                   $30.00 per quarter
                                                                                    ½ page                   $50.00 per quarter
                                                        Griot’s Garage              Full page                $75.00 per quarter
                                                                                    For Sale:
Special consideration given to club
members.                                           Hall Nissan of Chesapeake          Members – Free
                                                          757-233-8189                Non-Members – 1-Month Free
                                             Stormy Barnett—Parts Specialist
                                                                                                             — $5.00 for 3 months
           The Z Barn Inc.                   20% off Nissan parts
                                             10% off Accessories and Motorsports                                (NISMO) parts                                    Membership Dues
      800-247-2793                                                                      Includes a subscription to Sport Z Magazine.
                                                                                                Membership dues are as follows:

The Tidewater Z Car Club has the               TZCC 3-in-1 jackets                      license plate frame
following items for sale:                             $110.00
Z Car hats with varied logo’s                  TZCC Window decals
                                                                                         Contact Wayne Lewis @
        $13.00                                       $ 2.50
                                                                               for other
Club Tee Shirts                                Z Mouse Pads                             items.
        $15.00                                        $ 8.00
                                                                                        Mr. K biography.
Club Polo Shirts                               “My other car is a classic Datsun”
        $30.00                                         $ 5.00

The Tidewater Z Car Club web site is                              Internet Z Car Club:
located at:
                                               Car Club Council of Central Vir-                          ginia (legislative information)
                                                                                        2007 ZCCA Convention:
Z Car Club Association:
V OLUME 12,   ISSUE   12   P AGE 12
     P AGE 13                                                                                                                                                   F LAT O UT
          ZCAR Club Championship Standings 12/2/07

                                                                                                            Meeting / Event Attendance 2007

                                                                        Jan     Feb      Mar      Apr        May     Jun         Jul       Aug      Sep     Oct     Nov     Dec

                                                     Me Ne Nis- All                                                    Cav                       Stat                      Chr
                                                     mb wsl san Clu                                    An-             ern      Su                e           Gim           ist
                                                      er ette Spo b                          Win       gel TZC         Ex-      mm               Fair     Z- mic           ma
               Member Name(s)                        Re- r       rt Mee     Bo                e        o's C           plor      er       Air    Pa-     To- k               s
   Poin                                              ferr Ar- Ar- ting Mee wlin Mee Kart Mee Tou Mee   99t Sho Mee Mee atio Mee Pic- Mee Sho Mee rad Mee berf Rall Mee Mee Part
Pos ts                                                al ticle ticle s ting g ting ing ting r ting      h w ting ting n ting nic ting w ting e ting est y ting ting y
 1   138 Ron & Aleta Perkins                         10 20        10   3   5    3   5    3   5    3     5   5   3   3   10   3         5   3   10   3   5   3   5   5   3
 2   103 Gaile & John Cormier                                     10   3   5    3   10   3   5    3     5   5   3   3    5   3         5   3   5    3   5   3   5   5   3
 3   93 Lynne Kelly                                  10           10   3        3   5    3   5    3     5   5   3   3    5   3         5   3        3   5   3   5       3
 4   85 Sharon, Marian & Dale Upton                  10                3        3   5    3   5    3     5   5   3   3    5   3         5            3   5   3   5   5   3
 5   79 Theo & Delia Hartmann                             5            3   5    3   5    3   5    3    10   5   3            3         5                5   3   5   5   3
 6   72 Nick Sletnar & Tammy Carter                                    3            5        10   3     5       3   3    5   3         5   3   5    3   5   3   5       3
 7   52 Larry Fowler & Sabrina West                                    3        3                           5   3   3        3         5   3        3   5   3   5   5   3

     44 James Csomay                                                   3   10   3   5    3                          3                      3        3   5   3           3
     44 Jay Beard                                                                        3        3     5       3   3        3         5   3   5    3       3   5
 9   42 Roy Spease                                                     3                 3        3             3   3    5                 3   5    3       3   5       3

     40 George Metcalf                                                 3        3                 3         5   3   3        3             3        3       3   5       3
     40 Mark Meade                                        5                     3   5                           3            3         5            3   5   3   5
11   34 Colin Walker                                 10                                  3   5    3                 3    5                                      5
12   33 William Clarke                                                 3                          3         5   3                          3        3   5   3   5

     30 Anthony Chase                                                                                               3    5   3         5            3       3   5       3

     30 David & Sandy Collins                        10                                           3             3   3                      3   5                        3
     30 Randy Frommater                                                3   5    3   5    3        3             3                                               5

     30 Al Lambiase & Suzanne Cox                                                            5          5                5                     5                5   5
15   25 Shelly McNeece                                                          3   5    3   5    3             3            3
16   22 Ellsworth Jackson                                                                3                          3                      3        3   5       5

     19 David Miller                                                                     3   5    3                 3    5
     19 Ed Hall                                                                                   3         5   3   3                                           5
18   16 James & Lina Mills                                                                                                   3                          5   3   5

     15 Gerald Dale                                                                                         5                          5                        5
19   15 Paul & Patti Hollander                                                                          5   5                                                   5

     15 Todd Wagner & Mandy Gregg                                                                       5   5                                                   5
20   13 John & Barbara Csomay                                                                                       3                                   5       5
21   11 Mike & Holly Pratt                                                                                                                          3       3   5

      8   Doug Smith                                                   3                                                                                        5
22    8   Jodi Abel                                                             3                                                                               5

      8   Kru & Connie Heller                                                   3                                                                               5
23    6   MaryBeth Forester                                            3                                                                   3

      5   Angelo Ricciardelli                                                                           5

      5   Cortez & Joyce Dial                                              5

      5   Darrell Scruggs                                                                                                                                       5

      5   David Powers                                                                                                                                          5
      5   Gregory Smith                                                                      5

      5   Guy Miller                                                                                                                                            5

      5   Jim Gorden                                                                                                                   5

      5   Rick Marshall                                                                                     5

      3   Eric Woodfin & Loraine Bryan                                          3

      3   Max Travis                                                   3
      3   Nick Valdrighi                                                                                                                            3

      3   Tim & Rozanne Burks                                                                                                3
V OLUME 12,   ISSUE   12   P AGE 15
 The clubs for 240Z, 260Z, 2 80Z, 2 80ZX,
300ZX Z31, 300ZX Z32 , 35 0Z Enthusias ts                                               Postage
              P.O. Box 1941
       Newport News, VA 23601-1941             Mailing Address Line 1
                                               Mailing Address Line 2

       E-mail:        Mailing Address Line 3
            Phone: 757-483-9745                Mailing Address Line 4
              Fax: 757-686-3217

          W E’ RE   ON THE   W EB
            W WW. TZCCVA. ORG

              ENJOY Z RIDE

                                  This Month’s Meeting Places

                               TZCC                                     ZCAR
                    (Tidewater Z Car Club)                (Z Car Association of Richmond)

                December 10, 2007                            December 8, 2007
                    Frankie’s Place for Ribs                 Christmas Party and Club
            In the Fairfield Shopping Center                  Meeting at the home of
                 Virginia Beach , VA 23464                   Theo and Delia Hartmann

                          Dinner: 7 PM                            Dinner: 6:30 PM
                         Meeting: 8 PM

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