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									SNOW COLLEGE                                                                                                                                                                                      EPHRAIM, UTAH

                                               Snowdrift                                                                                                              February 5, 2004

What’s                                           President Benson tells students about
Inside                                            Snow College tuition increases

                                               LIZ BRAITHWAITE
Opinion                                        News Editor

                                                    This last Monday, February
                                               2, President Benson addressed
                                               the students of Snow College
                                               about the truth in tuition, in the
                                               Founders Hall at the Noyes
                                                    President Benson men-
                                               tioned that before they can ac-
Pages 3-4                                      tually increase tuition, a public
                                               meeting must take place. He
Jimmy                                          also stated up front that he, like
                                               us, is not happy about tuition
Pride                                          increase.
                                                    First, President Benson ex-
                                               plained that there are two tiers

Feature                                        involved in tuition increase.
                                               The first tier raises tuition 4.5
                                               percent. That would be $30.83
                                               per semester. Four percent goes
                                               to the state and the other 0.5
                                               percent goes to Student Finan-
                                               cial Aid. This first tier happens
            TURE CUL

                                               at all the colleges in Utah—not
                                               just Snow.
                                                    The second tier is what was
                                               proposed at the meeting on
                                               Monday. They will raise tuition
Page 5                                         between 4.0 – 6.0 percent. A 4.0
                                               percent increase would be
Convocations                                   $27.40, a 5.0 percent increase
                                               would be $34.25, and a 6.0 per-
                                               cent increase would be $41.10
                                               per semester.
                                                    This second tier goes to
                                               Snow College—not the state.
Culture                                        What Snow plans on doing
                                               with the tuition increase is
                                                                                    “President Benson assured students that the money is going to education - not new buildings or new sports programs.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dave S. Armstrong/Editor in Chief

                                               putting it back into faculty         ing at adding some new de-              per semester, will remain the       doesn’t make us feel any bet-                     Student Body President,
                                               instruction.                         grees. President Benson also            same. Out of state students will    ter.”                                        Jed Christensen, encourages
                                                    President Benson contin-        assured the students that the           not be affected by this tuition           President Benson is very               students to make their voices
                                               ues that two years ago Snow          money is going to educa-                increase.                           concerned about the welfare of               and concerns heard.
                    TURE SPORTS THURSDAY

                                               College staff and faculty re-        tion—not new buildings or                    Comparing Snow to other        the students here at Snow.                        President Benson com-
                                               ceived a 5 percent cut in their      new sports programs.                    colleges in Utah this year, it’s    Near the end of the meeting                  mented that “If this state
                                               salary. The president and vice            President Benson showed            tuition cost is the second low-     students were encouraged to                  wants to succeed it needs to
                                               presidents receiving the larg-       last Monday that based on the           est. CEU is the lowest. All         write to our legislative repre-              invest in higher education.”
                                               est cut, and then to the teach-      5.0 percent increase, the dif-          schools in Utah will increase in    s e n t a t i v e , M i k e S t y l e r.          There are few people
Pages 6-7                                      ers and so on. He refers to the      ference between tuition cost            tuition. It was mentioned at the    S t y l e r ’s e m a i l a d d r e s s i s   happy about the upcoming tu-
                                               faculty as the heart and soul        this year and next year will be         meeting that students transfer-                            ition increase. It is, however,
Satisfied                                      of this institution.                 $65.08 per semester. This is in         ring to another college after             President Benson also let              going to happen. Students
                                                    When speaking of putting        terms with the second tier,             Snow should be aware of other       students know that Friday,                   should let their voices be
Ewe Cafe                                       money back into faculty in-          which hasn’t yet been finalized.        college’s tuition increase too.     Feb. 6, at 3:30 p.m. there will              heard by writing to our legis-
                                               struction, President Benson is       The college does, however,                   When comparing Utah tu-        be a commission for higher                   lative representative. There
                                               also referring to being able to      know that the second tier in-           ition cost to schools back east,    education with Rich Kendall.                 isn’t a lot more to do—but the
                                               get into the core classes that       crease will be between 4.0 and          tuition is fairly low. But a com-   He will take questions and the               more students that write, the
Sports                                         students need to graduate.
                                               Also, the school is also look-
                                                                                    6.0 percent.
                                                                                         General fees, being $150
                                                                                                                            ment made at the Truth in Tu-
                                                                                                                            ition meeting stated that “it
                                                                                                                                                                meeting will be open to fac-
                                                                                                                                                                ulty and students.
                                                                                                                                                                                                             greater the impact they can

                                                                                                                                                                      Student Body
                                                Provost’s Corner                                                                                                  President gives report
Page 8                                            BRAD WINN
                                                                                                                            ing, pharmacy technician,
                                                                                                                            art & graphic communica-
                                                                                                                                                                     of new officers
                                                                                                                                                                     The Snow College student                dents here at Snow College ex-
Super                                                                                                                       tion, automotive, building
                                                                                                                            construction, collision re-         executive council has a few                  tremely well. Luke and Seth set
                                                                                                                                                                new faces in office this semes-              up a booth at Club Rush Week
Bowl!                                                  And     the     winners
                                                  are....Snow students. Last
                                                                                                                            pair, commercial drivers,
                                                                                                                            computer information sys-           ter. On the January 13 and 15,               to recruit people to help them
                                                  week our student govern-                                                  tems, cosmetology and               interviews were held for the                 with their activities. Seth and
                                                  ment announced a new orga-                                                barbering, culinary arts,           executive secretary, associated              his committee will be doing
                                                  nizational structure for the                                              diesel mechanics, drafting,         men president, and publicity                 True Badger Nights, Mr. Snow
                                                                                                                                                                vice president positions.                    and other activities for the men
                                FEB. 5, 2004

                                                  Student Senate. Student                                                   farm and ranch manage-
                                                  government will continue to                                               ment, machine tool tech-                 Several students applied,               here at Snow, and Luke’s com-
                                                  provide a myriad of activi-                                               nology and welding).                and after reviewing the inter-               mittee will be responsible to
                                                  ties and clubs, but now it will                                                I would encourage you          views and resumes it was de-                 make student aware of activi-
                                                  provide additional ways for                                               to pick an intended major by        cided that Breanne Davis would               ties through dorm storming, ra-
                                                  you to get involved with                Dr. Bradley Winn                  calling 283-7313. Once              be appointed as secretary, Seth              dio, and hanging posters.
                                                  your academic deans and                                                   you do this, you’ll be eli-         Gonzales as associated men’s                      Breanne has been hard at
                                                  departments. For the first                                                gible to vote for your aca-         president, and Luke Harrison as              work organizing contact infor-
                                                  time you’ll be able to elect      theater, dance),                        demic division senator dur-         publicity vice president.                    mation, agendas, recording
                                                  a fellow student to repre-             Humanities (communica-             ing the elections next                   These three will be re-                 minutes, and networking. The
                                                  sent your general field of        tions, English, ESL, foreign            month. You’ll also be able          quired to serve office hours                 new officers have brought into
                                                  study. Once you declare           languages, philosophy),                 to associate with other stu-        from 11:30-1:30 p.m. Monday                  office an excitement and we are
                                                  your intended major you                Science & Math (agricul-           dents who share your same           through Thursday at the Student              happy to work with them. We
                                                  become associated with            ture, biology, chemistry, engi-         academic and career                 Life Office in the Greenwood                 thank all who applied, also all
                                                  one of the six academic di-       neering, computer science,              interests. The Academic             Student Center and attend 90%                those who have helped in the
                                                  visions at Snow College in-       geology, math, physics),                Deans and I are excited to          of the student council activities,           office this 2003-2004 school
                                                  cluding:                               Social Science (education,         work more closely with stu-         and 50% of all other campus                  year. If you have questions
                                                       Business and Technol-        physical education, anthropol-          dents who have declared             activities. Most importantly                 about how to get involved on
                                                  ogy (accounting, business         ogy, sociology, psychology,             their intended majors and           they are to focus on their                   campus regarding clubs, com-
                                                  management, business edu-         home and family studies, crimi-         look forward to working             grades. All officers are re-                 mittees, or even next year’s stu-
                                                  cation, building construc-        nal justice, geology, history, so-      with future Snow College            quired to maintain a 2.75 to stay            dent council please come visit
                                                  tion management, com-             cial work, economics), and              Student Senators when they          in office and a 3.0 to receive a             us at the Student Life Office
                                                  puter literacy),                       Applied       Te c h n o l o g y   are elected in March.               scholarship.                                 upstairs in the GSC. Go Bad-
                                                       Fine Arts (art, music,       (primarily in Richfield – nurs-                                                  All three have been work-               gers!!!
                                                                                                                                                                ing hard with their new respon-
                                                                                                                                                                sibilities and will serve the stu-               Jed C. Christensen
          The   Snowdrift

                         Page 2
                                        News                                                                                                                                                  January 29, 2004

                   News from the Nation                                                                                                                                Bike thieves on the loose
KRISTIN PERRY                           advocating low carbs, researchers      Philip McCloskey, 89 in July 2001.      turning on and off without com-
Staff Writer                            discovered that eating higher lev-                                             mands from NASA to do so.                         DANIELLE BAKER                            Anderson Hall bike rack.
                                        els of carbohydrates and lowering           Salt Lake City- U of U                                                               Staff Writer                              More often than not the bike
                                        fat intake, may aid in losing          coach, Rick Majerus, agreed to re-           Noonday, Texas- Authorities                                                            will be found.
      Washington- NASA scien-           weight.                                sign at the end of the season due to    seized control of nearly two                                                                      Officer Bob would like to
tists are baffled by photos sent back                                          health problems.                        pounds of cyanide compound and                          According to Officer Bob            ask students to know the
from Opportunity. First photos of            Beverly Hills, California-                                                other chemicals, enough to kill                   Wright, it has been very quiet            make, model, serial number,
a bedrock outcropping ever taken        “Lord of the Rings” trilogy wins            Essex, Montana- Avalanches         everyone in enough space as a big-                on the crime front so far this            and color of their bike. This
on the planet present curious ques-     four Golden Globe Awards.              crashed into a freight train, knock-    chain bookstore. Half a million                   semester. He hopes to continue            way if it does get taken they
tions for the scientists. Opportunity                                          ing 15 of the 119 cars off the track.   rounds of ammunition, over 60                     this trend through the rest of            will have an easier time of
was set to land near a crater on the         New York- Former Tonight          No one was injured and the de-          pipe bombs, machine guns, silenc-                 the year.                                 finding and identifying it.
Meridiani Planum, but actually          Show pioneering host, Jack Paar        railed grain cars were empty.           ers and remote-controlled bombs                         Lately, one of the only                   The main reason Officer
landed in it.                           died. Paar started doing the Tonight                                           disguised as briefcases, plus pam-                problems crime-wise that they             Bob asks students to look for
                                        Show in 1957 and was later suc-             San Jose, California- An           phlets on how to make chemical                    have been having trouble with             their bike themselves first is
     Washington- Study con-             ceeded by Johnny Carson. Paar          email worm that looks like a nor-       weapons, and Anti-Semitic, anti-                  is the theft of bikes.                    because the student will know
cludes that Neanderthals were           was 85.                                mal messaging error, but contains       black, and anti-government books                        Officer Bob said that the           their bike more than a police
mostly likely not the ancestor to                                              a violent program, snarled comput-      were also found in the three stor-                perpetrators don’t think of it as         officer.
modern man. Measurements of                  Glendale, California- Most        ers worldwide. The worm called          age units rented by William Karr                  stealing but as borrowing. The                  Students are encouraged
skulls were taken and found that        known for his solo on Frank            by several names including “ ,”         and Judith Bruey. Although both                   thief will take an unlocked bike          to make sure to lock their bikes
Neanderthals were less related to       Sinatra’s “I’ve Got You Under My       “Novarg,” “Mimail.R,” and               Karr and Bruey have histories of                  off a bike rack and ride it to            up properly on bike racks so
other humans or primates.               Skin,” big band trombonist, Milt       “Shimgapi,” is much more virulent       other arrests, police are unsure as               their next class or back home             the probability of it being sto-
                                        Bernhart died of congestive heart      than the Sobig.F virus. There is        to why Karr and Bruey stockpiled                  simply because they don’t feel            len will be decreased.
     New York- Barbara Walters          failure. He was 77.                    also more than one variant of the       the goods.                                        like walking. Mostly they will                  All in all this has been a
says “good-bye” to hosting ABC’s                                               virus. Authorities believe the virus                                                      lay the bike on the ground or             good year for the Department
20/20 after 25 years.                      Washington- Democrat                started in Russia when the first in-         El Paso, Texas- A man and                    sometimes will stick it on an-            of Public Safety and Officer
                                        Howard Dean replaced campaign          fected e-mails were found to have       his three children are killed in a                other bike rack.                          Bob. There have been very
     Greenville, South Carolina-        manager Joe Trippi with Roy Neel.      addresses from Russian Internet         house explosion, as a woman                             If a bike is stolen you             little citizen disputes and no
Six people, including a toddler, die                                           providers.                              pulled from the inferno tried to go               should first report it to the po-         sexual assaults.
in a fire at the Comfort Inn on              Boston- US District Judge                                                 back in to rescue them late Friday                lice. Then Officer Bob advises                  Officer Bob said “We
Conagree Road, near Roper               Mark Wolf declares the first Mas-          Los Angeles- Not only has           night. Fire officials said an 8-year-             you to take a look at all the bike        have some really great young
Mountain Road. At least twelve          sachusetts death sentence in three     Spirit been malfunctioning, but         old boy, a 35-year-old woman, and                 racks on and off campus and               ladies and young men this year
others were hurt.                       decades. Gary Lee Sampson plead        Opportunity has also developed a        a 55-year-old woman were hospi-                   to see if it is there. Several            at Snow. They are very re-
                                        guilty of the car jacking and mur-     few malfunctions of its own.            talized for burns.                                bikes have been found on the              spectful of each other”.
     Chicago- In a world of diets       der of Jonathan Rizzo, 19 and          Opportunity’s heating units keep

                                                                               A brief look at the world
                                                                               BRIDGET ANDERSON                        scientists say they’ve created                 began investigating it about                 Israeli settlements in the
                                                                               Feature Editor                          two new chemical elements, but                 two years ago. It’s young vic-               Gaza Strip, but did not give a
                                                                                                                       it’s too soon to say if they’ll be             tims tend to nod vigorously at               timetable, a participant in the
                                                                                                                       added to the “periodic tables”                 the sight of food.                           closed-door meeting said.
                                                                                    PAKISTAN- The founder              of high school chemistry text-                                                              Also, Israeli soldiers in the
                                                                               of Pakistan’s nuclear program           books.                                               TAIWAN- About 70,000                   town of Rafeh early Monday
                                                                               has acknowledged in a writ                                                             people linked hands on Sun-                  shot and killed three armed
                                                                               ten statement that he sent sen-                IRAN- The leader of                     day to create a human chain                  Palestinians including a
                                                                               sitive technology to Iran,              I r a n ’s l a r g e s t p r o - r e f o r m   to show unity against rival                  leader of the militant Islamic
                                                                               Libya, and North Korea to aid           party said Monday it will boy-                 C h i n a ’s m i l i t a r y t h r e a t s   Jihad group.
                                                                               their atomic programs.                  cott Feb. 20 parliamentary                     against the island, officials
                                                                                                                       elections, saying they would                   said. Cars stopped at inter-                      ROME- World health ex-
                                                                                    UNITED STATES- U.N.                not be free or fair.                           sections for three minutes as                perts met in Rome to discuss
                                                                               secretary-General Kofi Annan                                                           people linked hands through-                 and investigate the possibil-
                                                                               will meet in Washington Tues-                 SUDAN- “Nodding syn-                     out southern Tainan County.                  ity of the latest bird flu reach-
                                                                               day with Secretary of State             drome,” which has been                                                                      ing Europe. The disease has
                                                                               Colin Powell and, possibly,             found in about 300 children                        ISRAEL- Prime Minis-                     already killed 13 people in
                                                                               president Bush to plan for the          so far in southern Sudan, has                  ter Ariel Sharon told leaders                Asia and has spread to 10 dif-
                                                                               dispatch of a U.N. team to Iraq.        b a ff l e d e x p e r t s s i n c e t h e     of his Likud Party on Monday                 ferent countries.
                                                                               Also, American and Russian              World Health Organization                      he plans to dismantle all 17

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                                        Men’s Week -- AMS Spring Break                                                                                                                                                      Jimmy Pride

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                                                                                                                      SWAC Tournament                                                                                     Humanities 111A
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                                                                                                               Pageant                                                                                                         snowdrift
                                                                                                                                                                                                            The   Snowdrift

                     February 5, 2004                                                                                                                                                                        Page 3

                     Student Poll
       Student Poll
        What is your favorite or least favorite fruit? And why?

      Anne Abram                             Kerrilee Bertelson                     Billy Lawton                            Chris Grinn                            Jordan Barben                           Karen Skoubye
         Least favorite fruit is               My favorite is oranges.               My least favorite is seeded              My least favorite is canta-              Apple is my favorite.                    My Favorite is kiwi.
      pomegranates. It shouldn’t                I just like the taste,               grapes. There are seeds in                loupe. It’s nasty, it’s                  They taste good.                       It’s my middle name.
      be a fruit, because it has no            they make me happy.                             them.                                   slimey.
              fruit content.

   Jimmy on Fruit:           Winchester’s corner:
Deliciousness turned deadly Valentine’s Day’s stupid cupid
                                          black eye to keep swelling down.        a deadly weapon.                        TIMOTHY WINCHESTER                       matches for them. If that’s true,        your average Leprechaun could
                                          This is a trick they show you all             Fruit is also wonderful be-       Staff Writer                             then it would appear to me that          beat the tar out of your average
                                          the time in the movies, but it          cause it’s biodegradable.                                                        mine is either blind, exceptionally      Cupid without breaking a sweat,
                                          doesn’t really work. Stupid trick       Remeber this. So when you’re                                                     sadistic, or dead on the job, and        and by the condition of my Cupid,
                                          photography going off trying to         driving down the highway and                 Why do I have a problem with        Cupid Employment Agency hasn’t           I’ll bet it happens frequently. But
                                          make meat look useful, Holly-           you toss an orange peel out the         Valentine’s Day? Is it the blatant       noticed yet. Or maybe Cupids             promoting St. Patrick’s Day isn’t
                                          wood will die for their sins. Meat      window and your mom’s all               commercialism? The endless lines         nowadays are just getting lazy           the answer...though it does sound
                                          is strictly for making people on        like, “You can’t throw that out         at the store, consisting of people       from all the Matchmaker quizzes          like a good idea. What is needed is
                                          that Atkin’s diet less hungry.          the window, that’s littering!” You      purchasing nothing but a card and        everywhere. However, I don’t re-         an answer that addresses the prob-
                                          That is all.                            can be all like, “No mom, it’s ok,      a box of chocolates? The fact that       ally care WHY my Cupid isn’t get-        lem with Valentine’s Day.
                                                Fruit, however can be used        it’s biodegradable!” And then           I’m surrounded by balloon-carry-         ting the job done. I’m long past               You see, as I’ve said before,
                                          for virtually anything! Bananas         she’ll be all like, “What the heck      ing, rose-bearing people all day?        wanting repairs on mine; now             the problem isn’t the commercial-
                                          are ranked among the top five hand      does that mean?” And you can            No, I really don’t care about that.      I’m petitioning for a replace-           ism. It’s the concept. Americans
                                          to hand combat weapons, and in          proudly respond, “I have no idea,       My problem lies at the feet of one       ment, and have yet to recieve a          have a messed up view of
JIMMY PRIDE                               the top three of best thrown weap-      but Jimmy Pride told me to say          man, a man in a diaper.                  response. As a result, I have yet        Valentine’s Day, as opposed to
Humor Columnist                           ons.                                    it!”                                         Normally, I don’t have prob-        to spend a Valentine’s Day non-          those of, say, Japan. According to
                                                 An apple a day, when fired               Jimmy Pride logic is some       lems with people in diapers. Usu-        single.                                  my high school Japanese teacher,
                                          from a potato cannon, can easily        of the best logic ever. It’s really     ally the worst they can do is spit             You might think that this          in Japan, girls give chocolate to
     Fruit. Yup, I’m writing              keep the doctor away. And few can       hard to argue with because it           up on you, spend all day crying          would make me dislike                    their male acquaintences and
about fruit. I don’t know what            survive a serious beating with a        rarely, if ever, makes any sense        about nothing, or smear the con-         Valentine’s Day, but it hasn’t. I’d      friends on Valentine’s Day.
I’m going to write about fruit, but       sharpened pineapple.                    at all.                                 tents of their diapers on the walls.     never say I disliked it. Instead,        Doesn’t that sound good? It cer-
dangit, I’m going to!                           You may have noticed that I             In conclusion fruit is both       But enough about the elderly. The        I’d say I’m somewhere between            tainly sounds good to me...then
     Fruit is wonderful for so many       have described many ways in             versatile and delicious and if          person I’m talking about is Cupid.       wanting to strangle it with my           again, that’s probably only because
reasons. First of all, it’s delicious.    which fruit can be both delicious       used properly can be extremely               My personal theory is that          bare hands and watch it die              I’m a guy. Anyway, that doesn’t
Well, most of it. African death fruit     and deadly. As we discussed ear-        deadly. Never underestimate             everyone has their own Cupid,            slowly, and hating it with the fury      really matter. What matters is that
is not delicious. In fact, it’s the ex-   lier, these two things are oppo-        fruit or I will kill you.               whose only goal in life is to make       and flame of a thousand suns. I          the solution to the problem of
act opposite of delicious. The op-        sites. This may appear as an im-                                                                                         don’t really know which end I’m          Valentine’s Day is clear. I need to
posite of delicious, as we all know,      possibility to those of you with                   Got an opinion?                                                       closer to. One thing is clear: some-     go to Japan, where Valentine’s Day
is deadly.                                lesser intellects. Those of you                                                                                          thing needs to be done about the         is more than just Singles Aware-
     The second most wonderful            with greater intellects probably                  Want to be heard?                                                      “Cupid question”. I’m here to say        ness Day. After all, the acronym
                                          quit reading quite some time ago,                                                                                        that I have found the “Final Solu-       for Singles Awareness Day is SAD.
thing about fruit is that it is so much
more than a food. You can argue           so I’m not even going to bother
                                                                                           Write a letter to the editor!                                           tion”: extermination of the Cupids.            Note to the reader: In protest
                                          talking to them.                                                                                                         After all, when are the Lepre-           of Valentine’s Day, next week I will
that all food is multipurposable,
but you’d get seriously messed                  The reason this is possible,
                                                                                                                                chauns going to have their “place        write something completely unre-
up by my superior arguing skills.         is that fruit it SO delicious that                or HUM room 111                                                        in the sun”? I’m pretty sure that        lated to Valentine’s Day.
     Meat cannot be put on a              it’s deadly... and it’s also used as

Perfectionists their best
                                                                                                                           Survival Guide Quiz:
                                                                                                                             Are you too much of a perfectionist?
                                                                                                                             1. If you get a “B” on your report card, what is your reaction?
                                                                                                                               A. Shrug it off. I put as much effort as I could and that’s all I can do.
                                          lines.                                  work is because you don’t have               B. A “B”? Awesome! Even if it is only my bowling class…
                                               They could major in symme-         enough time to spend on it.                  C. Nooooooo! My perfect 4.0 is ruined!
                                          try because absolutely EVERY-           Schedule your time so you know
                                          THING has to be just right. Quite       where it’s going and if you have           2. Your roommate insists on stacking the dishes “just so”. You say,
                                          frankly, that can get annoying,         to drop a few unnecessary re-                A. NO! I do it my way and that is that!
                                          especially when you try to com-         sponsibilities, then by all means,           B. We have dishes?
                                          pliment them on the work they do        drop them.                                   C. Nothing. She can do the dishes how she likes; I have other things to deal with.
                                          and they just blow you off with a            But, if the problem is that
                                          “Are you kidding? That com-             you just don’t want to get up and          3. If you come home and found your laundry not as you left it, how would it look?
                                          pletely sucks.”                         do anything, that’s easy: have a             A. Cool! Someone actually had the fortitude to pick up my socks and throw them in the washer.
                                               Well, if you’re sick of it, or     trusted friend give you a good hard          B. Ack! Someone mixed my blue socks with my black socks when they were trying to find some thing in
                                                                                                                                  my sock drawer
                                          you feel that you’ve put too many       kick in the shorts when they think
                                                                                                                               C. I wouldn’t notice. I don’t pay enough attention to those kinds of things.
                                          expectations on yourself, keep a        you need it (which might actually
                                          copy of this handy (plus, it’ll defi-   be every day for some people).
                                                                                                                             4. Someone in your study group showed up a half-hour late. You,
CHRISSYJOHNSON                            nitely boost my ego).                        Also, don’t expect others to            A. Chew them out for wasting time. You have too much to do to be waiting around for them.
Staff Writer                                   First thing is to chill out. The   follow the rigid structure you’ve            B. Make room for them as they explain they had a class that just got out.
                                          world will not collapse into a          put on yourself.                             C. Were the one that was late.
                                          black hole if your next research             It’s the age old phrase we’ve
     Okay folks, here’s the deal.         paper gets an A-minus, even if          all heard since preschool:                 5. If you lose an argument, you,
I’m not writing the Survival              you had to almost bleed to get the      everyone’s different. What works             A. Don’t care. It wasn’t that big of deal any – ooh! Chee-tos!
Guide this week.                          beast right.                            for you might not work for some-             B. Never let the issue die. You were right and they were too stupid to see it
     You’ll just have to cope with             Take it as a compliment to         one else. Just because you’re free           C. Laugh it off. It’s amazing how heated people can get over what brand Ramen noodles are the best.
your problems because I have              your efforts and any criticism as       at 10:00 doesn’t mean that the
chemistry homework to finish,             a way to make the next one bet-         whole world is too. Try to be flex-        Scoring:
stuff to do for work and I’ve re-         ter. Ask your professor what they       ible when needed and be under-             1. A) 2 B) 1 C) 3
ally let my story for my creative         think of it. Trust me, they’re not      standing at all times.                     2. A) 3 B) 1 C) 2
writing class go to pot and I need        just here to lecture, assign and             There’s probably a reason the         3. A) 1 B) 3 C) 2
to have call my family and see            make you miserable, even though         cliché “nobody’s perfect” is a             4. A) 3 B) 2 C) 1
what they’re doing and I have to          it seems like it (just for the          cliché. It’s because it’s true.            5. A) 1 B) 3 C) 2
clean my room and… I just don’t           record, I have never given the                 Don’t expect yourself to be
have time to really make the Sur-         thought that any of my professors       able to give 100% one-hundred              It’s My Life (5-7 points): It’s all well and good to live while you’re alive, but not all the time. At least make an
vival Guide worthy of being               wanted to make me miserable;            percent of the time. It never hap-               attempt for quality. Responsibility is not just a thirteen letter word.
printed in the paper!                     they all rock). They’ll be more         pens. But, try to give everything
                                                                                                                             The Middle (8-10 points): Excellent! You don’t expect things to come out all nice and shiny, but you
     Which is why this week’s             than happy to give you a few            you’ve got and the rest will follow.           don’t use that as an excuse to slack off. You also know when something is not worth your precious time
theme is being a perfectionist.           pointers if you really want them.       Are we clear? Good.                            stressing about. Keep that up and everything’s gonna be all right!
       You know the type: people               Next, go home and rethink                Now, if a few people take
who stress out that they didn’t get       you life, Master Obi-Wan.               these things to heart, maybe the rest      In a Hurry to Get Things Done (11-15 points): You’re always rushing, but, you know, that’s no fun. Not
an A or that they aren’t parked                Seriously, maybe the reason        of us can get something done                    everything’s is going to come out perfectly, but that’s not for the lack of trying. Plus, if you’re stressed,
right in the middle of the yellow         you’re not producing quality            around here.                                    you end up biting everyone else’s head off and trust me, nobody likes that.
   The   Snowdrift

              Page 4                                                                                                                                            February 5, 2004


                                                                                                                                                                                      Disagree, disapprove, or disappointed?
   TEN                         Letter to the Editor

  Reasons                          What the Inter-Club                                                             Response from the

                                                                                                                                                                                          We want to hear about it.
  fruits are                       Council really does                                                              Editor in Chief
 better than                   Dear Editor,                   possibility of a new library and              Mr. Woolsey,                       ICC is a very influential
 vegetables                    I just got done reading
                                                              what we, as students, thought about
                                                              it. Maybe your representitive                  I would like to apologize if
                                                                                                                                               group I believe they
                                                                                                                                               should act less like a lob-
                          your article on why not to          missed the countless times that Jed       my comments in the recent edi-         bying group and more like
                          change the student senate. I        Christensen asked what the stu-           torial were misinterpreted to          the house of representa-
Natural sugars,
                          agreed with some parts of it.
                          I agree with the idea that a
                          change is not needed and that
                          the change will only double
                          up the input from the majors
                          and club presidents, however,
                                                              dents wanted to do when in came
                                                              to a whole host of school decisions.
                                                              Do you miss the first Monday of
                                                              every month where we all
                                                              brainstrom ideas on how to get
                                                              people involved in clubs and ac-
                                                                                                        put down the work down in
                                                                                                        ICC, that was never intended.
                                                                                                             You stated in you letter that
                                                                                                        you’ve never seen a represen-
                                                                                                        tative from the Snowdrift at the
                                                                                                        Inter-Club Council. I repre-
                                                                                                                                               tives, where not only can
                                                                                                                                               they present their ideas,
                                                                                                                                               but they can push the de-
                                                                                                                                               cisions through.
                                                                                                                                                    The reason I quit at-
                                                                                                                                               tending the meetings,
                          I must strongly disagree with       tivities. Do you not see the Dean         sented the Snowdrift early in          along with many other
                          what was said concerning            of Students in there every Mon-           the year at these meetings and         people I’ve talked to, is I
  Peach pits              ICC.                                day? He certainly uses the infor-         I even made a few announce-            became frustrated by lack
                               First of all, I am a club a    mation that is discussed in ICC. He       ments and suggestions for              of power the club leaders
 contain trace            president and have been to          and Jed take all that information         change of my own. Although I           had to actually make
  amounts of              every ICC (Inter-Club               directly back to President Benson.        don’t currently attend the meet-       changes to Snow. The re-
                          Conncil) meeting and I have         Did you miss the presentation that        ings we do have members of our         vised Senate is designed to
 arsenic, and             never seen you or anyone of         I did on why students go home on          staff attending.                       do what ICC should be do-
   arsenic is             your staff there. You could         the weeekends and what activities              I will proudly admit that         ing, but much less effec-
  awesome!                have had someone there and          are most productive? I did my en-         very few people in this college        tively.
                          I not know about it, but even       tire stats project, a 50+ hour project    work harder than you and other              When you make a pre-
                          if you had, I have never heard      I might add, on what we could do          other club leaders that attend         sentation that you spent

                          that person voice their opin-       to keep students here on the week-        ICC. Being president of a club         over 50 hours preparing, or
                          ion on behalf of the Snow-          ends. I did this FOR ICC so that          requires a lot of dedication, time,    when the collective mas-
                          drift. This meeting is cer-         we could be the most productive           and effort. I salute the club lead-    sive brain power and cre-
   Millions of            tainly not "come and do what        we could, and I am only one club          ership of Snow College and mar-        ativity of the club leader-
   peaches,               the Vet's say." I will admit that   president. Numerous other people          vel and what you’ve accom-             ship of Snow College all
peaches for me.           sometimes it can seem that          in there give just as much time, if       plished. All of you do an awe-         comes together to brain-
                          there are an awful lot of an-       not more so, to make that meeting         some job. The group that makes         storm I would like to see
   Millions of            nouncements, but how else           just as improtant and effective. I        of ICC are the most capable and        them make positive
   peaches,               are we supposed to tell our         could go on and on, but I think you       motivated people on campus.            changes for Snow instead
                          club members about them if          get the idea.                                  The point I was trying to         of just offering feedback.
  peaches for             they aren't announced? How                I don't mean to sound dis-          make in my editorial last week              I would once again like
      free.               can we plan activities to in-       gruntled, but I think that the stu-       was that ICC, although very            to commend the great presi-
                          volve the students if we don't      dents need the real picture behind        productive, lacks any decision         dency and leadership com-
                          announce and talk about             what goes on in ICC. That meet-           making power. ICC currently            mittees of Snow College’s

   7     7.               them.                               ing is wholely and solely dedicated       operates like a lobbying group,        clubs and hope that one day
                               All we do in there is talk     to makeing campus life for the stu-       where everyone voices their            they will have greater
100 percent of            about how to get students in-       dents better, and I would certainly       opinion and tries to influence         power in making Snow
                          volved!                             say that we try our very best to do       the dean of students, student          College the great place it is
 all hedonists                 Perhaps your staff mem-        just that.                                body senators, and presidency.         today.
  prefer fruit.           ber wasn't in there the time                                                  As you stated, “All we do in
                          when President Benson came               Thanks,                              there is talk about how to get              Dave S. Armstrong
                          in and got our feedback on the           David Woolsey                        students involved!” Although                Editor in Chief
apples, Georgia
 peaches, Iowa
 corn. Enough
                         Ranking the all-time greatest fight movies
                       TRAVIS METZLER                          about Jean-Claude Van Damme             ing Bridgette Wilson as Sonya          genre.                                     2. Crouching Tiger Hidden
                       COPY EDITOR                             going to Hong Kong and beat-            Blade. You’ve gotta love it.                4. Crocodile Dundee:            Dragon: It’s a bit more modern
     said.                                                     ing up a bunch of random                     6. Rocky: any of them in          watching Paul Hogan pound on         than many of the others, but it
                                                               people because he just feels like       the series. The fights aren’t like     a crocodile with his bare fists.     has some of the best sword
                            Top ten fight movies of all        it.                                     modern fight movies, mostly            What more is there to say?           fights seen in America for a

   5     5.            time: not necessarily in proper              8. Kickboxer: a man wraps          because it’s just boxing, but this          3. Jackie Chan movies: all      good long time.
                       order.                                  his hands in cloth, dips them in        series actually has story. That’s      of these fit together, and are not         1. Fight Club: it’s R so
 Jimmy Pride                10. Street Fighter: a terrible     glue, and then covers them in           what makes it great.                   necessarily individuals. The         many of you may not ever see
   said so!            movie overall, but you have to          shards of glass. Awesome.                    5. Rambo: another Stallone        fact that Jackie has broken al-      it. It’s worth it just to see Brad
                       see Rauel Julia as M. Bison. It              7. Mortal Kombat: not the          great. This one involves more          most every bone in his body          Pitt bloodied like no one’s busi-
                       is a riot.                              second one. The first has some          guns than the others, but explo-       multiple times doesn’t hurt          ness. Also, it really makes you

                            9. Bloodsport: a classic           awesome fights, and the amaz-           sions definitely add to the            them either.                         think.
When you juice
 fruit you get
  fruit juice!
When you juice
vegetables you
    get V8.


 Broccoli may
 look like little
trees, but who
  in their right
mind would eat
  a little tree?

Four out of five
 dentists can’t
  be wrong.


accidently eats
 the wax fruit.
No one has ever
 eaten the wax
                                                                                                                                                                                                               The   Snowdrift

                      February 5, 2004
                                                                                                                                       Feature                                                                 Page 5

 Teacher Spotlight                                                                    Convocations gets a history lesson
                                                                                     Professor Spencer teaches Snow students about Saint Leoba
English teacher Melanie Jenkins                                                      KERRI CARTER
                                                                                     Business Manager
   CATHE LEATHAM                              bright red jogging suit.
   Culture Editor                                   When asked why she
                                                                                          Last Thursday, January 29,
                                              became a teacher Jenkins
                                                                                     the convocations class had an
                                              states, “in college I
                                                                                     unexpected lecturer: Professor
         This weeks teacher                   w o r k e d f o r t h e Vi c e
                                                                                     Spencer. According to the class
   feature is on Melanie                      President of B.Y.U. I met
                                                                                     schedule, Doug Barton was sup-
   Jenkins. Jenkins who was                   a lot of the Professors
                                                                                     posed to give a talk about
   born and raised in Manti                   and I was impressed with
                                                                                     “What’s So Great About Snow?”
   has taught for nine years                  them, I thought I wanted
                                                                                     However, the students listened to
   in all. She has taught in                  to be like them, a part of
                                                                                     an interesting history lesson
   the English department at                  what they are doing.” She
                                                                                     about Spencer ’s sabbatical,
   Snow for six and a half                    goes on to say, “My cho-
                                                                                     which occurred over a year ago.
   years and is an Assistant                  sen field came because it
                                                                                     The journey, as it turned out, be-
   P r o f e s s o r. S h e e a r n e d       was the perfect degree
                                                                                     gan from a cookbook.
   both her Bachelors de-                     f o r P r e - L a w. M y g o a l
                                                                                          Professor Spencer owns a
   gree and Masters degree                    was to be a lawyer. Al-
                                                                                     cookbook with foods named af-
   from B.Y.U. and is cur-                    ways being an avid
                                                                                     ter saints. Underneath each
   rently working on finish-                  reader I fell in love with
                                                                                     recipe, a little bit of history is
   ing her Ph.D. from Wash-                   what I was doing.” Her
                                                                                     shared about the saint. Accord-
   ington State.                              favorite genre to read is
                                                                                     ing to the cookbook, Saint Leoba
         Melanie is married                   contemporary fiction, fa-
                                                                                     was an English woman who
   (sorry guys) to Mitch                      v o r i t e a u t h o r To n y
                                                                                     played a pivotal role in the evan-
   Jenkins in the Advise-                     Morrison, as for most-
                                                                                     gelization of Germany. It was
   ment Office. They are the                  loved book she says there
                                                                                     later discovered that Saint              Professor Spencer impressed convocations students with her historical cookbook.
   proud parents of Meg 11                    are too many of them to
                                                                                     Leoba’s name means “dear one,”
   and Seth 7.                                choose just one. The most
                                                                                     which seemed rather fitting for a        like in the Dark Ages. For ex-         Leoba was born an aristocrat, but               As Spencer continued to
         When asked what                      important thing she
                                                                                     saint who accomplished so much.          ample, most women died at              her mother decided that the               speak about her journey and the
   hobbies she has the an-                    wants to teach and her
                                                                                          As Spencer journeyed                young ages (around 30 years old)       daughter would be dedicated to            many discoveries she had made,
   swer centers around her                    goals are to improve the
                                                                                     around England, Germany, and             due to anemia. Since the hus-          the church. This decision was             it was incredible to see the
   family. Many of the ac-                    reading, writing and
                                                                                     France, she kept looking for more        bands owned everything in the          based on a dream before the child         audience’s interest. After the lec-
   tivities she attends are                   critical thinking skills of
                                                                                     evidence to prove that Saint             marriage, a wife would have to         was even conceived. When Saint            ture ended, a few students even
   sporting events featuring                  her students. One of
                                                                                     Leoba had been real. She found           out-live her husband to have any       Leoba’s mother talked to an old           lingered behind to talk to Profes-
   either of her children.                    Jenkins current students
                                                                                     several pieces of evidence, al-          property of her own. This sel-         croon about her dream, the                sor Spencer about her journey.
   Basketball, softball,                      Leslie Gordon has this to
                                                                                     though Spencer never located the         dom happened.                          woman said that it meant the              One student stayed after class
   b a s e b a l l , s o c c e r, w h a t -   s a y, “ S h e h a s a K i n g
                                                                                     tomb.                                         There were also a few things      mother would have a child who             just to thank the professor for her
   ever the season they are                   Arthur way of teaching.
                                                                                          She also discovered a lot           that Spencer discovered about          would live her life in the church         interesting lecture! It was a very
   involved, and mom is in                    We all get in a circle and
                                                                                     about what women’s lives were            this mysterious saint. Saint           and be dedicated to it.                   informative and intriguing class.
   there cheering them on.                    discuss the issues that

                                                                                                  Club Spotlight
   Besides sporting events                    come up in literature. In
   Jenkins likes to travel.                   Melanie’s classes we learn
   This last Christmas, the                   quickly that we aren’t liv-
   morning opening of pre-
   s e n t s c o n s i s t e d o f a i r-
   plane tickets, packed
   suitcases and a trip to
                                              ing in Camelot. She has a
                                              great approach to learn-
                                                    In closing there is one
                                                                                               Associated Women’s Society
                                                                                     SARAH CHRISTENSEN                        if you are a girl, then you are        ber, speak to Alicia Hardy,                      Some of the activities
   Disneyland.                                last quote from former stu-            Sports Photographer                      automatically able to partici-         Club President, in the Student            that were put on by AWS last
         One of the memo-                     dent Maren Nyman, “I                                                            pate in all AWS activities.            Life Office.                              semester consisted of: Girls
   rable experiences during                   loved Melanie’s class, she                                                      As for the desperate men, if                 Meetings for the com-               Preference, Battle of the
   their trip was a chance                    taught me a lot, she has                   Are you a woman or a                 you really are interested in           mittee are held on Tuesdays               Sexes, the Ms. Snow Pag-
   e n c o u n t e r w i t h Wi l l           c o m p a s s i o n a n d u n d e r-   man (a very desperate man                participating in AWS, you              at 5 p.m.               So      what      e a n t a n d Wo m e n ’s We e k -
   Farrell from the 2003                      standing for struggling                who wants to be involved in              may be able to help in plan-           d o e s A s s o c i a t e d Wo m e n ’s   which included Mary-Kay
   movie Elf. The Elf actor                   students, I really appreci-            an all girl society?) If you             ning and preparing activi-             Society do for the women on               M a k e - o v e r, K i c k b o x i n g ,
   was hard to miss since he                  ated all she did for me. I             are, then you can participate            ties. No that does not mean            campus? We know they pro-                 and other activities.
   is a very tall man and was                 can’t thank her enough.”               in     AW S ,   Associated               that you get to come and eat           vide activities for Snow Col-             Hardy plans to have many
   dressed like Santa in a                                                           Women’s Society. There is                cookies with the girls at              lege women, but what is                   more exciting activities for
                                                                                     no sign up form, no club fee,            Girl’s Night Out. Girls, you           AWS’ purpose? Well, Hardy                 this semester. Some to be
                                                                                                                              can also get involved with             says the purpose of AWS is                looking forward to include:
                                                                                                                              AW S . AW S c u r r e n t l y h a s    to “provide women with op-                Girl’s Night Out, Mother-
                                                                                                                              nine committee members.                portunities to get involved               D a u g h t e r We e k e n d , a n d
                                                                                                                                   C h a r l i e H e a l y as Vice   and feel unique, special, and             Morp. A l i c i a e n c o u r a g e s
                                                                                                                              President and other positions          important. We value them                  all girls to come to Girl’s
                                                                                                                              include publicity and decora-          being here (at Snow Col-                  Night Out on February 19.
                                                                                                                              tions. Positions may be avail-         lege) and want them to get                They will be showing Pillow
BRIDGET ANDERSON                              at Demi and Ashton for sobbing               Dear Heart broken, Well,           able for publicity and decorat-        involved.” AWS puts on ac-                Talk and eating goodies. So
Feature Editor                                outloud. Love has no age. The          why didn’t he just run you over          ing. If you are interested in          tivities about once every                 all women come; it will be a
                                              things that make a relationship        with his car? That sounds like it        becoming a committee mem-              month.                                    blast!
                                              functional are hard work, dedi-        would have felt a lot better. I
     Dear Bridget, I have a                   cation, trust, not proximities of      know the pain that break-ups can
problem with two boys. There
is one boy that I knew from the
second day I moved here. I
played a little T-P joke on him
                                              age. The only problems that
                                              might arise with an age differ-
                                              ence as big as your’s is that you
                                              are still pretty young and if you
                                                                                     bring. My last boyfriend decided
                                                                                     to break up with me during a
                                                                                     slow song at the girls choice
                                                                                     dance I took him to. I would
                                                                                                                                Foreign to Snow
and now for the last two months
we have talked on the phone al-
most everyday. He is a really
                                              were to date someone that was
                                              oh, I don’t know, say, 26 is that
                                              they might be looking for com-
                                                                                     have rather stuck a fork through
                                                                                     my eye. My suggestion, feel sad
                                                                                     about it. Cry about it. Read old
                                                                                                                                Meet Dennis Galievich Elkibayev
nice guy, the type that wouldn’t              pletely different things at this       love letters and listens to “your           EMILY PERKINS                                                                        the other side of the
hurt a fly and he would do any-               point in their life. They might        song” over and over and over                Staff Writer                                                                         world want to come
thing for me. Then there is the               want to get married right away         again and then put it all away.                                                                                                  to Snow College?
other one, who I got to know in               and start a family, while you are      It’s all right to feel glum for                                                                                                  When asked why he
the middle of September. He is                just barely experiencing living on     awhile, but if it’s been 2 months                Dennis Galievich                                                                came, “you’ve got to
also really cool and we play                  your own for the first time. I         and you haven’t got out of your             Elkibayev was born                                                                   use your lifetime
basketball every once in awhile               think, overall, age isn’t impor-       pajamas and all you eat is frost-           in Moscow, Russia on                                                                 properly... you need
and talk when we get around to                tant, but I would take it into con-    ing then you are blowing things             October 21, 1986. He                                                                 action, staying in
it. I don’t know what to do. I                sideration anyway. The next and        way out of proportion. What are             is the son of Gali                                                                   one place for a long
want to be their friend, but I                final question, (OK there were         you holding on to? Some guy who             Elkibayev and has                                                                    time to me is like a
kind of want something more.                  only three questions, but I am         wouldn’t know a truly cool girl if          o n e l i t t l e b r o t h e r,                                                     slow death.” Al-
But from which one? One is 19                 only accustomed to answering           it hit him in the face, that’s what. I      Erik. Although Den-                                                                  though Dennis really
and the other is 26. Should age               two questions altogether anyway        know it’s hard. I must of cried over        nis was born in Mos-                                                                 likes it here in
matter, or should I just go with              so everyone’s real lucky that I        slow dance boy for hours. Life              cow, his parents are                                                                 America he still
my gut? I’m only 18. -Con-                    even agreed to do this) question       goes on. Time really does heal.             of Asian decent and                                                                  misses his friends,
fused about boys                              three: Should you follow your          Most of the time breaking up                moved to Russia be-                                                                  and of course family,
                                              gut? Capital Y, Capital E, Capi-       works out for the better. You meet          fore Dennis was born                Dennis Galievich Elibayev                        but who can blame
                                              tal S...YES! It is always good to      new people that you might not               and have lived there                                                                 him? He also gave
      Dear Confused, You real-                follow your instincts. For some        have ever known if you were still           ever since.                         language, and Dennis contin-                     interesting facts
ize that’s like five questions                reason they know more than us.         together. I know this is hard, and               Even though Dennis             ued to improve as time went               about Russia, like how the
right there. Well, I guess we                 Really listen to yourself and ask      it was probably hard on your ex             has lived in Russia practi-         on.                                       city Oimiakon is the cold-
better get started. Question one:             yourself which one can give you        too, but don’t dwell on it. Let go          cally his entire life he                After spending eight                  est town in the world reach-
Which guy should you like as                  the things you want. You deserve       and move on, for your sake. Re-             speaks amazing English.             years studying the English                ing all time lows of -110
more than a friend? That can                  everything you want so don’t           member, Britney Spears has been             Dennis started an English           language, and because of his              degrees...Burrrrrrr...Luckily
be tricky. My suggestion is if                settle, but choose wisely. I’m         dumped; so has Christina Aguilera,          program when he was 6.              great relationship with Jeff,             Dennis says that his home-
you can’t tell which is which                 sure you’ll make the right choice.     and Madonna. Even the prettiest             Once he graduated from              who had made his permanent                town Moscow doesn’t get
right off the bat then date them                                                     most popular girl at your school            the program a man named             home in Idaho, Dennis de-                 colder than Idaho.
both. There is nothing wrong                                                         (the advice column girl) has been           Jeff Palmer (who is cur-            cided to go to Snow College.                   Dennis is majoring in
with dating multiple people as                    Dear Bridget, My boyfriend         dumped. It happens to everyone,             rently residing in Idaho                Dennis’s favorite thing to            mechanical engineering, is
long as both parties know the                 broke up with me last week and         but you will survive.                       Falls) came to live with            do     is    snowboarding,                #21 on the Snow College
arrangement. In doing this you                my whole life is in ruins. I can’t                                                 Dennis’s family in 1990,            “snowboarding is like air to              soccer team, and loves
will be able to see which one is              sleep, I can’t think, I can’t sit in        If you have any questions              where he taught English to          me,” he says as he looks at his           Mountain Dew. If you want
more boyfriend material and                   class, it hurts too bad. We were       you would like to ask Bridget,              the children of Russia. Jeff        beautiful snowboard leaning               to know a way cool guy
which one is just a pal. OK, that             together a long time and I really      please feel free to drop her a line         also taught the already             against the wall.                         who has an awesome ac-
wasn’t so bad, question two:                  thought he loved me. What can          at,               well-educated Dennis                    Many of you are wonder-               cent, Dennis is the guy to
Should age matter? Yes and                    I do to help me through this? -        or Humanities Building room                 more about the English              ing why would someone from                meet!
no. No it shouldn’t, I mean look              Heart broken in Snow Hall              111A.
      The   Snowdrift

                   Page 6
                                  Culture                                                                                                                           February 5, 2004

              Movie in Review                                                                                                                A contest for everyone
                                                                                                                                             KATHY EGGLESTON                              tiful to happen in my life and it
                                                                                                                                             Staff Writer                                 did!” Spencer won second

              The Perfect Score   That is, just steal the answers        kudos for coming up for some-            It’s rated PG-13 because
                                                                                                                                                    “ To We e d o r n o t t o
                                                                                                                                             weed?” questions Cathe
                                                                                                                                                                                          place essay for “The Bike Trip”
                                                                                                                                                                                          about a Special Olympics sum-
                                                                                                                                                                                          mer spent with her grandmother
                                                                                                                                                                                          when she was six and a half
                                  from the PCT. (Princton Testing        thing other than blood and guts      of drug references, sexual     Leatham, whose poem, re-                     years, and Honorable Mention
                                  Center, the place that handles the     or sappy romance. The plot is        content and language and is    ceived Honorable Mention in                  for her poem “In a Thunder-
                                  test and more importantly, the         honestly good in my opinion but      produced my MTV.               the 2003 Snow College’s an-                  storm.”        According to Spen-
                                  answers to the test.) Impossible,      not all that great. It’s not some-                                  nual Weeds Literary and Art                  cer, “Just entering is an
                                  yes? Not necessarily when you          thing that I’ll necessarily buy or      Susie’s Scoring:            competition. Leatham’s an-                   achievement.”
                                  befriend the daughter of an im-        really remember. I found it to be                                   swer after entering Weeds                           “If I was going to be a real
                                                                         kind of short, only 100 minutes.
                                                                                                                 3.5 Stars out of 5          t h i s y e a r ? “ Ye s , e v e r y o n e   writer, I decided I had to take
                                  portant member who practically
                                  lives there. Now, how to do it                                                                             needs to Weed!”                              the first step and enter the
                                  without getting caught? Good                                                                                      Ye s , e v e r y o n e . E v e n      Weeds contest,” stated Kathy
                                  question.                                                                                                  those non-Art/English ma-                    Lin Eggleston, whose poem
                                        At first I thought this movie                                                                        jors. Michael Johnson, a                     “One School Day” took first
                                  would be more of a “little kid                                                                             Snow engineering student, is                 p l a c e a n d s t o r y “ A l b e r t ’s
                                  movie” if you know what I mean.                                                                            another one of the nineteen stu-             Comeuppance” won third
                                  Seeing as I’m already in college                                                                           dent winners published in the                place. “It took courage but the
Photography Editor
                                  and don’t need to worry about                                                                              Weeds - Snow College Literary                self confidence is worth it.”
                                  getting a good score or anything,                                                                          Journal last spring. His first                      Other winners of last
                                  I still found this movie quite in-                                                                         place essay “Torres Gemelas”                 year’s Weeds contest were:
      The Perfect Score High
                                  teresting. The characters were                                                                             chronicles his experience of                 A r t , P a u l Wi l l i a m s , F i r s t
School. SAT’s, ACT’s,
                                  just like you and me. They por-                                                                            being in a small Mexican vil-                place; Georgie Erickson, Sec-
ASVAB’s. All these tests! In
                                  trayed the typical stereotypes of                                                                          lage when the Twin Towers                    ond place; Brittany Larsen,
the new movie The Perfect
                                  high school kids. The jock, the                                                                            came down. Johnson believes,                 Third place; and Douglas
Score starring Erika Chris-
                                  brain, the outspoken one, the best                                                                         “ [Writing my story for the lit-             Larsen, Honorable Mention;
tensen, Chris Evans, Bryon
                                  friends who just like to have fun                                                                          erary journal] was a good ex-                Stories, Nicole Harr, First
Greenberg, Scarlet Johansson,
                                  and the kid who was about to                                                                               perience and you don’t have                  place; Jeff Fulmer, Second
Darius Miles, Leonardo Lam,
                                  smoke a hemp blanket. Out of all                                                                           anything to lose!”                           place; Poetry, Damon Liddiard,
and Tyra Farrell they play 6
                                  these oddballs who would never                                                                                    Danica Whitehead is one of            Second place; Wade Arave,
high School kids who for dif-
                                  “hang out” in their everyday                                                                               six 2003 Weeds authors who re-               Third place; Melanie Craig,
ferent reasons, want to get a
                                  lives, they get together and form                                                                          main at Snow. She received                   Nicole Harr, Angela Hill, Jes-
good score on their ACT’s.
                                  lasting friendships.                                                                                       Honorable Mention for her                    sica Martin, and Jay Britton
      The problem is, for dif-
                                        There’s a little bit of every-                                                                       poem “Seeing David.” White-                  Fisher, Honorable Mention;
ferent reasons; they can’t re-
                                  thing for everyone. You’ve got                                                                             head says, “It is really exciting            Essays, Denise Avis, Third
ally get those scores. Whether
                                  your romance, (just a few kisses,                                                                          to see words that come out of                place.
it’s because they were let off
                                  nothing too big) your climbing                                                                             your soul on paper and then put                      Remember to get your
doing work because they were
                                  through ceiling ropes, cops, jail,                                                                         into print. It feels like I’ve ac-           name in the next Weeds you
the star basketball player or
                                  jokes … everything. The main                                                                               complished something impor-                  must enter! Entry forms with
because it’s simply “some-
                                  focus/moral of the story is fo-                                                                            tant for myself.”                            the contest rules can be ob-
thing to do”, they all need to
                                  cused on the hardships and chal-                                                                                  Entering a contest is never           tained from the writing lab, the
make sure they get passing
                                  lenges that teenagers have today                                                                           easy, but the rewards are many.              campus library, or the Humani-
scores. Can’t get them le-
                                  and the unfairness of standard-                                                                            “I knew I needed to do this,”                ties building foyer.
gally? Why not do it illegally?
                                  ized testing. You gotta give them                                                                          shared Tonya Spencer, “be-                          The last day to enter the
                                                                                                                                             cause I needed something beau-               contest is February 14, 2004.

                                                      Music Review
Triumph: Comedy of a puppet dog
                                  about the news of celebrities made me cringe. Then he
                                  and then his famous line, “For called a Chinese restaurant,
                                  me to poop on!” His first com- looking for his brother, who
                                  edy album “Come poop with might have already been
                                  me” is insult after insult on the cooked. But the best phone call
                                  famous people of today.           was to a catalog, where they
                                       Triumphs song “Bob sell dog beds, in which he or-
                                  Barker” accompanied by Jack dered the largest bed with the
                                  Black, is to get back at him for name “Home of the Dog
                                  saying at the end of The Price Pounder.”
                                  Is Right, “Be sure to spay and         There were many guest
BRAD DENNEY                       neuter your cats and dogs.” He stars that were with Triumph.
Opinion Editor                    inter-                                                   Adam
                                  views                                                    Sandler,
                                  B e n        “Beware, there is a reason it has           Conan
     The comical stylings of      Curtis,        an explicit content warning on            O’Brien,
Triumph, the insult comic         t h e                                                    Janeane
                                                             this CD...”
dog will only be appreciated      D e l l                                                  Garofalo,
by the people who already         dude,                                                    Vinnie
know who he is and like his       on his rising career, also Jared Pastore, Jared Fogle, Ben
sense of humor. Beware,           Fogle from the Subway diet Curtis, Horatio Sanz, and
there is a reason it has an ex-   commercials. He interviews Jack Black. This album is
plicit content warning on         MTV VJ’s Kurt Loder and Iann only for a few fans of Tri-
this CD with a bonus DVD.         Robinson, and tells them where umph, the insult comic dog.
     Triumph started out as a     their careers are going.          Which can only be described
small time puppet act on               On the CD, there are a few as vulgar, rude, disgusting,
Late Night with Conan             prank phone calls. The prank and should have never been
O’Brien. A late night talk        call to a dog kennel, trying to put out. I loved it.
show famous for it’s raun-        find a girlfriend, was hilarious.      This album is a very
chy material.                     Another to a STD hotline, g o o d a l b u m … “ f o r m e t o
     Triumph would talk           which I can’t write about, it poop on.”

   Advertise in the Snowdrift.
                                                                                                                                                                                                The   Snowdrift

                   February 5, 2004
                                                                                                                            Culture                                                             Page 7

Win cash with Weeds Writing and Art Contest
KATHY EGGLESTON                        Contest is held yearly and Weeds
Staff Writer                           advisor, English professor and
                                       poet, David Rosier enjoys this
                                       project despite the work involved.
      Angela Hill took an impor-       Rosier reads and proofreads as
tant step last year. She entered       well as oversees the publication
the Weeds Literary and Art con-        of Weeds. Rosier chooses local
test and won Honorable Men-            people with academic skills in the
tion on her poem “Feminist Fa-         Arts for judges. He also chooses
tigue.” Hill, this year’s Weeds’s      a student editor to be in charge
editor explains, “My experi-           of promotion and layout. Mark
ence with Weeds last year re-          Soderborg helps behind the scene
ally helped me expand myself.          with the production.
I think just getting up the cour-           For the sixth year, Mrs. Eris
age to enter any kind of contest       Sondrup Nielson is sponsoring
is important in the development        the cash awards which are given
of an artist. I speak of an artist     in accordance with the judge’s
in the broadest sense as some-         choices for first, second and third
one who creates something in-          place in each category. The Con-
credible. “Whether your medium         test Rules are covered on the en-
is paint, clay, pencil or words, as    try form. The categories are po-
an artist, being able to take the      etry, essay, short story and art.
risk and put your work ‘out there’     Mrs. Nielson also selects her
in the world is a considerable step    best-liked creation based on
not only in the progress of your       overall literary and artistic qual-
work but also the progress of your     ity for a special award. Although
self-worth. If you believe in your-    about 200 poems are entered
self and your work enough that         each year, Rosier states, “Very
you are willing to let others see it   few short stories and essays are
and judge its value, then you are      entered.” Hill adds, “As editor of
that more secure in who you are        this year’s Weeds, I encourage all                                                                                                                    Susie Motola/ Photo Editor
                                                                                Weeds Production advisor Mark Soderborg, Student Editor Angela Hill, Literary Advisor David Rosier
and what you can do. The satis-        students who love to create, who
faction that comes in the result,      put themselves into their cre-           is built, think how much greater Angela Hills, Professor Rosier, it under his office door, Humani- if you enter you can read your
whether good or bad, will help         ations, to enter this contest. It will   the satisfaction will be.”        the writing lab, the campus li- ties room 186C.                  own name in Weeds next year.
build your art and your charac-        help begin to build a bridge from             Due date for entries is Feb- brary, or from the Humanities        The Weeds Snow College           “Artistry     cannot       be
ter.”                                  your soul to the souls of others         ruary 14,2003. Entry forms can foyer. Return entry with entry Literary Journal is on sell in the taught...only awakened.” D.
      The Snow College Writing         in the world. And if that bridge         be obtained from Weeds editor form to Professor Rosier or put book store. It is a good read and Rosier August 2003

          Taste of Sanpete                                                                                                         Book Talk
                                                                                                                     The Cat Who Talked Turkey
  Satisfied Ewe Cafe                                                                                                            An honest expression
  MELANIE NELSON                       missed. The Satisfied Ewe wel-           what you get, but always get-
  Staff Writer                         comes you to enjoy breakfast,            ting more food than you pay          CATHE LEATHAM                        the clues for the police. The char-   Klingenscheon fortune. He is
                                       lunch and dinner. Not only are           for, ranges from $6-12. Des-         Culture Editor                       acters evolve from big city crime     required by the will him to
                                       you there to enjoy the food, but         serts average out to be around                                            to small town living. Qwill discov-   move and remain in Moose
       The Satisfied Ewe Cafe          the atmosphere as well. This             $2. One of their special and                                              ers more about himself and his        County. Qwill being a man of
  open 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. ev-       small town, western themed res-          highly popular treats is The               Lilian Jackson Braun has       past. He also becomes historian       few wants or needs decides to
  ery day (Breakfast until 11:00       taurant has a relaxed, enjoyable         Big Muddy. It’s a scone,             released her twenty-sixth book       and town comic relief through his     share his wealth with the com-
  AM) 350 N. Main St. 283-             environment. Looking around I            topped with their special            in her series that began with        column "The Qwill Pen" in the lo-     munity and establishes the
  6364                                 noticed numerous authentic               sauce, vanilla ice cream, hot        "The Cat Who Read Back-              cal paper "The Moose County           Klingenschoen Foundation.
       The Satisfied Ewe is lo-        country decorations. They have           fudge, whipped cream and             wards" in 1966. Braun has clev-      Something."                                All in all, I enjoy the
  cated on the east side of Main       also included clever puns, putting       chopped nuts, with a cherry          erly incorporated the intelligent         Qwill becomes local philan-      books, the quirky people and
  Street. It sits back in its own      their restaurant name to use, such       on top. I couldn’t do with-          and curious personalities of cats    thropist when he inherits the         cat pranks.
  quaint little world, where           as: “Please Seat EWE-self,” and          out trying one. I definitely         in her mysteries. KoKo (Kao
  many don’t notice its flashing       “Happy Trails to EWE.”                   was not disappointed.                K’o Kung) and Yum Yum are
  yellow sign or decorative                 While you are waiting for                If you’ve never given           Siamese cats who are acquired
  lights. The sign out front           your food, which in my case was          The Satisfied Ewe a shot, go         at different times by noted
  reads City Cafe. These are           no more than ten minutes, there          for it. They won’t let you           newspaper reporter James
  words that are obviously not         are things to keep you busy. At          down. I mean, they have five         MackIntosh Qwilleran. The
  appealing enough for the av-         each table there is one comical          different kinds of French            unique spelling of his Byline is
  erage Snow College student.          book for your reading enjoyment.         fries, along with their own          a quirk in every book.
  I have often asked fellow Bad-       These include: “The Disgusted            fry sauce. Senior Citizens                 Once Qwill gets involved
  gers if they had heard of, eaten     Drivers Handbook,” “The Out-             get a ten percent discount.          with the first cat, KoKo, his life
  at, or even seen this country        house Book” and “Geezerhood.”            You will get full, that’s a          will never be the same. Qwill
  cafe and I rarely was answered            Prices vary primarily ac-           promise. Every dinner                feels the cat knows more than
  yes as their reply. Well, it’s       cording to the time of day.              comes with soup or salad,            most cats or people. Aren’t most
  definitely my pleasure to in-        Breakfast ranges anywhere from           choice of potatoes, a veg-           cats smarter and better company
  form you that this restaurant        to $3-6. Lunch is $4-11. And             etable, and a dinner roll.           than people? A cat expresses it’s
  is not to be overlooked or dis-      Dinner, obviously depending on                Get Satisfied!                  emotions honestly. When it is
                                                                                                                     affectionate it acts that way,
                                                                                                                     when it wants left alone it
                                                                                                                     swipes with it’s paw. Are cats
                                                                                                                     independent or do they just
                                                                                                                     know what they want and like.?
                                                                                                                           Qwill is positive KoKo can
                                                                                                                     read, as well as type, maybe is
                                                                                                                     even psychic. The Cat Who
                                                                                                                     books are punctuated with en-
                                                                                                                     joyable stories of cat antics, and
                                                                                                                     small town living. "Moose
                                                                                                                     County four hundred miles
                                                                                                                     north of everywhere."
                                                                                                                           KoKo seems to have a
                                                                                                                     sixth sense for mystery and
                                                                                                                     solving them. KoKo seems to
                                                                                                                     do the thinking and finding of
                                                                                                                     the clues while Qwill interprets

                                                                                       Susie Motola / Photo Editor
  The Satisfied Ewe Cafe: one of the untapped pleasures of Ephraim

  Call in a request now:
                                  89.5 FM

           The   Snowdrift

                         Page 10                                                                                                                                                  February 05, 2004
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Snow alumni
        Superbowl Results:
Patriots strangle a win out of Carolina!
Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                              Proehl, followed by Kasay’s ex-
                                                                                                                                                              tra point. With only 1:08 left on
                                                                                                                                                              the clock, it seemed we were
                                                                                                                                                              about to witness the first Super
                                                                                                                                                                                                      play on the
                                                                                                                                                                                                       next level
                                                                                                                                                                                                    DREW SPEAR
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sports Editor

                                                                                                                                                                                                            #11 Gardner, Jeff
      Whether it was the great                                                                                                                                Bowl to ever go into overtime.               Idaho State Univer-
performances by both quarter-                                                                                                                                      John Kasay’s kickoff went                      sity
backs or Janet Jackson’s “slip-                                                                                                                               out-of-bounds, giving the                  Jeff played two seasons
up” during halftime, there was no                                                                                                                             Patriot’s the ball at their own 40-   at Snow College and was a
reason not to have been on the                                                                                                                                yard line. Tom Brady promptly         First Team All-Scenic West
edge of your seat, nervously bit-                                                                                                                             move the Patriot’s 37 yards in six    Conference performer in
ing on your fingernails during                                                                                                                                plays, hitting Deion Branch to        2003. As a sophomore, he
Super Bowl XXXVIII. Some are                                                                                                                                  set up Vinatieri. Two years ago       averaged 17.7 points, good
calling it the best Super Bowl                                                                                                                                Adam Vinatieri won Super Bowl         for third in the league and he
ever, while others are warning us                                                                                                                             XXXVI with a field goal that          led the league in three other
to get used to the Patriots and                                                                                                                               went through as time expired.         categories, assists (5.6 per
Lombardi Trophy being used in                                                                                                                                 Here he was again in Super Bowl       game), steals (1.9 per game)
the same sentence frequently.                                                                                                                                 XXXVIII with eight seconds re-        and three-pointers made,
Super Bowl XXXVIII was not                                                                                                                                    maining and his team tied at 29.      with 93. He shot a respect-
the best ever, but in many ways                                                                                                                               “As I kicked the ball it felt good    able .375 from three-point
the strangest.                                                                                                                                                off of my foot,” Vinatieri ex-        land. Gardner excelled at the
     The New England Patriots                                                                                                                                 plained, “and when I looked up,       free throw line also, going
defense has shut down some of                                                                                                                                 it was right down the middle.”        155-for-182, good for a .852
the best offenses in football this                                                                                                                                 For the second time in three     percentage. Gardner led the
season. For instance, Peyton                                                                                                                                  years, the Patriots were Super        Badgers to 46 wins over his
Manning and the Colts were                                                                                                                                    Bowl champions and Tom Brady          two seasons, including a 21-
playing as well offensively as a                                                                                                                              was named MVP. Vinatieri all but      10 mark in 2002-03. Jeff
team can play until they ran into                                                                                                 Photo curtesy of   cemented his position into the        scored a career-high 38
the Patriots in the AFC Champi-           The New England Patriots wrapped up the Superbowl with a 31 to 29 victory.                                          Hall of Fame with the kick, and       points against the Former
onship game. The Pat’s defense            everybody was readily awaiting          Patriot’s 15-yard line, Jake only 2:51 remaining.                           Brady became only the ninth           Collegiate All Stars and led
played brilliant as they executed         the halftime show.                      Delhomme took the snap and                 Jake Delhomme led all NFL        Quarterback to win the Super          the Badgers in scoring in 13
the game-plan to perfection and                New England tried a squib          dropped back to pass. Nobody quarterbacks with eight fourth-                Bowl twice. The win was the           games last year. After trans-
won their fourteenth-straight             kick, but it was poorly executed,       could get open so he scrambled out quarter drives that either won or        Patriot’s fifteenth straight, and     ferring to Idaho State Uni-
game.                                     and the Panthers returned it their      of the pocket to his left, and with a tied the game. A remarkable stat      has brought up talks about this       versity this last year he has
     The Carolina Panthers de-            own 47-yard line, giving them a         flick of his wrist, fired a perfect from a guy who nobody had even          being possibly the best team ever.    started 21 games for them
fense has played just as tough.           possible shot at getting into field     pass down the sideline to Muhsin heard of before the season began.               The fourth quarter featured      and is currently averaging
Their defensive line is considered        goal range, or even the end zone.       Muhammad, who took it into the To give the Panther’s a chance,              a combined 37 points between          12.2 points per game. He is
to be the best in the NFL and                  The Panthers surprised the         end zone.                             Jake needed to push that number       the two teams, a Super Bowl           shooting an astonishing 45%
their secondary hadn’t allowed a          Patriots, who were in a deep pass            The pass was the longest to nine and did so, with ease.                record. I couldn’t help but de-       from the 3-point range and
receiving touchdown in the post-          coverage, by running a draw play        play from scrimmage in Super               Delhomme calmly moved            bate what was easier this Super       also averages 3.3 assists per
season until Sunday.                      to Stephen Davis for 21 yards to        Bowl history, and gave the the Panther’s down the field 80                  Bowl Sunday: scoring touch-           game as well as 2.5 re-
     Both defenses lived up to            the New England 32-yard line.           Panther’s their first lead of the yards, with precision, in only            downs, or scoring with Janet          bounds.
their billing as nobody scored for        From there, John Kasay connected        game, 22-21. It also marked the seven plays. He tied the game at            Jackson?
the first 27 minutes of the game,         on a 50-yard field goal to close out    first time New England had 29 with a 12-yard pass to Ricky                                                              #4 Vroman, Jackson
the slowest start in Super Bowl           the first half. After the slow start,   trailed in a                                                                                                           Iowa State University
history. With 3:05 remaining in           both teams combined for 24 points       game since
the first half, Tom Brady found           in just over three minutes.             November 23,                                                                                                           Jackson had an out-
Deion Branch wide open in the                  Both offenses were shutout in      also in Hous-                                                                                                     standing sophomore season,
end zone to capitalize on                 the third quarter, but on just the      ton, against                                                                                                      leading the Scenic West
Carolina’s only turnover, a               second play of the fourth quarter,      the Texans.                                                                                                       Conference in both scoring
fumble by Jake Delhomme.                  Antowain Smith pounded the              Once again                                                                                                        23.9 points per game and re-
     At that point, Carolina had -        ball in from two yards out to give      the Panthers                                                                                                      bounding (9.6 rpg) for a
7 yards of total offense and no           the Patriot’s a 21-10 lead. To fol-     went for two                                                                                                      Snow team that finished 25-
first-downs. The touchdown                low form, the Panther’s quickly         and fell short.                                                                                                   8. He had the second-best
seemingly awoke the Panther’s             answered with a six-play, 81-                T h e                                                                                                        field goal percentage in the
offense as they managed a 95-             yard drive, ending with a 33-yard       Panther’s lead                                                                                                    conference at 62.2 percent
yard touchdown drive, capped              run by DeShaun Foster, and the          didn’t last                                                                                                       (295-of-474) and led the
off by Steve Smith’s 39-yard re-          score was 21-16. They went for          long as Brady                                                                                                     league in double-doubles
ception. The drive was tied for           two trying to make the score 21-        came back                                                                                                         with 18. Jackson scored a
the second longest in Super Bowl          18 but failed as Delhomme’s pass        with his third                                                                                                    career-high 33 points vs.
history, and the 39-yard touch-           fell behind Muhsin Muhammad.            touchdown                                                                                                         Utah Valley State. Last year
down pass was the longest the                  The Patriot’s next drive fea-      pass, this time                                                                                                   as a junior he led the cy-
Pat’s defense had allowed all sea-        tured their only turnover of the        to       Mike                                                                                                     clones in rebounding with
son through the air.                      game as Tom Brady’s attempt             Vrabel, and                                                                                                       9.4 a game, which was also
     Tom Brady answered back              was picked off by Reggie                converted on                                                                                                      good for 5th in the Big 12.
and threw another touchdown to            Howard in the end zone. What            their     two-                                                                                                    He averaged 12.5 points
David Givens, giving the Patri-           Jake Delhomme did next solidi-          point conver-                                                          Photo curtesy of                  which ranked him second on
ots a 14-7 advantage. With only           fied him as a great quarterback.        sion to make it The Panther’s defence block the second of the Pat’s field goal attempt.                           the team. He had a season-
17 seconds left in the first half,        On second-down from the                 29-22 with                                                                                                        high 24 points and 8 re-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    bounds against a nationally-

                 Spear’s Sports                                                                                           Player Spotlight
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ranked Texas Tech. During
                                                                                                                                                                                                    this year he is shooting 58%
                                                                                                                                                                                                    from the field and averaging

           A glimpse at national sports                                                                                                                                                             13.1 points a game with 9.8
                                                                                                                                                                                                    rebounds per game. This
DREW SPEAR                                such as Andre Miller of the Den-
                                          ver Nuggets and Keith Van Horn
                                                                                  West with a 9-0 league record.          Candace Jane’s addiction                                                  year while continuing his
                                                                                                                                                                                                    good play and is moving up
Sports Editor                                                                     Much like Air Force they don’t                                                                                    ISU’s rebounding and
                                          of the New York Knicks.                 have one offensive threat, but          JEREMY WINN                         ing Mexican food. She
                                                                                                                                                                                                    blocked shots record list.
                                               Although Coach Majerus has         many players that chip in on a          Staff Writer                        was married on August
  Rick Majerus to give it up              been under NCAA investigation           regular basis. But because of the                                           14th in Minersville and has
                                                                                                                                                                                                            #11 Goodell,Troy
     (coaching...not ribs)                recently, there is no doubt that his    lack of strength of schedule,                                               enjoyed the experience.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          Weber State Univer-
                                          love for the game and his players       these teams must win their con-              Candace Janes plays            Her twin, Cammie, has been
     Coach Majerus’s chest pains          is abundant. We will miss you           ferences to receive an automatic        small forward for the Lady          a big part of her life and also
                                                                                                                                                                                                         As a sophomore for
at a dinner last week were too            coach. Oh ya, Bon Appettite.            bid into the NCAA tournament.           Badgers basketball team.            plays basketball for the
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Snow College Troy led the
much to handle, forcing him to                                                    I wish the best of luck to these        Thanks in part to her great         Badgers.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    badgers in rebounding aver-
be escorted to an emergency                       College hoops:                  two great teams.                        playing ability, the Badgers             Candace has been play-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    aging 8.8 a game. Goodell
room. This isn’t the first time his              Full of surprises                     One of the most disappoint-        are enjoying a fine season.         ing competitively since the
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ranked 2nd on the squad in
health has given him problems.                 and disappointments                ing teams so far has been the Mis-      “Candace is a very com-             fifth grade and loves the
                                                                                                                                                                                                    points (16.9 ppg), blocks
In December of 1989 after coach-                                                  souri Tigers. Starting the season       petitive player but off of          adrenaline and excitement it
                                                                                                                                                                                                    (10), steals (52), and field
ing only six games as the newly                 The most surprising teams         with high expectations they were        the court, she is very mel-         offers. In a game earlier this
                                                                                                                                                                                                    goal percentage .513. Troy
appointed head coach of the Uni-          thus far in the NCAA include            ranked 6th in the nation. With a 4-     low and is always con-              season, Candace was 12-12
                                                                                                                                                                                                    had a career-high 31 points
versity of Utah, he underwent             Utah State and Air Force. Air           3 league record and 9-8 overall         cerned about others.”               from the free throw line, an
                                                                                                                                                                                                    against North Idaho College.
heart bypass surgery. Early in the        force currently stands atop the         record, and the fact that they are in   Coach Shurtliff mentioned           area Coach Shurtliff calls
                                                                                                                                                                                                    He is seeing limited minutes
00’-01’ season he had to take a           Mountain West standing with a           a tough conference, the Big 12, a       after a recent practice. Her        “her biggest strength.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                    in a reserve role at Weber
leave of absence also for health          5-0 league record, and a 15-2           NCAA bid is looking grim for the        personality has helped                   “Whenever we are in a
                                                                                                                                                                                                    and is averaging 3.2 points
related issues. The 55-year old 6-        overall record. They have had           Tigers.                                 Candace achieve a lot in            tight ballgame, the girls
                                                                                                                                                                                                    a game and 4.2 rebounds. He
foot tall Majerus is reportedly tip-      convincing wins over both Utah               Michigan State have also been      her life.                           look to Candace for leader-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    is quietly and soundly mak-
ping the scales at 370 pounds.            and BYU.                                somewhat disappointing. The                  In high school Candace         ship. She has been through
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ing a contribution to this
      It is said that he will be retir-         The most impressive story         Spartans who have a very talented       played softball and frac-           the wars and emerged as our
                                                                                                                                                                                                    team. Ranked 2nd on the
ing as head coach at the end of this      this season may be that Air Force       team but have lost many close           tured her femur. “It was            go-to player.” Candice cur-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    squad in points (16.9 ppg),
season. Coach Majerus has been            hasn’t had an above .500 season         games with ranked teams have            very painful but I was still        rently averages 12.9 points
                                                                                                                                                                                                    blocks (10), steals (52), and
coaching at the U of U since 1989.        since 1977. Another interesting stat    fallen from 3rd in the nation to out    surprised when I had it X-          per game and 5.3 rebounds
                                                                                                                                                                                                    field goal percentage .513.
In the 1990s the Utes posted a .767       is that their leading scorer, Keller,   of the top 25.                          rayed and it was broken. It         per game.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Troy had a career-high 31
winning percentage and tallied 250        averages only 11 ppg. This could             Even though they are 9-8           ended my softball career but             Congratulations to
                                                                                                                                                                                                    points against North Idaho
wins, which ranked them 8th in the        only mean that there is some team       overall they still are only a 1⁄2       helped me focus on Basket-          Candace and the o t h e r
                                                                                                                                                                                                    College. He is seeing limited
nation. Also during this time they        ball being played in Colorado.          game back in the league with a 5-       ball.”                              members of our girls’ bas-
                                                                                                                                                                                                    minutes in a reserve role at
made 10 trips to the NCAA tour-                 Another surprising season is      2 record. The Spartans look to re-           Candace loves the out-         ketball team.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Weber and is averaging 3.2
nament and in 1998 played in the          being played not far from here in       deem their slow start and make the      doors, especially four-wheel-            Make sure you get out
                                                                                                                                                                                                    points a game and 4.2 re-
championship game. He has                 Logan, Utah. The Aggies have            tournament. Tune in to college          ing. You can also find her          and support them in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                    bounds. He is quietly and
coached and mentored many                 gotten off to a remarkable start at     hoops to see great basketball ev-       many nights at her house            double header against
                                                                                                                                                                                                    soundly making a contribu-
young men who have gone on to             17-1. Utah State also is ranked         ery game, and be ready for sur-         scrap-booking, while eat-           Dixie this weekend.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    tion to this team.
excel in the game of basketball           first in their conference, the Big      prises and disappointments.

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