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Breakfast Exchange Club of Gurnee


									Breakfast Exchange Club
       of Gurnee

 New Member Orientation
             to the
         OF GURNEE
      Your Exchange Club
    What’s in Your New Member
       Information Packet?
• What is Exchange?
• Exchange Programs of Service
• Pillars of Exchange
• Programs of Service
      Community Service
      Youth Services
      Prevention of Child Abuse
• Our Meetings
• Resources
         What is Exchange?
•   “America’s Service Club”
•   Women and men working together to
    make their community a better place
    to live
•   Four programs of service:
        Community Service
        Youth Activities
        Prevention of Child Abuse
    What is Exchange? (cont.)

•   Involves activities that encompass:
     Fund-raising
     “Sweat-equity”
     Fun-raising
     Networking
         Exchange Club:
         Pillars of Service
•   Americanism
•   Community Service
•   Supporting Our Youth
•   Prevention of Child Abuse,
    our national service project
       Americanism involves:

•   Pride in country
•   Respect for our nation’s flag
•   Appreciation of the untold sacrifices
    made to ensure our gift of freedom
•   Being a good neighbor
•   Being a good citizen
Community Service involves:

•   Crime Prevention
•   Fire Prevention
•   Giving of your Time and Talents
•   Service to Seniors
•   Recognition of Others
•   Assess and fill other community
    Youth Activities involve:

• Instilling the spirit of community service
  within our youth
• Providing opportunities for leadership,
  team-building, and individual and collective
• Recognizing educational, extra-curricular
  and extra-ordinary excellence
• Offering financial assistance in the pursuit of
  higher education
Prevention of Child Abuse involves:

 • Financial support (fund raising) for service
   agencies focused on Child Abuse Prevention
 • Awareness information dissemination
 • “Hands-on” support
     “sweat-equity”
     participation in specific agency programs
The NEC Mission Statement

    Exchange, America's Service Club,
  is a group of men and women working
 together to make our communities better
places to live through programs of service
in Americanism, Community Service, Youth
  Activities, and its national project, the
        Prevention of Child Abuse
    Breakfast Exchange Club of Gurnee
             How We Operate
•   The Board meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month – open to all
•   Two general membership meetings per month
      2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month
      Meeting time is 7:00-8:00am
      Location is the Rhapsody Cafe
          •   Just North of Grand Avenue (Rte 132) and Dilleys Road
•   Dues are $50/qtr or $200 annually
        Dues include a hot buffet breakfast at each meeting
•   Operate two separate budgets
     •   Community Service – all fundraisers and programs of service
     •   General Fund – dues and 50-50 raffle money that runs the club
     •   Neither can be co-mingled
Breakfast Exchange Club of Gurnee
Membership Meetings are Important
•   Meet, mingle and network among the key business,
    professional, government, educational, and individual leaders in
    the Gurnee area
•   Hear about upcoming programs and activities
•   Sign up to help
•   Share in our success as we recap past events
•   Learn something new about you or your town through our
    Informational presentation by local community
•   See and hear the future with our Youth of the Month
•   Start your day out with a little fun
•   Your Mentor and Fellow Exchangites
•   Lincolnland Link
•   Exchange Today

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