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It was a tight squeeze to fit everything in this week. Now we
are looking forward to the Easter edition of the Independent
                                                                           Successful OTEP Bids
next Thursday. One of the highlights of this paper is the letter         The 5th bidding round of the Overseas Territories Environ-
from Mr Mark Coleman on page 5. It indicates that the dis-               ment Programme has now concluded. The OTEP Secretariat
tance between policy and reality is miles wide. What is the              received 29 project proposals from a wide range of project
use of spending vast amounts of money on consultants to                  applicants including OT governments, educational institutions,
write policy when there is always an excuse for not following            UK and OT-based NGOs. The applications were assessed
it?                                                                      by a 6-person panel comprising officials from the FCO, DFID,
Mike                                                                     DEFRA and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, a spe-
                                                                         cialist from a UK scientific institution and a representative of
    What They Said About Us …………                                         the NGO community (UK Overseas Territories Conservation
             Lords Debabate
   House of Lords Debate on The                                          Forum. Following the panel meeting on 19 February, the FCO
               erseas erritories
    British Overseas Ter ritories                                        and DFID approved 11 projects, some with conditions attached
                                                                         to the funding.
                        – 5th March 2008                                 Among the approved projects were Ascension Island endemic
Baroness Hooper                                                          plant conservation and Tristan da Cunha’s Control of alien
St Helena, for example, needs funding to conserve and pre-               mice and plants at the Gough Island World Heritage Site.
serve its unique buildings and to build up its tourism poten-            Two projects for St Helena were conditionally approved. It
tial. Currently, heritage lottery funding cannot be sought out-          was a project called “Supporting critical species recovery and
side the United Kingdom. Therefore, I ask the Department                 horticultural needs on St Helena” and the “Heart Shaped Wa-
for Culture, Media and Sport to make an exception here for               terfall - public access and amenities” projects. One of the
the tiny territories involved, as we did in relation to the educa-       conditions being that a more detailed work-plan should be
tion issue.                                                              submitted. The Heart- Shaped waterfall project alone is esti-
Lord Jones of Cheltenham                                                 mated to cost almost £90,000.
Thirdly, I want to talk briefly about St Helena. Its airport is          Among the projects not approved were two on Ascension -
vital; without it, the economy is unsustainable. St Helena costs         Minimising the impact of rats on Ascension seabird recovery
the British taxpayer a lot of money at the moment—£14 mil-               and Green Mountain National Park landscape restoration.
lion a year—and that will only increase. We need to get that
airport. I do not know whether how far the airport has got is in
the Minister’s brief, but the sooner it is started, the better,                        Outag
                                                                           Electricity Outage
otherwise we will have a generation of Saints who have lived             Early Tuesday morning, the breaker of Feeder two from the
off the island and will probably not want to go back and it will         Power Station tripped. This left a large part of the island with-
be difficult to attract people back. There are 600 Saints—as             out power. Most areas except Jamestown and Half Tree
they call themselves—on the Falklands, and they inquired                 Hollow were without electricity. Fault finding started immedi-
whether, when there is an airport on St Helena, there will be a          ately. The power outage also affected the Cable and Wire-
flight from the Falklands to St Helena so that they can get              less Television and Internet service and thereby also the Saint
back to see their loved ones.                                            FM Internet streaming.
Baroness Verma                                                           Early Tuesday afternoon, Derek Richards, the Manager and
Although some of the territories such as Bermuda, the Brit-              Head of the Public Works and Services Department said that
ish Virgin Islands, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands are de-             “we are still trying to fault find the system and trying to find out
veloping and promoting good governance and implementing                  what has gone wrong. We know we have three problems.
sustainable processes, huge improvements need to be made                 Firstly, we have an unknown fault in the Blue Hill area. Sec-
by others such as St Helena, Montserrat and Pitcairn, on                 ondly, we have a tree on the line near over at Hallams in the
which £28 million of the £48 million of UK funding is spent.             St Paul’s area and one of our larger problems is that one of
Lord Bach                                                                the poles near Isaac’s Shop in Longwood has developed a
Risk management practices have been high on the agenda                   fault and this is causing some problem; it has also affected a
over a number of years, and that needs to continue. We have              couple of nearby poles as well and we are working on that at
a rolling programme of capability reviews, and we are en-                the moment. Once we have fixed that fault, most people will
gaged in one in St Helena which was mentioned by the no-                 be brought back on line. That should take an hour or two and
ble Lord, Lord Jones. Great emphasis on the identification               then the Energy Division will be fault finding the problem in
and appropriate management of risks and sharing best prac-               Blue Hill.” At about five past six Tuesday evening, power was
tice is widely encouraged.                                               restored to all areas of the island.
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                     2
    Police Update
           Update                                                        A NEW ASSOCIATION
                                                                         FOR ASCENSION
The Police Service in St Helena received and dealt with a total          A meeting was held last night and a new association was born:
of 27 reports for the period Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th March              the United Kingdom Ascension Island Support Association.
2008. There were 6 criminal reports and 2 road traffic reports.          In recent weeks news has broken about the UK government’s
Police currently have the following cases under investigation:-          admission that extraordinary rendition has actually happened
On Monday 3rd a report of theft in the Longwood area was re-             through Diego Garcia airbase in the British Indian Ocean Terri-
ceived; On Wednesday 5th another report of theft in the St. Paul’s       tory. This was the small country of Chagos whose citizens were
area was received and the third report of theft was received on          forcibly expelled in the 1960’s to make way for the US air base.
Friday 7th in the Half Tree Hollow area.                                 Another overseas territory were UK citizens are being denied
On Saturday 8th March a report of criminal damage in the James-          their basic rights is Ascension. Coincidently where another US
town area was brought to police attention and two reports of             air base, Wideawake, exists. This has been the scene of a gov-
common assault was also reported.                                        ernment being dissolved by a Foreign Office diplomat acting on
One minor road traffic collision occurred in the Jamestown area.         his own discretion as governor. In 2007 Governor Clancy called
The driver at fault was given a verbal warning for the offence of        a general election where only one candidate was put forward
driving a motor vehicle on a road without due care and atten-            for the 7 person council. All other citizens refused to stand for
tion.                                                                    election because they did not wish to join a sham government
One person was given a verbal warning for the offence of driv-           that had diminishing powers and no longer truly represented
ing a motor vehicle on a road without due care and attention.            the people.
Two girls went missing on Monday afternoon. They are                     Once the Council was dissolved the Governor set about con-
Annoushka March age 15 and Sheralee Yon also age 15.                     vening his own ‘Governor’s Advisory Group’ which to this day
On Monday night, Police and the search and rescue services               meets in secret and has no publicly available minutes. It is made
were in the Blue Hill area searching for the two girls whilst fur-       up of the heads of the island’s main employers (the BBC, Serco,
ther police personnel and social services were at police head-           Cable and Wireless etc..) All the island’s legislation is made
quarters. The girls were later found safe.                               from this group. These same employers own the houses and
                                                                         land that citizens live in. Thus, no right of abode.
The Ascension Police Detachment had a relatively quiet week              Ascension once had a democratically elected government which
from the period of the 03rd March to the 10th March with only            lasted two terms of office - 4 years. It was set up with great
three reports, which includes one report of Road Traffic acci-           aspirations towards Ascension standing on its own as a small
dent one report of loud music and one Road Traffic Offence.              island state, especially developing fisheries as a key export.
On Monday the Police received a report of loud music at the              Readers may know of the famous crayfish of Ascension’s sis-
Pier Head that occurred some time in the early hours of Mon-             ter island of Tristan Da Cuhna a delicacy available on the menus
day morning. Enquiries were made and the appropriate action              of some of the most chic restaurants. The council also had fis-
was taken. On Thursday the police received a report of a Road            cal control and other usual jurisdictions that council’s have.
Traffic accident that occurred on the Needles Road, involving            Islanders cannot speak out for fear of eviction
two vehicles, there were no personal injuries, but one vehicle           Now, the island has no representation other than the Governor
received minor damage. The driver at fault was given a verbal            who is supposed to represent Her Majesty’s Government to
warning for driving without due Care and attention. The acci-            Ascension Islanders and vice-versa. Ascension Islanders have
dent was not alcohol related. On Thursday the police responded           no the right of abode we enjoy on the UK mainland and em-
to a Road traffic Offence which occurred in Georgetown. This             ployers form the key stake holders on the Advisory Group. There-
case is currently under investigation.                                   fore, apart from notable heroic individuals, no one on the island
                                                                         is prepared to speak out. They fear losing their jobs and their
      Por tzic Going Down?
       ortzic        Down?                                               house and the beautiful island country that they and genera-
                                                                         tions of their families have come to know and love as home .
The fishing vessel Portzic has during the last week been taking          That is why interested parties have formed an association called
in more and more water and it is feared that she cannot be kept          the United Kingdom Ascension Island Association (UKAISA). It
afloat much longer. His Excellency Governor Gurr said that               has been set up to lobby at the heart of the UK government on
‘she is slowly dying in front of our eyes’. She has been moved           behalf of Ascension Islanders to advocate for their rights and
from the mooring in Rupert’s Bay and is now anchored James               restoration of democracy for Ascension.
Bay. Two prospective buyers will be surveying the vessel and             We are now calling on all Ascension ex-pats and interested
equipment has been taken off in preparation for scuttling. If the        parties to join UKAISA and welcome people to get in touch.
prospective buyers have not made a decision shortly, the Portzic         UKAISA - campaigning for Ascension
might be scuttled in the next few days to prevent it from sinking        DAVE CROFT, CHAIR, UKAISA
in the harbour.
                                                                                    Land and Property
  High Knoll Coming Down?
After another large piece of wall at High Knoll Fort collapsed
last month it became evident that the fort, which is one of St
                                                                                      For Sale
Helena’s most prominent buildings, needs a full survey to as-              on St Helena in the following areas:
sess its structural weaknesses. This needs to be done before
any decision on rebuilding of the two parts which have fallen                   Thompson’s Hill, Jamestown,
down. Stacey English, the Project Manager for the cliff                             Sandy Bay / Greenhill
stabilisation project, and a Geologist has offered to make a first
assessment of High Knoll Fort already this month. The work                       Please telephone +290 4944
has been commissioned by the Governor’s Office.
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                  3
                                                                             Profits jump at South Africa Bank
                                                                             Africa’s largest bank, the Standard Bank of South Africa, enjoyed a
                                                                             32% rise in profits in 2007. The bank called it “a momentous year” in
                                                                             which it had “weathered the global financial stresses”. Profit after tax
                                                                             was 16.57billion rand, (£1.07billion), up from 18.36billion the year before.
                                                                             Standard Bank reported strong growth in loans as the number of
                                                                             personal and business current accounts grew and the number of
                                                                             mortgages also rose.

                                                                             Sudan - Man forced to ‘marry’ goat
                                                                             A Sudanese man has been forced to take a goat as his “wife”, after he
                                                                             was caught having sex with the animal. The goat’s owner, Mr Alifi, said
                                                                             he surprised the man with his goat and took him to a council of elders.
                                                                             They ordered the man, Mr Tombe, to pay a dowry of 15,000 Sudanese
Italy - Priest sent off in Unholy Row                                        dinars (£25) to Mr Alifi. “We have given him the goat, and as far as we
A priest was sent off in a church football tournament for throwing his       know they are still together,” Mr Alifi said. Mr Alifi, of Hai Malakal in
shirt at the referee. The actions of the priest lead to Paul the Apostle’s   Upper Nile State, told the Juba Post newspaper that he heard a loud
College being eliminated. Italian sports officials had expressed hopes       noise around midnight on 13 February and immediately rushed outside
that the tournament held at the Vatican City will help restore a positive    to find Mr Tombe with his goat. “When I asked him: ‘What are you doing
image of football in Italy.                                                  there?’ he fell off the back of the goat.

Mozambique – Ravaged by Deadly Cyclone                                       Britain - Producer prices at 16-year high
At least seven people have been killed and thousands have fled their         Price inflation of goods leaving UK factories is at its highest rate in 16
homes as Cyclone Jokwe hit northern Mozambique. Some 500 buildings           years, as producers pass on rising raw material costs. The Office for
including schools and hospitals have been destroyed and electricity          National Statistics said that producer prices rose at an annual rate of
pylons downed. The cyclone was expected to move south last Monday            5.7% in February, the same rate as January. Prices paid by factories
and people have been warned to stay out of the sea, as wind speeds           for raw materials rose 19.3% on the year - the fastest since records
reach 200km/h (125mph). Tens of thousands of people were left                began in 1986. Analysts said the rise could deter the Bank of England
homeless by flooding earlier this year.                                      from further interest rate cuts.

Zimbabwe - President Robert Mugabe has approved legislation giving           Germany – Plans for ‘High-Rise’ Cemetery
Black Zimbabweans the right to take a majority share of foreign and          Dessau, a town in eastern Germany, could be the place where a pyramid
White Zimbabwean companies. Mr Mugabe’s decision comes three                 is built to house the cremated ashes of the dead. The idea is to build
weeks ahead of his country’s presidential elections. Under the               the pyramid with stone blocks – each one containing an urn with the
legislation, every company must have at least 51% of their shares            ashes. The pyramid would be an ‘efficient’ cemetery. It could be 150
owned by Black Zimbabweans. If not, the government will block new            metres high, contain five million stones and occupy land the size of six
investment, mergers or restructuring. The new law means some of the          football fields at its base. Buying a stone for the pyramid is estimated
country’s biggest businesses will have to find local partners. Mr            at £535.
Mugabe’s information minister said, “It is an historic economic
empowerment bill, it is the first of its kind in the whole of Africa.”       Britain – Scientists claim breakthrough in bacteria research
The opposition say the law is a cynical attempt to buy public support        Hopes are raised for restoring the full antibiotic effect of penicillin after
ahead of elections scheduled for 29 March. Rather than helping the           a team of scientists in the UK claimed to have discovered how bacteria
economy, independent economists suggest the new law will cripple             causing pneumonia has become resistant to drugs. The micro
the foreign investment needed to help stem the country’s raging              organisms at the centre of the team’s research kill 5 million children
inflation, where something costing £1 today will cost £10,000 in twelve      world-wide each year. The research could lead to a new drug which is
months time. The forthcoming elections are the strongest electoral           able to combat MRSA - a highly resistant bacterium which is a problem
challenge of Mr Mugabe’s 28-year rule.                                       in hospitals among patients already weak with illness.

Sierra Leone – is ‘Riddled with Corruption’                                  Wales – Storms cause power cuts to 500 homes
Widespread corruption and mismanagement are revealed in a                    High winds and heavy rains have rampaged across Britain twice this
presidential audit in Sierra Leone. Newly-elected President Ernest Bai       week causing widespread flooding and wind damage. In Newport, South
Koroma commissioned the report. It catalogues grave inadequacies in          Wales, 170 people were evacuated as a safety measure from a mobile
key areas such as health care, tax collection and the security services.     home park to hotels and the city’s leisure centre. High winds caused
It provides a unique and outspoken insight into the sometimes shadowy        power lines strung between pylons to swing and cause arcing when the
business of running a poor African nation through years of war and           lines got too close to each other. The power cuts affected 500 homes
chaos. One arm of government, for example, is alleged to have lent           in the city.
more than £480,000 to an unspecified recipient in the few months before
the recent handover of power. “We would advise,” the report says             Australia – Wheat grain exports reduced to ‘almost nothing’
coldly, “an investigation into the reasons for the loan”.                    Australia is the world’s second largest exporter of grain. Normally about
                                                                             25 million tonnes is produced for the world market. The country remains
The Sierra Leonean Ministry of Agriculture is described as having            in the grip of the worst drought this century. In 2006 only 10 million
“almost zero productivity”. Financial accounts are reported to have gone     tonnes of grain were produced. This year crop yields could be worse.
missing from many ministries and the culture of record-keeping is            The drought is causing and will continue to cause a sharp rise in world
generally said to be “in a miserable state”. These findings might not        food prices.
be surprising to anyone who lives in Sierra Leone or any number of
poor nations that have been through such chaotic times. The audit            Britain – Darling Budget is more of the same
acknowledges corruption as “the greatest impediment to the country’s         Alistair Darling’s first budget as UK Chancellor of the Exchequer had a
development”. Sierra Leone, one of the poorest countries in the world,       familiar ring to it. Cigarettes up by 11p a packet, beer up 4p a pint and
is very slowly recovering from a decade of brutal war that ended in          spirits up 55p a bottle. Petrol will increase by only 2p and not until
2001and still faces huge challenges.                                         October. Road tax will be high on high polluting cars with zero road tax
The war started in 1991 when rebels crossed from Liberia and took            on the lowest polluting vehicles. Plastic shopping bags will be taxed if
Sierra Leone’s diamond fields. The rebels were defeated by a United          shops do not do more to charge for them and an extra £2billion will be
Nations peacekeeping force and a separate intervention by the British        spent on frontline troops with £0.9billion of that spent on military
army. This year the country held elections that were seen as fair and        equipment. Darling claimed Britain is in a strong position to deal with
were won by the opposition. The new President has inherited a bankrupt       global uncertainties in the financial markets and has offered to do more
nation which is riddled with corruption.                                     to help small businesses in the UK.

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                                  4
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Dear Independent,                             Argos has turned the matter down flat.           Dear Independent,
Last week’s Independent displayed an          It would seem that Argos intends stand-          I am not a person to be critical of
picture of a truck which overturned in        ing firm with their policy that “fishermen       progress or to object to change, but a
Main Street about the same time as pas-       can’t pass their costs onto the cus-             person who is hard working and deliv-
sengers, spectators and trucks jostled        tomer”. Fishermen struggle to under-             ers a service to the wider St Helenian
with each other for space on the wharf        stand who it is they should pass it onto         community and provides services the St
by the railings. The scene on the wharf       then, especially with the more recent            Helena government no longer provides.
was the same last Saturday. Perhaps           forbidding inflation forecasts in mind?          We have been told by SHG officials the
SHG feel there is no point in crying over     The public is reminded that local fish-          private sector developments and invest-
spilt milk since they held their “passed      ermen are still bound by the fishing boat        ment in St Helena will take the Island
with flying colours”                          license, which states, “all fish caught          into an industrial future with the pro-
Health and Safety excercise on a ficti-       must first be offered for sale to the            posed development of air access for St
tious Sandy Bay accident. The situation       SHFC”, which offers little option in a           Helena. These plans and policies have
is unlikely to occur for another two          competitive marketing system. Put sim-           being given the full endorsement of
months as the RMS goes joyriding off          ply, fishermen have to take what Argos           councilors, SHDA and supported by the
to UK and back, burning the same ex-          gives us.                                        DAPM team on their last visit to the is-
pensive fuel which caused the recent          Finally, to conclude on a more positive          land.
“fright” increase as mentioned in your        note, the SHFC Management Board                  As a small time contractor I provide a
editorial.                                    fully recognizes the difficult situation still   regular service of lawn cutting at Plan-
Regards                                       facing the fishing industry and in a gal-        tation House. The service has been pro-
Nick Thorpe                                   lant effort has offered to try and help          vided for the past two years without any
                                              fishermen. This latest effort is to offer a      concerns raise from SHG and I felt I was
                                              further 6 weeks fuel subsidy totaling 100        providing a good service.
                                              litres per week per boat. As in the case         In view of developing my business and
Dear Independent,                             of the recent Government fuel subsidy            including the Plantation lawn on my serv-
SHFA Proposal to Help Keep                    this is directed at the 10-full-time com-        ice list as guaranteed work, I invested
Fishing Industry Afloat is                    mercial fishing boats only. Once again           in a ride-on lawn mower. However, I
Turned Down by Argos                          the SHFA would like to express their             have recently discovered that my serv-
With low fish catches now entering its        gratitude and applaud this positive ac-          ice will no longer be required as the SHG
7th month, the Fishermen’s Association        tion during uneasy times. Fortunately is         have also purchased a brand new ride-
was hard pressed to approach Argos            this case when one window closed, an-            on lawn mower with the cost been paid
Atlantic Coldstore to consider a tempo-       other opens.                                     from SHG’s annual budget.
rary arrangement in the purchase price        Trevor O Thomas                                  It would be interesting to know what was
of tuna below 10 kg. In reality fishermen     Chairman, SHFA                                   the amount paid for the mower in re-
are paid 29p per kg for any fish below                                                         spect of value for money and full cost
10 kg and 64p for fish from 10 kg on-                                                          recovery which is now high on SHG’s
ward. This means that a tuna weighing                                                          agenda or was any monies waived or
in at 9.9 kg is bought at 29p per kg and                                                       was this purchased made from the end
with a mere added 0.1 kg the price sud-                                                        of the years spending of surplus mon-
denly spirals to 64p per kg. The Asso-                                                         ies from the budget.
ciations’ proposed that any fish from 8                                                        Is this the way SHG intend to undertake
kg to below 10 kg should be paid at 44p                                                        private sector development and the out
per kg until fishing picked up, which                                                          sourcing of SHG’s services
could hopefully be less than 2 months                                                          Mark Coleman
off. All other fish purchase price lev-                                                        Coleman’s Landscaping
els would remain as is. Regrettably,
as with other previous fish pricing pro-
posals put forward by the Association,

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                5
                                                                           Now we have been officially told by no less a person than the Fi-
                                                                           nancial Director of St. Helena Line, Mr Matt Young: “The R.M.S. is
                                                                           getting old and needs a lot of loving care and attention.” However
                                                                           a few of us know that during the first sea trials the vessel was
                                                                           discovered to fall far short of the design specifications, and there-
                                                                           fore the late John Musk was cleverly manoeuvred into signing his
                                                                           acceptance for the ship. The twin rudders were never fitted; the
                                                                           fore and aft thrusters were never fitted. Furthermore the engines
                                                                           and fuel units, superchargers, blowers and air conditioning units
                                                                           perpetually gave trouble which kept the engineering staff running
                                                                           in all directions on every trip. The Auto pilot was quite often out of
                                                                           synchronisation and the cranes, lifts and other equipment are by
                                                                           no means always running correctly. I understand the crew refer to
                                                                           it as the rust bucket (or some extremely close derivation of that
                                                                           spelling). The sad thing is the shipyard selected was never a logi-
                                                                           cal or sensible choice, the engines and blowers should have been
                                                                           changed long ago but the nettle has not been grasped by the St.
The Fathers and Mothers of the future have me worried, so many of          Helena Line members (aren’t they the body who arranged for the
them are ignoring reality and behaving as though tomorrow will never       vessel to be built in the first case?). If so, instead of owning up to
come; anyone over the age of six should know that a new day will           their mistakes they have lost many thousands of pounds in repair
dawn... Why can our young not understand that? Whilst a desire for         and restoration bills; they are not mariners, seamen or midship-
sex is normal, the sexual act without taking precautions is stupid.        men, and should have been thrown out long ago. Penny wise and
I understand that the incidence of sexual transmitted diseases on          pound foolish sums them up!
the island is increasing and even more worrying is that Syphilis is        Once again one learns by the back door that certain undertakings
now rapidly overtaking Gonorrhoea as the major worry. Indeed there         arranged with British Government are not honoured in fact (or in
are a large number of other ailments and diseases connected with           the breach!). Now I suddenly find that DfID had adroitly rolled the
sexual activity which can be difficult to treat; some of which can         subsidy for running the R.M.S. into the St. Helena local Budget;
cause trouble later in life including cervical cancer.                     this means that if the general running cost and repairs to engines
BUT if the old fashioned ills have become more prevalent; how can          and ancillaries cost four million this year, we will be expected to
any of us ignore the fact that AIDS is almost certainly already on the     find the extra million from our own resources. This is not what was
island and can be transmitted just as easily! Who wants to imagine         promised by British Government all those years ago and once again
that they are safe/ lucky/ clean and know their sexual partner has         we are being subjected to the most underhanded obtuse deceitful
been pure/ clean/ honest and faithful?                                     lot who can only be called devious and looked upon as criminal in
Believe it or not I have been fairly abstemious during my life and         their dealings with the Island. I use the word criminal because in
tried to make certain that I was in love with a glorious girl (before I    the outside world such betrayal of trust and written promise would
forgot my Mothers frantic and dire warnings) and yet to be quite           be looked upon as fraud.
honest I caught gonorrhoea twice; and my very first sexual act re-         I cannot understand how our Councillors allowed this to happen
warded me with the then most dreaded Syphilis. That is just to show        especially as we can all see that the vessel is almost rusting away
that if Aids had been around in my young days, I might well have           as everything is coming up towards its sell by date! (2010).
been buried many many long years ago!                                      And as it says at the top of the column ‘And another thing, are we
I understand that the girls say they do not like the boys wearing a        supposed to be impressed by another of these ‘open government’
condom because they cannot feel! This is extraordinary to me as I          letters from Governor Gurr? The Land Control Board turned down
have seen condoms with corrugations like the iron on my roof and           the application to erect three new Wind Generators sighting
little hands stuck on the end. I am certain they must be able to feel      aesthetical grounds. …. I could have sworn the first objection was
things like that. All this and I am not certain what flavour is the most   because of the Wirebirds; however reasons do seem to change as
favoured (anyway I never realised they could also taste) we never          often as the wind direction. Another was because of the cows; this
had things like that in my day.                                            would seem to me to be a long shot because in the rest of the
My particular wish is that the parents of youngsters should do all in      world cows do not appear to take any notice whatsoever.
their power to pass on the benefit of their own knowledge and expe-        However it would appear that suitably pepped up by a talk from the
rience. Which leads me as if by magic onward to Prince Andrew              Governor the L.C.B. might be prevailed to give the exact same
School and the many reports of a troubling kind; gratuitous wilful         location their blessing this time. As Michael pointed out in his edi-
damage and stupid malicious acts including bullying and spiteful           torial, this is a first time that a rejected project has not come up for
hazing of classmates; throwing books and other objects during class;       appeal; but at the behest of the power and majesty of ‘He who
unruly children are causing all sorts of mayhem and it is clear that       must be obeyed.’
some teachers are losing (or have lost) control; badly frightened by       I always believe that I should place my true feelings into the melt-
the more antagonistic types who gesture and mouth obscene re-              ing pot, and can only look with horror at the possibility of another
marks if reprimanded, and often offer physical violence to the teacher     hoard of expensive residents from the United Kingdom arriving to
or helper. If my information is correct, I cannot comprehend why no-       go through all the rigmarole of collecting wind strength and direc-
one has officially made this known and why nothing would seem to           tion data all over again. We know the present site is nicely posi-
have been done to address the problem.                                     tioned to help us financially and will not require a new road or new
It would appear that the more upsetting moments are discussed at           cabling to the electrical grid, so why waste any more time on these
the teacher’s tea break, but when the reports are sent in they do not      never ending objections, we can never please everybody, however
appear to be acted upon in any meaningful way. Is this the fault of        hard we try. Let’s get hold of some of that cheap electricity and in
the head teacher, the education department or the administration           that respect I can therefore agree with the short circuiting of the
and is this failure one of the reasons that so many teachers are           rigmarole by the Governor. I did write a joke for the end but sup-
leaving the profession?                                                    pose the other joke will suffice. Two objects rattling around the
I have also been informed that these moments of near anarchy have          island and clearly hugely enjoying the notoriety to the full. In my
caused some parents to take their children out of school and have          day their rear ends would have gained even more attention and I
(or are going to) make other arrangements for their tuition. What a        suspect their Mother’s would have sorted the whole thing out pretty
shame, so much hope for the future was placed on Prince Andrew             damned quick. What strange times we live in. Thus, the law makes
School.                                                                    a fool of us all.
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                           6
                                                                             Prince Andrew School Celebrates
                                                                                    Commonwealth Day

      MONDAY 10th MARCH 2008

    A message from Her Majesty The
   Queen, Head of the Commonwealth
Last year, Commonwealth Heads of Government met in
Uganda on the edge of Lake Victoria and agreed to an Action
Plan for tackling climate change. It was an appropriate place
to do so: from there, the waters of the River Nile begin a
three-month journey to the Mediterranean.
The Nile, throughout history, has served humankind in many
ways. But for all its impressive size and importance, this river
is a fragile eco-system; and its vulnerability grows with the
number of people dependant upon it, so that a single inci-
dent of pollution upstream may affect the lives of countless
numbers downstream.
The example of the Nile illustrates many of the challenges               ‘The Environment, Our Future’ was the theme of Common-
facing the global environment as a whole which, belatedly,               wealth Day 2008. Events on St. Helena were, this year, hosted
we have come to understand cannot alone sustain our lives                by Prince Andrew School. The morning began with an as-
as once it did. The competition for fresh water by a growing             sembly where the Chief Education Officer, Miss Pamela Law-
population is itself becoming a source of potential conflict.            rence, welcomed His Excellency Governor Gurr and Mrs Gurr,
Our own attitudes to the environment, and the use we put it              Members of the Education Committee and other invited
to, may have consequences for people on every continent                  guests.
and for every ocean and sea.                                             She spoke about how the Education Department has, on pre-
The impact of pollution falls unequally: it is often those who           vious Commonwealth Days, shown care for the environment
pollute the least – notably in the world’s least-developed na-           by tree-planting and how, this year, the tradition was to be
tions – who are closest to the razor’s edge: most affected by            continued. Miss Lawrence also paid tribute to the late Mr
the impact of climate change and least equipped to cope with             Tubby Caswell, for his work in tending many of these trees in
it. And it is important to remember that the environmental               Commonwealth Avenue.
choices available in some countries may not be an option for
                                                                                                         Continued on NEXT PAGE
In some parts of the world, for example, fossil fuels can be
used more sparingly and buildings can be made of more ef-
ficient, sustainable materials; but it is far harder to expect
someone to adapt if he relies on the trees of a local forest for
fuel, shelter and livelihood. If we recognise the interests and
needs of the people who are most affected, we can work with
them to bring about lasting change. Happily, this approach
has always been a strength of the Commonwealth, and aware-
ness of environmental issues is now widespread, with a de-
termination that future generations should enjoy clean air,
sufficient fresh water and energy without risking damage to
the planet. Few are more aware or energetic in confronting
climate change than young people, and we should support
In the Commonwealth, governments, businesses, communi-
ties and individuals should each strive to match words and
good intentions with deeds. Every contribution has its part to
play. Whatever we do, wherever we live, our actions in de-
fence of the environment can have a real and positive effect
upon the lives of others, today and into the future.
10 March 2008
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                              7
                                                                         ticularly; about the role young people have to play.
    Prince Andrew School Celebrates                                      Picking up these themes, Years 12 and 13, with the guidance
           Commonwealth Day                                              of Mrs Cheryl Bedwell, gave an extremely informative pres-
            Continued from PREVIOUS PAGE                                 entation on global warming and what we as individuals can
                                                                         do to reduce climate change. Measures include buying local
                                                                         produce, planting trees and taking showers, not baths. The
                                                                         students also addressed the Government of St. Helena, en-
                                                                         couraging them to take measures such as recycling and in-
                                                                         vesting in energy efficient technology. Essentially they em-
                                                                         phasised the need to practise the three R’s: Reduce, Reuse,
                                                                         And Recycle.
                                                                         The assembly concluded with Headteacher, Mr Derek Henry,
                                                                         reflecting on St. Helena’s great Gumwood forests that were
                                                                         sadly destroyed by man and how important it is to redress
                                                                         the balance. To this end, 65 Gumwood trees were planted in
                                                                         the school grounds by invited guests and students.
                                                                         Following the assembly and refreshments served by the Year
                                                                         12 catering students and Mrs June Richards, the guests
                                                                         toured the school and saw displays focused on the theme of
                                                                         environmental awareness. They were also able to see stu-
                                                                         dents at work in cross-curricular projects with an environ-
                                                                         mental theme. Activities included: making models of alterna-
                                                                         tive energy sources; writing speeches and letters expressing
                                                                         concerns about global warming; watching the documentary
                                                                         ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ by Al Gore; researching the impact of
                                                                         warming; and publicising the threats of climate change through
                                                                         The day’s organiser, Deputy Headteacher, Miss Vyona Young
                                                                         said “if it has encouraged people to make a difference, then it
                                                                         has been a success!”

She emphasised that young people’s involvement in shaping
their future is vital. This means them being proactive and
taking pride in their island and their world, giving it care and
respect and thinking how an individual’s actions impact on
the environment. She called on adults to make a framework
for the future so that “a wholesome, healthy and sustainable
environment” is passed on.
She gave examples of how the school is already involved in
environmental issues, such as AS Environmental Studies stu-
dents participating in OTEP projects with their teacher, Mrs
Janine Wade. She also said that former student, Shayla Ellick,
is preparing to study for a degree at Hertfordshire University
in Environmental Management and Geography.
The Queen’s Commonwealth Day message, read by Gover-
nor Gurr, highlighted the consequences of climate change
and the responsibilities that we all have as members of the
Commonwealth in addressing the problems. It spoke, par-

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                8
  Are you bored by the same repetitive house designs appearing all over our is-
  land? Are you ready for something perhaps a little different, stylish or original?
  Maybe there is a house that you have always dreamed of, but needed help de-
  signing? Then no more worries - all you need to do is contact “Skipps Architec-
  tural Design & Planning.”

  Skipps Architectural Design & Planning will help you to design, draw and esti-
  mate the house, extension or alteration you have always wanted.
  Some imagination applied to your plans need not entail any extra construction
  cost, but will help your property appreciate in resale value quicker than others.

  Skipps will also help you identify cheaper methods of construction while keeping
  your design safe, contemporary and with character.

  So far so good? That’s not all; Skipps will also help you design your house to suit
  the existing land on your site. That means you won’t waste resources excavating
  holes (or should we say virtual quarries) in your beautiful landscape.

  Skipps Architectural Design & Planning also offers the private house builder or
  contractor a foundation squaring and setting out service with the erection of di-
  mension marked profiles.

  For technical information, advice, ideas or a quote, simply contact Skipps TO-
  One thing you can be sure of, Skipps design rates are “affordable and competi-
  tive” with “discounts negotiable for larger projects”.

  Business Hours for Skipps Architectural Design & Planning are as follows:

  Mondays: 10.00am to 2pm
  Tuesdays: 2 – 4pm
  Wednesdays: 2 – 4pm

  Other times and appointments can be agreed by mutual arrangement

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                  9
                               There’s no better place to broaden your horizons

                                                  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
St Helena Island is a UK Overseas Territory situated in the South Atlantic Ocean. With a population of
around 4000 people, the Island is located 1930km from the nearest accessible seaport in Namibia and
some 1100 km from the nearest (military) airport on Ascension Island.

Solomon & Company is seeking a new CEO to lead the organisation through one of the most impor-
tant times in the Company’s 200-year history at a time when an airport for St Helena is planned.

As a key player in the business community with an annual turnover of c£6million, Solomon & Com-
pany has a diverse portfolio of businesses ranging from retail and wholesale to farming and building,
shipping, fuel and insurance. Being well placed to take advantage of the business opportunities ahead,
there are plans to grow and align the Company’s business interests with the airport development and
the consequential inward investment opportunities.

This creates an excellent career opportunity for someone who can demonstrate the strategic capabil-
ity to move the organisation forward by leading and growing the Company through a rapidly changing
business environment. With a workforce of 200 we need to enhance our current organisational capa-
bility by building our skill-base and maximising profitability and cash flow in all our business units.

To be considered for this exciting position, applicants will need a sound commercial background with
at least 5 years at senior management level, which includes substantial financial management expe-
rience and a track record of sustained performance improvements. We are particularly interested in
applicants who have the confidence to take on the unknown and will deliver tangible results through
people-focused leadership.

The post is offered on a 2 year contract in the first instance with an attractive performance related
remuneration package which includes relocation expenses for an overseas appointment.

Our current CEO, Tony Green, will be happy to provide further information and can be contacted at the
Company’s office, Jamestown on telephone no. +290 2380. His e-mail address is

For general information about St. Helena contact our St Helena United Kingdom Representative or our
Commercial Representative in South Africa.

Contact details are as follows:
Kedall Worboys, UK Representative: Telephone: +44 207 031 0314 or
Adam Kossowski, SA Commercial Representative: Telephone: +27 21 683 7430 or

CV’s must be sent electronically to the Human Resources Manager by emailing:
or using fax no. +290 2423

The closing date for applications is 20th March 2008.
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                               10
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   11
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   12
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   13
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   14
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   15
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   16
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   17
                                                                              WiFi Internet Hot Spot
                                                                               First for St Helena

    Cable & Wireless SA Ltd would
    like to advise customers that
    the Customer Care Centre at
    Bishop’s Rooms, Jamestown
    will be closed on Wednesday
    19 March 2008 for stock taking
    purposes.                                                        Following the launch of
                                                                     Broadband on St
                                                                     Helena in November
                                                                     2007, Cable & Wireless
                                                                     South Atlantic Ltd has
                                                                     further enhanced this
                                                                     service through the intro-
                                                                     duction of WiFi Internet
                                                                     services from February
                                                                     2008. The first ever WiFi
                                                                     Hotspot is now opera-
 APPLICATION FOR WORK PERMIT                                         tional at Ann’s Place in
 Notice is hereby given that Mrs Jennifer Cutting of                 Castle Gardens. The WiFi
 Sunnyside, has applied for a Work Permit to enable her to           Hotspot is ideally placed to
 produce, bake and sell cake and other food items, from              promote this new and im-
 home, on a self-employed basis.                                     proved service to our customers.
 Any objections to the granting of the above Work Permit
 may be lodged, in writing, with the Secretary, Immigration          What does this mean?
                                                                     Customers can now for the very first time experience “Internet on the
 Control Board at the Office of the Chief Secretary, The
                                                                     move!” There are two WiFi access options available. Existing
 Castle, by 7th April 2008.                                          broadband users will be able to logon using their Broadband Ac-
                                                                     count details and usage will be deducted from their data bank. First
 E J A Garner                                                        time/one off users can purchase per minute access by means of an
 Secretary                                                           account generator. Plans are in hand to expand the service by in-
 Immigration Control Board                                           stalling additional hot spots in key locations such as hotels and the
                                                                     harbour area in Jamestown. The harbour area installation will use
                                                                     specialised antennas which will provide coverage of the harbour and
                                                                     thus give access to yachts and the RMS St Helena when anchored.

  For Sale                                                           WiFi Internet Hot Spot - First for St Helena. Restaurateur, Richard
                                                                     Sim advised that in the short time the WiFi service has been opera-
                                                                     tional they have received very positive feedback from the public. One
                                                                     customer stated
  A brand new Jupiter                                                “It worked fine, I had good strength. Not only is the service con-
                                                                     venient but I like the fact that I can use it in the stimulating,
  Deluxe Alto Saxophone                                              relaxing environment of Castle Gardens”.
                                                                     Richard has also advised that in association with Cable & Wireless,
  priced at £270.                                                    he has plans to expand the Internet Bureau to keep up with the high
                                                                     demand for service. When the RMS St Helena is in port; it is quite
  Interested persons can                                             common for customers to experience queues. Expansion will ensure
                                                                     that we continue to provide a high quality of service to our custom-
  call Stedson on 4843                                               ers. Hensil O’Bey, Chief Executive St Helena, Cable & Wireless South
                                                                     Atlantic Ltd. commented “The provision of WiFi at Ann’s Place
                                                                     will undoubtedly provide our customers with flexibility of ac-
                                                                     cess to the internet. Furthermore, it enhances our services to
                                                                     all visitors to St. Helena.”
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                18
      OBITUARY:                                          NANA IRIS
                                                    I thought of you with love today
                                                                                                  VW Beetle For Sale
                                                          but that is nothing new
                                                     I thought about you yesterday                   Registration
                                                         and days before that too,                   number 1115
                                                          I think of you in silence
                                                         I often speak your name                   Body work fully
                                                         All I have are memories                 completed…ready to
                                                        and your picture in a frame
                                                     Your memory is my keepsake                  be sprayed whatever
                                                         with which I’ll never part               colour you want it
                                                       God has you in His keeping
                                                          I have you in my heart.                       to be!
                                                   Your life was full of loving deeds,           Lacosta
  Iris Louisa Benjamin                                     Forever thoughtful of
                                                            our special needs,                   on 4989
 The family, both here and overseas, of
                                                           Today and tomorrow,
 the late Iris Louisa Benjamin (Nana
                                                           my whole life through,
 Iris), who passed away peacefully at the
                                                   I will always love and cherish you
 General Hospital on 11th February 2008
 at the age of 95 years, would like to
 thank Doctors & Nursing Staff, Father
                                                   No farewell words were spoken,                   The public are
                                                       No time to say goodbye,
 Chris Powell & Lay Minister, Mr Edgar
 Crowie for conducting the funeral serv-
                                                  You were gone before we knew it,                   advised that
                                                     And only God knows why.
 ice, Mrs Kathy Hopkins, the organist, Mr
                                                   From: Theresa & Christopher                   from 1st April 2008,
 Roy Williams and Team, Michelle for
 reading the poems, Emily for making                                                              the new fee for a
 wreaths and those who, so freely, gave
 flowers and helped in any way. Also
                                                                                                  British Overseas
 Family & Friends who sent messages                                                              Territory Passport
 of sympathy and floral tributes. Your
 support and condolences were very                                                                  will be £30.00.
 much appreciated during our sad loss.
 May God Bless You All
 ‘Iris is gone but not forgotten,                GRANDMA AND                                     Special Mum
 Although we are apart, her spirit lives
 with us,                                       GREAT GRANDMA                                    and Nan
 Forever in our hearts.’                       The years we’ve shared have been full of joy,     Happy
 May She Rest In Peace.                        The memories we’ve made will go on and on.
                                              We haven’t stopped crying since you went away,     birthday
                                                Because we miss you so very much each
     For A Dear Mother                                        passing day,
                                              You lit up our lives, our hopes, and our dreams.
        You never said “I’m leaving”
           You never said goodbye
                                                 You’ve opened our eyes to see what it all
      You were gone before I knew it,          So now that you’re gone how can we forget;
           And only God knew why                       Because you were the greatest
       A million times I needed you,                   out of all that we have ever met.         From
             A million times I cried                  We will always cherish your love           Karen,
   If Love alone could have saved you,                    and memories, to the end
         You never would have died                  You’ve been, not only a Grandma,             Stephen,
                                                           but also our best friend,
           In Life I loved you dearly                                                            Malcolm,
                                                        And for that, how can we ever
            In death I love you still                             let you go.
       In my heart you hold a place,                 So bye for now our precious one,            Mandy and
          That no one could ever fill               It’s hard to realise that you’re gone
                                                                                                 Simon also
       It broke my heart to lose you,
            But you didn’t go alone
                                                   You will always remain in our hearts,
                                                 As you’ve been there from the very start.
                                                                                                 Tara, Rico,
       For part of me went with you,                   All that remains for us to say,           Tysha, Kian
       The day God took you home.                 Is that we’ll always love and miss you
  From Sons and Daughters, both here                   Until we meet again someday.              and Ella-Mae
                 and overseas                  From: Theresa, Larry, Sidonio & Terrianne.
                                                Audrey, Adrian & Tyanne, Christopher &
                                                     Michelle And Freddie & Tina.

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                 19
                                                                         SHIPPING OFFICER
                                                                         The Office of the Chief Secretary is looking to em-
                                                                         ploy a full time permanent Shipping Officer with im-
                                                                         mediate effect.

                                                                         The Shipping Officer would be responsible to the Gov-
                                                                         ernor for facilitating the efficient and economic op-
                                                                         eration of the shipping service to St Helena.

                                                                         Main responsibilities include but are not restricted to:
                                                                         •      Advising the Governor and Executive Council
                                                                         on shipping policy including on passenger manage-
                                                                         ment and freight issues;
                                                                         •      In conjunction with St Helena Line, monitor the
                                                                         performance of the St Helena Shipping Service
                                                                         against an agreed business plan and to alert the
                                                                         Governor and Executive Council to any potential de-
                                                                         viations from this;
                                                                         •      Ensuring effective communications on shipping
                                                                         matters and develop/implement an effective proto-
                                                                         col for operational communications between the main
                                                                         stakeholders (SHG, St Helena Line, Andrew Weir
                                                                         Shipping and Solomons);
                                                                         •      Provide voyage analysis and present reports
                                    Motorbikes for sale:
                                                                         to Executive Council;
                                                                         •      In conjunction with all Shipping Service
                                                                         stakeholders, assess and review any aspect of the
                                                                         Shipping Service that may be required from time to
                                                                         time and implement any recommendations arising
                                                                         from the review.
                                                                         •      Develop and deliver a public information strat-
                                                                         egy on shipping strategy and policy matters.
                                                                         The successful applicant should have a minimum of
                                                                         5 years relevant experience and have effective man-
                                                                         agement and organisational skills. A recognised quali-
                                                                         fication in Business Administration and/or Account-
                                                                         ing would be an advantage.
    Honda XL600, Kawasaki 600 & BMW 650
     Excellent condition and smooth riding                               Salary for the post will be at Grade Level 8, com-
      MOT’d until February 2009. Contact                                 mencing £10,188 per annum.
          Larry Nails on 2427 or 4567
                                                                         For further information about the post, interested per-
                                                                         sons should contact Mr Ernest Manley, Head of Gov-
                         Submit your letters to:                         ernors Office, on telephone number 2869.
                     Editor, St Helena Independent
                      2nd Floor, Association Hall                        Application forms, available from the Human Re-
                               Main Street                               sources Department, should be completed and sub-
                               Jamestown                                 mitted through Heads of Department, where appli-
                                                                         cable, to the Secretary, Public Service Commission,
                          Email:                           by Wednesday, 26 March 2008.
                      or contact the editor on 2488
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                          20
To A super dad
Kneo Robinson
Happy birthday for Monday
have a great time
from your
Son Christo

To Josh who
will be 5 on
16 March.

And to Zac
who will be 3
on 31 March.

Love and
kisses from
and grandpa

  ACCESS TO THE                                                          VACANCY FOR LANDS ASSISTANT
                                                                         Are you interested in a career in the Lands Section of the
  RESTRICTED WHARF AREA.                                                 Legal, Lands & Planning Department?
  The public are informed that it is much regretted that no              If so, we have a vacancy for a Lands Assistant.
                                                                         The post holder will be expected to assist the Crown Estates
  fishing from the Wharf area will be permitted on Maundy
                                                                         Officer with the day to day activities of the Lands Section.
  Thursday for safety reasons. Only those persons going                  Applicants should ideally be in possession of GCSE passes in
  fishing by boat will be allowed access to the wharf after              Maths (or Technical Drawing) and English at Grade C or above
  CAN(France) give the ‘all clear’ which is expected to be               and previous surveying or plan drawing experience would be
  shortly after 4 p.m. on Maundy Thursday afternoon. A fur-              advantageous. Applicants should also have the ability to deal
  ther announcement will be made if there is any change to               with members of the Public and be computer literate.
  this time.                                                             The main duties of the post are to:
                                                                                 Participate in all aspects of surveying undertaken by the
  No vehicles, apart from those associated with the cliff and                    Department.
                                                                                 Assist with the management of the Land Registry.
  SHG works, are permitted to be parked unattended within
                                                                                 Assist members of the public with land related enquiries.
  the restricted area beyond the barrier at any time. This                       To provide support to Crown Estates management.
  restriction will also apply on Maundy Thursday.                                Such other appropriate duties (including supporting other
  The public are also reminded that all access to the wharf              sections) as the Crown Estates Officer or Head of Department
  area remains restricted, and is only permitted to author-              may require.
  ised persons who comply with the instructions given by
  the barrier security officer. No members of the public are             Salary for this post is at Grade Level 4 (£5232 - £5856) but the
  allowed to enter the area for swimming, walking , social-              successful applicant may be required to serve initially in Grade
  ising, etc. at any time.                                               Level 3 (£4452 - £5028) for a training period.
                                                                         For further information about the post and a full job description,
                                                                         interested persons are invited to contact the Crown Estates Of-
  Grateful thanks are extended to all those persons who                  ficer, Miss Glynis Fowler on telephone No. 2270.
  are providing full co-operation and support during the                 Application forms, available from the Human Resources and
  period of disruption. Your sense of responsibility and pa-             Legal, Lands and Planning Departments, should be completed
  tience are much appreciated and will help to ensure that               and submitted, through Heads of Department, where applicable,
  the works are completed as speedily and smoothly as                    to the Head of Legal, Lands and Planning Department by
  possible.                                                              Wednesday, 26th March 2008.

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                    21
                                                   Pleasant Valley Farm & Wine Cellar Ltd
                                               Order your EASTER wine
                                                       Now !!!!!!
                                                  While Stocks Last
                                                         WHOLESALE CELLAR PRICES
                                              Bellstone White Table Wines

                                              Chenin Blanc 2006 (Sold out until May) £5.81
                                              Chardonnay 2007………………………. £6.05
                                              Sparkling Pinot Noir/Blanc2006.…...…..£6.57

                                              Bellstone Red Table Wines
                                              Shiraz/Cinsaut 2006…………….….£5.96
                                              Shiraz 2005……………….. ………. £6.37
                                              Pinotage 2005…………….…………£6.37

                                              Kloovenburg White Estate Wines
                                              Chardonnay 2007………….……….……£8.78
                                              Sauvignon Blanc 2007…………………...£8.78

                                              Kloovenburg Red Estate Wines
                                              Merlot 2005……………………...….£9.96
                                              Cabernet Sauvignon 2006…………£10.64
                                              Shiraz 2004……………………...….£10.81

                                              Kloovenburg Red Estate Wine
                                              White from Red Shiraz 2007…….……...£8.78

                                              Diemersfontein White Estate Wines
                                              Carpe Diem Voignier 2005/2007……..…£8.56

                                              Diemersfontein Red EstateWines
                                              Summers Lease 2003………..….….£9.98
                                              Pinotage 2006…………..…….…...£11.38
                                              NEW Cabernet Sauvignon 2006....£9.98

                                                MINIMUM ORDER ONE CASE (6 BOTTLES PER
                                                        MIXED CASES AVAILABLE

                                                                    ****FREE DELIVERY****

                                               Orders can be made by Tel/Fax 3743 or
                                                E-Mail: STYLES.HOME
                                                 All the above wines are also available by the bottle at the
                                                       Queen Mary and Victoria Stores at retail prices

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                         22
                   VACANCY FOR
                  PRISON OFFICER
                   Police service
      The Prison Service is seeking applications from
      suitably mature male and female persons to fill the
      established post of Special Police Constable/Prison
      Officer at HM Prison. Candidates should be 18
      years of age or over to qualify for these positions.
      Salary is at Grade Level 3 commencing at £4452
      per annum but the successful applicant may be
      required to serve in the training grade level 2.
      Shifts are from 8am to 4pm, 4pm to Midnight and
      Midnight to 8am. Applicants must be able to com-
      municate effectively and have good interpersonal
      skills. Some situations in Prison work are demand-
      ing and assertiveness is essential in a Prison Of-
      ficer. The appointment is made subject to the Gaols
      Rules 1999 and Police Force Ordinance 1975 and
      all other orders applicable to the Public Service from
      time to time in force.
      For further details of the duties, Prison Counter-
      part, Nicholas Crowie can be contacted at HM
      Prison during normal working hours on telephone
      number 2541.
      Application forms can be obtained from Police
      Headquarters and should reach the Executive Of-
      ficer by Monday 24 March 2008.
      Derek Thomas, Chief of Police

                     St Helena Development Agency
        Enterprise Centre, No. 2 Main Street, Jamestown, Tel: 2920,
                 Fax: 2166, Email:

      The St Helena Development Agency (SHDA) requires the serv-
      ices of a person, for an average of 22 hours per week, to clean
      the SHDA Enterprise Centre, No. 2 Main Street, Jamestown.
      Hours of work are negotiable.

      The rate of pay for this position is £2.00 per hour.

      For further details about this post please contact Natasha
      Bargo, Executive Officer on telephone No. 2920 or email: An application form and job descrip-
      tion is available from the SHDA Enterprise Centre, No. 2 Main
      Street, Jamestown.

      Applications should be submitted to Managing Director by noon
      on Thursday 20 March 2007.

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   23
                Museum of St Helena

      Open Times
     Thursdays and Friday 10am—4pm

                   Saturday 10am—1pm
    and, when the RMS St Helena or a Cruise Ship is
                anchored the harbour*

              Entrance is Free

                        St Helena Island
                      South Atlantic Ocean
                      Tel/Fax: 00 290 2845

   *Sunday openings on visiting Cruise Ship Days only.

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   24
                                  ANGLICAN DIOCESE OF ST HELENA
                                     NOTICES FOR HOLY WEEK AND EASTER

                             PALM SUNDAY, 16TH MARCH 2008                               MAUNDY THURSDAY, 20TH MARCH
                             Cathedral Parish:                                          10.00.a.m.   Chrism Mass            Arabia
                             8.00.a.m.     Mass with Palms        Cathedral             7.00.p.m.    Mass of the Lord’s Supper with watch
                             10.00.a.m.    Blessing of Palms, Procession                             before the Blessed Sacrament until
                                           & Mass                 Cathedral                          midnight               Cathedral
                             3.30.p.m.     Mass with Palms        St Peter’s
                                                                                        7.00.p.m.    Mass of the Lord’s Supper with watch
                             Parish of St Matthew                                                    before the Blessed Sacrament until
                             8.00.a.m.      Mass with Palms        St Matthew’s                      midnight               St Mark’s
                             7.00.p.m.      Blessing of Palms, Procession               7.00.p.m.    Mass of the Lord’s Supper with watch
                                            & Mass                 St Mark’s                         before the Blessed Sacrament until
                                                                                                     midnight               St James’
                             The Levelwood bus operates. Pick up time 6.20.p.m.
                                                                                        GOOD FRIDAY, 21ST MARCH
                             Parish of St James
                             9.30.a.m.      Blessing of Palms, Procession               10.00.a.m.   Liturgy of the Passion   St James’
                                            & Mass                 St James             12 Noon      Liturgy of the Passion   St Mark’s
                                                                                        12-2.p.m.    Devotions                Cathedral
                                                                                        2.00.p.m.    Liturgy of the Passion   Cathedral
                             DURING HOLY WEEK                                           4.00.p.m.    Stations of the Cross    Sacred Heart
                             Cathedral Parish                                                                                 Church
                             Monday to Wednesday                                        5.00.p.m.    Stations of the Cross    St Matthew’s
                             7.00.a.m.      Quiet Time               Bishop’s           7.00.p.m.    Evening Prayer           St Andrew’s
                                                                     Chapel, “Arabia”
                             7.30.a.m.      Morning Prayer           Arabia
                             8.00.a.m.      Mass                     Arabia             HOLY SATURDAY, 22ND MARCH
                             Wednesday                                                  7.30.p.m.    Easter Vigil, Baptism, Confirmation
                             7.00.p.m.      Office of Tenebrae       Cathedral                       And First Mass of Easter
                             Parish of St Matthew
                             7.00.p.m.      Mass                     St Mark’s
                                                                                        EASTER DAY, 23RD MARCH
                             Parish of St James
                             Monday                                                     6.00.a.m.    Easter Vigil Mass        St John’s
                             7.00.p.m.      Mass             St Mary’s, the Briars      8.00.a.m.    Mass                     Cathedral
                                                                                        9.30.a.m.    Mass                     St Martin’s
                             Tuesday                                                    9.30.a.m.    Mass                     St James’
                             7.00.p.m.      Office of Tenebrae       St John’s          11.00.a.m.   Mass                     St Andrew’s
                                                                                        11.00.a.m.   Mass                     St Matthew’s
                             Wednesday                                                  11.15.a.m.   Mass                     St Helena and
                             7.30.a.m.      Mass                     St James’                                                the Cross

                                                CHRIST THE LORD IS RISEN. ALLELUIA!

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                        25
District cricket results                                                 Sandy Bay 172 for 5 wickets in 25 overs
                                                                         Ian Williams 41; Jeremy Henry 26; Mathew Benjamin 30;
for Sat 8th & Sun 9th Mar                                                Gregory Phillips 30 not out
                                                                         Michael Williams 3 wickets for 26
Sat 8th March:
Blue Hill versus Longwood                                                Half Tree Hollow versus Levelwood
Blue Hill 115 all out in 23 overs                                        Half Tree Hollow 48 all out in 16.1 overs
Shane Williams 31: Barry Stroud 26                                       Ross Henry 3 wickets for 15; Phillip Leo 3 wickets for 3; Colin
Gilbert Young 3 wickets for 26: Simon Henry 2 wickets for 14             Hercules 2 wickets for 10

Longwood 116 for 2 wickets                                               Levelwood 52 for 2 wickets in 8.3 overs
Alistair Buckley 41; Dax Richards 35 not out
                                                                         Contributed by Pat Joshua
Sun 9th March:
St Pauls versus Sandy Bay
St Pauls 188 for 2 wickets in 25 overs
David Reynolds 41; Tris Moyce 38; Cheddy Lawrence 28

                                                                         Nicholas Yon from the Half Tree Hollow Team with 19.1 and
                                                                         at 300 yards, Mario Yon also from the Half Tree Hollow Team
                                                                         with 21.1

                                                                         For the 3rd class shoot, in first place was Half Tree Hollow
                                                                         with 253.2. There was a very closely fought battle for 2nd
                                                                         and 3rd places with the results as follows: In 2nd place, Sandy
                                                                         Bay B Team with 180.3, in 3rd place the Solomons Team
                                                                         with 178.3, closely followed by the Sandy Bay A Team with
                                                                         176.1, taking 4th place.

                                                                         When it came to the highest individual score, in first place,
 2nd and 3rd Class Shooting Competition                                  we had Kayleigh Young from the Half Tree Hollow Team
                                                                         with 51.1. However, there were some very close scores
 held on Saturday 8th March                                              when it came to 2nd and 3rd places. In second place we had
                                                                         Gus Williams, also from the Half Tree Hollow Team with 46,
 For the 2nd class shoot, in first place was Half Tree Hollow            in 3rd place Susan Ellick from the Sandy Bay A Team with
 with 260.4 followed closely by Jamestown in second place                38, followed closely by Kurt Jonas from the Sandy Bay B
 with 257.6. In third place was the Fire Team with 213.2.                Team with 35, taking 4th place and Mark Henry from the
                                                                         Solomons Team with 33 in 5th place.
 The highest individual scores were as follows:
 In first place, Dax Richards from the Jamestown Team with               The highest range scores were at 600 yards, Kayleigh Young
 51.1, in joint second place were Mario Yon and Nicholas                 from the Half Tree Hollow Team with 17, at 500 yards Susan
 Yon, both of the Half Tree Hollow Team with 50.2 and in                 Ellick from the Sandy Bay A Team with 18, and at 300 yards
 third place was Trevor Magellan from the Fire Team with                 we had Kayleigh Young again with 21.1
                                                                         The Pool Ball Winner was Johnny Isaac from the Sandy
 The highest range scores for 600 yards were Anthony Tho-                Bay B Team.
 mas from the Jamestown Team with 19.1, for 500 yards,
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                26
Jamestown Community Centre
Six-a-side League Results
03-Mar                                                                                 St Helena Golf Club News
       Veterans:- 331               beat   Super Sport 6 ;- 330
L. H. Sc:    Olive Williams - 56           Stasia Plato - 75
G. H. Sc:    Charlie Young - 81            Leon Plato - 57               Over the weekend 27 players took part in the Charles
L. H. Sp:    Olive Williams - 12           Stasia Plato - 16             Duncan’s Challenge Cup. Unfortunately the first day
G. H. Sp:    Charlie Young - 15                                          had to be abandoned after 7 holes due to heavy rain.
                                                                         Sunday the weather stayed mainly fine and the winner
       Ruthy’s Angels:- 301       beat     Choc N’ Nuts:- 298            was Jeff Herne with 36 points after a count back with
L. H. Sc:    Danielle Stevens - 59         Maisie Harris - 49            Donald Bowers also on 36 points.
G. H. Sc:    Ricky Stevens - 66            Jamie Essex (Sub) - 57
L. H. Sp:                                  Maisie Harris - 13
                                                                         The 2 Ball Pool was won by Brian Coleman and Bobby
G. H. Sp:    Ricky Stevens - 13            Jamie Essex (Sub) - 14        Crowie.

                                                                         Upcoming International Cricket Fixtures
       Oldies but Goldies:- 337 beat       Bumble Bees:- 292             Friday, 14 March 2008
L. H. Sc:    Patricia Essex - 57           Lynn Buckley - 50             One Day International Series
G. H. Sc:    Peter Williams - 64           Brian Thomas - 55             Third One Day International
L. H. Sp:    Norma Osborne - 15                                          Bangladesh v South Africa, Dhaka, 3:30
G. H. Sp:    Peter Williams - 15           David Thomas - 13
                                                                         Saturday, 15th March 2008
       Alcometers:- 319 beat        Good, Bad & Ugly:- 308
                                                                         Second Test, Day 4
L. H. Sc:   Kerri Furniss - 54            Sally Hickling - 59
G. H. Sc:   Ken Williams - 67             Chrissie Furniss - 67          New Zealand v England, 22:00 *
L. H. Sp:
G. H. Sp:   Ken Williams - 16              Chrissie Furniss - 16         Sunday, 16th March 2008
                                                                         Second Test, Day 5
Next fixtures:                                                           New Zealand v England, 22:00 *
Wed. 26 March:- Choc N’ Nuts v Super Sport 6 & Bumble Bees v
Never Readys                                                             Tuesday, 18 March 2008
                                                                         One Day International Series
                                                                         First One Day International
                                                                         Bangladesh v Ireland, Mirpur, 3:30

                                                                         Wednesday, 19th March 2008
                                                                         MTN Domestic Championship Final

                                                                         Thursday, 20 March 2008
                                                                         One Day International Series
                                                                         Second One Day International
                                                                         Bangladesh v Ireland, Mirpur, 3:30

                                                                         Friday, 21 March 2008
                                                                         Test Match Series
                                                                         Third Test Match, Day 1
                                                                         New Zealand v England, Napier, 21:30 *
     Happy Birthday to a Very Special Son
                                                                         * On TV
    Alex Henry who will be celebrating his
    14th birthday on Wednesday 19 March.                                 Six Nations Rugby Fixtures
        Hope you will have a great day                                   Saturday, 15 March 2008
            Lots of Love From Mum                                        Italy v Scotland, 13:00 *
                                                                         England v Ireland, 15:00
     Also Birthday Greetings from Nana Jenny, Nana                       Wales v France, 17:00*
   Stephanie, Papa Les, Jerry, Jamie, Melanie & Venus.
                                                                         * On TV

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                           27
Upcoming Football Fixtures                                                                     European
Superport Scheduling is subject to change at any time
                                                                                               The top four Premier League teams
                                                                                               qualify for the Champions League.
                                                                                               There are three Uefa Cup places avail-
                                                                                               able - one of which has been taken by
                                                                                               Tottenham for winning the Carling
                                                                                               The team finishing fifth in the Premier
                                                                                               League will qualify for the Uefa Cup -
                                                                                               unless an English team wins the
                                                                                               Champions League but finishes out-
                                                                                               side the top five.
                                                                                               The third Uefa Cup place depends on
                                                                                               which team wins the FA Cup - with the
                                                                                               Cup winners qualifying for the Uefa
                                                                                               Cup unless that is Cardiff City who
                                                                                               would not be put forward for the Uefa
                                                                                               Cup by the Football Association be-
                                                                                               cause they they come under the juris-
                                                                                               diction of the FA of Wales.
                                                                                               So, the team finishing sixth in the Pre-
Barclays Premier League : Table                                                                mier League may qualify for the Uefa
Updated: 12th March @21:58                                                                     Cup - depending on the above crite-

                                                                                                This weeks Football Joke
                                                                                                Football is a game in which a handful
                                                                                                of men run around for one and a half
                                                                                                hours watched by millions of people
                                                                                                who could really use the exercise.

 FOR SALE                                                                Applications are invited to fill the post of Part-Time Cleaner
                                                                         at the Castle
                                                                         Hours of work will be from 6.30am to 8 .30am and 4pm to
 Motor Cycle On Road Tire size 110-                                      7pm Mondays to Fridays and from 8 am to 12 noon on Sat-
                                                                         urdays. The rate of pay is £1.63 per hour.
 90 x 18 inch (approx 4-3/8" wide x                                      For further information please contact Mrs Sandra Sim on
 18 inch), suitable for front                                            telephone No 2470
                                                                         Application should be sent to the Acting Deputy Chief Sec-
 or rear use. Price £30.                                                 retary, Office of the Chief Secretary by no later than Friday
 Call Gary on Ph: 4341 or 4422.                                          28th March 2008.

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                               28
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008   29
    REMEMBER                                  Na
                                            _ _ _ me:_
 next Friday (21st                         Ag _ _ _ _ _ _____
                                               e:_ _ _ _          _
  March) is Good                                    ___ _ _ _ _____
                                        Ad              ___ _ _ _       _
                                            dre             ___ _ _ _
       Friday.                         ___       ss             ___ _
                                      Te _____ :____
 That means that                         l:__ ___           ___
                                             ___ ___            _
                                                  _ _ _ _ _ _ ___
 the Independent                                       ___    ___
                                                           ___ _
 will be available
  in your shops a                   HAVE YOU
  day earlier than                  ENTERED YOUR
                                    EGG YET?
     normal to
                                   Heres your last
   accommodate                     chance to take part
     the public                    in this years Easter
                                   Easter egg
    SO DON’T                       Colouring
    FORGET                         Competition.
  to pick up your
                                   It’s easy:
   Independent                     1. Following the dashed
       NEXT                        line, cut out the Easter
                                   egg with name tag from
    THURSDAY                       your Independent
     20th March
                                   2. fold at the centre and stick
                                   together to form your egg
                                                                            2. Fold here
  ‘Harford Middle
  School’ s PTA will               3. colour in your egg
  be holding a
                                   4. don’t forget to fill in your
  Cake and                         name tag

                                   5. send your entry into
  Candy                            Saint FM offices
  stall in front of the            BEFORE
  Canister on Easter
  Saturday March
  22nd beginning at                20th March
  10.00.                           The egg with the
                                   brightest, most
  Come and buy                     colourful,
  your cake for                    imaginative design
                                   or pattern wins the
  Easter and support
  the school.
                                   Open to
  A raffle of an                   children
  Easter Cake will                 aged 4-8 years.
  also be run on the
  day.                             ALSO DON’T FORGET.
                                   Donna will also be having a fun
  An event not to be               Easter radio competition on
  missed.                          Good Friday 21st March. Make sure
  Miss it! Miss Out’.              your tuned in on Friday 21st to win
                                   great prizes this Easter with Saint FM

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                     30
  SHDA Innovation Par k
  SHDA Innov       ark
                                                                         both heat & cool
                                                                         • Lime mortars & lime hemp reduce the use of cement & asso-
                                                                         ciated C02 emissions
                                                                         • Lime hemp wall construction increases air tightness & reduces
                                                                         heat wastage
                                                                         • Natural timber from sustainable local sources will be used
                                                                         wherever possible
                                                                         • Water based environmentally friendly paints & finishes will be
                                                                         • The Innovation Park is laid out within a landscaped setting to
                                                                         improve amenity and
                                                                         the local environment
St Helena needs more businesses to become economically sus-              • A 13m wind turbine could generate sufficient electricity for the
tainable. SHDA has outlined a project to give space for high             Innovation Park
value businesses, such as consultancies, architects, designers           • Ground coupling provides natural air-conditioning without
and IT related businesses. Today, there is very little commer-           rooftop plant or chemicals
cial space available, which in itself inhibits growth in the private     • Solar panels generate 85% of the hot water requirement
sector. To help solve this problem, SHDA has made a proposal             • A biomass boiler utilises estate timber to generate heating &
to create the SHDA Innovation Park.                                      additional hot water
The current concept design proposals for the SHDA Innovation             • Rainwater harvesting reduces water usage
Park at Half Tree Hollow have been designed on a modular unit            • Grey water recycling is used for irrigation & the flushing of
basis within a carbon negative building that incorporates green          toilets
and sustainable energy requirements appropriate to the site on           • Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) with reed beds
St Helena.                                                               recycles waste water
The proposed Innovation Park Units have been designed on a               • Low energy light fittings will be specified throughout
6m square modular layout that conforms to recogniced office              • Daylight sensor-activated lighting will further reduce energy
standards to provide an internal module of 1500mm for sub-               levels
division and internal space planning. The units can also be ex-          • Heat exchangers will increase heating plant efficiency & re-
tended into the adjacent units to provide unit lengths of multi-         duce emitted heat
ples of 6m to suit individual client requirements, flexibility of let-   You that are interested to see the details of the plans are wel-
ting and potential growth.                                               come to the SHDA Information Centre from Monday 17th. Hours
• The modular units are orientated to minimise solar gain and            of opening are 8.30am-12.30pm and 1 to 4pm – Monday to Fri-
overlooking                                                              day and by appointment between 4-8pm on Wednesdays.
• The window to wall ratio is around 20% reducing solar gain &                        More About SHDA Innovation Park in
heat loss                                                                                  Next Week’s Independent
• The existing excavated levels are utilised to minimise site
• The wall construction embodies lime hemp to provide a car-
bon negative building
• Locally sourced building materials wherever practically pos-
sible will reduce transport movement of materials and the car-
bon footprint of the project
• The increased U-values will reduce energy consumption to

  For Sale

       A white Audi Coupe V6 2600cc, Reg No 843
          This car is in excellent running order.
     Interested persons can contact Doris Clarke on

The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                  31
   The Place to be
                This Weekend
  on the Seafront
  Friday: Open throughout
  the day from 11.00 am
  with SUNDOWNERS                                                          Saturday 15th March: The club will be open from 11am
  on the promenade from                                                  with music through the day. Hot food and BBQ meals will
  4.00 pm                                                                                         be on sale.
                                                                            The Shooting Presentation will be in the afternoon
  On Saturday Night                                                           Following that will be music for Dancing with
                                                                                                Bobby Goose
  Remixed by DMC
                                                                               There will be a T-bone Steak Dinner Dance on
  Another DISCO FOR CHILDREN                                             11th April Music for the night will be why the Country Boys
  will be held in the club hall this weekend.                            If you require tickets then you can contact 3059
  This will be the last for a while as the hall
  will be undergoing renovations from next

  Sunday Night: MiXED MUSiC
  On the Promenade Deck

  For SUNDOWNERS on the promenade
  from 4.00 pm
  And a DANCE PARTY from 9.00 pm

                                                                         Friday 14th March – Music from the Bar
                                                                         Saturday 15th March – Music for Dancing with Bert Leo
                                                                         Sunday 16th March – Open from 5pm with Sounds from
                                                                         the Big Easy
                                                                         Wednesday 19th March – Open for Pool
   Friday and Saturday night DJ Cam
       will be Pumping his Tunes.
                               Entertainment at
THE CANCER AWARENESS GROUP                                               Friday 14th March – Why not head out to Sandy Bay and enjoy a night
   The Public Health and Social Services Department has                  of Country and Western dancing with lots of toe-tapping and hip sway-
   recently received a donation of a leaflet stand from the              ing music. There will be swinging doors and candle light. Music pro-
                                                                         vided for the evening by the one and only Bobby Goose and Ray-C
 Cancer Awareness Group. This stand will be placed in the
  Out-Patients area at the General Hospital where it will be             There will be a prize for the best dressed Country & Western lady and
 used to display information leaflets about cancer illnesses.            gent. Dress to suit the occasion and enjoy a good old swing out. Bar
The Public Health and Social Services Department is ex-                  and refreshments available. Tickets £1.00. Time: 8:30pm-1:30am.
tremely grateful for this donation.
                                                                         Reserve Sunday 23rd March 2008 for a fun day out. More details will
                                                                         follow later. Also there will be a fishing competition on the 23rd March.
S I Ellick (Mrs) OBE                                                     For more information contact committee members on telephone 3815,
Chief Administrative Health and Social Services Officer                  4536, 4627, 4199
13 March 2008
The St Helena Independent Volume III, Issue 17, Friday 14th March 2008                                                                               32

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