Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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					                  Service Level Agreement (SLA)
                                  for IT application hosting
The present SLA establishes the hosting arrangements between the [the successful tender]
responsible for the functioning of the hosting service and the Commission as the client of the
offered service.

Its duration is the same as the duration of the signed Contract.


Availability measures the percentage of time the hosted IT application is available for use from
outside the Data Centre by the End Users for the duration of the defined Measurement Period.

The main availability elements can be found below:

−       The application should be available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

−       Measurement_Period = 1 month

−       Availability_Rate = (Total_Available_Hours) / (Total_Hours1) over the

−       The application is considered as "unavailable" if it is not reachable for a continuous 120

Availability metrics:

          Availability_Rate           % Penalty over the cost of the Measurement_Period

          99.9 - 100%                 0%

          99.70 - 99.9%               10%

          99.45 - 99.70%              15%

          98.90 - 99.45%              25%

          < 98.90%                    2% per each additional hour

The penalty cannot exceed the monthly cost of the hosting service.

    Programmed maintenance hours excluded

Hosting SLA                                      1/3
The availability requirement shall be monitored continuously by the hosting service with the use
of an automatic application and will be reported to the Commission on a monthly basis.

Programmed interruptions

The hosting service shall notify interruptions in the service for maintenance reasons and
improvements to the Commission at least 24 hours in advance and should receive Commission's
agreement. Maintenance can only take please during the weekends between 23:00 and 07:00.

Interruptions occurring without any prior notification to and approval of the Commission will
count as "unavailability" time.

The programmed maintenance slot should not be longer than 4 hours. Time exceeding this slot
will count as "unavailability" time.

Unexpected interruptions

Unexpected interruptions may occur due to Sabotage or Natural disasters or other unforeseen
event approved as such by the Commission.

When an interruption of this type occurs, the hosting service must notify the Commission within
maximum 2 hours time.

When normal conditions have returned, the application must be started up as soon as possible
and the Commission should be informed accordingly.

The hosting service should provide a report for the interruption to the Commission within 2 days
after its occurrence. Given that the 2 hours notification window is respected and following
Commission's agreement, such service interruption will not count as "unavailability" time.

Response Time

The application must be able to serve 100 concurrent users. Response time refers to the delay
experienced by a user trying to access the application from a wideband Internet connection.

Response time metrics:

                         Response time     Number of concurrent users

                         < 1 sec           < 10

                         < 3 sec           Between 10 and 100

Periods for which the above arrangement is not respected, are considered as "unavailability"

The response time requirement shall be monitored continuously by the hosting service with the
use of an automatic application and will be reported to the Commission on a monthly basis.

Hosting SLA                                 2/3

A Monthly Hosting Report shall be delivered by the hosting service to the Commission,

        − Availability

        − Response time

        − List of incidents and interruptions (programmed and unexpected)

        − Application statistics (similar to what is produced by tools like the Google

Hosting SLA                               3/3