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					Michel R. NARDIN

                                        CURRICULUM VITAE
Formal Education:

-   Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich (ETHZ), Switzerland, Dipl.Ing. / MSc. (1976)
-   University of Lausanne, Switzerland, Business School, MBA (1988)

Nationality: Swiss / born in 1953.

Languages: French, English and German.

Present Status:

-   Partner of PMG Consulting Engineers and Economists, a firm specialised in international arbitration, litigation
    and dispute resolution for construction, infrastructure & industrial projects and in project management of
    multidisciplinary projects.
-   Court Appointed Expert, Party Appointed Expert, Mediator, Dispute Board Member, Adjudicator.

-   Member of the Swiss Arbitration Association – ASA
-   Member of the Board of the Swiss Chamber of Technical and Scientific Forensic Experts – Swiss Experts
-   Member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation – DRBF, Country Representative for Switzerland
-   Member of the Dispute Board Federation – DBF
-   Expert registered at the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects – SIA

Some Recent Assignments:

2008 – 2011       Member of a Dispute Adjudication Board – DAB: turn-key construction of a city, Doha, Qatar
2009 - 2010       Court Appointed Expert: appraisal of a real estate development, turnkey contract, Eritrea,
                  International Arbitral Tribunal ICC.
2009 - 2010       Party appointed Expert: appraisal of a claim for an extension of time (EOT) and associated costs,
                  residential complex, Romania, International Arbitral Tribunal.
2009              Court Appointed Expert: structure deformation, residential complex, Tribunal cantonal,
                  Lausanne, Switzerland.
2008 - 2009       Expert Consultant: contract management, turnkey contractual packages, silicon plant, Qatar
2008              Mediator: underground commercial centre, claim for an extension of time (EOT) and associated
                  costs, Geneva, Switzerland.
2008              Court Appointed Expert: penal claim, rupture of a high pressure system, Juge d’instruction de
                  l’Arrondissement de Lausanne, Switzerland.
2008              Adjudicator: claims for additional costs, residential complex, Fribourg, Switzerland.
2008              Expert Consultant: claims management and expert opinion, road construction, Mauritania
2006 - 2008       Court Appointed Expert: appraisal of corrosion problems and polyurethane seal defects, rolling
                  stock, France/Germany, International Arbitral Tribunal ICC.
2006              Court Appointed Expert: appraisal of an industrial plant (co-generation of steam production),
                  France/Belgium, International Arbitral Tribunal ICC.
2006 - 2007       Court Appointed Expert: appraisal of an industrial hall and of soil flatness defects, Tribunal
                  Cantonal, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2006 – 2009       Party appointed Expert: claims management and expert report, Research and Development
                  Centre, Geneva, Switzerland.
2006 - 2007       Expert Consultant: claims management, underground junction and motorway tunnel, Slovenia.
2006              Expert Consultant: claims management, pumping station 190 MW and pressure water piping,
2005              Expert Consultant: claims management, motorway tunnel, Slovenia.

Past Professional Experience:

Over 30 years of experience as consulting engineer and contractor in middle and large-scale international
constructions (concrete and steel structures, buildings, hydro-power, industrial installations, plants, infrastructures
roads, bridges, tunnels, etc.). in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Activities as Manager, General Contractor,
CEO, and Member of the Board, in the building industry.

Since 2005       Partner of PMG Consulting Engineers and Economists.
                 Mediator, Dispute Board Member, Expert, Adjudicator, specialized in dispute prevention and
                 resolution of various projects of infrastructure, in the construction industry and in industrial
                 plants, both in Switzerland and abroad.

2000 – 2005      SGI Consulting SA – Geneva / Athens / Luxembourg.
                 CEO and Board Member.
                 European group of consulting engineers specialized in industrial complexes, energy, hydro
                 electrical power schemes, transport infrastructures (rail, roads, airports, harbours), structures
                 (bridges, tunnels, buildings), and water & environment. Activity as an international consulting
                 engineer and as an expert; management of contracts with international financing institutions.

1998 – 2000      Swiss Life Group, Swiss Insurance Company – Zurich / Lausanne.
                 Manager and Member of the Management Committee.
                 In charge of real estate investment and management policy on the Swiss and international
                 markets. Reengineering of the “Life insurance and pension funds” department.

1988 – 1997      Zschokke SA, General Contractor – Geneva / Lausanne.
                 Manager and Member of the Executive Board.
                 - Acquisition, negotiation and finalizing of turnkey, industrial and construction contracts on the
                   international and home markets.
                 - Promotion of industrial complexes and real estate projects, management and planning of turn-
                   key contracts. Technical and financial assistance in contracts and claims management for
                   public and private clients and finalizing of financing solutions.

1982 – 1987      Geilinger SA, Steel Construction – Winterthur / Lausanne.
                 Branch Manager.
                 - Technical and financial project management of industrials equipments and flour mills in
                   Europe and Nigeria. Various assignments in the fields of industrial and steel construction.
                 - “Windows and curtain walls” Department: Chief of department, responsible for the sale,
                   coordination and manufacturing of high insulation curtain walls on the office and
                   administrative buildings market.

1979 – 1982      Giovanola Frères SA – Monthey.
                 Project Manager.
                 - “Hydro power” Department: engineer and project manager, responsible for the design of steel
                   structures and high-pressure welded constructions in the hydro-electrical, industrial, reservoirs
                   and silos sectors.
                 - “Research and development” Department: project manager, responsible for a team in charge of
                   design, development and coordination of new devices aimed at entertainment parks (USA).
                   Development, design and calculation of spatial steel structures under fatigue stress.

1976 – 1979      ICR Maroc, Ingénieurs-conseils SA – Rabat (Morocco)
                 Professional Engineer.
                 - Technical manager and design coordinator for buildings and public infrastructures.
                 - Engineer in charge of design and calculation of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structures,
                   site inspection & coordination and price calculation.


-    2009        A Practical Approach to the FIDIC Principles (Romanian Review of Arbitration 2009)

Professional Affiliation:

-   Swiss Arbitration Association- ASA
-   Swiss Chamber of Technical and Scientific Forensic Experts – Swiss Experts
-   Dispute Review Board Foundation – DRBF
-   Dispute Board Federation - DBF
-   Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects - SIA
-   MBA alumni, HEC University of Lausanne
                                                                                                  MN/PMG/May 2010


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