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					                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1573

                                                                                     EXTENSIONS OF REMARKS
                                            A TRIBUTE TO PRINCE WILLIAM                             tour Vietnam Veteran and the longest serving           research, I am incredibly disappointed that
                                             COUNTY SUPERVISOR JOHN D.                              county supervisor in Prince William County             NBAF may now be delayed. The President re-
                                             JENKINS                                                history, his career is one of service to country       quested $36 million in 2010 for NBAF design
                                                                                                    and community.                                         and construction. I have concerns that this in-
                                                   HON. GERALD E. CONNOLLY                             Madam Speaker, I ask that my colleagues             vestment is inadequate for moving forward
                                                               OF VIRGINIA
                                                                                                    join me in applauding Supervisor John D. Jen-          with this security priority. But as the House
                                                                                                    kins’ dedication to his community. As a public         today considers H.R. 2892, the FY 2010 De-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    servant he embodies the values the Boy                 partment of Homeland Security Appropriations
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      Scouts hope to instill in their youth. He has          Act, it appears that even the President’s re-
                                               Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia. Madam Speak-               taught generations of Scouts the nobility of           quested funding amount may not be provided.
                                            er, I rise today in honor of Prince William             public service and the great potential that it         Citing safety concerns with researching foot
                                            County Supervisor John D. Jenkins and the               holds to help one’s fellow man.                        and mouth disease, FMD, on the mainland,
                                            years of service that he has selflessly devoted                           f                                    the spending bill provides no funding for
                                            to his neighbors, constituents and friends. Su-                                                                NBAF. In addition, the bill requires yet another
                                            pervisor Jenkins was recently awarded the               DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SE-                             FMD risk analysis.
                                            Occoquan District Good Scout Award by the                CURITY APPROPRIATIONS ACT,                               As a Member of Congress who represents
                                            National Capital Area Council of the Boy                 2010                                                  a large agricultural district, I understand the
                                            Scouts of America. I cannot think of a more                                                                    importance of determining the risks associated
                                                                                                                         SPEECH OF                         with conducting FMD research, whether on an
                                            appropriate recognition of John’s accomplish-
                                            ments in public service than an award based                          HON. JERRY MORAN                          island or in the middle of the country. What we
                                                                                                                                                           know is that studies by experts at DHS and
                                            on the credo, ‘‘You are put here to do some-                                 OF KANSAS
                                                                                                                                                           elsewhere say that FMD can be safely studied
                                            thing for your fellow man and to take an active              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                           on the mainland, as it is done in other coun-
                                            part in your community and its issues.’’                           Wednesday, June 24, 2009                    tries like Canada, just across our northern bor-
                                               Supervisor Jenkins and his wife Ernestine
                                                                                                      The House in Committee of the Whole                  der. Modern biocontainment technology has
                                            moved to Prince William County in 1973 and              House on the State of the Union had under              eliminated the need for locating this work on
                                            immediately took a role in their neighborhood           consideration the bill (H.R. 2892) making ap-          an island, like we did decades ago. The same
                                            as the Forestdale representatives to the Dale           propriations for the Department of Home-               state-of-the-art research methods and facilities
                                            City Civic Association. Their three sons were           land Security for the fiscal year ending Sep-          allow the Centers for Disease Control and
                                            educated in the Prince William County Public            tember 30, 2010, and for other purposes:               Prevention to research dangerous human dis-
                                            School system and were Eagle Scouts in local               Mr. MORAN of Kansas. Madam Chair, I                 eases in the city of Atlanta. While I understand
                                            Troop 1378. They have 14 grandchildren and              come to the House of Representatives to en-            the risk associated with the research of any
                                            two great grandchildren.                                courage my colleagues to support and fund an           dangerous disease, it should not blind us to
                                               Supervisor Jenkins began his life in public          urgent national security priority—the creation         the risk of inaction. The bottom line is that if
                                            office in October of 1982 when he was ap-               of the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility,         we do not build NBAF and increase our ca-
                                            pointed to fill the vacant Neabsco District Su-         also known as NBAF.                                    pacity to combat diseases, our country will be
                                            pervisor’s seat. He has since been reelected               From a rancher feeding his cattle this morn-        less safe.
                                            to that position 6 times. He has served two             ing in Washington, Kansas, to a family sitting            The research that will be performed at
                                            terms as Vice Chairman of the Board of Coun-            down for supper tonight here in Washington,            NBAF is critical to secure America’s food sup-
                                            ty Supervisors, two terms as Chairman of the            D.C., Americans need to know that the United           ply and protect our agricultural industries from
                                            Northern Virginia Regional Commission, two              States is prepared to handle an outbreak of            animal disease outbreaks. A modern facility
                                            terms as the State President of the Virginia            dangerous animal disease that could harm our           that can respond to outbreaks is urgently
                                            Association of Planning District Commissions,           country’s economy and our food supply.                 needed and must remain a top priority for the
                                            two terms as the State President of the Vir-               Our nation’s current animal disease re-             U.S. As the appropriations process moves for-
                                            ginia Association of Counties and two terms             search center, located at Plum Island, New             ward, I strongly encourage my colleagues in
                                            as the Chairman of the Virginia Railway Ex-             York, is well over 50 years old and can no             Congress to fund and support NBAF.
                                            press Operations Board. John has served on              longer meet our needs. With today’s threat of                              f
                                            boards and steering committees of the Virginia          bioterror attack, as well as the threat of natural
                                            Municipal League, the Virginia Association of                                                                  VETERANS HEALTH CARE BUDGET
                                                                                                    and accidental outbreaks of foreign animal dis-
                                            Counties, the National Association of Counties                                                                  REFORM AND TRANSPARENCY
                                                                                                    eases, it is clear that more research capacity
                                            and represents the Board of County Super-                                                                       ACT OF 2009
                                                                                                    is needed. NBAF is needed to concentrate our
                                            visors on the Quantico Marine Corps and Fort            efforts to assess disease threats to livestock,                             SPEECH OF
                                            Belvoir Base Realignment and Closing advi-              wildlife and humans, and to develop the vac-
                                            sory committees.                                        cines and countermeasures against these                                   HON. AL GREEN
                                               Supervisor Jenkins has been a tireless ad-                                                                                        OF TEXAS
                                                                                                    threats. A modern, safe animal disease re-
                                            vocate for many organizations throughout his            search laboratory is critical for protecting our              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            27-year tenure on the Board of County Super-            country.                                                           Tuesday, June 23, 2009
                                            visors. However, his involvement in the Scouts             After years of study and a rigorous selection          Mr. AL GREEN of Texas. Mr. Speaker, I
                                            predates even his time in office, spanning 6            process, in January, the Department of Home-           rise in strong support of H.R. 1016, the Vet-
                                            decades and involving countless Scouting                land Security unanimously chose to build               erans Health Care Budget Reform and Trans-
                                            causes. Camp William B. Snyder in                       NBAF at Kansas State University in Manhat-             parency Act.
                                            Haymarket, VA opened its doors in 2006 due              tan, Kansas. DHS found Kansas State Univer-               The men and women who have served our
                                            in part to the Supervisor’s efforts to end its          sity to be the best fit for this critical mission.     nation in combat deserve to be provided with
                                            stalled development. He is a fixture at local           Kansas was chosen because of the State’s               the very best that we have to offer. One part
                                            Scouting promotion ceremonies and often                 existing biosecurity research infrastructure,          of achieving that is getting these men and
                                            uses his considerable fundraising abilities on          skilled animal science workforce, strong citizen       women the best health care that they can pos-
                                            behalf of the Boy Scouts of America. His dedi-          support, and large cost-share contribution. At         sibly have. In turn, it is critically important that
                                            cation to the Scouts is unquestioned and with           the time, NBAF was expected to be completed            the Veterans’ Administration (VA) have assur-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            his receipt of the Good Scout Award, the Boy            by 2015.                                               ances regarding their funding in a timely man-
                                            Scouts of America recognize his devotion to                Despite the fact that there has never been          ner so that the VA can deliver health care in
                                            the people of Prince William County. As a two-          stronger need for accelerated animal disease           an efficient and timely manner.

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                                            E1574                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                               This important legislation authorizes Con-           In addition, most insurance companies cover            Woman Airforce Service Pilots of World War II
                                            gress to approve VA medical care appropria-             only short term treatment, which can limit ac-         with a Congressional Gold Medal. Known as
                                            tions one year in advance of the start of each          cess to therapy and thereby inhibit recovery.          WASP, these courageous women faced in-
                                            fiscal year. While we still have much further to           The SCC addresses these issues in a                 credible bias and hardship while serving our
                                            go in terms of making sure that every hero re-          proactive and effective manner. Fees charged           country. Out of the 300 recipients, three
                                            turning home has all the care that they need,           for services are on a sliding scale and are up         WASP are from the 9th district in Memphis,
                                            this bill will at least ensure that the VA will be      to 75% less than at other facilities. No indi-         TN.
                                            able to plan ahead of time and get the most             vidual is ever turned away due to inability to             Women were essential to our effort in World
                                            out of each health care dollar that they are al-        pay. The programs offered by the SCC include           War II. In factories and shipyards throughout
                                            located. Furthermore, because many VA                   group programs to assist with improvement of           this nation, they provided the fundamental in-
                                            budget cycles have, in recent years, started            communication skills, computer assisted train-         frastructure and labor which allowed our mili-
                                            on continuing resolutions, some decisions may           ing, individual sessions and caregiver support         tary to prevail. We can’t forget that just 23
                                            have been made on the basis rather than on              meetings.                                              years before the war, Rosie the Riveter didn’t
                                            the basis of the most effective treatment. We              The growth of the SCC is a tribute to the           have the right to vote. Suddenly, she was the
                                            cannot jeopardize the health of our nation’s            success of its programs. In 2005, the SCC              muscle behind the plane, the tank, the ship—
                                            finest because of what amounts to nothing               had five groups meeting two days per week.             in short the entire arsenal of democracy. The
                                            more than a bureaucratic difficulty.                    There are now 21 groups meeting four days              women of these times toiled selflessly. They
                                               I was proud to work with a number of col-            per week. Since opening, the SCC has pro-              were passionately patriotic.
                                            leagues to include a similar VA advanced ap-            vided more than 7,000 hours of therapy to                  The WASP were no exception. They were
                                            propriations provision in this year’s congres-          stroke survivors.                                      the backbone of the Army Air Corps and per-
                                            sional budget resolution, S. Con. Res. 13.                 The SCC works closely with the American             formed vital jobs such as delivering newly as-
                                            Nevertheless, there is no reason why our vet-           Heart Association, the Inova Mount Vernon              sembled planes to key military bases and test
                                            erans should need to count on Congress tak-             Hospital, the National Rehabilitation Hospital         piloting new planes. They even flew the first
                                            ing action every single year to keep this sen-          and the George Washington University De-               jets. The WASP flew over 60 million miles in
                                            sible policy in place. For this reason, it is im-       partment of Speech and Hearing Science.                every type of aircraft. Without their work, the
                                            perative that we pass the Veterans Health                  Madam Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join          Army Air Corps would not have been able to
                                            Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act.                me in recognizing the Stroke Comeback Cen-             function properly and domestic efforts would
                                               I am proud to be a co-sponsor of this impor-         ter and its dedicated staff and volunteers. The        have been severely crippled, making it more
                                            tant bill. I thank my good friend, the Chairman         services and programs offered by the SCC fill          difficult to receive crucial supplies, troops and
                                            of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee, Congress-           a void in the rehabilitation process and signifi-      planes.
                                            man FILNER for introducing it and I encourage           cantly improve the quality of lives of stroke              I am very proud to have three WASP vet-
                                            all of my colleagues to vote in support.                survivors and their families.                          erans living in my home district in Memphis,
                                                             f                                                         f                                   TN. Martha M. Carpenter, Frankie Yearwood
                                                                                                                                                           and Lillian E. Goodman all graduated from the
                                                  PERSONAL EXPLANATION                                   CAP-AND-TAX DOES NOT WORK                         WASP program with extensive flight experi-
                                                                                                                                                           ence and training. Their jobs required incred-
                                                  HON. ALLYSON Y. SCHWARTZ                                           HON. JOE WILSON                       ible skill and were highly dangerous. Recently,
                                                            OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                                                                                                     OF SOUTH CAROLINA                     Ms. Goodman recalled, ‘‘in my own class
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   there were two girls and an instructor that
                                                                                                               Thursday, June 25, 2009                     went up in a twin engine plane . . . they
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                            crashed and were all killed.’’ The women that
                                                                                                       Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. Madam
                                               Ms. SCHWARTZ. Madam Speaker, during                                                                         Ms. Goodman remembers were sent home in
                                                                                                    Speaker, a national energy tax will do harm to
                                            an absence yesterday, I regrettably missed                                                                     unmarked pine boxes. Their service was not
                                                                                                    American families by raising electric bills, gas
                                            rollcall vote No. 426. Had I been present, I                                                                   acknowledged. They were denied military fu-
                                                                                                    prices, and food prices by thousands of dol-
                                            would have voted in the following manner: roll-                                                                nerals and their families were not permitted to
                                                                                                    lars. Moreover, it will not achieve the goals of
                                            call No. 426: ‘‘no’’                                                                                           put up a Gold Star in their memory. It wasn’t
                                                                                                    a cleaner environment.
                                                             f                                         As our European neighbors have learned              until 1977 that Congress finally gave the
                                                                                                    from their own cap and trade scheme, costs             WASP veteran status and benefits.
                                             IN RECOGNITION OF THE STROKE                                                                                      For all their patriotism and service, the
                                                   COMEBACK CENTER                                  go up but so do carbon emissions. Indeed, in
                                                                                                                                                           WASP—all of whom were pilots before the
                                                                                                    the so-called market place of carbon trade, the
                                                                                                                                                           war—faced harassment and shocking levels of
                                                                                                    American people will lose just as our Euro-
                                                   HON. GERALD E. CONNOLLY                          pean friends have. America will lose jobs and
                                                                                                                                                           discrimination during and after their service.
                                                               OF VIRGINIA                                                                                 Sadly, they were made to pay for their own
                                                                                                    American families will lose money, and there
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                             flight training and for their own trip home after
                                                                                                    is no excuse for the Democrat leadership in
                                                                                                                                                           being discharged. When the war ended, some
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                     this House to place such a burden upon the
                                                                                                                                                           male combat veterans fought vigilantly to deny
                                               Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia. Madam Speak-               American people.
                                                                                                                                                           them equal veteran status.
                                            er, I rise today to recognize the Stroke Come-             I hope my colleagues will abandon this plan
                                                                                                                                                               For thirty years, the federal government
                                            back Center and the critical health care serv-          to raise taxes and realize that an all-of-the-
                                                                                                                                                           classified WASP records. For too long, their
                                            ices that it provides to stroke survivors and           above approach to our energy needs—one
                                                                                                                                                           heroism was kept out of the history books.
                                            their families.                                         that has bipartisan support—is a far better
                                                                                                                                                           Grandmothers could only tell incredible stories
                                               The Stroke Comeback Center (SCC) is a                course for this country to pursue.
                                                                                                                                                           of serving as pilots in World War II to dis-
                                                                                                       In conclusion, God bless our troops, and we
                                            non-profit organization that provides ongoing                                                                  believing grandchildren. President Carter
                                                                                                    will never forget September 11th in the Global
                                            rehabilitation and therapy to help combat the                                                                  helped to change all that by finally opening up
                                                                                                    War on Terrorism.
                                            devastating damage that strokes can cause.                                                                     the records and allowing Ms. Goodman, Ms.
                                            The mission of the SCC has been to pick up                                 f
                                                                                                                                                           Carpenter, and Ms. Yearwood’s service to be
                                            where traditional health care coverage leaves           HONORING  THE  HEROISM  AND                            public.
                                            off by providing affordable speech and lan-              BRAVERY   OF   THE   WOMAN                                The WASP’s exemplary record and con-
                                            guage therapy programs to stroke victims in a            AIRFORCE SERVICE PILOTS OF                            tributions towards the war effort were ref-
                                            caring and supportive environment.                       WORLD WAR II                                          erenced in the 1993 congressional hearings
                                               The SCC was founded in 2004 by Darlene                                                                      which led to legislation allowing women to fly
                                            Williamson and John Phillips based on the                            HON. STEVE COHEN                          aircraft in combat roles. Currently, women
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            premise that stroke victims who suffer with                                OF TENNESSEE
                                                                                                                                                           make up more than 14% of the military on ac-
                                            communications problems can continue to im-                                                                    tive duty and more than 17% of the reserve
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            prove with treatment and therapy. This theory                                                                  and National Guard. The Air Force has the
                                            went against the conventionally held belief that                  Thursday, June 25, 2009                      highest percentage of women enlisted, as
                                            stroke survivors reached their maximum po-                Mr. COHEN. Madam Speaker, I rise today               nearly 20% of its members on active duty and
                                            tential within the first few months of recovery.        in support of H.R. 2014, which awarded the             25% of the National Air Force Reserve are

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                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1575
                                            women. Ms. Carpenter, Mrs. Goodman, Ms.                    IN RECOGNITION OF THE 2009                          propriation projects I sponsored as part of
                                            Yearwood and the other brave women of the               VIRGINIA HUMAN RIGHTS AWARDS                           H.R. 2847, FY 2010 Department of the Inte-
                                            WASP were pioneers for the dedicated                                                                           rior, Environment and Related Agencies Ap-
                                            women who serve in our military today and for                   HON. GERALD E. CONNOLLY                        propriations Bill.
                                            all who face prejudice in pursuit of equality.                              OF VIRGINIA                           Agency/Account: U.S. EPA—State and Trib-
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                           al Assistance Grant
                                                             f                                                                                                Amount: $439,065
                                                                                                                Thursday, June 25, 2009                       Requesting Entity: City of Petersburg, P.O.
                                              REPEAL TONNAGE TAX’S 30-DAY                              Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia. Madam Speak-              Box 326 Petersburg, Texas 79250
                                             LIMIT ON DOMESTIC OPERATIONS                           er, I rise today to recognize the recipients of           Funding will enable the city of Petersburg to
                                                                                                    the 2009 Virginia Human Rights Awards.                 continue supplying quality drinking water to its
                                                                                                    These awards were presented during a recent            residents. The Texas Commission on Environ-
                                                     HON. EARL BLUMENAUER                           ceremony hosted jointly with the Prince Wil-           mental Quality has ordered the city to replace
                                                                                                    liam County Human Rights Commission.                   one of its elevated water tanks or place it off-
                                                                OF OREGON
                                                                                                       Prince William County has long been an              line or the city will be forced to pay penalties
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      area of growth in our Northern Virginia region.        and fines. Loss of a water tank will reduce the
                                                                                                    As the county population grew in the early             water supply, as well as drop the water pres-
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                             sure which is important for fire fighting. With-
                                                                                                    1990s and the demographics shifted, the
                                               Mr. BLUMENAUER. Madam Speaker, U.S.-                 Board of County Supervisors recognized the             out a stable water supply, the city of Peters-
                                            flag ships that compete in international trade          need for a study to examine the county’s abil-         burg will not be able to maintain economic
                                            face many disadvantages. The U.S. tax code              ity to respond to increasing population diver-         growth. The total cost of this project is
                                            should not be one of them. Today I am intro-            sity. The result of the study was the creation         $798,300.
                                            ducing legislation that will help smooth the            of a Human Rights Ordinance prohibiting dis-                              f
                                            seas for U.S.-flag shippers and increase their          criminatory practices based on race, color,
                                                                                                    sex, national origin, religion, marital status or               EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            international competitiveness.
                                                                                                    disability in employment, housing, public ac-
                                              The version of the American Jobs Creation
                                                                                                    commodations, education and credit in Prince                         HON. TIM MURPHY
                                            Act of 2004 that passed both the House and
                                                                                                    William County. When the Board of County                                  OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                            Senate provided for the application of a ‘‘ton-
                                                                                                    Supervisors established the Human Rights Or-                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            nage tax’’ based on the tonnage of a vessel,
                                                                                                    dinance in September of 1992, it created the                        Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            rather than taxing the U.S. vessel’s inter-
                                                                                                    Human Rights Commission to ensure that
                                            national income at corporate tax rates. In the                                                                    Mr. TIM MURPHY of Pennsylvania. Madam
                                                                                                    ‘‘each citizen is treated fairly, provided equal
                                            conference process on that legislation, how-                                                                   Speaker, pursuant to the Republican Leader-
                                                                                                    protection of the law and equal opportunity to
                                            ever, new language was inserted which states                                                                   ship standards on earmarks, I am submitting
                                                                                                    participate in the benefits, rights, and privi-
                                            that a U.S. vessel cannot use the tonnage tax                                                                  the following information regarding earmarks I
                                                                                                    leges of community life.’’
                                            on its income from international operations if             The recipients of this year’s awards have           received as part of H.R. 2996, Department of
                                            that vessel also operates in U.S. domestic              exhibited a devotion to ‘‘[eliminating] discrimi-      the Interior, Environment, and Related Agen-
                                            commerce for more than 30 days per year.                nation through civil and human rights law en-          cies Appropriations Act, 2010:
                                               This 30-day limitation dramatically limits the       forcement and [establishing] equal opportunity            Requesting Member: Congressman TIM
                                            availability of the tonnage tax for those U.S.          for all persons within the county through advo-        MURPHY
                                            ships that operate in both domestic and inter-          cacy and education.’’                                     Bill Number: H.R. 2996, Department of the
                                            national trade and hinders their competitive-              The recipients of the Prince William Human          Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies
                                            ness in foreign commerce. It is important to            Rights Awards are Betty Covington from                 Appropriations Act, 2010
                                            recognize that ships operating in U.S. domes-           Prince William Public Schools and Dexter Fox              Account: State and Tribal Assistance Grant
                                            tic trade already have significant cost dis-            with Unity in the Community.                           Program
                                            advantages. The inability of domestic opera-               The Virginia Human Rights Commissioner of              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Findlay
                                            tors to use the tonnage tax for their inter-            the Year is Victor Dunbar, Chairman of the             Township Municipal Authority
                                            national service is a further burden on their           Fairfax County Human Rights Commission.                   Address of Requesting Entity: 1271 Route
                                            competitive position in foreign commerce. For-             The Staff Member of the Year is Annie Car-          30, Clinton, PA 15026–1537
                                            eign registered ships now carry 97 percent of           roll, Deputy Director of the Fairfax County               Amount: $500,000
                                            the imports and exports moving in United                Human Rights Commission.                                  Description of Request: to replace old and
                                            States international trade. These foreign ves-             The Virginia Human Rights Commemorative             undersized water transmission lines, and to
                                            sels are not held to the higher Coast Guard             Award for contributions to human rights                expand and upgrade the water and sewer in-
                                            operating standards that apply to American-             through the signing of the Civil Rights and            frastructure, to benefit the entire Township of
                                            registered ships and foreign vessels are vir-           Voting Rights Acts will be made posthumously           Findlay in economic development and job cre-
                                            tually untaxed.                                         to President Lyndon B. Johnson.                        ation, fire safety and environmental protection.
                                                                                                       Madam Speaker, I ask that my colleagues                The water and sewer upgrades and expan-
                                               Adding to the perversity of the provision, in                                                               sion will serve businesses—and the 21,310
                                            December 2006, Congress repealed the 30-                join me in applauding the efforts of these indi-
                                                                                                    viduals on behalf of harmony and equality in           jobs being created—at three business parks in
                                            day limit on domestic trading for approximately                                                                the Pittsburgh International Airport Corridor:
                                            50 ships operating in the Great Lakes. There            our communities. We are a happier, safer so-
                                                                                                    ciety when we promote fairness and justice. I          the Chapman Commerce Center; the Clinton
                                            are 13 U.S.-flag vessels outside of these                                                                      Commerce Park and the Route 30 Industrial
                                            Great Lakes ships that remain caught in these           would like to extend my unconditional support
                                                                                                    for the Human Rights Commission’s mission              Site. Furthermore, annual tax revenue gen-
                                            tax provisions. In the interest of providing eq-                                                               erated at the three business parks is projected
                                            uity to these 13 vessels, this legislation would        and my deepest appreciation to those who
                                                                                                    take up the cause of human and civil rights.           to be $48.7 million. In terms of fire safety, the
                                            repeal the 30–day limit on domestic oper-                                                                      project will replace old and undersized water
                                            ations, enabling these vessels to also utilize                            f
                                                                                                                                                           transmission lines to provide adequate fire
                                            the tonnage tax on their international income.                  EARMARK DECLARATION                            flow for the entire township, including resi-
                                            Under this legislation, these ships will continue                                                              dents and businesses. In terms of environ-
                                            to pay the normal 35 percent U.S. corporate
                                            tax rate on their income for operations in do-
                                                                                                             HON. RANDY NEUGEBAUER                         mental protection, the project will rectify a con-
                                                                                                                         OF TEXAS                          cern of the Pennsylvania Department of Envi-
                                            mestic commerce.                                                                                               ronmental Protection that the sanitary sewer
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                              Repeal of the tonnage tax’s 30-day limit on                                                                  system capacity from Enlow Road to the Moon
                                            domestic operations is a necessary step to-                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                     Township Interceptor must be expanded to
                                            ward providing tax equity between U.S.-flag               Mr. NEUGEBAUER. Madam Speaker, pur-                  adequately convey additional flow.
                                            and foreign flag vessels. I look forward to             suant to the Republican standards on member               I certify that this project does not have a di-
                                            working with my colleagues to pass this impor-          requests, I am submitting the following infor-         rect and foreseeable effect on the pecuniary
                                            tant legislation.                                       mation regarding congressionally directed ap-          interests of me or my spouse.

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                                            E1576                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                               I took extreme care to ensure that these                     EARMARK DECLARATION                            to pursue vocational training at Northern Vir-
                                            projects are well vetted and strongly supported                                                                ginia Community College. This partnership
                                            within the community. The Findlay Township                       HON. JOHN J. DUNCAN, JR.                      now provides six scholarships each year and
                                            Municipal Authority appropriation is of par-                               OF TENNESSEE                        has allowed approximately 40 individuals to
                                            ticular interest to my district and importance to            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                           continue their education and learn a market-
                                            my constituents.                                                                                               able skill. The quality of life for each of these
                                                                                                               Thursday, June 25, 2009                     students and their families will be forever im-
                                                             f                                         Mr. DUNCAN. Madam Speaker, consistent               proved because of this opportunity.
                                                                                                    with House Republican Earmark Standards, I               Madam Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION
                                                                                                    am submitting the following earmark disclo-            me in congratulating The Rotary Club of Burke
                                                                                                    sure information for project requests that I           on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary and to
                                                            HON. TOM COLE                           made and which were included within H.R.               express our gratitude for their contributions
                                                              OF OKLAHOMA                           2996, ‘‘Making appropriations for the Depart-          here at home and abroad.
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      ment of Interior, environment, and related                                f
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      agencies for the fiscal year ending September
                                                                                                    30, 2010.’’                                                     EARMARK DECLARATION
                                               Mr. COLE. Madam Speaker, pursuant to the
                                                                                                       Requesting Member: Congressman JOHN
                                            Republican Leadership standards on ear-                 DUNCAN                                                               HON. PHIL GINGREY
                                            marks, I am submitting the following informa-             Account: National Park Service, Save Amer-                               OF GEORGIA
                                            tion regarding earmarks I received as part of           ica’s Treasures                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-            Project Amount: $200,000
                                            vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-                                                                                Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                      Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Blount
                                            tions Act, 2010:                                        Mansion Association, 200 W. Hill Avenue,                  Mr. GINGREY of Georgia. Madam Speaker,
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman TOM                   Knoxville, TN 37902                                    pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-
                                            COLE                                                      Description of Request: This funding will be         ards on earmarks as well as in accordance
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                               used to upgrade and improve the National               with Clause 9 of Rule XXI, I am submitting the
                                               Provision: Title I                                   Historic Landmark.                                     following information regarding the earmark I
                                               Account: National Park Service—Construc-                                                                    received as part of H.R. 2996, the Department
                                            tion                                                                                                           of the Interior, Environment, and Related
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: ‘‘National          IN RECOGNITION OF THE 25TH AN-                         Agencies Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year
                                            Park Service—Chickasaw National Recreation                NIVERSARY OF THE ROTARY                              2010.
                                            Area’’                                                    CLUB OF BURKE, VIRGINIA                                 Requesting Member: Congressman PHIL
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 1008 West                                                                     GINGREY
                                            Second Street, Sulphur, OK                                      HON. GERALD E. CONNOLLY                           Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                               Description of Request: Provide an earmark                                                                     Account: Environmental Protection Agency;
                                                                                                                        OF VIRGINIA
                                            of $500,000 for a design plan to construct a                                                                   STAG Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            Visitor’s Center at the Chickasaw National                                                                     Projects
                                            Recreation Area. The need for a Visitor’s Cen-                      Thursday, June 25, 2009                       Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Metropoli-
                                            ter was identified in the recreation area’s 1980           Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia. Madam Speak-              tan North Georgia Water Planning District
                                            General Management Plan and 1994 Adden-                 er, I rise today to congratulate the Rotary Club          Address of Requesting Entity: 40 Courtland
                                            dum to the 1980 General Management Plan.                of Burke, Virginia, on the occasion of its 25th        Street, NE Atlanta, GA 30303
                                            The Visitor’s Center was previously budgeted            Anniversary and to pay tribute to its significant         Description of Request:
                                            for, but funds were reprogrammed for wildfire           contributions to the community.                           The $500,000 in STAG funding secured will
                                            suppression. The Visitor’s Center will provide             The world’s first service club, the Rotary          be applied to this list of the Water District
                                            those visiting the Chickasaw National Recre-            Club of Chicago, Illinois, was formed on Feb-          projects:
                                            ation Area a much needed centralized location           ruary 23, 1905, by Paul P. Harris. The name                                COBB COUNTY
                                            where the Park Service may educate individ-             ‘‘Rotary’’ is derived from the early practice of          Sweetwater Creek Sanitary Sewer Exten-
                                            uals on the ecosystems and history of the               rotating meetings among members’ offices.              sion—This proposed extension of the Sweet-
                                            area. This will increase tourism to the recre-          The Rotary Club concept thrived in its early           water Creek interceptor will provide gravity
                                            ation area, and thereby grow the local econ-            years, and, by 1921, there were chapters on            sewer service to much of the unsewered por-
                                            omy substantially.                                      six continents. In 1922, the name ‘‘Rotary             tion of southwestern Cobb County, including
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman TOM                   International’’ was adopted. The objective of          several dry sewer subdivisions. It will also ex-
                                            COLE                                                    Rotary International is to encourage and foster        tend service into the Sweetwater basin in
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                               the ideal of community service as a basis of           Paulding County, eliminating the need for an
                                               Provision: Title II                                  worthy enterprise. International understanding,        additional treatment facility and comporting
                                               Account: STAG Water and Wastewater In-               goodwill and peace are fostered through the            with our regional plan. The project includes
                                            frastructure                                            shared commitment to service of Rotarians              about 20,000 linear feet of large diameter
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Lawton              from 166 countries.                                    sewer. Estimated cost of this project is
                                            Ft. Sill Chamber of Commerce                               The Rotary Club of Burke was organized by           $7,700,000.
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 9 SW ‘‘C’’ Av-         Brian Tilbury and was chartered by Rotary                 Mack Dobbs Road Water Main Replace-
                                            enue, Lawton, OK 73501                                  International on June 30, 1984. Since that             ment—Replacement of 11,200 linear feet of
                                               Description of Request: Provide an earmark           time, the Burke Rotary has grown in not only           existing 6-inch asbestos cement water main
                                            of $500,000 for water and sewer line expan-             the number of active members, but also in the          with 12-inch ductile iron between Cobb Park-
                                            sions at the Lawton Industrial Park, in Lawton,         areas of community service.                            way and Stilesboro Road. Estimated cost of
                                            OK. The Comanche County Industrial Devel-                  The Burke Rotary participates in Polio Plus,        this project is $1,200,000.
                                            opment Authority recently purchased an addi-            which is dedicated to the eradication of polio            Low Flow Toilet and Urinal Retrofit for 127
                                            tional 480 acres immediately southwest of the           in countries such as Afghanistan, India, Paki-         Cobb County Public Schools—A water con-
                                            present industrial park for purposes of expan-          stan and Nigeria. Closer to home, The Rotary           servation project which consists of replacing
                                            sion. Before this development can begin,                Club of Burke is a dependable ally in the Toys         approximately 5,782 older, inefficient toilets
                                            water and sewer lines must be expanded to               4 Tots Program and the Northern Virginia Lit-          and urinals and 2,478 miscellaneous faucets
                                            the property. The industrial park expansion will        eracy Council. It also encourages involvement          and pre-rinse spray valves in Cobb County
                                            allow for more commercial expansion, thus               in the Medical Reserve Corps, a Fairfax Coun-          Schools. The estimated cost of this project is
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            creating jobs and aiding Lawton’s economy.              ty, Va., program that trains volunteers to pro-        $875,000.
                                            For this project, 80 percent of funds will be           vide vital services in the event of a public                   COBB COUNTY-MARIETTA WATER AUTHORITY
                                            used for construction costs, 12 percent will be         health emergency.                                        The Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority
                                            used for contingency, 6 percent will be for en-            The Rotary Club of Burke has partnered              (CCMWA), a political subdivision of the State
                                            gineering costs and 2 percent will be used for          with the Rotary Club of Annandale to provide           of Georgia, is a regional water wholesaler with
                                            inspections.                                            scholarships to deserving students who wish            13 customers that serve over 790,000 people.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00004   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.009    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1577
                                            The customers include Cobb County, all of the              Wastewater Pump Station—To prevent                    RECOGNIZING CHILDREN’S MED-
                                            municipalities within Cobb County, all of                sewer overflows and upgrade pumping station              ICAL CENTER OF DALLAS FOR
                                            Paulding County, portions of Douglas County,             to meet current demands in a concentrated                ITS RANKING AMONG THE TOP
                                            Cherokee County, the City of Woodstock, and              area. Estimated cost of this project is                  TEN CHILDREN’S HOSPITALS IN
                                            a small community in Fulton County.                      $300,000.                                                THE NATION
                                               Austell West Side Connector 24’’—This                              THE CITY OF LOCUST GROVE
                                            pipeline project installs 8,000 feet of 24’’ duc-                                                                        HON. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON
                                            tile iron pipe to connect existing transmission             Water Supply Wells—The City of Locust                                     OF TEXAS
                                            lines. The pipeline will improve system flow             Grove has drilled two additional wells for
                                                                                                                                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            capacity and provide redundancy to Cobb                  drinking water supply. These wells have al-
                                            Hospital and high growth area along East-                ready been drilled and permitted by GA EPD.                         Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            West Connector. The estimated cost of this               The wells are needed to help supply enough                 Ms. EDDIE BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas.
                                            project is $2,549,800.                                   water for current demand. The design has al-            Madam Speaker, in 1913, a group of nurses
                                               Five Million Gallon Steel Tank at Lost Moun-          ready been drawn. Estimated cost of this                established Children’s Medical Center of Dal-
                                            tain—This tank will provide enhanced fire pro-           project is $250,000.                                    las as an open air clinic. Today, Children’s
                                            tection. It will also increase system reliability                          THE CITY OF ROSWELL
                                                                                                                                                             Medical Center has been chosen among the
                                            by improving storage-to-production ratio and                                                                     top 10 children’s hospitals in the nation, ac-
                                            source water reliability for existing pump sta-             Municipal Buildings Water Conservation               cording to U.S. News & World Report. Chil-
                                            tion. It will provide additional water storage for       Project—The condition of Roswell’s municipal            dren’s provides exemplary care and resources
                                            west Cobb County and Paulding County. The                building restroom facilities vary widely in age,        to its thousands of patients, as well as a wide
                                            estimated cost of this project is $3,500,000.            use, quality and repair. An initial assessment          range of teaching opportunities to the future
                                               Five Million Gallon Steel Tank at Pete                of the restrooms found 106 urinals, 295 toilets         physicians and nurses of our country. As a
                                            Shaw—This tank will provide enhanced fire                and 265 faucets to replace. The proposed                former nurse, I am proud to have such an ac-
                                            protection. It will also increase system reli-           water conservation project will purchase and            complished medical institution in my district
                                            ability by improving storage-to-production ratio.        install high-efficiency urinals, and toilets for the    and would like to extend warm congratulations
                                            This tank will provide additional water storage          City’s administrative, public safety, public-           to them for receiving such recognition.
                                            capacity to east Cobb County. The estimated              works, recycling center and park buildings. Ad-            Children’s Medical Center of Dallas is a pri-
                                            cost of this project is $3,500,000.                      ditionally the project could include low-flow           vate, non-profit pediatric health care center.
                                               Columns Drive Pipe Replacement—Re-                    faucets, eco-friendly sanitizer systems and to          As one of the largest pediatric hospitals in the
                                            placement of approximately 600 linear feet of            minimize restroom vandalism and mainte-                 country, Children’s treats approximately
                                            36’’ ductile iron pipe with 54’’ restrained joint        nance the installation of stainless steel panels,       360,000 patients a year, with treatments rang-
                                            ductile iron pipe. This installation will eliminate      new and replacement tile. The estimated cost            ing from simple physical exams to specialized
                                            a restriction in the main line from the Quarles          for this project is $500,000.                           care in heart disease, oncology, orthopedics,
                                            Water Treatment Plant. The estimated cost of                              THE CITY OF ALPHARETTA                 kidney disorders, neurology, respiratory dis-
                                            this project is $780,600.                                                                                        orders, neonatal care, urology, diabetes, and
                                                                                                        North Park Improvements: Construct off-line          digestive disorders. Furthermore, Children’s is
                                                                 HALL COUNTY
                                                                                                     sediment forebay—A sediment forebay will                a major pediatric transplant center, and also is
                                               Low Flow Toilet and Urinal Retrofit for Hall
                                                                                                     allow silt to fall out in a confined area just prior    the only academic health care facility and only
                                            County Government Facilities—A water con-
                                                                                                     to the lake. During non-storm flows, the creek          designated Level 1 trauma center in Texas.
                                            servation project which consists of replacing
                                                                                                     will flow naturally into the lake. When it rains        Children’s Medical Center of Dallas is continu-
                                            all older, inefficient toilets and urinals in Coun-
                                                                                                     and the creek rises, water will be diverted to          ously conducting research and developing
                                            ty facilities not already fitted with low flow sys-
                                                                                                     the forebay. The forebay will slow down the             new and improved treatments and therapies
                                            tems including; Parks, Fire Stations, Senior
                                                                                                     water, allowing time for much of the silt to fall       regarding pediatric diseases.
                                            Centers, Prisons, etc. The estimated cost of
                                                                                                     out before discharging back into the lake. The             It is my hope that Children’s Medical Center
                                            this project is $190,000.
                                                                                                     forebay will be much easier to clean out than           of Dallas will continue its strong record of suc-
                                                            THE CITY OF GAINESVILLE
                                                                                                     the lake itself.                                        cess and provide patients with excellent care.
                                               Flat Creek Watershed Improvement Plan
                                                                                                        North Park Improvements: Construct three             It shines as an example of excellence, and I
                                            and Ecosystem Restoration—The City of
                                                                                                     enhanced swales to treat water coming from              truly appreciate the dedication put forth by the
                                            Gainesville and Hall County have developed a
                                                                                                     the softball fields and two parking lots—En-            administrators, doctors, nurses, and everyone
                                            watershed improvement and ecosystem res-
                                                                                                     hanced swales are state recognized water                else there. Again, I offer my congratulations to
                                            toration plan for the Flat Creek watershed
                                                                                                     quality Best Management Practices (BMPs)                Children’s Medical Center of Dallas on its
                                            which includes several projects involving
                                                                                                     that allow for more water to infiltrate and be          achievement of being named one of America’s
                                            stream restoration and construction of storm
                                                                                                     treated prior to entering the creek. As part of         top 10 children’s hospitals.
                                            water best management practices. The City is
                                            currently designing the Upper Flat Creek                 the installation of the enhanced swales, the                               f
                                            Stream Restoration and Regional Stormwater               water from these areas will be diverted to di-
                                                                                                     rectly enter the lake instead of entering up-                    EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            Detention Pond project. The estimated cost of
                                            this project is $700,000. Other projects we are          stream through very eroded gullies. The gul-
                                            moving forward with would cost approximately             lies are so large that it is actually more cost                     HON. DUNCAN HUNTER
                                            $2,000,000.                                              effective to install the BMPs and divert the                               OF CALIFORNIA

                                               Gainesville/Hall County Water Main Exten-             flow than it would be to repair the gullies,                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            sions and Improvements projects—These                    which are over 20 feet deep in some areas.                          Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            projects include approximately 25 miles of 8″–              North Park Improvements: Modify the outlet              Mr. HUNTER. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                            20″ water line extensions/improvements                   control structure of the lake—The current out-          the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                            throughout Gainesville/Hall County. Projects             let structure of the lake clogs in nearly every         marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                            will extend water service to new customers               storm event, requiring parks maintenance per-           tion regarding an earmark I received as part of
                                            and improve fire and water service by install-           sonnel to have to remove debris to restore              H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-
                                            ing fire hydrants in new locations and improv-           drainage. The outlet control structure can be           vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-
                                            ing flow capacity and quality in the water dis-          modified to reduce clogging and provide im-             tions Act, 2010:
                                            tribution system. The cost of these projects is          proved water quality benefits for the lake. This           I originally requested $1 million in this legis-
                                            estimated to be $13,200,000.                             will reduce necessary maintenance and give              lation for the El Monte Valley Groundwater
                                                   ROCKDALE COUNTY WATER RESOURCES                   the lake an overall better aesthetic appear-            Recharge Project through the Environmental
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                              Distribution Waterline Replacements—A                  ance.                                                   Protection Agency’s State and Tribal Assist-
                                            water conservation project to significantly re-             Total cost for these improvements is:                ance Grant Water and Wastewater Infrastruc-
                                            duce or eliminate unaccounted for water (i.e.            $517,818.75. This price includes the cost to            ture Project account. It is my understanding
                                            reducing water leaks in public water supply              prepare conceptual and final design; construc-          that $500,000 was ultimately appropriated for
                                            distribution system). Estimated cost of this             tion of three improvements/BMPS; and model              this project by the Subcommittee and the enti-
                                            project is $15,000,000.                                  pollutant removal.                                      ty to receive funding for this project is the

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008    08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00005    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.012    E26JNPT1
                                            E1578                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                            Helix Water District located at 7811 University         better together.’’ Students, faculty and admin-         THANKING ROBERT WARNICK FOR
                                            Avenue, La Mesa, California 91941.                      istration are held accountable for school per-            HIS SERVICE TO THE HOUSE
                                               This is a groundwater recharge and habitat           formance and are encouraged to make the
                                            restoration effort led by the Helix Water Dis-          education experience a team effort. The staff                     HON. ROBERT A. BRADY
                                            trict where it will secure highly treated waste-        is required to follow a set meeting schedule                              OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                            water from the Padre Dam Municipal Water                for the purpose of monitoring instructional and
                                                                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            District’s Santee Water Recycling Facility, pro-        support programs. Students who are in danger
                                            vide additional treatment to purify the waste-          of failing a course must work with parents and                    Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            water, pump and pipe this water to sur-                 teachers to map out a plan to achieve a pass-             Mr. BRADY of Pennsylvania. Madam
                                            rounding basins and then release it into the            ing grade. No one is an island at Woodbridge           Speaker, on the occasion of his retirement on
                                            San Diego Riverbed where it will be allowed to          Middle School where education is a commu-              May 1, 2009, we rise to thank Mr. Robert
                                            seep down to existing groundwater levels. As            nity effort.                                           ‘‘Bob’’ Warnick for thirty-one years of distin-
                                            the purified water is maintained in this loca-             Madam Speaker, I ask that my colleagues             guished service to the United States House of
                                            tion, it will receive additional natural treatment      join me in applauding Woodbridge Middle                Representatives. Bob has served this great in-
                                            as it percolates through native materials. Ex-          School on this prestigious designation and in          stitution as a valuable employee of House In-
                                            traction wells will be installed at strategic loca-     encouraging it to continue these proven suc-           formation Resources, HIR, in the Office of the
                                            tions for conveyance to a water treatment               cessful approaches to education. Woodbridge            Chief Administrative Officer.
                                            plant as a new source of water for all District         Middle School is a model that provides guid-              Bob began his tenure with the United States
                                            users.                                                  ance in how to effectively improve our edu-            House of Representatives in May of 1978 in
                                               This action will assist in the continued goals       cation system. The students, faculty and entire        House Information Resources, HIR, as a Sen-
                                            of the San Diego County region to reduce its            community benefit when we invest in our na-            ior Systems Analyst, SSA. As an SSA, he suc-
                                            dependence on imported water from the Colo-             tion’s future by providing our children with a         cessfully implemented a system to generate
                                            rado River and Northern California by annually          productive and positive learning experience.           the Committee Calendar for the Committee on
                                            producing 5,000 acre-feet of locally available                                                                 Public Works and Transportation using HIR’s
                                            drinking water and meeting 10–15% of the                                  f                                    Legislative Information Management System,
                                            Helix Water District’s raw water needs. By                                                                     LIMS, developed a case history and mailing
                                            raising the groundwater levels in El Monte Val-                 EARMARK DECLARATION                            list system for the Helsinki Commission, and
                                            ley, revegetation of the riverbed is supported                                                                 successfully implemented the first Correspond-
                                            and a more natural habitat is created for                                                                      ence Management System, CMS, on the Hill.
                                            recreation and wildlife. This project is the be-                  HON. MARY BONO MACK                             In 1987, he transferred to the Administrative
                                            ginning of an 8-year program and has been                                  OF CALIFORNIA                       Systems Division as the Senior Project Leader
                                            endorsed by other elected officials, including                                                                 for LIMS. In 1995, he was promoted to Senior
                                            California Assemblyman Joel Anderson and                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                           Systems Specialist and transferred to the Inte-
                                            California State Senator Christine Kehoe, as                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                    gration Group. As a senior member of this
                                            well as the Association of California Water                                                                    group, he was tasked with the design and im-
                                            Agencies, Endangered Habitats League, San                  Mrs. BONO MACK. Madam Speaker, pursu-               plementation of several applications using
                                            Diego County Water Authority, Padre Dam                 ant to the Republican Leadership standards             Standard Generalized Mark-Up Language,
                                            Municipal Water District, Otay Water District,          on earmarks, I am submitting the following in-         SGML. As a proof of concept project, his
                                            and the Lakeside Water District.                        formation regarding earmarks I received as             group successfully converted and produced
                                                             f                                      part of H.R. 2892, Department of Homeland              three House documents using SGML.
                                                                                                    Security Act of 2010:                                     In 1996, he was transferred to the Cyber
                                            IN RECOGNITION OF WOODBRIDGE
                                                                                                       Requesting Member: MARY BONO MACK                   Congress task force within the Integration
                                                   MIDDLE SCHOOL
                                                                                                       Bill Number: H.R. 2892                              Group. He was appointed to the position of
                                                                                                                                                           Senior Internet Systems Specialist when the
                                                   HON. GERALD E. CONNOLLY                             Account: Department of Homeland Secu-               Cyber Congress task force was renamed the
                                                               OF VIRGINIA                          rity—State and Local Programs                          Web System Branch, WSB. His important con-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         Entity Requesting: City of Moreno Valley,           tributions as a team member in the CAO Ad-
                                                         Thursday, June 25, 2009                    14177 Frederick Street, Moreno Valley, CA              vanced Business Solutions Web Solutions
                                                                                                    88005                                                  Branch have resulted in continued success of
                                               Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia. Madam Speak-
                                                                                                       Description of Earmark: The City of Moreno          the Web Solutions Design team where he de-
                                            er, I rise today to recognize Woodbridge Mid-
                                                                                                    Valley currently has plans to construct a new          signed and implemented Member and Com-
                                            dle School as a leader in education reform.
                                                                                                    8,000 square foot Emergency Operations Cen-            mittee Web sites and provided a wealth of
                                            Woodbridge was recently designated as a
                                                                                                    ter (EOC). The City’s current EOC consists of          knowledge of the Web Indexed Document Au-
                                            2009 School to Watch by the National Forum
                                                                                                    one room inside the existing Public Safety             tomation, WIDA, service application to staff
                                            to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform.
                                               The Schools to Watch program was estab-              Building. With the new facility, the City will be      and Member offices.
                                            lish in 1999 with the purpose of identifying            fully prepared to respond to all emergency sit-           On behalf of the entire House community,
                                            schools on a path to meeting the National Fo-           uations, restore services to our residents as          we extend congratulations to Robert ‘‘Bob’’
                                            rum’s criteria for high performing schools.             quickly as possible, and provide effective com-        Warnick for many years of dedication and out-
                                            There are four categories in which qualifying           munication among other agencies as well as             standing contributions to the United States
                                            schools must excel to be selected as a School           with our residents. This request is to fund the        House of Representatives. We wish Bob many
                                            to Watch. First, students must be challenged            purchase of new equipment such as tele-                wonderful years in fulfilling his retirement
                                            academically with clear and well-commu-                 communications and video display, resource             dreams.
                                            nicated education goals. Second, a school               tracking software, and computers. The federal
                                            must work to develop a well-rounded student.            nexus is to assist federal, state and local au-
                                            This is accomplished through programs that              thorities and help coordinate responses to             COMMENDING ARTHUR LEE HENRY
                                            foster healthy physical, social, emotional and          emergencies such as earthquakes and                     FOR BEING NAMED A STATE OF
                                            intellectual development. Third, a School to            wildfires.                                              LOUISIANA ‘‘CITIZEN HERO’’
                                            Watch must present students with a socially                Spending Plan: The total project construc-
                                            equitable learning environment where diver-             tion costs for the Emergency Operations Cen-                  HON. CHARLES W. BOUSTANY, JR.
                                            sity, civility, service, and democratic citizen-        ter are $4.5 million. The $400,000 appropria-                              OF LOUISIANA
                                            ship are valued. Finally, a qualifying school           tion will be used to fund the purchase of
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            must have organizational structures in place            equipment for the EOC. This project is cur-
                                            that work to institutionalize the first three cri-      rently out to bid for construction. This request                 Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            teria.                                                  is to fund the purchase of new equipment                  Mr. BOUSTANY. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                               Consistent with the cooperative spirit of the        such as telecommunications and video dis-              today to honor Arthur Lee Henry, a true ‘‘Cit-
                                            Schools to Watch program, the motto that                play, resource tracking software, and com-             izen Hero’’, as honored by the president of
                                            drives Woodbridge Middle School is, ‘‘We get            puters.                                                Victims and Citizens Against Crime.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00006   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.015    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1579
                                               Law enforcement officers in St. Landry Par-          Faren Silverman, Philip Stumpf, Neil Zimmer-           Tylor Hanzlik, Ian Kline, Edward, Lynch, Mi-
                                            ish nominated Arthur for an incident that oc-           man, Erin Brannen, Katherine Brattebo, Taylor          chael Aaron Meier, Stephanie Meisner, Chris-
                                            curred in August of 2008, when he success-              Celedinas, Lyndsay Daubert, Elizabeth Doane,           tina Nielsen, Betsy Plemons, Christopher
                                            fully disarmed a gunman on the campus of                Michelle Hardin, Adam Hollander, Summer                Plemons, Kurt B. Rangitsch, Sara Rangitsch,
                                            T.H. Harris Technical College in Opelousas,             Lubart, Connor Melnyk, Amanda Pekar, Jes-              Katrina Sauter, Katherine Stewart, Lara Wil-
                                            Louisiana. Upon seeing a man produce a gun              sica Olsen, Joshua Howard, Michael Moroz,              son.
                                            and fire shots, Arthur quickly reacted and              Jenna Harris, Ashley Newman, Weston New-                                  f
                                            saved the lives of several innocent bystand-            man, Rebecca Brazeale, Jeralyn Westercamp,
                                            ers.                                                    Katelyn Benton, Jonathan Bertsch, Kyle                 HONORING RECIPIENTS OF THE
                                               Arthur, a happily-married man with two chil-         Felzien, Heather Layher, Josh Layher, Jacob             2009 FAIRFAX COUNTY HUMAN
                                            dren, proudly serves as a custodian at the              Levi, Daniel Revard, Shelby Roth, Kathryn               RIGHTS AWARDS
                                            technical college, where he has worked for              Vincent, Lyndsey Vincent, Megan Breeding,
                                            twelve years. Coworkers describe him as ‘‘a             Shawn Bybee, Ida Fischer, Hosanna                               HON. GERALD E. CONNOLLY
                                            very professional individual’’, ‘‘a wonderful em-       Kabakoro, Mary Jordan Langfield, Elizabeth                                OF VIRGINIA
                                            ployee’’, and ‘‘an integral part of campus.’’           Middleton, Justin Novacek, Anna Sandven,                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            Today, he will be attending a banquet to re-            Ryan Seastrom, Rebecka Seward, Candace                             Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            ceive the award with the dean of the college,           Trautwein, Alexander Hawkins, Erica Newell,
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia. Madam Speak-
                                            Allen Espree.                                           Melanie Spung, David Cieply, Emily Carlile,
                                                                                                                                                           er, I rise to recognize the recipients of this
                                               Again, congratulations to Arthur Lee Henry,          Alex Cain, Joshua Chudy, Lisa Huber,
                                                                                                                                                           year’s Fairfax County Human Rights Awards.
                                            one of Louisiana’s ‘‘Citizen Heroes’’ for taking        Jadhken      Kerr,   Jadhon    Kerr,   Rachel
                                                                                                                                                           Jeannie Cummins Eisenhour, Philip N.
                                            pride in the campus he proudly serves.                  Battershaw, Annie Burke, Dakota Hauserman,
                                                                                                                                                           Reeves, Robert B. Worley, and the Commu-
                                                                                                    Rachel Matthew, Denver Shipman, Scott Ship-
                                                                                                                                                           nities of Faith United for Housing will be hon-
                                                                                                    man, Emilee Whitesell, Mari Reeves, Tyler
                                                                                                                                                           ored on July 2nd 2009 for their dedication and
                                                2009 CONGRESSIONAL AWARD                            Wilcox,     Brandi     Thomas,     Christopher
                                                                                                                                                           commitment to the community.
                                                        RECIPIENTS                                  Camillucci, Niels Steadman, Todd Sharpe,                  Each year, the Fairfax County Human
                                                                                                    Kristen Barnett, Cassandra Dalrymple, Joanna           Rights Commission presents the Human
                                                    HON. THOMAS J. ROONEY                           Guy, Henry Zheng, Joseph Jendrusina,                   Rights Awards to individuals, nonprofits, and
                                                                OF FLORIDA
                                                                                                    Veronica Kirin, Jenna Bjorke, Alexander Mace,          business who ‘‘demonstrate accomplishments
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    Ashley Mace, Ami Mehta, Emma Frey, Kelsey              in eliminating discrimination on the basis of
                                                                                                    Abele, Elizabeth Lewis, Tyler Camp, Daniel             race, color, sex, religion, national origin, mar-
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      Clark, Cory Gargus, Chelsi Smith, Justin Arm-          ital status, age or disability in the areas of em-
                                               Mr. ROONEY. Madam Speaker, I rise today              strong, Mattie Carter, Ashley Cooper, Derek            ployment, housing, public accommodations,
                                            to honor the efforts and achievements of the            Lair, Steven Elliott, Alston Harris, Eleanor           private education and credit.’’
                                            2009 Congressional Award recipients. Striving           Hoppe, Sarah Smith, Colin Sorensen, Kath-                 Ms. Eisenhour is recognized for her commit-
                                            to better themselves and inspire others, these          erine Aronoff, Summer Brecht, Elizabeth                ment to working with members of the commu-
                                            individuals have invested countless hours into          Cubbage, Jordan Phifer, Eric Stump, Katie              nity with disabilities, opening opportunities to
                                            public service, built their strength and endur-         Stump, Rebecca Wentzel, Steven Zipparo,                them and educating the public on their specific
                                            ance through academic and athletic pursuits,            Gabrielle Giaquinto, Madeline Giaquinto,               needs. Her distinguished work has aided per-
                                            and explored their own abilities in new and             Sonam Shah, Nicholas Stango, John Voor-                sons with disabilities throughout Fairfax Coun-
                                            challenging arenas. Volunteerism, self-dis-             hees, Samantha Albala, Patrick Chevalier,              ty and the D.C. area. Her accomplishments in-
                                            cipline, and determination are hallmarks of this        Robert Dorfman, Adam Gross, Megan Arguell,             clude working with the Fairfax County Rede-
                                            class of award recipients, and their passion            Alexandra Garney, Megan Partridge, Nevin               velopment and Housing Authority to ensure
                                            rightfully deserves the admiration of this              Raj, Neal Bakshi, Elizabeth Bogdon, Sean Lu,           that it amend its universal design policy to ac-
                                            House.                                                  Tina Shiang, Rebecca Wu, Christina                     commodate those with special needs. Ms.
                                               The Congressional Awards recognize four              Borovilas, Mary-Katherine Rose, Sujay Tyle,            Eisenhour is not only president of the board
                                            avenues of individual growth—community                  Nandini Srinivasan, Michael Cox, Mike Eklund,          for the Coalition for Housing Opportunities in
                                            service, physical fitness, exploration, and per-        Teor Khuon, Du Luong, Phong Ma, Quyen                  the Community for Everyone, but she also is
                                            sonal development—while acknowledging their             Ma, Nhan Nguyen, Tevorith Srong, Srun                  director of development for RPJ Housing. She
                                            interconnectivity in forming balanced and               Chhang, Le Long, Phanit Nhem, Mi Ta,                   uses her positions to work tirelessly on behalf
                                            promising young citizens.                               Camlung Ung, Kyle Zhu, Jazmin Richardson,              of disability groups to ensure accessible and
                                               In their pursuit of these goals, recipients          Vinay Trivedi, Cuiping Chen, Cuiyu Chen,               affordable housing.
                                            have encouraged the growth of new skills and            Jillian Comer, Elizabeth Donahoe, Jacob Feld-             Philip N. Reeves is recognized for his work
                                            greater confidence. For many, these projects            man, Julie Ann Haldeman, Brittany Love,                as a health services advocate, educator and
                                            will be the cornerstone for future endeavors,           James McDonald, Julia Melin, Victoria                  author. After serving in the Air Force, he
                                            further enriching their lives and encouraging           Patchell, Marta Piotrowicz, Julia Powers,              worked to develop the Leaders of Tomorrow
                                            others to follow their lead.                            Jocelyn Simons, Michelle Wojciechowicz,                program which works to eliminate discrimina-
                                               The 2009 Congressional Award winners                 Tyler Zimmerman, Stephanie Bernasconi, Luis            tion in nursing and long term care methods.
                                            demonstrate dedication to improving their               Gutierrez, Joaquin Mondragon, Amin Ruiz,                  Robert B. Worley is a deserving recipient for
                                            communities and making the world a better               Brian Elgort, Ryan Kane, Kent Willis, Michele          his dedicated work on behalf of people in
                                            place.                                                  Felberg, Christina Noblett, Amanda Vining,             need in Fairfax County and the D.C. area. A
                                               The following are honored recipients of the          John Bradshaw, Collin Evans, Christine                 leader of the United Way’s Fairfax County/
                                            2009 Congressional Award:                               Folger, Britt Brandon, Sarah Gresser, Alicia           Falls Church campaign, he has been an
                                               Alec Kohli, Lukas Bergqvist, Ashley Macres,          Hanson, Jonathan Hanson, McKenna Rankin,               indispensible asset to and dedicated fund-
                                            Kristen Glass, Stephanie Glass, Sarah Wil-              Marshall Christopher, Karen Pickens, Cas-              raiser for local and regional charities. Mr.
                                            liams, Kelly Chen, Renee Jorgensen, Spencer             sandra Tuten, Mark Van Wagenen, Jenessa                Worley has also dedicated his time working
                                            Chase, Mark Felicio, Todd Lundrigan, George             Barch, Faith Jones, Amanda O’Malley, Kath-             with organizations like the YMCA and the
                                            Major, Sarah Schwab, Charles Su, Chris-                 erine Shannon, George Smith III, Dana Mat-             American Heart Association, raising funds to
                                            topher Barnum, Sacha Finn, Cameron                      hews, Blythe Hall, Devin Hall, Kaitlin Smith,          help those in need.
                                            Chalfant, John Hunsaker, Malinda Seu, Lynn              Jacqueline     Bedsaul,   Taryn    Bierhuizen,            This year, The Virginia Peters Fair Housing
                                            Tse, Natalie Millman, Kathryn Gasparro,                 Courtney Owens, Patrick Crow, Matthew Cut-             Award and the Human Rights Award are being
                                            Heather Mauldin, Jena Mauldin, Andy Powers              ler, Sam Pauken, Stephanie Redfern, Jennifer           given to the Communities of Faith United for
                                            Davis, David Steinmetz, Christina DiMarzio,             Baltas, Alexander Grigg, Emily Green, David            Housing (CFUH). The CFUH is an advocacy
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            Courtney Cox, Hayley Gibson, Drake Gordon,              Ramish, Nicolo Mendolia, Alexander Chin,               network of faith communities and nonprofit or-
                                            Alexandra Abadia, Brian Asker, Christian                Chelsea Green, Ryan Pyke, Leanne Paulsen,              ganizations that are committed to increasing
                                            Estevez, Jessica Fillhaber, Jordan Gallas, Ste-         Lauren Below, James Hilgendorf, Paul Isaac             the amount of affordable housing in Fairfax
                                            fan Hogle, Shannon Johnson, Kiera Kadri,                Picklesimer, John Tate Bauman, Nicole                  County for low-income families and individ-
                                            Jesse Lively, Nicholas Lively, Adam Pere,               Clikeman, Beth Cochran, Alex Coolidge, Kali            uals. The CFUH is especially dedicated to pro-
                                            Aleksi Poirier, Maxwell Poirier, Mitchell Poirier,      Gentleman, Jessica Griffith, Keegan Hall,              viding long term housing to the homeless or

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00007   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.018    E26JNPT1
                                            E1580                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                        June 26, 2009
                                            those who are dangerously close to becoming             Bay facility. This provision would prohibit the        strengths for fiscal year 2010, and for other
                                            homeless. They have dedicated time to edu-              use of any funds in the bill to provide any im-        purposes:
                                            cating the public and elected officials on how          migration benefits to any Guantanamo de-                  Mr. LANGEVIN. Mr. Chair, I rise in support
                                            to do more to provide low-income housing and            tainee. Examples provided by the bill of such          of the fiscal year 2010 National Defense Au-
                                            have worked with the community and the                  benefits include ‘‘a visa, admission into the          thorization Act, and I want to thank my good
                                            county to create the Plan to Prevent and End            United States, parole into the United States, or       friend Chairman SKELTON for his leadership in
                                            Homelessness. Their work has provided an in-            classification as a refugee or applicant for asy-      crafting an excellent bill.
                                            valuable service to the community.                      lum.’’ The language does include the proviso               This bill gives not only gives our service
                                               Madam Speaker, I ask that my colleagues              that nothing in this provision prohibits detain-       men and women the tools they need to keep
                                            join me in honoring these individuals and their         ees from being brought into the United States          our nation safe, but it also makes valuable in-
                                            dedicated service to the community. Their               for prosecution.                                       vestments in programs and projects that sup-
                                            commitment is deserving of not only the pres-              Now, I want to prosecute and punish any-            port our military families, increase oversight of
                                            tigious Human Rights Award, but of our re-              one who has sought to harm the United States           our war efforts and further critical non-pro-
                                            spect and deep appreciation.                            or is responsible for attacks on the United            liferation efforts. It recognizes the sacrifices
                                                             f                                      States and its people. But, we do not know             made not only by our troops, but by their fami-
                                                                                                    that everyone in Guantanamo fits into this cat-        lies as well, providing a 3.4 percent pay raise,
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                              egory. There are likely people still imprisoned        expanded TRICARE coverage, and $1.95 bil-
                                                                                                    at Guantanamo today who are there, not be-             lion for military family housing. This measure
                                                       HON. JOHN R. CARTER                          cause they are a threat, but because our gov-          will increase oversight and accountability by
                                                                 OF TEXAS                           ernment can not figure out what to do with             requiring the President to report on U.S. goals
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      them. As you know, the Bush Administration             in Afghanistan and Pakistan and our redeploy-
                                                                                                    already released many people from Guanta-              ment from Iraq. It also adds $2.5 billion to pro-
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                             grams designed to stop the proliferation of nu-
                                                                                                    namo who were wrongly detained there and
                                               Mr. CARTER. Madam Speaker, pursuant to               our courts have ordered the release of others          clear weapons, one of the most urgent threats
                                            the Republican Leadership standards on ear-             who apparently were not linked to any terrorist        the world faces today. Finally, the bill strength-
                                            marks, I am submitting the following informa-           organization and pose no threat to the United          ens our nation’s missile defense capabilities,
                                            tion regarding earmarks I received as part of           States. There were, and possibly still are, in-        by increasing funding for systems vital to pro-
                                            H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-          nocent people being detained by our govern-            tect against real threats while balancing tech-
                                            vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-              ment at Guantanamo Bay.                                nology development to face the needs of to-
                                            tions Act, 2010.                                           It is shameful for our country to deny a visa       morrow.
                                               Requesting Member: JOHN R. CARTER                    to an innocent person who we have deter-                   I am particularly pleased with the steps
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                               mined is no threat to the United States, who           taken in this bill to ensure that contractor
                                               Account: STAG                                        the United States wrongly imprisoned for               waste, fraud and abuse is brought to an end
                                               Requesting entity: City of Temple, TX                years, who may be prosecuted if returned to            and that we have an efficient and fair system
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 2 North Main           his own country, and who the United States             for meeting critical defense needs. During the
                                            Street, Suite 306, Temple, TX 76501                     may not be able to send to any other country.          Armed Services Committee’s mark-up, I of-
                                               Description: $500,000 was secured for a              Frankly, if they are innocent of any crime and         fered an amendment, which was adopted by
                                            wastewater Interceptor that will enable the             pose no threat to the United States, they              voice vote, to alter the OMB Circular A–76
                                            construction of approximately 9,000 feet of             should be allowed to come to the United                process for determining which activities are in-
                                            wastewater main line and 11,500 feet of                 States. In addition, I do not see how we can           herently governmental functions and vital to
                                            wastewater interceptor. $50,000 will be spent           deny them asylum if we determine they have             our national defense. My amendment will en-
                                            on a Preliminary Design, $155,000 on the                a legitimate fear of persecution if sent any-          sure the A–76 process is fair for our govern-
                                            Final Design, $10,000 to Bid & Award con-               where else.                                            ment workforce and provide the Obama Ad-
                                            struction, $1.7 million for construction, and              Because the Homeland Security bill pro-             ministration a chance to address past failures
                                            $85,000 for construction administration. The            vides such critical funding to first responders        of the A–76 process.
                                            total price for this project is $2 million. The re-     all over the country, and especially to my city            This legislation also addresses the need to
                                            questing entity will provide the required fund-         of New York, I can not justify voting against it.      enhance our military’s cybersecurity capabili-
                                            ing match. Construction of this piece of utility        Funding for these services is desperately              ties. Cyberspace is a growing component of
                                            infrastructure will benefit taxpayers by pro-           needed.                                                the modern battlefield, and we must ensure
                                            viding wastewater service to Industrial Park               However, I want to warn my colleagues               our forces are prepared for the wars of tomor-
                                            tenants. Wastewater services are critical to the        about the dangers of reflexively adding provi-         row. I applaud the efforts of the Secretary of
                                            services required for a growing economy.                sions to every appropriations bill that may end        Defense and the services to meet the growing
                                                             f                                      up further harming innocent people who were            threat of cyberattacks. I am concerned, how-
                                                                                                    mistakenly imprisoned by our government. If            ever, that individuals with critical cyber skills
                                            DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SE-                              you want to make a political point that you op-        are not making a career in the uniformed serv-
                                             CURITY APPROPRIATIONS ACT,                             pose terrorists, fine. But, you have to allow for      ices. We need to do everything in our power
                                             2010                                                   the fact that until we know for sure that all of       to recruit and retain talented and experienced
                                                                                                    the people remaining at Guantanamo are ter-            individuals, and that is why I offered an
                                                                SPEECH OF                                                                                  amendment during committee consideration
                                                                                                    rorists, it is not right to punish everyone who
                                                      HON. JERROLD NADLER                           is there just to make a political point. We have       that requires the Secretary of Defense to sub-
                                                                                                    a moral obligation to do better.                       mit to Congress a report assessing the chal-
                                                               OF NEW YORK
                                                                                                                                                           lenges to retention and professional develop-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                        f                                    ment of uniformed and civilian cyber opera-
                                                      Wednesday, June 24, 2009                      NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-                            tors. I am pleased that this requirement is now
                                              The House in Committee of the Whole                    TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010                         included in the bill before us today. This report
                                            House on the State of the Union had under                                                                      will help define numbers of personnel, recruit-
                                            consideration of the bill (H.R. 2892) making                                 SPEECH OF                         ment and retention incentives, policy impedi-
                                            appropriations for the Department of Home-                                                                     ments, and methods to improve interagency
                                            land Security for the fiscal year ending Sep-                     HON. JAMES R. LANGEVIN                       and academic outreach to individuals with crit-
                                            tember 30, 2010, and for other purposes:                                 OF RHODE ISLAND                       ical cyber skills.
                                               Mr. NADLER of New York. Madam Chair, I                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       Finally, I also want to give praise to Sec-
                                            rise in support of H.R. 2892, the Homeland                         Wednesday, June 24, 2009                    retary Gates, Chairman SKELTON and Chair-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            Security Appropriations Act for fiscal year                                                                    woman TAUSCHER for working with our military
                                                                                                      The House in Committee of the Whole
                                            2010.                                                                                                          commanders to shape a budget that protects
                                                                                                    House on the State of the Union had under
                                               While the bill provides vitally necessary            consideration of the bill (H.R. 2647) to au-           the U.S. and our allies from real ballistic mis-
                                            funds to secure our nation’s safety, it also            thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for        sile threats. The bill provides $9.3 billion for
                                            contains a troubling provision regarding people         military activities of the Department of De-           missile defense, supporting critical programs
                                            who are currently detained at the Guantanamo            fense; to prescribe military personnel                 that are tested and operational and eliminating

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00008   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.006   E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1581
                                            unnecessary and unproven programs that                  Corporation provides a full continuum of emer-         of the Interior, Environment, and Related
                                            waste taxpayer dollars.                                 gency, transitional, and permanent housing for         Agencies Appropriations Act.
                                               The U.S. Intelligence Community estimates            Skid Row residents. This month’s grand open-              Congressman PETER J. ROSKAM: H.R. 2996,
                                            that the most significant ballistic missile threat      ing of the James Woods Apartments, at 408              Environmental Protection Agency, STAG
                                            to U.S. interests, deployed forces, and our al-         E. 5th Street and 506 S. San Julian Street, is         Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Project
                                            lies comes from short- and medium-range bal-            the most recent shining example of its suc-            account for the Tubeway Drive Storm Water
                                            listic missiles that represent 99% of the total         cessful efforts to develop clean, safe and af-         Lift Station Rehabilitation Project in Carol
                                            number of ballistic missiles other than those           fordable housing units. The project involved           Stream, Illinois. The entity to receive funding
                                            held by the United States, NATO nations,                converting two decaying parking lots into a 5-         for this project is the Village of Carol Stream,
                                            Russia, and China. H.R. 2647 supports the               story building containing 53 studio apartments         500 North Gary Avenue, Carol Stream, IL
                                            President’s request to increase funding by              with private bathrooms and kitchenettes.               60188. It is my understanding that the funding
                                            $900 million for systems that counter this                 The corporation also offers a wide array of         would be used to rehabilitate and replace a
                                            threat, such as the Aegis BMD system and the            supportive services for its clients, including         35-year-old storm water lift station at the end
                                            Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD)             food services, case management, transpor-              of its useful life. The Tubeway Drive Storm
                                            system.                                                 tation, support groups and referrals. Every            Water Lift Station is showing signs of corro-
                                               Looking forward, this bill also provides $1          week, SRO Housing serves nearly 4,000                  sion, and is in need of desperate repair to al-
                                            billion to support the requests of President            meals in its emergency shelter and senior              leviate flooding in the village. Under this reha-
                                            Obama, Secretary Gates, and the Chairman of             meal program as well as delivering over 8,000          bilitation project, the lift station will be totally
                                            the Joint Chiefs of Staff to support the devel-         pounds of food and fresh produce to all per-           replaced with new more efficient pumps,
                                            opment and operation of 30 Ground-based                                                                        valving, backup systems and structures. Re-
                                                                                                    manent-housing sites. This critical service en-
                                                                                                                                                           placing the station in a timely manner will en-
                                            Midcourse Defense interceptors, designed to             sures that very low-income individuals, who
                                                                                                                                                           sure storm water flows are effectively man-
                                            guard against future emerging threats. Accord-          are attempting to sustain themselves on a
                                                                                                                                                           aged, preventing flood damage losses. Carol
                                            ing to senior defense officials, these 30 inter-        fixed income, receive nutritious foods that
                                                                                                                                                           Stream has demonstrated a good-faith cost
                                            ceptors are more than what is necessary to              would otherwise be absent from their diets. In         share in the project, providing a 45% commit-
                                            deal with any long-range threat from a rogue            addition, SRO Housing provides its residents           ment of matching funds. Severe flooding has
                                            state in the near and mid-term. This will en-           with a way to regain basic living skills through       plagued the village in the last year. Rains in
                                            sure our nation is able to face the threats of          classes in cooking, laundry, and money man-            September 2008 submerged 50 homes and
                                            today and tomorrow.                                     agement.                                               damaged 400. This was followed in December
                                               Mr. Chair, this bill admirably balances crit-           The SRO Housing Corporation also works              by more rain, melting snow, and another
                                            ical national security needs with realistic budg-       to build a sense of community belonging for its        round of flooding. Even last week the Daily
                                            et considerations, and I am proud to support            residents. It manages two public parks—the             Herald reported on how Carol Stream has had
                                            it. Again, I thank Chairman SKELTON for his             San Julian Park and Gladys Park—and oper-              to deal with ‘‘severe flooding in several areas.’’
                                            leadership and urge my colleagues to vote for           ates the James Wood Community Center                   This timely funding will bring much-needed re-
                                            this important legislation.                             where area residents can socialize and have            lief to my constituents.
                                                             f                                      fun in safe, clean and public areas located in
                                                                                                    their own neighborhood.
                                            A    TRIBUTE IN RECOGNITION OF                             With 25 years of experience, SRO Housing                     EARMARK DECLARATION
                                                THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF SRO                         Corporation has a unique insight into the
                                                HOUSING   CORPORATION   AND                         needs of the Skid Row community. More than                            HON. JEFF MILLER
                                                THE GRAND OPENING OF ITS                            40 percent of its diverse and multi-cultural                              OF FLORIDA
                                                NEW JAMES M. WOOD APART-                            staff is made up of formerly homeless individ-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                MENTS                                               uals, residents and community members                              Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                    whose history and life experiences are a
                                                 HON. LUCILLE ROYBAL-ALLARD                         source of inspiration to others.                          Mr. MILLER of Florida. Madam Speaker,
                                                              OF CALIFORNIA                            Madam Speaker, on the occasion of SRO               pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-
                                                                                                    Housing Corporation’s 25th Anniversary and             ards on earmarks, I am submitting the fol-
                                                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    the Grand Opening of its new James M. Wood             lowing information regarding earmarks I re-
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                             ceived as part of the Fiscal Year 2010 Na-
                                                                                                    Apartments, I join today with my congressional
                                               Ms. ROYBAL-ALLARD. Madam Speaker, I                  colleagues in recognizing all of the many dedi-        tional Defense Authorization bill.
                                            rise today to recognize SRO Housing Corpora-                                                                      Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF
                                                                                                    cated people who make this fine organization
                                            tion, a nonprofit, community-based organiza-                                                                   MILLER
                                                                                                    the beacon of hope that it is today. I especially         Project Name: AFSOC Injury Prevention
                                            tion dedicated to building a vibrant community          commend Anita Nelson who works day in and
                                            for homeless and very low-income individuals                                                                   and Human Performance Initiative
                                                                                                    day out to keep James Wood’s memory and                   Account: RDAF
                                            in the Central City East community of Down-             mission alive as the corporation’s Chief Exec-            Legal Name of Requesting Entity: University
                                            town Los Angeles in the 34th District, an area          utive Officer. I also pay tribute to the SRO           of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilita-
                                            more commonly known as ‘‘Skid Row.’’                    Housing Corporation’s community partners,              tive Services/Andrews Institute
                                               Skid Row is home to one of the largest pop-          supporters, invaluable volunteers, its entire             Address of Requesting Entity: 1040 Gulf
                                            ulations of homeless persons in the nation. To          staff and, most of all, the residents of the Skid      Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze, FL 32561
                                            address the needs of this vulnerable popu-              Row community. Thousands of lives have                    Description of Request: $1,000,000—
                                            lation, the late James M. Wood, who served              been transformed and positively impacted               AFSOC Injury Prevention and Human Per-
                                            as the Chairman of the Community Redevel-               through the wonderful work of SRO Housing              formance Initiative, University of Pittsburgh
                                            opment Agency of the City of Los Angeles,               Corporation and I wish everyone involved with          School of Health and Rehabilitative Services/
                                            pursued a vision in the late 1970s to include           this fine organization many more years of con-         Andrews Institute. I requested these funds for
                                            in the revitalization of Downtown Los Angeles           tinued success.                                        an injury prevention and performance en-
                                            a plan to redevelop the Skid Row area and                                 f                                    hancement initiative that will achieve a critical
                                            address its rampant homelessness.                                                                              doctrinal shift in human performance strate-
                                               In 1977 that plan began to take form as the                  EARMARK DECLARATION                            gies in Air Force Special Operations. Phase 1
                                            City of Los Angeles adopted a redevelopment                                                                    will include task and demand analyses to iden-
                                            plan for the Downtown Los Angeles Central                          HON. PETER J. ROSKAM                        tify Air Force Special Operator-specific tasks
                                            City East area to preserve and expand the                                   OF ILLINOIS                        during which injuries occur, mechanisms of in-
                                            single room occupancy hotels in the area. To                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   jury, and the physiological requirements of
                                            acquire and rehabilitate the hotels, the Single                                                                training.
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            Room Occupancy (SRO) Housing Corporation                            Thursday, June 25, 2009                       The entity to receive funding for this project
                                            was founded in February 1984 by the Commu-                Mr. ROSKAM. Madam Speaker, pursuant to               is the University of Pittsburgh School of Health
                                            nity Redevelopment Agency under the leader-             Republican standards on disclosure for Mem-            and the Andrews Institute located at 1040 Gulf
                                            ship of James Wood.                                     ber project requests, I am submitting the fol-         Breeze Parkway Gulf Breeze, FL 32561. I cer-
                                               Through the development of thousands of              lowing information regarding a project I sup-          tify that neither I nor my spouse has any finan-
                                            affordable housing units, the SRO Housing               port for inclusion in H.R. 2996, the Department        cial interest in this project.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00009   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.022    E26JNPT1
                                            E1582                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                               Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s             Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF                    Account: RDDW
                                            policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this          MILLER                                                    Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Prologic
                                            request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-          Project Name: Eglin Air Force Base Range               Address of Requesting Entity: 9400 Innova-
                                            gram named after a sitting Member of Con-               Operations Control Center (ROCC)                       tion Drive Manassas, VA 20110
                                            gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass       Account: RDAF                                          Description of Request: $3,000,000—Gulf
                                            through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all             Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Cubic              Range Mobile Instrumentation Capability,
                                            statutory requirements for matching funds               Corporation                                            Prologic. I requested these funds for Gulf
                                            where applicable.                                          Address of Requesting Entity: 1225 South            Range Mobile Instrumentation Capability for
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF                  Clark Street, Suite 702 Arlington, VA 22202            the 46th Range Group (46 RANG. The 46th
                                            MILLER                                                     Description of Request: $3,000,000—Eglin            Range Group (46 RANG) has a need for a ca-
                                               Project Name: Anti-Materiel Explosive                Air Force Base Range Operations Control                pability for remote test, collection, storage and
                                            Round for Javelin Block II                              Center (ROCC), Cubic Corporation. I re-                relay of various data types. This capability can
                                               Account: RDA                                         quested these funds to address the increased           be accomplished with a Gulf Range Mobile In-
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: General             testing and evaluation at Eglin AFB, the 46th          strumentation Capability (GR–MIC). The GR–
                                            Dynamics Ordinance and Tactical Systems,                Test Wing Super ROCC initiative is a phased            MIC is needed to support test events on the
                                            Niceville Operations                                    effort involving development, procurement and          Eglin AFB range which occur over large geo-
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 115 Hart               military construction (MILCON) funding to              graphic areas (land and sea based).
                                            Street Niceville, FL 32578                              meet the future need in the 2015–2020 time-               The entity to receive funding for this project
                                               Description of Request: $3,000,000—Anti-             frame. This project provides more effective            is Prologic located at 9400 Innovation Drive
                                            Materiel Explosive Round for Javelin Block II,          control to better optimize range scheduling            Manassas, VA 20110. I certify that neither I
                                            General Dynamics. I requested these funds to            and increases flexibility in meeting the Eglin         nor my spouse has any financial interest in
                                            provide the warfighter with a significant im-           AFB test and training missions. By knowing             this project.
                                                                                                    the locations of all entities on the range, the           Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s
                                            provement in lethality against Military Oper-
                                                                                                    Super ROCC will have great flexibility in reas-        policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this
                                            ations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) structures.
                                                                                                    signing missions to ground and air space pre-          request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-
                                            The funding will allow for a qualification pro-                                                                gram named after a sitting Member of Con-
                                            gram in FY 2010 and early fielding in FY                viously not being used.
                                                                                                       The entity to receive funding for this project      gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass
                                            2012.                                                                                                          through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all
                                               The entity to receive funding for this project       is Cubic Corporation located at 1225 South
                                                                                                    Clark Street, Suite 702 Arlington, VA 22202. I         statutory requirements for matching funds
                                            is General Dynamics located at 115 Hart                                                                        where applicable.
                                            Street Niceville, FL 32578. I certify that neither      certify that neither I nor my spouse has any fi-
                                                                                                    nancial interest in this project.                         Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF
                                            I nor my spouse has any financial interest in                                                                  MILLER
                                            this project.                                              Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s
                                                                                                    policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this            Project Name: Intelligence Broadcast Re-
                                               Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s                                                                 ceiver (IBR) for AFSOC MC 130 Aircraft
                                            policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this          request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-
                                                                                                                                                              Account: PDW
                                            request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-       gram named after a sitting Member of Con-                 Legal Name of Requesting Entity: DRS
                                            gram named after a sitting Member of Con-               gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass   Technologies
                                            gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass    through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all            Address of Requesting Entity: 651 Anchors
                                            through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all          statutory requirements for matching funds              St., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
                                            statutory requirements for matching funds               where applicable.                                         Description of Request: $2,500,000—Intel-
                                                                                                       Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF                 ligence Broadcast Receiver (IBR) for AFSOC
                                            where applicable.
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF                  MILLER                                                 MC–130 Aircraft, DRS Technologies. I re-
                                                                                                       Project Name: Flight Test Operations Facil-         quested these funds to procure equipment that
                                                                                                    ity (413 FLTS)                                         provides Air Force Special Operations Com-
                                               Project Name: Coordinated Operation of Un-              Account: MCAF
                                            manned Vehicles for Littoral Defense                                                                           mand (AFSOC) MC–130 Combat Shadow air-
                                                                                                       Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Hurlburt
                                               Account: RDN                                                                                                craft with vastly improved situational aware-
                                                                                                    Air Force Base
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Florida In-            Address of Requesting Entity: Hurlburt Air          ness in high threat arenas. These aircraft pro-
                                            stitute for Human and Machine Cognition                 Force Base                                             vide clandestine or low visibility, low level mis-
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 40 South                  Description of Request: $9,400,000—Flight           sions into denied areas to provide support to
                                            Alcaniz Street, Pensacola, FL 32502                     Test Operations Facility (413 FLTS), Hurlburt          small SOF ground teams as well as to provide
                                               Description of Request: $2,000,000—Co-               Air Force Base. I requested these funds to a           air refueling for specialized infiltration aircraft.
                                            ordinated Operation of Unmanned Vehicles for            construct a facility to conduct developmental          This equipment provides real time information
                                            Littoral Defense, General Dynamics. I re-               and qualification testing of aircraft. A modern        to include; immediate intelligence, Blue Force
                                            quested these funds to perform research to:             facility is necessary to ensure mission suc-           tracking (friendly units), and survivor informa-
                                            develop a fully-functioning prototype of bio-           cess, minimize acquisition costs and fielding          tion, greatly improving mission success and
                                            logically inspired robotic concepts uniquely            delays. Functional areas include administra-           survivability.
                                            suited to the littoral environment; to develop                                                                    The entity to receive funding for this project
                                                                                                    tion, operations and special purpose areas in-
                                            and evaluate policies and metrics for optimal                                                                  is DRS Technologies located at 651 Anchors
                                                                                                    cluding open storage area with SIPRNET,
                                            resource utilization and for effective configura-                                                              St., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548. I certify that
                                                                                                    workshop/maintenance area with compressed
                                            tion and control of hybrid teams of people and                                                                 neither I nor my spouse has any financial in-
                                                                                                    air, a hoist system and an electrical system           terest in this project.
                                            heterogeneous unmanned systems and to as-               capable of providing multi-phase power and
                                            sure effective tasking of physically distributed                                                                  Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s
                                                                                                    covered outside storage.                               policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this
                                            humans and heterogeneous configurations of                 The entity to receive funding for this project
                                            unmanned platforms to best support littoral op-                                                                request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-
                                                                                                    is Hurlburt Air Force Base located at Hurlburt         gram named after a sitting Member of Con-
                                            erations.                                               AFB, Florida. I certify that neither I nor my
                                               The entity to receive funding for this project                                                              gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass
                                                                                                    spouse has any financial interest in this              through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all
                                            is the Florida Institute for Human and Machine          project.
                                            Cognition located at 40 South Alcaniz Street,                                                                  statutory requirements for matching funds
                                                                                                       Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s         where applicable.
                                            Pensacola, FL 32502. I certify that neither I           policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this            Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF
                                            nor my spouse has any financial interest in             request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-      MILLER
                                            this project.                                           gram named after a sitting Member of Con-                 Project Name: Joint Gulf Complex Test and
                                               Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s          gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass   Training
                                            policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this          through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all            Account: RDDW
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-       statutory requirements for matching funds                 Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Boeing
                                            gram named after a sitting Member of Con-               where applicable.                                         Address of Requesting Entity: 634 Anchors
                                            gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass       Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF                 St NW Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
                                            through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all          MILLER                                                    Description of Request: $3,000,000—Joint
                                            statutory requirements for matching funds                  Project Name: Gulf Range Mobile Instru-             Gulf Complex Test and Training, Boeing. I re-
                                            where applicable.                                       mentation Capability                                   quested these funds to provide critical training

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00010   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.010   E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1583
                                            and mission rehearsal for Iraq and Afghani-             11000 University Parkway Pensacola, FL                 statutory requirements for matching funds
                                            stan deployments. The range must accommo-               32514. I certify that neither I nor my spouse          where applicable.
                                            date requirements for joint testing of weapons          has any financial interest in this project.                               f
                                            systems that are revolutionary in nature and               Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s
                                            being developed for the War on Terrorism.               policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this         NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-
                                            The Joint Gulf Range must accommodate crit-             request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-       TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010
                                            ical joint training requirements specifically in        gram named after a sitting Member of Con-
                                                                                                    gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass                      SPEECH OF
                                            support of U.S. Air Force Special Operations
                                            Command and U.S. Special Operations Com-                through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all                       HON. PHIL GINGREY
                                            mand.                                                   statutory requirements for matching funds                                 OF GEORGIA
                                               The entity to receive funding for this project       where applicable.
                                                                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            is Boeing located at 634 Anchors St NW Fort                Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF
                                            Walton Beach, FL 32548. I certify that neither          MILLER                                                             Wednesday, June 24, 2009
                                            I nor my spouse has any financial interest in              Project Name: Moving Target Strike                    The House in Committee of the Whole
                                            this project.                                              Account: RDAF                                       House on the State of the Union had under
                                               Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s             Legal Name of Requesting Entity: General            consideration of the bill (H.R. 2647) to au-
                                            policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this          Atomics/Alpha Data Corporation                         thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for
                                            request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-          Address of Requesting Entity: 1326 Lewis            military activities of the Department of De-
                                            gram named after a sitting Member of Con-               Turner Blvd Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547                fense, to prescribe military personnel
                                            gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass       Description of Request: $3,000,000—Mov-             strengths for fiscal year 2010, and for other
                                            through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all          ing Target Strike, General Atomics/Alpha Data
                                            statutory requirements for matching funds               Corporation. I requested these funds for GPS-             Mr. GINGREY of Georgia. Mr. Chair, as we
                                            where applicable.                                       guided weapons systems. The project will               consider H.R. 2647, the National Defense Au-
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF                  demonstrate the ability to strike a time-critical      thorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010, I would
                                            MILLER                                                  moving target with a low cost GPS guided               like to say a special thanks to Chairman SKEL-
                                               Project Name: LAIRCM for AFSOC MC–130                weapon using coordinates derived and com-              TON and Ranking Member MCKEON—as well
                                               Account: PDW                                         municated from a single platform. GPS guided           as to subcommittee Chairman ABERCROMBIE
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: L–3                 weapons are replacing higher cost laser guid-          and Ranking Member BARTLETT—for their tire-
                                            Crestview                                               ed and seeker weapons throughout DoD. The              less efforts in support of our soldiers, sailors,
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 5486 Fairchild         ability to use the GPS guided weapons                  airmen, and marines who are bravely defend-
                                            Road Crestview, FL 32539                                against moving targets furthers this trend and         ing us at home and abroad.
                                               Description of Request: $4,000,000—                                                                            While not a perfect bill, this legislation cov-
                                                                                                    reduces overall costs of weapon systems.
                                            LAIRCM for AFSOC MC–130, L–3. I re-                                                                            ers a wide scope of issues that are vitally im-
                                                                                                       The entity to receive funding for this project
                                            quested these funds for enhanced protection                                                                    portant to our Armed Services, both active and
                                                                                                    is General Atomics/Alpha Data Corporation lo-
                                            of AFSOC’s C–130 aircraft operating in com-                                                                    reserve component, and it clearly addresses
                                                                                                    cated at 1326 Lewis Turner Blvd Fort Walton
                                            bat conditions where man-portable infrared                                                                     the most pressing needs of our troops in a
                                                                                                    Beach, FL 32547. I certify that neither I nor
                                            missiles are present. Current counter-                                                                         very trying time for America. A 3.4% pay raise
                                                                                                    my spouse has any financial interest in this
                                            measures, during critical phases of their mis-                                                                 for all members of the Armed Forces will fur-
                                            sion, have marginal effectiveness. This is                                                                     ther reduce the military-civilian pay disparity. I
                                                                                                       Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s
                                            needed to protect lives and assets in current                                                                  am very pleased with the work the Committee
                                                                                                    policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this
                                            and future missions in the Global War on Ter-                                                                  has done this year to authorize $368 million
                                                                                                    request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-
                                            ror.                                                                                                           for the advance procurement of long-lead sup-
                                                                                                    gram named after a sitting Member of Con-
                                               The entity to receive funding for this project                                                              plies needed to build 12 additional F–22’s in
                                                                                                    gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass
                                            is L–3 located at 5486 Fairchild Road                                                                          2011. The F–22 is the world’s most capable
                                                                                                    through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all
                                            Crestview, FL 32539. I certify that neither I nor                                                              fighter, and these funds will go a long way to-
                                                                                                    statutory requirements for matching funds
                                            my spouse has any financial interest in this                                                                   wards providing stability for our forces and en-
                                                                                                    where applicable.
                                            project.                                                                                                       suring that America maintains air dominance
                                               Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s             Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF
                                                                                                    MILLER                                                 for the foreseeable future.
                                            policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this                                                                    While I applaud the work of the Committee
                                            request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-          Project Name: Virtual Perimeter Monitoring
                                                                                                    System (VPMS)                                          in addressing pressing readiness issues, I am
                                            gram named after a sitting Member of Con-                                                                      however concerned about the deep cuts to
                                                                                                       Account: RDDW
                                            gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass                                                           missile defense. A viable missile defense sys-
                                                                                                       Legal Name of Requesting Entity: DRS
                                            through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all                                                                 tem is critical to deterring and countering
                                            statutory requirements for matching funds                                                                      emerging threats to our national security—es-
                                                                                                       Address of Requesting Entity: 651 Anchors
                                            where applicable.                                                                                              pecially as Iran and North Korea develop their
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF                  St., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
                                                                                                       Description of Request: $2,000,000—Virtual          nuclear capabilities. I look forward to working
                                               Project Name: Mobile Learning Cultural               Perimeter Monitoring System (VPMS), DRS                with Chairman SKELTON, Ranking Member
                                            Training for Military Personnel                         Technologies. I requested these funds to pro-          MCKEON, and the rest of the Committee as
                                               Account: OMN                                         vide a perimeter monitoring system of remote           this bill moves forward to address these pro-
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: University          sensors for detecting and alerting security per-       gram needs.
                                            of West Florida                                         sonnel of intrusions in defined areas of inter-           While there is much to be proud of in this
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 11000 Univer-          est at critical facilities. Virtual Perimeter Moni-    bill, I am disappointed that the Rules Com-
                                            sity Parkway Pensacola, FL 32514                        toring System (VPMS) provides continuous               mittee failed to make any of my four amend-
                                               Description of Request: $1,500,000—Mobile            and persistent surveillance of areas of interest       ments in order. These were commonsense
                                            Learning Cultural Training for Military Per-            to include near real time monitoring of air            amendments, Mr. Chair, that would make the
                                            sonnel, University of West Florida. I requested         fields, ports, depots and other critical infra-        Department of Defense (DoD) more effective
                                            these funds to provide regional cultural aware-         structures.                                            in carrying out its mission.
                                            ness training through multiple mobile devices              The entity to receive funding for this project         The first amendment I offered to this bill
                                            and through the Navy Knowledge Online                   is DRS Technologies located at 651 Anchors             would have ensured that no detainees at the
                                            (NKO) portal. Cultural awareness and lan-               St., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548. I certify that       Guantanamo Bay detention facility are trans-
                                            guage skills are critical for operations in Iraq        neither I nor my spouse has any financial in-          ported to the United States. The American
                                            and Afghanistan. This project builds on pre-            terest in this project.                                people have spoken on this issue with 55% of
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            vious projects by the University of West Flor-             Consistent with the Republican Leadership’s         them opposed to allowing terrorists to be
                                            ida on mobile learning instructional delivery           policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that this         transported to American soil. Further, a June
                                            and on an Arabic Language and Cultural                  request (1) is not directed to any entity or pro-      12, 2009 letter from the Director of the Federal
                                            Awareness for-credit certificate program.               gram named after a sitting Member of Con-              Bureau of Prisons to my colleague, Trent
                                               The entity to receive funding for this project       gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass   Franks, stated that ‘‘there is insufficient bed
                                            is the University of West Florida located at            through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all         space in any high-security Federal prison to

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00011   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.010    E26JNPT1
                                            E1584                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                            confine these individuals. In addition, there are       CELEBRATING FISH AND LOAVES                            ceptor project (VC4), consisting of wastewater
                                            currently no beds available in our Administra-           COMMUNITY    PANTRY’S  MIL-                           pipeline improvements project, including the
                                            tive Maximum United States Penitentiary in               LIONTH POUND SERVED                                   construction of a new 24-inch HDPE
                                            Florence, Colorado, to confine any more Fed-                                                                   forcemain, the trenchless rehabilitation (lining)
                                            eral inmates, let alone any of the Guantanamo                      HON. JOHN D. DINGELL                        of the existing 24-inch forcemain and refur-
                                            Bay detainees. If called upon to confine any of                             OF MICHIGAN                        bishment of pipeline appurtenances. VC4 is
                                            these detainees, we would most likely confine                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   one of a number of joint wastewater projects
                                            them in ADX Florence and in one or more                                                                        between the cities of Vista and Carlsbad. VC4
                                                                                                               Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            high-security penitentiaries. Depending on the                                                                 is one of two pipelines that convey all of the
                                                                                                       Mr. DINGELL. Madam Speaker, I rise today            wastewater from the City of Vista to the
                                            numbers, this might require us to transfer a
                                                                                                    to acknowledge, honor, and celebrate the Fish          Encina regional wastewater treatment facility.
                                            sufficient number of inmates to other peniten-
                                                                                                    and Loaves Community Pantry for serving its            In April 2007, the 24-inch ductile iron pipeline
                                            tiaries in order to create the necessary bed
                                                                                                    one millionth pound of food to people in need          ruptured creating a significant sewage spill
                                            space. Such transfers would impose signifi-
                                                                                                    from across the Downriver area. Since its              into the Buena Vista Lagoon. The 2,400 foot
                                            cant additional challenges on our agency.’’
                                                                                                    opening in 2007, Fish and Loaves continues             long 24-inch diameter pipeline receives flow
                                            Clearly the transfer of these detainees to any-         to collaborate with churches, food banks, and
                                            where in America is dangerous and must be                                                                      from the cities of Carlsbad, Oceanside and
                                                                                                    hundreds of volunteers to provide cost-free,           Vista. This is the only year of funding needed
                                            prohibited.                                             quality groceries to thousands of families and         to complete this aspect of the project. The cit-
                                               My second amendment would express the                individuals.                                           ies of Carlsbad and Vista will provide the re-
                                            sense of Congress that active military per-                Tough economic times have made acquiring            maining funds required for the project directly.
                                            sonnel who live in or are stationed in Wash-            even basic necessities difficult for many resi-
                                            ington, DC, would be exempt from the Dis-               dents of Southeastern Michigan. Many of the
                                            trict’s firearms restrictions. On June 26, 2008,        people that Fish and Loaves serve are below                     EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            the Supreme Court of the United States in the           the poverty line, lack medical coverage, and
                                            case, District of Columbia v. Heller, held that         struggle to pay for essential services.                             HON. W. TODD AKIN
                                            the Second Amendment protects an individ-                  The organizers of the Fish and Loaves                                  OF MISSOURI
                                            ual’s right to possess a firearm for traditionally      Community Pantry recognized this and, in re-
                                                                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            lawful purposes, and thus, ruled that the Dis-          sponse, churches and volunteers joined to-
                                                                                                    gether in remarkable collaboration to construct                    Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            trict of Columbia’s handgun ban and require-
                                            ments that rifles and shotguns in the home be           a special kind of food pantry. The facility, lo-          Mr. AKIN. Madam Speaker, in accordance
                                            kept unloaded and disassembled or outfitted             cated in Taylor, is arranged as a small grocery        with House Republican Conference standards,
                                            with a trigger lock to be unconstitutional. How-        store in which individuals may select the items        and Clause 9 of rule XXI, I submit the fol-
                                            ever, the D.C. City Council has circumvented            they need most, which include quality products         lowing member requests regarding H.R. 2647,
                                            the Supreme Court ruling by enacting the Fire-          like fresh produce, dairy products, frozen             the National Defense Authorization Act of
                                                                                                    meat, and perishable items. Of course, every-          2010.
                                            arms Control Emergency Amendment Act of
                                                                                                    thing is still provided at no cost to the client.         Project: Air Filtrations Systems for Heli-
                                            2008, making a waiver necessary to ensure
                                                                                                    The pantry serves the residents of Taylor,             copters
                                            that our military men and women—of which
                                                                                                    Romulus, Allen Park, Southgate, Dearborn                  Account: Department of Defense, Army, Air-
                                            there are 40,000 in Washington and who have
                                                                                                    Heights, and Brownstown.                               craft Modifications
                                            been trained in firearm use—are permitted to               Fish and Loaves provides assistance to                 Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Aero-
                                            safely carry a firearm in the District.                 those in need with both efficiency and dignity         space Filtration Systems, Inc.
                                               A further amendment would prohibit DoD ci-           by providing a wide variety of foods and                  Address of Requesting Entity: 4 Research
                                            vilian employees from using official paid work          household products from which to choose.               Park Dr, Suite 200, St Charles, MO, USA
                                            time for union activities, ensuring that Amer-          The hard work and dedication of the Board                 Description of Request: To provide
                                            ican taxpayers are not subsidizing labor orga-          and volunteers is the source of its great suc-         $2,000,000 to install barrier filtration systems
                                            nizations. DoD was one of the largest abusers           cess and support it gives to the thousands of          on National Guard aircraft. This request would
                                            of using ‘‘official time’’ for union activity. Its      individuals and families it helps to feed.             allow the National Guard to obtain dramatic
                                            total number of official time hours in FY 2008             Madam Speaker, I ask that all of my col-            savings by reducing engine replacements and
                                            was 331,099 (a 5.1% increase from FY 2007).             leagues join me in honoring the Fish and               thus maintenance, keeping overall engine per-
                                            OPM estimated the official time wage cost for           Loaves Community Food Pantry on its mil-               formance from being reduced due to erosion
                                            the DoD was $12,141,699 for FY 2008, which              lionth pound of food served. It is an exemplary        and Foreign Object damage (FOD), and in-
                                            is an $855,694 increase from FY 2007. This is           organization that continues to be an invaluable        creasing readiness rates of the ARNG fleet.
                                            just one example of union activity being sub-           member of the Southeastern Michigan com-               The earmark will address a portion of the
                                            sidized by taxpayer dollars on official time.           munity and for which I, and thousands others,          ARNG fleet to include: AH–64A APU Barrier
                                                                                                    are truly grateful.                                    Filter—32 Aircraft; AH–64D APU Barrier Fil-
                                               My final amendment would have provided
                                            the Secretary of Defense with a waiver from                               f                                    ter—48 Aircraft; CH–47 APU Barrier Filter—80
                                            section 526 of the Energy Independence and                                                                     Aircraft; OH–58A/C Engine Barrier Filter—50
                                                                                                            EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            Security Act of 2007 regarding the procure-                                                                    Aircraft. AFS Barrier Filtration Systems cap-
                                                                                                                                                           ture 99% of the dirt and debris that would oth-
                                            ment of alternative fuels if the Secretary feels                   HON. BRIAN P. BILBRAY                       erwise enter the engine or APU and cause a
                                            that a waiver is appropriate to enhance the                                OF CALIFORNIA
                                            readiness of the Armed Forces. Section 526                                                                     significant loss of performance. This prevents
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   engines/APU’s from being removed from the
                                            prohibits all federal agencies from contracting
                                                                                                               Thursday, June 25, 2009                     aircraft for costly maintenance or overhaul.
                                            for alternative fuels that emit higher levels of
                                                                                                       Mr. BILBRAY. Madam Speaker, I submit the            Engine overhaul costs could cost as much as
                                            greenhouse gas emissions than ‘‘conventional
                                                                                                    following:                                             $300,000 on one engine. By extending the life
                                            petroleum sources.’’ DoD accounts for over
                                                                                                       Requesting Member: Congressman BRIAN                of the engine/APU up to 11 times, the savings
                                            80% of all federal government fuel usage, and
                                                                                                    BILBRAY                                                from one installation kit could be as high as
                                            its annual fuel expense more than doubled be-
                                                                                                       Bill Number: H.R. 2996—Department of the            $6.6M on one AH–64 helicopter alone. AFS
                                            tween 2003 and 2007—from $5.2 billion to
                                                                                                    Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies            barrier filters in use by the U.S. Army in the
                                            $12.6 billion. The Secretary of Defense needs
                                                                                                    Appropriations Act, 2010                               deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan have been
                                            a waiver from section 526 so that DoD’s fuel
                                                                                                       Account: Environmental Protection Agency,           proven extremely effective. These kits have al-
                                            costs can be kept low.
                                                                                                    State Tribal Assistance Grants                         lowed engines to reach TBO and have been
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               Mr. Chair, there is much to be proud of in              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of            a major part of unprecedented readiness rates
                                            this bill. I again commend Chairman SKELTON             Carlsbad, CA                                           for the aircraft fleets.
                                            and Ranking Member MCKEON for their efforts                Address: 1200 Carlsbad Village Drive,                  Project: Hyperspectral Imaging for Improved
                                            to keep this bill focused on the needs of the           Carlsbad, CA 92008                                     Force Protection (HYPER–IFP)
                                            war-fighter, a fact that I hope is not lost as we          Description of Request: I received an ear-             Account: Department of Defense, Army,
                                            progress through the amendment process.                 mark of $500,000 for the Vista-Carlsbad Inter-         RDT&E (CERDEC, NVESD, Special Projects)

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00012   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.023    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1585
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Clean               energy storage systems that are capable of                Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Kemco
                                            Earth Technologies, LLC.                                high power pulses, on the order of megawatts,          Aerospace Manufacturing
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 13378 Lake-            to be delivered in the hundreds of microsec-              Address of Requesting Entity: 3616 Scarlet
                                            front Drive, Earth City, MO, USA                        onds to one millisecond time range to make             Oak Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63122
                                               Description of Request: To provide                   these weapons successful. Approximately                   Description of Request: To provide
                                            $5,400,000 for the Hyper-IFP (Hyper spectral            21% of the funds will be used for salaries for         $3,600,000 for bonded cellular aluminum heli-
                                            Sensor for Improved Force Protection) Pro-              four (4) employees, 43% for equipment and              copter tail rotor blades that are well suited for
                                            gram. The introduction of a Hyper-IFP in FY08           materials, and 36% for indirect costs associ-          military helicopter structures which operate in
                                            is allowing the detection and recognition of hu-        ated with completing the project. This project         demanding environmental conditions and must
                                            mans (with a near zero false alarm rate) and            has received past funding of $2.6 million in           be battle damage tolerant. Unlike traditional
                                            providing indication of other certain physio-           FY’07, $2.4 million in FY’08, and $800,000 in          aluminum honeycomb, the vented/drained cel-
                                            logical triggers that can indicate that a person        FY’09. Crosslink, University of Missouri-St.           lular bonded structure redistributes load paths
                                            is under extreme stress such as contemplating           Louis, University of Missouri-Rolla and Univer-        around damaged areas and has eliminated
                                            ‘‘bad’’ behavior. To date successful develop-           sity of Florida have collaborated to develop           corrosion problems associated with traditional
                                            ment, test and evaluation has been done in              new polyaniline and PXDOT (poly(3,4-                   aluminum honeycomb structures; dramatically
                                            the lab, though these systems have not been             Alkylenedioxythiophene—Conjugated electro-             improving life cycle costs. This technology of-
                                            fully optimized for theatre operation or for            active polymers). The results of this collabora-       fers significant advantages compared with cur-
                                            costs. The continued funding of Hyper-IFP will          tion will be the development of devices capa-          rent structural technologies that were designed
                                            operationalize and integrate the knowledge              ble of power delivery rates significantly faster       over 30 years ago, including 82% reduced
                                            gain in the lab and apply it in a true-fielded          than standard supercapacitors.                         parts count, elimination of skin delamination,
                                            application at an affordable cost. The Hyper-              Project: Aircrew Body Armor and Load Car-           significantly enhanced battle damage toler-
                                            IFP system will also be environmentally hard-           riage Vest System                                      ance and field reparability benefits. The
                                            ened to allow field deployment and allow inte-             Account: Other Procurement—U.S. Air                 tongue and groove joint structures reduce the
                                            gration w/other FP sensors in the last quarter          Force                                                  amount of touch labor required as well as tool-
                                            of 2009. Hyper-IFP is focused on the missions              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Eagle In-          ing costs. This has the potential to reduce pro-
                                            of Perimeter Security, Suicide Bomb Detection           dustries                                               curement costs by 20–30%.
                                            and Urban Route Recon. Utility will be dem-                Address of Requesting Entity: 1000 Biltmore            Project: Adaptive-Defense HIPPIE (High-
                                            onstrated through an evaluation in both the             Drive, Fenton, MO 63026                                speed Internet Protocol Packet Inspection En-
                                                                                                       Description of Request: To provide                  gine) on a Chip.
                                            Southwest border and contingency mission in
                                                                                                                                                              Account: Department of Defense, Army,
                                            Southwest Asia. This effort will require                $9,000,000 to issue the Aircrew Body Armor
                                            leveraging the current Force Protection sensor          Load Carriage Vest System, an integrated
                                                                                                                                                              Legal     Name     of    Requesting     Entity:
                                            suite designs for the missions cites to maintain        body armor vest system, to aircrew personnel.          TechGuard Security, LLC
                                            interoperability. In the end, this request fo-          The system provides fire retardancy and bal-              Address of Requesting Entity: 743 Spirit 40
                                            cuses on both achieving data verification, and          listics protection from a wide array of threats        Park Drive, Chesterfield, MO 63005
                                            the delivery of sufficient hardware to validate         including small arms fire, fragmenting shrapnel           Description of Request: Provide $6,000,000
                                            the Technical Data package for re-procure-              and spall, while decreasing the heat stress            to enhance the Army’s Cyber Security. This
                                            ment as well as demonstrate the system’s                and weight burdens faced by airmen. Cur-               project puts the rapid and power-conserving
                                            ability to deploy to DoD/DHS users for the              rently issued aircrew flight equipment survival        High-speed Internet Protocol Packet Inspec-
                                            missions described. The Night Vision Elec-              vests are not body armor-compatible due to             tion Engine’s (HIPPIE) security capability on a
                                            tronic Sensors Directorate, Ft. Belvoir, Vir-           weight, heat, and survivability concerns. Cur-         silicon chip. This funding will allow for devel-
                                            ginia, is very supportive of this project.              rent issue is not fire retardant and fails to          opment of a Nano-power supply and a nano-
                                               Project: Backpack Medical Oxygen System              meet the present needs of the U.S. Air Force.          memory capability. It will enhance the coalition
                                            (BMOS)                                                  Of the $9 million, approximately 25% is for            warrior and the US Warfighter’s communica-
                                               Account: Department of Defense, Air Force,           materials; 25% is for labor; and 50% is for            tion security and access control through dis-
                                            RDT&E                                                   armor and armor integration.                           creet deployment with secure remote-con-
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Essex                  This request is consistent with the intended        trolled chip-level destruction in the event a de-
                                            Cryogenics of Missouri Inc.                             and authorized purpose of the U.S. Air                 vice is compromised. This enhanced capability
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 8007 Chivvis           Force—Other Procurement account. If funded             at the chip-level allows for deployment directly
                                            Drive, St. Louis, MO 63123–2395                         in full, this is a one-time funding request with       into the hands of the warfighter engaged in
                                               Description of Request: To provide                   the goal of the Air Force using internally budg-       traditional and irregular warfare.
                                            $2,900,000 for improving Air Force oxygen               eted funding to continue fielding the system to           Project: JSOW–ER
                                            generation technology for emergency field               aircrew personnel.                                        Account: Department of Defense, Navy,
                                            medical rescues. With modification, the Back-              Project: Mission Equipment Technology Im-           RDT&E
                                            pack Medical Oxygen System (BMOS) is the                plementation (METI)                                       Legal Name of Requesting Entity: LaBarge
                                            system that satisfies the USAF Requirement                 Account: Department of Defense, Army,               Inc.
                                            for a small deployable oxygen generator sys-            RDT&E                                                     Address of Requesting Entity: 9900 Clayton
                                            tem. This spiral development program for the               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: QinetiQ            Road, St. Louis, MO 63124
                                            BMOS system will significantly decrease the             North America (Formerly Westar Aerospace                  Description of Request: Provide $6,500,000
                                            time and funds required to field critical capa-         and Defense Group)                                     for Joint Stand Off Weapon (JSOW) a GPS-
                                            bilities needed today by our warfighters. The              Address of Requesting Entity: 36 Research           guided air-to-ground weapon designed to at-
                                            U.S. Air Force requirement for oxygen is a              Park Ct., St. Charles, MO 63304, USA                   tack a variety of targets in day, night and ad-
                                            minimum of 93% pure oxygen at 6 liters per                 Description of Request: To provide                  verse weather conditions. The 70+ mile range
                                            minute for critically injured personnel and the         $5,300,000 for funding to complete the METI            of JSOW allows launch aircraft to stand off be-
                                            BMOS satisfies that requirement.                        plan initiated by the Aeromechanics division 3         yond the range of most Surface-to-Air mis-
                                               Project: High Power Electrolytic Super-Ca-           years ago. This funding will complete the de-          siles. There is a need for a small number of
                                            pacitors Based on Conducting Polymers                   velopment of a robust enterprise level data re-        weapons with greater stand off. Currently the
                                               Account: Department of Defense, Army,                pository that supports the Aviation Engineering        Navy fills this requirement with SLAM–ER,
                                            RDT&E, Weapons and Munitions Technology                 Directorate’s (AED) airworthiness release mis-         Harpoon and Tomahawk. The Navy completed
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Crosslink,          sion to rapidly develop and deploy mission             its relatively small buy of fewer than 500
                                            Inc                                                     equipment tools. The AED will have the capa-           SLAM–ERs in 2004. A new variant of JSOW
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 950 Bolger             bility to data mine and analyze complex data           (JSOW–ER Block IV) would have a range and
                                            Court, St. Louis, MO 63026                              to determine trend information to reduce high          lethal capability equal to or greater than
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               Description of Request: To provide                   cycle times between flight tests and airworthi-        SLAM–ER and would satisfy the warfighter’s
                                            $9,000,000 for the development of State of the          ness releases.                                         need at less than half the cost of SLAM–ER.
                                            art electrolytic supercapacitors for the purpose           Project: Bonded Cellular Aluminum Tail              An existing engine from the Miniature Air-
                                            of supplying Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) weap-             Rotor Blades                                           Launched Decoy program will be used to ex-
                                            ons, which are dubbed the ‘‘Objective Force                Account: Department of Defense, Army,               tend the range of JSOW–ER to more than four
                                            Weapons,’’ with quick discharging/recharging            RDT&E                                                  times of the current glide version.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00013   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.027   E26JNPT1
                                            E1586                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                        June 26, 2009
                                               RECOGNIZING GABRIEL PEREZ                            account at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS)              Bill Number: H.R. 2996, the Department of
                                                                                                    for the Groundwater and Stormwater Protec-             the Interior, Environment, and Related Agen-
                                                       HON. DALE E. KILDEE                          tion program in McHenry County, Illinois. The          cies Appropriations Act, 2010, Account: EPA,
                                                               OF MICHIGAN                          funding would be used to accelerate work on            STAG Water and Wastewater Infrastructure
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      studies associated with the implementation of          Project, Title: Vera Cruz Wastewater Collec-
                                                                                                    McHenry County’s Groundwater Protection                tion System, Legal Name of Requesting Entity:
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      Program. McHenry County is continuing to ex-           Lehigh County Authority, Address of Request-
                                               Mr. KILDEE. Madam Speaker, Gabriel                   perience rapid population growth and there is          ing Entity: 1053 Spruce Street, P.O. Box 3348,
                                            Perez, the Director of the Saginaw Michigan             a critical need to plan for the future. The coun-      Allentown, PA 18106, Description of Request:
                                            Aleda E. Lutz Veterans Affairs Medical Center,          ty’s program is working to address the protec-         This funding will be used to build a waste-
                                            has been appointed as the new Health Sys-               tion of groundwater resources, stormwater              water collection system for the Vera Cruz area
                                            tem Administrator/Medical Center Director of            drainage and detention, stream and wetland             of Upper Milford Township. On-lot sewer dis-
                                            the Veterans Affairs HealthCare System in               protection, and sustainable growth all into a          posal systems in the area are failing, causing
                                            Phoenix, Arizona. He will start his new posi-           single program. Ongoing and future develop-            environmental damage and public health con-
                                            tion on July 19, 2009.                                  ment poses serious challenges because of the           cerns. The project will provide central sewer
                                               Mr. Perez graduated from Loyola University           reduction of the land’s ability to absorb precipi-     service to approximately 284 properties in the
                                            in 1968, attended the University of California          tation and the continuing pressure to develop          village of Vera Cruz and the surrounding area.
                                            at Los Angeles Law School and obtained his              flood prone areas. The McHenry County gov-             Funds will be used for construction, engineer-
                                            Master’s Degree in Public and Health Care               ernment has already invested over $615,000             ing services and purchase of capacity in
                                            Administration from the University of Southern          of local resources in studying local ground-           downstream transportation and treatment fa-
                                            California. Prior to his work with the Depart-          water resources and stormwater investiga-              cilities.
                                            ment of Veterans Affairs, Mr. Perez spent sev-          tions. The local USGS entity to receive fund-                             f
                                            eral years working for the Los Angeles County           ing for this request is the Illinois Water
                                            Department of Health Services and teaching              Science Center at 1201 West University Ave-                     EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            courses at the university level in medical legal        nue, Suite 100, in Urbana, Illinois 61801, who
                                            law and personnel.                                      will work in partnership with McHenry County                  HON. RODNEY P. FRELINGHUYSEN
                                               Prior to becoming the Director of the Lutz           to implement this initiative.                                             OF NEW JERSEY
                                            Veterans Affairs Medical Center in 2000, Mr.               Madam Speaker, I want to take this oppor-                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            Perez was the Chief Operating Officer and               tunity to thank the Chairman of the House Ap-
                                                                                                                                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            Acting Director of the Honolulu VA Medical              propriations Committee, Representative DAVID
                                            and Regional Office Center. Since assuming              OBEY, and the Ranking Minority Member, Rep-                Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. Madam Speaker,
                                            his duties in Saginaw, he led the facility to im-       resentative JERRY LEWIS, and the Chairman of           pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-
                                            prove its overall performance and move to a             the Interior and Environment Appropriations            ards on earmarks, I am submitting the fol-
                                            top ten spot among Department of Veterans               Subcommittee, Representative NORM DICKS,               lowing information regarding earmarks I re-
                                            Affairs facilities nationwide, ranking 3rd in the       and the Ranking Minority Member, Represent-            ceived as part of the Fiscal Year 2010 Interior,
                                            nation for its hospital grouping. From October          ative MIKE SIMPSON, for working with me in a           Environment and Related Agencies Appropria-
                                            2005 to August 2006 he also served as Acting            bipartisan manner to include this critical re-         tions Act.
                                            Director of the Veterans Affairs Ann Arbor              quest in this spending bill.                               Bill: H.R. 2996, Department of the Interior,
                                            Healthcare System.                                                        f
                                                                                                                                                           Environment, and Related Agencies Appro-
                                               Patient care and safety has been his pri-                                                                   priations Act, 2010
                                            mary concern and his practices have earned                      EARMARK DECLARATION                                Account: STAG Water and Wastewater In-
                                            him the respect of his peers. The delivery effi-                                                               frastructure
                                            ciencies he developed have been adopted na-                        HON. CHARLES W. DENT                            Legal Name and Address of Requesting En-
                                            tionwide and have won awards for improving                               OF PENNSYLVANIA                       tity: Borough of Hopatcong located at 111
                                            VeteranCare delivery. He is a member of sev-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   River Styx Road, Hopatcong, New Jersey
                                            eral professional organizations and community                                                                  07843.
                                                                                                                Thursday, June 25, 2009                        Description of Request: H.R. 2996 includes
                                            groups. His work with veterans, Hispanics,
                                            workers and children has been recognized nu-               Mr. DENT. Madam Speaker, pursuant to the            $500,000 for the Borough of Hopatcong’s
                                            merous times and he is a regular participant in         House Republican Leadership standards on               Drinking Water Disinfection Improvement
                                            efforts to promote veterans and Hispanics at            earmarks, I am submitting the following infor-         project to provide safe drinking water to the
                                            the local and national levels.                          mation regarding projects that are listed in           residents of the Borough. The funds will be
                                               Madam Speaker, Gabriel Perez has brought             H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-         used to install large diameter pipes at public
                                            insight and innovation to the day-to-day oper-          vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-             community supply wells to improve the dis-
                                            ations of the Lutz Veterans Affairs Medical             tions Act, 2010:                                       infection of the raw water before being distrib-
                                            Center over the past 9 years. He has worked                Bill Number: H.R. 2996, the Department of           uted.
                                            to enhance the health and well-being of vet-            the Interior, Environment, and Related Agen-               Bill: H.R. 2996, Department of the Interior,
                                            erans, improve service to veterans, and ex-             cies Appropriations Act, 2010, Account: Na-            Environment, and Related Agencies Appro-
                                            pand accessibility for all veterans. I congratu-        tional Park Service, Save America’s Treas-             priations Act, 2010
                                            late him on his new position and wish him the           ures, Title: Saylor Cement Kilns Historic Pres-            Account: Land Acquisition (Fish and Wildlife
                                            best as he enters this new phase of his life.           ervation, Legal Name of Requesting Entity:             Service)
                                                                                                    County of Lehigh, Address of Requesting Enti-              Legal Name and Address of Requesting En-
                                                                                                    ty: 17 South 7th Street, Allentown, PA 18101,          tity: The entity to receive funding for this
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                              Description of Request: This funding will be           project is the Great Swamp National Wildlife
                                                                                                    used to stabilize and restore the historic             Refuge located at 241 Pleasant Plains Road,
                                                   HON. DONALD A. MANZULLO                          Coplay Company Cement Kilns, known locally             Basking Ridge, New Jersey 07920.
                                                                OF ILLINOIS                         as the Saylor Cement Kilns, a unique indus-                Description of Request: H.R. 2996 includes
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    trial feature built between 1892 and 1893 that         $750,000 for the Great Swamp National Wild-
                                                                                                    is key to the Delaware & Lehigh National Her-          life Refuge, a component of the Fish and Wild-
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      itage Corridor’s industrial story. The Saylor          life Service. The Great Swamp Refuge is lo-
                                               Mr. MANZULLO. Madam Speaker, pursuant                Cement Kilns are in a state of serious decay,          cated in Morris County, New Jersey, about 26
                                            to the Republican Leadership standards on               prompting concerns about public safety and li-         miles west of Manhattan’s Times Square. The
                                            earmarks, I am submitting the following infor-          ability, as well as the potential loss of a signifi-   refuge was established by an act of Congress
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            mation regarding the earmark I secured as               cant historical landmark in the Lehigh Valley          on November 3, 1960. The protection of this
                                            part of H.R. 2996, Department of the Interior,          region. Rehabilitating the kilns will have a           gem of wilderness in the heart of dense subur-
                                            Environment, and Related Agencies Appro-                positive impact on local economic develop-             ban development is one of the success stories
                                            priations Act, 2010.                                    ment through increased heritage tourism.               of our National Wilderness Preservation Sys-
                                               My request, totaling $280,000, will come             Once restored, the site will encourage use for         tem. The funding would be used to acquire an
                                            from the Surveys, Investigations & Research             historical education and community events.             18.31 acre parcel of land, known as the Great

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00014   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.029    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                E1587
                                            Brook Property, adjacent to the Great Swamp                The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have            Building on these achievements, we can
                                            National Wildlife Refuge, which provides crit-          resulted in over 34,000 casualties with many           find a uniquely American solution to cost,
                                            ical habitat for numerous rare species.                 servicemembers being seriously wounded.                coverage, and quality. This is essential if our
                                                                                                                                                           businesses are to be economically competi-
                                                             f                                      These injured warriors need substantial sup-           tive, our people healthier, and our federal
                                                                                                    port and care from their families, often for long      budget balanced.
                                            NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-                             periods of time, and some permanently. In ad-            Here’s what we should do:
                                             TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010                          dition, a recent Pentagon study found that 11            First and foremost, we start with the ac-
                                                                                                    percent of Iraq veterans and 20 percent of Af-         knowledgment that health care is a shared
                                                                SPEECH OF                                                                                  responsibility. Every American will be ex-
                                                                                                    ghanistan veterans suffer from post-traumatic
                                                      HON. LYNN C. WOOLSEY                          stress syndrome, an often disabling condition.
                                                                                                                                                           pected to get health coverage and employers
                                                                                                                                                           will have to provide coverage or help pay to
                                                              OF CALIFORNIA                            The expansion of the FMLA to include leave          cover the cost of the uninsured.
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      for military families was much needed. The               As President Obama has said, if you have
                                                      Wednesday, June 24, 2009                      provisions of Section 585 in H.R. 2647 help            coverage, and you like it, you can keep it.
                                                                                                    clarify the original intent of the law.                This means work-based coverage for most
                                              The House in Committee of the Whole                                                                          Americans, Medicare for seniors, Medicaid
                                            House on the State of the Union had under                                 f
                                                                                                                                                           for our poorest and sickest, and continued
                                            consideration of the bill (H.R. 2647) to au-                 SUPPORTING HEALTH REFORM                          benefits for veterans.
                                            thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for                                                                  For the nearly 50 million uninsured Ameri-
                                            military activities of the Department of De-                                                                   cans, many of whom are working families,
                                            fense, to prescribe military personnel                          HON. FORTNEY PETE STARK                        we will help you buy either private or public
                                            strengths for fiscal year 2010, and for other                              OF CALIFORNIA                       coverage. While everyone will have to pay
                                            purposes:                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   part of their premiums, partial subsidies on
                                               Ms. WOOLSEY. Mr. Chair, while I cannot                          Thursday, June 25, 2009                     a sliding scale will be established and can be
                                                                                                                                                           used to buy either private or public insur-
                                            support H.R. 2647, this legislation does con-             Mr. STARK. Madam Speaker, this past Sun-             ance.
                                            tain important provisions regarding family and          day my colleague from Pennsylvania, ALLYSON              To ensure affordable, meaningful coverage,
                                            medical leave for military families.                    SCHWARTZ, addressed the issue of health re-            we will change the ground rules in the insur-
                                               Last session, Congress passed—also in a              form in a guest editorial for the Philadelphia         ance market. Denying coverage or charging
                                            Defense Authorization bill—legislation to pro-          Inquirer. In her piece she laid out an indis-          more for preexisting conditions, health sta-
                                            vide military families with up to 26 weeks of                                                                  tus, or sex is going to stop. Insurers will
                                                                                                    putable case for why the current healthcare
                                            leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act                                                                   have to simplify terms and procedures. And,
                                                                                                    system has become unacceptable for Ameri-              we expect insurers to pass those savings
                                            (FMLA) to care for injured servicemembers. I            cans and what we must do to fix it. I encour-          along to their consumers.
                                            had introduced this bill in the House, and its          age all of my colleagues to read the article             Next, we know that in order to control
                                            provisions implement one of the recommenda-             and to work in the coming months to ensure             costs and improve health-care outcomes, de-
                                            tions of the President’s Commission on Care             that we enact affordable, quality health care          livery of health services must be more effi-
                                            for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors,               for all.                                               cient, more accountable, and better coordi-
                                            chaired by Secretary Donna Shalala and Sen-                                                                    nated. Changes in Medicare and the new pub-
                                                                                                       [From the Philadelphia Inquirer June 21,            lic-insurance option will create choices for
                                            ator Bob Dole.                                                               2009]                             patients to find primary-care providers and
                                               Also included in the final legislation was an             OP-ED HEADLINE: FIXING HEALTH CARE                will mean better continuity of care for those
                                            amendment introduced by Representative                     Health-care reform is the number-one issue          with chronic diseases. We will gather, ana-
                                            ALTMIRE (with then Representative UDALL) to             my constituents raise with me, and a leading           lyze, and disseminate information on best
                                            provide up to 12 weeks of leave for military            concern of business owners. For Democrats              practices to doctors, nurses, and health pro-
                                            families who need this leave to deal with quali-        in Congress, health-care reform is a moral             viders, and then expect them to use it. And,
                                            fying exigencies arising out of the deployment          and an economic imperative.                            we must have a renewed focus on primary
                                            of a servicemember to Iraq or Afghanistan.                 American families are facing inadequate             care, encouraging future health-care pro-
                                                                                                    health coverage, mounting bills, and lack of           viders to enter the field and working to en-
                                               Once this legislation became law, and the
                                                                                                    access to care. They like their doctors and            sure their excellence.
                                            Bush Department of Labor issued regulations,            appreciate the quality of care provided by               Third, we have to strengthen our commit-
                                            we realized that corrections needed to be               their hospitals. But, they have deep worries           ment to innovation and technology. Ameri-
                                            made to these FMLA provisions to truly effec-           that their current coverage may change sud-            cans have always been scientists and
                                            tuate their purpose to assist military families         denly and limit access to their doctor or to           innovators, and we must keep investing in
                                            when these families need time off from work.            needed benefits.                                       the next generation of medicines, tech-
                                            Section 585 of H.R. 2647 does just that; and               Business owners are struggling to pay for           nologies, devices, and cures.
                                                                                                    health benefits for their workers, forcing               Finally, without increased personal re-
                                            clarifies:                                                                                                     sponsibility,   Americans      will   not    be
                                                                                                    them to pass greater costs to employees or
                                               That family members of certain seriously ill         drop coverage.                                         healthier. We must take greater responsi-
                                            and injured veterans are entitled to the 26                Increasing costs for the federal govern-            bility in the way we get health care and the
                                            weeks of leave; and                                     ment are neither sustainable, nor producing            way we take care of ourselves. If we don’t,
                                               That the family members of regular active            the health outcomes they should. Taxpayers             we all pay the consequences—from lost pro-
                                            servicemembers (and not just reservists and             pay 46 percent of our nation’s $2.5 trillion           ductivity, to the cost of expensive care, to
                                            members of the national guard) are entitled to          health-care costs. And, just as in the private         personal pain and suffering.
                                                                                                    market, costs are skyrocketing. The share of             Setting our nation toward a healthier,
                                            12 weeks of leave for ‘‘exigencies’’ when they
                                                                                                    our GDP devoted to health-care spending has            more economically competitive future will
                                            are deployed away from home.                                                                                   take fair and responsible financial invest-
                                                                                                    doubled in the last 20 years, threatening our
                                               Finally, Section 585 provides that exigency          budget stability.                                      ment. We are committed to covering the cost
                                            leave will be available when a servicemember               The status quo is unacceptable and                  of health reform. To do so, we will consider
                                            is to be deployed anywhere overseas and not             unsustainable. We must do a better job to              means that are appropriate, fair, shared, and
                                            just overseas in support of a contingency op-           contain costs for families, businesses, and            the least disruptive to economic growth and
                                            eration (e.g. Iraq or Afghanistan).                     the government, and to ensure meaningful,              financial security for our families. The presi-
                                               The FMLA is intended to help individuals             affordable coverage for all Americans.                 dent has asked that those making under
                                                                                                       Can we? I believe we can by keeping what            $250,000 not be burdened by higher taxes.
                                            balance their family and work obligations. Mil-
                                                                                                    works, fixing what doesn’t, and demanding              These are the parameters; the decisions will
                                            lions of working people are now eligible for un-        quality care and greater value for our dollar.         be difficult, but ones that you have en-
                                            paid job protected leave. When the Act was                 In the first three months of this new ad-           trusted to us.
                                            passed in 1993, it was a giant step and is of           ministration, we did more to strengthen                  Much of the cost of health-care reform will
                                            great importance to working families.                   health care than in the prior decade. We ex-           come from savings within the system. Re-
                                               Since a majority of military spouses work,           panded affordable health coverage to 11 mil-           ducing hospitalizations, duplicative testing,
                                            they too must balance work and family. They             lion American children, took major steps to            and medical errors, ending the current over-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            work to put food on the table and support their         modernize medicine through health-informa-             payments to private insurance companies
                                                                                                    tion technology, invested significantly in             that contract with Medicare, and insisting
                                            families. But they face additional challenges
                                                                                                    lifesaving medical research, and ensured               on better prices for prescription drugs for
                                            because their lives are disrupted by multiple           that U.S. workers and their families hurt              seniors will result in hundreds of billions of
                                            deployments, involving not only reservists and          hardest by this recession continue to have             dollars of savings.
                                            members in the National Guard, but those                access to health coverage when they lose a               Besides the significant dollars that will
                                            servicemembers in regular active duty as well.          job.                                                   come from savings and new premiums paid

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00015   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.012   E26JNPT1
                                            E1588                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          June 26, 2009
                                            by those currently uninsured, stakeholders              city will provide a 45% local match to the 55%         ades, she has taught 10,000 university stu-
                                            in health care, including insurance compa-              EPA STAG funding, as required.                         dents, and has supervised the research of
                                            nies, hospitals, doctors, pharmaceutical                                                                       more than 100 graduate students. Her note-
                                            companies, medical-device manufacturers,
                                                                                                                                                           worthy achievements include teaching and re-
                                            have committed to reducing costs by $2 tril-                    EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            lion over 10 years. These savings should be                                                                    searching molecular plant and marine biology
                                            passed along to consumers.                                                                                     on all seven continents. She has the honor of
                                              There will always be naysayers who say                            HON. LEONARD LANCE                         having significantly contributed to seven expe-
                                            these decisions are too hard, that health-                                OF NEW JERSEY                        ditions to Antarctica and twenty in the Arctic.
                                            care reform cannot be done, but I believe                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   Her exemplary teaching led her to serve in the
                                            that today even ‘‘Harry and Louise,’’ who                                                                      distinguished role of Vice Provost and Dean of
                                                                                                                Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            helped stop reform before, would tell us re-                                                                   Undergraduate Education from 1999 to 2004,
                                            form is a necessity. If our businesses are to              Mr. LANCE. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                                                                                                                                           and subsequently as the first director of the
                                            be economically competitive, our families               the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                            healthier, and our government fiscally                                                                         ‘‘California Teach’’ program. Dr. Goff played a
                                                                                                    marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                            sound, we must find a uniquely American so-                                                                    pivotal role in creating this program, estab-
                                                                                                    tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                            lution to our health-care challenges.                                                                          lished to increase the number of highly trained
                                                                                                    H.R. 2647—National Defense Authorization
                                              The time to act is now.                                                                                      K–12 science and mathematics teachers in
                                                                                                    Act for Fiscal Year 2010:
                                                           f                                           Authorized Amount: $4,800,000.00                    California—something our nation desperately
                                                                                                       Project Name: Tactical Metal Fabrication            needs. She dedicated herself wholeheartedly
                                                  PERSONAL EXPLANATION                                                                                     to ensure that California, and indeed our great
                                                                                                       Funding Account/Service: RDA, Army                  Nation, increases its competitiveness in math
                                                   HON. TIMOTHY V. JOHNSON                             PE Number: 0602601A, Combat Vehicle                 and science in the 21st Century.
                                                                OF ILLINOIS                         and Automotive Technology Line Number: 13                 Professor Goff has received national and
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         Intended Recipient: SeaBox Inc., 450 Black          international recognition for her scientific re-
                                                                                                    Horse Lane, No. Brunswick, NJ 08902                    search, much of which has centered on cell-
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                       The TacFab system, which is currently               cell and genome interaction in algae and the
                                               Mr. JOHNSON of Illinois. Madam Speaker,              under development, will demonstrate a                  evolution of parasitism. Dr. Goff has been a
                                            on rollcall No. 425, I was present on the floor,        tactically mobile rapid metal fabrication capa-        solid pillar in the Monterey Bay community for
                                            but due to a malfunction, my vote was not re-           bility that will be a companion unit to the Mo-        years; not only as a distinguished professor,
                                            corded.                                                 bile Parts Hospital to provide spare and re-           but also as an elementary science teacher, a
                                               Due to insufficient time to consider the sub-        placement parts to our Warfighters in theater,         naturalist and photographer. Her work em-
                                            ject before us, adjournment was the most re-            and also as a stand-alone, metal casting re-           bodies what California’s central coast prides:
                                            sponsible alternative. Thus my vote below               source provided to domestic organic Army de-           experiencing the beauty of nature, seeking to
                                            would be in the affirmative.                            pots and industrial facilities in support of           understand the mysteries of our oceans’ flora
                                               Had I been present, I would have voted               RESET activities. This final increment for FY          and fauna and giving back to the community
                                            ‘‘yes.’’                                                2010 will result in a mobile, rapidly deployable       to ensure our posterity’s brighter future.
                                                             f                                      asset, both in theater and within the U.S. in             I would like to thank her for her meritorious
                                                                                                    support of RESET operations. Once fully con-           service to California and commend her for her
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                                                                                     many accomplishments.
                                                                                                    figured, the Army expects a 5x–10x reduction
                                                                                                    in delivery times for poured metal part base                              f
                                                        HON. DAVID DREIER                           shapes using TacFab versus conventional pro-
                                                              OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                                                                    EARMARK DECLARATION
                                                                                                    curement processes.
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         TacFab’s containerized, mobile foundry to
                                                                                                    the U.S. Army allows deployed forces to
                                                                                                                                                                   HON. SHELLEY MOORE CAPITO
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                                                OF WEST VIRGINIA
                                                                                                    produce spare and replacement parts in the
                                               Mr. DREIER. Madam Speaker, pursuant to                                                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    field. This cuts the order time from weeks or
                                            the Republican Leadership standards on ear-                                                                               Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                    months to 24 hours. Funding for this project
                                            marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                                                                                    will provide our troops with the parts they               Mrs. CAPITO. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                            tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                                                                                    need to effectively complete their missions.           the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                            H.R. 2996, the Fiscal Year 2010 Interior, Envi-
                                                                                                    Additionally, the system can be deployed at            marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                            ronment and Related Agencies Appropriations
                                                                                                    depots in CONUS assisting in RESET as cur-             tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                                                                                    rently exists. TacFab will reduce time waiting         H.R. 2874, Commerce, Justice, Science, and
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman DAVID
                                                                                                    for parts and cut costs for DoD while ensuring         Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010.
                                                                                                    our troops have the weapons they need as                  Awarded under: COPS TECH GRANT,
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996, the Fiscal Year
                                                                                                    soon as they need them so they may effec-              Kanawha Prosecuters Case Management,
                                            2010 Interior, Environment and Related Agen-
                                                                                                    tively complete their missions.                        Kanawha County Prosecuting Attorney, 700
                                            cies Appropriations Act
                                                                                                                      f                                    Washington Street, East Charleston, WV
                                               Account: EPA STAG Water and Wastewater
                                            Infrastructure Project                                           IN HONOR OF DR. GOFF                             This project would allow for the cost of im-
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of Ar-                                                                plementation of the case management system,
                                            cadia, California                                                        HON. SAM FARR                         integration of the system with law enforcement
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 240 West                                  OF CALIFORNIA                       and hardware needed for both systems.
                                            Huntington Drive, Arcadia, CA 91066                                                                               Awarded under: COPS TECH GRANT,
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               Description of Request: Provide an earmark                                                                  Spencer PD Computer System, Spencer Po-
                                            of $500,000 for the cities of Arcadia and Si-                      Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                                                                           lice Department, 116 Court St., Spencer, WV
                                            erra Madre for their Joint Water Infrastructure            Mr. FARR. Madam Speaker, I rise today to            25276.
                                            Projects. Arcadia’s project will provide for the        recognize the outstanding life-work of Dr.                Funding will be used to purchase a com-
                                            portion of the construction cost for the Baldwin        Lynda J. Goff. Dr. Goff has served with dis-           puter system for processing criminals and
                                            Reservoir Rehabilitation Project ($250,000).            tinction as a Professor of Ecology and Evolu-          case management.
                                            This project will provide for structural rein-          tionary Biology at the University of California,          Awarded under: COPS TECH GRANT,
                                            forcement of the existing reinforced concrete           Santa Cruz for more than 30 years. Dr. Goff            Weston Police Department Technology Up-
                                            reservoir to be able to withstand a seismic             has decided to take the next step in her life,         grade, Weston Police Department, 102 West
                                            event as identified in the Corps Seismic Reli-          and is retiring from the University of California.     2nd Street, Weston, WV 26452.
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            ability Study in 1997. Sierra Madre’s project           While she will no longer be a faculty member,             Funding would help establish a computer
                                            will provide for the portion of the construction        her legacy of outstanding dedication to Cali-          network in all police vehicles that is networked
                                            cost for its Water Supply Well Project                  fornia and the scientific community at large           with the 911 center and the Weston Police
                                            ($250,000). This project will replace an exist-         shall be persistent.                                   Department and surrounding counties.
                                            ing well with a new high capacity well to pro-             Dr. Goff is a devoted and truly inspiring biol-        Madam Speaker, pursuant to the Repub-
                                            vide for groundwater supply reliability. Each           ogy teacher. In the tenure of over three dec-          lican Leadership standards on earmarks, I am

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   09:03 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00016   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.032    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                 E1589
                                            submitting the following information regarding                  EARMARK DECLARATION                            movies and have sung over 3,000 western
                                            earmarks I received as part of H.R. 2996 De-                                                                   songs. They have starred in movies with well
                                            partment of the Interior, Environment, and Re-                    HON. CANDICE S. MILLER                       known actors such as John Wayne, Gene
                                            lated Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010.                                    OF MICHIGAN
                                                                                                                                                           Autry, Bing Crosby, and of course Roy Rog-
                                               Awarded under: U.S. Forest Service Land                                                                     ers.
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            Acquisition, Nature Conservancy—Mononga-                                                                          The Sons of the Pioneers has achieved
                                                                                                               Thursday, June 25, 2009                     many awards and accolades over their three-
                                            hela National Forest, U.S. Forest Service, 200
                                            Sycamore Street, Elkins, WV 26241.                         Mrs. MILLER of Michigan. Madam Speaker,             quarters of a century performing. They are
                                                                                                    pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-           considered ‘‘National Treasures’’ by the Smith-
                                               Funds would go towards the acquisition                                                                      sonian Institute. They have been inducted in
                                            1,210 acres within the Monongahela National             ards on earmarks, I am submitting the fol-
                                                                                                    lowing information regarding earmarks I re-            several halls of fames including: Nashville
                                            Forest.                                                                                                        Country Hall of Fame in 1978, Western Hero’s
                                                                                                    ceived as part of HR 2892 the Department of
                                               Awarded under: Save America’s Treasures,                                                                    Hall of Fame in 1984, Western Music Associa-
                                                                                                    Homeland Security Appropriations Act of 2010
                                            Claymont Court Claymont, Society for Contin-                                                                   tion Hall of Fame in 1990 and the National
                                                                                                       Requesting      Member:     Congresswoman
                                            uous Education, 667 Huyett Road, Charles                                                                       Cowboy Hall of Fame in 1995. The group won
                                                                                                    CANDICE S. MILLER
                                            Town, WV 25414.                                                                                                Vocal Group of the Year in 1970 and Band of
                                                                                                       Bill Number: HR2996
                                               This funding will go to underwrite initial              Account: STAG Water and Wastewater In-              the Year in 1978. In 1986, their popular song
                                            phases for restoration of Claymount Court, a            frastructure Project                                   ‘‘Cool Water’’ was inducted into the Grammy
                                            national historic site of great significance.              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: The office         Hall of Fame.
                                                                                                    of the Oakland County Water Resources Com-                Sons of the Pioneers is truly a group who
                                                             f                                                                                             deserves significant credit for the music they
                                                                                                       Address of Requesting Entity: Oakland               have created, the standards they have set, the
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                                                                                     achievements they have accomplished, and all
                                                                                                    County Water Resources Commissioner 1
                                                                                                                                                           the generations they have touched.
                                                                                                    Public Works Dr. Building 95 West, Waterford,
                                                                                                                                                              This year celebrates the Sons of the Pio-
                                                  HON. STEVEN C. LATOURETTE                         MI 48328                                               neers’ 75th Anniversary of creating and pre-
                                                                                                       Description of Request: This request, in the
                                                                  OF OHIO                                                                                  serving western music. It is truly an honor for
                                                                                                    amount of $500,000.00, would be used to help           Southwest Missouri to be the home of such a
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      rehabilitate the Oakland Macomb Interceptor.           distinguished group. I wish Sons of the Pio-
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      This is critical to the environment and health         neers continued success and many more
                                                                                                    and safety of the region. This interceptor has         years of keeping western music alive for future
                                               Mr. LATOURETTE. Madam Speaker, pursu-                experienced a catastrophic failure and is in
                                            ant to the Republican Leadership standards                                                                     generations to enjoy.
                                                                                                    need of major repairs.
                                            on earmarks, I am submitting the following in-                                                                                    f
                                            formation regarding earmarks I received as                                                                              EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            part of H.R. 2996, Department of the Interior,          IN RECOGNITION OF THE SONS OF
                                            Environment and Related Agencies Appropria-               THE PIONEERS 75TH ANNIVER-                                    HON. ROBERT B. ADERHOLT
                                            tions Act, 2010:                                          SARY                                                                    OF ALABAMA
                                               Requesting Member: Mr. STEVEN C.                                                                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            LATOURETTE                                                               HON. ROY BLUNT                                   Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                                                   OF MISSOURI
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. ADERHOLT. Madam Speaker, pursuant
                                               Account: National Park Service, Construc-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                           to the Republican Leadership standards on
                                            tion Account                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                    earmarks, I am submitting the following infor-
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Cuyahoga               Mr. BLUNT. Madam Speaker, I rise today to           mation regarding earmarks I received as part
                                            Valley National Park                                    honor a legendary Ozarks western singing               of H.R. 2847, the Commerce, Justice, and
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 15610                  group—Sons of the Pioneers, who will cele-             Science Appropriations Bill:
                                            Vaughn Rd., Brecksville, Ohio 44141                     brate their 75th anniversary of performing this           Requesting Member: ADERHOLT
                                               Description of Request: Provide an earmark           year. They are known worldwide for their vocal            Bill Number: H.R. 2296, Department of the
                                            in the amount of $500,000 to carry out the              blend, unique harmonies and special arrange-           Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies
                                            Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s Site and                ments of their classic songs. Introduced in            Appropriations Act, 2010
                                            Structure Rehabilitation Program which is a             1934, the Sons of the Pioneers are reputed to             Account: National Park Service, Save Amer-
                                            component of its General Management Plan.               be the longest continually performing musical          ica’s Treasures
                                                                                                                                                              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of
                                            With more than 250 historic structures, nearly          group in the history of western music.
                                                                                                                                                           Fort Payne
                                            100 of which are on the National Register, the             After about 50 years of touring, the Sons of           Address of Requesting Entity: City of Fort
                                            park will use the full amount for restoration, re-      the Pioneers decided to make Branson their             Payne, 100 Alabama Ave., NW, Fort Payne,
                                            habilitation and stabilization of the buildings         home. They settled at the Shepherd of the              AL 35967
                                            and the environment within the park. Protec-            Hills, where they perform at the Sons of the              Description of Request: ‘‘Historic Fort Payne
                                            tion of our nation’s national parks and their fa-       Pioneers Pavilion. The six-member group en-            Coal and Iron Building Rehabilitation,
                                            cilities is a relevant use of taxpayer dollars.         tertains guests with western songs and sto-            $150,000’’
                                               Requesting Member: Mr. STEVEN C.                     ries.                                                     The funding would allow Fort Payne to cre-
                                            LATOURETTE                                                 The members have changed over the years,            ate the construction documents, let bids, and
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                               but they all continue to present the music in its      begin the phased rehabilitation of an important
                                                                                                    original form for everyone to enjoy.                   landmark. The building will house a cultural
                                               Account: U.S. Environmental Protection
                                                                                                       The founding members included Roy Rog-              center, which will serve the entire county. Tax-
                                            Agency, State and Tribal Assistance Grants
                                                                                                    ers (Leonard Slye), Bob Nolan and Tim Spen-            payer Justification: This building is located in
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: The City            cer, who was born in Webb City, Missouri,              the Fort Payne Boom Town Historical District
                                            of Stow, Ohio                                           which is now part of my congressional district.        (National Register #88000444), and upon
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 3760 Darrow            Their unique style of music became widely ad-          completion of renovation, will be a valuable
                                            Road, Stow, Ohio 44224                                  mired and copied. They composed many origi-            asset in stimulating cultural tourism and rais-
                                               Description of Request: Provide an earmark           nal songs, several of which have become true           ing awareness of our heritage. The
                                            in the amount of $500,000 for the construction          American classics. ‘‘Tumbling Tumbleweeds,’’           $150,000.00 appropriation will be applied to
                                            of a sanitary sewer system within the City of           ‘‘Cool Water,’’ and ‘‘Riders in the Sky’’ were         the project in the following manner: $40,000
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            Stow, Ohio. The full amount of the funding will         part of a unique sound and style, which be-            for the completion of the design phase (cre-
                                            be used for the construction and installation of        came the traditional music of the American             ation of construction documents); $30,000 for
                                            the new system. The City of Stow will provide           cowboy and the West.                                   the rehabilitation of the roof system; $30,000
                                            $600,000 toward the total $1.1 million cost of             The Sons of the Pioneers has had 33 mem-            for the renovation of the exterior of the build-
                                            the project. Sanitary sewer systems protect             bers, and has never disbanded. The Sons of             ing; $50,000 for the installation of HVAC,
                                            human health and the environment.                       the Pioneers have performed in nearly 100              plumbing and electrical components.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00017   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.015    E26JNPT1
                                            E1590                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                                Requesting Member: ADERHOLT                         lowing information regarding earmarks I re-                     EARMARK DECLARATION
                                                Bill Number: H.R. 2296, Department of the           ceived as part of H.R. 2996—the Department
                                            Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies             of Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies                     HON. ROBERT E. LATTA
                                            Appropriations Act, 2010                                Appropriations Act, 2010:                                                  OF OHIO
                                                Account: National Park Service, Save Amer-             Requesting Member: Congressman PETER
                                                                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            ica’s Treasures                                         KING
                                                Legal Name of Requesting Entity: University            Bill Number: H.R. 2996                                          Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            of Montevallo                                              Account: Environmental Protection Agen-                Mr. LATTA. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                                Address of Requesting Entity: UM Station            cy—STAG                                                the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                            6130, Montevallo, AL 35115                                 Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of            marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                                Description of Request: ‘‘Historic Montevallo       Glen Cove                                              tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                            Main Hall Renovation’’, $150,000                           Address of Requesting Entity: 9 Glen Street,        H.R. 2647, the National Defense Authorization
                                                Provide $150,000 to fund interior and exte-         Glen Cove, NY 11542                                    Act for Fiscal Year 2010.
                                            rior renovation and an upgrade to existing                 Description of Request: $500,000 will be               Requesting Member: Congressman ROBERT
                                            safety codes. Priorities include upgrades to            used to rehabilitate and obtain technology for         E. LATTA
                                            fire and life safety systems, HVAC systems,             failing drinking and storm water infrastructure            Bill Number: H.R. 2647, National Defense
                                            elevators, and toilet and shower rooms; en-             that are critical to protection of the Long Island     Autorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010
                                            hancements to interior cosmetics and fur-               Sound, the community’s sole source aquifer,                Account: AirForce; Research, Development,
                                            nishings; and an exterior renovation. Taxpayer          and shoreline properties.                              Test & Evaluation, Air force (RDAF)
                                            Justification: This building anchors the                                  f                                        Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Metals Af-
                                            Montevallo campus and is a prominent feature                                                                   fordability Initiative (MAI)
                                                                                                            EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            of the Olmsted Brother’s 1930 Master Plan.                                                                         Address of Requesting Entity: 1138 by-the-
                                            Main Hall was placed on the National Register                                                                  Shores Drive, Huron, OH 44839
                                            of Historic Places in 1978. This project’s budg-                     HON. DEAN HELLER                              Description of Request: $10,000,000 for the
                                            et is $2.5 million. Within the budget is                                     OF NEVADA                         initiation of 4 new, more immediate high-im-
                                            $150,000 for stone and masonry work,                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   pact programs, as well as sustaining ongoing
                                            $300,000 for metal cornice repairs, $250,000                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                     programs. These new industry-led programs
                                            for exterior painting, $1,600,000 for windows,             Mr. HELLER. Madam Speaker, pursuant to              will be directed at improvement in total sys-
                                            and $200,000 for professional services. This            the Republican Leadership standards on ear-            tems cost, fuel savings/energy management,
                                            request is consistent with the intended and au-         marks, I am submitting the following informa-          ‘‘green’’ (environmental impact), sustainment/
                                            thorized purpose of the National Park Service,          tion regarding earmarks I received as part of          life extension, and access to space. The mis-
                                            Save America’s Treasures account. The Uni-              H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-         sion of MAI is to innovation to maintain leader-
                                            versity of Montevallo will meet or exceed all           vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-             ship in the strategic aerospace metals indus-
                                            statutory requirements for match funding                tions Act, 2010:                                       trial sector by using technology innovation to
                                            where applicable.                                          Requesting Member: Congressman DEAN                 maintain global competitiveness while improv-
                                                Requesting Member: ADERHOLT                         HELLER                                                 ing performance and increasing affordablity of
                                                Bill Number: H.R. 2296, Department of the              Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              weapons systems. MAI’s main economic im-
                                            Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies                Account: Environmental Protection Agen-             pact will be to maintain leadership in the stra-
                                            Appropriations Act, 2010                                cy—STAG Water and Wastewater Infrastruc-               tegic aerospace metals industrial sector by
                                                Account: STAG, Water and Wastewater In-             ture Project                                           using technology innovation to maintain global
                                            frastructure Project                                       Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Lyon               competitiveness. This industrial sector con-
                                                Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of            County Utilities                                       tinues to be under pressure by foreign manu-
                                            Sulligent                                                  Address of Requesting Entity: 275 Main              facturers, and investing in technology will help
                                                Address of Requesting Entity: City of               Street, Yerington, NV 89447                            sustain jobs. I certify that neither I nor my
                                            Sulligent, 5795 Highway 278, Sulligent, AL                 Description of Request: $500,000. This              spouse has any financial interest in this
                                            35586                                                   project will expand the current wastewater             project.
                                                Description of Request: ‘‘Water Supply              treatment facility at Mound House to serve                                f
                                            Project’’, $500,000’’                                   residents currently on septic. This will help re-
                                                The funding would be used for the planning,         mediate the groundwater contamination cur-                      EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            design, and construction of an additional water         rently taking place downstream of the waste-
                                            supply well, an additional water storage tank,          water treatment plant’s leach field. Through                       HON. SPENCER BACHUS
                                            and a booster pumping station, all to provide           this project groundwater contamination can be                             OF ALABAMA
                                            an additional source of potable water and to            reversed with improved wastewater treatment                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            increase system pressures. Taxpayer Jus-                and by eliminating the existing septic system.                    Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            tification: This funding will help meet the water                         f
                                            needs of a growing population. The proposed                                                                       Mr. BACHUS. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                            project consists of the design and construction                 HICO POTHOLE PATCHING                          the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                            of a new water supply well and new water                                                                       marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                            storage tank. The project budget includes                          HON. JOHN R. CARTER                         tion for publication in the CONGRESSIONAL
                                            $315,000 for the construction of a new water                                 OF TEXAS                          RECORD regarding funding that I requested as
                                            supply well, $600,000 for the construction of a              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   part of H.R. 2996, Department of the Interior,
                                            new water storage tank, and $75,000 for the                                                                    Environment, and Related Agencies Appro-
                                                                                                               Thursday, June 25, 2009                     priations Act, 2010.
                                            construction of a booster pumping station. In
                                            addition, the budget includes $110,000 for en-              Mr. CARTER. Madam Speaker, the resi-                  Requesting Member: Congressman SPEN-
                                            gineering services for a total estimated project        dents of Hico, Texas deserve to be greatly             CER BACHUS
                                            cost of $1,100,000.                                     commended for the service they provided to                Bill Number: H.R. 2996, Department of the
                                                             f                                      their own city through the Pothole Patching            Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies
                                                                                                    Project on March 7, 2009. One hundred and              Appropriations Act, 2010
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                              fifty dedicated and eager volunteers prepared             Account: National Park Service, Save Amer-
                                                                                                    for weeks for a long day of repairing the city’s       ica’s Treasures
                                                        HON. PETER T. KING                          roads. These hardworking volunteers not only              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: University
                                                                                                    made their roads safer for residents and trav-         of Montevallo
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                               OF NEW YORK
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      elers, but nurtured a strong sense of commu-              Address of Requesting Entity: UM Station
                                                                                                    nity while doing it. The fellowship that this act      6130, Montevallo, AL 35115
                                                      Thursday, June 25, 2009                       of volunteerism illustrates is nothing short of           Description of Request: Provide $150,000 to
                                              Mr. KING of New York. Madam Speaker,                  honorable and I hope other cities can mirror           fund interior and exterior renovation and an
                                            pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-            this kind of community enthusiasm and re-              upgrade to existing safety codes. The Main
                                            ards on earmarks, I am submitting the fol-              sourcefulness.                                         Hall renovation project will provide students

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00018   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.019    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1591
                                            with safe, comfortable, and accessible housing              Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              ange County Wastewater Transmission Au-
                                            in a building listed on the National Historic               Account: STAG Water and Wastewater In-              thority located at 410 Lake Howell Road,
                                            Registry. The projects will provide an en-               frastructure Project                                   Maitland, Florida.
                                            hanced environment for living and learning.                 Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Wash-                 This project will replace wastewater pipes
                                            This project’s budget is $2.5 million. Within the        ington County Commission                               and mechanical equipment that are approach-
                                            budget is $150,000 for stone and masonry                    Address of Requesting Entity: 45 Court              ing the end of their service lives. Portions of
                                            work, $300,000 for metal cornice repairs,                Street, P.O. Box 146, Chatom, Alabama                  the Force Main that will be replaced are under
                                            $250,000 for exterior painting, $1,600,000 for           36518                                                  the travel lanes of Aloma Avenue. The road-
                                            windows, and $200,000 for professional serv-                Description of Request: Provide an earmark          way carries 33,000 vehicles per day and a col-
                                            ices. This request is consistent with the in-            of $500,000 for Phase II of an ongoing project         lapse of the Aloma Avenue pipe and a result-
                                            tended and authorized purpose of the National            for unincorporated areas of Washington Coun-           ing collapse of the road would be a major pub-
                                            Park Service, Save America’s Treasures ac-               ty not currently served by sanitary sewers.            lic health and safety liability.
                                            count. The University of Montevallo will meet            The soils in some areas of the county are                                 f
                                            or exceed all statutory requirements for match           generally conducive to percolation and some
                                            funding where applicable                                 areas are on soils that have higher water ta-                   EARMARK DECLARATION
                                                              f                                      bles that absorb water very slowly. Approxi-
                                                                                                     mately, $500,000 [or 100%] of funding will be                         HON. ZACH WAMP
                                            HONORING THE 100TH                      ANNIVER-         used for construction, labor and materials of a                           OF TENNESSEE
                                             SARY OF JOHNSON                        MATTHEY          low pressure, decentralized sanitary sewer                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                             INC.                                                    collection and treatment facility. The county is
                                                                                                                                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                     currently working on phase I of this project
                                                            HON. JIM GERLACH                         and phase II would construct a 30,000 GPD                 Mr. WAMP. Madam Speaker, as a leader on
                                                             OF PENNSYLVANIA                         on-site treatment and disposal facility, collec-       earmark reform, I am committed to protecting
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       tion mains, interceptor tanks and pumps to             taxpayers’ money and providing greater trans-
                                                                                                     provide homes and businesses with sanitary             parency and a fully accountable process. H.R.
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                             2996, The Fiscal Year 2010 Interior, Environ-
                                                                                                     sewer. Washington County, the most economi-
                                               Mr. GERLACH. Madam Speaker, I rise                    cally challenged county in the state of Ala-           ment, and Related Agencies Appropriations
                                            today to honor an outstanding southeastern               bama, is home to a new steel plant that is pro-        Act contains the following funding that I re-
                                            Pennsylvania manufacturer celebrating its                viding 25,000 new construction jobs and 2,000          quested:
                                            100th anniversary.                                       fulltime jobs. This much needed project will              Requesting Member: Rep. ZACH WAMP
                                               Johnson Matthey Inc. was officially incor-            allow the county to continue to grow and re-              Account: National Park Service—Construc-
                                            porated on June 30, 1909 and has grown from              cruit even more industry. The Washington               tion
                                            a platinum works shop in Philadelphia to a               County Commission will provide dollar for dol-            Legal Name Entity Receiving Funding: Moc-
                                            thriving business that employs approximately             lar match for this project.                            casin Bend National Archeological District
                                            8,700 workers at operations in more than 30                                f
                                                                                                                                                               Address: Moccasin Bend Road, Chat-
                                            countries. The company’s North America                                                                          tanooga, Tennessee 37405
                                            headquarters is in Wayne, Pennsylvania and                            CARNEGIE MEDAL                               Description of Request: Moccasin Bend Na-
                                            several plants operate throughout the Com-                                                                      tional Archeological District, a unit of the
                                            monwealth of Pennsylvania.                                          HON. JOHN R. CARTER                         Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Mili-
                                               Johnson Matthey focuses on catalysis, pre-                                 OF TEXAS                          tary Park, has a rich and varied cultural history
                                            cious metals, fine chemicals and process tech-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                            with evidence of occupation dating back to the
                                            nology. While the company’s roots extend                                                                        earliest human cultures in North America.
                                            back to the 19th Century, Johnson Matthey                            Thursday, June 25, 2009                    Moccasin Bend was designated as a unit of
                                            has continued to develop its technology, dem-               Mr. CARTER. Madam Speaker, I would like             the National Park Service to preserve the
                                            onstrating the company’s ability to maintain             to congratulate the family of Courtney E. But-         area’s rich heritage for future generations.
                                            world leadership by adapting constantly to rap-          ler from Stephenville, who was presented with          There are no facilities for public enjoyment of
                                            idly changing customer needs. While adhering             the Carnegie Medal for heroism for their               these nationally significant resources. Moc-
                                            to rigorous environmental standards itself,              daughter’s bravery in attempting to save a ci-         casin Bend National Archeological District re-
                                            Johnson Matthey products have contributed                vilian caught in a flood on a low water cross-         ceived $500,000 for design and construction
                                            greatly to a cleaner environment and have en-            ing. Miss Butler was only sixteen when she             of an Interpretive Center and educational ex-
                                            hanced the quality of life for millions of people        made her valiant attempt in May of last year,          hibits to promote awareness of the archeo-
                                            around the world.                                        and was swept up and drowned in the proc-              logical district.
                                               Throughout the week of June 30, 2009,                 ess. It is citizens like this young girl who make         Distribution of funding:
                                            Johnson Matthey management, employees,                   me proud to serve the great people of Texas               Design development and construction 100%
                                            affiliate companies, parent company, and com-            District 31 and continually inspire me, as they           Requesting Member: Rep. ZACH WAMP
                                            munities will commemorate the company’s                  should everyone else who learned of her                   Account: Environmental Protection Agency-
                                            centennial.                                              valor.                                                 State and Tribal Assistance Grant
                                               Madam Speaker, I ask that my colleagues                                 f                                       Legal Name Requesting Entity: City of Har-
                                            join me today in congratulating everyone at                                                                     rogate, Tennessee
                                            Johnson Matthey for reaching this memorable                      EARMARK DECLARATION                               Address: 138 Harrogate Crossing, Har-
                                            milestone and in wishing the company contin-                                                                    rogate, Tennessee 37752
                                            ued success in creating jobs and improving                            HON. JOHN L. MICA                            Description of Request: The Mayor and City
                                            the quality of life across the globe.                                        OF FLORIDA                         Council of Harrogate requested funding to ex-
                                                              f                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   tend a wastewater collection system to the Tri-
                                                                                                                                                            State Health and Rehabilitation Center, resi-
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                                         Thursday, June 25, 2009                      dences and businesses. Upgraded sewer ca-
                                                                                                        Mr. MICA. Madam Speaker, pursuant to the            pabilities are critical to support the increasing
                                                            HON. JO BONNER                           Republican Leadership standards on ear-                residential and commercial development in
                                                                OF ALABAMA                           marks, I am submitting the following informa-          Harrogate. The proposed expansion will allow
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       tion regarding an earmark I received in the            residents in the area to have safe, adequate
                                                                                                     amount of $500,000 as part of the Department           wastewater service. The City of Harrogate re-
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                       of the Interior, Environment, and Related              ceived $500,000 for the wastewater improve-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               Mr. BONNER. Madam Speaker, I submit the               Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010, Environ-            ments.
                                            following information:                                   mental Protection Agency, STAG Water and                  Distribution of funding:
                                               Project Name: Washington County Commis-               Wastewater Infrastructure Account for the                 Construction—83%
                                            sion Sewer Extension                                     South Seminole and North Orange County                    Survey/Fees—1%
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman JO                     Wastewater Improvement Project. The entity                Engineering—6%
                                            BONNER                                                   to receive funding for this project is the Or-            Inspection—3%

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008    08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00019   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.024    E26JNPT1
                                            E1592                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                              Project Contingency—4%                                   Bill Number: H.R. 2647                              requires that essential communication equip-
                                              Environment Review—1%                                    Account: MILCON, Army National Guard                ment be located in a secure environment.
                                              Administration—2%                                        Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Kentucky           Base Network Control Center functions cur-
                                                             f                                      Department of Military Affairs                         rently located in Bldg 260 will be relocated to
                                                                                                       Address of Requesting Entity: Boone Na-             the new secure facility.
                                            CELEBRATING              THE  CITY   OF                 tional Guard Center, 100 Minuteman Parkway,
                                             ERBENDORF,             GERMANY’S 900TH                 Frankfort, Kentucky 40601                                                  f
                                             BIRTHDAY                                                  Description of Request: Provide directed
                                                                                                    funding of $1.805 million to complete construc-                 PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                                   HON. MICHAEL E. McMAHON                          tion of the Phase IV Aviation Operation Facil-
                                                               OF NEW YORK                          ity—London Joint Readiness Center located in                    HON. MICHAEL E. CAPUANO
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Laurel County, Kentucky. The funding will be                              OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                                                                    used for the construction of two additional                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                    (11,400 Sf) unheated aircraft storage buildings
                                               Mr. MCMAHON. Madam Speaker, I rise                                                                                     Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                    at the facility. The project is required to fully
                                            today to commemorate and honor the city of              house the Joint Support Operations equipment             Mr. CAPUANO. Madam Speaker, on June
                                            Erbendorf in the Oberpfalz region in the State          and personnel in one facility located in the vi-       24, 2009, due to a medical situation involving
                                            of Bavaria in Germany as it celebrates its              cinity of operations. At the conclusion of this        a member of my immediate family, I had to re-
                                            900th Birthday.                                         project, the unit will be able to respond quicker      turn to my district and was unable to partici-
                                               Nine hundred years ago, this village was             and in a much more efficient manner which              pate in rollcall votes 435 through 452. Had I
                                            first mentioned as ‘‘Herbendorf’ in the Estab-          will allow a greater return on investment funds        been present, I would have voted in the fol-
                                            lishment and Protection letters of Pope                 spent on the operation.                                lowing manner:
                                            Paschalis II as he wrote to the monastery                                 f                                      ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall 435; ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall 436;
                                            Weissenohe in Oberfranken. Although it ap-                                                                       ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 437; ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall 438;
                                            pears that location is today what is known as                        TEMPLE TEACHER                              ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 439; ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 440;
                                            Altenstadt, it is clear that the city we know                                                                    ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 441; ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall 442;
                                            today has enjoyed an existence for more than                       HON. JOHN R. CARTER                           ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 443; ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 444;
                                            900 years. And since history does not stand                                  OF TEXAS                            ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 445; ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 446;
                                            still, we are sure that someday an even earlier              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 447; ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 448;
                                            mention of this city will be found.                                                                              ‘‘no’’ on rollcall 449; ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall 450;
                                               In its more than 900 year history, the city of                 Thursday, June 25, 2009                        ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall 451; ‘‘yes’’ on rollcall 452.
                                            Erbendorf has certainly changed and devel-                 Mr. CARTER. Madam Speaker, congratula-
                                            oped. Through the middle ages and modern                tions to Temple High School German teacher                                 f
                                            times it has been beset by war, hunger, pes-            Nella Spurlin who was recently honored as
                                            tilence, and siege. However, this has given the         Regional Teacher of the Year by the South-                      EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            city its inner strength and it has now grown            west Conference on Language Teaching. The
                                            into a beloved city with a wonderful quality of         hard work and passion that she was com-                            HON. BRIAN P. BILBRAY
                                            life, enviable infrastructure, and a strong econ-       mitted to distinguished her from educators of                              OF CALIFORNIA
                                            omy.                                                    the nine other states in the region.                          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               Certainly some of its most prominent citi-              On behalf of Texas District 31, I would like
                                                                                                                                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            zens include Buergermeister Hans Donko,                 to wish Ms. Spurlin the best of luck when she
                                            Axel Baron von Stromberg, and Hilde and                 competes against other regional winners for               Mr. BILBRAY. Madam Speaker, I submit the
                                            Fritz Kohr, who recently celebrated their 50th          the American Council on the Teaching of For-           following:
                                            Wedding Anniversary and continue to operate             eign Language National Teacher of the Year                Bill Number: H.R. 2647—National Defense
                                            one of the city’s most beloved businesses,              award in November.                                     Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2010
                                            Konditorei Kohr. In addition the city was the                             f                                       Account: OPAF, Line 12
                                            birthplace of two of its most favorite daugh-                                                                     Legal Name of Requesting Entity: California
                                            ters, Maria Schrebs Trottmann, who emigrated                    EARMARK DECLARATION                            National Guard
                                            to Neustadt/Waldnaab, and my mother Meta                                                                          Address of Requesting Entity: 9800 Goethe
                                            Baronin von Stromberg McMahon, who emi-                            HON. C.W. BILL YOUNG                        Road, Box 42, Sacramento, CA 95826
                                            grated to the United States where she had                                   OF FLORIDA                            Description of Request: I received an ear-
                                            seven children who to this day consider them-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   mark of $4 million to upgrade the Eagle Vision
                                            selves part of the Erbendorf family. For many                                                                  III system which is operated by the 147th
                                                                                                               Thursday, June 25, 2009                     Combat Communications Squadron, in San
                                            years, her brother Doctor Nils Baron von
                                            Stromberg and his wife Charlotte served the                Mr. YOUNG of Florida. Madam Speaker,                Diego, California. In October of 2007, San
                                            city as family doctors.                                 pursuant to the House Republican Standards             Diego suffered through one of the worst wild-
                                               Madam Speaker, the city of Erbendorf has             on Congressional appropriations initiatives, I         fire disasters in California history. With thou-
                                            had a front row seat to the turbulent course of         am submitting the following information re-            sands of homes lost and hundreds of thou-
                                            European history. For nearly a millennium, her          garding a project that was included at my re-          sands of lives changed, the California National
                                            citizens have borne witness to the countless            quest in H.R. 2647, The National Defense Au-           Guard requested upgrades to Eagle Vision,
                                            events—from the epic to the mundane which               thorization Act of Fiscal Year 2010:                   the San Diego based system that has already
                                            unfolded to shape the Europe and the world of              Consolidate Communications Facility                 proven itself as an asset for the Federal Emer-
                                            today. I am proud to be a son of the city of               Account: Military Construction, U.S. Air            gency Management Agency, CAL Fires/OES,
                                            Erbendorf and offer my congratulations on its           Force                                                  and the Army Strategic Command. The Eagle
                                            900th anniversary.                                         Legal name and address of requesting enti-          Vision III system directly and indirectly sup-
                                                             f                                      ty: MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida.            ported the 2008 Midwest Flooding, Hurricanes
                                                                                                       Description of request: $21,000,000 for a           Fay, Gustav, and Ike and has participated in
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                              Consolidated Communication Facility (Project           numerous military exercises. To augment the
                                                                                                    Number NVZR033702). MacDill Air Force                  current system, this request seeks to provide
                                                      HON. HAROLD ROGERS                            Base, Tampa, Florida does not have an ade-             resources for an increased imaging system
                                                              OF KENTUCKY                           quate Consolidated Communication Facility for          that will provide higher resolution images, with
                                                                                                    the Joint Components of USSOCOM and                    more frequent access to images for first re-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    USCENTCOM forces. This Consolidated Com-               sponders, while at the same time allowing for
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      munication Facility would provide for all com-         image data collection through clouds, haze
                                               Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. Madam Speaker,               munication circuits (both digital and analog)          and smoke. These capabilities are essential
                                            I submit the following:                                 entering and exiting MacDill AFB. The Depart-          for the military and will be critical to the San
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman HAROLD                ment of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria            Diego region for combating natural disasters
                                            ROGERS                                                  Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection guidance           such as wildfires, floods and hurricanes.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00020   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.036    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                 E1593
                                                    MARY HARDIN-BAYLOR                              House Information Resources, in the Office of             I personally commend the thousands of
                                                       CHANCELLOR                                   the Chief Administrative Officer.                      dedicated soldiers, department of defense ci-
                                                                                                       Lillian began her tenure with the United            vilians and their defense industry partners who
                                                       HON. JOHN R. CARTER                          States House of Representatives in 1996 as a           worked on the project.
                                                                 OF TEXAS                           Systems Analyst working in the Member Infor-              More than 1,000 of these dedicated men
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    mation Network (MIN) Group and later for the           and women that do the engineering work for
                                                                                                    Quality Assurance Team. Lillian specialized in         the FCS program live and work in my district.
                                                      Thursday, June 25, 2009                       the support and maintenance of in-House ap-            Some 10,000 employees in 74 Michigan com-
                                               Mr. CARTER. Madam Speaker, I would like              plications including but not limited to Federal        panies worked to provide the Army a new
                                            to congratulate to Dr. Jerry G. Bawcom, Presi-          Funds Reports, Grants and Contracts and Bul-           ground combat vehicle fleet.
                                            dent at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor,           letin Board services. She became a Federal                Many of them will be economically dis-
                                            in Belton Texas, as Dr. Bawcom transitions              Funds Trainer based on her extensive knowl-            advantaged, despite their best efforts, by ter-
                                            into the office of the Chancellor. As the 21st          edge and attention to detail on the project. Lil-      mination of the combat vehicle project.
                                            President of UMHB, he has served as Presi-              lian has played an important role in many in-             Legislation passed by the Armed Services
                                            dent for 18 years and will become Chancellor            formation technology projects including Quality        committee recognizes the restructuring of the
                                            on June 1, 2009. I would like to thank Dr.              Assurance and Integrated Services and Infor-           FCS program and provides guidance on how
                                            Bawcom for his leadership and service as well           mation Systems (ISIS) testing. During the Y2K          the Army should proceed.
                                            as congratulate him and wish him well in his            remediation efforts, she played an instru-                Providing for the national defense is in the
                                            new position as Chancellor.                             mental role in quality assurance and data test-        preamble of the Constitution of the United
                                                             f                                      ing of systems resulting in the successful             States, it is this body’s most solemn duty and
                                                                                                    transfer of services from the mainframe to             responsibility. We must ensure that the men
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                              their new platforms.                                   and women we send into harm’s way have the
                                                                                                       Since 2004, Lillian has been a Team Leader          very best training and equipment we can pro-
                                                    HON. MICHAEL C. BURGESS                         for the Web Solutions Call Center. Her atten-          vide.
                                                                 OF TEXAS                           tion to detail and quality assurance experience           It’s imperative that we move rapidly to pro-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      were again highlighted as she managed the              vide the Army a new ground combat vehicle
                                                                                                    customer request tracking system, team as-             that protects American soldiers against IEDs,
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                            road side bombs and anti-tank munitions. We
                                                                                                    signments, and day to day customer requests
                                               Mr. BURGESS. Madam Speaker, pursuant                 for the Web Group. Her duties included man-            must not lose the momentum gained during
                                            to the U.S. House of Representatives Repub-             aging customer requests for web services               six years of research and development and
                                            lican Leadership standards on earmarks, I am            using the Customer Tracking System (CTS)               the multibillion dollar taxpayer investment on
                                            submitting the following information regarding          and coordinating with external teams to proc-          this project.
                                            an earmark I received as part of H.R. 2996,             ess Secure ID Web Manager requests, estab-                Any new program must consider both Army
                                            Department of the Interior, Environment, and            lishing Listserv lists, and providing permissions      and Marine Corps needs for manned ground
                                            Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010:              and access to Web Site Statistic services.             combat vehicles now and in the future. It must
                                               The City of Gainesville Water Treatment              Again, her detail orientation and quality work         build on what we have learned from three sep-
                                            Plant Expansion Project, Gainesville, TX—               ethic assured the security of the House Web            arate FCS ground vehicle designs as well as
                                            $500,000—STAG Water and Wastewater In-                  infrastructure through oversight and manage-           lessons learned from combat operations in
                                            frastructure Project—Congressman MICHAEL                ment of the necessary processes involved. Lil-         Iraq and Afghanistan.
                                            C. BURGESS                                              lian also played a vital role in the preparation          We have the best trained and dedicated
                                               The purpose of this project is to expand the         of materials and coordination of efforts for the       Armed Forces in the world. Will we ask them
                                            water supply and distribution system to convey          House Services Fair, ensuring the Web Solu-            to go to combat with vehicles that are nearly
                                            treated water to the City of Valley View, Boli-         tions Branch was properly represented during           two generations old, designed for a different
                                            var Water Supply and other water users in               the event.                                             enemy and more conventional warfare?
                                            Cooke County, Texas. The requested funding                 On behalf of the entire House community,               Instead, let’s build on the work that has al-
                                            will be utilized for raw water pump station im-         we extend congratulations to Lillian for many          ready been done; ensure that billions of tax-
                                            provements, a treatment unit and backwash               years of dedication and outstanding contribu-          payer dollars already spent are not wasted by
                                            pump station, high service pump station ex-             tions to the United States House of Rep-               starting from scratch, and provide U.S. Sol-
                                            pansion, and other appurtenances as nec-                resentatives. We wish Lillian many wonderful           diers and Marines vehicles and systems that
                                            essary for the water treatment plant upgrade.           years in fulfilling her retirement dreams.             provide increased situational awareness for
                                            Federal funding is necessary to allow the city                                                                 the conflicts of the future.
                                            to meet its obligation to provide a stable drink-                                                                 I urge the members to make a new combat
                                            ing water supply for residents of Gainesville           NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-                            vehicle the centerpiece of Army’s research
                                            and surrounding communities and to reduce                TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010                         and development efforts in a restructured pro-
                                            the region’s reliance on limited groundwater                                                                   gram.
                                            sources. The total project cost is $2,533,007.                               SPEECH OF                                            f
                                            Matching funds will be provided through in-
                                            kind services and through city and state funds.
                                                                                                              HON. CANDICE S. MILLER                               WILLIAMSON COUNTY JOP
                                                                                                                        OF MICHIGAN
                                               The City of Gainesville is located at 200
                                            South Rusk, Gainesville, TX 76240.                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                               HON. JOHN R. CARTER
                                                             f                                                 Wednesday, June 24, 2009                                       OF TEXAS

                                                                                                      The House in Committee of the Whole                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                             THANKING LILLIAN BETHEA FOR
                                                                                                    House on the State of the Union had under                         Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                              HER SERVICE TO THE HOUSE                              consideration of the bill (H.R. 2047) to au-
                                                                                                    thorize appropriation for fiscal year 2010 for            Mr. CARTER. Madam Speaker, I would like
                                                      HON. ROBERT A. BRADY                          military activities of the Department of De-           to congratulate The Honorable Judy Schier
                                                            OF PENNSYLVANIA                         fense, to prescribe military personnel                 Hoobs, Justice of the Peace for Williamson
                                                                                                    strength for fiscal yea 2010, and for other            County, Precinct 4, who was awarded ‘‘Judge
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    purposes:                                              of the Year’’ by the Central Texas Justices of
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                         Mrs. MILLER of Michigan. Mr. Chair, I rise          the Peace and Constables Association
                                               Mr. BRADY of Pennsylvania. Madam                     today in strong support of National Defense            (CTJPCA) on April 15, 2009. When the group
                                            Speaker, on the occasion of her retirement on           Authorization Act of 2009.                             held their first meeting in 1986, Judge Hobbs
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            December 31, 2008, we rise to thank Mrs. Lil-              The Department of Defense directed the              was elected as the first vice president and
                                            lian Bethea for twelve years of distinguished           Army to restructure its premier modernization          was later elected as president in 1987. A life-
                                            service to the United States House of Rep-              program known as Future Combat Systems—                time member of the CTJPCA, Judge Hobbs
                                            resentatives and 36 years of service in the             FCS program—which includes a network of                was chaplain in 2008 and chair of the Legisla-
                                            United States Government. Lillian has served            new sensors, radios, robotic vehicles and a            tive Committee. I am truly proud to have
                                            this great institution as a valuable employee of        fleet of new combat vehicles.                          Judge Hobbs serve in Texas District 31.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00021   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.029    E26JNPT1
                                            E1594                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                            IN HONOR OF SENATOR THURMAN                             of Sussex, and for the State of Delaware. A            gas pipeline explosion in March, 2009. The
                                                    G. ADAMS, JR.                                   believer in personal, deep-rooted relationships,       explosion and subsequent fire destroyed four
                                                                                                    Thurman was a respected and compassionate              historic building, and significantly damaged
                                                     HON. MICHAEL N. CASTLE                         legislator and his passing will leave a void in        three others. All building are in the Bozeman
                                                              OF DELAWARE                           Delaware’s General Assembly and our state.             Main Street Historic District, which is on the
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      During my time as a State Senator and in my            National Register of Historic Places. The de-
                                                                                                    role as Lt. Governor and Governor, I had the           stroyed buildings covered 150 linear feet of
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                    privilege of working with Senator Adams on             historic streetscape.
                                               Mr. CASTLE. Madam Speaker, it is with a              many key legislative issues. Thurman is some-             Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG
                                            heavy heart but great honor that I rise today           one with whom I worked closely and confided               Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                            to pay tribute to the life of the Honorable Thur-       in frequently and I feel confident in recognizing         Account: BLM—Land Acquisition
                                            man G. Adams, Jr. A member of Delaware’s                him for who he was—a man who was incred-                  Name and Address: The Conservation
                                            State Senate for the past 37 years and owner            ibly fair, a strong, trusted and great leader with     Fund, 125 Bank Street, Suite #612, Missoula,
                                            of T.G. Adams & Sons Inc., Senator Adams is             devotion unequaled, and a sterling reputation          Montana 59802.
                                            a man who has given much to his community               for helping others.                                       Description: Funding would be used for the
                                            and his state; a man who is to be recognized               Foremost in Thurman’s life was his family.          BLM to purchase Phase II of this project. Lo-
                                            for all that he has done and a man who will             Thurman was a loving husband to his wife               cated in Carbon County, near Red Lodge, the
                                            truly be missed by me and Delawareans                   Hilda, a father who could bestow life’s lessons        wind-blasted stone pinnacles of the Meeteetse
                                            throughout our state.                                   as well as heartfelt love to his three children,       Spires reach hundreds of feet into the sky and
                                               Since his initial election in 1972, Senator          Brent, Lynn, and Polly, a grandfather who              provide a unique backdrop to a scenic hang-
                                            Adams worked diligently as a representative of          adored his grandchildren, and a brother to             ing valley as part of the Meeteetse Spires
                                            his constituents and as an advocate for                 Leon, Beatrice and his deceased brother                Area of Critical Environmental Concern
                                            progress, molding Delaware into the business-           Alvin. His family and grandchildren warmed             (ACEC). In partnership with the BLM, The
                                            friendly, agriculturally rich state that it is today.   his heart and he took great pride in watching          Conservation Fund has reached an agreement
                                            The longest serving State Senator in Delaware           them grow and mature over the years. While             to acquire a 560-acre private inholding from a
                                            history, Thurman served in this capacity under          we will all miss him dearly, I take comfort in         willing seller within the ACEC with the goal of
                                            eight Governors and was elected as the Sen-             knowing that he, Hilda, and Brent have been            conveying the property to the BLM through an
                                            ate Majority Leader in 1999 and as the Presi-           reunited and I am sure are watching over all           appropriation.
                                            dent Pro Tempore in 2002. Regarding Thur-               of us now.                                                Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG
                                            man’s dedication to our State and his strength             He gave his time, his energy, and his heart            Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                            of character, I cannot say enough. For nearly           in pursuit of comprehensive and useful meas-              Account: U.S. Forest Service—Land Acqui-
                                            four decades now, there is hardly a bill that           ures, established and implemented for the              sition
                                            has come to pass in Delaware upon which                 benefit of his fellow Delawareans. Steadfast in           Name and Address: The Nature Conser-
                                            Thurman’s influence has not been felt. One of           his beliefs, Thurman once said, ‘‘I hope that          vancy, 32 S. Ewing, Helena, Montana 59601.
                                            the most notable pieces of legislation that he          every bill will make life better.’’ I stand today         Description: This funding would be used for
                                            sponsored and fought for was an enhanced 9–             to acknowledge and honor that he was a man             the U.S. Forest Service to acquire lands crit-
                                            1–1 bill. Passed and currently in place, the bill       dedicated to just that. Godspeed to my good            ical for protecting the existing federal invest-
                                            created a system that automatically gives the           friend, Senator Thurman G. Adams, Jr. and              ment in the Blackfoot Community—Nora
                                            address from which a 9–1–1 call originates—             thank you for your guidance, support and               Gulch—project area, including wildlife habitat
                                            enabling a quicker, more accurate response              friendship over the years.                             for grizzly bears, elk, and threatened trout
                                            time. A member of the Senate Executive Com-                               f                                    species.
                                            mittee since his first term and later appointed                                                                   Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG
                                            as chairman, Thurman played a huge role in                      EARMARK DECLARATION                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                            determining who served in the judiciary, cabi-                                                                    Account: EPA—Science and Technology
                                            net and various other influential state posts.                     HON. DENNY REHBERG                             Name and Address: Consortium for Plant
                                            The strong, positive force which he brought to                              OF MONTANA                         Biotechnology Research Inc., 100 Sylvan
                                            the legislature every day has helped to                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   Drive, Suite #210, St. Simons Island, Georgia
                                            strengthen and solidify Delaware’s courts and                                                                  31522.
                                            government for many decades.                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                       Description: Partnering with Montana State
                                               In his capacity as a legislator and as a cit-           Mr. REHBERG. Madam Speaker, I submit                University, this funding would be used to fund
                                            izen, Thurman spent his life in service to the          the following:                                         university research and technology transfer for
                                            State of Delaware. Senator Adams graduated                 Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG               phytoremediation and environmentally friendly
                                            from the University of Delaware in 1950 with               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              industries. Working with The Consortium for
                                            a B.S in agricultural education and went on to             Account: STAG Water and Wastewater In-              Plant Biotechnology Research, Inc., it will de-
                                            succeed his father as the President of T.G.             frastructure Project                                   velop new and improved technologies that
                                            Adams & Sons Inc., a feed and grain business               Name and Address: Em-Kayan County                   range from ‘‘green’’ chemicals and industrial
                                            in his hometown of Bridgeville. With a solid            Water and Sewer District, 910 Greers Ferry             manufacturing processes to environmental re-
                                            base in agriculture and the business world,             Road, Libby, Montana 59923.                            mediation.
                                            Thurman was appointed to the State Highway                 Description: The Em-Kayan community                    Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG
                                            Commission in 1961 and appointed as the                 water system consists of three springs, two               Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                            chairman of the Governor’s Safety Committee             wells, five steel storage tanks and a water dis-          Account: EPA—Science and Technology
                                            in 1966. Over the years, Senator Adams was              tribution system inclusive of fire hydrants. The          Name and Address: The Water Research
                                            recognized for many accomplishments. In                 original water system was constructed in the           Foundation, 6666 Quincy Street, Denver, Col-
                                            1996, he received the University of Delaware’s          1960s. Funding would be used to replace                orado 80235.
                                            ‘‘Medal of Distinction,’’ an honor acknowl-             badly corroded steel water main with PVC                  Description: Partnering with the Mountain
                                            edging his outstanding professional achieve-            water main, install additional fire hydrants to        Water Company of Missoula, Montana, this
                                            ments. He and his wife Hilda also became                meet fire flow requirements, install water me-         funding would be used to sponsor individual
                                            very active in trying to make the process to re-        ters to better account for the District’s water        research projects that enable utilities to pro-
                                            ceive organ transplants easier for individuals          resource and install a control system.                 vide safe, affordable and sustainable water to
                                            and their families after their own personal ex-            Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG               their customers.These projects will help water
                                            perience with their son Brent. In 2008, he was             Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              utilities address challenges such as climate
                                            both inducted into the National 4–H Hall of                Account: National Park Service—Save                 change impacts on water supply, pharma-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            Fame and awarded the ‘‘Order of the First               America’s Treasures                                    ceutical contaminants in drinking water, aging
                                            State,’’ the highest award our Governor can                Name and Address: City of Bozeman, 121              infrastructure, and protection of watersheds.
                                            present in recognition of his many years of             North Rouse Avenue, Bozeman, Montana                      Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG
                                            service.                                                59771                                                     Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                               Senator Adams spent his life as an advo-                Description: Historic Downtown Bozeman                 Account: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service—
                                            cate for his Bridgeville district, for the county       suffered a devastating loss due to a natural           Land Acquisition

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00022   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.031   E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1595
                                               Name and Address: The Nature Conser-                    Ten days after the shootdown, Soviet Pre-           great loss for the Bakersfield community, but
                                            vancy, 32 S. Ewing, Helena, Montana 59601.              mier Nikita Khrushchev announced that they             his legacy of dedication to his family, friends,
                                               Description: This funding will be used for the       had shot down the bomber and captured the              and businesses will always be remembered.
                                            U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to acquire con-          two crewmen. The pair were imprisoned in                                  f
                                            servation easements along the Montana’s                 Moscow’s Lubyanka prison, and accused by
                                            Rocky Mountain Front.                                   the Soviets of espionage, punishable by                       FEDERAL OFFSET PROGRAM
                                               Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG                death, for allegedly violating the Soviet Sea
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                               frontier.                                                          HON. JAMES P. MORAN
                                               Account: BLM—Land Acquisition                           Shortly after the inauguration of President                            OF VIRGINIA
                                               Name and Address: The Nature Conser-                 John F. Kennedy, Premier Nikita Khrushchev                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            vancy, 32 S. Ewing, Helena, Montana 59601.              extended an offer to free Olmstead and                            Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                               Description: This funding will be used for ac-       McKone quickly—but with three terms later
                                            quiring lands for the Bureau of Land Manage-                                                                      Mr. MORAN of Virginia. Madam Speaker,
                                                                                                    agreed to.                                             today I am proposing bipartisan legislation to
                                            ment to protect the existing federal investment            After seven months of imprisonment and in-          establish a program that would mirror the ex-
                                            in the project area, including wildlife habitat for     terrogation the guards drove Captain Freeman           isting law for states. The legislation, in which
                                            grizzly bears, elk, and threatened trout species        B. Olmstead and Captain John McKone to the             I am joined by my colleagues, Representatives
                                            near the Blackfoot River.                               American embassy. They were handed over to             WOLF, WITTMAN, and CONNOLLY, would allow
                                               Requesting Member: Rep. DENNY REHBERG                U.S. officials to be reunited with their families      certain types of delinquent local tax debt to be
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                               without having disclosed any information to
                                               Account: U.S. Forest Service—Land Acqui-                                                                    collected through the reduction of federal tax
                                                                                                    the Soviet government.                                 refunds. Providing local governments access
                                            sition                                                     Madam Speaker, as a member of the Com-
                                               Name and Address: The Trust for Public                                                                      to these needed and due funds is important
                                                                                                    mittee on Armed Services, I am continuously            both in principle and for budgetary purposes.
                                            Land, 111 South Grand Avenue, Suite #203,
                                                                                                    struck by the integrity of our servicemembers.         In the middle of this recession, it is especially
                                            Bozeman, Montana 59715.
                                                                                                    With examples like Captain Freeman B.                  important to assist cities and counties to col-
                                               Description: This funding will be used as an
                                                                                                    Olmstead and Captain John McKone it is clear           lect the taxes they are owed. The alternatives
                                            acquisition project for the United States Forest
                                                                                                    where this integrity comes from and I ask my           would be a reduction in vital services and jobs
                                            Service to purchase mining claims within the
                                                                                                    colleagues to join me in honoring them.                at a time when the government safety net for
                                            Yellowstone National Park ecosystem. These
                                                                                                                      f                                    very poor families who lack jobs has weak-
                                            lands offer natural and recreational resources
                                                                                                                                                           ened significantly and increases in deep pov-
                                            that will be protected by the United States For-                 TRIBUTE TO BEN SACCO                          erty in this recession are likely to be severe.
                                            est Service.                                                                                                   This will impose significantly higher demands
                                                             f                                                 HON. KEVIN McCARTHY                         on local governments for police, housing and
                                            RECOGNIZING THE CREW OF THE                                                OF CALIFORNIA                       shelter, food, and other vital services. This bill
                                             RB-47H SHOT DOWN OVER INTER-                                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   offers a unique opportunity not just to provide
                                             NATIONAL WATERS BY THE SO-                                                                                    hundreds of millions of dollars of desperately
                                                                                                                Thursday, June 25, 2009                    needed assistance at no cost to federal tax-
                                             VIET UNION ON JULY 1, 1960
                                                                                                       Mr. MCCARTHY of California. Madam                   payers, but also to protect honest taxpayers
                                                                                                    Speaker, I rise today to honor Bernard ‘‘Ben’’         from an increase in local property taxes.
                                                    HON. ROBERT J. WITTMAN                          Sacco, a longtime Bakersfield entrepreneur,            Under this legislation, the only cost is to the
                                                               OF VIRGINIA
                                                                                                    community leader, and friend who passed                delinquent taxpayer, who would finally be
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      away on Tuesday, June 23, 2009, at the age             made to pay his or her outstanding tax obliga-
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      of 87.                                                 tion.
                                               Mr. WITTMAN. Madam Speaker, I rise                      Ben Sacco was born in a small town outside             This proposed program would have no addi-
                                            today to recognize Major Willard Palm, Cap-             Salerno, Italy, and immigrated to the United           tional cost to the federal government. Local
                                            tain Freeman B. Olmstead, Captain John                  States in 1935. Sacco moved to California              governments would pay the federal govern-
                                                                                                    after serving his country in the U.S. Army Air         ment the fee of $25 for each offset refund. It
                                            McKone, and the crew of the RB-47H shot
                                                                                                    Corps during World War II, and worked in ag-           would alleviate the administrative burden to
                                            down over international waters by the Soviet
                                                                                                    riculture in Hanford. In 1947, he and Morris           Department of the Treasury by requiring the
                                            Union on July 1, 1960. This recognition is
                                                                                                    Rosenberg founded Sierra Bag Company in                state taxing authority to act as the clearing-
                                            well-deserved and highlights the unending
                                                                                                    Bakersfield to produce containers for local            house. Therefore, the client base for the De-
                                            service and integrity of our men and women in                                                                  partment of the Treasury would not increase.
                                            uniform.                                                growers.
                                                                                                       A devoted recycling advocate, Ben also                 This concept of an offset originated as a
                                               The plane was crewed by Major Willard                                                                       way to assist states with securing child sup-
                                            Palm as aircraft commander; Captain Free-               founded Sierra Iron and Metal Company to re-
                                                                                                                                                           port arrearages. It was expanded to allow
                                            man B. Olmstead as pilot; Captain John                  cycle salvaged metals in 1959. Eventually, it
                                                                                                                                                           states to submit other delinquent claims
                                            McKone as navigator.                                    became Sierra Recycling and Demolition,
                                                                                                                                                           against an individual’s federal tax return. This
                                               Freeman B. Olmstead was born in Elmira,              which cleans up land for redevelopment. On a
                                                                                                                                                           program has been very successful for the
                                            New York, and brought up in a devout Epis-              visit to Italy, Sacco visited a scrap yard near
                                                                                                                                                           states. Now this bill would expand its success-
                                            copal family. He earned a bachelor’s degree in          Venice and discovered a unique machine—a               ful idea and concept to local governments in
                                            history from Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio.             mobile baler that could process twice as much          all states. Doing so could potentially result in
                                            He entered active duty with the Air Force in            scrap metal in a day as its U.S. counterparts.         several billion dollars annually for local gov-
                                            1957.                                                   He promptly bought one, and at an age when             ernments by effecting the collection of delin-
                                               McKone was a native of Tonganoxie, Kan-              many are considering retirement, Sacco em-             quent taxes.
                                            sas, and he graduated from Kansas State Uni-            barked on a new career equipment vendor. He               The bill would instruct the Secretary of the
                                            versity with a bachelor’s degree in history in          introduced the combination shear/baler in the          Treasury, upon receiving notice from any eligi-
                                            1954. He entered active duty on March 15,               United States in 1987, and soon Sierra Inter-          ble state on behalf of a local government, that
                                            1955.                                                   national Machinery expanded into a major in-           a named person owes such local government
                                               On July 1, 1960, a United States Air Force           dustry. Earlier this year, the Institute of Scrap      a past-due, legally enforceable tax obligation
                                            RB-47H based at Forbes Air Force Base, Kan-             Recycling Industries honored Ben Sacco with            and provide, consequently, for the reduction of
                                            sas, departed from Brize-Norton Royal Air               a lifetime achievement award for his dedica-           the federal tax refunds payable to such person
                                            Force Base in England. The flight’s planned             tion to Sierra International Machinery, LLC.           by the amount of such debt. That amount
                                            route kept the plane over international waters.         Adding to his list of accomplishments, Sacco           would be remitted to the state for payment to
                                               A MiG-19 fighter intercepted the American            founded the Italian Heritage Dante organiza-           the affected local government, provide for noti-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            bomber in the Barents Sea. The MiG eventu-              tion in 1996.                                          fication to the state of the taxpayer’s name,
                                            ally opened fire on the RB-47H. Olmstead and               Ben Sacco is survived by his wife, Eunice           taxpayer identification number, address, and
                                            McKone successfully ejected and survived                Sacco; sons John, Anthony, and Phillip;                the amount collected; and notification of the
                                            only to be picked up by a Soviet fishing ves-           daughters Angela, Aragon, and Laura; and six           person due the refund that it has been re-
                                            sel. The aircraft commander, however, per-              grandchildren. Devoted to serving his commu-           duced by an amount necessary to satisfy a
                                            ished in the Barents Sea.                               nity in a variety of ways, Ben’s death is a            past-due, legally enforceable tax obligation.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00023   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.032    E26JNPT1
                                            E1596                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                        June 26, 2009
                                               This bill offers a unique opportunity to pro-           Ms. Johnson led a research program at MTI           building’s odor control system. This is a good
                                            vide hundreds of millions of dollars of des-            that brought together faculty and student re-          use of taxpayer funds because the combined
                                            perately needed assistance at little cost to fed-       searchers from SJSU, along with other aca-             improvements provide the most cost effective
                                            eral taxpayers. For Virginia localities, it is esti-    demic institutions around the country, and the         solution for updating infrastructure for the
                                            mated that it will bring in between 65–70 mil-          private sector to advance the body of knowl-           authority’s residents and businesses.
                                            lion dollars in revenue during the first year in        edge in transportation policy and management                              f
                                            the program. From its participation in the Fed-         from an intermodal perspective. In addition to
                                            eral Offset Program, for FY 2008, the Com-              publishing innovative reports and research                      EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            monwealth of Virginia received over $17 mil-            findings, Ms. Johnson was deeply committed
                                            lion dollars in offsets of federal income tax re-       to recruiting, engaging, and training the na-                         HON. BILL POSEY
                                            funds and an additional $5 million in offsets of        tion’s next generation of transportation plan-                             OF FLORIDA
                                            the tax stimulus checks. This legislation has           ners and leaders.                                             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            the official support of the National Association           Before joining the Mineta Transportation In-
                                            of Counties, the Government Finance Officers                                                                              Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                    stitute in July 1999, Trixie Johnson served the
                                            Association, the National League of Cities, the         full limit of two terms on the San Jose City             Mr. POSEY. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                            Treasurers’ Association of Virginia, the United         Council—from 1991 through 1998. Due to Ms.             the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                            States Conference of Mayors, the Association            Johnson’s extensive experience, she has been           marks as well as in accordance with Clause 9
                                            of Public Treasurers of the United States and           recognized as a land use and environmental             of Rule XXI, I am submitting the following in-
                                            Canada, and the Conference of State Court               specialist by her peers. Her council service in-       formation regarding earmarks I received as
                                            Administrators.                                         cluded two years as Vice Mayor and several             part of H.R. 2647, the National Defense Au-
                                               This concept of an offset originated as a            years as chairperson of the city’s Transpor-           thorization Act of Fiscal Year 2010.
                                            way to assist states with securing child sup-           tation, Development and Environment Com-                 Requesting Member: Congressman BILL
                                            port arrearages. It was expanded to allow               mittee.                                                POSEY
                                            states to submit other delinquent claims                   Ms. Johnson has a long record of public               Bill Number: H.R. 2647
                                            against an individual’s federal tax return. This        service that included serving as chair of the            Account: Research, Development, Test &
                                            program has been very successful for the                Environmental Quality Committee and member             Evaluation, Defensewide
                                            states. Now this bill would expand its success-         of the Board of Directors for the League of              Legal     Name      of   Requesting   Entity:
                                            ful idea and concept to local governments in            California Cities; vice-chair of the Energy, En-       Soneticom
                                            all states. Doing so could potentially result in        vironment and Natural Resources Committee                Address of Requesting Entity: 1045 South
                                            several billion dollars annually for local gov-         of the National League of Cities; and member           John Rodes Boulevard, West Melbourne, Flor-
                                            ernments by effecting the collection of delin-          of the Bay Area Air Quality Management Dis-            ida 32904
                                            quent taxes. Under this legislation, the fol-           trict Board.                                             Description of Request: This technology is
                                            lowing order of priority for payment of an off-            While her passionate work on transportation         important to helping our military and would be
                                            set would be: (1) past-due federal income tax,          issues throughout her career will surely be            used for enhancement of a currently installed
                                            (2) past-due state child support, (3) past-due          missed, the many students and colleagues               system for continued operations. $3 million is
                                            federal government agency debt, (4) past-due            she has inspired will carry on her work as the         provided for this program.
                                            state income tax, and (5) local government              nation seeks solutions to the transportation                              f
                                            tax. The state taxing authority for each state          challenges of the 21st century.
                                            would act as the clearinghouse for the local                                                                            EARMARK DECLARATION
                                                                                                       Therefore, Madam Speaker, I would like to
                                            government tax debts, so this will not be an            congratulate Trixie Johnson on her retirement,
                                            additional burden to Financial Management               and wish her and her family the best of luck                      HON. DANIEL E. LUNGREN
                                            Services (which is a division of the United             in this next chapter of their lives.                                      OF CALIFORNIA
                                            States Department of the Treasury administers
                                                                                                                      f                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            the Federal Offset Program).
                                               This is a bipartisan, good-government bill. If               EARMARK DECLARATION                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            the legislation is passed, it would allow fed-                                                                    Mr. DANIEL E. LUNGREN of California.
                                            eral, state, and local governments to work to-                  HON. TODD RUSSELL PLATTS                       Madam Speaker, pursuant to the Republican
                                            gether. Good citizens, who pay their taxes, will                                                               Leadership standards on earmarks, I rise
                                                                                                                     OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                            appreciate that the federal government and                                                                     today to submit the following information re-
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            the state government are assisting localities to                                                               garding an earmark I received as part of the
                                            help local government collect from the                              Thursday, June 25, 2009                    Interior-Environment Appropriation.
                                            delinquents. Each citizen should share in pay-             Mr. PLATTS. Madam Speaker, pursuant to                 The following earmark was requested by my
                                            ing his fair share of taxes.                            the Republican Leadership standards on ear-            office and is listed for funding in this bill:
                                                             f                                      marks, I am submitting the following informa-             City of Galt Wastewater Treatment Plant
                                                                                                    tion regarding earmarks I received as part of             Requesting Member: DANIEL E. LUNGREN
                                                CONGRATULATING TRIXIE
                                                                                                    H.R. 2996, the Department of Interior, Envi-              Bill Number: HR 2996
                                              JOHNSON ON HER RETIREMENT
                                                                                                    ronment and Related Agencies Appropriations               Account: EPA/STAG Water and Wastewater
                                                                                                    Act.                                                   Infrastructure Project
                                                     HON. JAMES L. OBERSTAR                            Requesting Member: Congressman TODD                    Requesting Agency: City of Galt
                                                              OF MINNESOTA
                                                                                                    RUSSELL PLATTS (PA–19)                                    Agency Address: 495 Industrial Drive, Galt,
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       Bill Number: H.R. 2996—Department of the            CA 95632
                                                         Thursday, June 25, 2009                    Interior, Environment and Related Agencies                Amount: $500,000
                                               Mr. OBERSTAR. Madam Speaker, I rise                  Appropriations Act                                        Description: The City of Galt is being forced
                                            today to congratulate Ms. Trixie Johnson on                Account: STAG                                       to upgrade their existing wastewater treatment
                                            her recent retirement and to commemorate                   Legal Name of Requesting Entity: York City          facility as a result of increased Federal water
                                            her dedicated service to the Southern Cali-             Sewer Authority                                        quality mandates. The new wastewater treat-
                                            fornia and to the nation throughout her distin-            Address of Requesting Entity: 1701                  ment facility will put Galt in to compliance with
                                            guished career. Johnson served as the Direc-            Blackbridge Road, York, PA 17402                       the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination
                                            tor of Research for the Mineta Transportation              Description of Request/Justification of Fed-        System (NPDES). NPDES is the Federal sys-
                                            Institute (‘‘MTI’’) and where she worked for ten        eral Funding: The York City Sewer Authority is         tem for the issuance of permits under Section
                                            years before retiring this past May.                    a public, municipal authority providing waste-         402 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act
                                               MTI was established by Congress in 1991              water services for residential, commercial, and        Amendments of 1972, and many of the strin-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            as part of the Intermodal Surface Transpor-             industrial users in an eight municipality service      gent NPDES permit requirements are based
                                            tation Efficiency Act and is located at San             area. The York City Sewer Authority would              on National Toxics Rule (NTR). The NTR is an
                                            Jose State University (SJSU). This institution          use this funding to construct a new headworks          Environmental Protection Agency regulation
                                            conducts research, education, and information           facility, which includes the replacement of the        that established numeric water quality criteria
                                            and technology transfers specializing in trans-         building’s heating and ventilation system and          for priority inorganic pollutants for fourteen
                                            portation policy and management.                        replacement of the activated carbon bed in the         States and jurisdictions, including California,

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00024   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.045    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                                                                        CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                                                                                                                                                                            E1597
                                            into compliance with Section 303 (c)(2)(b) of                                                                                  cluded from an estate when the land is pro-                                                                                                         EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            the Clean Water Act.                                                                                                           tected by a conservation easement from
                                               Federal mandates dictate an increased                                                                                       $500,000 to $5,000,000 (and by raising the
                                            number of contaminants for which the City                                                                                      exclusion percentage from 40 percent to 50                                                                                                                 HON. DAVID G. REICHERT
                                            must treat wastewater. The existing WWTP                                                                                       percent, this bill will encourage significant ad-                                                                                                                          OF WASHINGTON
                                            was not designed to meet most of the new                                                                                       ditional protection of farmland across our
                                            standards, and therefore must be upgraded.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            The City is subject to mandatory Environ-                                                                                         The voluntary placement of a conservation                                                                                                                 Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            mental Protection Agency (EPA) fines until                                                                                     easement on private land is a very effective
                                            such time as the project is completed. This                                                                                    and successful tool for protecting and con-                                                                                          Mr. REICHERT. Madam Speaker, pursuant
                                            project will enable the City of Galt to come                                                                                   serving our nation’s open spaces and sen-                                                                                         to the Republican Leadership standards on
                                            into compliance with these Federal mandates.                                                                                   sitive lands. As the American Farmland Trust                                                                                      earmarks, I am submitting the following infor-
                                               This project represents an appropriate use                                                                                  has written, ‘‘We strongly believe that the                                                                                       mation regarding earmarks I received as part
                                            of taxpayer funds as it responds to EPA man-                                                                                   proper incentives are the most effective way of                                                                                   of H.R. 2996, the Fiscal Year 2010 Interior,
                                            dates to improve wastewater treatment, to pro-                                                                                 encouraging landowners to conserve land.’’                                                                                        Environment, and Related Agencies Appro-
                                            vide mitigation against a wider array of water                                                                                 This legislation provides strong land protection                                                                                  priations Act.
                                            contaminants, in a community acutely im-                                                                                       incentives and will result in the preservation of                                                                                    (1) $333,000 for the City of Buckley, WA for
                                            pacted by the capital demands of such under-                                                                                   America’s vital farm and ranchlands.                                                                                              an emergency intertie booster station.
                                            taking.                                                                                                                                                                 f                                                                                           Requesting Entity: City of Buckley, PO Box
                                                                                                                                                                                   HONORING MR. JOHN GAMBLE                                                                                                  1960, 933 Main Street, Buckley, WA 98321
                                            INTRODUCING LEGISLATION PRO-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Agency: Environmental Protection Agency
                                              VIDING STRONG LAND PROTEC-                                                                                                                           HON. JOHN T. SALAZAR                                                                                         Account: STAG
                                              TION INCENTIVES                                                                                                                                                          OF COLORADO
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Funding requested by: Rep. DAVE REICHERT
                                                                                                                                                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                               HON. EARL BLUMENAUER                                                                                                    Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The City of Buckley will construct an emer-
                                                                                        OF OREGON                                                                                                                                                                                                            gency intertie booster station to allow the City
                                                                                                                                                                              Mr. SALAZAR. Madam Speaker, I rise today                                                                                       to use water from the City of Tacoma in an
                                                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                                           to pay tribute to a respected leader of South-                                                                                    emergency. The City of Tacoma water system
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                                            west Colorado, Mr. John Gamble of Durango.                                                                                        in this area operates with a hydraulic grade
                                               Mr. BLUMENAUER. Madam Speaker, more                                                                                         Mr. Gamble has served the community of                                                                                            line of 810 feet. The City of Buckley water
                                            than 2 million farms make up America’s rural                                                                                   Southwest Colorado with distinction for 24                                                                                        system operates with a hydraulic grade line of
                                            landscape. Ninety-eight percent of these farms                                                                                 years and is announcing his retirement this                                                                                       882 feet. Therefore the booster station is re-
                                            are owned by individuals, family partnerships,                                                                                 month.                                                                                                                            quired to overcome a static head of approxi-
                                            and family corporations, producing about 86                                                                                       In 1985, Mr. Gamble took over the new                                                                                          mately 72 feet. The City’s largest water source
                                            percent of U.S. agricultural products sold.                                                                                    Southwest Colorado Volunteers of America in                                                                                       is the S. Prairie Creek surface water source.
                                               The most significant asset held by many of                                                                                  Durango, Colorado. Under his strong and                                                                                           The City’s water right for this source is 900
                                            these farmers is their land. In some cases,                                                                                    steady leadership, the agency grew to provide                                                                                     gpm. To allow the system to operate effec-
                                            when the owner of the farm dies, surviving                                                                                     many critical services to the community. At the                                                                                   tively with the S. Prairie Creek source out of
                                            family members must sell portions of the farm                                                                                  beginning of his tenure, Mr. Gamble helped to                                                                                     service, the booster station will have a capac-
                                            to cover their estate tax costs. Today I am in-                                                                                open a domestic violence shelter to provide a                                                                                     ity of 900 gpm. The booster station will be
                                            troducing legislation to help ensure that fami-                                                                                safe haven for those in need. And, in the early                                                                                   constructed in right-of-way in a location close
                                            lies are not forced to sell the farm and that                                                                                  1990s, he led the effort to open a much need-                                                                                     to existing City of Buckley and City of Tacoma
                                            their land resources are available for agricul-                                                                                ed homeless shelter. To fund all of these crit-                                                                                   water infrastructure.
                                            tural and conservation use by future genera-                                                                                   ical services, Mr. Gamble opened a very suc-
                                            tions.                                                                                                                         cessful thrift store and led many colorful and                                                                                       Finance Plan:
                                               In 1997, in order to encourage the con-                                                                                     profitable fundraising events. In his spare time,                                                                                    City of Buckley, Budget Details: This re-
                                            servation of sensitive lands and farms, Con-                                                                                   Mr. Gamble served on the Durango City                                                                                             quest is for federal funding in the amount of
                                            gress enacted an estate tax exclusion for land                                                                                 Council, including a term as the mayor of that                                                                                    $550,000 to construct an emergency water
                                            placed under a conservation easement. 26                                                                                       proud city.                                                                                                                       intertie and booster station between the City of
                                            USC 2031(c). That law caps the exclusion at                                                                                       Madam Speaker, I commend Mr. John                                                                                              Tacoma’s transmission main and the City of
                                            $500,000. Given the significant rise in land                                                                                   Gamble for his outstanding service and dedi-                                                                                      Buckley’s water system. As illustrated below in
                                            values over the past decade, especially for ag-                                                                                cation to the residents of Southwest Colorado.                                                                                    the engineering cost estimate, approximately,
                                            ricultural regions near urbanizing areas, that                                                                                 Mr. Gamble clearly has a heart for service and                                                                                    $121,000 is for administration & engineering;
                                            cap is now too low to provide a meaningful in-                                                                                 the skills to get the job done. His community                                                                                     and $485,000 for construction. The City of
                                            centive to many farmers.                                                                                                       is a better place due to his efforts. While we                                                                                    Buckley is currently working on a major flood
                                               My legislation updates and increases the                                                                                    will all miss Mr. Gamble’s service and leader-                                                                                    damaged repair to our primary transmission
                                            exclusion to $5 million. By increasing the cur-                                                                                ship, I ask that you join me in wishing him well                                                                                  water main, but will be able to allocate
                                            rent cap on the property value that can be ex-                                                                                 upon his retirement.                                                                                                              $57,000 as a match towards this project.
                                                                                                                                                                                                         PRELIMINARY COST ESTIMATE
                                                                                                                                                                                                     [Tacoma Emergency Intertie Booster Station]

                                                                                                                                                                                  Item                                                                                                                                                         Quantity                       Unit price                  Amount

                                            1.    Mobilization/Demobilization ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                              Lump sum                             $34,000              $34,000
                                            2    Site Work .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                    Lump sum                               15,000              15,000
                                            3    Erosion Control ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                       Lump sum                                 2,500              2,500
                                            4    Locate Existing Utilities ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                           Lump sum                                 2,000              2,000
                                            5    Intertie .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                 Lump sum                               25,000              25,000
                                            6    Booster Pumps (2 x 450 gpm) ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                                    Lump sum                               32,000              32,000
                                            7    Booster Station Building (12′ x 16′) ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................                                    Lump sum                               52,000              52,000
                                            8    Piping, Valves, and Appurtenances ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................                                     Lump sum                               80,000              80,000
                                            9    Site Fencing .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                           200 LF                                  28            5,600
                                            10   Surface Restoration .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                          Lump sum                                 5,000              5,000
                                            11   Electrical, Telemetry, and Instrumentation .................................................................................................................................................................................................................                                       Lump sum                             105,000              105,000
                                            12   Primary Power Service .................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                            Lump sum                               15,000              15,000
                                                  Subtotal .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................     ..............................   ..............................        373,100
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                  Sales Tax (8.4%) ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................            ..............................   ..............................         31,340
                                                 Subtotal .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................      ..............................   ..............................        404,440
                                                 Contingency (20%) .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               ..............................   ..............................         81,060
                                                 TOTAL ESTIMATED CONSTRUCTION COST ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................                                ..............................   ..............................        485,500
                                                 Engineering and Administrative Costs (25%) ...........................................................................................................................................................................................................                                ..............................   ..............................        121,000
                                                 R.O.W., Easement and/or Land Acquisition ................................................................................................................................................................................................................                             ..............................   ..............................             —

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008                     08:56 Jun 27, 2009                            Jkt 079060                   PO 00000                  Frm 00025                    Fmt 0626                 Sfmt 9920                  E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.049                                   E26JNPT1
                                            E1598                                                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                                                                                                                             June 26, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                       PRELIMINARY COST ESTIMATE—Continued
                                                                                                                                                                               [Tacoma Emergency Intertie Booster Station]

                                                                                                                                                              Item                                                                                                                                       Quantity                       Unit price                 Amount

                                                 TOTAL ESTIMATED PROJECT COST (2008 Dollars) .................................................................................................................................................................................................   ..............................   ..............................       607,000

                                               2) $2,150,000 for Mt. Rainier National Park                                                              lowing information regarding earmarks I re-                                                                                          BOULDER, COLORADO’S
                                            for Land Acquisition.                                                                                       ceived as part of H.R. 2996—Interior, Environ-                                                                                        SESQUICENTENNIAL
                                               Requesting Entity: U.S. Department of Inte-                                                              ment, and Related Agencies Appropriations
                                            rior, National Park Service, 1849 C Street,                                                                 Act, 2010.                                                                                                                                      HON. JARED POLIS
                                            NW, Room 7256, Washington, DC 20240                                                                           Requesting Member: Congressman MIKE                                                                                                                       OF COLORADO
                                               Agency: Department of Interior                                                                           ROGERS (AL)                                                                                                                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               Account: National Park Service
                                               Funding requested by: Rep. DAVE REICHERT,                                                                  Bill Number: H.R. 2996                                                                                                      Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            JIM MCDERMOTT                                                                                                 Account: EPA, STAG account, $275,000                                                                                Mr. POLIS. Madam Speaker, I rise today in
                                               This land acquisition will ensure visitors’ ac-                                                            Legal Name of Requesting Entity: East Ala-                                                                       recognition of the 150th birthday of my home
                                            cess to Mt. Rainier National Park at the north-                                                             bama Water Sewer and Fire Protection District                                                                      town, Boulder, Colorado.
                                            west entrance. The Carbon River Road has                                                                      Address of Requesting Entity: P.O. Box 37,                                                                          Boulder is a special place. When I meet
                                            frequently been washed out, preventing visi-                                                                Valley, Alabama 36855                                                                                              people from other parts of the country who
                                            tors from reaching the Ipsut Creek camp-                                                                                                                                                                                       have passed through our fair state, the very
                                                                                                                                                          Description of Request: ‘‘Wastewater Sys-
                                            ground and picnic area, as well as day-use                                                                                                                                                                                     mention of Boulder always brings a smile to
                                                                                                                                                        tem Planning’’ Taxpayer justification—It is my
                                            parking for access to the Carbon Glacier and                                                                                                                                                                                   their face. On February 10, 1859, settlers from
                                                                                                                                                        understanding that the funding would be used
                                            Wonderland Trail. To address this problem,                                                                                                                                                                                     the Nebraska Territory (the beginnings of a
                                                                                                                                                        to map the District’s entire sanitary sewer sys-
                                            and to eliminate the considerable maintenance                                                                                                                                                                                  world renowned college football rivalry per-
                                                                                                                                                        tem, analyze specific areas within the existing
                                            costs necessitated by the frequent flooding,                                                                                                                                                                                   haps) founded the ‘‘Boulder City Town Com-
                                                                                                                                                        sanitary sewer system and, identify areas
                                            Congress passed an expansion of the park’s                                                                                                                                                                                     pany.’’ From its birth, our city has been a shin-
                                                                                                                                                        within the system where modifications and up-
                                            northwestern boundary three miles along the                                                                                                                                                                                    ing example of what is possible with a civic
                                                                                                                                                        grades must be performed.
                                            Carbon River Valley. The addition of these                                                                                                                                                                                     minded populace.
                                                                                                                                                          Requesting Member: Congressman MIKE                                                                                 From our humble beginning as a supply
                                            lands will allow the National Park Service to
                                                                                                                                                        ROGERS (AL)                                                                                                        town for miners, to the national leader in smart
                                            establish a new campground with associated
                                            roads and parking, new hiking trails, and river-                                                              Bill Number: H.R. 2996                                                                                           growth and environmental stewardship we are
                                            front fishing areas. The expansion will also af-                                                              Account: NPS, Save America’s Treasures                                                                           today, Boulder has always been dedicated to
                                            ford much needed protection to the beautiful                                                                account, $100,000                                                                                                  the careful balance of entrepreneurship and
                                            Carbon River Valley, conserving habitat for                                                                   Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Talladega                                                                       wise land use.
                                            endangered and threatened species. The val-                                                                 College, Talladega, AL                                                                                                The beauty of our natural surroundings has
                                            ley contains one of the last inland old-growth                                                                                                                                                                                 caused generations of Boulderites to value our
                                                                                                                                                          Address of Requesting Entity: 627 West
                                            rainforests in the United States, and connects                                                                                                                                                                                 town and to embrace a life of grace rather
                                                                                                                                                        Battle Street, Talladega, Alabama 35160
                                            wildlife corridors from the park to Puget                                                                                                                                                                                      than greed. Over the years, Boulder residents
                                                                                                                                                          Description of Request: ‘‘Swayne Hall His-                                                                       have taken extraordinary measures to mesh
                                            Sound. Among the property included within                                                                   toric Restoration and Renovation’’ Taxpayer
                                            the newly expanded park boundary is the 240-                                                                                                                                                                                   the human environment seamlessly with our
                                                                                                                                                        justification—It is my understanding that the                                                                      natural environment. Through a citizen initia-
                                            acre Carbon River Gateway. This parcel lies                                                                 funding would be used to restore and upgrade
                                            adjacent to Forest Service lands that link cur-                                                                                                                                                                                tive, we brought Frederick Law Olmstead to
                                                                                                                                                        Swayne Hall, the original building that housed                                                                     Boulder at the beginning of the 20th century to
                                            rent Park Service lands with the privately                                                                  Talladega College (built in 1852–53).
                                            owned parcels within the expansion area.                                                                                                                                                                                       craft a vision plan for our city designed to
                                               Finance Plan: The National Park Service will                                                                                                                                                                                highlight our natural treasures such as Boulder
                                                                                                                                                                                            f                                                                              Creek and the Flatirons. In 1959, our residents
                                            use these funds to cover the fair market value
                                            (FMV) of two properties located within the ex-                                                                                                                                                                                 took action to create the ‘‘blue-line’’ to pre-
                                                                                                                                                                        EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            panded boundaries of Mt. Rainier National                                                                                                                                                                                      serve the mountain backdrop, and made Boul-
                                            Park in Washington State. The actual amount                                                                                                                                                                                    der the first city in the nation to impose a tax
                                            to be expended will depend on federally ap-                                                                                            HON. JOHN L. MICA                                                                       for land conservation. We purchased the
                                            proved appraisals of the parcels. $2,500,000                                                                                                         OF FLORIDA
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Arapahoe Glacier to ensure a source of drink-
                                            is the best estimate of the cost at this time.                                                                                                                                                                                 ing water for our residents and agricultural
                                                                                                                                                                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                            uses. Boulder was also the first community to
                                            Due diligence costs for the Carbon River
                                            Gateway property will be borne by the The                                                                                           Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                    adopt a ‘‘carbon tax’’ to deal with the crisis of
                                            Trust for Public Land and the acquisition man-                                                                                                                                                                                 climate change. Today, our open space pro-
                                                                                                                                                           Mr. MICA. Madam Speaker, pursuant to the                                                                        gram has made Boulder the envy of many an
                                            agement account of the National Park Service.                                                               Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                            There is no cost-share requirement for this                                                                                                                                                                                    over-crowded community and is now a model
                                                                                                                                                        marks, I am submitting the following informa-                                                                      duplicated state and nationwide.
                                            program. This request is consistent with the                                                                tion for publication in the CONGRESSIONAL
                                            authorized purposes of the Land and Water                                                                                                                                                                                         Boulder’s commitment to the environment is
                                                                                                                                                        RECORD regarding earmarks I received as part                                                                       equaled by its commitment to the community
                                            Conservation Act and Public Law 108–312,                                                                    of H.R. 2996—Department of the Interior, En-
                                            which authorizes land acquisition in this area                                                                                                                                                                                 and especially to education. The Colorado
                                                                                                                                                        vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-                                                                         Territory’s first class of high school seniors
                                            of the park.                                                                                                tions Act. This legislation appropriates
                                               This office conducted site visits to meet with                                                                                                                                                                              graduated in Boulder. When Colorado became
                                                                                                                                                        $500,000 in the Department of the Interior,                                                                        a state in 1874, Boulder citizens pooled their
                                            representatives from both of the projects listed
                                                                                                                                                        Environment, and Related Agencies Appro-                                                                           resources and raised $15,000, a fortune in
                                                                                                                                                        priations Bill, for land acquisition for the Flor-                                                                 those days, to build the state’s first public uni-
                                                                         f                                                                              ida Trail Association. The entity to receive this                                                                  versity. The vibrant culture surrounding this
                                                    EARMARK DECLARATION                                                                                 funding is the Florida Trail Association, 5415                                                                     top tier institution of higher learning—full of
                                                                                                                                                        SW 13th St., Gainesville, FL.                                                                                      philosophical debate, football, and foreign ex-
                                                                HON. MIKE ROGERS                                                                           Funding will be used for the acquisition of                                                                     change—has created the colorful lifestyle that
                                                                                                                                                        land to protect 16 critical segments of the Flor-                                                                  makes our town unique.
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                                             OF ALABAMA
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                        ida National Scenic Trail. Designed by Con-                                                                           Our highly skilled workforce has attracted
                                                                                                                                                        gress in 1983, the Florida National Scenic                                                                         world class employers, such as IBM, Ball
                                                      Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                           Trail is an essential part of maintaining Flor-                                                                    Aerospace, and Roche Pharmaceuticals Boul-
                                              Mr. ROGERS of Alabama. Madam Speaker,                                                                     ida’s natural beauty for future generations and                                                                    der, as well as some of the nation’s premier
                                            pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-                                                                serves as an inspirational, educational tool for                                                                   research institutes, such as the National Oce-
                                            ards on earmarks, I am submitting the fol-                                                                  conservation efforts in the state.                                                                                 anic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), the

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008             08:56 Jun 27, 2009                       Jkt 079060               PO 00000               Frm 00026                 Fmt 0626              Sfmt 9920               E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.053                            E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1599
                                            National Institute of Standards and Tech-               Counsel and Chief of Staff to the Honorable            better results for our Nation or the people we
                                            nology, and the National Center for Atmos-              CHARLES B. RANGEL of the 15th Congressional            represent. And ‘‘just saying no’’ to any and all
                                            pheric Research (NCAR).                                 District of New York. Chairwoman, anyone               proposals, sight unseen, is unrealistic and irre-
                                               The heart of Boulder is our award winning            who has worked with Mr. Dalley, knows that             sponsible.
                                            Downtown. Boulder’s small businesses are the            he is extremely fond of CONGRESSIONAL                     For those reasons, I chose to work with my
                                            life blood of our community and give Boulder            RECORDS. So it is more than appropriate that           colleagues and with numerous stakeholders—
                                            the special sense of place that is loved by             I submit my sentiments and testimony about             including the coal industry, manufacturers, and
                                            residents and visitors alike. For more than 50          him into the RECORD for posterity.                     labor—to positively influence this bill and
                                            years, Boulder residents have relied on the                George A. Dalley is not only a highly-suc-          America’s climate change strategies. And for
                                            Boulderado, McGuckins Hardware, and The                 cessful leader and an amazing human being,             those reasons our coal miners and respon-
                                            Sink. The Pearl Street Mall and our Down-               he has been a true supporter and friend to all         sible industry members have been at the
                                            town, both easily accessible by pedestrians,            who have crossed his path. I especially feel           table, too, rather than on the sidelines.
                                            drivers and bicyclists, are national models of          blessed to have him serve as my mentor and                I thank Chairman WAXMAN, who has made
                                            smart urban development. The eclectic mix of            advisor, who was integral in helping me accli-         many concessions in this bill, and I thank
                                            housing, independent retailers and commercial           mate and adapt to the rigors of Congress,              leadership for listening to my concerns about
                                            enterprises give Boulder an economic driver             even before I arrived in D.C. I am also                this legislation and moving to help address
                                            that many larger communities envy.                      blessed to share with Mr. Dalley a rich Jamai-         them.
                                                                                                    can heritage and common lineage. The pride                As well, I commend my colleague RICK
                                               I congratulate my fellow Boulderites on 150
                                                                                                    he exhibits in heritage and his work with the          BOUCHER, from southwestern Virginia, who
                                            years of progress and prosperity, and look for-
                                                                                                    Caribbean American community has truly                 serves on the Energy and Commerce Com-
                                            ward with great anticipation of what the future
                                                                                                                                                           mittee and worked in determined fashion to
                                            holds for our diverse and vibrant community.            been an inspiration and motivation for my ad-
                                                                                                                                                           make improvements to the bill that we both
                                               Happy Birthday, Boulder.                             vocacy on behalf of Caribbean Americans
                                                                                                                                                           sought. I am grateful that he has been so wel-
                                                                                                    across this nation and their countries of origin.
                                                             f                                                                                             coming of my views and supportive of our in-
                                                                                                       General Douglas McArthur once said, ‘‘A
                                                                                                                                                           terests—such as ensuring the availability of
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                              true leader has the confidence to stand alone,
                                                                                                                                                           $10 billion to advance carbon capture and se-
                                                                                                    the courage to make tough decisions, and the           questration technologies and other changes
                                                    HON. FRANK A. LoBIONDO                          compassion to listen to the needs of others.           that are beneficial to the people of our neigh-
                                                                                                    He does not set out to be a leader, but be-            boring districts.
                                                             OF NEW JERSEY
                                                                                                    comes one by the quality of his actions and               While this bill is greatly improved from the
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      the integrity of his intent.’’                         discussion draft that was first circulated in
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                         Mr. George A. Dalley, your example has              March of this year—and opponents were say-
                                                                                                    been a guide to us here on Capitol Hill and            ing NO even before that draft was written—
                                              Mr. LoBIONDO. Madam Speaker, as per the
                                                                                                    your leadership is an example for generations          more improvements are needed to gain my
                                            requirements of the Republican Conference
                                                                                                    to come. I wish you all the best in the next           support.
                                            Rules on earmarks, I secured the following
                                                                                                    stage of your life. Your presence on the Hill             Coal does much more than keep the lights
                                            earmarks in H.R. 2996:
                                                                                                    will sorely be missed.                                 on in big cities across America. In my district,
                                              Requesting Member: Congressman FRANK
                                            LOBIONDO (NJ–02) (along with Reps. ADLER,                                 f                                    it covers the mortgage, puts food on the family
                                            SIRES and ROTHMAN)                                                                                             dinner table, and keeps open the doors of
                                                                                                         THE AMERICAN CLEAN ENERGY                         small businesses. While the emissions target
                                              Bill Number: HR 2996                                         AND SECURITY ACT OF 2009                        in the early years of this program has been
                                              Account: Fish and Wildlife Service, Land Ac-
                                                                                                                                                           lowered from the 20% cap initially contained in
                                              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: New Jer-                        HON. NICK J. RAHALL II                      this bill, there remains widespread concern
                                                                                                                                                           that even the reduced cap—17% in 2020—is
                                            sey Audubon Society                                                      OF WEST VIRGINIA
                                                                                                                                                           still too high and too soon to incentivize rapid
                                              Address of Requesting Entity: 11 Hard-                     IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                           development and deployment of carbon cap-
                                            scrabble Road, Bernardsville, NJ 09724.                             Thursday, June 25, 2009                    ture and sequestration technologies, so as to
                                              Description of Request: Provide an earmark                                                                   ensure coal mining jobs for the future. We
                                            of $1,100,000 for a land acquisition project at            Mr. RAHALL. Madam Speaker, the Con-
                                                                                                    gress would be unwise to sit by and simply             must allow time for expensive clean coal tech-
                                            Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.                                                                    nologies to come on line.
                                              Requesting Member: Congressman FRANK                  allow the Environmental Protection Agency to
                                                                                                    regulate a reduction in greenhouse gas emis-              These technologies are critical to lowering
                                            LOBIONDO (NJ–02) (along with Reps. SIRES                                                                       emissions across multiple sectors of our econ-
                                            and ROTHMAN)                                            sions, as the agency has been mandated to
                                                                                                                                                           omy. And they are necessary for keeping
                                                                                                    do by the Supreme Court. Similarly, it would
                                              Bill Number: HR 2996                                                                                         hardworking coal miners in the jobs they want,
                                                                                                    be a mistake to sit back and allow other coun-
                                              Account: Fish and Wildlife Service, Land Ac-                                                                 providing power for the country they love.
                                                                                                    tries to devise international rules that will af-
                                            quisition                                                                                                         Madam Speaker, today, I cannot cast my
                                                                                                    fect America’s economic and energy interests.
                                              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: New Jer-                                                                    vote for this bill.
                                                                                                       I do not agree with those who advocate for
                                            sey Audubon Society                                                                                                               f
                                                                                                    sitting on our hands and just saying NO to ev-
                                              Address of Requesting Entity: 11 Hard-                erything, sight unseen. The international com-
                                            scrabble Road, Bernardsville, NJ 09724.                                                                                 PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                                                                                    munity has no interest in protecting American
                                              Description of Request: Provide an earmark            businesses, and the Environmental Protection
                                            of $2,000,000 for a land acquisition project at         Agency is not required by the Supreme Court
                                                                                                                                                                       HON. JOSEPH CROWLEY
                                            National Wildlife Refuge.                               to consider the views of our constituents or
                                                                                                                                                                              OF NEW YORK
                                                                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                             f                                      the economic consequences to our commu-
                                                                                                    nities.                                                            Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                 HOMAGE TO MR. GEORGE A.
                                                                                                       I believe America is the one nation best              Mr. CROWLEY. Madam Speaker, on June
                                                                                                    equipped to lead such a multinational effort           25, 2009, I was absent for eight rollcall votes
                                                                                                    and, in doing so, to strike a balance between          because I was in a meeting at the White
                                                     HON. YVETTE D. CLARKE                          environmental preservation and the preserva-           House with President Obama on immigration
                                                               OF NEW YORK                          tion of jobs. The hands-off approach of recent         reform. If I had been here, I would like the
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      years did nothing to help promote new energy           RECORD to reflect that I would have voted:
                                                                                                    technologies, or to advance carbon capture               Yes on rollcall vote 453, Yes on rollcall vote
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      and sequestration, or to protect American              454, No on rollcall vote 455, No on rollcall
                                              Ms. CLARKE. Madam Speaker, I rise today               jobs.                                                  vote 456, Yes on rollcall vote 457, Yes on roll-
                                            extremely humbled and privileged to pay hom-               It is evident that wishing that this complex        call vote 458, No on rollcall vote 459, and Yes
                                            age to Mr. George A. Dalley, who will retire as         issue would simply go away will not lead to            on rollcall vote 460.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00027   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.057    E26JNPT1
                                            E1600                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                        June 26, 2009
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                                 Fortunately for all Hoosiers, Earl’s passion         ida, which is in my district. The entity to re-
                                                                                                     for aviation stayed with him after he left the         ceive this funding is the U.S. Department of
                                                            HON. LEE TERRY                           service and he’s been an active part of Indi-          Interior, National Park Service, Castillo de San
                                                               OF NEBRASKA                           ana’s aviation community for many years. Earl          Marco National Monument located at 1 South
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       and his wife Geraldine (Gerrie) have been              Castillo Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32084.
                                                                                                     married for 67 years. They have two daugh-                The City of St. Augustine, founded 444
                                                      Thursday, June 25, 2009                        ters, Marilyn and Barbara, and five grand-             years ago in 1565, is our nation’s oldest en-
                                               Mr. TERRY. Madam Speaker, pursuant to                 children.                                              during settlement of European design. Promi-
                                            the Republican Leadership standards on ear-                I ask all of my colleagues to join me now to         nent within the Historic Spanish Colonial Dis-
                                            marks, I am submitting the following informa-            thank Major Earl Anderson, Jr. for his service         trict, which features thirty-six original colonial
                                            tion regarding earmarks I received as part of            and his sacrifices for our country, and to con-        buildings, is the majestic Castillo de San
                                            the Department of the Interior, Environment              gratulate him on being named the 2009 Indi-            Marcos stone fortress that began construction
                                            and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill for             ana Aviator of the Year.                               in 1672.
                                            Fiscal Year 2010 (H.R. 2998).                                              f                                       As the only existing 17th century fort in
                                               My    Congressional     District    received                                                                 North America, the Castillo de San Marcos is
                                            $500,000 for the City of Omaha Public Works               HONORING LT. COLONEL CHARLIE                          an important historical and cultural landmark
                                            Department, located at 1819 Farnam Street,                          PARNELL                                     that features the oldest surviving masonry in
                                            Suite 600, Omaha, NE 68183. This money is                                                                       our nation. About 538,500 people visited the
                                            from the State and Tribal Assistance Grant                          HON. JOHN T. SALAZAR                        Castillo in 2008, hosting as many as 3,751
                                            (STAG) account, and will be used by the City                                OF COLORADO                         tourists in just one day.
                                            of Omaha for the design and construction of                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Authorized by Public Law 108–480, this
                                            improvements to portions of the City’s com-                                                                     funding will be used for the planning and de-
                                                                                                                  Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            bined sewer system. These projects will allow                                                                   sign phase of the Castillo de San Marcos Na-
                                            the City of Omaha to reduce the amount of                   Mr. SALAZAR. Madam Speaker, I rise today            tional Monument Restoration Project, as out-
                                            sewage overflowing to receiving streams.                 to pay tribute to an unsung hero from South-           lined in Alternative C of the March 2007 Final
                                            These efforts are consistent with the latest re-         west Colorado; Lt. Colonel Charlie Parnell of          General Management Plan and Environmental
                                            quirements from the Environmental Protection             Durango. Charlie Parnell has selflessly and            Impact Statement.
                                            Agency (EPA) and Nebraska Department of                  tirelessly been serving the veterans of South-            This planning will help preserve and expand
                                            Environmental Quality (NDEQ) to achieve the              west Colorado for many years and it is time            the Castillo by constructing a visitor center in
                                            goal of improved water quality in the United             that he is recognized for this service.                the Spanish Quarter of St. Augustine and re-
                                            States.                                                     In 1988, Lt. Colonel Parnell retired from the       moving a portion of the visitor parking lot to
                                                              f                                      United States Air Force after 26 years of hon-         restore the glacis.
                                                                                                     orable service, including tours of duty in Ger-
                                              A TRIBUTE TO MAJOR EARL G.                                                                                                       f
                                                                                                     many, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, Turkey and
                                                     ANDERSON, JR.                                   Saudi Arabia. He is the proud recipient of the         NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-
                                                                                                     Bronze Star.                                            TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010
                                                            HON. DAN BURTON                             After struggling for 15 years to receive the
                                                                 OF INDIANA                          disability benefits he had earned from the De-                              SPEECH OF
                                                                                                     partment of Veterans Affairs, Lt. Colonel Par-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                     nell dedicated himself to helping his fellow vet-
                                                                                                                                                                       HON. BILL PASCRELL, JR.
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                                                 OF NEW JERSEY
                                                                                                     erans wade through the challenging VA bene-
                                               Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Madam Speaker, I               fits system so they too would receive the com-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            rise today to honor the life and military service        pensation they had earned. Since then, he                          Wednesday, June 24, 2009
                                            of Major Earl G. Anderson, Jr. who was re-               has helped over 1000 veterans receive their              The House in Committee of the Whole
                                            cently named the 2009 Aviator of the Year at             benefits, and has done so completely at his            House on the State of the Union had under
                                            the Indianapolis Air Show.                               own expense.                                           consideration of the bill (H.R. 2647) to au-
                                               Born in Rockford, Illinois in 1920, twenty-              It is this type of above the call-of-duty serv-     thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for
                                            two-year old Earl Anderson, Jr. enlisted in the          ice that makes this nation great. And it is this       military activities of the Department of De-
                                            United States Army Air Corps in April of 1942            kind of service that deserves all of our rec-          fense, to prescribe military personnel
                                            leaving behind his wife Geraldine to serve his           ognition. When asked why he does what he               strengths for fiscal year 2010, and for other
                                            country in its time of need. By September                                                                       purposes:
                                                                                                     does for his fellow disabled veterans, Lt. Colo-
                                            1943, Aviation Cadet Anderson had completed              nel Parnell says simply, ‘‘Because I can.’’                Mr. PASCRELL. Mr. Chair, I would like to
                                            his State-side training and was assigned to                 Madam Speaker, today I rise to join the             take this opportunity to thank Chairman SKEL-
                                            the United States 15th Air Force flying The              1000 veterans in Colorado’s Southwest region           TON and his Committee for the important work
                                            Consolidated B–24 Liberator bomber over Eu-              to thank and honor Charlie Parnell for his             they have done on this legislation and the
                                            rope. The B–24 was an American heavy                     service to this country and to my constituents         strides they have made to ensure that individ-
                                            bomber that still holds the record as the most           in the Third Congressional District.                   uals with traumatic brain injury (TBI) are iden-
                                            produced U.S. military aircraft.                            Thank you, Lt. Colonel Parnell for your hard        tified and afforded the benefits that they de-
                                               Between December 1943 and June 1944                   work and dedication to our nation.                     serve.
                                            Major Anderson flew fifty-one successful com-                              f                                        TBI is the signature injury of our current
                                            bat missions against enemy targets before                                                                       conflicts overseas. As many as 20 percent of
                                            being shot down. He spent the remainder of                       EARMARK DECLARATION                            the 1.8 million deployed troops—or an esti-
                                            the war as a Prisoner of War (POW) in a                                                                         mated 360,000 soldiers—have sustained trau-
                                            camp outside Munich, Germany. For his he-                             HON. JOHN L. MICA                         matic brain injuries while in Iraq and Afghani-
                                            roic and courageous flying, Major Earl Ander-                                OF FLORIDA                         stan. Unfortunately, many of these men and
                                            son, Jr. was awarded by order of the Presi-                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   women in uniform are falling through the
                                            dent of the United States the Distinguished                                                                     cracks. We must ensure that these individuals
                                            Flying Cross, the Air Medal with 6 clusters,                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                     are properly identified and provided with the
                                            and the Distinguished Unit Badge with one                   Mr. MICA. Madam Speaker, pursuant to the            world class health care that they deserve.
                                            cluster.                                                 Republican Leadership standards on ear-                H.R. 2647 takes important steps to achieving
                                               Earl’s prison camp was eventually liberated           marks, I am submitting the following informa-          both of these goals.
                                            by allied troops in 1945 and after debriefing            tion regarding an earmark I received as part of            First, I applaud the inclusion of language
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            Earl was sent back to the United States to               H.R. 2996, the Interior, Environment and Re-           submitted by myself and Congressman TODD
                                            spend some time on furlough before returning             lated Agencies Appropriations Act. This legis-         PLATTS, who is both a member of the Armed
                                            to duty. Major Anderson continued serving                lation appropriates $500,000 to the Depart-            Services Committee and serves as my Co-
                                            both on active duty and as a member of the               ment of the Interior National Park Service ac-         Chair on the Congressional Brain Injury Task
                                            Reserves until he was Honorably Discharged               count for the Castillo de San Marco National           Force, that calls on the branches of the Armed
                                            in 1961.                                                 Monument in the City of St. Augustine, Flor-           Services to implement long-term tracking for

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008    08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00028   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.062    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1601
                                            blast exposures, as the Army National Guard             to the care and benefits that we provide to the        and so opened a learning center that helps
                                            (NG) has already done. The NG initiative                brave men and women that put their lives on            teachers integrate technology into the class-
                                            records the exposure to blasts in troops’ per-          the line for our freedom.                              room to better teach and engage their stu-
                                            sonnel records in order to document the inci-                             f                                    dents. This not only helps teachers be more
                                            dent in the event of problems associated with                                                                  effective, it also helps ensure their students
                                            traumatic brain injury or exposure to contami-               TRIBUTE TO LARRY E. REIDER                        continue to develop the skills necessary to be
                                            nants. This database will help determine eligi-                                                                successful in the technology-driven workplace
                                            bility for appropriate treatment, care, and dis-                   HON. KEVIN McCARTHY                         of today.
                                            ability entitlements. A comprehensive blast                                OF CALIFORNIA                          Not only has Larry harnessed cutting-edge
                                            tracking system will also assist in efforts to re-           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   technology in the classroom, he has also been
                                            search blast injuries and mild TBI and improve                     Thursday, June 25, 2009                     an advocate to use technology to help keep
                                            outreach, education, and follow-up for injured                                                                 our environment clean. Under Larry’s leader-
                                            personnel who might otherwise fall through the             Mr. MCCARTHY of California. Madam                   ship, Kern County schools are in the process
                                            cracks.                                                 Speaker, I rise today to honor Dr. Larry E.            of converting their current diesel school bus
                                               Second, I am appreciative of the inclusion of        Reider, a resident and community leader from           fleet to clean burning Compressed Natural
                                            language that I submitted regarding the                 Bakersfield, California, on his retirement as          Gas (CNG). More than half of the diesel buses
                                            awarding of the Purple Heart to individuals             Kern County Superintendent of Schools and to           have already been replaced. As part of this
                                            who have sustained traumatic brain injuries,            recognize his remarkable and distinguished             initiative, in 2006, the Superintendent of
                                            which calls on the Secretary to review its poli-        leadership while serving the students of Kern          Schools opened a CNG fueling station, which
                                            cies and procedures for determining eligibility         county. Over the last 44 years, Larry has been         serves Kern County school buses and is open
                                            and awarding of the Purple Heart as it relates          instrumental in advancing Kern County’s pub-           to the public. As Kern County unfortunately
                                            to TBI. Media reports and anecdotal evidence            lic education system.                                  has some of the dirtiest air in the United
                                            have suggested that Purple Hearts may have                 Larry was born in the State of Washington           States, this initiative is extremely important to
                                            been awarded inconsistently to service per-             and was raised on his family’s farm. In 1965,          helping clean the air in the Central Valley.
                                            sonnel who have sustained combat-related                he earned his bachelor’s degree from Central              Larry is also active in several community or-
                                            TBIs, suggesting that individuals with more se-         Washington State University and made the               ganizations, including the Bakersfield Cham-
                                            vere TBIs may be eligible for the distinguished         move to Kern County to teach in the Arvin              ber of Commerce, Kern County Network for
                                            Purple Heart while individuals with less severe         Union School District. A dedicated math teach-         Children, United Way, Rotary Club of Bakers-
                                            ones often receive refusals.                            er, Larry spent 19 years in Arvin schools’             field, and Vision 2020. He has also been hon-
                                               We believe that the Purple Heart criteria set        classrooms and later as a school adminis-              ored by several local and state organizations
                                            out in regulation encompass soldiers who sus-           trator. He also earned advanced degrees from           over the years for his leadership by organiza-
                                            tain a TBI or concussion as the result of               the California Polytechnic State University,           tions such as the Community Action Partner-
                                            enemy action. The Department of Defense’s               San Luis Obispo and the University of South-           ship of Kern, California State University-Ba-
                                            own Legislative Affairs has, however, stated            ern California.                                        kersfield School of Education, Association of
                                            that a brain injury that requires minimal med-             In 1984, Larry joined the Office of the Kern        California School Administrators, California
                                            ical attention would not suffice. I would caution       County Superintendent of Schools as a district         Teachers Association, Kern Council of Gov-
                                            against the use of such absolutes in the face           advisory consultant. Recognizing his dedica-           ernments, and Kern Reading Association.
                                            of uncertainty about the effects of blast-related       tion and commitment to the schools, students,             Larry exemplifies how one can serve their
                                            TBIs. Because the field of science still knows          and parents of the community, the Kern Coun-           community with great enthusiasm, fortitude,
                                            relatively little about effective interventions and     ty Board of Education tapped him to be the             and dedication. Over the years, I have en-
                                            the long-term consequences of traumatic brain           Kern County Superintendent of Schools in               joyed working with Larry and always found his
                                            injuries, particularly mild ones and those              1999.                                                  perpetual optimism infectious. There was
                                            caused by blasts, the Department of De-                    Since becoming Kern County Super-                   never an obstacle he did not challenge head-
                                            fenses’ interpretation of treatment should not          intendent of Schools, Larry has been integral          on in his amiable, but no-nonsense style, and
                                            preclude injured soldiers who fulfill all other         to a plethora of local initiatives and projects        fight for the best interests of the students of
                                            Purple Heart criteria from receiving the rec-           designed to enhance the reading, writing, and          Kern County. After 44 years in public service,
                                            ognition and benefits they deserve.                     mathematical skills of elementary school stu-          I know that Larry looks forward to spending
                                               Third, I am pleased to see the inclusion of          dents in the county. For instance, he                  more time with his wife, Sandy, a retired junior
                                            legislation introduced by Congressman WAL-              partnered with the Bakersfield Californian to          high language arts and drama teacher, and
                                            TER JONES, of which I am an original co-spon-           develop the Community Reading Project,                 his daughter Mikhail. I know that Larry will be
                                            sor. This important language permits sepa-              which places volunteer reading tutors through-         missed in the Kern County public education
                                            rated service members to seek a review of               out various classrooms in the county to aid            system, and I salute his lifetime of service and
                                            their discharge if their post-traumatic stress          second graders in becoming more proficient             wish him the best as he begins this new chap-
                                            disorder (PTSD) or TBI was not taken into               readers. Additionally, he developed the Kern           ter in his life.
                                            consideration when determining their separa-            Reading Collaborative, an association that                                f
                                            tion and mandates a physical exam for active            analyzes which reading programs are produc-
                                            duty service members before an administrative           tive and investigates ways those programs                       EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            separation proceeding if the service member             can reach more students. Larry also estab-
                                            had been diagnosed with PTSD or TBI. The                lished the Do The Math program, a bi-weekly                        HON. LEONARD LANCE
                                            effects and prevalence of PTSD and TBI have             television homework help channel where                                    OF NEW JERSEY
                                            become too harsh and too widespread for our             teachers assist students in both English and                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            military leaders to overlook, and ensuring that         Spanish with their math problems both on and                      Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            the full facts of soldiers’ injuries are consid-        off the air, as well as Ready to Start, a sum-            Mr. LANCE. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                            ered upon discharge is the least we can do to           mer pilot program that prepares pre-kinder-            the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                            ensure these individuals receive the care and           gartners to learn more efficiently as they begin       marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                            benefits they deserve.                                  their academic career.                                 tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                               Finally, I praise the Committee for its rec-            As a former teacher, Larry was always cog-          H.R. 2996, The FY 2010 Department of the In-
                                            ognition of the need for civilian and military          nizant that highly qualified and effective teach-      terior, Environment, and Related Agencies Ap-
                                            collaboration in the science of the brain by            ers in the classroom are the best recipe for           propriations Act:
                                            providing for a Visiting NIH Senior Neuro-              successful students. To that end, he co-                  Agency: Environmental Protection Agency
                                            science Fellowship Program. This will provide           chaired a task force which formulated various             Account: STAG Water and Wastewater In-
                                            an important opportunity for the military to            approaches to recruit and retain highly quali-         frastructure Project
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            learn from the work occurring at the National           fied teachers in Kern County schools and get              Amount: $500,000
                                            Institutes of Health on neuroscience and vice           them in the classroom. This initiative has been           Project: Railroad Avenue/Main Street
                                            versa.                                                  highly successful, and our schools have some           stormwater improvements, Borough of Califon,
                                               Thank you again to Chairman SKELTON, and             of the best and brightest teachers in the re-          NJ
                                            I look forward to continuing to work with the           gion. He also recognized that new generations             Recipient: Borough of Califon, 39 Academy
                                            Committee as we make further improvements               of students are exceedingly technology savvy,          Street, Califon, NJ 07830

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00029   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.066    E26JNPT1
                                            E1602                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                               The funding would be used for reconstruc-            his Herman Avenue home. ‘‘He could walk                ated with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, in
                                            tion of the storm water conveyance system to            into a place that was falling apart and not see        the 1980s.
                                            reduce flooding, meet storm water manage-               it as it was but what it could be,’’ said Judge          Elliott was honored by Cleveland Magazine
                                                                                                                                                           and the Cleveland Restoration Society.
                                            ment standards, and to enhance storm water              Ray Pianka, a neighbor and friend as well as             On the side, he liked to bicycle, raise ter-
                                            quality in the Borough of Califon, New Jersey.          Cleveland’s municipal housing judge. ‘‘He has          riers and sail. He put together a 27-foot boat
                                               Much of the historic core of the Borough of          taken some homes that appeared to be be-               from a kit.
                                            Califon was developed during the mid-late               yond saving and made them showplaces.’’                                f
                                            19th century. Drainage systems were con-                   Also within walking distance of their home
                                            structed to collect and deliver stormwater to           was Edgewater State Park, a beautiful park                      EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            waterpower sites. Considerable segments of              along the Lake Erie shore with beaches, boat-
                                            the original drainage infrastructure remain and         ing, picnic areas, and other recreational activi-                     HON. JEFF MILLER
                                            are antiquated. The current drainage ways are           ties. Tim and his wife Mimi, along with other                               OF FLORIDA
                                            susceptible to frequent flooding. During flood-         neighbors and local officials, started the                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            ing events, recharge to groundwater is re-              Friends of Edgewater Park to promote and
                                            duced, suspended solids and floatables by-              preserve this wonderful amenity in their neigh-                    Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            pass normal catchments, and septic systems              borhood. Tim is survived by his wife Mimi, his            Mr. MILLER of Florida. Madam Speaker,
                                            are inundated. The quality of receiving waters          son Timothy Michael Jr., his granddaughter             pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-
                                            is degraded.                                            Brooke Elliott, and his many friends.                  ards on earmarks, I am submitting the fol-
                                               A reoccurring flooding problem exists along             Madam Speaker and colleagues, please join           lowing information regarding earmarks I re-
                                            an unnamed tributary which traverses a nat-             me in celebrating the life of Tim Elliott, and in      ceived as part of the Fiscal Year 2010 Depart-
                                            ural, wooded area between Academy Street                recognizing his dedication to the betterment of        ment of Interior and Environment Appropria-
                                            and Main St. Severe flooding occurs as flows            our community. His service and leadership in           tions request.
                                            overtop the existing channel and then sheet             the west side neighborhood of Cleveland in-               Requesting Member: Congressman JEFF
                                            overland along Railroad Avenue and Main                 spired us all to work toward neighborhood              MILLER
                                            Street. Flooding along the area reoccurs on a           preservation.                                             Project Name: Santa Rosa County for
                                            regular basis and results in the degradation of           TIMOTHY ELLIOTT, 63, FIXED UP OLD HOMES ON THE       Navarre Beach water clarifier
                                            water quality of the downstream receiving wa-                          WEST SIDE—OBITUARY                         Account: STAG Water and Wastewater In-
                                            tercourses.                                                             (By Grant Segall)                      frastructure Project
                                               In general, the problem is inadequate ca-               Tim Elliott helped to turn around the West             Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Santa
                                            pacity of the conveyance system of open                 Side. The painstaking renovator and Realtor            Rosa County, FL
                                            channels, pipes and culverts. Reconstruction            helped revive Ohio City and Detroit-                      Address of Requesting Entity: 6495 Caroline
                                                                                                    Shoreway in the past four decades, boosting            Street, Milton, FL 32570
                                            of the system is needed to reduce flooding,
                                                                                                    a couple of hundred properties and winning
                                            meet current stormwater management stand-               over skeptical investors, bankers and offi-
                                                                                                                                                              Description of Request: $220,000—Santa
                                            ards and to enhance stormwater quality.                 cials.                                                 Rosa County for Navarre Beach Water Clari-
                                               This project is consistent with environmental           Elliott died Friday in his West Side home,          fier, Milton, Florida. I requested these funds to
                                            criteria established by the State of New Jersey         one of his pet projects, a 3,200-square-foot           allow for Navarre Beach residents to have a
                                            to improve stormwater systems and water                 Italianate from the 1860s. He was 63 and had           safe and reliable source of water. Currently
                                            quality. Since the stormwater from the area of          struggled for several years with strokes.              there is no reliable backup beyond three days
                                                                                                       ‘‘He could walk into a place that was fall-
                                            this project enters the South Branch of the                                                                    for citizens. It would also increase compliance
                                                                                                    ing apart and not see it as it was but what
                                            Raritan River, which flows directly through the         it could be,’’ said Raymond Pianka, Cleve-             with both State and Federal regulations. The
                                            center of the Borough of Califon, the benefits          land’s housing judge, a neighbor and the em-           entity to receive funding for this project is
                                            of this project are far reaching.                       ployer of Elliott’s widow, Mimi. ‘‘He has              Santa Rosa County, Florida, located at 6495
                                                             f                                      taken some homes that appeared to be be-               Caroline Street, Milton, FL 32570. The funding
                                                                                                    yond saving and made them showplaces.’’                would be used to complete the Navarre Beach
                                            IN REMEMBRANCE AND RECOGNI-                                Elliott liked not just walking into a place         Water Reclamation Facility clarifiers to protect
                                              TION OF TIMOTHY MICHAEL EL-                           but walking to it. He’d turn down a project            the area’s water quality. I certify that this
                                              LIOTT                                                 if he and his small crew couldn’t walk there
                                                                                                    from their homes.
                                                                                                                                                           project does have a direct and foreseeable ef-
                                                                                                       He hoped each project would ripple                  fect on the pecuniary interest of my spouse or
                                                     HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                        through the neighborhood. He preferred cor-            me. Consistent with the Republican Leader-
                                                                  OF OHIO                           ner homes, helping two blocks instead of               ship’s policy on earmarks, I hereby certify that
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      one.                                                   this request (1) is not directed to any entity or
                                                                                                       He liked to install modern conveniences             program named after a sitting Member of Con-
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                     such as whirlpools while highlighting his-
                                                                                                                                                           gress; (2) is not intended for a ‘‘front’’ or ‘‘pass
                                               Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker, I rise                  tory.
                                                                                                       ‘‘There’s not a newer old house in the              through’’ entity; and (3) meets or exceeds all
                                            today in remembrance of Timothy Michael El-             city,’’ he boasted about one salvage job.              statutory requirements for matching funds
                                            liott and in recognition of his service to our             He bought homes suffering from water,               where applicable.
                                            country and his dedication to the City of               waste and vandals and sold them for several                               f
                                            Cleveland, Ohio. Tim lived and worked in the            times his purchase price. He’d comb rural
                                            Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood of Cleveland’s            Ohio for replacement parts or make them                         EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            west side in my district. He sought to preserve         himself, from tiles to spindles.
                                                                                                       Elliott said he’d decided at age 7 to spruce
                                            Cleveland’s historic housing one house at a
                                                                                                    up old homes. He was born on the East Side,                               HON. TED POE
                                            time and devoted his time to ensuring the his-          the seventh of eight children. His father was                               OF TEXAS
                                            toric integrity of each home he restored.               an engineer, and several brothers followed                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               As a young man, Tim served in the U.S.               suit.
                                            Army and worked as a draftsman for                         He left Cleveland at 12 and graduated from                    Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            Hauserman Inc., and B.F. Goodrich. He also              Willoughby South High School. He enlisted                Mr. POE of Texas. Madam Speaker, pursu-
                                            worked for Century 21 Real Estate and led the           in the U.S. Army, making photographs and               ant to the Republican Leadership standards
                                            Nolasco Housing Corporation, a non-profit de-           maps, serving partly in South Korea.
                                                                                                       Elliott returned to Cleveland in the early
                                                                                                                                                           on earmarks, I am submitting the following in-
                                            velopment organization affiliated with the              1970s and helped Hauserman Inc. draft work             formation regarding earmarks I received as
                                            neighborhood Catholic Church, Our Lady of               for projects such as the Americana high-rise           part of H.R. 2892, Department of Homeland
                                            Mount Carmel. In addition to his work, he               in Euclid. He later drafted pipes and build-           Security Appropriations Act, 2010:
                                            dedicated his life to the City of Cleveland. He         ings for Goodrich in Solon.                              Requesting Member: Congressman TED
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            was proud of the west side neighborhood in                 On the side, he got an associate’s degree in        POE
                                            which he lived and became concerned about               arts at Cuyahoga Community College.                      Bill Number: H.R. 2892, Department of
                                                                                                       He started renovating West Side homes
                                            deteriorating conditions. He began to buy and           about 1978. He owned about 16 buildings over
                                                                                                                                                           Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2010
                                            repair neighboring homes to improve the                 the years and handled many others as well.               Account: FEMA, Predisaster Mitigation
                                            housing of the neighborhood. He rarely                     He worked for Century 21 and led Nolasco              Legal    Name      of  Requesting    Entity:
                                            worked on houses he could not walk to from              Housing Corp., a development group affili-             CHRISTUS St. Elizabeth Hospital

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00030   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.036    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                 E1603
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 2830 Calder                Address of Requesting Entity: 32400 Paseo            funds will support the development and imple-
                                            Street, Beaumont, TX 77702                               Adelanto, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675                 mentation of a county-wide Stormwater Man-
                                               Description of Request: I have secured                   Description of Request: H.R. 2996 provides           agement Plan to make improvements to the
                                            $250,000 in funding under FEMA’s Predisaster             $500,000 to the City of San Juan Capistrano             system to comply with EPA requirements and
                                            Mitigation account to allow for the purchase of          for ground water recovery plant expansion and           operational needs resulting from new regula-
                                            a 2.5 megawatt diesel generating plant to en-            regional distribution facility. The funding will        tions, system conditions and community
                                            sure sanitary and safe conditions for both cur-          allow the city to expand the current capacity of        growth in the City of St. Joseph and Buchanan
                                            rent and potential patients during disasters. Al-        the existing treatment facility to 7.3 million-gal-     County, MO. This federal funding has the po-
                                            though the Hospital has basic generator capa-            lons-per-day from 5.6 million-gallons-per-day.          tential to create new jobs with the increased
                                            bilities to sustain life support, Hurricanes Rita        During the ongoing drought, water that is pro-          sanitary waste capacity, as well as have a
                                            and Ike have proved that this basic capacity is          duced locally can be conveyed to surrounding            positive impact on ratepayers thanks to more
                                            insufficient. During Hurricane Ike, 190 patients         water agencies thereby reducing the demands             efficient operations with improved water qual-
                                            were unable to be evacuated and as commer-               placed on the Sacramento Bay Delta and the              ity.
                                            cial utilities were shut down, basic hospital op-        Colorado River. In the event of a natural dis-                             f
                                            erations were compromised. The generator                 aster or other emergency, the treatment plant
                                            will make certain that the Hospital remains              will have the ability to function as a regional           HONORING THE EFFORTS OF MR.
                                            serviceable by ensuring that power and water             distribution facility to neighboring water agen-                 RUSS DAVIDSON
                                            are functional; thus, allowing the Hospital to           cies and helping to provide a reliable source
                                            maintain its mission of providing essential              of safe drinking water.                                             HON. DENNY REHBERG
                                            medical care to the residents of southeast                                                                                          OF MONTANA
                                            Texas.                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                             EARMARK DECLARATION
                                                              f                                                                                                          Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                                                                                                                                                Mr. REHBERG. Madam Speaker, I rise to
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                                          HON. WALTER B. JONES                         honor Russ Davidson of Colstrip, Montana, for
                                                                                                                      OF NORTH CAROLINA
                                                                                                                                                             25 years of dedicated service to the Close Up
                                                            HON. KEN CALVERT                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    Foundation. On behalf of the U.S. House of
                                                               OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                 Thursday, June 25, 2009                     Representatives and Montana, it’s a privilege
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                               to thank Russ for his many years of service.
                                                                                                        Mr. JONES. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                                 As a high school teacher of history and gov-
                                                                                                     the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                               Mr. CALVERT of California. Madam Speak-                                                                       ernment, Russ has traveled to Washington,
                                                                                                     marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                            er, pursuant to the Republican Leadership                                                                        D.C. with his students many times over the
                                                                                                     tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                            standards on earmarks, I am submitting the                                                                       course of his career. According to his students
                                                                                                     H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-
                                            following information regarding earmarks I re-                                                                   and all who know him, Russ is an excellent
                                                                                                     vironment and Related Agencies Appropria-
                                            ceived as part of H.R. 2996, the Department                                                                      teacher with years of experience in the class-
                                                                                                     tions Bill, 2010:
                                            of the Interior, Environment, and Related                                                                        room. Each year, I enjoy meeting with hun-
                                                                                                        Rep. WALTER B. JONES
                                            Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010.                                                                               dreds of Close Up students in Washington,
                                                                                                        Project: Rural Water Technical Assistance,
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman KEN                                                                            D.C., and I appreciate the extent to which
                                                                                                     National Rural Water Association
                                            CALVERT                                                                                                          Close Up sponsors promote informed partici-
                                                                                                        Recipient: National Rural Water Association,
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                                                                                        pation in the democratic process. Close Up
                                                                                                     2915 South 13th Street, Duncan, OK 74544
                                               Account: Environmental Protection Agency,                                                                     gives students the unique opportunity to learn
                                                                                                        Account: Environmental Protection Agency,
                                            STAG Water and Wastewater Infrastructure                                                                         about the democratic process as they are in-
                                                                                                     Environmental Programs and Management
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Western                 Amount: $13,000,000                                  troduced to lawmakers, public interest groups
                                            Municipal Water District                                    Explanation: The funding will be used to             and personnel from all branches of govern-
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 450                     provide rural water technical assistance, in-           ment.
                                            Alessandro Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92508                                                                           Thanks to people like Russ, students from
                                                                                                     cluding source water and ground water protec-
                                               Description of Request: H.R. 2996 provides                                                                    across America are able to meet with their
                                                                                                     tion, to help small rural communities across
                                            $500,000 for the Western Municipal Water                                                                         elected leaders and understand how they can
                                                                                                     the nation protect their drinking water quality
                                            District for Arlington Desalter Biodenitrification                                                               make a positive difference through democratic
                                                                                                     and comply with federal mandates.
                                            project. The funding will be used to build a bi-                                                                 participation. Once again, I thank Russ for his
                                                                                                                        f                                    dedication as an educator and Close Up spon-
                                            ological denitrification facility for drinking
                                            water. The process, called ‘‘Fixed-Bed Biologi-                  EARMARK DECLARATION                             sor, and it’s a privilege to formally recognize
                                            cal Treatment’’ (FXB) uses an innovative bio-                                                                    his efforts.
                                            reactor to remove multiple contaminants from                              HON. SAM GRAVES                                           f
                                            groundwater. Western Municipal Water District                                 OF MISSOURI                        CELEBRATION  OF  THE   100TH
                                            has completed pilot testing of the FXB process                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                     BIRTHDAY     OF    MARTHA
                                            at the Arlington Desalter and has already re-                                                                     POFFENBERGER MCKINLEY
                                            ceived conditional approval from the California                     Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            Department of Public Health for a full scale fa-            Mr. GRAVES. Madam Speaker, pursuant to                        HON. GEORGE RADANOVICH
                                            cility. This new facility will consist of a series       the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                                                                                                                                                                OF CALIFORNIA
                                            of large biofilter, polishing and backwash               marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                                                                                                                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            equalization tanks as well as supply pumps               tion regarding an earmark I received as part of
                                            and a new groundwater well. It will be built at          H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-                    Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            the site of the Arlington Desalter in Riverside,         vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-                 Mr. RADANOVICH. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                            California. The project benefits the City of             tions Act, 2010:                                        today on behalf of my colleagues, Representa-
                                            Norco, portions of the City of Riverside, unin-             Congressman SAM GRAVES, (MO–6), De-                  tive DEVIN NUNES and Representative JIM
                                            corporated areas of Riverside County, and any            partment of the Interior, EPA/STAG Account—             COSTA, to acknowledge, congratulate, and cel-
                                            entity within the Arlington Groundwater Basin            $500,000 to the City of St. Joseph for                  ebrate the 100th Birthday of Martha
                                            by cleaning the area’s water supply and cre-             Stormwater and Wastewater Infrastructure                Poffenberger McKinley.
                                            ating up to 3.7 million-gallons-per-day of new           (1100 Frederick Avenue, St. Joseph, MO                     Martha has always been an active member
                                            water.                                                   64501)                                                  of the Fresno community. She worked for the
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman KEN                       The federal funding I obtained will be uti-          State of California Department of Industrial
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            CALVERT                                                  lized by the City of St. Joseph, MO, to repair          Welfare for many years, where she was in-
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                                and update its aging stormwater and waste-              volved with a number of business and profes-
                                               Account: Environmental Protection Agency,             water system. The community’s sanitary and              sional organizations. She also founded and
                                            STAG Water and Wastewater Infrastructure                 stormwater collection system is divided into            became the first president of the women’s
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of              two components: a large combined sewer sys-             section of the Fresno County Chamber of
                                            San Juan Capistrano                                      tem and a separated system. Specifically, the           Commerce.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008    08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00031    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K25JN8.039    E26JNPT1
                                            E1604                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                               Mrs. McKinley now lives with her daughter            June 30, 2009, centennial of Oregon State              oped at the center help overcome the present
                                            and son-in-law. She enjoys spending time with           University’s Hermiston Agricultural Research           challenges facing old crops. Many of the solu-
                                            her three grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren,         and Extension Center, located in the corner of         tions that producers and individuals in the re-
                                            and is looking forward to the birth of her first        northeast Oregon near the mighty Columbia              gion see as major milestones are all in a day’s
                                            great-great grandchild.                                 River.                                                 work for the researchers of the center. As de-
                                               Martha has been a remarkable mother not                 Few areas in the world can match the quan-          scribed by the station superintendent, Philip
                                            only to her own daughter but also to her other          tity or quality of crop production of the Colum-       Hamm, ‘‘Our staff are just doing their job, and
                                            daughter Sally Lewis. In 2000, Martha was               bia Basin region that straddles the Oregon-            looking for the next challenge.’’
                                            recognized by the Fresno County Women’s                 Washington border. This center has been in                Madam Speaker, this center has played a
                                            Chamber of Commerce as Mother of the Year.              the middle of it all for 100 years, helping farm-      vital role in helping farmers, ranchers and agri-
                                            She is well-deserving of this award.                    ers, ranchers, and researchers find ways to            cultural communities thrive on the sandy soils
                                               My colleagues and I want to take this oppor-         better grow and steward crops ranging from             that have presented many challenges over the
                                            tunity to not only wish Martha a happy birth-           dry land wheat to watermelons; from sugar              past 100 years. Today, the region served by
                                            day, but to express our admiration and grati-           beets to wine grapes; from beef cattle to dairy        the center is one of the most important agri-
                                            tude for her service to the people of Fresno            cows.                                                  culture production areas in the Northwest and
                                            County. It is truly an honor to celebrate such             Established in 1909, the ‘‘Umatilla Experi-         produces some of the highest yielding, highest
                                            a remarkable lady.                                      ment Farm’’ initially served farmers trying to         quality crops in the United States.
                                               Below is a letter submitted by her long time         make a living on 20,000 acres of semi-arid                I congratulate Oregon State University’s
                                            friend, Sally M. Lewis.                                 northern Oregon desert as part of a federal            Hermiston Agricultural Research and Exten-
                                              ‘‘On July 17th, a remarkable lady will cele-
                                                                                                    government reclamation program. By the                 sion Center leadership, its board members,
                                            brate     her    100th    birthday.     Martha          1930s, farming expanded to well over 160,000           area farmers and ranchers, and the commu-
                                            Poffenberger McKinley was born in Ports-                acres and the demand for the center’s re-              nity on reaching this remarkable milestone. I
                                            mouth, Ohio, on July 17, 1909, the only child           search reached levels far surpassing its initial       am confident the center’s next 100 years will
                                            of Edward Daniel and Claire Kennedy                     40 acres. The center moved and expanded to             be as successful as 1909–2009 has been.
                                            Poffenberger.                                           its current 300-acre location to better serve                             f
                                              Her life is a long list of accomplishments,           the region’s agricultural communities. Today,
                                            but most of all she was a loving wife to Pete           the work done at this center serves well over            ON THE 150TH ANNIVERSARY OF
                                            before his death and she is a remarkable                                                                           FOURTH BAPTIST CHURCH
                                                                                                    500,000 acres of irrigated and non-irrigated
                                            mom to her daughter Monna and a true
                                            blessing in my life for treating me as a                crop land.
                                            daughter since I was a child.                              The West is dominated by nutrient-deprived,                HON. ROBERT C. ‘‘BOBBY’’ SCOTT
                                              After graduation from Ohio State, Martha              semi-desert soils. The Columbia Basin is no                               OF VIRGINIA
                                            began her professional life in Ohio as the pri-         different. So at the beginning, the center set                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            vate secretary to Governor Bricker. Fol-                upon helping farmers and ranchers overcome                         Thursday, June 25, 2009
                                            lowing her marriage to Peter B. McKinley                the fundamental challenges posed by an an-
                                            they moved to northern California. Not                  nual rainfall rate of eight inches. Researchers           Mr. SCOTT of Virginia. Madam Speaker, I
                                            much for staying at home, she went to work              determined which types of organic matter,              rise today to congratulate an institution in
                                            at Mare Island Ship Yard and quickly moved              when put into the soil, would produce the best         Richmond, the capital of the Commonwealth
                                            up from secretarial pool to department head.                                                                   of Virginia. On Saturday, June 27, 2009, the
                                            The family moved to Fresno after Monna
                                                                                                    crops. They worked with farmers, ranchers,
                                                                                                    and communities to identify more efficient             members of Fourth Baptist Church are cele-
                                            was born and once she started school Martha                                                                    brating their 150th anniversary, and I would
                                            went to work for the state of California De-            water use, based on soil type, topography,
                                            partment of Industrial Welfare. While work-             and micro-climate.                                     like to take a moment to highlight the rich his-
                                            ing there she was active in many business                  Madam Speaker, it is summertime, and if             tory of this church and its contribution to our
                                            and professional organizations. Among them              you enjoy a refreshing slice of watermelon this        community.
                                            she founded and was the first president of              time of year, chances are you have the great              Fourth Baptist Church, the first black Baptist
                                            the women’s section of the Fresno County                work at this center to thank for it. The Colum-        church in the Church Hill community in Rich-
                                            Chamber of Commerce (now The Fresno                     bia Basin is renowned for its delicious water-         mond, began in 1859 as a regular assembly of
                                            County Women in Chambers of Commerce).                                                                         slaves for prayer. The group met regularly on
                                                                                                    melons, and the center’s researchers helped
                                              She lived in her own home and washed her                                                                     Chimborazo Hill until the outbreak of the Civil
                                            own car until she lost her vision well into             increase their production from 30-tons per
                                                                                                    acre under center-pivot irrigation to 70-tons          War, when the white congregation of the Leigh
                                            her 90’s. She now enjoys living with her
                                            daughter and son-in-law surrounded by her               per acre with drip irrigation and weed control.        Street Baptist Church granted permission for
                                            three grandchildren, 8 great children and               In the process, they made more efficient use           the slaves to hold their services in the church
                                            soon her first great-great grand child.                 of the water and decreased the amount of her-          basement.
                                              Even though she is now blind, she still               bicide needed during production of the water-             In 1865 the Reverend Scott Gwathmey, one
                                            keeps up on current events, manages her own             melon crop.                                            of the group’s prayer leaders, gained permis-
                                            investments and has voted in every election.               The center’s researchers are in the middle          sion for the group to meet in a Union barracks
                                              Martha has a wonderful mind and fantastic                                                                    on Chimborazo Hill. There, on December 2,
                                                                                                    of the battle against crop disease. Tuber worm
                                            memory. She is never without a joke and a                                                                      1865, the Fourth Baptist Church was formally
                                            smile. Always the life of any gathering, Mar-           has emerged as a threat to root crops in re-
                                            tha has always enjoyed her evening cocktail             cent years. Late blight, the same fungus that          organized, with Reverend Gwathmey serving
                                            and visits with family and friends. An                  caused the great potato famine, has resur-             as the first pastor.
                                            evening with Martha is one you’re not likely            faced. Researchers are on the cutting of edge             The barracks were eventually demolished,
                                            to forget.                                              of identifying new methods to fight diseases           but the congregation salvaged lumber from the
                                              It’s an honor and a privilege to have her as          that cost producers thousands of dollars each          debris and constructed their own church build-
                                            my ‘‘other mutter.’’ From: Sally M. Lewis’’             year to control.                                       ing. In 1875 this church was replaced by an-
                                                            f                                          And if all that work were not enough, re-           other one of frame, on the northern side of
                                                                                                    searchers at the center are helping improve            Church Hill, near what was to be the site of
                                            CENTENNIAL  CELEBRATION  OF                             the quality of the country’s food supply. This is      the present church. The present building was
                                             OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY’S                              one of the only centers of its kind in America         completed in 1884, three months after the
                                             HERMISTON AGRICULTURAL RE-                             with a molecular biologist working to increase         former church was destroyed by fire.
                                             SEARCH AND EXTENSION CEN-                              the nutritional quality of our food.                      The church has grown considerably from
                                             TER                                                       The center’s research is so valuable to the         these humble beginnings. Major expansion
                                                                                                    region that the many producers who benefit             was conducted under the direction of current
                                                                SPEECH OF
                                                                                                    from its research return their thanks gener-           Pastor Emeritus, Dr. Robert L. Taylor. Dr. Tay-
                                                        HON. GREG WALDEN                            ously, donating over $1 million to the center in       lor served as Pastor of Fourth Baptist for 34
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                                OF OREGON                           the past two decades. Growers also funded              years. He was responsible for instituting many
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      the building of two large insect houses at             of the programs that still exist at the church,
                                                                                                    $40,000 each that facilitate research on which         and oversaw the building of the addition to the
                                                     Thursday, June 25, 2009                        pests carry crop damaging diseases.                    church building now known as Taylor Hall.
                                              Mr. WALDEN. Madam Speaker, I rise today                  Today’s challenges require innovative think-           Fourth Baptist has vibrant Men’s and Wom-
                                            to draw my colleagues’ attention to the historic        ing and solutions. New crop varieties devel-           en’s programs that enlighten and assist the

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00032   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.070    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                           CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                E1605
                                            young people as they participate in the Boy              a young man, continuing health issues forced           of H.R. 2996, Department of the Interior, Envi-
                                            Scouts, Girl Scouts, and the Youth Usher pro-            him to seek medical care in Foley, Alabama             ronment, and Related Agencies Appropriations
                                            grams. Fourth Baptist also participates with             where he was told he would have to leave the           Act of 2010.
                                            the Baptist General Convention of Virginia to            area completely in order to regain his health.           City of Reading Wastewater Treatment
                                            conduct outreach ministries throughout Great-            He spent the night in Milton, Florida and said         Plant, Reading PA—$500,000 for upgrades to
                                            er Richmond and the Commonwealth of Vir-                 he was never sick again. Milton became his             address environmental issues as required by
                                            ginia.                                                   permanent home after his miraculous recov-             Department of Justice Consent Decree.
                                              I would like to congratulate Chairman of the           ery, where he became entrenched in the local                              f
                                            Board of Deacons Gerard A. Dabney, Interim               business community.
                                            Pastor Dr. Marion Tapscott, and the entire                  Upon settling in Milton, Mr. McKenzie began                  EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            congregation of Fourth Street Baptist on the             a new career in the automotive industry. His
                                            occasion of their 150th anniversary. I would to          first day on the job, he sold a brand new Mer-                        HON. DON YOUNG
                                            wish them another 150 years of service to                cury sedan for $3,000. From there, he built a                             OF ALASKA
                                            their community.                                         family owned automotive business that still                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                              f                                      stands to this day. For over 40 years,                              Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                                                                     McKenzie Pontiac GMC Buick has provided
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                                                                                         Mr. YOUNG of Alaska. Madam Speaker,
                                                                                                     for the automotive needs of the people of
                                                                                                                                                            pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-
                                                                                                     Northwest Florida. Billing themselves as a
                                                            HON. GEOFF DAVIS                                                                                ards on earmarks, I am submitting the fol-
                                                                                                     hometown dealership, their motto of ‘‘We will
                                                                                                                                                            lowing information regarding earmarks I re-
                                                               OF KENTUCKY                           treat you like family’’ was a promise and not
                                                                                                                                                            ceived as part of H.R. 2996, the fiscal year
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       just a slogan.
                                                                                                                                                            2010 Interior, Environment and Related Agen-
                                                                                                        Mr. McKenzie was not only a businessman,
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009                                                                             cies Appropriations Bill:
                                                                                                     but a dedicated family man. In 1945, he mar-
                                               Mr. DAVIS of Kentucky. Madam Speaker,                                                                           Requesting Member: Congressman DON
                                                                                                     ried his childhood sweetheart, Mary Till, and
                                            pursuant to the Republican Leadership stand-                                                                    YOUNG
                                                                                                     often credited her as his inspiration. They
                                            ards on earmarks, I am submitting the fol-                                                                         Bill Number: H.R. 2996, FY10 Interior, Envi-
                                                                                                     were the parents of five daughters. Sadly,
                                            lowing information regarding earmarks I se-                                                                     ronment, and Related Agencies Appropriations
                                                                                                     Dianne passed away at the age of 9, but left
                                            cured as part of H.R. 2996, the Department of                                                                   Bill
                                                                                                     to cherish his memory are Janet, Linda, Lisa              Account: Fish and Wildlife Services/Fish-
                                            Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies              and Dana.
                                            Appropriations Act, 2010.                                                                                       eries.
                                                                                                        Madam Speaker, on behalf of the United                 Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Alaska
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman GEOFF                  States Congress, I am privileged to honor Mr.
                                            DAVIS                                                                                                           Sea Otter and Stellar Sea Lion Commission.
                                                                                                     Dan McKenzie as a man reflective of the true              Address of Requesting Entity: P.O. Box 142,
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996                                spirit of Northwest Florida. Mr. McKenzie will         Old Harbor, Alaska 99643.
                                               Account: STAG                                         be remembered by all as a loving husband                  Description of Request: $200,000 for the
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of              and father, a successful businessman and an            Alaska Sea Otter and Stellar Sea Lion Com-
                                            Wurtland                                                 important part of our Northwest Florida com-           mission. The Alaska Sea Otter and Stellar Sea
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 500 Wurtland            munity.                                                Lion Commission is an Alaska Native organi-
                                            Avenue, Wurtland, Kentucky 41144                                           f                                    zation that works to ensure conservation, co-
                                               Description     of     Request:    Appropriate
                                                                                                             EARMARK DECLARATION                            management, education, and artistic develop-
                                            $500,000 for the Wurtland/Greenup/Lloyd Re-
                                                                                                                                                            ment of sea otters and sea lions. It is my un-
                                            gional Sewer project. This project will extend
                                                                                                                                                            derstanding that this funding would facilitate
                                            sewers to underserved areas and decommis-                        HON. K. MICHAEL CONAWAY                        the development of a co-management plan for
                                            sion one WWTP consolidating service with a                                    OF TEXAS                          sea otters and sea lions by local communities
                                            more modern regional facility. The project                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   in the interest of sustainable populations and
                                            serves approximately 3,200 people and will
                                                                                                                 Friday, June 26, 2009                      increasing involvement in subsistence man-
                                            accommodate growth and expansion. Comple-
                                            tion of the project will improve health and envi-           Mr. CONAWAY. Madam Speaker, pursuant                   Requesting Member: Congressman DON
                                            ronmental conditions in the region. In addition,         to the House Republican standards on ear-              YOUNG
                                            it will eliminate two package plants & approxi-          marks, I am submitting the following informa-             Bill Number: H.R. 2996, FY10 Interior, Envi-
                                            mately 520 septic systems. The Kentucky In-              tion regarding earmarks I received as part of          ronment, and Related Agencies Appropriations
                                            frastructure Authority and the Greenup County            H.R. 2996—FY 2010 Interior, Environment,               Bill
                                            Fiscal Court have committed $1.37 million to             and Related Agencies Appropriations Act.                  Account: Fish and Wildlife Service/Resource
                                            this project. This project is a valuable use of             In the Environmental Protection Agency              Management.
                                            taxpayer funds because it will reduce pollution          STAG Water and Wastewater Infrastructure                  Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Alaska
                                            in local streams that flow into the Ohio River           Project account, an earmark for the City of An-        Sealife Center.
                                            and will help the community comply with fed-             drews arsenic filtration pilot project was in-            Address of Requesting Entity: P.O. Box
                                            eral environmental standards.                            cluded on my behalf. The entity to receive this        1329, Seward, Alaska 99664.
                                                              f                                      funding is the City of Andrews, Texas. An-                Description of Request: $350,000 for the
                                                                                                     drews City Hall is located at 111 Logsdon, An-         Sealife Center’s Eider Research Program. It is
                                            IN RECOGNITION OF THE PASSING                            drews, TX, 79714. The funding would create a
                                                   OF DAN MCKENZIE                                                                                          my understanding that the funding for this
                                                                                                     pilot program for demonstrating an alternative         project would be used to integrate the Sealife
                                                                                                     method to achieve EPA mandates for arsenic             Center’s marine research facilities with field
                                                            HON. JEFF MILLER                         mitigation in rural public drinking water sys-         research to help recover the Stellar and Spec-
                                                                 OF FLORIDA                          tems through the use of under-the-counter re-          tacled Eider, and support the Recovery Team
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       verse-osmosis filtration systems.                      mandated by the Endangered Species Act.
                                                         Friday, June 26, 2009                                         f                                                       f
                                               Mr. MILLER of Florida. Madam Speaker, I                       EARMARK DECLARATION                                  IN RECOGNITION OF THE
                                            rise today to recognize Dan McKenzie, a                                                                            NORTHEAST OHIO SIERRA CLUB
                                            Northwest Florida community leader and busi-                          HON. JIM GERLACH
                                            nessman who passed away on June 22, 2009.                                 OF PENNSYLVANIA                                  HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH
                                            Mr. McKenzie spent his entire life serving his
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                                                                          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                       OF OHIO
                                            community and family. I am proud to honor his                                                                          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            life of dedication and service.                                     Friday, June 26, 2009
                                               Mr. McKenzie grew up in Pineapple, Ala-                 Mr. GERLACH. Madam Speaker, pursuant                             Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            bama, the son of a sawmill owner. He chose               to the Republican Leadership standards on                Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                            to branch out and not follow in the family busi-         earmarks, I am submitting the following infor-         today in recognition of the Northeast Ohio Si-
                                            ness, instead trying his hand at ranching. As            mation regarding earmarks I received as part           erra Club and applaud their efforts to raise

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008    08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00033   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A25JN8.072    E26JNPT1
                                            E1606                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                            awareness about the dangers of coal and its                     EARMARK DECLARATION                            DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SE-
                                            contributions to global warming. As the nation                                                                  CURITY APPROPRIATIONS ACT
                                            takes strides towards more environmentally                                                                      2010
                                            sound ways of producing energy, it is impor-                       HON. J. RANDY FORBES
                                                                                                                                                                              SPEECH OF
                                            tant that we recognize the danger of trading                                OF VIRGINIA
                                            one harmful fuel for another. If we hope to
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                                        HON. BOB ETHERIDGE
                                            have a stable climate, we must refrain from                                                                                   OF NORTH CAROLINA
                                            the use of strong and toxic pollutants like coal.                    Friday, June 26, 2009                            IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               Americans are known for their determination                                                                             Wednesday, June 24, 2009
                                            and innovation when faced with a challenge.                Mr. FORBES. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                            Let us rely on these qualities in our transition        the Republican Leadership standards on ear-              The House in Committee of the Whole
                                                                                                    marks, I am submitting the following informa-          House on the State of the Union had under
                                            to cleaner energy, rather than choosing an                                                                     consideration of the bill (H.R. 2892) making
                                            easy way out represented by coal. The health            tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                                                                                                                                           appropriations for the Department of Home-
                                            of our children and our planet is too big of a          H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-
                                                                                                                                                           land Security for the fiscal year ending Sep-
                                            price to pay for our continued dependence on            vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-             tember 30, 2010, and for other purposes:
                                            coal.                                                   tions Act, 2010.
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. ETHERIDGE. Madam Chair, I rise today
                                               Madam Speaker and colleagues, please join               Requesting Member: Congressman J.                   in support of H.R. 2892, the Department of
                                            me in recognizing the efforts that the North-           RANDY FORBES                                           Homeland Security Appropriations Act for Fis-
                                            east Ohio Sierra Club has taken in raising                 Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              cal Year 2010.
                                            awareness of the dangers of coal. As the na-                                                                      This legislation provides $44 billion for the
                                                                                                       Account: Fish and Wildlife Service, Land Ac-
                                            tion works towards cleaner energy policies, or-                                                                Department of Homeland Security to continue
                                            ganizations such as the Northeast Ohio Sierra                                                                  its work to keep Americans safe, keep our
                                            Club are working tirelessly to keep the Amer-              Legal Name of Requesting Entity: The Con-           borders secure, and ensure our communities
                                            ican public accurately informed on energy               servation Fund, Chesapeake, VA                         are prepared for any disaster—whether natural
                                            issues.                                                    Address of Requesting Entity: US 17,                or man-made.
                                                             f                                      Chesapeake, Virginia, 23323, USA                          At a time when our state and local govern-
                                                                                                       Description of Request: Provides $150,000           ments are strained in the current economic
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                                                                                     downturn, this legislation continues our federal
                                                                                                    to fund the acquisition of 50 acres that has
                                                                                                    been identified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife          commitment to support local efforts that keep
                                                            HON. TED POE                            Service as the preferred site for the construc-        our communities safe. It provides $3.55 billion
                                                                 OF TEXAS                           tion of a new visitor’s center for the Great Dis-      for first responder grant initiatives, including
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      mal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.                    $810 million for Fire Grants, $950 million for
                                                                                                                                                           State Emergency Preparedness Grants, $330
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009                        Requesting Member: Congressman J.                   million for Emergency Management Perform-
                                               Mr. POE of Texas. Madam Speaker, pursu-              RANDY FORBES                                           ance Grants, and a total of $90 million for
                                            ant to the Republican Leadership standards                 Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              interoperable communications and emergency
                                            on earmarks, I am submitting the following in-             Account: National Park Service, Save Amer-          response centers.
                                            formation regarding earmarks I received as              ica’s Treasures                                           H.R. 2892 will help secure our border and
                                            part of H.R. 2996, Department of Interior, En-                                                                 improve the enforcement of our nation’s immi-
                                            vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-                 Legal name of Requesting Entity: Chester-           gration laws. The measure would fully fund
                                            tions Act, 2010:                                        field County, Chesterfield, VA                         20,019 border patrol agents with $3.5 billion
                                               Requesting Member: Congressman TED                      Address of Requesting Entity: 9901 Lori Rd,         and provide $732 million for border fencing, in-
                                            POE                                                     Chesterfield, VA, 23832, USA                           frastructure and technology. It would provide
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996, Department of the               Description of Request: Provides $150,000           $5.7 billion for Immigration and Customs En-
                                            Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies             to repair and preserve five historical structures      forcement (ICE) to enhance our ability to iden-
                                            Appropriations Act, 2010                                in Chesterfield County.                                tify and remove immigrants who have illegally
                                               Account: Environmental Protection Agency’s                                                                  entered the country, and $248 million for the
                                            STAG Water and Wastewater Infrastructure                                  f                                    United States Citizenship and Immigration
                                            Project                                                                                                        Services to improve the processing of visas
                                               Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of                     EARMARK DECLARATION                            for those eligible to enter the country. This
                                            Baytown, TX                                                                                                    funding includes $112 million to operate and
                                               Address of Requesting Entity: 2401 Market                                                                   improve E-Verify, the DHS initiative that em-
                                            Street, Baytown, TX 77522                                           HON. BRETT GUTHRIE                         powers businesses to screen potential em-
                                               Description of Request: I, and Rep. Ron                                 OF KENTUCKY                         ployees’ immigration status.
                                            Paul, have jointly secured $500,000 in funding                                                                    As North Carolina is a prime hurricane
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   state, I am pleased that this bill makes impor-
                                            under the Environmental Protection Agency’s
                                            STAG Water and Wastewater Infrastructure                             Friday, June 26, 2009                     tant investments in all-hazards disaster pre-
                                            Project account for the city of Baytown, TX to                                                                 paredness. It provides $2 billion for Disaster
                                            help them fund a six-year, $140 million Capital            Mr. GUTHRIE. Madam Speaker, pursuant to             Relief, $220 million to continue flood map
                                            Improvement Project that will rehabilitate and          the Republican Leadership standards on ear-            modernization and to maintain modernized
                                            upgrade the city’s wastewater and water infra-          marks, I am submitting the following informa-          maps, and $200 million to address the in-
                                            structure to comply with increased federal and          tion regarding earmarks I received as part of          creasing needs for emergency food and shel-
                                            state regulations, maintain its condition and re-       H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-         ter, recognizing that the current economic
                                            liability and save costs. This project rehabili-        vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-             downturn is a disaster in its own right.
                                            tates portions of the Central District Waste-           tions Act of 2010.                                        Madam Chair, this is a strong bill that en-
                                            water Treatment plant. The work includes re-               Requesting Member: Congressman BRETT                hances our ability to keep our nation secure
                                            design of critical components to elevate struc-         GUTHRIE                                                and our citizens safe. I urge my colleagues to
                                            tures out of the floodway and to reduce the                                                                    join me in supporting this legislation.
                                                                                                       Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                            storm surge impacts suffered as was suffered                                                                                      f
                                                                                                       Account: STAG Water and Wastewater In-
                                            during Hurricane Ike. These include the influ-                                                                          EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            ent lift station, blower building, administration/
                                            laboratory building, and grit removal process.             Recipient: Owensboro-Daviess County Re-
                                                                                                                                                                        HON. AARON SCHOCK
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            The internal piping needs to be replaced to             gional Water Resource Agency, 1722 Pleasant
                                                                                                    Valley Road, Owensboro, KY 42303                                          OF ILLINOIS
                                            improve energy and operating efficiency, along
                                                                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            with the chlorine contact basin and plant                  Description of Request: Provide $220,000 to
                                            pumping/transfer systems. Installation of post-         install a sewer system in the Locust Hill Sub-                    Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            storm emergency power systems are also a                division, which is currently without sewer serv-         Mr. SCHOCK. Madam Speaker, in accord-
                                            part of this project.                                   ices.                                                  ance with the Republican adopted standards

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00034   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K26JN8.006    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                     E1607
                                            on earmarks, I submit the below detailed ex-            TRIBUTE TO MARINE GUNNERY                               as an offset in the amendment will have a se-
                                            planation of the Village of Hopedale, Village of         SERGEANT CHARLES ‘‘BRANDON’’                           rious impact on the ability of our nation to fulfill
                                            Hopedale, IL.                                            BAILEY                                                 its obligation to clean up our defense nuclear
                                               Bill Number: H.R. 2996 Department of the                                                                     waste at several sites across the country, in-
                                            Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies                              HON. GEOFF DAVIS                       cluding one in my district, the Savannah River
                                            Appropriations Act, 2010                                                    OF KENTUCKY
                                                                                                                                                            Site (SRS).
                                                                                                                                                               For over fifty years, sites like SRS have
                                             Provisions/Account: STAG Water                   and        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                            played an indispensible role in keeping our na-
                                            Wastewater Infrastructure Project                                    Friday, June 26, 2009                      tion secure. Now, the federal government has
                                               Name and Address of Requesting Entity:                  Mr. DAVIS of Kentucky. Madam Speaker,                the responsibility to fulfill the commitment it
                                            entity to receive funding for this project is the       today I rise to pay tribute to Marine Gunnery           made to the communities and the states that
                                            Village of Hopedale, located at Box 387,                Sergeant Charles ‘‘Brandon’’ Bailey from Flor-          have hosted these sites by cleaning up the
                                            Hopedale, IL 61747.                                     ence, Kentucky, who was wounded in an im-               legacy nuclear materials that remain and pro-
                                                                                                    provised explosive device attack on January             viding a safe environment for future genera-
                                              Description of Request: The funding would
                                                                                                    23, 2009, while serving in Afghanistan.                 tions. The cuts made by this amendment will
                                            be used to conduct preliminary work on a new
                                                                                                       Gunnery Sergeant Bailey is a true patriot.           significantly delay the progress being made in
                                            wastewater treatment plant.                                                                                     cleanup efforts at these sites and will undoubt-
                                                                                                    Having felt the call to serve his country since
                                                                                                    childhood, Brandon sold his small business              edly impact the highest risk activities—proc-
                                                                                                    and selflessly joined the Marine Corps when             essing and disposing of tank waste, special
                                                                                                    he was twenty-four years old. He served his             nuclear materials, and spent nuclear fuel—
                                            DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,
                                                                                                    first combat deployment in Iraq and was a               across the complex.
                                             ENVIRONMENT, AND RELATED
                                                                                                    member of the 22nd Marine Expeditionary                    Additionally, failure to fully fund the Environ-
                                             AGENCIES    APPROPRIATIONS
                                                                                                    Unit. In April, 2008, Brandon married his child-        mental Management program will result in
                                             ACT, 2010
                                                                                                    hood friend, Kristie. He was deployed to Af-            missed regulatory milestones in many states
                                                                                                    ghanistan as a member of the Marine Special             where the sites are located, resulting in sub-
                                                                SPEECH OF                           Operations Command shortly after the wed-               stantial fines and penalties from state and fed-
                                                                                                    ding. Without any hesitation, he left his new           eral regulators. These fines will ultimately be
                                                        HON. RUSH D. HOLT                           wife to serve his country once more in harm’s           paid by the American taxpayer.
                                                                                                    way, ultimately to be severely wounded in ac-              During my time in the House, I have proudly
                                                             OF NEW JERSEY
                                                                                                    tion.                                                   worked alongside my Nuclear Cleanup Cau-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         Gunnery Sergeant Bailey is undergoing re-            cus colleagues as well as the entire South
                                                                                                    habilitation with recovery in the distant future.       Carolina delegation to ensure the safe and
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                              timely cleanup of Cold War-era nuclear waste.
                                                                                                    He and Kristie are expecting their first baby
                                              The House in Committee of the Whole                   this December. Gunnery Sergeant Bailey                  And I will continue to advocate for full and sta-
                                            House on the State of the Union had under               stays positive and says he is happy he had              ble funding for the Environmental Manage-
                                            consideration the bill (H.R. 2996) making ap-           the opportunity to do the job that he loved and         ment Program to keep nuclear waste cleanup
                                            propriations for the Department of the Inte-            serve his country. Brandon’s life and character         on track.
                                            rior, environment, and related agencies for             epitomize the Marine Corps Motto—Semper                    Consequently, even though I support my
                                            the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, and                                                                  colleagues’ efforts to restore funding for our
                                                                                                    Fidelis, Always Faithful.
                                            for other purposes:                                                                                             nation’s important missile defense program, I
                                                                                                       Gunnery Sergeant Bailey is an inspiration to
                                              Mr. HOLT. Madam Chair, I rise today in                us all. Today, Madam Speaker, I ask the                 cannot support this amendment because of
                                            support of H.R. 2996, the Fiscal Year 2010 In-          House of Representatives to recognize Gun-              the detrimental effect the funding reduction will
                                            terior Appropriations Act.                              nery Sergeant Bailey’s unwavering dedication            have on the Environmental Management pro-
                                                                                                    to the Marine Corps and to thank him for his            gram. We must remain committed to cleaning
                                              This bill provides the much needed funding
                                                                                                    service to our great nation.                            up our defense nuclear waste now for the
                                            to protect and preserve our natural resources
                                                                                                                       f                                    benefit of generations to come.
                                            for future generations.
                                              I applaud the Chairman for providing robust           NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-
                                            funding for the Land and Water Conservation              TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010                                   EARMARK DECLARATION
                                            Fund in this legislation. I have long been a
                                            supporter and a leader in Congress for in-                                    SPEECH OF                                      HON. BRETT GUTHRIE
                                            creasing the funding for the Land and Water                     HON. J. GRESHAM BARRETT                                            OF KENTUCKY
                                            Conservation Fund (LWCF). Since its creation                                                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                      OF SOUTH CAROLINA
                                            in 1965, LWCF has provided funding to four
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                 Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            federal agencies including the National Park
                                            Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish                            Thursday, June 25, 2009                        Mr. GUTHRIE. Madam Speaker, pursuant to
                                            and Wildlife Service and the Forest Service to                                                                  the Republican Leadership standards on ear-
                                                                                                      The House in Committee of the Whole
                                            acquire public lands.                                   House on the State of the Union had under               marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                                                                                    consideration of the bill (H.R. 2647) to au-            tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                               In July of 1999 during my first term in Con-                                                                 H.R. 2996, the Department of the Interior, En-
                                                                                                    thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for
                                            gress, I secured passage of a key amendment                                                                     vironment, and Related Agencies Appropria-
                                                                                                    military activities of the Department of De-
                                            to resurrect the state-side portion of LWCF,            fense; to prescribe military personnel                  tions Act of 2010.
                                            providing funding for that program for the first        strengths for fiscal-year 2010, and for other              Requesting Member: Congressman BRETT
                                            time in five years. To date, the stateside pro-         purposes.                                               GUTHRIE
                                            gram has preserved over 73,000 acres of land               Mr. BARRETT of South Carolina. Mr. Chair,               Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                            in my home state of New Jersey. I strongly              ensuring that our nation remains safe and                  Account: Save America’s Treasures
                                            support the Manager’s amendment which                   strong is the top priority for this House. Be-             Recipient: Breckinridge County Fiscal Court,
                                            would increase the funding for the state-side           cause of the real and increasing nuclear threat         Hardinsburg, KY
                                            matching grants to $40 million, which is over           from countries like North Korea and Iran, I                Description of Request: Provide $150,000 to
                                            double the amount that it received in Fiscal            agree with my colleagues who are offering this          help preserve the historic Holt House. Judge
                                            Year 2009.                                              amendment that cutting funding for missile de-          Joseph Holt served as Judge Advocate Gen-
                                               I strongly oppose the amendment of the               fense is the wrong choice for our country right         eral, and then later as Secretary of the Interior
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            gentleman from Utah, Mr. CHAFFETZ, that                 now.                                                    and Attorney General in President Lincoln’s
                                            would strip funding from the state side portion            While I certainly support efforts to increase        administration. The house has been on the
                                            of the LWCF. This amendment would be detri-             funding for missile defense, I am unable to             National Register since 1976, however has not
                                            mental to the ability of states to preserve at          support the amendment offered by my col-                been properly maintained. Restoring the home
                                            risk open space and I urge my colleagues to             leagues. The significant decrease in funding            would be key to helping develop regional tour-
                                            oppose it.                                              for the Environmental Management included               ism.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00035    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.002    E26JNPT1
                                            E1608                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                            RECOGNIZING FRANKIE BRETHE-                             also appropriate for Congress to recognize             all the more personal when my cousin, a New
                                             RICK   HONORING   AMERICA’S                            and honor the service of the WASP with the             York City fireman, died during the September
                                             FIRST FLY GIRLS                                        Congressional Gold Medal. The Congressional            11, 2001 attacks trying to help people out of
                                                                                                    Gold Medal is the highest and most distin-             Tower 2 at the World Trade Center.
                                                        HON. SAM JOHNSON                            guished award that the U.S. Congress can                  What happened on September 11th can
                                                                 OF TEXAS                           award to a civilian. Finally, these women will         never happen again, and that is what the
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      receive that long-overdue recognition now that         UASI program is about. The grants go to cities
                                                                                                    the House and the Senate have passed the               and states under the greatest threat of attack.
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009                                                                            In New York City, the grants have been used
                                                                                                    bill granting these women.
                                               Mr. SAM JOHNSON of Texas. Madam                         This Congressional Gold Medal honors                to train and better equip first responders, and
                                            Speaker, Women Air Force Service Pilots                 mothers, grandmothers, teachers, office work-          provide them with better communication sys-
                                            (WASP) were the first women in American his-            ers, nurses, business women, photographers,            tems to assure preparedness, in addition to
                                            tory to fly military aircraft. Between the years        dancers, one was even a nun. But before that,          improved monitoring of critical infrastructure.
                                            1942–1944, women were recruited to fly non-             they were pilots for the US Army Air Corps                Late last month, four men were arrested in
                                            combat missions, so that every male pilot               during World War II. Finally, this Congress has        a plot to bomb two Bronx synagogues. Ac-
                                            could be deployed in combat. These women                recognized their sacrifice and considers them          cording to authorities, they had planted bombs
                                            piloted every kind of military aircraft and             all heroes because these trailblazers and true         in cars outside the two synagogues, and were
                                            logged 60 million miles flying missions across          patriots served our country without question           planning to shoot down military planes at an
                                            the United States. They were never awarded              and with no expectations of recognition or             Air National Guard base in upstate New York.
                                            full military status and were not eligible for offi-    praise. That is what being a true hero is all          New York’s Office of Homeland Security later
                                            cer status. It was not till 1977 that the WASP          about! The Congressional Gold Medals will be           provided Urban Area Security Initiative Non-
                                            pilots were granted veterans’ status. Of the            awarded to all 1,102 pilots and/or their sur-          profit Security Grant Program (NSGP) funds in
                                            1,102 WASP pilots, just under 300 are living            viving family members.                                 order to resolve the vulnerabilities of the syna-
                                            today. One of these living legends resides in              To the brave and selfless women like                gogues. Additionally, it was Federal homeland
                                            the Third Congressional District, Frankie               Frankie, our nation owes them a debt of grati-         security dollars that assisted the New York
                                            Bretherick. I’d like to thank her personally for        tude for their service and sacrifice. I am so          Police Department in their excellent investiga-
                                            her service to this great nation for being a pio-       very proud of them. God bless them and God             tive work to stop this act of terror before it oc-
                                            neer of flight.                                         bless America! I salute them one and all.              curred.
                                               Frankie Lovvorn was born September 19,                                                                         Madam Speaker, the threat of terrorism re-
                                            1914, in Cranfils Gap, Bosque County, Texas.                                                                   mains very real, making it essential for cities
                                            Her parents were Francis Marion Lovvorn and             DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SE-                             that face the greatest risk to have the tools
                                            Primrose Smith. She graduated from high                  CURITY APPROPRIATIONS ACT,                            and resources necessary to stop attacks be-
                                            school in Meridian, Bosque County, Texas.                2010                                                  fore they occur. Cities, like New York, remain
                                            She graduated from Providence Hospital Nurs-                                                                   a major target for terrorists, and programs like
                                            ing School in Waco, Texas, in 1937. She                                      SPEECH OF                         UASI help us fight terrorism and ensures that
                                                                                                                                                           our first responders have the equipment they
                                            worked for five years at various veteran’s hos-                    HON. JOSEPH CROWLEY                         need to protect the American people.
                                            pitals in Texas and Louisiana. She began fly-                               OF NEW YORK
                                            ing lessons at an airport south of Dallas,                                                                        I would like to thank the gentleman from
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   North Carolina, Chairman of the Homeland
                                               By the time she applied and was accepted                        Wednesday, June 24, 2009                    Security Appropriations Subcommittee, for his
                                            into the WASP program, Class of 44W–6, she                The House in Committee of the Whole
                                                                                                                                                           leadership, hard work, and dedication to the
                                            had acquired a commercial pilot’s license and           House on the State of the Union had under              urban area initiative and I urge adoption of the
                                            had logged over 200 hours of flying time.               consideration of the bill (H.R. 2892) making           bill.
                                            While stationed in Greenville, Mississippi at           appropriations for the Department of Home-                                f
                                            Greenville Army Air Base until deactivated on           land Security for the fiscal year ending Sep-
                                                                                                    tember 30, 2010, and for other purposes:               HONORING THE MILITARY SERV-
                                            December 20, 1944, she flew BT–13s and                                                                          ICE OF THE LOTHSPEICH FAM-
                                            UC–78s and slow-timed repaired aircraft.                   Mr. CROWLEY. Madam Chair, I rise in sup-
                                               After deactivation, Frankie was asked to join        port of H.R. 2892, the Department of Home-
                                            the Army Nurse Corps in May 1945. She was               land Security Appropriations Act of 2010.
                                            sent to Mitchell Field, New York where she                 The Department of Homeland Security Ap-                          HON. EARL POMEROY
                                                                                                                                                                              OF NORTH DAKOTA
                                            worked at a hospital for three weeks. She was           propriations bill makes fundamental invest-
                                                                                                    ments that are vital to our nation’s security. It             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            then sent to Randolph Field in San Antonio,
                                            Texas to attend the School of Aviation Medi-            tightens our nation’s borders, allows for instal-                    Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            cine where she received training to become              lation of the latest explosive detection systems          Mr. POMEROY. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                            an air evacuation nurse. After World War II,            at airports nationwide, protects our ports and         today to honor the military service of the
                                            she went to business school and attended                critical infrastructure, and provides grants to        Lothspeich family of North Dakota. North Da-
                                            Southern Methodist University in Dallas,                meet the needs of our first responders. It also        kota has a proud military tradition and has
                                            Texas. She also worked part-time as a nurse             increases funding for the Urban Areas Secu-            sent many of its sons and daughters into the
                                            while in school.                                        rity Initiative, which is very important to my         service of their country. Amongst this proud
                                               Frankie met Joseph Harry Bretherick while            home city of New York, by almost $50 million,          history and tradition the Lothspeich family is
                                            both were stationed in Greenville, Mississippi.         matching the President’s request, for a total          unique. Edward and Rose Lothspeich were
                                            They married in 1949 and lived in Philadel-             allocation of $887 million.                            the parents of nine boys and one girl. From
                                            phia, Pennsylvania for 19 years. Frankie con-              In the months following the September 11th          this family all nine of the Lothspeich brothers
                                            tinued working as a part-time nurse after their         attacks, I spearheaded the creation of the             have bravely answered the call of a grateful
                                            marriage.                                               High Threat Urban Area Account Program,                nation when it was sorely needed.
                                               They moved to Sarasota, Florida in 1968.             which later became the Urban Area Security                These brave men served across several
                                            After moving to Sarasota, Florida, Frankie be-          Initiative (UASI). I undertook this effort be-         critical periods in our nation’s history. Eugene,
                                            came involved with the Sarasota Garden Club.            cause, at the time, there were no Federal do-          Harold and Edward served at the height of
                                            She also acquired her Real Estate license.              mestic security grant programs that provided           World War II. Donald, Gerald, Lyle, Marlin
                                            Frankie’s husband, Joe, died in 1999. About             funding solely on the basis of threat and risk.        served during the Korean War and the begin-
                                            three years ago Frankie moved to Plano,                 While I recognize that the threat of terror lin-       ning of the Cold War. Franklin and Leon
                                            Collin County, Texas, to be close to family.            gers everywhere, there are, unfortunately, sev-        served in Germany during a period in which
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               Through their actions, Women Air Force               eral cities and areas that are more vulnerable         the Soviet Union was increasing the isolation
                                            Service Pilots were a catalyst for revolutionary        to attack. New York, my home city, is one of           of East Germany.
                                            reform in the integration of women pilots into          them.                                                     Next week as we gather to celebrate the
                                            the U.S. Armed Services. Just as the Navajo                This is not a distinction we are proud of, but      birth of our nation, the City of Park River,
                                            Code Talkers served with distinction and were           it is a reality we face. Al-Qaeda has already          North Dakota will be celebrating its 125th an-
                                            awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, it is             attacked my city twice. And, for me, it became         niversary. As a part of that celebration, Park

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00036   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.006    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1609
                                            River will honor those brothers who are still           DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,                             and other, similar neighborhoods in Houston
                                            with us, Edward, Lyle, and Marlin, and those             ENVIRONMENT, AND RELATED                               and nationwide.
                                            who are not Eugene, Harold, Edward, Donald,              AGENCIES    APPROPRIATIONS                                Federal support for this project is critical to
                                            Gerald, Franklin and Leon.                               ACT, 2010                                              ensure this research continues and I hope to
                                               The United States is what it is today be-                                                                    work with the Chairman as this bill goes for-
                                            cause of the sacrifices of families like the                                  SPEECH OF                         ward, and with EPA to get funding for this re-
                                            Lothspeich’s who gave so selflessly and                                                                         search in the budget as Congress intended
                                            served so bravely. These brothers helped win
                                                                                                                     HON. GENE GREEN                        when it created the Center.
                                                                                                                          OF TEXAS
                                            World War II and kept watch during the cold-                                                                       We also sought funding funding for a a six-
                                            est nights of the Cold War.                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                            year Capital Improvement Project that will re-
                                               The sacrifices of the Lothspeich brothers                        Thursday, June 25, 2009                     habilitate and upgrade the City of Baytown,
                                            are worthy of our highest respect and I can               The House in Committee of the Whole                   Texas’s wastewater and water infrastructure to
                                            think of no greater duty of a member of Con-            House on the State of the Union had under               comply with federal and state regulations,
                                            gress than to honor our nation’s heroes. I              consideration the bill (H.R. 2996) making ap-           maintain its condition and reliability and save
                                            stand today to honor their service as the city          propriations for the Department of the Inte-            costs. The City has implemented an asset
                                            of Park River will next week.                           rior, environment, and related agencies for             management program to assess equipment
                                                             f                                      the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, and          condition, optimize work practices and ensure
                                                                                                    for other purposes:
                                                                                                                                                            funding remains in place to sustain infrastruc-
                                              RECOGNIZING RICHARD F. MELL                              Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Madam Chair,                ture improvements over time.
                                                                                                    I rise today in support of H.R. 2996, the Inte-            The funding we requested under the State
                                                        HON. MIKE QUIGLEY                           rior, Environment, and Related Agencies Ap-             and Tribal Assistance Grant would help reha-
                                                                OF ILLINOIS                         propriations Act for FY2010.                            bilitate portions of the Central District Waste-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                         This legislation provides a 17% increase             water Treatment Plant to include elevation of
                                                         Friday, June 26, 2009                      over FY09 levels for critical programs that pro-        redesign of critical components to reduce the
                                               Mr. QUIGLEY. Madam Speaker, I rise today             tect our public health and environment.                 storm surge impacts suffered during Hurricane
                                            to recognize the long and distinguished career             Among other provisions, the legislation pro-         Ike. These include the influent lift station,
                                            of Richard F. Mell. Alderman Mell, who is               vides $605 million for the Superfund program            blower       building,  administration/laboratory
                                            celebrating his 35th year of service, is a vital        which will assist sites across the country clean        building, and grit removal process. The inter-
                                            part of the Chicago community.                          up hazardous substances, including potentially          nal piping needs to be replaced to improve en-
                                               Born in Muskegon, Michigan, Dick Mell                the San Jacinto River Waste Pits site.                  ergy and operating efficiency, along with the
                                            began his career in public service shortly after           It also provides $3.3 million to help EPA            chlorine contact basin and plant pumping/
                                            moving to Chicago, starting as a precinct cap-          monitor air toxics outside schools, which I             transfer systems. Installation of post-storm
                                            tain with the 33rd Ward Regular Democratic              hope will ultimately include schools in our dis-        emergency power systems are also a part of
                                            Organization and working closely with a vari-           trict in East Houston, as well as $5 million to         this effort.
                                            ety of neighborhood organizations. Knowing              fund four new centers of excellence to study               This is an important project to help Baytown
                                            he could do more to help the community by               toxin and chemical impacts on children.                 recover from damage caused by Hurricane Ike
                                            taking on a larger role, in 1975, he ran to be             Madam Speaker, I would also like to high-            and overall to upgrade their wastewater sys-
                                            Alderman of the 33rd Ward and won. A year               light two important projects I requested fund-          tem, and I look forward to working the Chair
                                            later, he became the Ward Committeeman                  ing for in this bill, but did not receive funding.      as we move forward to find assistance for this
                                            and took his seat on the Democratic Central                The first is the Mickey Leland National              project.
                                            Committee of Cook County, representing his              Urban Air Toxics Research Center to continue               I do have some concerns, however, with
                                            community on Chicago’s Northwest side.                  air quality public health research on air toxics        provisions of the bill and report language.
                                               Alderman Mell has continued to take on im-           in urban areas as directed by the U.S. Con-                The bill defers $50 million in funding from
                                            portant and influential roles throughout his            gress. The Center is a 501(c)(3) institution au-        the Ultra-Deepwater Research Fund that was
                                            successful career. He held the office of Vice           thorized by Congress in the Clean Air Act               a part of the 2005 Energy Policy Act of 2005.
                                            Mayor of the City of Chicago for eight years            Amendments of 1990.                                     The ultra deepwater fund provides $50 million
                                            and currently serves as Chairman of the Com-               Americans want to know whether they are              annually for research for recovering oil and
                                            mittee on Committees, Rules and Ethics. He is           at risk from pollutants in the air that they            gas from ultra-deepwaters in the Gulf of Mex-
                                            also a member of the Committees on Budget               breathe. People who live near sources of air            ico.
                                            and Governmental Operations, Finance,                   toxics such as major roadways, industrial fa-              It also includes report language urging EPA
                                            Health, Housing & Land Acquisition, Human               cilities, or small businesses, are often espe-          to ‘‘review the risks that hydraulic fracturing
                                            Relations, and Traffic Control and Safety.              cially concerned about their risk.                      poses to drinking water using the best avail-
                                               As Alderman, Mr. Mell has always put his                The purpose of air quality regulation and re-        able science, as well as independent sources
                                            community first, remaining accessible to his            search is to protect public health. High quality        of information.’’
                                            constituents with an open door policy and fre-          air toxics research is the only way to assess              I understand the concerns and desire to
                                            quent attendance at community meetings. He              peoples’ risks and give policymakers the tools          adequately protect the environment when de-
                                            celebrates his multi-ethnic, multi-racial com-          they need to protect public health. The Center          veloping our domestic resources, but hydraulic
                                            munity and understands that diversity stimu-            develops and manages air toxics research                fracturing is a well-tested technology that has
                                            lates growth in all of its residents. He consist-       with a focus on understanding the air toxics            been used to develop energy for over 60
                                            ently strives to protect his entire community           that people are exposed to in their daily activi-       years.
                                            and has helped make possible social pro-                ties, and how those compounds may impact                   First used in 1947, hydraulic fracturing has
                                            grams to assist the less fortunate.                     their health.                                           become a standard practice for improving the
                                               Alderman Mell’s list of accomplishments is              The Houston Exposure to Air Toxics Study             process of natural energy extraction. The
                                            longer than this statement will allow and in-           (HEATS) is an on-going project designed to              practice involves the pumping of fluid into
                                            cludes setting new ethic codes for elected offi-        study the relationship between personal expo-           wells at high pressure to create fractures in
                                            cials, fighting absentee slum landlords in              sures—the air people breathe as they go                 rock formations that allow for complete pro-
                                            housing courts, initiating an Adjacent Neigh-           about their daily activities—and fixed site mon-        duction of oil. Hydraulic fracturing is respon-
                                            borhood Program that rids the city of vacant            itored concentrations of air toxics by meas-            sible for about 30 percent of our domestic re-
                                            lots, and fighting to decrease graffiti in the city     uring personal, residential indoor, and outdoor         coverable oil and natural gas. About 90 per-
                                            by banning spray paint and passing an ordi-             concentrations.                                         cent of currently operating wells use this tech-
                                            nance that allows judges to sentence graffiti              HEATS studies residents who live in the              nology. Hydraulic fracturing, as used to
                                            vandals to community service work.                      29th district of Texas, in close proximity to an        produce natural gas from shale formations,
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               Madam Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join           industrial neighborhood near the Houston Ship           has created new opportunities for clean en-
                                            me in recognizing Alderman Richard Mell and             Channel and a comparison group with similar             ergy and employment without causing environ-
                                            his extraordinary career, and thank him for his         demographics in Aldine. Because it has been             mental damage.
                                            many outstanding contributions to the City of           conducted according to rigorous statistical                Recent studies on fracturing conducted by
                                            Chicago and its citizens. His commitment to             principles, study results will be applicable to         the Environmental Protection Agency in 2004
                                            public service stands as an example to us all.          the study participants, their neighborhoods,            found no confirmed evidence of contamination

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00037    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.008   E26JNPT1
                                            E1610                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                            of drinking water. The study concluded that                    RECOGNIZING THE SERVICE OF                        marks, I am submitting the following informa-
                                            the injection of hydraulic fracturing fluids                     COLONEL KIRK W. HYMES                           tion regarding earmarks I received as part of
                                            poses ‘‘little or no threat’’ to humans or the en-                                                               H.R. 2996—the Department of Interior, Envi-
                                            vironment (EPA).The EPA did not find a single                        HON. JOHN P. MURTHA                         ronment, and Related Agencies Appropriations
                                            incident of the contamination of drinking water                            OF   PENNSYLVANIA                     Act, 2010:
                                            wells by hydraulic fracturing fluid injection.                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      H.R. 2996 includes $500,000 for a State
                                                                                                                    Friday, June 26, 2009                    and Tribal Assistance Grant to the City of
                                               The subject of hydraulic fracturing is ade-                                                                   Rose Hill, Kansas, for improvements to the
                                            quately regulated by the states and needs no                  Mr. MURTHA. Madam Speaker, I rise today            city drainage system. The entity to receive
                                            federal intervention. Hydraulic fracturing is a           to honor the service of Colonel Kirk W.                funding for this project is the City of Rose Hill,
                                            vital and safe technology that helps drive the            Hymes, U.S.M.C., the director of the Joint             125 W. Rosewood, PO Box 185, Rose Hill,
                                            United States towards energy security and                 Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate. After 26               Kansas 67133.
                                            independence. Congress should not restrict a              years of honorable and distinguished service              This funding will facilitate the installation of
                                            technology that plays such an integral part of            to our great nation, Colonel Hymes will be re-         a 48-inch drainage pipe, which will allow the
                                            our nation’s energy strategy.                             tiring.                                                area to handle up to a 10-year storm event,
                                                                                                          Colonel Hymes is a native of Altoona, Penn-
                                                                                                                                                             protecting homes in the area.
                                                                                                      sylvania and graduated from the United States
                                                               f                                                                                                                f
                                                                                                      Naval Academy. After attending the Basic
                                                                                                      School, he trained at the Field Artillery Officer      NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-
                                              H. RES. 543, DESIGNATING JUNE
                                                                                                      Basic Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He also            TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010
                                                 AS HOME SAFETY MONTH
                                                                                                      attended the Amphibious Warfare School in
                                                                                                      Quantico, Virginia and the Industrial College of                          SPEECH OF
                                                                                                      the Armed Forces.
                                                       HON. MAXINE WATERS                                 Colonel Hymes served in a number of dif-
                                                                                                                                                                         HON. KURT SCHRADER
                                                                                                                                                                                OF OREGON
                                                                OF CALIFORNIA                         ferent places and in a variety of capacities, in-
                                                                                                      cluding the Recruiting Station in Harrisburg,                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                        Pennsylvania where he served as the Oper-                          Wednesday, June 24, 2009
                                                            Friday, June 26, 2009                     ations Officer and Executive Officer and                 The House Is Committee of the Whole
                                                                                                      Twentynine Palms, California where he served           House on the State of the Union had under
                                              Ms. WATERS. Madam Speaker, I am proud                   with the 5th Battalion, 11th Marines. He also          consideration the bill (H.R. 2647) to authorize
                                            to be a consponsor of this of this legislation,           carried out a Unit Deployment to Okinawa,              appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for mili-
                                            which recognizes June as Home Safety                      Japan and deployed with the 31st MEU                   tary activities of the Department of Defense;
                                                                                                      (SOC). Following his return he became the Di-          to prescribe military personnel strengths for
                                            Month.                                                                                                           fiscal year 2010, and for other purposes:
                                                                                                      rector of the 11th Marines Artillery Training
                                               I would like to thank Congresswoman                    School.                                                   Mr. SCHRADER. Madam Speaker, I want to
                                            HALVORSON for her leadership in introducing                   Subsequently, Colonel Hymes became the             take a moment and thank Chairman SKELTON
                                            this resolution and her commitment to the                 Fire Support Operational Test Project Officer          and Ranking Member MCHUGH for their tire-
                                            safety of America’s homeowners.                           at the Marine Corps Operational Test and               less work on behalf of the men and women of
                                              At a time when we are encouraging home-                 Evaluation Activity, Quantico, Virginia. After         our Armed Services. I would also like to con-
                                            owners to stay in their homes and increasing              transferring to the 2d Marine Division, Camp           gratulate Congressman MCHUGH and wish him
                                            our efforts to spur new homeownership, we                 Lejeune, North Carolina he served with the             luck as he transitions to his new post as Sec-
                                                                                                      10th Marine Regiment where he was the Op-              retary of the Army.
                                            must also recognize the importance of ensur-
                                                                                                      erations Officer and Executive Officer for 2d             Madam Speaker, I rise today in support of
                                            ing the safety of homeowners within their
                                                                                                      Battalion, 10th Marines and then the Regi-             the Skelton en bloc amendment which in-
                                            homes.                                                    mental Operations Officer.                             cludes legislation I introduced requiring the
                                               Each year, 20,000 deaths and an average                    After reporting to Okinawa for duty with III       Department of Defense to notify any member
                                            of 21 million medical visits result from uninten-         Marine Expeditionary Force, he served in the           of the Armed Forces who is exposed to a po-
                                            tional injuries in the home, according to the             G–3 Exercise Branch as the South East Asia             tentially harmful material or contaminant and
                                            Home Safety Council. The top five causes of               Exercise Branch Head and Tandem Thrust                 inform them of the health risks associated with
                                            unintentional home injury deaths include, falls,          Exercise Planner. He then returned to                  that exposure. In the case the exposed soldier
                                            poisoning, fires or burns, choking or suffo-              Twentynine Palms, California for duty as the           is a member of a reserve component, the Sec-
                                            cation, and drowning. Such home injuries can              Commanding Officer, 3d Battalion, 11th Ma-             retary of Defense will be required to notify the
                                            cost employers up to $38 billion dollars a year.          rines where he deployed the battalion to sup-          State military department.
                                                                                                      port Operation Enduring Freedom and then                  Back in March I spoke with one of my con-
                                              Many of these deaths and injuries could                 Operation Iraqi Freedom. Colonel Hymes was             stituents, Larry Roberta, a member of the Or-
                                            have been prevented if homeowners were                    later assigned to the Expeditionary Force De-          egon National Guard who is suffering the
                                            equipped with the knowledge of simple and in-             velopment Center at the Marine Corps Com-              health effects of being exposed to toxic chemi-
                                            expensive steps to reduce the injury of risk in           bat Development Center as the Integration              cals on the battlefield. In 2003, while serving
                                            each area of the home.                                    Branch Head and Deputy Director for Oper-              in Iraq, Oregon National Guard Members like
                                              Furthermore, children and older adults have             ations.                                                Larry     were     unknowingly     exposed     to
                                                                                                          Madam Speaker, throughout his career,              Hexavalent Chromium while assigned to pro-
                                            increased rates of unintentional home injury.
                                                                                                      Colonel Hymes received many personal                   tect contractors rebuilding a water treatment
                                            We must encourage adults, parents, care-                  awards including the Bronze Star with Combat
                                            givers to take greater actions to reduce unin-                                                                   facility near Iraqi oil fields. The problem with
                                                                                                      ‘‘V’’, the Meritorious Service Medal with four         chemicals like Hexavalent Chromium is they
                                            tentional injuries to protect the most vulnerable         Gold Stars, the Navy Marine Corps Achieve-
                                            family members.                                                                                                  can cause severe illnesses that may not ap-
                                                                                                      ment Medal, and the Combat Action Ribbon.              pear until months or years after the exposure.
                                              H. Res. 543 encourages manufacturers to                 Upon his retirement, I commend him for his                Their exposure to this cancerous agent was
                                            develop innovative safety products and fea-               outstanding service and wish him the best of           withheld from them while they were in the the-
                                            tures to help lessen home injuries and acci-              luck in all of his future endeavors.                   ater, and many of our soldiers are still un-
                                            dents and encourages all levels of government                               f                                    aware the symptoms they are experiencing
                                            to support funding for critical home safety edu-                  EARMARK DECLARATION                            may be related to a toxic exposure. Fast for-
                                            cation programs to reduce the risks from                                                                         ward six years and the Oregon Guard is still
                                            home injuries.                                                         HON. TODD TIAHRT                          having a difficult time tracking down all the
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                                                                                                                             soldiers they feel may have been exposed.
                                               I strongly support H. Res. 543 and cannot                                    OF KANSAS
                                                                                                                                                                The estimated number of exposed Oregon
                                            stress enough how home safety education and                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                             soldiers is in the hundreds—many of these
                                            awareness can help saves lives and money.                            Friday, June 26, 2009                       soldiers are still unaware they may have been
                                              I urge all of my colleagues to support this               Mr. TIAHRT. Madam Speaker, pursuant to               exposed to toxic substances that are impact-
                                            important resolution.                                     the Republican Leadership standards on ear-            ing their health. Had there been a notification

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008     08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00038   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.010    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1611
                                            requirement and protocol in place it is very            funding would be used for a historic structures        distinguished service to the Intelligence Com-
                                            likely these soldiers would be identified, aware        report to help better anticipate future mainte-        munity.
                                            of their situation, and able to seek the appro-         nance and repair needs before they become                 I have had the pleasure of working with Mr.
                                            priate care they need.                                  emergency situations.                                  Large throughout his tenure as the Director of
                                               We’re within days of sending 3,000 of Or-               Project Name: Idaho Sage-Grouse Manage-             the National Reconnaissance Office. When he
                                            egon’s finest to the Middle East. This amend-           ment Plan                                              assumed this role in 2007, the organization
                                            ment provides them with added security and                 Amount: $500,000                                    was undertaking significant transformation that
                                            protection they need, and frankly deserve. I’d             Account: Fish and Wildlife Service/ESA Re-          he helped initiate in earlier leadership roles.
                                            like to thank Chairman SKELTON and Ranking              source Management                                      He carefully guided changes to strengthen his
                                            Member MCHUGH for their support to address                 Recipient: Idaho Governor’s Office of Spe-          organization’s role as the nation’s primary
                                            this critical issue that has impacted so many           cies Conservation                                      source of space reconnaissance for military
                                            of Oregon’s citizen soldiers, and I urge my col-           Recipient’s Address: 300 N. 6th Street,             and intelligence forces.
                                            leagues to support the adoption of this impor-          Boise, ID 83702                                           Mr. Large’s prior assignments prepared him
                                            tant amendment.                                            Description: Sage-grouse are on the verge           well for this leadership role. He served as the
                                                             f                                      of being listed under the Endangered Species           Principal Deputy Director of the National Re-
                                                                                                    Act, with a decision on listing expected this          connaissance Office from April, 2007 until his
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                              spring. Idaho is taking proactive steps to re-         appointment as Director later that year. He
                                                                                                    cover this species before a listing is required.       also served as Director of the Imagery Sys-
                                                    HON. MICHAEL K. SIMPSON                         The management plan, which is a partnership            tems Operations and Acquisition Directorate
                                                                 OF IDAHO                           with private landowners, is an attempt to be           from 2003 to 2006, during a period of signifi-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      wise stewards of the nation’s wildlife without         cant technological and programmatic chal-
                                                                                                    being compelled to do so by law.                       lenges.
                                                         Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                                                                       Project Name: Piva Parcel Land Acquisition             Mr. Large has carried out leadership assign-
                                               Mr. SIMPSON. Madam Speaker, in accord-                  Amount: $400,000                                    ments in two other intelligence community or-
                                            ance with the policies and standards put forth             Account: USFS/Land Acquisition                      ganizations. He was Director of the Source
                                            by the House Appropriations Committee and                  Recipient: U.S. Forest Service, Sawtooth            Operations and Management Directorate at
                                            the GOP Leadership, I would like to list the            National Recreation Area                               the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.
                                            congressionally-directed projects I requested              Recipient’s Address: 5 North Fork Canyon            He also served in the Central Intelligence
                                            in my home state of Idaho that are contained            Road, Ketchum, ID 83340                                Agency’s Directorate of Operations and as As-
                                            in the report of H.R. 2996, the FY2010 Inte-               Description: Funds will be used to enable           sociate Director of the Science and Tech-
                                            rior, Environment, and Related Agencies Ap-             the Forest Service to acquire the 160-acre             nology directorate, leading technology devel-
                                            propriations Bill.                                      Piva parcel from a willing seller so that it can       opment programs. Mr. Large made funda-
                                               Project Name: City of Buhl Wastewater Sys-           be used for public recreation and access to            mental contributions to these programs and
                                            tem Improvements                                        the Redfish Lake recreation area from the              helped establish them as some of the nation’s
                                               Amount: $500,000                                     town of Stanley. The Forest Service currently          premier intelligence efforts.
                                               Account: EPA/STAG                                    has a conservation easement on the property,
                                               Recipient: City of Buhl                                                                                        Mr. Large’s determination to lead funda-
                                                                                                    but acquiring the land is necessary to carry           mental changes in his organization, his willing-
                                               Recipient’s Address: 203 North Broadway,             out planned improvements.
                                            Buhl, ID 83316                                                                                                 ness to assume leadership roles in other intel-
                                                                                                       Project Name: SNRA Trail Maintenance and            ligence organizations, and his ability to facili-
                                               Description: The city is periodically exceed-        Improvements
                                            ing the NPDES limitations under the Clean                                                                      tate collaborative partnerships with other ele-
                                                                                                       Amount: $1,200,000                                  ments of the Intelligence Community are testa-
                                            Water Act and was recently fined by EPA for                Account: Capital Improvements and Mainte-
                                            non-compliance of their pH, Total Suspended                                                                    ment to the quality of his leadership.
                                                                                                    nance (Trail Construction)
                                            Solids (TSS), and Biochemical Oxygen De-                                                                          In announcing that he was stepping down
                                                                                                       Recipient: U.S. Forest Service, Sawtooth
                                            mand (BOD) limitations. IDEQ and EPA have                                                                      as Director of the National Reconnaissance
                                                                                                    National Recreation Area
                                            mandated that the city build a new wastewater                                                                  Office, Mr. Large reminded his workforce of
                                                                                                       Recipient’s Address: 5 North Fork Canyon
                                            treatment center. Buhl, a town of less than                                                                    the critical role of space reconnaissance to the
                                                                                                    Road, Ketchum, ID 83340
                                            5,000 residents, recently passed a bond elec-                                                                  nation: For nearly 50 years the NRO has pro-
                                                                                                       Description: Funds will be used for trail con-
                                            tion for $15 million to help pay for the required                                                              vided this nation with an undeniable intel-
                                                                                                    struction, maintenance, and improvement in
                                            improvements to their water system. The loan                                                                   ligence and operational advantage. Today the
                                                                                                    the Sawtooth National Recreation Area. Of the
                                            funds will be a burden to the residents—many                                                                   NRO continues to provide mission critical in-
                                                                                                    funds appropriated for trail maintenance and
                                            of whom are elderly (19% of the community)                                                                     formation to all of our end users. We are
                                                                                                    improvement in the Sawtooth National Recre-
                                            and the majority of whom are low to moderate                                                                   clearly on the verge of taking our mission to
                                                                                                    ation Area, $500,000 is for trail improvements;
                                            income—and will increase monthly water bills                                                                   the next level and have set in motion strategic
                                                                                                    $500,000 is for maintenance of existing motor-
                                            by over $100, but even this will be                                                                            initiatives which will clearly demonstrate the
                                                                                                    ized trails and areas; and $200,000 is for the
                                            unsustainable without additional assistance.                                                                   importance of what you do.
                                                                                                    improvement of two existing trails to provide
                                            Funding for this project will enable the city           primitive wheelchair access at Murdock Creek              The nation’s space reconnaissance work-
                                            build a new wastewater treatment center that            and Phyllis Lake.                                      force and systems are better positioned to
                                            would meet the Federal and State mandates                  I appreciate the opportunity to provide a list      contribute to the nation’s defenses as a result
                                            imposed on the community.                               of congressionally-directed projects in my dis-        of the leadership of this public servant. For
                                               Project Name: Historic Old Pen Site Sta-             trict that have received funding in the Interior,      this, we thank Mr. Large and wish him contin-
                                            bilization Project                                      Environment, and Related Agencies Appro-               ued success in all of his future endeavors.
                                               Amount: $150,000                                     priations Act for FY2010 and provide an expla-
                                               Account: National Park Service/Save Amer-            nation of my support for them.                                            f
                                            ica’s Treasures                                                           f                                             PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                               Recipient: Idaho State Historical Society
                                               Recipient’s Address: 2205 Old Penitentiary            IN RECOGNITION OF MR. SCOTT F.
                                            Road, Boise, ID 83712                                                LARGE                                                HON. NEIL ABERCROMBIE
                                               Description: This project will provide sta-                                                                                    OF HAWAII
                                            bilization to the Old Idaho State Penitentiary                     HON. SILVESTRE REYES                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            historic site, which is operated by the Idaho                                OF TEXAS
                                            State Historical Society. The Old Pen is one of                                                                              Friday, June 26, 2009
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            the West’s most significant prison sites and                                                                      Mr. ABERCROMBIE. Madam Speaker, I re-
                                            one of the most visited cultural facilities in                      Friday, June 26, 2009                      gret that I missed rollcall vote No. 297, 389,
                                            Idaho. It thus plays a key role in the economic            Mr. REYES. Madam Speaker, I rise today to           392, 394 and 405. Had I been present, I
                                            vitality of Boise and the Treasure Valley.              pay tribute to a man of great integrity, intel-        would have voted ‘‘yea’’ on all rollcall votes
                                            Funding would be used for work needed im-               ligence and insight, Mr. Scott F. Large, on the        No. 297, 392, and 394. I would have voted
                                            mediately to stabilize the site. In addition,           occasion of his retirement after 23 years of           ‘‘nay’’ on rollcall votes No. 389 and 405.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00039   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.014    E26JNPT1
                                            E1612                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                            DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,                             IN RECOGNITION OF THE TENTH                            mark the tenth anniversary of the Olmstead
                                             ENVIRONMENT, AND RELATED                                 ANNIVERSARY       OF      THE                        decision.
                                             AGENCIES    APPROPRIATIONS                               OLMSTEAD     DECISION    SUP-                                           f
                                             ACT, 2010                                                PORTING  CIVIL  RIGHTS    FOR
                                                                                                      PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES                            INTRODUCTION   OF   THE  COM-
                                                                SPEECH OF                                                                                    PREHENSIVE      COMPARATIVE
                                                                                                                HON. DANNY K. DAVIS                          STUDY OF VACCINATED AND
                                                     HON. CHRIS VAN HOLLEN                                                                                   UNVACCINATED    POPULATIONS
                                                              OF MARYLAND                                               OF ILLINOIS
                                                                                                                                                             ACT OF 2009
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                  Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                                                                                      HON. CAROLYN B. MALONEY
                                              The House in Committee of the Whole                       Mr. DAVIS of Illinois. Madam Speaker, I                               OF NEW YORK
                                            House on the State of the Union had under               want to take this moment to recognize the
                                                                                                                                                                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            consideration the bill (H.R. 2996) making ap-           tenth anniversary of a monumental United
                                            propriations for the Department of the Inte-            States Supreme Court decision that rep-                             Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            rior, environment, and related agencies for             resented a great advance in our contemporary              Mrs. MALONEY. Madam Speaker, today, I
                                            the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, and          civil rights struggle. On June 22, 1999, the           am reintroducing bipartisan legislation that I
                                            for other purposes:                                     United States Supreme Court asserted the               hope will resolve the question of whether there
                                               Mr. VAN HOLLEN. Madam Chair, I rise in               right of individuals with disabilities to reside in    is any link between the increased incidence of
                                            support of this FY 10 Interior-Environment Ap-          their community via a 6–3 ruling. The                  neurological disorders, including autism, and
                                            propriations bill for the investments it makes in       Olmstead v. L.C. decision stated that making           the use of certain vaccines and/or multiple
                                            our infrastructure, natural resources and cul-          services for disabled individuals available only       vaccine schedules. Vaccines have been in-
                                            tural life—as well as its commitment to tack-           in institutions, thereby forcing them out of their     strumental in reducing the incidence of many
                                            ling the ongoing challenge of global climate            homes, went against the Americans with Dis-            once-common diseases. However, there con-
                                            change.                                                 abilities Act. Essentially, the Olmstead deci-         tinue to be questions raised in numerous
                                               This legislation provides $10.46 billion for         sion clarified the fact that the Americans with        media reports, and by medical professionals,
                                            the Environmental Protection Agency to safe-            Disabilities Act gives individuals with disabil-       regarding the safety of vaccines and multiple
                                            guard our nation’s land, air and water. Of that         ities the right to choose to receive their care        vaccine schedules while there have been no
                                            amount, $2.3 billion will go to the Clean Water         in the community rather than in an institutional       comprehensive studies comparing the health
                                            State Revolving Fund and $1.4 billion will go           setting. Provision of care within one’s commu-         outcomes        between       vaccinated     and
                                            to the Drinking Water State revolving fund to           nity via personal care assistants is cost-effec-       unvaccinated populations.
                                            help over 1500 communities improve their                tive and improves the quality of life of persons          We owe it to parents and children to study
                                            wastewater and drinking water systems. One              with disabilities. Studies show the cost of pro-       and resolve the question of a possible link be-
                                            and a half billion dollars will go to clean up          viding services in the community is much               tween vaccines and neurological disorders.
                                            hazardous and toxic waste, including $605               lower than in institutionalized settings, thereby      The comprehensive national study comparing
                                            million for our nation’s most toxic Superfund           allowing more individuals to receive services          outcomes        between       vaccinated     and
                                            sites and $100 million for brownfields cleanup          for the same cost. In addition, the ability to re-     unvaccinated children mandated by this legis-
                                            and redevelopment. And $601 million is pro-             ceive community based services and supports            lation would help resolve this controversy once
                                            vided at President Obama’s request to enable            improves the ability of persons with disabilities      and for all. As the most scientifically advanced
                                            the EPA to enforce our nation’s environmental           to lead independent lives, work, and partici-          country in the world, we should be jumping at
                                            laws.                                                   pate in their communities.                             the chance to conduct a comprehensive na-
                                               Our national parks receive $2.7 billion,                 The federal government bears the responsi-         tional study and help ensure absolute trust in
                                            which includes $100 million to support the              bility of restructuring our current health care        our nation’s vaccine program. Parents deserve
                                            park service’s 10-year initiative to upgrade            system. The inequities that exist in our health        answers, and children deserve no less than
                                            park facilities before the National Park Sys-           care system are profoundly disturbing. It is es-       absolute certainty and safety when it comes to
                                            tem’s Centennial Anniversary in 2016. Our na-           sential that we take the steps necessary to            their health, which is why I am pleased to re-
                                            tional wildlife refuge system is provided $503          create an overhaul of the health care system           introduce this legislation today.
                                            million for its conservation efforts. And the           that is both moral and practical. As Reverend                             f
                                            U.S. Forest service is allocated $2.77 billion to       Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said: ‘‘Of all
                                            manage of (Air federal forests—including tar-           the forms of inequality injustice, health care is      DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SE-
                                            geted support for the Legacy Road and Trail             the most shocking and inhumane.’’ In this spir-         CURITY APPROPRIATIONS ACT
                                            Remediation program protecting streams and              it, I urge concerned citizens to mobilize to help       2010
                                            water systems from damaged forest roads, as             us create a system that best serves those in
                                            well as the Forest Legacy Land Conservation             our society who have limited resources.                                    SPEECH OF
                                            Program to help protect environmentally im-                 As a policymaker who is adamant about im-                     HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH
                                            portant, privately owned forest lands.                  proving health care for persons with disabil-
                                                                                                                                                                                OF OHIO
                                               To support our nation’s cultural heritage,           ities, I believe it is imperative that the health
                                            this legislation invests $340 million, split even-                                                                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    care reform legislation that Congress intends
                                            ly between the National Endowment for the               to enact this year take a substantial step for-                    Wednesday, June 24, 2009
                                            Arts and the National Endowment for the Hu-             ward in requiring that all Medicaid-eligible indi-       The House in Committee of the Whole
                                            manities. And the Smithsonian will receive              viduals with disabilities have a choice between        House on the State of the Union had under
                                            $774 million for reducing its backlog of de-            receiving care at home or in an institution. The       consideration of the bill (H.R. 2892) making
                                            ferred maintenance and the planning and de-             option to receive care in one’s community is           appropriations for the Department of Home-
                                            sign of the new National Museum of African              critical to conforming to the goal of the Ameri-       land Security for the fiscal year ending Sep-
                                            American History and Culture.                           cans with Disabilities Act and with the                tember 30, 2010, and for other purposes:
                                               Finally, this bill provides a total of $420 mil-     Olmstead decision.                                       Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Chair, I rise in sup-
                                            lion on climate change related initiatives—in-              The Olmstead decision was a great step for-        port of the Department of Homeland Security
                                            cluding $50 million for the EPA’s Energy Star           ward in allowing persons with disabilities the         Appropriations Act of 2009 and the employees
                                            program, $17 million for the development of a           option to receive care in their own community.         of the Department of Homeland Security
                                            Greenhouse Gas Registry necessary for moni-             The tenth anniversary of the Olmstead deci-            (DHS). The service and dedication of the men
                                            toring greenhouse gases and $10 million for             sion symbolizes the struggle to create more            and women that work to ensure the safety of
                                            new grants to empower local communities to              options in our current health care system. We          our country is admirable.
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            find innovative ways to cut their, greenhouse           must strive to include the tenets of the                 This bill responds to the public safety needs
                                            gas emissions.                                          Olmstead decision in our health care reform            of our communities in a time of hardship by
                                               Madam Chair, I commend Chairman DICKS,               plans. Including provisions that provide choice        providing $800 million in grants to fire depart-
                                            Ranking Member SIMPSON and the rest of the              in location of care to Medicaid-eligible persons       ments, of which $380 million is provided for
                                            subcommittee for developing this thoughtful             with disabilities in comprehensive health care         the Assistance for Firefighters Grants program
                                            bill, and I urge my colleagues’ support.                reform legislation would be a wonderful way to         used to train, hire and retain our local firemen

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00040   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.018    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1613
                                            and women. It funds an increase in the num-             laboration within the Federal government. In           the social, political and environmental stability
                                            ber of border patrol agents to 20,019, pro-             addition, improving cooperation between the            of range states throughout the world. Con-
                                            viding additional jobs and better national secu-        Federal Government and non-governmental                gress must act to ensure that the Federal
                                            rity. I also support the provisions requiring           organizations to increase public awareness             Government has the authority and tools it
                                            DHS to monitor the medical care of all detain-          about illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade,        needs to promote the conservation of wildlife
                                            ees held in immigration detention facilities and        to raise awareness about the implications of           resources abroad, to protect the environmental
                                            to direct Immigration and Customs Enforce-              global biodiversity loss, to enhance assistance        health and security of the United States today,
                                            ment (ICE) to report to Congress on steps it            to range states in the conservation of their           and ensure that we pass on those resources
                                            has taken to ensure that all detainees are re-          wildlife, and to close existing gaps in current        to future generations.
                                            ceiving proper medical care and attention.              conservation activities, is necessary and long            I look forward to working with my colleagues
                                               I remain concerned about provisions in the           overdue.                                               on both sides of the aisle to advance this leg-
                                            bill regarding prisoners held in the Guanta-               The Global Wildlife Conservation, Coordina-         islation and to strengthen the abilities of the
                                            namo Bay detention facility. I commend Presi-           tion and Enhancement Act of 2009, which I              Federal Government to provide critical wildlife
                                            dent Obama’s pledge to close Guantanamo                 have introduced today, would address these             conservation support around the world and to
                                            Bay, but this bill fails to ensure that the rule        needs by consolidating and enhancing the au-           maintain the United States’ leadership role
                                            of law and our commitment to universal                  thority of the Secretary of the Interior to spe-       internationally in wildlife conservation.
                                            human rights are being upheld for detainees.            cifically conduct fish and wildlife conservation                           f
                                               Section 522(a) of the bill requires the De-          activities internationally. This legislation re-
                                            partment of Homeland Security to conduct ex-            flects the solid input gained through two over-                 TRIBUE TO FRANK REYES
                                            tensive threat assessments for all detainees            sight hearings conducted by the Committee on
                                            held at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility           Natural Resources during the 110th Congress.                              HON. JOE BACA
                                            as of April 20, 2009, and to place all detainees        The bill also benefits from extensive dialogue                             OF CALIFORNIA

                                            on the ‘‘no-fly’’ list unless there is Presidential     with wildlife conservationists, zoo and aquar-                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            Certification to exclude them on such a list.           ium professionals, law enforcement experts,                         Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            This section also prohibits any funds in the act        animal health and welfare organizations, and              Mr. BACA. Madam Speaker, I stand here
                                            from being used to provide detainees with any           other stakeholders.                                    today to honor the career and contributions of
                                            immigration benefits, including refugee or asy-            Title I of the bill would create an Institute for   a longstanding community activist, dear friend,
                                            lum classification. The treatment and detention         International Wildlife Conservation within the         loving husband, and father—Frank Reyes.
                                            of hundreds of foreign nationals held indefi-           United States Fish and Wildlife Service,                  After 32 years of loyal service to the Inland
                                            nitely and illegally without charge at Guanta-          through which the Department of the Interior’s         Empire of Southern California, Frank recently
                                            namo Bay has violated our most basic demo-              international conservation initiatives would be        announced his retirement from his post as Ex-
                                            cratic principles. The burden to right this             coordinated and collaborative partnerships             ecutive Director of Governmental Relations for
                                            wrong by ensuring due process for the re-               built. The Institute, which would enhance and          the San Bernardino City Community College
                                            maining 245 falls on the U.S. The detainees             strengthen the Service’s existing International        District (SBCCD).
                                            held at Guantanamo Bay must be afforded ha-             Affairs Office, would have authority to carry             Frank has made San Bernardino, California,
                                            beas corpus protections. We must have the               out a targeted public education and aware-             his home since first immigrating to the United
                                            confidence in our own U.S. system of justice            ness campaign to better inform U.S. con-               States from Guadalajara, Mexico, at age 12.
                                            to try the detainees.                                   sumers of the illegal trade in wildlife and wild-      He attended San Bernardino High School and
                                               I will continue to work to ensure all have           life products, and most important, what they           Valley College before earning his degree in
                                            equal protection under the law. I urge my col-          can do to limit the United States as a market          business from Cal State San Bernardino.
                                            leagues to support passage of this bill.                for illegal contraband.                                   While Frank’s academic background is in
                                                             f                                         The Institute also would be empowered to            business, his true passion lies in the field of
                                                                                                    provide financial, educational and technical as-       education. Before joining SBCCD, Frank
                                            INTRODUCTION OF THE GLOBAL                              sistance to range states and other partner in-         worked as both a professor and a student
                                              WILDLIFE CONSERVATION, CO-                            stitutions to support capacity building, to cre-       counselor. During his tenure at SBCCD,
                                              ORDINATION AND ENHANCEMENT                            ate and enhance locally adapted wildlife man-          Frank’s strong leadership helped secure over
                                              ACT OF 2009                                           agement programs abroad, and to develop                $100 million in grant money for both Crafton
                                                                                                    professional cadres of wildlife conservationists       Hills College and San Bernardino Valley Col-
                                                 HON. MADELEINE Z. BORDALLO                         in the United States and abroad. In addition,          lege.
                                                                 OF GUAM                            the Institute, through its Center for Inter-              Frank has received numerous Community
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      national Wildlife Recovery Partnerships, would         Awards, from myself and many others for his
                                                                                                    provide a forum for the active collaboration of        excellent work in the areas of education, coun-
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                                                                    federal, state, tribal, local, and non-govern-         ty safety, and community leadership.
                                               Ms. BORDALLO. Madam Speaker, as our                  mental entities regarding wildlife conservation           Frank has been an active member of many
                                            understanding of human impacts on the envi-             and the care, rehabilitation and recovery of           distinguished professional organizations, in-
                                            ronment grows, so too, must our commitment              threatened and endangered wildlife species.            cluding, the Hispanic Association of Colleges
                                            to the protection and conservation of the                  Title II of this bill would create a Global         and Universities, the California Teachers’ As-
                                            world’s fish and wildlife resources. The United         Wildlife Coordination Council within the Execu-        sociation, the California Community College
                                            States is largely regarded as the global                tive Branch in recognition of the fact that inter-     Counselors Association, the Association of
                                            frontrunner in international fish and wildlife          national wildlife conservation is a multi-dimen-       Mexican American Educators, and the Inland
                                            conservation. Our nation has a longstanding             sional issue that requires the broad involve-          Empire Latino Business Council.
                                            history of sharing our knowledge, technical             ment of the Federal Government to be suc-                 In addition, Frank has been involved in nu-
                                            abilities, and experience gained through the            cessful. This Council, which is patterned after        merous philanthropic activities in the San
                                            North American Model of Wildlife Conservation           the highly successful United States Coral Reef         Bernardino area. He is a board member with
                                            to aid other countries in the conservation of           Task Force, would be comprised of various              Hands of Mercy, which builds homes for the
                                            their wildlife and wildlife habitat. Unfortunately,     Federal agencies with a responsibility and             needy in Ensenada, is an active member of
                                            wildlife conservation resources, including              stake in global wildlife conservation. To com-         the Kiwanis Club of Greater San Bernardino,
                                            trained wildlife professionals and basic                prehensively address the myriad threats con-           and has been very involved with the Jerry
                                            logistical and communication tools, still com-          fronting global wildlife, this Council would be        Lewis Fire Training Facility. I know Frank will
                                            monly remain unavailable in many foreign                tasked to develop a cross-cutting strategy to          continue to work tirelessly, even in retirement,
                                            range states that are home to globally signifi-         better utilize existing resources to increase          to support the causes he believes in.
                                            cant species.                                           Federal coordination without creating new bu-             I have had the great privilege of becoming
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               Notwithstanding the many successful con-             reaucracy.                                             close, personal friends with Frank, his wonder-
                                            servation initiatives implemented by the United            In closing, the illegal wildlife trade, which       ful wife, Eloise, and their son Christopher. In
                                            States Fish and Wildlife Service around the             has received considerably less public attention        addition to being an outstanding husband and
                                            world through its programs such as Wildlife             than the illegal trade in narcotics and weap-          father, Frank has always been a strong sup-
                                            Without Borders Program, there remains a                ons, is an increasing challenge threatening not        porter to me and my family, and for that—I am
                                            glaring need to improve coordination and col-           only the conservation of biodiversity but also         forever grateful.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00041   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.021    E26JNPT1
                                            E1614                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                               My wife Barbara and I, my sons Councilman            DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR,                            just outside Chicago and in my district, Brook-
                                            Joe Baca Jr. and Jeremy, and my daughters                ENVIRONMENT, AND RELATED                              field Zoo has consistently been a leader in
                                            Natalie and Jennifer cherish their friendship,           AGENCIES    APPROPRIATIONS                            cutting edge animal science, zoo management
                                            and are appreciative of all they have done               ACT, 2010                                             and education programs. The zoo has been
                                            over the years to create positive change in the                                                                and will continue to be a wonderful resource
                                            Inland Empire.                                                               SPEECH OF                         for the people of metropolitan Chicago, the
                                               In fact, I gave Eloise Reyes a ‘‘Woman of                                                                   State of Illinois and beyond. I ask my col-
                                            the Year’’ award in 1993, when I was in the
                                                                                                              HON. PAUL E. KANJORSKI                       leagues to join me today in honoring Brook-
                                                                                                                     OF PENNSYLVANIA
                                            California State Legislature. She was recog-                                                                   field Zoo on the occasion this distinguished
                                            nized for all her great work in the community,               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   anniversary.
                                            and for being a true trailblazer as the first His-                  Thursday, June 25, 2009                       Brookfield Zoo, owned by the Forest Pre-
                                            panic, female attorney in the Inland Empire.                                                                   serve District of Cook County and managed
                                                                                                      The House in Committee of the Whole
                                               Madam Speaker, my good friend Frank                  House on the State of the Union had under
                                                                                                                                                           by the Chicago Zoological Society, has a stat-
                                            Reyes has lived a true life of service. He is a         consideration the bill (H.R. 2996) making ap-          ed mission to ‘‘inspire conservation leadership
                                            perfect example of what one can achieve with            propriations for the Department of the Inte-           by connecting people with wildlife.’’ It plays
                                            hard work, dedication, faith in God, and love           rior, environment, and related agencies for            host to 2.1 million visitors annually, and cares
                                            in family and friends. My family and I con-             the fiscal rear ending September 30, 2010, and         for 3000 animals representing 450 different
                                            gratulate him on a wonderful career, and wish           for other purposes:                                    animal species.
                                            him nothing but the best in retirement.                    Mr. KANJORSKI. Madam Chair, I rise today               Brookfield Zoo first opened to the public in
                                                             f                                      in support of the manager’s amendment put              1934. Following the overwhelming approval of
                                                                                                    forth by Chairman DICKS to H.R. 2996, the De-          a referendum by the people of Cook County,
                                            WHITMAN HOSPITAL                     AND MED-                                                                  construction began on the Zoo in 1926. While
                                                                                                    partment of the Interior, Environment, and Re-
                                             ICAL  CENTER OF                      COLVILLE,                                                                the onset of the Great Depression hindered
                                                                                                    lated Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010. This
                                             WASHINGTON                                                                                                    progress, the federal Civil Works Administra-
                                                                                                    manager’s amendment incorporates an
                                                                                                    amendment I offered to allow funds appro-              tion (CWA) assisted in completing construction
                                               HON. CATHY McMORRIS RODGERS                          priated to the Office of Surface Mining (OSM)          of the Zoo, and today many of the original,
                                                             OF WASHINGTON
                                                                                                    to be used as the non-Federal share of the             historic CWA buildings remain in use at the
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      cost of certain environmental restoration              Zoo.
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009                     projects that repair acid mine drainage from              Brookfield Zoo has been an innovative lead-
                                                                                                    coal abandoned mines.                                  er among zoos. Notably, the zoo was one of
                                               Mrs. MCMORRIS RODGERS. Madam                                                                                the first ‘‘bar-less’’ zoos in North America. A
                                            Speaker, I rise today to recognize Whitman                 For many years, the Interior Appropriations
                                                                                                    bill authorized OSM to provide matching funds          revolution among zoos began in Europe in
                                            Hospital and Medical Center in Colville, Wash-                                                                 1900, where cramped cages were disdained in
                                            ington. Whitman Hospital, founded in 1893,              for federally-funded projects related to treat-
                                                                                                    ment or abatement of acid mine drainage from           favor of spacious enclosures, surrounded by
                                            has carried out its mission of providing med-                                                                  moats and landscaped in natural settings. This
                                            ical care to members of the rural community in          abandoned mines. The language was inad-
                                                                                                                                                           was based on the belief that ’animals should
                                            Northeast Washington for over 115 years.                vertently removed from the appropriations bill
                                                                                                                                                           be exhibited in as near natural conditions as
                                               Whitman Hospital and Medical Center is               several years ago and today I am pleased that
                                                                                                                                                           possible’, for the benefit of both the animal
                                            dedicated to assuring medical service is pro-           Chairman DICKS agreed to collect this over-
                                                                                                                                                           and the viewing public. Brookfield Zoo was de-
                                            vided in accordance with its core values of re-         sight by restoring this important provision in
                                                                                                                                                           signed with this modern concept in mind, and
                                            spect, compassion, teamwork, stewardship,               the fiscal year 2010 legislation.
                                                                                                                                                           creatively overcame the challenges involved in
                                            and responsiveness to the community. In addi-              Communities that are impacted by environ-
                                                                                                                                                           maintaining safe, cageless environments in
                                            tion to emergency services and surgery, the             mental damage related to abandoned mines
                                                                                                                                                           the northern climate of Chicago. Today, exhib-
                                            Medical Center operates a variety of clinics to         tend to be in economically distressed areas of
                                                                                                                                                           its maintain their modern approach through a
                                            support non-critical community health, such as          the country. These communities have small
                                                                                                                                                           focus on ecosystems, incorporating native
                                            allergy, cardiology, neurology, and ear, nose           budgets and little, if any, money for environ-         plants into animals’ habitats.
                                            and throat conditions. The Whitman Hospital             mental restoration projects. Furthermore, the             Another ‘‘first’’ was the creation of a specific
                                            and Medical Center also provides opportuni-             economic downtown has caused budget short-             Children’s Playground at the Zoo in 1937,
                                            ties for health education through classes, pro-         falls for many municipalities and providing            which was later formalized into the Children’s
                                            grams, and training seminars. The hospital              basic services such as police and fire protec-         Zoo in 1953. This facility provided children not
                                            proved its resilience by winning the ‘‘Top 100          tion takes precedent over environmental res-           only with a location to play, but also enabled
                                            Benchmark Hospital’’ award in 1994 and 1995             toration.                                              them to interact with animals, including goats,
                                            despite nearly closing due to financial difficul-          Permitting OSM to use these funds to serve          ducks, and lambs. Following the successful
                                            ties in the late 1980s. Whitman Hospital and            as the local match will help meet the depart-          development of these facilities, Brookfield Zoo
                                            Medical Center’s employees have contributed             ment’s mission of ensuring that citizens and           became the first zoo in North America to ex-
                                            to providing the rural counties of Northeast            the environment are protected during mining            hibit giant pandas in 1937, to breed black
                                            Washington the kinds of healthcare options              and that the land is restored to beneficial use        rhinos (1941) and okapi (1959) in captivity,
                                            often only available in large urban centers.            when mining is finished. This provision will not       and created the first inland ‘‘Dolphinarium’’ in
                                               Currently in the second stage of a $19 mil-          cost the federal government any additional             1960. It was also among the first to open a
                                            lion building and expansion project, the hos-           dollars.                                               zoo animal hospital and to launch animal nutri-
                                            pital and medical center continues to strive to            In closing, I would like to thank Chairman          tion programs.
                                            provide better and more varied healthcare op-           DICKS for including my amendment in this leg-             Just like millions of others, I have fond
                                            tions. In its first stage of construction, the hos-     islation and urge my colleagues to support this        memories of Brookfield Zoo from my child-
                                            pital constructed a new facility to house a 25-         manager’s amendment.                                   hood. Growing up in Chicago, I was a member
                                            bed inpatient center, labor and delivery rooms,                           f                                    of the zoo for many years when I was in grade
                                            and radiology clinic. The current construction                                                                 school and high school. It was a fun and safe
                                            stage, scheduled for completion in late sum-            CELEBRATING THE 75TH ANNIVER-                          place to go at all times of the year. Although
                                            mer, 2009, involves remodeling several cur-              SARY   OF  BROOKFIELD   ZOO,                          I did not think about it at the time, I received
                                            rent operations, such as the respiratory ther-           COOK COUNTY, IL                                       a great education at Brookfield Zoo, including
                                            apy clinic and pharmacy.                                                                                       learning about not only animals and habitats
                                               Madam Speaker, I believe the ongoing ef-                         HON. DANIEL LIPINSKI                       around the world, but also the environment
                                            forts to provide excellent medical assistance to                            OF ILLINOIS                        and environmental stewardship.
                                            the counties of Northeast Washington make                                                                         Education is something that Brookfield Zoo
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            the Whitman Hospital and Medical Center wor-                                                                   is strongly committed to. Last year, 250,000
                                            thy of recognition before this body. I invite my                   Friday, June 26, 2009                       students participated in school field trips to
                                            colleagues to join me in honoring Whitman                 Mr. LIPINSKI. Madam Speaker, I rise to               Brookfield Zoo, and more than 1,700 teachers
                                            Hospital and Medical Center by observing                commemorate the Chicago Zoological Soci-               participated in training and certification pro-
                                            over 115 years of continuing dedication to              ety’s Brookfield Zoo, which is celebrating its         grams there as well. Facilities such as Brook-
                                            community health services and education.                75th anniversary. Located in Cook County,              field Zoo are important sources of informal

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00042   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.023   E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1615
                                            science education, which can develop interest           the enhancement of community programs.                 Maryland have greatly benefitted their commu-
                                            among children in future technological and sci-         Fundraising during Dr. O’Brien’s tenure re-            nity and our State of Maryland. Both of them
                                            entific scholarship and careers. Brookfield Zoo         shaped the College’s scholarships, professor-          will be sorely missed.
                                            has a remarkable research and professional              ships, lecture and learning series, and arts,                             f
                                            training program organized under the Center             athletic, and community programs. External
                                            for the Science of Animal Well-Being. Through           support made possible the Paul H. Nitze                HONORING CAPTAIN MARK GINDA
                                            the Chicago Zoological Society, field programs          Scholars Program, the annual River Concert              FOR HIS LEADERSHIP OF NAVAL
                                            are sponsored and undertaken, now including             Series, over 40 new scholarships, nine en-              SUBMARINE BASE NEW LONDON
                                            long-term research on bottle nose dolphins,             dowed professorships and chairs, and many
                                            western lowland gorillas, and African lions,            student and faculty awards presented at the                         HON. JOE COURTNEY
                                            among other species.                                    annual Awards Convocation.                                                OF CONNECTICUT
                                               I would like to commend Brookfield Zoo, as              The Center for the Study of Democracy was                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            well as the Chicago Zoological Society, on              established with a $2 million NEH grant and                          Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            their successful completion of 75 years of op-          challenge matches. Private funds now support              Mr. COURTNEY. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                            eration, and their continuing efforts to promote        the William Donald Schaefer Internships, the           today to honor Captain Mark S. Ginda, who,
                                            conservation leadership through education, re-          Ben Bradlee Lectures, the Andrew Goodpaster            after three years of service as Commanding
                                            search and family enjoyment. Congratulations            Lecture Series and the Patuxent Defense                Officer at Naval Submarine Base New Lon-
                                            on this notable anniversary, and I wish Brook-          Forum.                                                 don, will be moving on to his new position at
                                            field Zoo and its dedicated staff and leader-              In honoring the successful accomplishments          the Defense Liaison Division in Washington,
                                            ship many more years of success, effective re-          at St. Mary’s College under Maggie’s leader-           DC.
                                            search, and valuable education and outreach.            ship, we should also recognize the accom-                 Captain Mark Ginda has served our nation
                                                             f                                      plishments of Torre Meringolo, who has been            through his service in the Submarine force
                                                                                                    instrumental in carrying out much of Maggie’s          since 1982, when he graduated from the
                                            STATEMENT ON JANE MARGARET                              vision for the College. Torre also leaves this         United States Naval Academy. He went on to
                                            O’BRIEN AND TORRE MERINGOLO                             month after serving most of his 15 years at St.        serve on the USS George C. Marshall (SSBN
                                                                                                    Mary’s College as the Vice President for De-           654), USS Alexander Hamilton (SSBN 617),
                                                       HON. STENY H. HOYER                          velopment. He has accepted the position of             USS Sand Lance (SSN 660) and commanded
                                                              OF MARYLAND                           vice president for university advancement and          the USS Pasadena (SSN 752). Back on
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      external relations at the University of Mary           shore, Captain Ginda served as an instructor
                                                                                                    Washington.                                            at Naval Nuclear Power School, flag aide to
                                                         Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                                                                       Torre leaves a proud record of accomplish-          the Commander of the Atlantic Fleet, directed
                                               Mr. HOYER. Madam Speaker, I would like               ment at St. Mary’s. Hired originally as director       readiness preparations at Submarine Squad-
                                            to recognize the efforts of two individuals who         of the library and information services, he di-        ron FIFTEEN in Guam, helped to coordinate
                                            have been key in the success of St. Mary’s              rected a comprehensive modernization effort            intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
                                            College of Maryland. Unfortunately, both of             that encompassed library partnerships with the         (ISR) resources at the United States Strategic
                                            them have chosen to move on to new chal-                University of Maryland System, raised $2 mil-          Command.
                                            lenges and will be leaving this summer, so I            lion for library endowment, and provided the              In August 2006, Captain Ginda became the
                                            wanted to reflect on the incredible contribu-           foundation for a contemporary IT system.               48th Commanding Officer of Naval Submarine
                                            tions they have both made to the College.               Torre’s previous employment at the University          Base New London. Since then, he has over-
                                               Jane Margaret O’Brien leaves as the presi-           of Massachusetts at Amherst, Penn State Uni-           seen one of our nations most historic and im-
                                            dent of St. Mary’s College of Maryland, having          versity, and UNC Charlotte brought a strong            portant naval bases, which covers 680 acres,
                                            served in that capacity since 1996. Maggie is           knowledge of information systems to St.                serves as home to 70 tenant commands, and
                                            a personal friend and I want to salute her              Mary’s, which he deftly adapted for a smaller-         supports the officers and crew of nearly one-
                                            years of leadership as President, along with            scale campus with modest resources.                    quarter of our attack submarine fleet. He has
                                            Torre Meringolo, who has served during much                In concert with Trustee Terry Rubenstein,           done so with enthusiasm, with passion and
                                            of that time as Vice President for Develop-             chair of the board’s development committee,            with a dedication not only to strengthening the
                                            ment. Together, they brought to St. Mary’s              Torre led a professional development team              base for the future, but with a renewed com-
                                            College a strong reputation for excellence in           that successfully completed a $40.4 million            mitment to our nation’s most import asset: the
                                            scholarship, research, and community engage-            campaign. During his time, endowment funds             young Americans who serve our nation.
                                            ment.                                                   at the College grew to over $24 million. Torre            In his three years there, Captain Ginda has
                                               Dr. O’Brien received her bachelor’s degree           worked to create a modern, professionally run          overseen a flurry of activity unmatched in the
                                            from Vassar College in 1975 with a major in             Foundation, which granted over $16 million for         recent history of SUBASE New London. From
                                            biochemistry. She completed a Ph.D. in chem-            the College’s programs over the past 10                a new crane facility at the waterfront, to a
                                            istry at the University of Delaware in 1981. In         years. His passion for supporting students with        long-needed renovation of the Liberty Center
                                            her early academic career she was a member              financial needs made possible the graduation           for bachelor sailors, the completion of an ini-
                                            of the chemistry and biochemistry department            of many alumni.                                        tiative to improve housing options and a num-
                                            at Middlebury College where she also served                Under Torre’s leadership, the Alumni Office         ber of other critical projects, there isn’t a cor-
                                            as dean of the faculty. She was president of            now serves 11,000 proud alumni with regular            ner of the base where Captain Ginda hasn’t
                                            Hollins University from 1991–96.                        events and mailings to keep alumni involved            had an impact. Under his leadership, SUBASE
                                               Dr. O’Brien received a Kellogg National              and informed. His work has led to the creation         embarked on one of the most ambitious dem-
                                            Leadership Fellowship from 1989–92, served              of major campus events such as Reunion                 olition projects in the Navy, pulling down more
                                            as an International Fellow with the American            Weekend, Governor’s Cup, Madrigals, and                than 35 buildings and structures through a
                                            Association of Colleges and Universities in             now the River Concert Series on the Town-              more than $18 million undertaking of projects
                                            1990–91, and was an Eisenhower Fellow to                house Greens, all successful programs that             that will trim down the excess infrastructure at
                                            Malaysia and Hungary in 1999. She is a mem-             bring thousands of alumni and friends to the           the base and lower operating costs. He’s also
                                            ber of Phi Beta Kappa and the science honors            College annually.                                      been a commander who takes things into his
                                            society Sigma Xi. After stepping down as                   As Maggie O’Brien and Torre Meringolo de-           own hands, and recently manned the controls
                                            president, Dr. O’Brien will continue to work for        part, St. Mary’s College is today a nationally         of a backhoe and helped demolish buildings.
                                            the College with the Centre for Medieval and            recognized leader. Newsweek has called it                 More important than the bricks and mortar,
                                            Renaissance Studies in Oxford, England.                 ‘‘an Ivy-level College with a public-school price      however, has been Captain Ginda’s efforts to
                                               Dr. O’Brien assumed her post in July 1996            tag.’’ It is now consistently ranked as one of         improve the quality of life for the sailors, and
                                            and dedicated herself and the College to the            the best liberal arts schools in the nation by         their families, stationed at SUBASE New Lon-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            newly adopted Honors College Curriculum.                U.S. News and World Report, and the Prince-            don, and breath new life into the base not just
                                            She provided critical guidance to the College’s         ton Review named it a ‘‘best value college’’           as a military facility—but as a home to its resi-
                                            external relations and fundraising, which in-           this year.                                             dents and a contributing member of the south-
                                            cluded the $40 million Heritage Campaign in                I want to congratulate Maggie and Torre for         eastern Connecticut community.
                                            support of the faculty’s academic leadership,           their contributions to higher education. Their            Not too long ago SUBASE New London was
                                            the extension of the residential college, and           accomplishments at St. Mary’s College of               threatened with closure. While advocates and

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00043   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.026    E26JNPT1
                                            E1616                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                            supporters from across the state joined to-              firefighters, reserves and professional staff.            Mt. Carmel Hospital is dedicated to assuring
                                            gether to reverse this decision and keep the             The OCFA serves 22 cities and unincor-                 medical service is provided in accordance with
                                            base open, there hung over the base a sense              porated areas of Orange County, with a total           its core values of respect, compassion, justice,
                                            that it was a ‘‘relic,’’ that it was somehow an          population of more than 1,300,000, from 62             excellence, and stewardship. In addition to its
                                            outdated and gloomy place in which to serve.             fire stations and has an annual operating              operating emergency services, a surgery cen-
                                            Each and every day since arriving at the base,           budget of 260 million dollars.                         ter, rehabilitation, and diagnostic imaging, Mt.
                                            Captain Ginda worked to reverse that percep-                In addition, Chief Prather currently serves         Carmel serves the community’s underprivi-
                                            tion by reconnecting the base with the com-              on the Orange County Emergency Council,                leged and provides education to professionals
                                            munity around it, by looking forward at what             Chairs the Orange County Emergency Oper-               and laymen alike. Through their partnership
                                            the base could be, and by ensuring that the              ational Area Council, Fire Scope Board of Di-          with various other regional nonprofits, such as
                                            base is able to accomplish its most important            rectors, Co-chairs an Orange County Joint              Christ Clinic and Project Access, Mt. Carmel
                                            goal—the support of the sailors and families             Law/Fire/Health anti-terrorism advisory com-           compassionately reaches out to those who
                                            who make up our submarine force.                         mittee and is a member of the California Fire          have limited or no health insurance. Addition-
                                               Not too long after Captain Ginda took com-            Chiefs Association Executive Board of Direc-           ally, the hospital’s Resident Physician program
                                            mand of the base, I was honored to be elect-             tors. In 2002, Chip was appointed by Gov-              offers training for new medical personnel while
                                            ed as the representative of the second Con-              ernor Davis to the State Emergency Council             its Community Health Education Center pro-
                                            gressional district of Connecticut. As a new             which advises the Governor on policy matters           vides classes and support groups on aware-
                                            member from the other side of the district, it           during times of disaster and served on the             ness and health improvement opportunities.
                                            was important for me to get up to speed fast             states 2003 Blue Ribbon Fire Commission.               The excellent care and community support
                                            on the needs of the base and the challenges                 Chief Prather is also is a member of The            contributed by Mt. Carmel Hospital offers the
                                            it faced. From day one, Captain Ginda made               Raise Foundation’s Advisory Board (formerly            rural counties of Northeast Washington the
                                            sure to reach out to me, and take the time to            Prevent Child Abuse Orange County), serves             kind of healthcare options often only available
                                            walk me through his vision for the base and              as a member of the Salvation Army Advisory             in large urban centers.
                                            ensuring that no question of mine went                   Board and the Trauma Intervention Program                 In early June, 2009, Mt. Carmel Hospital
                                            unasked. His help, and counsel, was instru-              Advisory Board and numerous other boards               completed its renewal and expansion project,
                                            mental in making sure I had the knowledge I              and commissions. Chief Prather was honored             which doubled the hospital’s size and ren-
                                            needed to come to Washington to advocate                 as the recipient of the Boy Scouts Spurgeon            ovated the existing building. Construction of
                                            on behalf of the base and its importance to              Award 2000 for his involvement in Explorer             the new hospital building will increase the hos-
                                            our nation. I am so grateful for his assistance          Scouting and in 2002 was selected as the Fire          pital’s area by 70,000 square feet, which will
                                            and the close working relationship he has had            Chief of the Year by the California Fire Chiefs        include a new inpatient facility and an ex-
                                            with me and my office. I am also especially              Association.                                           panded outpatient area, emergency room, and
                                            thankful for the warm friendship that he and                Chief Prather is a member of the following          laboratory, as well as other additions.
                                            his wife, Terry, have shown and their efforts to         organizations: Orange County Chambers of                  Madam Speaker, I believe the ongoing ef-
                                            ensure that I felt at home as a member of the            Commerce, International Association of Fire            forts to provide excellent medical assistance to
                                            SUBASE New London community.                             Chiefs, Metropolitan Fire Chiefs’ Association,         the counties of Northeast Washington make
                                               Madam Speaker, it has truly been an honor             California Fire Chiefs’ Association, California        Mt. Carmel Hospital worthy of recognition be-
                                            to work with Captain Ginda, and I have no                State Firefighters’ Association, the Orange            fore this body. I invite my colleagues to join
                                            doubt that his legacy will be felt at the base           County Fire Chiefs’ Association and the Na-            me in honoring Mt. Carmel Hospital and the
                                            and in the region for some time to come. He              tional Fire Protection Association.                    Sisters of Providence by observing and cele-
                                                                                                        Chip holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in
                                            has been a terrific resource for me and my of-                                                                  brating 90 years of dedication to wellness and
                                                                                                     Management and has completed the Harvard
                                            fice, a trusted advocate for his base, and a re-                                                                health education in the community.
                                                                                                     University John F. Kennedy School of Govern-
                                            spected partner in the southeastern Con-                                                                                           f
                                                                                                     ment Program for Senior Executives in state
                                            necticut community. I ask all my colleagues in
                                                                                                     and local government. He has also attended             IN RECOGNITION OF THE THIRTY-
                                            joining me in thanking Captain Ginda for his
                                                                                                     the United States Fire Administration National           SEVENTH   ANNIVERSARY    OF
                                            service to the Navy, recognizing his tireless ef-
                                                                                                     Fire Academy, completing the Executive Fire              TITLE IX
                                            forts at SUBASE New London, and in wishing
                                                                                                     Officer Program.
                                            he and Terry good luck as they prepare to
                                                                                                        Chief Prather and his wife Katie live in San                    HON. DANNY K. DAVIS
                                            move on to this next step in their lives.
                                                                                                     Clemente California with their two children.
                                                              f                                         Chief Prather’s tireless passion for commu-                            OF ILLINOIS

                                                                                                     nity and public service has contributed im-                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            TRIBUTE TO CHARLES PRATHER,
                                             FIRE CHIEF ORANGE COUNTY                                mensely to the betterment of the community of                       Friday, June 26, 2009
                                             FIRE AUTHORITY                                          Orange County, California. I am proud to call             Mr. DAVIS of Illinois. Madam Speaker, I
                                                                                                     Chip a fellow community member, American               wish to take a moment this week to recognize
                                                                                                     and friend. I know that many community mem-
                                                            HON. KEN CALVERT                         bers are grateful for his service and salute him
                                                                                                                                                            the thirty-seventh anniversary of Title IX.
                                                               OF CALIFORNIA                                                                                When I think of this historic legislation that
                                                                                                     as he retires.                                         champions equal rights for women, I am re-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                       f                                    minded of something Betty Friedan said in her
                                                         Friday, June 26, 2009                                                                              book, the Feminine Mystique. She said, ‘‘The
                                                                                                     MT.  CARMEL    HOSPITAL  OF
                                               Mr. CALVERT. Madam Speaker, I rise today               COLVILLE, WASHINGTON CELE-                            problem that has no name—which is simply
                                            to honor and pay tribute to an individual                 BRATES 90TH ANNIVERSARY                               the fact that American women are kept from
                                            whose dedication and contributions to the                                                                       growing to their full human capacities—is tak-
                                            community of Orange County, California are                    HON. CATHY McMORRIS RODGERS                       ing a far greater toll on the physical and men-
                                            exceptional. Orange County has been fortu-                                                                      tal health of our country than any known dis-
                                                                                                                       OF WASHINGTON
                                            nate to have dynamic and dedicated commu-                                                                       ease.’’ Ms. Friedan—a leader of the women’s
                                                                                                          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            nity leaders who willingly and unselfishly give                                                                 rights movement and a founding member of
                                            their time and talent and make their commu-                           Friday, June 26, 2009                     the National Organization for Women—de-
                                            nities a better place to live and work. Fire                Mrs. MCMORRIS RODGERS. Madam                        scribed an ongoing battle; a battle that has
                                            Chief Charles ‘‘Chip’’ Prather is one of these           Speaker, I rise today to recognize Mt. Carmel          plagued our country for far too long.
                                            individuals. Chief Prather is retiring from the          Hospital in Colville, Washington. Mt. Carmel              Title IX was enacted with the purpose of re-
                                            Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA) and                  Hospital was founded in 1919 as a non-profit,          moving the barriers that could negatively con-
                                            today I honor his years of public service.               critical access, Catholic hospital and is cur-         strict the potential of over 50% of our popu-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               Chief Prather became Fire Chief for the Or-           rently run by the Sisters of Providence. For 90        lation. This monumental advance in equal
                                            ange County Fire Authority on October 1,                 years, the hospital has carried out its mission        rights for women was passed on June 23,
                                            1997. In this capacity he is responsible for the         of providing medical care to members of the            1972, with the goal of prohibiting gender dis-
                                            daily operation of one of the largest fire orga-         rural community in the Stevens, Ferry, and             crimination in education programs, especially
                                            nizations in the State of California. Under              Pend Oreille counties of Northeast Wash-               concerning athletic opportunities for young
                                            Chief Prather’s direction are a total of 1,500           ington.                                                men and women. I have time and time again

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008    08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00044   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.028    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                    E1617
                                            commended this milestone in U.S. legislation               Mr. ETHERIDGE. Mr. Chair, I rise today in           predictable veterans funding so that the De-
                                            for empowering women to engage and con-                 support of H.R. 2647, the National Defense             partment of Veterans Affairs would have the
                                            tribute positively to society as well as for en-        Authorization Act for FY 2010.                         federal funding to better serve veterans’ med-
                                            couraging women to make responsible deci-                  As the representative of Fort Bragg and             ical needs and improve health care services.
                                            sions.                                                  Pope Air Force Base, I am pleased that this            This is a very timely and important measure
                                               Upon celebrating the thirty-seventh anniver-         bill makes important investments to support            as many of our troops today are returning
                                            sary of Title IX, it is only right to recognize         our national security and recognize the con-           home in need of accessible and adequate
                                            what has thus far been accomplished since               tributions of not only our men and women in            health care services. Therefore I strongly com-
                                            the enactment of Title IX in 1972. In the arena         uniform but also the families that support             mend my colleague BOB FILNER for bringing
                                            of athletics, we have seen tremendous in-               them. It provides for a 3.4 percent pay raise          this measure before the floor.
                                            creases in the participation of women in                for service members and authorizes $1.95 bil-             This bill would authorize Congress to pro-
                                            sports. In 1972, there were merely 294,000 fe-          lion for family housing programs. It expands           vide investments in the Department of Vet-
                                            male high school athletic participants, in con-         support for those who are injured in battle,           erans Affairs medical care one year in ad-
                                            trast to the 3.6 million male participants; now,        with enhancements for the medical ‘‘mission to         vance so the department can have sufficient
                                            looking at 2006, there has been a 904% in-              heal’’ and funding to help friends and family          time to plan how to deliver the best care to an
                                            crease with just under 3 million female high            visit or otherwise support recovering service          increasing number of veterans with increas-
                                            school athletes. In 1972, only about 30,000             members. It also expands TRICARE health                ingly complex medical conditions.
                                            women continued on to collegiate athletic par-          coverage for reserve component members                    My military constituents often turn to me for
                                            ticipation, compared to 170,000 male partici-           and their families.                                    support in confronting the many challenges
                                            pants. But in 2006, that number also in-                   H.R. 2647 improves military readiness and           they face when working with the Department
                                            creased exponentially, by 456%, to 167,000              authorizes additional funds for equipment de-          of Veterans Affairs. We have come to under-
                                            female collegiate participants. In the world of         pleted by the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It          stand, that many of the challenges in efficient
                                            business, the percentage of women general               authorizes the president’s request for 15,000          health care services are attributable to the De-
                                            counsels in Fortune 500 companies rose from             more Army troops, 8,000 more Marines,                  partment of Veterans Affairs’ inadequate fund-
                                            4% to 15% between 1994 and 2002. Within                 14,650 more Air Force personnel, and 2,477             ing. For most of the past two decades, the ap-
                                            the legal profession, the percentage of women           more Navy sailors, and also includes funding           propriated funds for medical care have not
                                            in tenured positions at law schools increased           for force protection to keep those troops safe         been provided to the Department of Veterans
                                            from 5.9% in 1994 to 25.1% in 2006. In addi-            in theater. It recognizes the toll on our Army         Affairs in a timely manner. This has resulted in
                                            tion, I am certain that Title IX laid the founda-       National guard and reserves by providing new           the department’s problems in planning and
                                            tion for other advancements in equal rights for         battle gear and construction projects in our           managing care for enrolled veterans. Accord-
                                            women, such as the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay             communities.                                           ingly, this bill addresses this budgetary prob-
                                            Act of 2009 that President Obama signed into               While I am pleased that this resolution pro-        lem and allows for advance appropriations to
                                            law this January and that I proudly co-spon-            vides authorization of $50 million for Impact          ensure the department has the Federal back-
                                            sored.                                                  Aid funding, with additional $15 million for           ing to effectively address the medical needs of
                                               Even with this progress, the United States           BRAC-affected areas, these levels are inad-            our nation’s veterans.
                                            still has quite a journey ahead toward the goal         equate for the pressing needs our school dis-             As a vocal advocate for veterans’ rights, I
                                            of equality for women. There still exists resist-       tricts have as they care for military-connected        am pleased to add my voice of support for
                                            ance to efforts to treat women and men equal-           students. As the former superintendent of              H.R. 1016. I look forward to working with my
                                            ly. Even now there is still a remarkably large          North Carolina’s schools, I know first-hand that       colleagues to ensure that we continue to pro-
                                            gap between the number of female and male               we cannot provide a high-quality education             vide the necessary resources towards improv-
                                            high school and collegiate sports participants.         without high-quality facilities. In North Caro-        ing our Department of Veterans Affairs’ health
                                            Beyond athletics, there still exists gender in-         lina, the BRAC process has swelled enroll-             care programs and administrative services.
                                            equality in the work force on multiple fronts,          ment in the counties around Fort Bragg—                                   f
                                            including: the ratio of male to female profes-          Cumberland, Harnett, Johnston, and Samp-
                                            sionals; the difference in the earnings of male         son—without increasing the tax base that sup-                 IN RECOGNITION OF OFFICER
                                            and female employees; and the ratio of male             ports the local schools. Impact Aid funding has                  GARLAND C. THOMPSON
                                            to female leadership positions in the work-             barely increased in the last five years. We
                                            force. It is true that in 2003 female profes-           must renew our commitment to support these                          HON. PETE SESSIONS
                                            sional earnings had risen to 76% of what their          students and give local schools the support                                OF TEXAS
                                            male counterparts were making; nevertheless,            they need to provide them a quality education,                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            76% is still far less than 100%.                        especially in the current economic downturn                          Friday, June 26, 2009
                                               So, I celebrate the advances made during             that is straining state and local budgets.
                                            the thirty-seven years since Title IX was en-              Mr. Chair, despite this shortfall, this is a           Mr. SESSIONS. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                            acted, and I promise to continue to dedicate            strong bill that supports our men and women            today to honor Officer Garland C. Thompson’s
                                            my time and efforts to champion equal rights            in uniform, and their families, and enhances           retirement from the United States Capitol Po-
                                            for women.                                              our national security. I urge my colleagues to         lice after thirty-five years of service.
                                                                                                    join me in supporting this legislation.                   Founded in 1828, the Capitol Police have
                                                                                                                                                           protected countless lives and secured our na-
                                                             f                                                        f                                    tion’s historic Capitol complex. Officer Thomp-
                                            NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-                             VETERANS HEALTH CARE BUDGET                            son first joined the Capitol Police on June 6,
                                             TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010                           REFORM AND TRANSPARENCY                               1975. His deep sense of patriotism and dedi-
                                                                                                     ACT OF 2009                                           cation to upholding the rule of law is evident
                                                                SPEECH OF                                                                                  to all. Known as a strict enforcer, Officer
                                                                                                                                                           Thompson has ensured the safety of elected
                                                       HON. BOB ETHERIDGE                                                SPEECH OF
                                                                                                                                                           officials, staffers, journalists, and tourists alike
                                                            OF NORTH CAROLINA                                   HON. MAXINE WATERS                         and the corner of First and C Streets will not
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                         OF CALIFORNIA                       be the same without his friendly face. I have
                                                      Wednesday, June 24, 2009                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   had the pleasure of knowing him and am
                                                                                                                                                           proud to call him my friend. I know he will be
                                              The House in Committee of the Whole                               Tuesday, June 23, 2009                     greatly missed.
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            House on the State of the Union had under                  Ms. WATERS. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support             Madam Speaker, I ask my esteemed col-
                                            consideration of the bill (H.R. 2647) to au-
                                            thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for
                                                                                                    of H.R. 1016—To amend title 38, United                 leagues to join me in expressing our heartfelt
                                            military activities of the Department of De-            States Code, to provide advance appropria-             gratitude for Officer Thompson’s thirty-five
                                            fense; to prescribe military personnel                  tions authority for certain medical care ac-           years of dedicated service to the Capitol Po-
                                            strengths for fiscal year 2010, and for other           counts of the Department of Veterans Affairs.          lice and this great Nation. I wish him and his
                                            purposes:                                               This bill would ensure sufficient, timely, and         family all my very best.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00045   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.031    E26JNPT1
                                            E1618                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                            RECOGNIZING THE 20TH ANNIVER-                           identify disease-related genes and develop             down, but still remains committed to serving
                                             SARY OF THE NATIONAL CEN-                              strategies for treating and preventing disease.        his community. He has been involved in nu-
                                             TER FOR BIOTECHNOLOGY IN-                              It’s amazing that each and every week re-              merous community organizations. He also
                                             FORMATION                                              searchers are downloading data from NCBI               serves on the Hampshire County Development
                                                                                                    that is equivalent in size—I am told—to the            Authority, the Potomac Valley Transit Author-
                                                        HON. DAVID R. OBEY                          entire contents of the Library of Congress.            ity, the Romney VFW, and the American Boy
                                                              OF WISCONSIN                             The U.S. Congress has encouraged and                Scout Committee, just to name a few.
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      generously supported the more than 40 data-               Bill and his wife Thelma remain committed
                                                                                                    base resources developed by the NCBI. The              to their community and their family. They
                                                           Friday, June 26, 2009                    recent legislative requirement that the results        raised five children, boast eight grandchildren
                                               Mr. OBEY. Madam Speaker, I rise today, as            of NIH-funded research be made available               and now have five great-grandchildren.
                                            a member of the House of Representatives                through NCBI’s PubMed Central database will,              Madam Speaker, I am proud to honor Rom-
                                            who has been intimately involved with the               we believe, accelerate scientific progress and         ney’s beloved Mayor and long-time distin-
                                            area of biomedical research and health care,            the discovery of new treatments.                       guished public servant, William ‘‘Bill’’ Hicks for
                                            to draw the attention of the Congress and the              Over the past 20 years, the management of           his years of service and contributions to
                                            nation to the 20th anniversary of the National          biological information has progressed rapidly          Hampshire County and the State of West Vir-
                                            Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a          and has become an integral part of the sci-            ginia. Mayor Hicks is a friend and a fellow
                                            national resource for molecular biology infor-          entific process. It is now virtually impossible to     West Virginian. I wish him all the best in the
                                            mation located at the National Library of Medi-         think of an experimental strategy in biomedi-          years to come.
                                            cine, National Institutes of Health (NIH).              cine that does not rely heavily on the kind of
                                               I am reminded at this time of our late distin-       resources and tools developed by the NCBI                                  f
                                            guished colleague Claude Pepper who, in                 for analyzing molecular and genomic data.
                                            1987, introduced H.R. 393, a bill to establish             In summary, Madam Speaker, under Dr.                HONORING THE 100TH ANNIVER-
                                            a National Center for Biotechnology Informa-            Lipman’s careful planning and creative stew-            SARY OF PETE’S HAMBURGERS
                                            tion. As he eloquently described it, the Center         ardship the NCBI has responded successfully
                                            would deal ‘‘with nothing less than the mystery         to the challenge of the mandate of the 1988
                                            of human life and the unfolding scroll of knowl-        legislation by effectively developing a major
                                                                                                                                                                              HON. RON KIND
                                            edge, seeking to penetrate that mystery, which          national resource for molecular biology infor-                             OF WISCONSIN
                                            is life itself.’’ A quick study, Claude early on        mation that is greatly benefiting medical re-                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            concluded there was a growing need to fit to-           searchers, practitioners, educators, and the
                                            gether the pieces of the genetic puzzle so as                                                                                Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                                                                    general public.
                                            to benefit humankind. Although the term bio-               I believe that the era of ‘‘personalized medi-         Mr. KIND. Madam Speaker, I rise today to
                                            technology was relatively new at that time,             cine’’—including highly targeted individualized        honor Pete’s Hamburgers of Prairie du Chien,
                                            there was clear evidence that the whole bio-            treatments— will soon be upon us, and NCBI             Wisconsin and to recognize their 100th anni-
                                            technology information infrastructure was over-         clearly will be a driving force in making that a       versary.
                                            loaded and there was an urgent need for de-             reality. So I want to offer my congratulations to         It is reassuring to see that despite these
                                            veloping a central repository for storing and           NCBI’s visionary leader, Dr. David Lipman, to          tough economic times many American small
                                            sharing the data resulting from the explosive           NLM’s excellent director, Dr. Donald A. B.             businesses are still thriving. It was 100 years
                                            growth of research in molecular biology. The            Lindberg, and to the bright and dedicated staff        ago when Pete Gokey opened Pete’s Ham-
                                            information-handling organization envisioned            of the NCBI for 20 years of outstanding public         burgers as a small, humble stand selling pan-
                                            in the bill, the National Center for Bio-               service to the nation and to the world.                fried hamburgers. Pete Gokey’s life embodies
                                            technology Information, became a reality with                                                                  the hard work, dedication, and commitment
                                            the signing by President Reagan of the Health                             f
                                                                                                                                                           that have made our country great.
                                            Omnibus Extension Act (P.L. 100–607) on No-             HONORING MAYOR WILLIAM HICKS                              Although we recognize it today for achieving
                                            vember 4, 1988.
                                                                                                                                                           the feat of keeping its doors open for 100
                                               I remember well those early years when a
                                            group of Nobel Laureates appeared before the                   HON. SHELLEY MOORE CAPITO                       years, the story of Pete’s Hamburgers is one
                                                                                                                                                           founded upon an individual’s commitment to
                                            House Appropriations Subcommittee on                                     OF WEST VIRGINIA
                                                                                                                                                           public service and hard work. Before opening
                                            Health and laid out a vision that revolutionized             IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                           his stand to sell hamburgers, Pete Gokey was
                                            our understanding of biology and genomics.                           Friday, June 26, 2009                     a member of the volunteer fire department in
                                            Chairman Bill Natcher and those of us on the
                                                                                                       Mrs. CAPITO. Madam Speaker, I rise to               Prairie du Chien. As fate would have it, Pete
                                            subcommittee enthusiastically supported the
                                                                                                    recognize the remarkable achievements of               was selected to be the chef for one of the fire
                                            Genome Project. Its magnitude was nothing
                                                                                                    William ‘‘Bill’’ Hicks, the beloved mayor of           department’s community events, at which he
                                            short of President Kennedy’s vision of landing
                                                                                                    Romney, West Virginia.                                 was expected to serve fried hamburgers with
                                            a man on the moon for it launched a grand
                                                                                                       Bill is a veteran of the Second World War’s         onions. The hamburgers were a huge success
                                            national challenge of utmost importance to
                                                                                                    Pacific Theater where he was involved in navi-         and became the catalyst for Pete Gokey’s
                                            human        health.    NIH    Director    James
                                                                                                    gation and sighting for secret bombing mis-            successful stand.
                                            Wyngaarden testified that year that we had
                                            sequencing data on less than one-tenth of one           sions. Just fifteen days after returning home             Gokey was able to turn his stand into a fix-
                                            percent of the human genome. He said then               from the war, he married Thelma Elizabeth              ture of the Prairie du Chien community.
                                            that while the pace of biology research was             Berg on December 27, 1945.                             Whether serving hamburgers or volunteering
                                            rapidly accelerating, the ability to analyze and           Together, they made Romney their home on            as a fire fighter, Pete Gokey was a man who
                                            share information was severely constrained              July 1, 1964 and have lived there ever since.          lived a life based on hard work and service to
                                            and that if we were going to understand the             Bill worked for Western Union Telegraph Com-           his community.
                                            disease process we would need new and bet-              pany where he played a key role in setting up             Pete’s Hamburgers and its quality product
                                            ter information approaches. Clearly, the orga-          the first transcontinental microwave relay com-        have stood the test of time and I proudly stand
                                            nization defined in Claude’s bill fit that need         munications in the U.S. His work involved im-          before this chamber to recognize the success
                                            and so the Appropriations Committee readily             plementing communications infrastructure for           of Pete and his family who have dedicated
                                            provided the necessary funding for NCBI.                private and government entities located                their lives to something they love: hamburgers.
                                               Today molecular biology and genomics are             throughout West Virginia and the surrounding              I applaud the efforts of Pete Gokey and his
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            the primary drivers of medical progress. And,           areas. Through his work, Bill also developed a         family members who now run the business
                                            under the innovative leadership of Dr. David            passion for public service.                            and I am proud to see their hard work re-
                                            Lipman, NCBI’s first and current director,                 He was first elected to the Romney City             warded by 100 years of business and 100
                                            NCBI’s molecular biology information re-                Council in 1968 and later was elected as               years of service to the Prairie du Chien com-
                                            sources are empowering hundreds of thou-                Mayor of Romney in 1991. After more than 40            munity. May their success continue for many
                                            sands of researchers around the world to                years of service, Mayor Hicks recently stepped         more years to come.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00046   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K26JN8.012    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1619
                                            CONGRATULATING PAIGE EPLER                              terest of America. He used his devotion to our                  PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                             ON HER GRADUATION FROM THE                             great nation to spur and awaken that very
                                             UNIVERSITY   OF  OKLAHOMA                              same passion within every individual he knew.                                       ´
                                                                                                                                                                        HON. BEN RAY LUJAN
                                             HIGH SCHOOL                                                Beyond the battlefield, Aubrey served on the                          OF NEW MEXICO
                                                                                                    front lines of his local political community                  IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                   HON. GERALD E. CONNOLLY                          through his active leadership. He was a mem-                         Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                               OF VIRGINIA                          ber of Coffee County Board of Registrars, The                      ´
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. LUJAN. Madam Speaker, due to sched-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      American Legion and Veterans of Foreign                uling conflicts, I was unable to be present for
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009                     War, past chairman of The Coffee County Re-            rollcall vote No. 431. Had I been present, I
                                                                                                    publican Party, former president of Douglas            would have voted ‘‘no.’’
                                               Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia. Madam Speak-               Hobos & Shriner Clowns, a member of the
                                            er, I rise today to recognize Paige Laura Epler                                                                                   f
                                                                                                    Masons and Shriners, and a past president of
                                            from Woodbridge, Virginia, on her graduation            the Exchange Club. He manifested his faithful             RECOGNIZING EUROPE’S BLACK
                                            from the University of Oklahoma High School.            love for our country through continuing to sac-                   POPULATION
                                            Twelve year old Paige graduated on June 5,              rifice his time and serve his fellow citizens. His
                                            2009 as the youngest girl to earn a high
                                            school diploma from an accredited high
                                                                                                    unwavering service, vigilance, and outspoken                      HON. ALCEE L. HASTINGS
                                                                                                    nature secured freedom for all.                                            OF FLORIDA
                                            school. Paige had a 4.0 grade point average;
                                                                                                       Aubrey was an unquestionably loyal friend.                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            however, she excelled in other areas as well.
                                            An extremely accomplished violinist, in addi-           I never left Coffee County without at least one                      Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            tion to playing at her graduation, she was the          bag of peanut brittle. Enjoying a treat made by           Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam Speaker,
                                            selected violinist for NASA’s 50th Year cele-           such patriotic and loving hands was an honor.          I rise today to introduce a resolution recog-
                                            bration and at President Obama’s Inaugural              We will miss Aubrey as a friend and com-               nizing Europe’s Black population and express-
                                            Luncheon.                                               panion, and we will always be appreciative of          ing solidarity with their struggle.
                                               My colleagues also may know Paige from               the freedom we enjoy because of his and oth-              Last year, on April 29, 2008, I chaired the
                                            her passionate efforts to Save the Sharks.              ers’ sacrifice. His life undoubtedly impacted all      U.S. Helsinki Commission hearing entitled,
                                            Starting at age eight, she has worked to edu-           who came in contact with him for the better.           ‘‘The State of (In)visible Black Europe: Race,
                                            cate people about sharks and dispel the myths           Aubrey has left a lasting legacy of compas-            Rights, and Politics’’ which focused on the
                                            that have led to a number of species becom-             sion, strength, and service. May God bless his         more than 7 million people who make up Eu-
                                            ing endangered. Paige has given briefings at            memory forever!                                        rope’s Black or Afro-descendant population.
                                            the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, the                                                                         Despite their numerous contributions to Eu-
                                            Science Museum of Virginia, and to the United                             f                                    ropean society, like African-Americans here,
                                            States Congress.                                                                                               many Black Europeans face the daily chal-
                                               Madam Speaker, Paige Epler represents the                 IN REMEMBRANCE OF THOMAS                          lenges of racism and discrimination.
                                            best this country has to offer, and her dedica-                        RAE                                        This includes being the targets of violent
                                            tion to her studies bespeaks of the bright fu-                                                                 hate crimes, many of which have resulted in
                                            ture before her. I congratulate her on her won-                                                                death. Existing inequalities in education, hous-
                                            derful accomplishment and wish her well in all                    HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                      ing, and employment remain a problem and
                                            of her future endeavors.                                                      OF OHIO                          racial profiling is a norm. Few Black Euro-
                                                             f                                                                                             peans are in leadership positions and political
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                           participation is also limited for many, providing
                                                  IN TRIBUTE TO THE LATE                                                                                   obstacles for addressing these problems.
                                                   AUBREY EMMITT FALLIN                                          Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                                                                                                                              In an effort to raise public awareness of
                                                                                                      Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker, I rise                  these issues at the national and international
                                                       HON. JACK KINGSTON                           today in remembrance of Thomas Rae and in              level, the Black European Women’s Council
                                                               OF GEORGIA                           recognition of his dedication to his family and        (BEWC) was launched on September 9, 2008
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      country.                                               at the European Union’s headquarters. More
                                                                                                       Thomas was born on March 2, 1930 in                 than 130 Black women from across Europe
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                                                                    Cleveland Ohio as one of five siblings. Upon           came to ‘‘insist on the recognition and inclu-
                                               Mr. KINGSTON. Madam Speaker, I rise                                                                         sion of Black Europeans economically, politi-
                                            today to honor the life and service of a truly          graduating from high school, Thomas joined
                                                                                                    and served in the United States Army for three         cally, and culturally.’’
                                            great American, Aubrey Emmitt Fallin. Aubrey                                                                      This resolution supports BEWC’s fight for
                                            was a courageous veteran, a dedicated cit-              years before being honorably discharged.
                                                                                                                                                           equality and urges European governments to
                                            izen, and a fiercely loyal friend and father.           After returning to Ohio, he married Mildred
                                                                                                                                                           implement anti-discrimination legislation and
                                               Aubrey was a patriot by anybody’s defini-            Dziak, and they had four daughters who were
                                                                                                                                                           other plans of action, including a fund for vic-
                                            tion. He served as a marine during WWII,                raised in Strongsville, Ohio. While raising a
                                                                                                                                                           tims incapacitated as a result of a hate crime.
                                            landing on Iwo Jima February 19, 1945. He               family, Thomas worked as an inspector for
                                                                                                                                                              Given the history of our own country, an in-
                                            demonstrated indestructible bravery and                 Terex General Motors and later as a super-
                                                                                                                                                           crease in transatlantic cooperative efforts be-
                                            strength, enduring a grueling 24 hours in               visor at NASA. Thomas enjoyed his later
                                                                                                                                                           tween our government and European govern-
                                            which 2,721 of his fellow patriots lost their           years in the company of his children and their
                                                                                                                                                           ments, U.S. and European based civil rights
                                            lives. Within the following 36 days, over 7,000         families. He was fortunate enough to spend
                                                                                                                                                           groups, and within the private sector would
                                            American soldiers were killed in action. His            time with all thirteen of his grandchildren and
                                                                                                                                                           also provide useful partnerships and assist-
                                            presence during this historic struggle put him          especially enjoyed watching them participate
                                                                                                                                                           ance in combating racism and discrimination
                                            in one of the bloodiest battles in World history.       in sports. Thomas also took pleasure in the
                                                                                                                                                           abroad and at home.
                                            If it were not for brave men like Aubrey the            outdoors, playing golf, and handy-work after              This resolution therefore also calls on the
                                            war would have been lost. Risking and over-             retirement.                                            U.S. Government to increase support for pub-
                                            coming much, Aubrey emerged from the war                   Madam Speaker and colleagues, please join           lic and private sector initiatives focused on
                                            with deeply rooted pride, admiration, respect,          me in remembrance of Thomas Rae, who                   combating racism and discrimination in Europe
                                            and love for his America.                               lived his life with the enduring support of his        as part of our efforts to support global human
                                               After his completion of service, Aubrey was          family and in recognition to his dedicated serv-       rights.
                                            not only a veteran, he was a veteran’s vet-             ice to our country. I offer my deepest sym-               It is for this reason that on April 15–16,
                                            eran. Beyond his recollection and stories of            pathies to his wife, Mildred; children, Denise         2009, I also co-hosted the ‘‘Black European
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            this era he would also give lectures on how to          Kucinich, Karen Vraja, Arleen Miciunas and             Summit: Transatlantic Dialogue on Political In-
                                            apply yesterday’s lessons to today and tomor-           Cheryl Vanderwyst; and grandchildren, Gary,            clusion’’ at the European Parliament in Brus-
                                            row. In peacetime, he was just as fierce of a           Matt, Ryan and Michael Kucinich, Amanda,               sels with Black and other European minority
                                            freedom fighter as he was when bullets were             Samantha and Tommy Vraja, Lukas, Alyssa                parliamentarians to exchange information on
                                            flying all around him. Even as his health failed        and Alec Miciunas, Lindsey, David and Nicole           the roles of racial and ethnic minority policy-
                                            him, he kept a vigilant eye out for the best in-        Vanderwyst.                                            makers in developing and supporting policies

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00047   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K26JN8.015    E26JNPT1
                                            E1620                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                            and initiatives to address racism, discrimina-           Secretary of Defense, and U.S. strategic and           neously and improve efficiency by 800%. Ad-
                                            tion, and inequality.                                    non-strategic forces, especially in the time of        ditionally, the project will develop an inter-
                                               As I continue to work on these initiatives, I         crisis or national emergency. In performing the        active application to drill soldiers in the five es-
                                            urge my colleagues to join me in supporting              TACAMO mission, the platform’s primary pur-            sential elements of accurate predictive fires to
                                            this Resolution Recognizing Black Europeans              pose is the relay of messages via survivable           prepare them before they train in the
                                            and encourage them to review the statements              Very Low Frequency transmission (VLF-TX).              immersive environment and reinforce the train-
                                            and submissions from the Helsinki Commis-                   This funding will provide for the modification      ing before the deploy.
                                            sion’s Black Europe Hearing at             of the VLF-TX, in addition to the High Power              Title of Project: T–9 Noise Suppressor Sup-
                                                              f                                      Transmit Set (HPTS) subsystem. The current             port
                                                                                                     VLF-TX is becoming unsupportable for the                  Amount of Project: $5,100,000
                                                   EARMARK DECLARATION                               mission at hand. The money requested would                Account: Air Force, Military Construction
                                                                                                     provide for an encryption function which ex-              Project Recipient: Tinker Air Force Base,
                                                            HON. MARY FALLIN                         tends the development cycle for deployment of          3001 Staff Drive, Tinker AFB, OK 73145
                                                               OF OKLAHOMA                           new equipment. In addition, it would be used              At my request, $5,100,000 was included in
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                       to upgrade improvement in the HPTS system              the FY10 NDAA, H.R. 2647, to fund the con-
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009                      and improve the wire control system and oper-          struction of foundations and supporting facili-
                                                                                                     ational availability.                                  ties for two T–9 noise suppression systems at
                                               Ms. FALLIN. Madam Speaker, pursuant to                   These upgrades are critical to the E–6B             Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. This project would
                                            the Republican Leadership standards on ear-              execution of the TACAMO mission located at             consist of the construction of reinforced con-
                                            marks, I am submitting the following informa-            Tinker AFB and provide communications to               crete footings and slabs capable of supporting
                                            tion regarding earmarks I received as part of            the nation’s strategic ballistic missile sub-          T–9 style engine testing facilities, a 20,000
                                            H.R. 2647, ‘‘The National Defense Authoriza-             marine force as a part of the Minimum Essen-           gallon jet engine fuel storage and delivery sys-
                                            tion Act for Fiscal Year 2010.’’                         tial Emergency Communication Network                   tem, utilities, access driveways, and a small
                                               Title of Project: Advanced Autonomous                 (MEECN).                                               office/restroom/break facility. Current engine
                                            Robotic Inspections for Aging Aircraft                      Title of Project: FIDO EXPLOSIVE DETEC-             test facilities are aging and unable to support
                                               Amount of Project: $2,000,000                         TOR                                                    the current test mission.
                                               Account: Air Force, Operations & Mainte-                 Amount of Project: $7,000,000                          With the completion of the new Tinker Aero-
                                            nance                                                       Account: Army, Other Procurement                    space Complex (TAC) and the transfer of en-
                                               Project Recipient: Veracity Technology Solu-             Line Number: 135                                    gine maintenance to this facility, construction
                                            tions, LLC 2701 Liberty Parkway, Suite 311,                 Project Recipient: ICx Nomadics, 1024 S.            of these test cells near the TAC will allow con-
                                            Midwest City, OK 73001                                   Innovation Way, Stillwater, OK 74074                   tiguous support of military jet engine repair,
                                               At my request, $2,000,000 was included in                At my request, $7,000,000 was included in           decrease maintenance downtime, and associ-
                                            the FY10 NDAA, H.R. 2647, for Veracity Solu-             the FY10 NDAA, H.R. 2647, for the FIDO Ex-             ated cost. This will allow the 76th Maintenance
                                            tions in Midwest City, OK, to implement a fully          plosive Detector, which will provide soldiers in       Wing and the 76th Propulsion Maintenance
                                            automated autonomous robotic vehicle that                combat theater the ability to identify and dis-        Group the capabilities to meet its mission of
                                            has the capability to inspect for corrosion, as          able explosive devices and those who manu-             delivering engines on time and on cost and
                                            well as crack detection around fasteners for             facture these devices by detecting explosive           position Tinker AFB for increased mission ca-
                                            the KC–135 aircraft. Current inspection meth-            vapors and residues. Over 1,500 FIDO sys-              pabilities in the future.
                                            ods are both antiquated and time consuming,              tems have been fielded in support of current
                                            which has increased maintenance downtime                                                                                           f
                                                                                                     military operations.
                                            and unnecessary refurbishment. A state-of-                  The small, lightweight, handheld devices            NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-
                                            the-art nondestructive inspection system and             provide the soldier the ability to screen per-          TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010
                                            training, which decreases maintenance costs              sons, packages, cargo, equipment, vehicles,
                                            and improves safety, will have the ability to            and buildings and report vapor detections in                               SPEECH OF
                                            detect corrosion and cracking on the KC–135              real time with audio and visual feedback to the
                                            wing skins (and other aging aircraft). This sys-         operator. The small detection devices can be
                                                                                                                                                                        HON. MELISSA L. BEAN
                                            tem will allow for condition assessment of air-                                                                                    OF ILLINOIS
                                                                                                     mounted onto a unit’s organic Unmanned
                                            craft structures, as well as continuous assess-          Ground Vehicle (UGV) to provide additional                    IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            ment through the historical comparison of per-           force protection, while protecting the safety of                   Wednesday, June 24, 2009
                                            vious and present inspection results.                    the unit. Current FIDO systems have been                 The House in Committee of the Whole
                                               Specifically, the funding will be used for the        successful in the field, and advances have             House on the State of the Union had under
                                            technical personnel, facilities, and equipment           been made to increase the ability of the sen-          consideration of the bill (H.R. 2047) to au-
                                            required to develop an integrated system that            sor to detect additional substances in use             thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for
                                            includes a medical grade ultrasonic inspection           today and into the future. This funding will ac-       military activities of the Department of De-
                                            system, an advanced impedance plane anal-                celerate the fielding of FIDO’s in combat the-         fense; to prescribe military personnel
                                            ysis eddy current unit, and an autonomous in-            ater and providing explosive detection and             strengths for fiscal year 2010, and for other
                                            spection vehicle that will allow engineers and           protection to men and women in uniform.                purposes:
                                            depot crews to accurately and instantly identify            Title of Project: Joint Fires and Effects              Ms. BEAN. Mr. Chair, I rise in support of
                                            defects and that are currently undetectable              Trainer System Enhancements                            H.R. 2647, the National Defense Authorization
                                            with traditional nondestructive inspection meth-            Amount of Project: $2,500,000                       Act and encourage its passage. Earlier this
                                            ods. The end product will provide a permanent               Account: Army, Research, Development,               Congress I introduced H.R. 1267, ‘‘Captain
                                            record of the structural member which can be             Test & Evaluation                                      James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Act of
                                            stored on the network for future comparison.                Project Recipient: Creative Technologies,           2009, which provides legislative authority to
                                               Title of Project: E–6B Strategic Communica-           6255 West Sunset Boulevards, Suite 716, Los            the Navy and the Department of Veterans Af-
                                            tions Upgrade Block 1A (VLF–TX & HPTS)                   Angeles, CA                                            fairs (VA) to jointly operate the new ‘‘Captain
                                               Amount of Project: $4,000,000                            At my request, $2,500,000 was included in           James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center.’’
                                               Account: Navy, Research, Development,                 the FY10 NDAA, H.R. 2647, to provide up-               In the other body, Senator DICK DURBIN has
                                            Test & Evaluation                                        grades to the Joint Fires and Effects Trainer          been working to include similar language in
                                               Project Recipient: Rockwell Collins, 400 Col-         System (JFETS) located at Fort Sill, Okla-             the Senate version of the National Defense
                                            lins Road, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52498                      homa. The current immersive simulation train-          Authorization Act.
                                               At my request, $4,000,000 was included in             ing capability suffers from one significant               After completion, the Lovell Federal Health
                                            the FY10 NDAA, H.R. 2647, to provide modi-               drawback—the one-to-one instructor/student             Care Center will be the first health care facility
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            fications to the Navy’s E–6B Mercury                     requirement. The funding provided for this             in the nation to be operated jointly between
                                            TACAMO. The E–6B Mercury TACAMO is a                     project would increase the ability for this pro-       the VA and the Navy saving taxpayers millions
                                            manned airborne communications relay plat-               gram to upgrade the voice recognition tech-            of dollars that would otherwise have been
                                            form designed to provide a survivable, reliable,         nology of JFETS and allow a single instructor          needed to rebuild or renovate the Navy’s near-
                                            endurable airborne Command and Control                   to manage nine concurrent call for fire training       by hospital. Without this legislation, the Center
                                            communications link between the President,               sessions in the Open Terrain module simulta-           will not be able to provide essential services to

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008    08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00048   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.035    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1621
                                            thousands of military beneficiaries in the re-          addressed you a few moments ago) and Ken-               have gained access to health care and the
                                            gion. Beneficiaries who had previously re-              neth Myers OD ‘‘74, who firmly established              many stories of lives saved or improved are
                                            ceived care at the Naval Health Clinic Great            vision care as a focus of the U.S. Veterans             truly heart-warming.
                                                                                                    Administration. Their pioneering work is,                   OPTOMETRY’S CONTRIBUTION TO HEALTH
                                            Lakes would either be ineligible for care or
                                                                                                    today, helping wounded veterans of the wars                                 REFORM
                                            would charged a significant co-pay for certain          in Iraq and Afghanistan to see beyond the                  One of the challenges facing Massachusetts
                                            care, including emergency, hospitalization,             trauma of war and return to productive lives            and the Nation in fully realizing the health
                                            outpatient, and behavioral health services. The         in our communities.                                     improvement and cost savings benefits of
                                            facility is scheduled to begin joint operations           Then, there’s Edward Goodnig OD ‘‘76. He              health care reform is the need to expand pa-
                                            on October 1, 2010.                                     brought his knowledge and skills to under-              tient access to primary care. It is just as im-
                                               While my legislation was not included in the         served regions expanding primary care op-               portant—and less expensive—to keep people
                                            underlying bill, it is my understanding that            portunities for Alaska’s Native American                healthy, as well as to treat those who are ill.
                                                                                                    settlements and schools. You may also know              We have made great progress in expanding
                                            Senator Durbin will be able to include similar          of Frank Thorn OD ‘‘79, today’s Commence-               access to health insurance for the people of
                                            language in the Senate NDAA. I will continue            ment Marshal and an expert on the causes                Massachusetts, but there is still an unmet
                                            to work with my colleagues in the Senate on             and development of Myopia, who has shared               need for easy access to primary care pro-
                                            its inclusion, and encourage passage of the             his professional knowledge and restless en-             viders. I believe that optometrists, such as
                                            underlying bill.                                        ergy from this campus on the banks of the               each of you, are ready—even anxious—to
                                                                                                    Charles River to remote villages in the Ama-            help to fill some of that void.
                                                                                                    zon Rain Forest and—in Marco Polo fash-                    To address this challenge, those who pay
                                            ‘‘A VISION FOR HEALTH CARE’’                            ion—from Europe to China. Their exciting                for health care need to embrace new pay-
                                              COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS BY                               and fulfilling careers, chronicled in the Col-          ment models that support wellness as well as
                                                                                                    lege’s 2008 Annual Report, offer a glimpse of           coordinating care for those who suffer from
                                              SENATOR RICHARD T. MOORE                              the potential that awaits you as today’s                illness, injury or less than good health. Any
                                                                                                    graduates.                                              such wellness effort needs to include regular
                                                   HON. MICHAEL E. CAPUANO                            Such stories of successful graduates can              screening—such as vision screening—and be
                                                            OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                                                                    teach, they can offer hope, they can provide            coordinated with health information tech-
                                                                                                    inspiration. But they cannot supply the                 nology such as through a centralized vision
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      courage to follow your own path. For that               care registry.
                                                        Friday, June 26, 2009                       each of you must look into your own hearts.                Major stakeholders in health care reform
                                                                                                    Accept your degrees today with the same                 obviously include the physician community.
                                              Mr. CAPUANO. Madam Speaker, my friend,                pride, enthusiasm, and commitment that                  The Massachusetts Medical Society, the old-
                                            Senator Richard T. Moore was honored re-                launched those pioneers of Optometry into               est, continuously operating state medical so-
                                            cently at the commencement of the New Eng-              rewarding lives of caring service.                      ciety in the United States, is the primary
                                            land College of Optometry. I wanted to share                 CONTINUE TO LEARN AND SHARE KNOWLEDGE              voice of physicians in the development of
                                            his remarks, as his address justly paid tribute                                                                 public policy. However, it sometimes seems
                                                                                                      Never be too busy to keep from learning
                                            to the school, its faculty, and graduates for                                                                   to me that the society’s policy positions
                                                                                                    how to better serve your patients. That in-
                                                                                                                                                            have evolved far more slowly than the
                                            their commitment to public service.                     cludes sharing your real world knowledge of
                                                                                                                                                            progress of science itself.
                                                       A VISION FOR HEALTH CARE                     your patients and the condition of their eyes              An old baseball player once said, ‘‘I don’t
                                                                                                    with those involved in academic research                question the integrity of an umpire, just his
                                              President Chen, Chairman Manfredi, Vice
                                                                                                    here at New England College of Optometry                eyesight.’’ Similarly, I don’t question the in-
                                            Chairman Ferrucci (my friend and personal
                                                                                                    and elsewhere. It also means staying in-                tegrity of our state medical society, just
                                            Optometrist), Members of the Board of
                                                                                                    formed about the rapidly changing science of            their vision! As fewer medical doctors enter
                                            Trustees, parents, alumni, friends, and most
                                                                                                    your profession. Each of you, my fellow grad-           the field of primary care, the medical profes-
                                            especially, my fellow graduates of the Class
                                                                                                    uates, as our newest health care profes-                sion needs to embrace other health profes-
                                            of 2009 . . . I’m honored to share in your cele-
                                                                                                    sionals, have a responsibility to continue              sionals who, with appropriate training such
                                            bration today and to receive a degree from
                                                                                                    your education by maintaining competency                as that provided by the New England College
                                            this prestigious institution with its well-de-
                                                                                                    in vision care and in the technology nec-               of Optometry, can do much to provide safe,
                                            served reputation for improving access to
                                                                                                    essary to deliver the best quality of care to           cost-effective care for patients needing at-
                                            care, enhancing the quality of life by pre-
                                                                                                    all who seek better vision.                             tention.
                                            venting blindness, and developing innova-
                                                                                                      Whether your career takes you to remote                  It’s high time for all Massachusetts physi-
                                            tive, economically viable models of eye care.
                                                                                                    regions of America or the world, or takes               cians to rise above the tradition-bound guild-
                                              Visus per mentem, vision through the
                                                                                                    you back to wherever you may call ‘‘home,’’             mentality that confounds health care
                                            mind, has long been the motto of this great
                                                                                                    remember one of the basic concepts that you             progress, and respect the education and expe-
                                            College. It is a phrase that reflects a sincere
                                                                                                    learned here in the Back Bay, that eye care             rience of all health professions in treating
                                            commitment to learn the skills and knowl-
                                                                                                    professionals are an integral part of the               the whole person. It’s time for Massachu-
                                            edge necessary to serve others, as well as a
                                                                                                    team of primary care providers, and deserve             setts to embrace treatment regimens for op-
                                            deeply felt belief that you can help people to
                                                                                                    to be treated with the same degree of profes-           tometrists that are already fully accepted in
                                            see the world with more clarity and pur-
                                                                                                    sional respect as any other health care pro-            49 other states, if we are to offer quality care
                                            pose—to give in a way, the gift of sight—or
                                                                                                    fessional! In this era of health care reform,           that is convenient and affordable for pa-
                                            at least improved vision. Hopefully, your
                                                                                                    each of you will play an essential role in not          tients. You, the Class of 2009, must make
                                            clinical experience working at the New Eng-
                                                                                                    only diagnosing and treating conditions of              your voices heard as that debate unfolds!
                                            land Eye Institute and in community health                                                                         It was Robert Kennedy who once chal-
                                                                                                    the eye, but you will also serve as part of the
                                            centers and school or elderly vision clinics,                                                                   lenged an earlier graduating class at another
                                                                                                    team of professional caregivers who assist
                                            has kindled in you to a desire to devote some                                                                   college—‘‘to decide, as Goethe put it, wheth-
                                                                                                    and support each other for the benefit of
                                            portion of your time, treasure and talent to                                                                    er you will be a hammer—or an anvil. The
                                                                                                    every patient.
                                            bring quality eye care to the underserved of                                                                    question is whether you are to be a ham-
                                                                                                     MASSACHUSETTS AS A MODEL FOR THE NATION
                                            our society.                                                                                                    mer—whether you are to give to the world in
                                              Few, if any of you, in the Class of 2009                For the past four years, as each of you
                                                                                                                                                            which you were reared and educated, the
                                            could have attended New England College of              have been immersed in becoming competent,
                                                                                                                                                            broadest possible benefits of that edu-
                                            Optometry for four or more years without                dedicated vision care professionals in the
                                                                                                                                                            cation.’’ So I challenge you to get involved
                                            deriving from your studies, from your out-              classrooms at 424 Beacon Street, I’ve been
                                                                                                                                                            in writing the health care policy of your gen-
                                            standing instructors and most of all from               learning the lessons of health care reform              eration—be a hammer!
                                            your own inner hearts some sense of inspira-            about a mile away in the State House meet-
                                                                                                                                                                   A VISION FOR HEALTH CARE IN AMERICA
                                            tion and idealism as well as an appreciation            ing rooms at 24 Beacon Street. The grades
                                                                                                    are now in, and the results are clearly in-               You are graduating at a most exciting
                                            of your social responsibility as a newly-
                                                                                                    forming the growing national debate on                  time in health care! As you begin your pro-
                                            minted health care professional.
                                                                                                    health care. Massachusetts is leading the               fessional careers in vision care, health re-
                                            CONTINUE THE LEGACY OF COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                                        form is about to take center stage in the na-
                                                                                                    way in health care reform! We are:
                                              Graduates of New England College of Op-                 First in the nation in health care access.            tional arena. National health reform is like-
                                            tometry who preceded you have blazed a                    First in electronic health records and e-             ly to include minimum standards for bene-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            trail of community service through vision               prescribing.                                            fits, an individual insurance mandate, a
                                            research and care that is almost legendary!               In the forefront of patient safety, quality           guaranteed issue requirement for health in-
                                            They left an inspiring legacy upon which you            improvement, and cost containment.                      surance, a prohibition on excluding coverage
                                            and your classmates can now build. With                   Leading the way in prescription drug eth-             of pre-existing conditions, the creation of an
                                            your OD degree in hand, challenge your-                 ics.                                                    insurance exchange where people can sign up
                                            selves to follow in the footsteps of exemplary            In just three years, 432,000 Massachusetts            for coverage—all factors that are included in
                                            alumni such as Charlie Mullen OD ‘‘69 (who              residents, who were previously un-insured,              the Massachusetts health reform effort.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000    Frm 00049   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.039   E26JNPT1
                                            E1622                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                        June 26, 2009
                                              If we view health reform through the lens             accepted a position in law enforcement as the                  TRIBUTE TO REVEREND DR.
                                            of the ongoing Massachusetts experiment,                Assistant Deputy Sherriff for Medina County.                    DAVID GORDON PERSONS
                                            there are some fundamental principles to an-            After four years, in 1981, he began his service
                                            chor the national effort.
                                              1. Each of us has an individual responsi-             to the City of Cleveland as a Cleveland Police
                                            bility to take care of our health—including             officer.                                                             HON. BRIAN HIGGINS
                                            screenings and check-ups, as well as main-                 Captain Doyle’s service to our community                                OF NEW YORK
                                            taining health insurance to help pay for our            extended across nearly every police district in
                                            care and that of our families.                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                              2. Each of us has a collective responsi-
                                                                                                    the City and included work as patrol officer,
                                            bility, as citizens of a caring society, to sup-        detective, sergeant, lieutenant and captain.                          Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            port public policies that guarantee access to           Throughout his tenure, Captain Doyle fostered
                                            safe, high quality, affordable and patient-             trust, communication and cooperation among                Mr. HIGGINS. Madam Speaker, I rise today
                                            centered health care for everyone in society.           individuals throughout our community, from              to honor Reverend Doctor David Gordon Per-
                                              3. Each of us, in the field of health care,           neighborhood block club members to elected              sons on the occasion of his retirement from
                                            has a professional responsibility to strive for                                                                 Wayside Presbyterian Church after thirty three
                                                                                                    officials at Cleveland City Hall.
                                            the highest level of competency, to ensure                                                                      years of leadership. It is my pleasure to recog-
                                            that we, and our colleagues in the patient                 Madam Speaker and colleagues, please join
                                            care team, deliver the right care at the right
                                                                                                                                                            nize Reverend Dr. Persons and acknowledge
                                                                                                    me in honoring Captain Michael T. Doyle for
                                            time and in the right place.                                                                                    him as an influential role model in the Western
                                                                                                    his unwavering dedication to protecting the
                                              These principles can serve as a shining bea-                                                                  New York area.
                                                                                                    citizens of Cleveland, Ohio.
                                            con for health reform in the nation, much as                                                                       Reverend Dr. Persons’ leadership abilities
                                            this Commonwealth led the nation in propa-
                                            gating the principles of democratic govern-                                f                                    were apparent at an early age. As a student
                                            ment, social progress, and educational excel-                                                                   of Sherman High School, he was lettered in
                                            lence throughout its proud history.                              EARMARK DECLARATION                            both basketball and track and he was a mem-
                                              Massachusetts’’ first Governor, John Win-                                                                     ber of the Top Math Team to represent West-
                                            throp, wrote in 1630 about the social experi-                                                                   ern New York at Boys Town. Upon graduating
                                            ment being launched in this New World. He                            HON. GARY G. MILLER                        from Sherman High School in 1961, he re-
                                            called upon his Puritan brethren and all
                                                                                                                        OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                                                            ceived the American Legion Citizen of the
                                            their descendants to share their resources
                                            and gifts with others, ‘‘rejoice together,                                                                      Year award.
                                                                                                          IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            mourn together, labor and suffer together so                                                                       Reverend Dr. Persons’ commitment to the
                                            that—‘‘the world will say of succeeding plan-                         Friday, June 26, 2009                     Western New York community is evident by
                                            tations, may the Lord make it like that of
                                            New England . . . we shall be as a city upon
                                                                                                                                                            his leadership, devotion and dedication to the
                                                                                                      Mr. GARY G. MILLER of California. Madam               people in our community. His community serv-
                                            a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us.’’
                                                                                                    Speaker, pursuant to the Republican Leader-             ice extended to the Lake Shore Volunteer Fire
                                            Sharing our gifts with others is the corner-
                                            stone of health care reform in Massachusetts            ship standards on earmarks, I am submitting             Department, where he served as Chaplain and
                                            and, I hope, it will be your personal corner-           the following information regarding earmarks I          Life Member for over thirty years. He was also
                                            stone in your health care careers as well.              received as part of the FY 2010 Homeland                a member of the Kiwanis Club from 1979 to
                                              Truly, the eyes of all people in America are          Security Appropriations Bill.                           1986.
                                            focused on the Massachusetts health reform
                                            experience as a framework for bringing ex-                Requesting Member: Congressman GARY                      His belief that understanding and reaching
                                            panded access to quality care to all Ameri-             G. MILLER                                               out to the world can make a difference led to
                                            cans. But that’s not all we’re contributing to               Bill Number: H.R. 2892                             his co-founding of the Task Force to Reduce
                                            health care. This morning, Massachusetts is                                                                     the Nuclear Arms Race at the United Nations,
                                            sending forth from this city upon a hill, a                  Account: FEMA, State and Local Programs
                                            new class of highly skilled, and energized
                                                                                                                                                            which later became the Peace Committee of
                                                                                                     Legal Name of Requesting Entity: City of La            Western New York. He has been a major in-
                                            health care professionals with their degree in
                                                                                                    Habra                                                   fluence and inspiration in the lives of young
                                            optometry in hand!
                                              While past experience may teach us to be               Address of Requesting Entity: 201 E. La                people. From 1979 to 1986, he led yearly
                                            skeptical of the promises of any politician,            Habra Blvd., La Habra, CA 90631                         youth group bike tours in Western New York
                                            to those of you who will dedicate your health                                                                   and Southern Pennsylvania. Reverend Dr.
                                            care careers to the betterment of your state                 Funding Secured: $254,500
                                                                                                                                                            Persons also led a youth group to the 20th
                                            and all her people—I can promise a lifetime                 Description of Request: Currently, the City
                                            of challenge and opportunity, sometimes ex-                                                                     Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s speech.
                                                                                                    of La Habia’s Emergency Operations Center
                                            citing and rewarding, sometimes slow and                                                                           Foremost, Reverend Dr. Persons has been
                                                                                                    (EOC) is a very small conference room within
                                            difficult, but always, always worthwhile.                                                                       integral to the life of his congregation. Over
                                              And let me add one final bit of parting wis-          the Police Station. The maximum occupancy
                                                                                                    is less than a dozen individuals, and there is          his religious career, he has officiated at some
                                            dom: No one ever injured his or her eyesight
                                            by looking on the bright side of things! The            not adequate space or equipment to serve as             six hundred funerals, six hundred weddings
                                            economy will improve! You’ll earn a good                an Emergency Operations Center, particularly            and one thousand baptisms. His skills were
                                            living! And those of us in government can’t             if there were a large-scale emergency such as           recognized by his colleagues, and from 1965
                                            wait to share in your success every April               an earthquake, wildfires, act of terrorism, etc.        to 1967, Reverend Dr. Persons was President
                                            15th!                                                                                                           of the Preaching Association in Seminary. In
                                                                                                    During the recent ‘‘Golden Guardian’’ earth-
                                                             f                                      quake exercise in California, the team evalu-           1987, he was awarded grants to study medita-
                                                                                                    ating the City’s performance noted the inad-            tion in ashrams in India. He is currently Mod-
                                             IN HONOR OF CAPTAIN MICHAEL
                                                                                                    equacy of the facility and its hindrance to the         erator of Wright’s Memorial Presbyterian
                                                       T. DOYLE
                                                                                                    exercise. The problems would be even more               Church—Native American Church in Irving,
                                                                                                    pronounced should there be an actual emer-              New York as well as Moderator of Presbytery
                                                     HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                        gency requiring the mobilization of our first re-       of Western New York. He also holds the posi-
                                                                  OF OHIO                                                                                   tions of the Chair of Presbytery Church and
                                                                                                    sponders and emergency personnel. This
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    project would provide for necessary equipment           Society Committee as well as the Head of
                                                         Friday, June 26, 2009                      and modifications to establish the various re-          Presbytery Worship Committee.
                                              Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker, I rise                   quired components of an EOC (Planning and                   Madam Speaker, along with his family,
                                            today in honor of Captain Michael T. Doyle,             Intelligence, Operations, Communications,               friends and great admirers who will join to-
                                            upon his retirement from the Cleveland Police           Public Information, etc.). I believe that it is crit-   gether today at the Wanakah Country Club, I
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            Department, following thirty years of dedicated         ical for Congress to use taxpayer dollars re-           am honored to pay tribute to the admirable ac-
                                            service to the citizens of Cleveland.                   sponsibly by investing in Southern California           complishments of Reverend Dr. Persons. His
                                              Captain Doyle graduated from Normandy                 communities to prevent, combat, and contain             life of leadership, compassion and service to
                                            High School in Parma, Ohio, then went on to             the devastating threat of fire and natural disas-       others is truly an example for us all on the
                                            graduate with honors from Cleveland State               ters that routinely ravage the Southern Cali-           enormous difference one person can make. I
                                            University. Shortly thereafter, Captain Doyle           fornia landscape                                        wish him all the best in his retirement.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000    Frm 00050   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.041    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                E1623
                                                 WEB SITE INCLUSION OF VA                           engagement in the larger community through               (1) a member of the USAR not under flag
                                                      SCHOLARSHIPS                                  service.                                               or pending disciplinary action;
                                                                                                       I commend the First Baptist Church and its            (2) qualified in the MOS of their position of
                                                                SPEECH OF                           leadership on this commitment to hands-on                (3) attending or entering an institution of
                                                       HON. MAXINE WATERS                           service, whether locally, elsewhere in our na-         higher learning (2 or 4 year college, voca-
                                                                                                    tion, or abroad. The church has stated, ‘‘When         tional school, bible college, etc.) that is re-
                                                              OF CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                    our worship together ends, our service truly           gionally or nationally accredited;
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                               (4) military dependents must be registered
                                                                                                    begins,’’ and it has undoubtedly abided by this
                                                        Tuesday, June 23, 2009                      principle. The numerous organizations that             In DEERS.
                                                                                                                                                             The applicant’s chain of command CSM or
                                                Ms. WATERS. Mr. Speaker, I rise in support          have benefitted from the dedication and gen-           SGM will certify that the applicant meets
                                            of H.R. 1172—to direct the Secretary of Vet-            erosity of the church’s congregants include            qualification standards (1) through (4), as ap-
                                            erans Affairs to include on the Internet website        Hope Harbor, Hope Tree Family Services,                plicable.
                                            of the Department of Veterans Affairs a list of         God’s Storehouse, Klothes 4 Kids, the                    The ARA Enlisted Scholarships are for en-
                                            organizations that provide scholarships to vet-         Danville Homeless Shelter, Habitat for Human-          listed members of the United States Army
                                                                                                    ity, and Baptist World Aid. The efforts of the         Reserve and their dependent family mem-
                                            erans and their survivors. This important                                                                      bers. Each year the ARA offers scholarships
                                            measure would provide an invaluable resource            First Baptist Church to live out its mission in
                                                                                                                                                           to each major command to which USAR
                                            for our veterans and their survivors. In an ef-         its works are an inspiring example: we should          members are assigned as designated by the
                                            fort to increase information accessibility, this        all strive to be so diligent in following the call     Command Sergeant Major of the USAR. The
                                            bill would create a convenient section within           to love and serve our fellow man.                      annual goal of awarding fifty scholarships is
                                            the Veterans Affairs Department website for                The Book of Isaiah tells us, ‘‘And if you give      predicated on the number of major com-
                                            veterans and/or their survivors to view all             yourself to the hungry, and satisfy the desire         mands participating and the number of
                                                                                                    of the afflicted, then your light will rise in dark-   scholarship applicants from each major com-
                                            available veteran scholarship opportunities                                                                    mand, as well as the amount of funds do-
                                            that various public and private organizations           ness, and your gloom will become like mid-
                                                                                                    day.’’ I congratulate the First Baptist Church         nated by the program cosponsor, the United
                                            sponsor throughout the year. I commend Rep.                                                                    Services Automobile Association (USAA).
                                            JOHN BOOZMAN for bringing this measure be-              on its tireless efforts to meet both the physical        The Army Reserve Association will create
                                            fore the floor.                                         and spiritual needs of the Danville community,         an announcement for the annual scholarship
                                                My veteran constituents frequently contact          and I hope that its light will continue to shine       program and will transmit that announce-
                                            me with reports on the many administrative              for many years to come.                                ment to the USARC G–1 with a request that
                                                                                                                      f                                    the USARC G–1 forward the announcement
                                            failures and shortcomings of the Department                                                                    to each major command. The announcement
                                            of Veterans Affairs. Slow processes and back-           ARMY RESERVE ASSOCIATION’S                             will include the approved standards and an
                                            logs have become the expectation rather than             ENLISTED SCHOLARSHIP PRO-                             application form that each command’s appli-
                                            an exception in the level of service our vet-            GRAM                                                  cants can use to apply for the scholarships.
                                            erans receive. This is unfortunate as we send                                                                  The calendar year program’s closing date for
                                            these brave men and women to armed con-                                                                        receipt of all applications is 31 December,
                                            flict, and yet, we cannot provide them with the
                                                                                                                 HON. TODD TIAHRT                          unless a waiver is granted.
                                                                                                                         OF KANSAS                           We request the USARC G–1 to forward the
                                            necessary tools and resources to become re-                                                                    scholarship program announcement to USAR
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            oriented with society. This bill provides one                                                                  commands with instructions on submitting
                                            solution to a relatively simple problem. I have                      Friday, June 26, 2009                     the applications to the USARC G–1 together
                                            no doubt, however, that many veterans and                  Mr. TIAHRT. Madam Speaker, I am honored             with submission dates specified by the
                                            their families will appreciate this information,        today to speak on a wonderful program that             USARC G–1, so that applications can be for-
                                            especially in light of the economic recession.          impacts the lives of many great heroes and             warded to the ARA in time for evaluation
                                                Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to add my voice           their families. The Army Reserve Associa-              and award of scholarships.
                                                                                                                                                             The ARA will appoint a selection board
                                            of support for H.R. 1172. I look forward to             tion’s, ARA United States Army Reserve,                with a board president from its existing asso-
                                            working with my colleagues to ensure that we            USAR Enlisted Scholarship Program awards a             ciation membership to select nominations
                                            continue to provide the necessary resources             $500 scholarship to assist qualifying enlisted         for award of the ARA Enlisted Scholarship
                                            towards improving our Department of Veterans            reservists or their dependents attend an insti-        Award. Board members will serve in their
                                            Affairs’ administration and services.                   tution of higher learning.                             private-citizen capacity and not in any mili-
                                                             f                                         Started in 2000 as an initiative of Command         tary role and the board recorder may be a
                                                                                                    Sergeant Major Ray Lackey, this program has            member of the Army Reserve Association.
                                            RECOGNIZING THE FIRST BAPTIST                           awarded a total of $225,500 in scholarships.           The selection list will be compiled, signed by
                                             CHURCH OF DANVILLE, VIRGINIA                                                                                  the ARA enlisted scholarship selection board
                                                                                                    Through the generosity of the United Services
                                                                                                                                                           president and forwarded to the ARA for
                                                                                                    Automobile Association, USAA, the adminis-             issuance of individual scholarship awards.
                                                  HON. THOMAS S.P. PERRIELLO                        trative efforts of the ARA, and the support of         The ARA may choose to either present or
                                                               OF VIRGINIA                          the USAR, these patriots have the opportunity          mail the awards to the Soldier’s command or
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      to pursue their dreams. The opportunity to fur-        directly to the individual.
                                                                                                    ther their education not only benefits these he-         We appreciate your continued support and
                                                         Friday, June 26, 2009                                                                             assistance in implementing this program.
                                                                                                    roes, but the Army Reserve and the country
                                                Mr. PERRIELLO. Madam Speaker, today I                                                                      Sincerely,
                                                                                                    as a whole.
                                            recognize the First Baptist Church of Danville,                                                                                  MG KENT HILLHOUSE (R),
                                                                                                       I applaud the Army Reserve Association                                  President, Army Re-
                                            Virginia, which celebrates its 175th anniver-           and all those responsible for this effort on be-                             serve Association.
                                            sary on June 28, 2009. Since its founding in            half of our Army Reserve soldiers and their                              COL GEORGE M. LIND, (R)
                                            1834, the First Baptist Church has been a               families. Additionally, I request that the fol-                            Director, ARA Field
                                            source of fellowship, education, and service in         lowing two letters regarding this program be                                 Support Services.
                                            its community and beyond.                               inserted into the record: a letter from the Army
                                                Although the First Baptist Church has suf-          Reserve Association and a letter from Lieuten-             DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY, OFFICE
                                            fered from a terrible fire, moved its location                                                                       OF THE CHIEF, ARMY RESERVE,
                                                                                                    ant General Jack C. Stultz, Chief of the Army
                                            several times, seen the town it serves grow                                                                          WASHINGTON, DC, APRIL 24, 2009.
                                                                                                    Reserve.                                               Major General KENT HILLHOUSE, RETIRED,
                                            from 1,000 to almost 50,000, and faced count-                  THE ARMY RESERVE ASSOCIATION,
                                                                                                                                                           Winfield, Kansas.
                                            less other changes throughout its long history,                   Fort McPherson, GA, March 3, 2009.             DEAR GENERAL HILLHOUSE; This is to ac-
                                            it remains true to its founding principles. Under       Subject ARA Enlisted Scholarship Program               knowledge receipt of your letter of March 3,
                                            the leadership of Reverend Stephen Cook,                    Standards Approval.                                2009, requesting approval of the eligibility
                                            today the church is a community of strong re-           Lieutenant General JACK C. STULTZ,                     standards for the Army Reserve Association
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            lationships, where individuals bond over wor-           Commanding General,                                    (ARA) Enlisted Scholarship Program. I ap-
                                            ship, meals, study, and music. Their affinity           U.S. Army Reserve                                      prove the following eligibility standards:
                                                                                                      DEAR LIEUTENANT GENERAL STULTZ: This                   a. an enlisted member of the U.S. Army
                                            extends beyond just Sunday mornings to in-              letter requests you approve the standards of           Reserve not under flag or pending discipli-
                                            clude weekly dinners, small group meetings,             the ARA Enlisted Scholarship Program list-             nary action
                                            choirs and instrumental ensembles, programs             ed below. Request approval of the following              b. qualified in the MOS of their position of
                                            for seniors and children, cultural outings, and         standards:                                             assignment

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00051   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.045   E26JNPT1
                                            E1624                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                         June 26, 2009
                                              c. attending or entering an institution of            HONORING THE MINUTE MAN NA-                             decades, beginning with receiving a bachelors
                                            higher learning (2 or 4 year college, voca-              TIONAL HISTORICAL PARK ON                              and masters degree from California State Uni-
                                            tional school, bible college, etc.) that is re-          THE OCCASION OF ITS 50TH AN-                           versity, San Bernardino, and culminating in his
                                            gionally or nationally accredited
                                              d. Military dependents who are registered
                                                                                                     NIVERSARY                                              current position as Executive Director of Gov-
                                            in DEERS                                                                                                        ernmental Affairs for the 16,000-student San
                                              The ARA will submit any changes to the                         HON. EDWARD J. MARKEY                          Bernardino Community College District.
                                            eligibility standards to this office for ap-                              OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                                                                                                                                               Prior to joining the district management
                                            proval before implementation. It is under-
                                                                                                         IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                                                                            team, Frank worked as a counselor, professor,
                                            stood that ARA is solely responsible for se-                                                                    Director of Community Services and Director
                                            lection and notification of scholarship                               Friday, June 26, 2009                     of the Counseling Department. He has shown
                                            awardees.                                                  Mr. MARKEY of Massachusetts. Madam                   a dedication to his hometown, and the stu-
                                              The Army Reserve G–1 will make informa-
                                                                                                    Speaker, the resolution that I am introducing           dents there, which has paid huge dividends for
                                            tion available to the Army Reserve Major
                                            Subordinate Commands regarding the schol-               today with the gentlewoman from Massachu-               the community college district. He is part of
                                            arships and forward all applications to ARA             setts, Ms. TSONGAS, honors the Minute Man               the team that has helped keep costs down,
                                            for processing as outlined in your letter.              National Historical Park in Massachusetts on            while improving the campuses and their qual-
                                              If you have questions or concerns, please             its upcoming 50th anniversary. Since being              ity of education. This has helped make the two
                                            contact Sergeant Major Gary Martz of the                established in September 1959, the Minute               colleges—Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa,
                                            Army Reserve G–1, at (404) 464–9011.                    Man National Historical Park has played a vital         and Valley College in San Bernardino—among
                                                  Sincerely,                                        role in protecting and preserving the historic          the most diverse in the Nation.
                                                                JACK C. STULTZ,                                                                                In his current role in administration, Frank
                                                                 Lieutenant General,
                                                                                                    sites in the towns of Lexington, Lincoln, and
                                                          U.S. Army Chief, Army Reserve.            Concord, where the American Revolution                  has been extremely successful at winning
                                                                                                    began. As the July 4th holiday approaches, it           competitive government grants for the commu-
                                                                                                    is fitting that we also have the opportunity to         nity college district. After a major earthquake
                                            NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-                             recognize Minute Man for its critical role in           in 1992 made nearly all of the buildings at the
                                             TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010                          educating millions of Americans about the               Valley College campus unsafe, Frank led a
                                                                                                    ideals of freedom and democracy that were               team that secured Federal Emergency Man-
                                                                SPEECH OF                           embodied in the American Revolution and are             agement Agency funds to build a new library,
                                                                                                    the cornerstones of our Nation.                         health and human services building, adminis-
                                                     HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH                           The Minute Man National Historical Park              tration and student services building. Most re-
                                                                  OF OHIO
                                                                                                    recognizes the people, places and events that           cently, the campus has added a 37,000-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                              square-foot campus center, a new art building
                                                                                                    have become enduring symbols of our shared
                                                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                      American values. The park includes many im-             and modern gallery.
                                              The House in Committee of the Whole                   portant sites and landscapes along the historic            I was proud to work closely with Frank in
                                            House on the State of the Union had under               22-mile route from Boston to Concord, known             bringing funding to deserving projects for the
                                            consideration of the bill (H.R. 2647) to au-            as the ‘‘Battle Road’’ where British soldiers           colleges. Thanks largely to his hard work, the
                                            thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for         and American militia first clashed on April 19,         Federal Aviation Administration provided $12.6
                                            military activities of the Department of De-            1775. The park includes the famed North                 million for a new state-of-the-art fire academy
                                            fense, to prescribe military personnel                  Bridge in Concord, MA, where American militia           that focuses on commercial aviation fires. Lo-
                                            strengths for fiscal year 2010, and for other                                                                   cated at the San Bernardino International Air-
                                                                                                    were first ordered to return British fire. This
                                                                                                    heroic action was commemorated by the great             port, the facility attracts students from all over
                                               Mr. KUCINICH. Mr. Chair, the amendment               American laureate Ralph Waldo Emerson in                the country for real-life training on a jet fuse-
                                            offered by Representative SCHIFF of California          ‘‘The Concord Hymn’’ as ‘‘the shot heard                lage. Most recently, I was delighted to work
                                            would allow a federally funded research and             round the world.’’ The park commemorates                with Frank in winning the donation to Crafton
                                            development center (FFRDC) under the Na-                Paul Revere’s ‘‘midnight ride’’ on the night of         Hills College of the swimming pool used in the
                                            tional Aeronautics and Space Administration’s           April 18, 1775, to raise the alarm for the resi-        2004 Olympic Trials, which will be part of a
                                            (NASA) to apply for grants made available by            dents of Concord, Massachusetts, that the               recreation facility used by both the students
                                            the Department of Defense. Of NASA’s ten                British were marching to destroy military stock-        and the community.
                                            field centers, there is only one FFRDC—the              piles.                                                     Frank has developed a national reputation
                                            Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)—in Pasa-                   The Minute Man National Historical Park              for education excellence, serving on the Inter-
                                            dena, California. The amendment would allow             continues to serve as a vital and enduring              national Development Team in Spain in May
                                            this NASA center to do the ‘‘research, devel-           educational resource not only to the American           2006, as well as the Defense Department’s
                                            opment, demonstration, or transfer of tech-             people, but also to people all around the               partnership with the Hispanic Associations of
                                            nology . . . for activities including, but not lim-     globe. The Minute Man National Historical               Colleges and Universities (HACU). Frank was
                                            ited to, those conducted by the center under            Park plays a vital role in protecting these spe-        also selected to be part of the U.S. Delegation
                                            contact with or on behalf of the Department of          cial places in Massachusetts where the fight            to China in February 2006. The delegation
                                            Defense.’’                                              for our democracy began and providing a true            continues its work on business, education and
                                               NASA is a civilian agency, doing civilian            benefit to our Nation.                                  cultural exchanges. He has been a national
                                            work that affects every American in various                                                                     leader with HACU, ensuring a significant fed-
                                            ways. It must not become too closely associ-                                                                    eral funding increase for schools with signifi-
                                            ated with the Department of Defense. NASA’s             A TRIBUTE TO FRANK REYES FOR                            cant Hispanic student bodies.
                                            mission is to pioneer scientific discovery, aero-        A LIFETIME DEDICATION TO                                  His community involvement beyond the col-
                                            nautics research and space exploration, not to           EDUCATION AND PUBLIC SERV-                             leges has been widely recognized—he has
                                            conduct research for the benefit of the Depart-          ICE                                                    been listed in the Inland Empire Magazine as
                                            ment of Defense.                                                                                                one of The Most Influential Hispanics and was
                                               At a time when these programs may be fac-                             HON. JERRY LEWIS                       named Latino of the Year by the Hispanic
                                            ing extensive funding cuts, allowing NASA’s                                 OF CALIFORNIA                       Chamber of Commerce. He has been Chair-
                                            field centers to focus solely on carrying out                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                    man of the Board for the Arrowhead Regional
                                            NASA’s mission could not be of more impor-                                                                      Medical Center Foundation for two years, and
                                            tance. Allowing JPL to apply for these grants                      Friday, June 26, 2009                        is an active Board member of the Hands of
                                            would set a precedent that could pave the way              Mr. LEWIS of California. Madam Speaker, I            Mercy, an organization which builds loft
                                            for other NASA centers to follow suit. NASA is          would like to pay tribute to my good friend             houses for the indigent.
                                            prohibited by law from accepting these grants           Frank Reyes, an exceptional educator who                   Madam Speaker, after three decades of
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            from the Department of Defense for a reason.            has helped the San Bernardino Community                 service to the students and people of San
                                            NASA should not be doing the work of the De-            College District become a national leader in            Bernardino County, Frank Reyes is retiring
                                            partment of Defense and should remain a dis-            programs designed to meet a diverse student             from the community college district. Please
                                            tinct entity doing strictly civilian work for civil-    body.                                                   join me in thanking him for his hard work and
                                            ian benefits. It should be fully funded in order           Frank Reyes has been involved in education           dedication, and wish him well in his future en-
                                            to allow it to do so.                                   in San Bernardino County for more than three            deavors.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00052    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.049   E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                          CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1625
                                                  PERSONAL EXPLANATION                              was such a success they decided to build their         Americas. This military institution, based at Ft.
                                                                                                    own cotton gin and the company went on to              Benning in Georgia, is known throughout the
                                                        HON. LARRY KISSELL                          successfully bale 30,000 to 60,000 bales per           region for its questionable teachings and
                                                            OF NORTH CAROLINA                       year at their peak.                                    record of its graduates.
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       In 1966, one of Don’s many community ef-               This amendment is simply about trans-
                                                                                                    forts became a reality when a new football             parency. By revealing the names of the West-
                                                          Friday, June 26, 2009                     stadium was built. In appreciation of Don’s ef-        ern Hemisphere Institute for Security Coopera-
                                               Mr. KISSELL. Madam Speaker, on Wednes-               forts, the following year the community of Cor-        tion attendees, we can shine the light of ac-
                                            day, June 24, 2009, I missed two rollcall votes         coran overwhelmingly named Don Gilkey as               countability and truth on an institution that is
                                            as I was attending a White House briefing on            their ‘‘Citizen of the Year’’. His community in-       unnecessarily shrouded in secrecy. We can
                                            the Energy bill. Had I been present, I would            volvement was boundless. For many years,               show our regional neighbors that we seek to
                                            have voted ‘‘aye’’ on rollcall number 428, and          Mr. Gilkey served on the board of directors for        be their partners in peace, and not co-
                                            ‘‘no’’ on rollcall number 429.                          Lakeland Dusters Aviation and Commercial               conspirators of aggression.
                                                             f                                      Tire. He was a three-term board member and                I urge all of my colleagues to support the
                                                                                                    president of the Corcoran Unified School Dis-          McGovern-Sestak-Bishop-Lewis amendment.
                                                  PERSONAL EXPLANATION                              trict board of trustees, president of the Cor-         Mr. Chair, with this amendment we can show
                                                                                                    coran Chamber of Commerce, member of the               that the intentions of the United States reflect
                                                     HON. LUIS V. GUTIERREZ                         Corcoran Hospital Foundation, a lifelong mem-          a more cooperative foreign policy and a re-
                                                                OF ILLINOIS                         ber and trustee of the Corcoran First United           newed commitment to international human
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Methodist Church, a long time member of Cor-           rights standards.
                                                                                                    coran’s Rotary Club, board member of the
                                                        Friday, June 26, 2009                                                                                                 f
                                                                                                    California Wheat Commission and the Cali-
                                               Mr. GUTIERREZ. Madam Speaker, due to a               fornia Wheat Growers Association, past dele-                    PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                            meeting at the White House, a Financial Serv-           gate to the National Cotton Council, member
                                            ices Committee Hearing and other commit-                of Class V of the California Agricultural Lead-
                                            ments, I was unavoidably absent for certain             ership Program and for several years Don
                                                                                                                                                                         HON. ALLEN BOYD
                                            votes this week. I would like the record to                                                                                       OF FLORIDA
                                                                                                    served as a board member of the California
                                            show that, had I been present, I would have                                                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                    Ammonia Company. Don was honored as a
                                            voted ‘‘yea’’ on rollcall votes 419, 420, 421,          member of the ‘‘65 Club’’, a select group of                       Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            422, 423, 453, 454, 457, 458 and 460 and                farmers chosen for their achievement in agri-            Mr. BOYD. Madam Speaker, I was unable
                                            voted ‘‘nay’’ on rollcall votes 427, 455, 456,          culture production, farm and community lead-           to attend to a vote on May 20, 2009. Had I
                                            and 459.                                                ership. This special honor was given to him in         been present, my vote would have been ‘‘yea’’
                                                             f                                      1982 in Washington, D.0 by then U.S. Sec-              on H.R. 2352, Job Creation Through Entrepre-
                                                                                                    retary of Agriculture John R. Black during the         neurship Act.
                                             A TRIBUTE TO THE LIFE OF DON
                                                                                                    National Agriculture Day ceremonies.
                                                        GILKEY                                                                                                                f
                                                                                                       It goes without saying that Mr. Don
                                                                                                    ‘‘Donnie’’ Gilkey’s dedication to his family, the              IN RECOGNITION OF THE LA
                                                            HON. JIM COSTA                          family farm and his community have earned                     SAGRADA FAMILIA FESTIVAL
                                                              OF CALIFORNIA                         him a legacy of respect and enormous appre-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      ciation from Central Valley farmers, the Cor-
                                                         Friday, June 26, 2009                      coran community and the agriculture industry.                     HON. DENNIS J. KUCINICH
                                                                                                    He will forever be remembered as ‘‘Don                                     OF OHIO
                                               Mr. COSTA. Madam Speaker, I rise today to            Gilkey, The Big Man with the Big Heart’’. I am                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            pay tribute to the life of an agricultural icon in      honored and humbled to celebrate the life of
                                            California, Mr. Don Gilkey of Corcoran, Cali-                                                                               Friday, June 26, 2009
                                                                                                    this amazing man and agricultural icon.
                                            fornia. Don passed away on May 24, 2009 at                                                                        Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker, I rise
                                            the age of 74. He is survived by his wife of 52                            f                                   today in recognition of La Sagrada Familia
                                            years, Moonyeen Gilkey, three children and              NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZA-                            Festival being held this June 26 through 28,
                                            several grandchildren.                                   TION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2010                         2009 and in remembrance of Reverend David
                                               Don Gilkey was born on February 3, 1935                                                                     F. Fallon, founding pastor of La Sagrada
                                            in Corcoran, California to Margaret and Ralph                                SPEECH OF                         Familia Parish. This year’s celebration is the
                                            Gilkey. Don graduated in 1952 from Corcoran                                                                    twenty-fifth annual Latin American Festival and
                                            High School. In 1953 he left for the University                          HON. JOHN LEWIS                       is being held at the Sagrada Familia Parish in
                                            of California, Berkeley, where he played foot-                              OF GEORGIA                         Cleveland, Ohio.
                                            ball and rugby all four years of college. Don                IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      The members of the La Sagrada Familia
                                            was a lineman and punter for the Cal Berkeley                       Thursday, June 25, 2009                    Parish in Cleveland have a long history of
                                            Bears and in 1956 was voted the team cap-                                                                      dedication to our community and to empow-
                                                                                                      The House in Committee of the Whole
                                            tain. He was named First Team All Pacific                                                                      ering Cleveland’s diverse Latin American com-
                                                                                                    House on the State of the Union had under
                                            Coast and Second Team A.P. All-American. In             consideration of the bill (H.R. 2647) to au-           munity. This year’s celebration will feature live
                                            August 1956, during his senior year, Don mar-           thorize appropriations for fiscal year 2010 for        music, cultural dances, children’s activities and
                                            ried the love-of-his life, Moonyeen Apperson,           military activities of the Department of De-           a talent show that highlight the rich culture of
                                            and they spent their first year of marriage in          fense, to prescribe military personnel                 the Latin American community. This year’s
                                            Berkeley while Don finished college. After              strengths for fiscal year 2010, and for other          honoree, Reverend David Fallon, became the
                                            graduating from Cal, Don spent a short period           purposes:                                              founding pastor of Sagrada Familia on April
                                            of time as an officer with the U.S. Army. Upon            Mr. LEWIS of Georgia. Mr. Chair, I rise              11, 1998 and continued in that role until his
                                            returning, Don declined several offers to be-           today as a cosponsor of this important amend-          death on May I, 2009. Under his direction, La
                                            come a professional football player, deciding           ment and urge of all of my colleagues to sup-          Sagrada Familia became a source of strength
                                            instead to return home to Corcoran where he             port it. I thank the Gentleman from Massachu-          and support for people of all ethnic and reli-
                                            would become an integral part of the family             setts (Mr. MCGOVERN) for his tireless advo-            gious backgrounds. Father Fallon initiated nu-
                                            farming business.                                       cacy on addressing human rights issues, and            merous programs and organized church volun-
                                               In 1958, Don became a partner with his               I would like to recognize Cindy Buhl on his            teers to serve the community through social
                                            brother Charles and brothers-in-law Don Rid-            staff and Jamila Thompson in my office for             service, employment and education initiatives.
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            dle and Ken DeVaney in the family farming               their hard work on this issue.                            Madam Speaker and colleagues, please join
                                            operation. Soon thereafter, the family partner-           The            McGovern-Sestak-Bishop-Lewis          me in recognition of the La Sagrada Familia
                                            ship grew to include another brother-in-law,            amendment would allow public access to the             Festival as they honor the memory of Rev-
                                            Bill Bondurant. During his farming career, Don          names of graduates and instructors at the              erend David F. Fallon at the 25th annual Latin
                                            farmed cotton, grain, alfalfa and raised tur-           Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Co-          American Festival. I offer my best wishes for
                                            keys. In 1962, the family farming operation             operation formerly known as the School of the          a joyous celebration of culture and community.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008   08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00053   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.053    E26JNPT1
                                            E1626                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                       June 26, 2009
                                            TRIBUTE TO SGT. MIKE HEADRICK                                     EARMARK DECLARATION                            state agencies to help small communities ad-
                                                                                                                                                             dress their drinking water and wastewater
                                                                                                                 HON. HAROLD ROGERS                          treatment concerns. While small, rural commu-
                                                            HON. ZACH WAMP                                               OF KENTUCKY                         nities are home to less than 25% of the na-
                                                                                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                   tion’s population, they account for over 85% of
                                                                OF TENNESSEE
                                                                                                                                                             the nation’s community water systems. Prob-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                     Friday, June 26, 2009                     lems with EPA clean water compliance may
                                                                                                         Mr. ROGERS of Kentucky. Madam Speaker,              arise when small communities lack the over-
                                                            Friday, June 26, 2009                     pursuant to the House Republican standards             sight capacity and technical expertise to deal
                                               Mr. WAMP. Madam Speaker, the Volunteer                 on congressional-directed funding, I am sub-           with the complexities of maintaining a safe
                                            State has done it again! Today, I rise to honor           mitting the following information regarding            and clean supply of water, and communities
                                            Sgt. Mike Headrick, a Tennessee National                  funding included in H.R. 2996, the Department          with fewer than 10,000 residents are more
                                            Guard soldier from Dunlap, Tennessee, who                 of the Interior, Environment, and Related              than twice as likely to violate drinking water
                                                                                                      Agencies Appropriations Act of 2010.                   standards as are larger systems. Each year,
                                            will be among seven National Guardsmen
                                                                                                         Requesting Member: Congressman HAROLD               the RCAP network delivers services to more
                                            from across the entire United States com-
                                                                                                      ROGERS                                                 than 2,000 rural communities, 90% of which
                                            peting for the prestigious title of Non-Commis-              Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              have populations of 2,500 or fewer, while
                                            sioned Officer (NCO) of the Year.                            Account: Department of the Interior—Na-             leveraging an average of $25 in additional
                                                Sgt. Headrick has successfully competed               tional Park Service—Land Acquisition                   funding for every $1 in federal investment.
                                            against other highly talented National Guards-               Legal Name of Recipient: Cumberland Gap             FY10 funding will be equally divided between
                                            men from our region for the opportunity to                National Historic Park                                 technical assistance activities related to drink-
                                            contend in the national finals. Competition be-              Address of Recipient: US 25E S, P.O. Box            ing water and clean water compliance.
                                            gins in the hometown unit and becomes more                1848, Middlesboro, KY 40965                               Requesting Member: Congressman HAROLD
                                            difficult as the participant advances. In Sgt.               Description of Request: Provide directed            ROGERS
                                            Headrick’s case, each unit in his Armored                 funding of $500,000 for Cumberland Gap Na-                Bill Number: H.R. 2996
                                            Cavalry Regiment squadron selected an NCO                 tional Historical Park. P.L. 108–07 gave the              Account: Environmental Protection Agen-
                                            to compete at the Squadron level. Testing in-             National Park Service authority to acquire the         cy—STAG Water & Wastewater Infrastructure
                                            cludes marksmanship, first aid, and warrior               historic and pristine Fern Lake and sur-                  Legal Name of Recipient: Perry County
                                            task training, along with proficiency on Army             rounding 4500 acre watershed incorporating             Sanitation District
                                            regulations and history. Squadron winners                 this area into Cumberland Gap National His-               Address of Recipient: P.O. Box 1615, Haz-
                                            move up to regimental competition and face                torical Park. Fern Lake will eventually serve as       ard, KY 41702
                                                                                                      a clean and reliable water source for the city            Description of Request: Provide directed
                                            more difficult challenges including a physical
                                                                                                      of Middlesboro, Kentucky as well as enhance            funding of $500,000 to support the Perry
                                            fitness test, more warrior tasks, weapons qual-
                                                                                                      recreational opportunities at Cumberland Gap.          County Sanitation District’s ongoing efforts to
                                            ification and a 10-mile road march. At the
                                                                                                      In May 2009, using previously secured federal          provide sanitary wastewater treatment serv-
                                            statewide competition, obstacles become even
                                                                                                      funds, over 2000 acres of this property were           ices for residents in the Chavies area. Funds
                                            tougher with the addition of a land navigation
                                                                                                      conveyed to Cumberland Gap National Histor-            will support the Sanitation District in devel-
                                            course, another long road march and a man-                ical Park. To date, 4021 acres of the water-           oping a 150,000 gallon per day wastewater
                                            datory appearance before a panel of Sergeant              shed have been added to the park, and the ul-          treatment plant and an enhanced collection
                                            Majors.                                                   timate goal is to acquire 4500 acres within the        system, which will ultimately serve 502 house-
                                               The national competition begins at Fort                sightline of the park’s popular Pinnacle Over-         holds. The project will initially construct ap-
                                            Benning, Georgia, on July 30, and is packed               look.                                                  proximately 24,900 feet of gravity sewer,
                                            with a grueling physical fitness test, five-mile             Requesting Member: Congressman HAROLD               3,500 feet of force main and two pump sta-
                                            run, day and night land navigation course, 12-            ROGERS                                                 tions to serve 109 new customers. The waste-
                                            mile road march with a 30 lb. rucksack, water                Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              water treatment plant will be constructed to
                                            survival, day and night weapons marksman-                    Account: Environmental Protection Agen-             accommodate future expansions as collection
                                            ship, obstacle course, and hand-to-hand com-              cy—Science & Technology                                lines are extended to serve additional cus-
                                            bat with little or no sleep. The competition                 Legal Name of Recipient: Consortium for             tomers. The Perry County Sanitation District
                                            concludes here in Washington, DC., one week               Plant Biotechnology Research                           received a grant from the U.S. Army Corps of
                                            later.                                                       Address of Recipient: 100 Sylvan Drive,             Engineers for the design of the Wastewater
                                                                                                      Suite 210, St. Simons Island, GA 31522                 Treatment Plant and Collection System, which
                                               Sgt. Headrick is a member of the 278th Ar-                Description of Request: Provide directed            covered the cost of a regional facilities plan,
                                            mored Cavalry Regiment’s Det. 1, Head-                    funding of $1,000,000 for the Consortium for           environmental assessment and design. An ad-
                                            quarters Troop, 2nd Squadron, in Gallatin,                Plant Biotechnology Research, a non-profit or-         ditional $1.154 million in Environmental Pro-
                                            Tennessee, and has proudly served in our Na-              ganization whose membership includes 43                tection Agency funds have also been secured
                                            tional Guard for six years. He volunteered for            leading U.S. research universities and 39 agri-        to begin construction.
                                            military service at the age 33, just before the           business companies and trade associations.                                f
                                            age-limit cutoff, because he wanted future                92.6% of funding is utilized for researching
                                            generations to have the ability to live in free-          plant biotechnologies that will improve the                     PERSONAL EXPLANATION
                                            dom without the fear of terrorists attacks.               competitiveness of U.S. agriculture by devel-
                                              In civilian life, Sgt. Headrick is a Certified          oping technologies to lessen the country’s de-                       HON. BART STUPAK
                                            Master Auto Technician at Bavarian Auto in                pendence on foreign energy supplies. Federal                              OF MICHIGAN
                                            my hometown of Chattanooga. He has been                   funds are matched 130% on average. The                        IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            married to his wife, Audrey, for 20 years and             University of Kentucky is a CPBR member.
                                                                                                         Requesting Member: Congressman HAROLD                           Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            they have one son, Alex.
                                                                                                      ROGERS                                                    Mr. STUPAK. Madam Speaker, on Wednes-
                                              Tennessee is very proud of the accomplish-                 Bill Number: H.R. 2996                              day, June 24, 2009, I could not be present for
                                            ments and service of Sgt. Mike Headrick, and                 Account: Environmental Protection Agen-             votes due to a family funeral back in Michigan.
                                            I am honored to recognize him today in the                cy—Environmental Programs and Manage-                  I rise today to enter into the RECORD how I
                                            U.S. House of Representatives. This friendly              ment—National Programs                                 would have voted had I been able to vote.
                                            competition sharpens the skills of our service               Legal Name of Recipient: Rural Commu-                  House rollcall vote No. 424. I would have
                                            men and women and better prepares them for                nities Assistance Partnership                          voted no.
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                            the intensities of combat. We wish all seven                 Address of Recipient: 1522 K Street, NW.,              House rollcall vote No. 425. I would have
                                            soldiers the very best as they prepare to win             Suite 400, Washington DC 20005                         voted no.
                                            the coveted title of Non-Commissioned Officer                Description of Request: Provide directed               House rollcall vote No. 426. I would have
                                            of the Year, but it’s no secret that I hope Sgt.          funding of $2,500,000 for the Rural Commu-             voted no.
                                            Headrick brings it home to the great State of             nities Assistance Partnership with the EPA.               House rollcall vote No. 427. I would have
                                            Tennessee!                                                RCAP service providers work with federal and           voted no.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008     08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00054   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.059    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                            CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   E1627
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 428. I would have             INTRODUCTION OF THE TRIBAL                                   TRIBUTE TO POLICE CHIEF
                                            voted yes.                                                 CHARITIES FAIRNESS ACT OF 2009                                WILLIAM ‘‘BILLY’’ WEBBER
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 429. I would have
                                            voted no.                                                                                                                  HON. JAMES P. McGOVERN
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 430. I would have                      HON. XAVIER BECERRA                                            OF MASSACHUSETTS
                                            voted yes.                                                                   OF CALIFORNIA                              IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 431. I would have
                                                                                                           IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                 Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            voted no.
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 432. I would have                                                                      Mr. MCGOVERN. Madam Speaker, I proud-
                                                                                                                   Friday, June 26, 2009                     ly rise today to pay tribute to William ‘‘Billy’’
                                            voted no.
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 433. I would have              Mr. BECERRA. Madam Speaker, I rise to               Webber, a revered Chief of Police of the Town
                                            voted yes.                                                                                                       of Southborough, Massachusetts, who died
                                                                                                      introduce the ‘‘Tribal Charities Fairness Act of
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 434. I would have                                                                  too early at the age of 53 on November 11,
                                                                                                      2009’’ with Representatives DEVIN NUNES,               2008 after a courageous 18 month battle with
                                            voted no.                                                 EARL BLUMENAUER, MICHAEL HONDA, DALE KIL-
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 435. I would have                                                                  pancreatic cancer.
                                                                                                      DEE, BEN RAY LUJAN, BETTY MCCOLLUM, and                    Earlier this week, family members, friends
                                            voted yes.
                                                                                                      JOHN OLVER. This legislation remedies an in-           and colleagues held a golf tournament in
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 436. I would have
                                            voted yes.                                                equity in our tax code and will enhance the            honor of Chief Webber—‘‘dedicated to his
                                                                                                      ability of tribal charities to provide essential       memory, to his kind heart and to the courage
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 437. I would have
                                                                                                      services such as nutritional, educational and          he has given all of us to rise above the sor-
                                            voted no.
                                                                                                      health care assistance for many in Indian              row.’’ All proceeds from the event went to the
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 438. I would have
                                                                                                      country.                                               Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston to
                                            voted yes.
                                                                                                                                                             support research efforts to fight the dreaded
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 439. I would have              The economic and social needs of the Na-            disease that claimed his life.
                                            voted yes.                                                tive American community are immense. Native                The son of proud parents, Harry and Claire
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 440. I would have           American households are among the most                 Webber, Bill Webber grew up in Milford, Mas-
                                            voted no.                                                                                                        sachusetts and joined the Police Department
                                                                                                      economically disadvantaged in the United
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 441. I would have                                                                  in nearby Southborough in 1980, beginning an
                                                                                                      States. Over 25 percent live in poverty, with
                                            voted yes.                                                                                                       impressive and distinguished 28 year career in
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 442. I would have           greater proportions of Native American chil-
                                                                                                      dren and seniors living in poverty compared            law enforcement. He received his Bachelor of
                                            voted yes.                                                                                                       Science in Criminal Justice from Northeastern
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 443. I would have           with the general United States population.
                                                                                                                                                             University in 1983 and earned a Master’s De-
                                            voted no.                                                 Health status is lower for Native Americans,
                                                                                                                                                             gree in Public Administration from Clark Uni-
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 444. I would have           who have a life expectancy that is 4.6 years           versity in Worcester in 2003. He was also a
                                            voted no.                                                 shorter than all races considered together, and        graduate of the State Police Academy where
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 445. I would have           mortality rates from diabetes, tuberculosis, and       he was President of his class. In 2004 he was
                                            voted no.                                                 alcoholism that are many times higher than in          appointed as Southborough’s Chief of Police.
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 446. I would have           the general U.S. population. And although 76               Chief Webber’s career with the Town of
                                            voted no.                                                 percent of Native Americans have a high                Southborough was characterized by honor,
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 447. I would have           school diploma, just 13 percent go on to re-           courage and commitment. His professionalism
                                            voted no.                                                 ceive a bachelor’s degree.                             and integrity made him a great role model for
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 448. I would have                                                                  his fellow officers and law enforcement col-
                                            voted no.                                                    Tribal charities play an essential role in rem-
                                                                                                                                                             leagues. Town Planner Vera Kolias said
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 449. I would have           edying these untenable circumstances by pro-           ‘‘Chief Billy Webber had all of the qualities that
                                            voted yes.                                                viding assistance to communities across In-            you can only hope for in one person: an ac-
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 450. I would have           dian country. Their work and assistance en-            complished, intelligent and caring professional,
                                            voted yes.                                                sure Native American children, working adults,         and a consummate gentleman who displayed
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 451. I would have           and seniors have access to the same opportu-           integrity and sensitivity at every turn.’’
                                            voted yes.                                                nities available to all Americans.                         With Chief Webber’s death, the citizens of
                                              House rollcall     vote No. 452. I would have                                                                  Southborough have suffered a tragic loss. The
                                                                                                         Unfortunately, the tax code currently treats
                                            voted yes.                                                                                                       love and respect felt by his neighbors and
                                                                                                      tribes like corporations rather than like state
                                                                                                                                                             members of the community is reflected by the
                                                                                                      and local governments when they provide sup-
                                                                                                                                                             Town’s dedication of its 2008 Annual Report
                                                                                                      port to charities that serve tribal members.           to him. In presenting copies of the Annual Re-
                                            REGARDING THE AVAILABILITY                                This flawed tax treatment has significant impli-       port to his family at a recent Board of Select-
                                             OF THE CLASSIFIED ANNEX TO                               cations, affecting tribal charities’ ability to ac-    men meeting, Chairman Bill Boland expressed
                                             H.R. 2701, THE INTELLIGENCE AU-                          cess tax-exempt financing, receive grants from         thanks to them ‘‘for sharing Billy with us; he
                                             THORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL                               private foundations, and operate in the gov-           was truly a remarkable person and a great
                                             YEAR 2010
                                                                                                      ernmental arena without being subject to addi-         representative of the Town of Southborough.’’
                                                                                                      tional tax rules and regulations.                          Chief Webber’s Pastor, Reverend James
                                                      HON. SILVESTRE REYES                               The ‘‘Tribal Charities Fairness Act of 2009’’
                                                                                                                                                             Flynn      of    St.   Matthew’s      Church    in
                                                                   OF TEXAS                                                                                  Southborough observed that he was a man of
                                                                                                      will correct this inequity in the law by treating
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                                                                               great compassion and said that ‘‘We of St.
                                                                                                      tribal governments the same as state and               Matthews were awed with the example that
                                                            Friday, June 26, 2009                     local governments when they provide support            Bill left for us, a man of faith who genuinely
                                               Mr. REYES. Madam Speaker, I wish to in-                to charitable organizations. This simple               loved his neighbor.’’
                                            form my colleagues that the classified annex              change in our tax code will have far-reaching,             Sadly, the record of impressive achieve-
                                            to H.R. 2701, the Intelligence Authorization              positive effects for tribes and charities across       ments and honorable service throughout Chief
                                            Act for Fiscal Year 2010, will be available for           the nation by increasing the availability of re-       Webber’s life came to an early end on Novem-
                                            review by members during regular Committee                sources to address the poor economic and so-           ber 11, 2008. As noted by Vanessa Hale, As-
                                            business hours, beginning on Monday, July                 cial conditions plaguing many in Indian coun-          sistant Town Administrator of Southborough,
                                            6th, 2009.                                                try.                                                   ‘‘It was providential that he left us on Veterans
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               Members will be required to complete the                                                                      Day—a proud, patriotic American who loved
                                            appropriate security paperwork to view any                  I encourage my colleagues to support this            his family, God and Country to the end.’’
                                            classified information.                                   essential legislation that puts tribal charities on        On behalf of the residents of the Third Mas-
                                               Staff are requested to contact the Com-                an equal playing field with other government-          sachusetts District, I extend our deep sym-
                                            mittee to schedule a viewing appointment for              funded charities and increases their ability to        pathy to his loving wife Kathy (Carmody)
                                            members.                                                  carry out their necessary and important work.          Webber, his children Kathleen and Kevin, his

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008     08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00055   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.062    E26JNPT1
                                            E1628                                   CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                   June 26, 2009
                                            siblings Patricia and Stephen, their family                   On   rollcall 368, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   446,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                            members and the legion of friends who will al-                On   rollcall 369, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   447,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                            ways remember Billy Webber and the cher-                      On   rollcall 370, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   448,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                            ished part he played in their lives.                          On   rollcall 371, I would have voted yes.            On   rollcall   449,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                                              f                                           On   rollcall 372, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   450,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                                                                                          On   rollcall 373, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   451,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                                  PERSONAL EXPLANATION                                    On   rollcall 374, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   452,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                                                                                          On   rollcall 375, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   453,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                                            HON. JOHN LEWIS                               On   rollcall 376, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   454,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                                                OF GEORGIA                                On   rollcall 377, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   455,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                            On   rollcall 378, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   456,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                                                                                          On   rollcall 379, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   457,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                                        Friday, June 26, 2009                             On   rollcall 380, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   458,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                              Mr. LEWIS of Georgia. Madam Speaker, on                     On   rollcall 381, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   459,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                            June 8, 2009, I underwent surgery and have                    On   rollcall 382, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   460,   I   would   have   voted   no.
                                            been recuperating for the past 3 weeks. In my                 On   rollcall 383, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   461,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                            24 years in Congress, I have missed very few                  On   rollcall 384, I would have voted yes.            On   rollcall   462,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                            votes and have taken pride in having a voting                 On   rollcall 385, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   463,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                            record of over 90%. This is the first time I’ve               On   rollcall 386, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   464,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                            missed this many votes. Had I been here, I                    On   rollcall 387, I would have voted no.             On   rollcall   465,   I   would   have   voted   yes.
                                            would have cast the following votes:                          On   rollcall 388, I would have voted no.                               f
                                              On rollcall 311, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 389, I would have voted no.
                                              On rollcall 312, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 390, I would have voted yes.          IN RECOGNITION OF JIM BOREN’S
                                              On rollcall 313, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 391, I would have voted no.                40 YEARS OF SERVICE
                                              On rollcall 314, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 392, I would have voted yes.
                                              On rollcall 315, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 393, I would have voted no.                             HON. JIM COSTA
                                              On rollcall 316, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 394, I would have voted yes.                              OF CALIFORNIA
                                              On rollcall 317, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 395, I would have voted no.                 IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                              On rollcall 318, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 396, I would have voted yes.
                                              On rollcall 319, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 397, I would have voted no.                        Friday, June 26, 2009
                                              On rollcall 320, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 398, I would have voted yes.            Mr. COSTA. Madam Speaker, I rise today to
                                              On rollcall 321, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 399, I would have voted no.          give recognition to James V. ‘‘Jim’’ Boren, the
                                              On rollcall 322, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 400, I would have voted yes.         Editorial Page Editor/Vice President of the
                                              On rollcall 323, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 401, I would have voted no.          Fresno Bee newspaper as he prepares to cel-
                                              On rollcall 324, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 402, I would have voted yes.         ebrate four decades of dedicated service to
                                              On rollcall 325, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 403, I would have voted no.          the Fresno Bee.
                                              On rollcall 326, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 404, I would have voted no.             A native of Fresno, California, Jim attended
                                              On rollcall 327, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 405, I would have voted no.          Hoover High School, where his talent for using
                                              On rollcall 328, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 406, I would have voted no.          written words to convey specific imagery and
                                              On rollcall 329, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 407, I would have voted no.          captivate a reader’s interest, officially began.
                                              On rollcall 330, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 408, I would have voted yes.         While at Hoover, Boren became actively in-
                                              On rollcall 331, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 409, I would have voted yes.         volved in the school’s newspaper, the Hoover
                                              On rollcall 332, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 410, I would have voted yes.         Patriot, and continued as a school reporter
                                              On rollcall 333, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 411, I would have voted yes.         until his graduation in 1967. Following gradua-
                                              On rollcall 334, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 412, I would have voted yes.         tion, Boren attended Fresno City College
                                              On rollcall 335, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 413, I would have voted yes.         where he earned his AA degree and became
                                              On rollcall 336, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 414, I would have voted present.     engaged with the official news publication of
                                              On rollcall 337, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 415, I would have voted yes.         Fresno City College, the Rampage. His strong
                                              On rollcall 338, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 416, I would have voted yes.         interest in journalism continued during his ten-
                                              On rollcall 339, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 417, I would have voted yes.         ure at California State University, Fresno,
                                              On rollcall 340, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 418, I would have voted yes.         where he graduated in 1972 with a bachelor’s
                                              On rollcall 341, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 419, I would have voted yes.         degree in journalism.
                                              On rollcall 342, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 420, I would have voted yes.            While still in college, on June 9, 1969, at the
                                              On rollcall 343, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 421, I would have voted yes.         age of 19, Jim Boren was hired as a vacation
                                              On rollcall 344, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 422, I would have voted yes.         relief reporter for the Valley Department of the
                                              On rollcall 345, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 423, I would have voted yes.         Fresno Bee and with that position, Boren’s il-
                                              On rollcall 346, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 424, I would have voted no.          lustrious journalism career officially began.
                                              On rollcall 347, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 425, I would have voted no.          During his 40-year tenure at the Bee, Boren
                                              On rollcall 348, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 426, I would have voted no.          has covered almost every beat at the paper.
                                              On rollcall 349, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 427, I would have voted no.          In 1980, Jim Boren quickly became known as
                                              On rollcall 350, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 428, I would have voted yes.         ‘‘The Bee’s Political Guru,’’ as he continued to
                                              On rollcall 351, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 429, I would have voted no.          report exclusively on politics for nearly 15
                                              On rollcall 352, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 430, I would have voted yes.         years. During that time, Boren covered every
                                              On rollcall 353, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 431, I would have voted no.          level of politics, including city council elections,
                                              On rollcall 354, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 432, I would have voted no.          gubernatorial races, and presidential cam-
                                              On rollcall 355, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 433, I would have voted yes.         paigns, joining the press pool of national cam-
                                              On rollcall 356, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 434, I would have voted no.          paigns to see, hear and report first-hand the
                                              On rollcall 357, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 435, I would have voted yes.         events and progress surrounding those cam-
                                              On rollcall 358, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 436, I would have voted no.          paigns.
                                              On rollcall 359, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 437, I would have voted no.             In 1995, Jim became the Editorial Page Edi-
                                              On rollcall 360, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 438, I would have voted yes.         tor of the Bee, one of the positions he still en-
                                              On rollcall 361, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 439, I would have voted no.          joys today. Boren has received a variety of
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                              On rollcall 362, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 440, I would have voted no.          journalism awards, including an investigative
                                              On rollcall 363, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 441, I would have voted no.          reporting award from the Society of Profes-
                                              On rollcall 364, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 442, I would have voted no.          sional Journalists and in 2004, Boren earned
                                              On rollcall 365, I would have voted yes.                    On   rollcall 443, I would have voted no.          recognition as the winner of the Jim Tucker
                                              On rollcall 366, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 444, I would have voted no.          Journalism Award presented by the Mass
                                              On rollcall 367, I would have voted no.                     On   rollcall 445, I would have voted no.          Communications and Journalism Department

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008    08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00056    Fmt 0626   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.065    E26JNPT1
                                            June 26, 2009                            CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                                  E1629
                                            of his alma mater, California State University,           of growing medical costs that seem without             ship team are to be commended for their drive
                                            Fresno.                                                   bounds.                                                and perseverance. The 2009 team members
                                               Always dedicated to helping prevent hunger                Citizens of a free society need not choose          include: Tavi Amparan, Chuy Diaz, Cory
                                            for Valley residents, Boren’s volunteer advo-             between buying food and affording care.                Falvey, Roger Favela, Chris Guzman, Eric
                                            cacy on behalf of the Community Food Bank                    A free society educates all of its children         Herrera, Bobby Mares, Sergio Mendoza,
                                            continues to aid those less fortunate. Addition-          and provides vast opportunity for betterment           Marcus Molina, Armando Muniz, Jessirey
                                            ally, his volunteer efforts on behalf of Chil-            beyond the classroom.                                  Navarrete, Aaron Olivas, Josh Rodriguez,
                                            dren’s Hospital of Central California, resulted              A free society ought not be bound by the            Rene Rodriguez, Oscar Sandate, Ivan Sigala,
                                            in significant funds being raised for the annual          shackles of oppression, be it physical re-             Angel Soria, George Stoltz, and Luis Yanez.
                                            Kids Day event, where he has raised tens of               straints or the restraints imposed by a depend-          Head Coach Chris Forbes and his great
                                            thousands of dollars for those seeking medical            ence on foreign assets.                                team of assistant coaches, Joe Alvarez, Adri-
                                            care at the valley’s only children’s hospital.               A free society puts its stock in innovation,        an Garcia, Federico Contreras, and Herbert
                                            Boren is a founding board member and re-                  tapping into its own financial and human cap-          Reyes, were the masterminds behind the
                                            mains active on the board of the Kenneth L.               ital to grow a smarter economy and a safer fu-         team’s success. Coach Forbes, in particular,
                                            Maddy Institute at California State University,           ture that doesn’t poison our air, water and            instilled a sense of hard work and discipline
                                            Fresno.                                                   land or tie self determination to the foreign re-      that kept the players motivated throughout the
                                               A proud father, Marissa Boren continues in             sources of another land’s oppressor.                   regular season and post-season. As part of
                                            her father’s footsteps and is dedicated to edu-              In our still pioneering young republic, we          his 25–year career in coaching, the former
                                            cation and the community. She has just com-               refuse to cede the initiative to innovate.             Austin High School baseball player has taken
                                            pleted her education at the University of Cali-              In our pursuit of freedom we agree to forgo         Socorro to 20 playoff appearances. Coach
                                            fornia at San Diego.                                      some of our individual interests and intemper-         Forbes also boasts the most wins (576) of any
                                               Boren, in his current role as Editorial Page           ance to allow the space for open dialogue, de-         varsity baseball coach in El Paso.
                                            Editor/Vice President, continues to write a               bate and discussion.                                     The Bulldogs’ championship title energized
                                            weekly column on politics and public policy in               Our society and all free societies must be          El Paso sports fans, as over a thousand par-
                                            addition to his duties overseeing the Bee’s               open to compromise without bias to age, color          ents and members of the community made the
                                            opinion pages. He is also a member of the                 or creed.                                              long journey to Round Rock to cheer the team
                                            Operating Committee, which is the senior                     So as I stand here on the eve of our 233rd          to victory. This team will forever be remem-
                                            management group of the newspaper.                        Independence Day, I am grateful for our                bered for its historic victory that brought the
                                               On behalf of all those who have read his               founding fathers and their quest for democ-            State Championship Trophy to El Paso, 60
                                            words, it is with great pleasure that I congratu-         racy. While I value the vast distances we have         years after the storied Bowie Bears baseball
                                            late Jim Boren for 40 years of providing inter-           traveled since Philadelphia, I remain mindful of       team achieved the same feat in 1949. I am
                                            esting informative stories, columns and opin-             the long journey yet to perfection.                    proud to join my constituents from the 16th
                                            ions to Fresno Bee readers everywhere.                       On this Independence Day, I urge my fellow          District of Texas in commending the Socorro
                                                               f                                      Arizonans and all Americans to endeavor to             Bulldogs baseball team for a job well done.
                                                                                                      renew and revive the spirit of liberty that                               f
                                                 THE TRUE IMPORTANCE OF
                                                    INDEPENDENCE DAY                                  launched this great nation, and strive to seek
                                                                                                                                                             RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOP-
                                                                                                      a more perfect Union.
                                                                                                                                                              MENT   AND   TRANSMISSION
                                                    HON. GABRIELLE GIFFORDS                                             f                                     ISSUES
                                                                  OF ARIZONA                           CONGRATULATING THE SOCORRO
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                           BULLDOGS BASEBALL TEAM                                             HON. JAY INSLEE
                                                                                                                                                                                OF WASHINGTON
                                                            Friday, June 26, 2009
                                               Ms. GIFFORDS. Madam Speaker, I rise                               HON. SILVESTRE REYES                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES

                                            today to encourage all citizens to take a mo-                                  OF TEXAS                                        Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            ment during the upcoming Independence Day                      IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES                      Mr. INSLEE. Madam Speaker, I greatly ap-
                                            weekend to reflect on what the United States                                                                     preciate the sentiments expressed in the at-
                                                                                                                   Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            and the ideals of our Republic mean to them.                                                                     tached letter from Carl Zichella, and I intend to
                                               America’s experiment with democracy rep-                  Mr. REYES. Madam Speaker, I rise today to           work with these groups to achieve strong envi-
                                            resents the origins of a new outlook and new              congratulate the Socorro High School baseball          ronmental protections in areas affected by
                                            system of governance. Our founders dared to               team for winning the 2009 Texas 5A State               transmission line siting.
                                            challenge history. The principles of personal             Baseball Championship. The Socorro High                                           SIERRA CLUB,
                                            liberty and collective justice—exercised daily            Bulldogs ended their championship season                               Sacrementa, CA, June 26, 2009.
                                            across our country—were once little more than             with an impressive record, becoming the sec-           Hon. JAY INSLEE,
                                            the lofty goals of our ancestors. Today, we               ond team in El Paso history to bring home the          House of Representatives,
                                                                                                      coveted state title.                                   Washington, DC.
                                            have come a long way. We have struggled
                                                                                                         The team was tested by fierce competitors             DEAR REPRESENTATIVE INSLEE: I write to
                                            and continue to struggle, to achieve the true                                                                    thank you for your leadership on renewable
                                            spirit of freedom for every American and every            from across the great State of Texas, one of           energy development and transmission issues.
                                            citizen of humanity.                                      the most competitive states in the entire nation       The Sierra Club, The Wilderness Society and
                                               When I reflect on the ideals of our nation             for high school baseball. As the post-season           NRDC have concerns about the presidential
                                            and consider the significance of our shining              progressed, the Bulldogs fended off tough              override provision of the manager’s trans-
                                            example of freedom to the world, I think not              challengers and finished with an impressive            mission amendment. We recognize that it
                                            only of our deep-rooted principle of self-deter-          35–4 record.                                           was not the intention of the amendment’s
                                            mination but the basic liberties set forth by the            On Saturday, June 20th, the Bulldogs had            author to, in any way, undermine environ-
                                                                                                                                                             mental protection. We would like to work
                                            Declaration of Independence and our Bill of               their toughest test this year when they faced
                                                                                                                                                             with Congressman Inslee and the Energy and
                                            Rights. These two great doctrines lay a foun-             the Lufkin Panthers in the state championship          Commerce Committee to help ensure that
                                            dation for all free nations.                              game at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock,                public land protection measures in trans-
                                               But I believe freedom is more than words.              Texas, and were down 2–0 in the game’s                 mission policy reforms are as strong as pos-
                                               Freedom is a society in which all have an              early innings. The talented young men on the           sible, as reflected in HR 2211 and to clarify
                                            equal opportunity to succeed.                             Socorro Bulldog team never waivered and                the role of public stakeholders in the plan-
smartinez on PROD1PC64 with REMARKS

                                               A free society is one in which citizens are            forged an impressive come-from-behind vic-             ning process the amendment establishes.
                                            not burdened by a perpetual cycle of poverty              tory.                                                    We are at your service in the coming days
                                                                                                                                                             and weeks to address these issues.
                                            that breeds crime, violence and chronic dis-                 I am extremely proud of the dedication, de-               Sincerely,
                                            ease.                                                     termination, sportsmanship, and discipline of                               CARL ZICLIELLA,
                                               A free society is one in which the people              this talented baseball team and their Coach                                  Western Renewable
                                            are not crushed into bankruptcy by the weight             Chris Forbes. The members of this champion-                                        Projects Director.

                                      VerDate Nov 24 2008     08:56 Jun 27, 2009   Jkt 079060   PO 00000   Frm 00057   Fmt 0626   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A26JN8.068    E26JNPT1
                                            E1630                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — Extensions of Remarks                                                          June 26, 2009
                                            VETERANS HEALTH CARE BUDGET                             marks, I am submitting the following informa-           at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island. They were
                                             REFORM AND TRANSPARENCY                                tion for publication in the CONGRESSIONAL               married in September 2002. Mr. and Mrs.
                                             ACT OF 2009                                            RECORD regarding earmarks I received as part            Saldana have three children, Isabella Grace,
                                                                                                    of H.R. 2996, the Fiscal Year 2010 Interior,            Nikolas Valentino and Sophia Claire.
                                                                SPEECH OF
                                                                                                    Environment, and Related Agencies Appro-                                   f
                                                    HON. SHEILA JACKSON-LEE                         priations Act.
                                                                                                                                                            SUPPORT OF: H.R. 1511, THE ‘‘TOR-
                                                                 OF TEXAS                              Requesting Member: Congressman ROBERT
                                                                                                    E. LATTA                                                 TURE VICTIMS RELIEF REAU-
                                               IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                                                                                       Bill Number: H.R. 2996, Fiscal Year 2010              THORIZATION ACT OF 2009’’
                                                          Tuesday, June 23, 2009
                                                                                                    Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies
                                                Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr. Speaker.              Appropriations Act                                                HON. SHEILA JACKSON-LEE
                                            I rise today in strong support of H.R. 1016,               Account: EPA; STAG Water and Waste-                                      OF TEXAS
                                            ‘‘Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and                water Infrastructure Project                                   IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                            Transparency Act of 2009.’’ I would like to                Legal Name of Requesting Entity: Village of                        Friday, June 26, 2009
                                            thank my colleague, Congressman BOB FIL-                Tiro, Ohio
                                            NER, for introducing this bill, and providing                                                                      Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Madam
                                                                                                       Address of Requesting Entity: P.O. Box 31,           Speaker, I support H.R. 1511, the ‘‘Torture
                                            leadership on this important issue.                     Tiro, OH 44887
                                               Today I will defer to Thomas Jefferson who                                                                   Victims Relief Reauthorization Act of 2009.’’
                                                                                                       Description of Request: $500,000 for the Vil-        This bill was sponsored by Representative
                                            so auspiciously stated, ‘‘The care of human
                                                                                                    lage of Tiro Water Distribution System. This            CHRISTOPHER SMITH of New Jersey. The bill’s
                                            life and happiness and not their destruction is
                                                                                                    project consists of purchasing treated water            purpose is to amend the Torture Victims Relief
                                            the first and only legitimate object of good
                                                                                                    from the City of Shelby and transporting it to          Act of 1998 to authorize appropriations for
                                            government.’’ We must call attention as both
                                            the House and Senate discuss health care re-            Tiro via 32,500 ft. of water main. 10,700 ft. of        FY2010–FY2011 which will provide assistance
                                            form. Today, in the midst of two wars and an            water main will be constructed in the Village           for domestic and foreign programs and cen-
                                            economic crisis, I know in this 111th Congress          for distribution of water. A booster pumping            ters for the treatment of victims of torture. I
                                            and with the 44th President of the United               station, storage tower, and fire hydrants will be       support this bill and I urge my colleagues to
                                            States, our government is now in the position           included. The Village of Tiro currently has no          support this bill as it provides needed rehabili-
                                            of necessity where we must work to ensure               municipal water system. Water is collected or           tation treatment to those who have been im-
                                            comprehensive health care reform to