Beyond Google Search by yaofenji


									Beyond Google Search
 Using Google Search tools to their potential
Why can’t I find anything I
    am looking for?
How does Google Work?
Google maintains billions of pages of web content

Clicking “Search” in the Google window sends a
request to look through the billions of pages

Google analyzes page indexes or meta tags for
relevant content closest to the request

Based on the search criteria, Google rates the site in
order of relevance
How this works

Click the image to view a video
      on how a search engine
      Different type of
Exact Phases       Define:

Excluded Words     Site:

Simple Words       Link:

Multiple Words

Numerical Ranges
Exact Phrase Search
       “find me”
  Exact Phrase searches
 help find the results that
include your exact phrase

              Example: “give me liberty”
Results 1 - 10 of about 789,000 for "give me Liberty".
                     (0.28 seconds)
Excluded Words Search
      running -marathon
 Excluded Word searches
gives the possible results
minus the requested word.

   Lets try this search and see what results you get.
            Open Internet Explorer and type
                   running –marathon
                        In Google

On your worksheet, note the number of results you get
              an your #1 search result.
Similar Word Search
      ~sugar treats
Similar word searches look for
 possible results with similar
    words for the ~ that are
 attached to the second word

  Example: ~sugar = sweet

   Results are sweet treats
            Other types of
     Multiple Word                                Numerical
 Results that have either of              Searches ranges of
 the words listed                         numbers

 Monkey or zoo                            Fashion 1990…2000

List the top three internet sites for both multiple and numerical searches
                            Search Definitions -
    search by the predictor “define:” to get results of the word requested.

    Define: homogeneous
Specific Site Search
search for key word amongst certain websites

           site: .edu
Search within a Website
           search for results within a specific website

           muster link:
Lets Have some FUN!!!
    Click the link

    For question four, try different
     types of search tactics to find
   combinations that have the least
           number of results

          List your results!!!

        Use your imagination
Google Scholar
       Google Scholar
What is Google Scholar?
Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly
search for scholarly literature. From one place, you
can search across many disciplines and sources:
peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, abstracts
and articles, from academic publishers,
professional societies, preprint repositories,
universities and other scholarly organizations.
Google Scholar helps you identify the most
relevant research across the world of scholarly
       Why use Scholar?
Searching relevant articles in educational databases

Searching specific libraries

Search for relevant information on specific topics

Using Google Scholar
             Scholar search
              allows you to
               detail your
                search by
Search box

             settings for
            Try a search
Search Scholar for Dyslexia
   Click Advanced Search
   Enter “High School” in the Exact Phrase space
   Click Search

Detailing your search results will allow you to find
   relevant information related to your topic
Searching Libraries

              Type the name of
                  a library
      Don’t leave with out your resources

    Searching a specific
 library will allow you to
find articles or books in a
    library close to you.
 Google Book Search

Search for books by subject, author, genre or recent releases
 Google Book Search will allow you to
preview a book. Books will have either
    full or partial view available.
             Lets look for a book…

            Open Google Book Search
    Search for a book on National Monuments
        Write the title of your # 1 selection
             Google News
Google News site aggregates headlines from more over
4000news sources worldwide. Personalized options and
 a wider variety of perspectives from which to choose.
  Google News offers links to several articles on every
   story, so readers can decide what subject interests
                   they’d like to read.

 Finding Current
Google News can help you find
  current events related to

     Open Google News

      Search for Obama

 Note the number of articles
published about Obama in the
        last HOUR!!!!!
            More Fun!!!!
       Using Google News, search for

                 BED BUGS

What is the news saying about the nasty bugs?

 Google Scholar

 Google Books

  Google News

Google Education

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