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									      Curriculum Vitae

       Personal information
    First name(s) / Surname(s)         Mauro Mancini
                     Telephone(s)      +97143675019/ +39076635064                              Mobile    +971507703534/ +393407988661
                        Nationality    Italian
                       Date of birth   03/10/1973
                            Gender     Male

             Work experience

                             Dates     01/2010 → (part time)
       Occupation or position held     Customer service/check in
Main activities and responsibilities   Customer service assistant/pre check in of passengers boarding the ship
  Name and address of employer         Costa cruise ship – joint venture with Gulf venture tours
                                       (UAE) Rashid port
       Type of business or sector      Hospitality/Tourism

                             Dates     12/2008 - 08/2009
       Occupation or position held     Supervisor/ housing & uniform distribution
Main activities and responsibilities   Allocation of houses for staff, supervising the furnishing and cleaning of flats. Dealing with movers,
                                       suppliers and workers in negotiating of price and work quality, following up complaints.
                                       Gave support to it office in the arrangement of Identity cards. Organizing the uniform shop and
                                       distribution, displaying new shipments, helping customers, arranging damaged goods.
  Name and address of employer         Repton School Dubai
                                       nad al sheeba 3&4, Dubai (UAE)
       Type of business or sector      Education

                             Dates     04/2007 - 04/2008
       Occupation or position held     Head of construction Team
Main activities and responsibilities   Supervise staff in completion of projects on site, made sure workers performed properly, checked
                                       schedule and attendance, work conditions safety and quality of project, worked on construction of
                                       small buildings and private houses. Supervised electrical circuits, mounted & mounting of doors and
                                       windows making sure they were properly fixed such as handles and locks, worked with marble and
                                       wooden floors installation. Checked floor and wall tiles for the correct lines and no cracks proper grout
                                       filled , ceiling alignments, cleanliness of the site, checked that all external work was complete with no
  Name and address of employer         Cooperativa San Marco construction Italy
                                       Civitavecchia (Italy)
           Type of business or sector      Construction

                                 Dates     02/2002 - 12/2006
          Occupation or position held      Self employed- Wood restoration company-
   Main activities and responsibilities    Restored antique furniture (16th/17th century), Excellent knowledge of wood types, trained young
                                           adults in carving wood and leather cutting. Painting and drying of furniture, construction of doors,
                                           windows and wooden floor installation. Worked with the museum of music in Rome for the repairing of
                                           antiques instruments (violins and mandolins). Constructed guitars and mandolins for private owners
      Name and address of employer         Self owned
           Type of business or sector      Manufacturing and crafts

                                 Dates     06/1999 - 01/2002
          Occupation or position held      Boat constructor
   Main activities and responsibilities    Fiberglas boat constructions, worked with different materials like fibreglass, carbon fibre, episodic
                                           resin and polyester.
      Name and address of employer         Maurizion Maurizi Tarquinia
                                           Tarquinia - viterbo (Italy)
           Type of business or sector      Manufacturing

                                 Dates     04/1997 - 05/1999
          Occupation or position held      Car revisionist
   Main activities and responsibilities    Supervising car registrations reflecting the italian legal traffic department parameters. All information
                                           was recorded on computer to the main traffic department in order to legalize the circulation of an
      Name and address of employer         S.V.A.T fiat agente strada (provincia tuscania)
                                           Tuscania (italy)
           Type of business or sector      Automobile

                                 Dates     04/1995 - 06/1997
          Occupation or position held      Engineering foreman
   Main activities and responsibilities    Worked on metal machines for the production of different metal pieces like sinks, car wheel pieces,
                                           aluminium materials.
      Name and address of employer         Cooperativa Cirelli
                                           Brescia (Italy)
           Type of business or sector      Manufacturing

        Education and training

                                 Dates     09/1988 - 06/1993
         Title of qualification awarded    Electrics and electronic diploma
Principal subjects / occupational skills   Electronics, Mathematics, Physics, chemistry
      Name and type of organisation        I.P.S.I.A Calamatta (Technical college)
     providing education and training      Civitavecchia (Italy)

                                 Dates     03/2010 - 03/2010
         Title of qualification awarded    Certification grading precious stones
      Name and type of organisation        International Geologic institute (Diamonds and precious stones)
     providing education and training      Dubai (UAE)

             Personal skills and
                    Mother tongue(s)     Italian

                   Other language(s)     English

        Social skills and competences    -Team spirit
                                         -Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained through work experience abroad

Organisational skills and competences    -Sense of organisation
                                         -Good experience in team management

    Technical skills and competences     good command of quality control (I was responsible for the implementation of quality of electrical
                                         circuits in house constructions, wooden floors installations, and construction projects of small houses)

    Computer skills and competences      -Good command of AutoCAD
                                         -Good command of internet applications- word program-

       Artistic skills and competences   Wood restoration- wood cutting- brush painting- leather cutting (as i worked in leather manufacturing
                                         company as a teenager)

        Other skills and competences     Precious stone grading, i volunteer working in west Africa with sick orphans and villages of people
                                         affected by leprosies.
                                         -Reiki trained at first level

         Additional information References available on request

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