Page 2                                                                                                                        May 22, 2011

                                                                                                 AND UPCOMING EVENTS
                                                                                                     AT ST. SIMON
In the Gospel we hear this weekend Jesus directs His attention to               DONUT FELLOWSHIP ON SUNDAY, JUNE 5
His disciples and He encourages them not to be troubled by the          Please join us for donuts and beverages in Spooncer Hall hosted by
news that He must leave them and return to the Father. Jesus is         the St. Simon Welcome Committee! Following the 7:30am, 9:00am,
clear that this is not a time for sadness because it will be the        and 10:45am, 12:15pm and 5:00pm Sunday Masses! Please, stay,
culmination of the very purpose of His ministry. He assures His         enjoy some yummy food, refreshing beverages and mingle with your
disciples that in His Father’s house there are many dwelling            fellow parishioners! This will be our last Donut Fellowship until the
places. This is not a geographical reference nor is it a metaphor       Fall.
for heaven. In the Evangelist John’s Gospel ‘my Father’s house’
and ‘many dwelling places’ refer to relationship. It refers to the                              KNITTERS AND CROCHETERS
relationship of how the disciples are related to Jesus who is                           The Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet on the first
intimately related to God. ‘I am in the Father and the father is in                     and third Tuesday's of the month in the St. Simon cry
me’ There are many possibilities for the disciples to enter into
                                                                                        room. On the first Tuesday of the month, the group
relationship with God, based on their faith and relationship to
                                                                                        will meet from 1:00 - 2:30pm and on the third
                                                                        Tuesday from 7:00-8:30pm. Please bring knitting needles size 11 or
It is interesting that the Apostle Thomas provides the                  13 and 3 skeins of yarn. Crocheters should bring a size K hook. Our
misunderstanding that gives Jesus the opportunity to clarify            next meetings will be on June 7 from 1:00 - 2:30pm and on June
exactly what He is saying. Thomas is thinking of a concrete             21 from 7:00 - 8:30pm. Thank you so much for your donations. If
geographical way to follow Jesus. Jesus explains to Thomas that         you know of someone who is in need of being wrapped in a prayer
He Himself is ‘the way and the truth and the life.’ Some scholars
                                                                        and love shawl please contact Bonnie Gebhart for information at 650-
think that this phrase is the high point of the entire Gospel of
                                                                        387-9001 or email
Understanding Jesus as the “way” means that He is the one who               KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS VOCATION DINNER TO
fully reveals the Father. He is the “truth” because He is the Word           HONOR PRIESTS, BROTHERS AND SISTERS
made flesh and thus makes the truth of God available to the             Dinner on June 11 will be Prime Rib of Beef or Salmon at $25 per
world. He is the “life” because His life and ministry are the           person with social hour at 6:00pm and dinner at 7:00p. All proceeds
ultimate witness to God’s truth.                                        will go to Knights of Columbus St. Sebastian #4926 Seminarian Fund.
This whole passage rests on the deep conviction that God is fully       Please send payment to P.O. Box #67 Los Altos, CA 94022 with
revealed in the life and ministry of Jesus. For this Gospel writer it   dinner selection. If you have any questions you can contact John
is Jesus who provides the only authentic access to God. He is           Ciernick at
certain that to see and hear Jesus is to see and hear God. This
divine mutual connection is at the heart of everything his Gospel                  ST. SIMON GOLF TOURNAMENT
proclaims. That said, it is also the biggest stumbling block that the   The St. Simon Golf Tournament will be held at the Los Altos
disciples encounter in their attempt to follow Jesus. Whether it is     Golf and Country Club on Monday, October 24, at noon.
Thomas or Philip, you and me, the challenge is always to get            More information can be found at
beyond the concrete literalness of the images Jesus uses to express     golf, including online registration. If you would like more
His work and His relationship with the Father. To get to this           information or if you would like to help out in anyway with
deeper experience of faith is the true and ultimate goal of             the tournament please contact Mr. Clossick at
discipleship. In this passage Jesus encourages His disciples and all
who come after them to focus on that deeper reality and not to see
in Him any stumbling block. As we continue our Easter Season
may this deeper reality be our focus so that know His way, His                                     RUMMAGE ROUTINE
truth and His life.                                                                      The schedule for this year's rummage sale starts with
          Blessings,                             Fr. Warwick                             the Presort of your donations on Sunday and Tuesday
                                                                                         evenings, beginning August 21, from 6:00-8:00pm
Bishop McGrath has worked with the Clergy Personnel                                      and continuing until September 18, which is Move In
Board and there is both positive and sad news for us at St                               Day. On Move In Day you can bring your donations
Simon. The sad news is that Fr Abe has been reassigned as               from noon until 2:00pm. This is the best day to bring furniture. Give us
                                                                        a call if you need to donate furniture earlier than this.
Parochial Vicar to St Martin of Tours in San Jose. I know
that he will be sorely missed and that our lives have been              We will be sorting and pricing the merchandise all day long Monday,
enriched by his dedication in many ways and especially to the           September 19, Tuesday the 20 and Wednesday September 21. On
sick and by his deep spirituality. The positive news is that we         Thursday we will give the school children and the rummage workers a
                                                                        chance to shop.
have two new Parochial Vicars assigned to us and we will
welcome Fr. Mark Gazzingan from St Christopher’s San Jose               Friday and Saturday, September 23 and 24, we will be open to
and Fr. Anthony Nguyen who is currently on sabbatical in                everyone else.
Rome. All assignments are effective July 1st, 2011. Fr. Abe             As you can imagine, we will need hundreds of workers. Please join us.
will bid us farewell on the last weekend of June and we are             We have such a good time and dozens of charities benefit from your
planning a farewell reception for him on June 26 following              donations. You can speak to any of our 300 rummage workers or reach
the 12:15PM Mass. Please plan to join in this celebration and           the Sharrows at or 650-965-4399.
more importantly please hold he and all the priests of the              Next week we will tell you what sells well and what is requested by
diocese who are reassigned at this time.                                our charitable partners most often.
Fifth Sunday of Easter                                                                                                             Page 3

               JULY 9 - 16, 2011
The Outreach and Social Justice Council wishes to thank all
parishioners for their gift of stewardship in support of this summer’s
Tijuana Ministry trip.
• So far we have 21 parishioners who have signed up to travel to
• From this year’s successful Auction and Cash Calendar we have                   Saint Simon Parish School invites you
     been able to raise necessary funds for supplies and site work to                       to join us for our
     build one of three houses in Tijuana.                                         50th Anniversary Celebration Week
• Our schools will be gathering much needed supplies for the                  Sunday, October 23– Saturday, October 29, 2011
     Children’s and Mother’s program.
                                                                            Sunday, October 23rd, 2011
       How can you help if you are not able to travel?                      12:15pm Opening Mass and hot dog social following
•    The most important need at this time is used luggage                   from 1:30pm – 4:00pm
     or duffle bags to transport items to Tijuana.                          Monday, October 24th, 2011
Please continue to pray for the success of this ministry. For more          Golf Tournament at Los Altos Golf and Country Club,
information please contact any member of our Outreach and Social            followed by dinner at Saint Simon
Justice Council, or email Julie Fulmer McKellar at                                                    Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
                                                                            Alumni Sports Night – 6:30pm
                                                                            Wednesday, October 26th, 2011
                                                                            Generations Day Lunch 11:30am - 1:00pm
                                                                            Thursday, October 27th 2011
                                                                            Y2K Parent Cocktail Social – 6:00pm Cocktail party for
                                                                            all parents of Saint Simon School graduates from 2000 –

                   ST. VINCENT de PAUL                                      Friday, October 28th, 2011
                                                                            Alumni Day – Alumni Staff Day 8:30am Mass, luncheon
                   5TH SUNDAY COLLECTION                                    for Alumni and Alumni Staff from 11:30am – 1:00pm.
Next weekend, Sunday, May 29, the St. Vincent de Paul Society will          5:00pm Pizza Dinner for current high school Saint
be collecting your donations for the needy in our community. An             Simon Alumni
envelope has been provided in the St. Simon envelope packet for your
convenience. For those of you who do not use envelopes, society             Saturday, October 29th, 2011
members will be at the exits after all Masses to accept your                Jubilee Mass – 5:00pm – Dinner to follow at 6:15pm
donation.Thanks again for your caring generosity to the needy and less
                                                                            Online reservations for all events will be enabled by June
fortunate in our community.
               OUR FOOD SUPPLY IS LOW
The needy are always with us and so we continue to need tuna, pasta,
pasta sauces and top raman! Many families truly appreciate your

                                                                                              ST. SIMON CONFIRMATION
              Want to complete your initiation as a Catholic adult but                    Congratulations to the 90 St. Simon School and
              missed Confirmation for some reason? Fear not. Eligible                     CCM Program young people who received the
              practicing Catholics may contact Sr Rebecca or Sr          Sacrament of Confirmation on Saturday, May 21 at the 5:00pm Mass.
              Kathleen at 650-967-8311 for an opportunity to be          Please keep these young people in your prayers during this Easter
              Confirmed at Pentecost.                                    Season.

                                                        WELCOME VISITORS
Thank you for joining us at Mass today. We invite you to become a registered member of the St. Simon Parish Community.
Registration forms can be found in the main vestibule or can be downloaded at For more information regarding
registration, or St. Simon Parish’s ministries and organizations contact the Welcome Ministry at .
NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS, CITY, STATE, ZIP: _________________________________________________________________________________________
PHONE NUMBER/EMAIL:____________________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                            Page 4
                                                                                              In the tradition of our Church, the month of May is
                 SCRIPTURE SHARING                                                            dedicated to Mary, who pondered at Christ’s birth,
                WEDNESDAY BIBLE SHARING                                                       understood his teachings, suffered his agony and
Wednesday Morning Bible Sharing is focusing on the events in the                              rejoiced in his victory. Throughout May, we honor
bible between Easter and Pentecost. We meet in the Simon Room                                 Mary in a variety of ways:
from 9:30am to 11:00am. Please join us. Joan Winkler,                                                                     Shrine of Our Lady: A special shrine will be in the
                                                                                              devotional corner, in the back of the Church, to honor
                 THURSDAY FAITH SHARING                                  Mary. We encourage you to bring fresh flowers from your garden, (vases
We meet in the Simon Room from 7:00-8:15am. For more information         will be available) and to take a moment and pray before the shrine.
contact Jean Rousseau at 650-964-0374. We go over the Scriptures for     May Procession PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE: All parishioners
the next Sunday at our meeting.                                          are invited to attend the beautiful May procession and crowning by our
                                                                         children on Wednesday, May 25. Solemn Procession begins at 10:30am
            THE CHINESE BIBLE STUDY GROUP                                followed by the Celebration of the Liturgy.
We meet on the first and third Friday of each month in the rectory       The Rosary: During the month of May, think about Mary and her role in
from 10:00 - 11:30am. If anyone interested in join our Chinese Bible     the history of our salvation. The rosary is a prayer in which we reflect on
Study Group, they can call John Yu at 650-625-8816.                      the events in the life of Jesus and Mary and their meaning for us today. It
                                                                         is a prayer that helps us to increase our personal devotion to Jesus. It is a
                                                                         prayer that also draws us closer to Mary.
                                                                         The Legion of Mary: Come and join us every Wednesday afternoon,
                                                                         from 1:30-3:00pm in the Rectory and be part of this great organization.
                                                                         For information call May Wang at 650-961-6146.
                                                                               “The Legion of Mary is the true face of the Catholic Church”
                                                                                                                          from Pope John Paul II
                                                                         We Remember Our Mothers: We will honor and remember our mothers
        BLESSED ARE THE CAREGIVERS                                       in prayers at Mass during May.
We are in need of additional volunteers to bring Eucharist and comfort
to the sick at El Camino Hospital. Schedules are flexible and training
is provided. Please consider this rewarding ministry. For further
information, please contact Jean Rousseau at 650-964-0374.
                                                                         Celebration of Vespers - Monday, May 23, 7:00pm, Santa Clara
                                                                         Mission, the Bishop-elect will formally make a profession of faith and
                                                                         the oath of fidelity. This liturgy is open to all and a reception will
                                                                         follow in the Mission Gardens. RSVP to 408-983-0253 with your
            SACRED HEALING OF JESUS                                      name and the number attending.
                      CANCER HEALING                                     Sunny View Retirement Community - invites you to an open house
Our faith in God brings us together to encourage one another's life      on Tuesday, May 24; 2:30-4:00pm at 22445 Cupertino Rd., Cupertino.
journey focusing on mind, body and spiritual growth. This group is       “Smith-Johnson Duo” Jazz Piano & Bass, Refreshments, Free, Valet
open to those newly diagnosed with cancer as well as long time cancer    Parking. RSVP to 408-454-5624.
survivors. Our next meeting is May 27. During the summer we will         EWTN Catholic TV - May 25, at 10:00am and May 28 at 5:00pm
only meet once per month on the 2nd Friday. Our next gathering           Pacific Time, “Road to Lourdes” stars Loretta Young as a terminally
will be on Friday, June 10 from 10:00-12noon in the Convent Chapel.      ill woman who finds her faith at Lourdes. Comcast Ch. 229, AT&T
Please contact Keeth Courpet at 408-733-1110 for further information.    Ch. 562, Dish Satellite Ch 261, Direct TV Ch 370.
                                                                         Worldwide Marriage Encounter - June 10-12 in Mtn. View. “Two
                    MODERN MYSTICISM                                     Shall Live As One”. How often do you find yourselves living as two.
Come and enjoy the experience of union of your SOUL with GOD!            We can help you get back to basics in this complicated day and age.
Presentation Center in Los Gatos is offering a Women's Retreat Day       For more information/register go to or
Celebrating Summer, on Saturday, June 4, 9:30am-3:30pm, lead by          408-287-3996 or
Sr. Joan Prohaska, OP, and a Men's Retreat Day on Saturday. June         Marriage for Life - August 13 and October 22. All programs are on
18, 9:30am-1:00pm, Celebrating Spiritual Fatherhood, lead by Fr. Jeff    a Saturday, 8:30am-5:00pm at St. Mary’s Cathedral, 1111 Gough St.,
Finley, C.PP.S. To register call: 408-354-2346. All are welcome!         San Francisco. $200/per couple (includes lunch). For information call
                                                                         Joe & Connie D’Aura at 415-664-8108 or
                                                                         Catholic Medical Association - a group of physicians who seek to
                                                                         practice the art of medicine and their Catholic faith. They meet on the
                                                                         first Saturday of the month for breakfast, share their ideas of how to
                 QUESTION OF THE WEEK                                    live their faith more fervently in the medical environment. For more
  Question of the week - In what ways do you build a spiritual           info contact their President, Dr John Lewis at
  house for yourself?                                                    or their chaplain Fr. Isaiah Mary Molano, OP at
                                                                         Los Altos Senior Center - Enjoy summer activities at the Los Altos
  Dear parishioners,                                                     Senior Center, 97 Hillview Avenue, with the following events: line
  Each week we will have a new question for you to share with            dancing, Bingo, Ping Pong, Bocce Ball, concerts in the park,
  your family, friends and fellow parishioners. Minister Leaders,        community picnic and BBQ’s, trips, Bridge, Pinochle, Chess, Mah-
  you can even use it for your opening prayer at your meeting.           Jongg, Poker and Scrabble and a monthly book club. For more
  God’s blessing,                                                        information or to become a member call 650-947-2797 or
                                        your Sr. Rebecca       
                                                                                                                                         Page 5

Please join us for coffee, juice, donuts and social time to connect with
St. Simon Parish families of 1st grade children!
WHO:       St. Simon Parish families with current 1st grade student(s)                                EDGE May Schedule
WHAT: 1st Grade Connector...A time to socialize, meet new friends,          *Sunday, May 22 - END OF THE YEAR FAMILY BBQ for all
           connect with those you know and have some fun with other         PSR, CCM, LIFE TEEN and EDGE at 3:00pm in the Kinder area. All
           parish families of 1st Grader children from our local            invited to attend the 5:00pm LIFE TEEN Mass after the BBQ. Please
           schools!                                                         respond to your EVITE so we have a head count.
WHERE: Picnic tables near the bridge area, outside classroom A & B          LIFETEEN meets May 22 for the Family BBQ - No LIFE TEEN
WHEN: Sunday, May 22nd, following 9:00am mass                               on Memorial Day Weekend. Summer LIFETEEN program coming
                                                                            out – WATCH FOR IT.
St. Simon’s Parish is piloting a new program! The Grade                     Tahoe Retreat – SAVE THE DATE - Teens if you are attending the
Connector, founded and based on information obtained from the St.           DYR/Tahoe retreat you need to attend ONE of the following
Simon 5-Year Planning questionnaire. We learned that many parish            meetings: June 12 from 1:00 to 3:00pm at St. Lucy’s or Wednesday,
families desire to have their children connect with their Catholic peers,   June 15 from 7:00 to 9:00pm at Holy Family parish
but don’t know where to start.                                              SAN JOSE IMMERSION - Watch for more information on the 5
At St. Simon’s Parish, our children attend various public and private       Day Immersion right here in San Jose, Mtn View, Morgan Hill &
schools in our community, with a large population attending St Simon        Gilroy – working with many sites of Catholic Charities. Date is July
School (SSS). As a community, the children (and parents) of St Simon        11 to 15. Immersion is open to 8th grade grads and High School
parish can begin to develop new friendships and strength existing           students. A great opportunity to do service back to your community.
relationships with other parish families through Grade Connector            CELL PHONE RECYCLING SCHOLARSHIP FUNDRAISER –
program. We are one community, the schools our children attend              NEW ITEMS. Now accepting working laptops/notebook computers
should not define or limit our friendships.                                 with batteries, MP3 Players, I Pods & digital and point & shoot
                                                                            cameras, Video games, E books, GPS Devices, Radar Devices,
With many families of young children attending the 9:00am Sunday
                                                                            PS3,Xbox 360 Wii, Ipads & tablets. Money received from phone
Children’s Mass, this is a wonderful place to begin introducing our
                                                                            recycle goes right into our Scholarship Fund.
children to each other, and introducing parents to one another. Even if
                                                                            FACEBOOK & LIFETEEN & EDGE - Visit our Website at
9:00am isn’t your usual Mass, please come join us for coffee, donuts
                                                                   and just click on Children & Youth Ministry/Youth
and a kid's activity designed to help the kids meet some new friends
                                                                            Ministry for EDGE & LIFE youth ministry TEEN information. Ask to
and have fun. Siblings welcomed! For more information, please
                                                                            be invited as a friend into the LIFE TEEN-stsimonFacebook.
contact: Jean Veccheit at
                                                                            QUESTIONS: Call Val Liberty at 650-967-8311 X 31: Cell 650-465-
                                                                            4170, or

             Young Adult Mass - Tuesday, May 24 at 7:30pm. The
             Young Adult Circle will be gathering for Mass in the
             Small Chapel at St. Simon Church in Los Altos.
             Celebrate the Eucharist with young adults (20’s and 30’s,
                                                                                                  Come Meet the
             single or married) from this and neighboring parishes                                 Saint Simon
with fellowship to follow. If you have questions or would like more
information on the mass, please contact Andie, anutt at
                                                                                                 Pack 103 Scouts!
Summer of Fun Kick-Off BBQ - Saturday, June 11 from 11:00am -                                  ALL Boys from the area going into
3:00pm, Mitchell Park, 600 E Meadow Dr. Palo Alto. Join us for our                                    Grades 1-5 are invited
                                                                                            to attend our fun event:
Summer of Fun Kick-Off BBQ. Summer of Fun is our annual series of
events held for the purpose of bringing together Catholic Young                                Overnight Family Camping
                                                                                                  Friday, June 3rd at 5:00
Adults for fellowship. For the BBQ, please bring a dessert, drink, or
                                                                                                        St. Simon Turf
side dish and a small donation to cover the costs of the meat entree.
Contact Scott at scott.a.harrison at                                              Please RSVP by May 28th, 2011 to
Young Adult Women's Prayer Group -Thursdays at 7:00pm until                              Robert Adam at
August 1st. Our Lady of the Rosary Church, 3233 Cowper St, Palo                                        Please Join Us!
Alto. Join our new group as we attend a Thursday night series of
Centering Prayer to be held every Thursday at 7:00pm at Dermody
Center in Palo Alto (located behind Our Lady of the Rosary Church).
Carrie Skelly and Jean Ramacciotti will be leading the gatherings.
Contact Liz for questions: lizlibrarian2.0 at                                   VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL 2011
For more info, see our website,, check                                    JUNE 20-24
the Facebook group "Young Adult Circle", or contact Scott at                              What is Vacation Bible School? It’s a day camp for
scott.a.harrison at                                                            entering kinder to sixth grade to experience God’s love
                                                                            through many fun activities. There’ll be bible stories, games, crafts,
                                                                            music, discussion group, and snacks! Young teens and adult
                                                                            volunteers will guide our children in camp. Register your child to
                                                                            attend our camp! Act soon! Download registration forms from http://
           SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS                                 Want to join in on the fun and community-
We encourage you to patronize the businesses using our bulletin for         building experience? Send email to Rose Lue at for
advertising. Tell them you saw their ad in our bulletin.                    more information on how to get involved.
                                                                                                                                           Page 6

                          . . . WITH SR. REBECCA!                                            MASS INTENTIONS            MAY 21/22
                                                                             Sat     5:00        Cecilia Cyrier                   Bishop McGrath
                                                                             Sun     7:30        Fortune Pestarino                Fr. Warwick
                                                                                     9:00        Ruby Cook                        Fr. Warwick
WOMEN'S SPIRITUALITY - Calling women of all ages. We will                    (Forum) 10:30       *PPI                             Fr. Mike
meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month, 7:30am-8:30am and                    10:45       Cecilia Cyrier                   Fr. Warwick
do Lectio Divina on the upcoming Sunday reading. Upcoming                            12:15       For St. Simon Parishioners       Fr. Warwick
meeting will be held on May 28; 7:30-8:30am, Rectory Conference                      5:00        Edgardo Ulpindo                  Fr. Ed Sammy
Room. For more information, contact Rose Lue at                              Mon     6:30        Leon Pothin                      Msgr. Mike                                                                   8:30        Walter O’Neill                   Fr. Ed Sammy
MEN’S SPIRITUALITY - meets the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturday of                  Tues    6:30        Thomas Whitney, Jr.              Fr. Warwick
every month from 7:30-8:30am in the Rectory Conference Room.                         8:30        Ann Doherty                      Fr. Warwick
Our upcoming meetings will be on June 4 and 18. For further                  Wed     6:30        Joseph Pazmany & Stephen Adam    Fr. Warwick
information email Dave Lipscomb at!                        8:30        Joseph Pazmany & Stephen Adam    Fr. Warwick
                                                                             Thurs   6:30        Bonnie Powers                    Fr. Warwick
TAIZE PRAYER - will be held on Thursday, June 9, 7:30pm-                             8:30        Souls in Purgatory               Fr. Mike
8:30pm and will continue to be the 2nd Thursday of every month. We           Fri     6:30        Patricia Burkley                 Fr. Warwick
will meet in the parish chapel. Taize prayer is a contemplative prayer               8:30        Caroline Hansen                  Fr. Mike
of song and mantra around the cross of Jesus. Come and experience it.        Sat     8:30        Marie Bishop                     Fr. Warwick
                                                                                     5:00        Edgardo Ulpindo                  Fr. Ed Sammy
SOUL SISTERS - will not be meeting during the summer. We will                Sun     7:30        The Marchetti Family             Fr. Warwick
resume in the Fall. Thanks to all of the wonderful women who                         9:00        Ivan Pareja                      Fr. Warwick
participated.                                                                (Forum) 10:30       *PPI                             Fr. Mike
                                                                                     10:45       Annie D’Amore                    Fr. Warwick
                                                                                     12:15       Narciso Perez, Jr.               Fr. Warwick
                                                                                     5:00        For St. Simon Parishioners       Fr. Ed Sammy
                                                                             Please pray for the repose of the souls who died this week.
                       MILITARY CARE PACKAGES                                *PPI means priest’s personal intention
                     FILL THE BOX BY JUNE 12, 2011
                            ( DATE EXTENDED)
                   Always wanted to help the Military overseas but           Please pray for our sick, homebound and those with special prayer
                   never could figure out how – This is your                 needs. Parishioners who wish to have their name included on the
opportunity to help fill the Care Packages LIFE TEEN & EDGE will             list should call 650-967-8311. Jackie Oswold, Marlo Corman, Nicole
be sending over. Add to the box in the vestibule of the Church – Items       DellaMonica, Carol Bolin, MaryAnn Iosso, Elizabeth Antonio, Daisy
needed: gum, hard candy, EYE WASH & BABY WIPES (for the sand                 Kalman, Susan Mackey, Judy Hurley, Joe Dore, Mary Petro, Margaret
storms), individual packages of cookies, granola bars (no chocolate—it       Riley, Louise Gravino, Sunny & Glenn Warren, Bruce McLain, Leslie
melts), Pringles chips, nuts, pretzels, beef jerkey, old issues of sports,   Lambert, Lynne Hosack, Cassy Anderson, Laura Toby, Catherine
hunting, fishing, cooking and women’s magazines, Q tips and soft TP,         Bruck, Peter Michael Blach, Lori Hanel, Ingrid Quirk, Muncie
small hotel size shampoos, lotions etc, sunscreen , chapstick, letters of    McCarthy, Yolonda Guillen, Joe Scrofani, Ed Ernst, Mrs. Holman,
encouragement, decks of cards, small games and white socks. If you           John Webb, Ainsley Carmichael, Diane Levine, Joanna Malvino, Mary
would like to give a monetary $$$ donation (We’ll shop for you)              Allen, Richard Lutz, Kay Coen, Sandy Davis Johnson, Janet Shaffer,
please leave it at the Rectory marked Military Care Packages/LIFE            Jim Pierce, Mary Thompson, Matt Aldrige, Betty Clarke, Jenifer Hanel
TEEN. We Thank You !                                                         Samuels, Virginia Jean, Roberta Young, Jim McCarthy, Emma Rose,
                                                                             Andy and Michael Napoli, Sally Dalton, Mike Picetti, Chris Chatenka,
                                                                             John Fox, Tom Rollins, Ron Essary, Connie Hall, Gina Giagiari, and
                                                                             all the sick of our parish.
                Acts 8:5-9; 1 Pt 3:15-18; Jn 14:15-21
                                                                                                       Thank You
                                                                                   Following is the budgeted and actual money received from
                                                                                                Sunday and Holy Day collections .
                    VOCATION CORNER
                            SERRA CLUB                                                                                     May 15, 2011
Working and praying for vocations. We meet at St. Simon on the 2nd           YTD BUDGETED**                                 $ 859,300.00
and 4th Thursday of each month. For details call John Fleming at 650-
968-3285 or                                           YTD COLLECTED                                  $ 890,935.00
                                                                             YTD VARIANCE                                +$    31,635.00
                          VOCATION VIEW
“How can we know the way?” Jesus shows us the way. Believe and
He will do great works in you.
If you think God is calling you to be a priest, visit our website at         **Our 2011 Budget, because of the economy, reflects an                                                           anticipated loss of -$75,133. Therefore, a positive variance in the
                                                                             actual collection helps to offset this loss for the year. Thank you.

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