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									                                       ETHIOPIA INT'L TRADE EXPO ‘2011
                                         10 - 14 NOVEMBER 2011, ADDIS ABABA - ETHIOPIA
                                        TO BE COMPLETED BY EXHIBITOR (Please Type or write in Capital Letters)
                                          SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY OF SPACE - FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS
                                                   FAX BACK THE BOOKING APPLICATION TO US ON

COMPANY NAME - _____________________________________________________________________________________________

CONTACT PERSON - ______________________________________ DESIGNATION :- _____________________________________

POSTAL ADDRESS:- ____________________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________ CITY - ________________________ COUNTRY- __________________________

TELEPHONE - _______________________________ FAX:- ____________________________ MOBILE- ________________________

EMAIL :- 1-_________________________________ 2- ________________________________ WEB : __________________________
                    WE ARE            MANUFACTURERS                          IMPORTERS                EXPORTERS              OTHERS
                                            WE WILL BE EXHIBITIONG THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS: -

 A-                                       SHELL STAND                    -    US$ 325 per sq.m
                                                                    (MINIMUM = 9 SQM)

        Shell stand includes 2 chairs, 1 table, 2 spotlights, flower set, 1 twin power socket, Company name panel, stand number & country name
        Free listing in the official show catalogue with company logo.
        500 Companies of ETHIOPIA addresses will be provided
        VISA INVITATION LETTER for Ethiopia.
                                                               SIZE OF SHELL STAND REQUIRE
            (   ) 9sqm     (    ) 12sqm      (    ) 15sqm       (    ) 18sqm (       ) 24sqm       (    ) 27sqm      (   ) 30sqm      (   ) 36sqm

                                       WE LIKE TO BOOK _______ sq.m x US$ 325 = ____________

 B-                                                 4 * & 5* HOTEL PACKAGES
        7 Days / 6 Nights Hotel Accommodation including breakfast and Room Taxes.
        Visa Invitation Letter, Personnel assistant on arrival at ADDIS ABABAI INT‟L AIRPORT,
        Airport picks up & drop, Daily Transportation from hotel – exhibition centre and back,
        1 Local Stand assistant Girl for 5 Days during the exhibition,
        Group Cocktail Party
                                                         Please select the require option
                                                                                5***** HOTEL PACKAGE                     4**** HOTEL PACKAGE

    OPTION 1        :- One Person with Single Room                                     US$            1990                  US$          1350
    OPTION 2        :- Two Persons with Double Room                                    US$            2980                  US$          2100
    OPTION 3        :- Two Persons with Two Single Rooms                               US$            3550                  US$          2500
                                           WE LIKE TO BOOK OPTION ________ with _________ HOTEL

                                                                    PAYMENT TERMS
   Please issue an invoice enabling us to effect payment accordingly.
   Full payment to be transfer within a week after signing the contract.
   Payment to be made by BANK TRANSFER (T/T) in the name of “INNOVATION EXHIBITIONS ”. Bank account details shall be mentioned on
    the invoice. Participating company pays all bank payment commissions.

                                                           EXHIBITOR’ S DECLARATION
   I / We the undersigned wish to participate in the above exhibition and declare to have read and accepted the rules and regulations given
    overleaf which from part of this application for participation. Fax / Email copy of the booking contract will be considered as original and
    no Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable in the event of cancellation; the exhibitor must notify Show Management in writing
    and is responsible for the amount due as the payment terms above.
                                                                                               Company‟s Stamp & Authorized Signature
NAME :- ____________________________________
DATE :- __________________________________

                                                                                             INNOVATION EXHIBITIONS
                                 P. O. BOX 49985, DUBAI – UAE TEL: - + 9714 - 2828664 FAX: - + 9714 – 2828638 / 2865660
                               EMAIL: - info@africantradefairs.com / salmanin@eim.ae WEBSITE: - www.africantradefairs.com
                                   ETHIOPIA INT'L TRADE EXPO ‘2011
                                    10 - 14 NOVEMBER 2011, ADDIS ABABA - ETHIOPIA

                                        FILL & FAX BACK THE ADVERTISING CONTRACT ON
COMPANY NAME : - ___________________________________________________________________________
TACT PERSON :- ____________________________________ POSITION :- _____________________________
POSTAL ADDRESS :- __________________________________________________________________________

______________________________CITY :- __________________________ COUNTRY :- __________________

TEL :- ____________________________ FAX :- _________________________ MOBILE :- __________________

EMAIL :- 1-_________________________ 2- ___________________________ WEB : ______________________

PRODUCTS / SERVICES :- ______________________________________________________________________

  SELECT              POSITION                                           DESCRIPTION                           PRICE
   (   )           BACK COVER                                            FULL COLOR                          US$     7000
   (   )           INSIDE FRONT PAGE LEFT                                FULL COLOR                          US$     5000
   (   )           INSIDE FRONT PAGE RIGHT                               FULL COLOR                          US$     4500
   (   )           INSIDE BACK PAGE LEFT                                 FULL COLOR                          US$     3000
   (   )           INSIDE BACK PAGE RIGHT                                FULL COLOR                          US$     3500
   (   )           FULL PAGE                                             FULL COLOR                          US$     1800
   (   )           FULL PAGE                                             B/W                                 US$     1500
   (   )           HALF PAGE                                             FULL COLOR                          US$     1000
   (   )           HALF PAGE                                             B/W                                 US$      800
   (   )           QUARTER PAGE                                          FULL COLOR                          US$      700

                  We Like To Book _______________________ Costing US$ ________
          8000 copies will be printed and will be distribute free of charge to serious trade visitors, Official Delegates, Trade
           Centers, Chamber of Commerce, Major Business Houses, Travel & Tourism Industry, Commercial Consulates etc
          Directory will consist of 144 Pages (A4)
          Ready artworks can be send on CD or by email in the TIFF / PDF / PSD / AI / EPS / JPG formats only. (300 Dpi)
          For B / W Advertisements, complete Print-ready artwork should be provided.
          Quality of printing will depend on the artwork provided by the Advertiser.
          Advertising material should reach us by COURIER on the below address at least 2 weeks before the exhibition;

                                                        MR. AJIT ANTONY
                                                     ADVERTISING DIRECTOR
                                                 INNOVATION EXHIBITIONS
                                              AL SAMHAN BUILDING, 2 FLOOR,
                                                          DUBAI – UAE
                                         TEL :- + 971-4-2828664 FAX :- + 971-4-2828638

                                                   TERMS OF PAYMENT
          Please issue an invoice enabling us to effect payment accordingly.
          Fax copy of the contract will be considered as original and no advertising booking can be made without payment.
          Payment to be made within a week after receiving the invoice.
                                                                                          Company‟s Stamp & Authorized Signature
NAME :- ____________________________________
DATE :- __________________________________

                                                                                          INNOVATION EXHIBITIONS
                              P. O. BOX 49985, DUBAI – UAE TEL: - + 9714 - 2828664 FAX: - + 9714 – 2828638 / 2865660
                            EMAIL: - info@africantradefairs.com / salmanin@eim.ae WEBSITE: - www.africantradefairs.com
                                   ETHIOPIA INT'L TRADE EXPO ‘2011
                                   10 - 14 NOVEMBER 2011, ADDIS ABABA - ETHIOPIA


The event will cover all kinds of consumer and industrial products, services, machinery and technology and will be of high
standard and attract a large number of participants and visitors from many neighboring countries. This important business event
of the year is highly expected to serve as a venue to explore and make use of new trade and investment opportunities not only
within Ethiopia but also the enlarged COMESA market (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa). It is also the major
source of raw material for the industry.

                                 DO NOT GO TO ANY OTHER SHOW.
                             IF YOU WANT TO MEET THEM, THIS IS IT!.

The Fair offers unlimited opportunities to do business with Ethiopia & neighboring countries and will be a excellent platform for
your company if you would like to widen your horizons.


9:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M.
Addis Ababa Exhibition Center is the largest, state-of-the-art and perfect venue for hosting International trade exhibitions in
Addis Ababa. It offers a comprehensive range of exhibition facilities and services for trade shows of world class standards. Not
only is this exhibition centre easily accessible through out being located in the centre of the city. It offers 4 exhibition halls of
9000 sq.m. Area Of standard facilities, equipment & services. The exhibition centre offers all modern facilities business centre,
parking, round the clock security, press & media rooms, information centre, Toilets & lavatories, Warehouse & restaurants.


As per our past experience, we strongly believe that General Trade fairs in Africa have always been recognized as one of the most
efficient and powerful marketing tool for the foreign exporters and invertors.

        Provides exhibitors with the best of both worlds
        While business is transacted throughout the event, the afternoon session is open to the general visitors.
        Create a forum where local and int‟l business communities could come together and reach agreements.
        Meet the dealmakers and the new industrialists first hand at the exhibition
        Serve as a perfect platform for exploring the possibilities of joint venture investments in Ethiopia.
        In Africa, personal contacts are essential, that‟s why we strongly advise you to be there!
        Single golden opportunity to understand the important & huge untapped East African Market.
        Bring together technology suppliers and seekers and facilitate the transfer of technology.
        Promote non-oil exports of the country as well as invite foreign investor for investment.
        Promote accelerated development of commerce and industry.


        67% establishing new contacts
        58% baking up business relations with the permanent business partners
        54% launching new products and services
        51% overall company promotion
        31% information on the market
        78% exhibitors evaluated favorably the present role of the event
        89% have the right to make decisions and sign the contracts


        Develop contacts directly with the trading companies, buyers / importers
        Appoint your distributors in different parts of ETHIOPIA as well as neighboring countries.
        Meet your potential buyers in the right kind of atmosphere.
        Demonstrate the capability & superiority of your products to the actual traders.
        Evaluate & gather business information on ETHIOPIA and the neighboring countries.
                                     ETHIOPIA INT'L TRADE EXPO ‘2011
                                     10 - 14 NOVEMBER 2011, ADDIS ABABA - ETHIOPIA

       ETHIOPIA TRADE EXPO offers excellent opportunities for generating new business, enhancing existing contacts and
        opening up new markets and sales channels.
       ETHIOPIA TRADE EXPO gives you everything you need to attract new customers and target groups.
       Don‟t miss this opportunity to expand your share of the market.
     Excellent contacts, substantial sales, and great opportunities for presenting your products
     ETHIOPIA TRADE EXPO offers you the ideal time frame for your trade show success.


As there is always “something new out of Africa”, so the exhibits from the region grow in quality and variety. Exhibits from other
continents reflect the new direction required in East Africa. All Kinds Of Consumer & Industrial Products including:

       Agricultural Products & Equipment                                        Kitchen & Home Products / Appliances
       Air-Conditioning & Heating Products                                      Leather Goods
       Aluminum, Glass, Door & Window                                           Leisure & Recreation Products
       Automobile, Auto Parts & Accessories                                     Marble, Granite, Tiles & Ceramics
       Boats, Marine & Tourism Organizations                                    Marine Products, Boats &
       Building & Construction Material & Equipments & Chemicals                Office Automation & Furniture
       Consumer Electronics & Telecommunication                                 Oils & Lubricants & Petrochemicals
       Computers, It & Peripherals                                              Paints, Coatings
       Cosmetics & Perfumes & Jeweler                                           Paper & Paper Products
       Electrical, Cables & Lighting & Air-Conditioning                         Printing, Packaging & Publishing
       Engineering, Aviation & Transport                                        Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
       Financial Institutive.                                                   Plastic & Rubber Products
       Food Products, Food, Beverages, Equipments & Machinery                   Safety & Security
       Furniture, Interior, Decoration, Carpets,                                Satellite & Broadcasting Equipments
       Garments, Textiles & Leather Products                                    Sports Equipments
       Generators, Ups And Solar Equipment                                      Stationery & Toys
       Hardware & Tools                                                         Storage & Handling Equipments & Machinery
       Hospital & Hotel Products                                                Technology & Machinery
       Imitation Jeweler

The Attendees at this exhibition will mainly be industry players as well as the targeted customers of the industry who are
involved in the planning, implementation, development, join-venture and execution.
                                                            By Type of Business

       Companies / Enterprises of various industries                            Consultants & Research Institutions
       Suppliers, Buyers and Manufacturers                                      High Commissions / Embassies
       Industry & Trade Associations                                            National Trade Offices
       Government Agencies                                                      Media / Publishing
       Professional Institutions & Organizations                                Tourism & Travel sector

                                                             By Job Functions

       Senior Government Officials                                              Sales & Marketing Managers & executive
       CEOs / Presidents / Managing Directors                                   Corporate Planning Managers
       General Managers                                                         Advertising & Promotion Managers & Executives
       Industry Professionals                                                   Export & Business Development Managers
       Association Center Directors / Executive Managers                        Project Managers & Executives


Our Travel department will be glad to provide you maximum information and tips about where to stay and what to do during your
stay in Ethiopia. We have designed special exhibitors packages including visa invitation letter for exhibitors and trade visitors,
Personnel Airport on arrival welcome and assistance, Airport pick up and drop, 5* and 3* Hotel packages to suit your budget,
regular shuttle service from the hotels to the exhibition center, cocktail dinner party, city and market tour and stand assistant
during the exhibition. We can also arrange. Pre and Post exhibition tour packages to a variety of tourist destinations on request.
A Group Consultant on site at the exhibition will be available to co-ordinate travel and entertainment for delegates.
                                      ETHIOPIA INT'L TRADE EXPO ‘2011
                                       10 - 14 NOVEMBER 2011, ADDIS ABABA - ETHIOPIA

ETHIOPIA EXPO is a very high quality trade exhibition and will plays host to visiting traders and buyers from throughout
Ethiopia as well as neighboring Africa. An extensive promotional campaign to publicize the event to reach people who make all
the difference to your business has been set in motion. The organizers will carry out an aggressive campaign throughout Africa
to ensure maximum number of quality visitors. A special publicity program which will include Press advertisement and editorial
coverage, Press releases, Press Conference and briefs, Radio & TV interviews and coverage, Posters, banners, and visual
materials, Exhibition catalogue, Exhibition press review. We work closely with exhibitors to ensure that they derive maximum
benefit from the participation. We invite exhibitors to supply us before, during and after the exhibition – with new releases and
product and service information, which we can incorporate into our communications programmed. Additionally, we provide
exhibitors with support material from envelope stickers to VIP and trade visitor‟s invitation cards enabling them to highlight their
participation to existing and potential customers. Our visitor generating campaign concentrates mostly on the product categories
exhibited for maximum result and attraction for the exhibitors. What‟s even more attractive is that we even provide every
exhibitor latest addresses of major Ethiopian companies prior to the exhibition. This way, exhibitors can contact, introduce
invite their prospective importers and companies well in advance through emails and faxes.


In order to attract maximum trade visitors, we shall be publicizing the event in widely circulated newspapers, Magazines and the
most popular radio channels all over ETHIOPIA.
        Advertising activities included Advertisements in the newspapers, brochures, banners, flyers, Posters, direct mails, Press
         Conferences, Press Releases and a whole range of other promotional activities.
        Over 10,000 invitation cards will be sent to major trade associations, traders, importers, agents, franchisee seekers,
         wholesalers, distributors and retailers in Ethiopia and neighbouring countries.
        A Call Centre shall be established one month before the event at Addis Ababa that shall be sending invitation faxes & emails
         to Managing Directors & General Managers of all major companies based in Ethiopia listed with the Federation of Chamber of
         Commerce & Industry.
        A press conference shall be organized during the inauguration of the event, which shall be covered by the major journalists
         and reporters of various newspapers and TV channels.


        An Exhibition Catalogue, listing the company details along with logo and brief product / service description will be published at no charge.
        Addresses of major top importers and buyers database will be provided at no charge.
        Complimentary VIP and Traders invitation passes will be provided to all exhibitors.
        Customized services including translation and on-site business services at the show
        Market Survey, Product Launching & Business Information
        Interpreters, Hotel Accommodation & Travel Packages
        Advertising & Sponsorship Facilities
        Airport welcome & Venue Transfer
        Cargo Clearance & Visa Assistance

Ethiopia, a melting port of opportunities is a thriving business center. With a growing economy, stable sociopolitical Government and a
developed infrastructure in place, Ethiopia offers corporations the ideal avenue for investments. Ethiopia, the cradle of mankind with a
recorded history of 3000 years, with over 67 million consumer market, ranks the 3 populous and 7 largest country in Africa. Ethiopia is
5 times the size of the United Kingdom. It is strategically located in the Horn of Africa. Its proximity to the Middle East, Gulf and Europe,
together with its easy access to the major ports of the region, enhances its international trade. Covering an area of approximately 1.14
million square Km. Ethiopia is a landlocked country bordered by the Sudan on the west, Somalis and Djibouti on the east, Eritrea on
the north and Kenya on the south. The country‟s economic policy is a free market-oriented one. It aims at paving the way for faster
economic development of the country through private enterprise and individual initiatives. The annual population growth rate is about
3%. It has a heritage dating back to first century AD. Traders from Greece, Rome, Persia and Egypt knew of the riches of what is now
Ethiopia. The natural beauty of Ethiopia amazes the first-time visitor. Ethiopia is 3 hours ahead of GMT. Ethiopian culture and tradition
have been much influenced by both Christian and Muslim religions. It has a significant contribution to employment (close to 9 0% of the
population) and GDP as well as foreign trade.
Ethiopia is also one of the known countries in the world with great potential for tourist attraction. This great potential manifests itself in
the country‟s breath-taking scenic beauty, its favorable climate, the abundance and diversity of its fauna and flora, its immense
historical wealth, the diversity of the cultures and traditions of varied nationalities. It has rich historical wonders. The available
infrastructure is however inadequate to serve the growing tourist traffic. First class hotels and resorts add a plus incentive towards its
beauty. Thus, great opportunities exist for private investments in hotels, lodges etc.
                                    ETHIOPIA INT'L TRADE EXPO ‘2011
                                    10 - 14 NOVEMBER 2011, ADDIS ABABA - ETHIOPIA


The Ethiopian economy is dominated by agriculture, which accounts for about 50% of the GDP, 65 % of total exports and 85% of
employment, Coffee alone accounts for over 85% of total agricultural exports. Agriculture is supplemented by manufacturing, mining,
trade, tourism, and construction, services that account for about 50% of GDP. Several crops are grown seasonally in different parts of
the country. The main crops are cereals, pulses and oil seeds. The main cash crops are coffee, oil, seeds, pulses, cotton, sisal,
tobacco, fruits and sugar cane. Ethiopia‟s suitable climate and extensive proportion of arable land make agricultural investment fruitful.
Enormous opportunities exist in the areas of food crops, beverage crops, cotton and sugar, horticulture, livestock, fishery, forestry,
apiculture etc. The main manufactured local products such are textiles, foodstuff, tobacco, beverages, cement, leather & leather
products, wood, metallic, non-metallic products, paper, plastic and tile. Major opportunities exist in the manufacturing of food and
beverages, tannery and leather goods, textile, glass and ceramics, chemicals & chemical products, drugs and pharmaceuticals, paper
& paper products, plastic products, building materials, electrical & electronic, metal products, machinery and equipments and many
more. According to the Ministry of Mines and Energy “ETHIOPIA „S green stone offer one of the finest prospects for gold mineralization
in the world”. In addition to gold, Ethiopia is blessed with prospects for tantalum, platinum, nickel, potash and soda ash and other
minerals such as marble, granite, limestone, clay etc.

Addis Ababa, a city of opportunities, the birthplace of modern Ethiopia is the largest city and also is the seat of the Federal
Government of Ethiopia. It is not without adequate that many consider Addis Ababa as the center of Africa. With a population of 4
million peoples, its cater as a gateway for business & trade community and also known as the distribution point for the Eastern African
region. Addis Ababa is host to the Organization of African Unity, and the UN Economic Commission for Africa, several other
international organizations have their headquarters and branch offices. This, coupled with the fact that Ethiopia is strategically located
as the bridge between Africa and Middle East, goes a long way towards making Addis Ababa an ideal location for hosting Int‟l trade
exhibitions and conferences. Addis Ababa has convenient air and land transportation link with the various towns in the country. This
link facilitates easy access for business activities. This is the main reason behind the ever-flourishing largest open market in Africa,
more commonly known as “MERKATO”. The city has very well developed international transport and communication networks linking it
with various important cities of the world. Manufacturing plants for steel fabrication, wool, tanneries, textiles, cement, tyres, leather
goods and breweries are among the activities located in and around Addis Ababa. Other major centers of trade & industry are Awassa,
Dire Dawa, Gondar, Dessie, Nazareth, Harar, Bahir, Dar, Mekele, Debre Makros and Nekemte. All these cities are connected to Addis
Ababa by roads, and most of them have first class hotels and airports. Despite being located fairly close to the Equator, Addis Ababa's
elevation tends to moderate local temperatures. Daytime high temperatures in Sep average 19 C, with nighttime lows ranging 13 C.

With a population of about 67 million, Ethiopia represents a melting pot of ancient Middle Eastern & African cultures evident in the
religious, ethnic and language composition of its semitic, Cushitic, Omotic and Nilotic peoples. The Ethiopian people comprise about
80 nationalities of which the Amhara and the Oromo dominate the majority, with more than 60% of the total population. The annual
population growth rate is about 3 %, and the economically active segment between ages 14 and 60, is about 50% of the total
population. Islam and Christianity are the main religions. It is best to remember that Ethiopian is fairly conservative in their dress, with
suits and ties being standard in offices.

The road transport system is the most important means of transport in Ethiopia, providing for over 90% of passenger and freight
transport in the country. Roads network is connected from Addis Ababa to all important cities, towns and centers of commercial,
industrial and agricultural activity. International highways link with Djibouti, Eritrea and Kenya. As part of the extensive infrastructure
development program, the Ethiopian Government has earmarked some US$ 4 billion for the road sector during the next 10 years.
Excellent passenger and cargo transport are operated by Ethiopian Airlines. There are three international airports in Ethiopia. Major
seaports for import-exports are Assab and Massawa. The port of Djibouti, which has a rail link to Addis Ababa, also serves the country
in external trade contracts. The Ethiopian shipping lines provide import-export and coastal carrier services on its vessel.

Visas may be secured promptly upon application to an Ethiopian diplomatic or consulate consular mission abroad or upon arriva l at
BOLE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT in Addis Ababa. The Entry Visas upon arrival follow Continental Fees System. Entry Visa upon
arrival will cost approx US$ 40. Visas are renewable for three months. Visitors who stay for more than 30 days must report to
immigration office. National of Kenya and Djibouti are not required to have visas. Business visas are issued for a month time. An
embarkation fee of US$ 20 per person is payable when leaving Ethiopia. There are 33 countries whose citizens and permanent
residents can get visas on their arrival at Bole International Airport.

China, Djibouti, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, Sudan, UAE, UK, USA & Yemen.

Aircraft, Motor vehicles, Agricultural equipment and machinery, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, IT, Computer & Satellite products and
accessories, Petroleum products, Building & Construction materials, Food products, Garments, Textiles and readymade clothes,
footwear, Medical & Surgical products, Electronics & Home appliances, Technology etc.
                                   ETHIOPIA INT'L TRADE EXPO ‘2011
                                    10 - 14 NOVEMBER 2011, ADDIS ABABA - ETHIOPIA
Efficient banking and other financial services are available in Ethiopia. While the National Bank of Ethiopia serves as the Central Bank,
commercial banking functions are performed by one state owned commercial bank and by a number of newly emerging private
commercial banks. The commercial banks offer savings and checking accounts, extend short term loans, deal with foreign exchange
transactions, provide mail and cable money transfer services, particular in equity investments, provide guarantee services and perform
all other commercial banking activities. There are also two specialized banks - the Development Bank Of Ethiopia and the Construction
and Business Bank. DBE extends short, medium and long-term loans for viable development projects, including industrial and
agricultural projects. The CABB provides long-term loans for construction, and real estate development.

Foreign investors are offered 100% guarantee and protection on non-commercial risks. Ethiopia is a full member of the World Bank
affiliated Multi-Lateral investment Guarantee Agency which issues guarantees against non-commercial risks and also signed the World
Bank Treaty and is signatory to the Convention on settlement of Investment Disputes between States and Nationals of other states.
Repatriation of capital and profits are guaranteed. Foreign business represented in Ethiopia dose not encounter difficulties in the
repatriation of dividends. The foreign exchange rate has been remained steady and stable at around 7 – 8 Ethiopian Birr to the US$
over the past three years. It is expected that this rate will remain fairly constant due to the government‟s positive policies and
considerable foreign exchange reserves.
The country‟s varied climatic zones tropical, sub-tropical and temperate. The large numbers of rivers that flow in the tropical regions at
altitudes close to 1500 meters above sea level together with the fertile soil of these regions provide a broad potential for the harvesting
of crops two to three times a year through the use of irrigation. This is a clear indication of the vast opportunity for investment in the
agricultural sector. The mining sector also holds huge untapped natural resources. At present, extraction of gold, marble and tantalum
is being undertaken on a limited scale as compared to the immense potential. Though the quality and quantity of most of the mineral
deposits are not yet clearly known, it has been established that petroleum, natural gas, platinum, copper, nickel, iron-ore, tin, zinc, coal
and potash exist with clear evidences. There are also indications that the deposits of some mineral are quite high. Hence, th is sector
also provides enormous investment opportunity. Trade and Investment sectors that offer the greatest opportunities in Ethiopia include:
    1.    TEXTILE, LEATHER AND GARMENTS:                                       4.    TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS:
    2.    AGRICULTURE AND AGRO-BUSINESS:                                       5.    MINING AND ENERGY

Ethiopia is a member of the World Customs Organization. As of July 1993, the chapter contain 5,291 goods items classification of
which 169 are free of duty, 5119 with VAT rates from 5% - 60% and 3 with specific rates namely worn clothing, textiles articles and
rags. The least tariff rate is 5% and the highest custom tax rate is 60%. Goods like opium, narcotic drugs, indecent or obscene prints,
false and counterfeit currencies are prohibited to be imported. Restrictions exist on goods like food items, beverages, live animals &
products, etc… These kinds of items can only be imported with the permission of the concerned government authority.

Official currency is called “BIRR”, with a par value of 8 to US $ 1. Currency notes are printed in denomination of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 & 100
Birr. There is no restriction on the amount of kind of foreign currency, traveler‟s checks. Foreign visitors are not allowed to export
foreign currency that exceeds the amount they have originally brought in. The Ethiopian Birr is the national currency and, while visitors
may bring in as much foreign currency as they wish, it should be declared on arrival to ensure there is no confusion when they depart.
Credit cards are not widely accepted outside the major cities. US traveler‟s cheques are recommended.
    1.    ALGERIA                         20.   EQUATORIAL                     39.   KOREA REPUBLIC                 59.   RWANDA
    2.    ANGOLA                                GUINEA                         40.   KOREA DPR                      60.   SAUDI ARABIA
    3.    AUSTRIA                         21.   ERITREA                        41.   KUWAIT                         61.   SENEGAL
    4.    BELGIUM                         22.   FINLAND                        42.   LESOTHO                        62.   SIERRA LEONE
    5.    BOTSWANA                        23.   FRANCE                         43.   LIBERIA                        63.   SOUTH AFRICA
    6.    BULGARIA                        24.   GABON                          44.   LIBYA                          64.   SPAIN
    7.    BURKINA FASO                    25.   GERMANY                        45.   MADAGASCAR                     65.   SUDAN
    8.    BURUNDI                         26.   GHANA                          46.   MALAWI                         66.   SWEDEN
    9.    CAMEROON                        27.   GREECE                         47.   MALI                           67.   SWITZERLAND
    10.   CANADA                          28.   GUINEA                         48.   MAURITIUS                      68.   TANZANIA
    11.   CAPE VERDE                      29.   HOLY SEE                       49.   MOROCCO                        69.   TUNISIA
    12.   CHAD                            30.   INDIA                          50.   MOZAMBIQUE                     70.   TURKEY
    13.   CHINA                           31.   INDONESIA                      51.   NAMIBIA                        71.   UGANDA
    14.   CONGO REPUBLIC                  32.   IRAN                           52.   NETHERLANDS                    72.   UNITED KINGDOM
    15.   CUBA                            33.   IRELAND                        53.   NIGER                          73.   USA
    16.   CZECH REBUBLIC                  34.   ISRAEL                         54.   NIGERIA                        74.   YEMEN
    17.   CONGO                           35.   ITALY                          55.   NORWAY                         75.   YUGOSLAVIA
    18.   DJIBOUTI                        36.   IVORY COAST                    56.   PALESTINE                      76.   ZAMBIA
    19.   EGYPT                           37.   JAPAN                          57.   ROMANIA                        77.   ZIMBABWE
                                          38.   KENYA                          58.   RUSSIA

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