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					                                                                                                                                                                THE COUNCIL • PAGE 1
                                                                                                                                                                   Non-profit Organization
                                                                                                                                                                       U.S. Postage
                                                                                                                                                                      Anchorage, AK
                                                                                                                                                                      Permit No. 537

                 Dena’ Nena’ Henash                                                                                 Our Land Speaks
VOL. 30, NO. 2                                 A REPORT TO THE MEMBER TRIBES OF THE TANANA CHIEFS CONFERENCE                                                          FEBRUARY 2005

      Hughes youth aid tsunami                                                                         Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge
            relief effort                                                                                  Proposed Land Exchange
       Paul H. Beals, Mental Health Clinician, Yukon Tanana Counseling Services
     When the elementary school children        September 1994, floodwaters destroyed
                                                                                                              with Doyon, Limited
in the small Alaska Native village of Hughes    nearly all of the community’s buildings,                          By Barry Whitehill, United States Fish & Wildlife Service
on the Koyukuk River heard about the            homes, and swept away food cached for the
                                                                                                       The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) and Doyon, Limited have
devastation caused by the recent tsunami,       winter.                                           reached an “Agreement in Principle” to exchange some lands within the boundary of
they decided they wanted to do something             Ms. Amundson and her collection              the Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge. Doyon is interested in exploring for and
to help out. A quick check of the United        crew returned to the school where they            developing the oil and gas potential of the Yukon Flats basin. The Service is interested in
States Census figures revealed that if every    counted and tallied the day’s proceeds.           obtaining quality wetland habitats currently owned by Doyon. The Service’s evaluation
person in the country donated just one          They collected almost $90 – exceeding             of the proposed exchange is available on-line at:
dollar, it would almost equal the $350          their dollar-per-person goal – from the           content.htm.
million dollars pledged by the U.S.             village’s 86 residents. Red Cross workers              For more information about the proposed exchange or to obtain a hard copy of the
government. Tamara Bergman, 13, told            reported on Monday that the contribution          evaluation contact Ted Heuer, Refuge Manager, at (907) 456-0407 or toll-free 800-531-
Principal Teacher Michelle Amundson, “I         from the Hughes students would be part            0676, or Jerry Stroebele, Refuge Supervisor, at (907) 786-3555. Public comments on
want to go and ask everyone in town to          of the first installment that the relief agency   the exchange will be accepted through April 1. Mail to National Wildlife Refuge, 101
donate a dollar!” The rest of the elementary                                                      12th Avenue Room 264 Box 14, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701.
                                                will send to the victims of December’s
kids in this two-room school chimed in          tsunami.                                               Public meetings are currently being held in Yukon Flats villages. The Yukon Flats
their support and Ms. Amundson was soon                                                           meetings are scheduled as follows:
                                                     You may contact Paul Beals, Mental
at the controls of her snow machine,
                                                Health Clinician, toll-free at 800-478-6822
followed closely by a sled full of
                                                or locally at (907) 452-8251 ext. 3461, or
                                                                                                              Chalkyitsik                           Arctic Village & Stevens
determined donation collectors.                                                                                                                    Village are finalizing dates
                                                email                           February 28
     Folks in Hughes know firsthand about
the devastating effects of a flood. In
                                                                                                         Tribal Council Office                        Contact your Tribal Office or Ted
                                                                                                                 1 pm                              Heuer at the number listed above.

Emergency Fire Fighters
             By Jerry Woods, Tribal Employment Rights Officer, Employment
                                                                                                      2005 Science Camp Planned
     All Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Village
                                                                                                            Near Fort Yukon
Emergency Firefighter crew members 45-years of age           This examination                                        Kimberly Elkin, Fisheries Biologist, Wildlife & Parks
or older will be required to take the annual Pre-         must be done by the                          A science camp is planned for August 1-5 and August 8-12, 2005 just outside Fort
Employment Physical Examination, including the                                                    Yukon at the confluence of the Yukon and Porcupine Rivers. The objectives of this camp
hearing and vision test. These tests will be                  end of February.                    are to:
administered by your local Community Health Aide                                                      1) Provide a forum for youth, elders, fisheries biologists, social scientists, and
and are required before being allowed to fight wildland fires. This examination must be                  fisheries managers to interact;
done by the end of February due to the stringent deadlines. Each crew member must                     2) Provide training in fisheries science by incorporating Western and
become medically cleared for arduous duty to fight fires before they are permitted to                    Traditional science, and;
take the annual “pack test” and “red card recertification test.” A special note to those              3) To collect biological and anthropological data that could be used in future
crew members who were “medically pended” during the 2004 Fire Season: You must get                       fisheries management.
medical clearance for the 2004 season before being permitted to take the 2005 annual
physical examination.                                                                                  Topics such as fish identification, elder storytelling, water quality, federal and state
                                                                                                  fisheries management as well as additional topics will be discussed.
     This requirement was initiated last year in Alaska just prior to the start of the Alaska
fire season as a result of a new national medical standard imposed on all firefighting                 Youth ages 14-18 from the Yukon Flats communities are encouraged to apply. If
crews employed by BLM, including with the Alaska Fire Service.                                    you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact the Fisheries Program or
                                                                                                  the Council of Athabascan Tribal Government’s Fisheries Program.
     TCC Health Services will provide the Community Health Aides in our region with
the appropriate training to do the physical exams. Comprehensive Health Services, Inc.,                Applications will be made available at each tribal council and school in the Yukon
which has the national contract with BLM to carry out this project, will be coordinating          Flats communities. You can contact Kimberly Elkin, Fisheries Biologist, toll-free at 800-
with TCC’s CHAP Program and the local Health Aide to ensure that crew members are                 478-6822 or locally at (907) 452-8251 ext. 3489, or by email at
cleared to fight fires and are eligible to take both the pack and re-certification tests. You may also contact Gretchen Siderov, Council of
Where possible, our TCC physicians will do the exams during their regular field visits to         Athabascan Tribal Governments, toll-free at 800-478-2667.
the villages or when the crew member comes into Fairbanks to be seen at the Chief
Andrew Isaac Health Center. We are trying to get an early start on this project because
of the impending deadlines. If you will be in Fairbanks in the next couple of months,                 Attention all sled builders
please make an appointment with your physician.
     Just a reminder: If you require glasses (other than for reading), you must have                   and snowshoe makers
two pairs with you at the time of your exam to meet the requirements.
                                                                                                         In an effort to better equip the Village Public Safety Officer’s (VPSO) with
     If we can provide you with assistance, please contact Suzanne McKechnie, Director,
                                                                                                    quality Search and Rescue products, we want to purchase 10 freight sleds and at
Community Health Aide Program, toll-free at 800-478-6822 or locally at (907) 452-
8251 ext. 3403, or email You can also contact                   least 50 pairs of snow shoes. For further information please contact Jim Knopke,
Jerry L. Woods, Tribal Employment Rights Officer, at ext. 3399 or email                             Director, VPSO Program, toll-free at 800 478-6822 or locally at (907) 452-8251                                                                       ext. 3236, or email

       8 in f le seeds                Win a prize!                                                Craft tables available at convention
   and veg              Name the Northway woman whose photo was printed
                in the wrong article from the January issue, who should have                                                        For more information, contact Gloria Finney,
                                                                                                                       t served
         been printed with Jay Moore’s “Canning Salmon in Northway” article on                        first-come, firs            Administrative Assistant, toll-free at 800-478-6822 or
   page 2. Call Ginger Placeres, Editor, toll-free at 800-478-6822 or locally at                            at no charge          locally (907) 452-8251 ext. 3110 or email
   (907) 452-8251 ext. 3227 or email                                                  

                            TANANA CHIEFS CONFERENCE
                                                                                             New Anvik Tribal Workforce
                                                                                               Development Specialist
                                                                                                                                           My name is Angela Young and I am a
                                                                                                                                      Tribal Workforce Development Specialist in
     The Council is a monthly report to the member tribes of the Tanana Chiefs                                                        Anvik. I am a liaison between clients, TCC
 Conference, in accordance with agreements with the Bureau of Indian Affairs                                                          and village councils. I assist clients in
 and the Indian Health Service. Letters to the editor, other written contributions                                                    moving towards self-sufficiency by
 and photo submissions are welcome. However, space is limited and program                                                             providing a variety of employment and case
 oriented news has priority. TCC reserves the right to edit or reject material.                                                       management services to village-based
 Letters and opinions are not necessarily the opinions of Tanana Chiefs                                                               Athabascan Self-sufficiency Assistance
 Conference. Material submitted anonymously will not be published.                                                                    Partnership (ASAP) participants. I also assist
 Contributions and questions may be directed to:                                                                                      with the Tribal Work Experience Program
 The Council                                                                                                                          and General Assistance cases.
 Ginger Placeres, Editor                                                                                                                   My parents are the late Joseph and Mary
 Tanana Chiefs Conference                                                                                                             (Cutter) Williams. My father was from
 122 First Avenue, Suite 600                                                                                                          Shageluk and my mother was from Anvik,
 Fairbanks, Alaska 99701                                                                                                              but was raised in Bonzilla, an abandoned
 Phone: (907) 452-8251, ext. 3227                                                                                                     Athabascan village below Anvik.
 Toll-free within Alaska:                                                                      I have worked as a Bilingual teacher in Anvik for two years, where I taught Deg
 1-800-478-6822, ext. 3227                                                                Xinag (also Deg Hit’an, formerly known as Ingalik), the Athabascan language of Shageluk,
 Toll-free from outside Alaska:                                                           Anvik and Holy Cross. I also taught pre-school in Anvik for 11 years, and was a teacher’s
 1-800-770-8251, ext. 3227                                                                aide and alcohol counselor, as well as a commercial fisherman for about 20 years. For
                                                                                          more information, contact Angela Young at (907) 663-6378 or email
 Fax: (907) 459-3851
                                                                                                  Extension News Flash on
                       Subregional Offices                                                           Morel Mushrooms
   Yukon Koyukuk                  Upper Kuskokwim                Yukon Tanana                        By Jay Moore, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Land Resources Agent,
     P O. Box 92                     .
                                    P O. Box 169              1302 21st Avenue                                          Planning and Development
  Galena, AK 99741                McGrath, AK 99627          Fairbanks, AK 99701
   (907) 656-1326                  (907) 524-3005               (907) 459-3930                 I want to let folks know about some               On March 30 there will be a Morel
                                                                                          of the upcoming events involving                  Mushroom Workshop in Fairbanks, at the
                                                                                          Cooperative Extension and TCC member              Noel Wien Public Library from 7-9 pm and
    Upper Tanana                   Lower Yukon                     Yukon Flats            Tribes. Most of these announcements               there is no charge for this event as well. We
    P O. Box 129                    .
                                   P O. Box 190                    .
                                                                  P O. Box 304            involve the possible morel mushroom               encourage all those in Fairbanks and the
   Tok, AK 99780               Holy Cross, AK 99602           Ft. Yukon, AK 99740         crops that we will hopefully see pop up this      surrounding communities to participate.
   (907) 883-5181                 (907) 476-7137                 (907) 662-2556           summer. Morels are a highly sought after               Finally, coming out in the The
                                                                                          mushroom in most culinary circles. If you         Council’s March issue will be a full-page
                                                                                          are curious about Morel mushrooms,                feature on Morel mushrooms, which will

               IN In This Issue
                  THIS ISSUE                                                              check out one of the events below or feel
                                                                                          free to contact me at the phone numbers
                                                                                          listed below.
                                                                                                                                            include information on picking,
                                                                                                                                            preservation, and much more.
                                                                                                                                                 I know that spring is still a ways
                                                                                               There will a Morel Mushroom                  around the corner, but if any communities
   Tanana Chiefs Conference....................1-3                                        Workshop in Tok on Wednesday, March 23.           are interested in getting a community
                                                                                          This will be held at the Tok Center from 6-       garden started, please contact me. I can be
   Natural & Cultural Resources...................4                                       9 pm. There is no charge for the workshop         reached toll-free at 800-478-6822 or locally
   Youth Employment....................................5                                  and it will be an informative time for Tok        (907) 452-8251 ext. 3248 or email
                                                                                          residents and the surrounding           
   Health Services..........................................6                             communities.
   News for Our People..............................7-8
                                                                                            Canning Salmon in Northway
                                                                                                     By Jay Moore, University of Alaska, Fairbanks Land Resources Agent,
                                                                                                                        Planning and Development
                                                                                                Caribou season is fast approaching          on in the school. It seems that the school
       I applaud the Forest                                                               and there is no room in the freezer for           has a practice of cutting off the water on
 Technology Program and your                                                              meat. What is a person to do? The salmon          the weekends but Tom Teasdale got the
 informative article in the January                                                       that now occupies space can’t be thrown           water back on and we were ready...ready to
 2005 Council. It was very well                                                           out. Why not can the fish to allow room           hurry up and wait! After filling a couple
 written. However, the picture                                                            for the caribou? This is exactly what some        more cases of jars with fish, we learned
 ‘Davey James and one of the first
                                                                                          of the residents of Northway did on               patience. When canning, especially with
 construction projects.’ is
 misleading to the readers. One                                                           November 19-20. Pam Albert, a Northway            pressure canners, there is a lot of time spent
 would assume from the article that                                                       resident, along with Adena Cronk from the         waiting on one batch to finish before
 the log home being built is actually                                                     Northway Council office, coordinated the          getting another one going. I enjoy this time
 part of your grant program, which                                                        event and I drove down to present at the          though, because it allows me to get to know
 it is not.                                                                               workshop.                                         folks from the communities that I work
                                                                                                Once I arrived, the fun began               with. Grandma Ida Wilson was great
       I do not object to the picture of my cabin in your newsletter, I am proud of my                                                      company and I enjoyed the stories that she
 home and after all, the logs were cut with a saw mill and made a good example of         immediately. In the community hall the
                                                                                          smell of fish was already in the air. Pam         shared. I was also glad to see a couple of
 ‘work in progress’ for your class.
                                                                                          Albert had been there a while, ready to cut       the young people come and participate in
       My cabin was built without grants, sponsorship or contributions of any funds.                                                        the workshop. Pam and Ida agreed that the
 Mr. Randy Vandyke was hired to build my cabin and he has done an excellent job.          her fish to prepare it for canning. Slowly
                                                                                          others began to arrive with their fish and        children needed to be exposed to canning
 Mr. Zebedee Cadzow, of Fort Yukon, was originally hired to provide three sided                                                             because it a part of life in rural Alaska.
 logs which he did. Randy Vandyke worked hard to finish the job of providing logs         jars in tote. We spent the afternoon cutting
 and to lay the roof before it snowed.                                                    fish and getting the jars filled and prepared          When all was said and done at 10 pm
                                                                                          for pressure canning. One problem                 on the last day, approximately 15 cases of
       Your instructor for your group of students in Fort Yukon requested permission
                                                                                          occurred at the community hall; the stoves        fish had been canned. Some was for
 to view the construction of my home and to interview Randy Vandyke. Mr. Vandyke
 asked my permission, I told him that it was his choice and he then invited them to       just didn’t have enough gas pressure to get       personal use and some had been
 the cabin and also a demonstration at his own home where his sawmill was located.        the canners hot enough. With the                  designated for a future community
                                                                                          resourcefulness of Pam and Adena, we were         potlatch. Overall, the workshop was a
       I am telling you this because I wish you to know that the picture in your          able to use the school kitchen, and we were       success because of the folks in Northway
 newsletter is misleading and it was not one of the original projects for the grant. It   ready to can. Because we had gotten behind        who participated. Special thanks to the
 is a private endeavor made possible by the hard work of Zebedee Cadzow who
                                                                                          on canning, I stayed up a good while Friday       school for opening their doors on such
 provided half of the logs, Randy Vandyke who cleared the land, laid the cement
 foundation and built the walls, and Art James Jr., (my father), who helped Randy         night to help get us caught up.                   short notice. If your community is
 with the roof and then placed in the flooring.                                                 Saturday morning came and I will            interested in a canning workshop, please
                                                                                          have to admit that when Pam arrived at the        contact Jay Moore, University of Alaska,
       It is my understanding that Mr. Randy Vandyke is interested in building more                                                         Fairbanks Land Resources Agent, toll-free
 cabins such as mine for people and your picture should have captioned the correct        school at 10 am, I was still asleep. So, if you
                                                                                          need a good night’s sleep in Northway, the        at 800-478-6822 or locally at (907) 452-
                                                                                          school hallway is great. We got the canners       8251 ext. 3248, or by email at
                                                                                          fired up after we got the water turned back
 Bobbie James
                                                                                                                                  FEBRUARY 2005 • THE COUNCIL • PAGE 3

          2005 TCC contractual agreements at a glance
      Aid to Tribal                      Forestry & Water                        Adult Education                               Realty                         Social Services
     Governments                            Resources                           Birch Creek                          Alatna          Minto                  Alatna
                                           Alatna                               Huslia                               Allakaket       Nenana                 Allakaket
    Birch Creek                            Allakaket                            Minto                                Anvik           Nikolai                Birch Creek
    Dot Lake                               Anvik                                Nikolai                              Beaver          Rampart
    Grayling                               Beaver                                                                    Birch Creek     Ruby
                                           Birch Creek
                                                                                Tetlin                                                                      Healy Lake
    Hughes                                                                                                           Chalkyitsik     Shageluk
                                           Chalkyitsik                          Higher Education                     Circle          Stevens Village        Hughes
                                           Circle                                                                    Dot Lake        Takotna                McGrath
    Minto                                  Dot Lake                             Birch Creek
                                                                                                                     Eagle           Tanacross              Minto
    Nenana                                 Eagle                                Huslia
                                                                                                                     Evansville      Telida                 Nikolai
    Nikolai                                Evansville                           Minto                                Galena          Tetlin                 Shageluk
    Rampart                                Galena                               Nenana
                                           Grayling                                                                  Grayling                               Takotna
    Shageluk                                                                    Nikolai                              Healy Lake
                                           Healy Lake                                                                                                       Telida
    Tetlin                                 Holy Cross                           Rampart                              Holy Cross
                                           Hughes                               Tetlin                               Hughes
                                           Huslia                                                                    Huslia                                 Credit & Finance
                                           Kaltag                               Job Placement &                      Kaltag                                 Allakaket
    Birch Creek
    Circle                                 Koyukuk                                  Training                         Koyukuk                                Birch Creek
    Dot Lake                               Manley                                                                    Manley
                                                                                Birch Creek                                                                 Hughes
    Grayling                               McGrath                                                                   McGrath
    Holy Cross                             Minto                                Huslia                                                                      Koyukuk
    Hughes                                 Nenana                               Minto                                                                       Minto
    Huslia                                                                                                             Wildlife & Parks
                                           Nikolai                              Nikolai                                                                     Nikolai
    Kaltag                                                                                                            Allakaket
    Koyukuk                                Nulato                               Rampart                                                                     Shageluk
    Manley                                 Rampart
                                                                                Tetlin                                Dot Lake
    Minto                                  Ruby                                                                                                             Takotna
    Nenana                                 Shageluk                                                                                                         Tetlin
    Nikolai (Edzeno’)                                                                                                 Nikolai
                                           Stevens Village
    Rampart                                Takotna                                                                    Tetlin
    Tetlin                                 Telida                               If you don’t see your Tribe listed beneath a service, contact your tribal
                                           Tetlin                               office. In that case, the service is delivered through your tribal office.

   Community Profile Mapping: more than just a pretty picture
                                                data that can be stored and presented in         Maps and Community Planning                    process of identifying and applying to
     By Mara Bacsujlaky, Community              maps is limited only by our ability to collect                                                  funding sources that will provide the
       Planning Coordinator, Tribal                                                                   The level of detail usually surprises
                                                and properly store data, as well as the more     people who see these maps for the first        majority of the funds for each village that
              Development                       practical consideration of cost. These                                                          would like to have a profile map created.
                                                                                                 time. But their power lies not in how nice
                                                digital map databases don’t come cheap–          they look hanging on a wall, but in how        It is the program’s goal that TCC Tribes that
    “The Alaska Department of                   but with collaboration, ingenuity and wise                                                      wish to participate in the program can do
                                                                                                 they can be used in community planning
   Commerce, Community and                      pooling of resources, these expensive            and economic development.                      so without additional strain on their
    Economic Development, in                    systems can be centrally developed and                                                          existing budgets.
                                                delivered to others–such as Tribes in the             First, maps draw people together. Lay
   conjunction with the Denali                                                                   out a map on a table in a room full of                For more information, contact Mara
                                                TCC region.                                                                                     Bacsujlaky, Community Planning
Commission and 10 other agencies,                                                                people and soon people are clustered
                                                     That is the idea behind the                 around–pointing out a favorite trail, or a     Coordinator, at toll-free at 800-478-6822
has partnered to create a program               community profile mapping project that           place where the overflow is particularly       or locally at (907) 452-8251 ext. 3181, or
                                                is currently underway here at TCC.               bad. Because they can represent places         email
 that shares the costs of producing             Working with the State of Alaska, which          people are familiar with, or things that
  detailed, highly accurate digital             has developed the Community Profile              people like or don’t like about their
   maps for each community in                   Mapping Program, TCC’s planning                  community, they are a good focus point
                                                                                                                                                     What you should know
                                                program has set a goal of obtaining
              Alaska.”                          community profile maps for the 42 villages
                                                                                                 for discussion.                                    about TCC’s community
                                                in the TCC region. Once these base maps               Second, maps are tools. They are                 mapping project:
     A map is one of those tools, like a                                                         meant to be marked up and drawn on.
                                                are created, the planning program, working
pencil and paper, that most people rely on                                                       They can be the base upon which a                • It’s voluntary. TCC’s agreement
                                                with TCC’s GIS technicians and TCC
and use without thinking. Just like paper       communities, will work to incorporate            community draws its ideas and visions for        with the State of Alaska does not
and pencil, which can be used to make           additional data and tailor maps to each          what they would like their community to          require any village to participate in
something as simple as a grocery list, or as    community’s needs.                               become. A new school location can be
                                                                                                 sketched out–or a favorite berry-picking         the program.
complex as an engineered drawing, a map         What is a Community Profile Map?                                                                  • Funds are available. TCC’s
can be as simple or as detailed as its maker                                                     place noted so that it’s protected for the
                                                     The Alaska Department of                    future.                                          planning program has developed a
wishes. The map type people are most                                                                                                              list of potential funding sources.
                                                Commerce, Community and Economic                      Third, maps can be used to record
likely to have used is the topographic map,                                                                                                       • Tribes and TCC receives copies of
                                                Development (DCCED), in conjunction              progress. They can show what a
which graphically depicts both natural          with the Denali Commission and 10 other                                                           all community maps and supporting
landforms, such as swamps, mountains,                                                            community looked like 10 years ago, and
                                                agencies, has partnered to create a program      how it looks today.                              digital data.
rivers and streams, and human-built things      that shares the costs of producing detailed,                                                      • Maps can be updated by
like buildings, roads and bridges. There are    highly accurate digital maps for each                 Fourth, they are excellent visual tools
                                                                                                 for community and economic                       communities. After the base maps are
many other maps too–such as climatic,           community in Alaska. Many communities,                                                            created, communities can add more
                                                especially those in the Bristol Bay region       development plans and small business
geologic and lunar maps and nautical                                                                                                              information, or information that they
                                                and Northwest Arctic, are completed, but         plans. Frequently a map better captures
charts. What is common amongst all of                                                            how a proposed development will look and         prefer not to become public, such as
these types is that they are two-               only two, Shageluk and Holy Cross, have
                                                been done in the TCC region; these can be        affect a community than does the written         burial sites.
dimensional representations of three-                                                            word. It helps funders better visualize what     • Variety of formats. These maps can
dimensional space.                              viewed on the TCC internet site at http://
                                                                 a community’s vision is–and this often           be viewed on the web, or printed out
      Now with advances in computer                                                              makes the difference between being funded        in a variety of sizes. TCC’s
                                                     A profile map consists of a current         or not.
technology, it has become easier to collect,                                                                                                      Transportation Department can print
                                                high-quality aerial photograph of a
attach and represent descriptive and                                                             How is the Mapping Project Funded?               large format maps for communities
                                                community as a base with other
numerical information in conjunction                                                                  Each map costs approximately
                                                information graphically layered on top of                                                         that request them.
with physical features displayed on a map.                                                       $30,000–this includes the cost of creating
Through computer software called a
                                                it. For example, buildings, land uses,                                                            • Communities will be mapped in
                                                easements, trails, and other features are        and correcting the aerial photo, as well as      clusters. Because of logistics and to
Geographic Information System (GIS), it                                                          compiling existing information and
                                                displayed in their correct location on the                                                        reduce costs, communities will be
is possible to create databases that are tied                                                    building the digital map files. The DCCED
                                                aerial photo. Although the State hires a                                                          done in clusters over an anticipated
to specific points on a map. So, for                                                             funds 50% of the total cost, or roughly
                                                third-party to do the mapping, community                                                          period of two to three years.
example, a map can show population                                                               $15,000, with the community contributing
                                                residents are involved in the process,
distribution, whether a Council is tribal,
                                                providing the information that they want         the balance. In the case of the TCC region       • The first phase of village mapping
city or IRA, or which buildings in a village                                                     villages, the planning program is in the         will start in 2006.
                                                included in their map.
have plumbing. The type and amount of

                    NATURAL & CULTURAL RESOURCES
 Ma p o f t h                         By Will Putman, Forester/GIS                                              Village of Tanana as viewed from space

                                      Natural & Cultural Resources

     TCC Forestry has been involved in a         information system
cooperative project with the State of Alaska     (GIS). The most
Division of Forestry acquiring and               critical step is to
processing high-resolution satellite             or thorectify the
imagery in the Tanana Valley. The project        imager y, that is,
is funded by NASA and its goal is to             “warp” the image to
provide useful data for community                take      out      any
mapping and wildland fire planning.              distortions from
Among other things, this has involved            terrain and satellite
acquiring imagery over all communities in        view angle, and to
the Tanana Valley. This month’s map              place the image in a
displays part of a QuickBird satellite image     standard          map
showing the village of Tanana, taken on          coordinate system.
June 20, 2003 (notice the barge in the lower     This is done by
section).                                        collecting location
                                                 data using a Global
     DigitalGlobe is a company based in
                                                 Positioning System
Longmont, Colorado that operates
                                                 (GPS) receiver at
QuickBird, a satellite producing the
                                                 locations on the
highest-resolution imagery available
                                                 image that can be
commercially. QuickBird produces images
                                                 precisely identified on
of areas measuring about 10 miles on a           the image. We did this in June 2004 by          images are “fused” to produce a high-            features are visible, making QuickBird
side, or about 100 square miles per image,       accessing locations around Tanana with a        resolution color image.                          useful for community mapping and
at a spatial resolution of 60 centimeters;       helicopter. The GPS data is stored and is            The level of detail visible on this         planning.
that is, every pixel, or dot, on the image       used with digital elevation model (DEM)         imagery is exceeded only by low-altitude              To view other maps and data in TCC’s
represents an area only 60 centimeters           data and the image itself in specialized        aerial photography, similar to what has          GIS, take a look at our online maps at
(about two feet) wide on the ground. This        software to produce an orthorectified           been acquired in the past over          Contact Will
is an amazing feat, given that the QuickBird     image. There are actually two images that       communities in Alaska, usually at a scale        Putman, Forester/GIS Coordinator, toll-
satellite orbits the earth at an altitude of     constitute a QuickBird scene; one is a          of 1:12,000. Aerial photography is a viable      free at 800-478-6822 or locally at (907)
about 270 miles.                                 panchromatic (black-and-white) image            alternative to satellite imagery, but is quite   452-8251 ext. 3373 or email
     After acquiring the imagery from            that is taken at the highest spatial            expensive and does not usually cover as
DigitalGlobe, the imagery requires a             resolution of 60 centimeters and the other      much surrounding area as a QuickBird
substantial amount of processing before          is a color image at a coarser resolution of     scene. Details in buildings, vehicles, roads,
we can use it in our geographic                  2.4 meters. After orthorectifiction, the        trails, vegetation and other relatively small

       Alaska Land Transfer
         Acceleration Act                                                                           Wood energy to meet
             By Sheri Hardman,                   work to get the title back from the other
                                                 entity and give it to the Native applicant.
                                                                                                      heating needs
         Allotment Specialist, Realty
     In December, the President signed                 The second opportunity to apply for                                  By Douglas Hanson, Forestry Director
Senate Bill 1466, The Alaska Land Transfer       land was under the Alaska Native Veterans
Acceleration Act. This was the official          Act of 1998. This was supposedly a second                                                     People have been utilizing wood energy to
legislation to facilitate more efficient land    chance to apply, for those who were out of            “Two wood energy                  heat their homes since the earliest settlements.
transfers in Alaska. Although this bill has      the state serving in the United States                designs have been                 Gathering wood for personal use generally
just recently passed, the Bureau of Land         Armed Services. The intent behind the law                                               follows good forestry practices even if the user is
Management (BLM) has been working for            was to let those that could have applied, if        improved over recent
                                                                                                                                         not consciously aware of them. These practices
the last year to speed up their processes to     they had been in the state before December         years and now provide
                                                 18, 1971, a second chance to apply as if they                                           include allowing for re-growth by selectively
either reject or certify Native allotments
without the legislation.                         had then. The law is much more restrictive         for affordable, efficient,           harvesting trees and utilizing proper species and
                                                 in the 1998 Act than the 1906 act. The only                                             moisture content levels to achieve the best
     In the TCC region we have                                                                          low maintenance                  burning characteristics. People who heat with
                                                 land available to those who applied under
approximately 300 pending Native                 the 1998 Act is federal land, which was left             operations.”                   wood generally are familiar with these issues
allotment parcels out of 2319 in the State.      over after the State, Native Corporations                                               through their own trial and error processes.
     There are two TCC Allotment                 and other entities made their selections.         Technologies now exist to efficiently heat larger spaces such as clinics, schools and
Specialists assisting those who have applied           Even though there was significantly         community buildings with wood energy. They can be specially suited to rural
for a Native allotment. Eileen Stone and         less land to apply for and nowhere near the       locations where a wood supply exists and current energy costs are high. Emphasis
Sheri Hardman are available to assist            opportunity to qualify for land as there was
applicants who have any questions about                                                            on these technologies stem from: 1) increased costs of fossil fuels, 2) increased
                                                 before 1971, the requirement to prove use         availability of wood resources from practices such as thinning timber stands to
their pending allotments. Since BLM is           and occupancy still remained. The
looking toward finalizing all allotments by                                                        minimize wildfire threats, 3) lower environmental impacts from utilizing
                                                 combination of having to prove use and
2006, anyone with questions about the            the only land left to select being leftovers,     renewable energy sources, 4) increased local economic development, and 5)
status of their allotment applications or        has made the percentage of rejections             increased efficiency of central wood heating systems.
those who have not received a Certificate        extremely high. In a recent meeting with
of Allotment should contact one of the                                                                  Two wood energy designs have been improved over recent years and now provide
                                                 BLM it was estimated that only 10% of             for affordable, efficient, low maintenance operations. The more prevalent of the
Allotment Specialists to make sure that          those who applied under the 1998 act will
they have fulfilled all of the requirements                                                        two is the wood-fired boiler. This is similar to a common oil-fired boiler in that
                                                 actually get title to the land they applied       wood is used to heat hot water which in turn is circulated through pipes to individual
of the law to receive title to their allotment   for.
at some time in the future.                                                                        heat registers. A wood boiler is currently in use in Dot Lake. Here the wood boiler
                                                       Since BLM is getting ready to wrap up       supplements oil-fired boilers that heat several buildings through 2,200 feet of buried
     There are two general types of pending      their land transfer program and the Native
Native allotments, those that were                                                                 water line. When the wood boiler is running, it preheats “return water” that is coming
                                                 allotments by 2006, now is the time to call
originally applied for before the enactment      if you have questions about your pending          into the oil burners. This reduces the time the oil-fired boilers are running and
of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act       allotments. If you have applied and have          lowers fuel oil use. A variation of the wood boiler is one where the hot water is used
(ANCSA) on December 18, 1971, and                not heard from BLM or TCC recently or             to power a turbine that generates electricity in addition to being used as a heating
those who were given a second chance to          do not know the status of your Native             source. In this application diesel fuel can be displaced for heating, as well as producing
apply if they were out of the state serving      Allotment, you can call either Eileen Stone,      electricity.
our country in the Armed Forces. Sheri           or Sheri Hardman to get an update on your
Hardman handles most of the Alaska                                                                      The second wood energy system in use is referred to as wood gasification. This
                                                 application.                                      system uses wood more efficiently than a standard wood boiler and is somewhat
Native Veterans Allotment applications
and some of the original pending                       Over the next year, in preparation for      more complicated. In the wood gasifier, wood is burned in a controlled environment
allotments and Eileen works on the               the end of the allotment program, the             which breaks down complex wood compounds into smaller volatile compounds.
original pending Native allotments.              Allotment Specialist will be reviewing all        Combustion is regulated by thermostatically controlled draft blowers that force
                                                 of the closed cases and all of the cases with
     There were only two opportunities to                                                          combustion air into ceramic combustion tunnels. This unusually effective
                                                 less than 160 acres to make sure that
apply for a Native allotment. The first was      everyone that applied for land was given          combustion takes place at very high temperatures allowing for very little fuel use.
under the Allotment Act of 1906. This Act        the chance to get title to the land and the       For best results, the wood should be in the form of wood chips as these small pieces
allowed Alaskan Natives to apply for 160         acreage that they originally applied for.         offer more surface area and are more easily gasified. The gasification of wood and
acres of land in multiple parcels. To qualify                                                      other biomass (agricultural waste for example) has been in use for 150 years and
for the Certificate of Allotment, the                  For more information, contact Eileen
                                                 Stone at toll-free at 800-478-6822 or locally     was important during World War II as a source of energy for military vehicles.
applicant must show that he or she used
and occupied the land applied for, at least      at (907) 452-8251 ext. 3345 or Sheri                   More information on these systems and potential grant opportunities can be
seasonally for at least five years. Under the    Hardman at ext. 3342 or email                     found through the Alaska Wood Energy Task Group c/o Juneau Economic
1906 Act, if the applicant could prove use              or     Development Council, 204 Siginaka Way, Sitka, Alaska 99835.
before any other claim, then BLM would 
                                                                                                                                FEBRUARY 2005 • THE COUNCIL • PAGE 5

                      YOUTH EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING
                    Young women shine in Tribal Civilian
                           Community Corps
    My name is Ashley Thronsen. I am 18-years-old. I was                                                                        My name is Jackqueline Joseph. I grew up in Chalkyitsik
born and raised in Fairbanks. I joined the Tribal Civilian                                                                 until I reached high school and then I moved to Fort Yukon
Community Corps (TCCC) for many reasons. I wanted to                                                                       and graduated in May 2003. I’m 19-years-old. I joined the
experience new things, meet new people, travel around Alaska,                                                              AmeriCorps program in October to better myself, travel
help people, and earn the $4,725 educational award. Being a                                                                around Alaska, and to help the surrounding communities in
part of this program has taught me to become more                                                                          Alaska. I think the AmeriCorps will help me experience
responsible, independent, and to be away from my family                                                                    different cultures and give me the opportunity to see different
                                                                                                                           communities and meet new people from all over Alaska.
    I do volunteer work for the communities of Alaska. I’ve
had the opportunity to meet and work with citizens in                                                                           Since I’ve been in the program I’ve had the opportunity
Nenana. Some places I worked were at The Marge Anderson                                                                    to travel to Anchorage to help out at the Alaska Federation
                                                                                                                           of Natives and to recruit new members. I’ve also worked at
Senior Center, The Meda Lord Senior Housing, the hockey
                                                                                                                           the Meda Lord Senior housing, I planted trees and shoveled
rink, and the airport.
                                                                                                                           snow. I was the Mistress of Ceremonies at the sobriety
    I helped Bruce Boschert and Mary Klein Schmidt cook Ashley Thronsen and Jakqueline Joseph.                             potlatch. I decorated for the Snow Ball, and painted at the
lunch at Margaret’s Senior Center for the elders. It was an                                                                Fire Station in Anderson with Dolly Johnson and Christian
honor to cook for the Elders. I cleared sidewalks, pathways, cleared around the guiding        Wilson. Over the holidays at the Marge Anderson Senior Center some of the volunteers
lights along the airstrip at the airport, and shoveled snow out of the hockey rink. It feels   and I packed food boxes and wrapped Christmas gifts and delivered them to the residents
good to know that I helped make a safer and more accessible area for the Elders and            of Nenana. In my recent project I have been cooking lunch and helping at the Marge
citizens of Nenana.                                                                            Anderson Senior Center. It has really been a pleasure working with Margaret Sanders,
                                                                                               Mary Klein Schmidt, and Bruce Boschert. While working there I’ve had the opportunity
      I think that the Americorps Program has so much to offer and nobody really realizes
                                                                                               to get to know the Elders of Nenana.
it. In this program you have the opportunity to change your life. It gives you the chance
to learn and to experience new things. It may help you discover yourself or who you                 I think this program is a really good opportunity to help others in need, and to
want to be. It is a drug- and alcohol-free environment. Overall, I think Americorps is         express and find out who you really are and what you would like to do in the future.
beneficial to anyone and I enjoy being a part of it.                                           After this program I have a choice of either going to college or attending a second year
                                                                                               of AmeriCorps in Arizona or California at the Hoopa Indian Reservation. So far the
      When I have completed 1700 hours of community service I plan to either join for a        AmeriCorps has helped me abide by the rules and learn discipline and important job
second year in Americorps at the Hoopa Indian Reservation in California or attend              skills. I’ve gained confidence for myself, leadership, expanded my knowledge, and set
college in Anchorage or Fairbanks. I would like to study Human Services, Nursing, or           goals for myself until I am finished with my first year of AmeriCorps in July 2005.
Early Childhood Development. Basically, my career will be focused on helping people.                Some of the things I have accomplished while in the program thus far is I’ve become
      For more information contact Jeannie Brower, Youth Employment Services, toll-            a certified Emergency Trauma Technician with Shiloh Lightfoot, and successfully
free 800-478-6822 or locally at (907) 452-8251 ext. 3195 or email                              completed a 10-hour occupational training course in construction safety and health. I                                                               would like to thank my fellow AmeriCorps members, the people of Nenana, and the
                                                                                               staff for helping me and bringing me this much closer to accomplishing my goals.
       9th Annual National Indian
                By James Albert, Youth Development Specialist, Allakaket
                                                                                               Could this be in your future?
                                                                                               Alliances of Learning for                      site), and photograph.
       On December 6, a group representing the Alatna Tribal Council went to Palm              Underrepresented Americans (ALVA):             To get more information go to:
  Springs for the 9th annual National Indian Conference. My wife and I, along with                                                  
                                                                                                    ALVA is an opportunity for high
  five community members from Alatna, went to Palm Springs from December 6-                    school seniors interested in attending         Tribal Civilian Community Corps
  11, 2004. Jared Sam and Karen Bergman, who are both enrolled in the Youth                    college to study science, engineering,         (TCCC “T Triple C”):
  Opportunity Program, also came with the Allakaket Tribal Council. Altogether                 technology or math. It includes a nine-              A residential Americorps Program
  there were 14 people representing Allakaket and Alatna.                                      week internship offering experience            based in Nenana, for Alaska Native/Native
       We attended various workshops dealing with issues ranging from violence                 working with one of University of Alaska,      American youth ages 18-26. Provides
  against Native American Women to Elder abuse. Jared Sam and Karen Bergman                    Anchorage’s Alaska Native Science &            career exploration, leadership skills
  really enjoyed themselves and learned a great deal. They got to meet other Native            Engineering Program’s Industrial Partners.     training, the opportunity to earn college
                                                                                               Students will have the chance to study two     credit, job-related skills, diversity training
  people from around the United States and exchange cultures and beliefs. Everyone             hours of math daily and participate in two
  really learned a lot from the workshops and they look forward to next year’s                                                                and an opportunity to earn an education
                                                                                               hours of collaborative study, to prepare for   award upon completion of program.
  conference.                                                                                  college-level math courses. ALVA               Members will meet youth from all over the
                                                                                               participants have the chance to earn up to     state and some from other states, and will
                                                                                               $6000 to pay for college. The deadline to
       Experience brings thanks                                                                apply is March 31, 2005
                                                                                                                                              spend approximately 10 months in Nenana
                                                                                                                                              and traveling through out Alaska.
         from TCCC member                                                                      For more information go to:
                                                                                                                                                    For more information contact Jeannie
                                                                                                                                              Brower, Youth Employment Services, toll-
        By Daniel “Rocky” Teasdale, Tribal Civilian Community Corps Member                     Then click on “University Bridging             free 800-478-6822 or locally at (907) 452-
                                                                                               Program”                                       8251        ext.    3195        or      email
                                       First, I would like to give a big thanks to the
                                   community of Nenana for all their support and projects      Rural Alaska Honors Institute (RAHI):
                                   they have given us to do. We have learned a great deal           RAHI is a competitive university          Alaska Native Tribal Health
                                   from the projects and the guidance we have received.        bridging program that takes place at           Consortium (ANTHC) 2005 ANTHC
                                   All of the skills we have attained as a team and as         University of Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF). The     Summer Internship:
                                   individuals we will use in the future.                      program lasts six weeks. Students who are
                                                                                               eligible to attend RAHI will be dedicated            ANTHC offers approximately 25 high
                                       I would also like to thank Wayne Walters and Ray                                                       school and undergraduate student and five
                                   Fox for guiding us in the completion of building the        to educational excellence and hard
                                                                                               working. Those who attend will have the        graduate students who are Alaska Native/
                                   new hockey rink located in Nenana. They have done a                                                        American Indian a nine-week paid
                                   great deal for us as well as the community of Nenana.       opportunity to earn up to 9 college credits,
                                                                                               make new friends and become acquainted         internship. This organization longs to
                                   The two of them have done all this work as volunteers                                                      provide the highest quality of health care
                                   and I have gained two friends from it.                      with supportive staff at UAF. The deadline
                                                                                               to apply is March 31. For more information     to all Alaska Natives and American Indians.
     Thanks to Margaret Sanders, Bruce Boscher and Mae Jensen in preparing us a hot            and to download an application to go:          Students selected for an internship can gain
meal for our lunch break. It was always nice to know we would have a good hot meal to                       experience in finance, human resources,
warm us up when it was cold outside. One more thing I would like to thank Margaret             Then click on “Download 2005                   health records, computer technology,
for is letting us use the garage to construct the fences for the hockey rink; that has done                                                   engineering,        maintenance,          and
a great deal for us in saving time, keeping warm and economical. Keep up the good                                                             housekeeping. All these professions
work.                                                                                          National Native American Youth                 support the services of a healthcare
     Last, thanks to the whole community for making us feel like we are at home here in        Initiative (NNAYI):                            organization. ANTHC also facilitates the
their town. I found out there are nice and polite people in the community that have                 For youth ages 16-18 planning on          Indian Health Service Scholarship, which
gone out of their way to help us.                                                              entering a health profession, students must    is a great opportunity for students
                                                                                               have a minimum GPA of 2.5. This                pursuing various health-related degrees.
     An AmeriCorps team is also working on an office building for the school that has
been started from scratch. I have yet not been able to work on that project, but I look        weeklong enrichment program in                       More information can be obtained by
forward to helping with that project in the near future.                                       Washington D.C. will enhance skills in         calling Evangelyn Dotomain, Scholarship
                                                                                               leadership,       assertiveness,       time    & Internship Coordinator, toll-free at 800-
     We also helped in the remodeling of the senior center. That was one of our first big      management, networking, professional           684-8361.
projects when we arrived here in October. Every time I go there it looks good and it is a      behavior, etc. To apply students will need
better benefit for the seniors of Nenana to have a place they can go that looks good, and                                                            The Youth Employment & Training
                                                                                               to submit a one-page essay, current            staff also has information on the above
is neat and clean.                                                                             academic transcript, letter of                 opportunities, and others. Please feel free
     Like the AmeriCorps slogan “Getting things done” we have done just that in the four       recommendation, recommendation                 to contact us for more information.
months that we have been here. Every project has been done to completion and                   checklist (download from web site),
satisfaction.                                                                                  primary data sheet (download from web

        Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center                                                              Ruby’s Health Aide
   New Pharmacy Hours                                                                                                                 Cindy Baker joined the Community Health Aide
                                                                                                                                 Program as a Ruby health aide in September. She
                                  Sunday:                 Closed                                                                 began in the health field in Homer in 1989. She and
     If you have questions,                                                                                                      husband Brad moved from Fairbanks to Ruby in July
   please feel free to contact
                                 Monday:                  8:00 am – 6:00 pm
                                                                                                                                 2004. Originally from Nebraska, Cindy came to
    Jami DeBano toll-free at     Tuesday:                 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
                                                                                                                                 Alaska in 1987. She is part Lakota Sioux and has one
   800-478-6822 or locally at Wednesday:                  9:00 am – 6:00 pm                                                      daughter, two sons, and five grandchildren. “I feel
   (907) 451-6682 ext. 3621.    Thursday:                 8:00 am – 6:00 pm                                                      coming to Ruby is home. I’m so glad I’ve been given
                                   Friday:                8:15 am – 4:30 pm**                                                    the opportunity to be part of the team that is making
                                Saturday:                 Closed                                                                 a difference in Alaska’s rural communities.”
                                 Holidays:                Closed
               Last Friday of each month:                 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

                                                                                                                         Teen Dental Clinic
       Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center is offering                                                  Teen Dental Clinic is a new clinic structure designed especially for teens 15-19
                                                                                                years old. Teens will be able to receive a dental exam, cleaning and sealants in one
    annual exams to women coming to Fairbanks                                                   appointment. There will also be information on oral bacteria, tobacco use, bad
                                                                                                breath, diet and braces. Call toll-free 800-478-7822 or locally at (907) 452-8251
    for convention. These special times are                                                     ext. 3201 for an appointment. Teens under 18-years-old must be accompanied by
    available on March 15-16 from 5-7:30 pm and                                                 parent or guardian.

    only available for annual exams. Please call
    the appointment clerk at (907) 451-6682 ext.
                                                                                                  Overcoming dry eyes
                                                                                                                        By Dr. Charles Jaworski, TCC Eye Clinic
    3650 when you arrive in Fairbanks.
                                                                                                   The tears your eyes produce are               and impair vision and make contact lens
                                                                                              necessary for overall eye health and clear         wear difficult.
                                                                                              vision. Dry eye means that your eyes do                 If you have symptoms of dry eye, see
       Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center                                                       not produce enough tears or that you
                                                                                              produce tears which do not have the proper
                                                                                                                                                 your TCC eye doctor for a comprehensive
                                                                                                                                                 examination. Dry eye cannot be cured, but
      surpasses technology in health field                                                    chemical composition. Often, dry eye is
                                                                                              part of the natural aging process. It can also
                                                                                                                                                 your optometrist can prescribe treatment
                                                                                                                                                 so your eyes remain healthy and your
               By Jim Kohler, Director, Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center                      be caused by blinking or eyelid problems,          vision is unaffected. In addition to tear
                                                                                              medications like antihistamines, oral              replacement therapy there are now new
     Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center (CAIHC) is one of the first Native clinics to           contraceptives and antidepressants, a dry          options to help you make and keep more
implement an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system in the nation. EHR is a system             climate, wind and dust, general health             of your natural tears. In many cases this
with software and processes that allow health care providers to create, store, organize       problems like arthritis or Sjogren’s               can result in a dramatic improvement in
                                                                                              syndrome and chemical or thermal burns             comfort and vision and even allow some
and retrieve patient records entirely from a computer. But it is more than just the           to your eyes.
electronic equivalent of paper; it allows you to automate many time-consuming, paper-                                                            people to comfortably wear contact lenses
                                                                                                   If you have dry eye, your symptoms            when they could not before treatment. In
driven office tasks.                                                                          may include irritated, scratchy, dry,              rare cases surgical closure of the drainage
     EHRs enhance communication, access to data and documentation and eventually              uncomfortable or red eyes, a burning               ducts may be recommended.
results in improved clinical and service quality. Clinical quality is improved by having      sensation or feeling of something foreign               For an appointment, call toll-free 800-
                                                                                              in your eyes and blurred vision. Excessive         478-6822 or locally at (907) 452-8251 ext.
immediate access to all relevant clinical information at the time of the patient visit or
                                                                                              dry eyes may damage eye tissue, scar your          3220.
phone call, reminders of drug interactions or allergies, and the ability to easily identify   cornea (the front covering of your eyes)
patients who are due for follow-ups.
    Service is improved through direct e-faxing of prescriptions to pharmacies,
                                                                                                  Name our physical activities center
customized patient education instructions at time of care and even the ability to provide
copies of clinical notes to patients and consultants at the conclusion of a patient visit.           The Diabetes Program envisions a space that Alaska Natives will identify as
CAIHC will also be able to immediately respond to patient phone calls. Since the patient        ‘their own’ for a physical activities center, filled with the sounds and sights of “people
                                                                                                on the move.” Your ideas for a name and art (along with an artist in mind) are
chart will be available at the time of the call, many “we’ll pull your chart and call you
                                                                                                needed; please submit them to John Martin, Diabetes Prevention Coordinator, toll-
back later” interactions can be eliminated. According to Jim Kohler, CAIHC Director,
                                                                                                free at 800-478-6822 or locally at (907) 451-6682 ext. 3773, or email
“Patients will be able to have access to their files almost as soon as their health care
     Creating, handling, filing and copying paper documents, forms and messages
invariably involves more steps and time versus performing the same roles electronically.                New Finance Director at
Witness what has happened in banking and the airlines industries; paper processes cost                     Health Services
more and take longer. Fully implemented EHRs move toward a completely “paperless”
                                                                                                   Natarajan “Nat” Palaniappan joined            Organizations, Outpatient Centers, Home
office, not as a goal but as a consequence of the benefits they offer.
                                                                                              TCC in late December as the Finance                Health, Rural Hospitals and Detox Centers.
    Transition to EHR began in June 2004 and should be completed in June 2005. Phase          Director for Health Services. Mr.                       Nat recognizes that every healthcare
one consisted of a conversion of the CAIHC pharmacy in August 2004. Next, a group of          Palaniappan holds a Bachelor’s degree in           organization is unique and looks forward
CAIHC doctors and nurses will begin using it in February with the full team using it by       Accounting and is a graduate from Ohio             to learning more and working with the staff
June 2005.                                                                                    State University. He has 20 years of               and residents of the TCC region. Nat’s wife
                                                                                              experience in healthcare management.               will be moving to Fairbanks from her visit
                                                                                                   His early experience includes working         to India where she is currently assisting as

               Upcoming Eye Clinic                                                            at the Hospital Corporation of America,
                                                                                              where he gained valuable management
                                                                                              skills. He has also worked as a Regional
                                                                                                                                                 a volunteer in the Tsunami disaster. Nat
                                                                                                                                                 and Satya have a son, Kabilan, who
                                                                                                                                                 currently lives in Michigan. Mr.

                     Travel                                                                   Controller for Home Health and as Chief
                                                                                              Financial Officer for a hospital in
                                                                                              California as well as several Community
                                                                                                                                                 Palaniappan is meeting with all Health
                                                                                                                                                 Program Directors reviewing budget needs
                                                                                                                                                 to finalize the 2005 Health budget.
         Week of February 22                            Week of April 18                      Health System rural hospitals. He has vast
                   Beaver                                  Fort Yukon                         expertise in Health Managed Care
           Week of March 7                               Week of May 2
                   Tanana                                   Koyukuk                                           March 7-11                             March
        Operation Arctic Care                            Week of May 9                                    Allakaket, Ruby, Tetlin
                                                                                                             March 14-18                          Dental Travel
           March 20-April1                                 Chalkyitsik
        Galena, Ruby, Nulato, Kaltag,
                                                                                                                  Ruby                             Schedule
                  Huslia                                                                                     March 21-25
                                                  For more information, call toll-                          Allakaket & Ruby                      For more information, call toll-free
            Week of April 4                    free 800-478-6822 or locally at                            March 28-April 1                     800-478-7822 or locally (907) 452-8251
            Tok, Tetlin, Northway              (907) 452-8251 ext. 3220.                                                                       ext. 3200.
                                                                                                           Galena & Allakaket
                                                                                                                               FEBRUARY 2005 • THE COUNCIL • PAGE 7

                     NEWS FOR OUR PEOPLE
        McGrath Gets Buried by Snow Mother and daughter create beautiful
 By Poppy Harris,
                                                                                                                   beadwork for Chugiak
 Upper Kuskokwim

                                                                                                   Dixie Alexander and daughter Rita Pitka have been working together on showcase,
                                                                                              museum quality beadwork since Rita was six-years-old. They were recently commissioned
                                                                                              to create a piece for the Chugiak High School as part of the 1% for art (an educational
                                                                                              requirement by the State of Alaska). Dixie and Rita completed this moose skin panel
      The first few days in January brought record snow fall to McGrath on January 3.         recently and it represents summer, or “Shan” in Gw’ichin, and is two feet by three feet
McGrath broke its record snowfall in a 24-hour period from 14.2 inches set on Nov. 10,        and encased in a custom-made birch frame. There are northern lights, fireweed, Forget-
1946 to 16.7 inches. Within the two-day period we had over two feet of snow. February         me-nots, dogwood, and Alaska Wild rose flowers.
is usually our month for snow; I guess we are getting it early this year. Another surprise         Dixie and Rita worked on it part-time, summarizing it as a two-month job, while
is our warmer temperatures-they have been up in the 20 and 30-degree range. I have to         they finalized other projects. Rita made a traditional moose skin dress for the 2001
admit that it has been rather nice. The following week we plummeted down to 48-               World Eskimo Indian Regalia Competition, which took first place. She recently sold it
below and by the end of the week, it was back up to warmer temperatures.                      to the University of Alaska, Fairbanks where it will be a prominent feature when their
      Moose are everywhere. With the deep snow, they have been on the roads, in our           museum renovation is complete. In addition, Dixie has been commissioned by Doyon,
yards and sometimes in the parking lots. We are used to having some in town but not in        Limited to oversee their lobby displays of Elders who have been recognized in the past.
groups of three or four large moose. There is a young one that seems to have lost its         They want to initiate a series of beading workshops and coordinate with other master
mama. I have driven down the road several times and stopped or gone real slow while it        artists toward various cultural artwork teachings. If interested, please write to Dixie at
trots down the road until it turns down another road or a path. The snow machines             PO Box 60350, North Pole, Alaska, 99705 or leave a message at (907) 457-5496. You can
have had to be even more careful as the moose are now using the trails as their own.          also email
      This year has started out to be quite an adventure and we have much to be thankful           Both women have dedicated their lives to beadwork, a love they share with all women
for. Family and friends who are willing to work, shoveling walkways, decks, roofs, making     in their family. Dixie’s mother is Charlotte Douthit, a regular in the craft table circuit,
a path to the sauna, shoveling out the dog house so the dog can get in, and unburying         and her grandmother, the late Julia Peter, are renowned Gw’ichin beadworkers. Rita’s
pipes for underground tanks so we can get more stove oil. Everyday we are gaining more        paternal grandma is the late Eliza Pitka and her great-grandmother is the late Charlotte
minutes of daylight and that is something to be thankful for. May 2005 be a bright and        Adams, both formerly of Beaver, Alaska.
joyful year for you and your families; may it bring you peace, good health, and lots of
laughter with family and friends.

  Moore represents Interior at Miss                                                             32nd Annual Festival of Native Arts
                                                                                                              “Guidance From Our Past,
National Congress of American Indians                                                                           Vision of Our Future”
                                                                                                          Dedicated to the late Chief Peter John
                                                                                                                            March 3-5
                                                                                                                        Fairbanks, Alaska
                                                                                                    All events held at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Charles
                                                                                                Davis Concert Hall and the William Ransom Wood Center. Free
                                                                                                and open to the public!For more information, call (907) 474-6889
                                                                                                or (907) 474-7181.

                                                                                              Athabascan Entreprenuer
  The 2004-2005 Miss National Congress of American Indians contestants.
                                                                                                   Joel Titus is an Athabascan tribal
     Courtney Moore, 2004-2005 Miss WEIO, and Eta-Starr Edwardsen traveled to Ft.             member from Tanana and Minto who will
Lauderdale, Florida on October 9-15 to compete for the crown of Miss National Congress        be graduating from the University of
of American Indians.
                                                                                              Alaska, Fairbanks (UAF) with a business
     We were exposed to new environments and cultural tribes of America. We discovered        degree in May 2005. His family consists
current issues of concern facing tribes; we met famous tribal leaders, several famous         of his parents, Ruth and Charlie Titus, Jr.
Native actors, and influential tribal Elders and youth leaders, which made this experience    of Minto, and his son, Destin, whose
educational and meaningful. The conference was held deep in Seminole country and              mother is Cari Mayo of Fairbanks.
everyone there was unique in sharing his or her culture and lifestyle. Each tribe added
strength and refinement to the conference in distinctive ways.                                     Joel is involved in various business
                                                                                              ventures in an effort to determine his own
     The scholarship pageant was held over a span of two days, and the contestants
originated from all over America. The pageant was based on poise, cultural knowledge,         income, and reap a larger financial reward
speaking abilities, talent, and an impromptu question. As my talent, I presented              while having the freedom to spend more
traditional beadwork that I had made for several of my family members and sang a              time with his young son. In addition to
traditional song to give them an insight of a part of Alaska’s traditional lifestyles. Miss   working as part owner of APC Group,
Madeline Soboloff-Levey of Juneau, Alaska demonstrated excellent speaking abilities           Incorporated, which distributes the Arctic
and was able to take the 2004-2005 title home with her.                                       Leash (a device that is attached to your
     Eta-Starr and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the Tanana Tribal         car and makes plugging your car in during
Council and Doyon, Ltd. for funding our expenses. We would also like to extend our            winter hassle-free), he also the owner of
deepest gratitude to those who supported us through donating their time and expertise         Creating Opportunities, Incorporated,
as well as sharing their Native regalia and jewelry. To name a few they are: Cyndie’s         which is a website business that manages Joel Titus shows the Arctic Leash.
Boutique, Ava Edwardsen, Sharon                                                               websites          for      Alaska        Art
Attla, Maryann Wiehl, Cynthia                                                                 (, Alaska Distribution ( and Marc Brown
Erickson, Dorothy Jordan, Mary                                                                and the Blues Crew (
Edwin, Terry, Nichole and Shania                                                                   Joel is a very busy self starter who not only works on his own business ventures, but
Jordan for their contributions. We                                                            also works for AAA Mortgage, and the Point After as a bartender on weekends while
would also like to thank those we                                                             attending school full-time at UAF. He hopes to get a bigger piece of the pie by working
neglected to mention, all who made                                                            for himself and running his own businesses. His overall goal is to be financially free and
this a very memorable and educational                                                         able to explore several business opportunities at once. One of his future plans includes
experience for us.                                                                            creating an Elder’s home in Minto, an idea that was presented to him by respected Elder
                                                                                              Anna Frank. He expects to have a business plan completed for the idea by next year. He
      Eta-Starr and Courtney at the                                                           welcomes comments, suggestions and ideas and can be reached at (907) 496-5635 or via
      beach in Hollywood, Florida.                                                            email at

                                              NEWS FOR OUR PEOPLE
       Senator Al Kookesh                                                                                        Representative
                                                  of Kake and Juneau and recently graduated
                                                  from the Alaska Vocational Institute.
                                                                                                                 Woodie Salmon
                                                     Senator Kookesh’s personal message                                     By Janet Lee Curtiss, Fairbanks Resident
                                                          Thank you for your vote of                                                                                            Representative
                                                     confidence; I am honored to serve you.                                                                                     Salmon, father
                                                     The problems in your communities are                                                                                       William
                                                     not just your problems they are our                                                                                        Salmon,
                                                     problems. We need to have a dialogue                                                                                       grandfather
                                                     between our office and your                                                                                                Reverend Chief
                                                     communities with your concerns and                                                                                         Dr. David
                                                     needs. I encourage all of my constituents                                                                                  Salmon, mother
                                                     to call or email my office at any time. I                                                                                  Minnie Salmon,
                                                     look forward to working with all of you                                                                                    and sister
                                                     and I plan to visit all of the communities                                                                                 Isabelle Carroll
                                                     in my District within the next four                                                                                        with Lieutenant
                                                     years.                                                                                                                     Governor Loren
                                                  A few of the issues I will be following                                                                                       Leman.
                                                  closely are:
                                                                                                        On January 11, Woodie Salmon, born              Therefore, it is important that people
Dorothy Shockley, Nancy Barnes, and                     Education funding: Last year we           in Fort Yukon, and residing in Beaver,           in every district become more actively
Senator Albert Kookesh.                           added $82 million to the formula. This year     Alaska, was sworn in as House                    involved; stay aware of the issues, and most
                                                  we need to double that. The reason is the       Representative District 6, in Juneau, Alaska.    importantly, vote. It is estimated that
     Senator Albert Kookesh was sworn             majority of the money proposed by the           There are 40 House Members and 20                Alaskan Natives constitute 14% of the
into office on January 10 to represent            Governor will go to the retirement plans,       Senators and Representatives. Salmon             statewide adult population. If all Natives
Senate District C. This diverse district, the     PERS and TERS, and very little will go into     represents the largest House District in the     voted during a normal turnout year, 25%
largest in the United States, stretches from      the classroom. We will re-examine the final     State of Alaska and the United States. He        of the electorate at the polls would be
the rainforests of Southeast to the tundra        amount going into the formula, as the           is responsible for approximately 95              Native, more powerful than the Republican
of the Arctic, west to Marshall and                                                               communities, 12 School Districts, 70             vote (24%), the Democratic vote (16%),
                                                  Governor’s request is not enough.               schools and serves as a liaison between          and the non-partisan vote (14%). Voting
southwest to Tyonek. The District covers
                                                        Power Cost Equalization (PCE):            those communities and the State of               will be instrumental in order to fight for
the entire Doyon/Tanana Chiefs region. It
                                                  When we established the PCE program five        Alaska.                                          what is important to hold on to, such as
has 127 communities, 25 school districts                                                                                                           traditional lifestyles, a fully-funded
                                                  years ago, we put $185 million in the                 A legislator sponsors a bill, which
and all or part of 6 ANCSA Regional                                                                                                                educational system, proper healthcare, a
                                                  endowment, part of the negotiations was,        simply put, is proposed legislation. If the
Corporations.                                                                                                                                      share of the state wealth, and bringing
                                                  we had to drop businesses, schools and          bill passes, it becomes a law. The idea for a
     Senator Kookesh has lived all of his life    clinics from the program, only residential      bill may come from a legislator, a legislative   sewer and water to all villages. Since rural
in Angoon. He is Tlingit from the Eagle                                                           committee, a group of legislators, a state       communities, in essence, support the
                                                  homes are in the program right now. $185
Bear Clan. He has been married for 35                                                             or local agency, a business, a group, or a       urban communities, as most or all of the
                                                  million is not enough for the PCE program                                                        natural resources are from rural Alaska,
years to Sally (Woods) Kookesh from               to be self-sufficient. We determined that       person. After being sponsored, the bill is
                                                                                                  assigned to committees before being              fishing, oil, gas, coal, etc., it is your inherent
Manley, Tanana, and Rampart, who is a             we need $108 million more to make the
                                                                                                  presented to the legislators on the House        right to be heard.
teacher in Angoon. They have five children        program self-sufficient. In order to add
and seven grandchildren. Albert is                                                                or Senate floor for a vote. Changes to the            Representative Salmon said he hopes
                                                  businesses, schools and clinics back in to      bill can be made at that time, then it is        the session will take a closer look at rural
currently the co-chair for the Alaska             the program, we will need another huge          signed by the Governor to become a law.          Alaska. “A lot of times we hear the people
Federation of Natives and the long time           state contribution to the endowment                                                              meeting down in Juneau and the only thing
Chairman of Sealaska Corporation.                                                                       Representative Salmon is on the
                                                  program.                                        House Standing committees of                     they ever talk about is the oil and Fairbanks
     He is the Senate Chair of the Bush                 Mandatory Boroughs: It hasn’t been        Community and Regional Affairs and               and Anchorage, and we need to start
Caucus and sits on the Senate                     introduced yet, we think we have enough         Transportation, both important                   talking about the rural people,” he said.
Transportation, Rules and Community                                                               committees for his district. Any bills           “There are a lot of people out there, and
                                                  support in the House CRA Committee to                                                            we have the resources, we have the coal, we
and Regional Affairs Committees. He sits          kill any bills introduced. Representative       pertaining          to     regionalization
on three Budget Subcommittees as well;                                                            (consolidation of Federal and State              have the water, and we have the fish.”
                                                  Woodie Salmon and Chairman Bill
the Department of Commerce,                                                                       services) or mandatory boroughs (a yearly             He will be attending the Tanana Chiefs
                                                  Thomas (an Alaska Native from Haines)           bill brought forward forcing boroughs on         Conference annual meeting in March. If
Community and Economic Development,               have committed to working with us and
Department of Transportation and Public                                                           rural Alaska) must go through Community          you have any questions for him or need any
                                                  have assured us bills won’t pass out of their   and Regional Affairs.                            help regarding your district, please feel free
Facilities, and the Governor’s.                   committee. I assure you I will do                                                                to contact him.
                                                                                                        He is also on the Special Committees
     Senator Kookesh’s Legislative Aides          everything to stop this, I do not want          of Education and Fisheries as well as the             If you wish to receive a bi-weekly email
are Dorothy Shockley, Koyukon                     anybody to force boroughs on rural              budget subcommittees of Transportation           update from him, please email him so he
Athabascan of Manley, Tanana, and                 communities.                                    and Public Facilities and Natural                can add you to his list. These updates will
Rampart. She recently spent seven years in              Our toll-free number is 888-288-3743.     Resources. These committees play an              keep you informed of things of interest to
Stevens Village, working for CATG in their        My staff email addresses are:                   important role because they perform the          your district. Please feel free to contact
Early Childhood Programs. Nancy Barnes,  or           bulk of the work on bills moving through         Representative Salmon with any concerns
Tsimshian and Aleut of Metlakatla and                                                             the legislature. Some of the issues that he      you may have regarding your community.
Cordova, has worked for Senator Kookesh                                                           will focus on this legislative session will      Contact us at:
                                                  mailing address is: Senator Albert Kookesh,     include increased funding for education,
for nine years, first in the Governor’s office                                                                                           
                                                  State Capitol, Room 7,Juneau, AK 99802.         supporting ideas for responsible economic
then eight years in the House. His                                                                                                                 or (907) 465-4527 or toll-free 800-491-
                                                                                                  development, increased public safety             4527,,
receptionist is Patricia Erfurt, she is Tlingit                                                   funding and monitoring the gas-line              State Capitol Room 114, Juneau, Alaska
                                                                                                  proposals, as well as any other issues that
  Healthy Lifestyle Resolutions                                                                   may arise in District 6.                         99801.

   By Sarah Hoffman, American Cancer              vital to lowering risks for many chronic            and vegetables each day.                     better yet, you can get the same benefit
                 Society                          diseases, including cancer. In fact, with the       ☺ Choose whole grains over                   from 10-minute segments of exercise three
                                                  exception of smoking, obesity and poor              processed grains and sugars.                 to four times a day.
     It’s a new year! With a turn of the          diet is now the number one preventable              ☺ Limit your consumption of red                    To achieve your winter workout goals,
calendar, many have made resolutions for          cause of death in this country, according           meats.                                       choose activities that are fun, convenient,
positive lifestyle changes in 2005.               to the American Cancer Society.                     ☺ Choose foods that help you                 and that you will stick with.
According to the American Cancer Society,                                                             maintain a healthy weight.
                                                       When you look at national trends for                                                        Stop Smoking
the way we live our lives determines a large
                                                  those who are overweight, it’s happening        Exercise More
part of our cancer risk. Lifestyle and other                                                                                                             Tobacco is the leading cause of death
                                                  in all age groups and races – especially             One of the best ways to battle weight
controllable risk factors are linked to over                                                                                                       and disease in Alaska, yet it remains the
                                                  Alaskan Natives. Over the last five years,      gain is to balance caloric intake with
two-thirds of all cancer deaths.                                                                                                                   most preventable. Tobacco kills more
                                                  the number of Alaskan Native adults             ongoing physical activity. As temperatures
     Make your new year’s resolution                                                                                                               people than alcohol, cocaine, crack, heroin,
                                                  considered obese jumped from 18% to             continue to plummet this winter, don’t
count! By making the decision to eat                                                                                                               homicide, suicide, car accidents and AIDS
                                                  30%, putting many at risk for diabetes,         settle down for a long winter’s nap. Some
healthier, exercise more, and stop smoking,                                                                                                        combined.
                                                  high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease      of the best aerobic and total body workouts
not only will you enhance your life, you          and cancer, according to the National                                                                  Quitting is difficult, but help is
                                                                                                  can be done right in your own home,
will reduce your risk of developing cancer        Institutes of Health.                                                                            available. If you are ready to quit, please
                                                                                                  health club, local indoor pool, or in your
and other chronic diseases.                                                                                                                        call the American Cancer Society’s Quitline
                                                       Eating healthy is an easy resolution to    own backyard.
Eat Healthier:                                                                                                                                     at 888-842-QUIT. You can also contact the
                                                  make, but not always easy to follow. The             Just 30 minutes of moderate-intensity       Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center toll free
     Our weight isn’t the only thing              American Cancer Society offers these            physical activity every day of the week will     at 800-478-6822, or locally at 907-451-
affected by what we eat. Studies have             suggestions to help reduce your risk of         not only burn fat, it will also lower your       6682.
provided convincing evidence that a               cancer:                                         cholesterol level, build muscle and bone,
healthy diet and healthy body weight are              ☺ Eat five or more servings of fruits       and improve your mental health. And

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