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					The Desert Voice
  Third Army/United States Army Central                          May 26, 2010
“Ready Tonight ... Sustain The Fight ... Shape The Future”

                                                      Aid to
                        Tajikistan       Third Army responds
                                           to crisis in partner

                                                      Third Army Trains
                                                      Executive Leaders

                                                     New Hellfire Missile
                                                         Facility Opens
  Table of Contents
  NATO Settles Losses                       3                             Lt. Gen. William G. Webster                Command Sgt. Maj. John D. Fourhman
                                                                        Third Army Commanding General                Third Army Command Sergeant Major
  Tajikistan Aid Mission                    4
  Third Army Hosts IAS                      7
  Train Like A Soldier                      8
  Trained to Save                          10
  Third Army/Hellfire                      11
  The Winner is...                         12
  Chemical Skills                          13
           On the cover
                    A Tajikistan boy
                    holds up an American
                    Flag after a Third
                    Army relief aid plane
                    landed in the flooded
                    country (Photo by
                    Cpl. Brandon Babbitt,
                    203rd Public Affairs

        Last weeks cover
                     Third Army Soldiers
                     work in low light to
                     provide Combat Life
                     Saver techniques to
                     a training aid during
                     a CLS class at Camp
                     Buehring, Kuwait
                     (Photo by Sgt. David
                     Nunn, 203rd Public Af-
                     fairs Detachment).

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 The Desert Voice May 26, 2010                                          THIRD ARMY
NATO Settles

                                                                                                                                            NATO settles losses
  Afghan Losses
                                                                                                  no intel. We pay claims that can be
                                                                                                  validated and deny the others. Many
                                                                                                  times there’s either no proof of an
                                                                                                  occurrence, or proof that the Ameri-
                                                                                                  cans did it, and we’re not going to
                                                                                                  pay for everyone else.”
                                                                                                      Fliegel said every case proceeds
                                                                                                  with a series of questions – How did
                                                                                                  this happen? What were they doing
                                                                                                  at the time? Why were they there? –
                                                                                                  And then that information has to be
                                                                                                  backed by documents from both the
                                                                                                  claimant and military intelligence
                                                                                                      “I’m here to claim the loss of two
                                                                                                  raisin factories, two houses and two
Chief Warrant Officer 3 Mike Fliegel and an Afghan citizen discuss documents pertaining           people,” another Afghan recently
to a war-related loss. Fliegel will compare the claimant’s information to military intelligence   claimed to Fliegel.
sources to determine a decision for paying the claim.
                                                                                                      “This is not the U.S. They don’t
                                                                                                  have death certificates or proof of
Story and photos by                    ghanistan claims investigator.                             places and times,” Fliegel explained.
Sgt. Jason Adolphson                       “My brother and nephew were                            “Sometimes, American troops will
1st Theater Sustainment Command        killed in an airstrike six months                          write down acknowledgement of
reporting for Joint Sustainment                                                                   the incident and sign it, but they
                                       ago,” a claimant recently explained
Command Afghanistan
                                       to Fliegel.                                                can’t always stop in the middle of a
   Throughout history, civilians have      “What is the value you are claim-                      firefight. This is a war and people are
been caught in the cross-fires of war; ing?” Fliegel asked with a linguist’s                      dying out there.”
an occurrence that has not fallen      assistance. “I know it’s hard, but I                           Fliegel made it clear that this is
short as NATO forces continue to       have to place a number here.”                              not an admission of liability due to
suppress the Taliban in Afghanistan.       The claimant requested the                             the circumstances of war. However,
   Afghans come to Kandahar and        maximum compensation of $10,000                            paying claims help quell the tem-
other military bases to file claims    for his claim and was told to come                         peraments of loss and maintain good
to compensate for what was lost – a    back in two weeks after a review of                        graces with the Afghan people.
shepherd’s sheep, a family’s home      his case. In Afghanistan, one of the                           Claims are divided into two cat-
– and in the worst case scenario, a    world’s most impoverished coun-                            egories: The Commander’s Emer-
human life.                            tries, that amount exceeds the salary                      gency Relief Program for combat re-
   Vying for space on the Slovak’s     of an average worker by 20 years.                          lated losses, and the Foreign Claims
cammo-netted break room porch,             “We’re not going to pay them for                       Act for non-combat related losses.
distressed Afghans share their stories fighting Americans and we’re not                           The JSC-A, one of multiple NATO
with Chief Warrant Officer 3 Mike      going to pay them for being suicide                        claims providers in Afghanistan, has
Fliegel, a legal administrator and     bombers,” Fliegel said between                             approved 38 CERP claims and 12
Joint Sustainment Command-Af-          taking claims. “Quite often there is                       FCA claims in the past six months.

                                                                 USARCENT                          May 26, 2010 The Desert Voice                                  3
                      Third Army responds
    Tajikistan Aid

                           aid request
                     Story and Photo by
                     Cpl. Brandon Babbitt
                     203rd Public Affairs Detachment

                             hird Army Soldiers have       man, Emergency Committee of
                             responded to a request for    Tajikistan, commented on the
                             assistance from the Govern-   support his people received from
                     ment of Tajikistan due to a recent    Patton’s Own.
                     flood caused by rains that began          “We are amazed with the kind
                     May 7.                                gesture of supplies from the U.S.
                         On May 16, a Third Army mis-      Army after this horrible natural
                     sion led by Col. Michael Keller,      disaster,” said Latipov. “It is good
                     Commander, 321st Civil Affairs        to know that we have a friend we
                     Brigade, Civil Military Operations    can count on in this region when
                     Center, with the help of members      the unpredictable happens.”
                     of the 21st Airlift Squadron from         Saturday’s assistance, consisted
                     Travis Air Force Base, Cal., left     of a C-17 plane-load of tents,
                     Kuwait and delivered supplies via     valued at over $250,000. The tents
                     a C-17 Globemaster to an airfield     will be used to help shelter the
                     near the city of Kulob, located in    displaced citizens of Tajikistan af-   respond to contingency operations
                     the southern part of Tajikistan.      fected by the floods.                  in the region and the needs of its
                         Members of the Tajikistan             The floods have already killed     partner nations.
                     government and military met Third     at least 22 people, leaving another    “Today’s mission brought together
                     Army Soldiers where they joined       50 missing, over 200 injured, and      an inspiring joint service effort,”
                     together to remove pallets full of    more than 2,000 have been dis-         said Keller. “It is our privilege to
                     tents from the plane and load them    placed from their homes.               help our partner and friend, the
                     onto trucks waiting to deliver the        Even though missions in            people of Tajikistan, in their hour
                     equipment to areas hit hardest by     Afghanistan and Iraq lay at the        of need.”
                     the floods.                           forefront of the Third Army fo-            Tajikistan is a mountainous
                         Gen. Khaibullo Latipov, Chair-    cus, Third Army stands ready to        landlocked country in Central Asia

4             The Desert Voice May 26, 2010                          THIRD ARMY

                                                                                                                        Tajikistan Aid

  and part of Central Command’s           prompting them to seek interna-       who assisted the operation by pro-
  Area of Responsibility. It is bor-      tional help. Sunday’s aid delivery    viding linguist support, said it felt
  dered by Afghanistan to the south,      was just part of the U.S. response    good to come home to his native
  Uzbekistan to the west, Kyrgyzstan      to Tajikistan’s appeal for help.      country and make a difference.
  to the north and the People’s Re-          Third Army’s humanitarian aid          Third Army was proud to dem-
  public of China to the east.            provides the people of Tajikistan     onstrate its commitment to partner
      Flooding in Tajikistan is season-   emergency shelter while they take     Tajikistan as it continues to build
  al and something the people there       on the mission of rebuilding their    positive relationships with all coun-
  deal with every year; however,          homes after the devastating floods.   tries in its Area of Responsibility.
  this year’s flooding exceeded the          Spc. Saliyev Djamoliddin, a
  government’s ability to respond,        Tajikistan born Third Army Soldier

                                                     THIRD ARMY                 May 26, 2010 The Desert Voice                            5
                 Quick Response
Tajikistan Aid

                                                                                                                   A U.S. Soldier stands ready to
                  Less than 37 hours                                                                               greet the C-17 and its cargo as
                  after receiving a                                                                                it prepares to land at an airfield
                                                                                                                   in Southern Tajikistan (Photo by
                  request for aid from                                                                             Damian Wampler, U.S. Embassy
                                                                                                                   Dushanbe Public Affairs Office).
                  the government of
                  Tajikistan, Third Army
                  Soldiers were on the
                  ground with over
                  $250,000 in relief
                  aid. Floods, which
                  began in the country
                  on May 7, created a
                  crisis situation, leav-
                  ing many dead and
                                                                                                 Pallets of relief aid are unloaded from
                  thousands homeless.                                                            the plane before being received by
                                                                                                 waiting Tajikistani army (Photo by Cpl.
                                                                                                 Brandon Babbitt, 203rd Public Affairs

                                                                                                                                    Soldiers load the
                                                                                                                                    tents onto a truck to
                                                                                                                                    take it to the nearest
                                                                                                                                    area in need of as-
                                                                                                                                    sistance (Photo by
                                                                                                                                    Cpl. Brandon Bab-
                                                                                                                                    bitt, 203rd Public
                  U.S. and Tajikistani Soldiers remove                                                                              Affairs detachment).
                  plastic wrapping from the newly
                  received Third Army aid (Photo by
                  Cpl. Brandon Babbitt, 203rd Public
                  Affairs Detachment).

                  A soldier breaks open the first box of                                                          A U.S. Soldier shakes hands with
                  tents after arriving at the set-up site   Tajikistan soldiers set up the tents delivered by     members of the Tajikistan Army after
                  (Photo by Cpl. Brandon Babbitt, 203rd     Third Army and the 21st Airlift Squadron from         completing the set up of the humani-
                  Public Affairs Detachment).               Travis Air Force Base, Cal.,(Photo by Cpl. Bran-      tarian aid tents (Photo by Damian
                                                            don Babbitt, 203rd Public Affairs Detachment).        Wampler, U.S. Embassy Dushanbe
                                                                                                                  Public Affairs).

                 The Desert Voice   May 26, 2010                        THIRD ARMY
                                                                                                            Representatives from
                                                                                                            eight partner nations,

                                                                                                                                      Third Army hosts IAS
                                                                                                            the U.S. Air Force,
                                                                                                            U.S. Navy, and U.S.
                                                                                                            Army gather for Third
                                                                                                            Army’s fourth-annual
                                                                                                            International Aviation
                                                                                                            Symposium in Atlanta
                                                                                                            Ga., May 3-7. The
                                                                                                            symposium is part of
                                                                                                            Third Army’s theater
                                                                                                            security coopera-
                                                                                                            tion program which
                                                                                                            is designed to foster
                                                                                                            relationships with
                                                                                                            the more than 20
                                                                                                            countries in its area
                                                                                                            of responsibility.

    Increasing interoperability through
      International Aviation Symposium
Story and photos by                                                  We Were Soldiers.
Sgt. Beth Lake                                                          “When I started flying, the U.S. Air Force trained Army
Third Army Public Affairs Office
                                                                     pilots,” Crandall said. “This was shortly after the U.S. Air

R    epresentatives from the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force
     and eight partner nations came together for Third
Army’s fourth-annual International Aviation Symposium,
                                                                     Force became what it is today from being the U.S. Army
                                                                     Air Corps. Today the Army has its own program. I was in
                                                                     the first class at Camp Rucker, Alabama {now Ft. Rucker}
May 3-7, in Atlanta, Ga.                                             back in 1954 and we started doing our own training. Then
    The International Aviation Symposium is part of Third            27 years ago we became a branch in the army as aviation.”
Army’s theater security cooperation program designed to                 For the hands-on portion of the symposium, the group
foster relationships with the more than 20 countries in its          traveled to Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, Ga.,
area of responsibility.                                                                                   where they toured the
    Lt. Col. Jason Morris, Third                                                                          maintenance facili-
Army Operations Deputy Chief                                                                              ties and saw a Forward
of Staff, explained the history                                                                           Aerial Refueling Point
of the International Aviation                                                                             demonstration.
Symposium.                                                                                                    Col. Farhod Azizou,
    “Events such as this are                                                                              Chief of Staff of the Air
bringing mid-level officers from                                                                          Force and Air Defense
partner nations together,” Mor-                                                                           for Tajikistan, explained
ris said. “Hopefully they will                                                                            that the symposium is
go back to their countries with                                                                           important because it is
what they have learned here. We                                                                           increasing interoperabil-
are trying to gain understanding                                                                          ity between countries in
across our partner nations. The                                                                           the region.
best way to do that is a couple                                                                               “We are exchanging
of people at a time through key                                                                           information here dur-
events like this.”                   Sgt. 1st Jason Garcia, Third Army Operations, presents Col. (Ret.)   ing this week,” Azizou
    Medal of Honor recipient         Bruce P. Crandall, Medal of Honor recipient, with a combat patch     said. “We are looking at
Col. (Ret.) Bruce P. Crandall        from the 1st Cavalry Division at Third Army’s International Aviation the countries that might
                                     Symposium in Atlanta, Ga., May 3.
delivered the opening com-                                                                                have problems with
ments and gave a brief history of Army aviation. Crandall            maintenance and we are looking at the opportunities to help
spoke to participants about his time flying and touched on           each other and actually come to some form of understand-
his service in Vietnam for which he received the Medal of            ing and compromise.”
Honor and was depicted as the helicopter pilot in the movie

                                                          THIRD ARMY                       May 26, 2010 The Desert Voice
                   Train like a S
One Year Later

                                                                                      Ten days of training in
                                                                                Soldier Tasks in the hot sum-
                                                                                mer sun at Camp Buehring, Ku-
                                                                                wait, wouldn’t have most people
                                                                                competing for the 60 available
                                                                                seats. But for select ranking
                                                                                officials of the Department of
                                                                                Defense and its partner agen-
                                                                                cies, along with select Active
                                                                                Duty Personnel, it’s the chance
                                                                                of a lifetime.

                 Story by
                 Sgt. Daniel Lucas
                 203rd Public Affairs Detachment

                     Sixty high-ranking officials from the Department     host-nation armed forces through the use of interpret-
                 of Defense and active duty military services trained     ers.
                 with Soldiers as part of a ten month program, “So            “We hope that they walk out with a profound un-
                 they, as future leaders, can understand and appreciate   derstanding of what every Soldier that goes up north…
                 what the mission is firsthand through experimental       has to go through to get ready to go to Iraq or Afghani-
                 learning,” said Kimberly Kessler, director of the Ex-    stan,” said Max Sul, technical trainer professional.
                 ecutive Leadership Development Program.                  “It’s good that they have a perspective of the lower
                     According to Kessler, the students in the ELDP       ranks, of what they do, and the amount of work and ef-
                 represent the top 10 percent of what the DOD and         fort that’s put into the job that they do.” According to
                 other agencies have sent to the program, agencies that   Sul, this helps them make more informed large-scale
                 include Defense Logistics Agency and the Department      decisions knowing the hardships Soldiers at the lowest
                 of Homeland Security.                                    rank are going through.
                     “The bottom line is these people will be able to         “This was absolutely amazing. I don’t think any
                 take back a lifetime of experience… of what it’s like    of us really realize how much goes into training our
                 to be a Soldier,” said Kessler.                          troops, training them to be equipped to fight and also
                     Third Army’s training village joint uniformed and    equipped to come back home safe,” said Sarah Bo-
                 contractor cadre instructed participates of the ELDP     honowicz, ELDP participant and recruitment program
                 Program in Mine Resistant Ambush Protected ve-           manager Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division
                 hicle egress training, advanced combat life-saving       Newport. “This has been a remarkable, realistic
                 techniques, and counter improved explosive device        experience for everybody. I think we all have a better
                 training. The highlight of the training was a day-long   respect for the training we give our troops knowing
                 urban warfare simulation course where they partici-      they are out there defending our freedoms and our
                 pated in a MRAP convoy that taught them valuable         nation.”
                 real-life combat training and building relations with

       The Desert Voice May 26, 2010                          THIRD ARMY
                        Department of Defense civilians


                                                               One Year Later
                        take part in the Executive Lead-
                        ership Development Program, a
                        course designed to prepare future
                        DOD leaders for supporting the
                        U.S. Armed Forces. The Third
                        Army hosted the training at Camp
                        Buehring’s training village and sur-
                        rounding areas, included Mine Re-
                        sistant Ambush Protected vehicle
                        training through realistic “mock”
                        villages, Improvised Explosive De-
                        vice Awareness, advanced Combat
                        Life Saver course, and weapon
                        system training. Much of what was
                        received by those attending the
                        course was the same Third Army
                        training given to Soldiers deploy-
                        ing into other theaters as well as
                        Kuwait (Photo by Sgt. David Nunn,
                        203rd Public Affairs Detachment).

                          A Department of Defense
                          civilian stands at the low
                          ready during the Third
                          Army hosted Executive
                          Leader Development
                          Program training at Camp
                          Buehring, Kuwait (Photo
                          by Sgt. David Nunn, 203rd
                          Public Affairs Detach-

                    Under the watchful eye of a range
                    safety, Department of Defense civil-
                    ians get a feel for the M-16 rifle by
                    firing blank ammunition into the
                    open desert. (Photo by Sgt. David
                    Nunn, 203rd Public Affairs Detach-

      THIRD ARMY   May 26, 2010       The Desert Voice
                    Trained                                                                               Save
Sustain the Fight


                     Story by                                                       class advanced level techniques instructed by veteran
                     Sgt. David Nunn                                                uniformed and contracted teachers. The cadre of the
                     203rd Public Affairs Detachment

                                                                                    training village said they receive reports from units in
                              he darkness is constantly broken by flashes of        Iraq and Afghanistan documenting their experiences so
                              light as the sound of battle explodes around them,    that their curriculum instructs Soldiers on exactly what
                              the muted light pouring from small hand-held          they may face during their missions.
                     flashlights dance across causalities as the stress of per-          “The members of my team will teach you what you
                     forming life-saving techniques with skill and responsive-      need to survive,” said Sgt. 1st Class Keith Bradley, 1st
                     ness is put to the test. Explosions, gun-fire, and shouts      Army Counter IED team, who was the lead instructor
                     rain down as they fight to take control of injuries that       during the counter-IED lanes. “We bring our own expe-
                     could prove to be fatal without their life-saving skills.      riences from previous deployments in addition to con-
                         At the conclusion of the exercise, the lights are turned   stantly updating our curriculum by reports we get from
                     on to reveal four man teams of Third Army Soldiers,            units in the field encountering these dangers.”
                     their battle-rattle stained slightly by the prop blood, rise        The training that all Third Army Soldiers are mandat-
                     from life-like                                                                             ed to participate in throughout
                                                                                     A mouth-held flashlight
                     ‘causality’                                                     provides just enough light their deployment in Kuwait is
                     training aids                                                   for a Third Army Soldier   only a small part of what units
                                                                                     working to treat the
                     in a large tent                                                 injuries of a medical
                                                                                                                deploying to Iraq and Afghani-
                     at the Third                                                    training aid at Camp       stan receive. For those Soldiers,
                     Army Training                                                   Buehring’s training        training is usually a 10-day in-
                                                                                     village. The class is
                     Village located                                                 designed to refresh Sol-   tensive regime that prepares for
                     at Camp Bueh-                                                   diers skills on basic Com- future operations. Third Army’s
                                                                                     bat life Saver techniques
                     ring, Kuwait.                                                   used to keep an injured    mission requires servicemem-
                         “It’s been                                                  servicemember alive long   bers to be mission ready to meet
                                                                                     enough for medevac to
                     said there is                                                   arrive (Photo by Spc.
                                                                                                                any Central Command directed
                     no rank in a                                                    Monte Swift, 203rd Public  requirements, and world-class
                     foxhole and no                                                  Affairs Detachment).
                                                                                                                training such as this enables
                     rank is as important as each member of our team hav-           helps to achieve this requirement.
                     ing the necessary skills and responsiveness to be there             “This training is the best I’ve seen during my career
                     and save someone’s life,” said Col. Kevin Batule, Third        in the Army. The training we received during Operation
                     Army Director of Operations, a native of Brooklyn, N.Y.        Iraqi Freedom I was not as realistic as offered to Soldiers
                         Batule attended the training to show that he feels it’s    here,” said Batule, who previously deployed with the
                     important that every Soldier knows these skills, from          101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) conducting com-
                     senior leader down to the junior Soldier.                      bat operations in Iraq. “The training aids, experienced
                         “Seconds count during lifesaving situations and these      instructors and this environment make this training supe-
                     techniques that Soldiers receive here is so important dur-     rior to what Soldiers received in years past.”
                     ing our contingency operations,” said Batule.                       The training village is just another example how
                         These skills, at their basic level, are taught to all      Third Army continues to maintain the readiness of
                     Soldiers prior to mobilization in support of Operations’       service members hailing from all branches on the U.S.
                     Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, however Soldiers that get          Armed Forces, proving that ‘Patton’s Own’ can be Ready
                     the opportunity to attend this specialized training with       Tonight for any mission, anywhere across its 20 country
                     Third Army get not only a refresher, but receive world-        area of responsibility.

                    The Desert Voice May 26, 2010                      THIRD ARMY
Third Army                                            Heats Up

                                                                                                                                                    Sustain the Fight
 Story and photos by
 Dustin Senger
 Area Support Group Qatar
 Public Affairs Office

     Third Army/U.S. Army Central is
 accelerating troop support by drasti-
 cally reducing Hellfire testing and
 repairing delays – up to eight times
 faster – using an existing ammunition
 storage point in Southwest Asia.
     The Hellfire missile system for-
 ward test and repair facility opened
 May 1, presenting the first higher-lev-
 el capabilities site in Southwest Asia.
                                                     U.S. Army Lt. Col. Peter Butts, 1st Battalion, 401st Army Field Support Brigade commander,
 Procedures that previously took two                 and Lt. Col. Michael Brown, Hellfire product manager, open the first Hellfire missile system
 years are now expected to finish within forward test and repair facility in Southwest Asia, May 1, 2010.
 three months, at a fraction of the cost.
     “Our readiness in theater has in-
 creased,” said U.S. Army Lt. Col. Michael Brown,                           operations.
 Hellfire product manager, during opening remarks. “We                          In February, a Joint Attack Munition Systems fielding
 are continuing to make our war fighters more lethal and                    team began installing, validating and verifying capabili-
 more survivable across the entire war front.”                              ties, which include testing Hellfire variants, performing
     In November 2009, Third Army approved the de-                          external repairs and improving materiel availability.
 velopment of the forward test and repair facility. Two                         Brown officially opened the facility with Lt. Col.
 months later, fragmentary orders were published for                        Peter Butts, 1st Battalion, 401st Army Field Support
 commanders within the Central Command area of                              Brigade commander. The 1-401st AFSB will coordinate
                                                                            Hellfire logistics. The unit previously pioneered the only
                                                                            Stryker battle damaged repair facility in Southwest Asia
                                                                            at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar.
                                                                                “We are here to support overseas contingency opera-
                                                                            tions,” says Butts, “by providing first-class, responsive
                                                                            logistics to satisfy Operation Iraqi Freedom and Opera-
                                                                            tion Enduring Freedom requirements.”
                                                                                While adhering to a 90-day turnaround cycle, future
                                                                            defects are estimated to cost less than $1,000 per missile
                                                                            at the facility. Brown expects to save millions of dollars
                                                                            in transportation, testing and resetting activities, as sup-
                                                                            port is extended to all services.
                                                                                “We will preserve our precious tax dollars,” said
  U.S. Army Command Sgt. Maj. Charles “Doc” Holliday, Third Army            Brown, “by reducing test and repair cycles, reducing ma-
  Area Support Group Qatar senior enlisted leader, checks defective
  connector pins inside the first Hellfire missile system forward test      teriel shipping and handling times and increasing usable
  and repair facility in Southwest Asia, May 1, 2010.                       shelf lives.”

                                                                THIRD ARMY                           May 26, 2010       The Desert Voice                                11
                            And the
     And the winner is...

                            winner is...
                               Soldiers compete for NCO/Soldier of the Year
                             The Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year Competition for the 1st
                             Theater Sustainment Command was held at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, May 10-14.
                            Story and photos by                     to participants who scored highest in & Air Force Exchange Service gift
                            Spc. Karen Kozub                        each event.                               certificate.
                            53rd Infantry Brigade Combat team           The winners of both the NCO
                            Public Affairs                          and Soldier of the Year are from B
                                                                    Battery, 2nd Battalion, 130th Field
                            The competition is designed to select   Artillery Regiment, which supports
                            the Soldier and NCO that stand out      1st TSC operations.
                            most from their peers and tests them        Staff Sgt. Jared Meier, a Topeka,
                            in Army knowledge and Warrior           Kan. native, took top honors in the
                            Tasks.                                  NCO competition. Meier excelled in
                                The event kicked off bright and     every event, receiving the Warrior
                            early with an Army Physical Fitness     Skills Award and Top Gun Award for
                            Test. Soldiers completed as many        a perfect score his M16 A-2 rifle.
                            push-ups, and sit-ups as possible in        “The board was very competi-          Staff Sgt. Jared Meier and Spc. Stephen
                            two minutes along with a timed two-     tive,” said Meier. “I was surprised       Levins, Battery B, 2nd Battalion, 130th Field
                            mile run.                               to win, but more excited that my          Artillery Regiment, winners of the 2010 1st
                                                                    Soldier Levins won. We have been          Theater Sustainment Command, Noncom-
                                Following the APFT, the Soldiers                                              missioned Officer and Soldier of the Year
                            made their way to the weapons quali-    working really hard and I have been Competition, show the awards presented for
                            fication range to compete in basic      encouraging him along the way.”           their achievements during the competition.
                            rifle marksmanship using M16A2              Spc. Stephen Levins,
                            rifles, with a perfect score hitting    Ottawa, Kan., won Soldier
                            40/40 targets using 40 rounds.          of the Year. Levins also
                                Rounding out the day was the        received The Iron Warrior
                            Army Warrior Tasks event where          Award for scoring the highest
                            competitors were evaluated in a         on the Army Physical Fitness
                            broad spectrum of skills including      Test.
                            first aid, communications, land navi-       “This has been the best
                            gation and rifle efficiency.            competition I have competed
                                On the final day of competition,    in thus far,” said Levins. “It’s
                            competitors took a 50 question multi-   an honor to win and has been
                            ple-choice test and completed a writ-   a great opportunity for me.”
                            ten essay. They then faced a panel of       The NCO and Soldier of
                            six sergeants major, and were graded    the Year runners-up earned
                            on appearance, military bearing and     an Army Achievement Medal Sgt. Richard Delgado from the 62nd Chemical Com-
                                                                                                      pany operates a radio as one of his Warrior Tasks in
                            general U.S. Army knowledge.            and plaque for their excep-       the Noncommissioned Officer of the Year Competi-
                                After a day of rest, the awards     tional work.                      tion May 11. Delgado was also the winner of the NCO
                            were presented by Command Sgt.            The NCO and Soldier of          Iron Warrior Award for earning the highest score
                            Maj. Danfert J. Espinal, 1st TSC                                                 Army Physical Fitness Test. The
                                                                    the Year earned an Army Ac- on the candidates’ physical and mental competition
                                                                                                      tested                                  capabilities
                            CSM and Brig. Gen. Nickolas Tooli-      commodation Medal, plaque, with events including the Army Physical Fitness Test,
                            atos, deputy commander of 1st TSC,      coin display and an Army          M16A2 qualification and Army Warrior Tasks.

12                          The Desert Voice May 26, 2010              THIRD ARMY
Story and photos by                          The 62nd Chemi-
By Spc. Karen Kozub                          cal Company work
53rd Infantry Brigade Combat                 side by side with the
Team Public Affairs                          1108th Explosive
                                             Ordnance Disposal
                                             Team during a Host

                                             Nation Training event
     he 62nd Chemical Company                with the Kuwaiti
     from Ft. Lewis, Washington,             National Guard at the
                                             Sea Port of Debarka-
completed a Host Nation informa-             tion, Kuwait, April 14.
tion echange event with the Kuwait
National Guard at the Sea Point of             National Guard for approximately           the site where they discovered an
Debarkation/Embarkation here, April            three months. The exercise originally      improvised chemical device leak-
14.                                            started with one platoon and a small       ing.
   The 62nd prepared for the event             element of the Kuwait National             From there they assessed the
and co-trained with the Kuwait                 Guard. As time progressed and more         ICD and rendered the area safe
                                                               planning went into         of explosive hazards. The EOD
                                                               the event, it bloomed      Soldiers then received personal
                                                               into the entire 62nd       decontamination while the chemi-
                                                               Chemical Company,          cal sample team and radiological
                                                               a battalion of the Ku-     team were sent to process samples
                                                               wait National Guard,       of the ICD. The teams then moved
                                                               the 1108th Explosive       toward the decon tamination
                                                               Ordnance Disposal          lanes to ensure proper removal of
                                                               team from the New          contamination from surfaces and
                                                               York Army National         individual Soldiers.
                                                               Guard and the SPOD             The next course of action was
                                                               Fire Department.           to perform a decontamination of
                                                                   To start off the       the area. Once the contaminant
                                                               exercise the recon-        was rendered safe, the Kuwaiti
                                                               naissance platoon          National Guard provided aid by
                                                               from the 62nd              decontaminating all the equip-
                                                               Chemical Company           ment.
                                                               conducted a recon-             The day’s events concluded
                                                               naissance of the area      with a shared after-action review
                                                               for possible contami-      between Kuwaiti and American
                                                               nated areas and safe       forces about the important lessons
                                                               avenues of approach.       learned between the groups.
                                                               Once the safe and          “The training was very success-
Soldiers from the 62nd Chemical Company decontaminate          unsafe areas were es-      ful and went well,” said Capt.
each other after sampling an area where an improvised
chemical device was discovered. The chemical company was       tablished, the 1108th      Vance M. Brunner, Company
completing a Host Nation tinformation exchange with the Ku-
waiti National Guard at the Sea Port of Debarkation, Kuwait,   EOD team began             Commander of the 62nd Chemical
April 14.                                                      their initial entry into   Company.

                                                      THIRD ARMY                           May 26, 2010 The Desert Voice
                     Third Army G-6 presents

                           Technology                                          Bytes

                                                                              A new editorial on all things technology

              Provided by                                                 hierarchical password protection are commonly used.
              Maj. Michael King                                           For some types of data, specific security measures are
              Third Army G6 Office                                        mandated by law.
              The laptop and external hard drive, stolen May 3                Aside from regulatory compliance, Data at Rest
          from a VA data analyst’s home in Aspen Hill, contained          should be protected to ensure trade secrets are not
          the names, birth dates and Social Security numbers of           released i.e. “Coke’s Secret Formula,” “Google’s Page
          millions of current and former service members. The             Ranking Algorithm” and as it relates to our community,
          theft was the largest information security breach in            “Troop Strengths and Movements,” “Battle Plans and
          government history and raised fears of potential mass           Orders” and “Personal Identifiable Information (PII)” so
          identity theft.                                                 as not to fall into the hands of the enemy.
              In light of this                                                The consequences of not protecting sensitive data can
          and other secu-                                                 be very detrimental to a person or an organization. Vio-
                                                                          lations of the Health Insurance Portability and Account-
          rity events, LTG               Did you know?                    ability Act (HIPAA) can result in large federal fines,
          Boutelle, Chief
          Information                Google’s origin is from the mis-     UCMJ actions, loss of consumer confidence, embarrass-
          Officer/G-6, set           spelled version of the word          ment, trade secrets revealed and mission failure possibly
                                     Googol, which is the number 1,
          forth to address           followed by 100 zeroes, represent-
                                                                          leading to a loss of human life, to mention a few.
          these growing              ing the large number of web pages
                                     Google searches.
          concerns by estab-
          lishing the Army
          Data-At-Rest (DAR)
                                     Anyone who uses a computer is
                                     probably familiar with Wikipedia,
                                                                                        Tips and Tricks
                                     but did you know that this word is
          Protection Strategy        formed from the Hawaiian word,
          with the intent to                                                     There is a scenario that plays out in cubicles each and
                                     wiki (meaning “quick”) and the
          focus Army efforts         word encyclopedia? Now you do.        every day. You create a worksheet in Microsoft Excel and
                                                                           when you try to print it, volumes upon volumes of blank
          on remediation of
                                                                           or half printed pages of paper are spitting out of the printer
          sensitive informa-                                               while you frantically try to cancel the print job. Worse, you
          tion protection and security violations. Since this ef-          print and forget or get distracted and then there is a ream of
          fort, we have seen a series of policies, alerts, orders and      paper now sitting on top of the printer waiting for retrieval.
          Federal Regulations aimed at addressing the security of              To save your sanity – and some trees – take a few minutes
          sensitive information.                                           before you press the Print button to ensure that the worksheet
              Before exploring further, it is important to under-          is ready for printing.
          stand what DAR is. Commonly, DAR is a term that is               From Top Left Corner Select - Office Button >> Print >>
          sometimes used to refer to all data in computer storage          Print Preview
          excluding data that is traversing a network or temporar-              Before you print, preview the print job. Tens of thousands
          ily residing in computer memory to be read or updated.           of sheets of paper could be saved by this simple technique.
          Data at rest can be archival or reference files that are         The print preview dialog shows the number of pages that will
                                                                           print in the bottom left of the screen. If this is extraordinarily
          changed rarely or never; data at rest can also be data that
                                                                           high then troubleshoot the problem before pressing the print
          is subject to regular but not constant change. Examples          button. This could indicate a simple problem such as the
          include vital corporate or military files stored on the hard     worksheet printing two sheets wide instead of one or some-
          drive of an employee’s or service members notebook               thing more complex — a cell with something in it somewhere
          computer, files on an external backup medium, files on           well out of the way of the data on the sheet, for example.
          the servers of a storage area network or files on the serv-          From Quick Access Toolbar Select – View >> Page Break
          ers of an offsite backup service provider.                       Preview
              Businesses, government agencies, and other institu-          Another easy step to see what will print is to check Page
          tions are concerned about the ever-present threat posed          Break Preview. If you have multiple pages within your
          by hackers to data at rest. In order to keep data at rest        worksheet, they will be represented by solid blue lines with
          from being accessed, stolen, or altered by unauthorized          corresponding page numbers. You can drag the solid blue
          people, security measures such as data encryption and            line to adjust the printing area of your worksheet.

     The Desert Voice May 26, 2010                           THIRD ARMY

           A Tidy Workplace Will                              causing you frustration and inefficiency and may create
                                                              unsafe situations. Turn in excess items and dispose of
              Prevent Injuries                                useless items.
Provided by
Master Sgt. Angela Clemente                                   Here are some other things to keep in
Third Army Safety Office
   It’s easy to dismiss workplace housekeeping as “a
job for janitors” after you have gone home. After all,        * Never leave drawers on filing cabinets, stor-
you might think, “Productive people produce. It wastes        age spaces or desks open. A coworker’s head
time to be extra neat.” Or does it? Think of the time         or leg might discover them before his eyes do.
you waste looking for tools or materials when someone         Also, are power cords and cables strewn across
doesn’t put something back where it belongs. Good             the floor, over which an unsuspecting person
housekeeping is everyone’s responsibility.                    might trip?
It involves:                                                  * Is there enough light? Light bulbs that get
                                                              dirty or burn out and aren’t replaced pose a
*    Promptly wiping up spills                                serious hazard.
*   Picking up items that pose a                              * Areas undergoing maintenance need to be
tripping hazard                                               roped off to keep workers from wandering
                                                                                into potential danger.
*   Clearing away waste
before it gets out of control or                                                   * If a floor is wet, a “cau-
fuels a fire                                                                       tion, wet floor” sign should be
Slips, trips, and falls are the leading
causes of occupational injuries. The                                               * Don’t leave oily or greasy
National Safety Council estimates                                                  rags hanging around. They
300,000 workers in the United States                                               pose a real fire hazard.
are injured and 1,400 die in that
manner every year. It is important to                                              *   Are trash cans emptied
stay aware of slipping and tripping                                                regularly?
hazards in your work area and the
routes which you travel in the course
of your day. Watch out for hazards
                                                                                   *   Are materials stacked
                                                                                   safely, or could they fall onto
that might put you in danger of fall-
                                                                                   an unsuspecting Soldier?
ing. You might know that the corner
of the rug is loose, or that the floor                                             Have a place for everything, and
around the corner is wet. Think of the                                             return it to that place as soon as you
other person too, so that an unsus-                                                are finished with it. But have no
pecting person does not fall victim to                                             more items than you need in your
these hazards.                                                work area. Surroundings free of clutter help you think
    Poor workplace housekeeping habits cause many of          more clearly.
these incidents. Housekeeping must be an integrated              When you are able to focus on the job at hand, you
part of the daily workplace routine. Aisles and stairways     can do your job better and avoid accidents.
must be kept clear of clutter, so people won’t stumble           Tidy up your work area to give yourself a lift. When
and fall. Take inventory of the items in your work area.      you keep your workstation clean, and well-organized,
Are all of them contributing to your work? Damaged            you help yourself to work more effectively and safely.
tools, broken chairs, obsolete equipment, and excess ma-
terials are not helping the cause. In fact, they are likely

                                                     THIRD ARMY                     May 26, 2010    The Desert Voice
                     Chaplain’s Corner
Sustain the fight

                               “Standing on their                                began asking him, “Where’s your brother? Do you know
                                                                                 where he is?”
                                   Shoulders”                                        The boy looked down and said, “I’m standing on
                    Story by                                                     his shoulders.” (Story heard on a Campus Crusade for
                    Chaplain David Deppmeier                                     Christ Broadcast).
                    ASG-KU Command Chaplain                                          None of us stand on our own strength in life. We
                        This story took place years ago in a town near a river   stand on the strong shoulders of those who have support-
                    in the United States. Along the riverbank, a channel was     ed us and kept us moving in a positive direction. God
                    constantly dredged to permit barges to come in and out.      sends people - family members, friends, fellow service
                    The dredged out sand was piled into massive sand dunes       members - who help us along and pull us up when we’re
                    on the river banks.                                          sinking down.
                        These dunes offered a wonderful play-                                       King David knew what that ‘sinking
                    ground for kids. Fun, but sometimes deadly.                                  feeling’ was like. Surrounded by enemies
                    That’s because, when the sand came out                                       bent on burying him, he prayed to the
                    of the river bottom, it was wet and created                                  Lord, “Pull me out of the mud; don’t let
                    a brittle crust on the hill tops. Sometimes                                  me sink any deeper! Rescue me from
                    an unsuspecting child climbing to the top                                    those who hate me, and pull me from
                    would collapse the crust, slip inside the hill,                              these deep waters…. Answer my prayers,
                    and be buried alive.                                                         O Lord, for your unfailing love is won-
                        One night two brothers didn’t come                                       derful….” (Psalm 69:14, 16, NLT)
                    home for dinner and their bikes were found                                      Countless times, God has mercifully
                    outside the fence where sand dredging was                                    sent our military to answer the prayers
                    taking place. The family, along with other                                   of people sinking under the weight of
                    rescuers, began a frantic search. By God’s                                   injustice, war and conflict. As we cel-
                    grace, they finally found one, but he was                                    ebrate Memorial Day, we remember
                    buried up to his chin in the sand. Because of the pres-      those men and women in uniform who gave their lives
                    sure of the wet sand and muck around him he wasn’t           so that others could stand – and each life sacrificed was
                    breathing so they immediately began digging him out.         a stepping-stone to freedom. Today, we give God thanks
                    When they uncovered him down to his waist the boy            for all they’ve done in service to our military and our
                    regained consciousness and the family, in hysterics,         nation, for we stand on their strong shoulders, and with
                                                                                 their own lives, they’ve lifted us up.

                       Keep the Army
                     The Pollution Prevention
                     Branch Environmental
                     Health & Safety Directorate                                  Have you registered to vote?
                     can help!
                                                                                  If NOT, you need to fill out a Federal
                     Bring in:           Get free printer                         Post Card Application!
                     -old pallets
                                           paper and toner                       Talk to your Voting Assistance
                     -paper                cartridges!                           Officer today!
                     -plastic bottles
                     -used toner cartridges
                                                                                  Visit for more info.
                     Call: 6-604-7612 or go to Bldg. T-823, Zone 7,
                     Camp Arifjan

              The Desert Voice May 26, 2010                           THIRD ARMY

                                                                                                                                   Sustain the fight
Stay Healthy During Leave                                                   completely stop exercising and start driving
                                                                            everywhere at home, your daily calorie burn
         Many people make drastic changes                                   might be 500-1000 calories lower. That is
to their diet and exercise habits during de-                                enough to gain 1-2 pounds per week – before
ployment – usually for the better. Then they                                even addressing the calories you are taking in!
go home for their 2 week R&R or take post-
deployment leave and treat that time like one                               Food - Enjoying your favorite foods should
giant “cheat day” causing a 10 pound or more                                     be part of leave. Going to your favorite res-
weight gain. Here’s why:                                                         taurant or having a good homemade meal is
                                                        Capt. Kate Schrumm R.D.
                                                                                      usually one of the main things people look
Alcohol - Alcohol contains 7 calories             U.S. Army Central Surgeon’s Office forward to. Going out to eat for 2-3 meals
per gram making it calorically more like a                                            a day and eating until you are completely
fat than a carbohydrate or a protein. Alcoholic beverages stuffed may not be the best idea. Many entrees at restau-
contain very little nutrition, but lots of calories. For ex-         rants, including some of the salads and other “healthy
ample, 12 ounces of beer contains 150 calories, 5 ounces dishes”, contain
of red wine has about 115 calories and a 1 ounce shot of             over 1,000 calories.
liquor has about 70 calories. Having 2-3 drinks a day is             Add an appetizer,
enough calories to gain ½-1 pound per week. A couple                 dessert and bever-
                                            nights of binge          age and it is all too
                                            drinking (4-5+           easy to consume
                                            drinks) or having 2,000+ calories in
                                            some high calo-          one sitting. En-
                                            rie mixed drinks joy your favorite
                                            will make this           foods, but don’t
                                            much higher. Re- completely forget about fruits, vegetables and the other
                                            member that the          nutrients your body needs. If you know you are going
                                            recommendation out to eat for dinner, try to make breakfast and lunch a
                                            for long term            little healthier. Take some of your meal home to enjoy
health is 1 drink per day for women and 2 drinks per day later. Look up your choices on the restaurants website
for men. High alcohol consumption increases your risk                before you go to choose the healthier of two favorite
of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and meals. Share an appetizer or dessert with someone else.
certain cancers.
                                                                         Leave should be a time to relax, recuperate and enjoy
                                                                     time with family and friends. It does not have to com-
Lack of exercise - Assuming that you do at least                     pletely undo all the hard work you did while deployed.
one workout on most days of
                                                                     Try to include all the nutritious foods you need to bal-
the week, you are probably
                                                                     ance the less healthy things you are enjoying while at
burning anywhere from 300 -
                                                                     home. Drink alcohol in moderation if at all. Get a work-
800 or more calories per day
                                                                     out in early so it does not become overcome by events
during exercise. Add in on-the-
                                                                     later in the day. Better yet, include a walk, hike or bike
job physical activity and other
                                                                     ride in your family activities. Keeping some thoughts
exercise such as walking to the
                                                                     of nutrition and fitness in your mind while on leave will
PX or dining facility and you
                                                                     prevent a significant weight gain or a relapse into old
might be burning twice what
                                                                     bad habits and will keep you on track towards all of your
you would be at a sedentary job
                                                                     long term health goals.
with no formal exercise. If you

                                                        THIRD ARMY                       May 26, 2010     The Desert Voice

                Do you have an interesting skill, a
                special talent or an interesting story
                about your life? If so, the Desert Voice
                wants to tell your story! Do you have
                an outstanding Servicemember in your
                ranks? Then we want to make them
                Contact the Desert Voice
                today and let us tell your

                                                               By Staff Sgt. Mark Bennett


                            Desert Vision
                                is on the Command Information Channel
              Find photos taken by our journalists
              on at:

              and on the shared drive at
              I:\ARCENT\CFLCC PAO Photos Movies\PAO Photo Library

              Find out
              what’s going
              on in all branches
              who serve Third Army by
              watching the Command Information
              Channel on your local broadcast station.
         The Desert Voice May 26, 2010                                                      THIRD ARMY
  Emergency Numbers                                      Just One Question ...
                                                     Whats it like working with different branches
      911 Emergency DSN – 911/112                        while deployed at Camp Arifjan?
       From cell phone 2389-9911
               Camp Arifjan
     DSN 430-3160 / PMO 430-1343                                       “With an Army background, it’s
                                                                       nice to see how all the ser-
          Arifjan Cell 6682-2120                                       vices manage to work and live
              Camp Buerhing                                            together.”
     DSN 438-3224 / PMO 438- 3325
        Buerhing Cell 9720-5396                                                          John Bonk
  Camp Virginia Emergency DSN 832-9111                                   L3 Senior Systems Engineer
      Camp Virginia DSN 832-2559                                                 Roscommon, Mich.

         Virginia Cell 6705-9470
             LSA DSN 442-0189                                          “The dynamics are different,
                                                                       but it is challenging and re-
            LSA Cell 6682-2467                                         warding at the same time.”
        K-Crossing DSN 823-1327
        K-Crossing Cell 682-0095
       KCIA/APOD Cell 6706-0165                                           Senior Chief Jim Robertson
            SPOD DSN 825-1314                                                                 CDDOC
           SPOD Cell 9720-5982                                                            Dallas, Ore.

            KNB DSN 839-1334
                                                                       “The variety of experience
                                                                       you encounter and learn
                                                                       from is amazing.”

          NCO Spotlight
                                                                           Master Sgt. Michael Liechti
        Staff Sgt. Amber Cwiklinski                                                   Reserve Affairs
       Strategic Mobility Chief - MARCENT                                                St. Joe, Mo.

                      Cwiklinski, who came                             “The environment is very
                                                                       welcoming and it is nice that
                      from a large, close-                             so many branches can work
                      knit family, joined the                          together to get the mission
                      Marines because she                              done.”
                      wanted to challenge
                      herself and experience                                        Lt. j.g. Alicia West
                      new things. She is us-                                                 CDDOC
                      ing her time in the Ma-                                     Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
                      rines to better herself
                      while she pursues her                            “It makes me appreciate being
“Push yourself and    degree in Psychology.                            in the military.”
take on challenges    Cwiklinski is married
while setting goals   and has two children
 one step at a time   that mean the world to
so the bigger goals   her.                                                    Staff Sgt. Robert Adams
won’t be so compli-                                                         Third Army CSM Ops NCO
 cated to achieve.”                                                                         Cary, N.C.

                                            THIRD ARMY             May 26, 2010    The Desert Voice
                    Staff Sgt. Marcus Jeffries
                    (Left) USARCENT Chaplain
                    Office and Staff Sgt. Casey
                    Donoghue (Right) Headquar-
                    ters and Headquarter Compa-
                    ny 53rd Brigade Support Bat-
                    talion, prepare an Operations
                    Order Brief during a Battle
                    Staff noncommissioned Of-
                    ficer course held at Camp
                    Buehring, Kuwait. The Third
                    Army hosted program trains
                    NCOs how to operate as part
                    of a battalion or higher staff.
                    The course focuses on the
                    major areas of Plans, Orders
                    and Annexes, Graphics and
                    Overlays, Military Intelligence,
                    and Combat Service Sup-
                    port (Photo by Sgt. 1st Class
                    Duane Brown, Third Army
Around Third Army

                    Public Affairs Office).

                                                                Third Army Soldiers lead Brig.
                                                                Gen. Khaled Al-Sader, Commander
                                                                of Kuwaiti Military Finance, on a
                                                                tour of Iraq Drawdown facilities at
                                                                Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, May 19. The
                                                                purpose of the visit was to provide
                                                                Al-Sader with an overview of Third
                                                                Army’s buildup and drawdown op-
                                                                erations as well as to hold discus-
                                                                sions with financial management
                                                                leaders on budget, execution, in-
                                                                ternational control and contracting
                                                                issues. Such visits help to sus-
                                                                tain good relation building efforts
                                                                between Third Army and its host
                                                                nation (Photo by Spc. Monte Swift,
                                                                203rd Public Affairs Detachment).

                    Troops from the 1st Theater Sustainment
                    Command Afghan Transition Team returned
                    home to Fort Bragg early Wednesday May
                    12, after a 6 month deployment. 1st TSC
                    supports Third Army’s logistical mission
                    in sustaining the drawdown of troops and
                    equipment from Iraq and the buildup of
                    other areas of operation (Courtesy photo,
                    1st Theater Sustainment Command).