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					Kapaa High’s Technology Plan
          ETEC 442
        July 14, 2006

     Shiannte Keough
      Aisley Sakamoto
    Michele Holsomback
                                                  Technology Plan 2

                 Table of Contents
SCENARIO ......................................................... 3

GOALS ............................................................. 3

NEEDS.............................................................. 3

CURRICULUM APPLICATIONS ................................... 4

STUDENT OUTCOME ............................................. 4

TECHNOLOGY ACQUISITION .................................... 5


FLOOR PLANS ..................................................... 7
 Layout for Classroom 1 and 2: 17-23 students ............ 7
 Layout for Classroom 3: 5-8 students ...................... 8

TECHNOLOGY PLAN EVALUATION ............................. 9
                                                              Technology Plan 3

        We are currently teaching in a rural area with a student
population of 95% Hawaii born students. Most of our students
are of low socio-economic backgrounds and have minimally, if
at all, been exposed to educational technology within the
classroom. We are teaching science and Hawaiian studies to
seventh graders.
        Currently, we have no computers in the classrooms. Our classrooms
consist of chairs, desks, a projector screen, and some bookshelves. We have
limited space in our classrooms and therefore have no room for entire
technology set up. We have just got word that there is a $15,000 grant
available and we would like to use it to integrate technology into the

        In this day and age, a curriculum without technology is unimaginable.
Our goal is to enhance the science curriculum through the use of technology. As
technology changes the way we live, we would like our students to gain
technological skills to keep up with those changes. Through this project, we
would like to produce technologically competent individuals who are capable of
utilizing technology to meet their needs. Not only will the students become
computer savvy but they will also learn other skills such as professionalism,
communication and time management.
        In addition, we would like to make learning fun and interesting. With
computers in place, learning will most definitely be taken to another level.
Students will be able to see the things or places they can only dream of, they
will be able to collaborate with other students either in the same class as they
or on the other side of the world, and at the same time expand their
technological skills. Hardware, software, the Internet, and other technologies
will make all this and more possible. It will open up a window of endless
possibilities for the students.

       Technology is becoming a way of life and many
people consider technology as "essential" and a
“necessity.” As a rural community, many of our students do
not have exposure to educational technology. Our students need
computers and other technological devices to gain hands on experience. Use of
this technology will help students gain important job skills as well as life skills.
This world is becoming ever more dependant upon technology, thus our need
for computers will help keep us current and up date with the world around us
and in our field of study.
                                                           Technology Plan 4

        This particular purchase (mobile lab) will also allow us to fulfill our
vision by bringing the past into the future. Our current classroom situation,
lack of equipment & materials, etc. will not allow us to do such a thing.
Because the computers we would like to purchase are stored in a mobile unit,
it will not take up much space in any one classroom, which we are very limited
in. It may be used for multiple classrooms and subjects. It will be stored in one
classroom when not in use. A schedule will be used to determine time and use.

        Technology will be used to support our curriculum activities in various
ways. Below we describe how the core components of this technology plan will
support our curriculum.
        Access to computers is a way to enhance our curriculum. The computers
will allow teachers and students alike to effectively organize information. We
will all be able to access and share information more easily and dynamically at
our fingertips. Teaching our students will be more efficient. Computers will
allow us to build interest in our topics and promote active learning by engaging
them in hands-on activities and explorations.
        Word processing and presentation software are key technology programs
that the students will be using so that documents may be professional and
neat. By learning efficient use of a word processing program, students will also
learn the basic skills that may be needed for their future employment
opportunities. They will also be able to express ideas in a different way.
Students will build their presentation skills and at the same time be able to
demonstrate their mastery of the content rather than through the typical
pencil and paper approach.
        Internet access is another way technology will be used to support our
curriculum activities. Students will be able to use the Internet for interactive
learning as well as research and communication. Educational games and
images will enhance the students learning experiences by allowing them to
visually experience the world. Online research is one of the most useful tools
students may utilize throughout their educational and professional careers.
They will also develop communication and social skills by
collaborating with their peers and others across the

       By integrating technology into the curriculum,
students will learn to become efficient, effective, and
responsible users of technology. Students will be able to
pursue employment opportunities that wouldn’t be available to them had they
not learned technological skills. Technology will help us to promote the higher
                                                            Technology Plan 5

 level thinking skills that many teachers find difficult to do. The use of
 technology will give new meaning to learning.
         We will develop life long learners through the use of computers in our
 classroom. This lab will motivate the students to learn and capture their
 interests while allowing them to showcase their abilities in different ways.
 They will develop the necessary technology skills that they need to be
 competent individuals in the “real-world” and at the same time build other
 skills that they may need to work on such as reading, writing, and

        The products we plan to acquire are very appropriate in supporting our
 curriculum. The equipment is simple and basic yet it will be able to
 accommodate many students and teachers, not just one classroom. The mobile
 lab will be able to integrate technology into any content area and curriculum.
 The fact that the computer lab is properly equipped and mobile will also allow
 for easy transportation and storage of the device.
        Staying within the budget of $15,000 is simple. The costs that we will
 incur are very reasonable. We could have spent much more money on the
 equipment, buying computers that have faster processors, more memory, and
 superior features. However, our choice realistically takes into consideration
 the average student. We realize that the computers need not be super fast or
 have massive storage but be enough to meet our needs. The equipment that
 we chose does just that.

Image        Item        Description                           Qty.   Price   Total
                         Includes 10 iBook G4 computers        1      $12,829 $12,829
                         (12.1 inch display, 1.33 GHz
                         Power PC G4 processor, 512MB of
                         memory, 40GB hard drive, Combo
                         drive (DVD-ROM/CD-RW), AirPort
                         Extreme, Ethernet, Bluetooth,
             Apple       Mac OS X, and iLife), 10 AC
                         power adapters, Bretford Laptop
             Lab         Mobility Cart, AirPort Extreme
                         Base Station, Apple Remote
                         Desktop software, HP Laser Jet
                         1230N Ethernet Laser Printer, 2
                         storage bins, 2 Ethernet cables,
                         modem cables, VGA adapter
                         cables,composite and S-video
                                                 Technology Plan 6

            output cables, and AppleCare
            Protection Plan.
            Weighs 8.6 lbs, 800 x 600 SVGA      1        $759.99 $759.99
Sharp       native resolution, 3 yrs limited
            warranty – parts and labor, built
Series      in speakers, wireless remote, AC
Sony Cyber 6.0 megapixels, includes USB         1        $189.99 $189.99
shot 6.0 MP cable, wrist strap, and software, 1
            year limited warranty
SanDisk       Memory card for digital camera,      1     $64.99      $64.99
1GB           hold 1GB
Stick PRO
              Camcorder with 2.5” Swivel           1     $309.99 $309.99
              Screen Color LCD Monitor,
Handycam      includes USB cable, rechargeable
Camcorder     batteries, AC adapter

Sony          Extra camcorder battery              1     $56.69      $56.69
              5 pack miniDV tapes                  1     $27.99      $27.99

Office 2004   Includes Microsoft Word, Excel,      1     $99.99      $99.99
for Mac       PowerPoint, Entourage
Office 2004                                        10    $63.00      $630.00
    Grand Total Price $14,968.63
                                                        Technology Plan 7

                 Layout for Classroom 1 and 2: 17-23 students

                              Projector Screen

                          White             Board
                                   Extra Desk:
                            Can be used for projector            Teacher’s Desk

     Students’ Desk
 (2-3 student per desk)



         DOOR                                           Apple
                            Extra Desk
                                             Technology Plan 8

            Layout for Classroom 3: 5-8 students

                     Projector Screen


             White               Board

 Students’ Desk:                                      Mobile
1 student per desk                                     Lab


                        Extra                       Teacher’s
                        Desk                          Desk


   Closet                                Bookcase
                                                          Technology Plan 9

        As we learn and teach a standards based curriculum, it is only right to
evaluate students according to the standards even though it may not be the
“proper way” for some. There are several assessment strategies that we will
use in our classroom to evaluate whether the student has met the standard or
not. The assessment strategies that we plan to utilize are the following:
individual and group projects, presentations, research reports, portfolios, web-
site design, and tests. Using various assessment strategies will allow the
students to showcase what they have learned in a variety of ways. They will be
given opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of the topic at hand.
        To measure the success of this technology plan, we will administer a
pre-test at the beginning of each unit to find out what the students already
know. We will then follow up with a similar test, a post-test, at the end of
each unit to find out how much each student has learned. In this manner, we
will gather data that will depict the success, if any, of learning that has
occurred. We also recommend that comparable tests like such be conducted
with other classes of the same subject that is not enhanced by technology to
determine the impact that technology has on learning.
        We will also use other tools to measure the success of this technology
plan. Through continuous monitoring and observation, teachers should be able
to determine if they were able to meet the daily objectives of their lessons.
Teachers should be flexible so that adaptations and changes can be made to
ensure the success of this technology plan. We will also use questionnaires
throughout the course where students will be able to anonymously give
suggestions and feedback about how the course is going, their feelings about
the course, and their thoughts for improvement. All teachers who use the
technology lab will be given a chance to take the same questionnaire to give
their suggestions and feedback as well.
        We do not expect the lab to make “through the ceiling” progress in the
first year. Hopefully over the upcoming years, as we learn from the previous
years and with the proper adjustments and planning, we will be able to help all
children succeed.

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