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CSCE 790 Computer Network Security - PowerPoint


									     CSCE 211:
Digital Logic Design

     Chin-Tser Huang

 University of South Carolina
About Me
   Chin-Tser Huang
        Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, 2003,
         University of Texas at Austin
        Research in network security, network
         protocol design and verification, distributed
        My web page can be found at

08/19/2010                                           2
    About What Students Think of Me

                                 

    08/19/2010                    3
About You
   I would like to match your name and
    your face!

08/19/2010                                4
About the Course
   An undergraduate course focusing on how to
    design the logic of digital systems
        Number systems
        Boolean algebra
        Logic design
        Combinational systems
        Sequential systems
        And… hands-on experience of constructing simple
         digital logic circuits!

08/19/2010                                                 5
About the Course
   We will cover the fundamental
    knowledge you SHOULD know
   We will use a lot of examples to help
    you learn
   So, we expect there will be plenty of
    interactions between you and me

08/19/2010                                  6
Position in the Curriculum

                        MATH 141

                        CSCE 211       CSCE 212

             CSCE 491              CSCE 513

08/19/2010                                        7
Course Information Online
   Syllabus, class schedule, office hours
   Links to distributed articles and other
    useful links are available on the page
   Lecture slides will be available online

08/19/2010                                    8
Your Best Strategy
   Come to every lecture to learn fundamental
   Practice as many examples as possible
   Come to my office hour or discuss with
    classmates when you encounter problem
   Do not wait till last minute to prepare for
    exam or work on assignments
   Enjoy the fun!

08/19/2010                                        9

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