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                                                                                                         53rd Easter Parade
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 News of the Business Community of Garden City                                      Spring 2008

      Winthrop Wellness Pavilion/Healthtrax Fitness & Wellness
        Plus Major Tenants to be Operational in Late Spring
    It was September of 2006 that an unprece-
 dented lease-signing took place at the
 Chamber’s season kick-off luncheon. It was
 there that Winthrop University Hospital signed
 a 15-year lease with Yonkers-based Alfred
 Weissman Real Estate, owner of the former
 Saks Fifth Avenue building at 1300 Franklin
    Having partnered with Healthtrax Fitness
 and Wellness, now, more than two years later,
 this “community resource for health improve-
 ment” to provide medical, clinical and fitness
                                                              The Winthrop Wellness Pavilion
 services under one roof, will include other                    at 1300 Franklin Avenue
 major tenants which expect to be operational in
 late spring of this year. Among its medical serv-    series of wellness programs.
 ices, Winthrop will offer physician offices,           Tenants will also include Cornell University’s
 health education classes and seminars, physical
 therapy, sports medicine and an orthopedic cen-
                                                      Center for Reproductive Medicine and
                                                      Infertility, Morgan Stanley, Walgreen’s plus a
                                                                                                                 April 2nd
 ter. Healthtrax will provide 150 pieces of mod-      high-end yet-to-be announced restaurant. The               Luncheon
 ern fitness equipment for cardio and sports-spe-     Winthrop Wellness Pavilion will be a welcome
                                                                                                                      April 2
 cific training; plus an aquatics center to include   addition to Franklin Avenue, situated at the                             , 2008
 a lap pool; a series of cutting edge fitness and a   northern gate to Garden City.                                Annu      HEON
                                                                                                                 Electio al Meeting
                                                                                                                         n of Dir
             Chamber Hears AvalonBay’s Proposal to                                                            Busine
                                                                                                                           - 12:30
                                                                                                                       ss Sh
               Develop and Transform St. Paul’s                                                                      Receptowcase &
   At its 2008 kick-off                                             impact both on the local              Lunch 12:30 - 2:0
luncheon on January 9, at                                           economy and on the busi-              Vincen on & Guest 0
                                                                                                         CEO o t Polimeni, C Speakers:
the Garden City Hotel,                                              ness community. Matt                       f Polim          hairm
                                                                                                              and Ja eni Internat an,
the Garden City Chamber                                             Whalen reported that                             ck Mar          ional
                                                                                                              Mayor           t
of Commerce was pleased                                             “AvalonBay has always                             of Mine ins,
to welcome Matthew B.                                               believed that its communi-                      CITY   HOTE
Whalen, Vice President,                                             ties should become a vital
Development, AvalonBay                                              part of any community in
Communities, Inc. as                                                which it is located. “We                Pineapple Ball
guest speaker. This special                                         have real proof right here            Details & Honorees see page 10
program was the oppor-                                              on Long Island of how we               Scholarship Winner page 6
tunity for members of the Roger Eltringham, President, Garden City have a positive impact on
business community and         Chamber; Matthew B. Whalen, VP       the local business communi-
                             Development, AvalonBay Communities;
beyond, to hear the cur-     and Dr. Anthony Libertella, immediate  ties where we are located”
rent status and specifics of  past-president, Garden City Chamber   Whalen said. He cited
AvalonBay’s conditional                   of Commerce.              AvalonBay’s other success-
proposal to develop and                                             ful developments on Long
transform St. Paul’s School main building.         Island where they offer participation in the
   Examples were given of how the proposed Preferred Vendor Program which offers a series
development would have direct and positive of specific benefits to local businesses.
                      From the President
                      Roger Eltringham
                      President, Garden City Chamber of Commerce

                      The mindset of the Chamber Officers and Directors has
                      been to promote our projects in such a way that our mem-
                      ber businesses benefit in synergy with our Garden City resi-
                      dents. A win-win mentality has to be the basis of anything
                      in which the Chamber engages. Our new Friend of the
Chamber Merchant Card typifies this thinking. For a twenty dollar investment
(over two years) you can benefit from discounts and promotions that will pay for
the card many times over. From personal experience I am happy to report that
it works! Recently, at a family birthday celebration at the Garden City Hotel,
I saved $88.00 with the Friend card. This discount made an already sparkling
evening at the very classy Polo Grille, at the Garden City Hotel, an even nicer
You can order your own Friend card directly from the Chamber office, from
civic groups like Kiwanis, or from Russ Ciolli at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. Log onto
our website, to view the Garden City merchants
and businesses who have already signed on to participate in the program. It’s a
great deal for the residents and a great incentive to keep your business dollars
right here in Garden City.
Franklin Avenue Streetscape Improvements – The Garden City Chamber
Board has been closely monitoring the annual Village Budget Hearings and
work sessions and are happy to report that the streetscape improvements on
Franklin Avenue, north of Eleventh Street are finally being addressed, The pre-
liminary plans are a good start and the Chamber Board expects to have more
input toward refining those plans. Our Board understands that this project has
to be considered in context with other important Village Capital needs, but we
also know how critical the sidewalk improvements, planting areas and lay-by
parking on Franklin Avenue are to the final development of the northern gate-
way to our Village. With completion of Alfred Weissman’s reconstruction of the
former Saks property entering its final phase, its vital that these improvements
are made. No one can dispute the great effect that the original improvements on
Franklin and Seventh Street have had in attracting great new businesses to
Garden City. We will continue to urge the Village Board of Trustees to adopt
this project into the 2008 Capital Budget.
2008 Pineapple Ball – If you haven’t attended our premiere Chamber event of
the year in the past, I would urge you to do so on April 18 at the Garden City
Hotel. In a few short years, The Pineapple Ball has become one of the social
events in Garden City. Besides the great cocktail hour and dinner put forth by
the hotel staff, we have a great dance band and a terrific, interesting, value added
raffle and auction, plus great networking Garden City style! We are also fortu-
nate to have great Honorees, including Citizen of the Year – Gerard
Lundquist; Community Achievement winner – Dennis Donnelly; and Garden
City Business Person of the Year – Stuart Lubow of Community National
Bank. When you see most of the guests still around at closing time you’re at
The Pineapple Ball! Join me on April 18th !

                                                           Warm Regards,

                                   Editor: ALTHEA ROBINSON
                Email: • 516-746-7724 x102
                      Contributing Photographer: JOHN ELLIS KORDES
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                                                                                        Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN   3
      Garden City                                                         Letter from the Executive Director
                                                                          Althea Robinson Executive Director, Garden City Chamber of Commerce
                    Chamber of Commerce
           230 Seventh Street · Garden City, NY 11530
            Phone: 516-746-7724 · Fax: 516-746-7725
                                                                                             In and Outside the Village … · Email:
                                                                                             What’s Going On?
                  President ROGER ELTRINGHAM
                                                                                               Now that we are well into the seasonal activi-
                             Allianceplus                                                   ties of 2008, the Chamber proudly reports that
                516-742-3000 ·
                                                                                            we continue to maintain our standing as Long
              Vice President RUSSELL G. MATTHEWS
                      Albanese Organization, Inc.                                           Island’s largest community chamber and contin-
                                                                        ue to be cited as one of Long Island’s most dynamic organizations.
            Secretary & Treasurer JOSEPH A. GIACINTO
                             PBI Payroll                                We are also proud to report that our collective voice advocates on
               516-338-5454 ·                  behalf of the entire community – both business and residential.
                       Immediate Past President                         Not only do we provide representation at the local level, but also
                    ANTHONY F. LIBERTELLA
                          Adelphi University                            on regional issues at Garden City’s borders that impact the Village
                  516-877-4690 ·                   and its businesses.
                           DIRECTORS                                       Major issues inside the Village continue to be on-going – like
      CYNTHIA BEVINGTON                   SCOTT KNUCKLES                the resolution of St. Paul’s … the LIRR Third Track proposal …
            Civic Member                   Fidelity Investments         the development of 550 and 551 Stewart Ave. … the 3rd phase of
            516-314-0985                      516-248-3735         the design improvements to Franklin Ave. north of Eleventh St.
         RUSSELL CIOLLI               E. CHRISTOPHER MURRAY             (advocated by the Chamber for the past 7 years) … the possibility
         Grimaldi’s Pizzeria           Reisman Peirez & Reisman         of “greening” Garden City. Out there – beyond our eastern
           516-294-6565                     516-746-7799
           boundary – are the “Hub” transportation issue … the Lighthouse
     STEPHANIE H. CULLUM                KATHLEEN PETRONIS               at Long Island/Coliseum Project proposed by Scott Rechler and
            Coach Realtors                  Commerce Bank
            516-746-5511                     516-739-2605               Charles Wang … the Simon development of the former Avis          property; then – less than 300 feet from our border, on Old
         CONNIE DECKEL                     M. JOHN PITTONI              Country Road between Willis Ave. and Main St. in Mineola,
          Kings Supermarket           Pittoni, Bonchonsky & Banio LLP
            516-739-5559                        516-248-5400            is the proposed 9-story, 285 unit “Winston” luxury                condominium project.
          BERT DONLEY                      NASSER SAMMAN                   Rest assured that the Chamber will continue its advocacy
     Windsor Commercial Real Estate         Garden City Hotel
           516-503-1638                      516-747-3000               efforts and its ability to provide input toward many of the               issues both in and outside the Village. When appropriate, in
       DENNIS DONNELLY                       RAY SIKORSKI               order to provide information to the business community and
           Civic Member                        Origin Press
          516-248-2358                        516-746-2262              beyond, about proposed projects that impact the entire Village,               we continue to invite various representatives to speak at our
          SUZANNE EIGL                   MICHAEL VENTRE                 seasonal luncheon programs at the Garden City Hotel.
      Taylor Warner Real Estate             Civic Member
           516-741-4422                     516-510-9666                   We are listening, and we are pro-active. We have a dedicated            elected and volunteer Board of Directors. They are doing their
      DR. ROBERT FEIRSEN                  ALFRED WEISSMAN               utmost to represent the interests of our membership and of the
     Garden City Public Schools        Alfred Weissman Real Estate
           516-478-1010                       914-963-3200              Village as a whole as we face the potential for enormous impact        
                                                                        on the future of both the business and residential communities.
              Executive Director ALTHEA ROBINSON
                        516-746-7724 x102

                                                                        Editors Note:
               Assistant Director ELIZABETH DENBY
                                          CAN YOU HELP?
                       Controller JIM HEAVEY
                                   We need volunteers to assist with the line-up
                                                                        of Antique/Vintage cars at the Car Parade on
           Village Trustee Liaison NICHOLAS EPISCOPIA
                         Excel Realty Advisors                          Easter Sunday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
            516-365-5100 –                  It’s a barrel of fun. (See page 10.)
                                                                          If you can give us a hand, please call Liz:
                                                                        (516) 746-7724, Ext. 101.

4     Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
    Chamber Foundation Elects Joanne K. Adams President                                                    Madison Horl
       The Board of Directors of the                            Realty); Dougall Fraser (Dougall
                                                                                                             to Receive
    Garden       City     Chamber      of                       Fraser Real Estate); Tim McCue           Business Education
    Commerce Foundation, Inc. is                                (State Bank of Long Island) and             Scholarship
    pleased to report that it has elected                       Althea Robinson (Garden City
    Joanne K. Adams as its new presi-                           Chamber of Commerce executive
    dent. A Civic Member of the                                 director.)
    Chamber of Commerce, Adams                                     The mission of the Foundation
    has served as the Foundation’s vice                         is to provide scholarships to
    president since its inception in                            deserving Garden City High
    2003. Professionally, she is a E. Christopher Murray, Esq. School students and to assist fami-
    Special Events Coordinator with        and Joanne K. Adams  lies in need within the Garden City        Joanne Adams, president of
    the New York Racing Association.                            community.                              the Garden City Chamber of
                                             The mission of the                                         Commerce Foundation, Inc.,
    Mrs. Adams takes the reins from                                The Foundation is planning two
    Ross Mongiardo, Foundation pres-        Foundation is to    fundraising events to support its       announces that Madison Horl,
    ident also since its inception.        provide scholarships mission and will be working close-      a senior at Garden City High
       E. Christopher Murray, Esq.,       to deserving Garden ly with the Chamber of                    School has been selected by the
    Chamber director and a director of      City High School    Commerce Board of Directors. A          High School Business and
    the Foundation and its legal coun- students and to assist member of the 2008 Pineapple              Guidance departments to
    cil since its inception, was elected    families in need    Ball committee, Joanne K. Adams         receive      the     Foundation’s
    vice president. Mr. Murray also             within the      is chairing a special Super Raffle. A   Excellence         in     Business
    serves as 1st vice president and          Garden City       percentage of the proceeds from         Education Scholarship Award
    legal counsel to the Nassau                community.       the Pineapple Ball will be for the      at the Chamber’s Pineapple Ball
    Council       of    Chambers       of                       benefit of the Foundation. For          on April 18 at the Garden City
    Commerce, Inc. He is a partner with the law more information about the Garden City                  Hotel. The award recognizes
    firm of Reisman Peirez & Reisman. Kathleen Chamber of Commerce Foundation or about                  the student who best exempli-
    Petronis, Chamber director (Commerce Bank) the Pineapple Ball Super Raffle, please                  fies the spirit of the Garden City
    continues as secretary/treasurer. Directors call Joanne K. Adams at (718) 659-2262;                 business community by achiev-
    include Maureen Clancy (Clancy & Clancy (516) 924-2499 (cell).                                      ing academic success in the area
    Brokerage, LTD); Stephanie Cullum (Coach                                                            of business.

6    Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
                        ANNOUNCES HONOREES FOR 2008
                                                                                                               2008 Pineapple Ball
                                to be feted at the                                                            SUPER RAFFLE!
                                                                                                             Joanne K. Adams, Super Raffle Chair
               6 ANNUAL PINEAPPLE BALL

                                                                                                              Winning tickets to be drawn on
              FRIDAY APRIL 18, 2008, 7PM THE GARDEN CITY HOTEL
                                                                                                                 Friday, April 18, 2008
                                                                                                                  at the Pineapple Ball
                                                                                                              Winner need not be present to win. For more tickets,
                                                                                                                 call 516-222-0550, x128 and ask for Tania

                                                                                                                 Take a chance for $100
                                                                                                               – Only 250 tickets to be sold!
                                                                                                                       1ST PRIZE
        Gerard P. Lundquist                Dennis C. Donnelly                 Stuart H. Lubow                       $5,000 Cash Prize
        Immediate Past Mayor, current                  AWARD                        OF THE YEAR
                                                                                                                      2ND PRIZE
        Trustee, Village of Garden        Commemorates outstanding          is recognized for significant            32" Flat-Screen
        City; acknowledged for volun-     professionalism and major con-    contributions to the local
        teerism and outstanding serv-     tributions to the Village of      economy, to advancement of          High-Definition LCD TV!
        ice to the Village. Director of   Garden City and beyond through    the aims and objectives of the
        Construction, New York City       one’s profession; former          Chamber and to the welfare of              3RD PRIZE
        and Long Island Region,
        KeySpan Energy/National Grid.
                                          Director of Government and        the community; founder and          Garden City Hotel Getaway!
                                          Community Relations, LI region,   chairman, President and CEO,          Overnight Stay in a Luxury Suite,
                                          Verizon Communications.           Community National Bank.
                                                                                                                     Brunch & VIP Amenities
              To receive an invitation to the Pineapple Ball or for information about registration,
                         sponsorships, journal advertising or raffle donations, please call                        For ticket information, call
                           Tracey Gittere, Legendary Events at (516) 222-0550, x 127                          Joanne K. Adams at 516-924-2499(cell)

    Berwitz & DiTata LLP Attorneys and Counselors at Law
         Estate Planning • Administration • Estate Litigation • Elder Law
   We at Berwitz & DiTata LLP have always strongly believed that an estate plan is incomplete
   without a health care proxy, living will and power of attorney, in addition to will and/or trusts,
   to protect our clients during their lifetimes.
                      To encourage those of you who have postponed your planning,
                          we have reduced our consultation fee to only $100.00
                                   if you refer to this ad when you make your appointment

    Our clients know we care...
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    •   Asset Preservation & Planning for Special Needs
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    •   Preparation of Wills, Living Wills & Powers of Attorney
    •   Let Us Represent You - Guardianship, Probate, Contested Wills

    516-747-3200                                                                                                  Lawrence N. Berwitz, Esq.
    310 Old Country Rd., Suite 101 • Garden City, New York 11530                                                                                   Maureen Rothschild DiTata, Esq.

8 Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
       53rd Easter Car Parade to be Gala Event                                                                 UPCOMING 2008
   Plans are in motion                                               wandering         Easter                 CHAMBER EVENTS
for     the     Garden                                               Bunnies and more.
                                                                                                         March 23, 1 p.m.
City Chamber of                                                      The Kiwanis Bunnies
                                                                                                         54TH EASTER VINTAGE CAR PARADE
Commerce’s         53rd                                              will also distribute lol-
                                                                                                           Franklin Ave. & Seventh St.
Annual Easter Sunday                                                 lipops on Seventh
                                                                                                           Garden City
Vintage Car Parade to                                                Street during the
be held March 23.                                                    parade where the
                                                                                                         April 2, 11:30 – 2 p.m.
The parade will step                                                 Banjo Rascals will also
                                                                                                         LUNCHEON/BUSINESS SHOWCASE
off     on     Franklin                                              perform.
                                                                                                           Annual Meeting/Election of
Avenue at Tenth                                                         This     year     the
                                                                                                           Chamber Directors
Street with antique,                                                 Chamber offers show-
                                                                                                           Guest Speakers: Vincent Polimeni,
classic, and special                                                 case booths at the
                                                                                                           Chairman, CEO of Polimeni International
interest cars through-                                               exhibit      area     to
                                                                                                           and Jack Martins, Mayor of Mineola
out the metropolitan                                                 Chamber Members
                                                                                                           Garden City Hotel
area expected to par- This 1910 Baker Electric was the oldest car in interested in showcas-
ticipate in the lineup.        last year’s Vintage Car Parade.       ing their products and
                                                                                                         April 18, 7 p.m. – Midnight
   Spectators are wel-                                               services. Various spon-
                                                                                                         6TH ANNUAL PINEAPPLE BALL
come to preview the hundreds of magnifi- sorships providing many benefits are avail-
                                                                                                           Garden City Hotel
cent vintage car specimens at the staging able. The Chamber gratefully acknowledges
area in Parking Field 9E on Franklin Avenue AAA New York for providing dash plaques
                                                                                                         May 14, 11:30 - 2 p.m.
between Tenth and Eleventh Streets from for car owners.
                                                                                                         LUNCHEON/BUSINESS SHOWCASE
10 a.m. to 1 p.m. when the parade steps off.        For information about Showcasing and
                                                                                                           Speaker TBA
The procession of cars will head south on sponsorship opportunities, please call
                                                                                                           Garden City Hotel
Franklin and west on Seventh Street to Legendary Events at 516-222-0550. For
Hilton Avenue where it disperses.                information about car registration open to
                                                                                                         June 12, 9 a.m.
   Many exciting activities have been added the first 200 applicants, please call the
                                                                                                         35TH COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS
to this year’s event to include the Town of Chamber at 516-746-7724 or visit us at
                                                                                                         PRESIDENTS’ COFFEE
Hempstead’s Showmobile; musical MC,
                                                                                                           Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
Bert Donley; the renowned Banjo Rascals;

                                                           “A melange of unusual tastes and dining options.” - Zagats
                                                           “For a seafood sensation, just say uncle.” - Reminick, Newsday

                                                                            10% OFF
                                                                  Your Catering Order of $100 or More
                                                                                  Not to be combined with any other offer

                              PARTY ROOM Custom Menus Available
                               Accommodations up to 120 •
                                                                                                Holiday Party • Business Lunches
                                                                                         Rehearsal Dinners • Communions • Anniversaries
                                                                                            Bridal & Baby Showers • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

                                            JOIN US!                                        Lunch                                Dinner
                                For a Leisurely or Quick Lunch or Dinner             $11.95 $21.95
                               PRIX FIXE SPECIALS                                             Mon-Fri.
                                                                                        Choice of Salad, Soup,
                                                                                          Entrée & Dessert
                                                                                                                            Choice of Salad, Appetizer,
                                                                                                                                Entrée & Dessert

     2370 Jericho Turnpike • Garden City Park • 516-739-0505 •
10 Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
  Lord & Taylor to Host 3rd Annual Benefit                                 Ribbon Cuttings • Welcome New Businesses
     Bash to Support Local Non-Profits
   Lord & Taylor will                               A variety of special
once again host a tradi-                         events throughout the
tionally         fabulous                        store will include a
Benefit Bash in sup-                             Runway Fashion Show
port of Garden City’s                            featuring Lord &
charitable organizations                         Taylor’s spring collec-
on Tuesday, April 15                             tions at 4 p.m. … book                         NEWSMA
from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.                           signings by prestigious
The event will give                              authors at intervals
non-profits an oppor-                            through the day …
tunity to raise thou-                            make-up artists from
sands of dollars for their organi-    prestigious lines assisting cus-
zations.                              tomers in finding the perfect
   Here’s how it works:               look for spring … plus a series of
Customers may purchase $5 tick-       events for children.
ets in advance from participating        Lord & Taylor is an active
organizations; or at the door the     Chamber member, partnering in        On February 5, CitiBank Financial Center Manager Jennifer
day of the Bash. Last year close to   such events as the annual “Taste     Scognamiglio and members of the Garden City business and residen-
one hundred charities participat-     of Garden City,” set for             tial community enjoyed a festive grand opening celebrating CitiBank’s
                                                                           newest financial center at 1050 Franklin Avenue. Present at the rib-
ed raising nearly $50,000. The        November 18, 2008. To receive
                                                                           bon cutting were (L-R): Detective Rich Pedone, Garden City Police
Mineola-Garden City Rotary            detailed information about the       Department; Althea Robinson, Chamber of Commerce Executive
Club, Chamber member, is one          Benefit Bash, please contact         Director; Roger Eltringham, President, Garden City Chamber of
of the participating organiza-        Marilu Menendez, Director of         Commerce; Jennifer Scognamiglio; John Stewart, Managing Director,
tions. To purchase advance tick-      Publicity, Lord & Taylor at 212-     CitiBank North America; Peter Bee, Garden City Mayor; Nick
ets, please call Bernarda Malone      391-3634; watch the local press;     Episcopia, Village Trustee Liaison to the Business Community; Vanda
at 516-873-1548.                      visit         Simon, Director of Finance, Institute for Student Achievement; James
                                                                           Sheridan, Director of Development, Institute for Student
                                                                           Achievement; and Liz McNally, Area Manager, Nassau Central.
         Do You Have Your Card Yet?
     “Friend of the Chamber”
  Co-Chairs, Russell Ciolli and
  Suzanne Eigl, report that the
  Chamber        of    Commerce
  Merchant Card Program is off
  to a roaring start with more
  than 50 participating local mer-
  chants, professionals and other
  businesses on board.
     The program, which was           pation is limited to Garden
  kicked off in January, provides a   City Chamber Members only,
  variety of discounts on             another good reason to be a
  goods/services and/promo-           member of the Garden City
  tional gifts to card-bearing        Chamber of Commerce.
  shoppers.                              For more information on
     The cards are available          the program including appli-
  through local organizations at      cations for participating
  a cost of $20.00 for a two-year     organizations (card sales) and
  membership. As the selling          Merchants go to www.gar-
  organization makes $4.00 on
  each card sold, this is a great        Shoppers are encouraged to
  fund-raising opportunity.           show their card whenever they
     The cards come with a handy      shop at a participating mer-
  directory of participants. Cards    chant. And merchants are
  are also available at Grimaldi’s    encouraged to mention their
  Pizzeria at 960 Franklin Avenue.    acceptance of the “Friend of
     While the cards may be pur-      the Chamber” Merchant
  chased by all who shop in           Discount Card in their adver-
  Garden City, merchant partici-      tising and publicity efforts.

                                                                                        Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN 11
                                                                   Community National Bank Hos
                                                                                                       On the evening of February 13,
                                                                                                    Chamber members and guests were
                                                                                                    treated to a pre-Valentine’s Day After
                                                                                                    Hours Networking Event graciously
                                                                                                    hosted and sponsored by Community
                                                                                                    National Bank at 1050 Franklin Avenue.
                                                                                                    CNB’s executive staff created a party-like
                                                                                                    atmosphere with fine wines and elegant
                                                                                                    hors d’oeuvres provided by the Seventh
                                                                                                    Street Cafe.
                                                                                                       Complimentary raffles, courtesy of
                                                                                                    CNB and an opportunity to purchase
                                                                                                    tickets to the Pineapple Ball Super Raffle
                                                                                                    rounded out the Chamber’s 16th in the
                                                                                                    series of seasonal After Hours events.

                                                                                           Advertise in the
                                                               GARDEN CITY BUSINESS BULLETIN
                                                                         4,000 of Each Issue Distributed
                                                                            Throughout Garden City
                                                                                                    PRICE PER AD
                                                              SIZE               DESC. (W BY H)                              1X         2X         4X
                                                              Full Page          8 x 101⁄2 (bleed 8 1⁄2 x 11 No charge)     $1050      $1000      $ 930
                                                              C2                 Inside front cover                         $1200      $1150      $1070
 We take the stress out of your accident experience and       C3                 Inside back cover                          $1150      $1100      $1025
       work directly with your insurance company.             C4 1⁄2 Back Cover: 8 x 4 1⁄8 (2 available)                    $ 685      $ 650      $ 600
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 Our trained staff and our state of the art equipment will    1/2 Page           Horizontal: 8 x 4 3⁄4                      $ 685      $ 650      $ 600
       have your vehicle as good as new or better!!           1/4 Page           3 7⁄8 x 4 3⁄4                              $ 390      $ 370      $ 345
                                                              Business Card      3 3⁄4 x 1 7⁄8                              $ 175      $ 165      $ 150
      We work hard to put you back in your vehicle            Center Spread      17 x 11 Bleed No premium                   $2100      $2000      $1860
                    as soon as possible.                     • ALL ADVERTISERS RECEIVE A FREE PARAGRAPH of approximately 50 words with their listing in
                                                               the Advertiser Index and Listing Page along with their street address, contact name, telephone,
      We know you have concerns and we are here                email and web addresses. All other editorial coverage is at the discretion of the Chamber of
                                                               Commerce Executive Office.
                    to take care of you.                     • MATERIALS ACCEPTED: Mainly Marketing can accept most Mac or other electronic media,
                                                               hard copies of ads, etc. Call with any questions.
 • Auto Body                    • All Mechanical Work        • SERVICES: Mainly Marketing will provide basic typesetting and layout at no additional charge.
                                                               However, complex ads requiring graphics, photos, or other services, may entail a charge .
 • Insurance Claims             • Restorations
 • Complete Auto Glass          • Free Pick-Up & Delivery         Chamber Members receive 10% discount on all advertising.

 • Expert Paint & Color         • Lifetime Guarantee on                Mainly Marketing • 983 Port Washington Blvd.
   Matching                       All Repair Work                                Port Washington, NY 11050
                                                                         If you have any questions, please call, fax or email
                                                                       David Allen at: 516-883-0313 • Fax 516-883-1307
     79 Herricks Rd. • Garden City Park, NY 11040                             Email:
       Phone: 516.294.0852 • Fax: 516.294.5538
12 Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
sts Valentine’s Networking Event

                                    • Sales / Rentals
                                    • Large Selection of
                                      Designer Tuxedos
                                    • One-Hour Service Available
                                    • Call for Hours

                                      SPECIAL RATES
                                      PINEAPPLE BALL

                                   953 Franklin Avenue (Rear Entry)
                                     Garden City, New York 11530

                                               Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN 13
               Holiday Shop Windows and Restaurant Interiors Recognized

       diSalvo Interiors holiday window judged "Toast of the Town."             Seventh Street Cafe, judged by the staff of diSalvo Interiors
                                                                                         as the most festively decorated restaurant.

  A segment of the Chamber’s Christmas          business district included: Annastasia Beauty     ning restaurant was Seventh Street Café.
Holiday Program, sponsored by Astoria           Salon, Feldis Florist, Hagen’s Homes, Joseph      Runners-up were Leo’s and Uptown Grille.
Federal Savings is the annual Holiday Shop      & Joseph, June Nail, The Pear Tree, SL              The 53rd Annual Village Tree Lighting, a
Window competition initiated in 1977. The       Enterprise of NY, Taylor Warner Real Estate,      most festive community event, also sponsored
Chamber is pleased to recognize winners for     Wayne’s Pharmacy and West & Stannish              by Astoria Federal Savings, had been can-
2007 judged on holiday spirit, creativity and   Opticians. Reflections Jewelry was the winner     celled for the second time in 53 years due to
originality. The window earning the “Toast of   on New Hyde Park Road.                            snow/ice conditions deemed a safety concern
the Town” designation was diSalvo Interiors.      While all of Garden City’s restaurants          by the Garden City Police Department.
The additional windows within the central       exhibited holiday inspired interiors, the win-

                                                                                       Owner’s and Lender’s Title Insurance
                                                                                               UCC Title Insurance
                                                                                            Leasehold Title Insurance
                                                                                        TOEPP Extended Protection Policies
                                                                                                Property Reports
                                                                                                 Co-op Searches
                                                                                             Foreclosure Certificates
                                                                                            Condemnation Searches
                                                                                              Commercial Portfolios

                                                                                 Kenneth P. Warner, Esq.                    John F. Burke
                                                                                Partner and Senior Counsel                 President & CEO

                                                                                      90 Park Avenue, 16th Floor • New York, NY 10016
                                                                                            212-786-7511 • Fax: 212-786-7512
                                                                                     170 Old Country Road, Ste 506 • Mineola, NY 11501
                                                                                              516-336-2020 • 516-336-2025


14 Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
                                                 Luncheon Exhibitors
A Chamber Member Benefit                                             For every member who sells, distributes or man-
       Did You Know You Could                                     ufactures a product or service: An additional
                                                                  Chamber member benefit is the opportunity to show-
     Exhibit at Chamber Luncheons?                                case your products, brochures, give-away novelties and
                                                                  make new business contacts at seasonal Chamber
                                                                  luncheon programs held at the Garden City Hotel.
                                                                     The Hotel graciously provides 6-foot tables with
                                                                  linens for displays. The fee is minimal at $50 per mem-
                                                                  ber/exhibitor and a luncheon discount is offered IF
                                                                  exhibitors stay for lunch. The Business Showcase starts
                                                                  at 11:30 a.m.and runs until 12:30 p.m. – ample time
                                                                                                 for attendees to view dis-
                                                                                                 plays and connect with
                                                                                                 respective     businesses.
                                                                                                 Each exhibit is pho-
Roslyn Savings Bank                    Sovereign Bank                                            tographed by a profes-
                                                                                                 sional photographer with
                                                                                                 the CHANCE to have
                                                                                                 exhibits pictured in the
                                                                                                 next luncheon invitation.
                                                                                                    The next two lunch-
                                                                                                 eons are scheduled for
                                                                                                 April 2 and May 14.
                                                                                                 Showcase reservations are
                                                                                                 granted on a first come,
                                                                                                 first serve basis. For
                                                                                                 information      or     to
Senior Network Solutions               Adelphi University         Citibank                       reserve, call Liz at 516-
                                                                                                746-7724, Ext. 101.

                                                                           BISULK KITCHENS
                                                                   Perfecting Long Island's Finest Kitchens
                                                                                    Since 1953

          • Daily Homemade Specials
      • Famous Wraps, Salads & Paninis
 Free y
             • Finest Quality Meats, Famous
Deliver     Cheeses & Vegetables BWr kfast
               • Burgers • Soups
        M-F: 8am-6pm • Sat: 9am-6pm
        662 Franklin Ave. • Garden City
                     (1 block north of RR)

 516-747-3696 • Fax: 516-747-3910                                                       Monte Berkoff C.K.D. and Brad Berkoff C.K.D.
                                                                                                  Certified Kitchen Designers

                                                                       295 NASSAU BLVD. SOUTH • GARDEN CITY, N.Y. 11530
                     ]uth                                                         Phone 516-483-0377
                                                                                                                                   CREATOR OF
                                                                                                                               TIMELESS ORIGINALS™

                                                                       Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN 15
                       NEWS SCOOPS                                      Chamber Members in Good Standing
                                                                        DID YOU KNOW
            Since You’ve Asked …                                        YOU COULD ...
  FORMER FOOD BASKET PROPERTY:                                          Include the Chamber Seal
     As we go to press, we have confirmed through a spokesper-          in Your Advertising?
  son from Forest Hills based Natural Foods, that they have
  leased the former Food Basket property at 140 Seventh Street.              It’s like the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval!”
     The company plans to open a store called Natural Foods in                     For example, within your ad you may print:
  late May or June with work to begin the end of February.                 Proud Member of the Garden City Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                 To obtain a camera ready seal, please call Liz at
  FORMER TEXACO PROPERTY:                                                                   (516) 746-7724, Ext. 101
    A spokesperson representing the owner of the former
  Texaco property on the corner of Franklin Ave. and Seventh               Commerce Bank to Hold Chamber
  St., reports that plans for a mixed-use operation combining           Foundation Networking After Hours Event
  retail space at ground level, with residential rental units above,     Commerce Bank, 855 Franklin Ave., will graciously host a
  are progressing well. Representatives are currently meeting          Chamber of Commerce Foundation networking event to benefit the
  with Village planners to work out various details and will keep      Foundation on Tuesday, June 3, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. The mission of
  the Chamber informed.                                                the Foundation is to provide scholarships for deserving Garden City
                                                                       High School students and to assist community members in need.
  LORD & TAYLOR TO “ACQUIRE” FORTUNOFF?                                  For more information please call Joanne K. Adams at 516-924-
     Not exactly! Fortunoff reported in early February it had          2499 (cell).
  filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. It is expected to
  be bought by NRDC Equity Partners, OWNERS of Lord &                              ROTARY AND KIWANIS NEWS
  Taylor. Because the sale will take place in the bankruptcy
                                                                           The Chamber is pleased to include two of Garden City’s most
  process, other bidders may make competing offers, it is said.              renowned service organizations as long-time members.
  While the sale is expected to close in early March, according to
  a spokesperson representing NRDC at press time, “this is not          ROTARY INDUCTS PRESIDENT TIERNEY
  a done deal!”                                                            This past spring, Tracy Abamont,
     Stay tuned.                                                        Immediate Past-President of the
                                                                        Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club,
                                                                        passed the gavel to Tom Tierney, new
                                                                        president. With the theme “service
                                                                        above self,” Rotary is the world’s
                                                                        largest service organization.
                                          AAA can save you money           Among the club’s chief projects are      Tracy Abamont,
                                          and reduce your driver        Rotacare, which provides for free Immediate Past-President
                                          license violation points.
                                                                        medical care to Long Islanders in of the Mineola-Garden
                                          Join us at a regularly
                                          scheduled class at our        need; the “Gift of Life;” a program City Rotary Club, passes
                                          Garden City location or       which repairs the damaged hearts of the gavel to new president
                                                                                                                      Tom Tierney.
                                          we can come to your           children around the world; plus schol-
                                          place of business for 20      arship, study exchange programs and assistance to the Salvation
                                          or more people for a          Army during the Holidays. For information about the club’s
                                          reduced rate.
                                                                        meetings, activities and membership, please call Tom Tierney at
                                               Call Mariola at          516-747-5879.
                                           516-873-2407                 KIWANIS INDUCTS PRESIDENT ANDERSON
                                          or visit
                                                                          The Kiwanis Club of Garden City, Inc.
                                                                        recently installed Arthur Anderson as
                                                                        president during        its    Induction
                                                                        Luncheon at the Garden City Hotel.
                                                                        Chartered almost 57 years ago on July
                                                                        3rd, 1951, the Kiwanis Club of Garden
                                                                        City is a group of service-minded people
                                                                        who work tirelessly along with 260,000
                                                                        other Kiwanians and 320,000 children        Arthur Anderson,
                                                                        worldwide in almost 8,000 Kiwanis clubs    President of Kiwanis,
                                                                        “to serve the children of the world.”       left, with Richard
                                                                                                                    Deremer, Kiwanis
                                                                          For information about club activities,     Immediate Past-
                                                                        meetings and membership, please call             President.
                                                                        Arthur Anderson at 516-319-2459.

16 Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
            It’s the Law!!!
     You Must Yield For Pedestrians Restaurant Review
            in Crosswalks                          La Bottega
                                                                                    From Southern Italy to Southern Garden City
                                                                 By Bertram Donley
                                                                    Ostensibly a Panini emporium sand- of Italian cheese is as good as it gets.
                                                                 wiched into a tiny space at 147 Nassau         Cheese’s best accompaniment is
                                                                 Boulevard South, La Bottega wine. Those of us Long Islanders who
                                                                 ( offers far more became adults in the ’70s should recall
                                                                 than said exquisite Italian take-out cre- the overpriced “date traps” billed as
                                                                 ations. From a kitchen not big enough “Wine & Cheese” – awful were the
                                                                 to change your mind in, emerges a selections of either. The wine list at La
                                                                 plethora of authentic Italian meals for Bottega is perhaps the finest selection of
                                                                 those lucky enough to get a table. Italian wines on Long Island. Tuscans,
                                                                 There’s a lot of charm in La Bottega’s Super-Tuscans, Barolos, Piemonte,
                                                                 diminutive design.                          Sicilian, et al, have been selected with
                                                                    In addition to the weekly variety of expertise. Regardless of price point
  We have been reminded by a few observant merchants on          menu choices of the freshest seafood, preference, care was taken to provide
Seventh Street that many motorists ignore the YIELD FOR          pasta and meat dishes, I was sold on the value.
PEDESTRIAN IN CROSSWALK signs at three mid-                      place upon viewing the Cheese Menu.            The proprietors, Giuseppi and Marisa
block crosswalks between Franklin and Hilton Avenues.            I love cheese. The French and Italians Ruta, from Ispica Italy also operate
  State Vehicle and Traffic Law requires motorists to            think of cheese differently than do Caffé Barroco at 13 Nassau Boulevard
yield to pedestrians crossing a roadway within the striped       Americans. To them cheese is alive. South where La Bottega utilizes the
crosswalks, and the Garden City Police Department has            Every neighborhood has purveyors of larger seating capacity to offer catering.
been instructed to vigorously enforce these regulations.         fresh and aged cheeses. The only ques- Barroco features a laid back ambiance
                                                                 tion they ask of their patrons concerns with fine confections, homemade gela-
  Years ago, the Chamber and our Village Trustees worked
                                                                 the “when” of when it will be eaten so to, coffee varietals and some of the best
with much effort, through the State, to secure these signs       that it can be served at its peak ripeness. salads around. Though their website
that better ensure a safer crossing for pedestrians on Seventh   For Americans, cheese is dead. We describes it as having a “Manhattan
Street.                                                          process and refrigerate it into its most style setting,” fear not, the wait staff are
                                                                 mundane form. La Bottega’s selection in no way surly or pretentious.

        POLIZZI, LLP
                                                                                            PAUL CONTE
                       Concentrating in:
                                                                                           CADILLAC, INC.
                  Real Estate
                Municipal Law
         Estate & Elder Care Planning
       Trusts and Estate Administration
                 Adoption Law                                                          CADILLAC MASTER DEALER AWARD*
                                                                                                       *18 TIME WINNER
           Land Use and Zoning Law
                Education Law                                                      Your Local Cadillac/Chevrolet
                Civil Litigation                                                  Dealership for Sales and Service
  Business and Not-For-Profit Corporation Law
        John M. Spellman                    George F. Rice                        Paul Conte Cadillac                 Paul Conte Chevrolet
        Richard J. Schure                John P. Gibbons, Jr.                  169 West Sunrise Highway             44 East Sunrise Highway
       Kevin P. McDonough             Phyllisann Polizzi Kalenka               Freeport, New York 11520             Freeport, New York 11520
     Benjamin J. Truncale, Jr.           Peter S. Trentacoste                        516-378-1130                         516-623-9600
                     Catherine Chrysler Doolan
 229 Seventh Street, Suite 100 • Garden City, New York 11530                                    Paul Conte, President
          (516) 592-6800 •                                        

                                                                                           Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN 17
                           Garden City Chamber of Commerce Members 2008                                                                                         Join the Garden City Chamber of Commerce.
                                                                                                                                                                For Information Call 516-746-7724
                                         Chase Bank                             Fichandler, Dr. Chet                    Hope for Strokes c/o Interface        Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein        Riesterer’s Bakeries
                                         Children’s Medical Fund, Garden City   Fidelity Investments                        Financial Group                   Michael Parente Masonry Corp.         Robinson, Althea & Jack
 57 Main Street Imports                      Chapter                            Figaro Hair Studio                      HSBC Bank NA USA                      Miller Moran Properties               Roslyn Savings Bank
 A. G. Edwards                           Chiropractic Wellness Center of        First National Bank of L.I.             Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal        Miller, Barbara & Russell             Ross F. Mongiardo, CFP
                                             Garden City                                                                Infinity Marketing Team, Inc.
 A.C. Desk Company, Inc.                                                        Flynn Zito Capital Management                                                 Miller Moran Properties               Ruth’s Chris Steak House
                                         Christ Episcopal Church                                                        Intelligent Office, The
 A.T. Stewart Exchange Consignment                                              Fontana & Broderick, LLP                                                      Mineola-Garden City Co., LTD.         Saint Joseph’s Catholic School PTA
     Shop-G.C. Historical Society        CitiBank                                                                       INVISTA Solutions Inc.
                                                                                Fortune Chinese Restaurant                                                    Mineola-Garden City Rotary Club       Salem, George M.
 AAA New York                            CitiBank, Jennifer Scognamiglio                                                Island - A Lilly Pulitzer Signature
                                                                                Franchina & Giordano, P.C.                                                    Miracle Foundation                    Sands, Esq., Philip
 ACE Communications                      Clancy & Clancy Brokerage LTD                                                      Store, The
                                                                                Frank Graves Irrigation                                                       Mistretta, Mr. & Mrs. Nathan          Schoelle Jr., Robert L.
 aCE02 Consulting LLC                    Club Agency                                                                    Island Financial Group
                                                                                Frankel Loughran Starr & Vallone LLP                                          Modell’s Sporting Goods               Schroeder, Mr. & Mrs. Michael
 Adams, Joanne                           CMIT Solutions of Central Nassau                                               J. Barbera Tobacconist
                                                                                Franklin Associates                                                           Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation    Schwartz & Livoti, LLP
 Adelphi Cleaners                        Coach Realtors                                                                 JDI Mortgage Corp
                                                                                Frey, Anita & Joe                                                             Morgan Stanley                        Securities Consultants, LLC
 Adelphi University                      Coalition Against Child Abuse                                                  John Chianese Realty, Inc
                                             & Neglect                          Friends of Adelphi University Library                                         Morrison, John W.                     Senior Network Solutions
 Albanese & Albanese LLP                                                                                                Jones & Jones
                                         Coldwell Banker Residential            Friends of the Garden City                                                    Mortages for Improvement LLC          Sentinel Management Group, Inc.
 Albanese Organization, Inc.                                                        Public Library                      Joseph G. Gonzal, CPA                                                          Private Security & Investigation
                                             Brokerage                                                                                                        Mound, Cotton, Wollan & Greengrass
 Alfred Weissman Real Estate, Inc                                               Frozen Ropes                            Kearney, John J.                                                            Servpro of Garden City & Hempstead
                                         Collins, John T.                                                                                                     Musa, Mr. & Mrs. Jose A.
 All Island Dermatology                                                         Funt, MD, Tina                          Kelian Family Chiropractic, P.C.                                            Seventh Street Café
                                         Comerford and Dougherty                                                                                              Muscarella & Di Raimo, LLP
 All Island Financial Group                                                     G C Alarm                               Kerantzas, CPA, Paul                                                        Seventh Street Stationery
                                         Commerce Bank                                                                                                        NAI Long Island
 Allstate Insurance Jerry Barry Agency                                          G. Paul Communications                  Kernan, Andrew                                                              Shaw, Licitra, Gulotta, Esernio &
                                         Community National Bank                                                                                              Nassau Community College
 Allstate Insurance Suzanne Saramak                                             G. W. Walters, Insurance Agency, Ltd.   Kerr, Marilyn                                                                  Henry, P.C.
                                         Cono J. Gallo & Co., LLP Ste.302                                                                                     Nassau Financial Federal Credit
     Agency                                                                     Garden City Aluminum & Roofing          Kevin Murray Construction                 Union                             Shiptrade
                                         Conservation Services Group
 Alpha Collision                                                                Garden City Asthma & Sleep Center/      Key Food Market Place                 National Archives, Inc                Smith Barney
                                         Conte, Paul
 Alvey, Suzie                                                                       Pulmonary Care Assistance           Keyspan                               Neptune Camera                        Smith, Doris
 Ambassador Abstract, LLC                                                       Garden City Bistro                      Kings Supermarket                     Network Partners of Garden City       SolutionsWeigh Program for Eating
                                         Corriss, Jill & Stephen                                                                                                                                       Disorders
 American Legion Post 265                                                       Garden City Chamber of Commerce         Kiwanis Club of Garden City, Inc.     New Hyde Park Funeral Home Inc.
                                         Costello, James E.                                                                                                                                         Sovereign Bank
 American Red Cross, Nassau County                                              Garden City Community Theater           Kurz, Douglas W.                      New York Sports Club
     Chapter                             Countrywide Home Loans                                                                                                                                     Spellman Rice Schure Gibbons
                                                                                Garden City Family Pharmacy             La Bottega                            North Fork Bank
 Ameriprise Financial                    Cradle of Aviation                                                                                                                                            McDonough & Polizzi, LLP
                                                                                Garden City Historical Society          La Quinta Inn & Suites Garden City    North Shore Podiatry Associates
 Anderson, H. Arthur                     Cullen and Dykman                                                                                                                                          Sperry Credit Union
                                                                                Garden City Homemakers                  L’Abbate, Balkan, Colavita &          Novita
 Andron Realty Group Pastula             Cystic Fibrosis Foundation -                                                       Contini, LLP                                                            Stafford, Esq., Michael
                                             Long Island Chapter                Garden City Hotel                                                             NS/LIJ: Institute for Orthopedic
     Associates                                                                                                         LandStar Title Agency, Inc                                                  Starbucks Coffee Company
                                         Daughney, Brian                        Garden City Life                                                                  Science
 Ashley, Jan                                                                                                            Laurino & Laurino                                                           State Bank of Long Island
                                         Davis, Robert T.                       Garden City Lions Club                                                        Old Westbury Gardens
 Astoria Federal Savings                                                                                                Law Office of Peter J. Tomao, Esq.                                          SunFlower Fine Art & Framing
                                         Dehler, Martin                         Garden City News                                                              Ollie’s Taxi & Airport Service
 At Home Senior Care                                                                                                    Law Offices of Alan J. Schwartz                                             Sushi Ya
                                         Demetriou & Demetriou                  Garden City Pizza                                                             Orchid Restaurant
 AvalonBay CommunitIes Inc.                                                                                             Le Joaillier of Garden City                                                 Taste Restaurant
                                         Design & Construction                  Garden City Police Benevolent Assoc.                                          Originpress
 Bagelman of Garden City                                                                                                Le Visage Center for Aesthetic                                              Taylor Warner Real Estate
                                             Technologies, Inc.                 Garden City Printers & Mailers                                                Oxford & Simpson Realty
 Bamboo Boutique LLC                                                                                                        Excellence, Dr. A. Prasad &           Services, Inc.                    Torino, Bruce
                                         DiBenedetto, Michelle                  Garden City Properties                      Dr. Pankaj Singh
 Bank of New York - Mellon Wealth                                                                                                                             Pappas, Dean P. MD., FACS,            Town Meat Market
     Management                          DiChiara, Agnes                        Garden City Pub                         Legendary Events, Inc.                    FASCRS                            Traxler, John & Maureen
 Barbatsuly Furs                         diSalvo Interiors                      Garden City Public Schools              Leo’s                                 Pay/Half                              Treeline Companies
 Basile, Anthony                         Donnelly, Dennis                       Garden City Sabb                        Levinson, Harvey                      PBI Payroll                           The perfecthealth Insurance Co.
 Baubles, Bangles & Bags                 Dooley Deremer Orr Agency              Garden City Special Police              Limoncelli & Sperendi                 Pear Tree, The                        U. S. Trust Company
 Bee, Esq., Peter                        Dougall Fraser Real Estate             Garden City Stitches                    Links Realty of Nassau County         Personal Training Institute           Uncle Bacala’s
 Bencivenga, Gary                        E*TRADE FINANCIAL                      Garden City Super Pumper, Inc.          Loaves and Fishes Cookshop GC         Personal Training Studio              United Way of Long Island
 Berwitz & DiTata                        Ear Works Audiology, P.C.              Garden City Veterinary Care             Long Island Chess Nuts                Personal-Touch Home Care of           V Spa
 Bevington, Cynthia                      Eastern Garden City Property           Garden City Volunteer                   Long Island Children’s Museum             Long Island
                                             Owners’ Association                    Fire Department                                                                                                 Ventre, Michael
 Bisulk Kitchens                                                                                                        Long Island Plastic Surgical Group    Peter E. O'Neill, MD, PC              Verdis, Dr. & Mrs. Jordan
                                         Eastern Numismatics Inc.               Garden City Wines and Spirits
 Bliss Productions, LLC                                                                                                 Lord and Taylor                       Pittoni, Bonchonsky & Zaino, LLP      Verizon
                                         Edible Arrangements                    General Utilities & Securities
 Bolter & Company, LLC                                                                                                  Lutheran Church of the Resurrection   PoeticPetals                          Wachovia Bank
                                         Education & Assistance Corp.           Gerry Anne’s Cards & Gifts
 Bonaventure Tuxedo                                                                                                     Lutz & Sons Landscaping               Premium Capital Funding               Waldorf School, The
                                         Eltringham, Roger                      Girl Scouts of Nassau County
 Bradish, Jennifer                                                                                                      M and T Bank                          Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.         Walk Street
                                         Emma, DDS, Denise L.                   Gold’s Gym
 Broadway Bound of Garden City Inc.                                                                                     Magnum Security Systems               Professional Athletic Performance     Walsh Markus McDougal
                                         Engelke, Sandra J.                     Graves, Frank                                                                     Center
 Business Development Group                                                                                             Mahalo Health Spa and Natural                                                  & DeBellis, LLP
                                         Epilepsy Foundation of Long Island     Greatdatenow                                Organic Café                      Property Owners’ Assoc. of Garden
 C.A.T.S & Yoga Hot or Not (Children’s                                                                                                                                                              WAMU
     Athletic TraIning School)           Episcopia, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas P.      Grimaldi’s Pizzeria                     Mahon, Mahon, Kerins & O’Brien LLP        City Estates
 Caffe Barocco                           Esquire Bank                           H. L. Gross & Bro., Jewelers            Mainly Marketing Enterprises, Inc     Quigley, J. Peter
                                                                                                                                                                                                    West & Stannish Opticians
 Calagero’s                              Ethical Humanist Society               Hagen’s Homes Inc.                      Marathon Payroll Services             Quizno’s Subs
                                             of Long Island                                                                                                                                         Western Garden City Property
 Cappelli, Louis                                                                Hairvision 2000                         Mary Matthews Interiors, Inc.         Randstad North America                   Owners’ Association, Inc.
                                         Fairchild Sons Funeral Home, Inc.                                                                                    Rauch Foundation
 Carmel Quill - Broker                                                          Hampton Appliances                      Mauceri, Dr. Anthony & Dr. Thomas                                           Windsor Commercial Real Estate
                                         Falcone, Musmacher &                                                                                                 Raymond James Financial
 Carmine’s Haircutters                   Associates, P.C.                       Hampton Inn, Garden City                McMahon Realty Inc.                                                         Windsor Commercial Real Estate,
 Caryle Management Corp                                                         Harper, Esq., Robert F.                 Meadowbrook Pointe                    Rehabilitation Institute                 Bernard Del Bello
                                         Farr Nezhat, M.D., FACOG,
 Cathedral Nursery School                    Gyn-Oncology                       Helen C. Caine Realty                   Mental Health Association of Nassau   Reisman, Peirez & Reisman             Winthrop-University Hospital
 Cathedral of the Incarnation            Farrell Design Associates              Hengstenberg’s Florist                      County, Inc.                      Renken, Veronica                      WORC
 Central Garden City Property Owners’    Feldis Florist                         Hesterberg, Esq., Gregory X.            Mercante Family Chiropratic           Reproductive Medicine Associates of   XSport Fitness
     Association                                                                                                        Merrill Lynch                             New York, LLP                     Zonta Club of Long Island
                                         Ferng, Richard C.                      Hilton Hall Apartments
 Charles Schwab & Company, Inc.                                                                                         Metropolitan Diagnostic Imaging, PC   Retail Property Trust
                                         Fianei’s Paninoteca Italiana           Hoffmann’s Delicatessen & Caterers
                                                                                                                                                              Richard P. Goodwin Associates, Inc.

                     Dues are Due April 1. Keep your membership in the Garden City Chamber of Commerce up to date.
                               Only current members will be listed in the Business Bulletin summer issue.

                                         JOIN THE GARDEN CITY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
                                                                                                       It Pays!
                                                                          Call 516-746-7724
                                                          or register online at

18 Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
    Historical Society’s Consignment Shop
                 In Full Swing                                                                        FARR R. NEZHAT, M.D. FACOG, FACS
                                                                                                      Chief, Dept. of Gyneocologic Oncology
                                                                                                      Minimally Invasive Surgery

                                                                            400 Garden City Plaza,    Treatment of :
                                                                                          Suite 107   • Gynecological cancers
                                                                                                      • Gynecological conditions
                                                                            Garden City, NY 11530
                                                                                                      • Fibroid Removal
                                                                                  Tel 516-741-1556    • Removal of ovarian cysts
                                                                                 Fax 516-746-3622     • Treatment of endometriosis
                                                                        • Treatment of abnormal PAP

   The Garden City Historical       4:00 p.m., and on Saturdays
Society’s new A.T. Exchange         from noon to 3:00p.m. There
shop is now open at 109             is plenty of parking in the rear.
Eleventh St. Garden City. The          The shop is operated entirely
Society welcomes residents and      by enthusiastic volunteers
Chamber Members to come in          always ready and happy to
and browse and/or shop from         assist with selections. Proceeds
an array of selections. We are      will benefit the maintenance
pleased to support this endeav-     and restoration of the
or by the Historical Society, a     Historical Society House, an
member of the Garden City           1872 Stewart era structure list-
Chamber of Commerce for the         ed on the National and State
past 24 years, with whom we         Register of Historic Places.
have worked on many mutual             Pictured are volunteers Bea
projects.                           Maxfield (left) and Rhonda
   The Exchange is located in       Galucci. For further informa-
the Historical House Museum.        tion about the consignment
It is open Tuesdays, Thursdays      shop, please call Kris Harder at
and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. to      (516) 747-1774.

                        VILLAGE NEWS
   Moody’s Investors Service recently cited Garden City’s strong
financial position and conservative budgeting practices by assign-
ing an AA1 bond rating to the Village’s sale of general obligation
bonds – Moody’s second highest rating!
   Mayor Peter Bee pointed out that the Village realized signifi-
cant savings in the cost of these bonds – savings that will benefit
our taxpayers. Village Administrator Bob Schoelle, commented
that this excellent rating reflects the sound fiscal decisions of our
Board of Trustees and the professional execution of those policies      Have You Seen Our New Face Online?
by the Village’s fiscal staff.

CONGRATULATIONS TO                                                                                                                      Many New
ADELPHI PRESIDENT SCOTT                                                                                                                  Options!
  The Chamber congratulates Dr. Robert Scott, president of
Adelphi University, on having received the 2008 Chief Executive
Leadership Award from the Council for Advancement and
Support Education.


                                                                              Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN 19
                                                                                             ADVERTISER INDEX
                                                                                           SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS
                                                       AAA NEW YORK                                                           BONAVENTURE TUXEDO
                                                       p 16      Driver Improvement Program                                   p 13      953 Franklin Avenue
                                                                 229 Seventh Street                                                     Garden City, NY 11530
                                                                 Garden City, NY 11530                                                  516-741-1080 • Fax: 516-741-1021
                                                                 516-873-2364 • Fax 516-873-2355                              
                                                                                                        Contact: Andrew
                                                       AAA offers DMV-approved point and insurance reduction                  Bonaventure Tuxedo is a men’s Formal Wear specialist, family
                                                       courses to groups of 20 or more for businesses, corporations           owned and operated for over 35 years. Designer Tuxedos in
                                                       and schools. Join the over 3,300 participants that have                stock, sizes boy 3 to 64 long and extra long, fancy vests with
                                                       already benefited this past year by taking AAA’s defensive             matching ties, cummerbunds, and shoes, as well as jewelry
                                                       driving course. Remember, Safe Drivers = Good Business!                are on hand for you to try on for a perfect fit. Expert tailor is
                                                       Contact AAA Traffic Safety for more information or visit               always on premises. Our motto is “We will meet or beat
                                                                                                     competition prices.” Special rates for Pineapple Ball
                                                       ALBANESE ORGANIZATION, INC.
                                                       p7        1050 Franklin Avenue, Suite 200                              THE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT GROUP, INC.
                                                                 Garden City, NY 11530                                        p 21      585 Stewart Avenue, Suite 430
                                                                 516-746-6000 • Fax: 516-746-0580                                       Garden City, NY 11530
                                                                                                           516-222-0236 • Fax: 516-222-2235
                                                                 Email:                                             email:
                                                                 Contact: Russell G. Matthews                                           Contact: Lucy Rosen
                                                       The Albanese Organization is a privately held, full-service real       The Business Development Group is a marketing, public rela-
                                                       estate firm dedicated to creating commercial and residential           tions, business development firm whose primary office is
                                                       buildings of distinction, quality and architectural merit that         located in Garden City with a satellite office in Bohemia. The
                                                       optimize value, are environmentally responsible and enhance            agency works with both start up and established businesses
                                                       the communities in which they are located. Albanese                    as well as many not-for-profits.
                                                       Organization has been a leader in the New York real estate
                                                       development community since 1949. The company has been                 CALAGERO’S
                                                       headquartered in Garden City for over 25 years.                        p 19      919 Franklin Avenue
                                                                                                                                        Garden City, NY 11530
                                                       ALPHA COLLISION                                                                  516-294-2922 • Fax: 516-294-2915
                                                       p 12      79 Herricks Rd.,                                             
                                                                 Garden City Park, NY 11040                                             Contact: Ronnie
                                                                 516-294-0852 • Fax 516-294-5538                              Calagero’s Restaurant is a full service Italian restaurant serving
                                                       At Alpha Collision we take the stress out of your accident             both lunch and dinner. We offer take-out and on/off premise
                                                       experience. Alpha Collision works directly with your insurance         catering.
                                                       company. With our trained staff and our state of the art equip-
                                                       ment your vehicle will be as good as new or better!! We will           CLANCY & CLANCY BROKERAGE, LTD.
                                                       give you a life time guarantee on the repair work. Alpha               p 21      114 Seventh Street
                                                       Collision will work hard to put you back in your vehicle as                      Garden City, NY 11530
                                                       soon as possible, in a timely manner. At Alpha Collision we                      516-746-2155 • Fax: 516-746-2032
                                                       know you have concerns and we are here to take care of you.            
                                                                                                                                        Contact: Maureen Clancy
                                                       ASTORIA FEDERAL SAVINGS                                                Established in 1956, Clancy & Clancy Brokerage, Ltd. is a
                                                       p5        1150 Franklin Avenue                                         leading independent insurance agency. We represent some of
                                                                 Garden City, NY 11530                                        the finest insurance companies in the country selling home,
                                                                 516-746-0700                                                 auto and business insurance.
                                                                 Contact: Patricia Donnelly
                                                       At Astoria Federal, BusinessOne® is small business banking             COACH REALTY
                                                       built around you. It’s our commitment to do everything we can          c4       116 Seventh Street
                                                       to help your business grow and prosper. Call our Relationship                   Garden City, NY 11530
                                                       Manager Patricia Donnelly at 516-746-0700. Learn why most                       516-746-5511
                                                       of our new business relationships are referred to us from our         
                                                       customers.                                                                      Contact: Stephanie H. Cullum, CRB
                                                                                                                              Coach Realtors, Hubbell & Klapper, Fennessy Associates are
                                                       BARBATSULY FURS.                                                       known as “The Heart of Garden City’s Real Estate Industry
                                                       p3        1046 Franklin Avenue                                         Since 1919.” Listed in Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate and
                                                                 Garden City, NY 11530                                        an Exclusive Affiliate of Christies’ Great Estates, Coach Agents
                                                                 516-742-8280 • Fax: 516-742-0072                             are ready to help you with all of your real estate needs.
                                                                 Contact: Jimmy Karanikas
                                                       We have been serving customers on Long Island and the New              COMMERCE BANK
                                                       York metropolitan area with all their fur needs for over 70            p6       855 Franklin Ave.
                                                       years. We offer our customers the finest quality furs, experi-                  Garden City, NY 11530
                                                       enced craftsmanship and full on-premise climate controlled                      516-739-2605 • Fax: 516-739-2683
                                                       fur storage. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in        
                                                       selecting the right fur for you... or to redesign your existing fur.            Contact: ABBB Kathleen Petronis
                                                       We stock furs, shearlings, fur lined coats and jackets in all the      Commerce Bank is a leading retailer of financial services with
                                                       newest styles and at prices to fit your needs.                         30+ convenient locations on Long Island and 400+ locations
                                                                                                                              throughout Metro New York, Metro Philadelphia, Metro
                                                       BERWITZ & DITATA LLP                                                   Washington, DC, and Southeast Florida. Commerce Bank is
                                                       p8        310 Old Country Road, Suite 101                              open 7-Days a week, 361 days a year with extended hours
                                                                 Garden City, NY 11530                                        and is known for its free products and services and unparal-
                                                                 516-747-3200 • Fax: 516-747-3727                             leled customer service. Visit us at
                                                       Berwitz & DiTata LLP – a law firm devoted to estate planning,
                                                       estate and trust administration, probate and elder law, includ-        COMMUNITY NATIONAL BANK
                                                       ing: preparation of wills, creation and implementation of trusts,      p 23      1055 Franklin Ave.
                                                       asset preservation and planning to minimize estate tax liability,                Garden City, NY 11530
                                                       Medicaid eligibility planning, preparation of Medicaid applica-                  516-248-1501
                                                       tions, guardianship, probate, and administration of estates.           
                                                                                                                                        Donna Frasco, First Vice President-Retail Banking
                                                       BISULK KITCHENS                                                                  Contact: Michele Staubitz - Vice President Branch
                                                       p 15      295 Nassau Blvd. South                                                 Manager
                                                                 Garden City, NY 11530                                        "Coming Soon" To: Oceanside, Huntington & New Hyde Park At
                                                                 516-483-0377                                                 Community National Bank, we take pride in the exceptional level
                                                                                              of customer service we provide to each customer. We are a full
                                                       Bisulk Kitchens has been perfecting Long Island’s Kitchens             service commercial bank headquartered in Great Neck offering
                                                       since 1953. A third generation family owned business provides          not only free personal and business checking accounts with
                                                       the design, manufacturing and installation of your dream               absolutely no hidden fees but the most competitive lending
                                                       kitchen. We also create home offices, entertainment centers            rates for your commercial and residential needs. We are open 7
                                                       and libraries. Purchasing a complete service that Bisulk               days a week. At CNB our main interest is in developing a rela-
                                                       Kitchen provides, ensures that your renovation will go smooth-         tionship with you.
                                                       ly and enhance the value of your home.

20 Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
                                      ADVERTISER INDEX
                                    SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS
DOOLEY DEREMER ORR AGENCY, INC.                                       GARDEN CITY HOTEL
p 20       120 Seventh St., Suite 202                                 p2         45 Seventh Street.
           Garden City, NY 11530                                                 Garden City NY 11530
           516-877-9600                                                          800-547-0400
           Contact: Richard Deremer                                    
Dooley Deremer Orr Agency has been insuring homes, cars, and           
businesses in Garden City for 3 generations over 5 decades.                      Contact: Brian Rosenberg, Vice President of Sales
We are proud to represent many of the best insurance compa-                                 & Marketing
nies, including The Hartford, Travelers, Utica, Kemper, The           Long Island's leading hotel since 1874. With 25,000 square feet of
Atlantic Mutual, MetLife, New York Central, OneBeacon, and            meeting space, 280 luxurious guest rooms and Zagat's #1 Rated
many others.                                                          Polo Restaurant, we will accommodate you with unforgettable
                                                                      attention to detail. Recently named #1 Hotel, Meeting and
EASTERN NUMISMATICS                                                   Conference Facility in Long Island Business News. Member of
p 11       642 Franklin Ave.                                          Preferred Hotels & Resorts Worldwide.
           Garden City, NY 11530
           516-746-6460                                               GARDEN CITY PIZZA
Eastern Numismatics was established in 1974 and is one of             p 20      670 Franklin Ave.
America’s largest dealers in rare coins and precious metals with                Garden City, NY 11530
clients located in all 50 states and overseas. The firm is also a               516-294-2929 • Fax: 516-294-1461
major buyer of scrap gold, bullion coins and estate jewelry.          
Buyers and sellers are invited to visit our show room at 642                    Contact: Greg Bavaro
Franklin Avenue, Garden City New York or to call 516-746-6460         Check us out! Over 50 different varieties of pizza, daily!
for further information.                                              Refreshing salads, outrageous paninis and heroes. Pastas and
                                                                      entrees large enough for two! Free local delivery ($10.00 min.
FAIRCHILD SONS FUNERAL HOME, INC                                      please). Keep us in mind for your next gathering or corporate
p14    1201 Franklin Avenue                                           function. We are your full service catering specialists!
       Garden City, NY 11530
       516-746-0585                                                   GARDEN CITY SAAB
       Email:                          HEMPSTEAD LINCOLN MERCURY
       Contact: Martin Herman, Manager;                               p 19      301 North Franklin Street
       Dennis Kaminsky, Funeral Director                                        Hempstead, NY 11550
                                                                                516-483-7200 • Fax: 516-483-7703
FARR R. NEZHAT, MD, GYN ONCOLOGY                                      
p 19      400 Garden City Plaza Suite 107                                       Contact: John Billard
          Garden City, NY 11530                                                 Email:
          516-741-1556 • Fax: 516-746-3622                            Saab’s tristate #1 dealer in customer satisfaction. We are a 79-
          Email:                                 year old family business here to serve your family. Garden City
          Contact: Myra Jawdoszyn, Practice Manager                   Saab...where it costs no more to go first class!!!!! Please view
Dr. Farr Nezhat, MD, A Leader in Women’s Health. Director of          our website at
Gyn Oncology at Mercy Medical Center. Internationally known
for his laparoscopic skills for the treatment of gynecological        GRIMALDI’S PIZZERIA
conditions and cancers including hysterectomy, fibroid                p 22       980 Franklin Ave.
removal, ovarian cysts, treatment of endrometriosis and abnor-                   Garden City, NY 11530
mal PAP.                                                                         516-294-6565 • Fax: 516 294-0370
FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LONG ISLAND                                               Contact: Russell Ciolli
p9         1050 Franklin Avenue                                       Grimaldi's prides itself as being the #1 Zagat rated pizza
           Garden City, NY 11530                                      restaurant specializing in coal-fired pizza perfection — with its
           516-742-6262                                               light crisp crust, fresh toppings, and handmade mozzarella. The
                                               experience, coupled with the warm ambiance of our full service
           Contact: Carol A. Kolesar, Vice President                  bar and dining area, has become the perfect spot to be enjoyed
                    & Branch Manager                                  by family and friends each and every day of the week.
As the Bank “Where Everyone Knows Your Name,” we are a                LANDSTAR TITLE AGENCY INC.
full service commercial bank that provides a broad range of           p 14      170 Old County Road Ste. 506
financial services to individual, professional and corporate cus-               Mineola, NY 11501
tomers through our branches on Long Island and in                               516-336-2020 • Fax: 516-336-2025
Manhattan. Our commitment is to provide the highest level of          
quality service to our customers. The Bank is consistently                      Contact: John F. Burke
ranked among the highest rated banks in terms of financial            Landstar Title provides services for real estate transactions. Our
strength by The Ratings. For more information,             clients consist of Attorneys, Developers, Mortgage Bankers and
visit the Bank’s web site at                            other real estate professionals. Our products include: Owner’s
                                                                      and Lender’s Title Insurance, UCC Title Insurance, Leasehold Title
FORESTO TUXEDO                                                        Insurance, TOEPP Extended Protection Policies, Property Reports,
p 20      309 Willis Avenue                                           Co-op Searches, Foreclosure Certificates, Condemnation
          MIneola, NY 11501                                           Searches and Commercial Portfolios.
          516-746-1410 • 800-843-8894
          Fax: 516-747-8192                                           MARATHON PAYROLL SERVICES
                                             p 19      1140 Franklin Ave., Suite 214
In our original location since 1940, Foresto Tuxedo is family-                  Garden City, NY 11530
owned and operated. Our staff is extremely qualified in helping                 516-248-2153 • Fax: 516-248-3822
you find the style tuxedo with the best possible fit. We stock all              Email:
styles from traditional to contemporary in a wide range of sizes                Contact: Maureen DeRose
from 3 to 64, including portly and husky. We stock all the major      Marathon Payroll Employee owned payroll processing company
designer labels including Perry Ellis, Chaps Ralph Lauren,            providing accurate, on time payroll at competitive fees. We serv-
Joseph Abboud, Givenchy as well as Super 120 wool tuxedos to          ice a variety of businesses including restaurants, contractors,
rent or purchase. We have a fine selection of men’s clothing          law firms and medical offices. Our many services include direct
and accessories and shoes featuring Hart Schaffner & Marx,
Hickey-Freeman, Robert Talbot and Bobby Jones. All tailoring is
                                                                      deposit, electronic tax filing, employee benefit plans, customized
                                                                      payroll reports and Workers Compensation premium basis
                                                                                                                                                 Support Our Advertisers –
done on the premises – we also custom make clothing and
                                                                      NASSAU FINANCIAL
                                                                                                                                                        They Make
p 15     662 Franklin Ave.
                                                                      FEDERAL CREDIT UNION
                                                                      p 22       1325 Franklin Avenue Plaza. Ste 101
                                                                                 Garden City NY 11530
                                                                                                                                                   This Bulletin Possible
         Garden City, NY 11530
         516-747-3696 • Fax: 516-747-3910                                        516-742-4900 • Fax: 516-742-6253                                              
         Contact: Nick and Rochelle
We are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We offer fabulous
                                                                      Nassau Financial Federal Credit Union is your community credit
                                                                      union serving everyone in Nassau County. Become a member
                                                                      today and take advantage of Nassau Financial’s great rates and
                                                                                                                                                 To advertise call Dave Allen
wraps, paninis, salads, grilled flatbreads, burgers, plus delicious
soups and daily specials. For your convenience we offer
prompt, reliable delivery, free. We are also available to cater
                                                                      full range of financial products and services including online
                                                                      banking and no-fee checking. Just stop by our branch, call us
                                                                                                                                                      at 516-883-0313
any personal or corporate affair. House accounts are also wel-        or visit us on the web.
come. Open M-F 8am-6pm, Sat 9-6pm.

                                                                                                                                           Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN 21
                                                                                                  ADVERTISER INDEX
                                                                                                 SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS
                                                                OLLIE’S TAXI & AIRPORT SERVICE                                      SPERRY CREDIT UNION
                                                                p. 21 851 Hempstead Turnpike                                        p 20       2400 Jericho Turnpike
                                                                          Franklin Square, NY 11010                                            Garden City Park, NY 11040
                                                                          Reservations:                                                        516-873-7171 ext. 1029 • Fax: 516-873-7623
                                                                          N. Shore: 516-HU7-3420 or 718-229-5454                     
                                                                          S. Shore: 516-437-0505 or 516-352-6633                     
                                                                                                                   Contact: Jan DiGeronimo
                                                                Ollie’s Taxi and Airport Service is a 24/7 full service company.    Sperry Credit Union has been serving Long Islanders for over
                           Fleet includes Lincoln Town Cars, 14-passenger vans, mini-          70 years with Better Rates…Better Service and Better
                                                                vans, limousines and sedans. Senior discounts available.            Banking™. Sperry is a not-for-profit financial institution char-
                                                                Corporate accounts welcomed.                                        tered to serve individuals who live, work worship or attend
                                                                                                                                    school in Nassau County, as well as businesses and legal
                                                                PAUL CONTE CADILLAC                                                 entities. Sperry offers a wide range of products including
                                                                p 17       169 W. Sunrise Highway                                   diverse checking options, competitive saving, loan and mort-
                                                                           Freeport, NY 11520                                       gage products, as well as business services.
                                                                           516-378-1130 • Fax: 516-623-8148
                                                                                                     STATE BANK OF L.I.
                                                                           Contact: Paul Conte                                      p 22      339 Nassau Boulevard
                                                                Paul Conte Cadillac is celebrating its 30th anniversary this                  Garden City South, NY 11530
                                                                year. We served this area for ten years before that as Brown-                 516-481-3900 • Fax: 516-485-5766
                                                                Conte Cadillac in Hempstead. We are a eighteen year holder of       
                                                                the “Cadillac Master Dealer Award” and a 2-time winner of the       
                                                                Time Magazine Quality Dealer of the Year National Award. We                   Contact: Eileen Lojacono, Vice President, Garden
                                                                have just completed a total expansion of our facilities and                            City South Branch Officer in Charge
                                                                invite all of you to come in to see it. Paul F. Conte, President.   Conveniently located on Nassau Boulevard, State Bank
                                                                                                                                    offers highly personalized banking products and services to
                                                                PHILIP SANDS, ESQ.                                                  both business and consumer clients. Take advantage of
                                                                p 22      301 Stewart Avenue                                        extended banking hours, drive-up service, and 24 hour ATM
                                                                          Garden City, NY 11530                                     service. For a better banking experience, call or visit State
                                                                          516-739-3344 • Fax: 516-873-1706                          Bank today!
                                                                          Contact: Philip Sands, Esq.                               SUSHI YA
                                                                We all know divorcing couples, and have heard too many              p 22      949 Franklin Ave.
                                                                “horror” stories. Divorce, if left to the courts and counsel by               Garden City, NY 11530
                                                                those of us who abstain and decline educated and active par-                  516-873-8818/516-873-6168
                                                                ticipation, can be lethal. Lead, immediately, with good sense                 Fax: 516-873-6738
                                                                and preparedness, and protect your children, your money,                      Contact: Eric and Kelly Leong.
                                                                your lives.                                                         Kelly and Eric Leong provide a delightful combination of
                                                                                                                                    cooked Japanese delicacies along with exceptional sushi…at
                                                                SMITH BARNEY                                                        the sushi bar or at your table. Added to the appetizing delight
                                                                p 13   855 Franklin Avenue                                          and entertainment is the Hibachi Grill. You will be delighted
                                                                       Garden City, NY 11530                                        with the showmanship and culinary expertise of Hibachi Chef
                                                                       516-248-8600                                                 Toyota Chih Ho Wu. The Hibachi Grill provides a great setting
                                                                       Contact: Glenn H. Fischer, Senior Vice President-            for a group of friends or a place to meet new friends. Full bar
                                                                       Wealth Management, Branch Manager                            and special martinis. Call for reservations. Delivery is avail-
                                                                SOVEREIGN BANK
                                                                p 21      998 Franklin Avenue                                       TSONTOS FURS
                                                                          Garden City, NY 11530                                     p. 20 260 Jericho Tpke.
                                                                          516-873-0003                                                        Mineola, NY 11501
                                                                                                               516-746-5500 • Fax: 516-746-8602
                                                                          Contact: Jennifer Anthony                                 
                                                                At Sovereign Bank, we tailor our products and services to meet                Contact: Bill Greene
                                                                the diverse needs of our consumer and business customers.           Tsontos Furs specializes in custom-made and off the rack
                                                                We blend big bank products with small bank service to help          furs, leathers and shearlings. Their huge selection runs the
                                                                you manage your money and achieve your financial goals.             gamut from casual to dressy, from traditional to high fashion.
                                                                International trade, equipment leasing, mortgage warehouse          So whether your tastes are classic, funky or somewhere in
                                                                funding, and asset-based lending capabilities are other impor-      between, Tsontos Furs has the fur for you.
                                                (516)739-3344   tant resources available to Sovereign clients. Sovereign Bank is
                                                                also the market leader in the NY-NJ metropolitan region for         UNCLE BACALA’S…ITALIAN SEAFOOD AND MORE
                                                                multi-family mortgage lending. Sovereign Bank - America’s
   PHILIP SANDS                                                 Neighborhood Bank. For more information, please call our
                                                                                                                                    p 10      2370 Jericho Turnpike
                                                                                                                                              Garden City Park, NY 11040
                                                                Garden City office at (516) 873-0003 or visit our website.                    516-739-0505 • Fax: 516-739-1117
   COUNSELOR AT LAW                                                                                                                           email:
                                                                SPELLMAN RICE SCHURE GIBBONS                                        
                                                                MC DONOUGH & POLIZZI, LLP                                           Join us for lunch or dinner…served quickly to meet your
             “Divorce and Your Children”                        p 17     229 Seventh Street, Suite 100
                                                                         Garden City, New York 11530
                                                                                                                                    needs or more leisurely to suit your mood. Large selections of
                                                                                                                                    pastas, pizzas, paninis, meat, fish and daily specials make
                                                                         516-592-6800 • Fax: 516-742-1305                           Uncle Bacala’s a favorite. Special Prix Fixe lunches and din-
                                                                                                       ners each day. Lunch served Monday through Saturday,
                                          301 Stewart Avenue                                      Dinner 7 days. Private party room available. On or off premis-
                                  Garden City, New York 11530            Contact: Phyllisann Polizzi Kalenka, Partner               es catering.
                                                                General Practice law firm concentrating in Real Estate
                                                                (Residential and Commercial), Municipal Law, Estate and             WACHOVIA
                                                                Elder Care Planning, Trust and Estate Administration, Land          c4        101 Franklin Ave.
                                                                Use and Zoning Law, Education Law, Civil Litigation, Business                 Garden City, NY 11530
                                                                and Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, and Adoption Law.                         516-535-4560
                                                                                                                                    Wachovia is one of the nation’s largest diversified financial
                                                                                                                                    services companies, providing 15 million household and
                                                                                                                                    business relationships with a broad range of banking, asset
                                                                                                                                    management, wealth management and corporate and
                                                                                                                                    investment banking products and services. For the fifth
                                                                   Advertise in the                                                 consecutive year, Wachovia posted the highest customer
                                                                                                                                    satisfaction score among banks in a University of Michigan
                                                                    Garden City                                                     survey – validating its consistent performance as the indus-
                                                                                                                                    try leader in customer service. Equally committed to its
                                                                                                                                    employees, it is consistently named among the best places
                                                                  Business Bulletin.                                                to work by publications such as Working Mother,
                                                                                                                                    LatinaStyle, Essence and Diversity, Inc.

                                                                Call 516-883-0313.

22 Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN
Garden City Chamber of Commerce BUSINESS BULLETIN 23
                 21 BRANCH OFFICES: Babylon • Commack • Dix Hills • E. Islip • E. Northport • E. Norwich • Garden City • Huntington Bay
                 Huntington Village • Manhasset • Miller Place • Mt. Sinai • Northport • Pt. Jefferson Harbor • Pt. Jefferson Village • Rockville Centre
                                                    Rockville Centre East • Setauket • Smithtown • W. Sayville • Williston Park • Relocation Center

                                                          HUBBELL & KLAPPER,
                                                          FENNESSY ASSOCIATES
                                                          The Heart Of Garden City’s
                                                          Real Estate Industry Since 1919

            Stephanie H. Cullum, Manager, Associate Broker
            116 Seventh Street • Garden City, NY 11530 • 516-746-5511

                 #1 YOUR NEIGHBOR–YOUR REALTOR
                    Call us for all of your real estate needs!
                    516-746-5511 •
           Our Sales Professionals: Frank Alfieri • Catherine Anatra • Anne Bandiero • Rosemary Bruno • Margarita Chavez • Arlene Conigliaro • Stephanie Cullum
           Lynn Curran • Ryan Donnelly • William Eckel • William Esslinger • Pam Goeller • Marie Grant • Karen Guendjoian • Regina Harrington • Kathleen Higdon
           Herta Kapp • Maria Katrakazos • Lynne Koszalka • Mary LoGalbo • Patricia Mangan • Cheryl McAuliffe • Jayne McGratty • Catherine Menicheno
           Patricia O’Grady • Thomas Paisley • Sharon K. Redmond • Linda J. Ruckh • John Russo • Linda Sambus • Melissa Smith • Terence Tener • Vivian Tener
           Kathleen Thornton • Patricia Urquhart • Eugenia Verdis • Nicole Villoni • Allison Wangner • Mary Weille • Denise Wells • Gregory Welsh
           Cathleen Whelan • Christine Wood • Kathleen Zelaya

                             Garden City Chamber of Commerce                                                                                                      PRSRT STD
                             230 Seventh Street                                                                                                                   U.S. Postage
                             Garden City, NY 11530                                                                                                                   PAID
                                                                                                                                                                  Garden City,
                                                                                                                                                                   NY 11530
                                                                                                                                                                  Permit #126

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