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									pro audio
dj Equipment • Computer DJ

             DN-HC1000S                                               DN-HC5500                                           DN-HC4500
             Midi Sub-Controller for Serato Scratch                   MIdi Fully Compatible w/Virtual DJ                  USB Midi/Audio Interface &Controller

     DN-HC1000S designed to interface and aid                 The DN-HC5000 is packaged and designed              DN-HC4500 feature-packed professional
     DVS systems (turntables / CD players) with               to work solely with Serato’s ITCH software          PC/MAC compatible controller combines un-
     today’s most popular DJ software program,                program and the optional BU4500 Dual CD/            matched hardware performance with internal
     Scratch Live, the DN-HC1000S provides DJs                MP3 player, providing mobile entertainers the       high-quality audio processing, offering low
     a comfortable plug and play, reliable hard-              most fail safe, easy-to-use, flexible hardware /    latency ASIO/OSX Core Audio support. The
     ware controller for all major features and com-          software package. The familiar Denon DJ rack-       DN-HC4500 also offers the exclusive flexibil-
     mands of the Scratch Live software system.               mount form, and utilizing Serato’s HIDI technol-    ity to control DENON’s optional BU4500 dual
                                                              ogy to improve speed, accuracy, and communi-        CD/MP3 player for simultaneous 4-player
                                                              cation between software and hardware.               configuration.
             BU-4500                                                  DN-SC2000                                           DN-mC6000
             Optional Drive Unit                                      USB MIDI Controller                                 Pro Digital Mixer & Controller

     The BU-4500 CD/MP3 Drive Unit can be used                DN-SC2000 is an affordable, compact, pro-           DN-MC6000 Mixer and MIDI Controller, a
     in conjunction with the DN-HC5000 Serato                 fessional-grade, solid steel MIDI controller        four-channel/eight-source standalone digi-
     ITCH Controller and the DN-HC4500 USB                    designed for the home DJ or party laptop DJ         tal DJ mixer with MIDI interface and internal
     MIDI/Audio Interface and Controller. In addi-            on the go. Used together with the DJ’s favor-       sound card. With an astounding amount of
     tion, it can be used as a replacement drive for          ite mixer and PC software of choice, the DN-        features, real-time channel matrix operation,
     the DN-D4500 CD/MP3 player.                              SC2000 offers party and bedroom DJs a com-          slim tabletop design, state-of-the-art solid
                                                              pact, portable, user-friendly control solution.     steel chassis construction and quality sound,
                                                                                                                  the DN-MC6000 is one of Denon DJ’s flag-
                                                                                                                  ship controllers.

                      SEP-C1                                                  iDJ3                                                mIXTRACK
                      Pro Software Entertainment Controller                   Digital DJ Setup                                    DJ Software Controller

     The SEP-C1 is a dual MP3 DJ controller that              iDJ3 is a complete DJ system that works             MIXTRACK has two deck controller sections
     controls playback of MP3 music files stored              with the music on your Mac or PC – and your         with large touch-activated jog wheels and
     within your PC. This player achieves full-scale          iPod*. It’s designed to directly connect to your    transports controls. Whether you’re used to a
     DJ performance with CDJ operability, but with-           computer so you can mix your favorite tracks        CD player, turntables, or any other traditional
     out the use of a mouse or keyboard.                      with performance DJ controls. Plus, you can         DJ hardware, you’ll find getting around easy.
                                                              dock your iPod or iPhone to play tracks or          The center of MIXTRACK’s surface is its mix-
                                                              record your mix. iDJ3 gives you the classic         er section with a smooth crossfader, line fad-
                                                              two-turntables-and-a-mixer setup used by            ers, deck EQs, and more advanced controls
                                                              DJs everywhere.                                     for looping and effects.
                      mIXTRACK PRO                                            NS7FX                                               V7
                      DJ Software Controller w/Audio I/O                      Motorized DJ-Software Performance                   Motorized Turntable Software Controller

     MIXTRACK PRO has two decks, each with                    Designed by Numark in collaboration with            Numark’s NS7 and delivers a host of pro-
     a large, touch-sensitive turntable for accurate          Serato, NS7FX represents the pinnacle of            fessional features including real vinyl and a
     scratching, beat-juggling and locating precise           digital DJ performance. NS7FX combines a            slipmat, plus turntable control at ten times
     points within your tracks. It’s just like working        premium mixer with two motorized, adjust-           the resolution of standard MIDI, mouse-less
     with a record. In addition to the two decks, MIX-        able-torque turntables, real vinyl, and a pro-      library navigation, and Strip Search virtual-
     TRACK PRO has an easy to use audio mixer                 fessional audio interface to deliver a complete     needle drop. V7’s link function enables you
     so veteran DJs and beginners alike will be able          performance solution that will satisfy the most     to combine two V7s with your choice of any
     to step right up and get the party going.                hardcore turntablist.                               mixer and your Mac or PC for a completely
                                                                                                                  customizable, totally seamless performance.

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                                                                                                                                                  pro audio
                                                                                                                        dj Equipment • Computer DJ

                TOTAL COmPUTER DJ IN A BOX                          CUE 7                                                    mixmeister Fusion
                Professional Multi Format Player                    Pro DJ Software                                          Computer DJ Software

Total Computer DJ in a Box gives you every-         CUE is the most reliable, intuitive DJ soft-           MixMeister Fusion doesn’t limit you to simply
thing you need to DJ using your computer. Mix       ware. It empowers DJs to mix, scratch, juggle,         combining a few loops and grooves together;
and scratch on Total Control, the scratch con-      and sample audio and video on its dual virtual         Fusion is designed to mix complete DJ sets
trol surface designed expressly for computer        decks. You can use CUE just like you use vi-           from full-length songs. You get the functional-
DJs. DJ|iO gets audio into and out of your          nyl, CDs, or most other DJ formats. Just load          ity of a loop editor or digital audio workstation,
computer for connection to the PA system and        tracks from your virtual crates to the virtual         but you can blend songs together to create
for cueing with the included pro-grade HF125        decks and mix it up.                                   stunning DJ performances.

                mixmeister Studio                                   PmIDI100                                                 PmIDI200
                Computer DJ Software                                Digital MIDI Controller w/VIRTUAL DJ                     Pro Digital MIDI Controller

MixMeister Studio is a powerful DJ sequencer        • Play/Pause • Cue/Play • Sync • Seamless              • Seamless Loop w/ Smart Loop • Hot CUE w/ Dual
that gives you greater ability to expand your       Loop/ Loop Trim • Fast Search Forward or back-         CUE points • Built in Jingle 12 Second Sampler • Full
creativity and produce mixes beyond tradi-          ward • Scratch • VIRTUAL DJ Software • Effect          Feature Mixer w/ Audio Mix and Kills • +/-16% Pitch
tional mixing and blending. Studio changed          Select and Parameter Adjust(DEPTH, DELAY,              Bend w/ Master Tempo • 3 Band EQ Control (High,
the way remixes are created and remains the         LFO) • Pitch Control • Channel Fader • Channel         Mid, Low) • Channel Fader and Cross Fader Con-
best DJ studio production software.                 Gain • Effect and Sample Control • 3 Band EQ           trol • LED Indicators and Illumination • MP3/WMA/
                                                    (Hi, Mid, Low knob) • Track Select • Channel           Wave and MIDI Supported • Dual Jog Wheels w/
                                                    Cue Monitor • Headphone Output and Volume              Scratch Effects & Speed Control • Dual Media/
                                                    Control • Master Tempo • USB Bus Powered               Channel Mixer with USB Interface (PC Only)

                 Virtual Vinyl                                      SL1                                                      SL3
                 Digital Vinyl System                               Digital Vinyl System                                     Advance 24-Bit USB 2.0 Interface w/Scratch Live

VIRTUAL VINYL is the Digital Vinyl System           Rane SL1 Scratch LIVE is the ultimate soft-            Rane SL 3 connects one or two standard vi-
for DJs who love the feel of 12-inch vinyl or       ware and hardware solution for bridging the            nyl or CD turntables to your computer and the
CD decks and the flexibility and creative pos-      analog world of vinyl and the digital world of         mixer of your choice. Using regular turntables
sibility of mixing audio and video. This is high-   computer audio files. Using regular turntables         or CD players, you can scratch and mix files
performance, no-nonsense power thanks to            or CD players, you can scratch and mix files           from your Mac or Windows computer’s CD or
VIRTUAL VINYL’s marriage of control vinyl on        from your Mac or Windows XP computer’s                 hard drive. Enhanced by studio grade pre-
your turntables of choice and CUE software.         CD or hard drive, add in a live mic input for          amps and 24-bit audio processing, this com-
                                                    scratching, and even bypass to standard vinyl          pact new solution produces a warm punchy
                                                    if you wish.                                           sound to heighten the senses.
                XONE DX                                             Xone:1D                                                  XONE:2D
                Pro Multi Format Player                             Pro DJ MIDI Controller                                   Digital Audio Controller / Converter

Xone:DX is a MIDI controller and USB sound-         The Xone:1D is a dedicated MIDI controller             The Xone:2D is a combination of a 9 stereo
card with total integration for ITCH software.      connected and powered by USB, which can                channel USB 2.0 soundcard and MIDI control-
Boasting a huge number of MIDI control mes-         be used to control DJ software such as Able-           ler, which DJ’s can combine with their existing
sages, inputs for external decks and two dual       ton Live and Traktor3.                                 analogue mixer to create a complete Digital
layer deck simulators, the Xone:DX is the                                                                  DJ mixing system, perfect for integration with
most powerful ITCH controller on the planet.        Use the Xone:1D with any DJ mixer to add               DJ software such as Ableton Live and Traktor
The new version of Serato ITCH, supplied            digital control, or add the 1D to a Xone:2D to         DJ Studio. The 96kHz 24-bit USB 2.0 sound-
with the DX, provides unique 4-deck control,        your favorite mixer to make up the equivalent          card is provided with a large array of connec-
and features a comprehensive set of digital         to a Xone:3D!                                          tions for easy interfacing into any DJ setup.
DJ FX, as well as looping, time stretching and
a massive number of DJ tools.                        
pro audio
dj Equipment • CD / MP3 Players

                     CDJ-2000                                            CDJ-900                                            CDJ-850
                     Pro Multi Format Player                             Pro Multi Format Player                            Performance Multi Player

     The Pioneer CDJ-2000 enables playback of           The CDJ-900’s new multi-format digital turn-        The CDJ-850 player adopts many of the tech-
     MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files on CD,          tables allow the DJ’s to access, search and         nical advances made in the industry standard
     DVD-ROM, SD card and USB memory de-                control their content directly from the player      pro-series versions and invites all levels of
     vices. You can also assign various buttons of      itself. The CDJ-900 provides the same leg-          DJs to create, perform and share mixes like
     the CDJ-2000 to trigger other devices, such        endary quality standards and playability of         a professional. Pioneer’s CDJ-850 delivers
     as DJ effecters and software with MIDI map-        the CDJ-800 with the added convenience of           enhanced mixing features, excellent audio
     ping capability. The usb connnection connects      native playback of key DJ digital media files       quality and a new platform for them to share
     memory sticks & hard drives, and the music         formats accessed via a multitude of compat-         their music.
     files can be shared with another cdj-2000.         ible medium CD.
                     CDJ-350                                             CDJ-200                                            mEP-7000
                     Digital Multi Player                                Digital Audio Turntable                            Pro Multi-Entertainment Player

     The CDJ-350 will allow users to create DJ          The Pioneer CDJ-200 is an entry-level CD            Flexible Audio Format Playback the MEP-
     performances with various digital music files      turntable features including full-function MP3      7000 supports MP31/AAC/WAV2/AIFF2
     including MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF files that        playback, hot loop, beat loop and the unique        stored in USB memory devices, hard disc
     are stored on different forms of media, includ-    one button loop cutter, for creating loops with-    drive (HDD), CD-R/RW and DVD±R/RW, as
     ing USB mass storage device class products         in loops until the beat has been cut to infinity.   well as playback of traditional audio compact
     or CD-R/RW discs. The media player also in-        This technical excellence is complemented by        discs, allowing for easy playback of existing
     cludes Pioneer’s proprietary music manage-         a design that’s both visually stunning and su-      music libraries and new digital downloads.
     ment software, rekordbox™.                         premely practical.

             DN-3700                                            DN-S1200                                            DN-S700
             Pro Multi Format Player                            CD/USB Media Player                                 Pro Multi Format Player

     The DN-S3700 Direct Drive Turntable Media          Denon’s smallest CD/USB media player yet,           The DN-S700 is a new entry-level compact
     Player & Controller is a cutting-edge single-      the DN-S1200 packs in high-end features not         tabletop CD/MP3 player sporting many fea-
     deck portable DJ instrument that provides          found in much larger, more expensive units.         tures from Denon DJ’s flagship professional
     working DJs with a host of useful features for     • Slot-In CD Player                                 models, including advanced MP3 functionality
     enhanced creative flexibility. Most notably,       • External USB Device Support                       for easy file search and selection, CD text dis-
     thanks to its large 9” spinning platter design,    • MIDI Interface Controller (PC/MAC)                play, auto or manual BPM, three onboard FX,
     the DN-S3700 literally offers the “best of both    • Internal 24-Bit Processing and USB Audio          four pitch ranges, one hot start and seamless
     worlds” from both digital and analog realms.       • Multi-functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc         loop controls, fader start and pitch bend.
                                                          and more
                     DN-D4500                                            NDX800                                             NDX400
                     Pro Multi Format Player                             Pro MP3/CD/USB Player                              Touch-Sensitive Scratch MP3/CD/USB

     The DN-D4500 CD/MP3 player is the successor        NDX800 has a large touch-sensitive platter          NDX400 has advanced braking for vinyl-style
     of our award winning DN-D4000 and offers many      for controlling, cueing, and scratching your        stopping of playback, and a reverse mode
     expanded features especially in the area of MP3.   music. NDX800’s smooth, fast, reliable, slot-       that enables you to incorporate even more
     • Key Adjust/Master Tempo (CD or MP3)              loading drive works with both CDs and MP3           special vinyl effects. The player also offers
     • MP3 Hot Starts & Seamless Looping Capability     CDs. You can also connect a USB flash drive         three hot cue points for quick access to key
     • Cue Stutter (CD or MP3)                          for access to thousands of MP3s without tak-        points in the track. NDX400 features seam-
     • Auto BPM Counter                                 ing a computer or CDs to the gig.                   less looping for creating and integrating loops
     • Wider Pitch Ranges (CD ±24/50/100%)                                                                  in instant remixes.

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                                                                                                                                          pro audio
                                                                                                             dj Equipment • CD / MP3 Players

                 NDX200                                               HDmIX                                             CDN88-mP3
                                                                      Compact, Portable, Expandable
                 Tabletop CD Player                                   DJ System                                         Dual CD/MP3 Player

NDX200 features seamless looping for creat-           At the core of the HDMIX is an 80 GB re-          CDN88 MP3 is the professional DJ’s selec-
ing and integrating loops in instant remixes.         placeable built-in hard drive coupled with a      tion in high-performance CD players. This
Single, continuous, and programmable play-            CD drive. The CD drive is included for per-       feature-packed, dual-deck unit not only plays
back modes enable you to control playback             formance playback and ripping music directly      traditional CDs and MP3 CDs, but it gives
order and create custom playlists. NDX200             to the internal hard-drive eliminating the need   you capabilities not seen on many other rack-
also has fader start, which starts NDX200             for DJ’s to transport CD’s. To further simplify   mount players. The CDN88 adds MP3-play-
playing when you move the crossfader on a             computer connectivity the HDMIX includes          back capability, complete with text display, so
compatible mixer.                                     USB 2.0 and is compatible with MAC and PC         you carry more music on fewer discs.
                                                      computer platforms.
                 CDN88 PRO                                            CDN450                                            CDN55
                 Pro Dual CD/MP3 Player                               Pro Dual MP3/CD Player                            Pro Dual CD Player

CDN88 PRO is designed for the professional            Numark’s CDN450 is a highly reliable, dual-       CDN55 is a high-performance CD player. This
DJ who needs reliable CD performance in               deck MP3/CD player for any DJ who needs a         dual-deck unit plays traditional CDs and CD-
a sturdy rack-mount design. This feature-             no-nonsense, multi-format player for profes-      Rs and gives you the worry-free performance
packed, dual-deck unit plays traditional CDs,         sional use. This ultra-reliable MP3 and CD        of Anti-Shock™ buffered skip protection.
CD-Rs and MP3 CDs with dual jog-wheels                player is packed with features such as text
for quickly track searching and cueing of             display, Anti-Shock™ electronically buffered
your music. CDN88 PRO contains Key Lock,              skip protection, scratching, and seamless
which enables you to speed up or slow down            looping.
the music ±100% without changing the pitch.
                 CDN22 mK5                                            iCDmIX 3                                          iCDmIX 2
                 Rack-Mount Dual CD Player                            Dual MP3/CD w/ Universal Dock                     Dual CD w/Dock for iPod

CDN22 MK5 is a straightforward dual-CD                Numark CDMIX systems consist of a dual            Numark CDMIX systems consist of a dual
player for mobile DJs and club installs. You’ll       CD player and mixer together in one easy-         CD player and mixer together in one easy-
find that while CDN22 MK5 is extremely af-            to-carry unit for mobile DJs working events,      to-carry unit for mobile DJs working events,
fordable, it empowers you with all of the CD-         clubs that need to be able to pack away their     clubs that need to be able to pack away their
playing essentials for professional perfor-           system quickly and any other DJ on the move.      system quickly and any other DJ on the move.
mance.                                                iCDMIX 3 is the one of the first CDMIXes to       iCDMIX 2 is the first CDMIX to feature an inte-
                                                      feature an integrated Universal Dock for iPod,    grated Universal Dock for iPod, enabling you
                                                      enabling you to play music from virtually any     to play music from virtually any docking iPod.
                                                      docking iPod.
                 mIXDECK                                              iCD DJ IN A BOX                                   CD DJ IN A BOX
                 Universal DJ System                                  Complete CD + iPod DJ System                      Complete DJ System

MIXDECK has two large, touch-sensitive illumi-        iCD DJ IN A BOX features components with          CD DJ IN A BOX is a complete DJ setup with
nated platters and controls for cueing and scratch-   rugged construction and powerful perfor-          two NDX200 CD players, headphones, and a
ing your music. Each smooth, fast, reliable, slot-    mance features. NDX200 CD players each            two-channel DJ mixer. You get a mixer and
loading drive works with both CDs and MP3 CDs.        have a large jog wheel for comfortable per-       two rugged, heavy CD decks, each with a
You can also connect a USB flash drive on each        formance. Numark’s Anti-Shock™ buffered           large jog wheel for comfortable performance.
deck for access to thousands of MP3s without tak-     skip-protection technology keeps your music
ing a computer or CDs to the gig.                     playing even when vibrations might cause
                                                      other players to skip.

pro audio
dj Equipment • DJ Mixers

                      DJm-1000                                             DJm-2000                                                SVm-1000
                      Pro 6 Channel DJ Mixer                               Pro 4-Channel DJ Mixer w/5.8” Display                   Pro 4-Channel Audio/Video Mixer

      Pioneer’s long heritage in audio technol-           The DJM-2000 is a 4 Channel mixer with tech-             DJs can synchronize audio and video with up
      ogy has been drawn upon to create the first         nological advances that include the indus-               to four sources simultaneously. Each of the
      ever 24-bit/96kHz digital sampling and a 32-        try’s first 5.8-inch multi-touch screen effects,         four channels features independent fading
      bit/96kHz digital sound processor. Throw in         Evolved Beat Effects, Pro DJ Link and MIDI               and equalization for traditional mixing tech-
      the Effects link and the limits are endless. The    controls. The DJM-2000 incorporates a full-              niques. The mixer is also capable of sound-
      DJM-1000’s rigid chassis minimizes unwant-          color 5.8-inch LCD multi-touch panel for add-            only or visual-only control for creative mixing
      ed vibrations while the strong power supply         ing audio effects. Three different performance           according to the DJ/VJ style.
      creates a clear, powerful sound.                    modes are available including: FREQUENCY
                                                          mix, SIDECHAIN remix, and MIDI mode.
                      DJm-5000                                             DJm-800                                                 DJm-700-K
                      Pro 4 Ch. Mobile DJ Mixer                            Pro Dj/Club 4 Channel Mixer                             Pro 4-Channel Digital Dj Mixer

      The DJM-5000 features two flexible output           The DJM-800 mixer gives professional DJs the             The Pioneer DJM-700-K is the world’s first
      modes: multi-zone and standard. In multi-zone       tool they need to expand their musical horizon,          mixer to include an Effect Frequency Filter
      mode, the mixer’s outputs can be dedicated to       with capabilities for mixing records, remixing,          that allows the user to limit the frequency
      multiple audio sources and distributed to two       producing and performing. The DJM-800 in-                bands subjected to effects. Conventional ef-
      different areas or rooms. This feature allows       corporates features recommended by many                  fectors are limited to manipulating the entire
      DJs to transmit music from a separate source        professional DJs and club engineers, raising             frequency range, whereas the Effect Fre-
      such as an MP3 player to a lounge or cocktail       the bar on sound fidelity and ease of mixer              quency Filter now expands the user’s abil-
      room while simultaneously outputting music          operation. Most important are its high quality           ity to showcase their own mixing style. Also
      to a main dance floor.                              24bit/96kHz sampling and effect capabilities.            available in Silver(DJM-700-S)
                      DJm-909                                              DJm-350                                                 EFX-1000
                      Pro 2-Channel Scratch Mixer                          2-Channel DJ Mixer w/Effects                            24-Bit Dj Effects Processor

      The DJM-909 touch screen effects, fader ef-         The DJM-350 mixer inherits similar functions             The EFX-1000 is the world’s first DJ effects
      fects and an Auto BPM Counter, offering DJs         and operability of the popular Pioneer DJM               unit to deliver 24 Bit/96kHz digital sampling,
      the best possible performance battle mixer.         series of mixers often experienced in the                using 32 Bit digital sound processing. With
      Using the integrated touch-sensitive screen,        club scene. The mixer is equipped with four              vastly improved audio quality in comparison
      DJs can access 50 different BPM syncd ef-           kinds of effects as well as an isolated 3-band           to the other effectors, the EFX-1000’s im-
      fects on each channel of the 909. The screen        equalizer—all of which allow the DJ to make              pressive variety of on-board effects means
      can also be used for quick access to 9 pre-         a one-of-a-kind mix. The front USB port al-              that professionals can enjoy the widest-ever
      selected effects, or to assign the fader effect     lows users to record their DJ mixes onto USB             scope for creativity in their mixes.
      function to the cross fader or volume fader.        mass storage devices.
             DN-X1700                                             DN-X1600                                                DN-X1100
             4 Ch. Matrix Mixer w/Sound Card                      Pro 4-Ch. Mixer w/USB                                   Pro 4-Ch. Matrix Mixer

       Meticulous attention to detail, layout and         The DN-X1600 Digital DJ Mixer, offers superb             Affordable enough for the beginner, feature
       component quality make operation of the            sound quality, durability, reliability, operability      packed for the professional. A perfect com-
      DN-X1700 extremely intuitive, and Denon’s           and visibility. Based on the same core engine            panion to any table top or rackmount player
      engineers have provided every capability pro-       as Denon DJ’s flagship DN-X1700, the DN-                 system, the DN-X1100 is a full featured
      fessional DJs will require: working with Vinyl      X1600 is an extremely affordable and versa-              4-channel matrix mixer. The 8 input sources
      turntables, CD Decks, Media Players, DJ soft-       tile four-channel digital mixer with a variety           are freely assignable to any channel or even
      ware applications via laptops and USB stor-         of features perfect for all DJs and electronic           multiple channels. All input levels can be pre-
      age devices.                                        musicians, from professional club and touring            adjusted in advance to match the gain levels,
                                                          DJs, to party DJs and bedroom mix artists.               insuring a smooth transition between fades.

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                                                                                                                                         pro audio
                                                                                                                       dj Equipment • DJ Mixers

        DN-X600                                            DN-X500                                             DN-X120
        Pro 2-Channel Digital Mixer                        Pro 4-Ch Rackmount Matirx Mixer                     Pro 2-Channel Compact Digital Mixer

The DJM-2000 inherits a larger foot print than     DJs can synchronize audio and video with up          The Denon DJ DN-X120 is the smallest pro-
its predecessors to accommodate a sectioned        to four sources simultaneously. Each of the          fessional-quality DJ mixer on the market. It
layout of features as well as cosmetically         four channels features independent fading            includes great features such as Mic talkover
match the latest Pioneer CDJ series of digital     and equalization for traditional mixing tech-        switch, 3 Band EQ with Full Kill VCA, 45mm
media players. On the top center section of        niques. The mixer is also capable of sound-          crossfader and channel faders, Crossfader
the mixer resides its EFX capabilities to give     only or visual-only control for creative mixing      contour, 4 position input/transform switch,
DJs a bounty of digital effects.                   according to the DJ/VJ style.                        TRS balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs,
                                                                                                        and 10 segments level meter.

            PYD1939                                                 X-9                                                 X-7
           4 Channel Pro Mixer W/SFX                                3 Channel Digital Mixer w/Effects                   Premium Club/Dj Mixer

• 2 Turntable/8 Line Level (CD, Cassette           X9 is a three-channel digital scratch mixer with     X7 is a four-channel, digital club DJ mixer.
  Deck, MiniDisc, etc.)/2 Mic Inputs               BEAT SYNC digital effects. For any DJ who val-       This groundbreaking MIDI and USB mixer is
• 10-band Graphic Equalizer L& R Channels          ues the fidelity and precision of their records,     the ultimate companion to V7, the motorized
• Eight Digital Sound Effects                      CDs, or digital files, X9 employs a 100%-digital     DJ-software turntable controller. You can link
• Sound Effect CUE Switch                          signal path that incorporates technology from        V7s and X7 using X7’s elegant and powerful
• Dual Mic Inputs with Talkover                    the music studio pros at Alesis. This 24-bit mix-    communication protocol, which enables sys-
• Effect and EQ on/off Switches                    er faithfully transmits every detail and nuance      tem connection to your computer with a single
• Blue LED Level Display Meters                    of your music adding zero distortion and zero        USB cable.
• 115/230 Voltage Switchable                       noise.
                X-6                                                 X-5                                                 m-6 USB
                2-Channel Pro Digital Mixer                         2-Channel 24Bit Digital Mixer                       4-Channel USB Dj Mixer

X6 is a two-channel digital scratch mixer          Numark, creator of the first 100% digital DJ         M6 enables you to step up to a four-channel
with BEAT SYNC digital effects. For any DJ         mixer, continues to develop digital mixing with      mixer. This club-style design not only works
who values the fidelity and precision of their     X5. This two-channel, 24-bit, high-resolution        with any standard audio sources including
records, CDs, or digital files, X6 employs a       mixer contains high-end analog-to-digital            turntables and CD players, but it also has a
100%-digital signal path with Alesis technol-      and digital-to-analog circuitry and powerful         USB computer connection. When connected
ogy.This 24-bit mixer faithfully transmits every   look-ahead limiters at the master, booth, and        to your Mac or PC, the plug-and-play connec-
detail and nuance of your music adding zero        headphone outputs to deliver virtually loss-         tion empowers you to mix in audio in from mu-
distortion and zero noise.                         less, clip-proof audio performance.                  sic-player software and record your sets into
                                                                                                        virtually any audio recording application.
                m4                                                  m3                                                  m2
                3-Channel Pro Scratch Mixer                         2-Channel Pro Scratch Mixer                         2 Channel Scratch Mixer

M4 is a three-channel tabletop mixer designed      M3 has two channels with phono and line in-          M2 is a two-channel DJ scratch mixer. Swit-
for any DJ who needs maximum flexibility.          puts so you can connect turntables, CD play-         chable phono/line inputs for turntables, CD
It features a replaceable crossfader with re-      ers, your iPod, or any other sound source. A         players, and other line sources make M2 a
verse and slope controls, a 1/4” microphone        mic input gets you heard, and a headphone            superb choice for any DJ setting from wed-
input with EQ, and plenty of routing for phono     output with tone controls lets you listen.           dings to clubs, parties to practice setups. A
and line level devices. Two switchable phono/      Three-band EQs and gain controls on each             mic input with dedicated EQ and gain, and a
line inputs plus four more dedicated line in-      channel, crossfader-style cueing, and a re-          headphone output with crossfader-style cue-
puts give you a total of SIX inputs.               versible, slope-adjustable crossfader round          ing complete the plentifully featured package.
                                                   out the usual list of DJ-essential features.

pro audio
dj Equipment • Dj Mixers

                       m1 USB                                                m1                                                 C3 USB
                       Compact Scratch Mixer w/USB I/O                       Compact Scratch Mixer                              5-Ch. Mobile Dj Mixer w/USB I/O

      M1USB is a compact, two-channel scratch                M1 is a compact, two-channel scratch mixer         C3USB builds on the world’s most popular
      mixer with USB audio I/O. It is perfect for any        that is perfect for any DJ who needs to take       mobile DJ mixer design, adding the flexibility
      DJ who needs to mix different sources, inte-           maximum advantage of limited space. You            of USB for easy, on-the-fly connection to lap-
      grate computer audio, and record sets straight         can plug in turntables, CD players, and any        tops for audio input and output for recording to
      to computer, all in a small amount of space.           other line-level music source, as well as a mi-    Mac or PC. C3USB has two USB ports, each
      M1USB has two USB ports, each assignable               crophone. You can set the level of each chan-      assignable as an input or output. As inputs,
      as an input or output. As inputs, incoming au-         nel of M1 with trim and line faders, and then      incoming audio can be mixed like any other
      dio can be mixed like any other input.                 tailor the high and low frequencies with the       input. As outputs, you can send you mix out to
                                                             rotary EQs on each channel.                        a connected computer for recording.
                       C3FX                                                  C3                                                 C2
                       4-Ch. Rack Mixer w/Built-in Effects                   5-Ch. Rack Mixer w/3 Mic Inputs                    4-Ch. Rack Mixer w/5 Band EQ

      C3FX is a rack mixer with five mic inputs and          C3 is a versatile mixer with five channels plus    C2 is a powerful rack DJ mixer with five-band
      digital effects for DJs, clubs, houses of wor-         a DJ mic input with EQ. Thanks to its wide         EQ lets you tailor system response to the
      ship, performance venues and more. Integrat-           range of inputs, you can connect all of your       room with precision. The sophisticated micro-
      ed DSP featuring digital studio effect process-        gear with just this mixer. Combine turntables,     phone section includes great tools such as
      ing fills out the sound perfectly in any situation     CD players, samplers and more. A massive           auto-ducking, which automatically drops the
      or setting. Configured with four channels plus         I/O section gives you 10 line, three phono,        level of whatever’s going on when announce-
      DJ mic control, C3FX includes five micro-              and three mic inputs, as well as Master, Re-       ments need to be made and auto-muting with
      phone, five line, and three phono inputs.              cord, and Zone outputs.                            sensitivity adjustment so feedback will be
                                                                                                                nothing but a distant memory.
                       C1                                                    AVm02                                              Xone:DB4
                       3-Ch. Rack Mixer w/Mic Input                          Pro Audio/Video Mixer w/Effects                    Digital DJ FX Mixer

      C1 is a three-channel rack mixer for clubs,            The AVM02 offers separate, replaceable DJ          The Xone:DB4 is a truly ground-breaking
      bars, and mobile DJs. Two switchable phono/            crossfaders for audio and video with linked        mixer and by far the most advanced product
      line, four dedicated line, and a mic input en-         mode operation and slope control, Chroma           designed by Allen & Heath. Every feature has
      able you to connect C1 to almost anything.             Key (blue screen) and Luma Key (black              been meticulously researched with a view to
      Master and Record outputs, a user-replace-             screen) capability for superimposing images.       offering DJs ultimate creativity. Based on the
      able crossfader, five-band EQ and a dedi-              The AVM02 also features numerous joystick–         iLive pro-touring FX system, Allen & Heath
      cated mic EQ complete this powerful pack-              controlled fades and wipe patterns, picture–       developed FX algorithms with BPM conscious
      age. The powerful stereo headphone output              in–picture capability, and boasts two full video   parameters and tight spectral control, custom-
      ensures you can hear your mix.                         effects sections.                                  ized to perfectly fit the DJ environment.
                       XONE:4D                                               XONE:92                                            XONE:62
                       Pro 8-Channel Mixer w/USB I/O                         Pro 6 channel Club/DJ mixer                        Pro Club / DJ mixer

      Combining a fully featured, high specifica-            Features include: 6 stereo channels ,2 auxil-      This purebred club mixer has truly raised the
      tion professional analogue DJ mixer with 105           iary sends, MIDI output, VCA channel faders,       bar in terms of club audio quality. It’s also
      MIDI controllers and 227 MIDI messages,                2 independent stereo mix outputs, 2 VCF fil-       quickly become the mixer of choice for many
      a completely new, high-end, 96 kHz / 24-bit            ters, 2 x independent Low Frequency Oscilla-       of the world’s greatest DJs, thanks to its pris-
      20 channel Allen & Heath-designed USB 2.0              tors, Active crossfader, Custom illumination, 4    tine sound, its phenomenal VCF filters and its
      soundcard, the progressive XONE:4D has                 band EQ, booth output, Level Metering, Intel-      creative 4 band EQ. Voted Best Club Installa-
      been developed in conjunction with some of             ligent cue system, Monitor section, 2 x head-      tion Mixer in the DJ Magazine Techno-Scan
      the world’s most cutting-edge DJ/producers.            phone outputs 1/4” and 3.5mm.                      Awards 2002 & 2003.

                                                 Empire Wholesale, Inc. • Toll Free: 866.748.5200
                                                                                                                                         pro audio
                                                                                                                      dj Equipment • Dj Mixers

                XONE:42                                            XONE:22                                             SIXTY-EIgHT
                Pro 4 Chanel Club / DJ Mixer                       2 Channel Analogue DJ Mixer                         Pro 4-Ch. DJ Mixer w/Built in Serrato

The Xone:42 is a new compact 4 -channel DJ        The Xone:22 a 2-channel, analogue DJ mixer           The first professional DJ mixer with two USB
mixer with USB audio interface, designed for      which offers the top quality audio and profes-       2.0 high-speed ports with support for real-time
DJ’s want a compact quality mixer with pro        sional features such as a full cut isolator/EQ,      connection of two computers, up to four decks
features. A new feature – the ‘X-FX‘ control -    accurate metering, high quality faders and           and a range of effects. Two DJs can work in
allowing signal to be sent to external FX, and    pro-standard audio headroom. It also incorpo-        parallel and/or seamlessly transition from one
returned to be combined with the now legend-      rates a “lite” version of Xone’s now legendary       DJ to another when using Serrato Scratch
ary Xone VCF filter system. There’s even a        VCF filter system – a truly professional fea-        Live. It has 4 Channels, Two mic inputs: one
USB port which allows easy connection to a        ture never offered at this level before.             with phantom power and one with line-level, a
computer and integration of digital media.                                                             3-band full-cut EQ.
                TTm 57SL                                           VIDEO-SL                                            SSL VINYL
                Pro 2 Channel Mixer W/Serato                       Video Software Plug-in for Serato                   Control Vinyl Record Spares

This Mixer integrates Serato Scratch Live with    Serato introduces Video-SL, a software plug-         Continuous control signal on vinyl allows
the best of Rane’s hardware. Control Scratch      in for Scratch Live which adds the ability to        smooth accurate scratching. Scratch Live has
Live from your mixer without touching your        playback and mix video files with the Rane           the lowest latency vinyl emulation system on
laptop. Record your mix directly to hard drive,   TTM 57SL mixer. The controls of the TTM              the market. It has advanced vinyl groove and
or record two analog sources simultaneously.      57SL allow you to mix clips with a variety of        stylus modeling algorithm for a sound indistin-
24-bit effects using Rane and Serato’s soft-      transitions, as well as apply exciting effects to    guishable from the real thing. Side A: 10 min-
ware. It includes Rane’s legendary patented       each video clip. The mixed output can be sent        utes plus Vinyl Scroll track. Side B: 15 min-
magnetic faders that are the fastest, most ac-    to your computer’s secondary display for con-        utes. Available in black, red, blue and clear.
curate, and longest-lasting on the planet.        nection to external monitors or projectors.
                TTm-56S                                            EmPATH                                              mP 44S
                2- Channel Performance Mixer                       3 Channel 10” Mixer w/Auto Gain                     Pro 4 Channel DJ Mixer

TTM 56S is one of the best scratch mixers         The Empath mixer combines the vision of              4 input channels with phono & line inputs,
ever produced and this updated version im-        Grandmaster Flash and Rane technology.               trim, crossfader assignment, FlexFXTM ef-
proves with several new features like: Univer-    Compact size, exceptional performance and            fects assignment, 3-band full-cut EQ. Accel-
sal internal power supply works anwhere you       advanced features set the Empath mixer apart.        erated SlopeTM tone controls deliver 3 bands
can plug into 100-240 VAC • All four inputs       The Empath is the most able 3-channel, 10”           of full-cut (off to +6 dB) equalization on each
are now Phono/Line switchable - plug in 4         format mixer available. Also available as a Ro-      of the 4 input channels. FlexFX allows Effects
turntables or 4 CD players, or any combina-       tary mixer with Rotary Knobs instead of line         loop processing of the 4 inputs in any com-
tion • Both 1/4” and 3.5 mm headphone jacks       faders.                                              bination with A, B, or Post Crossfader assign-
are now provided on the front.                                                                         ment. VCA controlled faders.
                mP 2S                                              mP 2016S                                            XP 2016S
                Compact DJ Mixer                                   Rotary Mixer                                        Expander for MP 2016S

2 Phono/Line and 2 Line (4) inputs to 2           The MP 2016S is a rotary-controlled mixer            The XP 2016S is an optional external proces-
Crossfader buses, each with its own ±12 dB        featuring six Input Channels, Booth and              sor designed specifically for use with the MP
tone controls. High performance VCA Active        House Outputs, Pre-Effects Tape Outputs,             2016S. The XP 2016S is intended to mount
Crossfader™, Mic input; Versatile headphone       Post-Effects Tape Outputs with Level control,        above or below the MP 2016S. It connects
cueing.                                           switchable Effects Loop, and Headphone               with a single 10-inch ribbon cable and is
                                                  Cueing. Input Channels 1 through 4 feature           engaged with the flip of a switch on the MP
                                                  high quality RIAA phono preamplifiers which          2016S front panel.
                                                  may be switched to line input via rear panel

pro audio
dj Equipment • Video Controllers/Players/Mixers

                      DVJ-1000                                            SVm-1000                                                  NUVJ
                      Pro CD/DVD Turntable                                Pro Audio/Video Mixer                                      VJ Software Controller Interface

      Offering the same operation and layout as the      The SVM-1000 mixer incorporates a built-in 11-            The NuVJ allows DJs to incorporate images and
      CDJ-1000MK3 but with enhanced DVD speci-           inch LCD touch-panel display, symmetric chan-             video clips in much the same way as mixing mu-
      fications, the fully loaded DVJ-1000 allows DJs    nel layout, 4-channel audio and video inputs, Still       sic. With the NuVJ, the VJ can trigger images and
      to easily create and add visuals to their sets.    Image Sampler and hundreds of combinations of             video clips, add effects to them, mix them through
      Several groundbreaking features pump up the        video effects. Features and audio mixing capa-            an onboard DJ style crossfader and tweak them
      DVJ-1000’s core CDJ-1000MK3 capabilities,          bilities of the SVM-1000 give DJs and VJs the             in order to create unique and spectacular shows.
      while DVD visuals can be manipulated as you        creative freedom to easily build and create syn-          The hardware controller works seamlessly with
      would music - so digital video scratches, loops    chronized visual effects to accompany their audio         existing DJ gear and the software is compatible
      and instant cues are all possible.                 mix for a complete entertainment encounter.               with most computers and laptops.
                      AVm02                                               Vm-03mKII                                           mC-100NP mK2
                      Pro Audio/Video Mixer w/Effects                     3 Screen Video Display                              Triple Monitor Screen System

      The AVM02 offers separate, replaceable DJ          The Numark VM03–MKII is a 3–screen/6–                     The MC-100NP MK2 is a 3 Monitor screen
      crossfaders for audio and video with linked        input LCD video display monitor designed                  system for use with video players.
      mode operation and slope control, Chroma           for any video monitoring application. The                 • Three 5.6” TFT Color LCD Monitors
      Key (blue screen) and Luma Key (black              advanced design of the VM03–MKII allows                   • 19” Rack Mountable
      screen) capability for superimposing images.       the user to monitor video sources in either a             • 6 Selectable Composite Video Inputs
      The AVM02 also features numerous joystick–         rack–mount (3 rack spaces required) or table-             • Adjustable Tilt Angle
      controlled fades and wipe patterns, picture–       top setting.                                              • NTSC/PAL Auto Detection
      in–picture capability, and boasts two full video
      effects sections.
                mC-70                                                     V8                                                        V4
                7” TFT LCD Color Monitor                                  Eight-Channel Video Mixer with Effects                    Four-Channel Video Mixer with Effects

      The MC-70 7” Color Monitor can be used in          The V-8 Eight Channel Video Mixer has all the             The V-4 is a 4-channel Video Mixer made for
      a variety of applications such as Digital Video    features of the V-4 but with more channels,               portable or fixed installation use. It is ideal for
      Jockey Systems, post production, and studio        two selectable RGB inputs, monitor outputs                use in nightclubs, places of worship, theatres,
      applications.                                      and additional powerful special effects. It con-          and other live performances. The compact
      • 7” TFT LCD Color Screen                          tinues the legacy of the V-4’s other great fea-           design of the V-4 gives you the freedom to
      • Normal/Wide Mode                                 tures such as ease of use, high-quality digital           make your video sources come alive. The V-4
      • Color System NTSC/PAL                            processing of video, numerous video effects               is a part of the Roland SD video mixer line.
      • Low Reflection High Resolution TFT LCD           and BPM sync with music.

                      mVS-12                                              P-10                                                      V-1600HD
                      Multi-Viewer/Switcher                               Video Sampler                                             Multi-Format Live Video Switcher

      The MVS-12 groups and displays up to 12 SD         The P-10 Visual Sampler is the newest, com-               The V-1600HD switcher features a built-in
      video signals to a single HD or RGB monitor.       pact and most affordable offering in the grow-            preview monitor that provides a convenient
      This multi-viewer is an ideal companion for the    ing lineup of Roland visual performance prod-             monitoring solution when external monitors are
      popular line of SD video mixers such as the        ucts. Although many presenters and visual                 not available or ideal. The sixteen inputs pro-
      LVS-800 and V-8. The MVS-12 also features          artists use computers for their video and still-          vide connectivity to HD/SD-SDI, DVI-D/HDMI,
      a built-in Matrix Switcher allowing any of the     frame playback, they are limited in accessibil-           RGB, Component, S-video, and composite for-
      12 video sources to be routed to four different    ity, reliability, control and triggering content.         mats – as well as still images assignable via
      outputs such as separate rooms, screens, or                                                                  USB memory. The 14 mixing channels provide
      web-streaming devices.                                                                                       built-in scalers and frame syncs.

                                                Empire Wholesale, Inc. • Toll Free: 866.748.5200
                                                                                                                                                                                     pro audio
                                                                                                                                                         dj Equipment • Headphones

               SRH240                                  SRH440                                  SRH750DJ                                 SRH840                                  HD 380 PRO

The SRH240 Headphones from              The SRH440 Professional Studio           High impedance and maximized            A precisely tailored frequency re-       The HD 380 Pro professional moni-
Shure provide excellent sound           Headphones from Shure provide            power handling optimize the head-       sponse and 40mm neodymium                toring headphone is designed to
reproduction and comfort. With          exceptional sound reproduction           phones for use on high-output DJ        dynamic drivers combine with total       exceed the demands of the profes-
40mm neodymium dynamic driv-            and comfort. Impedance, power            mixers. Comfortable, padded ear         comfort and durability to provide        sional environment. The HD 380
ers optimized for general listen-       handling and sensitivity are all cali-   cups swivel 90 degrees and allow        the ultimate listening experience.       Pro provides an extended frequen-
ing and monitoring, the SRH240          brated for professional audio devic-     easy placement on one ear when          The replaceable cable, and ear           cy response with increased sound
Headphones reproduce deep               es such as DJ mixers, mixing con-        mixing. Replaceable cable, ear-         pads, threaded 1/4” (6.3mm) gold-        pressure level (up to 110 dB) for
bass with clear mids and highs.         soles, and headphone amplifier.          pads, and carry bag included            plated adapter are included.             accurate sound reproduction.
               HD 280 PRO                              HD280 SILVER                            HD 25-1 II                               HD 205-II                               HD 203

The HD 280 Pro is Sennheiser’s most     The HD 280 Silver is Sennheiser’s        The closed-back HD 25-1 II              The HD 205-II provides studio-grade      The HD 203 studio stereo head-
significant closed, circumaural head-   most significant closed, circumaural     purpose-designed,     professional      detail and frequency response cou-       phones are the ideal partner for
phone to be introduced in years.        headphone designed to exceed the         monitoring headphones offer high        pled with brilliant shielding of ambi-   home recording. The rugged light-
With it’s robust construction com-      demands of the professional environ-     attenuation of background noise.        ent noise. The rotatable ear cup as      weight headphones have a secure
bined with extensive features that      ment. Extremely robust construction      Capable of handling very high           well as the single-sided cable make      fit that blocks out ambient noise
meet the requirements of today’s        combined with extensive features for     sound pressure levels and of ex-        them a professional companion for        and keeps your music and monitor-
most demanding applications.            today’s demanding applications.          tremely robust construction.            DJ’s and home recording.                 ing cues from leaking out.

               HmD280                                  HmD281                                  HmD 25                                   HmD 26-600S-7                           HmD 26-600-XQ

The HMD 280 Pro headset has             The HMD 281 Professional single-         A Communications headset for use        The closed and supra-aural head-         The closed and supra-aural head-
been especially designed for com-       sided headset for talkback film and      in noisy environments. The HMD          sets HMD 26-600S-7 are light-            sets HMD 26-600-XQ are lightweight
munications in high-noise environ-      TV applications and high-noise           25 is a Lightweight split, supraural    weight and designed for use in           and designed for use in broadcast
ments. Its dynamic, super-cardioid      environments. Its dynamic, super-        headphone combined with a super-        broadcast applications at TV and         applications at TV and Radio. The
microphone has been optimized for       cardioid microphone has been op-         cardioid dynamic microphone.            Radio. HMD 26 provides high wear-        headphones are dimensioned for
close talking distances.                timized for close talking distances.     The Microphone can be worn              ing comfort in combination with a        high maximum SPL. This model is
                                                                                 on either left or right-hand side.      good noise attenuation.                  equipped with ActiveGard.

         K 141 mK II                             K 240 mK II                             K 181 DJ                                 DN-HP1000                               DN-HP700

The K 141 MK II is a newly updated      The K 240 MK II’s semi-open ear          The K 181 DJ have been designed         The DN-HP1000 features an im-            The DN-HP700 features an impec-
version of the AKG legend with XXL      cups have around-the-ear coupling        in cooperation with leading interna-    peccably clean vibrant sound that        cably clean vibrant sound that will
transducers with Varimotion™ tech-      to deliver solid bass, accurate mids     tional DJs. The result: high perfor-    will withstand the demands of high       withstand the demands of high
nology to deliver higher sensitivity,   and crystal-clear highs. Thanks to       mance closed-back headphones            volume, while maintaining its sonic      volume, while maintaining its sonic
wide dynamic range and higher SPL,      its lower impedance and improved         with the best possible sound, and       characteristics. Soft padded ear         characteristics. Ear cups able to
plus its lower impedance also allows    sensitivity, it can be used with low-    maximum SPL that should be ex-          cups able to swivel a full 180 degrees   swivel 90 degrees with pivot action
it to be used with computers.           output audio sources to deliver its      ceptionally rugged and easy to bend     with dual-pivot action design.           design, conform to all head sizes.
                                        incredible sound.                        or fold into any listening position.

               HDJ-2000                                HDJ-1000                                HDJ-500                                  XONE:XD-53                              XONE:XD-40


The HDJ-2000 is Pioneer’s premier       Designed with DJs in mind, the           The HDJ-500’s stylish design is         The XD-53’s circumaural design,          The extended, punchy bottom end
professional headphone. Featuring       housing can rest against the shoul-      matched with great sound quality        providing excellent isolation from       is complemented by a crisp and
lightweight magnesium construc-         ders for stability and comfort. High     providing clear audio reproduction,     ambient noise, making them the ideal     detailed mid and upper range. They
tion and high flux magnets, the         power input (3,000mW) for moni-          especially in the critical low and      headphone solution for DJ’s working      are light and well padded, making
HDJ-2000 represents the best in         toring a high level of sound, and a      mid frequency ranges that are key       in loud environments. The XD-53’s        them more comfortable and less
sound quality, fit and durability.      hermetically sealed body with high       for remixing. Available in Black (K),   are also the perfect headphone for       fatiguing for extended use.
                                        sound-insulating ability.                Red (R), and White (W).                 studio monitoring applications.


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