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                                                                                                                                                               110 th CONGRESS, FIRST SESSION
                                           United States
                                            of America                                  PROCEEDINGS AND DEBATES OF THE

                                        Vol. 153                                                       WASHINGTON, FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 2007                                                                         No. 2

                                                                The Senate was not in session today. Its next meeting will be held on Monday, January 8, 2007, at 11:30 a.m.

                                                                                   House of Representatives
                                                                                                                          FRIDAY, JANUARY 5, 2007

                                          The House met at 9:30 a.m.                                                 I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the                stated policies. The Chair intends to
                                          The Chaplain, the Reverend Daniel P.                                     United States of America, and to the Repub-             continue in the 110th Congress the poli-
                                        Coughlin, offered the following prayer:                                    lic for which it stands, one nation under God,          cies reflected in these statements. The
                                                                                                                   indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
                                          ‘‘Like the eyes of a servant                                                                                                     policy announced in the 102nd Congress
                                          on the hand of her mistress                                                              f                                       with respect to jurisdictional concepts
                                          so our eyes are on the Lord our God.                                     APPOINTMENT OF MEMBERS TO                               related to clause 5(a) of rule XXI—tax
                                          till He shows us His mercy.’’                                             PERMANENT     SELECT   COM-                            and tariff measures—will continue to
                                          Lord, giver of all good gifts, You                                        MITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE                                 govern but need not be reiterated, as it
                                        know as an institution the House of                                                                                                is adequately documented as precedent
                                        Representatives is served by many                                            The SPEAKER. Pursuant to clause 11                    in the House Rules and Manual.
                                        staffers and workers. As the 110th Con-                                    of rule X and clause 11 of rule I, the                    Without objection, the announce-
                                        gress begins its work, bless all who                                       Chair appoints the following members                    ments will be printed in the RECORD.
                                        labor here on Capitol Hill. From police                                    of the House to the Permanent Select                      There was no objection.
                                        to parliamentarian to painter, record-                                     Committee on Intelligence:                                      1. PRIVILEGES OF THE FLOOR
                                        ing clerk to reporter, both physician                                        Mr. REYES, Texas, Chairman                              The Chair will make the following an-
                                        and political adviser, all are a blessing                                    Mr. HOEKSTRA, Michigan                                nouncements regarding floor privileges,
                                        to the Members who are here to serve                                                         f                                     which will apply during the 110th Congress.
                                                                                                                                                                           ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER WITH RESPECT
                                        You and Your people by governance.                                         ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER                                            TO STAFF
                                          Assist them in their daily tasks, for
                                        all contribute to the common under-                                          The SPEAKER. The Chair custom-                          Rule IV strictly limits those persons to
                                                                                                                   arily takes this occasion at the outset                 whom the privileges of the floor during ses-
                                        taking and serve this country. Be                                                                                                  sions of the House are extended, and that
                                        present to them in the midst of routine                                    of a Congress to announce her policies
                                                                                                                                                                           rule prohibits the Chair from entertaining
                                        and show them Your mercy, both now                                         with respect to particular aspects of
                                                                                                                                                                           requests for suspension or waiver of that
                                        and forever. Amen.                                                         the legislative process. The Chair will                 rule. As reiterated by the Chair on January
                                                                                                                   insert in the RECORD announcements                      21, 1986, January 3, 1985, January 25, 1983, and
                                                                                                                   concerning:                                             August 22, 1974, and as stated in Chapter 10,
                                                    THE JOURNAL                                                      first, privileges of the floor;                       section 2, of House Practice, the rule strictly
                                          The SPEAKER. The Chair has exam-                                           second, introduction of bills and reso-               limits the number of committee staff on the
                                                                                                                   lutions;                                                floor at one time during the consideration of
                                        ined the Journal of the last day’s pro-                                                                                            measures reported from their committees.
                                        ceedings and announces to the House                                          third, unanimous-consent requests
                                                                                                                                                                           This permission does not extend to Members’
                                        her approval thereof.                                                      for the consideration of legislation;                   personal staff except when a Member’s
                                          Pursuant to clause 1, rule I, the Jour-                                    fourth, recognition for 1-minute                      amendment is actually pending during the
                                        nal stands approved.                                                       speeches;                                               five-minute rule. It also does not extend to
                                                                               f                                     fifth, decorum in debate;                             personal staff of Members who are sponsors
                                                                                                                     sixth, conduct of votes by electronic                 of pending bills or who are engaging in spe-
                                              PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE                                                 device;                                                 cial orders. The Chair requests the coopera-
                                          The SPEAKER. Will the gentleman                                            seventh, use of handouts on the                       tion of all Members and committee staff to
                                                                                                                                                                           assure that only the proper number of staff
                                        from Texas (Mr. POE) come forward and                                      House floor; and
                                                                                                                                                                           are on the floor, and then only during the
                                        lead the House in the Pledge of Alle-                                        eighth, use of electronic equipment                   consideration of measures within the juris-
                                        giance.                                                                    on the House floor.                                     diction of their committees. The Chair is
                                          Mr. POE led the Pledge of Allegiance                                       These announcements, where appro-                     making this statement and reiterating this
                                        as follows:                                                                priate, will reiterate the origins of the               policy because of Members’ past insistence

                                                           b This symbol represents the time of day during the House proceedings, e.g., b 1407 is 2:07 p.m.
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                             Matter set in this typeface indicates words inserted or appended, rather than spoken, by a Member of the House on the floor.



                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005                      00:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00001   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.000   H05JAPT1
                                        H60                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                        January 5, 2007
                                        upon strict enforcement of the rule. The                sure the integrity of the process by which              entering the Chamber; to wear appropriate
                                        Chair requests each chairman, and each                  legislation is introduced in the House.                 business attire in the Chamber; and to gen-
                                        ranking minority member, to submit to the                 3. UNANIMOUS-CONSENT REQUESTS FOR THE                 erally display the same degree of respect to
                                        Speaker a list of those staff who are allowed                   CONSIDERATION OF LEGISLATION                    the Chair and other Members that every
                                        on the floor during the consideration of a                The policy the Chair announced on Janu-               Member is due.
                                        measure reported by their committee. The                                                                          The Chair would like all Members to be on
                                                                                                ary 6, 1999, with respect to recognition for
                                        Sergeant-at-Arms, who has been directed to                                                                      notice that the Chair intends to strictly en-
                                                                                                unanimous consent requests for the consider-
                                        assure proper enforcement of rule IV, will                                                                      force time limitations on debate. Further-
                                                                                                ation of certain legislative measures will
                                        keep the list. Each staff person should ex-                                                                     more, the Chair has the authority to imme-
                                                                                                continue to apply in the 110th Congress. The
                                        change his or her ID for a ‘‘committee staff’’                                                                  diately interrupt Members in debate who
                                                                                                Speaker will continue to follow the guide-
                                        badge, which is to be worn while on the floor.                                                                  transgress rule XVII by failing to avoid ‘‘per-
                                                                                                lines recorded in section 956 of the House
                                        The Chair has consulted with the Minority                                                                       sonalities’’ in debate with respect to ref-
                                                                                                Rules and Manual conferring recognition for
                                        Leader and will continue to consult with                                                                        erences to the Senate, the President, and
                                                                                                unanimous-consent requests for the consid-
                                        him.                                                                                                            other Members, rather than wait for Mem-
                                                                                                eration of bills, resolutions, and other meas-
                                          Furthermore, as the Chair announced on                                                                        bers to complete their remarks.
                                                                                                ures only when assured that the majority
                                        January 7, 2003, in accordance with the                                                                           Finally, it is not in order to speak dis-
                                                                                                and minority floor leadership and committee
                                        change in the 108th Congress of clause 2(a) of                                                                  respectfully of the Speaker; and under the
                                                                                                chairmen and ranking minority members
                                        rule IV regarding leadership staff floor ac-                                                                    precedents the sanctions for such violations
                                                                                                have no objection. Consistent with those
                                        cess, only designated staff approved by the                                                                     transcend the ordinary requirements for
                                                                                                guidelines, and with the Chair’s inherent
                                        Speaker shall be granted the privilege of the                                                                   timeliness of challenges. This separate treat-
                                                                                                power of recognition under clause 2 of rule
                                        floor. The Speaker intends that her approval                                                                    ment is recorded in volume 2 of Hinds’ Prece-
                                                                                                XVII, the Chair, and any occupant of the
                                        be narrowly granted on a bipartisan basis to                                                                    dents, at section 1248 and was reiterated on
                                                                                                Chair appointed as Speaker pro tempore pur-
                                        staff from the majority and minority side                                                                       January 19, 1995.
                                                                                                suant to clause 8 of rule I, will decline rec-
                                        and only to those staff essential to floor ac-          ognition for the unanimous-consent requests              6. CONDUCT OF VOTES BY ELECTRONIC DEVICE
                                        tivities.                                               chronicled in section 956 without assurances              The Speaker’s policy announced on Janu-
                                        ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER WITH RESPECT                that the request has been so cleared. This de-          ary 4, 1995, with respect to the conduct of
                                                  TO FORMER MEMBERS                             nial of recognition by the Chair will not re-           electronic votes will continue in the 110th
                                          The Speaker’s policy announced on Feb-                flect necessarily any personal opposition on            Congress with modifications as follows.
                                        ruary 1, 2006, will continue to apply in the            the part of the Chair to orderly consider-                As Members are aware, clause 2(a) of rule
                                        110th Congress.                                         ation of the matter in question, but will re-           XX provides that Members shall have not
                                                                                                flect the determination upon the part of the            less than 15 minutes in which to answer an
                                         ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER, FEBRUARY 1,
                                                                                                Chair that orderly procedures will be fol-              ordinary record vote or quorum call. The
                                                                                                lowed; that is, procedures involving con-               rule obviously establishes 15 minutes as a
                                          The SPEAKER. The House has adopted a                                                                          minimum. Still, with the cooperation of the
                                                                                                sultation and agreement between floor and
                                        revision to the rule regarding the admission                                                                    Members, a vote can easily be completed in
                                                                                                committee leadership on both sides of the
                                        to the floor and the rooms leading thereto.                                                                     that time. The events of October 30, 1991,
                                        Clause 4 of rule IV provides that a former                                                                      stand out as proof of this point. On that oc-
                                        Member, Delegate or Resident Commissioner                 4. RECOGNITION FOR ONE-MINUTE SPEECHES
                                                                                                                                                        casion, the House was considering a bill in
                                        or a former Parliamentarian of the House, or            ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER WITH RESPECT                the Committee of the Whole under a special
                                        a former elected officer of the House or a                      TO ONE-MINUTE SPEECHES                          rule that placed an overall time limit on the
                                        former minority employee nominated as an                   The Speaker’s policy announced on August             amendment process, including the time con-
                                        elected officer of the House shall not be enti-         8, 1984, with respect to recognition for one-           sumed by record votes. The Chair announced,
                                        tled to the privilege of admission to the Hall          minute speeches will apply during the 110th             and then strictly enforced, a policy of clos-
                                        of the House and the rooms extending there-             Congress. The Chair will alternate recogni-             ing electronic votes as soon as possible after
                                        to if he or she is a registered lobbyist or an          tion for one-minute speeches between major-             the guaranteed period of 15 minutes. Mem-
                                        agent of a foreign principal; has any direct            ity and minority Members, in the order in               bers appreciated and cooperated with the
                                        personal pecuniary interest in any legisla-             which they seek recognition in the well                 Chair’s enforcement of the policy on that oc-
                                        tive measure pending before the House, or re-           under present practice from the Chair’s right           casion.
                                        ported by a committee; or is in the employ of           to the Chair’s left, with possible exceptions             The Chair desires that the example of Oc-
                                        or represents any party or organization for             for Members of the leadership and Members               tober 30, 1991, be made the regular practice of
                                        the purpose of influencing, directly or indi-           having business requests. The Chair, of                 the House. To that end, the Chair enlists the
                                        rectly, the passage, defeat, or amendment of            course, reserves the right to limit one-                assistance of all Members in avoiding the un-
                                        any legislative proposal.                               minute speeches to a certain period of time             necessary loss of time in conducting the
                                          This restriction extends not only to the              or to a special place in the program on any             business of the House. The Chair encourages
                                        House floor but adjacent rooms, the cloak-              given day, with notice to the leadership.               all Members to depart for the Chamber
                                        rooms and the Speaker’s lobby.                                      5. DECORUM IN DEBATE                        promptly upon the appropriate bell and light
                                          Clause 4 of rule IV also allows the Speaker              The Chair’s announced policies of January            signal. As in recent Congresses, the cloak-
                                        to exempt ceremonial and educational func-              7, 2003, January 4, 1995, and January 3, 1991,          rooms should not forward to the Chair re-
                                        tions from the restrictions of this clause.             will apply in the 110th Congress. It is essen-          quests to hold a vote by electronic device,
                                        These restrictions shall not apply to attend-           tial that the dignity of the proceedings of             but should simply apprise inquiring Members
                                        ance at joint meetings or joint sessions,               the House be preserved, not only to assure              of the time remaining on the voting clock.
                                        Former Members’ Day proceedings, edu-                   that the House conducts its business in an              Members should not rely on signals relayed
                                        cational tours, and other occasions as the              orderly fashion but also to permit Members              from outside the Chamber to assume that
                                        Speaker may designate.                                  to properly comprehend and participate in               votes will be held open until they arrive in
                                          Members who have reason to know that a                                                                        the Chamber. Members will be given a rea-
                                                                                                the business of the House. To this end, and in
                                        person is on the floor inconsistent with                                                                        sonable amount of time in which to accu-
                                                                                                order to permit the Chair to understand and
                                        clause 4 of rule IV should notify the Ser-                                                                      rately record their votes. No occupant of the
                                                                                                to correctly put the question on the numer-
                                        geant at Arms promptly.                                                                                         Chair would prevent a Member who is in the
                                                                                                ous requests that are made by Members, the
                                         2. INTRODUCTION OF BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS               Chair requests that Members and others who              Well before the announcement of the result
                                          The policy that the Chair announced on                have the privileges of the floor desist from            from casting his or her vote.
                                        January 3, 1983, with respect to the introduc-          audible conversation in the Chamber while                    7. USE OF HANDOUTS ON HOUSE FLOOR
                                        tion and reference of bills and resolutions             the business of the House is being conducted.             The Speaker’s policy announced on Sep-
                                        will continue to apply in the 110th Congress.           The Chair would encourage all Members to                tember 27, 1995, which was prompted by a
                                        The Chair has advised all officers and em-              review rule XVII to gain a better under-                misuse of handouts on the House floor and
                                        ployees of the House that are involved in the           standing of the proper rules of decorum ex-             made at the bipartisan request of the Com-
                                        processing of bills that every bill, resolution,        pected of them, and especially: to avoid                mittee on Standards of Official Conduct, will
                                        memorial, petition or other material that is            ‘‘personalities’’ in debate with respect to ref-        continue in the 110th Congress. All handouts
                                        placed in the hopper must bear the signature            erences to other Members, the Senate, and               distributed on or adjacent to the House floor
                                        of a Member. Where a bill or resolution is              the President; to address the Chair while               by Members during House proceedings must
                                        jointly sponsored, the signature must be                standing and only during, and not beyond,               bear the name of the Member authorizing
                                        that of the Member first named thereon. The             the time recognized, and not to address the             their distribution. In addition, the content of
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        bill clerk is instructed to return to the Mem-          television or other imagined audience; to re-           those materials must comport with stand-
                                        ber any bill which appears in the hopper                frain from passing between the Chair and a              ards of propriety applicable to words spoken
                                        without an original signature. This proce-              Member speaking, or directly in front of a              in debate or inserted in the Record. Failure
                                        dure was inaugurated in the 92d Congress. It            Member speaking from the well; to refrain               to comply with this admonition may con-
                                        has worked well, and the Chair thinks that it           from smoking in the Chamber; to deactivate              stitute a breach of decorum and may give
                                        is essential to continue this practice to in-           any audible ring of wireless telephones when            rise to a question of privilege.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   02:21 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00002   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.001   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H61
                                           The Chair would also remind Members                    OLE NUMBER 48—GERALD FORD                             national peacekeeping force and begin
                                        that, pursuant to clause 5 of rule IV, staff is                                                                 to close this perilous chapter in our
                                        prohibited from engaging in efforts in the                (Mr. POE asked and was given per-
                                                                                                mission to address the House for 1                      Nation’s history.
                                        Hall of the House or rooms leading thereto
                                        to influence Members with regard to the leg-            minute.)                                                                 f
                                        islation being amended. Staff cannot dis-                 Mr. POE. Madam Speaker, when                          CONGRESS IS ACTUALLY GOING
                                        tribute handouts.                                       President Gerald Ford played football                     TO WORK 5 DAYS A WEEK TO
                                           In order to enhance the quality of debate            for Michigan, he was the team’s center                    MAKE AMERICA BETTER
                                        in the House, the Chair would ask Members               on offense. He touched the ball on
                                        to minimize the use of handouts.                                                                                  (Mr. COHEN asked and was given per-
                                                                                                every play. The play could not begin
                                          8. USE OF ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT ON HOUSE                                                                       mission to address the House for 1
                                                                                                without Gerald Ford snapping the ball.
                                                            FLOOR                                                                                       minute and to revise and extend his re-
                                                                                                Others on the team, however, the quar-
                                           The Speaker’s policy announced on Janu-                                                                      marks.)
                                                                                                terback, running back and receivers,
                                        ary 27, 2000, as modified by the change in                                                                        Mr. COHEN. Mr. Speaker, as Demo-
                                                                                                made all the headlines, but that was
                                        clause 5 of rule XVII in the 108th Congress,                                                                    crats take control of Congress this
                                        will continue in the 110th Congress. All                fine with Gerald Ford. As the center he
                                                                                                                                                        week, the American people are going to
                                        Members and staff are reminded of the abso-             was neither on the right nor the left
                                                                                                                                                        see some stark differences in how we
                                        lute prohibition contained in clause 5 of rule          but in the middle of the charge to move
                                                                                                                                                        run this institution compared to the
                                        XVII against the use of a wireless telephone            the ball over the goal line.
                                        or personal computer upon the floor of the
                                                                                                                                                        way it has been run for the last 6 years.
                                                                                                  Gerald Ford and Michigan were suc-
                                        House at any time.                                                                                                First, the House is actually going to
                                                                                                cessful. Michigan won two national
                                           The Chair requests all Members and staff                                                                     be in session 5 days a week most weeks.
                                                                                                championships. Gerald Ford was of-
                                        wishing to receive or send wireless telephone                                                                   Last year, the Republican Congress
                                                                                                fered contracts with NFL teams, such
                                        messages to do so outside of the Chamber,                                                                       was known as the do-nothing Congress
                                        and to deactivate, which means to turn off,             as the Detroit Lions. He chose law
                                                                                                                                                        because it met fewer days than any
                                        any audible ring of wireless phones before              school instead, served in World War II,
                                                                                                                                                        Congress in 6 decades.
                                        entering the Chamber. To this end, the Chair            fought in that great war, and was a                       Not only is this House going to be in
                                        insists upon the cooperation of all Members             Member of this very House.                              session more often, it is actually going
                                        and staff and instructs the Sergeant-at-                  When he became President, ole No.
                                        Arms, pursuant to clause 3(a) of rule II and                                                                    to do its job while we are here. For
                                                                                                48, President Ford, took the ball again,                years, Republican Congresses refused
                                        clause 5 of rule XVII, to enforce this prohibi-         but this time on the field of American
                                        tion.                                                                                                           to conduct proper oversight of the
                                                                                                discontent about corruption and war.                    Bush administration, instead choosing
                                                                                                He stayed in the center and once again                  to rubber-stamp its policies.
                                                                                                was successful in moving Team Amer-                       Democrats take oversight responsi-
                                                                                                ica across the goal line of healing and                 bility seriously, and are prepared to
                                        ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER
                                                                                                hope.                                                   hold this administration accountable
                                          The SPEAKER. The Chair will enter-                      However, when entering a room,                        for its successes and its failures. In
                                        tain five 1-minute speeches on each                     President Ford always preferred the                     hearings, we’re going to ask adminis-
                                        side.                                                   band not play the traditional Hail to                   tration officials some tough questions
                                                                                                the Chief but, rather, the Michigan                     so that we can make government work
                                                         f                                      fight song.                                             again for all Americans.
                                                                                                  Thank you, President Ford, for play-                    Mr. Speaker, at a time when our Na-
                                               FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY                            ing ball for Team America.                              tion is at war and with so many domes-
                                          (Mr. SALAZAR asked and was given                        And that’s just the way it is.                        tic and international issues that must
                                        permission to address the House for 1                                     f                                     be addressed, the American people
                                        minute and to revise and extend his re-                                                                         rightly want us here doing our job. The
                                        marks.)                                                      BRING THE TROOPS HOME
                                                                                                                                                        new Democratic Congress will not dis-
                                          Mr. SALAZAR. Madam Speaker, the                         (Mr. KUCINICH asked and was given                     appoint.
                                        administration has turned a projected                   permission to address the House for 1                     On a personal note, as one of the new
                                        10-year, $5.6 billion surplus into a near-              minute and to revise and extend his re-                 freshmen elected here, America, you
                                        ly $3 trillion deficit. Over the past 6                 marks.)                                                 have a great freshman class, a great
                                        years, America’s debt has climbed 50                      Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker,                          deal of talent, and I think you can feel
                                        percent to more than $28,000 per per-                   Congress as a coequal branch of gov-                    proud of your new Speaker, Madam
                                        son. It is so bad that this administra-                 ernment must be prepared to act to                      PELOSI.
                                        tion has borrowed more money from                       bring our troops home from Iraq. Con-                                    f
                                        foreign nations than all previous 42                    gress must have an exit plan and take
                                        U.S. Presidents combined. That is the                   steps to implement it. President Bush                   HOUSE DEMOCRATS PLAN TO RE-
                                        fiscal mess that we inherit from the                    has every intention of keeping the                        STORE      DEMOCRACY        IN    THE
                                        109th Congress.                                         troops in Iraq through the end of his                     HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                                          We believe it is time that we finally                 term. However, the money is there to                      (Ms. SOLIS asked and was given per-
                                        get our fiscal house in order. Today, we                bring the troops home now. If Congress                  mission to address the House for 1
                                        will restore the pay-as-you-go rules                    appropriates more money for Iraq, the                   minute.)
                                        that were instrumental to the budget                    war will escalate and more troops and                     Ms. SOLIS. Good morning, Mr.
                                        surpluses we experienced in the early                   innocent civilians will die. The Amer-                  Speaker, and buenos dias.
                                        1990s. Pay-as-you-go budgeting with no                  ican people voted for a new direction.                    You know, folks, this is the people’s
                                        new deficit spending is a key first step.               That direction is out of Iraq. Let us                   House, but for much of the last 6 years,
                                        This will reverse the budget deficits                   rescue our troops. Let us rescue a do-                  House Republican leaders chose to run
                                        that are currently passing billions of                  mestic agenda. Let us reverse policies                  it with an iron hand—one where only
                                        dollars in debt to our children and our                 which have created chaos, massive ci-                   the voices of the special interests were
                                        grandchildren.                                          vilian casualties and destruction in                    heard in this House. Opposing voices
                                          It was wrong to eliminate pay-as-                     Iraq. Let us reunite the community of                   were always ignored.
                                        you-go in 2002. We need to begin to                     nations in the cause of stabilizing Iraq.                 House Democrats vowed to restore
                                        treat our Federal budget in the way                       The U.S. cannot do this as occupiers                  democracy in this House and today we
                                        that working families treat their budg-                 or as agents of contracting and oil in-                 live up to that promise by committing
                                        ets, and pay-as-you-go is a good first                  terests. We can do this only once we                    to a fair and democratic process and
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        step.                                                   have stated our intention to end the                    the end of the 2-day workweek. Our
                                          Madam Speaker, I hope that this                       occupation. Next week I will be pre-                    proposal specifically prohibits holding
                                        House can act in a bipartisan fashion                   senting to this Congress a workable                     votes open for the sole purpose of af-
                                        to restore fiscal responsibility to Wash-               plan which can enable our Nation to                     fecting the outcome. We all remember
                                        ington.                                                 bring the troops home, assure an inter-                 the Medicare prescription drug vote. I

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   02:21 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00003   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.003   H05JAPT1
                                        H62                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                       January 5, 2007
                                        do. I remember staying here in the wee                   The Chair recognizes                   the   gentle-    ducted in an open and fair manner, and
                                        morning hours, 3 hours, when that vote                  woman from California.                                   conference reports containing last-
                                        was held open in 2003 so Republican                                       b 0945                                 minute provisions will not be consid-
                                        leaders could twist enough arms to win                                                                           ered on the House floor.
                                        their vote. That is not how democracy                     Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I yield                         A Chamber worthy of the title the
                                        is supposed to work, and our rules                      myself such time as I may consume.                       people’s House is one which conducts
                                        change would prevent that from ever                       Mr. Speaker, here in the first hours                   its business within the people’s view.
                                        happening.                                              of the 110th Congress we rise to restore                 By making this reform package the
                                          We are also going to give Members                     decorum and civility to what has been                    very first item considered in this Con-
                                        more time to read bills so that they ac-                from its founding the greatest delibera-                 gress, our new leadership is sending a
                                        tually know what they are reading. It                   tive institution. In doing so, we open a                 strong message to all of the American
                                        should be par for the course to get a                   new chapter in the history of the House                  people, Democrat, Republican, Inde-
                                        bill of a thousand pages and then begin                 of Representatives, one that is dig-                     pendent, that we have heard the mes-
                                        to vote on it. We need to have more                     nified.                                                  sage you have sent us, demanding hon-
                                        time to review that.                                      Mr. Speaker, the American people                       est and ethical leadership, and we are
                                          Today, Mr. Speaker, democracy re-                     spoke loud and clear this past Novem-                    heeding that call.
                                        turns to the House.                                     ber, and I am proud to say that the                        Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of
                                                         f                                      Democratic majority is responding to                     my time.
                                                                                                that call. This legislation marks a new                    Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, let me
                                        DEMOCRATIC AGENDA ON HONEST                             beginning. The Democratic reform                         begin by, now since I have the first op-
                                          LEADERSHIP AND OPEN GOV-                              package, H. Res. 6, enacts long overdue                  portunity to formally see my Cali-
                                          ERNMENT                                               congressional reform: restoring an                       fornia colleague here on the floor, to
                                          (Ms. WATSON asked and was given                       open government, an honest govern-                       congratulate her and all of the mem-
                                        permission to address the House for 1                   ment, an ethical government; and it                      bers of the new majority. I have con-
                                        minute and to revise and extend her re-                 marks the restoration of the American                    gratulated Ms. SLAUGHTER and of
                                        marks.)                                                 people’s priorities to the people’s                      course Ms. PELOSI, and now I join in ex-
                                          Ms. WATSON. Mr. Speaker, this                         House. It is my hope that by enacting                    tending congratulations to Ms. MATSUI
                                        week with pride the new Democratic                      these changes we will be able to change                  for her move into the majority, and to
                                        House opens this congressional session                  the tone of how we conduct business in                   say as I did yesterday that I anxiously
                                        by bringing ethics reform measures to                   this Chamber and with each other.                        look forward to working in a bipartisan
                                        the House floor that will sever the                       I recall a time in the House of Rep-                   way as was said by Speaker PELOSI and
                                        unhealthy ties between lawmakers and                    resentatives and not too long ago when                   Leader BOEHNER here yesterday.
                                        lobbyists.                                              Members had friends on both sides of                       I believe it is absolutely imperative
                                          We made a promise to the American                     the aisle. Our children played together,                 that we meet the demand that was put
                                        people that we would drain the swamp                    they got to know each other, they be-                    forth by the American people in the
                                        of unethical behavior here in Wash-                     came friends. Our families ate dinner                    November election. The message that I
                                        ington, and we begin this Congress by                   together. We treated each other as                       received from that election was that
                                        living up to that promise by banning                    friends and colleagues, and debate on                    they want us to work together, they
                                        travel and gifts from lobbyists, getting                the House floor reflected mutual re-                     want us to solve their problems. Clear-
                                        tough on special interest earmarks,                     spect even when we disagreed and an                      ly, there needs to be a clash of ideas
                                        and ending the abusive processes that                   understanding that we all have a role                    which was envisaged by James Madi-
                                        have destroyed democracy.                               to play in the legislative process.                      son, and I believe that that is some-
                                          The American people sent us all a                       We are here today to say that this                     thing that we can’t forget, because we
                                        message last November. They want us                     sense of civility and decorum is not                     are not supposed to pursue what I like
                                        to work for them and not for the spe-                   dead. This institution is too great to                   to call the Rodney King view of the
                                        cial interests. I would hope that our                   permit any tarnish of its honor to be-                   world: can’t we all just get along. The
                                        agenda for reform would garner the                      come permanent or to allow the slights                   fact of the matter is we do need to rec-
                                        support of both Democrats and Repub-                    of yesterday to interfere with our ef-                   ognize that there are disparate views
                                        licans. We should all be interested in                  forts to build a better tomorrow. Civil-                 and they need to be voiced on this
                                        policies that will ensure that the out-                 ity can return to this great institution                 House floor.
                                        rageous abuses of power that have                       with the right style of leadership.                        Now, the question is, can we in fact
                                        taken place over the last couple of                       As we turn here and now in the first                   do that and at the same time maintain
                                        years do not continue.                                  hours of the 110th Congress, part of                     civility? And I think that is what title
                                          These important reforms are only the                  that process is making sure that House                   III is all about here. It is titled ‘‘civil-
                                        beginning.                                              rules can prevent the abuses of prior                    ity’’ and it is something that I have al-
                                                         f                                      Congresses. This is the overarching in-                  ways prided myself on, and I will say
                                                RULES OF THE HOUSE                              tent of H. Res. 6. In particular, there                  that I am saddened that it is some-
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. STU-                     are several provisions in title III of                   thing that has been often lacking in
                                        PAK). Pursuant to section 4 of House                    that resolution that will begin to re-                   this House.
                                        Resolution 5, proceedings will now re-                  store civility and decorum to the legis-                   Frankly, as I have seen the debate
                                        sume on the resolution (H. Res. 6)                      lative process and which will honor                      take place even yesterday, I was con-
                                        adopting the rules of the House of Rep-                 this Chamber’s place as the people’s                     cerned that some of the statements
                                        resentatives for the 110th Congress.                    House by making us more accountable                      made would indicate a lack of civility,
                                          The Clerk read the title of the resolu-               to the people who sent us here.                          and that is all I am going to say about
                                        tion.                                                     The first provision of title III pro-                  it. I hope very much that the title ‘‘ci-
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. When                         hibits floor votes from being held open                  vility’’ used for this title III is one that
                                        proceedings were postponed on Thurs-                    for more than 15 minutes for the sole                    is recognized by Members on both sides
                                        day, January 4, 2007, the portion of the                purpose of changing the outcome of a                     of the aisle.
                                        divided question comprising title II                    vote. Voting is a Member’s core respon-                    Let me get into some of the specifics
                                        had been disposed of.                                   sibility and our primary means of giv-                   now, Mr. Speaker, if I might. In Feb-
                                          Pursuant to section 2 of House Reso-                  ing voice to the view of our constitu-                   ruary of last year, almost a year ago,
                                        lution 5, the portion of the divided                    ents. This reform is important and long                  Ms. SLAUGHTER, the then-ranking mi-
                                        question comprising title III is now de-                overdue.                                                 nority member of the Rules Com-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        batable for 60 minutes.                                   The other two provisions address the                   mittee, and all of the members of the
                                          The gentlewoman from California                       handling of conference reports, with                     Rules Committee joined in introducing
                                        (Ms. MATSUI) and the gentleman from                     the goal to end backroom deals for spe-                  House Resolution 686. It is a resolution
                                        California (Mr. DREIER) each will con-                  cial interests. In the 110th Congress,                   which called for virtually all of the
                                        trol 30 minutes.                                        conference committees will be con-                       things that my colleague, Ms. MATSUI,

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   00:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00004   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634    E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.003   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H63
                                        outlined are very important for us to                   not be in order. That is not included                   tain our promise, we were able to keep
                                        pursue: openness, transparency, disclo-                 here.                                                   our word. And I am very proud of that
                                        sure, making sure that we meet our ob-                    A rule prohibiting the Rules Com-                     fact. The thing that troubles me, while
                                        ligation to vote here on the House                      mittee from waiving points of order                     I am supportive of what we are trying
                                        floor, that we have it done in the light                against the conference report were a                    to do here, is that it does not comply
                                        of day.                                                 serious violation of the Scope Rule, or                 with the promises and the commit-
                                          The concern that I have is that what                  additions or deletions made after final                 ments and the vision and the goals
                                        has happened here is we have unfortu-                   agreement. That is not included here.                   that were set forth in February in
                                        nately gotten a package which does not                    Another provision in Ms. SLAUGH-                      House Resolution 686 as was introduced
                                        have the kind of enforcement mecha-                     TER’s resolution as introduced in Feb-                  by the then-minority.
                                        nisms that were envisaged by H. Res.                    ruary of last year: a rule prohibiting                    Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of
                                        686 as introduced by the members of                     the Rules Committee from waiving                        my time.
                                        the Rules Committee in the last Con-                    points of order against a conference re-                  Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I yield
                                        gress, and I believe unfortunately it                   port where the minority party man-                      myself such time as I may consume.
                                        really is not reflective of anything                    agers of the House were not allowed to                    Mr. Speaker, I wish to make a few
                                        other than sort of the spirit of what it                fully participate in the conference.                    comments so that all Members may
                                        was they were talking about. And the                    Well, they of course said they want to                  keep in mind the heart of what we are
                                        spirit is of things that we all can agree               have this happen, but the kind of speci-                doing today.
                                        on. I am supportive of those.                           ficity and enforcement mechanisms                         These two days of debate on the
                                          The fact is when they were in the mi-                 that were outlined in the Slaughter                     House floor mark a historic moment
                                        nority, Resolution 686 calls for con-                   Resolution, H. Res. 686, introduced in                  for reform of the people’s House. The
                                        sultation and agreement with the mi-                    February of last year, not included in                  American people grew tired of a Repub-
                                        nority. Now that they are in the major-                 this measure.                                           lican Congress too unethical to con-
                                        ity, unfortunately, this measure does                     A rule permitting consideration of a                  duct its business in the light of day and
                                        not in any way reflect the need to have                 conference report only if a roll call                   too deaf to hear the people’s complaint.
                                        consultation with the minority.                         vote in open meeting was held on its                    And so this past November the people
                                          For example, on this notion of keep-                  final version and the results included                  exercised their right to vote in order to
                                        ing votes open beyond the 15-minute                     the accompanying joint explanatory                      send a message. It was a mandate for
                                        period of time, when they were in the                   statement of managers. Well, sounds                     change, to restore civility, decorum,
                                        minority they called for it to only take                great, we are all for that, but that                    and ethical behavior to Congress.
                                        place if they had consultation with the                 wasn’t included in this resolution that                 Democrats are acting swiftly in re-
                                        minority. Well, unfortunately, this                     we are now considering.                                 sponse to their call.
                                        measure does not call for that. And                       A rule prohibiting the Rules Com-                       When it passes the House later today,
                                        what I am reminded of as I look at                      mittee from calling up a rule within 24                 the Democratic ethics package will be
                                        these items which touch on the issues                   hours of reporting it. Well, everybody                  the greatest reform of this institution
                                        that were raised in Resolution 686, I am                talked about that. We know that on                      in history. There will be no more cor-
                                        reminded of again the experience that I                 the opening-day rules package that we                   porate jet travel paid by special inter-
                                        had in the past on this when I moved                    considered, we received it maybe 19                     ests, no more roll call votes held open
                                        from minority status to majority sta-                   hours before we brought it up or some-                  for hours in the middle of the night so
                                        tus 12 years ago. We had something                      thing like that, but it clearly was in                  that Members could be arm twisted on
                                        known as the Contract With America.                     the violation of the 24 hours that was                  the floor, no more anonymous ear-
                                        Some may remember that. What we                         insisted upon by the then-minority.                     marks, no more last-minute provisions
                                        said was that there would be 10 items                     A rule requiring the Speaker of the                   slipped in conference reports.
                                        that we would bring to the floor and we                 House to publish in the CONGRESSIONAL                     In short, Mr. Speaker, the Demo-
                                        would have up or down votes on those                    RECORD a log of all voting activity oc-                 cratic reform package is far tougher
                                        items because, frankly, we were denied                  curring after the first 30 minutes of                   than anything Republicans ever pro-
                                        the chance for many, many years to                      any recorded vote whose maximum                         posed or enacted, and it will restore in-
                                        consider them. They were items that                     time for voting exceeds 30 minutes.                     tegrity to this sacred institution.
                                        were supported by broad-based backing                   That is not included in here at all.                      Mr. Speaker, I yield 5 minutes to the
                                        of the American people.                                   A rule prohibiting suspensions cost-                  gentleman, our new Member from
                                          Frankly, at the end of the day, Presi-                ing more than $100 million. I don’t see                 Vermont (Mr. WELCH).
                                        dent Clinton, who was President at                      that in here at all.
                                        that time, signed over 60 percent of the                  A rule requiring the Speaker of the                                    b 1000
                                        measures that were incorporated in the                  House to allow an equal number of bills                   Mr. WELCH of Vermont. Mr. Speak-
                                        Contract With America. What we did is                   and resolutions sponsored by majority                   er, I thank the gentlewoman for yield-
                                        we outlined in detail what that would                   and minority parties under suspension.                  ing me this time.
                                        consist of. We said it would be consid-                   A repeal of the Gephardt rule. A rule                   Together, we have a lot of work to
                                        ered under an open amendment proc-                      requiring a 24-hour layover of unani-                   do: To help working families get ahead,
                                        ess, and that is exactly what we did. It                mous consent requests.                                  restore America’s standing in the
                                        is exactly what we did with those                         A rule prohibiting the Rules Com-                     world, and bring our budget back in
                                        measures that came forward.                             mittee from reporting a rule unless at                  balance. Making progress is what our
                                          So, Mr. Speaker, we unfortunately                     least one minority party member of                      constituents in 435 districts around
                                        with this measure have not seen the                     the committee is allowed to offer an                    this country have elected us to do.
                                        same kind of reflection of the goals                    amendment to it.                                          To be sure, our differences will be in-
                                        that were outlined by the then-minor-                     Now, again, I know that we are hear-                  tensely debated. However, our mutual
                                        ity in this measure, and I thought I                    ing words from the new majority that                    obligations is to do everything we can
                                        would take a moment just to go                          they want to do all these things, but                   to move our country forward by con-
                                        through a few of those items specifi-                   when they introduced House Resolu-                      fronting directly and immediately the
                                        cally and say that, unfortunately, this                 tion 686, they made it very clear that                  challenges before us. To succeed in the
                                        package is not what they called for.                    they had to have enforcement mecha-                     job our constituents sent us here to do,
                                          Now, in the package that we had in-                   nisms and that they were going to pro-                  we must lay out rules in a regular
                                        troduced in 686, it called for a require-               vide guarantees of minority rights. Un-                 order that Members can count on.
                                        ment that conference reports contain                    fortunately, while the word ‘‘civility’’                These ground rules will not guarantee
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        an itemized list of any provisions in                   sounds great, this measure falls way,                   an outcome, but they will set out a
                                        violation of the Scope rule. That is not                way short of that.                                      framework where we, as an institution,
                                        included in this measure. It said that a                  So I again go back to when we went                    make progress and serve the public.
                                        rule prohibiting the Rules Committee                    from minority to majority and I looked                    That is why the Democratic leader-
                                        from reporting martial law rules could                  at the fact that we were able to main-                  ship embraces three very simple,

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   00:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00005   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.005   H05JAPT1
                                        H64                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                        straightforward principles that will                      The rules we propose will help us do                    We are, by no means, through when
                                        help us succeed. As the Member from                     that. How? By establishing very clear                   we finish the 100 hours, and we will be
                                        California has laid out, we set out                     ground rules that apply to all, the ma-                 moving toward, again, a more just de-
                                        today to establish a regular civility in                jority as well as the minority, to every                mocracy in this House in the future.
                                        this body.                                              Member, committee chairs and ranking                    We have never said this is all of it.
                                          Civility, it is mutual respect, really,               members, House veterans and House                         Frankly, everybody has known what
                                        requires straightforward ground rules                   freshmen. One and all alike.                            is in this package since we first un-
                                        to guide debate. It requires adherence                    Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I yield
                                                                                                                                                        veiled it at the Library of Congress last
                                        to rules that apply to all. Each of us                  myself such time as I may consume.
                                        will know and be able to assure the                       Mr. Speaker, I would like to begin by
                                        citizens who elected us when it comes                   reminding my California colleague                         In addition, many of our colleagues
                                        to votes in this, their representative                  that yesterday we passed the ethics                     in the House on both sides of the aisle
                                        body: Members will have time to read                    package about which she spoke, indi-                    are already on record through votes on
                                        what they are voting on; Members will                   cating that we would be voting on it                    many of the things that we want to
                                        have time to vote, but votes will not be                later today. We voted on that yester-                   bring up. Certainly minimum wage, ab-
                                        held open for the purpose of changing                   day. It has already gone into effect, I                 solutely stem cell research, and what
                                        the outcome; and Members will vote on                   am very happy to say. And we did it                     we want to do on ending the war. And
                                        conference reports that are the ones                    with very strong bipartisan support.                    the war itself is not addressed.
                                        agreed upon by the conferees, not ones                    I am proud that the ethics reform                       Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, reclaim-
                                        altered after the fact.                                 legislation, of course, was based on and                ing my time, let me just say I have
                                          These rules, applied to all, will help                incorporated most of the items that                     been supportive of stem cell research,
                                        us do the work of the people we rep-                    were already passed in the House last                   and I have supported the minimum
                                        resent. Our debates at times will be in-                year. Again, a year ago this month,                     wage increase. That is not what I am
                                        tense, as they should be, but we must                   Speaker HASTERT and I stood in the                      talking about here.
                                        strive to have our debates on the mer-                  well and we outlined our call for ethics
                                                                                                and lobbying reform, bringing about                       Mr. Speaker, in terms of our civil de-
                                        its. The rules we propose for your con-                                                                         bate, which I think is very important,
                                        sideration are basic. They are rules                    the kind of accountability and trans-
                                                                                                parency and disclosure, calling for the                 we are talking about the opening day
                                        that apply to legislators in Vermont                                                                            rules package which is going to set
                                        where I am from, and probably rules                     ban on gifts and dealing with the travel
                                                                                                and all of these problems that were out                 forth, Mr. Speaker, the guidelines
                                        that your own legislators take for                                                                              around which we will consider all of
                                        granted: Time to read and review be-                    there. We recognize that they are there
                                                                                                in a bipartisan way, and yesterday we                   these items.
                                        fore voting, timely voting procedures,
                                                                                                voted that out in a strong bipartisan-                    Now I would ask my friend, am I cor-
                                        and considering conference reports as
                                                                                                ship way.                                               rect from inferring from the statement
                                        signed.                                                   I am very pleased to see the distin-
                                          Mr. Speaker, I served 13 years in the                                                                         she just made that there is a commit-
                                                                                                guished Chair of the Rules Committee                    ment, a commitment that as we pro-
                                        Vermont legislature, sometimes in the
                                                                                                here, and I will again, as I did yester-                ceed forward to modify the rules of the
                                        minority and sometimes in the major-
                                                                                                day, extend congratulations. And, Mr.                   House to include those items in H. Res.
                                        ity. We in Vermont were proud of the
                                                                                                Speaker, in the spirit of civility that                 686, which were really the cornerstone
                                        legislative process and standards that
                                                                                                we are pursuing, I think it is very im-                 of the package that was introduced by
                                        we set. Those in the majority couldn’t                  portant for us to debate these issues,
                                        do things simply because they had the                                                                           Mrs. SLAUGHTER and the other then-mi-
                                                                                                and I would like to engage my distin-                   nority members of the Rules Com-
                                        power. Minority voices were heard,                      guished new Chair in a colloquy, if I
                                        Members were kept informed, and our                                                                             mittee, which guarantee these rights
                                                                                                might.                                                  to the minority that they believed
                                        legislative process was respected. We                     Mr. Speaker, as I look at the resolu-
                                        did have intense debates on the issues,                                                                         were so critically important when they
                                                                                                tion that is before us, the thing that I                were in the minority; and, unfortu-
                                        but more often than not, not always, at                 find most troubling as we focus on the
                                        the end of the day, good ideas were                                                                             nately, are not included in the pack-
                                                                                                issue of civility is the fact that those                age.
                                        considered and we were able to move                     items that I outlined that were in-
                                        Vermont ahead.                                          cluded in H. Res. 686 that was intro-                     Mr. Speaker, I yield to my friend.
                                          These changes that we present for                     duced on February 16, 2005, which                         Ms. SLAUGHTER. You really liked
                                        your consideration today are not just                   called for the litany of items, and I can               those, did you, my colleague? You
                                        about process, they are about passing                   go through them again quickly: A re-                    thought those were good reforms, the
                                        good, substantive legislation.                          quirement that conference reports con-                  ones you are talking about?
                                          These new rules to establish civility                 tain an itemized list of any provisions
                                        to this body are essential for Congress                                                                           Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, reclaim-
                                                                                                in violation of the scope rule; a rule                  ing my time, in the spirit of civil de-
                                        to do the work of the American people                   prohibiting the Rules Committee from
                                        and to build the trust of those we                                                                              bate, let me say that I believe these
                                                                                                reporting martial law rules; a rule pro-                measures that were authored by Mem-
                                        serve.                                                  hibiting the Rules Committee from
                                          We face looming challenges in Amer-                                                                           bers of the new majority as being crit-
                                                                                                waiving points of order against a con-                  ical rights that the minority should
                                        ica, to the security of our families and                ference report with a serious violation;
                                        to the security of our country. And no-                                                                         have, that those Members in the major-
                                                                                                and it goes on for basically two pages.                 ity who believed them to be so impor-
                                        body and no party has a monopoly on                       What I would like to ask my distin-
                                        the good ideas required to steer us for-                                                                        tant should obviously stand by them.
                                                                                                guished Chair is why it is that those
                                        ward. The simple and straightforward                    items that were incorporated in the                       All I am asking is that the promise
                                        rules of engagement will help all of us                 base of H. Res. 686, the commitment                     that was made in the 109th Congress by
                                        do that.                                                that was made by the then-minority as                   the then-Members of the minority
                                          Yesterday, the minority leader, in                    to what would be done if they were to                   about what they believed minority
                                        handing over the gavel to the new                       move to majority, are not included in                   rights should be should be, in fact, im-
                                        Speaker, was graceful and was wise                      this title that we are considering here,                plemented. Because, unfortunately,
                                        when he reminded us that we can have                    and not, in any way, included in the                    while we can talk about these great
                                        disagreements without being disagree-                   opening day rules package.                              things, when you go down the line seri-
                                        able. Both the Speaker and the minor-                     Mr. Speaker, I yield to the gentle-                   atim, looking at each individual item,
                                        ity leader stated on our behalf what we                 woman from New York (Ms. SLAUGH-                        making sure that we do have Members
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        all know to be true: All of us are here                 TER).                                                   of the minority guaranteed to have a
                                        for the common purpose, to make                           Ms. SLAUGHTER. I think, Mr.                           right in conference committees to be
                                        America a better place. There is and                    DREIER, my good friend, that we have                    there, bringing an end to considering
                                        must be room for all of our voices to be                done a remarkable job considering we                    measures without a 24-hour waiting pe-
                                        heard to achieve our common purpose.                    have been sworn in less than 24 hours.                  riod, these kinds of rights that the

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   02:21 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00006   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.007   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H65
                                        then-minority believed were impera-                     a perfect example of the broken legisla-                hypocritical is it that we try to spread
                                        tive for the minority to have are, un-                  tion produced by a broken process.                      democracy to other parts of the world
                                        fortunately, not included in this pack-                   Instead of proceeding in an open and                  when we disallow it in the American
                                        age. This is what I find to be very trou-               transparent manner, conference discus-                  House of Representatives?
                                        bling.                                                  sions were held behind closed doors for                   The civility portion of the Demo-
                                          Mr. Speaker, I yield to my distin-                    months, excluding all Democrats. On                     cratic rules package before us today
                                        guished Chair.                                          one occasion, Democratic conferee                       will prevent the abuses of recent years
                                          Ms. SLAUGHTER. I am sure you re-                      CHARLES RANGEL and MARION BERRY,                        from happening again. It will prohibit
                                        call the time in the Rules Committee                    men who have spent their lives and ca-                  the Speaker from holding open votes
                                        when we took this package and broke                     reers fighting for the good of the Na-                  just so the outcome can be changed.
                                        it down vote by vote, and the majority,                 tion, were not let into the conference                  Democracy is the art of compromise,
                                        led by you, voted down every single one                 room and were physically prevented                      not the art of coercion.
                                        of them. This seems somewhat hypo-                      from coming inside, even though they                      We are also going to insist that con-
                                        critical to me.                                         had been appointed to be there. Why?                    ference committees operate in an open
                                          Mr. DREIER. Reclaiming my time so                     Because the lobbyists were in the                       and fair manner and that House con-
                                        I might respond, these were not my                      room. The lobbyists were writing the                    ferees sign final conference papers at
                                        proposals, Mr. Speaker. These were not                  bills, not the Members of Congress, and                 one time and in one place. In other
                                        my proposals. These were proposals put                  certainly not the minority who had no                   words, they have to be present at the
                                        forward by Members of the new major-                    fingerprint at all on the Medicare pre-                 conference to do so. Never again will
                                        ity, and they were the commitments,                     scription drug bill.                                    the esteemed Members of this body on
                                        the promises, and the obligations that                    That abuse of secrecy was for a good                  either side of the aisle be locked out of
                                        they made as far as enforcement of mi-                  reason: It was bad for the country and                  this democracy. In fact, Mr. Speaker, it
                                        nority rights that they believed to be                  the Republican conferees didn’t want                    does not go too far to say that about
                                        so important. That was the platform                     anybody to find out about it. But one                   half of the American public was
                                        on which they ran in November, Mr.                      group that did learn of its dangerous                   disenfranchised. Because of the close-
                                        Speaker.                                                provisions was the Republican con-                      ness of the majority and minority, we
                                          I believe that what we should do is do                                                                        left half of America out of the room.
                                                                                                ference, and when the bill was brought
                                        all that we can to simply point to the                                                                            This package prohibits the consider-
                                                                                                to the floor on November 21, a signifi-
                                        fact that this title III on civility,                                                                           ation of any conference report that was
                                                                                                cant number of principled Republicans
                                        which is supposed to be reflective of                                                                           altered after it was signed by the con-
                                                                                                refused to vote for it.
                                        these notions, is in no way emblematic                                                                          ferees. If a conference can’t agree on a
                                        of H. Res. 686 that was introduced by                                     b 1015
                                                                                                                                                        legislative provision, it should not be
                                        the Members.                                              And so once again civil and demo-                     in the conference report, period. If the
                                          Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of                 cratic procedures were denied. The Re-                  Members of this body believe in the
                                        my time.                                                publican leadership had lost the vote                   power of their ideas, there will be no
                                          Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I yield 30                   after the standard time allotted; so                    need for tactics like those we have seen
                                        seconds to Ms. SLAUGHTER to respond.                    they simply kept it open. I have never
                                          Ms. SLAUGHTER. Let me say, just                                                                               of late. An open, democratic, and civil
                                                                                                seen anything like that in my years in                  process will promote good ideas and
                                        watch us, Mr. DREIER. I want to reit-
                                                                                                the House. There were Cabinet Secre-                    good legislation and will eliminate cor-
                                        erate what I said last night: We have
                                                                                                taries all over the floor. There were                   ruption and influence peddling.
                                        no intention of keeping our foot on
                                                                                                strangers or people we didn’t even                        In this new Congress and with this
                                        your necks the way you did us. And
                                                                                                know on the floor as for over 3 hours                   new rules package, we are standing up
                                        you are just going to have to watch us
                                                                                                they worked on people who were in                       for our system of government and the
                                        and see. But you have voted against
                                                                                                tears, many of them, to make them                       needs of the people it serves and bring-
                                        every one of these, along with many
                                                                                                vote for that bill. There was also a                    ing back the government that they
                                        other things.
                                                                                                blanket liability exemption for drug                    think they had, up until this last No-
                                          Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I yield 5
                                                                                                manufacturers inserted into the lan-                    vember. Democrats are going to return
                                        minutes to the gentlewoman from New
                                                                                                guage without the approval of the con-                  civility and common sense to this
                                        York (Ms. SLAUGHTER), the chairman of
                                                                                                ference about 5 hours after the con-                    body, and I encourage everyone on both
                                        Rules Committee.
                                          Ms. SLAUGHTER. Mr. Speaker, I                         ference had been signed off on, and so                  sides of the aisle to join us.
                                        thank the gentlelady for yielding, and                  absolutely the process was broken. Ac-                    Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I yield
                                        thank her for her wonderful job.                        cording to reports, the President of the                myself such time as I may consume.
                                          Mr. Speaker, today we are taking up                   Senate simply walked over to the                          Once again, I am very enthusiastic
                                        the third title of the new Democrat                     House side and inserted 40 pages into                   about this return to civility, and I am
                                        rules package which will restore civil-                 the bill. It amounted to a multi-billion                very proud of engaging in civil debate
                                        ity to this body.                                       dollar gift to drug companies.                          on a regular basis. And I thank the dis-
                                          The House was always intended to be                     Mr. Frist’s liability exemption had                   tinguished Chair of the Rules Com-
                                        a place where civil discourse and the                   been brought up during the conference                   mittee, Ms. SLAUGHTER, for engaging in
                                        courteous exchange of ideas would be                    process, but it was rejected, just like                 debate with me on this issue once
                                        the normal state of affairs.                            the Medicare legislation of 2003 had, in                again.
                                          But referring to this portion of our                  truth, been rejected by this House. But                   And I would say that as I listened to
                                        rules package as the ‘‘civility’’ title is              in each case, Members of the Repub-                     her prepared statement, I was struck
                                        actually a civil term for what we are                   lican leadership wanted something                       with, once again, how the notion of not
                                        talking about: The restoration of de-                   they couldn’t get through the demo-                     keeping votes open for a long period of
                                        mocracy itself in the House of Rep-                     cratic process, and so they ignored the                 time is an admirable one. It is a great
                                        resentatives.                                           process. By doing so, they did more                     one. But guess what, Mr. Speaker.
                                          Over the last several years, par-                     than pass flawed legislation. They un-                  There is not one single item in this
                                        liamentary procedure has broken down                    dermined our democracy itself.                          package that guarantees enforcement.
                                        here, and I don’t know anybody who                        This democracy is a system designed                   In fact, Speaker PELOSI introduced her
                                        can deny that. The standard practices                   to prevent abuses like these from oc-                   legislation, H.R. 4682. I remember very
                                        of this body, carefully designed rules                  curring, a system constructed and im-                   well looking at that legislation. Mr.
                                        that are fundamental to our demo-                       proved over two centuries so that bad                   Speaker, I will tell you exactly what it
                                        cratic process, fell by the wayside. Far                legislation could be exposed and voted                  said. It said that if a vote is kept open
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        too often, they have been shunned and                   down.                                                   beyond a 20-minute period of time,
                                        ignored whenever doing so fit the needs                   If we profess to care about democ-                    there had to be consultation with the
                                        of the former majority.                                 racy, the proof will be in the process.                 minority. Now, that is not something I
                                          At the end of 2003, the House took up                 And, Mr. Speaker, we must save the                      proposed. That was the proposal of
                                        a Medicare prescription drug bill. It is                democratic process in this House. How                   Speaker PELOSI. Now, the sad thing is

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   02:21 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00007   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.008   H05JAPT1
                                        H66                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                         January 5, 2007
                                        that in this measure there is no en-                       And now maybe you are right. Maybe                   whether rumors and innuendos have any merit
                                        forcement mechanism.                                    holding the vote open for that purpose                  to launch investigations that at times bring dis-
                                          Now, of course, people are busy. They                 is inappropriate when the concerns of                   grace to this body and end the careers of our
                                        come over here for a 15-minute vote.                    our constituents might be that when a                   colleagues.
                                        They would like to have it take place                   Member in good conscience is opposed                       We are the Court of Congress, yet we serve
                                        within 20 minutes. We are hearing that                  or in favor of a particular controversial               as both the investigators and the judges of our
                                        votes won’t go beyond that period of                    piece of legislation and his or her vote                colleagues. This is no easy task.
                                        time for the sole purpose of changing a                 is not going your way and so you get                       Those of us on this Committee have accept-
                                        Member’s vote. But, again, there is no                  him in a corner or a back room and                      ed this position and stand poised to enforce
                                        enforcement mechanism. And, again,                      say, hey, what can we do for you? Or                    the Rules of the House and preserve the in-
                                        the enforcement mechanism was not                       maybe what can we do to you if you                      tegrity of this body.
                                        my proposal. It is a proposal that the                  don’t vote with us? Like removing you,                     However, it would be beneficial to the Mem-
                                        then-minority offered. But now that                     a good productive Member, from a cer-                   bers of the Ethics Committee and this House
                                        they are in the majority, they just de-                 tain select committee, or maybe we                      if we had an independent investigation arm so
                                        cide to say, well, we want to keep this                 promise to put you, who is not quite                    we may have unbiased, thorough information
                                        process going and we want to keep                       qualified, on a good select committee                   regarding any accusation of impropriety by a
                                        doing it, but we are not going to con-                  that you have been wanting and push-                    Member of this body.
                                        sult with the minority. So, again,                      ing for for a number of years, and all of                  I believe this would help remove any par-
                                        those aren’t my proposals. Those are                    a sudden you grant them some ear-                       tisan sentiments regarding origination of inves-
                                        their proposals.                                        mark that is absolutely egregious,                      tigations and may help restore America’s faith
                                          Mr. Speaker, at this juncture I am                    maybe almost as bad as the ‘‘bridge to                  in our ability to enforce our rules.
                                                                                                nowhere.’’                                                 With this information the Members of the
                                        very happy to yield 4 minutes to my
                                                                                                   So I would say to my friends in the                  Committee would then determine whether or
                                        very good friend from Marietta, Geor-
                                                                                                majority, why the modifier ‘‘sole’’ pur-                not there is sufficient information to further the
                                        gia, a former member of the Rules
                                                                                                pose? If you really believe this, as the                investigation, or take action on the issue be-
                                        Committee, who is very thoughtful on
                                                                                                gentleman from California just pointed                  fore the Committee.
                                        these issues, Dr. GINGREY.                                                                                         Allowing an independent investigating office
                                          Mr. GINGREY. Mr. Speaker, I want                      out, take out that modifier. Let us not
                                                                                                hold votes open beyond 15 minutes for                   to begin investigating then bring information to
                                        to also commend the majority in re-
                                                                                                the purpose of breaking an arm and                      the Ethics Committee would not make our job
                                        gard to title III and the overall civility
                                                                                                trying to change someone’s mind when                    easier, but it would help us have this non-
                                        tone as it pertains, of course, to con-                                                                         partisan information to do our job better.
                                        ference committees and having the op-                   they in good conscience have had plen-
                                                                                                                                                           I strongly support the changes proposed
                                        portunity for Members of the minority                   ty of time to consider the bill, to think
                                                                                                                                                        today, but I believe it is necessary for us to
                                        conference team to be present, not to                   about it, indeed, maybe even pray
                                                                                                                                                        begin a dialogue on creating an Independent
                                        have things added at the last minute                    about it. I think it is inappropriate,
                                                                                                                                                        Investigative Office to serve the House Ethics
                                        after all the conferees signatories have                and I agree with you. But let’s get seri-
                                                                                                                                                        Committee and the House of Representatives.
                                        read the report and designate it as                     ous about this. Let’s make sure we
                                                                                                                                                           Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, for the
                                        complete and then add something at                      really change it and it is not just some                purpose of debate only, I yield 2 min-
                                        the midnight hour. All of these things                  window dressing to kind of make your                    utes to the gentleman from Wash-
                                        are good.                                               argument that you have been trying to                   ington (Mr. BAIRD).
                                          I was in the Georgia State Senate in                  make over the last 2 years. Let us take                    Mr. BAIRD. Mr. Speaker, I thank the
                                        the minority, and I remember the                        out the modifier, close the loophole,                   gentlewoman from California for yield-
                                        Democratic president of the senate ap-                  get serious about this, and that is real                ing.
                                        pointing me to my first conference                      reform.                                                    Of the many concerns my constitu-
                                        committee. I was thrilled. It was an                       Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, before                      ents had as they looked at the Con-
                                        issue on which I had worked very hard                   yielding to the next speaker, I yield for               gress over the last few years, one of the
                                        with the majority, and I couldn’t un-                   the purpose of making a unanimous                       most important and troubling had to
                                        derstand why I was never called to a                    consent request to the gentleman from                   do with the minimal amount of time
                                        conference committee. And then at the                   Texas (Mr. GENE GREEN).                                 we were repeatedly given to address
                                        sine die hour, all of a sudden this con-                   (Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas asked                       important pieces of legislation. Indeed,
                                        ference report was stuck under my                       and was given permission to revise and                  it seemed often that the more impor-
                                        nose and asked for my signature with-                   extend his remarks.)                                    tant the legislation before us, the less
                                        out even reading it, and I was abso-                       Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas. Mr.
                                                                                                                                                        time we had to read it.
                                        lutely appalled at that. So I commend                   Speaker, I rise to show my support for                     My colleague from Georgia talked
                                        the majority for wanting to clean that                  the House rules, as we are dealing with                 momentarily ago about the Medicare
                                        up, and I support it.                                   them today, but I am also calling for                   prescription drug benefit. During de-
                                          But I agree with my former chair-                     an independent investigating arm for                    bate on that bill, there were important
                                        man, now ranking member, of the                         the House of Representatives.                           elements of it that no one seemed to
                                                                                                   Mr. Speaker, I rise today to lend my full
                                        Rules Committee in regard to the argu-                                                                          understand. I asked repeatedly if peo-
                                                                                                support to these changes to our House Rules.
                                        ment that was proffered just a minute                                                                           ple could explain it. I was told by one
                                                                                                   These rules are the foundation that will gov-
                                        ago that it doesn’t really go quite far                                                                         speaker on the then-majority side, You
                                                                                                ern how this body operates, but also serves
                                        enough. But let me spend a little time                                                                          will have to ask somebody on the Ways
                                                                                                as a reflection of our collective values and
                                        continuing to make the point that he                                                                            and Means Committee; I am only on
                                        just made in regard to this issue of                       I have served almost 6 years on the House            the Rules Committee. But we all voted
                                        holding votes open.                                     Ethics Committee.                                       on it. We voted on things repeatedly
                                          Now, during the last 2 years, during                     I have seen more investigations than I care          that we had not been given a chance to
                                        almost the entire 109th Congress, after                 to in the last 6 years of Members on both               read, that were not allowed for amend-
                                        we passed an historic prescription drug                 sides of the aisle.                                     ment, and that was wrong. And I com-
                                        benefit for 38 million seniors who had                     These rule changes should restore a tone of          mend our leadership for trying to set a
                                        been waiting for 45 years because the                   civility and honesty in this chamber and that is        new tone, and I welcome the support of
                                        now majority, when they were in con-                    why I am supporting this package and urge all           our colleagues on the minority side as
                                        trol, could never deliver on that prom-                 my colleagues to do the same.                           they commit to trying to work with us.
                                        ise, all we heard for 2 years were these                   However, I would like to raise an issue that            Included in this rules package is a
                                        complaints of, well, you held the vote                  is not contained in this package today.                 commitment by our leadership to allow
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        open 3 hours and 28 minutes. You were                      I strongly believe that the House Ethics             adequate time for consideration of leg-
                                        breaking arms of a former Member                        Committee needs an independent investigative            islation before it comes to a vote. The
                                        from Michigan, Mr. Smith, and others,                   office.                                                 situation here is this: we ought to
                                        and it was inappropriate, how appalling                    Currently, my colleagues on the Ethics               make sure that we can look our con-
                                        that was.                                               Committee and I are tasked with determining             stituents and our colleagues in the eye

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   02:21 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00008   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.010   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H67
                                        and say that before we voted on this                                     b 1030                                 would have, on a number of things, re-
                                        legislation, we had ample time for our-                   What I would say is that based on the                 quired that bills, conference reports,
                                        selves and our staff to study it and we                 fact that we have never before, in the                  joint resolutions and amendments be
                                        knew what was in it.                                    230-year history of this republic, we                   available to the public on the Internet
                                          For too long lobbyists have written                   have never had the greatest body                        in a searchable format before a bill
                                        legislation. On some of the legislation I               known to man come forward with five                     could be voted on.
                                        have talked about before, I had lobby-                  closed rules in an opening day package                     It also would have required and will
                                        ists calling me to say I should vote for                denying Members an opportunity to                       require, if passed, privately funded
                                        a bill, the text of which was not even                                                                          travel be approved in advance by the
                                                                                                participate in any way.
                                        available to the Members themselves.                      So that is why I would argue this no-                 Rules Committee with the costs being
                                          Members of Congress have the re-                      tion that we are beginning with a new                   fully disclosed in 5 days. It would re-
                                        sponsibility to give themselves and one                 tone, we are going to have an openness                  quire that Members report exact assets
                                        another time to study legislation, to                   and all, is, in fact, not reflected in                  and liability values on their financial
                                        debate it, to hear from both sides, be-                                                                         disclosures instead of vague ranges,
                                                                                                what we are facing in the next few
                                        cause there are good ideas on both                                                                              vague ranges that allow a Member to
                                        sides and, frankly, there are bad ideas                   Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of                 report between $5 million and $25 mil-
                                        on both sides. So let’s work together in                my time.                                                lion in assets. That is too broad a
                                        this new Congress to set a new tone                       Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I yield 30                   range.
                                        and a new precedent and a new prac-                                                                                A $20 million range would require the
                                                                                                seconds to the gentleman from Wash-
                                        tice.                                                                                                           subject of debate to be projected on the
                                                                                                ington (Mr. BAIRD).
                                          Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I yield                        Mr. BAIRD. I appreciate the gentle-                   wall so it is visible to Members and
                                        myself such time as I may consume.                                                                              people that are in the gallery. It would
                                                                                                man’s point. I would just echo the sen-
                                          I would like to engage in colloquy                                                                            require that donations to political
                                                                                                timents of the gentleman from New
                                        with my friend. I wonder if the gen-                                                                            campaigns be reported in a searchable,
                                                                                                York earlier.
                                        tleman has had an opportunity to look                     Mr. Speaker, the legislation before us                sortable format on the Internet and
                                        at what we consider to be the opening-                  in these early opening days of this ses-                have that within the last 30 days each
                                        day rules package that we are consid-                                                                           day, within each 24 hours a report be
                                                                                                sion is legislation that has been de-
                                        ering.                                                                                                          filed.
                                                                                                bated extensively and been available
                                          He has talked about, Mr. Speaker,                                                                                I believe that passage of my Sunlight
                                                                                                extensively over the past couple of                     Act would do much to raise the levels
                                        some very important provisions. I be-                   months, indeed, some of it was passed
                                        lieve that the 24-hour layover idea                                                                             of transparency in the affairs of this
                                                                                                in the last Congress. I would suggest                   body, and it would also restore the
                                        which was propounded by the then-                       that we have had time to look at this.
                                        Members of the minority is an impor-                                                                            public’s confidence in our Members. It
                                                                                                  I would concur, and I will say that in
                                        tant one. It is not guaranteed here; so                                                                         is disingenuous for the majority claim
                                                                                                the future, when future measures come                   that they want to change things when
                                        it is not provided.                                     up, especially measures that are new to
                                          Number two, if you look at title V of                                                                         they don’t want to give a consideration
                                                                                                this body, I will work very vigorously                  of commonsense reforms like those
                                        the measure that is before us, title V                  to ensure that the minority has ade-
                                        provides 5 minutes of debate on five                                                                            outlined in this bill.
                                                                                                quate time to study, to debate and                         Yet this bill, as I worked it hard last
                                        closed rules. The Rules Committee will                  offer amendments to that legislation.                   year, could not earn one signature
                                        not even be giving the minority the op-                   Mr. DREIER. Let me just respond. I                    from a single Democrat as a co-spon-
                                        portunity to have its amendments de-                    know his time has expired.                              sor. Now, I am refused the opportunity
                                        feated in the Rules Committee, and we                     Mr. Speaker, I yield myself 10 sec-                   to even offer this as a bill. This is my
                                        are not going through the committee                     onds to respond.                                        only opportunity to even make the ar-
                                        process at all.                                           We haven’t seen any of the items.                     gument.
                                          Now, I will acknowledge that the                      Maybe you all have those items, but we                     So I would make this argument, Mr.
                                        items that we are going to be address-                  have not seen those items that we will                  Speaker, that there were a lot of cam-
                                        ing, a majority of which I support, are                 be voting on. They haven’t been sub-                    paign promises that were made. It
                                        very important for us to proceed with,                  mitted to us at all.                                    seems to me that the one that is the
                                        and an argument has been made that                        Mr. Speaker, I am happy to yield 21⁄2                 most obstructive to all of us is the
                                        this was debated and discussed in the                   minutes to my very good friend from                     promise to accomplish this series of
                                        last Congress. Well, look at the tre-                   Iowa (Mr. KING).                                        things in the first 100 hours. The first
                                        mendous number of new Members of                          Mr. KING of Iowa. I thank the gen-                    100 hours has been redefined. Many of
                                        the House that have come in, espe-                      tleman for yielding. I do have to speak                 these promises will be also given up on,
                                        cially on the majority side. They are                   up for Iowa, although I wish Iowa was                   and it will be difficult, and in many
                                        denied any opportunity to participate                   playing in the national championships                   cases, impossible to keep those prom-
                                        in this process at all. So as I hear my                 coming up.                                              ises.
                                        friend talk about, yes, we need to pro-                   Mr. Speaker, not long ago, Members                       Mr. Speaker, why don’t we just waive
                                        ceed in a civil manner, and I am all for                and leaders of the current majority                     this promise of accomplishing all these
                                        that, I believe we need to proceed with                 party of the House spent countless                      things in the first 100 hours so the peo-
                                        fairness. I believe these things are all                hours attempting to draw the atten-                     ple of America can be heard on the
                                        very important. It is just unfortunate                  tion of the American people to what                     floor of the Congress.
                                        that the facts are not reflected in the                 they defined as a culture of corruption                    Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, for the
                                        rhetoric that we are getting on the                     here in Congress. Hoping to use this,                   purpose of debate only, I yield 1 minute
                                        need for civility and openness and de-                  they wanted to turn this phrase, usher                  to a new Member, the gentleman from
                                        bate.                                                   in a new Democratic majority. That                      Connecticut (Mr. COURTNEY).
                                          If my friend would like to respond, I                 was their wish on election night that                      (Mr. COURTNEY asked and was
                                        would be happy to yield to him.                         Members of the new majority stood in                    given permission to revise and extend
                                          Mr. BAIRD. Mr. Speaker, I would be                    this Chamber prior to that, and on nu-                  his remarks.)
                                        happy to respond. And let me say I ac-                  merous soap boxes across the country                       Mr. COURTNEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise
                                        knowledge the gentleman’s concern                       and promised that if the American peo-                  in full support of the civility provisions
                                        and I share it to a significant degree.                 ple gave them the chance to run things                  offered in part today as one of the new
                                        Personally, I would prefer that there                   here on Capitol Hill, they would do                     rules of the 110th Congress. I applaud
                                        had been more time and more oppor-                      things differently.                                     the new Democratic leadership for of-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        tunity for debate in some of these                        Mr. Speaker, I agree that things                      fering this reform package, because our
                                        measures and more opportunity for                       should be done differently here in this                 country needs a fair and functioning
                                        input from the minority side.                           body. Last year in the 109th Congress,                  Congress if we are ever going to meet
                                          Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, reclaim-                     I introduced H.R. 4967, the Sunlight                    these huge challenges that we face as a
                                        ing my time, I appreciate that.                         Act, and that was of 2006. This bill                    Nation.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   00:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00009   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.012   H05JAPT1
                                        H68                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                          January 5, 2007
                                          When my constituents in Connecti-                     be on guard against abuses in voting                    to say that I am supportive of this title
                                        cut’s Second District voted for change,                 time and reforms to the conference                      called civility. We will be having a vote
                                        they knew to create that change. We                     committee process. We will all do more                  on that. Mr. SESSIONS was very appro-
                                        need a legislative body that allows real                to bring respect for the people who                     priately raising concern over title V.
                                        debate and discussion, not a rush to                    elected us to this body to serve.                       We only had 5 minutes of debate on
                                        judgment that deprives our democracy                      Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I had no                     that. So he raised concern about the
                                        of good ideas. To achieve that goal,                    idea that we had used so much of our                    closed rules and shutting down oper-
                                        this rule will curb past abuses of this                 time, so I am going to continue to re-                  ations of the Rules Committee that
                                        Chamber’s processes.                                    serve our time.                                         would record votes and make them
                                          This rule will prohibit votes being                     I would ask my colleague from Cali-                   public.
                                        held open for the sole purpose of affect-               fornia how many speakers she has re-                        My concern about this measure we
                                        ing the outcome, a practice that in the                 maining.                                                are going to have, which as I am going
                                        past damaged the public’s confidence                      Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I have no                    to support, because I am not going to
                                        in laws passed by this institution. It                  further speakers, so if the gentleman                   oppose civility, is that when we look at
                                        will reform the conference committee                    from California would like to use his                   the promises that were made by the
                                        process, a reform that will give all                    time.                                                   then minority to do things like have a
                                                                                                  Mr. DREIER. At this time I am                         24-hour waiting period before measures
                                        Members, the press and the American
                                                                                                happy to yield 2 minutes to a very                      are brought up, it is denied in this
                                        people, the opportunity to understand
                                                                                                hard-working Member, who will con-                      rules package itself, because we got it
                                        the content of legislation at its most
                                                                                                tinue on the Rules Committee, my                        about 19 hours before, so the spirit of
                                        critical moment, right before passage.
                                                                                                good friend from the Big D, Mr. SES-                    that was denied there.
                                          Mr. Speaker, the Gallup poll that
                                                                                                SIONS.                                                      The whole notion of ensuring that we
                                        came out recently December 19 ranked
                                                                                                  Mr. SESSIONS. Mr. DREIER, I appre-                    have consultation with the minority
                                        the Congress’ performance that only 20                  ciate the opportunity for you to yield
                                        percent of the American people rated it                                                                         when it comes to keeping votes open,
                                                                                                time to me.                                             when it comes to the issue of ensuring
                                        good. It is time to fix the broken                        Mr. Speaker, I am a little bit shocked
                                        branch by adopting these rules.                                                                                 that we will have minority participa-
                                                                                                and surprised with the reformers that                   tion conference in committees. As we
                                          Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, may I in-                    have come to Congress, the brand-new
                                        quire of the chair how much time is re-                                                                         go down the line and look at these
                                                                                                Democrats who are talking about all                     items, Mr. Speaker, it does trouble me.
                                        maining on each side?                                   these things that they are going to get
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.                                                                                      But there is a little bit of hope, and
                                                                                                done. Yet it seems to me that with the                  that hope was offered by the distin-
                                        DAVIS of Illinois). The gentleman from                  respect we would have for the voters
                                        California has 31⁄2 minutes remaining.                                                                          guished Chair of the Rules Committee,
                                                                                                who sent us here, that we would not be                  when she told me there has been such a
                                        The gentlewoman from California has                     asked to approve and get ready to vote
                                        10 minutes remaining.                                                                                           short period of time between the elec-
                                                                                                on things without even seeing the bills.                tion and opening day and consideration
                                          Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I reserve                      The new Democrat party, in their
                                        the balance of our time.                                                                                        of this package, that we in the Rules
                                                                                                openness and trying to do things right,                 Committee will have an opportunity to
                                          Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, for pur-                     is asking Members of this body to vote
                                        poses of debate only, I yield 2 minutes                                                                         do more.
                                                                                                for and approve getting rules to the                        So I always hold out, where there is
                                        to one of our new Members, the gen-                     floor without even knowing what the                     light, there is hope, you know. I will
                                        tleman from Iowa (Mr. BRALEY).                          bills are about, the substance.
                                          Mr. BRALEY of Iowa. Mr. Speaker, I                                                                            tell you, I would do everything I can to
                                                                                                  Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to                  help her maintain that commitment,
                                        am privileged to be here today to talk                  this. I rise in opposition because I                    and we will continue to do that.
                                        about the need for more civility in this                think it is a step backwards, not a step                    Mr. Speaker, I yield back the balance
                                        body. I would like to remind the House                  forwards. It represents less trans-                     of my time.
                                        that the last Member to be sanctioned                   parency and is a slap in the face for                       Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I yield
                                        for being assaulted on the floor of this                regular order to this House.                            myself the balance of the time.
                                        House was Lovell Rousseau, who was                        Section 503 of this flawed package                        Mr. Speaker, these 2 days of House
                                        involved in an assault on a representa-                 rolls back the Sunlight reforms imple-                  floor debate will culminate in a reform
                                        tive from Grinnell, Iowa, the city I was                mented by the Republican Party in                       of House Rules unlike any other in his-
                                        born in.                                                1995, and it creates a secret ballot in                 tory. This reform is a response to the
                                          I think we can all think back to                      the Rules Committee for votes that are                  American people to their mandate.
                                        those days and be grateful that we now                  taken right upstairs, Mr. Speaker,                      This past November, the people exer-
                                        serve in a body where respect is a daily                where we would meet, where rules, as                    cised a right to vote in order to send
                                        part of the operations. I think it is                   they are debated and brought before                     the message. It was a mandate for
                                        never too late to learn from the past                   this House, Members always had to                       change to restore civility, decorum and
                                        and to make sure that we continue to                    make sure that the votes that they                      ethical behavior to Congress.
                                        express the importance of treating                      were going to support would be re-                          As I said in my opening remarks, de-
                                        each other in a manner that provides                    corded. That is not going to happen.                    bate on House floor must reflect mu-
                                        respect to this body and also brings                    There is no compelling reason for this                  tual respect, even when we disagree. I
                                        honor to it.                                            bait-and-switch that has happened now                   look forward to restoring decorum and
                                          When I was out on the campaign                        by the new Democrats.                                   civility to this House, restoring integ-
                                        trail, I often talked about growing up                    Mr. Speaker, I oppose this. I think it                rity to what is truly the people’s
                                        in my hometown of Brooklyn, Iowa.                       is a step backwards, and it is my hope                  House. I urge all Members to join us in
                                        When people had a problem there, they                   that the newest Members of this body                    that effort.
                                        never asked if you were Republican or                   will listen to what is being said, that                     Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr. Speaker,
                                        a Democrat, they asked for your help,                   their rhetoric about the openness and                   I rise in strong support of Title III of H.R. 6,
                                        and they got it. I think that is the pur-               change in this body is simply a step                    the Rules of the House of Representatives for
                                        pose this body, to solve problems and                   backwards. What a shame. They                           the 110th Congress. With the adoption of this
                                        to do it in a way that brings respect                   thought they were coming to Wash-                       title, we begin to make good on our pledge to
                                        and honor on this body.                                 ington to change things, and what they                  restore civility, open government, and honest
                                          I am very honored that this new rules                 are doing is to make it more like cen-                  leadership to the House of Representatives.
                                        package promotes greater civility and                   tral government that we are told what                       Mr. Speaker, it is critically important that we
                                        does it in a manner that is consistent                  to do by a few people in the Democrat                   adopt the civility rules contained in Title III be-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        with House rule XXIII, which requires                   leadership.                                             cause Americans are paying for the cost of
                                        us to conduct ourselves at all times in                   Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I reserve                    corruption in Washington with skyrocketing
                                        a manner that shall reflect credibly                    the balance of my time.                                 prices at the pump, spiraling drug costs, and
                                        upon this House, and by promoting an                      Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I yield                      the waste, fraud and no-bid contracts in the
                                        atmosphere where we are required to                     myself the balance of the time. I do so                 Gulf Coast and Iraq for Administration cronies.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   00:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00010   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.014   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H69
                                           But that is not all. Under the previous Re-             The rules also require conferees to ensure           legedly praying to the gods of fiscal re-
                                        publican leadership of the House, lobbyists             that all provisions on which the House and              sponsibility, have nearly sunk our ship
                                        were permitted to write legislation, 15-minute          Senate have disagreed be considered open to             of state in red ink. Today we begin to
                                        votes were held open for hours, and entirely            discussion at any meeting of the conference             right this ship and staunch the unmiti-
                                        new legislation was sneaked into signed con-            committee. Additionally, House conferees will           gated gall of telling the American peo-
                                        ference reports in the dead of night.                   be required to ensure that papers reflecting a          ple that, on the one hand, they need to
                                           The American people registered their dis-            conference agreement are held ‘‘inviolate to            be more responsible with their money,
                                        gust at this terrible way of considering and            change,’’ unless there is a renewal of the op-          but, on the other hand, Congress should
                                        voting on legislation last November and voted           portunity of all House managers to reconsider           face no such obstacle.
                                        for reform. House Democrats picked up 30                their decision to sign or not to sign the agree-          Today we will say ‘‘no more’’ to
                                        seats held by Republicans and won the major-            ment. This change is designed to prevent ma-            spending money that the government
                                        ity. Restoring open government and honest               terial from being inserted into a conference            doesn’t have, only to pass down to the
                                        leadership is one of the top priorities of the          agreement after conferees have ‘‘closed’’ the           young people of America, some of
                                        new majority of House Democrats. That is why            measure. In this connection, the new reforms            whom we saw here yesterday after-
                                        we have included Title III in the Rules of the          requires that House managers be provided                noon, passing it on to them before they
                                        House of Representative for the 110th Con-              with a single time and place, with access to at         even have a say in how their money is
                                        gress. We seek to end the excesses we wit-              least one complete copy of the final con-               being spent.
                                        nessed under the Republican leadership and              ference agreement, for the purpose of record-             Yes, today we say to the American
                                        to restore the public’s trust in the Congress of        ing their approval, or lack of approval, on the         people that Congress, like you at home,
                                        the United States.                                      signature sheets that accompany the con-                Jane and Joe Lunchbucket, will not
                                           Mr. Speaker, I commend Chairman SLAUGH-              ference report and the joint statement of man-          spend money that we don’t have. Our
                                        TER and the members of the Rules Committee              agers.                                                  credit card is maxed out and we start
                                        for their excellent work in preparing the rules            Last, the new reforms bar the House from             to reduce it today.
                                        package. The reforms contained in the pack-                                                                       My fellow Democratic colleagues will
                                                                                                considering a conference report if the text dif-
                                        age are necessary to ensure that all Members                                                                    provide more details about this new set
                                                                                                fers materially, except clerical changes, from
                                        of Congress, each of whom is elected to rep-                                                                    of House rules presently, but there is
                                                                                                the text that reflects the action of the con-
                                        resent the interests of nearly 600,000 constitu-                                                                one more point I want to make per-
                                                                                                ferees when they signed the conference
                                        ents, have sufficient time to consider important                                                                fectly clear. I am not going to, and I
                                        legislation before casting an informed vote.                                                                    hope my colleagues aren’t going to lis-
                                                                                                   Mr. Speaker, to restore public confidence in
                                        The reforms we are considering also will dis-                                                                   ten to my friends on the other side of
                                                                                                this institution we must commit ourselves to
                                        courage manipulation of the voting rules to                                                                     the aisle lecture us about not doing
                                                                                                being the most honest, most ethical, most re-           enough here today.
                                        alter the outcome of roll call votes.                   sponsive Congress in history. We can end the
                                           Mr. Speaker, I support the elements of the                                                                     I have read some of their ‘‘talking
                                                                                                nightmare of the last six years by putting the          points’’ from the Budget Committee.
                                        civility package, which (1) prohibits holding           needs of the American people ahead of par-
                                        votes open for the sole purpose of affecting                                                                    And while I may not be a whiz kid, I
                                                                                                tisan political advantage. To do that, we must          know a little something about being
                                        the outcome; and (2) reforms the conference             start by adopting by Title III of H.R. 6, the civil-    lectured to.
                                        committee process by requiring adequate no-             ity reforms to the Rules of the House of Rep-             And having this particular group of
                                        tice of meetings, ensuring information is avail-        resentatives for the 110th Congress.                    Republicans lecture us on fiscal respon-
                                        able to all conferees, and prohibiting changes             Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, I yield                     sibility is a little like having the
                                        to the text of signed conference reports.               back the balance of my time.                            horses on the farm complain to the
                                           Mr. Speaker, under the previous House Re-               The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-                      ranch hand that he is not using a big
                                        publican leadership, several votes were held            ant to House Resolution 5, the previous                 enough shovel to clean up.
                                        open for hours in order to change the out-              question is ordered on the portion of                     This analogy is not only appropriate,
                                        come. The most notable example was the No-              the divided question comprising title                   Mr. Speaker, it is perfect.
                                        vember 2003 vote on the conference report on            III.                                                      Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of
                                        Medicare legislation (PL 108–173) that was                 The question is on that portion of the               my time.
                                        held open for two hours and 53 minutes, the             divided question.                                         Mr. DREIER. Mr. Speaker, I yield 30
                                        longest recorded vote since electronic voting              The question was taken; and the                      minutes of our time to the distin-
                                        began in 1973. After the expiration of the 15           Speaker pro tempore announced that                      guished ranking minority member of
                                        minute time limit, the measure lost 216 to 218.         the ayes appeared to have it.                           the Committee on the Budget, Mr.
                                        But the vote was held open hours to afford                 Ms. MATSUI. Mr. Speaker, on that I                   RYAN.
                                        House Republican leaders, the president, and            demand the yeas and nays.                                 The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-
                                        the Health and Human Services Department,                  The yeas and nays were ordered.                      tleman from Wisconsin (Mr. RYAN) is
                                        enough time to lobby enough Republican                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-                      recognized and will control 30 minutes.
                                        members to change their votes, or cast votes,           ant to clause 8 of rule XX, further pro-                  Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                        in favor of the measure, eventually achieving           ceedings on this question will be post-                 I would like to discuss this title IV
                                        a majority of 220 to 215. This kind of unfair           poned.                                                  part of the package. And I learned,
                                        manipulation of the rules would not take place             The portion of the divided question                  when we were in the majority, watch-
                                        under the voting rules package we are consid-           comprising title IV is now debatable                    ing the minority speak and criticize
                                        ering today.                                            for 60 minutes.                                         virtually every move we made, I
                                           With respect to Conference Reports, the                 The gentleman from Florida (Mr.                      thought it would be wrong if you
                                        rules package we consider today includes pro-           HASTINGS) and the gentleman from                        thought there were good elements of a
                                        visions intended to ensure that conferees have          California (Mr. DREIER) each will con-                  package to criticize it. There are good
                                        notice of conference meetings and the oppor-            trol 30 minutes.                                        elements in this package, and I want to
                                        tunity to participate, as well as to prevent the           The Chair recognizes the gentleman                   start off by talking about those good
                                        insertion of material into a conference agree-          from Florida.                                           elements that are contained in this
                                        ment after the conferees have completed their                                                                   package before I start my criticism.
                                        work but before the House votes on the meas-                              b 1045                                  First, the earmark reforms. I am an
                                        ure. These new rules also require House man-              Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                          earmark reformer. I was one of the
                                        agers to ensure that conference meetings                Speaker, for the purposes of debate                     parts of the team that reformed ear-
                                        occur under circumstances that allow every              only, I yield 30 minutes to the minority                marks, that negotiated the earmark re-
                                        House conferee to have notice of the meet-              leader, my friend, or his designee,                     forms we passed last fall. I think these
                                        ings and reasonable opportunities to attend.            pending which I yield myself such time                  earmark reforms in this package that
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        Under the prior Republican leadership, Demo-            as I may consume.                                       the majority created are very good.
                                        cratic conferees frequently were not invited to           Title IV of our rules package is one                  They are very commendable. They
                                        meetings of conferees, which prevented U.S.             of the ones of which I am most proud.                   work. So I want to compliment the ma-
                                        from having a meaningful role in crafting an            Over the past 12 years, our colleagues                  jority for their serious earmark reform
                                        agreement.                                              on the other side of the aisle, while al-               package that they have in here.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   00:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00011   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.008   H05JAPT1
                                        H70                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                        January 5, 2007
                                          I think it is high time that when a                   Government, which created seven mil-                    other entitlement programs or tax in-
                                        Member of Congress requests an ear-                     lion new jobs, will go away. This is put-               creases. This version of PAYGO is a
                                        mark, that that Member’s name be as-                    ting the American taxpayer on a colli-                  budget trapdoor, designed not to con-
                                        sociated with that earmark, that that                   sion course with higher taxes. And why                  trol expenditures, but to make it easier
                                        Member’s justification be associated                    is it doing that? Because this system,                  to raise taxes while blocking future tax
                                        with the earmark, and that we, as                       this PAYGO system, will make the                        cuts.’’
                                        Members of this body, have the oppor-                   pressure toward raising taxes to pay                      Mr. Speaker, I ask to include the
                                        tunity to vote on whether or not that                   for new entitlement spending. And so                    Wall Street Journal editorial from
                                        earmark should be funded or not. We                     for that reason, I am opposed to this                   today, entitled ‘‘Tax As You Go,’’ for
                                        need more transparency and more ac-                     PAYGO regime, Mr. Speaker. There are                    the RECORD.
                                        countability in the way we spend tax-                   many others I would like to speak                        [From the Wall Street Journal, Jan. 5, 2007]
                                        payer dollars.                                          about.                                                                  TAX AS YOU GO
                                          I am very pleased that in the last                      Mr. Speaker, I reserve the balance of                   Congressional Democrats are dashing out
                                        Congress, in the 109th Congress, we in                  my time.                                                of the gates to establish their fiscal conserv-
                                        the House passed those rules, and I am                    Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                          ative credentials. And as early as today
                                                                                                Speaker, at this time, for purpose of                   House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will push
                                        very excited that the majority has de-
                                                                                                                                                        through so-called ‘‘pay-as-you-go’’ budget
                                        cided to continue those rules and build                 debate only, I yield 1 minute to the dis-               rules for Congress. Keep an eye on your wal-
                                        on that success by improving the pack-                  tinguished gentleman from North Caro-                   let.
                                        age of earmark reforms we passed in                     lina, one of the true rising stars in                     ‘‘Paygo,’’ as Washington insiders call it,
                                        the last Congress. So that part of this                 Democratic politics today, HEATH                        sounds like a fiscally prudent budget prac-
                                        package, I want to compliment the                       SHULER.                                                 tice: If government spends more on program
                                        gentleman from South Carolina and                         Mr. SHULER. Mr. Speaker, the times                    A, it has to spend less money on program B,
                                                                                                                                                        and thus budget deficits will be restrained.
                                        the others who put this together.                       of reckless and unchecked spending in
                                                                                                                                                        We’re all for that. But when Republicans
                                          I want to direct my comments on the                   Congress are over. With my fellow Blue                  proposed exactly that budget rule in recent
                                        PAYGO part of this. I had high hopes                    Dogs, we are cutting our Nation’s cred-                 years, House Democrats voted it down.
                                        for this part of the package. I had high                it card. It is time to have a common-                     Ms. Pelosi has something different in
                                        hopes that the PAYGO rules that we                      sense budget, just like our families,                   mind. Under her paygo plan, new entitle-
                                        are about to vote on would provide                      and just as we do in business, have a                   ment programs and all new tax cuts would
                                        much needed fiscal discipline to Wash-                  commonsense approach of budgeting.                      have to be offset by either cutbacks in other
                                                                                                                                                        entitlement programs or tax increases. This
                                        ington and to the way we spend tax-                       Congress followed these rules in the
                                                                                                                                                        version of paygo is a budget trapdoor, de-
                                        payer dollars. Unfortunately, this                      1990s. George H.W. Bush signed on, and                  signed not to control expenditures but to
                                        package just doesn’t cut the mustard. I                 in 2 years we saw a record budget sur-                  make it easier to raise taxes while blocking
                                        see this as a timid, weak, watered                      plus. Unfortunately, Congress has                       future tax cuts.
                                        down, paper tiger PAYGO. What I                         abandoned these rules and started fi-                     Supporters of paygo claim it will help re-
                                        mean when I say that, Mr. Speaker, is                   nancing spending increases with bor-                    strain entitlement spending. It won’t. Paygo
                                        I believe this will have the practical ef-              rowing money from China.                                doesn’t apply to current entitlements that
                                                                                                                                                        will grow automatically over the next sev-
                                        fect of simply raising taxes.                             China’s share of the U.S. debt has
                                                                                                                                                        eral decades. Ms. Pelosi’s version of paygo
                                          Let me be very clear, Mr. Speaker.                    grown faster than any other nation,                     applies only to new entitlements or changes
                                        We don’t have a tax revenue problem in                  from $61.5 billion in 2001 to $165 billion              in law that expand current programs. And on
                                        Washington. We have a spending prob-                    in 2004. We cannot borrow ourselves out                 present trajectory, Medicare, Medicaid, So-
                                        lem in Washington. Tax revenues have                    of debt.                                                cial Security, food stamps and the like are
                                        been coming into the Federal Treasury                     This is an important first step of im-                scheduled to increase federal spending to al-
                                        at double digit rates over the last 2                   plementation of a statutory PAYGO.                      most 38 percent of GDP by 2050, up from 21
                                        years. That is not the problem. We are                  Congress should be able to justify                      percent today. Paygo won’t stop a dime of
                                                                                                                                                        that increase. This may explain why one of
                                        getting plenty of money from workers’                   every line item of every spending bill                  the leading supporters of paygo is the Center
                                        paychecks, from families in their                       to the American people. This should be                  on Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal
                                        taxes. It is leaving the Treasury too                   supported by all Members for the fu-                    outfit that favors far more social spending.
                                        fast. That is our problem, and that is                  ture of our children and grandchildren.                   Paygo enthusiasts also claim that when
                                        where the budget discipline ought to be                   This rules package also prevents in-                  these rules were in effect in the 1990s the
                                        placed, on spending.                                    serting earmarks into bills in con-                     budget deficit disappeared and by 2001 the
                                          The problem with this PAYGO is it                     ference, and requires that all Members                  budget recorded a $121 billion surplus. Sorry.
                                                                                                                                                        The budget improvement in the late 1990s
                                        will have the practical effect of simply                be given time to examine all bills be-                  was a result of three events wholly unrelated
                                        having higher taxes to chase higher                     fore voting on them.                                    to paygo: the initial spending restraint
                                        spending. It does absolutely nothing to                   Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                   under the Republican Congress in 1995 and
                                        address the deficit we have today. It                   I yield 2 minutes to the distinguished                  1996 as part of their pledge to balance the
                                        does absolutely nothing to address to-                  gentleman from North Carolina (Mr.                      budget; a huge reduction in military spend-
                                        day’s level of spending. It does not ad-                MCHENRY).                                               ing, totaling nearly 2 percent of GDP, over
                                        dress     the     uncontrollable      and                 Mr. MCHENRY. Mr. Speaker, I thank                     the decade; and rapid economic growth,
                                                                                                                                                        which always causes a bounce in revenues.
                                        unsustainable rates of spending that                    my colleague from Wisconsin, the
                                                                                                                                                        Paygo didn’t expire until 2002, but by the
                                        we have with our entitlement programs                   ranking member on the Budget Com-                       late–1990s politicians in both parties were al-
                                        today.                                                  mittee, on which I have had the pleas-                  ready re-stoking the domestic spending fires.
                                          Now, I realize that the last majority                 ure of serving for the past 2 years.                      What paygo does restrain are tax cuts, by
                                        wasn’t perfect on spending. I will be                     And it is ironic that I follow another                requiring that any tax cut be offset dollar-
                                        the first to note that because many                     colleague from North Carolina who is                    for-dollar with some entitlement reduction.
                                        people saw me coming to the floor say-                  in favor of the Pelosi PAYGO plan that                  Congressional budgeteers always overesti-
                                                                                                we have before us here today on the                     mate the revenue losses from tax cuts, which
                                        ing that in the last Congress. But when
                                                                                                                                                        under paygo would require onerous budget
                                        we enact spending discipline, and when                  House floor. It is unfortunate that it is               cuts to ‘‘pay for’’ the tax cuts. As a political
                                        we are telling the American people                      being offered in a closed rule, in a set-               matter, those spending cuts will never hap-
                                        that we are now going to get tough on                   ting whereupon Republicans cannot                       pen.
                                        spending, we are going to be fiscally                   offer any constructive amendments or                      First on the chopping block, therefore,
                                        conservative, that is what we should                    perfecting amendments to ensure that                    would be the investment tax cuts of 2003 that
                                        do; and this does not do that.                          tax increases don’t arise out of this                   are set to expire in 2010. Last year Democrat
                                          More importantly, Mr. Speaker, I be-                  Pelosi PAYGO plan.                                      David Obey of Wisconsin, the new Appropria-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                                                                                                                                        tions Committee chairman and a prodigious
                                        lieve that this PAYGO regime, if it                       According to the Wall Street Journal
                                                                                                                                                        spender, gave this strategy away when he
                                        does actually work, will make it clear                  editorial today: ‘‘Under her,’’ PELOSI’s,               urged paygo rules so he could enact new so-
                                        that the tax relief of 2001 and 2003,                   ‘‘PAYGO plan, new entitlement pro-                      cial spending and pay for it by canceling the
                                        which got us out of a recession, which                  grams and all new tax cuts would have                   Bush tax cuts for those who make more than
                                        brought new revenues into the Federal                   to be offset by either cut-backs in                     $1 million.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   02:21 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00012   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.018   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H71
                                           Never mind that, in the wake of those cap-             If the Mignonis in Bristol want to ex-                President Bush in 1991, in the Budget
                                        ital gains and dividend tax-rate cuts, federal          pand their store, they have to roll up                  Enforcement Act. It was adopted by
                                        revenues climbed by a record $550 billion               their sleeves and figure out how they                   President Clinton in the Deficit Reduc-
                                        over the past two fiscal years. Incidentally,
                                                                                                are going to pay for it. When the Rus-                  tion Act of 1993. It was confirmed again
                                        thanks to the current economic expansion
                                        and the surge in tax revenues, the budget               sos of Fairless Hills started saving for                by Clinton and by this Congress in a bi-
                                        deficit has fallen by $165 billion in just two          their daughters’ college tuition, they                  partisan way in the Balanced Budget
                                        years—without paygo.                                    had to figure out how they were going                   Agreement of 1997. It was even en-
                                           Given all of this, it’s especially puzzling          to pay for that.                                        dorsed by the second President Bush in
                                        that even some conservatives seem tempted                 Mr. Speaker, this is exactly what we                  his 2001 budget submission: Reinstate
                                        by paygo’s fiscal illusions. Our friends at the         are voting on here today. If you or I                   PAYGO. That is what the President re-
                                        Heritage Foundation have of late become ob-             have a good idea, we are going to have                  quested.
                                        sessed with future entitlement forecasts and
                                                                                                to roll up our sleeves, just like the                     But the Bush administration soon
                                        have advised Ms. Pelosi to enact paygo rules
                                        to stop it. But Heritage notably did not in-            Mignonis and the Russos, and figure                     found that if we did that, it would get
                                        sist that tax increases be excluded from any            out how we are going to pay for it first.               in the way of its huge tax cut agenda,
                                        paygo rule. Had such logic prevailed in 1980                                                                    and that was its driving force behind
                                                                                                                 b 1100
                                        or 2003, it’s possible that neither the Reagan                                                                  all the budget policy of this adminis-
                                        nor Bush tax cuts would ever have become                  As most of you know, I have a 6-                      tration. So in 2002, even though it had
                                        law. As a political matter, paygo is about re-          week-old daughter, Maggie. Maggie and                   worked, demonstrably worked, and
                                        turning Republicans to their historical mi-             every other newborn born in America                     brought the deficit down, in 2002, the
                                        nority role as tax collectors for the welfare           are saddled with $28,000 in debt. That is               Bush administration and this Congress,
                                        state.                                                  immoral. Voting ‘‘yes’’ to imple-
                                           That’s not to say that new budget rules                                                                      under Republican leadership, allowed
                                                                                                menting PAYGO is the first step to-                     the PAYGO rule to expire.
                                        aren’t highly desirable. The line-item veto, a
                                        new Grace Commission to identify and elimi-             ward getting our fiscal house in order.                   PAYGO had been renewed three
                                        nate the billions of dollars of waste and                 Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                   times. From 1991 to 2001, it was the law
                                        failed programs, and an automatic spending              may I inquire as to how much time re-                   of the budget. It worked. But it was al-
                                        sequester if the budget rises above agreed              mains between the two parties?                          lowed to expire. The result was a def-
                                        baselines would all help to restore spending              The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-                     icit that soared. President Clinton
                                        discipline. But it is precisely because these           tleman from Wisconsin has 24 minutes                    handed over to President Bush a budg-
                                        rules would restrain spending that they are             remaining.
                                        not on the Democratic agenda.
                                                                                                                                                        et that was in surplus, in surplus by
                                           Paygo, by contrast, gives the appearance
                                                                                                  Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. And the gen-                   $236 billion the year before President
                                        of spending discipline while making it all              tleman from Florida?                                    Bush took office. By 2004, without the
                                        but impossible to let taxpayers keep more of              The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-                     PAYGO rule, without the strictures of
                                        their money. It should really be called                 tleman from Florida has 26 minutes re-                  the Budget Enforcement Act of 1991,
                                        ‘‘spend and tax as you go.’’                            maining.                                                the surplus was gone, wiped out, re-
                                          The fundamental budget problem                          Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. I reserve the                  placed by a deficit of $413 billion. That
                                        here is spending too much, not taxing                   balance of my time.                                     was a swing of more than $600 billion in
                                        too little. Federal revenues climbed by                   Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                          the wrong direction.
                                        $550 billion over the past two fiscal                   Speaker, before yielding to the distin-                   In an effort to diminish these debts
                                        years because of the 2001 and 2003 tax                  guished budget chairperson, I want to                   and to rein in the deficit, Democrats
                                        relief packages. Now, this has led to a                 respond to Mr. RYAN by saying, we                       tried repeatedly over the last 6 years to
                                        robust economic growth for our coun-                    don’t have a spending revenue problem.                  reinstate the PAYGO rule. And Repub-
                                        try; and as a result of that economic                   I would remind him, when he said that,                  licans, just as repeatedly, rebuked us
                                        growth, we have had higher tax reve-                    that he and his colleagues, with this                   at every turn. Today, with a new ma-
                                        nues to government. In fact, govern-                    President, have run up a debt larger                    jority, we want a new commitment to
                                        ment revenue this year is the largest it                than the previous 42 Presidents com-                    fiscal responsibility. We want to pay as
                                        has ever been in the history of man.                    bined.                                                  you go. We want to quit stacking debt
                                        Not just the history of the United                        No problem, Mr. RYAN? Please.                         on top of debt.
                                        States, but we have more revenue flow-                    Mr. Speaker, I yield 51⁄2 minutes to                    The statutory debt, on the watch of
                                        ing into government.                                    the distinguished budget chairman,                      this administration, has increased by
                                          So we have a spending problem, Mr.                    who knows more about this process                       60 percent, 60 percent since President
                                        Speaker. And with this PAYGO trap-                      than all the rest of the Members in this                Bush took office, more than $3 trillion
                                        door, the Pelosi PAYGO plan ignores                     body combined, Mr. SPRATT.                              in new debt. This is not a sustainable
                                        the annual appropriations, and it only                    Mr. SPRATT. I thank the gentleman                     course. Nobody in this House would
                                        applies to new spending. So this is an                  for the compliment and wish I could                     rise to support this course. So let us re-
                                        absolute trapdoor that will lead to tax                 accept it, and I am glad to have the                    verse course. Let us start today. Let us
                                        increases put forward by this new Dem-                  time to explain what is before us.                      enact something that worked for 11
                                        ocrat majority.                                           The budget summit in 1990 ended up                    years, the PAYGO rule that was adopt-
                                          I urge us to vote this down and to ac-                with a 5-year deficit reduction plan and                ed first in 1991.
                                        tually have real constructive budget                    a kit of budget process rules known as                    Today, we add two new rules to the
                                        reform.                                                 the Budget Enforcement Act of 1991.                     rules of the House, section 402 and sec-
                                          Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                          Among these process changes was                         tion 405 of title IV in the package be-
                                        Speaker, I yield 1 minute to the distin-                something that we have come to call                     fore you. The original PAYGO rule was
                                        guished gentleman from Pennsylvania                     the PAYGO rule, or pay-as-you-go.                       statutory. It set up a scorecard on
                                        (Mr. PATRICK MURPHY).                                     Basically, the pay-as-you-go rule pro-                which tax cuts and tax increases, enti-
                                          Mr. PATRICK MURPHY of Pennsyl-                        vides that any increase in entitlement                  tlement cuts and entitlement increases
                                        vania. Mr. Speaker, I rise today as an                  benefits has to be paid for by a new                    were all entered. At the end of the fis-
                                        original cosponsor of this vital meas-                  revenue source, and that any cut in                     cal year, the tally was taken by the
                                        ure.                                                    taxes has to be offset by equivalent                    Congressional Budget Office, and if
                                          Mr. Speaker, this vote is about one of                cuts in entitlements or by equivalent                   there was an adverse balance, it had to
                                        the most important issues facing                        increases elsewhere in the Tax Code. In                 be rectified. If it was not rectified and
                                        America today, fiscal responsibility.                   other words, entitlement increases or                   removed, then it would result in
                                          PAYGO is straightforward. If Con-                     tax cuts have to be deficit neutral.                    across-the-board abatement or seques-
                                        gress is going to buy something, we                     They cannot worsen the bottom line.                     tration cuts.
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        need to figure out how we are going to                  This is the basic principle of PAYGO; a                   Why not just reenact the statutory
                                        pay for it. That is what the small busi-                common-sense,      truly    conservative                rule, since that is the form that
                                        ness owners, farmers, and families in                   principle.                                              worked? I wish we could. But it is not
                                        the Eighth Congressional District of                      PAYGO was originated by Demo-                         at all clear we can pass a statutory
                                        Pennsylvania do every single day.                       crats, but it was embraced by the first                 change or reenactment of the PAYGO

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   01:28 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00013   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.007   H05JAPT1
                                        H72                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                        rule in the Senate, where 60 votes are                  bursting, and they did not foresee 9/11.                strain both the dollar amount spent on
                                        needed. And it is even less clear, and                  Of course, they did not foresee that.                   earmarks and the number of earmarks
                                        extremely doubtful, that the President                  They did not see the perfect storm of                   that we have had. But I want to make
                                        would sign a statutory PAYGO rule if                    economic calamity, and that is what                     certain that if we are looking at ear-
                                        it reached his desk.                                    evaporated the surplus.                                 marks we are asking ourselves the
                                          So what we propose today is the art                     Mr. Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the                 right questions.
                                        of the possible. What we propose is a                   gentleman from Washington (Mr.                            I do not want anyone on this floor, or
                                        House rule, setting up a point of order                 REICHERT).                                              anyone else, including the White
                                        to any PAYGO violation. We also cor-                      Mr. REICHERT. Mr. Speaker, last                       House, to suggest that if you eliminate
                                        rect here the practice of using the rec-                night, I came to the floor and joined                   funding for earmarks you save one
                                        onciliation process, an extraordinary                   my Democrat colleagues in supporting                    dime. You do not. The right question
                                        process in order to do things, that                     meaningful ethics reform. As a former                   to ask about earmarks is simply
                                        would worsen the budget deficit. But I                  law enforcement officer, I understand                   whether that money is put in the right
                                        want to focus mainly on the PAYGO                       as well as anyone the need to abide by                  place or not. And let me explain what
                                        result.                                                 the strongest ethical guidelines, and I                 I mean.
                                          The ranking member of the Budget                      agree with and commend my Democrat                        When the Appropriations Committee,
                                        Committee, Mr. RYAN, and I look for-                    colleagues for presenting a rules pack-                 for instance, brings out its appropria-
                                        ward to working with him, he is a good                  age that brings much-needed trans-                      tion bills, each subcommittee operates
                                        man who knows his stuff, and I look                     parency to earmarking process.                          under a spending ceiling. And if that
                                        forward to a good relationship, but I                     In the last Congress, I consistently                  bill exceeds that spending ceiling, then
                                        have to take exception when he says                     supported greater public disclosure of                  a single Member can knock the entire
                                        this rule does not reduce the deficit. By               Federal spending. I will be the first                   bill off the floor. That means that ear-
                                        itself, it may not. But it establishes in               Member of this body to stand up and                     marks, if they are provided, are pro-
                                        the rules of this House a commonsense,                  attach my name to earmark requests                      vided within the predetermined ceiling
                                        truly conservative principle that when                  and justify the need for the expendi-                   for that bill. So, for instance, if the
                                        the budget is in deficit, deep deficit, at              ture. The taxpayers in my district and                  committee decides that it is going to
                                        the very least, we should avoid making                  across our Nation deserve to know how                   earmark 50 after-school projects, those
                                        it worse. We should avoid entitlement                   the government spends their hard-                       after-school projects are financed with-
                                        increases that are not paid for and we                  earned dollars.                                         in the predetermined ceiling, not above
                                        should avoid tax cuts that are not off-                   But I rise against title IV because I                 that ceiling.
                                                                                                cannot stand and support a reform                         So if people want to pose for holy pic-
                                          This rule is not immutable, it can be                 package that irresponsibly attaches a                   tures on the issue of earmarks, be my
                                        waived or modified, but it establishes a                rule known as PAYGO that will almost                    guest. Just make sure you have your
                                        strong working presumption in favor of                  certainly lead to higher taxes on these                 facts when you do so. That is all I ask.
                                                                                                                                                          A second thing I would point out. If
                                        fiscal responsibility and it holds ac-                  same hard-working taxpaying Ameri-
                                                                                                                                                        we are going to talk about earmarks,
                                        countable every Member who votes                        cans.
                                                                                                                                                        then let us talk about the guy who does
                                        otherwise.                                                Tax cuts unequivalently spur eco-
                                                                                                                                                        the most earmarking. That is the guy
                                          Mr. RYAN claims this bill will set a                  nomic growth and create jobs. The tax
                                                                                                                                                        in the big White House at the other end
                                        double standard favoring higher spend-                  relief Congress enacted in 2003 pro-
                                                                                                                                                        of the Pennsylvania Avenue. He is
                                        ing. But in truth it is a double-edged                  duced tremendous growth and a record
                                                                                                                                                        called the President. And I want to
                                        sword. It applies to entitlement in-                    high stock market. These tax cuts cre-
                                                                                                                                                        give you an example of what happens
                                        creases as well as tax cuts. So if you                  ated nearly 6 million jobs across the                   with the President’s budget.
                                        want to start the 110th Congress on the                 Nation and 88,000 jobs in Washington                      The biggest earmarker in the land is
                                        foot of fiscal responsibility, the right                State alone.                                            the President of the United States of
                                        thing to do is to vote to reinstate                       Again, I agree with my colleagues on                  America. Let me give you one example.
                                        PAYGO. Vote for this package and its                    both sides of the aisle that we need                    Last year, the administration provided
                                        fiscal responsibility provisions.                       more fiscal discipline. That is why I                   18,808 FIRE grants in districts rep-
                                          Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                   supported the balanced budget amend-                    resented by Republican Members of
                                        I yield myself 1 minute.                                ment in the last Congress and I hope to                 Congress. It provided 11,470 FIRE
                                          First of all, I want to start off by                  work to enact that in this Congress.                    grants in districts represented by
                                        saying I appreciate the gentleman from                  But the way to reduce the deficit is to                 Democrats. Every single one of those
                                        South Carolina. He is a good man,                       rein in spending and cut taxes, which                   FIRE grants is the functional equiva-
                                        knows his stuff, and I very much look                   has proven to increase revenue. It is                   lent of an earmark.
                                        forward to working with him. I just                     not to raise taxes on families and small                  Now, does anybody believe that that
                                        want to respond to a couple of points.                  businesses, and I fear that this provi-                 ratio of FIRE grants in Republican
                                          In fact, we attempted to put PAYGO                    sion will do that.                                      versus Democratic districts was not po-
                                        in place, PAYGO on spending. So if you                    I am deeply disappointed the ear-                     litical? If you do, I have got a lot of
                                        try to increase spending somewhere                      mark reform contained in this title                     things I would like to sell you after the
                                        else, you should cut spending elsewhere                 was not attached to the ethics reforms                  session is over.
                                        and not raise taxes. That went down in                  that I enthusiastically joined my Dem-
                                        2004, largely because of the minority                   ocrat colleagues in supporting. While I                                  b 1115
                                        opposing it.                                            support the earmark reforms that have                     Let me also make one additional
                                          Second point. The reason PAYGO                        been proposed here, I must urge my                      point: What is an earmark? If the
                                        worked well in the 1990s is because it                  colleagues to oppose this measure so                    President sends down an Army Corps of
                                        was statutory. If you did not comply,                   that we can work together to enact sig-                 Engineers’ list of projects, let’s say he
                                        an     across-the-board    sequestration                nificant earmark reform.                                suggests 800 projects for the Army
                                        would take place, and the threat of                       Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                          Corps of Engineers. Let’s say the Con-
                                        that was one of the reasons why                         Speaker, I yield 51⁄4 minutes to the dis-               gress, after its hearings, determines
                                        PAYGO was successful.                                   tinguished chairman of the Appropria-                   that 16 of them don’t make any sense
                                          The third point I simply want to                      tions Committee, my friend, the gen-                    and so they substitute other projects.
                                        make is, you are going to hear a lot of                 tleman from Wisconsin (Mr. OBEY).                       Are the 16 which the Congress sub-
                                        talk about we had a surplus, we handed                    Mr. OBEY. Mr. Speaker, what I                         stituted the only earmarks in that bill?
                                        it to the Republicans and they squan-                   would like to do is to take some time                   What about the original President’s
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        dered it. What was the surplus? The                     on the floor today to separate fact                     list? He has selected those. Doesn’t
                                        surplus was projected. It was projected.                from fiction with respect to earmarks.                  that represent an earmark on the part
                                        And in those economic projections they                    Let me start by saying that I think                   of the executive as well?
                                        did not foresee the Enron scandals,                     my record is clear. I have tried as long                  So I would simply ask, if we are
                                        they did not foresee the dot-com bubble                 as I have been in this Congress to re-                  going to start talking earmarks, let’s

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   01:28 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00014   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.023   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H73
                                        not have the pot calling the kettle                       Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                            Mr. Speaker, PAYGO is a budget en-
                                        black. Let us remember that the Con-                    Speaker, I am very pleased to yield 1                   forcement tool that has both a history
                                        gress has a right to make policy judg-                  minute to my good friend the gentle-                    of success and a history of bipartisan
                                        ments, indeed it has an obligation to                   woman from Florida (Ms. CASTOR), a                      support. In its original form, PAYGO
                                        make policy judgments, that direct                      member of the Rules Committee.                          was part of an agreement between the
                                        money to one place or another.                            Ms. CASTOR. Mr. Speaker, I thank                      first President Bush and a Democratic
                                          When I was chairman of the Appro-                     my good friend and colleague.                           Congress. A Democratic President and
                                        priations Committee 12 years ago, the                     Mr. Speaker, an important part of                     Congress extended it in 1993, and a
                                        Labor-Health-Education appropriation                    the honest leadership, open govern-                     Democratic President and Republican
                                        bill didn’t contain a single earmark.                   ment rules package is the new commit-                   Congress extended it in 1997. Unfortu-
                                        Last year, our Republican friends on                    ment to more stringent fiscal responsi-                 nately, it was allowed to expire in 2002
                                        the other side of the aisle were plan-                  bility under Democratic leadership and                  and the results have been a disaster.
                                        ning to have 3,000 earmarks in the                      Speaker NANCY PELOSI.                                   Deficits and debt have reached historic
                                        Labor-Health bill. I think that is a                      Under the current administration                      levels and the debt limit has been
                                        gross exaggeration of what our staffs                   and past Congresses, the Nation’s debt                  raised four times.
                                        have the ability to review.                             has been climbing out of sight. Cur-                      This rule takes the first step toward
                                          I don’t want a single earmark in any                  rently we are faced with a nearly $3                    restoring fiscal responsibility in the
                                        bill that the committee staff cannot                    trillion national budget deficit. The                   Federal Government by requiring the
                                        review to make certain that the rep-                    rising interest rates and a projected in-               House of Representatives to pay for the
                                        utation of this House and the reputa-                   dividual share of the national debt of                  bills that we pass.
                                                                                                more than $28,000 per person is out-                      I urge all my colleagues on both sides
                                        tion of the committee is protected.
                                                                                                rageous.                                                of the aisle to support the passage of
                                        That is why we have the provision in
                                                                                                  As a mother with two young daugh-                     this rule.
                                        this language that says if any Member                                                                             Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                                                                                ters, I am concerned, like so many
                                        asks for an earmark, he also has to cer-                                                                        I would like to yield 3 minutes to the
                                                                                                other parents today. You see, the per-
                                        tify that that earmark will provide no                                                                          distinguished gentleman from Indiana
                                                                                                sonal cost of spiraling debt to the
                                        financial advantage to him or his                                                                               (Mr. PENCE).
                                                                                                American public is overwhelming.
                                        spouse. To me, that is the way you pro-                                                                           (Mr. PENCE asked and was given per-
                                                                                                Families are working to provide the
                                        tect the integrity of the institution                                                                           mission to revise and extend his re-
                                                                                                best opportunities for their children,
                                        and still protect the power of the purse                                                                        marks.)
                                                                                                while juggling mortgages, credit card
                                        and still protect the prerogative of the                                                                          Mr. PENCE. Mr. Speaker, I thank the
                                                                                                debt and student loans, as well as ris-
                                        Congress. That is the way you protect                                                                           gentleman for yielding.
                                                                                                ing health care costs and housing
                                        the prerogatives of the Congress, while                                                                           Mr. Speaker, I rise today in opposi-
                                        also protecting the reputation of this                    How can our neighbors back home de-                   tion to the element of the rules pack-
                                        institution.                                            crease their debt loads until the Fed-                  age that we will consider today, but I
                                          So, please, keep your terms straight.                                                                         do so conflicted; conflicted, because as
                                                                                                eral Government begins to do its part?
                                        Keep your facts straight. Let’s not                                                                             a long-time advocate of earmark re-
                                                                                                That is why the restoration of pay-as-
                                        claim things that are not so about                                                                              form and fiscal discipline, I am in large
                                                                                                you-go budgeting is the right step in a
                                        some of these changes. Let’s recognize                                                                          measure encouraged by the efforts of
                                                                                                new direction. Pay-as-you-go is not en-
                                        what the definitions are and the fact                                                                           my colleagues in the new Democratic
                                                                                                tirely new, however.                                    majority to step forward in good faith
                                        that this is a very complicated matter.                   Let me close by saying that these
                                          Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                                                                           and open the process whereby we spend
                                                                                                rules changes are essential to assure
                                        I would like to yield 1 minute to a new                                                                         the people’s money to greater trans-
                                                                                                our neighbors that Congress is working
                                        Member, the gentleman from Ohio (Mr.                                                                            parency, particularly in the area of
                                                                                                earnestly to do our part to relieve the                 earmarks.
                                        JORDAN).                                                financial crunch on working families,
                                          Mr. JORDAN of Ohio. Mr. Speaker, I                                                                              I say from the heart that I appreciate
                                                                                                while providing a transparent frame-                    the substantive reforms and trans-
                                        thank the gentleman.
                                                                                                work in which to do it.                                 parency and accountability that my
                                          Mr. Speaker, I rise today to offer a                    Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                        word of caution about the proposed                                                                              Democratic colleagues will bring for-
                                                                                                I yield 1 minute to the gentleman from                  ward today on earmark reform. That
                                        PAYGO rules which will hurt this                        California (Mr. CAMPBELL).
                                        body’s ability to keep our economy                                                                              being said, I will oppose this element of
                                                                                                  Mr. CAMPBELL of California. Mr.                       the rules package having to do with
                                        moving forward. By putting more                         Speaker, two plus two does not equal
                                        money into the hands of families and                                                                            the pay-as-you-go provisions, which,
                                                                                                six, but if I were to assume that it did,               while they sound in a common sense
                                        taxpayers, the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003                I could take care of the budget. Easy.
                                        have helped stimulate our economy,                                                                              way attractive, this particular version
                                                                                                  PAYGO assumes that when you in-                       I believe is lacking for three reasons:
                                        create jobs and cut our Federal deficit                 crease taxes, revenue goes up, and                        Number one, I believe it is a weak
                                        in half. The proposed PAYGO rules                       when you lower tax rates, revenue goes                  and watered down version of PAYGO
                                        wrongly identify these types of tax                     down. But history shows that that is                    proposals of the past, including Demo-
                                        cuts as ‘‘deficit spending’’ and will all               not what happens, because there are                     crat party PAYGO proposals of the
                                        but eliminate our ability to provide ad-                economic factors, and people change                     past.
                                        ditional tax relief to the families and                 behavior.                                                 Number two, it doesn’t reduce cur-
                                        taxpayers we represent.                                   Since the tax cut-rate cuts of 2003,                  rent spending levels or require a reduc-
                                          It will also set the framework for re-                revenue has been up every year, and in                  tion of current spending levels.
                                        pealing the tax cuts that have already                  2 of the last 3 years has been up by dou-                 Number three, it is, as so many of my
                                        been enacted. This amounts to a two-                    ble digits.                                             colleagues have said, a means of justi-
                                        pronged threat to the pocketbooks of                      Two plus two does not equal six.                      fying tax increases on working fami-
                                        the families and taxpayers across Ohio                  PAYGO does not equal fiscal responsi-                   lies, small businesses and family farms.
                                        and across America.                                     bility. What PAYGO does equal is tax                    In a very real sense, the American peo-
                                          Mr. Speaker, like many of my col-                     increases that will hurt the economy                    ple ought to know that this proposal
                                        leagues, I wholeheartedly support the                   and will not raise revenue and will not                 translates to you-pay-as-Congress-goes
                                        earmark reform contained in this rule,                  help the deficit.                                       on spending.
                                        and I strongly support the spending re-                   Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                            In the category of a watered down
                                        straint at the heart of the PAYGO con-                  Speaker, I am very pleased to yield 1                   provision, other PAYGO versions were
                                        cept, but I believe these rules will, in                minute to my good friend, the gen-                      enforced by across-the-board spending
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        effect, take money out of the hands of                  tleman from California (Mr. THOMP-                      cuts. That is what created the incen-
                                        families and taxpayers, hurting our                     SON).                                                   tive to control spending. But the
                                        ability to grow our economy and cut                       Mr. THOMPSON of California. Mr.                       Democrats PAYGO proposal is only en-
                                        our deficit in a fiscally responsible                   Speaker, I thank the gentleman for                      forced by a point of order, which can be
                                        way.                                                    yielding.                                               waived fairly easily, as we all know.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   01:28 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00015   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.026   H05JAPT1
                                        H74                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                          Secondly, it only applies to new                        It is interesting yesterday that the                  threatens to bankrupt future genera-
                                        spending. Mr. Speaker, I say with some                  word ‘‘transparent’’ was used often by                  tions, our children and our grand-
                                        pain, having been a part of the former                  the folks on the other side of the aisle,               children, with either massive debt or a
                                        majority, but we currently don’t pay                    and yet one of the areas in which                       massive tax increase.
                                        for what goes out the door now. The                     transparency seems to have been re-                       Over half of our budget deals with en-
                                        2007 budget right now is projected at                   duced is with respect to the rule that is               titlement spending. There is nothing
                                        $286 billion in deficit. This does noth-                included in here with respect to the                    that deals with that. It doesn’t deal
                                        ing to require us to address our current                Rules Committee.                                        with baseline budgeting. Now, most
                                        deficits.                                                 So with respect to PAYGO, I want                      Americans don’t know what that is, it
                                          Lastly, as others have argued, I truly                my colleagues and others to know that                   is inside baseball, but it is an account-
                                        believe that by assuming that the 2001                  this is a stealth tax increase that is                  ing concept that would make an Enron
                                        and 2003 tax relief will automatically                  being foisted upon our economy.                         accountant blush. It puts in automatic
                                        expire, this Democrat PAYGO provi-                        Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                          inflation for government programs, yet
                                        sion will cause a substantial tax in-                   Speaker, I am very pleased at this time                 we don’t call it new spending. And yet
                                        crease for working families, small busi-                to yield 1 minute to a gentleman that                   there is nothing in this so-called
                                        nesses and family farms.                                was a sheriff that had to pay as he                     PAYGO provision dealing with that.
                                          The American people just simply                       went with reference to equipment for                    And we don’t even have a statute.
                                        need to know, however well-inten-                       his department, BRAD ELLSWORTH from                       It is also false advertising, Madam
                                        tioned, and I assume good intentions                    Indiana.                                                Speaker, because it doesn’t live up to
                                        by my colleagues in the newly-minted                                                                            what the Democratic majority advo-
                                        majority, however well intentioned, I                                     b 1130
                                                                                                                                                        cated when they were in the minority.
                                        believe this PAYGO provision comes up                     Mr. ELLSWORTH. Mr. Speaker, I                         We have a rule; we don’t have a stat-
                                        short. It is, in a very real sense, the                 thank the gentleman for yielding time.                  ute, the rule that will end up being
                                        American people pay, as Congress goes                     I thought I was going to get to follow                waivable. We don’t have the sequester
                                        on spending.                                            a fellow Hoosier, Mr. PENCE, until we                   mechanism of earlier PAYGO. We don’t
                                          Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Mr.                          changed the rules. But as a proud mem-                  have the wedding with the discre-
                                        Speaker, I reserve the balance of my                    ber of the Blue Dog Coalition, I am                     tionary caps that we had. And, indeed,
                                        time.                                                   proud to stand today to voice my sup-                   what we have is a subterfuge here.
                                          Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,                   port for restoring the pay-as-you-go                    What we have is a Trojan horse for
                                        I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman                      budgeting. Inclusion of the PAYGO                       more tax increases on small businesses
                                        from Texas (Mr. CONAWAY).                               provision in the new House rules will
                                          Mr. CONAWAY. Mr. Speaker, I thank                                                                             and American families that threaten
                                                                                                undoubtedly force us to make tough                      the jobs of Americans, and we must
                                        the ranking member, and I appreciate                    decisions, but quite frankly we have no
                                        the opportunity to talk. I was just try-                                                                        vote this down.
                                                                                                choice. The total National debt is an                     Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam
                                        ing to clarify a couple of things on the                astounding $9 trillion, and tough deci-
                                        package to make sure that we under-                                                                             Speaker, I am very pleased to yield 1
                                                                                                sions need to be made by Congress. By                   minute to one of 13 members of the
                                        stand what it is we are actually doing                  restoring PAYGO budgeting, we will
                                        to ourselves.                                                                                                   physicians in the House of Representa-
                                                                                                take a positive step toward reducing                    tives, the distinguished colleague, my
                                          I spent 2 years on the Budget Com-
                                                                                                and easing the Federal deficit. Hoosier                 friend, Mr. KAGEN.
                                        mittee, and it was a very informative
                                                                                                families in my district make tough de-                    Mr. KAGEN. Madam Speaker, my
                                        time. I sat through hours and hours of
                                                                                                cisions every day about how to balance                  good friend Mr. RYAN from Wisconsin, I
                                        conversation by my colleagues on the
                                        other side of the aisle touting the vir-                their budget, and it should be no dif-                  was elected to send a message to Con-
                                        tues of PAYGO and that they thought                     ferent from the Congress of the United                  gress to balance its budgets and to be
                                        this would solve the problems of the                    States.                                                 fiscally responsible. As PAUL RYAN
                                        world, knowing all along that their                       Mr. Speaker, we have an obligation                    notes, in Wisconsin thousands of hard-
                                        version of PAYGO that they talked                       to be fiscally disciplined in imple-                    working people have lost their jobs;
                                        about was, in fact, a stealth tax in-                   menting pay-as-you-go budgeting, and                    and when they lost their manufac-
                                        crease, given the current Code that we                  this is a great place to start.                         turing jobs offshore, much of the
                                        have in place with respect to the taxes                   Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Madam                          wealth of this Nation was sent offshore
                                        on capital gains and dividends, as an                   Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the chair-                along with those jobs.
                                        example, and the death tax that will                    man of the Republican Study Com-                          We need a positive change in Amer-
                                        come back in full force in 2011 unless                  mittee, Mr. HENSARLING of Texas.                        ica, and it needs to start now, right
                                        we actually do something to it.                           Mr. HENSARLING. Madam Speaker,                        here and right now in the people’s
                                          So as we consider this PAYGO con-                     I thank the gentleman for yielding, and                 House. Let’s begin to build a better fu-
                                        cept, I would like for the American                     I wish to join a number of my col-                      ture for everyone by dedicating our-
                                        people to know that the devil is in the                 leagues in congratulating the new                       selves to becoming fiscally responsible
                                        details, as with everything that we, in                 Democrat majority for their work in                     today, not next week. And then when
                                        fact, do.                                               the area of earmarks. We know that                      we do, let’s ship our values overseas
                                          When I campaigned, when most of my                    earmarks are perhaps a small portion                    and not our jobs.
                                        colleagues campaigned, none of us                       of spending in this body, but they are a                  I rise before you today to urge you to
                                        campaigned on increasing deficits. We                   large portion of the culture of spend-                  support pay-as-you-go as a means to
                                        all campaigned, on both sides of the                    ing. And I certainly salute them for                    become fiscally responsible. We cannot
                                        aisle, on reduced spending, on smaller                  that work; but, Madam Speaker, I                        realistically begin to solve the many
                                        government, all those kinds of things                   must reluctantly oppose this rule be-                   problems we face until we completely
                                        that both sides are saying during this                  cause of the so-called PAYGO provision                  reverse the misguided fiscal policy of
                                        debate today. But I am not sure this                    which has been adequately pointed out                   borrow and spend, and borrow and
                                        PAYGO version will, in fact, do that.                   is really a tax-go provision.                           spend, and borrow and spend, which has
                                          Also the point we were trying to                        If PAYGO indeed lived up to its                       driven our country into more debt than
                                        check right now, I believe in addition                  name, it would be worthy of support,                    our children can possibly repay. Let us
                                        to the rules included in this rule is a                 but it is not. I fear that it is nothing                agree to live within our means here in
                                        change in the Rules Committee itself                    more than false advertising. I listened                 the House as we do in our own homes
                                        to allow for votes in the Rules Com-                    very carefully to our new Speaker yes-                  back in Wisconsin.
                                        mittee to be not reported out in the                    terday when I believe she said that                       Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Madam
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        rule. So the Democrat-controlled Rules                  there would be no new deficit spending                  Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the gen-
                                        Committee can waive this PAYGO rule                     under the watch of the Democrat ma-                     tleman from California (Mr. BILBRAY).
                                        and we won’t know which of the mem-                     jority. But as I look at this so-called                   Mr. BILBRAY. Madam Speaker, I
                                        bers actually voted to do that because                  PAYGO provision, I see nothing that                     think everyone will agree, when it
                                        of the way this rule is.                                deals with entitlement spending, which                  came to earmarks, the big concern

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   01:28 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00016   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.028   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                         H75
                                        about the abuses of the past were two                   House, we have seen reckless fiscal                     port PAYGO on spending. There is a
                                        components: one is transparency or the                  policies that have undermined the fu-                   difference between saying you can keep
                                        lack of transparency in previous pro-                   ture of America’s economy. Now the                      your own money or we are going to
                                        ceedings when it came to earmarks.                      time has come to take our country in                    spend your money. And that ought to
                                        The other was the issue of what is                      a new and responsible direction.                        be made plain in PAYGO.
                                        called air drops, those that could be in                  PAYGO rules are the centerpiece of                       Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam
                                        a conference and at the last minute add                 the Blue Dog 12-point reform plan for                   Speaker, I am very pleased to yield 1
                                        things into the budget without going                    putting an end to deficit spending. We                  minute to my friend from Utah (Mr.
                                        through the review of the committee or                  know PAYGO rules work because they                      MATHESON). JIM came here fighting for
                                        subcommittee and a public review of                     have in the past. During the 1990s, with                fiscal responsibility and continues that
                                        that aspect.                                            PAYGO rules in place, the massive                       effort.
                                          I have to compliment both sides of                    deficits that we were seeing at that                       Mr. MATHESON. Madam Speaker, I
                                        the aisle when it comes to trans-                       time were converted into record sur-                    rise in support of this provision. This is
                                        parency. I think that both Republicans                  pluses. We saw the greatest period of                   a great first start. It is a great first
                                        and Democrats are working together to                   economic growth and prosperity in                       start that this is in the rule; but I
                                        make sure the public knows who has                      American history. We can do that                        agree with my colleague from Wis-
                                        asked for earmarks to be included. But                  again, and we must. This will do, in                    consin (Mr. RYAN), this ought to be
                                        I ask that at the same time, and to say                 fact, that.                                             done in a statutory way. And, quite
                                        we are a little let down, I think the                     Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. At this                        frankly, if we want to replicate the
                                        public is going to feel let down, because               time, I would like to yield 2 minutes to                success of the 1990s, you have got to in-
                                        both sides, both Republicans and                        the gentleman from Arizona (Mr.                         clude spending caps, too, and I hope
                                        Democrats, have not addressed the air                   FLAKE).                                                 that we work together in a bipartisan
                                        drop issue. In fact, let’s face it, why                   Mr. FLAKE. Madam Speaker, I thank                     way to do that. Because that is really,
                                        put your earmark or your request                        the gentleman for yielding. And first I                 if we want to have fiscal responsibility,
                                        through the review process of com-                      want to compliment the Democrats for                    you have got to put some teeth in this
                                        mittee and subcommittee if you can                      earmark reform that is stronger than                    and you have got to make us all live
                                        get put on the conference committee at                  the Republicans did. Democrats in this                  under what are going to be some tough
                                        the last minute, and just before the                    way had more guts than we did to                        circumstances. But as a first step, I am
                                        votes are brought to the House floor                    tackle earmark reform in a meaningful                   pleased this is part of the rules pack-
                                        add your item in without going                          way, and I compliment them for that.                    age. I endorse it, I encourage people to
                                        through the review process?                             And let me just note, though, with re-                  support it, and I hope we recognize this
                                          So I would ask the majority and the                   gard to earmarks something that was                     as a first step and we are all going to
                                        minority to take a look at this aspect                  said a little earlier. It was said that we              work together to employ all of the 12
                                        and not move this bill without having                   can’t save money by eliminating ear-                    points of the Blue Dog plan that are
                                        it specific that unless an item has been                marks. That is simply not true. It was                  really going to give fiscal responsi-
                                        voted on in the House or the Senate be-                 not true when it was said on this side                  bility back to this country.
                                        fore it got to conference, that it                      of the aisle last year, and it is not true                 Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Madam
                                        shouldn’t be added in at the last                       when it is said from that side of the                   Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the gen-
                                        minute. And I come from the 50th Dis-                   aisle today.                                            tlewoman from Illinois (Mrs. BIGGERT).
                                        trict of California, as you know, and we                  It is like saying, and the best anal-                    Mrs. BIGGERT. I thank the gen-
                                        saw the crisis in credibility and gov-                  ogy that I think of is if you go to                     tleman for yielding.
                                        ernment that was created by the Mem-                    McDonald’s and you order a combo                           Madam Speaker, I rise reluctantly in
                                        ber that preceded me, and one of those                  meal and you are sitting there and you                  opposition to title IV. I am a fiscal
                                        crises was the fact that the game here                  say, I am going to save money by not                    conservative and I strongly support a
                                        was get on that conference committee                    eating the French fries I just ordered,                 balanced budget, fiscal discipline, and
                                        so you could add your item in, in an air                you are correct, you can’t. That is the                 earmark reform; but I am afraid that
                                        drop, at the last minute.                               same analogy that is being made on                      this version of PAYGO means taxes
                                          So I would ask the majority to go                     that side. Once you get to the appro-                   will go up.
                                        back and take a look at this item and                   priation process, once the 302(a)s and                     I think that the problem that we
                                        bring back something that stops the                     302(b)s are already set, that is right,                 have had between the two sides of the
                                        abuse of air drops, the last-minute in-                 you are not going to save money. But                    aisle is over what is spending and what
                                        clusion of earmarks that doesn’t go                     you can save money by not ordering                      is tax relief. And I think that we see
                                        through the review process, doesn’t                     the combo meal, by saying, We are                       tax relief as tax relief and that it is the
                                        allow the public to know about it, and                  going to be spending, we spent last                     people’s money and they know best
                                        doesn’t allow you and me as Members                     year $3 billion in earmarks in this bill,               how to spend it; and the other side of
                                        to be able to address this issue individ-               let’s lower our allocation and let’s                    the aisle includes tax relief as spend-
                                        ually.                                                  spend less.                                             ing. So I think until we can iron out
                                          Madam Speaker, I appreciate the                         So this notion that we can’t save                     that difference, I think we are going to
                                        chance, and I ask you to reconsider                     money by deciding not to spend money                    have problems.
                                        that before we move this item.                          on a teapot museum or the Wisconsin                        Madam Speaker, the Wall Street
                                          Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam                        procurement initiative is simply not                    Journal today in an editorial called
                                        Speaker, I am very pleased to yield 1                   right.                                                  ‘‘Tax As You Go,’’ that is January 5,
                                        minute to one of the co-chairs of the                     But I appreciate, and again I want to                 puts it best and much better than I can
                                        Blue Dogs, my friend from California                    compliment, the Democrats for doing                     say it and I would just like to quote a
                                        (Mr. CARDOZA).                                          stronger earmark reform than we did.                    couple of lines from there. It says:
                                          Mr. CARDOZA. I thank my friend                          Let me make a few comments about                      ‘‘PAYGO, by contrast, gives the ap-
                                        and gentleman from Florida.                             PAYGO. If you are going to do PAYGO,                    pearance of spending discipline while
                                          Madam Speaker, as a fiscally con-                     I would argue do it whole hog. Let’s                    making it all but impossible to let the
                                        servative Blue Dog Democrat, I rise in                  apply it to mandatory spending; let’s                   taxpayers keep more of their money. It
                                        strong support of reinstating pay-as-                   apply it to automatic adjustments that                  really should be called spend and tax as
                                        you-go budgeting and the rules that ac-                 come up in the appropriation process                    you go.’’ I would urge everyone to look
                                        company it.                                             every year. This PAYGO reform is in-                    at this Wall Street Journal, and I sub-
                                          As Blue Dogs, we believe, as do the                   complete, and it may simply lead to                     mit it for inclusion into the RECORD.
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        American people, that restoring fiscal                  tax increases because you will say the                   [From the Wall Street Journal, Jan. 5, 2007]
                                        responsibility in Washington is an ur-                  only way we can make this mandatory                                    TAX AS YOU GO
                                        gent national priority. For far too long                adjustment is to increase taxes. So the                   Congressional Democrats are dashing out
                                        now under the previous leadership of                    PAYGO restrictions, it is disappointing                 of the gates to establish their fiscal conserv-
                                        this Congress and of the current White                  that they aren’t stronger. I would sup-                 ative credentials. And as early as today

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   02:21 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00017   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.031   H05JAPT1
                                        H76                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                        House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will push                    paygo rule. Had such logic prevailed in 1980            waiting for 12 years to sit in the Speak-
                                        through so-called ‘‘pay-as-you-go’’ budget              or 2003, it’s possible that neither the Reagan          er’s chair. I also thank you for the op-
                                        rules for Congress. Keep an eye on your wal-            nor Bush tax cuts would ever have become                portunity to speak on an issue that I
                                        let.                                                    law. As a political matter, paygo is about re-
                                          ‘‘Paygo,’’ as Washington insiders call it,                                                                    think is one of the most important ac-
                                                                                                turning Republicans to their historical mi-
                                        sounds like a fiscally prudent budget prac-             nority role as tax collectors for the welfare           tions we can take for the American
                                        tice: If government spends more on program              state.                                                  people.
                                        A, it has to spend less money on program B,                That’s not to say that new budget rules                I am a proud member of the Blue Dog
                                        and thus budget deficits will be restrained.            aren’t highly desirable. The line-item veto, a          Coalition. I have been advocating,
                                        We’re all for that. But when Republicans                new Grace Commission to identify and elimi-             along with my colleagues in the Blue
                                        proposed exactly that budget rule in recent             nate the billions of dollars of waste and               Dogs for years that the House imple-
                                        years, House Democrats voted it down.                   failed programs, and an automatic spending              ment rules that ensure that the Fed-
                                          Ms. Pelosi has something different in                 sequester if the budget rises above agreed
                                        mind. Under her paygo plan, new entitle-                                                                        eral Government’s expenditures equal
                                                                                                baselines would all help to restore spending
                                        ment programs and all new tax cuts would                discipline. But it is precisely because these           its revenues, otherwise known as
                                        have to be offset by either cutbacks in other           rules would restrain spending that they are             PAYGO.
                                        entitlement programs or tax increases. This             not on the Democratic agenda.                             PAYGO rules will not only help us
                                        version of paygo is a budget trapdoor, de-                 Paygo, by contrast, gives the appearance             rein in out-of-control spending that has
                                        signed not to control expenditures but to               of spending discipline while making it all              led to record deficits, but they will also
                                        make it easier to raise taxes while blocking            but impossible to let taxpayers keep more of            help us clearly outline our country’s
                                        future tax cuts.                                        their money. It should really be called
                                          Supporters of paygo claim it will help re-
                                                                                                ‘‘spend and tax as you go.’’                              Including PAYGO rules as part of the
                                        strain entitlement spending. It won’t. Paygo
                                        doesn’t apply to current entitlements that                Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam                        House rules package is a great first
                                        will grow automatically over the next sev-              Speaker, I yield myself such time as I                  step. And I, along with my Blue Dog
                                        eral decades. Ms. Pelosi’s version of paygo             may consume.                                            colleagues, will work with leadership
                                        applies only to new entitlements or changes               The Bush administration has turned                    to ensure that they are followed. How-
                                        in law that expand current programs.                    a projected 10-year $5.6 billion surplus                ever, it is a first step. We must also
                                          And on present trajectory, Medicare, Med-             into a nearly $3 trillion deficit, and my               work together to enact statutory rules
                                        icaid, Social Security, food stamps and the
                                                                                                colleagues on the other side of the aisle               for PAYGO as well as discretionary
                                        like are scheduled to increase federal spend-
                                        ing to almost 38% of GDP by 2050, up from               would come here and complain that we                    spending limits.
                                        21% today. Paygo won’t stop a dime of that              are cleaning up their mess.                               Madam Speaker, thank you again for
                                        increase. This may explain why one of the                 Madam Speaker, I yield 1 minute to                    this opportunity for the House and the
                                        leading supporters of paygo is the Center on            my good friend from California, the                     country to get its spending in check.
                                        Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal outfit          distinguished gentleman, Mr. SCHIFF.                      Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Madam
                                        that favors far more social spending.                     Mr. SCHIFF. I thank the gentleman                     Speaker, I yield 2 minutes to the gen-
                                          Paygo enthusiasts also claim that when                for yielding, and I rise to speak very                  tleman from Georgia (Mr. KINGSTON).
                                        these rules were in effect in the 1990s the
                                        budget deficit disappeared and by 2001 the
                                                                                                strongly in favor of these PAYGO rules                    Mr. KINGSTON. Madam Speaker, I
                                        budget recorded a $121 billion surplus. Sorry.          as a very strong step to restoring fiscal               am glad to be here, and I am glad that
                                        The budget improvement in the late 1990s                responsibility to this House.                           the Democrats are interested in fiscal
                                        was a result of three events wholly unrelated             Over the last 6 years, the President                  discipline. That is a good thing. It is a
                                        to paygo: the initial spending restraint                and the Republican-controlled Con-                      good bipartisan debate. But there are
                                        under the Republican Congress in 1995 and               gress essentially had a policy of borrow                three flaws in the Democrat PAYGO
                                        1996 as part of their pledge to balance the             and spend. We didn’t have the dis-                      approach that I think are very impor-
                                        budget; a huge reduction in military spend-             cipline to turn down new spending re-                   tant.
                                        ing, totaling nearly 2% of GDP, over the dec-
                                                                                                quests; we didn’t have the discipline to                  Number one, this tax issue that just
                                        ade; and rapid economic growth, which al-
                                        ways causes a bounce in revenues. Paygo                 pay for additional tax cuts. We even                    won’t go away. You know, based on
                                        didn’t expire until 2002, but by the late 1990s         had, in the most ironic of weeks, a sit-                scoring and based on reality and based
                                        politicians in both parties were already re-            uation where we voted to increase the                   on fact, when Kennedy cut taxes, when
                                        stoking the domestic spending fires.                    national debt by $800 billion in the                    Reagan cut taxes and when Bush cut
                                          What paygo does restrain are tax cuts, by             same week we voted to cut taxes by                      taxes, revenues went up.
                                        requiring that any tax cut be offset dollar-            $800 billion, and we made it very clear                   Now we all know that scoring in this
                                        for-dollar with some entitlement reduction.                                                                     town counts a tax cut as a spending in-
                                        Congressional budgeteers always overesti-
                                                                                                that we were borrowing the money to
                                        mate the revenue losses from tax cuts, which            fund these additional tax cuts.                         crease. How silly in the face of eco-
                                                                                                                                                        nomic reality over the past 40 years.
                                        under paygo would require onerous budget                                      b 1145                              Maybe the Democrat Party could
                                        cuts to ‘‘pay for’’ the tax cuts. As a political
                                        matter, those spending cuts will never hap-               This is not the way to restore fiscal                 look at scoring and change that. I
                                        pen.                                                    responsibility to this House. PAYGO is.                 think that is something we were un-
                                          First on the chopping block, therefore,               The first rule of PAYGO is when you                     able to do as the majority. It would be
                                        would be the investment tax cuts of 2003 that           are in a hole, as we are in, when you                   a good idea for you to pursue it. But
                                        are set to expire in 2010. Last year Democrat           are in a budgetary hole, stop digging. If               you and I both know that revenues
                                        David Obey of Wisconsin, the new Appropria-
                                                                                                we want new spending, we need to find                   went up in 2005 14 percent, in 2006 11
                                        tions Committee chairman and a prodigious
                                        spender, gave this strategy away when he                a way to pay for it. If we want new tax                 percent, and it was because of the eco-
                                        urged paygo rules so he could enact new so-             cuts, that is great, too, we need to find               nomic growth brought about by the
                                        cial spending and pay for it by canceling the           a way to pay for it. And we cannot pay                  2003 Bush tax cuts. PAYGO ignores
                                        Bush tax cuts for those who make more than              for it by asking these young men and                    that. How silly. How disingenuous.
                                        $1 million.                                             women fighting for us in Iraq and Af-                     Number two, I want to talk about en-
                                          Never mind that, in the wake of those cap-            ghanistan and elsewhere to come home                    titlement reform. The big money,
                                        ital gains and dividend tax-rate cuts, federal          and pay for it later and have their chil-               while I think we do need earmark re-
                                        revenues climbed by a record $550 billion
                                        over the past two fiscal years. Incidentally,
                                                                                                dren pay for it. Because right now all                  form and have supported it, but the big
                                        thanks to the current economic expansion                we are doing is shifting this obligation                money, as we know, are in entitle-
                                        and the surge in tax revenues, the budget               onto our children and grandchildren.                    ments: 53 percent of the budget.
                                        deficit has fallen by $165 billion in just two          That has got to stop.                                     The Democrats were getting a lot of
                                        years—without paygo.                                      Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam                        good credit for what I would say is
                                          Given all of this, it’s especially puzzling           Speaker, I am very pleased to yield 1                   kind of a golden oldies agenda, bring-
                                        that even some conservatives seem tempted               minute to a gentleman from Indiana                      ing out no original ideas, minimum
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        by paygo’s fiscal illusions. Our friends at the
                                                                                                whose committee was called, ‘‘Bring                     wage, stem cell and student loans. And
                                        Heritage Foundation have of late become ob-
                                        sessed with future entitlement forecasts and            back Baron’’ and I am very glad we                      I understand those are safe things. But
                                        have advised Ms. Pelosi to enact paygo rules            brought back Baron.                                     it is kind of like starting out the World
                                        to stop it. But Heritage notably did not in-              Mr. HILL. Madam Speaker, I thank                      Series by bunting instead of trying to
                                        sist that tax increases be excluded from any            the gentleman, and I thank you for                      get on base with real serious hits.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   02:21 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00018   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.006   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                   H77
                                          The reason why I submit that criti-                   perspective to government. In the busi-                   Number three, this is a weaker
                                        cism is there is nothing in your agenda                 ness world, accountability and results                  version of PAYGO than what the ma-
                                        about immigration reform, Social Se-                    matter. To get our fiscal house in                      jority was proposing just last year.
                                        curity reform, Medicare reform, the                     order, Congress must do what every                      They were not allowing points of order
                                        heavy-lifting ideas of entitlement, and                 business does: Balance its books. If it is              to be waived when you violated a
                                        PAYGO completely ignores those as                       worth doing, it is worth paying for. We                 PAYGO rule in their earlier version.
                                        well.                                                   must pay as we go. It is a simple con-                  But now when they are in the majority,
                                          Number three, the real world, where                   cept with a proven track record.                        you can simply waive it with a major-
                                        is the Senate on PAYGO? My friend                         I am pleased Congress is returning                    ity vote upstairs in the Rules Com-
                                        from Florida may know, but isn’t it                     from the recent borrow-and-spend irre-                  mittee.
                                        possible that unless they are going to                  sponsibility to fiscal soundness and the                  This is a much weaker version of
                                        do PAYGO, it is a silly exercise. It is                 accountability our constituents expect.                 PAYGO. But I want to address a few
                                        boilerplate. It looks good, but the                       I want to thank the Blue Dog Coali-                   other things.
                                        truth is if the Senate is not on board,                 tion and my colleagues for their lead-                    Number one, you are going to hear
                                        which they are not, we are wasting                      ership on this issue. Today’s vote is a                 this all year: They gave us a surplus.
                                        time.                                                   result of their steadfast guidance of                   We inherited a surplus; we squandered
                                          Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam                        our Democratic Caucus and Congress                      the surplus.
                                        Speaker, I yield myself such time as I                  on the importance of fiscal responsi-                     Madam Speaker, what was the sur-
                                        may consume.                                            bility.                                                 plus? The surplus was a projection. It
                                          I say to my friend from Georgia that                    I urge my colleagues to follow the                    was a projection by economists at OMB
                                        what I do know is he is not proud of the                Blue Dog’s lead and support reinsti-                    and CBO that said we are going to have
                                        $3 trillion deficit that his party ran up               tuting pay-as-you-go budget rules. Now                  all of this money coming in.
                                        in this country that we have the re-                    accountability in government will be                      You know what they didn’t project,
                                        sponsibility of cleaning up. I hope he is               more than just a catch phrase.                          they didn’t project 9/11. They didn’t
                                        not proud of that.                                        Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam                        project war. They didn’t project the
                                          Madam Speaker, I yield 1 minute to                    Speaker, I am very pleased to yield 1                   dot-com bubble bursting or the reces-
                                        the distinguished gentleman from Flor-                  minute to the distinguished gentleman                   sion or the Enron scandals. What did
                                        ida, a new Member, whose district                       from Ohio (Mr. WILSON).                                 that do? It was a fiscal train wreck for
                                        abuts mine, Mr. MAHONEY.                                  Mr. WILSON of Ohio. Madam Speak-                      America, and our numbers went down
                                          Mr. MAHONEY of Florida. Madam                         er, I thank the gentleman from Flor-                    and we had to spend more money when
                                        Speaker, I rise today representing                      ida.                                                    we went to Afghanistan and Iraq.
                                        Florida’s 16th District in support of                                                                             Where are we today? The budget def-
                                                                                                  I rise basically to support my col-
                                        title IV of the House rules package to                                                                          icit went down 40 percent. In 1 year,
                                                                                                leagues for introducing this important
                                        return fiscal responsibility to Con-                                                                            the budget deficit went down 40 percent
                                                                                                and long overdue rules package. This
                                        gress.                                                                                                          off projections. Why, Madam Speaker?
                                                                                                sets the tone for a more open and eth-
                                          As a former businessman, as of a cou-                                                                         It went down that much because reve-
                                                                                                ical Congress. In addition to other
                                        ple of days ago, I cannot overstress the                                                                        nues increased. Why did revenues in-
                                                                                                changes, the resolution creates impor-
                                        importance of restoring fiscal dis-                                                                             crease, because we let the American
                                                                                                tant pay-as-you-go rules to clean up                    people keep more of their own hard-
                                        cipline and accountability to our gov-
                                                                                                our fiscal house.                                       earned dollars. They were able to keep
                                        ernment. Over the past 6 years, this
                                                                                                  As a successful business owner, I
                                        House has allowed record surpluses to                                                                           more of their tax dollars.
                                                                                                learned the importance of balancing                       There is a very deep difference be-
                                        be turned into record deficits that have
                                                                                                the books. If I hadn’t, I would not have                tween our two parties on principle and
                                        increased our national debt to a nearly
                                                                                                been successful in business. Our gov-                   on philosophy. We believe that the
                                        staggering $9 trillion.
                                                                                                ernment needs to live by the same rule,                 money in America in the Federal Gov-
                                          Earmarks, an important prerogative
                                                                                                and I join my fellow Blue Dogs to push                  ernment is the people’s money. That
                                        of this great body, have been abused for
                                                                                                PAYGO as part of the solution to the                    the money we spend is not our money,
                                        the purposes of greed and as a tool to
                                                                                                problems we are experiencing today.                     it is the money of our constituents. It
                                        hold onto power, costing Americans
                                                                                                  We know it works. When PAYGO was                      is their money.
                                        billions of their hard-earned money.
                                                                                                on the books in the 1990s, we saw the                     When you see rules like this, which I
                                        Make no mistake, our debt is a tax on
                                                                                                deficits disappear. Now with an out-of-                 want to quote from the Wall Street
                                        America’s future as it threatens both
                                                                                                control national debt, we need PAYGO                    Journal: PAYGO, by contrast, gives the
                                        the security and prosperity of our
                                                                                                more than ever. We need fiscal respon-                  appearance of spending discipline while
                                          Today we have the opportunity to                      sibility in America.                                    making it all but impossible to let tax-
                                        demonstrate to the American people                        Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Madam                          payers keep more of their own money.
                                        that we have heard their voices this                    Speaker, I yield myself the balance of                  It should really be called spend and tax
                                        past November and we are prepared to                    my time.                                                as you go.
                                                                                                  First off, I want to start off by con-                  This bill does nothing to control cur-
                                        make our government live within its
                                                                                                gratulating the majority on the very                    rent spending. It does nothing to re-
                                        means, just like every American fam-
                                                                                                commendable earmark reform legisla-                     duce the current deficit, and it puts us
                                        ily. For this reason, I urge my col-
                                                                                                tion that is contained in this title. I                 on a path to raise taxes.
                                        leagues to support title IV.
                                          Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Madam                          just want to emphasize that. But this                     We believe the priorities ought to be
                                        Speaker, I reserve the balance of my                    PAYGO package is woefully inad-                         different: That we ought to control
                                        time.                                                   equate. It is a paper tiger.                            spending and reduce spending to bal-
                                          Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam                          Three quick points. Number one, this                  ance the budget, not raise taxes be-
                                        Speaker, at this time, I am very                        protects all current spending, even the                 cause after all, the money that comes
                                        pleased to yield 1 minute to the gentle-                programs that are scheduled to expire.                  to the Federal Government is not our
                                        woman from Illinois (Ms. BEAN).                         However, it assumes that expiring tax                   money. It is the people’s money. It
                                          (Ms. BEAN asked and was given per-                    relief will lapse; and, thus, require off-              comes from the paychecks of working
                                        mission to revise and extend her re-                    sets to continue. This is a double                      Americans, men and women, small
                                        marks.)                                                 standard that reflects their preference,                businesses, farmers and businesses. By
                                          Ms. BEAN. Madam Speaker, I thank                      protect higher spending but not lower                   letting people keep more of their own
                                        my colleague for yielding.                              taxes. It is a recipe for tax increases.                hard-earned dollar, our economy grows,
                                          Madam Speaker, I rise today in                          Number two, it contains a huge loop-                  revenues grow. We have to watch
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        strong support of the House rules pack-                 hole. Spend now, save later. You can                    spending. That is where the priorities
                                        age, and especially title IV which re-                  enact new spending now and come up                      ought to be placed. This does not de-
                                        installs PAYGO budget rules.                            with savings down the road, which we                    liver that.
                                          One of the reasons I came to Con-                     know never really happens. Big loop-                      Hopefully we can work together in
                                        gress was to bring real world business                  hole.                                                   the future to have a real spending

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   01:28 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00019   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.034   H05JAPT1
                                        H78                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                         January 5, 2007
                                        mechanism that actually controls                        marks. A famous lobbyist called ear-                       Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Madam
                                        spending rather than puts us on a path-                 marks ‘‘an ATM for lobbyists.’’ Well,                   Speaker, I rise in strong support of Title IV of
                                        way to higher taxes.                                    folks, that is part of ethics and lob-                  H.R. 6, the Rules of the House of Representa-
                                          Madam Speaker, I reluctantly oppose                   bying reform, and we are going to                       tives for the 110th Congress. With the adop-
                                        this legislation because of the honor-                  change that. It is not going to be an                   tion of this title, we begin to make good on our
                                        able earmark reforms.                                   ATM machine for the special interests                   pledge to restore fiscal responsibility, open
                                          Madam Speaker, I yield back the bal-                  anymore because this Congress, that                     government, and honest leadership to the
                                        ance of my time.                                        gavel, is going to open up the people’s                 House of Representatives.
                                          Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam                        House, not the auction house. And that                     Madam Speaker, it is critically important that
                                        Speaker, I yield myself such time as I                  is what has happened here over the                      we adopt the ‘‘pay as you go’’ or ‘‘paygo’’
                                        may consume.                                            years.                                                  rules contained in Title IV. We must restore
                                          Madam Speaker, I would say to Mr.                       Number two, pay-as-you-go rules. I                    budget discipline with no new deficit spending
                                        RYAN that the Democrats are 2 days in                   worked for an administration that had                   as the first step to reversing record budget
                                        the majority. The Republicans were 12                   pay-as-you-go rules. It created dis-
                                        years in the majority with the purse                                                                            deficits that are passing trillions in debt on to
                                                                                                cipline not just for Republicans, not                   our children and grandchildren. We must also
                                        strings, and this deficit ran up on your                just for Democrats. For the govern-
                                        watch.                                                                                                          amend House rules to require full trans-
                                                                                                ment. For the American people’s                         parency in order to begin to end the abuse of
                                          On the second day that we are here
                                                                                                money. And we created a surplus                         special interest earmarks.
                                        talking about what we are going to do
                                                                                                through hard work and discipline.                          Madam Speaker, the Bush Administration
                                        as a first step to clean up your mess,
                                                                                                These two steps, pay-as-you-go rules,                   has turned a projected 10-year $5.6 billion
                                        you would complain? Cut me some
                                                                                                no new spending without the revenue                     surplus into a nearly $3 trillion deficit. Under
                                          Madam Speaker, I yield to the gen-                    to pay for them; and earmark reform,                    this Administration, America’s debt has
                                        tleman from Illinois (Mr. EMANUEL)                      will actually change our fiscal house                   climbed 50 percent to more than $28,000 per
                                        such time as he may consume.                            and also the attitude in which we deal                  person, and the United States has borrowed
                                                                                                with things, and there won’t be this in-                more from foreign nations than the previous
                                                          b 1200                                sidious relationship between lobbyists                  42 U.S. presidents combined. Rising interest
                                          Mr. EMANUEL. Six years, $3 trillion                   and the American people’s money. We                     rates caused by Bush deficits cost middle-
                                        in new debt. The largest accumulation                   will do what we need to do. And step                    class families as much as $1,700 a year on
                                        of debt in the shortest period of time in               one is lobbying and ethics reform, to                   credit card and mortgage payments, with inter-
                                        American history. That is the legacy.                   change how Washington does the peo-                     est payments on the debt becoming one of the
                                        And the one thing you can say about                     ple’s business; and step two is to put                  fastest growing categories of spending in the
                                        George Bush and this economy is we                      their government’s fiscal house in                      federal budget.
                                        will be forever in your debt. That is the               order. That is what we are doing, and I                    Madam Speaker, pay-as-you-go was the
                                        one thing that is clear.                                know in your heart of hearts because I                  law of the land from 1990 until 2002, paving
                                          Now, folks, I am glad that you have                   know you as individuals, and I see a                    the way for a balanced budget in the late
                                        the sentiment to be for this, but you                   number of Members here who are nod-                     1990s, four years of budget surpluses, and
                                        had the inability to do it. We are going                ding their heads ‘‘yes,’’ you would like                bringing down the national debt by $453 bil-
                                        to do something you talked about, but                   to be for this, but you just can’t seem                 lion.
                                        we actually are going to walk the walk                  to find that little green button. So this                  Forty-two percent of the American public
                                        and not just talk the talk. We are                      is a chance to vote for it.                             says reducing the deficit should be a top pri-
                                        going to put this fiscal house in order.                  Remember all the rhetoric and all
                                          And you did get handed a surplus                                                                              ority. On November 5, 1990, President George
                                                                                                the speeches you gave on earmark re-
                                        prior to total Republican control. You                                                                          H.W. Bush signed a deficit reduction bill im-
                                                                                                form, fiscal discipline. You believe
                                        got handed a surplus. It wasn’t illu-                                                                           posing pay-as you-go discipline in a bipartisan
                                                                                                what is going on here is the right thing
                                        sory. Nobody could not find it. We                                                                              deal supported by 47 House Republicans and
                                                                                                to do. You know it is the right thing to
                                        knew exactly where it was. And you                                                                              19 Senate Republicans. Republicans such as
                                                                                                do. But because of party loyalties, you
                                        spent it. You did something no Amer-                                                                            former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan
                                                                                                won’t do that. That is exactly what we
                                        ican President and no Congress had                                                                              Greenspan and Senator JOHN MCCAIN support
                                                                                                applauded yesterday was to put par-
                                        ever tried in American history. Three                                                                           pay-as-you-go budgeting. It is supported by
                                                                                                tisanship aside and join us in the act of
                                        wars, three tax cuts, $3 trillion in new                                                                        the Concord Coalition, the Center on Budget
                                                                                                patriotism. I know you would like to
                                        debt. I don’t know what your fixation                                                                           and Policy Priorities, Committee for a Respon-
                                                                                                vote ‘‘yes.’’ In your heart of hearts you
                                        is about that. You have got a fixation                                                                          sible Federal Budget, and the Committee for
                                                                                                would like to vote ‘‘yes.’’ And I am
                                        for the number three. I have no idea                                                                            Economic Development.
                                                                                                proud that we are doing what you have
                                        why. But that is what you did. You had                  only talked about because we will not                      Madam Speaker, earmark reform is needed
                                        a war in Iraq, a war on terror, a war in                just talk the talk. We will walk the                    to bring transparency and accountability for
                                        Afghanistan. You tried three major tax                  walk.                                                   special projects. The status quo has permitted
                                        cuts, and you got $3 trillion in new                      Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam                        some Members of Congress, with no trans-
                                        debt. And on day number two, the                        Speaker, I yield myself such time as I                  parency and accountability, to provide favors
                                        Democrats have said enough is enough                    may consume.                                            to special friends through earmarked special
                                        with running up the debt and the def-                     Pay-as-you-go was the law of the                      projects—putting special interests ahead of
                                        icit of this country. We are going to                   land from 1990 until 2002, paving the                   the public interest. The American people de-
                                        begin to take steps to put our fiscal                   way for a balanced budget in the late                   serve to know who is sponsoring earmarks to
                                        house in order.                                         1990s, 4 years of budget surpluses, and                 begin to stop the cases of flagrant abuse of
                                          And let’s start with number one, and                  bringing down the national debt by $453                 earmarks.
                                        that is earmark reform. When the Re-                    billion. The Bush administration has                       The number of earmarks has exploded
                                        publican Congress took over in 1995,                    turned a projected 10-year $5.6 billion                 under the Republicans, climbing from 3,023 in
                                        throughout the entire Federal budget,                   surplus into a nearly $3 trillion deficit.              FY 1996 to 13,012 in FY 2006, and the lack
                                        1,400 earmarks. At the end of the Re-                   America’s debt has already climbed 50                   of transparency and accountability has led to
                                        publican Congress, there were 13,997                    percent to more than $28,000 per per-                   problems—of which Rep. Cunningham is an
                                        earmarks. Now, I know your kids know                    son, and President Bush has borrowed                    example.       Former     Representative    Duke
                                        the explosion on those numbers from                     more from foreign nations than the                      Cunningham pleaded guilty to accepting
                                        1,400 to nearly 14,000 earmarks. And we                 previous 42 United States Presidents                    bribes from defense contractors in return for
                                        are going to use the disinfectant of                    combined.                                               his help in securing defense contracts.
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        sunlight. And everybody is going to                       Something has to change and that                         The Democratic reform package will amend
                                        know everything they need to know                       change is coming now. The pay-as-you-                   House rules to clearly define what constitutes
                                        about these earmarks.                                   go budgeting with no new deficit spend-                 an earmark, along with its proper use. Specifi-
                                          Now let me use one quote over the                     ing is just a first step, a key first step,             cally, the package will prohibit earmarks that
                                        years when we were dealing with ear-                    in reversing record budget deficits.                    personally benefit Members and their spouses.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   05:51 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00020   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.036   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                          H79
                                        Earmark reform under Democrats will ban ear-               The pay-go rule we are considering today is          have the excuse that one individual acting
                                        marks that benefit lobbyists who chair a Mem-           not unlike the original one adopted as part of          alone would not have a way to reform the
                                        ber’s Political Action Committee.                       the 1993 budget agreement that required any             Federal Government’s spending.
                                            Madam Speaker, to restore public con-               spending or revenue measure we consider be-                It is my hope that the Democrats live up to
                                        fidence in this institution, we must commit our-        fore the full House be fully offset and not in-         their promise for no new deficit spending.
                                        selves to being the most honest, most ethical,          crease the budget deficit.                              However, I fear that it’s a plan to raise taxes.
                                        most responsive, most fiscally responsible                 The first Pay-Go requirements were adopted           The resolution allows Democrats to increase
                                        Congress in history. We can end the night-              in 1993 as part of the largest deficit reduction        spending as much as they like—as long as
                                        mare of the last six years by putting the needs         package that Congress ever approved; a                  they ‘‘pay for’’ it by cutting other spending or—
                                        of the American people ahead of partisan po-            package that passed both chambers with a                more likely—by chasing that spending with
                                        litical advantage. To do that, we must start by         single Republican vote. It included both real           ever-higher taxes. This watered down PAYGO
                                        adopting Title III of H.R. 6, the fiscal responsi-      spending cuts and real tax increases and                proposal does not reduce current spending—
                                        bility reforms to the Rules of the House of             placed us on a course toward balanced budg-             it stops tax cuts. This PAYGO applies only to
                                        Representatives for the 110th Congress.                 ets.                                                    NEW spending. All previous PAYGO versions
                                            Mr. MORAN of Virginia. Madam Speaker, I                The Pay-Go requirements were subse-                  were enforced by across-the-board spending
                                        rise in support of this rule change and real            quently extended as part of the 1995 bipar-             cuts—that’s what created the incentive to con-
                                        Pay-As-You-Go or ‘‘Pay-Go’’ budget require-             tisan budget agreement and closed the final             trol spending. But the Democrats’ PAYGO is
                                        ments.                                                  gap in deficit spending that in 1999 produced           enforced only by a point of order—which they
                                            Madam Speaker, the 109th Session of Con-            the first balanced budget in more than 30               can easily waive for their pet spending in-
                                        gress left behind a legacy that is certain to go        years.                                                  creases.
                                        down in the annals of history as the height of             We would be in a much better situation                  Congress can and must do better. The easi-
                                        fiscal irresponsibility. Unless you consider an         today had the original ‘‘Pay-Go’’ rule remained         est and best way to stop the growth of federal
                                        additional $781 billion extension of the debt           in effect.                                              spending and let American families keep more
                                        limit, the fourth of a series approved since               Instead, a Republican-controlled Congress            of their hard earned taxpayer dollars is to
                                        2003 that added an additional $3 trillion in            allowed the Pay-Go requirements to expire,              make these tough decisions now.
                                        new debt, the 109th Session can boast of no             enabling them to adopt irresponsible tax cuts              Mr. KUCINICH. Madam Speaker, I rise in
                                        budgetary accomplishment.                               that are largely responsible for the deficits we        support of the Title IV Sec. 405 Pay-As-You-
                                            In fact, it failed in its most basic responsi-      face today.                                             Go rules before the House today. I support
                                        bility: passing a budget for the Federal Gov-              Adopting a true Pay-Go rule today gets us            these rules that will enable us to patch a sink-
                                        ernment and failing to enact 9 of the 11 reg-           back on track toward responsible fiscal policy.         ing ship. The Republican tax cuts for the
                                        ular spending bills that fund the government’s          I encourage my colleagues to support its inclu-
                                        operations.                                                                                                     wealthiest Americans have driven us into per-
                                                                                                sion in the Rules of the 110th Congress.                manent deficit spending. These rules will stop
                                            But, it simply didn’t just fail pass a budget,
                                                                                                   Mr. KING of Iowa. Madam Speaker, I rise to           the sacrifice of the nation’s well being for the
                                        it actually made the Nation’s fiscal problems
                                                                                                express concerns about the budget items in              benefit of the few.
                                        worse. It took what it already knew were large
                                                                                                the Democrat Rules package.                                I continue to be concerned about our weak-
                                        projected deficits and passed legislation that
                                                                                                   I believe that we can do better and this pro-        ened economy and the shrinking industrial
                                        makes them even larger in future years. Ac-
                                                                                                posal does not go far enough. I am committed            base. I believe Congress should be enacting
                                        cording to the Congressional Budget Office,
                                                                                                to curtailing special-interest, pork-barrel             measures that will expand the economy, revi-
                                        legislation enacted last session actually in-
                                                                                                spending and reforming earmarks.                        talize the rust belt, expand our manufacturing
                                        creases the projected budget deficits by $452
                                                                                                   While on the face it appears Democrats are           base, prime the pump when needed in reces-
                                        billion above what they would have been be-
                                                                                                concerned about reducing the deficit because            sion, and invest in infrastructure improve-
                                        tween 2005 and 2011 had they never been in
                                                                                                they mention Reconciliation. This is only               ments. I believe Congress should enact uni-
                                            Over the course of the past 5 years, with full      smoke and mirrors. Simply put, the language             versal healthcare for all and universal pre-kin-
                                        control of the White House and both chambers            in their rules package makes it easy to raise           dergarten. Unlike the irresponsible tax cuts in
                                        of Congress, the Republican leadership inher-           taxes and difficult to reduce them. The lan-            the past 4 years, I am prepared to ensure
                                        ited an estimated 10-year budget surplus of             guage allows the use of expedited procedures            these programs do not run up deficits over the
                                        $5.6 trillion and after 5 years has turned the          (budget reconciliation) to raise taxes. At the          long term. This can all be accomplished under
                                        same 10-year period (2002–2011) into a pro-             same time, the language prohibits using rec-            these rules.
                                        jected budget deficit of $3 trillion—a disastrous       onciliation for tax relief.                                Mr. HASTINGS of Florida. Madam
                                        $8.6 trillion turnabout.                                   We need transparency, accountability, and            Speaker, I yield back the balance of
                                            This explosion of budget deficits is largely        better control for the federal spending process.        my time.
                                        the result of 2 irresponsible budget policies of        Earmark Reform and Reconciliation are base-                The SPEAKER pro tempore (Ms. ZOE
                                        the former Republican majority:                         less without a Rescission process for cutting           LOFGREN of California). Pursuant to
                                            First, was its decision to waive all budget         spending.                                               House Resolution 5, the previous ques-
                                        rules and not to pay for the current war in Iraq           Businesses and families often review their           tion is ordered on the portion of the di-
                                        and Afghanistan, letting emergency spending             planned budget with actual spending on a                vided question comprising title IV.
                                        bills be enacted within the discipline and re-          monthly basis to spot and eliminate unneces-               The question is on that portion of the
                                        straints on the regular budget process; and             sary spending. While common sense would                 divided question.
                                            Second, was to make tax cuts its highest            lead taxpayers to believe that similar oversight           The question was taken; and the
                                        priority, enacting a series of tax cuts, targeted       exists for our federal budget, this would be            Speaker pro tempore announced that
                                        primarily at the wealthiest Americans and cor-          wrong. Congress has no formal process that              the ayes appeared to have it.
                                        porations that need them the least, with no off-        allows members to force votes to trim wasteful             Mr.     HASTINGS           of    Washington.
                                        sets.                                                   spending at any time after federal spending             Madam Speaker, on that I demand the
                                            According to the Joint Committee on Tax-            gets signed into law.                                   yeas and nays.
                                        ation, the 3 major tax cuts enacted over the               Soon I plan to introduce my legislation, the            The yeas and nays were ordered.
                                        past 5 years cost $1.5 trillion between 2001            Cut the Unnecessary Tab (CUT) resolution,                  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-
                                        and 2014. The actual number is somewhat                 that would make any unspent federal funding             ant to clause 8 of rule XX, further pro-
                                        higher once you tack on the additional costs of         vulnerable to a recorded vote for cuts at the           ceedings on this question will be post-
                                        debt-servicing.                                         beginning of each fiscal quarter. Any Member            poned.
                                            I don’t pretend to have all the answers to          of the House could offer an amendment to                   The portion of the divided question
                                        solve our fiscal problems. But, one thing we            these quarterly bills to cut spending.                  comprising title V is now debatable for
                                        should not do is more harm. We should not in-              Under my bill, Members of Congress will              10 minutes.
                                        crease the amount of debt our children will in-         have four opportunities every year to propose              The gentleman from Massachusetts
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        herit.                                                  elimination of programs that are superfluous or         (Mr. MCGOVERN) and the gentleman
                                            Adopting a real Pay-Go requirement as part          incompetent. This gives Congress a tool that            from Florida (Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-
                                        of the Rules for the 110th Congress will keep           individual Members can use to bring the                 BALART) each will control 5 minutes.
                                        this institution and the White House from               chamber into commonsense spending cuts.                    The Chair recognizes the gentleman
                                        digging an even larger budget deficit hole.             No longer would any Member of Congress                  from Massachusetts.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   03:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00021   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.009   H05JAPT1
                                        H80                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                          Mr. MCGOVERN. Madam Speaker, I                          Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of                              And I think for anybody to talk
                                        reserve the balance of my time.                         Florida. Madam Speaker, I would ask                     about abuse of power, it takes a lot of
                                          Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of                            how much time is remaining.                             chutzpah. I would suggest to the gen-
                                        Florida. Madam Speaker, since the                         The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-                     tleman from Texas to look at what
                                        title of the rules package that we are                  tleman from Florida has 11⁄2 minutes                    happened over the last 12 years in this
                                        seeking to debate now includes five                     remaining.                                              Congress.
                                        closed rules for legislation that we                      Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of                              Madam Speaker, this is the final
                                        haven’t seen and we only have 10 min-                   Florida. Madam Speaker, I yield 1                       title of the rules package. It consists of
                                        utes to debate this title, I ask unani-                 minute to my distinguished friend from                  basic technical changes to the House
                                        mous consent for 1 hour of debate, at                   Texas (Mr. BRADY).                                      rules.
                                        least 1 hour of debate, for these, in ef-                 Mr. BRADY of Texas. Madam Speak-                        First, this title gives the Committee
                                        fect, five closed rules.                                er, I rise in opposition to this proposal.              on Oversight and Government Reform
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there                     For the first time in more than a dec-                  authority to adopt a rule, allowing
                                        objection to the request of the gen-                    ade and in recent memory, the new                       committee members and staff to con-
                                        tleman from Florida?                                    House leadership, and this is hard to                   duct depositions in the course of com-
                                          Mr. MCGOVERN. Madam Speaker, I                        believe, is attempting to keep secret                   mittee investigations.
                                        object.                                                 the votes of one of our most important
                                                                                                committees, the Rules Committee. It                                       b 1215
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Objec-
                                        tion is heard.                                          determines which bills are sent to the                    Second, it shields the Rules Com-
                                          Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of                            House floor, for how long they may be                   mittee reports from a point of order if
                                        Florida. Madam Speaker, I yield my-                     debated, and what amendments the                        they are filed without a complete list
                                        self such time as I may consume.                        people’s House will consider. It is a                   of record votes taken during the con-
                                          ‘‘The    disinfectant   of   sunlight,’’              critical part of our democratic process.                sideration of a special rule. This provi-
                                        Madam Speaker. I just heard that                        Hiding these votes from the public,                     sion allows the Rules Committee to
                                        term.                                                   cloaking this committee in secrecy                      publish recorded votes taken during
                                          The alternation of power can some-                    where backroom deals are shielded                       committee hearings and committee re-
                                        times be healthy, often be healthy in                   from the American voter, is an out-                     ports and/or through other means, such
                                        democracy. Progress is made by the cu-                  rageous and arrogant step backward                      as the Internet.
                                        mulative efforts and reforms of suc-                    from open and honest government.                          Third, it allows for the consideration
                                        ceeding generations in this Congress,                   This is abuse of power that must be                     of several pieces of legislation that are
                                        often from both parties. But retrogres-                 stopped. And, sadly, I will file a Free-                part of the first 100 hours agenda, if
                                        sion, Madam Speaker, from progress is                   dom of Information Act request on                       special rules for those provisions are
                                        neither healthy nor certainly com-                      every Rules Committee vote so that                      not separately reported.
                                        mendable.                                               the American public can see what this                     Fourth, this title continues the budg-
                                          As I mentioned before, in this section                committee is trying to hide.                            et deeming resolution for the second
                                        of the rules package brought forth by                     We ought to defeat this proposal.                     session of the 109th Congress until such
                                        the new majority, first of all, the Rules                 Mr. MCGOVERN. Madam Speaker, let                      time as a conference report estab-
                                        Committee will no longer be required                    me respond to my colleagues from                        lishing a budget for the fiscal year 2008
                                        to disclose roll call votes on rules                    Florida and Texas by simply saying                      is adopted.
                                        brought forth or amendments in com-                     you are wrong.                                            Fifth and finally, this title renews
                                        mittee. I believe, and I haven’t heard it                 Let me ask, has the gentleman yield-                  the standing order approved during the
                                        from the other side because no pretext                  ed back all his time.                                   109th Congress that prohibits reg-
                                                                                                  Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of                            istered lobbyists from using Members’
                                        has even been brought forth here in the
                                                                                                Florida. No, I have not.                                exercise facilities, which is something I
                                        House, but I believe that the pretext is                  Mr. MCGOVERN. Madam Speaker, I
                                        for closing out sunshine completely in                                                                          know is very important to the Mem-
                                                                                                reserve the balance of my time.
                                        the Rules Committee, that some mis-                       Mr. LINCOLN DIAZ-BALART of                            bers on the other side of the aisle.
                                        takes were made reporting in the past                   Florida. Madam Speaker, I yield my-                       Now, my friends on the other side of
                                        roll calls. In the last 12 years, there                 self the balance of my time.                            the aisle have focused a lot of atten-
                                        were over 1,300 recorded votes in the                     So not only can we not have an hour,                  tion incorrectly on the second provi-
                                        Committee on Rules, and not once,                       but now we have to finish our debate                    sion regarding the publishing of votes
                                        Madam Speaker, did the committee file                   before hearing our opponents.                           taken in the Rules Committee.
                                        a report with incorrect vote totals.                      No, again, we heard ‘‘the disinfectant                  Let me explain in detail what this
                                          And then, as I made reference before,                 of sunlight’’ has arrived. An inter-                    provision actually accomplishes and
                                        this title of the rules package that the                esting definition for what has arrived,                 why we have included it in this pack-
                                        majority brings forth includes five                     Madam Speaker.                                          age. Section 503 is a straightforward
                                        closed rules for legislation that we still                Madam Speaker, what we are voting                     clerical change to clause 3(b), rule XIII,
                                        haven’t seen. And we have received a                    on today, this rules package, this pro-                 that will make it a little easier for the
                                        lot of criticism. I have heard a lot of                 vision, this title V, constitutes serious               Rules Committee to transmit its work
                                        criticism over the last years when we                   retrogression from progress made in                     product to the House in a timely man-
                                        have come to the floor from the Rules                   this Congress throughout generations                    ner.
                                        Committee with closed rules, but at                     of work, of reform, from both parties,                    Despite what you may hear from the
                                        least we have had Rules Committees                      that has brought openness and trans-                    other side of the aisle, this section will
                                        meetings and there has been an oppor-                   parency. The Rules Committee now is                     not reduce the amount of information
                                        tunity for Members to go to the Rules                   closed off from the public, and closed                  available to the public about what we
                                        Committee and present amendments.                       rules are brought to this floor in this                 do in the Rules Committee, and it will
                                          Well, now we are, in this rules pack-                 rules package before we have even seen                  not stop us from taking public votes in
                                        age, in a totally unprecedented man-                    legislation. Most unfortunate, Madam                    the committee.
                                        ner, seeing that the majority is bring-                 Speaker.                                                  Let me make something else clear.
                                        ing forth five closed rules for bills that                Mr. MCGOVERN. Madam Speaker, I                        The House rules already require com-
                                        we haven’t seen. And in addition, they                  yield myself such time as I may con-                    mittees to keep a record of all recorded
                                        are waiving all points of order, all                    sume.                                                   votes and to make those votes avail-
                                        points of order, against all of those five                I appreciate the words of my col-                     able publicly.
                                        bills that we haven’t even seen. So that                leagues from Texas and Florida. And I                     That requirement has been in the
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        is most unfortunate, Madam Speaker.                     should remind my colleague from Flor-                   permanent rules since 1953. The Rules
                                          Madam Speaker, I reserve the bal-                     ida when you are in the majority, you                   Committee has always and will always
                                        ance of my time.                                        get to close debates. And he should                     comply with that rule. In fact, it is our
                                          Mr. MCGOVERN. Madam Speaker, I                        have known that since he was in the                     goal to make Rules Committee votes
                                        reserve the balance of my time.                         majority for 12 years.                                  available to the public more quickly

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   03:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00022   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.038   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                            H81
                                        than they do under the current prac-                    House in a much more fair, civil and                       Unfortunately, over the past several years,
                                        tices. Our committee often meets on                     open way than has been the norm of                      the House of Representatives was trans-
                                        short notice and under severe time re-                  the last 12 years. Your views will be                   formed from the people’s House into a legisla-
                                        strictions.                                             heard more than ours were. Your ideas                   tive body where those who could afford to
                                          Unlike other committees, which usu-                   will be given more consideration than                   make their influence felt far too often held
                                        ally have several days to put together                  ours were. Your voices will be more re-                 sway. Legislation was enacted that benefited
                                        reports, our committee is often re-                     spected than ours were, because that is                 the wealthy few instead of the vast majority.
                                        quired to assemble large, complex re-                   the right way to run the people’s                       Legislation was enacted—often in the middle
                                        ports in a matter of hours. The proper                  House.                                                  of the night—without time for review or careful
                                        reporting and filing of these reports in                    Mr. GINGREY. Madam Speaker, I rise today            consideration. Legislation was enacted to ben-
                                        the House is essential to the efficient                 in opposition to Title V of H. Res. 6 and en-           efit those who could afford to pay for fancy
                                        operation of the House.                                 courage my colleagues to vote ‘‘no’’ on this            meals and golf vacations while legislation that
                                          Mr. BRADY of Texas. Will the gen-                     measure.                                                would improve wages and the quality of life for
                                        tleman yield?                                               Since the election we have heard promises           working Americans was ignored. The process
                                          Mr. MCGOVERN. No, I will not. We                      of grandeur from the new Democrat majority.             was abused, votes were held open, and
                                        sometimes report and file a special rule                They have promised to usher in a new era of             amendments were prohibited from being of-
                                        late one night, and the next morning                    civility, bi-partisanship, and cooperation into         fered. The losers have been the American
                                        the rule and the bill are on the House                  the halls of Congress. They have repeatedly             public.
                                        floor. There is just not much room for                  stated that the American people want a civ-                Perhaps the single best example of these
                                        even minor clerical errors when you                     ilized tone in Washington. But it appears the           abuses is the Medicare Modernization Act, a
                                        are under such tight deadlines. This                    Democrats are ignoring their own message.               law which actually prohibits Medicare from ne-
                                        rules change does not mean that the                         In the opening hours of this Congress, with         gotiating for drug savings, as the VA and large
                                        public will have any less access to what                their very first piece of business, the Demo-           employers do today, and by doing so guaran-
                                        happens in the Rules Committee,                         crats have put forth a resolution that is the op-       tees that senior citizens and persons with dis-
                                        Madam Speaker.                                          posite of civility and transparency—indeed, a           abilities will pay more than they should for the
                                          We plan to include record votes in                    total contradiction of the way they pledged to          drugs that they need. This law would not have
                                        the Rules Committee reports and, even                   conduct business. For the first time in the his-        been enacted if pharmaceutical companies
                                        better, we intend to post committee                     tory of this body, Madam Speaker, the Demo-
                                                                                                                                                        had not been allowed to use undue influence,
                                        votes on the Rules Committee Web site                   crats have included closed rules governing fu-
                                                                                                                                                        if Democratic conferees had not been locked
                                        as soon as they have them, so that the                  ture debate in the House rules package, and
                                                                                                                                                        out of the negotiations, if Members had not
                                        American people will know what is                       have even gone so far as to prevent the Rules
                                                                                                                                                        been intimidated on the House floor, and if the
                                        going on.                                               Committee from meeting to deliberate these
                                                                                                                                                        final vote had not been held open for nearly 3
                                          Even better than that, we plan to                     rules or the larger rules package.
                                                                                                    But they did not stop there, Madam Speak-           hours to change the outcome.
                                        have more meetings during the day-                                                                                 During the first 100 hours of the 110th Con-
                                                                                                er. After promising an open and fair process,
                                        light hours so that the public and the                                                                          gress, we will eliminate this prohibition and re-
                                                                                                the Democrats have allowed just 10 minutes
                                        press know what we are doing in the                                                                             quire that Medicare use its bargaining clout on
                                                                                                of debate—that’s 5 minutes per side—on Title
                                        Rules Committee.                                                                                                behalf of consumers. Today, we are taking
                                                                                                V of this resolution.
                                          Well, let me say to my friends on the                                                                         steps to make sure that the procedural abuses
                                                                                                    This is no small measure, Madam Speaker.
                                        other side of the aisle, if you feel that                                                                       that were used to enact that prohibition will
                                                                                                Included in Title V are closed rules governing
                                        the votes taken in the Rules Com-                       debate on stem-cell research, the rec-                  become a relic of the past.
                                        mittee are not being made public fast                   ommendations of the 9/11 commission, the                   We also begin the 110th Congress by put-
                                        enough, or are clear enough, you have                   cost of prescription drugs, and the federal min-        ting our financial house in order. The past 6
                                        my word that we will work to fix it,                    imum wage. Certainly the American people                years of fiscal mismanagement has turned a
                                        and we will work with you. You have                     expect a debate of ideas and the proper con-            $5.6 trillion surplus into an over $3 trillion def-
                                        my word on that.                                        gressional process for some of the most im-             icit. The passage of H. Res. 6 will help us get
                                          More importantly, Madam Speaker,                      portant issues facing our Nation. Instead, the          our current debt and financial crisis under con-
                                        after our business here in the House                    Democrats will deliver 10 minutes of debate.            trol while allowing us to make the investments
                                        concludes today, we will have made                          Further Madam Speaker, Title V of this res-         needed for American families and our eco-
                                        historic progress. We will have ended                   olution will prevent the votes of the Rules             nomic future.
                                        the culture of corruption that has                      Committee from being made public. A veil of                With the restoration of pay-as-you-go budg-
                                        plagued this House for the past dozen                   secrecy will fall over this critical committee          eting, Congress will not be able to increase
                                        years. We will have paved the way to                    they now control. This is not the transparency          the deficit and make future generations of
                                        accomplishing what the American peo-                    and accountability in our political process the         Americans carry a debt load so that today’s
                                        ple voted for, to give minimum wage                     Democrats have promised.                                wealthy can get tax cuts like the ones passed
                                        workers a raise.                                            So, Madam Speaker, it appears the new               over the past few years. According to the non-
                                          Right now the average CEO of a For-                   age of the Democrat majority will unfortunately         partisan Congressional Budget Office, those
                                        tune 500 Company earns $10,712 in 1                     not live up to its much-hyped billing. Instead of       tax cuts, which primarily benefit the very rich,
                                        hour 16 minutes. It takes an average                    more openness, fairness, and transparency,              are the main cause of our country’s fiscal re-
                                        minimum wage worker 52, 40-hour                         the Democrats have revealed the hypocritical            versal. Reining in the spiraling debt will give
                                        weeks, an entire year, to earn the same                 nature of their disingenuous promises with              us a chance to invest in our communities, cre-
                                        $10,712. It is wrong, and we are going to               their very first piece of legislation. Reneging         ate jobs, provide retirement security, and stim-
                                        fix it.                                                 on their campaign promises in the opening               ulate our economy.
                                          We will have paved a way to make                      hours of this session is no way to build the               Transparency requirements for earmarks will
                                        college tuition and prescription drugs                  spirit of trust and cooperation across the aisle.       also help us make certain that taxpayers’ dol-
                                        more affordable, to make our homeland                       Madam Speaker, I hope for the sake of the           lars are put to good use while eliminating
                                        safer, by implementing the 9/11 Com-                    American people that the Democrats start ad-            wasteful spending. I believe that district-spe-
                                        mission recommendations, and to in-                     hering to their pre-election rhetoric and con-          cific earmarks on appropriations or other legis-
                                        vest in lifesaving stem cell research.                  duct the business of this body in a civilized           lation should not be provided unless they di-
                                        All of these measures, Madam Speaker,                   manner.                                                 rectly improve our communities. Requiring bet-
                                        have been the subject of hearings.                          Ms. SCHAKOWSKY. Madam Speaker, I rise               ter disclosure of sponsorship of earmarks and
                                        Many of them have been voted on. But                    today in support of H. Res. 6, the House                ensuring that Members have no personal fi-
                                        the majority on the other side has                      Rules Package for the 110th Congress. With              nancial interest in the request will help us
                                        stalled and undermined these measure                    the passage of this resolution, we are commit-          guarantee that the funding is targeted to es-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        at every step. No more.                                 ting ourselves to restore honest leadership, ci-        sential infrastructure improvements, commu-
                                          Finally, Madam Speaker, let me as-                    vility, and fiscal responsibility to the U.S.           nity development, vital research, and other im-
                                        sure my friends, including the distin-                  House of Representatives. It is a commitment            portant programs. Congress has a long history
                                        guished gentleman from Florida, that                    that we owe to our constituents and to our Na-          of providing earmarks for such projects, and I
                                        we will conduct the business of this                    tion.                                                   support their continued funding and eliminating

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   03:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00023   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 9920   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.040   H05JAPT1
                                        H82                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                            January 5, 2007
                                        the abuses of earmarks like the ‘‘Bridge to No-         that 74 percent of voters in November cited              Carson            Hastert           McIntyre
                                                                                                                                                         Carter            Hastings (FL)     McKeon
                                        where.’’                                                corruption as an important issue in deter-               Castle            Hastings (WA)     McMorris
                                           H. Res. 6 is the first action of the 110th           mining their vote.                                       Castor            Hayes               Rodgers
                                        Congress. By its passage, we are dem-                      Now it is our turn to act. That’s why we are          Chabot            Heller            McNerney
                                        onstrating to the American public that we are           taking immediate steps to fulfill the promise of         Chandler          Hensarling        McNulty
                                                                                                                                                         Clarke            Herger            Meehan
                                        going to return the House of Representatives            a more ethical Congress by passing a com-                Clay              Herseth           Meek (FL)
                                        to its rightful role as being the people’s              prehensive rules package that bans gifts and             Cleaver           Higgins           Meeks (NY)
                                        House—not just in procedures but also in pol-           travel from lobbyists; requires adequate time            Clyburn           Hill              Melancon
                                        icy.                                                                                                             Coble             Hinchey           Mica
                                                                                                to review legislation and bans the insertion of          Cohen             Hinojosa          Michaud
                                           Mr. HALL of New York. Madam Speaker,                 special interest provisions in the ‘dead of the          Cole (OK)         Hirono            Millender-
                                        today the House of Representatives will con-            night’ to ensure that Members have time to               Conaway           Hobson              McDonald
                                        sider an important package of reforms that,             read the bills being considered and know ex-             Conyers           Hodes             Miller (FL)
                                        when adopted by this chamber, will take the                                                                      Cooper            Hoekstra          Miller (MI)
                                                                                                actly what is in them; mandates annual ethics            Costa             Holden            Miller (NC)
                                        first necessary steps toward restoring fiscal re-       training for all Members and staff; curbs                Costello          Holt              Miller, Gary
                                        sponsibility in our government. I am proud to           abuses of voting time to ensure that votes are           Courtney          Honda             Miller, George
                                        be a cosponsor of these measures, which will            not held open to change the outcome; re-                 Cramer            Hooley            Mitchell
                                                                                                                                                         Crenshaw          Hoyer             Mollohan
                                        allow us to undertake the critical tasks of bal-        quires full disclosure of all earmarks, as well                                              Moore (KS)
                                                                                                                                                         Crowley           Hulshof
                                        ancing our budget and controlling our national          as requiring that a Member certify that ear-             Cubin             Hunter            Moore (WI)
                                        debt.                                                   marks do not financially benefit them or their           Cuellar           Inglis (SC)       Moran (KS)
                                           For too long, our government has operated            spouses; and reinstates Pay-As-You-Go budg-              Culberson         Inslee            Moran (VA)
                                                                                                                                                         Cummings          Israel            Murphy (CT)
                                        under a ‘‘buy now, pay later’’ philosophy that,         et rules to prevent all new spending and tax                                                 Murphy, Patrick
                                                                                                                                                         Davis (AL)        Issa
                                        if left unchanged, will force our children and          cuts from adding to the federal debt.                    Davis (CA)        Jackson (IL)      Murphy, Tim
                                        grandchildren to foot the bill with increasingly           Passage of this legislative package will              Davis (IL)        Jackson-Lee       Murtha
                                        dire consequences. The fiscal responsibility                                                                     Davis (KY)          (TX)            Musgrave
                                                                                                begin the process of restoring integrity to the          Davis, David      Jefferson         Myrick
                                        provisions put forward today will help us avoid         House of Representatives, assuring the peo-              Davis, Jo Ann     Jindal            Nadler
                                        this generational buck passing by imposing              ple of our country that we are here on their             Davis, Lincoln    Johnson (GA)      Napolitano
                                        some much-needed discipline on the budg-                behalf, not our own. I urge my colleagues to             Davis, Tom        Johnson (IL)      Neugebauer
                                        eting process. The package of reforms put for-                                                                   Deal (GA)         Johnson, E. B.    Norwood
                                                                                                vote for this rules package.                             DeFazio           Johnson, Sam      Nunes
                                        ward today accomplishes that by preventing                 Mr. McGOVERN. Madam Speaker, I                        DeGette           Jones (NC)        Oberstar
                                        the House from considering budget measures              yield back the balance of my time.                       Delahunt          Jones (OH)        Obey
                                        that would increase the federal deficit.                ANNOUNCEMENT BY THE SPEAKER PRO TEMPORE
                                                                                                                                                         DeLauro           Jordan            Olver
                                           One of the most important reforms we are                                                                      Dent              Kagen             Ortiz
                                        advancing today is the reinstitution of                   The SPEAKER pro tempore (Ms. ZOE                       Diaz-Balart, L.   Kanjorski         Pallone
                                                                                                LOFGREN of California). Pursuant to                      Diaz-Balart, M.   Kaptur            Pascrell
                                        ‘‘PAYGO’’ rules to govern the Congressional                                                                      Dicks             Keller            Pastor
                                        budgeting process. Although the overall budg-           clause 8 of rule XX, proceedings will re-                Dingell           Kennedy           Paul
                                        et process can be technical and complex,                sume on questions previously post-                       Doggett           Kildee            Payne
                                        ‘‘PAYGO’’ simply means what it sounds like:             poned.                                                   Donnelly          Kilpatrick        Pearce
                                                                                                                                                         Doolittle         Kind              Pelosi
                                        you pay as you go. The ‘‘PAYGO’’ provision                Votes will be taken in the following                   Doyle             King (IA)         Pence
                                        creates a barrier to passing legislation that           order:                                                   Drake             King (NY)         Perlmutter
                                        would further inflate our huge national deficit           Adoption of title III of House Resolu-                 Dreier            Kingston          Peterson (MN)
                                                                                                tion 6, by the yeas and nays;                            Duncan            Kirk              Peterson (PA)
                                        and mortgage our country’s future.                                                                               Edwards           Klein (FL)        Petri
                                           Congress operated under ‘‘PAYGO’’ rules                Adoption of title IV of House Resolu-                  Ehlers            Kline (MN)        Pickering
                                        from 1990 until 2002 with clear results. Under          tion 6, by the yeas and nays.                            Ellison           Knollenberg       Pitts
                                                                                                  The first electronic vote will be con-                 Ellsworth         Kucinich          Platts
                                        the ‘‘PAYGO’’ constraints on spending, our                                                                       Emanuel           Kuhl (NY)         Poe
                                        government was able to balance the budget,              ducted as a 15-minute vote. The second                   Emerson           LaHood            Pomeroy
                                        create budget surpluses, and reduce the na-             electronic vote will be conducted as a                   Engel             Lamborn           Porter
                                        tional debt by $453 billion. Since the mistaken         5-minute vote.                                           English (PA)      Lampson           Price (GA)
                                                                                                  The pending business is the vote on                    Eshoo             Langevin          Price (NC)
                                        move away from the ‘‘PAYGO’’ rules, deficit                                                                      Etheridge         Lantos            Pryce (OH)
                                        spending is back and our national debt has              adoption of title III of House Resolu-                   Everett           Larsen (WA)       Putnam
                                        spiraled out of control. As of today, the total         tion 6, on which the yeas and nays are                   Fallin            Larson (CT)       Radanovich
                                                                                                ordered.                                                 Farr              Latham            Rahall
                                        national debt is almost an astonishing $8.7 tril-                                                                Fattah            LaTourette        Ramstad
                                        lion or almost $29,000 for every person in the            The Clerk read the title of the resolu-                Feeney            Lee               Rangel
                                        United States. Disturbingly, much of this debt          tion.                                                    Ferguson          Levin             Regula
                                        is held by America’s economic competitors, in-            The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                           Filner            Lewis (CA)        Rehberg
                                                                                                                                                         Flake             Lewis (GA)        Reichert
                                        cluding China. Instead of demonstrating the             question is on that portion of the di-                   Forbes            Lewis (KY)        Renzi
                                        leadership needed to turn this dangerous fis-           vided question.                                          Fortenberry       Linder            Reyes
                                        cal tide, our government has not taken steps              The vote was taken by electronic de-                   Fossella          Lipinski          Reynolds
                                                                                                vice, and there were—ayes 430, noes 0,                   Foxx              LoBiondo          Rodriguez
                                        to curtail earmarks, our President has never                                                                     Frank (MA)        Loebsack          Rogers (AL)
                                        vetoed a spending bill, and we have yet to              not voting 5, as follows:                                Franks (AZ)       Lofgren, Zoe      Rogers (KY)
                                        demonstrate the will to do what is necessary.                               [Roll No. 8]                         Frelinghuysen     Lowey             Rogers (MI)
                                           I am proud to say that with today’s reform                                                                    Gallegly          Lucas             Rohrabacher
                                                                                                                    YEAS—430                             Garrett (NJ)      Lungren, Daniel   Ros-Lehtinen
                                        package we can begin to change that. It is in           Abercrombie        Berman               Brady (PA)       Gerlach             E.              Roskam
                                        our vital interest to get spending under control        Ackerman           Berry                Brady (TX)       Giffords          Lynch             Ross
                                        to eliminate deficits and return to paying down         Aderholt           Biggert              Braley (IA)      Gilchrest         Mack              Rothman
                                        our debt. It will require difficult choices and the     Akin               Bilbray              Brown, Corrine   Gillibrand        Mahoney (FL)      Roybal-Allard
                                                                                                Alexander          Bilirakis            Brown-Waite,     Gillmor           Maloney (NY)      Royce
                                        will to change business as usual in Wash-               Allen              Bishop (GA)            Ginny          Gingrey           Manzullo          Ruppersberger
                                        ington, but it is our responsibility to meet that       Altmire            Bishop (NY)          Buchanan         Gohmert           Marchant          Rush
                                        challenge by passing these reforms.                     Andrews            Bishop (UT)          Burgess          Gonzalez          Markey            Ryan (OH)
                                                                                                Arcuri             Blackburn            Burton (IN)      Goode             Marshall          Ryan (WI)
                                           Ms. ESHOO. Madam Speaker, I rise in                  Baca               Blumenauer           Butterfield      Goodlatte         Matheson          Salazar
                                        strong support of the rules package before us.          Bachmann           Blunt                Calvert          Gordon            Matsui            Sali
                                        As we begin the important work of the 110th             Bachus             Boehner              Camp (MI)        Granger           McCarthy (CA)      ´
                                                                                                                                                                                             Sanchez, Linda
                                        Congress, it is imperative that we set the tone         Baird              Bonner               Campbell (CA)    Graves            McCarthy (NY)       T.
                                                                                                Baker              Bono                 Cannon           Green, Al         McCaul (TX)       Sanchez, Loretta
                                        for how the people’s work will be conducted in          Baldwin            Boozman              Cantor           Green, Gene       McCollum (MN)     Sarbanes
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        this chamber, which is the people’s House.              Barrett (SC)       Boren                Capito           Grijalva          McCotter          Saxton
                                           In the November elections, Democrats of-             Barrow             Boswell              Capps            Gutierrez         McCrery           Schakowsky
                                        fered Americans a new direction and a more              Bartlett (MD)      Boucher              Capuano          Hall (NY)         McDermott         Schiff
                                                                                                Bean               Boustany             Cardoza          Hall (TX)         McGovern          Schmidt
                                        ethical Congress. The American people re-               Becerra            Boyd (FL)            Carnahan         Hare              McHenry           Schwartz
                                        sponded with great clarity. Exit polls revealed         Berkley            Boyda (KS)           Carney           Harman            McHugh            Scott (GA)

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   03:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00024   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634    E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.016   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                     CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                            H83
                                        Scott (VA)         Stearns            Wamp               Hobson             Meek (FL)            Schwartz          Nunes           Rogers (KY)      Stearns
                                        Sensenbrenner      Stupak             Wasserman          Hodes              Meeks (NY)           Scott (GA)        Paul            Ros-Lehtinen     Sullivan
                                        Serrano            Sutton              Schultz           Holden             Melancon             Scott (VA)        Pearce          Roskam           Tancredo
                                        Sessions           Tancredo           Waters             Holt               Michaud              Serrano           Pence           Royce            Terry
                                        Sestak             Tanner             Watson             Honda              Millender-           Sestak            Peterson (PA)   Ryan (WI)        Tiahrt
                                        Shadegg            Tauscher           Watt               Hooley               McDonald           Shays             Pickering       Sali             Walberg
                                        Shays              Taylor             Waxman             Hoyer              Miller (MI)          Shea-Porter       Pitts           Saxton           Walden (OR)
                                        Shea-Porter        Terry              Weiner             Inslee             Miller (NC)          Sherman           Price (GA)      Schmidt          Wamp
                                        Sherman            Thompson (CA)      Welch (VT)         Israel             Miller, George       Shimkus           Putnam          Sensenbrenner
                                                                                                                                                                                            Weldon (FL)
                                        Shimkus            Thompson (MS)      Weldon (FL)        Jackson (IL)       Mitchell             Shuler            Radanovich      Sessions
                                        Shuler             Thornberry         Weller             Jackson-Lee        Mollohan             Simpson           Regula          Shadegg
                                        Shuster            Tiahrt                                                                                          Reichert                         Wicker
                                                                                                   (TX)             Moore (KS)           Sires                             Shuster
                                                                              Westmoreland                                                                                                  Wilson (SC)
                                        Simpson            Tiberi                                Jefferson          Moore (WI)           Skelton           Renzi           Smith (NE)
                                                                              Wexler                                                                                                        Young (AK)
                                        Sires              Tierney                               Jindal             Moran (KS)           Slaughter         Reynolds        Smith (TX)
                                        Skelton            Towns                                 Johnson (GA)       Moran (VA)           Smith (NJ)        Rogers (AL)     Souder
                                        Slaughter          Turner             Wicker
                                                                                                 Johnson, E. B.     Murphy (CT)          Smith (WA)
                                        Smith (NE)         Udall (CO)         Wilson (NM)
                                                                                                 Jones (NC)         Murphy, Patrick      Snyder                            NOT VOTING—3
                                        Smith (NJ)         Udall (NM)         Wilson (OH)        Jones (OH)         Murphy, Tim          Solis             Brown (SC)      Buyer            Neal (MA)
                                        Smith (TX)         Upton              Wilson (SC)        Kagen              Murtha               Space
                                        Smith (WA)         Van Hollen         Wolf               Kanjorski          Nadler               Spratt                              b 1259
                                        Snyder                ´
                                                           Velazquez          Woolsey            Kaptur             Napolitano           Stark
                                        Solis              Visclosky          Wu                 Keller             Oberstar             Stupak
                                                                                                                                                              Mr. WELLER of Illinois and Mr. POE
                                        Souder             Walberg            Wynn               Kennedy            Obey                 Sutton            changed their vote from ‘‘nay’’ to
                                        Space              Walden (OR)        Yarmuth            Kildee             Olver                Tanner            ‘‘yea.’’
                                        Spratt             Walsh (NY)         Young (AK)         Kilpatrick         Ortiz                Tauscher             So that portion of the divided ques-
                                        Stark              Walz (MN)          Young (FL)         Kind               Pallone              Taylor
                                                                                                 Kirk               Pascrell             Thompson (CA)     tion was agreed to.
                                                         NOT VOTING—5                            Klein (FL)         Pastor               Thompson (MS)        The result of the vote was announced
                                        Barton (TX)        Buyer              Sullivan           Kucinich           Payne                Thornberry        as above recorded.
                                        Brown (SC)         Neal (MA)                             LaHood             Pelosi               Tiberi               A motion to reconsider was laid on
                                                                                                 Lampson            Perlmutter           Tierney
                                                                                                 Langevin           Peterson (MN)        Towns             the table.
                                                            b 1246                               Lantos             Petri                Turner               The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.
                                           Ms. WATERS changed her vote from                      Larsen (WA)        Platts               Udall (CO)        BECERRA). Pursuant to House Resolu-
                                                                                                 Larson (CT)        Poe                  Udall (NM)
                                        ‘‘nay’’ to ‘‘yea.’’                                      Lee                Pomeroy              Upton
                                                                                                                                                           tion 5, the previous question is ordered
                                           So that portion of the divided ques-                  Levin              Porter               Van Hollen        on the portion of the divided question
                                        tion was agreed to.                                      Lewis (GA)         Price (NC)               ´
                                                                                                                                         Velazquez         comprising title V.
                                                                                                 Lipinski           Pryce (OH)           Visclosky            The question is on that portion of the
                                           The result of the vote was announced                  LoBiondo           Rahall               Walsh (NY)
                                        as above recorded.                                       Loebsack           Ramstad              Walz (MN)         divided question.
                                           A motion to reconsider was laid on                    Lofgren, Zoe       Rangel               Wasserman          MOTION TO COMMIT OFFERED BY MR. RYAN OF
                                        the table.                                               Lowey              Rehberg                Schultz                        WISCONSIN
                                                                                                 Lynch              Reyes                Waters
                                           The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          Mahoney (FL)       Rodriguez            Watson              Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                        pending business is the vote on adop-                    Maloney (NY)       Rogers (MI)          Watt              I offer a motion to commit.
                                        tion of title IV of House Resolution 6,                  Manzullo           Rohrabacher          Waxman              The SPEAKER pro tempore. The
                                                                                                 Markey             Ross                 Weiner
                                        on which the yeas and nays are or-                       Marshall           Rothman              Welch (VT)
                                                                                                                                                           Clerk will report the motion to com-
                                        dered.                                                   Matheson           Roybal-Allard        Weller            mit.
                                           The Clerk read the title of the resolu-               Matsui             Ruppersberger        Wexler              The Clerk read as follows:
                                        tion.                                                    McCarthy (NY)      Rush                 Whitfield
                                                                                                                                                             Mr. Ryan of Wisconsin moves to commit
                                                                                                 McCollum (MN)      Ryan (OH)            Wilson (NM)
                                           The SPEAKER pro tempore. The                          McDermott          Salazar              Wilson (OH)       the resolution (H. Res. 6) to a select com-
                                        question is on that portion of the di-                   McGovern            ´
                                                                                                                    Sanchez, Linda       Wolf              mittee composed of the Majority Leader and
                                        vided question.                                          McHugh               T.                 Woolsey           the Minority Leader with instructions to re-
                                           This will be a 5-minute vote.                         McIntyre           Sanchez, Loretta     Wu                port back the same to the House forthwith
                                                                                                 McNerney           Sarbanes             Wynn              with only the following amendment:
                                           The vote was taken by electronic de-                  McNulty            Schakowsky           Yarmuth             After section 510, insert the following new
                                        vice, and there were—yeas 280, nays                      Meehan             Schiff               Young (FL)
                                                                                                                                                           sections, and redesignate the following sec-
                                        152, not voting 3, as follows:                                                                                     tions (and cross references thereto) accord-
                                                            [Roll No. 9]                                                                                   ingly:
                                                                                                 Aderholt           Davis, Jo Ann        Inglis (SC)       SEC. 511. SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS: SMALL
                                                            YEAS—280                             Akin               Davis, Tom           Issa                          BUSINESS HEALTH PLANS
                                        Abercrombie        Carnahan           Ehlers             Alexander          Deal (GA)            Johnson (IL)
                                        Ackerman           Carney             Ellison            Bachmann           Diaz-Balart, L.      Johnson, Sam        On January 16, 2007, or, if the House is not
                                        Allen              Carson             Ellsworth          Bachus             Diaz-Balart, M.      Jordan            in session on such day, the next day on
                                        Altmire            Castle             Emanuel            Baker              Doolittle            King (IA)         which the House is in session thereafter, fol-
                                        Andrews            Castor             Emerson            Barrett (SC)       Drake                King (NY)         lowing the third daily order of business
                                        Arcuri             Chandler           Engel              Bartlett (MD)      Dreier               Kingston          under clause 1 of rule XIV, the House shall
                                        Baca               Clarke             Eshoo              Barton (TX)        Duncan               Kline (MN)        immediately proceed to the consideration in
                                        Baird              Clay               Etheridge          Biggert            English (PA)         Knollenberg
                                                                                                                                                           the House of the bill (H.R. 241) to amend title
                                        Baldwin            Cleaver            Farr               Bilbray            Everett              Kuhl (NY)
                                        Barrow             Clyburn            Fattah             Bishop (UT)        Fallin               Lamborn           I of the Employee Retirement Income Secu-
                                        Bean               Cohen              Ferguson           Blackburn          Feeney               Latham            rity Act of 1974 to improve access and choice
                                        Becerra            Conyers            Filner             Blunt              Flake                LaTourette        for entrepreneurs with small businesses with
                                        Berkley            Cooper             Fortenberry        Boehner            Forbes               Lewis (CA)        respect to medical care for their employees.
                                        Berman             Costa              Frank (MA)         Bonner             Fossella             Lewis (KY)        All points of order against the bill and
                                        Berry              Costello           Gerlach            Bono               Foxx                 Linder            against its consideration are waived. The bill
                                        Bilirakis          Courtney           Giffords           Boustany           Franks (AZ)          Lucas
                                                                                                                                                           shall be considered as read. The previous
                                        Bishop (GA)        Cramer             Gilchrest          Brady (TX)         Frelinghuysen        Lungren, Daniel
                                        Bishop (NY)        Crowley            Gillibrand         Buchanan           Gallegly               E.              question shall be considered as ordered on
                                        Blumenauer         Cuellar            Gillmor            Burgess            Garrett (NJ)         Mack              the bill and any amendment thereto to final
                                        Boozman            Cummings           Gonzalez           Burton (IN)        Gingrey              Marchant          passage without intervening motion except:
                                        Boren              Davis (AL)         Gordon             Calvert            Gohmert              McCarthy (CA)     (1) three hours of debate equally divided and
                                        Boswell            Davis (CA)         Green, Al          Camp (MI)          Goode                McCaul (TX)       controlled by the Majority Leader and the
                                        Boucher            Davis (IL)         Green, Gene        Campbell (CA)      Goodlatte            McCotter          Minority Leader or their designees, and (2)
                                        Boyd (FL)          Davis, Lincoln     Grijalva           Cannon             Granger              McCrery
                                                                                                                                                           one motion to recommit with or without in-
                                        Boyda (KS)         DeFazio            Gutierrez          Cantor             Graves               McHenry
                                        Brady (PA)         DeGette            Hall (NY)          Carter             Hall (TX)            McKeon            structions to be offered by the Majority
                                        Braley (IA)        Delahunt           Hare               Chabot             Hastert              McMorris          Leader or his designee.
                                        Brown, Corrine     DeLauro            Harman             Coble              Hastings (WA)          Rodgers         SEC. 512. CONGRESSIONAL EARMARK REFORM.
                                        Brown-Waite,       Dent               Hastings (FL)      Cole (OK)          Hayes                Mica
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                                                                                                                                             (a) POINT OF ORDER AGAINST CONGRES-
                                          Ginny            Dicks              Herseth            Conaway            Heller               Miller (FL)
                                                                                                                                                           SIONAL EARMARKS.—Rule XXI is amended by
                                        Butterfield        Dingell            Higgins            Crenshaw           Hensarling           Miller, Gary
                                        Capito             Doggett            Hill               Cubin              Herger               Musgrave          adding at the end the following new clause:
                                        Capps              Donnelly           Hinchey            Culberson          Hoekstra             Myrick              ‘‘9. (a) It shall not be in order to consider—
                                        Capuano            Doyle              Hinojosa           Davis (KY)         Hulshof              Neugebauer          ‘‘(1) a bill or joint resolution reported by a
                                        Cardoza            Edwards            Hirono             Davis, David       Hunter               Norwood           committee unless the report includes a list

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005    03:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00025   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634    E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.020   H05JAPT1
                                        H84                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                           January 5, 2007
                                        of congressional earmarks, limited tax bene-            entity, or targeted to a specific State, local-           The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there
                                        fits, and limited tariff benefits in the bill or        ity or Congressional district, other than               objection to the request of the gen-
                                        in the report (and the name of any Member,              through a statutory or administrative for-              tleman from Massachusetts?
                                        Delegate, or Resident Commissioner who                  mula-driven or competitive award process.
                                        submitted a request to the committee for                   ‘‘(e) For the purpose of this clause, the              There was no objection.
                                        each respective item included in such list) or          term ‘limited tax benefit’ means—                         The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-
                                        a statement that the proposition contains no               ‘‘(1) any revenue-losing provision that—             ant to section 3 of House Resolution 5,
                                        congressional earmarks, limited tax bene-                  ‘‘(A) provides a Federal tax deduction,              the previous question is ordered on the
                                        fits, or limited tariff benefits;                       credit, exclusion, or preference to 10 or fewer         motion to commit.
                                          ‘‘(2) a bill or joint resolution not reported         beneficiaries under the Internal Revenue                  The question is on the motion to
                                        by a committee unless the chairman of each              Code of 1986, and
                                        committee of initial referral has caused a                 ‘‘(B) contains eligibility criteria that are
                                        list of congressional earmarks, limited tax             not uniform in application with respect to                The question was taken; and the
                                        benefits, and limited tariff benefits in the            potential beneficiaries of such provision; or           Speaker pro tempore announced that
                                        bill (and the name of any Member, Delegate,                ‘‘(2) any Federal tax provision which pro-           the noes appeared to have it.
                                        or Resident Commissioner who submitted a                vides one beneficiary temporary or perma-                 Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Speaker,
                                        request to the committee for each respective            nent transition relief from a change to the             on that I demand the yeas and nays.
                                        item included in such list) or a statement              Internal Revenue Code of 1986.
                                        that the proposition contains no congres-
                                                                                                                                                          The yeas and nays were ordered.
                                                                                                   ‘‘(f) For the purpose of this clause, the
                                        sional earmarks, limited tax benefits, or lim-          term ‘limited tariff benefit’ means a provi-              The SPEAKER pro tempore. This 15-
                                        ited tariff benefits to be printed in the Con-          sion modifying the Harmonized Tariff Sched-             minute vote on the motion to commit
                                        gressional Record prior to its consideration;           ule of the United States in a manner that               will be followed by a 5-minute vote on
                                          ‘‘(3) an amendment to a bill or joint resolu-         benefits 10 or fewer entities.                          title V of House Resolution 6, if or-
                                        tion to be offered at the outset of its consid-            (b) RELATED AMENDMENT TO CODE OF OFFI-               dered.
                                        eration for amendment by a member of a                  CIAL CONDUCT.—Rule XXIII is amended—
                                                                                                                                                          The vote was taken by electronic de-
                                        committee of initial referral as designated in             (a) by redesignating clause 16 (as earlier re-
                                        a report of the Committee on Rules to ac-               designated) as clause 18; and
                                                                                                                                                        vice, and there were—yeas 200, nays
                                        company a resolution prescribing a special                 (b) by inserting after clause 15 the fol-            232, not voting 3, as follows:
                                        order of business unless the proponent has              lowing new clauses:                                                        [Roll No. 10]
                                        caused a list of congressional earmarks, lim-              ‘‘16. A Member, Delegate, or Resident Com-                               YEAS—200
                                        ited tax benefits, and limited tariff benefits          missioner may not condition the inclusion of
                                                                                                                                                        Aderholt          Franks (AZ)       Miller, Gary
                                        in the amendment (and the name of any                   language to provide funding for a congres-              Akin              Frelinghuysen     Moran (KS)
                                        Member, Delegate, or Resident Commis-                   sional earmark, a limited tax benefit, or a             Alexander         Gallegly          Murphy, Tim
                                        sioner who submitted a request to the pro-              limited tariff benefit in any bill or joint res-        Bachmann          Garrett (NJ)      Musgrave
                                        ponent for each respective item included in             olution (or an accompanying report) or in               Bachus            Gerlach           Myrick
                                        such list) or a statement that the propo-               any conference report on a bill or joint reso-          Baker             Gilchrest         Neugebauer
                                        sition contains no congressional earmarks,              lution (including an accompanying joint ex-             Barrett (SC)      Gillmor           Norwood
                                        limited tax benefits, or limited tariff bene-           planatory statement of managers) on any                 Bartlett (MD)     Gingrey           Nunes
                                                                                                                                                        Barton (TX)       Gohmert           Paul
                                        fits to be printed in the Congressional                 vote cast by another Member, Delegate, or               Biggert           Goode             Pearce
                                        Record prior to its consideration; or                   Resident Commissioner. For purposes of this             Bilbray           Goodlatte         Pence
                                          ‘‘(4) a conference report to accompany a              clause and clause 17, the terms ‘congres-               Bilirakis         Granger           Peterson (PA)
                                        bill or joint resolution unless the joint ex-           sional earmark,’ ‘limited tax benefit,’ and             Bishop (UT)       Graves            Petri
                                        planatory statement prepared by the man-                ‘limited tariff benefit’ shall have the mean-           Blackburn         Hall (TX)         Pickering
                                        agers on the part of the House and the man-             ings given them in clause 9 of rule XXI.                Blunt             Hastert           Pitts
                                        agers on the part of the Senate includes a                 ‘‘17. (a) A Member, Delegate, or Resident            Boehner           Hastings (WA)     Platts
                                        list of congressional earmarks, limited tax                                                                     Bonner            Hayes             Poe
                                                                                                Commissioner who requests a congressional
                                                                                                                                                        Bono              Heller            Porter
                                        benefits, and limited tariff benefits in the            earmark, a limited tax benefit, or a limited            Boozman           Hensarling        Price (GA)
                                        conference report or joint statement (and               tariff benefit in any bill or joint resolution          Boustany          Herger            Pryce (OH)
                                        the name of any Member, Delegate, Resident              (or an accompanying report) or in any con-              Brady (TX)        Hobson            Putnam
                                        Commissioner, or Senator who submitted a                ference report on a bill or joint resolution            Brown-Waite,      Hoekstra          Radanovich
                                        request to the House or Senate committees               (or an accompanying joint statement of                    Ginny           Hulshof           Ramstad
                                        of jurisdiction for each respective item in-            managers) shall provide a written statement             Buchanan          Hunter            Regula
                                        cluded in such list) or a statement that the                                                                    Burgess           Inglis (SC)       Rehberg
                                                                                                to the chairman and ranking minority mem-
                                                                                                                                                        Burton (IN)       Issa              Reichert
                                        proposition contains no congressional ear-              ber of the committee of jurisdiction, includ-           Calvert           Jindal            Renzi
                                        marks, limited tax benefits, or limited tariff          ing—                                                    Camp (MI)         Johnson (IL)      Reynolds
                                        benefits.                                                  ‘‘(1) the name of the Member, Delegate, or           Campbell (CA)     Johnson, Sam      Rogers (AL)
                                          ‘‘(b) It shall not be in order to consider a          Resident Commissioner;                                  Cannon            Jones (NC)        Rogers (KY)
                                        rule or order that waives the application of               ‘‘(2) in the case of a congressional earmark,        Cantor            Jordan            Rogers (MI)
                                        paragraph (a). As disposition of a point of             the name and address of the intended recipi-            Capito            Keller            Rohrabacher
                                        order under this paragraph, the Chair shall                                                                     Carter            King (IA)         Ros-Lehtinen
                                                                                                ent or, if there is no specifically intended re-
                                        put the question of consideration with re-                                                                      Castle            King (NY)         Roskam
                                                                                                cipient, the intended location of the activ-            Chabot            Kingston          Royce
                                        spect to the rule or order that waives the ap-          ity;                                                    Coble             Kirk              Ryan (WI)
                                        plication of paragraph (a). The question of                ‘‘(3) in the case of a limited tax or tariff         Cole (OK)         Kline (MN)        Sali
                                        consideration shall be debatable for 10 min-            benefit, identification of the individual or            Conaway           Knollenberg       Saxton
                                        utes by the Member initiating the point of              entities reasonably anticipated to benefit, to          Crenshaw          Kuhl (NY)         Schmidt
                                        order and for 10 minutes by an opponent, but            the extent known to the Member, Delegate,               Cubin             LaHood            Sensenbrenner
                                        shall otherwise be decided without inter-               or Resident Commissioner;                               Culberson         Lamborn           Sessions
                                        vening motion except one that the House ad-                                                                     Davis (KY)        Latham            Shadegg
                                                                                                   ‘‘(4) the purpose of such congressional ear-         Davis, David      LaTourette        Shays
                                        journ.                                                  mark or limited tax or tariff benefit; and              Davis, Jo Ann     Lewis (CA)        Shimkus
                                          ‘‘(c) In order to be cognizable by the Chair,            ‘‘(5) a certification that the Member, Dele-         Davis, Tom        Lewis (KY)        Shuster
                                        a point of order raised under paragraph (a)             gate, or Resident Commissioner or spouse                Deal (GA)         Linder            Simpson
                                        may be based only on the failure of a report,           has no financial interest in such congres-              Dent              LoBiondo          Smith (NE)
                                        submission to the Congressional Record, or              sional earmark or limited tax or tariff ben-            Diaz-Balart, L.   Lucas             Smith (NJ)
                                        joint explanatory statement to include a list           efit.                                                   Diaz-Balart, M.   Lungren, Daniel   Smith (TX)
                                        required by paragraph (a) or a statement                                                                        Doolittle           E.              Souder
                                                                                                   ‘‘(b) Each committee shall maintain the
                                        that the proposition contains no congres-                                                                       Drake             Mack              Stearns
                                                                                                information transmitted under paragraph                 Dreier            Manzullo          Sullivan
                                        sional earmarks, limited tax benefits, or lim-          (a), and the written disclosures for any con-           Duncan            Marchant          Tancredo
                                        ited tariff benefits.                                   gressional earmarks, limited tax benefits, or           Ehlers            McCarthy (CA)     Terry
                                          ‘‘(d) For the purpose of this clause, the             limited tariff benefits included in any meas-           Emerson           McCaul (TX)       Thornberry
                                        term ‘congressional earmark’ means a provi-             ure reported by the committee or conference             English (PA)      McCotter          Tiahrt
                                        sion or report language included primarily at           report filed by the chairman of the com-                Everett           McCrery           Tiberi
                                        the request of a Member, Delegate, Resident                                                                     Fallin            McHenry           Turner
                                                                                                mittee or any subcommittee thereof shall be
                                                                                                                                                        Feeney            McHugh            Upton
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        Commissioner, or Senator providing, author-             open for public inspection.’’.                          Ferguson          McKeon            Walberg
                                        izing or recommending a specific amount of
                                        discretionary budget authority, credit au-                Mr. MCGOVERN (during the reading).                    Flake             McMorris          Walden (OR)
                                                                                                Mr. Speaker, I ask unanimous consent                    Forbes              Rodgers         Walsh (NY)
                                        thority, or other spending authority for a                                                                      Fortenberry       Mica              Wamp
                                        contract, loan, loan guarantee, grant, loan             that the motion be considered as read                   Fossella          Miller (FL)       Weldon (FL)
                                        authority, or other expenditure with or to an           and printed in the RECORD.                              Foxx              Miller (MI)       Weller

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   03:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00026   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.026   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                     CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                                H85
                                        Westmoreland       Wilson (NM)        Young (AK)           The question was taken; and the                                              NAYS—200
                                        Whitfield          Wilson (SC)        Young (FL)
                                        Wicker             Wolf
                                                                                                 Speaker pro tempore announced that                         Aderholt          Garrett (NJ)      Norwood
                                                                                                 the ayes appeared to have it.                              Akin              Gerlach           Nunes
                                                             NAYS—232                                                                                       Alexander         Gilchrest         Paul
                                                                                                                   RECORDED VOTE                            Bachmann          Gillmor           Pearce
                                        Abercrombie        Grijalva           Nadler
                                                                                                                                                            Bachus            Gingrey           Pence
                                        Ackerman           Gutierrez          Napolitano           Mr. CANTOR. Mr. Speaker, I demand                        Baker             Gohmert           Peterson (PA)
                                        Allen              Hall (NY)          Oberstar           a recorded vote.                                           Barrett (SC)      Goode             Petri
                                        Altmire            Hare               Obey                                                                          Bartlett (MD)     Goodlatte         Pickering
                                        Andrews            Harman             Olver                A recorded vote was ordered.                             Barton (TX)       Granger
                                        Arcuri             Hastings (FL)                                                                                                                        Pitts
                                                                              Ortiz                The SPEAKER pro tempore. This                            Biggert           Graves
                                        Baca               Herseth                                                                                                                              Platts
                                                                              Pallone                                                                       Bilbray           Hall (TX)
                                        Baird              Higgins            Pascrell           will be a 5-minute vote.                                                                       Poe
                                                                                                                                                            Bilirakis         Hastert           Porter
                                        Baldwin            Hill               Pastor               The vote was taken by electronic de-                     Bishop (UT)       Hastings (WA)     Price (GA)
                                        Barrow             Hinchey            Payne
                                        Bean               Hinojosa
                                                                                                 vice, and there were—ayes 232, noes 200,                   Blackburn         Hayes             Pryce (OH)
                                                                              Pelosi                                                                        Blunt             Heller
                                        Becerra            Hirono             Perlmutter         not voting 3, as follows:                                                                      Putnam
                                                                                                                                                            Boehner           Hensarling        Radanovich
                                        Berkley            Hodes              Peterson (MN)                          [Roll No. 11]                          Bonner            Herger            Ramstad
                                        Berman             Holden             Pomeroy                                                                       Bono              Hobson            Regula
                                        Berry              Holt               Price (NC)                             YEAS—232                               Boozman           Hoekstra          Rehberg
                                        Bishop (GA)        Honda              Rahall             Abercrombie        Grijalva             Nadler             Boustany          Hulshof           Reichert
                                        Bishop (NY)        Hooley             Rangel             Ackerman           Gutierrez            Napolitano         Brady (TX)        Hunter            Renzi
                                        Blumenauer         Hoyer              Reyes              Allen              Hall (NY)            Oberstar           Brown-Waite,      Inglis (SC)       Reynolds
                                        Boren              Inslee             Rodriguez          Altmire            Hare                 Obey                 Ginny           Issa              Rogers (AL)
                                        Boswell            Israel             Ross               Andrews            Harman               Olver              Buchanan          Jindal            Rogers (KY)
                                        Boucher            Jackson (IL)       Rothman            Arcuri             Hastings (FL)        Ortiz              Burgess           Johnson (IL)      Rogers (MI)
                                        Boyd (FL)          Jackson-Lee        Roybal-Allard      Baca               Herseth              Pallone            Burton (IN)       Johnson, Sam      Rohrabacher
                                        Boyda (KS)           (TX)             Ruppersberger      Baird              Higgins              Pascrell           Calvert           Jones (NC)
                                        Brady (PA)         Jefferson                                                                                                                            Ros-Lehtinen
                                                                              Rush               Baldwin            Hill                 Pastor             Camp (MI)         Jordan
                                        Braley (IA)        Johnson (GA)                                                                                                                         Roskam
                                                                              Ryan (OH)          Barrow             Hinchey              Payne              Campbell (CA)     Keller
                                        Brown, Corrine     Johnson, E. B.                                                                                                                       Royce
                                                                              Salazar            Bean               Hinojosa             Pelosi             Cannon            King (IA)
                                        Butterfield        Jones (OH)          ´                                                                                                                Ryan (WI)
                                                                              Sanchez, Linda     Becerra            Hirono               Perlmutter         Cantor            King (NY)
                                        Capps              Kagen                                                                                                                                Sali
                                                                                T.               Berkley            Hodes                Peterson (MN)      Capito            Kingston
                                        Capuano            Kanjorski                                                                                                                            Saxton
                                                                              Sanchez, Loretta   Berman             Holden               Pomeroy            Carter            Kirk
                                        Cardoza            Kaptur                                                                                                                               Schmidt
                                                                              Sarbanes           Berry              Holt                 Price (NC)         Castle            Kline (MN)
                                        Carnahan           Kennedy                                                                                                                              Sensenbrenner
                                                                              Schakowsky         Bishop (GA)        Honda                Rahall             Chabot            Knollenberg
                                        Carney             Kildee                                                                                                                               Sessions
                                                                              Schiff             Bishop (NY)        Hooley               Rangel             Coble             Kuhl (NY)
                                        Carson             Kilpatrick                                                                                                                           Shadegg
                                                                              Schwartz           Blumenauer         Hoyer                Reyes              Cole (OK)         LaHood
                                        Castor             Kind                                                                                                                                 Shays
                                                                              Scott (GA)         Boren              Inslee               Rodriguez          Conaway           Lamborn
                                        Chandler           Klein (FL)                                                                                                                           Shimkus
                                                                              Scott (VA)         Boswell            Israel               Ross               Crenshaw          Latham
                                        Clarke             Kucinich                                                                                                                             Shuster
                                                                              Serrano            Boucher            Jackson (IL)                            Cubin             LaTourette
                                        Clay               Lampson                                                                       Rothman                                                Simpson
                                                                              Sestak             Boyd (FL)          Jackson-Lee                             Culberson         Lewis (CA)
                                        Cleaver            Langevin                                                                      Roybal-Allard                                          Smith (NE)
                                                                              Shea-Porter        Boyda (KS)           (TX)                                  Davis (KY)        Lewis (KY)
                                        Clyburn            Lantos                                                                        Ruppersberger                                          Smith (NJ)
                                                                              Sherman            Brady (PA)         Jefferson                               Davis, David      Linder
                                        Cohen              Larsen (WA)                                                                   Rush                                                   Smith (TX)
                                                                              Shuler             Braley (IA)        Johnson (GA)                            Davis, Jo Ann     LoBiondo
                                        Conyers            Larson (CT)                                                                   Ryan (OH)                                              Souder
                                                                              Sires              Brown, Corrine     Johnson, E. B.                          Davis, Tom        Lucas
                                        Cooper             Lee                                                                           Salazar                                                Stearns
                                                                              Skelton            Butterfield        Jones (OH)            ´                 Deal (GA)         Lungren, Daniel
                                        Costa              Levin                                                                         Sanchez, Linda                                         Sullivan
                                                                              Slaughter          Capps              Kagen                                   Dent                E.
                                        Costello           Lewis (GA)                                                                      T.                                                   Tancredo
                                                                              Smith (WA)         Capuano            Kanjorski                               Diaz-Balart, L.   Mack
                                        Courtney           Lipinski                                                                      Sanchez, Loretta                                       Terry
                                                                              Snyder             Cardoza            Kaptur                                  Diaz-Balart, M.   Manzullo
                                        Cramer             Loebsack                                                                      Sarbanes                                               Thornberry
                                                                              Solis              Carnahan           Kennedy                                 Doolittle         Marchant
                                        Crowley            Lofgren, Zoe                                                                  Schakowsky                                             Tiahrt
                                                                              Space              Carney             Kildee                                  Drake             McCarthy (CA)
                                        Cuellar            Lowey                                                                         Schiff                                                 Tiberi
                                                                              Spratt             Carson             Kilpatrick                              Dreier            McCaul (TX)
                                        Cummings           Lynch                                                                         Schwartz                                               Turner
                                                                              Stark              Castor             Kind                                    Duncan            McCotter
                                        Davis (AL)         Mahoney (FL)                                                                  Scott (GA)                                             Upton
                                                                              Stupak             Chandler           Klein (FL)                              Ehlers            McCrery
                                        Davis (CA)         Maloney (NY)                                                                  Scott (VA)                                             Walberg
                                                                              Sutton             Clarke             Kucinich                                Emerson           McHenry
                                        Davis (IL)         Markey                                                                        Serrano                                                Walden (OR)
                                                                              Tanner             Clay               Lampson                                 English (PA)      McHugh
                                        Davis, Lincoln     Marshall                                                                      Sestak                                                 Walsh (NY)
                                                                              Tauscher           Cleaver            Langevin                                Everett           McKeon
                                        DeFazio            Matheson                                                                      Shea-Porter                                            Wamp
                                                                              Taylor             Clyburn            Lantos                                  Fallin            McMorris
                                        DeGette            Matsui                                                                        Sherman                                                Weldon (FL)
                                                                              Thompson (CA)      Cohen              Larsen (WA)                             Feeney              Rodgers
                                        Delahunt           McCarthy (NY)                                                                 Shuler                                                 Weller
                                                                              Thompson (MS)      Conyers            Larson (CT)                             Ferguson          Mica
                                        DeLauro            McCollum (MN)                                                                 Sires                                                  Westmoreland
                                                                              Tierney            Cooper             Lee                                     Flake             Miller (FL)
                                        Dicks              McDermott                                                                     Skelton                                                Whitfield
                                                                              Towns              Costa              Levin                                   Forbes            Miller (MI)
                                        Dingell            McGovern                                                                      Slaughter                                              Wicker
                                                                              Udall (CO)         Costello           Lewis (GA)                              Fortenberry       Miller, Gary
                                        Doggett            McIntyre                                                                      Smith (WA)                                             Wilson (NM)
                                                                              Udall (NM)         Courtney           Lipinski                                Fossella          Moran (KS)
                                        Donnelly           McNerney                                                                      Snyder                                                 Wilson (SC)
                                                                              Van Hollen         Cramer             Loebsack                                Foxx              Murphy, Tim
                                        Doyle              McNulty                                                                       Solis                                                  Wolf
                                                                              Velazquez          Crowley            Lofgren, Zoe                            Franks (AZ)       Musgrave
                                        Edwards            Meehan                                                                        Space
                                                                                                 Cuellar            Lowey                                   Frelinghuysen     Myrick            Young (AK)
                                        Ellison            Meek (FL)          Visclosky                                                  Spratt
                                                                                                 Cummings           Lynch                                   Gallegly          Neugebauer        Young (FL)
                                        Ellsworth          Meeks (NY)         Walz (MN)                                                  Stark
                                        Emanuel            Melancon           Wasserman          Davis (AL)         Mahoney (FL)
                                                                                                 Davis (CA)         Maloney (NY)         Stupak                               NOT VOTING—3
                                        Engel              Michaud              Schultz                                                  Sutton
                                        Eshoo              Millender-         Waters             Davis (IL)         Markey                                  Brown (SC)        Buyer             Neal (MA)
                                                                                                 Davis, Lincoln     Marshall             Tanner
                                        Etheridge            McDonald         Watson
                                        Farr               Miller (NC)        Watt               DeFazio            Matheson             Tauscher                            b 1328
                                                                                                 DeGette            Matsui               Taylor
                                        Fattah             Miller, George     Waxman                                                     Thompson (CA)        So that portion of the divided ques-
                                        Filner             Mitchell           Weiner             Delahunt           McCarthy (NY)
                                        Frank (MA)         Mollohan           Welch (VT)         DeLauro            McCollum (MN)        Thompson (MS)      tion was agreed to.
                                                                                                 Dicks              McDermott            Tierney
                                        Giffords           Moore (KS)         Wexler                                                                          The result of the vote was announced
                                                                                                 Dingell            McGovern             Towns
                                        Gillibrand         Moore (WI)         Wilson (OH)
                                                                                                 Doggett            McIntyre             Udall (CO)         as above recorded.
                                        Gonzalez           Moran (VA)         Woolsey                                                    Udall (NM)           A motion to reconsider was laid on
                                        Gordon             Murphy (CT)        Wu                 Donnelly           McNerney
                                                                                                 Doyle              McNulty              Van Hollen         the table.
                                        Green, Al          Murphy, Patrick    Wynn                                                           ´
                                                                                                 Edwards            Meehan               Velazquez
                                        Green, Gene        Murtha             Yarmuth                                                                                         f
                                                                                                 Ellison            Meek (FL)            Visclosky
                                                         NOT VOTING—3                            Ellsworth          Meeks (NY)           Walz (MN)
                                                                                                 Emanuel            Melancon             Wasserman          ROBERT      T.  STAFFORD        WHITE
                                        Brown (SC)         Buyer              Neal (MA)
                                                                                                 Engel              Michaud                Schultz            ROCKS NATIONAL RECREATION
                                                         b 1320                                  Eshoo              Millender-           Waters               AREA
                                                                                                 Etheridge            McDonald           Watson
                                          So the motion to commit was re-                        Farr               Miller (NC)          Watt                 Mr. WELCH of Vermont. Mr. Speak-
                                        jected.                                                  Fattah             Miller, George       Waxman             er, I ask unanimous consent that the
                                                                                                 Filner             Mitchell             Weiner
                                          The result of the vote was announced                   Frank (MA)         Mollohan             Welch (VT)         Committee on Natural Resources be
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        as above recorded.                                       Giffords           Moore (KS)           Wexler             discharged from further consideration
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr.                           Gillibrand         Moore (WI)           Wilson (OH)        of the Senate bill (S. 159) to redesig-
                                        BECERRA). The question is on the por-                    Gonzalez           Moran (VA)           Woolsey            nate the White Rocks National Recre-
                                                                                                 Gordon             Murphy (CT)          Wu
                                        tion of the divided question comprising                  Green, Al          Murphy, Patrick      Wynn               ation Area in the State of Vermont as
                                        title V.                                                 Green, Gene        Murtha               Yarmuth            the ‘‘Robert T. Stafford White Rocks

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005    04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00027   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634    E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.021    H05JAPT1
                                        H86                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                        National Recreational Area,’’ and ask                      While his achievements in the areas of edu-          principal sponsor of which is Mr. VERN
                                        for its immediate consideration in the                  cation and federal disaster relief were very im-        EHLERS, our colleague on your side of
                                        House.                                                  portant, it is the legacy he has left behind for        the aisle, who represents the district
                                          The Clerk read the title of the Senate                the work he did in protecting the environment           which was so ably and effectively rep-
                                        bill.                                                   that he was most proud of. Bob Stafford                 resented by President Ford for such a
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. AN-                      shared Vermonters’ belief that we have a                long period of time, a quarter of a cen-
                                        DREWS). Is there objection to the re-                   moral obligation to leave for our children a            tury.
                                        quest of the gentleman from Vermont?                    cleaner environment than the one we inher-                Mr. Speaker, we will also consider
                                          There was no objection.                               ited. He was a leader and visionary who                 H.R. 1, a bill to implement the 9/11
                                          The Clerk read the Senate bill, as fol-               helped shape and strengthen some of our Na-             Commission recommendations, and a
                                        lows:                                                   tion’s most critical environmental laws for over        resolution to establish a select intel-
                                                             S. 159                             two decades. Serving as Chairman of the En-             ligence oversight panel.
                                          Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep-         vironment and Public Works Committee from                 I will tell Mr. BLUNT we expect votes
                                        resentatives of the United States of America in         1981–1986, he led the charge to expand and              to be not before 3 to 4 p.m. We had
                                        Congress assembled,                                     strengthen the Superfund toxic waste cleanup            originally, as you know, thought we
                                        SECTION 1. ROBERT T. STAFFORD WHITE ROCKS               law in the mid 1980’s.                                  might come in Monday. There was a
                                                   NATIONAL RECREATION AREA.                       Please join me today in honoring the tre-            schedule conflict and we wanted to ac-
                                          (a) REDESIGNATION.—The White Rocks Na-                mendous life and service of Senator Bob Staf-           commodate that. We are glad we did.
                                        tional Recreation Area in the State of                  ford. I urge my colleagues to support this leg-         We will try to hold votes until 3 or 4,
                                        Vermont, as established by section 202 of the
                                                                                                islation, and pass the Congress by unanimous            but west coast Members will have a dif-
                                        Vermont Wilderness Act of 1984 (16 U.S.C.
                                        460nn–1), is redesignated as the ‘‘Robert T.            consent.                                                ficult time getting back so they ought
                                        Stafford White Rocks National Recreation                   The Senate bill was ordered to be                    to plan on being here on Monday unless
                                        Area’’.                                                 read a third time, was read the third                   they have an important engagement
                                          (b) REFERENCES.—Any reference in a law,               time, and passed, and a motion to re-                   they have to attend.
                                        map, regulation, document, paper, or other              consider was laid on the table.                           On Wednesday, the House will meet
                                        record of the United States to the recreation                             f                                     at 10 a.m. We will consider H.R. 2, a bill
                                        area referred to in subsection (a) shall be
                                        deemed to be a reference to the Robert T.                      LEGISLATIVE PROGRAM                              to increase the minimum wage.
                                        Stafford White Rocks National Recreation                                                                          On Thursday, the House will meet at
                                                                                                  (Mr. BLUNT asked and was given
                                        Area.                                                                                                           10 a.m. We will consider H.R. 3, a bill
                                                                                                permission to address the House for 1
                                           Mr. WELCH of Vermont. Mr. Speaker, it is                                                                     regarding stem cell research.
                                        with mixed emotions that I stand here on my                                                                       And on Friday, the House will meet
                                                                                                  Mr. BLUNT. Mr. Speaker, first I
                                        first full day as a Member of Congress to say                                                                   at 10 a.m. We will consider H.R. 4, a bill
                                                                                                want to congratulate our new Member
                                        good bye to a great Vermont statesman. Sen-                                                                     regarding the Medicare prescription
                                                                                                for getting a bill passed in the first
                                        ator Bob Stafford passed away last December                                                                     drug program. We expect the last votes
                                                                                                week. That is an incredible thing to get
                                        at the age of 93. I feel a deep sense of pride                                                                  to be hopefully no later than 2 p.m.
                                        to have the first Bill I introduce be one that            Then I would like to inquire of my                      The practice, as you know, will be
                                        honors Bob Stafford’s commitment to Vermont             good friend and new majority leader,                    that we will come in at 6:30 on Mon-
                                        by redesignating the White Rocks National               Mr. HOYER, about the schedule for next                  days and adjourn no later than 2 p.m.
                                        Recreation Area as the ‘‘Robert T. Stafford             week.                                                   on the day of adjournment. Many times
                                        White Rocks National Recreation Area’’.                   Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, will the                      that will be Friday, sometimes it will
                                           Senator Stafford was born in Rutland in              gentleman yield?                                        be Thursday. We understand the need
                                        1913. He had a long and distinguished career              Mr. BLUNT. Mr. Speaker, I yield to                    for Members to get out. If it is on
                                        as a civil servant to the state, serving the state      the gentleman from Maryland.                            Thursday, the expectation is we may
                                        for nearly 30 years first as Governor, Rep-               Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I thank                       go a little later than that, but that will
                                        resentative, and Senator. Robert Stafford was           the gentleman for yielding.                             be generally the practice we will try to
                                        a man who knew Vermont, and understood                    First of all, I want to say, Mr. Whip,                pursue.
                                        how to best serve Vermonters.                           we congratulate you on your reelection                    Mr. BLUNT. I thank my colleague for
                                           It was through his many public service posi-         as the whip. I have an affection for                    responding. As he mentioned, we have
                                        tions around the state that he learned the im-          whips, as you know, the position, and I                 had a great working relationship as the
                                        portance of moderation and bipartisanship. He           am personally advantaged by our close                   whips of the two parties and look for-
                                        served as Rutland County State’s attorney, as           working relationship and respect for                    ward to working with him in his new
                                        Deputy State Attorney General, and then as              one another. And I think the American                   job as the leader of the majority.
                                        State Attorney General. In the late 1950’s he           public hopefully will be advantaged by                    I, too, thought yesterday was an his-
                                        was elected Lieutenant Governor, and in 1959            that. I think this House will be advan-                 toric day for the House, and a day that
                                        he became Governor.                                     taged by that, and I look forward to                    our Members all appreciated the his-
                                           In 1960, Bob Stafford was elected to                 working with my good friend, ROY                        toric nature of the day. Particularly on
                                        Vermont’s sole seat in the U.S. House of Rep-           BLUNT.                                                  this side of the aisle, we appreciated
                                        resentatives. He won five successive re-elec-             In addition, all of us on our side ap-                the Speaker’s comments about moving
                                        tions. In September 1971, he resigned his               preciated the very gracious remarks of                  towards partnership as opposed to par-
                                        House seat to accept appointment to the U.S.            your leader, Mr. BOEHNER, when intro-                   tisanship; and we, of course, are eager
                                        Senate following the death of Senator Winston           ducing Speaker PELOSI and passing the                   to see a little more of that partnership
                                        Prouty. After winning a special election in             gavel to her. We know that is a dif-                    again.
                                        1972, he proceeded to represent Vermont in              ficult role. It was a difficult role for                  We paid close attention during the
                                        the Senate for the next 17 years.                       Mr. Gephardt when in 1995 he had that                   election and after the election to the
                                           When he came to Washington, a member of              responsibility, and it was a difficult                  commitments to the new majority to
                                        the Republican Party, he formed many close              role for Ms. PELOSI on the two occa-                    have bills available in an earlier way
                                        relationships with members of both parties.             sions she had to do it. Your leader was                 and to have committee and sub-
                                        Senator Stafford was able to be effective be-           extraordinarily gracious and positive                   committee markup. I assume the work
                                        cause of his reliance on moderation and com-            in that role, and we appreciate that                    next week is work the majority decided
                                        promise. He was a leader among his peers,               and we want you to know that.                           will not be able to go through the sub-
                                        and became an advocate for issues that were               On Tuesday, the House will meet at                    committee process or the committee
                                        close to him and to Vermont. Affordable edu-            10:30 a.m. for morning hour and at noon                 process, and I yield to my friend to re-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        cation and his dedication to the environment            for legislative business. Under the sus-                spond to that.
                                        became his most important issues. The Staf-             pension calendar, we will consider a                      Mr. HOYER. The gentleman’s as-
                                        ford Student Loan program has made higher               resolution mourning the passing of                      sumption is correct. Pursuant to the
                                        education more accessible for millions of               President Gerald Ford. That resolu-                     rule that was adopted today, we will be
                                        Americans.                                              tion, I would tell the Members, the                     moving the six items that we obviously

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00028   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.050   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H87
                                        campaigned on, told the American pub-                   be a pledge that the majority will be                   ess that the majority assured us in the
                                        lic that we would move on within the                    able to retain.                                         recent campaign will be part of their
                                        first 100 hours.                                           My good friend Mr. HOYER mentioned                   procedure.
                                          We believe almost all of those items                  the 9/11 Commission report. One of the                    On the Tuesday schedule, I have had
                                        have been broadly discussed, consid-                    recommendations of that commission                      one Member come up to me during our
                                        ered, not only in the election process of               was a realignment of committees. We                     discussion and wanted me to ask if
                                        approximately 6 months in duration or                   didn’t make that realignment of com-                    there is any possibility that 3 to 4
                                        longer, but also, for instance, the 9/11                mittees in the rules package. I wonder                  votes could slip closer to 5 just because
                                        Commission report which we will con-                    if there is any plan for that kind of re-               of a number of travel concerns that
                                        sider in the first order of business next               alignment, and I would yield to the                     Members have, particularly west coast
                                        week, vetted by the bipartisan commis-                  leader for that response.                               members.
                                        sion, the 9/11 Commission, chaired by                      Mr. HOYER. I thank the whip for                        Mr. HOYER. We could try. But let me
                                        Governor Kean and co-chaired by Mr.                     that observation. That was one of the                   say in all fairness, our original intent
                                        Hamilton, so that the gentleman’s as-                   important recommendations that the                      was to meet and have votes at 6:30 on
                                        sumption is correct.                                    commission made. Those recommenda-                      Monday. There is a very important
                                          But that does not mean, I want to                     tions were made, of course, over a year                 event happening Monday night, par-
                                        make it very clear, that does not mean                  ago, I think. I am not sure of the exact                ticularly for those who live in Ohio and
                                        that when we get through those items                    date, but over a year ago. Your side did                Florida.
                                        which essentially were the items fo-                    not implement that particular rec-                        In the spirit of comity, and I know if
                                        cused on during the course of the elec-                 ommendation.                                            Maryland were playing, I would want
                                        tion, that we will not hew to what we                      The gentleman is correct, we have                    to be accommodated and I want to ac-
                                        believe to be a positive step forward in                not implemented the recommendation                      commodate my friend, Mr. BOEHNER.
                                        including both sides in deliberations, in               as recommended. What Speaker PELOSI                     So we have done that; but it has put us
                                        conference reports, in committees and                   has done, she has discussed with Lead-                  in a position where we thought we
                                        on the floor.                                           er BOEHNER what I would refer to as a                   would have come back Monday. That is
                                          Mr. BLUNT. As you know, most of                       hybrid of that, not perfect from I think                not the case. We will have votes as late
                                        our Members voted against the rule                      the Commission standpoint, but meet-                    as possible, but we cannot guarantee.
                                        which brings these issues to the floor                  ing in spirit what the Commission                       That leaves us a shorter period of time
                                        without the chance to offer an alter-                   wanted to do. What the Commission                       to do the work we have scheduled. So I
                                        native. We believe there is a desire to                 wanted to do was empower the Intel-                     cannot guarantee, but we are going to
                                        create more opportunities for alter-                    ligence Committee with a participation                  try to keep it for your Members’ sake,
                                        natives, but the sooner that can hap-                   in the appropriations process, which                    for our Members’ sake, and we under-
                                        pen, I think the more effectively we                    the Commission perceived would give                     stand the west coast travel issue, as
                                        will show to the American people that                   them a greater relevance and greater                    late as we can in the day, but cannot
                                        we are finding ways to work together.                   influence.                                              guarantee later than 3:30 or 4 o’clock.
                                          We had a pledge also of at least 24                      We agree with that; so as you know,
                                                                                                                                                                          b 1345
                                        hours of notice on the specifics of legis-              we have suggested and are imple-
                                        lation. It doesn’t seem to me that is                   menting a hybrid where the members                        Mr. BLUNT. Well, I would suggest to
                                        quite as onerous a pledge to meet in                    of the Intelligence Committee and                       my good friend, having tried to put
                                        the context of what my friend just said                 members of the Defense Appropriations                   these schedules together for a while,
                                        as going through a subcommittee,                        Committee will meet and work to-                        that particularly for our west coast
                                        going through a committee. We didn’t                    gether to accomplish that objective.                    Members, if they get here on Monday
                                        feel like we had that 24-hour access to                 We hope that will move towards effect-                  to be here for a 3:30 vote on Tuesday
                                        information this week. We would hope                    ing what the Commission wanted to                       and then find that that Tuesday vote
                                        next week to have the specifics of the                  achieve, while, at the same time, main-                 doesn’t occur until 5:30 or 6 o’clock,
                                        legislation as early as possible. If in                 taining the jurisdictional issues which,                there is always real anxiety about the
                                        fact this is legislation that doesn’t                   as you know, in this body can become                    day that costs their families, and I
                                        need to go through the committees be-                   very, very acutely debated.                             know my good friend is going to try his
                                        cause it has been so widely discussed                      Mr. BLUNT. I thank my friend for                     very best to give us the best schedule.
                                        and vetted, it would not seem to be un-                 the response.                                           My only suggestion would be if you do
                                        reasonable for everybody in the body,                      You may very well have said and I                    see that it might slip into that later
                                        every Member to have a chance to see                    may not have heard, in terms of us see-                 time that that will be helpful to Mem-
                                        it even as early as Monday.                             ing the bills for next week, would you                  bers who, frankly, are having to decide
                                          Mr. HOYER. I think the gentleman is                   expect that to happen by what time                      when to leave their districts and to
                                        correct and I am glad the gentleman                     today?                                                  come a day early just to be here for
                                        said ‘‘as early as Monday.’’ It is my un-                  Mr. HOYER. They are being intro-                     that 3:30 vote as opposed to a 5:30 vote
                                        derstanding those bills will be avail-                  duced today and very frankly, Mr.                       or 5 o’clock vote that might have al-
                                        able to you this afternoon, and prop-                   Whip, I can’t give you a time because I                 lowed them to leave that day.
                                        erly so. We want you to have the op-                    don’t know. If I knew, I would give it                    And with that, does my friend have
                                        portunity and the American public to                    to you.                                                 any response to that?
                                        have an opportunity to read and see                        Mr. BLUNT. Do you expect them to                       Mr. HOYER. The good news is I know
                                        those bills.                                            be introduced all at once, or will some                 that I will get great empathy from you
                                          It is my understanding that all of                    be available earlier than others?                       and Mr. BOEHNER on this challenge.
                                        those bills will be introduced by the                      Mr. HOYER. I am told H.R. 3 was just                 The second response would be I want
                                        close of business today so they will be                 introduced, is already in the hopper,                   you to know, and you know this from
                                        available to be read over the weekend                   and obviously others will come. It is                   our personal relationship, we will work
                                        and before Monday, and certainly be-                    my belief, it has been represented to                   very closely with you and Mr. BOEHNER
                                        fore we come back on Tuesday.                           me that all of the bills that will be con-              to try to accommodate our Members. If
                                          Mr. BLUNT. I thank my friend for                      sidered next week will be introduced as                 we are going to be a civil body, if we
                                        the response. Seeing the legislation is                 of close of business today so that you                  are going to have civility, that means
                                        obviously helpful. We are really regret-                will have the balance of today, Satur-                  that we are going to have an under-
                                        ful we don’t have a chance to offer an                  day, Sunday, Monday, and most of                        standing of the challenges facing each
                                        alternative in the real-time. We will                   Tuesday to review those bills.                          and every one of our Members irrespec-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        look at the legislation. We will see if                    Mr. BLUNT. Certainly seeing the leg-                 tive of party and we intend to do that.
                                        we can find a suggestion that will help                 islation is a step in the right direction.              I personally intend to do that, and we
                                        meet the goals that we agree with in a                  We believe another step in the right di-                will work towards that. Obviously,
                                        more effective way. That 24-hour no-                    rection will be to be able to offer the                 there are times when Members are in-
                                        tice from now on we would hope would                    amendments and go through the proc-                     convenienced because we have 435, and

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00029   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.051   H05JAPT1
                                        H88                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                        it is just tough to accommodate                         give it to those folks in Afghanistan                   ones who memorialized and honored
                                        everybody’s interests; but to the extent                and Iraq.                                               Staff Sergeant Reynolds. The Patriot
                                        we can do so, it is our absolute intent                    U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Edward                      Guard Riders and the Southeast Texas
                                        to do so. And I thank the gentleman.                    Charles Reynolds, Jr. was one of these                  Veterans Service thanked him for his
                                          Mr. BLUNT. I thank the gentleman                      soldiers. He was an 8-year Army vet-                    valor. More than 200 Patriot Guard
                                        for his response. I would say that there                eran. Staff Sergeant Reynolds had been                  Riders, with flags of tribute raised,
                                        clearly will be days in this Congress                   stationed among the terrorist Iraqi in-                 stood in honor of Staff Sergeant Rey-
                                        when we just simply don’t agree with                    surgents, fighting against them to en-                  nolds, the son of Texas, an American
                                        the goal that we are trying to achieve                  sure a free nation of Iraq.                             soldier, as he reached his eternal rest-
                                        on the two sides of the aisle, but I                       He is a native of Port Arthur, Texas,                ing place.
                                        think we can find many more days                        and he was a 1997 graduate of Thomas                      Mr. Speaker, I have a photograph of
                                        when we do agree. We are optimistic                     Jefferson High School, where he was a                   Sergeant Reynolds, the way that he
                                        about the concept of partnership as op-                 star tight-end and middle linebacker                    was when he was protecting freedom
                                        posed to partisanship and look forward                  on the football team. As a Texan, Staff                 across the desert sands of Iraq. Amer-
                                        to having the bills today for next week                 Sergeant Reynolds spent fall football                   ican citizens are born into the privilege
                                        and an extended debate in the future                    seasons cheering for one of the greatest                of freedom, and we must remember
                                        beyond the debate that we feel we will                  teams in college football, the Univer-                  that the sacrifice given by Staff Ser-
                                        be allowed to have next week.                           sity of Texas Longhorns. Those who                      geant Reynolds and all American war-
                                                                                                knew him knew a man who took care                       riors is responsible for the continu-
                                                                                                of others, whether it be his family, his                ation of this great Nation.
                                            ADJOURNMENT TO MONDAY,                              friends, or his country. Staff Sergeant                   Staff Sergeant Reynolds chose to
                                                   JANUARY 8, 2007                              Reynolds was their protector.                           protect the freedom that he was born
                                          Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I ask                            Family was the most important                        into from the violent militants robbing
                                        unanimous consent that when the                         thing to Staff Sergeant Reynolds. He                    nations of life and liberty. So God bless
                                        House adjourns today, it adjourn to                     was a devoted father to his children,                   Staff Sergeant Reynolds and his fam-
                                        meet at 2 p.m. on Monday, January 8,                    two daughters and a son. He was dedi-                   ily.
                                        2007.                                                   cated to his fiancee. He was the guard-                   In the words of George Orwell: ‘‘We
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. AN-                      ian of his older sister. Friends knew                   sleep safely in our beds because rough
                                        DREWS). Is there objection to the re-                   him as the man that kept them out of                    men stand ready in the night to visit
                                        quest of the gentleman from Maryland?                   trouble, pushing them to succeed in                     violence on those who would do us
                                          There was no objection.                               life. And his country knew him as a de-                 harm.’’
                                                                                                fender of our freedoms.                                   And that’s just the way it is.
                                                         f                                         In December 2005, Staff Sergeant
                                        DISPENSING       WITH     CALENDAR                      Reynolds was deployed to Iraq, worlds
                                                                                                away, but he remained a constant pres-                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a
                                          WEDNESDAY         BUSINESS      ON
                                                                                                ence in the life of his family and all of               previous order of the House, the gen-
                                          WEDNESDAY NEXT
                                                                                                his friends. He sent out cards and let-                 tleman from Oregon (Mr. DEFAZIO) is
                                          Mr. HOYER. Mr. Speaker, I ask                                                                                 recognized for 5 minutes.
                                                                                                ters, constantly reminding his fiancee
                                        unanimous consent that the business                                                                               (Mr. DEFAZIO addressed the House.
                                                                                                of their New Year’s Eve wedding date.
                                        in order under the Calendar Wednesday                                                                           His remarks will appear hereafter in
                                                                                                During the next 10 months, assigned to
                                        rule be dispensed with on Wednesday                                                                             the Extensions of Remarks.)
                                                                                                the U.S. Army 1st Battalion, 67th
                                        next.                                                                                                                            f
                                                                                                Armor Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 4th In-
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there
                                                                                                fantry Division, Staff Sergeant Rey-
                                        objection to the request of the gen-                                                                            CONGRATULATIONS TO THE RUT-
                                                                                                nolds dodged bullets, IEDs, and Iraqi
                                        tleman from Maryland?                                                                                             GERS SCARLET KNIGHTS FOOT-
                                                                                                outlaws     throughout    the   Baghdad
                                          There was no objection.                                                                                         BALL TEAM
                                                         f                                         But on September 26, less than 2                       The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a
                                                                                                months from coming home to Texas,                       previous order of the House, the gen-
                                                  SPECIAL ORDERS
                                                                                                Staff Sergeant Reynolds and a fellow                    tleman from New Jersey (Mr. PALLONE)
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      soldier were crossing a Baghdad bridge                  is recognized for 5 minutes.
                                        previous order of the House, the fol-                   in a military convoy when that bridge                     Mr. PALLONE. Mr. Speaker, I am
                                        lowing Members will be recognized for                   collapsed, plunging their vehicle under-                very happy to say that my colleague
                                        5 minutes each.                                         water, trapping both soldiers inside. 27-               from New Jersey, Mr. ANDREWS, is the
                                                         f                                      year-old Staff Sergeant Reynolds and                    Speaker this afternoon.
                                                                                                his colleague were killed in action, be-                  Mr. Speaker, I come to the floor this
                                           STAFF SERGEANT EDWARD C.                                                                                     afternoon to congratulate the Rutgers
                                                                                                coming victims in the struggle for
                                                    REYNOLDS, JR.                                                                                       Scarlet Knights on their recent victory
                                                                                                Iraqi freedom.
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                         A decorated soldier, Staff Sergeant                  over Kansas State in the Texas Bowl.
                                        previous order of the House, the gen-                   Reynolds was the recipient of the Com-                  Last Thursday the Scarlet Knights
                                        tleman from Texas (Mr. POE) is recog-                   bat Infantry Badge, the Kosovo Cam-                     cruised to a 37–10 victory over the Kan-
                                        nized for 5 minutes.                                    paign Medal. He was also awarded the                    sas State Wildcats, capping their mem-
                                          Mr. POE. Mr. Speaker, ‘‘To be born                    Iraqi Combat Campaign Medal, the                        orable season with the first bowl win in
                                        free is an accident, to live free is a                  Global War on Terrorism Expedi-                         school history.
                                        privilege, and to die free is a responsi-               tionary Medal, the Global War on Ter-                     Running back Ray Rice led the win-
                                        bility.’’ Powerful words spoken by                      rorism Service Medal, and the Bronze                    ning effort with 170 yards rushing and a
                                        Brigadier General James Sehorn that                     Star. He was a lifelong member of the                   touchdown. Wide receiver Tim Brown
                                        are embedded into the minds of our                      Borden Chapel Missionary Baptist                        scored two touchdowns, which, com-
                                        valiant soldiers protecting nations                     Church. And like his mother and fa-                     bined with Rutgers’ stifling defense,
                                        from a cowardly enemy that burrows                      ther, Staff Sergeant Reynolds had a de-                 was more than enough to put away
                                        beneath the Iraqi desert sands, those                   vout faith in his Almighty God, believ-                 Kansas State. The defense held Kansas
                                        individuals that seek to annihilate our                 ing that everything he was given was a                  State under 200 total yards and did not
                                        freedoms that all people should have.                   gift by Him.                                            allow an offensive touchdown.
                                          The American soldier believes in                         On October 7, the Borden Chapel Mis-                   Coach Greg Schiano led his team to
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        freedom more than any other indi-                       sionary Baptist Church in Beaumont,                     an 11-win season this year for only the
                                        vidual on Earth because they witness                    Texas, and the Reverend Airon Rey-                      second time in Rutgers’ history. In his
                                        the inhumanity of tyranny. They see it                  nolds, Jr., gave this brave soldier a                   five short years since becoming head
                                        in the fierce trenches of battle. Our sol-              hero’s memorial and homecoming.                         coach at Rutgers, Coach Schiano has
                                        diers secure life and liberty, and they                 Family and friends were not the only                    turned the program around from a 2–9

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00030   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.053   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H89
                                        record in the basement of the Big East                  unabashedly have written about how                      never would have convinced taxpayers
                                        to an elite football program near the                   chaos presents opportunities for pro-                   to support this war directly by in-
                                        top of the BCS standings. And Coach                     moting their goals. Certainly Osama                     creased taxation. How long this finan-
                                        Schiano has received national recogni-                  bin Laden has benefited from the tur-                   cial charade can go on is difficult to
                                        tion as the coach of the year, as well as               moil in Iraq, as have Iranian Shiites                   judge, but when the end comes, it will
                                        Big East honors as coach of the year.                   who are now in a better position to                     not go unnoticed by any American.
                                          Mr. Speaker, also deserving of rec-                   take control of southern Iraq.                                           f
                                        ognition are university president Rich-                   Yes, Saddam Hussein is dead, and
                                        ard McCormick and Rutgers athletic                      only Sunnis mourn. The Shiites and                                       b 1400
                                        director Bob Mulcahy. During their                      Kurds celebrate his death, as do the                        THE MANDATE TO BRING THE
                                        tenure, Rutgers athletics, particularly                 Iranians and especially bin Laden, all                               TROOPS HOME
                                        the football program, has reached a                     enemies of Saddam Hussein. We have
                                        high standard athletically and aca-                     performed a tremendous service for                        The SPEAKER pro tempore (Mr. AN-
                                                                                                both bin Laden and Ahmadinejad, and                     DREWS). Under a previous order of the
                                        demically. The American Football
                                        Coaches Association has recognized                      it will cost us plenty. The violent reac-               House, the gentlewoman from Cali-
                                        Rutgers football for a high level of aca-               tion to our complicity in the execution                 fornia (Ms. WOOLSEY) is recognized for
                                        demic achievement among student ath-                    of Saddam Hussein is yet to come.                       5 minutes.
                                        letes. Additionally, Rutgers student                      Three thousand American military                        Ms. WOOLSEY. Mr. Speaker, yester-
                                        athletes have played a large role in the                personnel are dead. More than 22,000                    day all of my colleagues and I took the
                                        community by becoming involved with                     are wounded, and tens of thousands                      oath of office as a Member of this great
                                        toy drives, hospital visits, and blood                  will be psychologically traumatized by                  House of Representatives, swearing to
                                        drives.                                                 their tours of duty in Iraq. Little con-                support and to defend the Constitution
                                          Mr. Speaker, the hard work, dedica-                   cern is given to the hundreds of thou-                  of the United States of America. I take
                                        tion, and teamwork exhibited by the                     sands of Iraqi civilians killed in this                 this responsibility very seriously.
                                        Rutgers football program embodies the                   war. We have spent $400 billion so far                    I take my responsibility to my con-
                                        highest traditions of scholar athletes                  with no end in sight. This money we do                  stituents very seriously, and some-
                                        and serves as an inspiration to all New                 not have. It is all borrowed from coun-                 times that means standing up to the
                                        Jerseyans.                                              tries like China that increasingly suc-                 executive branch when I believe it is in
                                          And once again I would like to con-                   ceed in the global economy while we                     error, when it has gone too far or is
                                        gratulate the entire Rutgers athletic                   drain wealth from our citizens through                  openly ignoring the wishes of the peo-
                                        program and the university as a whole                   heavy taxation and insidious inflation.                 ple of America. This is what our found-
                                        for this remarkable achievement. I                      Our manufacturing base is now nearly                    ing fathers expected of the Congress,
                                        look forward to cheering them to even                   extinct. Where the additional U.S.                      and, quite frankly, this is what the
                                        greater success in the future ‘‘in that                 troops in Iraq will come from is any-                   American people expect from the Con-
                                        noisy college town on the banks of the                  body’s guess, but surely they won’t be                  gress.
                                        old Raritan.’’                                          redeployed from Japan, Korea, or Eu-                      Today I stand here and give my 174th
                                                                                                rope.                                                   5-minute special order speech calling
                                                         f                                        We at least must pretend that our                     for an end to this misguided occupation
                                                  THE WAR IN IRAQ                               bankrupt empire is intact, but then                     in Iraq and calling on the President
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      again, the Soviet empire appeared in-                   and all of my colleagues to support our
                                        previous order of the House, the gen-                   tact in 1988. Some Members of Congress                  troops by bringing them home. Al-
                                        tleman from Texas (Mr. PAUL) is recog-                  intent on equitably distributing the                    ready, over 3,000 American troops have
                                        nized for 5 minutes.                                    suffering among all Americans want to                   been killed in Iraq, at least 44,000 have
                                          Mr. PAUL. Mr. Speaker, Saddam                         bring back the draft. Administration                    been wounded. Reports indicate that
                                        Hussein is dead. So are 3,000 Ameri-                    officials vehemently deny making any                    anywhere from 40,000 to 100,000 Iraqis,
                                        cans. The regime in Iraq has been                       concrete plans for a draft.                             it is probably more, have lost their
                                                                                                  But why should we believe this? Look                  lives.
                                        changed; yet victory will not be de-
                                                                                                what happened when so many believed                       How many more families must
                                        clared. Not only does the war go on; it
                                                                                                the reasons given for our preemptive                    grieve? How many more children must
                                        is about to escalate. Obviously, the
                                                                                                invasion of Iraq. Selective Service offi-               be orphaned? How many?
                                        turmoil in Iraq is worse than ever and
                                                                                                cials admit running a check of their
                                        most Americans no longer are willing                                                                              The voters sent a clear message on
                                                                                                list of available young men. If the draft
                                        to tolerate the costs, both human and                                                                           November 7 that Congress must stand
                                                                                                is reinstated, we probably will include
                                        economic, associated with this war.                                                                             up and say no more. The Iraq Study
                                                                                                young women as well to serve the God
                                          We have been in Iraq for 45 months.                                                                           Group also sent a message. I was clear
                                                                                                of equality. Conscription is slavery,
                                        Many more Americans have been killed                                                                            that the situation in Iraq is grave and
                                                                                                plain and simple, and it was made ille-
                                        in Iraq than were killed in the first 45                                                                        deteriorating. Even President Bush fi-
                                                                                                gal under the 13th amendment, which
                                        months in Vietnam. I was in the U.S.                                                                            nally admitted last month that we are,
                                                                                                prohibits involuntary servitude. One
                                        Air Force in 1965, and I remember well                                                                          and he said, we are not winning in Iraq,
                                                                                                may well be killed as a military draft-
                                        when President Johnson announced a                                                                              although he also said we are not losing.
                                                                                                ee, which makes conscription a very
                                        troop surge in Vietnam to hasten vic-                   dangerous kind of enslavement.                            Enough Washington double-speak. It
                                        tory. That war went on for another                        Instead of testing the efficacy of the                is time for action. How about a plan for
                                        decade. And by the time we finally fin-                 Selective Service System and sending                    the future of Iraq from President Bush?
                                        ished that war and got out, 60,000                      more troops off to a war that we are                    We have already spent nearly $400 bil-
                                        Americans had died. We obviously                        losing, we ought to revive our love of                  lion on this occupation, and yet he is
                                        should have gotten out 10 years sooner.                 liberty. We should repeal the Selective                 asking for $127 billion more. We al-
                                        Troop surge then meant serious esca-                    Service Act. A free society should                      ready have 130,000 troops on the
                                        lation.                                                 never depend on compulsory conscrip-                    ground, and now we hear that he wants
                                          The election is over and Americans                    tion to defend itself.                                  to send even more. He is calling it a
                                        have spoken: enough is enough. They                       We get into trouble by not following                  surge. Let us be honest here, sending in
                                        want the war ended and our troops                       the precepts of liberty or obeying the                  more troops to clean up the mess the
                                        brought home. But the opposite is like-                 rule of law. Preemptive, undeclared                     President has already made is an esca-
                                        ly to occur. With bipartisan support,                   wars fought under false pretenses are a                 lation. Enough is enough. No more
                                        up to 50,000 troops may well be sent.                   road to disaster. If a full declaration of              fuzzy math, no more sloganeering, no
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        The goal no longer is to win. Now it is                 war by Congress had been demanded as                    more troops dying, no more.
                                        simply to secure Baghdad. So much has                   the Constitution requires, this war                       Soon I will introduce a comprehen-
                                        been spent with so little to show for it.               never would have been fought.                           sive package to bring our troops home
                                          Who possibly benefits from esca-                        If we did not create credit out of thin               while supporting Iraqi sovereignty. I
                                        lating chaos in Iraq? Neoconservatives                  air, as the Constitution prohibits, we                  urge my colleagues, please work with

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00031   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.056   H05JAPT1
                                        H90                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                        me to bring this real and workable bill                 politicians running for office, and my                  tions, gas prices dropped an average of
                                        to the floor.                                           colleagues here, who I have served with                 $.60 per gallon compared to the record
                                          Mr. Speaker, the voters have de-                      for many years, know that I have fo-                    high prices of last summer. This $.60
                                        manded an end to President Bush’s oc-                   cused some of my extra time on Baltic                   drop in gas prices occurred despite the
                                        cupation of Iraq. They don’t want more                  issues, which is Estonia, Latvia and                    fact that there were pipeline disrup-
                                        talk, they want a real plan. They want                  Lithuania. Not because I have a strong                  tions in Alaska and indications that
                                        a plan that will bring our troops home.                 Baltic number of citizens in my dis-                    OPEC would cut oil production. De-
                                        This is our mandate, and this is the                    trict, and, in fact, it is very little, but             partment of Energy’s statistics show
                                        oath we swore to yesterday.                             Shimkus is ethnically Lithuanian.                       us that while gas prices dropped an av-
                                                         f                                        Tony, seeing that name said, and                      erage of $.60 a gallon in September and
                                                                                                being Republican, says, oh, I found a                   October, the crude oil price only
                                           HONORING ANATOLE MILUNAS
                                                                                                guy who will help me remember the                       dropped 10 cents a gallon.
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      persecution of the Baltic countries and                   If you listened to National Public
                                        previous order of the House, the gen-                   help bring freedom, NATO enlarge-                       Radio this week, you would have heard
                                        tleman from Illinois (Mr. SHIMKUS) is                   ment, EU ascension to the Baltic coun-                  that there is evidence that the oil com-
                                        recognized for 5 minutes.                               tries.                                                  panies intentionally influence gas price
                                          Mr. SHIMKUS. Mr. Speaker, it is                         He adopted me, in essence, and he en-                 fluctuations, and a $.60 drop was done
                                        great to be back in session and back in                                                                         just before the election to influence
                                                                                                couraged me to not only be involved
                                        Washington. I look forward to a very                                                                            the November elections.
                                                                                                here on the floor, but really be in-
                                        interesting new Congress.                                                                                         For years, the American Petroleum
                                          One of the great benefits of being a                  volved in what for me is four genera-
                                                                                                tions removed. He is one generation, I                  Institute, the oil companies’ main lob-
                                        Member is the opportunity to talk                                                                               bying group, has spent millions of dol-
                                        about our national treasure, which is                   am four generations.
                                                                                                  Tony gave me this photo back on Oc-                   lars on public relations campaigns to
                                        our citizens. We just lost one who be-                                                                          convince the American people that gas
                                        came a good friend of mine, doesn’t                     tober 18, 2002, to the Honorable John
                                                                                                Shimkus, we are proud to have you as                    prices are a direct result of crude oil
                                        live in my Congressional district, is                                                                           prices, not oil company practices. But
                                        from the state of Illinois, name of Tony                an honorary member while we continue
                                                                                                the Reagan legacy, Lithuanian Repub-                    yet we have a 60 percent drop in gas
                                        Milunas.                                                                                                        prices, but only a 10 percent drop in the
                                          Now, Tony, is the story of a lot of                   lican League of Illinois, Anatole
                                                                                                Milunas. This is a photo of President                   price of crude.
                                        post World War II era emigres who                                                                                 Ignoring their own PR, oil companies
                                        came from the former captive nations,                   Reagan when he is campaigning in Chi-
                                                                                                                                                        were able to significantly reduce the
                                        the former Eastern Bloc countries that                  cago. Now I am a down-stater, I am
                                                                                                                                                        gas prices in September and October
                                        immigrated here, became active citi-                    more by St. Louis and what we call
                                                                                                                                                        without a corresponding decrease in
                                        zens, not only supported this great                     southern Illinois. This was a picture
                                                                                                                                                        their crude oil price. Some consumer
                                        country, served in the military, but                    Tony was very, very proud of. This was
                                                                                                                                                        advocates, such as the Foundation for
                                        also was very involved in the 50 years                  at an ethnic festival, then candidate
                                                                                                                                                        Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, have
                                        of totalitarian ruling of the Eastern                   Reagan was there. Tony handed him
                                                                                                                                                        accused oil companies of purposefully
                                        Bloc countries and helped bring free-                   this bumper sticker that said, ‘‘I love
                                                                                                                                                        reducing gas prices in the months be-
                                        dom to those countries. With that I am                  Lithuanians,’’ and here is President
                                                                                                                                                        fore the election to help Republican
                                        going to give a little background on                    Reagan holding this up.                                 candidates.
                                        Tony and mention how he was very im-                      As we know, it was President Reagan                     Since November, gas prices have al-
                                        portant in my life.                                     that was in Berlin and said, Mr. Gorba-                 ready increased an average of 15 cents
                                          Anatole Milunas, ‘‘Tony,’’ as we                      chev, tear down this wall, which is all                 a gallon. This is not the first time the
                                        knew him, was born August 3, 1936 in                    part of the fall of the Soviet empire                   oil companies have been accused of at-
                                        the City of Sauliai, Lithuania. During                  and the freeing of millions of people in                tempting to manipulate markets for
                                        World War II, he left Lithuania to es-                  what we call the captive nations.                       their benefit.
                                        cape the second Soviet occupation and                     I was glad to play a small part in the                  Internal memos from several oil com-
                                        the subsequent 50 years of terror. While                movement to enlarge NATO and bring                      panies written in the 1990s have re-
                                        in exile in 1946, he finished high school               in the former captive nations that love                 vealed that the big oil companies have
                                        and began studying for a degree in                      democracy and freedom, willing to                       worked to limit refinery capacity here
                                        technology in Darmstadt, Germany.                       take and pay the sacrifice, transform                   in the United States, allowing these
                                          After he immigrated to the United                     their militaries and be true allies.                    companies to control the supply and
                                        States, he continued his schooling and                    One of the reasons why I was able to                  cost of gasoline.
                                        graduated with a bachelor’s degree                      do that is because of the mentorship,                     In May of 2006, the Federal Trade
                                        from the University of Illinois. During                 the friendship, the love, the compas-                   Commission released its report titled
                                        the Korean War, he served in the                        sion of this U.S. citizen who was born                  Investigation of Gasoline Price Manip-
                                        United States Army, stationed in Ger-                   in Sauliai, Lithuania, who came to this                 ulation and Post-Katrina Gasoline
                                        many as a translator and adviser to a                   country with nothing, lived the Amer-                   Price Increases. In this report, the Fed-
                                        staff officer.                                          ican dream, was a great citizen, but                    eral Trade Commission found that
                                          He actively participated in the presi-                had an appreciation for his homeland.                   after   Hurricane     Katrina    refiners,
                                        dential election of President Ronald                                      f                                     wholesalers and retailers charged sig-
                                        Reagan and President George Herbert                                                                             nificantly higher prices that did not re-
                                        Walker Bush, and has been a strong                                    GAS PRICES
                                                                                                                                                        sult from either increased costs or
                                        supporter of the Illinois Republican                      The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      market friends.
                                        Party. From 1979 to 1985, he was a                      previous order of the House, the gen-                     FTC Commissioner John Liebowitz,
                                        chairman of the Lithuanian American                     tleman from Michigan (Mr. STUPAK) is                    in a statement on the report, acknowl-
                                        Republican National Federation, and                     recognized for 5 minutes.                               edged that, and I quote, ‘‘that the be-
                                        from 1994 to 2006, Mr. Milunas was the                    Mr. STUPAK. Mr. Speaker, I rise                       havior of many market participants,
                                        chairman of the Lithuanian American                     today to commend the new Democratic                     on balance, leaves much to be desired.’’
                                        Republican League in Illinois.                          leadership that will finally allow the
                                          He died December 23, 2006. He left a                  U.S. House of Representatives to ad-                                    b 1415
                                        widow, Dana, and two sons, Vytenis                      dress high energy prices. Under prior                     Democrats have repeatedly urged the
                                        and Rimas, two good Lithuanian                          Republican leadership in the House,                     House Republican leadership to protect
                                        names, their families and many rel-                     the oil industry enjoyed years of record                America’s pocketbooks and not that of
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        atives here in Lithuania as well as                     profits, record high gas prices and                     Big Oil. Nonetheless, the Republican
                                        friends and so many associates. He                      minimal oversight and price manipula-                   leadership refused to take action last
                                        leaves behind a lasting legacy.                         tion.                                                   fall on high gas prices. The American
                                          Now, I met Tony way back in 1992                        Curiously, in September and October                   people have now chosen a new direction
                                        when he looked at the family name of                    of 2006, just before the November elec-                 with Democrats in charge.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00032   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.059   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                     CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H91
                                          During the first 100 legislative hours                 ket with extra fuel, and take less per gallon             The Mountaineers had tremendous
                                        of this, the 110th Congress, the House                   in profit than usual. And guess what: Depart-           support from their fellow classmates,
                                        of Representatives will consider legis-                  ment of Energy data suggest that’s exactly              alumni and residents of Boone, North
                                                                                                 what the oil companies did this fall. By the
                                        lation to end the tax breaks and special                 second week in October, gasoline prices fell
                                                                                                                                                         Carolina. Not only have they received
                                        subsidies for oil companies. For too                     70 cents from summer’s record highs. Refin-             this support on their home field, Kidd
                                        long, oil companies have benefited                       eries were running full throttle and Amer-              Brewer Stadium, the gridiron, but also
                                        from weak royalty laws, tax breaks                       ica’s gasoline inventories were up nearly 7             when the Mountaineers traveled for
                                        and subsidies, at the same time making                   percent from the three previous Octobers.               their games. At the playoff game, an
                                        record profits at the expense of the                     The rise in supply came despite BP’s major              enormous crowd of 22,808 included over
                                        American people.                                         pipeline disruption in Alaska. Ordinarily,              15,000 Appalachian State Black and
                                          Rather than helping oil companies’                     that’s an industry excuse to shrink supplies
                                                                                                                                                         Gold dressed fans at Finley Stadium in
                                                                                                 and raise prices. Now, the oil industry
                                        bottom lines, these funds that we will                   claimed pump prices fell because crude oil              Chattanooga, Tennessee. With great
                                        recapture will instead be used to pro-                   prices dropped. But gas prices dropped far              anticipation of another Mountaineer
                                        mote alternative energy sources to end                   more steeply than crude oil. Crude oil comes            victory, the attendance set a record for
                                        our Nation’s addiction to oil.                           in barrels. There are 42 gallons in a barrel            Finley Stadium at the University of
                                          Later this year I look forward to hav-                 and the price of each gallon was down 10                Tennessee where the game was played.
                                        ing an open and honest debate on my                      cents this October over last. But gas prices            While the game was played and won by
                                        legislation, which I plan to reintroduce                 fell 61 cents a gallon over the same time last          the Appalachian State football team,
                                        soon, to end gas price gouging.                          year.
                                                                                                   In other words, in the run-up to the elec-            the tremendous support of friends, fam-
                                          Last year over 120 Members cospon-                     tion, oil companies cut gasoline prices 500             ily, alumni and North Carolina resi-
                                        sored my legislation to create a Fed-                    percent more than their raw material cost               dents set an exciting tone and surely
                                        eral law against price gouging for gaso-                 fell. And it wasn’t because refining and dis-           assisted the team by showing their
                                        line, natural gas, and other fuel.                       tribution costs rose. They’re relatively sta-           dedicated support. Also notable was
                                          I look forward to continuing to work                   ble. Oil companies simply took less profit              that this was the 12th time in the 15
                                        towards greater oversight of the oil                     from their refineries for a short period of             games this season that the Mountain-
                                        and gas trading, especially off-market                   time. Could it have been to influence a polit-
                                                                                                                                                         eers played before a sold out crowd.
                                        trades known as ‘‘over the counter’’                     ical outcome? Well, right after election day,
                                                                                                                                                           I extend my deepest congratulations
                                                                                                 the price of gas suddenly rose after two
                                        trades.                                                  months of sharp decline. Post-election, refin-          to all the Mountaineers who played
                                          I will be re-introducing my legisla-                   eries have slowed down, inventories are                 with dedication, perseverance and,
                                        tion, the Prevent Unfair Manipulation                    shrinking, and gas prices are climbing. It’s            most of all, heart. I also applaud the
                                        of Prices Act, to improve oversight of                   back to business as usual, unless the new               tremendous coaching staff, including
                                        these trades and strengthen the pen-                     Congress starts to do business differently.             head coach Jerry Moore, who has been
                                        alties for traders who attempt to ille-                                    f                                     with Appalachian State University for
                                        gally manipulate markets.                                                                                        18 years, serving the athletic program
                                          The Federal Government has a re-                       RECOGNIZING             APPALACHIAN                     with enthusiasm and steadfast commit-
                                        sponsibility to protect consumers from                     STATE UNIVERSITY MOUNTAIN-                            ment. His service, along with the en-
                                        high gas prices. I look forward to being                   EERS AND WAKE FOREST DEMON                            tire coaching staff, has been invaluable
                                        able to address high energy prices, to                     DEACONS                                               in guiding the team to their great suc-
                                        provide our constituents with the pro-                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                      cesses.
                                        tection they need and so desperately                     previous order of the House, the gentle-                  Congratulations, again, Appalachian
                                        deserve.                                                 woman from North Carolina (Ms. FOXX)                    State Mountaineers for your tremen-
                                          Mr. Speaker, if I may, I would like to                 is recognized for 5 minutes.                            dous success in back to back NCAA ti-
                                        enter into the RECORD a one-page arti-                     Ms. FOXX. Mr. Speaker, I rise today                   tles. You are definitely a source of
                                        cle from National Public Radio about                     to recognize the extraordinary efforts                  pride for western North Carolina.
                                        how ‘‘in other words, in the run-up to                   of the Appalachian State Mountaineers                     It is also my pleasure to commend
                                        the election, oil companies cut gaso-                    football team, who recently defeated                    the Wake Forest Demon Deacon foot-
                                        line prices 500 percent more than their                  the Massachusetts Minutemen in a 28–                    ball team on an outstanding season.
                                        raw material costs fell. And it wasn’t                   17 victory. What makes this a magnifi-                  Prior to the start of the season, the
                                        because refining and distribution costs                  cent triumph is that this is the second                 Deacons were predicted to finish last in
                                        rose. They were relatively stable. Oil                   straight year the Mountaineers have                     their division of the Atlantic Coast
                                        companies simply took less profit from                   brought home the NCAA Division 1                        Conference. However, they were not
                                        their refineries for a short period of                   football championship subdivision, for-                 discouraged by these predictions and
                                        time.’’                                                  merly recognized as Division 1–AA. The                  actually seemed to revel in the role of
                                              GAS-PRICE CONSPIRACY? YOU BET!                     Mountaineers finished their season                      the underdog. Ultimately, Wake Forest
                                          Commentator and consumer advocate                      with a 14–1 record, losing only their                   shocked the Nation by finishing the
                                        Jamie Court says there IS evidence that oil              first game of the season and going                      regular season 11–2, which placed them
                                        companies intentionally influence gas-price              undefeated all the way through to the                   at the top of the Atlantic Division in
                                        fluctuations.                                            championship game after that.                           the ACC. They then defeated the Geor-
                                                        TEXT OF COMMENTARY                         I am honored to represent Appa-                       gia Tech Yellow Jackets in the Atlan-
                                          KAI RYSSDAL: The 110th Congress will be                lachian State University, as they have                  tic Coast Conference Champion game,
                                        sworn in on Thursday. Speaker-to-be Nancy                not only a stellar academic program                     making Wake Forest ACC champions
                                        Pelosi has promised a whirlwind first 100                but also have succeeded in athletics as                 for the first time since 1970.
                                        hours of the session. On the Democrats’ list             well. This shows the diversity and ac-                    Much of the team’s success this year
                                        of things to do is cut subsidies to the oil in-          complishments of Appalachian State as                   is due to its resilience, tenacity, and
                                        dustry. Perhaps as a result, the American                they exemplify a true student body                      impeccable coaching. Wake Forest
                                        Petroleum Institute—that’s big oil’s main
                                        lobbying group—is launching a public rela-
                                                                                                 where life lessons are learned through                  coach Jim Grobe was unanimously
                                        tions offensive. Complete with Congressional             extracurricular activities as well as                   named ACC Coach of the Year and beat
                                        oil patch tours, and contributions to friendly           rigorous academic study.                                out a strong group of national con-
                                        think tanks. It’s trying to convince people                I am pleased to recognize the mo-                     tenders to be named the 2006 NCAA Na-
                                        rising energy prices are simply the result of            mentous accomplishments of junior                       tional Coach of the Year. Coach Grobe
                                        higher demand and shrinking supply.                      Kevin Richardson who scored all four                    and the Deacons battled injuries to
                                          Commentator and consumer advocate                      touchdowns and had 179 rushing yards                    several key players, including their
                                        Jamie Court says that campaign is too slick              that led the Mountaineers to victory in                 starting quarterback and starting tail-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        by half.
                                                                                                 the championship game. Although Mas-                    back, but bounced back in the face of
                                          JAMIE COURT: Say you’re an oil execu-
                                        tive and you want to keep the Republicans in             sachusetts had started the game with                    adversity to set a school record for vic-
                                        control of Congress. What can you do prior               an early lead, the Mountaineers per-                    tories.
                                        to an election? Well, you can keep your re-              severed, worked as a team, and never                      After such an unbelievable season, no
                                        fineries running at full speed, flood the mar-           gave up.                                                one was surprised when the Deacons

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005    04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00033   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.062   H05JAPT1
                                        H92                                                                                                            CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                                                                                                                      January 5, 2007
                                        were chosen to play the 2007 Orange                                                                                          STATUS REPORT ON CURRENT                                                                                                      priations under section 401 of H. Con. Res.
                                        Bowl. The reigning ACC champs trav-                                                                                             SPENDING LEVELS OF ON-BUDG-                                                                                                376. This list is needed to enforce section 401
                                        eled down to Miami, with their fans in                                                                                          ET SPENDING AND REVENUES                                                                                                   of the budget resolution, which creates a point
                                        tow, to face the champions of the Big                                                                                           FOR FY 2007 AND THE 5-YEAR PE-                                                                                             of order against appropriation bills that contain
                                        East Conference, the Louisville Car-                                                                                            RIOD FY 2007 THROUGH FY 2011                                                                                               advance appropriations that are: (i) not identi-
                                        dinals. Wake Forest came into the                                                                                               The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                                                                                           fied in the statement of managers or (ii) would
                                        game well prepared and played like the                                                                                       previous order of the House, the gen-                                                                                         cause the aggregate amount of such appro-
                                        champions they are. While Louisville                                                                                         tleman from South Carolina (Mr.                                                                                               priations to exceed the level specified in the
                                        emerged victorious, Wake fans and                                                                                            SPRATT) is recognized for 5 minutes.                                                                                          resolution.
                                        players alike left Miami with their                                                                                             Mr. SPRATT. Mr. Speaker, I am transmitting                                                                                    The fifth table provides the current level of
                                        heads held high, proud of a season full                                                                                      a status report on the current levels of on-                                                                                  the nondefense reserve fund for emergencies
                                                                                                                                                                     budget spending and revenues for fiscal year                                                                                  established by section 501 of H. Con. Res.
                                        of accomplishments.
                                                                                                                                                                     2007 and for the five-year period of fiscal                                                                                   376. The table is required by section 505 of
                                          The Orange Bowl culminated a mag-                                                                                          years 2007 through 2011. This report is nec-                                                                                  the budget resolution, and is needed to deter-
                                        ical season for the Demon Deacons, one                                                                                       essary to facilitate the application of sections                                                                              mine whether an increase in the reserve fund,
                                        that Wake fans will never forget. Fin-                                                                                       302 and 311 of the Congressional Budget Act                                                                                   allocations and aggregates will be necessary
                                        ishing the regular season 11–2, serving                                                                                      and sections 401 and 501 of H. Con. Res.                                                                                      for any pending legislation that contains emer-
                                        Florida State its first-ever shutout at                                                                                      376, which is currently in effect as a concur-                                                                                gency-designated discretionary budget author-
                                        home under the leadership of Coach                                                                                           rent resolution on the budget in the House                                                                                    ity.
                                        Bobby Bowden, winning the ACC cham-                                                                                          under H. Res. 6. This status report is current
                                        pionship and appearing in the Orange                                                                                         through January 1, 2007. An additional report                                                                                   REPORT TO THE SPEAKER FROM THE COMMITTEE ON THE
                                        Bowl can be considered highlights. But                                                                                       will be filed to reflect any changes in com-                                                                                     BUDGET—STATUS OF THE FISCAL YEAR 2007 CON-
                                        by no means could these achievements                                                                                         mittee jurisdictions.                                                                                                            GRESSIONAL BUDGET ADOPTED IN HOUSE CONCUR-
                                                                                                                                                                        The term ‘‘current level’’ refers to the                                                                                      RENT RESOLUTION 376
                                        capture the spirit and the emotion of
                                                                                                                                                                     amounts of spending and revenues estimated                                                                                    Reflecting action completed as of January 1, 2007—[On-budget amounts, in
                                        this phenomenal season for the Wake
                                                                                                                                                                     for each fiscal year based on laws enacted or                                                                                                             millions of dollars]
                                        Forest Demon Deacons. The senti-                                                                                             awaiting the President’s signature.
                                        ments of this season can best be                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Fiscal year     Fiscal years
                                                                                                                                                                        The first table in the report compares the                                                                                                                                                          2007         2007–2011
                                        summed up in the 10 minutes following                                                                                        current levels of total budget authority, outlays,
                                        the Orange Bowl on January 2. Even                                                                                           and revenues with the aggregate levels set by                                                                                 Appropriate Level:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Budget authority ......................................              2,283,029              1
                                        though the Deacons lost, Wake fans re-                                                                                       H. Con. Res. 376. This comparison is needed                                                                                        Outlays .....................................................        2,325,998              1

                                        mained in the stands after the game,                                                                                         to enforce section 311(a) of the Budget Act,                                                                                       Revenues ..................................................          1,780,666    10,039,909
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Current Level:
                                        standing and cheering in support of the                                                                                      which creates a point of order against meas-                                                                                       Budget authority ......................................              2,266,002              1
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Outlays .....................................................        2,273,560              1
                                        team that brought them so much joy                                                                                           ures that would breach the budget resolution’s                                                                                     Revenues ..................................................          1,771,853    10,146,069
                                        this season as Wake players walked to                                                                                        aggregate levels. The table does not show                                                                                     Current Level over (+) / under (¥) Appro-
                                                                                                                                                                     budget authority and outlays for years after fis-                                                                               priate Level:
                                        their side of the stadium to thank the                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Budget authority ......................................              ¥17,027                1

                                        fans for their steadfast support.                                                                                            cal year 2007 because appropriations for                                                                                           Outlays .....................................................        ¥52,438                1

                                                                                                                                                                     those years have not yet been considered.                                                                                          Revenues ..................................................          ¥8,813          106,160
                                          This relationship underlines what it                                                                                          The second table compares the current lev-                                                                                    1 Not applicable because annual appropriations Acts for fiscal years 2008
                                        means to be a Deacon fan. Wins and                                                                                           els of budget authority and outlays for discre-                                                                               through 2011 will not be considered until future sessions of Congress.
                                        losses ultimately aren’t all that mat-                                                                                       tionary action by each authorizing committee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BUDGET AUTHORITY
                                        ter, but rather the sense of pride and                                                                                       with the ‘‘section 302(a)’’ allocations made
                                        family that comes along with being a                                                                                         under H. Con. Res. 376 for fiscal year 2007                                                                                     Enactment of measures providing new
                                        Deacon is what makes the Wake Forest                                                                                         and fiscal years 2007 through 2011. ‘‘Discre-                                                                                 budget authority for FY 2007 in excess of
                                        team and the fans such a special group.                                                                                      tionary action’’ refers to legislation enacted                                                                                $17,027,000,000 (if not already included in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   current level estimate) would cause FY 2007
                                         Mr. Speaker, I just want to say, Go                                                                                         after the adoption of the budget resolution.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   budget authority to exceed the appropriate
                                                                                                                                                                     This comparison is needed to enforce section
                                        Deacs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     level set by H. Con. Res. 376.
                                                                                                                                                                     302(f) of the Budget Act, which creates a point
                                          There may have been a few tears shed in                                                                                    of order against measures that would breach                                                                                                                               OUTLAYS
                                        Dolphins Stadium following this year’s Orange                                                                                the section 302(a) discretionary action alloca-                                                                                 Enactment of measures providing new out-
                                        Bowl, but they were not tears of sadness.                                                                                    tion of new budget authority for the committee                                                                                lays for FY 2007 in excess of $52,438,000,000 (if
                                        They were tears of pride and accomplishment,                                                                                 that reported the measure. It is also needed to                                                                               not already included in the current level es-
                                        and they were very hard earned.                                                                                              implement section 311(b), which exempts                                                                                       timate) would cause FY 2007 outlays to ex-
                                                                                                                                                                     committees that comply with their allocations                                                                                 ceed the appropriate level set by H. Con. Res.
                                          Congratulations to Wake Forest, and best of                                                                                                                                                                                                              376.
                                                                                                                                                                     from the point of order under section 311(a).
                                        luck next season. We know it will be every bit                                                                                  The third table compares the current levels                                                                                                                          REVENUES
                                        as exciting as this one. Go Deacs!                                                                                           of discretionary appropriations for fiscal year
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Enactment of measures that would reduce
                                                                                                                                                                     2007 with the ‘‘section 302(b)’’ suballocations
                                                                               f                                                                                                                                                                                                                   revenue for FY 2007 (if not already included
                                                                                                                                                                     of discretionary budget authority and outlays                                                                                 in the current estimate) would cause reve-
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                                                                                           among Appropriations subcommittees. The                                                                                       nues to fall further below the appropriate
                                        previous order of the House, the gen-                                                                                        comparison is also needed to enforce section                                                                                  level set by H. Con. Res. 376.
                                        tleman from California (Mr. SCHIFF) is                                                                                       302(f) of the Budget Act because the point of                                                                                    Enactment of measures resulting in rev-
                                        recognized for 5 minutes.                                                                                                    order under that section equally applies to                                                                                   enue reduction for the period of fiscal years
                                                                                                                                                                     measures that would breach the applicable                                                                                     2007 through 2011 in excess of $106,160,000,000
                                          (Mr. SCHIFF addressed the House.                                                                                           section 302(b) suballocation.                                                                                                 (if not already included in the current level
                                        His remarks will appear hereafter in                                                                                            The fourth table gives the current level for                                                                               estimate) would cause revenues to fall below
                                        the Extensions of Remarks.)                                                                                                  2008 of accounts identified for advance appro-                                                                                the appropriate levels set by H. Con. Res. 376.

                                                                                                         COMPLETED AS OF JANUARY 1, 2007
                                                                                                                                                                                                     [Fiscal years, in millions of dollars]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              2007                                       2007–2011 Total

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  BA                      Outlays                       BA               Outlays
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        House Committee
                                                   Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                        0                         0                        0                  0
                                                   Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                          0                         0                        0                  0
                                                   Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                        0                         0                        0                  0
                                             Armed Services:
                                                   Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                      45                         45                       45                 45

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005                       05:51 Jan 06, 2007                          Jkt 059060                  PO 00000                  Frm 00034                  Fmt 0636                Sfmt 0634                  E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.063                              H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                                                                                  CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                                                                                                                                 H93
                                                                                                   COMPLETED AS OF JANUARY 1, 2007—Continued
                                                                                                                                                                                                         [Fiscal years, in millions of dollars]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2007                         2007–2011 Total

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BA              Outlays              BA              Outlays

                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               ¥35                  150               34                 213
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................             ¥80                  105              ¥II                 168
                                                Education and Labor:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                   1                0              30
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                 16                 119              178          ¥1,733
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               16                 118              178          ¥1,763
                                                Energy and Commerce:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               0                   0                 0                    0
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               ¥63                  72                39                   49
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................             ¥63                  72                39                   49
                                                Financial Services:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                2                   2
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                  0                  0               ¥5                  ¥5
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0               ¥7                  ¥7
                                                Foreign Affairs:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               1                   1                5                  5
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                 0                  ¥5                0                ¥12
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................              ¥I                  ¥6               ¥5                ¥17
                                                Homeland Security:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                 0                   0
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                106                  7                 0                   0
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................              106                  7                 0                   0
                                                House Administration:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                 0                   0
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                  0                  0                 0                   0
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                 0                   0
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................              19                16                 116                113
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                 0                 0                   0                  0
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................             ¥19               ¥16                ¥1l6               ¥113
                                                Natural Resources:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                 6                   6
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                 26                 26               133                 133
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               26                 26               127                 127
                                                Oversight and Government Reform
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................              0                 0                  0                  0
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................           ¥6,384            ¥6,384            ¥21,500            ¥21,500
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................         ¥6,384            ¥6,384            ¥21,500            ¥21,500
                                                Science and Technology
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                 0                   0
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                  0                  0                 0                   0
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                 0                   0
                                                Small Business:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                 0                   0
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                  0                  0                 0                   0
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                0                  0                 0                   0
                                                Transportation and Infrastructure:
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................              13                13                 22                 22
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                 0               ¥3                 ¥4                 ¥19
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................             ¥13               ¥16                ¥26                ¥41
                                                Veterans’ Affairs
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               0                   0                 0                   0
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                ¥2                  ¥2                 1                   1
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................              ¥2                  ¥2                 1                   1
                                                Ways and Means
                                                      Allocation ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                 0                 0                  0                  0
                                                      Current level ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               4,622             4,538              6,338              6,282
                                                      Difference ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................             4,622             4,538              6,338              6,282

                                                                                                       SUBCOMMITTEE 302(b) SUBALLOCATIONS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    [In millions of dollars]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   302(b) Suballocations as of June                          Current Level Reflecting Action     Current Level minus Suballoca-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      6, 2006 (H. Rpt. 109–488)                             Completed as of January 1, 2007                   tions
                                                                                                                     Appropriations Subcommittee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            BA                            OT                     BA                OT                 BA                 OT

                                        Agriculture, Rural Development, FDA ..................................................................................................................................................                                 17,812                        19,497                17,803             19,402              ¥9              ¥95
                                        Defense ................................................................................................................................................................................................              377,357                       393,165               377,357            394,244                0             1,079
                                        Energy & Water Development .............................................................................................................................................................                               30,017                        31,411                28,926             30,751           ¥1,091             ¥660
                                        Foreign Operations ..............................................................................................................................................................................                      21,300                        23,441                19,609             23,144           ¥1,691             ¥297
                                        Homeland Security ..............................................................................................................................................................................                       32,080                        38,711                31,905             38,714            ¥175                  3
                                        Interior-Environment ............................................................................................................................................................................                      25,889                        26,902                25,471             26,566            ¥418              ¥336
                                        Labor, HHS & Education .....................................................................................................................................................................                          141,930                       145,631               150,573            147,619            8,643             1,988
                                        Legislative Branch ..............................................................................................................................................................................                       4,030                         4,013                 3,756              3,797            ¥274              ¥216
                                        Military Quality of Life-Veterans Affairs .............................................................................................................................................                                94,705                        88,728                86,260             84,457           ¥8,445            ¥4,271
                                        Science-State-Justice-Commerce ........................................................................................................................................................                                59,839                        62,143                 7,709             60,479           ¥2,130            ¥1,664
                                        Transportation-Treasury-HUD-Judiciary-DC .........................................................................................................................................                                     67,819                       130,069                67,124            128,714            ¥695             ¥1,355
                                        Unassigned ..........................................................................................................................................................................................                       0                             0                     0                  0                0                 0
                                                     Total (Section 302(a) Allocation) ..........................................................................................................................................                             872,778                       963,711               866,493            957,887           ¥6,285            ¥5,824

                                        Statement of FY2008 advance appropriations                                                                                                                                                                        Budget authority                            Current Level over (+)/under (¥)                               ¥23,565
                                          under section 401 of H. Con. Res. 376, reflect-                                                                                         School Improvement .............                                                                           0           Appropriate Level
                                          ing action completed as of January 1, 2007                                                                                              Children and Family Services
                                                     [Budget Authority in Millions of Dollars]                                                                                     (Head Start) ........................                                                                     0        Statement of nondefense reserve fund for emer-
                                                                                                                            Budget authority                                      Special Education ..................                                                                       0          gencies under section 501 of H. Con. Res. 376,
                                        Appropriate Level ........................                                                                 23,565                         Vocational and Adult Edu-                                                                                             discretionary budget authority for FY 2007,
                                        Current Level ..............................                                                                    0                          cation .................................                                                                             reflecting action completed as of January 1,
                                           Elk Hills ................................                                                                   0                         Transportation          (highways,                                                                                    2007
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                           Corporation for Public Broad-                                                                                                           transit, Farley Building) ....                                                                            0                 [Budget Authority in Millions of Dollars]
                                             casting ................................                                                                          0
                                                                                                                                                                                  Payment to Postal Service ....                                                                             0                                                             Budget authority
                                           Employment and Training
                                             Administration ...................                                                                                0                  Section 8 Renewals ................                                                                        0
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Appropriate Level ........................                          6,450
                                           Education for the Disadvan-
                                             taged ...................................                                                                         0                       Total ...................................                                                             0

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005                       04:14 Jan 06, 2007                            Jkt 059060                  PO 00000                   Frm 00035                   Fmt 0636                 Sfmt 0655               E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.032                             H05JAPT1
                                        H94                                                                                                             CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                                                                                                              January 5, 2007
                                                                                                                           Budget authority                            agreement on a concurrent budget resolution                                                                                      an act to authorize the Secretary of the In-
                                        Current Level ..............................                                                                          0        for 2007, pursuant to House Resolution 818, H.                                                                                 terior to revise certain repayment contracts
                                                                                                                                                                       Con. Res. 376 has the force and effect in the                                                                                  (Public Law 109–386);
                                        Current Level over (+)/under (¥)       ¥6,450                                                                                  House for all purposes of the Congressional                                                                                      the Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006
                                            Appropriate Level                                                                                                          Budget Act of 1974 as though adopted by the                                                                                    (Public Law 109–432);
                                                             U.S. CONGRESS,                                                                                            Congress.                                                                                                                        the Postal Accountability and Enhance-
                                                CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE,
                                                                                                                                                                         Pursuant to section 402 of H. Con. Res. 95,                                                                                  ment Act (Public Law 109–435);
                                                    Washington, DC, January 4, 2007.
                                                                                                                                                                       the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for                                                                                      the Blunt Reservoir and Pierre Canal Land
                                        Hon. JOHN M. SPRATT, Jr.,
                                                                                                                                                                       Fiscal Year 2006, and section 402 of H. Con.                                                                                   Conveyance Act of 2006 (Public Law 109–458);
                                        Chairman-Designate, Committee on the Budget,
                                                                                                                                                                       Res. 376, the Concurrent Resolution on the                                                                                       the Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and In-
                                        House of Representatives, Washington, DC.
                                          DEAR CONGRESSMAN: The enclosed report                                                                                        Budget for Fiscal Year 2007, provisions des-                                                                                   formation Technology Act of 2006 (Public
                                        shows the effects of Congressional action on                                                                                   ignated as emergency requirements are ex-                                                                                      Law 109–461); and
                                        the fiscal year 2007 budget and is current                                                                                     empt from enforcement of the budget resolu-                                                                                      the Social Security Trust Funds Restora-
                                        through January 1, 2007. This report is sub-                                                                                   tion. As a result, the enclosed current level                                                                                  tion Act of 2006 (Public Law 109–465).
                                        mitted under section 308(b) and in aid of sec-                                                                                 report excludes certain amounts that affect                                                                                      In addition, the Congress has cleared for
                                        tion 311 of the Congressional Budget Act, as                                                                                   2007 spending (see footnote 2 of the report).                                                                                  the President’s signature the Magnuson-Ste-
                                        amended.                                                                                                                         Since my last letter, dated November 15,                                                                                     vens Fishery Conservation and Management
                                          The estimates of budget authority, out-                                                                                      the Congress has cleared and the President                                                                                     Reauthorization Act of 2006 (H.R. 5946) and
                                        lays, and revenues are consistent with the                                                                                     has signed the following acts that affect                                                                                      the National Institutes of Health Reform Act
                                        technical and economic assumptions of H.                                                                                       budget authority, outlays, or revenues for                                                                                     of 2006 (H.R. 6164).
                                        Con. Res. 376, the Concurrent Resolution on                                                                                    fiscal year 2007:                                                                                                                    Sincerely,
                                        the Budget for Fiscal Year 2007, as approved                                                                                     an act making further continuing appro-                                                                                                           DONALD B. MARRON,
                                        by the House of Representatives. Although                                                                                      priations for the fiscal year 2007 (Public Law                                                                                                              Acting Director.
                                        the House and the Senate have not reached                                                                                      109–383);                                                                                                                        Enclosure.
                                                                                                                                                            FISCAL YEAR 2007 HOUSE CURRENT LEVEL REPORT AS OF JANUARY 1, 2007
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  [In millions of dollars]

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Budget authority     Outlays          Revenues

                                        Enacted in previous sessions: 1
                                             Revenues .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               n.a.             n.a.        1,819,599
                                             Permanents and other spending legislation ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................                               1,400,673        1,333,068               n.a.
                                             Appropriation legislation .............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                         0         409,185               n.a.
                                             Offsetting receipts ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................             ¥549,710         ¥549,710                n.a.

                                                    Total, enacted in previous sessions: .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................                         850,963        1,192,543        1,819,599

                                        Enacted this session:
                                        Authorizing Legislation:.
                                             An act to make available funds included in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program for fiscal year 2006 (P.L. 109–204)                                                                                                                       ¥1,000            ¥520                 0
                                             Native American Technical Corrections Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–221) ........................................................................................................................................................................                                                    11               11               11
                                             Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act of 2005 (P.L. 109–222) ................................................................................................................................................................                                                        0                0          ¥32,674
                                             Heroes Earned Retirement Opportunities Act (P.L. 109–227) ...................................................................................................................................................................................                                                 0                0              ¥4
                                             Veterans’ Housing Opportunity and Benefits Improvement Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–233) .........................................................................................................................................                                                                 ¥3               ¥3                 0
                                             Broadcast Decency Enforcement Act of 2005 (P.L. 109–235) ..................................................................................................................................................................................                                                   0                0                1
                                             Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–236) ......................................................................................................................................................                                                                 1                0                5
                                             Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–241) ..................................................................................................................................................................                                                         0             ¥3                  0
                                             Returned Americans Protection Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–250) ....................................................................................................................................................................................                                                 0                1                0
                                             An act approving the renewal of import restrictions contained in the Burmese Freedom Democracy Act of 2003 (P.L. 109–251) ......................................................................                                                                                              0                0              ¥1
                                             An act to provide funding authority to facilitate the evacuation of persons from Lebonon (P.L. 109–268) ..........................................................................................................                                                                            0              ¥5                 0
                                             Pension Protection Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–280) ........................................................................................................................................................................................................                                       15              119              363
                                             United States-Oman Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act (P.L. 109–283) ....................................................................................................................................................                                                                1                1            ¥15
                                             Pueblo de San Ildefonso Claims Settlement Act of 2005 (P.L. 109–286) ................................................................................................................................................................                                                         7                7                0
                                             Child and Family Services Improvement Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–288) ......................................................................................................................................................................                                                       0            ¥10                  0
                                             National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Maintenance Fund Act of 2005 (P.L. 109–314) ...............................................................................................................................                                                                        1                1                0
                                             National Heritage Areas Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–338) ...............................................................................................................................................................................................                                            3                3                0
                                             Security and Accountability for Every Port Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–347) ...................................................................................................................................................................                                                   106                7                0
                                             John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007 (P.L. 109–364) ...........................................................................................................................................                                                            ¥35                150                0
                                             Fort McDowell Indian Community Water Rights Settlement Revision Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–373) .........................................................................................................................                                                                          4                4                0
                                             An act to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to revise certain repayment contracts (P.L. 109–386) ...............................................................................................................                                                                        1                1                0
                                             Tax Relief and Health Care Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–432) ..........................................................................................................................................................................................                                          3,323            3,248          ¥15,600
                                             Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (P.L. 109–435) ....................................................................................................................................................................................                                            ¥6,384           ¥6,384                0
                                             Blunt Reservoir and Pierre Canal Land Conveyance Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–458) ...................................................................................................................................................                                                             ¥1               ¥1                 0
                                             Veterans Benefits, Health Care, and Information Technology Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–461) .....................................................................................................................................                                                                   1                1                0
                                             Social Security Trust Funds Restoration Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–465) ......................................................................................................................................................................                                                 1,298            1,298                0
                                        Appropriations Acts:.
                                             Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Hurricane Recovery, 2006 (P.L. 109–234) 2 ...............................................................                                                                                                  0           ¥14                   168
                                             Defense Appropriations Act, 2007 (P.L. 109–289) 2 ..................................................................................................................................................................................................                                      377,571         252,047                   0
                                             Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007 (P.L. 109–295) 2 .................................................................................................................................................................................                                              32,968          20,406                   0

                                                    Total, enacted this session: ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                   407,888         270,365         ¥47,746

                                        Passed, pending signature:.
                                             Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Reauthorization Act of 2006 (H.R. 5946) ...................................................................................................................                                                                              2                   2                 0
                                             National Institutes of Health Reform Act of 2006 (H.R. 6164) ................................................................................................................................................................................                                               ¥65                  70                 0

                                                    Total, passed, pending signature: .........................................................................................................................................................................................................................                          ¥63                  72                 0

                                        Continuing Resolution Authority:.
                                              Continuing Resolution, 2007 (P.L. 109–383) .............................................................................................................................................................................................................                                 436,112         262,309                   0
                                        Entitlements and mandatories:.
                                              Budget resolution estimates of appropriated entitlements and other mandatory programs not yet enacted .........................................................................................................                                                                          571,102          548,271              n.a.
                                        Total Current Level 2,3 ........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................             2,266,002        2,273,560        1,771,853
                                        Total Budget Resolution ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................               2,283,029        2,325,998        1,780,666
                                              Current Level Over Budget Resolution .......................................................................................................................................................................................................................                                 n.a.             n.a.             n.a.
                                              Current Level Under Budget Resolution .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................                               17,027           52,438            8,813
                                              Revenues, 2007–2011:
                                                   House Current Level ...........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                         n.a.              n.a.     10,146,069
                                                   House Budget Resolution ...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................                             n.a.              n.a.     10,039,909
                                                   Current Level Over Budget Resolution ..............................................................................................................................................................................................................                                     n.a.              n.a.        106,160
                                                   Current Level Under Budget Resolution ............................................................................................................................................................................................................                                      n.a.              n.a.            n.a.
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                           Notes.—n.a. = not applicable; P.L. = Public Law.
                                           1 The effects of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (P.L. 109–171) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Reform Conforming Amendments Act of 2005 (P.L. 109–173) are included in this section of the table, consistent with the budget reso-
                                        lution assumptions. In addition, the scoring for the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 includes savings from corrections to two provisions (in sections 8006 and 10002) not yet enacted, consistent with the budget resolution assumptions.
                                           2 Pursuant to section 402 of H. Con. Res. 95, thee Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2006, and section 402 of H. Con. Res. 376, the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2007, as approved by the
                                        House of Representatives, provisions designated as emergency requirements are exempt from enforcement of the budget resolution. The amounts so designated are as follows:

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005                       05:37 Jan 06, 2007                           Jkt 059060                  PO 00000                  Frm 00036                   Fmt 0636                 Sfmt 0634                 E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.034                                 H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                                                                         CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                                                                                                                 H95

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Budget         Outlays       Revenues

                                        Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Hurricane Rocovery, 2006 (P.L. 109–234) ...........................................................................                                                                        48        39,863              0
                                        Defense Appropriations Act, 2007 (P.L. 109–289) .............................................................................................................................................................................................................               70,000        40,473              0
                                        Homeland Security Appropriations Act, 2007 (P.L. 109–295) ............................................................................................................................................................................................                       1,829           943              0
                                               Total, enacted emergency requirements: ....................................................................................................................................................................................................................          71,877        81,279              0
                                          These amounts are generally excluded from the curent level. However, section 402 of the 2007 budget resolution specifies that upon enactment of funding for the global war on terrorism, amounts included in the budget resolution for
                                        such purpose shall be considered current law when preparing the current level. Therefore, the current level includes $50,000 million in budget authority and $33,500 million in outlays assumed in the budget resolution.
                                          3 Excludes administrative expenses of the Social Security Administration, which are off-budget.

                                          Source: Congressional Budget Office.

                                                 OUR MISSION IN IRAQ                                                                                          Channel, I noticed that the anthropolo-                                                                                         DEFINING EARMARKS
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a                                                                                    gist who was doing the particular work                                                                                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under a
                                        previous order of the House, the gen-                                                                                 noted that the mother, in some cases,                                                                                   previous order of the House, the gentle-
                                        tleman from California (Mr. HUNTER) is                                                                                who was executed would often have a                                                                                     woman from Texas (Ms. JACKSON-LEE)
                                        recognized for 5 minutes.                                                                                             .45 bullet hole in the back of her head,                                                                                is recognized for 5 minutes.
                                          Mr. HUNTER. Mr. Speaker, I came to                                                                                  and her small baby that she was hold-                                                                                     Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas. Mr.
                                        the floor to talk a little bit about na-                                                                              ing would also have a bullet hole in the                                                                                Speaker, again, thank you for the lead-
                                        tional security and where the Nation’s                                                                                back of his or her head. So the mon-                                                                                    ership given today and yesterday by
                                        defense apparatus stands as of now. But                                                                               strosity that was Saddam Hussein, the                                                                                   Speaker PELOSI and the House leader-
                                        I thought I also might comment on the                                                                                 mass execution, the killing of people                                                                                   ship for putting us on the right course.
                                        comments that were made by two of                                                                                     with chemical weapons, is what the                                                                                      And it is interesting to listen to my
                                        my wonderful colleagues, Ms. WOOLSEY                                                                                  American troops displaced when we                                                                                       good friends, and they are good friends,
                                        of California and Mr. PAUL of Texas,                                                                                  moved into Iraq.                                                                                                        who are on the other side of the aisle
                                        who preceded me and commented about                                                                                                                                                                                                           and to listen to the conversation on
                                        their position to the effect that we                                                                                    Now, it is tough to stand up a free                                                                                   the Nation’s headline stations about
                                        should bring our troops home imme-                                                                                    nation and stand up a military that is                                                                                  the commitment Democrats have made
                                        diately from Iraq. And implicit in their                                                                              able to protect it, but that is the chal-                                                                               to come to work. And we are delighted
                                        comments was the message that some-                                                                                   lenge that we are meeting right now.                                                                                    that in the last couple of votes we saw
                                        how Saddam Hussein’s continued rule                                                                                   And we are following the same basic                                                                                     almost unanimous votes as relates to
                                        of Iraq would have been preferable to                                                                                 pattern that we have followed for 60                                                                                    our open government.
                                        the American intervention.                                                                                            years. Whether you are talking about                                                                                      But let me, as a Member who comes
                                          I disagree with that theme, and let                                                                                 Japan or the Philippines or El Salvador                                                                                 from a district that depends a lot on
                                        me tell you why. In listening to Ms.                                                                                  in our own hemisphere, first you stand                                                                                  the interests and concern of this Con-
                                        WOOLSEY talk about the wounded, the                                                                                   up a free government. Secondly, you                                                                                     gress about issues of empowerment of
                                        KIA, the suffering in that part of the                                                                                stand up a military that is capable of                                                                                  nonprofits and charitable organizations
                                        world, and the burden that has been                                                                                   protecting that free government, and                                                                                    who struggle every day to mentor chil-
                                        borne by American soldiers, I think it                                                                                third, the Americans, not coveting                                                                                      dren, to provide economic empower-
                                        is also important to remember the Iraq                                                                                anything that that country has, the                                                                                     ment. Sometimes they provide assist-
                                        that was represented by Saddam Hus-                                                                                   Americans leave.                                                                                                        ance where government cannot. And
                                        sein.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         they are the recipients of earmarks.
                                          And while she has, obviously, the im-                                                                                 Now, Mr. Speaker, I thought I also
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      And I think it is important that we de-
                                        ages that have compelled her to take                                                                                  might speak just a little bit, as we turn
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      fine earmarks so that the maligning
                                        her philosophical position, the image                                                                                 over the control of Congress to the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      that has occurred because of some in-
                                        that I have, and I keep in my desk                                                                                    Democrat leadership, not only in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      appropriate use of earmarks really
                                        drawer, is the photograph of the hun-                                                                                 full House, but also the committee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      doesn’t hide the value of allowing these
                                        dreds of mothers whose bodies are                                                                                     chairmanships, and my own committee
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      tax dollars to go back, not through
                                        strewn across the hillside in northern                                                                                chairmanship now has been relin-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      government bureaucracy but right to
                                        Iraq, holding their children, some of                                                                                 quished to the gentleman from Mis-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      the people.
                                        them newborn babies, some of them                                                                                     souri, IKE SKELTON, my good friend and
                                        four, five, 6 years old, dead in mid-                                                                                 a wonderful person and a person with a                                                                                                   b 1430
                                        stride where they were hit by poison                                                                                  real heart for the troops. I thought                                                                                      An example of that is the Texas
                                        chemical, poison chemical that was de-                                                                                that I might just comment about                                                                                         Southern      University    Laboratory
                                        livered into those villages at the order                                                                              where we stand right now. I think it is                                                                                 School, a school that is placed in a
                                        of Saddam Hussein.                                                                                                    important for the American people to                                                                                    public housing complex that educates
                                          And I have taken, as a guy who some-                                                                                know where we stand and what this                                                                                       the children and other surrounding
                                        times watches the History Channel, to                                                                                 Congress that is going out has accom-                                                                                   children in that neighborhood in a pro-
                                        tuning in when I see the History Chan-                                                                                plished for national security.                                                                                          gressive and op-educational system, so
                                        nel reviewing the exhuming of bodies                                                                                    First, what have we done for the                                                                                      much so that their test scores have ex-
                                        in these mass graves and putting to-                                                                                  troops? Well, over the last 8 years we                                                                                  celled beyond public school. It is, in
                                        gether this story, this mosaic of Iraq                                                                                have increased the pay for the Army,                                                                                    fact, formerly a school that had been
                                        history under Saddam Hussein and the                                                                                  the Air Force, the Navy, the Marines,                                                                                   embraced by the public school system,
                                        story of how hundreds of people, men,                                                                                 and the National Guard by right at 40                                                                                   and now has been spun off to Texas
                                        women and children, would be herded                                                                                   percent, a 40 percent pay increase. We                                                                                  Southern University, a teaching col-
                                        across fields and they would be exe-                                                                                  have increased family separation pay,                                                                                   lege, and the housing authority.
                                        cuted and their bodies would be pushed                                                                                                                                                                                                          We have an earmark, of which I am
                                                                                                                                                              the amount of money that we deliver
                                        into mass graves. And now we are un-                                                                                                                                                                                                          very proud to have all of the scrutiny
                                                                                                                                                              to our military families when they are
                                        covering those mass graves.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   that anyone might want, that would
                                                                                                                                                              separated when people are deployed                                                                                      provide dollars to continue this inter-
                                          And just like the mass graves that
                                                                                                                                                              overseas. We have increased that from                                                                                   esting and provocative way of teaching
                                        we found in Europe, especially those
                                                                                                                                                              $100 a month to about $250 a month. We                                                                                  our children so that inner city chil-
                                        that were filled by bodies that had been
                                                                                                                                                              have increased our combat pay.                                                                                          dren, children that would be pegged as
                                        people who had been executed by the
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        Nazis, there are more people now in                                                                                     Mr. Speaker, I know I have only got                                                                                   not being able to be creative, are actu-
                                        those mass graves, we find, than what                                                                                 5 minutes, so I will elaborate on some                                                                                  ally passing their science tests, their
                                        we had projected.                                                                                                     of the accomplishments that occurred                                                                                    math tests, and they rush to school be-
                                          And as I watched the exhuming of                                                                                    during this last Congress in the next                                                                                   cause they have a lust for learning.
                                        some of those bodies on the History                                                                                   hour.                                                                                                                   That is an earmark.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005                    05:37 Jan 06, 2007                        Jkt 059060                 PO 00000                Frm 00037                 Fmt 0636                Sfmt 0634               E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.037                               H05JAPT1
                                        H96                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                          What I believe in this bill has been                  are the 9/11 Commission recommenda-                       Now, what have we done in terms of
                                        passed on reform is transparency. And                   tions, finally to be able to secure                     firepower? Mr. Speaker, I can tell you
                                        any day of the week, I would be willing                 America; and, lastly, I look forward to                 that beginning with this administra-
                                        to associate my name to track where                     bringing to the floor what America has                  tion and meetings that we held with
                                        these monies go and determine whether                   sent us here to do, which is to find a                  the Secretary of Defense and with the
                                        there are any special interests that                    dignified way of bringing our soldiers                  President, one concern that I had, and
                                        come back to me. You will find a com-                   home with dignity and respect, with a                   a number of members of our committee
                                        plete slate in this particular earmark.                 thank you for what they have done on                    had, was the amount of what I would
                                        And all other earmarks as this bill will                the front lines of Iraq. That is the chal-              call precision firepower. That is the
                                        allow, we will be able to say this is                   lenge for America. That is the chal-                    ability to deliver a smart bomb or a
                                        what this earmark is for. It is not a                   lenge for those of us who have come in                  precise system. Instead of, for example,
                                        special interest, it does not go back to                the majority this time.                                 having to drop 100 bombs on a bridge to
                                        give any individual Member any kind                                       f
                                                                                                                                                        knock a bridge out, to be able to send
                                        of advantage.                                                                                                   a smart bomb in, hit one strut on that
                                          These earmarks are crucial, such as                          EARLY ACTIONS OF NEW                             bridge, and bring the bridge down.
                                        earmarks for the Northeast YMCA,                                DEMOCRAT MAJORITY                                 We all know now that this is the age
                                        that deals again in the far reaches of                    The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-                     of precision firepower, and we wanted
                                        the 18th Congressional District but                     tleman from North Carolina (Mr.                         to greatly expand our precision fire-
                                        helps youngsters develop leadership                     MCHENRY) is recognized for 60 minutes.                  power because that gives the United
                                        skills; or the earmarks that go to pub-                   Mr. MCHENRY. Mr. Speaker, this is a                   States the capability to project enor-
                                        lic health clinics that will help create                nice occasion at the end of the week to                 mous power around the world when we
                                        a greater opportunity for first-line                    wrap up what we have been doing and                     have to. So, Mr. Speaker, I just wanted
                                        health care for the elderly and working                 talk about how we have been active                      to report to the people of the House, to
                                        Americans in the working class.                         this week, but before I start, I would                  our great colleagues and to the Amer-
                                          Again, this should be a Congress not                  like to yield to the distinguished                      ican people that we have in the last 8
                                        wracked with special interests but a                    former chairman of the Armed Services                   years more than doubled, more than
                                        Congress who really believes in the                     Committee, my colleague from Cali-                      doubled our precision firepower.
                                                                                                fornia (Mr. HUNTER), to discuss points                    A lot of that is manifested in what
                                        people who went out to vote in this
                                                                                                that he illuminated in his first 5 min-                 we call LGBs, or laser-guided bombs. A
                                        last election. So I am proud to be asso-
                                                                                                utes.                                                   lot is manifested in what we call
                                        ciated with this lobbying reform that
                                                                                                  Mr. Speaker, I thank my good friend                   JDAMs, or joint direct attack muni-
                                        has as one of its key elements the right
                                                                                                Mr. MCHENRY, and again, I thought it                    tions. But for our adversaries, that
                                        for the American people to know where
                                                                                                was important, as we move into this                     means that America has the power now
                                        their tax dollars are going. And any
                                                                                                new era and my great friend IKE SKEL-                   to send in more than twice the fire-
                                        day that any one of us is fortunate                                                                             power in precise places, at precise tar-
                                        enough to receive an earmark, you                       TON takes over the Armed Services
                                                                                                                                                        gets with enormous effect. That is very
                                        should have the ability to be able to re-               Committee to reflect on where we
                                                                                                                                                        important for America’s troops and for
                                        view it.                                                stand and what we did in the last Con-
                                                                                                                                                        America’s strength.
                                          Let me also say as we move forward                    gress.                                                    Now, Mr. Speaker, also people have
                                        into the 100 hours of legislation how                     Again, just to reiterate, we cul-
                                                                                                                                                        asked what have we done in terms of
                                        proud I am to be part of the overall                    minated a 40 percent pay increase for
                                                                                                                                                        enlarging the size of the two ground
                                        package. And let me say to those of                     the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the                  elements of America’s military, the
                                        you throughout the community who                        United States Marine Corps, and the                     primary ground elements, the United
                                        have had those kinds of questions, like                 National Guard in this last 8 years.                    States Army and the United States
                                        one of the questions that I have been                   Along with that, we increased family                    Marine Corps? We have increased the
                                        asked, when are we going to raise the                   separation pay, which is the pay a fam-                 size of the Marine Corps now from
                                        minimum wage, let me respond to the                     ily receives when the loved one is sepa-                175,000 personnel to 180,000 personnel.
                                        small businesses who might say this is                  rated, maybe is in theatre, or maybe is                 We have increased it right at, in fact,
                                        going to be an extraordinary burden. I                  deployed far around the world in this                   exactly 5,000 Marines. And the last
                                        would remind you that when we raised                    global war against terror. We increased                 time I checked, we were something like
                                        it in 1997, you survived.                               that from $150 to $250 per month. We                    100 Marines under that limit. But we
                                          It has been 10 years since we raised                  increased combat pay. We increased a                    have gone from 175,000 Marines to
                                        the minimum wage. Those individuals                     number of our insurances. And also,                     180,000 Marines. We are right at that
                                        who receive an increase in the min-                     Mr. Speaker, we increased TRICARE                       exact number, a few people short, but
                                        imum wage are the consumers of Amer-                    coverage for National Guard personnel                   we have those Marines actually on the
                                        ica. They will be in your small stores                  and for their families.                                 ground, deployed, showing up for roll
                                        in your neighborhoods. They will be in                    Along with that, we did something                     call each day in their particular posi-
                                        your small businesses. They will pro-                   that was really the special project of                  tion in the war against terror. So we
                                        vide the backbone of your increased                     the outgoing readiness chairman, Mr.                    have increased the size of the United
                                        economic benefit. So we should not                      Hefley of Colorado, which was to bring                  States Marine Corps. Now, we may
                                        look to the increase in the minimum                     in to full flower this privatization of                 need further increases, but at least at
                                        wage as undermining small businesses.                   housing on military bases across the                    this point we have a 5,000 troop in-
                                        It will not. It will create such an infu-               country so that military wives and                      crease.
                                        sion of dollars and provide additional                  family members could move into really                     With respect to the Army, we took
                                        dollars of saving, even though it is a                  great housing.                                          the Army end strength from 482,000 to
                                        measured increase that it increases                       I have to tell you, in visiting bases                 512,000. That is a 30,000 person increase
                                        over a period of time.                                  across America, it has been heart-                      in the United States Army. Now, a
                                          What a difference it will make for                    warming to see these military families                  number of us on the Armed Services
                                        those individuals supporting families,                  coming into wonderful new housing                       Committee have done an analysis par-
                                        single parents, double parents, working                 that often has an entertainment area                    allel to the QDR, the Quadrennial De-
                                        families still on the minimum wage.                     in maybe a common area with a pool                      fense Review, and we feel we may have
                                        What a difference it will make for                      and tennis courts and reading rooms in                  to increase the Marine Corps and the
                                        them to have an opportunity to grab                     the center of one of these housing                      Army further, and you can see those
                                        hold or to aspire some day in their life                projects where the families can go for                  recommendations manifested in that
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        to the American Dream. We cannot                        entertainment and take their children                   report. But we have actually increased
                                        continue to be this great country with-                 for good quality time.                                  the Army and we have increased the
                                        out having this opportunity.                              So the quality of life for America’s                  size of the U.S. Marine Corps.
                                          As I close, Mr. Speaker, let me sim-                  military families has been greatly in-                    Now, if you ask, and a number of peo-
                                        ply say the minimum wage is vital; as                   creased over the last 8 years.                          ple have asked since Ronald Reagan

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00038   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.067   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H97
                                        made that speech in 1983 and said, in                   nonnegotiable, especially against the                   a bipartisan basis, and I think it is im-
                                        essence, we are entering the age of mis-                backdrop of the enormous American ef-                   portant that we talk about these open-
                                        siles, and the United States, to secure                 fort that has given birth to this new                   ing day actions and the actions they
                                        its people, has to have the ability to                  government in Iraq.                                     have taken over the last 2 days of this
                                        shoot down incoming missiles, a num-                      So I know the President is going to                   new Democrat majority.
                                        ber of people have asked us and asked                   come out with his suggested policy                        The first action and the first course
                                        regularly where are we in terms of mis-                 soon, but I thought it was important to                 of business of this new Congress was to
                                        sile defense. And I am pleased to re-                   lay out this fact, that right now we                    pass a very closed-off process for con-
                                        port, Mr. Speaker, that for the first                   have 27 Iraqi battalions in quiet areas                 sideration of the so-called 100-hour
                                        time in the history of the United                       which can be utilized in the fight, can                 agenda of the Democrat party put for-
                                        States, we actually have a very small,                  be put into the fight. In my estimation,                ward by the new speaker, Ms. PELOSI of
                                        very limited, but nonetheless very real                 their value in an urban setting, espe-                  California.
                                        missile defense for the first time. It is               cially one like Baghdad, where speak-                     What we see in this closed-off pack-
                                        manifested in the interceptor missiles                  ing the language is important, and                      age is far different than when they
                                        that we have in place on the Pacific                    where knowing the communities is im-                    campaigned on. They campaigned on
                                        coast and Alaska that could handle, on                  portant, their placement in those posi-                 an open process, open and fair debate, a
                                        a very limited basis, a rogue missile or                tions before we move any additional                     dialogue across the aisle, so that we
                                        several coming into the United States.                  American troops into those urban situ-                  could work in a bipartisan way for the
                                           Now, some people may say, well, that                 ations is, I think, something that we                   American people. The first action they
                                        is not much. And my answer is, that is                  should do, and that we should require                   took was to lock out all dissenting
                                        more than we have ever had in the his-                  of the Ministry of Defense of Iraq.                     voices, even within their own party,
                                        tory of this country. We have deployed                                                                          but also among the Republicans rep-
                                                                                                                  b 1445
                                        a missile defense and we will be build-                                                                         resented here today. The Republicans
                                        ing on that deployment.                                   I want to thank Mr. MCHENRY for let-                  represent 140 million Americans here in
                                           So, Mr. Speaker, I just thought it                   ting me come out and talk a little bit                  the U.S. House of Representatives.
                                        was important to lay out some of the                    about these issues and take some of his                 Their first action after campaigning on
                                        things that this Congress has done and                  valuable time. I certainly appreciate                   openness and bipartisanship was to
                                        that this Armed Services Committee                      the gentleman’s allowing me to come                     close out dissenting voices, to close out
                                        has accomplished for the American                       out and say a word or two.                              the amendment process.
                                        people. A 40 percent pay increase for                     Mr. MCHENRY. Thank you, Mr.                             I was surprised by this, because look-
                                        our troops, increasing the size of the                  HUNTER. I certainly appreciate my                       ing at then-Minority Leader PELOSI’S
                                        U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps,                    good friend from California, your                       words, I believed that Minority Leader
                                        putting together the first missile de-                  friendship in my brief service in the                   PELOSI would be a very open Speaker
                                        fense in the history of the country, and                House. It has been wonderful learning                   PELOSI. What we see with her words
                                        more than doubling the precision fire-                  from you, and I appreciate your will-                   and actions, and I have a visual aid
                                        power of our armed forces.                              ingness to show national leadership                     here to that effect, now, Speaker
                                           Lastly, Mr. Speaker, the President                   and national involvement as well, far                   PELOSI, then Minority Leader PELOSI,
                                        will be making a statement very soon                    beyond these House walls. Thank you                     said a few things about the minority
                                        about this adjusted policy on Iraq, and                 so much for your leadership and friend-                 having rights here in this institution.
                                        I just wanted to once again tell my col-                ship.                                                     Then-Minority leader PELOSI said in
                                        leagues the recommendation that I                         Mr. HUNTER. I thank you. I also                       2004, her Minority Bill of Rights in-
                                        have made. I know a lot of us have                      want to thank the gentleman for his                     cludes fair principles. ‘‘There is a very
                                        made recommendations to the Presi-                      great service on our committee. He did                  excellent chance that the Republicans
                                        dent and to the Secretary of Defense.                   a wonderful job.                                        will be in the minority next year, and
                                           Right now, there are 18 provinces in                   Mr. MCHENRY. Mr. Speaker, it is an                    what I am saying is this is the way the
                                        Iraq. And in half of those provinces,                   interesting moment in our Nation’s                      House should be conducted, in a bipar-
                                        nine of those provinces, there are vir-                 history, an interesting moment indeed,                  tisan way, and whether he,’’ meaning
                                        tually no attacks taking place. They                    with a new Democrat majority coming                     Speaker HASTERT at the time, ‘‘agrees
                                        average less than one attack a day. In                  to these hallowed halls of Congress.                    to it or not, this is the course of action
                                        those quiet peaceful provinces, there                   The American people spoke in Novem-                     that I will take.’’
                                        are 27 battalions of Iraqi soldiers lo-                 ber and they wanted a change.                             What is striking to me is the date on
                                        cated and stationed. Twenty-seven bat-                    As someone who was formerly in the                    that is June 2004. We are in the second
                                        talions is a lot of soldiers, Mr. Speaker.              majority party, now in the minority                     day of a Democrat majority and we
                                        It is a lot of firepower. It is a lot of per-           party, I respect the power of democ-                    have, instead of a Minority Leader
                                        sonnel.                                                 racy to change our Nation and change                    PELOSI, a Speaker PELOSI. What is
                                           My recommendation to the President                   the direction of our Nation in impor-                   striking here is ‘‘that is the course of
                                        and to the Secretary of Defense for the                 tant policy areas. I think some of that                 action that I will take.’’ Those are the
                                        last several months, and I hope that                    is going to be beneficial to our econ-                  Speaker’s words.
                                        this has been a part of their conversa-                 omy, and other proposals that the new                     To that end, I took the very letter
                                        tion, I have urged them, and a number                   Democrat majority are putting forward                   that Minority Leader PELOSI wrote at
                                        of other of my colleagues have joined                   are going to be hurtful to our economy                  the time and we filed that legislation
                                        with me in urging them to take the 27                   and to our national defense and our                     and we offered it here on the House
                                        Iraqi battalions that we have trained                   family security. But I think it is im-                  floor yesterday, and it was flatly re-
                                        and equipped and move them into the                     portant that we talk today about some                   jected. Every Democrat to the person
                                        battle. Now, that means that the Min-                   of the early actions of this new Demo-                  voted against it.
                                        istry of Defense is going to have to give               crat majority.                                            It is striking to me that in their first
                                        orders to those battalion commanders                      During the campaign season over the                   day as a majority, as a Democrat ma-
                                        and those brigade commanders in the                     last few years, the last 2 years, the                   jority, they are already going back on
                                        quiet peaceful sections of Iraq and tell                Democrats campaigned on openness                        the words that they campaigned on,
                                        them to saddle up their forces, get                     and accountability. They campaigned                     they campaigned on in 2004, 2005 and
                                        them on the trucks, and move them to                    on many things.                                         2006.
                                        Baghdad.                                                  In the opening days of Congress, we                     What did they say in 2005? Then mi-
                                           They need to do that. That should be                 have seen a far different reality than                  nority leader PELOSI said, ‘‘Mr. Speak-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        nonnegotiable. It should be a require-                  what they campaigned on over the last                   er, I implore you to end the repeated
                                        ment by the American war fighting                       2 years. It is disheartening to me as an                abuses of the rules by the Republican
                                        commanders that cannot be delayed,                      American citizen and someone who is                     majority to ram legislation through in
                                        cannot be finessed, and cannot be put                   hopeful and optimistic about this new                   such a secretive and unfair manner.’’
                                        aside. That is something that should be                 Congress, hopeful that we can work on                   That is 2005.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   05:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00039   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.068   H05JAPT1
                                        H98                                                CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                          What we see today and yesterday by                    initial 100 hours of debate here in the                   Well, while I don’t support the de-
                                        this new Democrat majority is that                      House of Representatives. One thing                     struction of human life, I do support
                                        they have a secretive process, because                  that is very important to Americans                     stem cell research, adult stem cell re-
                                        it says that we cannot offer any                        and our national security is the 9/11                   search that has led to cures. Unfortu-
                                        amendments on the legislation that we                   Commission recommendations outlined                     nately, due to the process that they
                                        will soon be able to see. We can’t even                 in the fall and over the last few years.                have here in this new Democrat major-
                                        see the legislation in their 100 hours.                 We have heard them very well.                           ity, we are not going to be able to offer
                                        They have not let us or the American                      The Democrats campaigned that they                    amendments to ensure that life is not
                                        people or even many in their own party                  wanted to and would, if they were                       destroyed and that human embryos are
                                        see the legislation which we will be                    given the majority, fully implement                     not destroyed in this process of re-
                                        voting upon and for which we gave ini-                  the 9/11 recommendations. No matter                     search.
                                        tial approval to today. That is very                    whether or not they were good public                      But if you look at embryonic stem
                                        striking to me, especially after the lan-               policy or not, they are going to imple-                 cell research versus adult stem cell re-
                                        guage and rhetoric used in 2004 and 2005                ment all of them.                                       search, there have been wonderful
                                        by Speaker PELOSI.                                        Well, as it turns out, the Washington                 cures coming out of adult stem cell re-
                                          ‘‘Additionally, in 2006, so 3 years run-              Post reported on November 30, 2006,                     search, but no cures coming out of em-
                                        ning, more than 2 years ago, I first sent               that ‘‘With control of Congress now se-                 bryonic stem cell research. And we are
                                        Speaker DENNIS HASTERT Democrat                         cured, Democratic leaders have decided                  not even questioning whether or not
                                        proposals to restore civility to the Con-               for now against implementing the one                    embryonic stem cell research should
                                        gress. I reiterate my support for those                 measure that would affect them most                     come about. It is a question of whether
                                        proposals today. We must restore bi-                    directly, a wholesale reorganize of Con-                our taxpayer dollars should be used to
                                        partisanship to the administration of                   gress to improve oversight and funding                  destroy human life, or what many
                                        the House, reestablish regular order for                of the Nation’s intelligence agencies.’’                Americans believe to be a destruction
                                        consideration of legislation and ensure                   It is striking that just days after the               of human life.
                                        the rights of the minority, whichever                   election, they are already going back                     Even if not all of us agree on whether
                                        party is in the minority. The voice of                  on their proposal to implement the 9/11                 or not life should be protected at its
                                        every American has to be heard.’’                       Commission’s recommendations. Now                       most basic and precious moment, we
                                          Now, 2004, 2005, 2006, Minority Leader                they are saying that they will imple-                   should all agree that we shouldn’t have
                                        PELOSI talked about openness and bi-                    ment some but not all. It is kind of                    unethical processes and research fund-
                                        partisanship. Speaker PELOSI, the first                 surprising, because the American peo-                   ed by our Federal taxpayer dollars. In
                                        act of office, goes completely back on                  ple heard in an almost unanimous                        fact, the National Institutes of Health
                                        these very words. This rhetoric did not                 voice from Democrats that they were                     spends roughly $600 million per year on
                                        become reality on the first opening                     going to implement all of the 9/11 Com-                 stem cell research already, including
                                        hours of the Democrat majority. I am                    mission recommendations. I didn’t                       $40 million for research involving cer-
                                        hopeful, as all Americans should be,                    hear candidates out there and Members                   tain types of embryonic stem cell re-
                                        hopeful that there is openness tomor-                   of Congress on the Democrat side say-                   search. But the type of research they
                                        row. As Americans, we are an opti-                      ing some, but not all. No, they said all                conduct does not destroy human life.
                                        mistic people.                                          9/11 Commission recommendations.
                                                                                                                                                                          b 1500
                                          I think it would be amazing, in fact,                   Only through press reports do we
                                        I think we would all be amazed, if their                know what this legislation says. They                     Additionally, nearly 100 million of it
                                        second act was for openness when their                  have not given this out, other than                     is for nonhuman embryonic stem cell
                                        first act, their first principle, was clos-             their allies on K Street and the lob-                   research. So this is already being done,
                                        ing off debate and closing off any input                bying community. But they haven’t                       yet it is a nice rhetorical device, just
                                        from rank and file Members of this                      given this out for the American people                  like the Democrats campaigning on
                                        body and the people that we represent                   and for the press and for all Members                   implementing all the 9/11 Commission
                                        at home.                                                of Congress to see. So we have some                     Report recommendations and just like
                                          What I would say is that beyond just                  concerns about this, because there are                  openness and fairness. American people
                                        the words, we need to look at the val-                  many of us who want to offer per-                       like the sound of that. But what is con-
                                        ues and the principles of this majority.                fecting amendments, to make sure this                   cerning, whether it is embryonic stem
                                        We offered this minority bill of rights                 policy is right and secures our Nation                  cell research, the 9/11 Commission, or
                                        that then minority leader PELOSI pro-                   in a proper way.                                        openness and fairness, is that it was
                                        posed, and it simply says that legisla-                   Thomas Kean, who is a former distin-                  only rhetoric. The Democrats didn’t
                                        tion should be considered in the com-                   guished Member and Governor of New                      want to implement it and make it re-
                                        mittee process and we should have full                  Jersey, was a cochair of the 9/11 Com-                  ality here in policy and in law for our
                                        open debate and discourse.                              mission. He called these important                      Nation.
                                          In essence, we outlined what all fifth                overhauls in the congressional process                    Beyond that, we have another provi-
                                        graders in this great country are                       of oversight and intelligence vital.                    sion that we voted on today, and this is
                                        taught about the legislative process                      What we have to do is make sure that                  Pelosi’s PAYGO legislation. Now,
                                        here in the House of Representatives,                   the Democrats uphold their promise.                     PAYGO is a shorthanded word for pay-
                                        that a bill is filed, it is sent to com-                We don’t want broken promises. We                       as-you-go. It is a nice way that we talk
                                        mittee, it is amended and debated and                   don’t want them to campaign on good                     about it here on Capitol Hill. We call it
                                        compromised there, it goes to the floor                 ideas and be corrupted by an ugly proc-                 PAYGO. Now, it sounds very good. The
                                        and goes through that same process,                     ess here that results in bad policy. Na-                American people want us to pay for
                                        when in fact that is not always the                     tional security is, of course, of key and               government policies as we enact them,
                                        course of operation of this House.                      utmost importance, and I am glad they                   and so that is a great rhetorical device
                                          So the problem is that it is not sim-                 are at least bringing that up in the                    as well. Pay-as-you-go. Well, what is
                                        ply about the process. The issue today                  first 100 hours.                                        devilish about this proposal is that it
                                        is that the process corrupts the policy.                  Additionally, many of us in this Na-                  will lead to a backdoor tax increase
                                        When you stack the deck on the out-                     tion are concerned about research and                   down the line.
                                        come, you corrupt the policy of this                    ensuring that we have medical cures                       As the Wall Street Journal editorial
                                        House Chamber and the laws of this                      that comfort, that our government pol-                  said today: under Pelosi’s PAYGO plan,
                                        land. So process and policy are inter-                  icy upholds not just ethical and moral                  new entitlement programs and all new
                                        twined. When one is corrupted, so is                    research, but lifesaving research.                      tax cuts would have to be offset by ei-
                                        the other. With the Democrats shut-                       Next Thursday, from press reports,                    ther cutbacks and other entitlement
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        ting down debate at a critical moment                   the Democrats will vote to enact legis-                 programs or tax increases. This version
                                        in our Nation’s history, we have to                     lation to expand Federal taxpayer                       of Pelosi’s PAYGO is a budget trapdoor
                                        question their judgment.                                funding for research that destroys                      designed to control expenditures but to
                                          There are a number of proper pro-                     human life and human embryos, and                       make it easier, easier, to raise taxes
                                        posals they are putting forward in the                  they call this stem cell research.                      while blocking future tax cuts.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00040   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.071   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H99
                                          That is from today’s Wall Street                      hour plan. Now, think about that. I                     seeks. And so they have completely ig-
                                        Journal.                                                think the American people should stop                   nored reforming and limiting litigation
                                          Now, the fundamental budget prob-                     for a second, Mr. Speaker, and think                    and the cost of litigation on the Amer-
                                        lem is not spending too little and tax-                 about the fact that in 100 short legisla-               ican society. Completely ignored that.
                                        ing too little; it is the fact that right               tive hours, over just a few days, the                     They have also ignored helping small
                                        now in our country Federal revenues                     new Democrat majority will spend $800                   businesses with health care either
                                        climbed by $550 billion over the past 2                 billion. That is shocking.                              through health savings accounts where
                                        fiscal years, and that is as a direct re-                 Now, I know that there are these                      individuals can save tax free, some-
                                        sult of the economic support and eco-                   free-spending ways in Washington, and                   thing that we as Republicans have
                                        nomic growth of the 2001 and 2003 Bush                  as a conservative I am opposed to that,                 worked very hard, and free-market
                                        tax cuts. As the economy grows and                      especially as someone who considers                     conservatives like the idea of people
                                        more people are employed, fewer people                  themselves a fiscal hawk. But to spend                  being able to save tax free without
                                        use government services. As fewer peo-                  that much money in such a short pe-                     Uncle Sam reaching into your savings
                                        ple use government services and are                     riod of time has got to strike the                      and pocketing that money; or associa-
                                        making money on their own, they ac-                     American people as egregious, espe-                     tion health plans where small busi-
                                        tually begin to pay taxes. When people                  cially when you campaigned as the                       nesses can come together, link up, and
                                        are paying taxes, revenue to govern-                    Democrats tried to in the last election                 increase their affordability and their
                                        ment goes up. It is a basic process. And                as fiscal conservatives and a party that                buying capacity to give their employ-
                                        through this robust economic growth                     wants to balance the budget. Yet, they                  ees health care. Completely ignored
                                        that has come out of these tax cuts, we                 are offering $800 billion worth of new                  with the Democrats’ agenda.
                                        have had more revenue come into gov-                    spending in their first acts of office.                   In fact, the Democrats came on the
                                        ernment.                                                  So how do they get that money to                      floor, some of these that campaigned
                                          So pay-as-you-go is a way for the                     pay as they go? They are going to come                  on the other side of the aisle as helping
                                        Democrats to establish later the rea-                   to our tax dollars, our personal tax dol-               small businesses, one of their first
                                        soning to go to the American people                     lars. They are going to ask more from                   votes was to vote against letting small
                                        and say we need to raise your taxes.                    every American. That means that when                    businesses pool their resources to buy
                                        Now, I think it is a faulty and flawed                  you get your paycheck, whether you                      health care. That hurts. That hurts in
                                        policy, because the tax cuts of 2001 and                work in my district in Hickory, North                   the opening days of Congress.
                                        2003 have not limited income to govern-                 Carolina,    or    Mooresville     or   in
                                                                                                                                                          Beyond that, they have ignored bor-
                                        ment; in fact, what the American peo-                   Cherryville, where I am from, you are
                                                                                                                                                        der security. I think the American peo-
                                        ple must know, Mr. Speaker, is that                     going to pay more out of that paycheck
                                                                                                                                                        ple have demanded border security and
                                        the government revenue to the United                    to fund the programs that the Demo-
                                                                                                                                                        a sane immigration policy for this
                                        States Government is the highest it                     crats who are in control of this place
                                                                                                                                                        country. There are many leaders on my
                                        has ever been in the history of our                     want to implement. So the average
                                                                                                                                                        side of the aisle on the issue of border
                                        country. The highest revenue of any                     working man and woman in this coun-
                                                                                                                                                        security, and I think we need to engage
                                        time in our country’s history. Beyond                   try will pay more under Democrat
                                                                                                                                                        in that discussion on how we reform
                                        that, actually to say it more broadly,                  leadership than they will under Repub-
                                                                                                                                                        our immigration policy in this United
                                        we have more government revenue                         lican leadership.
                                                                                                  Beyond that, this 100-hour proposal                   States and how we plan to do that. I
                                        coming into the U.S. Treasury, your
                                                                                                completely, completely ignores some of                  think most Americans agree that we
                                        tax dollars coming into the U.S. Treas-
                                                                                                the most pressing issues in our coun-                   must begin with the border, to ensure
                                        ury. Even after tax cuts, we have the
                                                                                                try, certainly ensuring that our troops                 that we have an immigration policy
                                        most government revenue in the his-
                                                                                                in the field are funded fully. Now, that                that is enforceable, realistic, and real
                                        tory of man and the history of the
                                                                                                is very important. Completely ignored                   for this country.
                                        Earth. No government has ever re-
                                        ceived as much in tax dollars as ours                   in the 100-hour plan in the Democrat                      So though we are just in a few open-
                                        does today; yet, still, the Democrats                   agenda for this Congress. What about                    ing hours of this new Congress, some
                                        put a proposal on the floor today that                  entitlement reform? Because, after all,                 things are clear. Some things are very
                                        will let them raise taxes later.                        that is the largest section of the budg-                clear. The rhetoric that the Democrats
                                          It is so shocking and so surprising                   et of our Federal budget, Medicare,                     campaigned on was good. It was good.
                                        that they would do this in their open-                  Medicaid, Social Security. Very impor-                  The American people supported it. The
                                        ing week in Congress. Now, I knew                       tant programs. But we need to make                      American people put new Democrats in
                                        there were tax-and-spenders on the                      sure that they are fiscally efficient,                  office, Democrats that campaigned
                                        other side of the aisle, and that is a lib-             that they are fiscally sound, and it is                 some as fiscal conservatives, others as
                                        eral focus, to grow the size of govern-                 clear that they are not either efficient                social conservatives, most certainly as
                                        ment, increase the revenue to govern-                   nor sound.                                              moderates in this last election. But
                                        ment; but I didn’t realize they would                     So we need to look at entitlement                     their opening hours, their opening
                                        do this at the very beginning of their                  programs, yet the Democrat majority                     hours go back on those pledges for fis-
                                        new majority in Congress. I think the                   has completely ignored entitlement re-                  cal sanity due to the high cost of their
                                        American people should be shocked by                    form in their agenda. They have com-                    opening plan and proposals, $800 billion
                                        that.                                                   pletely ignored making Social Security                  worth of spending in just 100 hours.
                                          But what this pay-as-you-go, or                       solvent for future generations. And as                    It goes back on this openness con-
                                        PAYGO, proposal ignores is that all                     someone who is eligible for retirement                  cept. It goes back on fiscal sanity by
                                        the appropriations we have made in the                  the same year that Social Security                      covering up with this Pelosi PAYGO
                                        past, the current government programs                   goes finally broke, I am concerned                      plan that will raise our taxes later in
                                        that we have will not be under this                     about that, and my generation of                        the year or later next year, certainly
                                        rule. So we won’t analyze the entitle-                  Americans should be concerned about                     tax increases in the future, though. It
                                        ment programs to see where they need                    that as well as all generations of Amer-                fully ignores their proposal to fully im-
                                        to be reformed; we won’t analyze exist-                 icans.                                                  plement the 9/11 Commission proposals
                                        ing government programs to see that                       What else is missing? Well, obviously                 by kind of sort of doing a few of them
                                        they are getting the proper result or                   the cost of litigation on small busi-                   that they think are politically palat-
                                        they are being efficient with their dol-                nesses across this country, completely                  able rather than following through on
                                        lars. It will only apply to new spend-                  ignored that, certainly because the                     their promise. It uses a great rhetor-
                                        ing.                                                    trial lawyers I think have helped write                 ical device of stem cell research. But
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                          So let’s look at the 100-hour plan and                the Democrat agenda for this Congress                   when they come here and they vote,
                                        total up the tax value of it and the                    and there is a big difference between                   they ignore the cloning issue, whether
                                        spending value of it. And what you see                  what trial lawyers seek and what the                    or not we are funding human cloning,
                                        as a result of this plan is pretty simple:              average small businessman or the aver-                  whether or not we are destroying
                                        $800 billion of new spending in this 100-               age family doctor in this country                       human life.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00041   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.072   H05JAPT1
                                        H100                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                          So the rhetoric in the campaign is                        RANDOM THOUGHTS ON THE                              on the House Judiciary Committee,
                                        very much removed from their actions                                PASSING SCENE                               there is a replete, not necessarily com-
                                        in this new Congress.                                     The SPEAKER pro tempore. The gen-                     plete but a very replete body of knowl-
                                          They also ignore their pledge to work                 tleman from Iowa (Mr. KING) is recog-                   edge within the minds of the members
                                        with all sides on issues of importance                  nized for 60 minutes.                                   of the committee and the staff. And of
                                        to the American people, to work in a                      Mr. KING of Iowa. Mr. Speaker, Mr.                    course the history and the resources
                                        bipartisan way. They even go back on                    MCHENRY’s input into this dialogue                      that are there.
                                        their pledge and demand for minority                    that we have here is essential. I look                    That is why we put legislation
                                        rights here in this institution. So we                  forward     to   the   pugnacious     Mr.               through the subcommittee and com-
                                        see hypocrisy from the Democrat ma-                     MCHENRY’s deliveries on this floor and                  mittee processes so we can weigh in
                                        jority. Many would say it is ironic that                in committee and before the media                       with our judgment and bring our indi-
                                        you campaign as a conservative, yet                     over the next 2 years of the new 110th                  vidual expertise to bear, and we have
                                        come in and govern as a liberal, which                  Congress.                                               an opportunity to hear from our con-
                                        we are already seeing in just two days                    As always, Mr. Speaker, it is a pro-                  stituents because they will read the
                                        of Democrat control.                                    found honor and privilege to address                    language and they will parse the words
                                          But, Mr. Speaker, I think the Amer-                   you on the floor in the United States                   and let us know where the flaws are.
                                        ican people are an optimistic and hope-                 House of Representatives, the people’s                    Mr. Speaker, my first step into pub-
                                                                                                House. As I bring up this subject mat-                  lic life was going from the private sec-
                                        ful people. We have a new week, we
                                                                                                ter that is here before us, I have a se-                tor, being a construction company
                                        have a new day coming where the
                                                                                                                                                        founder, owner and manager into the
                                        Democrats can change, and I am hope-                    ries of things, random thoughts on the
                                                                                                                                                        legislative arena as an Iowa senator.
                                        ful that they will, that they will go                   passing scene, focused on current
                                                                                                                                                        And the first thing I learned was the
                                        back to what they campaigned on that                    events will be my message here today.
                                                                                                  There are mistakes that are made                      law of unintended consequences.
                                        the American people endorsed in the                                                                               In other words, you can have a good
                                        last election for bipartisanship, for                   and there are things said and done in
                                                                                                                                                        idea and it sounds perfect to you from
                                        openness, for national security and the                 political campaigns that don’t always
                                                                                                                                                        your limited perspective. You can put
                                        defense of our country, for good strong                 reflect the wishes or the policy, but
                                                                                                                                                        that down into the form of a law, and
                                        family values, and fiscal sanity. And                   things are said sometimes to win elec-
                                                                                                                                                        if I were king for a day as a younger
                                        when that happens, I will be happy to                   tions and then you have to follow
                                                                                                                                                        man, I might have offered some of
                                        reach across the aisle and work with                    through on that.                                        those ideas I had earlier in my political
                                        my colleagues in the Democrat major-                      We have had some standards to look
                                                                                                                                                        career as an edict that I believed
                                        ity to ensure that these things happen.                 back on. The first 100 days of the presi-
                                                                                                                                                        should have been the law of the land
                                          But until that day comes, I will point                dency, many Presidents have made
                                                                                                                                                        and lay that out there and give a bob of
                                        out the fact that they are going back                   their pledge that in the first 100 days
                                                                                                                                                        my scepter and declare that to be law.
                                        on their words to the American people,                  they are going to move pieces of pol-
                                                                                                                                                        But my mistakes would have been as a
                                        and I will not restrain myself from                     icy, and they have endeavored to keep
                                                                                                                                                        younger, less experienced man, and
                                        calling it as I see it, and I think as the              those pledges.
                                                                                                                                                        sometimes still today those mistakes, I
                                        way the American people should see it                     When the Republicans took over the
                                                                                                                                                        didn’t understand the law of unin-
                                        as well, that in order to govern effec-                 majority in 1994, they also made a
                                                                                                                                                        tended consequences. I didn’t under-
                                        tively you have to fulfill your prom-                   pledge in the first 100 days that they
                                                                                                                                                        stand that my ideas needed to be vet-
                                        ises, you have to make sure it is not                   would bring, at least bring to a vote a
                                                                                                                                                        ted across the spectrum of the other
                                        empty campaign rhetoric, that in fact                   series of reform changes called ‘‘Con-
                                                                                                                                                        people that I served in the State legis-
                                        it is a full implementation of the agen-                tract With America.’’ Looking back on
                                                                                                                                                        lature with, and I carry that experi-
                                        da that you sought in the election.                     that, and it depends on your analysis
                                                                                                                                                        ence with me into this Congress. I
                                          I think the American people want                      and definition, but something like two-
                                                                                                                                                        didn’t understanding that I needed to
                                        change in Washington. I don’t think                     thirds of that agenda was passed into                   float those ideas out to the various
                                        they got change in the last two days,                   law. I believe all of it was voted on in                constituency groups that are there to
                                        though. I think what you saw with this                  this Congress. But yet it was done                      be voices of individuals, and I didn’t
                                        new Democrat majority is this same                      under a regular order. It was done                      understand that I needed to float those
                                        type of abuse of power that they had in                 under an open process, and it was done                  out to individuals and get those ideas
                                        1993, in 1992, through the 1980s and the                by bringing the legislation of the Con-                 out in the press and publish my bills so
                                        1970s. The majority may be new today,                   tract With America, which I am com-                     that people that are interested can
                                        but the Democrat chairmen are the                       paring now to this first 100 hours of the               look in and weigh in and make phone
                                        same as they were 20 years ago, on the                  new majority’s agenda, comparing                        calls, send e-mails and write letters,
                                        larger part of the Democrat majority                    those two initiatives that were brought                 come and visit and lobby as individuals
                                        and for the larger part of the commit-                  up in the campaign and the pledges                      or join up with their various constitu-
                                        tees that they have organized. And the                  that were made. But they were brought                   ency groups that are out there to be
                                        policy proposals that they offer going                  through in regular order in the Con-                    able to analyze and be a louder voice as
                                        forward after this 100-hour proposal                    tract With America in 1994.                             members of a group so that all of the
                                        will be much the same as they offered                     Regular order meaning that the bills                  expertise that America has to offer can
                                        in the early 1990s and the 1980s and the                were introduced and they were brought                   come to bear on the judgments and de-
                                        1970s.                                                  to subcommittee where they had a full                   cisions that we make here in this Con-
                                                                                                subcommittee hearing and there was                      gress.
                                                         b 1515                                 open debate and there was an oppor-                       But that whole process that I have
                                          Those policy proposals are pretty                     tunity for Democrats and Republicans                    described, the process utilized in 1994
                                        simple: Raise your taxes, weaken na-                    to offer their amendments into the sub-                 with the Contract With America, that
                                        tional defense, and go the opposite way                 committee on each of those pieces of                    entire open, bipartisan process has
                                        on family values. But I hope that we                    legislation. As it came out of sub-                     been usurped by this rules package
                                        can work with moderates on the other                    committee, it went to full committee                    that has been brought here to the floor
                                        side of the aisle, moderates on the                     where there was an opportunity for the                  of this Congress. We learned essentially
                                        other side of the aisle that are willing                full committee members to weigh in.                     a new term. I don’t know if anybody in
                                        to look at fiscal sanity, willing to                    As we know, the committees are where                    this Congress understood it at the
                                        stand up for traditional values and                     we have established and developed ex-                   time. Some did, I imagine, because
                                        willing to do the right thing for the                   pertise. If you look at the chairs and                  they came up with the effort on the
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        American people and will work to-                       also the seasoned veterans on commit-                   rules.
                                        gether. I am very hopeful that we will                  tees, both Republicans and Democrats,                     I came down here to put up my first
                                        have that opportunity after this 100-                   and I look at the Judiciary Committee                   vote on a motion to commit. Now I
                                        hour proposal is done. And hopefully, it                where there is a tremendous amount of                   have voted many times on motions to
                                        will be done quickly.                                   seniority, and I have the honor to serve                recommit.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00042   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.073   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                   H101
                                          Mr. Speaker, if I may describe that.                  guage and they will find a way to con-                    In fact, I believe the Rules Com-
                                        A motion to recommit is a motion that                   volute this language to be able to de-                  mittee, as an example already, will not
                                        says if you bring a bill to the floor and               fend themselves.                                        be meeting, it will simply be a decision
                                        then it gets debated here on the floor,                   So I point out this process. Motion to                that is made by the leadership of the
                                        the motion to recommit says we want                     commit, nondebatable motion. All you                    majority party, and the recorded votes
                                        to recommit it back to committee and                    can do is plead for a recorded vote, and                of the Rules Committee will be secret.
                                        sometimes recommit it with instruc-                     that is the only opportunity to voice                   That is part of this package, as I un-
                                        tions back to committee because there                   objection, but there is not an oppor-                   derstand it, too, Mr. Speaker.
                                        are Members here in the full House                      tunity to improve the legislation. And                    So of all of the promises that will be
                                        that didn’t have an opportunity to                      that is really what we need to do, al-                  broken, the one that should be broken
                                        weigh in on that bill as it came                        ways, all of us in a bipartisan way, at                 is the one that is sacrosanct, the prom-
                                        through committee. They didn’t sit on                   least provide an opportunity for                        ise of accomplishment in the first 100
                                        the appropriate committee, for exam-                    amendments in the process. That                         hours. If we could just look at that and
                                        ple. So they had a viewpoint that need-                 means in the subcommittee process                       say we understand your motive, but
                                        ed to be considered. And if a motion to                 and in the full committee process, and                  this is not conducive to bipartisanship
                                        recommit is successful here on the                      then here on the floor of the House of                  or open process; in fact, it is not condu-
                                        floor, that says a majority of the Mem-                 Representatives in open debate so the                   cive to good legislation because the
                                        bers of the full House of Representa-                   public can evaluate this process, not a
                                                                                                                                                        good ideas of Democrats and Repub-
                                        tives have concluded that there are                     secret or closed process, but an open
                                                                                                                                                        licans are shut out of this process.
                                        other ideas that needed to be consid-                   process to the public. We owe you that,
                                                                                                                                                          I will just ask this of now-Speaker
                                        ered, send it back to committee with                    America. We owe you an open and
                                                                                                                                                        PELOSI: Why don’t you just break one
                                        instructions so those other ideas can be                clean process and we owe you an open
                                                                                                                                                        promise instead of a series that will ul-
                                        considered. That is a motion to recom-                  dialogue and an open debate.
                                                                                                  If we don’t do that, you will be draw-                timately be broken, and break that
                                        mit.                                                                                                            promise about 100 hours so that you
                                          But we voted on a motion to commit,                   ing conclusions such as they don’t be-
                                                                                                lieve in what they are doing enough to                  can keep your promise about biparti-
                                        not recommit, a motion to commit. A                                                                             sanship, and keep your promises about
                                                                                                be able to have an open debate. What
                                        motion to commit is send it to com-                                                                             an open process and ethical process.
                                                                                                kind of work is being done here that we
                                        mittee. And the reason it is a motion                                                                           That is far more important to the
                                                                                                are not able to have it withstand the
                                        to commit rather than a motion to re-                                                                           American people than a promise to ac-
                                                                                                scrutiny and the criticism that might
                                        commit is this legislation has not gone                                                                         complish certain legislative endeavors
                                                                                                come from the public if it were an open
                                        through committee. It has not gone                                                                              within the first 100 hours.
                                        through the subcommittee process or                       So I will submit, Mr. Speaker, that                     This 100 hours is meaningless to the
                                        the committee process. It simply then                   promises get made during campaigns.                     American people. All of this has to go
                                        is legislation that was held very tight.                There were many promises made dur-                      over to the Senate. The Senate has to
                                        I don’t know if it was in a locked brief-               ing the last campaign that will not be                  be willing to take it up. The Senate has
                                        case, but it was something that the                     kept by the new majority party. But                     to be able to vote cloture on some of
                                        public and press didn’t have access to.                 the promise that seems to be the one                    this, and I think it will be filibustered,
                                        Members of Congress didn’t have access                  that is sacrosanct is the promise that                  and it has to get to the President for
                                        to it. In fact, I believe many of the                   in the first 100 hours we will do these                 signature. Timing is not as essential, it
                                        lower ranking Members of the majority                   things. In order to accomplish these                    is the policy that is important. It is
                                        party didn’t have access to this legisla-               promises of achievement within the                      important to have an open process, it
                                        tion. It was secret legislation that was                first 100 hours, which is comparable to                 is important that we weigh in and that
                                        thrust upon us and the only oppor-                      the first 100 days in presidential prom-                amendments be allowed to be offered
                                        tunity that we have is a nondebatable                   ises or the promise of the 1994 new ma-                 and that they be considered and that
                                        motion to commit to committee for                       jority, in order to achieve those goals                 they be voted on so the American peo-
                                        the first time because it didn’t go                     and keep those promises, the promise                    ple can have confidence in this process.
                                        through the committee process.                          we will do it within the first 100 hours,
                                          I submit, Mr. Speaker, that is incon-                 the only way to meet that was to take                                    b 1530
                                        sistent with the pledge that was made                   this bipartisanship and set it aside and
                                        throughout the election process and                                                                               And sometimes, sometimes, this
                                                                                                suspend it at least temporarily, if not
                                        throughout the campaign process.                                                                                body, this great deliberative body of
                                                                                                permanently, for the 110th Congress,
                                          There are a number of quotes that                     and to set aside the subcommittee                       the people’s House, will reach the right
                                        were identified, and I have some of                     process and set aside the committee                     decisions. In fact, I believe often we
                                        them. I don’t have all of them. One of                  process.                                                will. When we do so with public debate
                                        them by now-Speaker PELOSI was this,                      We have one more avenue here that                     and an open process, we reach the right
                                        and this was on CNN on November 9, so                   there can be an open forum, and that is                 decision for the right policy for Amer-
                                        2 days after the election. That would                   the rules process. At least a member                    ica and we also reach it by using the
                                        have been Thursday. She said, ‘‘Demo-                   can bring an amendment to the Rules                     right reasons, the reasons of open dia-
                                        crats are ready to lead, prepared to                    Committee, explain their amendment                      logue that allow people’s positions and
                                        govern.’’ I don’t quibble with that part                in open forum and ask for a vote on                     their knowledge to come to that de-
                                        of the statement. But the completion                    their amendment as to whether that                      bate.
                                        of the sentence is, ‘‘ready to lead, pre-               amendment can be allowed to be con-                       Sometimes we will make the wrong
                                        pared to govern, and absolutely willing                 sidered here on the floor of the House                  decision, and when we do that, if we
                                        to work in a bipartisan way.’’                          of Representatives.                                     have open dialogue and open debate,
                                          Mr. Speaker, there is no definition of                  I was astonished there were this                      then at least it is arguable that we
                                        bipartisanship that I can apply to this                 many amendments when I came here as                     have arrived at the wrong decision, but
                                        process unless many of the Members of                   a freshman a couple of Congresses ago.                  at least we followed the right process,
                                        the majority party were as shut out of                  I was astonished that there were so                     and we can’t fault the reasoning on
                                        this process as the entire minority                     many amendments that were turned                        how we get there.
                                        party was. I suspect that is the case. I                down, that did not see the light of day.                  I would compare Gerald R. Ford, and
                                        don’t want to parse the language in                     But there was an opportunity to                         may he rest in peace, Gerald R. Ford,
                                        there, I just want to say that the spirit               present them to the Rules Committee,                    whom we said good-bye to within this
                                        and intent of that statement, ‘‘willing                 and I did that many times and I got                     past week, the man who came to the
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        to work in a bipartisan way’’ has been                  turned down many times as a member                      Presidency after having served 25 years
                                        violated here, but maybe not the tech-                  of the majority party. But we don’t                     here, Mr. Speaker, in the House of Rep-
                                        nical definition of that. We can expect                 even have a rules process that is open                  resentatives, a man who was almost
                                        these things because we have a house                    enough that you can present your                        without guile as President. A President
                                        full of lawyers that are good with lan-                 amendments to the Rules Committee.                      who made decisions at a time when we

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00043   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.074   H05JAPT1
                                        H102                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                        needed someone who had absolute in-                     down earlier. I was surprised when I                      As has been stipulated by the new in-
                                        tegrity. The person who had con-                        came to this Congress as a freshman in                  coming chairman of the Ways and
                                        fidence, the confidence and the en-                     January of 2003 that there wasn’t a bal-                Means Committee, Mr. RANGEL of New
                                        dorsement of Democrats and Repub-                       anced budget that I could simply en-                    York, none of the Bush tax cuts he
                                        licans at the time, Mr. Speaker. And                    dorse, jump on, and go to work with. It                 would say he would support or endorse.
                                        with Gerald R. Ford as President, when                  was a condition where we were dealing                   And as you listened to him respond
                                        he made a decision, when I agreed with                  with the reality of the politics rather                 across the media airwaves, it always
                                        him and he laid out his reasoning and                   than the necessity of balancing the                     came back to the only way that you
                                        his rationale, when he made the right                   budget.                                                 could characterize his position was we
                                        decision, he made it for the right rea-                   And in order to produce a balanced                    are going to increase taxes.
                                        son.                                                    budget, I would have had to create my                     When you increase taxes, you slow
                                          He thoughtfully deliberated on the                    own with my new staff, who didn’t                       this economy. Ronald Reagan once said
                                        components of the information, the                      really have that time and under-                        what you tax you get less of. What you
                                        interactivity of them and what the re-                  standing of this overall 2.7 or $2.8 tril-              tax you get less of, and what you sub-
                                        sult would be and what the constitu-                    lion national budget. But things crept                  sidize you get more of. But I want to
                                        tional foundation was on that decision.                 away from a balanced budget, and we                     talk about the what-you-tax-you-get-
                                        And he made his decision, and he told                   know why. We know there was the                         less-of component of that, a very wise
                                        us why. And that established con-                       bursting of the dot-com bubble that                     statement of President Reagan’s, and
                                        fidence in the integrity and the judg-                  took place and it was necessary, and I                  that is in our infinite lack of wisdom
                                        ment, in the intellect, and the char-                   could go into that perhaps on another                   here in the United States of America,
                                        acter and in the faith of Gerald R.                     date, Mr. Speaker.                                      Mr. Speaker, we tax all productivity in
                                        Ford.                                                     And we also know that we faced an                     America.
                                          When he made the wrong decision,                      attack on September 11 that shut down                     In fact, the Federal Government has
                                        and I will just say when I disagreed                    our financial industry and that the ef-                 the first lien on all productivity in
                                        with him would be my definition of the                  fort was to turn our United States                      America. And you can measure that by
                                        wrong decision, he still laid out his ar-               economy into a tailspin. It needed to                   personal income tax, corporate income
                                        gument. And when he laid out his argu-                  be brought out of that nosedive, and                    tax, capital gains, taxes on interest in-
                                        ment, I could not fault him for using                   the tax cuts that we passed brought it                  come, taxes on dividend income, taxes
                                        the wrong criteria. It was well thought                 back up out of that nosedive. We knew                   on your pension, taxes on your Social
                                        out. He made his arguments well. When                   that we had to engage in a global war                   Security. I am forgetting some of those
                                        we disagreed, I would have a different                  on terror and it was going to cost hun-                 taxes. How about your savings and in-
                                        argument.                                               dreds of billions of dollars to be able to              vestment? Any way you can describe
                                          But those kinds of debates that he                    defend Americans that had been killed                   productivity, the Federal Government
                                        had within himself, he earned that re-                  in greater numbers on our soil than                     is there to tax it; so we get less produc-
                                        spect of us for President Ford. That                    ever at any time in history, and we set                 tivity because we tax our productivity
                                        kind of deliberation, that kind of integ-               about to do that.                                       in America, and Democrats are poised
                                        rity so far in the 110th Congress is non-                 So three big things sent us into a def-               to increase the taxes on our produc-
                                        existent because there hasn’t been an                   icit: the bursting of the dot-com bub-                  tivity. What you tax you get less of.
                                        opportunity to have that debate on any                  ble, the attack on September 11, and                      If you are paying a 10 percent income
                                        of this that has come to this at this                   the necessity to fund the effort in a                   tax and you are making $50,000 a year
                                        point and the rules deny there be that                  global war on terror. Those three                       and they want to raise that tax up to
                                        kind of debate and deliberation in the                  things. And as the stimulants took                      let’s just say 50 percent, why in the
                                        future.                                                 place on the tax cuts, it has taken a                   world would you try to increase your
                                          So I talked about the new motion,                     little while to get them to take hold,                  revenue stream by 50 percent if your
                                        still it was in the rules, but a motion                 but there is no argument that this                      taxes are going to go up by the average
                                        to commit. New to use. You will hear a                  economy is the strongest and most                       of 50 percent and 10 percent, say,
                                        discussion, Mr. Speaker, about PAYGO.                   powerful economy that I have experi-                    roughly 30 percent on average? That
                                        PAYGO means pay as you go. It means                     enced in my lifetime, and it is measur-                 will not happen in the minds of the
                                        something different to Democrats than                   able by a lot of different ways. Any-                   American people. That is why orga-
                                        it does to Republicans. And I will say                  thing that goes up and is good for the                  nized economies never work. That is
                                        that when Republicans talk about                        economy is up. Anything that goes                       why Marxism has failed. That is why
                                        PAYGO, we mean we want to pay as we                     down that is good for the economy is                    socialized economies, managed econo-
                                        go, as do Democrats, but we believe we                  down, and the opposite is also true.                    mies, have always failed. Free enter-
                                        should constrain spending and slow the                    This has been a powerfully strong                     prise has been the thing that has pro-
                                        growth in government and we should                      economy with growth in something                        vided incentives so that people could
                                        find ways for reconciliation and maybe                  like 18 of 19 previous quarters, and all                produce all they could produce and
                                        do a rescissions package so that we can                 of that growth has been up around the                   they had an incentive to be able to
                                        rachet this spending down to keep it                    3 percent level. So this economy has                    keep the max amount possible and still
                                        within the revenue stream.                              been powerful, and this growth has                      be able to provide the services that are
                                          We believe that the Bush tax cuts                     been really a great position to be in to                necessary to hold our sovereign state
                                        have absolutely flat out been proven to                 be able to say let us let the economy                   together.
                                        stimulate this economy. Revenue is up.                  grow us out of this. Let us slow this                     Democrats want to raise taxes to bal-
                                        Revenue has increased significantly                     growth of balance. Let us balance this                  ance the budget. Republicans want to
                                        since the Bush tax cuts were put in                     budget.                                                 cut spending to balance the budget.
                                        place. That is why our deficit has been                   But let us not balance it, Mr. Speak-                   So last year I put together the for-
                                        reduced. It is because revenue has gone                 er, with tax increases. That is what                    mula that would get us to a balanced
                                        beyond our expectations. But the                        PAYGO means to Democrats. The tax                       budget. And if we just wanted to do it
                                        PAYGO argument for me is I want to                      cuts have provided the growth in our                    all at once, we need to be looking at
                                        slow this growth in spending so that we                 revenue stream. Tax increases will di-                  what that balanced budget was to do
                                        can get the size of our Federal Govern-                 minish the growth in our revenue                        that all at once. And we say, first of
                                        ment back in line with the size of our                  stream. But their idea of pay-as-you-go                 all, there is nondiscretionary spending.
                                        revenue stream.                                         is to increase taxes and increase spend-                This is the kind of spending that is al-
                                          For example, last year there were                     ing, as we heard Mr. MCHENRY say, to                    ready in the formula, that is, what it is
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        mistakes made by the majority party                     the tune of $800 million in this pack-                  going to cost for Social Security, what
                                        in the last couple, three Congresses. I                 age. That $800 million won’t be paid for                it is going to cost for Medicaid, what it
                                        believe that there was too much money                   by cuts in other line items in any sig-                 is going to cost for Medicare. That is
                                        that was spent, Mr. Speaker, and I                      nificant way. That, in their mind, is                   most of them, those formulas that are
                                        think that we should have shut that                     paid for by tax increases.                              automatic transfer payments that are

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00044   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.076   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H103
                                        already set up in the equation. That is                 be willing to live within our means.                      I would illustrate it this way, when I
                                        nondiscretionary spending. Many peo-                    And whatever your means are, most of                    first came to this Congress, there was a
                                        ple think you can’t affect that. That                   us, if we had to look back and think we                 3,600 page omnibus spending bill. I was
                                        we shouldn’t change it, maybe adjust                    can have a balanced family budget if                    only here about 3 days, or maybe even
                                        the rules in such a way that there                      we would just reduce our overall spend-                 two, and that bill came to the floor of
                                        would be fewer recipients or fewer dol-                 ing down to 95 percent of what it was                   this Congress, and 20 minutes after it
                                        lars of Medicaid, for example.                          last year, we would willingly make                      was made available to my staff to
                                          That needs to be addressed, and we                    that adjustment, recognizing that we                    evaluate, the final vote went up here
                                        have tried to address entitlement                       haven’t been as responsible as we                       on the floor of the House of Represent-
                                        spending.    That    is   that    nondis-               should have been, and made the budget                   atives.
                                        cretionary spending and the other                       adjustment.                                               That process meant that I was ac-
                                        phrase for it: you are entitled to Social                 That is the kind of PAYGO we need                     countable for all of those earmarks
                                        Security. You are entitled to Medicare.                 to do in this Congress. We need a bal-                  that were in that omnibus spending
                                        You are entitled to Medicaid. But the                   anced budget here, yes, Mr. Speaker,                    bill, those 3,600 pages. It is one thing to
                                        rules of those entitlements are in the                  but not PAYGO with tax increases. Pay                   try to evaluate a bill and read what’s
                                        code today, and those rules are some-                   as you go without tax increases. That                   in it, it is not possible within the time
                                        thing that can be changed and ad-                       is the Steve King position, and I be-                   we had, but it is at least possible to
                                        justed. And I am not here to talk about                 lieve that will be a core position on the               evaluate something that is in the bill.
                                        how to do that specifically, although I                 part of many of the Republicans.                          Try and find, Mr. Speaker, something
                                        do have some ideas on how to approach                                                                           that is not in the bill. Try and look
                                                                                                                  b 1545                                through 3,600 pages to determine that
                                        that, but we need to address entitle-
                                        ment spending.                                            Another way that we can adjust, ad-                   there are omissions as well as the
                                          That was the President’s effort when                  dress spending, is the earmark reform.                  issues, the earmarks that are in the
                                        he came out right after his second in-                  I have been in strong support of ear-                   bill.
                                        augural address and traveled the coun-                  mark reform. I have stepped in and                        This process does need to be more
                                        tryside and spoke about reforming So-                   voted for 16 of the 17 that Congressman                 open, so I have drafted the CUT Act,
                                        cial Security. That operation will col-                 FLAKE brought to the floor of this Con-                 and it is cut unnecessary tab, and the
                                        lapse at some point unless we have the                  gress in the 109th Congress, but I don’t                tab references, if you have a tab in an
                                        political courage to touch that third                   think that really does the job. They                    eating or drinking establishment, we
                                        rail and fix it. That is an entitlement.                are pieces that I agree with.                           want to cut this tab.
                                          Another one is Medicare. Being from                     But I want to do some real reform                       I believe this, that Members of Con-
                                                                                                here, Mr. Speaker, and I am prepared                    gress need to have a legitimate oppor-
                                        the State that is last in the Nation in
                                                                                                to introduce a bill. It is a bill that I in-            tunity to have their own line item
                                        Medicare receipts on a per capita basis,
                                                                                                troduced last year.                                     veto. I think every Member of this Con-
                                        there is much that must be done to
                                                                                                  The problem is this, we talk about                    gress should be able to offer an amend-
                                        help our people out who are on the
                                                                                                giving the President a line item veto,                  ment to a bill that strikes out the line
                                        short end of that stick. But entitle-
                                                                                                so that when there is spending that                     items of their choice under an open
                                        ment spending is a component of this.
                                                                                                comes out, and maybe you want to talk                   rule.
                                        They want to increase taxes rather                                                                                So the CUT Act does this, Mr. Speak-
                                        than adjust entitlement spending. And                   about the Bridge to Nowhere, that is
                                                                                                one of those issues that has been raised                er, it allows once a quarter, four times
                                        the more they can grow entitlement                                                                              a year, for a bill to come to the floor
                                        spending, the more they can take us                     up as a earmark. Well, if the Bridge to
                                                                                                Nowhere comes up, or the Cowgirl Hall                   under an open rule, and it may just be
                                        into socialism. And I don’t want to                                                                             a shell bill, it may not have a single
                                        have a managed economy. I want to                       of Fame comes up or some of these
                                                                                                                                                        line item strike in it, but it allows
                                        have a free enterprise market econ-                     other earmarks that have been rather
                                                                                                                                                        under an open rule any and every Mem-
                                        omy. That is what I came here to pro-                   notorious in the media, we would ask
                                                                                                                                                        ber to bring forth their list of objec-
                                        mote and defend.                                        the President, under a presidential line
                                                                                                                                                        tionable spending, objectionable ear-
                                          PAYGO for Democrats is raise taxes;                   item veto to veto that, take it out of
                                                                                                                                                        marks, and have them offer those ear-
                                        PAYGO for Republicans is cut spend-                     the budget, save that $273 million or
                                                                                                                                                        mark strikes.
                                        ing. And last year for the 2007 fiscal                  whatever the number might be for any                      All it would do is be a rescissions bill
                                        year, which much of that is still ahead                 of those items, or $1 million line item                 that reduces spending, and the reduc-
                                        of us, we could have left entitlements                  veto to maybe study the nocturnal                       tion in that spending goes to address
                                        in place. We could have left defense                    habits of the salamander, or whatever                   the deficit. When the deficit is ad-
                                        spending in place at the appropriated                   it might be. You know some of those,                    dressed, then it goes back into the gen-
                                        levels that we have now and done non-                   Mr. Speaker, they have been out in the                  eral fund, which ultimately reduces our
                                        defense discretionary spending. That is                 news.                                                   national debt, gives every Member of
                                        the rest of the budget that I haven’t                     These are earmarks that get slipped                   this Congress an opportunity to have a
                                        mentioned.                                              in, generally at the committee level, as                line item veto of their own offered to
                                          Mr. Speaker, nondefense discre-                       the bill is being drafted. It comes out                 all Members of Congress.
                                        tionary spending could have been ap-                    here. No Member of Congress has an                        So let us say there is a crazy appro-
                                        propriated at the term of 95 percent of                 opportunity to evaluate those ear-                      priation out here that got slipped into
                                        what it was for the 2006 fiscal year and                marks, nor an opportunity to bring an                   a bill. It will surely happen, Mr. Speak-
                                        we would have had a balanced budget.                    amendment that could strike those                       er, it will happen hundreds and perhaps
                                          Some of the Democrats have pledged                    earmarks from the bill. They arrive in                  thousands of times. Let us just say
                                        to support a balanced budget that does                  a compromised fashion often as a con-                   that the blogosphere out there is lit up,
                                        not include increasing taxes, that does                 ference committee report that comes                     that people go to their Web pages, and
                                        include reduction of spending in non-                   back in the negotiations between the                    they scrutinize the work that we do.
                                        defense discretionary, that discre-                     House and the Senate.                                   We need to give them a lot of access to
                                        tionary spending that doesn’t put our                     It comes to the floor. We have got to                 do that because they are the next
                                        Nation at risk. Ninety-five percent of                  vote on it to move to keep the govern-                  watch dogs on this Congress.
                                        the 2006 fiscal year, that doesn’t mean                 ment operating, and what happens is,                      It used to be that the watch dogs sat
                                        an increase. That actually means a de-                  there are line items in there that have                 in this gallery, and many do, and I am
                                        crease of 5 percent in funding.                         been earmarked by people who are in-                    glad they are here, but then as those
                                          Well, if I have a family budget and                   side that conference committee, and                     watch dogs were also up here in the
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        all of a sudden I look around and I                     these Members of Congress here, Demo-                   press corps, and then the press wrote,
                                        think I am going into debt here and I                   crats and Republicans, are held ac-                     and it got into the newspapers, and
                                        guess I am not going to be in a position                countable for voting ‘‘yes’’ or ‘‘no’’ on               sometimes, weeks later, had got out
                                        to pass that debt along to my children,                 pork projects that they didn’t know                     into the press in the corners of the
                                        and we should not be, then we need to                   was in the bill.                                        United States of America.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00045   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.077   H05JAPT1
                                        H104                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                      January 5, 2007
                                          Well, now we are real-time. We are                    ency groups. I have asked them for                      responsible, PAYGO for Democrats is
                                        real-time, and it has been press real-                  their input because I don’t want to                     buy what you need to, spend what you
                                        time for a long time, but it is even bet-               have unintended consequences. I want                    need to pass by your Members, raise
                                        ter now because we have an Internet,                    to be able to provide a process here                    taxes, so that you can say that you bal-
                                        we have a blogosphere. Let us just say                  that is good for the future of America,                 anced the budget.
                                        that there is a completely objection-                   an open process, a process that gives                     That will work until you kill the
                                        able earmark that has been slipped in                   everybody in this Congress a line item                  goose that lays the golden egg, what
                                        by a committee chairman, or maybe an                    veto, at least to offer the amendment.                  you tax you will get less of. We will get
                                        agreement with a ranking member,                          When that bill passes off this floor,                 less tax gas production in America as
                                        that comes out of a conference com-                     and I don’t envision just eliminating                   taxes increase. That means then that
                                        mittee, and it comes down to the floor                  $10 million on the nocturnal habits of                  there will be less revenue coming in,
                                        of this Congress.                                       salamanders, I envision there to be 25                  coming off of the production in Amer-
                                          Let us just pick the nocturnal habits                 or 50 or 100 or 300 or more line items                  ica, and eventually this economy will
                                        of salamanders for $10 million, to have                 that are accumulated into that bill                     be constrained. It will shrink, and we
                                        a subject here that we can talk about                   that are struck. Because individually,                  will have, we will finally kill the goose
                                        and understand. Well, we don’t really                   they will not be able to withstand the                  that lays the golden egg. We will have
                                        need to understand the nocturnal hab-                   scrutiny of the majority of the Mem-                    to come back around, reduce tax again,
                                        its of salamanders, at least at that                    bers of Congress, because you, the peo-                 stimulate again, do what we did in the
                                        kind of experience to the taxpayers.                    ple of America, and the American peo-                   aftermath of September 11 to reduce
                                        But whatever the motivation was that                    ple, I should say, actually, Mr. Speak-                 tax, do it in the Reagan way, do it in
                                        put it in there, we will not see it. We                 er, will insist that we be fiscally re-                 the John F. Kennedy way, the Reagan
                                        will not have time to read the bill. But                sponsible and that we not waste                         way, the George W. Bush way, those
                                        that bill then, once it passes a con-                   money.                                                  things, those tax reductions have al-
                                        ference report, goes to the President,                    So let us just say that there are now                 ways increased and stimulated our
                                        and he will sign that bill, because there               100 line items strikes, each one of them                economy. That doesn’t seem to be
                                        are many things in there that we must                   representing an amendment to the CUT                    something that is within the scope of
                                        have to keep the government oper-                       Act bill that is in order, and that $10                 understanding on the other side, be-
                                        ating, and now we have got $10 million                  million to the nocturnal habits of sala-                cause there is a different agenda. It is
                                        wasted on the nocturnal habits of sala-                 manders is the first one, and that saves                a socialization agenda.
                                        manders.                                                the taxpayers $10 million. We go right                    So, that is the description of PAYGO,
                                          There is nothing Congress can do                      down the list of those things that you                  Mr. Speaker. Now, the next component
                                        about it, we have done it. We have been                 know about, Mr. Speaker, those things                   that I want to talk about within this
                                        complicit,     our  rules    have    been               that are in the media, strike after                     rules package is the idea of ethics re-
                                        complicit in allowing these things to                   strike after strike, and we have now                    form. Ethics reform, I agree, we needed
                                        happen, not just with this earmark,                     accumulated 100 different strikes, line                 to reform some ethics. We didn’t do
                                        Mr. Speaker, but hundreds and even                      item vetoes, and out of those 100, there                enough in the 109th Congress to reform
                                        thousands of them. My CUT Act allows                    is in there, perhaps, let us pick a round               ethics. We did things that were, I
                                        this, it allows a Member to stand up on                 number, $1 billion. Now this bill, then,                thought, window dressing.
                                        the first day of the quarter, hopefully                 passes off this House of Representa-                      My view on ethics is that, I men-
                                        it will be the leader and the leaders,                  tives, and it goes over to the Senate,                  tioned the bloggers a little bit earlier.
                                        and they will say, I have a bill at the                 where we ask them to take it up.                        We need to give the American people
                                        desk made in order under the rule, and                    We cannot write their rules, Mr.                      sunlight. They have got to have sun-
                                        this bill is the CUT Act bill, then that                Speaker, but we can ask them to take                    light on this process. That means that
                                        allows the shell bill to come up like an                up a bill that we pass here, a rescis-                  we should not have rules that are writ-
                                        appropriations bill, only this is a                     sions package that has the full support                 ten and reports that are written in
                                        deappropriations bill, a rescissions bill,              of the American people that cuts $1 bil-                such a way that the information is dif-
                                        that every amendment that strikes                       lion out of our spending that reduces                   ficult to access, or difficult to under-
                                        spending by line item is in order, and                  our deficit and when, successfully, we                  stand, or impossible to legitimately
                                        the Members can flock over here to the                  are at the balanced budget level, pays                  analyze and draw real black and white
                                        Capitol, and being responsive to their                  down the national debt.                                 conclusions.
                                        constituents, being responsive to their                   That is the CUT Act, Mr. Speaker.                       But in truth, that is the system that
                                        constituency groups, being responsive                   That is a line item veto for Members of                 we have today, and it is the system
                                        to the bloggers out there, that have                    Congress. That is Congressional ac-                     that has been improved some over the
                                        gone down through this legislation,                     countability. That is the kinds of                      years, but it has got a ways to go. The
                                        have read every single line item, have                  things that we need to have an oppor-                   system that I would submit is under a
                                        read the details and the nuances of it,                 tunity to debate here on the floor of                   package that I have offered called the
                                        read every details and the nuances of                   this Congress when we kick off this                     Sunlight bill. That means that I want
                                        it; and then, these Members of Con-                     110th. That is the kind of amendment                    a light on the things that we do.
                                        gress can come here, offer their amend-                 that has been shut out of this process,                   I think that we live in a fishbowl
                                        ments to strike the $10 million that                    not just out of the process of sub-                     anyway, all 435 of us, we are scruti-
                                        would be spent for the nocturnal habits                 committee and committee, but shut                       nized by the press whenever we show up
                                        of salamanders, and you can add line                    out of even being presented at the                      in public, we are recognized, and that
                                        after item after line item, strike after                Rules Committee so that there can be                    is great, it is flattering. It is a tremen-
                                        strike to that.                                         access to the media for the debate, the                 dous honor to be able to represent the
                                          When that happens, we will have an                    deliberation, and so that there will be                 people here in the United States House
                                        open process, a process that will allow                 people that can be held accountable for                 of Representatives. The trade-off for
                                        for the people of the United States of                  their vote when they decide they don’t                  that is you don’t get a lot of privacy.
                                        America to weigh in on our appropria-                   want this kind of an open process.                      The requirement for that is that you
                                        tions that we are doing here.                             I submit that there is no desire for                  report your finances, for example, and
                                          That, Mr. Speaker, is a description of                this open process on the part of the                    that we report our campaign finances,
                                        how the CUT Act works. A lot of us                      majority. I believe that I need to con-                 as well as our personal finances, and we
                                        would like to see the President with a                  tinue to beat this drum, and I will.                    report our financial dealings. That in-
                                        legitimate and effective line item veto.                  To package the PAYGO argument up                      cludes real estate transactions, pur-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        But I believe this Congress deserves a                  and move on to the next component of                    chases.
                                        legitimate and an effective line item                   this, PAYGO, for Republicans is, con-                     But we have a system that is not
                                        veto. It is why I put a lot of research                 trol and constrain spending to achieve                  open. We have a system that is not ac-
                                        into this, I have examined it, I have                   a balanced you budget, no new taxes,                    cessible. We have a system that is not
                                        floated it out to the various constitu-                 less spending, balanced budget, fiscally                really sortable, and it is vague enough

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00046   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.079   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                    H105
                                        that you can’t draw clear conclusions                   Madam Speaker. But the public, had                      an ethics perspective. And I will reit-
                                        from that reporting system that we                      they known that, might have voted for                   erate that when a Member of Congress
                                        have. I have offered the Sunlight Act                   the candidate who didn’t receive those                  files a financial disclosure form and
                                        to fix all of that and to make it more,                 funds. That is my argument as to why                    files it under the ethics rules that are
                                        and I am going to say far more, acces-                  we need to have real-time reporting.                    there, they sign that document and
                                        sible to the American people.                             But I want to take this back to the                   pledge that it is true and accurate and
                                           First and the easiest one to deal with               blogosphere. We have people out there                   done so within the rules and the guide-
                                        is the Federal Election Commission re-                  that have their blogs and they are                      lines of ethics. And to violate that, to
                                        porting. Now, all of us have to go out                  watching the mainstream news media.                     willfully violate that and falsely report
                                        and raise money in order to get elected                 They are interacting with other blogs.                  is a felony. It is a felony. It is worse to
                                        to this Congress. Money is a necessity                  They have their information conduits                    report wrong data on your ethics than
                                        for the people to express their freedom                 that come from whatever their access                    it is to come into the United States il-
                                        of speech. If we don’t raise the money,                 points are. Maybe they happen to be in                  legally. It is a felony to report inac-
                                        eventually someone will spend a lot of                  politics, or maybe they are just a pun-                 curate information willfully on our fi-
                                        money. No matter what our level of in-                  dit that is well wired and well con-                    nancial disclosure forms.
                                        tegrity is, you cannot sustain a seat in                nected. And they might see informa-                        But we have ranges of financial re-
                                        the House of Representatives if you are                 tion that the rest of the country                       porting, ranges that, not all of them
                                        not willing to go out and raise some                    doesn’t see. That is how news is gath-                  committed to memory, and I didn’t
                                        money and be able to advertise on a po-                 ered. So the bloggers are gathering the                 come down here prepared to go through
                                        litical campaign.                                       news and they are writing their opin-                   them component by component. But I
                                           It is unfortunate. I don’t know that                 ions and sometimes they are taking in-                  can just give some examples off the top
                                        it was envisioned by our Founding Fa-                   formation and then sorting it in a fash-                of my head, Madam Speaker. And it
                                        thers, but it is necessary. Mr. Speaker,                ion that people can use it and they can                 works kind of this way. If you have li-
                                        if we concede the point that money has                  understand it.                                          abilities, I am speaking again in gen-
                                        to be raised by Members of Congress,                      I submit that we should submit our-                   eral terms, not to the specific numbers
                                        and it does, then we also need to dis-                  selves, Madam Speaker, to the scrutiny                  within their financial reporting. If you
                                        cuss, and I believe, concede the point                  of the blogosphere; that we should have                 have liabilities, perhaps between zero
                                        that we should have full reporting of                   FEC reporting, campaign finance re-                     and $100,000, you put a little X in that
                                        our campaign finances, and we do have                   porting in real-time in a searchable,                   column on this little kind of little
                                        a law that requires full reporting, and                 sortable, downloadable format that                      spread sheet but it is a paper spread
                                        I don’t want to imply that that doesn’t                 will allow anyone out there in America                  sheet. So you put an X in there and
                                        exist, it is just that the reporting isn’t              that has access to a computer or to the                 say, well, I owe somewhere between
                                        necessarily in real-time.                               Internet to go click on that informa-                   zero and $100,000. Or maybe you say I
                                                                                                tion, if they want to know where STEVE                  have no liabilities. And if you have as-
                                                          b 1600                                                                                        sets that might be within $250,000 and
                                                                                                KING’S revenue stream came from,
                                          It isn’t necessarily in a format that                 download that into a database that you                  $750,000, you put a little X in that box.
                                        is accessible. So if it is not accessible,              can sort.                                                  Well, then if you want to analyze
                                        easily accessible, then it is not as full                 If you want to sort it alphabetically,                what somebody is worth, you might
                                        as the reporting should be. The Sun-                    sort it alphabetically. If you want to                  have $100,000 worth of debt and they
                                        light Act asks this, that the Federal                   sort it by dollars, biggest contribution                might have no more than $250,000 worth
                                        Election Commission reporting, our                      down to smallest, do that. If you want                  of assets, but you can’t determine if
                                        campaign finances, be reported in real-                 to sort it by date, do that. If you want                they have no liability or $100,000 worth
                                        time. And it sets up some parameters                    to sort it by name, do that. But we                     of liability and you can’t determine
                                        on how much time you have if you re-                    should put that information out to the                  whether they have $250,000 worth of as-
                                        ceive some revenue from an individual                   public so that you can scrutinize, in                   sets or $750,000 worth of assets. And so
                                        or from a PAC, the timing of that is a                  the public, where our campaign funds                    as people go up the line in their report-
                                        little looser until you get down to the                 come from, so that you can evaluate                     ing, the difference, the dollars in dis-
                                        last 30 days of a campaign. In the last                 sometimes the positions that we take.                   parity get greater and greater and
                                        30 days the Sunlight Act requires that                  Because if they can be indexed to the                   greater to the extent that, Madam
                                        you file those campaign contributions                   influence of money, you need to hold us                 Speaker, we have a Member seated in
                                        every 24 hours, every single day, the                   accountable. We owe you our best judg-                  this Congress who reported low six dig-
                                        last 30 days, you file those campaign                   ment.                                                   its in net worth assets 5 years earlier,
                                        revenues. Somebody hands you a                            We don’t owe the public a vote that                   and then 5 years later, showed up with
                                        check, that gets deposited, but it gets                 is a bought vote. And the public needs                  somewhere between $6.4 million and $25
                                        reported the same business day. That is                 to have an opportunity to identify if                   million in net worth. How does a per-
                                        not too much to ask when you have                       there is someone who is influenced too                  son make $6 million in assets or, ex-
                                        that kind of flurry going on. We have                   much by money, and it needs to happen                   cuse me, in net worth value over a pe-
                                        to do a lot of things on a real-time                    in real-time. It needs to happen every                  riod of 5 years on the salary of a Mem-
                                        basis, and that is one of them.                         single day 30 days prior to an election.                ber of Congress? How could a person ex-
                                          But that is only, but to report that,                 That is part of the Sunlight Act, to                    pand that from $6.4 million on up to $25
                                        to report it to the FEC and have the                    shed light on our Federal Election                      million. Those questions cannot be le-
                                        FEC bring that report out in their own                  Commission       reporting,    real-time,               gitimately answered without the De-
                                        good time, in a time that it is not pos-                Internet     accessible,  downloadable,                 partment of Justice and search war-
                                        sible for the public to understand                      searchable, sortable database so that                   rants and Ryder trucks and filing cabi-
                                        where the monies come from, and we                      the American public has access.                         nets loaded up to take into the inves-
                                        agree, I believe, that utilization of                     Now, Madam Speaker, that would                        tigation and computers being picked up
                                        funds to advance a candidacy or to ad-                  take care of the reporting on our FEC                   and brought in and a massive financial
                                        vance a cause are political speech, but                 documents. Essential open process, put                  analysis to figure out what really was
                                        free speech.                                            me in the fish bowl, make it real-time.                 going on. Were there taxpayer dollars
                                          So if funds are speech, and the re-                   I am already in the fish bowl. Let’s be                 that were pouring into this? Was there
                                        porting of those funds is an open proc-                 honest and open about it and we will                    a Member of Congress that was enrich-
                                        ess, it needs to be in a timely fashion.                get these adjustments made, and they                    ing himself at the expense of the tax-
                                        So say if there were, what if there hap-                will be made by the people out there in                 payers? That is why we have the re-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        pened to be an entity out there that                    the country, and that is where it                       porting of our finances.
                                        was one who was rejected by Demo-                       should be.                                                 But the ranges that are in there don’t
                                        crats and Republicans but put a lot of                    The next part of this that needs re-                  allow for the public to see that early
                                        money in a campaign and that didn’t                     form even more, Madam Speaker, is                       enough to be able to call that question,
                                        show up until after the election,                       our personal financial reporting from                   get it into the media and bring that

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00047   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.080   H05JAPT1
                                        H106                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                     January 5, 2007
                                        Member into bay so that it doesn’t get                  jump? It is not something that can be                   why we can’t just ask for the sunlight
                                        completely out of hand. This one, from                  analyzed or justified unless there are                  bill on finances, why we can’t just
                                        my viewpoint, looks like it is com-                     special conditions. Those conditions,                   shine the light up on the wall, a sub-
                                        pletely out of hand, and I think it is                  those circumstances have not been ad-                   ject matter that is being debated, the
                                        going to take more than months yet                      dressed at this point. I believe we need                number of the bill that is being debated
                                        for Justice to be able to do complete                   sunlight on everything that we do, sun-                 and the name and perhaps the number
                                        scrutiny of this and find out what real-                light on our campaign stream, sunlight                  of the amendment that is also under
                                        ly happened.                                            on our personal finances.                               discussion at the moment. That would
                                          But if that Member that I am ref-                       And while we are shedding light on                    allow anyone who comes in off the
                                        erencing, and if every Member, and I                    what is going on here in the Chamber,                   street to witness the debate and delib-
                                        am speaking about every Member in                       Madam Speaker, it is a bit of a surprise                eration of the people’s House to imme-
                                        this Congress, were required to put                     to many of us who come into this Con-                   diately sit down and understand what
                                        down exactly the dollar amount of                       gress to walk down here on the floor of                 the debate is all about and understand
                                        their liabilities and exactly the dollar                Congress and hear a debate going on                     what the amendment is and who has
                                        amounts of their assets so that you                     and it doesn’t seem to be fitting with                  got the amendment up, and they will
                                        could look at their net worth, and un-                  the debate we were watching on C–                       figure out then instantly who is the
                                        derstand that there is an amount of ap-                 SPAN on the television in our office in                 proponent, who is the opponent, and
                                        preciation that might come with real                    the 5-minute walk over here. Things                     the process becomes more open.
                                        estate investment. There might be an                    have changed. And you can walk on the                     The simplest thing that should be
                                        amount of appreciation that comes                       floor of this Congress and thinking you                 nonpartisan, this very simple idea is
                                        with stock options and investments.                     are coming to weigh in on the debate of                 not just my idea but an idea that is
                                        That needs to be reported. That should                  H. Res. 5 and find out you are debating                 supported and endorsed by many. I
                                        be traceable and trackable, and we                      H.R. 3495.                                              would ask if we could submit this idea
                                        should be required to put down exact                      Now, neither one of those bills has a                 to the freshmen that have come in.
                                        dollar amounts, not ranges. Not a                       name in my mind. But we have names                      Those who have come out of State leg-
                                        range of $5 to $25 million. If I were in                for these bills too that help describe                  islatures understand that the tech-
                                        that range, it is a lot of difference be-               what it is we are debating. And we are                  nology is there and has been there for
                                        tween being worth $5 million and $25                    sitting in this technological era, where                years in State legislatures. When you
                                        million. Where did the money come                       I have just called for real-time access                 walk into the chamber of a State
                                        from is the reason that we have to re-                  for financial reporting of the Members                  House or a State Senate almost any-
                                        port our finances.                                      of Congress, but the people that are sit-               where in the country, the subject of
                                          The American people, Madam Speak-                     ting in the gallery here in this House of               the bill is illuminated on the wall, the
                                        er, do not have access to that informa-                 Representatives, Madam Speaker, un-                     bill number is illuminated on the wall,
                                        tion. That allows unethical Members of                  less they have got some kind of ear                     the name of the person offering the
                                        Congress to hide the worth that they                    piece in them or some kind of a Black-                  amendment and the number of the
                                        may have been gathering in a fashion                    Berry that they are allowed to have                     amendment is offered on the wall with
                                        that is less than ethical. I believe we                 and I don’t know that they are, that                    a short description of the bill, the
                                        need to have sunlight on all of the fi-                 can tell them what is going on here on                  amendment, so that the public can eas-
                                        nancial proceedings, not just our Fed-                  the floor of Congress they will not                     ily see what is going on, so that the
                                        eral Election Commission reporting,                     know when they walk in this Chamber                     members who are elected can walk in
                                        not just our campaign side, but on our                  what this debate is all about.                          the room and instantaneously under-
                                        personal side as we are required today,                   They will not know the bill that is                   stand the process that they have
                                        but not in a range, not in a range of $5                before us. They will not know the                       walked into and be able to pick up im-
                                        to $25 million, not in a range of zero to               amendment we are discussing. They                       mediately and engage in the process.
                                        $100 now, or $250,000 to $750,000, but in a             will not know why some of the rhetoric
                                        range that is to the nearest dollar.                    doesn’t match the language of the bill                                   b 1615
                                          Exact reporting, and, Madam Speak-                    and the intent of the subject we are                      That is part of the light that needs to
                                        er, do so in real-time. Do so in a                      talking about. They can’t know,                         be shined on this process, Madam
                                        downloadable,      searchable,     sortable             Madam Speaker, because there isn’t a                    Speaker. And I raise this issue up with
                                        database format, so that the bloggers                   single sign around this Chamber that                    this particular discussion because it
                                        out there, or anyone who has access to                  tells the people that come into the gal-                happens to be something that is almost
                                        the Internet, be it a public library or                 lery to witness the people’s House what                 without cost. It should be absolutely
                                        their laptop on the bus or whether it is                it is we are actually talking about. And                bipartisan. In fact, it should be non-
                                        their hard-wired computer that sits in                  if a Member of Congress walks in and                    partisan in its nature. Everyone who
                                        their basement, can sit down and say, I                 they have been 1 minute or 5 minutes                    serves here should be interested in
                                        think I have been watching somebody                     or 10 minutes out of the loop in their                  being able to have easy access to the
                                        here that is my Member of Congress. I                   walk from their office and their watch-                 process and the procedure we happen to
                                        don’t know how they are doing so well.                  ing their C–SPAN camera to come over                    be under. And it is something that al-
                                        I am hearing rumors out here. Let’s see                 here, the bill may have changed or a                    lows the people in the gallery to under-
                                        what’s really happened and go look and                  bill may have been temporarily de-                      stand what is happening.
                                        see, if we are going to be an open proc-                ferred. It might be a different one that                  Right now, it could have ‘‘Special
                                        ess, let’s be an open process. Let’s put                is taken up. And in that transfer of                    Order by King’’ on there. They could
                                        sunlight on everything that we do in                    that subject matter, they can’t know                    have a little clock on there to tell me
                                        this Congress, Madam Speaker.                           unless they walk over here and inter-                   how much time I have left before the
                                          Let’s     put   real-time     reporting,              rupt the person or the staff and ask                    gavel drops and my time has run and
                                        downloadable, searchable, sortable for-                 what are we discussing, what are we                     expired.
                                        mats on our FEC reporting for our                       debating. What is happening. I thought                    But at this point I would ask the
                                        campaign funds. Let’s do that same                      I came over here to talk on H.R. 6, and                 Speaker how much time I have remain-
                                        thing for our personal finances. Let’s                  instead I am over here on H.R. 3094.                    ing.
                                        open this up to the American people.                      The reason that we don’t know that                      The SPEAKER pro tempore (Ms.
                                        Let them scrutinize our finances and                    is because we don’t use the simplest of                 DEGETTE). The gentleman has 30 sec-
                                        the movement of our finances so that if                 technology, a technology that at least                  onds.
                                        some Member can be in here in the                       when we vote puts the number of the                       Mr. KING of Iowa. Oh, boy. The gen-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        year 2000 with a net worth of perhaps                   bill up here on either end of the Cham-                 tleman will then immediately conclude
                                        $100,000, and in the year 2005 have a net               ber, illuminates it on the wooden pan-                  my discussion, and I really appreciate
                                        worth of $6.4 million, or more, the                     els so that you can see the vote that                   that I have been able to bring it to that
                                        American public can ask the question,                   comes up. There is no technological                     conclusion in exactly the 60 minutes
                                        why. Why did that take that kind of                     reason, there is no procedural reason                   that have been allowed. I appreciate

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   05:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00048   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.081   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                         H107
                                        also the privilege in speaking to you,                    The motion was agreed to; accord-                     tember 29, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
                                        Madam Speaker.                                          ingly (at 6 o’clock and 46 minutes                      801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Oversight
                                                                                                p.m.), under its previous order, the                    and Government Reform.
                                                         f                                                                                                33. A letter from the Director, Office of
                                                                                                House adjourned until Tuesday, Janu-                    Surface Mining, Department of the Interior,
                                                                                                ary 9, 2007, at 10:30 a.m., for morning                 transmitting the Department’s final rule —
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Pursu-                       hour debate.                                            North Dakota Regulatory Program [SATS
                                        ant to clause 12(a) of rule I, the Chair                                  f                                     No. ND-049-FOR, Amendment No. XXXVI] re-
                                        declares the House in recess subject to                                                                         ceived December 15, 2006, pursuant to 5
                                        the call of the Chair.                                    EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATIONS,                             U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Nat-
                                          Accordingly (at 4 o’clock and 16 min-                                  ETC.                                   ural Resources.
                                        utes p.m.), the House stood in recess                     Under clause 8 of rule XII, executive                   34. A letter from the Director, Office of
                                        subject to the call of the Chair.                                                                               Sustainable Fisheries, NMFS, National Oce-
                                                                                                communications were taken from the
                                                                                                                                                        anic and Atmospheric Administration, trans-
                                                         f                                      Speaker’s table and referred as follows:                mitting the Administration’s final rule —
                                                              b 1845                              24. A letter from the Congressional Review            Fisheries of the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico,
                                                                                                Coordinator, APHIS, Department of Agri-                 and South Atlantic; Coastal Migratory Pe-
                                                   AFTER RECESS                                 culture, transmitting the Department’s final            lagic Resources of the Gulf of Mexico and
                                          The recess having expired, the House                  rule — Importation of Fruits and Vegetables             South Atlantic; Trip Limit Reduction [Dock-
                                                                                                [Docket No. 03-086-3] (RIN: 0579-AC23) re-              et No. 001005281-0369-02; I.D. 112006D] received
                                        was called to order by the Speaker pro
                                                                                                ceived December 19, 2006, pursuant to 5                 December 15, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
                                        tempore (Mr. COOPER) at 6 o’clock and                   U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Ag-            801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Natural
                                        45 minutes p.m.                                         riculture.                                              Resources.
                                                         f                                        25. A letter from the Director, Defense Pro-            35. A letter from the Deputy Assistant Ad-
                                                                                                curement and Acquisition Policy, Depart-                ministrator for Operations, NMFS, National
                                           ADJOURNMENT TO TUESDAY,                              ment of Defense, transmitting the Depart-               Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
                                                   JANUARY 9, 2007                              ment’s final rule — Defense Federal Acquisi-            transmitting the Department’s final rule —
                                          Ms. DEGETTE. Mr. Speaker, I ask                       tion Regulation Supplement; Labor Reim-                 Magnuson-Stevens Act Provisions; Fisheries
                                        unanimous consent that when the                         bursement on DoD Non-Commercial Time-                   of the Northeastern United States; North-
                                        House adjourns today, it adjourn to                     and-Materials and Labor-Hour Contracts                  eastern Multispecies Fishery; 2006 Georges
                                                                                                (DFARS Case 2006-D030) (RIN: 0750-AF44) re-             Bank Cod Fixed Gear Sector Operations Plan
                                        meet at 10:30 a.m. on Tuesday next for                  ceived December 14, 2006, pursuant to 5                 and Agreement and Allocation of Georges
                                        morning hour debate.                                    U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on                Bank Cod Total Allowable Catch [Docket No.
                                          The SPEAKER pro tempore. Is there                     Armed Services.                                         060808213-6300-02; I.D. 073106C] (RIN: 0648-
                                        objection to the request of the gentle-                   26. A letter from the Chief Counsel/FEMA,             AU56) received December 15, 2006, pursuant
                                        woman from Colorado?                                    Department of Homeland Security, transmit-              to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on
                                          There was no objection.                               ting the Department’s final rule — Changes              Natural Resources.
                                                         f                                      in Flood Elevation Determinations [Docket                 36. A letter from the Acting Director, Of-
                                                                                                No. FEMA-B-7474] received December 21,                  fice of Sustainable Fisheries, NMFS, Na-
                                                 LEAVE OF ABSENCE                               2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the         tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra-
                                          By unanimous consent, leave of ab-                    Committee on Financial Services.                        tion, transmitting the Administration’s final
                                        sence was granted to:                                     27. A letter from the Chief Counsel/FEMA,             rule — Fisheries Off West Coast States; Pa-
                                          Mr. BROWN of South Carolina (at the                   Department of Homeland Security, transmit-              cific Coast Groundfish Fishery; Specifica-
                                                                                                ting the Department’s final rule — Final                tions and Management Measures; Inseason
                                        request of Mr. BOEHNER) for today and                   Flood Elevation Determinations — received               Adjustments [Docket No. 051014263-6028-03;
                                        January 4 after 3:30 p.m. on account of                 December 21, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.                 I.D. 112106B] received December 15, 2006, pur-
                                        the death of his daughter.                              801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Financial             suant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-
                                          Mr. BUYER (at the request of Mr.                      Services.                                               mittee on Natural Resources.
                                        BOEHNER) for today on account of med-                     28. A letter from the Chief Counsel/FEMA,               37. A letter from the Senior Counsel, De-
                                        ical reasons.                                           Department of Homeland Security, transmit-              partment of Justice, transmitting the De-
                                                         f                                      ting the Department’s final rule — Final                partment’s final rule — Supplement to Jus-
                                                                                                Flood Elevation Determination — received                tice Department Procedures and Council on
                                             SPECIAL ORDERS GRANTED                             December 21, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.                 Environmental Quality Regulations to En-
                                          By unanimous consent, permission to                   801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Financial             sure Compliance With the National Environ-
                                                                                                Services.                                               mental Policy Act [Docket No. USMS 101]
                                        address the House, following the legis-                   29. A letter from the Assistant to the                (RIN: 1105-AB13) received December 12, 2006,
                                        lative program and any special orders                   Board, Federal Reserve Board, transmitting              pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-
                                        heretofore entered, was granted to:                     the System’s final rule — Electronic Fund               mittee on the Judiciary.
                                          (The following Members (at the re-                    Transfers [Regulation E; Docket No. R-1265]               38. A letter from the Program Analyst,
                                        quest of Ms. WOOLSEY) to revise and ex-                 received December 15, 2006, pursuant to 5               FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-
                                        tend their remarks and include extra-                   U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Fi-            mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-
                                        neous material:)                                        nancial Services.                                       worthiness Directives; Air Tractor, Inc. Mod-
                                          Mr. DEFAZIO, for 5 minutes, today.                      30. A letter from the Attorney, Office of             els AT-602, AT-802, and AT-802A Airplanes
                                          Mr. PALLONE, for 5 minutes, today.                    Assistant General Counsel for Legislation               [Docket No. FAA-2006-24228; Directorate
                                          Ms. WOOLSEY, for 5 minutes, today.                    and Regulatory Law, Department of Energy,               Identifier 2006-CE-22-AD; Amendment 39-
                                          Mr. SCHIFF, for 5 minutes, today.                     transmitting the Department’s final rule —              14805; AD 2006-22-08] (RIN: 2120-AA64) received
                                          Mr. STUPAK, for 5 minutes, today.                     Energy Conservation Program; Test Proce-                December 13, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.
                                          Mr. SPRATT, for 5 minutes, today.                     dures for Certain Consumer Products and                 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Transpor-
                                                                                                Certain Commercial and Industrial Equip-                tation and Infrastructure.
                                          (The following Members (at the re-
                                                                                                ment; Technical Amendment to Energy Con-                  39. A letter from the Program Analyst,
                                        quest of Ms. FOXX) to revise and extend                 servation Standards for Certain Consumer                FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-
                                        their remarks and include extraneous                    Products and Certain Commercial and Indus-              mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-
                                        material:)                                              trial Equipment [Docket No. EE-RM/TP-05-                worthiness Directives; Boeing Model 747-400,
                                          Mr. SHIMKUS, for 5 minutes, today.                    500] (RIN: 1904-AB53) received December 11,             777-200, and 777-300 Series Airplanes [Docket
                                          Ms. FOXX, for 5 minutes, today.                       2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the         No. 2000-NM-360-AD; Amendment 39-14789; AD
                                          (The following Members (at their own                  Committee on Energy and Commerce.                       2006-21-05] (RIN: 2120-AA64) received Decem-
                                        request) to revise and extend their re-                   31. A letter from the Regulations Coordi-             ber 13, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A);
                                        marks and include extraneous mate-                      nator, Department of Health and Human                   to the Committee on Transportation and In-
                                        rial:)                                                  Services, transmitting the Department’s                 frastructure.
                                                                                                final rule — Acquisition Regulations — re-                40. A letter from the Program Analyst,
                                          Mr. HUNTER, for 5 minutes, today.
                                                                                                ceived December 20, 2006, pursuant to 5                 FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-
                                          Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas, for 5 min-
                                                                                                U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on                mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-
                                        utes, today.
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                                                                                Oversight and Government Reform.                        worthiness Directives; Pratt & Whitney
                                                         f                                        32. A letter from the General Counsel, Fed-           JT8D-1, -1A, -1B, -7, -7A, -7B, -9, -9A, -11, -15,
                                                                                                eral Retirement Thrift Investment Board,                -15A, -17, -17A, -17R, -17AR, -209, -217, -217A,
                                                                                                transmitting the Board’s final rule — Court             -217C, and -219 Turbofan Engines [Docket No.
                                          Ms. DEGETTE. Mr. Speaker, I move                      Orders and Legal Processes Affecting Thrift             FAA-2006-25809; Directorate Identifier 2001-
                                        that the House do now adjourn.                          Savings Plan Accounts — received Sep-                   NE-30-AD; Amendment 39-14791; AD 2006-17-

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   05:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00049   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\K05JA7.083   H05JAPT1
                                        H108                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                        January 5, 2007
                                        07R1] (RIN: 2120-AA64) received December 13,              49. A letter from the FHWA Regulations                          [Filed on December 15, 2006]
                                        2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the         Officer, Department of Transportation,                    Mr. HUNTER: Committee on Armed Serv-
                                        Committee on Transportation and Infra-                  transmitting the Department’s final rule —              ices. Report of the Activities of the Com-
                                        structure.                                              Worker Visibility [FHWA Docket No. FHWA-                mittee on Armed Services for the 109th Con-
                                          41. A letter from the Program Analyst,                2005-23200] (RIN: 2125-AF11) received Decem-            gress (Rept. 109–731). Referred to the Com-
                                        FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-               ber 13, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A);        mittee of the Whole House on the State of
                                        mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-              to the Committee on Transportation and In-              the Union.
                                        worthiness Directives; Airbus Model A321                frastructure.
                                                                                                  50. A letter from the Program Analyst,                [The following actions occurred on December 19,
                                        Airplanes [Docket No. FAA-2006-25060; Direc-
                                                                                                FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-                                     2006]
                                        torate Identifier 2006-NM-119-AD; Amend-
                                        ment 39-14792; AD 2006-21-07] (RIN: 2120-AA64)          mitting the Department’s final rule — Addi-               Mr. HASTINGS of Washington: Committee
                                        received December 13, 2006, pursuant to 5               tional Types on Child Restraint Systems                 on Standards of Official Conduct. In the mat-
                                        U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on                That May Be Furnished and Used on Air-                  ter of Representative James McDermott
                                        Transportation and Infrastructure.                      craft; Corrections [Docket No. FAA-2006-                (Rept. 109–732). Referred to the House Cal-
                                          42. A letter from the Program Analyst,                25334; Amendment Nos. 125-51 and 135-106]               endar and ordered to be printed.
                                        FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-               (RIN: 2120-AI76) received December 13, 2006,              Mr. HASTINGS of Washington: Committee
                                        mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-              pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-          on Standards of Official Conduct. Investiga-
                                        worthiness Directives; Boeing Model 777-200             mittee on Transportation and Infrastruc-                tion of allegations related to improper con-
                                        Series Airplanes Equipped with General                  ture.                                                   duct involving Members and current or
                                        Electric GE90-94B Engines [Docket No. FAA-                51. A letter from the Program Analyst,                former House pages (Rept. 109–733). Referred
                                        2006-26085; Directorate Identifier 2006-NM-142-         FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-               to the House Calendar.
                                        AD; Amendment 39-14794; AD 2006-21-09] (RIN:            mitting the Department’s final rule — Res-                        [Filed on December 21, 2006]
                                        2120-AA64) received December 13, 2006, pursu-           ervation System for Unscheduled Arrivals at
                                                                                                                                                          Mr. LEWIS of California: Committee on
                                        ant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee          Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport
                                                                                                [Docket No. FAA-2005-19411; SFAR No. 105]               Appropriations. Report on Activities of the
                                        on Transportation and Infrastructure.                                                                           Committee on Appropriations, 109th Con-
                                          43. A letter from the Program Analyst,                (RIN: 2120-AI47) received December 13, 2006,
                                                                                                pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-          gress (Rept. 109–734). Referred to the Com-
                                        FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-                                                                       mittee of the Whole House on the State of
                                        mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-              mittee on Transportation and Infrastruc-
                                                                                                ture.                                                   the Union and ordered to be printed.
                                        worthiness Directives; Turbomeca Turmo IV                                                                         Mr. POMBO: Committee on Resources. Re-
                                        A and IV C Series Turboshaft Engines [Dock-               52. A letter from the Principal Deputy As-
                                                                                                sociate Administrator, Environmental Pro-               port on Legislative and Oversight Activities
                                        et No. FAA-2006-25730; Directorate Identifier                                                                   of the Committee on Resources During the
                                        2006-NE-31-AD; Amendment 39-14796; AD 2006-             tection Agency, transmitting the Agency’s
                                                                                                final rule — Oil Pollution Prevention; Spill            109th Congress (Rept. 109–735). Referred to
                                        21-11] (RIN: 2120-AA64) received December 13,                                                                   the Committee of the Whole House on the
                                        2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the         Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure
                                                                                                Plan Requirements — Amendments [EPA-                    State of the Union and ordered to be printed.
                                        Committee on Transportation and Infra-
                                        structure.                                              HQ-OPA-2005-0001; FRL-8258-3] (RIN: 2050-                         [Filed on December 22, 2006]
                                          44. A letter from the Program Analyst,                AG23) received December 13, 2006, pursuant                Mr. THOMAS: Committee on Ways and
                                        FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-               to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on           Means. Report on the Legislative and Over-
                                        mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-              Transportation and Infrastructure.                      sight Activities of the Committee on Ways
                                        worthiness Directives; Airbus Model A330-                 53. A letter from the Assistant Adminis-              and Means During the 109th Congress (Rept.
                                                                                                trator for Procurement, National Aero-                  109–736). Referred to the Committee of the
                                        200, A340-200, and A340-300 Airplanes [Docket
                                                                                                nautics and Space Administration, transmit-             Whole House on the State of the Union and
                                        No. FAA-2006-26083; Directorate Identifier
                                                                                                ting the Administration’s final rule — NASA             ordered to be printed.
                                        2006-NM-185-AD; Amendment 39-14793; AD
                                                                                                FAR Supplement Administrative Changes
                                        2006-21-08] (RIN: 2120-AA64) received Decem-                                                                              [Filed on December 27, 2006]
                                                                                                (RIN: 2700-31) received December 13, 2006,
                                        ber 13, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A);                                                                  Mr. BUYER: Committee on Veterans’ Af-
                                                                                                pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-
                                        to the Committee on Transportation and In-                                                                      fairs. Activities Report of the Committee on
                                                                                                mittee on Science and Technology.
                                        frastructure.                                             54. A letter from the Director of Regula-             Veterans’ Affairs, 109th Congress (Rept. 109–
                                          45. A letter from the Program Analyst,
                                                                                                tions Management, Department of Veterans                737). Referred to the Committee of the Whole
                                        FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-
                                                                                                Affairs, transmitting the Department’s final            House on the State of the Union.
                                        mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-              rule — Extension of the Presumptive Period
                                        worthiness Directives; AeroSpace Tech-                                                                                    [Filed on December 29, 2006]
                                                                                                for Compensation for Gulf War Veterans
                                        nologies of Australia Pty Ltd. Models N22B,                                                                       Mr. YOUNG of Alaska: Committee on
                                                                                                (RIN: 2900-AM47) received December 20, 2006,
                                        N22S, and N24A Airplanes [Docket No. FAA-                                                                       Transportation and Infrastructure. Sum-
                                                                                                pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Com-
                                        2006-25928; Directorate Identifier 2006-CE-53-                                                                  mary of Legislative and Oversight Activities
                                                                                                mittee on Veterans’ Affairs.
                                        AD; Amendment 39-14797; AD 2006-21-12] (RIN:              55. A letter from the Assistant to the Sec-           of the Committee on Transportation and In-
                                        2120-AA64) received December 13, 2006, pursu-           retary for Reg Policy and Mgt, Department               frastructure for the 109th Congress (Rept.
                                        ant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee          of Veterans Affairs, transmitting the Depart-           109–738). Referred to the Committee of the
                                        on Transportation and Infrastructure.                   ment’s final rule — Filipino Veterans’ Bene-            Whole House on the State of the Union.
                                          46. A letter from the Program Analyst,                fits Improvements (RIN: 2900-AK65) received                       [Filed on December 29, 2006]
                                        FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-               December 29, 2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C.                   Mr. TOM DAVIS of Virginia: Committee on
                                        mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-              801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on Veterans’             Government Reform. Activities of the House
                                        worthiness Directives; Turbomeca Arriel 2B              Affairs.                                                Committee on Government Reform for the
                                        Series Turboshaft Engines [Docket No. FAA-                56. A letter from the Chief, Trade and Com-           109th Congress (Rept. 109–739). Referred to
                                        2005-23809; Directorate Identifier 2005-NE-52-          mercial Regulations Branch, Department of               the Committee of the Whole House on the
                                        AD; Amendment 39-14795; AD 2006-21-10] (RIN:            Homeland Security, transmitting the De-                 State of the Union.
                                        2120-AA64) received December 13, 2006, pursu-           partment’s final rule — United States —
                                        ant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee                                                                             [Filed on January 2, 2007]
                                                                                                Chile Free Trade Agreement (RIN: 1505-AB47)
                                        on Transportation and Infrastructure.                   received December 15, 2006, pursuant to 5                 Mr. MANZULLO: Committee on Small
                                          47. A letter from the Program Analyst,                U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on                Business. Summary of Activities of the Com-
                                        FAA, Department of Transportation, trans-               Ways and Means.                                         mittee on Small Business for the 109th Con-
                                        mitting the Department’s final rule — Air-                57. A letter from the Director of Reg. Man-           gress (Rept. 109–740). Referred to the Com-
                                        worthiness Directives; Various Aircraft                 agement, Office of Regulation Policy & Mgt,             mittee of the Whole House on the State of
                                        Equipped With Honeywell Primus II RNZ-                  Department of Veterans Affairs, transmit-               the Union.
                                        850()/-851() Integrated Navigation Units                ting the Department’s final rule — Transfer               Mr. KING of New York: Committee on
                                        [Docket No. FAA-2005-20080; Directorate                 of Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty Entitle-              Homeland Security. Report on Legislative
                                        Identifier 2003-NM-193-AD; Amendment 39-                ment to Dependents (RIN: 2900-AM12) re-                 and Oversight Activities of the House Com-
                                        14802; AD 2006-22-05] received December 13,             ceived December 20, 2006, pursuant to 5                 mittee on Homeland Security During the
                                        2006, pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the         U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); jointly to the Committees          109th Congress (Rept. 109–741). Referred to
                                        Committee on Transportation and Infra-                  on Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs.                the Committee of the Whole House on the
                                        structure.                                                                                                      State of the Union.
                                          48. A letter from the Paralegal, FTA, De-                                                                       Mr. OXLEY: Committee on Financial Serv-
                                        partment of Transportation, transmitting                   REPORTS OF COMMITTEES ON                             ices. Report on the Activity of the Com-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        the Department’s final rule — Controlled                 PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS                           mittee on Financial Services for the 109th
                                        Substances and Alcohol Misuse Testing                                                                           Congress (Rept. 109–742). Referred to the
                                        [Docket No. FTA-2006-24592] (RIN: 2132-AA86)              Under clause 2 of rule XIII, reports of               Committee of the Whole House on the State
                                        received December 13, 2006, pursuant to 5               committees were delivered to the Clerk                  of the Union.
                                        U.S.C. 801(a)(1)(A); to the Committee on                for printing and reference to the proper                  Mr. DREIER: Committee on Rules. Survey
                                        Transportation and Infrastructure.                      calendar, as follows:                                   of Activities of the House Committee on

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00050   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\L05JA7.000   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                     H109
                                        Rules, 109th Congress (Rept. 109–743). Re-                      New York, Mr. HARE, Ms. HARMAN,                         Ms. CLARKE, Mr. CLAY, Mr. CLEAVER,
                                        ferred to the Committee of the Whole House                      Mr.   HASTINGS     of   Florida,  Ms.                   Mr. CLYBURN, Mr. COHEN, Mr. CON-
                                        on the State of the Union.                                      HERSETH, Mr. HIGGINS, Mr. HILL, Mr.                     YERS, Mr. COOPER, Mr. COSTELLO, Mr.
                                          Mr. HASTINGS of Washington: Committee                         HINCHEY, Ms. HIRONO, Mr. HODES, Mr.                     COURTNEY,      Mr.     CROWLEY,   Mr.
                                        on Standards of Official Conduct. Summary                       HOLDEN, Mr. HOLT, Mr. HONDA, Ms.                        CUELLAR, Mr. CUMMINGS, Mr. DAVIS of
                                        of Activities of the Committee on Standards                     HOOLEY, Mr. HOYER, Mr. INSLEE, Mr.                      Illinois, Mr. DAVIS of Alabama, Mr.
                                        of Official Conduct for the 109th Congress                      ISRAEL, Mr. JACKSON of Illinois, Ms.                    LINCOLN DAVIS of Tennessee, Mr.
                                        (Rept. 109–744). Referred to the Committee of                   JACKSON-LEE of Texas, Ms. EDDIE                         DEFAZIO,      Ms.      DEGETTE,   Mr.
                                        the Whole House on the State of the Union.                      BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas, Mr. JOHN-                     DELAHUNT, Ms. DELAURO, Mr. DICKS,
                                          Mr. MCKEON: Committee on Education                            SON of Georgia, Mr. KAGEN, Ms. KAP-                     Mr. DINGELL, Mr. DOGGETT, Mr.
                                        and the Workforce. Report on the Activities                     TUR, Mr. KENNEDY, Mr. KILDEE, Mr.                       DOYLE, Mr. ELLISON, Mr. ELLSWORTH,
                                        of the Committee on Education and the                           KIND, Mr. KLEIN of Florida, Mr.                         Mr. EMANUEL, Mr. ENGEL, Ms. ESHOO,
                                        Workforce During the 109th Congress (Rept.                      KUCINICH,     Mr.     LAMPSON,    Mr.                   Mr. ETHERIDGE, Mr. FALEOMAVAEGA,
                                        109–745). Referred to the Committee of the                      LANGEVIN, Mr. LARSEN of Wash-                           Mr. FARR, Mr. FATTAH, Mr. FILNER,
                                        Whole House on the State of the Union.                          ington, Mr. LARSON of Connecticut,                      Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts, Ms.
                                          Mr. GOODLATTE: Committee on Agri-                             Ms. LEE, Mr. LEVIN, Mr. LEWIS of                        GIFFORDS, Mrs. GILLIBRAND, Mr. GOR-
                                        culture. Report of the Committee on Agri-                       Georgia, Mr. LOEBSACK, Ms. ZOE                          DON, Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas, Mr.
                                        culture on Activities During the 109th Con-                     LOFGREN of California, Mrs. LOWEY,                      GRIJALVA, Mr. GUTIERREZ, Mr. HALL
                                        gress (Rept. 109–746). Referred to the Com-                     Mr. LYNCH, Mr. MAHONEY of Florida,                      of New York, Mr. HARE, Ms. HARMAN,
                                        mittee of the Whole House on the State of                       Mrs. MALONEY of New York, Mr.                           Mr.    HASTINGS     of   Florida, Ms.
                                        the Union.                                                      MARKEY, Ms. MATSUI, Mrs. MCCARTHY                       HERSETH, Mr. HIGGINS, Mr. HILL, Mr.
                                          Mr. HYDE: Committee on International                          of New York, Ms. MCCOLLUM of Min-                       HINCHEY, Mr. HINOJOSA, Ms. HIRONO,
                                        Relations. Legislative Review Activities of                     nesota, Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. MCGOV-                       Mr. HODES, Mr. HOLDEN, Mr. HOLT,
                                        the Committee on International Relations,                       ERN, Mr. MCINTYRE, Mr. MCNERNEY,                        Mr. HONDA, Ms. HOOLEY, Mr. INSLEE,
                                        109th Congress (Rept. 109–747). Referred to                     Mr. MCNULTY, Mr. MEEHAN, Mr.                            Mr. ISRAEL, Mr. JACKSON of Illinois,
                                        the Committee of the Whole House on the                         MEEK of Florida, Mr. MICHAUD, Ms.                       Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas, Ms. EDDIE
                                        State of the Union.                                             MILLENDER-MCDONALD, Mr. GEORGE                          BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas, Mr. JOHN-
                                          Mr. BOEHLERT: Committee on Science.                           MILLER of California, Mr. MITCHELL,                     SON of Georgia, Mr. KAGEN, Mr. KAN-
                                        Summary of Activities of the Committee on                       Mr. MOORE of Kansas, Mr. MORAN of                       JORSKI, Ms. KAPTUR, Mr. KENNEDY,
                                        Science for the 109th Congress (Rept. 109–                      Virginia, Mr. MURPHY of Connecticut,                    Mr. KILDEE, Ms. KILPATRICK, Mr.
                                        748). Referred to the Committee of the Whole                    Mr. PATRICK MURPHY of Pennsyl-                          KIND, Mr. KLEIN of Florida, Mr.
                                        House on the State of the Union.                                vania, Mr. NADLER, Mrs. NAPOLITANO,                     KUCINICH,     Mr.      LAMPSON,   Mr.
                                          Mr. SENSENBRENNER: Committee on the                           Ms. NORTON, Mr. OBERSTAR, Mr.                           LANGEVIN, Mr. LANTOS, Mr. LARSEN
                                        Judiciary. Report on the Activities of the                      OBEY, Mr. OLVER, Mr. ORTIZ, Mr.                         of Washington, Mr. LARSON of Con-
                                        Committee on the Judiciary During the                           PALLONE, Mr. PASCRELL, Mr. PASTOR,                      necticut, Mr. LATOURETTE, Ms. LEE,
                                                                                                        Mr. PAYNE, Mr. PERLMUTTER, Mr.                          Mr. LEVIN, Mr. LEWIS of Georgia, Mr.
                                        109th Congress (Rept. 109–749). Referred to
                                                                                                        POMEROY, Mr. PRICE of North Caro-                       LIPINSKI,    Mr.      LOBIONDO,   Mr.
                                        the Committee of the Whole House on the
                                                                                                        lina, Mr. RAHALL, Mr. RANGEL, Mr.                       LOEBSACK, Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of Cali-
                                        State of the Union.
                                                                                                        REYES, Mr. RODRIGUEZ, Mr. ROSS, Mr.                     fornia, Mrs. LOWEY, Mr. LYNCH, Mr.
                                          Mr. NUSSLE: Committee on the Budget.
                                                                                                        ROTHMAN, Ms. ROYBAL-ALLARD, Mr.                         MAHONEY of Florida, Mrs. MALONEY
                                        Activities and Summary Report of the Com-
                                                                                                        RUPPERSBERGER, Mr. RUSH, Mr. RYAN                       of New York, Mr. MARKEY, Ms. MAT-
                                        mittee on the Budget, 109th Congress (Rept.
                                                                                                        of Ohio, Mr. SALAZAR, Ms. LINDA T.                      SUI, Mrs. MCCARTHY of New York, Ms.
                                        109–750). Referred to the Committee of the                        ´
                                                                                                        SANCHEZ of California, Mr. SARBANES,                    MCCOLLUM       of    Minnesota,   Mr.
                                        Whole House on the State of the Union.
                                                                                                        Ms. SCHAKOWSKY, Mr. SCHIFF, Ms.                         MCDERMOTT, Mr. MCGOVERN, Mr.
                                                         f                                              SCHWARTZ, Mr. SCOTT of Georgia, Mr.                     MCHUGH,      Mr.     MCINTYRE,    Mr.
                                                                                                        SCOTT of Virginia, Mr. SERRANO, Mr.                     MCNERNEY, Mr. MCNULTY, Mr. MEE-
                                         PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS
                                                                                                        SESTAK, Ms. SHEA-PORTER, Mr. SHER-                      HAN, Mr. MEEK of Florida, Mr.
                                          Under clause 2 of rule XII, public                            MAN, Mr. SHULER, Mr. SIRES, Ms.                         MICHAUD, Ms. MILLENDER-MCDONALD,
                                        bills and resolutions of the following                          SLAUGHTER, Mr. SMITH of Wash-                           Mr. MITCHELL, Mr. MOORE of Kansas,
                                        titles were introduced and severally re-                        ington, Ms. SOLIS, Mr. SPACE, Mr.                       Ms. MOORE of Wisconsin, Mr. MORAN
                                        ferred, as follows:                                             SPRATT, Mr. STARK, Mr. STUPAK, Ms.                      of Virginia, Mr. MURPHY of Con-
                                                                                                        SUTTON, Mrs. TAUSCHER, Mr. THOMP-                       necticut, Mr. PATRICK MURPHY of
                                                  [Filed on January 5, 2007]                                                                                    Pennsylvania, Mr. TIM MURPHY of
                                                                                                        SON of California, Mr. TIERNEY, Mrs.
                                              By Mr. THOMPSON of Mississippi (for                       JONES of Ohio, Mr. UDALL of Colo-                       Pennsylvania, Mr. NADLER, Mrs.
                                               himself, Mr. LANTOS, Mr. SKELTON,                        rado, Mr. UDALL of New Mexico, Mr.                      NAPOLITANO, Ms. NORTON, Mr. OBER-
                                               Mrs. GILLIBRAND, Mr. ACKERMAN, Mr.                                                 ´
                                                                                                        VAN HOLLEN, Ms. VELAZQUEZ, Mr.                          STAR, Mr. OBEY, Mr. OLVER, Mr.
                                               ALLEN, Mr. ALTMIRE, Mr. ANDREWS,                         WALZ of Minnesota, Ms. WASSERMAN                        ORTIZ, Mr. PALLONE, Mr. PASCRELL,
                                               Mr. ARCURI, Mr. BACA, Mr. BAIRD, Ms.                     SCHULTZ, Ms. WATERS, Ms. WATSON,                        Mr.    PASTOR,     Mr.    PAYNE,  Mr.
                                               BALDWIN, Ms. BEAN, Mr. BECERRA,                          Mr. WAXMAN, Mr. WEINER, Mr. WELCH                       PERLMUTTER, Mr. PETERSON of Min-
                                               Ms. BERKLEY, Mr. BERMAN, Mr.                             of Vermont, Mr. WEXLER, Mr. WILSON                      nesota, Mr. POMEROY, Mr. PRICE of
                                               BERRY, Mr. BISHOP of New York, Mr.                       of Ohio, Ms. WOOLSEY, Mr. WU, Mr.                       North Carolina, Mr. RAHALL, Mr.
                                               BLUMENAUER, Ms. BORDALLO, Mr.                            WYNN, Mr. YARMUTH, and Mr.                              RANGEL, Mr. REYES, Mr. RODRIGUEZ,
                                               BOREN, Mr. BOSWELL, Mr. BOUCHER,                         HINOJOSA):                                              Mr. ROSS, Mr. ROTHMAN, Ms. ROYBAL-
                                               Ms. BOYDA of Kansas, Mr. BRADY of                  H.R. 1. A bill to provide for the implemen-                   ALLARD, Mr. RUPPERSBERGER, Mr.
                                               Pennsylvania, Mr. BRALEY of Iowa,                tation of the recommendations of the Na-                        RUSH, Mr. RYAN of Ohio, Mr.
                                               Mr. BUTTERFIELD, Mrs. CAPPS, Mr.                 tional Commission on Terrorist Attacks                                                       ´
                                                                                                                                                                SALAZAR, Ms. LINDA T. SANCHEZ of
                                               CAPUANO,      Mr.    CARDOZA,    Mr.             Upon the United States; to the Committees                       California,   Mr.      SARBANES,  Ms.
                                               CARNAHAN, Mr. CARNEY, Ms. CASTOR,                on Homeland Security Energy and Com-                            SCHAKOWSKY,       Mr.    SCHIFF,  Ms.
                                               Mr. CHANDLER, Mrs. CHRISTENSEN,                  merce, the Judiciary, Intelligence (Perma-                      SCHWARTZ, Mr. SCOTT of Georgia, Mr.
                                               Ms. CLARKE, Mr. CLAY, Mr. CLEAVER,               nent Select), Foreign Affairs, Transportation                   SCOTT of Virginia, Mr. SERRANO, Mr.
                                               Mr. CLYBURN, Mr. COHEN, Mr. CON-                 and Infrastructure, Oversight and Govern-                       SESTAK, Mr. SHAYS, Ms. SHEA-POR-
                                               YERS, Mr. COOPER, Mr. COSTELLO, Mr.              ment Reform, and Ways and Means.                                TER, Mr. SHERMAN, Mr. SHULER, Mr.
                                               COURTNEY,      Mr.    CROWLEY,   Mr.                   By Mr. GEORGE MILLER of California                        SIRES, Mr. SKELTON, Ms. SLAUGHTER,
                                               CRAMER,       Mr.    CUELLAR,    Mr.                     (for himself, Mr. HOYER, Mr. DON-                       Mr. SMITH of Washington, Mr. SMITH
                                               CUMMINGS, Mr. DAVIS of Illinois, Mr.                     NELLY, Mr. AL GREEN of Texas, Mr.                       of New Jersey, Mr. SNYDER, Ms.
                                               DAVIS of Alabama, Mr. LINCOLN                            ACKERMAN, Mr. ALLEN, Mr. ALTMIRE,                       SOLIS, Mr. SPACE, Mr. SPRATT, Mr.
                                               DAVIS of Tennessee, Mrs. DAVIS of                        Mr. ANDREWS, Mr. ARCURI, Mr. BACA,                      STARK, Mr. STUPAK, Ms. SUTTON, Mrs.
                                               California,    Mr.    DEFAZIO,   Ms.                     Mr. BAIRD, Ms. BALDWIN, Ms. BEAN,                       TAUSCHER, Mr. THOMPSON of Mis-
                                               DEGETTE,      Mr.   DELAHUNT,    Ms.                     Mr. BECERRA, Ms. BERKLEY, Mr. BER-                      sissippi, Mr. THOMPSON of California,
                                               DELAURO, Mr. DICKS, Mr. DOGGETT,                         MAN, Mr. BERRY, Mr. BISHOP of New                       Mr. TIERNEY, Mrs. JONES of Ohio, Mr.
                                               Mr. DONNELLY, Mr. DOYLE, Mr.                             York,     Mr.     BLUMENAUER,     Ms.                   UDALL of Colorado, Mr. UDALL of New
                                               ELLISON, Mr. ELLSWORTH, Mr. EMAN-                        BORDALLO, Mr. BOSWELL, Mr. BOU-                         Mexico, Mr. VAN HOLLEN, Ms.
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                               UEL, Ms. ESHOO, Mr. ETHERIDGE, Mr.                       CHER, Mr. BRADY of Pennsylvania,                             ´
                                                                                                                                                                VELAZQUEZ, Mr. WALSH of New York,
                                               FALEOMAVAEGA,      Mr.     FARR, Mr.                     Mr.     BRALEY      of    Iowa,   Mr.                   Mr.    WALZ     of    Minnesota,  Ms.
                                               FATTAH, Mr. FILNER, Mr. FRANK of                         BUTTERFIELD,     Mrs.    CAPPS,   Mr.                   WASSERMAN SCHULTZ, Ms. WATERS,
                                               Massachusetts, Ms. GIFFORDS, Mr. AL                      CAPUANO,      Mr.     CARDOZA,    Mr.                   Ms. WATSON, Mr. WAXMAN, Mr.
                                               GREEN of Texas, Mr. GENE GREEN of                        CARNAHAN, Mr. CARNEY, Ms. CASTOR,                       WEINER, Mr. WELCH of Vermont, Mr.
                                               Texas, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. HALL of                         Mr. CHANDLER, Mrs. CHRISTENSEN,                         WEXLER, Mr. WILSON of Ohio, Ms.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   05:37 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00051   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.041   H05JAPT1
                                        H110                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                        January 5, 2007
                                                WOOLSEY, Mr. WU, Mr. WYNN, and Mr.                     SARBANES, Ms. SCHAKOWSKY, Mr.                             ORTIZ, Mr. PALLONE, Mr. PASCRELL,
                                                YARMUTH):                                              SCHIFF, Ms. SCHWARTZ, Mr. SCOTT of                        Mr.    PASTOR,    Mr.     PAYNE,   Mr.
                                          H.R. 2. A bill to amend the Fair Labor                       Georgia, Mr. SERRANO, Mr. SESTAK,                         PERLMUTTER, Mr. POMEROY, Mr. RA-
                                        Standards Act of 1938 to provide for an in-                    Ms. SHEA-PORTER, Mr. SHERMAN, Mr.                         HALL, Mr. REYES, Mr. RODRIGUEZ, Mr.
                                        crease in the Federal minimum wage; to the                     SIRES, Mr. SKELTON, Ms. SLAUGHTER,                        ROSS, Mr. ROTHMAN, Ms. ROYBAL-AL-
                                        Committee on Energy and Commerce.                              Mr. SMITH of Washington, Mr. SNY-                         LARD, Mr. RUPPERSBERGER, Mr. RUSH,
                                             By Ms. DEGETTE (for herself, Mr. CAS-                     DER, Ms. SOLIS, Mr. SPACE, Mr.                            Mr. RYAN of Ohio, Mr. SALAZAR, Ms.
                                                TLE, Mr. LANGEVIN, Mr. SHAYS, Mr.                      SPRATT, Ms. SUTTON, Mrs. TAUSCHER,                                     ´
                                                                                                                                                                 LINDA T. SANCHEZ of California, Mr.
                                                MITCHELL, Mr. KIRK, Mr. DINGELL,                       Mr. THOMPSON of Mississippi, Mr.                          SARBANES, Ms. SCHAKOWSKY, Mr.
                                                Mr. DENT, Mr. RANGEL, Mr. PORTER,                      THOMPSON of California, Mr. TIERNEY,                      SCHIFF, Ms. SCHWARTZ, Mr. SCOTT of
                                                Mr. WAXMAN, Mr. LEWIS of California,                   Mr. TOWNS, Mr. UDALL of Colorado,                         Georgia, Mr. SCOTT of Virginia, Mr.
                                                Mr. CONYERS, Mr. REGULA, Mr.                           Mr. UDALL of New Mexico, Mr.                              SERRANO, Mr. SESTAK, Mr. SIRES, Mr.
                                                PALLONE, Mrs. BONO, Mr. STARK, Mr.                     UPTON,     Mr.    VAN    HOLLEN,  Ms.                     SKELTON, Ms. SLAUGHTER, Mr. SNY-
                                                BILBRAY, Ms. BALDWIN, Mr. TOM                               ´
                                                                                                       VELAZQUEZ, Mr. VISCLOSKY, Mr. WALZ                        DER, Ms. SOLIS, Mr. SPACE, Mr.
                                                DAVIS of Virginia, Mrs. CAPPS, Mr.                     of     Minnesota,    Ms.   WASSERMAN                      SPRATT, Mr. STUPAK, Ms. SUTTON,
                                                REICHERT,      Mr.   CARNAHAN,    Mr.                  Schultz, Ms. WATERS, Ms. WATSON,                          Mrs. TAUSCHER, Mr. THOMPSON of
                                                RAMSTAD, Mr. LEWIS of Georgia, Mrs.                    Mr. WEINER, Mr. WELCH of Vermont,                         Mississippi, Mr. THOMPSON of Cali-
                                                BIGGERT,     Mr.   PERLMUTTER,    Mr.                  Mr. WEXLER, Ms. WOOLSEY, Mr. WU,                          fornia, Mr. TIERNEY, Mrs. JONES of
                                                GILCHREST, Mr. ABERCROMBIE, Mr.                        Mr. WYNN, Mr. YARMUTH, and Mr.                            Ohio, Mr. UDALL of New Mexico, Mr.
                                                ACKERMAN, Mr. ALLEN, Mr. ALTMIRE,                      HINOJOSA):                                                                           ´
                                                                                                                                                                 VAN HOLLEN, Ms. VELAZQUEZ, Mr.
                                                Mr. ANDREWS, Mr. ARCURI, Mr. BACA,                H.R. 3. A bill to amend the Public Health                      WALZ of Minnesota, Ms. WASSERMAN
                                                Mr. BAIRD, Ms. BEAN, Mr. BECERRA,               Service Act to provide for human embryonic                       SCHULTZ, Ms. WATERS, Ms. WATSON,
                                                Ms. BERKLEY, Mr. BERMAN, Mr.                    stem cell research; to the Committee on En-                      Mr. WEINER, Mr. WELCH of Vermont,
                                                BERRY, Mr. BISHOP of Utah, Mr.                  ergy and Commerce.                                               Mr. WEXLER, Mr. WILSON of Ohio, Ms.
                                                BISHOP      of    New    York,    Mr.                 By Mr. DINGELL (for himself, Mrs.                          WOOLSEY, Mr. WU, Mr. WYNN, Mr.
                                                BLUMENAUER, Ms. BORDALLO, Mr.                          EMERSON, Mr. RANGEL, Ms. SHEA-
                                                                                                                                                                 YARMUTH, and Mr. HINOJOSA):
                                                BOSWELL, Mr. BOUCHER, Mr. BOYD of                      PORTER, Mr. WAXMAN, Mr. STARK, Mr.                 H.R. 4. A bill to amend part D of title
                                                Florida, Mr. BRADY of Pennsylvania,                    ACKERMAN, Mr. ALLEN, Mr. ALTMIRE,                XVIII of the Social Security Act to require
                                                Mr. BRALEY of Iowa, Ms. CORRINE                        Mr. ANDREWS, Mr. ARCURI, Mr. BACA,               the Secretary of Health and Human Services
                                                BROWN of Florida, Mr. BUTTERFIELD,                     Mr. BAIRD, Ms. BALDWIN, Mr. BECER-               to negotiate lower covered part D drug prices
                                                Mr. CAPUANO, Mr. CARDOZA, Mr. CAR-                     RA, Ms. BERKLEY, Mr. BERMAN, Mr.                 on behalf of Medicare beneficiaries; to the
                                                NEY, Ms. CARSON, Ms. CASTOR, Mr.                       BERRY, Mr. BISHOP of New York, Mr.               Committees on Energy and Commerce and
                                                CHANDLER, Mrs. CHRISTENSEN, Mr.                        BLUMENAUER, Ms. BORDALLO, Mr.                    Ways and Means.
                                                CLAY, Mr. CLEAVER, Mr. CLYBURN,                        BOSWELL, Mr. BOUCHER, Ms. BOYDA of
                                                Mr. COHEN, Mr. COOPER, Mr. COSTA,                      Kansas, Mr. BRADY of Pennsylvania,                                f
                                                Mr. COURTNEY, Mr. CROWLEY, Mr.                         Mr.      BRALEY     of    Iowa,   Mr.                        [Filed on January 4, 2007]
                                                CUELLAR, Mr. CUMMINGS, Mr. DAVIS of                    BUTTERFIELD,      Mrs.    CAPPS,  Mr.                  By Mr. SCHIFF (for himself, Mr.
                                                Alabama, Mr. DAVIS of Illinois, Mrs.                   CAPUANO,       Mr.     CARDOZA,   Mr.                     FLAKE, Mr. VAN HOLLEN, Mr. INGLIS
                                                DAVIS of California, Mr. DEFAZIO, Mr.                  CARNAHAN, Mr. CARNEY, Ms. CASTOR,                         of South Carolina, Mr. INSLEE, and
                                                DELAHUNT, Ms. DELAURO, Mr. DICKS,                      Mr. CHANDLER, Mrs. CHRISTENSEN,                           Mr. MACK):
                                                Mr. DOGGETT, Mr. ELLISON, Mr.                          Ms. CLARKE, Mr. CLAY, Mr. CLEAVER,                 H.R. 11. A bill to reiterate that chapters
                                                ENGEL, Ms. ESHOO, Mr. ETHERIDGE,                       Mr. CLYBURN, Mr. COHEN, Mr. CON-                 119 and 121 of title 18, United States Code,
                                                Mr. FALEOMAVAEGA, Mr. FARR, Mr.                        YERS, Mr. COOPER, Mr. COSTELLO, Mr.              and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance
                                                FATTAH, Mr. FILNER, Mr. FRANK of                       COURTNEY,      Mr.     CROWLEY,   Mr.            Act of 1978 are the exclusive means by which
                                                Massachusetts, Ms. GIFFORDS, Mrs.                      CUELLAR, Mr. CUMMINGS, Mr. DAVIS of              domestic electronic surveillance may be con-
                                                GILLIBRAND, Mr. GORDON, Mr. AL                         Illinois, Mr. DAVIS of Alabama, Mr.              ducted, and for other purposes; to the Com-
                                                GREEN of Texas, Mr. GENE GREEN of                      LINCOLN DAVIS of Tennessee, Mr.                  mittee on the Judiciary, and in addition to
                                                Texas, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. GUTIERREZ,                    DEFAZIO,      Ms.      DEGETTE,   Mr.            the Committee on Intelligence (Permanent
                                                Mr. HALL of New York, Mr. HARE, Ms.                    DELAHUNT, Ms. DELAURO, Mr. DICKS,                Select), for a period to be subsequently de-
                                                HARMAN, Mr. HASTINGS of Florida,                       Mr. DOGGETT, Mr. DONNELLY, Mr.                   termined by the Speaker, in each case for
                                                Ms. HERSETH, Mr. HIGGINS, Mr. HIN-                     DOYLE, Mr. ELLISON, Mr. ELLSWORTH,               consideration of such provisions as fall with-
                                                CHEY, Ms. HIRONO, Mr. HODES, Mr.                       Mr. EMANUEL, Ms. ESHOO, Mr.                      in the jurisdiction of the committee con-
                                                HOLT, Mr. HONDA, Ms. HOOLEY, Mr.                       FALEOMAVAEGA,       Mr.    FARR,  Mr.            cerned.
                                                HOYER, Mr. INSLEE, Mr. ISRAEL, Ms.                     FATTAH, Mr. FILNER, Mr. FRANK of                       By Mr. KIRK:
                                                JACKSON-LEE of Texas, Mr. JACKSON                      Massachusetts, Ms. GIFFORDS, Mrs.                  H.R. 12. A bill to permit certain school dis-
                                                of Illinois, Mr. JEFFERSON, Ms. EDDIE                  GILLIBRAND, Mr. GORDON, Mr. AL                   tricts in Illinois to be reconstituted for pur-
                                                BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas, Mr. JOHN-                    GREEN of Texas, Mr. GENE GREEN of                poses of determining assistance under the
                                                SON of Georgia, Mrs. JONES of Ohio,                    Texas, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. HALL of                 Impact Aid program; to the Committee on
                                                Mr. KAGEN, Mr. KENNEDY, Mr. KIND,                      New York, Mr. HARE, Ms. HARMAN,                  Education and Labor.
                                                Mr. KLEIN of Florida, Mr. KUCINICH,                    Mr.     HASTINGS    of   Florida, Ms.                  By Mr. BACA:
                                                                                                                                                          H.R. 13. A bill to direct the Secretary of
                                                Mr. LANTOS, Mr. LARSEN of Wash-                        HERSETH, Mr. HIGGINS, Mr. HILL, Mr.
                                                                                                                                                        the Army to conduct a study to determine
                                                ington, Mr. LARSON of Connecticut,                     HINCHEY, Ms. HIRONO, Mr. HODES, Mr.
                                                                                                                                                        the feasibility of carrying out a project for
                                                Ms. LEE, Mr. LEVIN, Mr. LOEBSACK,                      HOLDEN, Mr. HONDA, Ms. HOOLEY, Mr.
                                                                                                                                                        water supply for Rialto, Fontana, and Col-
                                                Ms. ZOE LOFGREN of California, Mrs.                    HOYER, Mr. ISRAEL, Mr. JACKSON of
                                                                                                                                                        ton, California; to the Committee on Trans-
                                                LOWEY, Mr. LYNCH, Mr. MAHONEY of                       Illinois, Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas,              portation and Infrastructure.
                                                Florida, Mrs. MALONEY of New York,                     Mr. JOHNSON of Georgia, Mr. KAGEN,                     By Mr. KIRK (for himself and Mr.
                                                Mr. MARKEY, Mr. MATHESON, Ms.                          Ms. KAPTUR, Mr. KENNEDY, Mr. KIL-                         PLATTS):
                                                MATSUI, Mrs. MCCARTHY of New                           DEE, Mr. KIND, Mr. KLEIN of Florida,               H.R. 14. A bill to amend title 5, United
                                                York, Ms. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota,                       Mr. KUCINICH, Mr. LANGEVIN, Mr.                  States Code, to deny retirement benefits ac-
                                                Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. MCGOVERN, Mr.                       LANTOS, Mr. LARSEN of Washington,                crued by an individual as a Member of Con-
                                                MCNERNEY, Mr. MCNULTY, Mr. MEE-                        Mr. LARSON of Connecticut, Ms. LEE,              gress if such individual is convicted of any of
                                                HAN, Mr. MEEK of Florida, Mr.                          Mr. LEVIN, Mr. LEWIS of Georgia, Mr.             certain offenses; to the Committee on House
                                                MICHAUD, Ms. MILLENDER-MCDONALD,                       LIPINSKI, Mr. LOEBSACK, Ms. ZOE                  Administration, and in addition to the Com-
                                                Mr. GEORGE MILLER of California, Mr.                   LOFGREN of California, Mr. LYNCH,                mittee on Oversight and Government Re-
                                                MOORE of Kansas, Ms. MOORE of Wis-                     Mr. MAHONEY of Florida, Mrs.                     form, for a period to be subsequently deter-
                                                consin, Mr. MORAN of Virginia, Mr.                     MALONEY of New York, Mr. MARKEY,                 mined by the Speaker, in each case for con-
                                                MURPHY of Connecticut, Mr. PATRICK                     Ms. MATSUI, Mr. MCCARTHY of Cali-                sideration of such provisions as fall within
                                                MURPHY of Pennsylvania, Mr. NAD-                       fornia, Ms. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota,               the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
                                                LER, Mrs. NAPOLITANO, Ms. NORTON,                      Mr. MCDERMOTT, Mr. MCGOVERN, Mr.                       By Mr. DINGELL:
                                                Mr. OBEY, Mr. OLVER, Mr. ORTIZ, Mr.                    MCNERNEY, Mr. MCNULTY, Mr. MEE-                    H.R. 15. A bill to provide a program of na-
                                                PASCRELL, Mr. PASTOR, Mr. PAYNE,                       HAN, Mr. MEEK of Florida, Mr.                    tional health insurance, and for other pur-
                                                Mr. POMEROY, Mr. PRICE of Georgia,                     MICHAUD, Ms. MILLENDER-MCDONALD,                 poses; to the Committee on Energy and Com-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                                Mr. REYES, Mr. RODRIGUEZ, Mr. ROSS,                    Mr. GEORGE MILLER of California, Mr.             merce, and in addition to the Committee on
                                                Mr. ROTHMAN, Ms. ROYBAL-ALLARD,                        MITCHELL, Mr. MOORE of Kansas, Mr.               Ways and Means, for a period to be subse-
                                                Mr. RUPPERSBERGER, Mr. RUSH, Mr.                       MORAN of Virginia, Mr. PATRICK MUR-              quently determined by the Speaker, in each
                                                RYAN of Ohio, Mr. SALAZAR, Ms.                         PHY of Pennsylvania, Mr. NADLER,                 case for consideration of such provisions as
                                                LINDA T. SANCHEZ of California, Ms.                    Mrs. NAPOLITANO, Ms. NORTON, Mr.                 fall within the jurisdiction of the committee
                                                LORETTA SANCHEZ of California, Mr.                     OBERSTAR, Mr. OBEY, Mr. OLVER, Mr.               concerned.

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00052   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\A05JA7.044   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                       H111
                                              By Mr. GILCHREST (for himself, Mr.                        lina, Mr. GINGREY, Mr. BUTTERFIELD,             fall within the jurisdiction of the committee
                                                VAN HOLLEN, Mr. TOM DAVIS of Vir-                       Mrs. MILLER of Michigan, Mrs                    concerned.
                                                ginia, Mr. SCOTT of Virginia, Mrs.                      MCMORRIS RODGERS, Mr. MCKEON,                          By Mr. ISSA:
                                                DRAKE, Mr. HOYER, Mr. CASTLE, Mr.                       Mr. KLINE of Minnesota, Mr. BOREN,                H.R. 30. A bill to amend the Reclamation
                                                MORAN of Virginia, Mr. PLATTS, Mr.                      Mr. SAXTON, Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of                Wastewater and Groundwater Study and Fa-
                                                RUPPERSBERGER, Mr. BARTLETT of                          Virginia, Mr. TURNER, Mr. DAVIS of              cilities Act to authorize the Secretary of the
                                                Maryland, Mr. HOLDEN, Mr. WOLF,                         Kentucky, and Mr. JONES of North                Interior to participate in the Eastern Munic-
                                                Mr. CUMMINGS, Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of                      Carolina):                                      ipal Water District Recycled Water System
                                                Virginia, Mr. WYNN, Ms. NORTON, Mr.               H.R. 22. A bill to make appropriations for            Pressurization and Expansion Project; to the
                                                HINCHEY, and Mr. SARBANES):                     military construction and family housing                Committee on Natural Resources.
                                          H.R. 16. A bill to amend the Federal Water            projects for the Department of Defense for                     By Mr. ISSA (for himself, Mr. CALVERT,
                                        Pollution Control Act to improve and reau-              fiscal year 2007, and for other purposes; to                     and Mrs. BONO):
                                        thorize the Chesapeake Bay program; to the              the Committee on Appropriations.                          H.R. 31. A bill to amend the Reclamation
                                        Committee on Transportation and Infra-                        By Mr. FILNER:                                    Wastewater and Groundwater Study and Fa-
                                        structure.                                                H.R. 23. A bill to amend title 46, United             cilities Act to authorize the Secretary of the
                                              By Mr. DEFAZIO (for himself, Mr. WAL-             States Code, to provide benefits to certain             Interior to participate in the Elsinore Valley
                                                DEN of Oregon, Mr. SPRATT, Mr. PE-              individuals who served in the United States             Municipal Water District Wildomar Service
                                                TERSON of Minnesota, Mr. OBERSTAR,              merchant marine (including the Army                     Area Recycled Water Distribution Facilities
                                                Mr. DICKS, Mr. BARTON of Texas, Mr.             Transport Service and the Naval Transport               and Alberhill Wastewater Treatment and
                                                YOUNG of Alaska, Mr. HERGER, Mr.                Service) during World War II; to the Com-               Reclamation Facility Projects; to the Com-
                                                DOOLITTLE, Mr. HASTINGS of Wash-                mittee on Veterans’ Affairs, and in addition            mittee on Natural Resources.
                                                ington, Mrs. CUBIN, Mr. BOYD of Flor-           to the Committee on Ways and Means, for a                      By Mr. ISSA:
                                                ida, Mr. BERRY, Mr. RADANOVICH, Ms.             period to be subsequently determined by the               H.R. 32. A bill to provide for a credit for
                                                HOOLEY, Mr. SIMPSON, Mr. THOMPSON               Speaker, in each case for consideration of              certain health care benefits in determining
                                                of California, Mr. UDALL of New Mex-            such provisions as fall within the jurisdic-            the minimum wage; to the Committee on
                                                ico, Mr. BAIRD, Mr. BOOZMAN, Mr. PE-            tion of the committee concerned.                        Education and Labor.
                                                TERSON      of    Pennsylvania,     Mr.               By Mr. RADANOVICH (for himself,                          By Mr. ISSA:
                                                REHBERG, Ms. HERSETH, Mr. BURGESS,                      Mrs. NAPOLITANO, Mr. CARDOZA, Mr.                 H.R. 33. A bill to provide for a credit for
                                                Mr. RENZI, Mrs MCMORRIS RODGERS,                        COSTA, and Mr. GEORGE MILLER of                 employers of tipped employees in deter-
                                                Mr. RAHALL, Mr. LIPINSKI, and Ms.                       California):                                    mining the minimum wage required in
                                                SLAUGHTER):                                       H.R. 24. A bill to authorize the implemen-            States that require employers to pay a min-
                                          H.R. 17. A bill to reauthorize the Secure             tation of the San Joaquin River Restoration             imum wage at a rate higher than the Federal
                                        Rural Schools and Community Self-Deter-                 Settlement; to the Committee on Natural                 rate; to the Committee on Education and
                                        mination Act of 2000, and for other purposes;           Resources.                                              Labor.
                                        to the Committee on Agriculture, and in ad-                   By Mr. LINDER (for himself, Mr.                          By Mr. ISSA (for himself and Mr.
                                        dition to the Committee on Natural Re-                          BOREN, Mrs. MYRICK, Mr. MCCAUL of                        SCHIFF):
                                        sources, for a period to be subsequently de-                    Texas, Ms. WESTMORELAND, Mr.                      H.R. 34. A bill to establish a pilot program
                                        termined by the Speaker, in each case for                       CULBERSON, Mr. MILLER of Florida,               in certain United States district courts to
                                        consideration of such provisions as fall with-                  Mr. PENCE, Mr. CONAWAY, Mr.                     encourage enhancement of expertise in pat-
                                        in the jurisdiction of the committee con-                       CRENSHAW,      Mr.    NORWOOD,      Mr.         ent cases among district judges; to the Com-
                                        cerned.                                                         FEENEY, Mr. DEAL of Georgia, Mr.                mittee on the Judiciary.
                                              By Mr. RUSH (for himself, Mr. UPTON,                      PRICE of Georgia, Mr. POE, Mrs. JO                     By Mr. EHLERS:
                                                and Mr. CONYERS):                                       ANN     DAVIS     of   Virginia,    Mr.
                                          H.R. 18. A bill to provide for the issuance of                                                                  H.R. 35. A bill to amend the Elementary
                                                                                                        TANCREDO, Mr. BACHUS, Mr. GOODE,
                                        a commemorative postage stamp in honor of                                                                       and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to re-
                                                                                                        Ms. GRANGER, Mr. PEARCE, Mr.
                                        Rosa Parks; to the Committee on Oversight                                                                       quire the use of science assessments in the
                                                                                                        BRADY of Texas, Mr. NEUGEBAUER,
                                        and Government Reform.                                                                                          calculation of adequate yearly progress, and
                                                                                                        Mr. BURTON of Indiana, and Mr.
                                              By Mr. CALVERT (for himself, Mrs.                                                                         for other purposes; to the Committee on
                                                BLACKBURN, Mrs. BONO, Mr. GARY G.                                                                       Education and Labor.
                                                                                                  H.R. 25. A bill to promote freedom, fair-
                                                MILLER of California, Mr. ROHR-                                                                                By Mr. EHLERS:
                                                                                                ness, and economic opportunity by repealing
                                                ABACHER, Mr. DREIER, Mr. GALLEGLY,              the income tax and other taxes, abolishing                H.R. 36. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-
                                                Mr. ISSA, Mr. LEWIS of California, Mr.          the Internal Revenue Service, and enacting a            enue Code of 1986 to encourage teachers to
                                                ROYCE, Mr. SESSIONS, Mr. WAMP, Mr.              national sales tax to be administered pri-              pursue teaching math and science subjects at
                                                BURGESS, Mr. HUNTER, Mr. SENSEN-                marily by the States; to the Committee on               elementary and secondary schools; to the
                                                BRENNER, and Mr. GOODE):                        Ways and Means.                                         Committee on Ways and Means.
                                          H.R. 19. A bill to require employers to con-                By Mr. ISSA (for himself and Mr.                         By Mr. EHLERS:
                                        duct employment eligibility verification; to                    DREIER):                                          H.R. 37. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-
                                        the Committee on the Judiciary, and in addi-              H.R. 26. A bill to amend section 276 of the           enue Code of 1986 to encourage businesses to
                                        tion to the Committee on Education and                  Immigration and Nationality Act to impose               improve math and science education at ele-
                                        Labor, for a period to be subsequently deter-           mandatory sentencing ranges with respect to             mentary and secondary schools; to the Com-
                                        mined by the Speaker, in each case for con-             aliens who reenter the United States after              mittee on Ways and Means.
                                        sideration of such provisions as fall within            having been removed, and for other purposes;                   By Mr. EHLERS:
                                        the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.            to the Committee on the Judiciary.                        H.R. 38. A bill to amend the Head Start Act
                                              By Mr. RUSH:                                            By Mr. ISSA:                                      to improve the math and science readiness of
                                          H.R. 20. A bill to provide for research on,             H.R. 27. A bill to designate the exclusive            disadvantaged children; to the Committee on
                                        and services for individuals with, postpartum           economic zone of the United States as the               Education and Labor.
                                        depression and psychosis; to the Committee              ‘‘Ronald Wilson Reagan Exclusive Economic                      By Mr. MARKEY (for himself and Mr.
                                        on Energy and Commerce.                                 Zone of the United States‘‘; to the Com-                         RAMSTAD):
                                              By Mr. FARR (for himself, Mr. ALLEN,              mittee on Natural Resources.                              H.R. 39. A bill to preserve the Arctic coast-
                                                Mr. GILCHREST, and Mr. SAXTON):                       By Mr. ISSA:                                      al plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Ref-
                                          H.R. 21. A bill to establish a national pol-            H.R. 28. A bill to transfer certain land in           uge, Alaska, as wilderness in recognition of
                                        icy for our oceans, to strengthen the Na-               Riverside County, California, and San Diego             its extraordinary natural ecosystems and for
                                        tional Oceanic and Atmospheric Administra-              County, California, from the Bureau of Land             the permanent good of present and future
                                        tion, to establish a national and regional              Management to the United States to be held              generations of Americans; to the Committee
                                        ocean governance structure, and for other               in trust for the Pechanga Band of Luiseno               on Natural Resources.
                                        purposes; to the Committee on Natural Re-               Mission Indians, and for other purposes; to                    By Mr. CONYERS (for himself, Mr.
                                        sources, and in addition to the Committee on            the Committee on Natural Resources.                              NADLER, Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas,
                                        Science and Technology, for a period to be                    By Mr. ISSA:                                               Ms. KILPATRICK, Ms. NORTON, Mr.
                                        subsequently determined by the Speaker, in                H.R. 29. A bill to authorize the Secretary of                  OLVER, Mr. WYNN, Mr. BISHOP of
                                        each case for consideration of such provi-              the Interior to construct facilities to provide                  Georgia, Mr. RUSH, Mr. THOMPSON of
                                        sions as fall within the jurisdiction of the            water for irrigation, municipal, domestic,                       Mississippi, Ms. MILLENDER-MCDON-
                                        committee concerned.                                    military, and other uses from the Santa Mar-                     ALD,      Mr.     CUMMINGS,       Mrs.
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                              By Mr. COLE of Oklahoma (for himself,             garita River, California, and for other pur-                     CHRISTENSEN, Ms. LEE, Mr. HONDA,
                                                Mr. HUNTER, Mr. HAYES, Mr. FRANKS               poses; to the Committee on Natural Re-                           and Mr. CLAY):
                                                of Arizona, Mrs. DRAKE, Mr. MILLER              sources, and in addition to the Committee on              H.R. 40. A bill to acknowledge the funda-
                                                of Florida, Ms. FALLIN, Mr. BARTLETT            Armed Services, for a period to be subse-               mental injustice, cruelty, brutality, and in-
                                                of Maryland, Mr. BISHOP of Utah, Mr.            quently determined by the Speaker, in each              humanity of slavery in the United States
                                                LUCAS, Mr. WILSON of South Caro-                case for consideration of such provisions as            and the 13 American colonies between 1619

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00053   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\L04JA7.100   H05JAPT1
                                        H112                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                        January 5, 2007
                                        and 1865 and to establish a commission to ex-           on Medicaid payments for Puerto Rico, the               funds for the Commission, and for other pur-
                                        amine the institution of slavery, subse-                Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana              poses; to the Committee on Armed Services.
                                        quently de jure and de facto racial and eco-            Islands, and American Samoa and to adjust                     By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:
                                        nomic discrimination against African-Amer-              the Medicaid statutory matching rate for                   H.R. 63. A bill to provide that the approved
                                        icans, and the impact of these forces on liv-           those territories; to the Committee on En-              application under the Federal Food, Drug,
                                        ing African-Americans, to make rec-                     ergy and Commerce.                                      and Cosmetic Act for the drug commonly
                                        ommendations to the Congress on appro-                        By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:                              known as RU-486 is deemed to have been
                                        priate remedies, and for other purposes; to               H.R. 52. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-            withdrawn, to provide for the review by the
                                        the Committee on the Judiciary.                         enue Code of 1986 to repeal the cap on the              Comptroller General of the United States of
                                              By Ms. VELAZQUEZ:                                 cover over of tax on distilled spirits to Puer-         the process by which the Food and Drug Ad-
                                          H.R. 41. A bill to repeal the prohibition on          to Rico and the Virgin Islands; to the Com-             ministration approved such drug, and for
                                        the payment of interest on demand deposits,             mittee on Ways and Means.                               other purposes; to the Committee on Energy
                                        and for other purposes; to the Committee on                   By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:                              and Commerce.
                                        Financial Services.                                       H.R. 53. A bill to authorize the Secretary of               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:
                                              By Ms. VELAZQUEZ:                                                                                            H.R. 64. A bill to direct the Secretary of
                                                                                                the Interior to enter into a long-term lease
                                          H.R. 42. A bill to amend the Communica-               with the Government of the United States                Homeland Security to establish an inde-
                                        tions Act of 1934 to continue in effect and ex-         Virgin Islands to provide land on the island            pendent panel to assess the homeland secu-
                                        pand the Lifeline Assistance Program and                of Saint John, Virgin Islands, for the estab-           rity needs of the National Capital Region; to
                                        the Link Up Program, and for other pur-                 lishment of a school, and for other purposes;           the Committee on Homeland Security.
                                        poses; to the Committee on Energy and Com-                                                                            By Mr. MCINTYRE (for himself, Mr.
                                                                                                to the Committee on Natural Resources.
                                        merce.                                                                                                                   ETHERIDGE, Mr. FALEOMAVAEGA, Mr.
                                                            ´                                         By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:
                                              By Ms. VELAZQUEZ:                                   H.R. 54. A bill to expand the eligibility of                   HAYES, Ms. HERSETH, Mr. HINCHEY,
                                          H.R. 43. A bill to amend the Housing and                                                                               Mr. KILDEE, Mr. MILLER of North
                                                                                                individuals to qualify for loan forgiveness for
                                        Community Development Act of 1974 to pro-                                                                                Carolina, Mr. PRICE of North Caro-
                                        vide financial assistance for the development           teachers in order to provide additional in-
                                                                                                centives for teachers currently employed or                      lina, Mr. WATT, and Mr. RAHALL):
                                        and reuse of brownfields; to the Committee                                                                         H.R. 65. A bill to provide for the recogni-
                                        on Financial Services.                                  seeking employment in economically de-
                                                              ´                                 pressed rural areas, Territories, and Indian            tion of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina,
                                              By Ms. VELAZQUEZ (for herself and                                                                         and for other purposes; to the Committee on
                                                Mr. TOWNS):                                     Reservations; to the Committee on Edu-
                                                                                                cation and Labor.                                       Natural Resources.
                                          H.R. 44. A bill to preserve affordable hous-
                                                                                                      By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:                                    By Mr. MCINTYRE (for himself and Mr.
                                        ing opportunities for low-income families,
                                                                                                  H.R. 55. A bill to establish the District                      HAYES):
                                        and for other purposes; to the Committee on                                                                        H.R. 66. A bill to establish the SouthEast
                                        Financial Services.                                     Court of the Virgin Islands as a court under
                                                              ´                                 article III of the United States Constitution;          Crescent Authority, and for other purposes;
                                              By Ms. VELAZQUEZ (for herself, Mr.                                                                        to the Committee on Transportation and In-
                                                SERRANO, Mr. CROWLEY, and Mr.                   to the Committee on the Judiciary.
                                                                                                      By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:                              frastructure, and in addition to the Com-
                                                TOWNS):                                                                                                 mittee on Financial Services, for a period to
                                          H.R. 45. A bill to authorize the Secretary of           H.R. 56. A bill to extend the supplemental
                                                                                                security income benefits program to Guam                be subsequently determined by the Speaker,
                                        Agriculture to make grants to community-
                                                                                                and the United States Virgin Islands; to the            in each case for consideration of such provi-
                                        based organizations and local redevelopment
                                                                                                Committee on Ways and Means.                            sions as fall within the jurisdiction of the
                                        agencies operating in low-income commu-
                                                                                                      By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:                              committee concerned.
                                        nities to promote increased access to and
                                        consumption of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables,            H.R. 57. A bill to repeal certain sections of               By Mr. MCINTYRE:
                                                                                                the Act of May 26, 1936, pertaining to the                 H.R. 67. A bill to amend title 38, United
                                        and other healthy foods among residents of
                                                                                                Virgin Islands; to the Committee on Natural             States Code, to improve the outreach activi-
                                        such communities, and for other purposes; to
                                                                                                Resources.                                              ties of the Department of Veterans Affairs,
                                        the Committee on Energy and Commerce,
                                                                                                      By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:                              and for other purposes; to the Committee on
                                        and in addition to the Committees on Agri-
                                                                                                  H.R. 58. A bill to amend the Revised Or-              Veterans’ Affairs.
                                        culture, and Ways and Means, for a period to
                                                                                                ganic Act of the Virgin Islands to authorize                  By Mr. MCINTYRE:
                                        be subsequently determined by the Speaker,
                                                                                                                                                           H.R. 68. A bill to amend the Water Re-
                                        in each case for consideration of such provi-           the legislature of the Virgin Islands to cre-
                                                                                                                                                        sources Development Act of 1976 to allow the
                                        sions as fall within the jurisdiction of the            ate municipal governments; to the Com-
                                                                                                                                                        Secretary of the Army to extend the period
                                        committee concerned.                                    mittee on Natural Resources.
                                                            ´                                                                                           during which the Secretary may provide
                                              By Ms. VELAZQUEZ:                                       By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:
                                          H.R. 46. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-                                                                    beach nourishment for a water resources de-
                                                                                                  H.R. 59. A bill to convey certain submerged
                                        enue Code of 1986 to provide tax incentives                                                                     velopment project; to the Committee on
                                                                                                lands to the Government of the Virgin Is-
                                        for small businesses, and for other purposes;                                                                   Transportation and Infrastructure.
                                                                                                lands, and for other purposes; to the Com-
                                        to the Committee on Ways and Means.                                                                                   By Mr. MCINTYRE:
                                                                                                mittee on Natural Resources.                               H.R. 69. A bill to amend title II of the So-
                                              By Mr. BUTTERFIELD (for himself,                        By Mr. BAIRD (for himself, Mr. BRADY              cial Security Act to eliminate the 5-month
                                                Mr. CLYBURN, and Ms. NORTON):                           of Texas, Mr. COOPER, Mr. WAMP, Mr.
                                          H.R. 47. A bill to direct the Architect of                                                                    waiting period for entitlement to disability
                                                                                                        MCDERMOTT, Mr. INSLEE, Mr. DICKS,               benefits and to eliminate reconsideration as
                                        the Capitol to establish and display within                     Mr. SMITH of Washington, Mr.
                                        the Capitol Visitor Center a suitable exhibit                                                                   an intervening step between initial benefit
                                                                                                        LARSEN       of    Washington,     Mr.          entitlement decisions and subsequent hear-
                                        which depicts the Congressional careers, ac-                    REICHERT, Mr. HASTINGS of Wash-
                                        complishments, and contributions of the 22                                                                      ings on the record on such decisions; to the
                                                                                                        ington, and Mrs. MCMORRIS ROD-                  Committee on Ways and Means.
                                        African-American Members of Congress who                        GERS):
                                        served during the Reconstruction and Post-                                                                            By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:
                                                                                                  H.R. 60. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-               H.R. 70. A bill to authorize States to regu-
                                        Reconstruction Eras, and a suitable exhibit             enue Code of 1986 to make permanent the de-
                                        which acknowledges the use of slave labor in                                                                    late the receipt and disposal of out-of-State
                                                                                                duction of State and local general sales                municipal solid waste; to the Committee on
                                        the construction of the Capitol; to the Com-            taxes; to the Committee on Ways and Means.
                                        mittee on House Administration.                                                                                 Energy and Commerce.
                                                                                                      By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                            By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:
                                              By Mr. WELCH of Vermont:                            H.R. 61. A bill to amend the Floyd D.
                                          H.R. 48. A bill to redesignate the White                                                                         H.R. 71. A bill to amend the Federal Elec-
                                                                                                Spence National Defense Authorization Act               tion Campaign Act of 1971 to repeal the re-
                                        Rocks National Recreation Area in the State
                                                                                                for Fiscal Year 2001 to extend the deadline             quirement that persons making disburse-
                                        of Vermont as the ‘‘Robert T. Stafford White
                                                                                                for the submission of the final report of the           ments for electioneering communications
                                        Rocks National Recreation Area‘‘; to the
                                                                                                Commission to Assess the Threat to the                  file reports on such disbursements with the
                                        Committee on Natural Resources.
                                                                                                United States from Electromagnetic Pulse                Federal Election Commission and the prohi-
                                              By Mr. UDALL of Colorado:
                                          H.R. 49. A bill to designate the facility of          Attack, to provide for the appointment of               bition against the making of disbursements
                                        the United States Postal Service located at             additional members for the Commission, to               for electioneering communications by cor-
                                        1300 North Frontage Road West in Vail, Colo-            ensure the availability of funds for the Com-           porations and labor organizations, and for
                                        rado, as the ‘‘Gerald R. Ford, Jr. Post Office          mission, and for other purposes; to the Com-            other purposes; to the Committee on House
                                        Building’’; to the Committee on Oversight               mittee on Armed Services.                               Administration.
                                        and Government Reform.                                        By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                            By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:
                                              By Mr. YOUNG of Alaska:                             H.R. 62. A bill to amend the National De-                H.R. 72. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-
                                          H.R. 50. A bill to reauthorize the African            fense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006            enue Code of 1986 to prohibit the use of pub-
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                        Elephant Conservation Act and the Rhinoc-               to extend the deadline for the submission of            lic funds for political party conventions; to
                                        eros and Tiger Conservation Act of 1994; to             the final report of the Commission on the               the Committee on House Administration.
                                        the Committee on Natural Resources.                     Implementation of the New Strategic Pos-                      By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:
                                              By Mrs. CHRISTENSEN:                              ture of the United States, to provide for the              H.R. 73. A bill to protect the right to ob-
                                          H.R. 51. A bill to amend titles XI and XIX            appointment of additional members for the               tain firearms for security, and to use fire-
                                        of the Social Security Act to remove the cap            Commission, to ensure the availability of               arms in defense of self, family, or home, and

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00054   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\L04JA7.100   H05JAPT1
                                        January 5, 2007                                    CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                                       H113
                                        to provide for the enforcement of such right;                   CLAY, Mr. CONYERS, Mr. CUELLAR,                 cerning the same, and for other purposes; to
                                        to the Committee on the Judiciary.                              Mr. CUMMINGS, Mr. DAVIS of Illinois,            the Committee on Education and Labor, and
                                               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                             Mrs.    DAVIS    of   California,  Mr.          in addition to the Committee on Energy and
                                          H.R. 74. A bill to amend the National                         DEFAZIO, Ms. DELAURO, Mr. DINGELL,              Commerce, for a period to be subsequently
                                        Trails System Act to authorize an additional                    Mr. DOGGETT, Mr. DOOLITTLE, Mr.                 determined by the Speaker, in each case for
                                        category of national trail known as a na-                       DOYLE, Mr. EDWARDS, Mr. ENGEL, Ms.              consideration of such provisions as fall with-
                                        tional discovery trail, to provide special re-                  ESHOO, Mr. ETHERIDGE, Mr. FARR, Mr.             in the jurisdiction of the committee con-
                                        quirements for the establishment and admin-                     FATTAH, Mr. FRANK of Massachusetts,             cerned.
                                        istration of national discovery trails, and to                  Mr. GILLMOR, Mr. GRAVES, Mr. AL                        By Mr. BILIRAKIS:
                                        designate the cross-country American Dis-                       GREEN of Texas, Mr. GENE GREEN of                 H.R. 89. A bill to amend title 10, United
                                        covery Trail as the first national discovery                    Texas, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. HINOJOSA,              States Code, to extend eligibility for com-
                                        trail; to the Committee on Natural Re-                          Mr. HOBSON, Mr. HOLDEN, Mr. HONDA,              bat-related special compensation paid to cer-
                                        sources.                                                        Ms. JACKSON-LEE of Texas, Ms. EDDIE             tain uniformed services retirees who are re-
                                               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                             BERNICE JOHNSON of Texas, Mr. JOHN-             tired under chapter 61 of such title with
                                          H.R. 75. A bill to recognize the birthdays of                 SON of Illinois, Ms. KAPTUR, Mr. KEN-           fewer than 20 years of creditable service; to
                                        Presidents George Washington and Abraham                        NEDY, Mr. KILDEE, Mr. KUCINICH, Mr.             the Committee on Armed Services.
                                        Lincoln; to the Committee on Oversight and                      LANGEVIN, Mr. LANTOS, Mr. LARSEN                       By Ms. BORDALLO (for herself, Mr.
                                        Government Reform.                                              of Washington, Ms. LEE, Mr. LEWIS of                     JONES of North Carolina, Mrs.
                                               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                             California,    Mrs.     LOWEY,    Mrs.                   CHRISTENSEN, and Mr. FLAKE):
                                          H.R. 76. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-                    MALONEY of New York, Mr. MAN-                     H.R. 90. A bill to amend the Lobbying Dis-
                                        enue Code of 1986 to increase the number ve-                    ZULLO, Mrs. MCCARTHY of New York,               closure Act of 1995 to require the disclosure
                                        hicles for which the alternative motor vehi-                    Ms. MCCOLLUM of Minnesota, Mr.                  of the original source of funds made payable
                                        cle credit is allowed; to the Committee on                      MCGOVERN,       Mr.    MCHUGH,     Mr.          to a lobbyist who is subcontracted to engage
                                        Ways and Means.                                                 MICHAUD, Ms. MILLENDER-MCDONALD,                in lobbying activities on behalf of a third
                                               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                             Mr. GEORGE MILLER of California, Mr.            person or entity, and the disclosure of the
                                          H.R. 77. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-                    MOORE of Kansas, Mr. NADLER, Mr.                identity of that third person or entity; to the
                                        enue Code of 1986 to change the deadline for                    NORWOOD, Mr. OBERSTAR, Mr. OLVER,               Committee on the Judiciary.
                                        income tax returns for calendar year tax-                       Mr. ORTIZ, Mr. PALLONE, Mr. PAUL,                      By Ms. GINNY BROWN-WAITE of Flor-
                                        payers from the 15th of April to the first                      Mr. RAHALL, Mr. REYES, Ms. ROYBAL-                       ida (for herself and Mr. BUCHANAN):
                                        Monday in November; to the Committee on                         ALLARD, Mr. RUPPERSBERGER, Ms.                    H.R. 91. A bill to establish a program to
                                        Ways and Means.                                                             ´
                                                                                                        LINDA T. SANCHEZ of California, Ms.             provide reinsurance for State natural catas-
                                               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                             LORETTA SANCHEZ of California, Mr.              trophe insurance programs to help the
                                          H.R. 78. A bill to amend the Immigration                                                                      United States better prepare for and protect
                                                                                                        SAXTON,     Ms.     SCHAKOWSKY,    Mr.
                                        and Nationality Act and title IV of the So-                                                                     its citizens against the ravages of natural ca-
                                                                                                        SCHIFF, Ms. SCHWARTZ, Mr. SCOTT of
                                        cial Security Act to provide for the denial of                                                                  tastrophes, to encourage and promote miti-
                                                                                                        Virginia, Mr. SHERMAN, Mr. SHUSTER,
                                        family classification petitions filed by an in-                                                                 gation and prevention for, and recovery and
                                                                                                        Mr. SIRES, Ms. SOLIS, Mr. STARK,
                                        dividual who owes child support arrearages;                                                                     rebuilding from such catastrophes, and to
                                                                                                        Mrs. TAUSCHER, Mr. TERRY, Mr.
                                        to the Committee on the Judiciary, and in                                                                       better assist in the financial recovery from
                                                                                                        TIERNEY, Mr. UDALL of Colorado, Mr.
                                        addition to the Committee on Ways and                                                                           such catastrophes; to the Committee on Fi-
                                                                                                        VAN HOLLEN, Mr. VISCLOSKY, Mr.
                                        Means, for a period to be subsequently deter-                                                                   nancial Services.
                                                                                                        WAXMAN, Mr. WOLF, Ms. WOOLSEY,
                                        mined by the Speaker, in each case for con-                                                                            By Ms. GINNY BROWN-WAITE of Flor-
                                                                                                        Mr. SMITH of New Jersey, Ms. WA-
                                        sideration of such provisions as fall within                                                                             ida:
                                                                                                        TERS, and Mr. MOLLOHAN):
                                        the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.              H.R. 82. A bill to amend title II of the So-            H.R. 92. A bill to amend title 38, United
                                               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                     cial Security Act to repeal the Government              States Code, to establish standards of access
                                          H.R. 79. A bill to amend the Controlled                                                                       to care for veterans seeking health care from
                                                                                                pension offset and windfall elimination pro-
                                        Substances Act and the Controlled Sub-                  visions; to the Committee on Ways and                   the Department of Veterans Affairs, and for
                                        stances Import and Export Act with respect              Means.                                                  other purposes; to the Committee on Vet-
                                        to penalties for powder cocaine and crack co-                 By Mrs. BIGGERT (for herself and Mr.              erans’ Affairs.
                                        caine offenses; to the Committee on the Ju-                     PETRI):                                                By Ms. GINNY BROWN-WAITE of Flor-
                                        diciary, and in addition to the Committee on              H.R. 83. A bill to amend section 42 of title                   ida:
                                        Energy and Commerce, for a period to be                 18, United States Code, popularly known as                H.R. 93. A bill to amend the Congressional
                                        subsequently determined by the Speaker, in              the Lacey Act, to add certain species of carp           Budget Act of 1974 to protect Social Security
                                        each case for consideration of such provi-              to the list of injurious species that are pro-          beneficiaries against any reduction in bene-
                                        sions as fall within the jurisdiction of the            hibited from being imported or shipped; to              fits; to the Committee on Rules, and in addi-
                                        committee concerned.                                    the Committee on the Judiciary.                         tion to the Committee on the Budget, for a
                                               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                           By Mrs. BIGGERT:                                  period to be subsequently determined by the
                                          H.R. 80. A bill to provide for Federal re-              H.R. 84. A bill to establish a program of             Speaker, in each case for consideration of
                                        search, development, demonstration, and                 demonstration and commercial application                such provisions as fall within the jurisdic-
                                        commercial application activities to enable             of advanced energy efficiency technologies              tion of the committee concerned.
                                        the development of farms that are net pro-              and systems for buildings, and for other pur-                  By Mr. CARTER:
                                        ducers of both food and energy, and for other           poses; to the Committee on Science and                    H.R. 94. A bill to make funds available for
                                        purposes; to the Committee on Science and               Technology.                                             program integrity purposes, including the
                                        Technology, and in addition to the Com-                       By Mrs. BIGGERT:                                  data mining project, under the Federal Crop
                                        mittee on Agriculture, for a period to be sub-            H.R. 85. A bill to provide for the establish-         Insurance Act; to the Committee on Agri-
                                        sequently determined by the Speaker, in                 ment of centers to encourage demonstration              culture.
                                        each case for consideration of such provi-              and commercial application of advanced en-                     By Mr. CARTER:
                                        sions as fall within the jurisdiction of the            ergy methods and technologies; to the Com-                H.R. 95. A bill to make funds available for
                                        committee concerned.                                    mittee on Science and Technology.                       fiscal years 2007 and 2008 for program integ-
                                               By Mr. BARTLETT of Maryland:                           By Mrs. BIGGERT (for herself, Mr.                 rity purposes, including the data mining
                                          H.R. 81. A bill to amend title 38, United                     EHLERS, Mr. JOHNSON of Illinois, and            project, under the Federal Crop Insurance
                                        States Code, to provide that members of the                     Mr. KIRK):                                      Act; to the Committee on Agriculture.
                                        Armed Forces and Selected Reserve may                     H.R. 86. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-                   By Mr. CASTLE (for himself, Mrs.
                                        transfer certain educational assistance bene-           enue Code of 1986 to expand and extend the                       MCCARTHY of New York, Mr. SHAYS,
                                        fits to dependents, and for other purposes; to          incentives for alternative fuel vehicles and                     and Mr. KIRK):
                                        the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, and in              refueling property and to repeal the oil and              H.R. 96. A bill to require criminal back-
                                        addition to the Committee on Armed Serv-                gas production incentives added by the En-              ground checks on all firearms transactions
                                        ices, for a period to be subsequently deter-            ergy Policy Act of 2005; to the Committee on            occurring at events that provide a venue for
                                        mined by the Speaker, in each case for con-             Ways and Means.                                         the sale, offer for sale, transfer, or exchange
                                        sideration of such provisions as fall within                  By Mrs. BIGGERT:                                  of firearms, and for other purposes; to the
                                        the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.              H.R. 87. A bill to amend the Internal Rev-            Committee on the Judiciary.
                                               By Mr. BERMAN (for himself, Mr.                  enue Code of 1986 to improve and expand edu-                   By Mr. CASTLE (for himself and Mr.
                                                 MCKEON, Mr. ABERCROMBIE, Mr.                   cation savings accounts; to the Committee                        PLATTS):
ccoleman on PRODPC75 with HOUSE

                                                 ALLEN, Mr. BACA, Ms. BERKLEY, Mrs.             on Ways and Means.                                        H.R. 97. A bill to amend the Rules of the
                                                 BIGGERT, Mr. BISHOP of Georgia, Mr.                  By Mrs. BIGGERT:                                  House of Representatives to reform the eth-
                                                 BISHOP of New York, Ms. BORDALLO,                H.R. 88. A bill to amend title V of the Ele-          ics process, and for other purposes; to the
                                                 Mr. BOSWELL, Mr. BOUCHER, Mr. BOYD             mentary and Secondary Education Act of                  Committee on the Judiciary, and in addition
                                                 of Florida, Mrs. CAPPS, Mr. CARDOZA,           1965 to raise awareness of eating disorders             to the Committees on House Administration,
                                                 Ms. CARSON, Mr. CHANDLER, Mr.                  and to create educational programs con-                 Rules, and Standards of Official Conduct, for

                                  VerDate Aug 31 2005   04:14 Jan 06, 2007   Jkt 059060   PO 00000   Frm 00055   Fmt 0636   Sfmt 0634   E:\CR\FM\L04JA7.100   H05JAPT1
                                        H114                                               CONGRESSIONAL RECORD — HOUSE                                                        January 5, 2007
                                        a period to be subsequently determined by               a program to provide regulatory compliance              year ending before the wounds, disease, or
                                        the Speaker, in each case for consideration             assistance to small business concerns, and              injury are incurred; to the Committee on
                                        of such provisions as fall within the jurisdic-         for other purposes; to the Committee on                 Ways and Means.
                                        tion of the committee concerned.                        Small Business.                                                By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:
                                               By Mr. DREIER (for himself, Mr.                        By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:                   H.R. 117. A bill to amend title XVIII of the
                                                 REYES, Mr. ISSA, Mr. CALVERT, and                H.R. 109. A bill to amend the Small Busi-             Social Security Act to provide for a perma-
                                                 Mr. BILBRAY):                                  ness Act to make service-disabled veterans              nent hold harmless provision for sole com-
                                          H.R. 98. A bill to amend the Immigration              eligible under the 8(a) business development            munity hospitals under the Medicare pro-
                                        and Nationality Act to enforce restrictions             program; to the Committee on Small Busi-                spective payment system for covered out-
                                        on employment in the United States of unau-             ness.                                                   patient department services; to the Com-
                                        thorized aliens through the use of improved                   By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:                 mittee on Energy and Commerce, and in ad-
                                        Social Security cards and an Employment                   H.R. 110. A bill to amend the Federal Water           dition to the Committee on Ways and Means,
                                        Eligibility Database, and for other purposes;           Pollution Control Act to impose limitations             for a period to be subsequently determined
                                        to the Committee on Ways and Means, and in              on wetlands mitigation activities carried out           by the Speaker, in each case for consider-
                                        addition to the Committees on the Judici-               through the condemnation of private prop-               ation of such provisions as fall within the ju-
                                        ary, Homeland Security, and Education and               erty; to the Committee on Transportation                risdiction of the committee concerned.
                                        Labor, for a period to be subsequently deter-           and Infrastructure.                                            By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:
                                        mined by the Speaker, in each case for con-                   By Mr. KANJORSKI (for himself, Mr.                  H.R. 118. A bill to amend part D of title
                                        sideration of such provisions as fall within                    CALVERT, Mr. SHERMAN, Mr. LEWIS of              XVIII of the Social Security Act to authorize
                                        the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.                    California, Mr. BERMAN, Mr. BONNER,             the Secretary of Health and Human Services
                                               By Mr. CUMMINGS:                                         Ms. CORRINE BROWN of Florida, Mrs.              to negotiate prices for part D covered drugs
                                          H.R. 99. A bill to provide for the establish-                 CAPPS, Mr. CARDOZA, Mr. CHABOT, Mr.             for Medicare beneficiaries; to the Committee
                                        ment of a hazardous materials cooperative                       CHANDLER,      Mr.    CLEAVER,     Mr.          on Energy and Commerce, and in addition to
                                        research program; to the Committee on                           CULBERSON, Mr. DAVIS of Kentucky,               the Committee on Ways and Means, for a pe-
                                        Science and Technology, and in addition to                      Ms. DELAURO, Mr. DINGELL, Mr.                   riod to be subsequently determined by the
                                        the Committee on Transportation and Infra-                      ENGEL, Ms. ESHOO, Mr. FARR, Mr.                 Speaker, in each case for consideration of
                                        structure, for a period to be subsequently de-                  FRANKS of Arizona, Ms. GRANGER, Mr.             such provisions as fall within the jurisdic-
                                        termined by the Speaker, in each case for                       AL GREEN of Texas, Mr. HIGGINS, Mr.             tion of the committee concerned.
                                        consideration of such provisions as fall with-                  HINOJOSA, Mr. HOLDEN, Mr. HOLT, Mr.                    By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:
                                        in the jurisdiction of the committee con-                       HUNTER, Mr. KNOLLENBERG, Mr. KUHL                 H.R. 119. A bill to require that health plans
                                        cerned.                                                         of New York, Mr. LANGEVIN, Mr.                  provide coverage for a minimum hospital
                                               By Mrs. DAVIS of California:                             LEWIS of Kentucky, Mr. LIPINSKI, Mr.            stay for mastectomies, lumpectomies, and
                                          H.R. 100. A bill to amend the Higher Edu-                     LOBIONDO, Mr. MARSHALL, Ms. MAT-                lymph node dissection for the treatment of
                                        cation Act of 1965 to prevent veterans’ con-                    SUI, Mr. MEEKS of New York, Mr.                 breast cancer and coverage for secondary
                                        tributions to education benefits from reduc-                    MICHAUD, Mrs. MILLER of Michigan,               consultations; to the Committee on Energy
                                        ing Federal student financial assistance; to                    Mr. GARY G. MILLER of California,               and Commerce, and in addition to the Com-
                                        the Committee on Education and Labor.                           Mr. OLVER, Mr. PAUL, Mr. PETRI, Mr.             mittees on Education and Labor, and Ways
                                               By Mrs. DAVIS of California:                             PLATTS, Mr. ROGERS of Alabama, Mr.              and Means, for a period to be subsequently
                                          H.R. 101. A bill to amend the Federal Elec-                   SAXTON,      Ms.   SCHAKOWSKY,     Mr.          determined by the Speaker, in each case for
                                        tion Campaign Act of 1971 to prohibit certain                   SCHIFF, Mr. SHAYS, Ms. SOLIS, Mr.               consideration of such provisions as fall with-
                                        State election administration officials from                    TIERNEY, Mr. WHITFIELD, Mr. ALEX-               in the jurisdiction of the committee con-
                                        actively participating in electoral cam-                        ANDER, Mr. GALLEGLY, Mr. STEARNS,               cerned.
                                        paigns; to the Committee on House Adminis-                      Mr. UDALL of Colorado, Mr. RADANO-                     By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:
                                        tration.                                                        VICH, Ms. WATERS, Mr. DAVIS of Ala-               H.R. 120. A bill to reform Federal proce-
                                               By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:                        bama, Mr. BARTON of Texas, Mr.                  dures relating to intercountry adoption; to
                                          H.R. 102. A bill to strengthen and expand                     EMANUEL, and Mr. DOOLITTLE):                    the Committee on Foreign Affairs, and in ad-
                                        scientific and technological education capa-              H.R. 111. A bill to amend the Bank Holding            dition to the Committee on the Judiciary,
                                        bilities of associate-degree-granting colleges          Company Act of 1956 and the Revised Stat-               for a period to be subsequently determined
                                        through the establishment of partnership ar-            utes of the United States to prohibit finan-            by the Speaker, in each case for consider-
                                        rangements with bachelor-degree-granting                cial holding companies and national banks               ation of such provisions as fall within the ju-
                                        institutions; to the Committee on Education             from engaging, directly or indirectly, in real          risdiction of the committee concerned.
                                        and Labor.                                              estate brokerage or real estate management                     By Mr. DOYLE (for himself and Mrs.
                                               By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:                activities, and for other purposes; to the                       BONO):
                                          H.R. 103. A bill to amend title 5, United             Committee on Financial Services.                          H.R. 121. A bill to improve efficiency in the
                                        States Code, to create a presumption that                     By Mrs. JO ANN DAVIS of Virginia:                 Federal Government through the use of high-
                                        disability of a Federal employee in fire pro-             H.R. 112. A bill to amend title 38, United            performance green buildings, and for other
                                        tection activities caused by certain condi-             States Code, to provide for the payment of              purposes; to the Committee on Energy and