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									                  2006 Visitors Guide
Visitors Center
      The Amana Colonies Visitors Center offers information about the Amana Colonies and
      the surrounding areas. Lodging information and direct dial phones, public restrooms, bike,
      stroller and wheelchair rentals, vending and picnic areas. Located in a fully restored 1940’s
      corn crib. View the Amana Colonies and the beautiful Iowa River Valley from the cupola.
      Gift certificates good at over 80 Amana Colonies businesses are available for purchase.

622 46th Avenue      P.O. Box 310      Amana, IA 52203        319.622.7622        1.800.579.2294      ]
       Amana Colonies Visitors Center
     and Convention & Visitors Bureau
       622 46th Avenue, P Box 310
            Amana, Iowa 52203
      1-800-579-2294 / 319-622-7622

Emergency Services .................................911

Iowa County Sheriff Dept. .....319-642-7307

Medical / Dental Services
Amana Family Practice Clinic ...319-622-3231
Amana Pharmacy ......................319-622-3341
Engel Chiropractic ....................319-622-3322
Dr. Mark Marz, Dentist .............319-622-3150
                                                           Thank you for exploring the Endless Possibilities the seven
                                                           villages of the Amana Colonies have to offer!
United States Post Offices
Amana.......................................319-622-3019   Many of you are old friends, visiting us annually, recalling
Homestead ................................319-622-3901     childhood memories of traveling to the Amana Colonies
Middle Amana...........................319-622-3861        with parents and grandparents. Some of you are new friends,
South Amana.............................319-622-3425       just discovering the treasures of the Amana Colonies.
Banking Services                                           Either way, the door is open – come on over!
Farmers Savings Bank ...............319-622-6200
4304 - 220th Trail, Amana, Iowa 52203                      We have something for everyone: the heritage of one of,                  America’s longest lived communal societies located in the
Proudly serving the Amana Colonies since                   lush landscape of the Iowa River valley, working artisans,
1902. Amana branch office. 24 hour ATM.                    live professional theatre, legendary restaurants, and some
US Bank ....................................319-622-3445   of the best antiquing and shopping in Iowa. If you are
504 39th Avenue, Amana, IA 52203                           looking for a slower pace, a place to stroll hand-in-hand, a
                                                           place to get away from the hustle of everyday life – we are
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                                                           the spot for you! The pace may be slower, but that doesn’t
Allyn Neubauer, Jennifer Tjaden, Amana
Heritage Society, Dan Adix, Deanna Roberts,                mean we don’t have fun! We know how to throw a great
Emilie Hoppe, Ox Yoke Inn, Amana Society                   party here in the Colonies – join us for one of our many
Inc. and Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort.                      festivals.
                                                           Old and new friends are always welcome here –
                                                           can’t wait to see you!
                          Iowa Tourism Office
                                                           Kristie Wetjen, Executive Director
                                                           Amana Colonies Convention & Visitors Bureau
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TheAmanaColonies Story
    I  The history       t begins in turbulent 18th century Germany
                         with a religious movement called Pietism.
                                                                           the community, now numbering some 1,200
                                                                           people, was able, in a just a few years, to carve
    of the Amana         In Germany in 1714 two men, Eberhard L.
                     Gruber and Johann F Rock, spoke and wrote of
                                                                           a relatively comfortable living from the wilds of
                                                                           western New York calling their community the
       Colonies, a   faith renewal through reflection, prayer and Bible
                     study. Their belief, one shared by many other
                                                                           Ebenezer Society. They adopted a constitution
                                                                           that formalized their communal way of life and
National Historic    Pietists, was that God, through the Holy Spirit,
                     may inspire individuals to speak. This gift of
                                                                           established a governing council of brethren
                                                                           elected by the membership.
  Landmark and       inspiration or prophecy was the basis for a           When more land was needed for the growing
                     religious group that became known as the
one of America’s     Community of True Inspiration. Though the
                                                                           community, the Inspirationists looked to Iowa
                                                                           where attractively priced land was available.
                     Inspirationists sought to avoid conflict and con-
     longest-lived   frontation, they were persecuted for their beliefs.
                                                                           One valley on the Iowa River seemed particularly
                                                                           promising. Here was fertile soil, stone, wood
                     Eventually the Inspirationists sought refuge in
       communal      central Germany settling in several estates,
                                                                           and water enough to build the community of
                                                                           their dreams – the Amana Colonies.
    societies, can   including the 13th century Ronneburg castle.

 be traced to the    Seeking Freedom
                     Renewed persecution and an economic depres-
                                                                           Remaining True
                                                                           In 1855 they arrived in Iowa. After an inspired
 villages and the    sion forced the community to begin searching          testimony instructed the people to call their
                     for a new home. Led by Christian Metz the com-        village, “Bleib treu” or “remain faithful” the leaders
  walled cities of   munity left Germany in 1843-44 and by pooling         chose the name Amana from the Song of Solomon
                     their resources were able to purchase land near       4:8. Amana means to remain true. Six villages
         Germany.    Buffalo, New York. By working cooperatively,          were established, a mile or two apart, across a

                                               5 l Amana Colonies
  river valley tract of some 25,000 acres -          making to brewing, were vital. Over 50          nal way of life. A ruinous farm market and
  Amana, East Amana, West Amana, South               communal kitchens provided three meals          changes in the rural economy contributed,
  Amana, High Amana and Middle Amana.                daily to Colonists. These kitchens were         but what finally propelled the change
  In 1861 when the community learned                 operated by the women of the Colonies           was a strong desire on the part of Amana
  that a railway was to be built and a station       and well supplied by the village smoke-         Colonists to maintain their community.
  opened in the former stagecoach stop               house, bakery, icehouse and dairy and           By 1932 the communal way of life was
  known as Homestead, the community                  by huge gardens, orchards and vineyards         seen as a barrier to achieving individual
  bought the land and the Amana village              maintained by the villagers.                    goals. So rather than leave or watch their
  of Homestead came to be.                                                                           children leave one by one, they changed.
                                                     Children attended school, six days a week,
  The community adopted a communal                                                                   They established the Amana Society, Inc.,
                                                     year-round until the age of 14. Boys were
  way of life based upon Christian teachings                                                         a joint stock, profit-sharing corporation
                                                     assigned jobs on the farm or in the craft
  which they articulated in a constitution                                                           to manage the farmland, the mills and the
                                                     shops, while girls were assigned to a com-
  adopted by the members. Called the Amana                                                           larger enterprises. Private enterprise was
                                                     munal kitchen. A few boys were sent to
  Society, the group shared the property and                                                         encouraged and many businesses located
                                                     college for training as teachers, doctors
  businesses of the seven Amana villages.                                                            in the Amana Colonies today are inde-
                                                     and dentists.
                                                                                                     pendently owned and operated. The
  The Amana Colonies would become one                Up before dawn, called to work by the           Amana Church was maintained and
  of America’s longest-lived and largest religious   gentle tolling of the bell in the village       thrives yet today.
  communal societies.                                tower, the unhurried routine of life in
                                                                                                     Today the Amana Colonies represent an
  In the seven villages, residents could             the old Amana Colonies was paced very
                                                                                                     American dream come true. Seven villages
  count on receiving a home, medical                 differently than today. Churches, located
                                                                                                     founded by religious faith and community
  care, meals, all household necessities and         in the center of each village, built of brick
                                                                                                     spirit, the Amana Colonies are a thriving
  schooling for their children. Property and         or stone, have no stained glass windows,
                                                                                                     community with a population of over
  resources were shared. Men and women               no steeple or spire, and reflect the Inspir-
                                                                                                     1,700 people. Declared a National
  were assigned jobs by their village council        ationist ethos of simplicity and humility.
                                                                                                     Historic Landmark in 1965, the Amana
  of brethren. No one received a wage.               Colonists attended worship services 11
                                                                                                     Colonies attract hundreds of thousands
  No one needed one.                                 times during the course of a week, their
                                                                                                     of visitors annually all of whom come to
                                                     quiet worship punctuating the days.
  Farming and the production of wool                                                                 see and enjoy a place where the past is
  and calico supported the community, but            In 1932 amidst America’s Great Depression,      cherished and where hospitality is a
  village enterprises, everything from clock         the Amana Colonies set aside its commu-         way of life.

Amana Heritage Sites                                 across the street is like stepping back in
                                                     time. Guides explain kitchen routines and
                                                                                                      The Amana Community
                                                                                                      Church Museum, Homestead
The Amana Heritage Society maintains                 share insights on communal Amana life.           Whether you want to learn more about
seven historical sites. Single admission             Popular with all ages, the Communal              Amana or simply wish to experience
or multi-site admissions are available.              Kitchen and Cooper Shop is an historical         a setting uniquely suited to reflection,
For more information on Amana                        treasure. Open May 1 through October 31,         visit the 1865 Saal (church or meeting-
Heritage Sites and to check their calen-             11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday - Friday, 10 a.m.-         house) in Homestead. Guides discuss
dar of special events and programs                   5 p.m. Saturday.                                 religious beliefs and practices of the
phone 319-622-3567 or visit                                                                           Amana Church, while explaining the                               High Amana General Store,                        unique history and architecture of this
                                                     High Amana                                       140-year-old church. Open May 1 through
Amana Heritage Museum, Amana                         This 1858 sandstone general store looks          October 31, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday -
One of your first stops in the Amana                 very much as it did 100 years ago when           Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday.
Colonies should be the Amana Heritage                it served village residents and traded
Museum. With an award-winning, 20-                   with farmers living near High Amana.             Homestead Blacksmith Shop, Homestead
minute video, exhibits in three communal             The Amana Heritage Society still operates        The original village blacksmith shop.
era buildings and grounds recalling turn             this dry goods store offering merchandise        Learn about the role of the blacksmith
of the century Amana life, the museum                reminiscent of bygone days. Open daily           in the economic life of the community.
tells Amana’s story from 18th century                April 1 - October 31, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.             Demonstrations. Open Saturdays May 27
Germany to the present. The Amana                    Monday - Saturday, 12 p.m.-4 p.m.                through September 2, 11 a.m.-4 p.m.
Heritage Museum is among Iowa’s top                  Sunday. Open Saturdays and Sundays
historical attractions. Special programs             only in March, November and December.            Homestead Store Museum, Homestead
and exhibits. Museum store. Open daily                                                                Commerce sustained communal Amana
April 1 through October 31, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.           Communal Agriculture Museum,                     and its importance is explored at this his-
Monday - Saturday, 12 p.m.-4 p.m.                    South Amana                                      toric site recently renovated and opened
Sunday. Open Saturdays only in March,                Built in 1858 the South Amana barn hous-         by the Amana Heritage Society. Craft and
November and December.                               ing the Communal Agriculture Museum              industry, plus an examination of the com-
                                                     is one of the oldest in the seven colonies.      munity’s relationship with the “outside
Communal Kitchen and                                 Tools, implements and photographs from           world,” are depicted. Open storage of
Cooper Shop, Middle Amana                            Amana’s communal era depict operations           museum artifacts and display of colony
Preserved just as it was on the day in               on the nation’s largest communal farm.           buildings in miniature make the Home-
1932 when the last communal meal                     Open May 27 - September 2, 11 a.m.-              stead Store well worth discovering. Open
was served in Amana, visiting the                    4 p.m. Monday - Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.           May 1 through October 31, 11 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Communal Kitchen and the Cooper Shop                 Saturday.                                        Monday - Friday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday.

                                                               Amana Colonies l 6
   “There is nothing like festival time
       in the Amana Colonies!”
               Carl Oehl
        Oktoberfest Burgermeister

A crowd has gathered to watch the
Winterfest log-sawing competition.
Bundled in warm clothing they cheer
for their favorite teams. Once the com-
petition is over, folks head out to watch
the ice-harvesting demonstrations on
the Mill Race canal or stop by one of
the restaurants for a hearty lunch. This
is Winterfest, January 28, one of
many celebrations held each year in
the Amana Colonies.
From the homespun appeal of
                                                                                                          God’s Grand Garden Walk
Winterfest to the rollicking kick of
Oktoberfest to the holiday magic creat-
ed at Prelude to Christmas, there are       candy shops, bakeries and beverage          There is nothing quite like Beckster
dozens of events and festivals in the       establishments offering delicious food      Fest, June 2-4, at the Amana Colonies
Amana Colonies. Be sure to check the        and drink. Also enjoy the colorful rib-     Outdoor Convention Facility. Up-tempo
calendar of events in this issue of the     bon dances of the Maipole dancers;          polka music gets everyone on the two
Amana Colonies Visitors Guide for           this rite of spring has been a German       wooden dance floors with music pro-
more information.                           tradition since before the Middle Ages.     vided by nine of the best polka bands
Maifest, May 6 – 7, this spring cele-       The dancers, dressed in traditional         in the United States. Barefoot Becky
bration combines old world traditions       German costumes with flowers in their       and the Ivanhoe Dutchmen host this
and new world entertainment featuring       hair, perform the intricate Maipole         4th annual polka fest.
the Taste of the Amana Colonies food        dances as the Amana Colonies recog-
                                                                                        This year the Amana Arts Guild cele-
fair at the Festhalle Barn (Amana) with     nizes its German heritage.
                                                                                        brates regionalist art and the folk craft
local nonprofit groups, restaurants,        The Iowa Renaissance Festival and           traditions of the Colonies at its annual
                                            Gathering O’ Celts, May 5 – 7, is           Festival of the Arts, August 12, at the
                                            held at the Middle Amana Park during        Middle Amana Park. Beneath the shade
                                            Maifest. This popular event features        of huge oak trees, local artists and
                                            entertainment on multiple stages, 16th      craftspeople exhibit, demonstrate and
                                            century costumed characters, living         sell their work. The festival features
                                            history encampments, food, drink and        craft activities for kids and hot apple
                                            activities for children; the Renaissance    fritters made on the spot plus other
                                            Festival combines an enchanting mix         foods.
                                            of fantasy, folklore and fun.
                                                                                        America’s largest agriculture trade show
                                            Take a trip down south, never leaving       and exhibition, the Farm Progress
                                            the Amana Colonies, during Taste            Show, August 29 – 31, will be at the
                                            Louisiana Cajun and Zydeco Fest,            Amana Colonies Outdoor Convention
                                            May 27 – 29 at the Amana Colonies           Facility. You’ll discover the Farm
                                            Outdoor Convention Facility. The            Progress Show to be a multifaceted
                                            Midwest’s largest Cajun and Zydeco          event with field demonstrations, speak-
                                            festival offers a zesty blend of toe-tap-   ers, workshops and the very latest in
                                            ping music and Cajun food. Cooking          agriculture and agribusiness. Drawing
                                            demonstrations and cultural events pay      people from across the globe, the Farm
                                            tribute to Louisiana’s enduring heritage    Progress Show is a world-class celebra-
                                            while the Mardi Gras themed party           tion of American farm innovation.
                           Winterfest       prompts you to celebrate good times.

                                                     Amana Colonies l 8
Oktoberfest, September 29 – October 1,    of the Tannenbaum Forest help the           a delightful vignette featuring German
held in the village of Amana, is a        Iowa Chapter of the Make-a-Wish             carols, folklore and traditions from
Bavarian bash with a prairie harvest      Foundation fulfill the dreams of criti-     the communal era. At the church in
connection. From the moment the first     cally ill, eastern Iowa children. As you    Amana handmade craft items and liter-
keg is tapped by the Amana Colonies       might expect, the Tannenbaum Forest         ally thousands of cookies are for sale
own Burgermeister, Carl Oehl, to the      is a huge hit with children, especially     at the Amana Church Holiday Bazaar
last dance on Sunday afternoon, the       since Santa Claus is a resident. Santa      and Cookie Walk benefit event.
fun and entertainment are nonstop.        (in his own beautifully decorated
                                                                                      A special treat for this holiday week-
German-style bands, dancing, German       sleigh) is on hand to hear all holiday
                                                                                      end is the Christmas Haus Tour,
foods, plus the Saturday morning          wishes. The Tannenbaum Forest also
                                                                                      December 2. Travel through the vil-
parade and the special autumn-themed      features St. Nick’s Café, with hot
                                                                                      lages to tour historic homes decked
events make Oktoberfest Iowa’s favorite   cocoa and holiday treats to warm
                                                                                      out in their finest holiday trimmings.
fall festival.                            and delight.
                                                                                      Sponsored by the Amana Arts Guild,
The Tannenbaum Forest, November           During Prelude to Christmas,                the tour takes you through private
24 – December 10, in the Festhalle        December 1 – 3, the Tannenbaum              homes, as well as artists homes and
Barn, Amana, is proof positive that       Forest is open extended hours with          galleries. This is an event that is sure to
dreams do come true. The Tannenbaum       additional holiday activities. Prelude to   please, plus give you great decorating
Forest with over 40 live, decorated       Christmas offers special events, craft      ideas for the holidays.
theme trees, a giant 17-foot-tall,        demonstrations and evening hours to
                                                                                      The Amana Colonies offers a festival
German Christmas “pyramid,” and           accommodate shoppers in the candlelit
                                                                                      for all seasons, whether you plan to
a breathtaking Nativity, is one of the    village of Amana. While at the Amana
                                                                                      visit the Colonies in the spring, summer,
top holiday attractions in the Midwest.   Heritage Museum, you can see “A
                                                                                      fall or winter; there is a festival for you.
Voluntary donations taken at the door     Glimpse of Amana Christmas Past,”


                                                   9 l Amana Colonies
 From the relaxed appeal
                            calendar of                       events
                                          Iowa Renaissance Festival
                                          and Gathering O’Celts
                                                                                         Abend Galerie Tour
                                                                                         June 2
  of a folk arts fair to the              May 5 – 7                                      Over a dozen Amana Colonies artisans
     high-energy ethnic                   Magical gathering of costumed                  open their galleries, workshops and
   celebrations that have                 characters, live action stuntmen and           studios for this self-guided, free,
                                          entertainers at this fantasy Renaissance       evening (Abend) tour. 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.
     become an Amana                      fair. Activities for all ages. Entertainment
Colonies tradition, festivals             on six stages. Concessions. Event held
                                                                                         29th Annual Marble Show
 and special events crowd                 at Middle Amana Park. Admission.
                                                            June 2 – 3
  our calendar. For more                                                                 Collectors nationwide look forward to
                                                                                         America’s longest-running antique marble
   information check out                  31st Annual Doll
                                                                                         meet at the Amana Colonies Holiday Inn.
       our website at                     and Toy Sale
                                                                                         Friday workshops and banquet registra-
                                          May 6                     At the Amana Colonies Outdoor
                                                                                         tion requested. Saturday show 9 a.m. –
                                                                                         2 p.m. open to the public. Admission.
  or call 1-800-579-2294.                 Convention Facility. Dolls and toys  
                                          of all types, plus related items at this
Winterfest                                show sponsored by the Iowa Kate Shelley        Beckster Fest
January 28                                Doll Club. Vintage antiques, collectibles      June 2 – 4
                                          and reproductions. Admission.                  Barefoot Becky and the Ivanhoe
Beat cabin fever with our 2nd annual
                                                                                         Dutchmen host some of the top names
Winterfest. 5K Amana Freezer Fun          Maifest                                        in polka at this 4th annual polka fest
Run/Walk, ice harvesting demonstra-       May 6 – 7                                      at the Amana Colonies Outdoor
tions, ice skating, storytelling by the
                                          With costumed folk dancers, a food             Convention Facility. Located in the large,
woodstove, cross-cut log sawing compe-
                                          tasting fair and more, the village of Amana    air-conditioned, indoor hall, the festival
tition open to all. Winter fun Amana                                                     features nine bands from across the
                                          blooms for this annual spring celebra-
style.                                                          Midwest, two wooden dance floors and
                                          tion. “Taste of Amana Colonies” food fair
                                          at the Festhalle Barn, Maipole dancers,        nonstop entertainment, food and fun.
Willow Weaving Weekend                    German music, parade activities for            Admission.
February 18 - 19                          kids, crafts, entertainment and more.
A hands-on workshop at the Amana Arts                       God’s Grand Garden Walk
Guild Center in High Amana. Two days                                                     June 10
intensive study of various basketmaking   Amana Trail Ride                               Tour ten or more gardens in the Amana
techniques with nationally-known          May 13 – 14                                    Colonies including traditional, contem-
weavers. Registration required.           Horse lovers converge at the Amana             porary water and floral gardens, sunken                    Colonies Outdoor Convention Facility           and other imaginative gardens. Sponsored
                                          for horseback riding on aged logging           by the Amana Church Society. 10 a.m. –
Festival of American Basketry                                                            4 p.m. Admission.
                                          trails, camping and special events.
April 28 – 30                             Dance Saturday evening open to all.
Seven workshops by nationally-known       Register to bring your horse.                  WMT Great Eastern Iowa
basketmakers at the Amana Arts Guild                         Tractor Ride
Center in High Amana. Early American                                                     June 12
and contemporary techniques and styles    Taste Louisiana Cajun                          450 tractors take a ride around our neck
explored. Registration required.          and Zydeco Fest                                of the woods.                   May 27 – 29
                                                                                         Two-Cylinder XVI
                                          The Midwest’s largest Cajun and Zydeco
Abend Galerie Tour                                                                       June 16 – 17
                                          festival with great bands, Mardi Gras
                                                                                         Collectors of John Deere tractors and
May 5                                     madness parties, cultural events and
                                                                                         implements will gather for this nostalgic
Over a dozen Amana Colonies artisans      authentic Cajun dishes prepared by
                                                                                         celebration of the American ag legend.
open their galleries, workshops and       Louisiana chefs, plus dancing and cook-
                                                                                         Displays and demonstrations for the
studios for this self-guided, free,       ing lessons and a carnival. At the Amana       public. At the Amana Colonies Outdoor
evening (Abend) tour. 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.     Colonies Outdoor Convention Facility.          Convention Facility. Admission.          Admission.         
          Events, times and dates are subject to change. Please call 800-579-2294 for up-to-date information.

                                                   Amana Colonies l 10
Homestead Implement Reunion                  studios for this self-guided, free,           Convention Facility. Saturday 9 a.m. –
June 17 – 18                                 evening (Abend) tour. 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.         5 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Whether you’re a devoted collector or              Concessions.
simply sentimental for the good ol’ days
on the farm, the annual Minneapolis-         Iowa County Fair                              Abend Galerie Tour
Moline Implement Reunion in Homestead        July 13 – 16                                  August 4
is your event. Parade of antique tractors    Iowa County Fairgrounds, Marengo              Over a dozen Amana Colonies artisans
and farm machinery, kiddy tractor pull,                                                    open their galleries, workshops and
swap meet and demonstrations.                Tour de Brew                                  studios for this self-guided, free,
Concessions.                                 July 15                                       evening (Abend) tour. 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.
                                             This 30-mile bike ride from Iowa City to
Lily Lake in Bloom                           Millstream Brewing Co., Amana, combines
July – August                                fitness, fellowship and fun while provid-     Festival of the Arts
The Lily Lake is crowned with buttery-       ing the perfect route to experience rural     August 12
yellow, lotus lilies from mid-July through   Iowa. Open to all ages. For registration,     Celebration of traditional and contempo-
August; an event that occurs annually.                    rary Amana Colonies arts and crafts with
Pull in at the lakeshore park to enjoy                                                     artists displaying, selling and demonstrating
the view and to access the Kolonieweg        Christmas in July Arts                        their work. Fine art and folk art featured,
Recreational Trail that circles the lake.    and Crafts Show                               including the latest work by some of the
                                             July 15 – 16                                  region’s best. Hands-on art activities for
Abend Galerie Tour                           Over 150 exhibitors share their talent for    kids. Entertainment. Concessions. 10 a.m.
July 7                                       handmade arts and crafts in two large, air-   – 5 p.m. in the Middle Amana Park.
Over a dozen Amana Colonies artisans         conditioned buildings plus tented exhibits    Sponsored by the Amana Arts Guild.
open their galleries, workshops and          in the RV park. Amana Colonies Outdoor

The Old Creamery
Theatre Company
319-622-6194 or 800-352-6262

8 p.m. on Wednesdays,
Fridays & Saturdays
3 p.m. on Thursdays,
Saturdays & Sundays
May 5-June 11
June 16 – July 16
                                                                   Join us in
July 19, 20, 21
Performance Times: Wed. 3 & 8pm;
                                                              2006 in celebrating
Thurs. 3pm.; Friday 3 & 8pm                             our 35th year as Iowa’s premiere
July 28-Aug. 20 and Sept. 6-Sept. 24                     professional theatre company.
CHURCH BASEMENT LADIES                                       
Sept. 29-Nov. 11
Nov. 17-Dec. 17
                                                                                 2 Stages
8:00 p.m. on Thursdays, Fridays                                        Up to 6 performances a week
& Saturdays and 3:00 p.m. on                                               Group and student
Thursdays & Sundays                                                           rates available
June 23-July 23

                                                    11 l Amana Colonies
Farm Progress Show                             Amana Trail Ride                                celebration of homebrewed beer, mead
August 29 – 31                                 September 23 – 24                               or cider. Stop by Millstream Brewing Co.
Known as the “Superbowl of Agriculture”        Horse lovers converge at the Amana              in Amana November 4 to check out the
the Farm Progress Show is America’s            Colonies Outdoor Convention Facility for        judging. Register to enter your home-
largest agriculture and agribusiness trade     horseback riding on aged logging trails,        brew at
show with the latest in technological          camping and special events. Dance Saturday
advances and ag practices. Exhibits. Field     evening open to all. Register to bring your     Fall Fibre and Clay Show & Sale
demonstrations. Speakers. Concessions.         horse.                  November 4 – 5
At the Amana Colonies Outdoor                                                                  Show and sale of weaving, textile arts,
Convention Facility. Admission.                Volksmarch                                      baskets, pottery and crafts by area artists                           September 23 – 24                               at the Amana Arts Guild Center in High
                                               Tour Amana and East Amana on foot               Amana. Shop for holiday gifts, boutique
Abend Galerie Tour                             at this traditional German “folk walk”          wear and original fine art at this juried
September 1                                    starting at the Millstream Brewing Co.          event. Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and
                                               in Amana. A family-oriented event, open         Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Over a dozen Amana Colonies artisans
                                               to all.     
open their galleries, workshops and
studios for this self-guided, free,            Oktoberfest
evening (Abend) tour. 4 p.m. – 8 p.m.                                                          Tannenbaum Forest
                                               September 29 – October 1                        November 24 – December 10
                                               We bring Bavaria to you during                  Experience a holiday wish come true at
                                               Oktoberfest – Iowa’s favorite fall festival.    this enchanted forest of live, decorated
Festival of Iowa Beers                         The century-old Festhalle Barn in Amana
September 2                                                                                    Christmas trees at the Festhalle Barn,
                                               provides the perfect setting for nonstop        Amana. Visit with Santa (scheduled times)
Sample beer from breweries across Iowa         entertainment, dance and German-style           and see the country’s tallest Christmas
and talk with brewers about the creation       foods and beverages. Parade. Live enter-        pyramid. This benefit event for the Iowa
of their brews at this beer-tasting event      tainment at local restaurants and Millstream    Chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation
at the Millstream Brewing Co. in Amana.        Brewing Co., craft demonstrations at local
                                                                                               has become one of the premier holiday
1 – 5 p.m. Admission.                          shops.
                                                                                               attractions in the Midwest. Free will
                                                                                               donation is your admission.
                                               Oktoberfest Homebrewers
Yard Market Day                                Competition
September 2                                    September 30
                                                                                               Prelude to Christmas
This all day yard market hosted by area        Homebrewers compete in this 3rd annual
                                               event during Amana’s Oktoberfest spon-
                                                                                               December 1 – 3
antique shops boasts many treasures at
                                               sored by Millstream Brewing Co. To regis-       Amana’s Christmas gift to you is this
various locations throughout the Amana
                                               ter Winners          nostalgic advent celebration featuring the
                                               will be announced September 30 at the           magical Tannenbaum Forest, special events
                                               Festhalle Barn.                                 throughout Amana, a Christmas Cookie
Amana Colonies                                                                                 Walk, Holiday Bazaar and presentations
Renaissance Festival                           Autumn Days Craft Fair                          featuring Colony Christmas traditions at
September 2 – 4                                October 7 – 8                                   the Amana Heritage Museum. Come
Fun, excitement, music and comedy all          Everything from handsewing to wood-             sundown Amana is transformed with
in a Renaissance setting. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.     crafts is featured at this 5th annual harvest   candle luminaries and countless holiday
daily. Admission.                              craft show at the Amana Colonies                lights.
                                               Outdoor Convention Facility. Over 100
Amana Artisans Studio Tour                     exhibitors. Concessions. Saturday 9 a.m. –      Christmas Haus Tour
September 15 – 17                              5 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.              December 2
Visit the workshops and studios of Amana                       Tour selected Amana Colonies homes
Colonies folk artists and craftspeople as                                                      beautifully decorated for the holidays.
they are working. A self-guided, free tour     THIRSTY Homebrew Classic                        Proceeds benefit the Amana Arts
of workshops in six villages. Friday 10 a.m.   November 4                                      Guild’s “On to the Future” campaign.
– 5 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and        Homebrewers and homebrewing clubs               10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Admission.
Sunday noon to 5 p.m.                          from across the country compete at this
            Events, times and dates are subject to change. Please call 800-579-2294 for up-to-date information.

                                                       Amana Colonies l 12
GOOD FOOD FOR                                       By the turn of the century the Colonies’
BODY AND SOUL                                   reputation for serving excellent food was secure
There is a story in Amana of a young man
 who left the communal Colonies to try his     with visitors arriving by buggy and train, and later
luck in the ‘outside world.’ The young man
 stayed away for nearly a year. Then one
                                                 by automobile, to dine in the kitchen houses.
  day in early spring he returned. When        cooked for 40 had to learn how to             communal cook, and her family opened
 asked why he had come back to Amana,          prepare meals for four. Recipes meant         the Ronneburg Restaurant in the village
the prodigal said, ‘Because there is nothing   to serve a small army had to be refor-        of Amana. In South Amana the village
           fit to eat in the world.’                                                         smokehouse was restored and reopened
                                               mulated, a job accomplished over time
    Emilie Hoppe, “Seasons of Plenty:          with cooks enthusiastically sharing their     as a restaurant in 1968 by Carl and Fern
      Amana Communal Cooking”                  tried and true recipes for favorite dishes.   Oehl. All employed former communal
                                               Today many Amana cooks still prepare          cooks who prepared the foods they
Hickory-smoked sausage, Westphalia                                                           loved best while they incorporated
                                               the good food of the Amana Colonies’
ham, savory dumpling soup, tender                                                            American favorites into their menus.
                                               kitchen houses.
pickled beets and sour pickled ham,
hot horseradish sauce and fried pota-          Building upon a reputation for hearty         Today the variety of dining options in
toes, cabbage slaw and lettuce with sour       meals and friendly hospitality, several       the Amana Colonies restaurants includes
cream dressing, oven-fresh bread and           Amana Colonies families opened restau-        gourmet and local fare, seafood, light
brown sugar Streusel, tart rhubarb pie         rants at the close of the communal era.       luncheon and dinner choices, deli sand-
and irresistible cream puffs … They ate        Jacob Roemig opened the Colony Inn            wiches, malt shop burgers and more.
well in the communal days, a tradition         in the former Amana Hotel in 1935.            But the original family style dining made
that continues in the Amana Colonies           The Ox Yoke Inn was established in a          famous by communal kitchens continues
to this very day.                              restored kitchen house by Bill and Lina       to be a popular choice just as it has for
                                               Leichsenring in 1940. In Homestead for-       six generations.
From 1855 until 1932 there were over
                                               mer New York Yankee pitcher Bill Zuber        Should our communal era prodigal
50 communal kitchens in the seven
                                               and his wife, Connie, opened Zuber’s          return today, he would feel right at home
villages serving breakfast, dinner and
                                               Restaurant in 1948. While in 1950             finding his favorite dishes and a few new
supper daily, plus a mid-morning and
                                               Helen Zimmerman Graichen, a former            delights to savor.
a mid-afternoon “lunch,” that truly
deserved its name consisting of coffee,
hot tea or wine and thick slices of fresh
bread topped with molasses or cheese.
Breakfast was taken seriously with hot,
fried potatoes, fried eggs, oatmeal or
farina. Noon dinner was just as fortify-
ing consisting of soup, vegetables, pota-
toes, a meat dish and often, though not
always, dessert. Supper was a somewhat
lighter meal, but egg dishes, cheese,
vegetables, potatoes and a meat course
were the norm.
In the communal Amana Colonies
good food in satisfying quantity, well
prepared and cheerfully served in the
kitchen houses, was a comfort and a
blessing to be shared and enjoyed.
By the turn of the century the Colonies’
reputation for serving excellent food was
secure with visitors arriving by buggy
and train, and later by automobile, to
dine in the kitchen houses. And few
visitors left the Colonies without first
buying Amana ham, bacon and sausage
for their families, just as they do today.
The end of the communal era and the
closing of the kitchens required that all
homes be equipped with a kitchen, a
first in the villages. Women who had

                                                         Amana Colonies l 14
SPECIALTY FOODS IN                             smoking insuring the highest quality and
                                               best-tasting meats.
                                                                                              eral of the village bakeries were consolidated
                                                                                              and moved to upper South Amana. The
THE AMANA COLONIES                             Today you can shop for Amana Meats
                                                                                              Amana Society Bakery produces a variety of
                                                                                              breads for local and regional markets and
    “You need a good, slow smoky fire. . .     online, via the Amana Meat Shop website
                                                                                              operates the Stone Hearth Bakery in the vil-
           Hickory wood is best.”              at or visit the
                                                                                              lage of Amana. At Stone Hearth Bakery they
       Carl Schuerer, “Seasons of Plenty:      Amana Meat Shop and Smokehouse in
                                                                                              make their own fresh preserves and corn jelly
         Amana Communal Cooking”               the village of Amana.
                                                                                              as well as noodles, pastries, cookies and cakes.
On those mornings in the village of Amana      In operation since 1866, the Hahn Bakery in
                                                                                              But don’t stop there, for Amana Colonies’
when the delicious scent of hickory smoke      Middle Amana is the Colonies’ only original
                                                                                              shops offer dozens of treats to satisfy your
from the Amana Meat Shop and Smoke-            hearth oven bakery to still use traditional
                                                                                              sweet tooth including hand-dipped choco-
house recalls the past, it’s easy to imagine   baking methods. Carl Hahn was one of the
                                                                                              lates, fudge, caramels, caramel-coated
the communal era when each of the Amana        last communal bakers in the Colonies; his
                                                                                              apples and old-fashioned hard candy. Using
villages had its own smokehouse.               family continues the tradition of providing
                                                                                              century-old fudge and candy recipes, The
                                               the village with fresh baked breads, cin-
Using recipes that had been passed down                                                       Chocolate Haus in Amana is a sensory
                                               namon rolls and streusels. Open early, a
to them by their fathers and grandfathers,                                                    delight. Watch caramel apples being dipped,
                                               fresh baked, warm coffee cake is the perfect
the village butcher made sausage and salt-                                                    sample their made-from-scratch fudge and
                                               start for your tour of the Amana Colonies.
cured hams and bacon. They hung the                                                           smell the decadent aroma of chocolate. Slow
cured meats in the smokehouse and kept         The Amana Society Bakery was established       churned in a copper kettle, the chocolate is
a close watch on the wood fire, curing and     at the close of the communal era when sev-     always flowing at the Chocolate Haus!

                                                        15 l Amana Colonies
RESTAURANTS                              Schatzi’s Ice Cream
                                         & Sandwich Shop, Amana
Colony Inn Restaurant, Amana             319-622-3183

The restaurant where family-style        The Smokehaus Restaurant,
dining began in 1935. House made         South Amana                                           great neighborhood
desserts included with dinners,          319-622-3750                                        restaurant located in
breakfast, children's menu, sand-                                                            an original historical
wiches, daily specials, and locally                                                      communal kitchen house.
made beer and wine.                      SPECIALTY FOODS                                Truly a nice variety of German and
                                         Amana Meat Shop                           American entrees are presented on our menu.
Nordy’s Subs and Salads,                                                           Family style meals as well as popular smaller
Amana                                    and Smokehouse, Amana                     and lighter meals, sandwiches and homemade
319-622-3028                             319-622-7586 or 800-373-6328                soups and salads are served. Please come                                           and experience our hospitality.
                                         Since 1858! Home of famous Amana®           Amana Colonies’ first restaurant to serve
Ox Yoke Inn, Amana                       ham, bacon, steaks, sausage and                 Sauerbraten and Weiner Schnitzel.
319-622-3441 or 800-233-3441             cheese. Sampling. Also Amana jams           Today we are still using the same secret                       and jellies and specialty foods from          recipe for our wonderful Sauerbraten.                        Europe. Free mail order catalog.                 MAIN STREET AMANA
                                                                                   319-622-3641 • 888-348-4686 •
An Amana Colonies tradition since
1940. Serving German and American        Amana Stone                                Also home of The Clothes Encounter
food family-style. Child’s menu, sand-   Hearth Bakery, Amana
wiches, daily specials, house baked      319-622-7640
desserts. Local, American & imported
wine, beers and cocktails. Gifts.        Fresh baked breads, pastries and
                                         cookies. Homemade jams, jellies,
Ox Yoke Innterstate,                     noodles, pies, sandwiches. Beverages
I-80, Amana Colonies Exit 225            available. Ice cream in summer.
319-668-1443 or 877-668-1443             Hot soups in winter. Seating in our                       quaint German loft. Open daily.
Serving breakfast, lunch and             Amana Coffee & Tea, Amana
dinner family-style. Child’s menu,       319-622-6598
sandwiches, house baked desserts.
Local, American and imported             Offering Amana’s largest selection
wines, beers and cocktails. Gifts.       of whole bean coffee and loose tea.
Banquet and meeting facilities.          Samples available. Stroll through
Serving daily all day.
                                         our fine selection of classic cottage
                                         and American country décor. Lower
The Ronneburg Restaurant,                level, Amana General Store.
319-622-3641 or 888-348-4686             The Chocolate Haus, Amana
                                         319-622-3025 or 877-622-3025
A great neighborhood restaurant
with two charming shops located
in an original communal kitchen.         The only place in Amana that makes
Serving German and American              fudge, caramel and chocolates from
entrées for breakfast, lunch and         scratch! Ice cream, smoothies, iced
dinner. Great family atmosphere.         coffees, sugar-free chocolates, novelty
Groups are welcomed.                     candy, fun gifts. Come watch and
                                         “smell” the candy being made!
Zuber’s Restaurant and
Dugout Lounge, Homestead                 Hahn’s Hearth Oven Bakery,
319-622-3911 or 800-522-8883             Middle Amana                        319-622-3439
Historic landmark home of Bill           Homemade breads and pastries
Zuber, NY baseball player. Dugout        baked in the only original hearth
Lounge features live music, appetiz-     oven in the Amana Colonies.
ers, sandwiches, and famous Joe’s        Open April - October, Tuesday -
Pizza. Old and new world cuisine.        Saturday. Wednesday and Saturday
Weddings, meetings, group rates.         only in November, December and
Main Street, Homestead.                  March. Open at 7:30 a.m.

                                                  Amana Colonies l 16
                                                 Taste treats
                                               can be enjoyed
                                                the Colonies.
                                                                        Children’s Menu
                                                        Sunday Brunch

                                                                                                                                               Step-on Guide

                                                                                                                                                               Credit Cards




Colony Inn Restaurant      • • •   • •                                                                           •                 • •              •          M, V, A, D

Nordy’s Subs & Salads      • • •   • •                                                                                               •              •          M, V, A, D

Ox Yoke Inn                  • • • • •                                                                           •        •        • •              • •        M, V, A, D, Di

Ox Yoke Innterstate        • • •   • •                                                                           •        •        • •              • •        M, V, A, D, Di

The Ronneburg Restaurant   • • •   • • •                                                                         •        •        • •              • •        M, V, A, D

Schatzi’s Ice Cream
& Sandwich Shop              • •   • •                                                                           •                   •              •          M, V, D

The Smokehaus Restaurant     • •   • •                                                                           •        •        • •              •          M, V, A, D

Zuber’s Restaurant
& Dugout Lounge              • • • • • •                                                                         •        •        • •              •          M, V, A, D, Di

                                                        17 l Amana Colonies
                                                                        Historic Landmark Home of Bill Zuber
                                                                        New York Yankee Baseball Player

 Fudge and Caramel made the old fashion way
    in our copper kettle! Gourmet truffles,
  toffee, turtles and more! Come watch and
         “smell” the candy being made!                                   Visit the Dugout Lounge featuring
                                                                       Live Music • Appetizers • Sandwiches
   Also offering ice cream, smoothies, iced                                  and the famous Joe’s Pizza
coffees, sugar free chocolates, novelty candy,
              and many fun gifts.                                           Old and New World Cuisine
                                                                        Reserve now for your special event
Located in Historical Amana,                                           Great for Weddings, Rehearsals & Meetings
on Main Street across                                                             Group rates available
from the museum.

                                                                             Main Street • Homestead
                                                                                   An Amana Village
Toll Free
877-622-3025                                                                    Reservations:
or order                                                               1-800-522-8883 or 319-622-3911
online at:                                                        Hours: Mon.-Sat. 11am-8pm
                                                                              Sunday Brunch 10am-2pm
                                                                             Open Daily / Winter Hours

                                                 Amana Colonies l 18
Drawing upon generations of wine-
making and brewing experience, the
Amana Colonies are home to award-
winning wineries and Iowa’s oldest
During the communal era, each village
had its own winery and breweries
were located in Amana, South Amana,
West Amana, Homestead and Middle
Amana. Iowa’s prohibition laws closed
these establishments, but with the end
of the communal era and the repeal of
Prohibition, several families opened
wineries and began making the fruit
and berry wines, rhubarb and dande-
lion wines that have helped to make
the Colonies famous. Amana Colonies          Ackerman Winery, Amana                    Old Wine Cellar, Amana
wineries have been honored world-            319-622-3379                              319-622-3116
wide for their wines.                                  The Old Wine Cellar takes pride
                                             Take our self-guided tour and view        in their popular cranberry wine
Also well honored are the brews of           the 14,000 gallon wine cellar. Sample     blends: Lover’s, Autumn Blend, and
Iowa’s leading microbrewery, the             22 unique wines from Raspberry to         American Pride. Taste and enjoy for
Millstream Brewing Company. Founded          reserve Merlot. Many quality gifts        yourself.
in 1985, the Millstream Brewing Co.          including wine racks and German
is a multiple award-winning brewery          steins.                                   Sandstone Winery, Amana
at the Great American Beer Festival.                                                   319-622-3081
                                             Ehrle Brothers Winery and                 In a 150 year old home, taste a vari-
Famous for their Schild Brau Amber,          Alma’s Washhouse, Homestead               ety of whole fruit, homemade wines
brewed from roasted caramel malt, the        319-622-3241                              made in old colony tradition. Austrian
Amber is a full-bodied beer and an           Amana Colonies’ original winery. Our      lead crystal. German nutcrackers
award winner. The Millstream plays a         gift shop features factory-direct pot-    and smokers. Other items.
special role in each year’s Oktoberfest,     tery and assorted gifts. Open daily
with the brewing of the official Oktober-    June through mid-October. Limited         Village Vintner, Amana
fest beer. For the adventurous, try the      hours November through May.               319-622-3181
Schokolade Bock, a special holiday                                                     Located in the basement of the
brew, yes chocolate beer! Young and          Grapevine Winery, Amana                   Chocolate Haus. Featuring a wide
old are sure to enjoy the award win-         319-622-3698                              variety of wines made in the Amanas.
ning Old Time Root Beer and Black            Sample our specialty blends and           Open daily May through December.
Cherry Soda.                                 other traditional fruit wines. We offer   Limited hours January through
                                             a wide selection of home décor, wine      April.
                                             racks and accessories at great prices.
WINES FOR ALL                                Located just steps away from the          Village Winery, Amana
SEASONS                                      Visitors Center.                          319-622-3448 or 800-731-7142
There are fruit wines, red wines,            Millstream Brewing Co., Amana   
dessert wines, dry wines … the list          319-622-3672                              Sample wines produced in our cellar
goes on. But have you tried a wine              or browse through our gift shop
shake to cool you in the heat of sum-                 which features a large selection
mer? How about spiced mulled wine            Iowa’s oldest microbrewery. Award-        of collectibles. Open daily.
to warm you in the winter?                   winning premium beers and famous
                                             Old Time Root Beer. Visit our hospi-
To shake up your idea of wine, try this      tality room for samples. View the
favorite recipe from Ackerman Winery:        brewing and bottling process and
                    (continued on page 21)   enjoy our outdoor Biergarten.
                                             Open daily.

                                                     Amana Colonies l 20
                                        Black Raspberry Cream
                                        2 oz. Ackerman’s Black Raspberry Wine
                                        5 oz. Vanilla ice cream
                                        Combine wine and ice cream in
                                        blender; blend until smooth.
                                        Serve icy cold. A perfect after dinner
                                        A favorite of the Amana Colonies
                                        Winterfest is the spiced mulled wines
                                        found on the Winter Warmer-Upper
                                        Wine Walk. Mulled wine dates to
                                        medieval times, and is a great way
                                        to spice up a winter get together.
                                        Mulled wine can be made from any
                                        red wine, a full fruit flavor is best.
                                        Be certain to simmer, but never boil
                                        the wine; the flavor of the wine/spice
                                        combination will be ruined if boiled.
                                        Wine can be warmed in the micro-
                                        wave by the glass or mug; micro-
                                        waving concentrates the full flavor
                                        of the wine.

                                        Mulled Wine
                                        1 bottle of wine – any red, Cranberry
                                        is an excellent choice
                                        1/2 gallon apple cider
                                        2 lemons, sliced or 2 C. lemon juice
                                        2 – 4 cinnamon sticks
                                        Combine ingredients and simmer.
                                        Serve warm. 1 oz brandy or Cognac
                                        can be added, as well as nutmeg,
                                        cloves and oranges.

Come Visit Our Tasting Room             SHIPPING YOUR
    Home Decor • Wine Racks
                                        AMANA COLONIES
       Wine Accessories                 WINES
                                        Want to send wine as a gift?
    Explore our multi-level shop        Shipping your wine is as simple as
   in historic Amana filled with        placing a call to your favorite Amana
     value-priced, quality gifts.       Colonies winery and placing an order.
  Check out our clearance rooms
                                        State laws only allow direct shipment
for savings on quality home decor,
                                        of wine to the following states:
      gifts and seasonal items.
                                        Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri,
      319-622-3698                      Wisconsin, Nebraska, California,
Just steps away...                      Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico,
where fun shopping “finds”              Oregon, Washington and Montana.
    happen everyday!                    You must be 21 years of age to receive
                                        shipment of wine; the delivery service
Located on the “back street” of Amana   will verify age. Most wineries in the
                                        Amana Colonies have websites to
                                        make the ordering process even easier.

            21 l Amana Colonies
Amana Colonies l 22
 “I love the Amana Colonies. . . I love the night-   and just steps from restaurants, historical
time, the absolute quiet, at least compared to the   attractions and shops, the Guest House
city and suburbs, and the night sky with millions    Motel is an ideal retreat.
      of stars that look close enough to touch.”
                                                     Each one of the bed and breakfasts in the
          Joanne Claussen, Minneapolis               Amana Colonies has its own personality.
Stop to count the stars or splash with               Located in historical communal-era
your kids at the Wasserbahn Waterpark,               homes, farm houses and kitchen houses,
staying in the Amana Colonies offers end-            staying in a B & B is a perfect way to
less opportunities to slow-down, unwind              experience the Colonies while enjoying
and enjoy life.                                      personal service and hospitality. Take a
                                                     long walk at sunset, relax by the fire with a
Amana Colonies bed and breakfasts, inns,             glass of wine, unwind in your beautifully-
motels and resorts offer amenities and               appointed room, indulge in a home-
personal attention in the uniquely historic          cooked breakfast, have your coffee on the
setting of the Colonies while providing              porch, chat with your hosts and get to
enough choices to accommodate anyone’s               know the Colonies; Amana Colonies bed
budget and lodging preferences.                      and breakfasts offer so much to tempt
The Amana Colonies Holiday Inn and                   you to stay.
Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort is a full-               The Amana Colonies RV Park, located
service family resort and convention facil-          between the villages of Amana and
                                                                                                     BED & BREAKFASTS
ity located at I-80 Exit 225, Little Amana.          Middle Amana, 1/4 mile off Highways             Annie’s Garden
With their indoor, themed waterpark it’s             220 and 151, is one of Iowa’s top RV            Guest House, Amana
truly a kid-friendly environment. And                vacation sites. With electrical hookups,        319-622-6854
Little Amana, with shops and restaurants,            sewer, dump station, RV repair service,
is conveniently located just 7 minutes               water, laundry, showers, meeting facilities     anniesgarden@
from the seven villages and about 15                 and accommodations for groups, the      
minutes from Iowa City/Coralville.                   Amana Colonies RV Park is recreational
The Heritage Inn Amana Colonies Hotel                vehicle and tent camping at its best.           Babi’s Bed & Breakfast,
& Suites, also located at I-80 Exit 225, is          The park is located near the Kolonieweg         South Amana
a comfortable, convenient, economical                Recreational Trail and the Old Creamery         319-662-4381 or 866-752-5286
stay. With 61 rooms, a plentiful, delicious          Theatre’s Price Creek Stage.          
continental breakfast and a beautiful                                                      
                                                     Just down the road at I-80 Exit 220,            home.html
indoor pool, the Heritage Inn offers Amana           Williamsburg and in Marengo are motels
Colonies visitors a restful overnight.                                                               A ten-acre country retreat:
                                                     and inns offering additional lodging            woods, meadows, walking
On main street in the village of Amana               choices as you plan your Amana Colonies         paths, and gazebo. Five room
is the Guest House Motel, conveniently               get-away. Convenient lodging is also avail-     guesthouse: separate entrances,
located in the heart of the Colonies.                able a few short minutes away in Cedar          private baths. Full family-style
Comfortable lodging, hospitable service              Rapids and Iowa City.                           breakfast served in the 1915
                                                                                                     farmhouse. Turn of the century

                                                                                                     The Baeckerei, South Amana
                                                                                                     319-622-3597 or 800-391-8650

                                                                                                     Cloister Haus,
                                                                                                     Middle Amana
                                                                                                     319-622-6091 or 800-996-6964
                                                                                                     Enjoy a full breakfast, served
                                                                                                     family-style in an original
                                                                                                     communal kitchen that provides
                                                                                                     a quiet secluded setting and
                                                                                                     yet located within minutes of
                                                                                                     shops, restaurants, theatre
                                                                                                     and golf course.

                                                            Amana Colonies l 24
Die Heimat Country Inn                                                                                                                                                                                          Kitchen House B & B, Homestead
Bed & Breakfast, Homestead                                                                                                                                                                                      319-622-3078
319-622-3937 or 888-613-5463
Experience a nearly 50 year tradition,
                                                              Warm                                                                                                                                              Rawson’s Bed & Breakfast,
stay at the Colonies’ premier bed &
breakfast. Enjoy our 1854 stagecoach
                                                           yourself in                                                                                                                                          319-622-6035 or 800-637-6035
stop with ambience of Amana fur-
nishings, hand-pieced quilts, and                           a private                                                                                                                                           Charming, historic, award-winning
                                                                                                                                                                                                                brick home with six guest rooms
Midwestern hospitality and
Australian charm.                                           fireplace                                                                                                                                           all with private baths, TV, VCRs,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                video library, full breakfast. Featur-

Dusk to Dawn Bed                                         suite, relaxing                                                                                                                                        ing in-ground swimming pool, whirl-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                pool, fireplace suites. Surprisingly
& Breakfast, Middle Amana
319-622-3029 or 800-669-5773                             among Amana                                                                                                                                            reasonable prices.                                     Colonies                                                                                                                                            Rose’s Place Bed & Breakfast,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Middle Amana
A lovely bed and breakfast in a
historic district. Seven non-smoking
rooms with private baths. A hot tub
                                                           heirlooms.                                                                                                                                           319-622-6097 or 877-767-3233
                                                                                                                                                                                                                Beautifully restored Amana Sunday
on deck in secluded setting and a                                                                                                                                                                               School built in 1870 and used until
full family-style breakfast.                                                               Handicapped Rooms

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Television in Room
                                                                                                               Open Year Round

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (with restrictions)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Pets Allowed
                                                         Private Baths
                                         No. of Rooms

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Credit Cards


Annie’s Garden Guest House                 3              •     • •                                                                                                        16 yrs +                                                                    full                                                      M, V, A, D
Babi’s B & B                               5              •     • •                                                                                                        14 yrs +                                                                    full                                                      M, V
The Baeckerei                              2              •     • •                                                                                                        12 yrs +                                                                    full                      •                               M, V, A, D
Cloister Haus B & B                        3              •     • •                                                                                                               •                                                                    full                      •                               M, V
Die Heimat Country Inn B & B             18               •     • •                                                                                                               •                                     •                              full                      •                               M, V, D
Dusk to Dawn B & B                         7              • • • • •                                                                                                               •                                                                    full                      •                               M, V
Kitchen House B & B                        2              •     • •                                                                                                          15 yrs+                                                                   full                      •                               M, V
Rawson’s B & B                             6              • •   • •                                                                                                               •                                                                    full                      •                               M, V
Rose’s Place B & B                         3              •     • •                                                                                                               •                                                                    full                      •                               M, V
Village Guest Suite                        2              • •   • •                                                                                                               •                                     •                           continental                  •                               M, V
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Handicapped Rooms

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Senior Discounts

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Room Service

                                                                                                                                                                                     Pets Allowed
                                          No. of Rooms

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Credit Cards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Group Rates
                                                                             Water Park




Amana Colonies Holiday Inn
Wasserbahn Waterpark Resort             153                • •                                                                   • • • • • • • •                                                                                                                                                                    M, V, A, D, Di
Guest House Motel                        38                •                                                   nearby              •   • • •                                                                                                                                                                        M, V, A, D
Heritage Inn Amana Colonies
Hotel & Suites                           61                •   •                                               nearby              • • • • • •                                                                                                                                                                      M, V, A, D, Di
KEY: M-Mastercard, V-Visa, A-American Express, D-Discover, Di-Diners

                                                                              25 l Amana Colonies
1981. Full home cooked breakfast         and miniature golf are total kid-                Sudbury Court Motel
served family-style. Queen beds,         pleasers. The Holiday Inn defines                2211 Hwy 6 Trail, Marengo
private baths, large common area,        convenient comfort. Unique shop-                 319-642-5411
TVs, antique furnishings. Reasonable.    ping and hearty restaurants within
                                         walking distance.                                Super 8
Village Guest Suite and                                                                   I-80, Exit 220, Williamsburg
Village Custom Floral, Amana             Guest House Motel, Amana                         319-668-9718 or 800-800-8000
319-622-6690 or 866-624-6690             319-622-3599 or 877-331-0828
                                         A comfortable, convenient overnight              CAMPING
                                         stay located in the heart of Amana.
Two beautiful suites in renovated        38 beautiful rooms, air-conditioned,             Amana Colonies RV Park,
1865 Amana home. Elegant main            phone, TV with HBO and new tub-                  Amana
floor suite with Jacuzzi and spacious    shower combinations. We invite                   319-622-7616 or 800-471-7616
family suite expanding in 2006.          you to stay with us.                   
Continental breakfast offered, special                                          
packages, custom floral arrange-         Heritage Inn Amana                               60 acre campground and RV Park
ments available.                         Colonies Hotel & Suites,                         near the village of Amana. Electrical
                                         I-80, Amana Colonies Exit 225                    hook-ups, water, showers, dump
                                         319-668-2700                                     station, sewer hook-up, propane,
HOTELS/MOTELS                                   laundry. Buildings for group rallies.
                                                                                          Open April 15-October 31. Closed
Amana Colonies Holiday                                                                    Aug.1-Sept 22 for Farm Progress
Inn/Wasserbahn Waterpark
Resort, I-80, Amana Colonies
                                         NEARBY                                           Show.

Exit 225                                 HOTELS/MOTELS                                    Sudbury Court RV Park
319-668-1175 or 800-633-9244             Best Western                                     2211 Hwy 6 Trail, Marengo                 Quiet House Suites                               319-642-5411                                                              
                                         I-80, Exit 220, Williamsburg
Summer never ends at Wasserbahn                                                 
                                         319-668-9777 or 800-528-1234
Waterpark Resort. Our wet attractions

                                                                                            Dusk to Dawn
                                                                                           A DISTINCTIVE BED AND BREAKFAST EXPERIENCE

                                                                                                                       An 1860’s Amana residence
                                                                                                                       just minutes from the golf
                                                                                                                       course, shops, restaurants,
                                                                                                                       museums and bike trail
                                                                                                 7 rooms with private baths
                                                                                                         and air conditioning
                                                                                                   Hot tub on secluded deck

                                          In the Heart ofAmana
                                          We invite you to visit the seven unique
                                                                                                in a very private back yard
                                                                                                  Full family style breakfast
                                                                                                              served at 8am

                                           Amana Colonies. While you are here,                                       2616 K Street
                                           you will find our Guest House Motel a                                     Middle Amana, IA 52307
                                          comfortable, convenient overnight stay.                                    (800) 669-5773
                                         Enjoy the nostalgic charm of our 125 year old                               (319) 622-3029
                                         Sandstone Home. We have renovated this
                                         landmark into 12 lovely rooms that capture the          
                                         warm memories of the past. If you prefer a
                                         more traditional motel stay, we offer 26 rooms
                                         in our new building. All 38 rooms are air
                                         conditioned and feature satellite TV with HBO.
                                         Stop by and let us show you around – we’re
                                         very proud of our motel and invite you to stay
                                         with us. No Pets Please.
                                          4712 220th Trail, Amana, Iowa 52203
                                           Next to the Visitors Center in Amana
                                           Reservations: 319-622-3599
                                             TOLL FREE 1-877-331-0828

                                                 Amana Colonies l 26
        a country retreat

      Bed & Breakfast
         Secluded farmstead                Since 1962 we have accommodated our
    in the heart of the Colonies.          guests in this simple and relaxed Amana
                                           style inn. Our reasonable rates fit every
 Ten acres of woods and meadows.              budget. Please call for availability.

     Five rooms in guesthouse,                   888.613.5463
   each with private bath and AC.                 Homestead, Iowa
     Family style full breakfast.
2788 Highway 6 Trail – South Amana 52334
                                              Premier B&B of the
      866-752-5286 (Toll Free)
          Visit our website:
                                                Amana Colonies

                                                                                       Located in historic
                                                                                       Amana on the “back street,”
                                                                                       we offer a setting for a relaxing
                                                                                       and quiet evening’s stay in a
                                                                                       historic 1856 residence.
                                                                                                                      “Thank you,
                                                                                       4312 F Street                    thank you!
                                                                                                                 What a beautiful
                                                                                       Amana, Iowa               Bed & Breakfast!
                                                                                       866.624.6690                   Exactly what
                                                                                                                   I think of when
                                                                                 looking for this
                                                                                                                     kind of “home
                                                                                                                 away from home.
                                                                                                                  You so have the
                                                                                                                  touch! This trip
                                                                                                                     was a one of a
                                                                                                                    kind and one I
                                                                                                                   will treasure in
                                                                                                                       memories.’ -
                                                                                                                   Tecumseh, KS

                                                 27 l Amana Colonies
                  FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION IN
                  AMANA COLONIES ART
                  In the communal Amana Colonies, homes were furnished with things Colonists made
                  themselves from materials at hand. Textiles from the woolen and calico mills, walnut,
                  oak and cherry from hillside forests, willow from the riverbed and other materials
                  easily found or procured were used to create the furniture and furnishings in homes,
                  shops and kitchen houses.
                  Thick wool rugs, striped in bright blues or warm, brown tones, graceful walnut furniture
                  handmade and hand rubbed to a satin finish, hand stitched cotton comforters, sturdy
                  baskets to catch laundry or balls of yarn, embroidered linen, needlepoint wall hangings…
                  Amana style, so obvious to the eye but so hard to describe in a sentence or two, is the
                  wedding of functional design and pleasing form in objects created for practical use.
                  Today this legacy continues as dozens of artists and artisans work in both traditional
                  and contemporary art and craft forms. The Amana Arts Guild, founded in 1978, strives
                  to continue traditional crafts, as well as create opportunities in the Amana Colonies for
                  emerging artists. It’s not unusual to see a painter at his easel in a scenic corner of one
                  of the villages, or to find a weaver at work in her studio. Throughout the seven villages,
The Colonists     there are galleries to see and studios to visit.
                  The Arts Guild Center and Folklife Shop, in High Amana, sponsors art exhibits, work-
  believed in     shops and special events and sells original handmade pieces. In addition, the Amana Arts

  hard work       Guild hosts an annual Festival of the Arts the second Saturday of August to showcase
                  traditional Amana Colonies crafts and innovative contemporary art, as well as offering
 and excellent    hands-on art activities for kids, entertainment and ethnic foods.

craftsmanship;    AJ’s Copper Garden, Amana
                                                                Brooms and baskets locally made in
                                                                West Amana. Unique solid wood gift
 this tradition                                products made by Schanz Furniture
                                                                in South Amana. Occasionally basket-
lives on today.   Come and watch the nationally
                  recognized juried fine art award
                                                                making demonstrated.
                  winners create whimsical metal
                  garden sculptures by hand. Available          Broom and Basket Shop,
                  exclusively at National Fine Art              West Amana
                  Shows and in their Amana studio.              319-622-3315
                  Amana Arts Guild, High Amana                  Watch broommaking and basketmaking
                  319-622-3678                                  when artisans are working. Closed
                                     Sundays and holidays. Next door to
                                Philip Dickel Basket Museum Gallery –
                                                                exhibit open Memorial Day to Labor Day.
                  Amana Colonies non-profit arts council
                  offers workshops and classes for adults
                  and children. Sponsors art festival           Catiri’s Art Oasis, Amana
                  and shows. Gallery features hand-             319-622-3969
                  made folk arts by local artisans.   
                  Amana Furniture and                           A true art oasis. Along with Catiri’s
                  Clock Shop, Amana                             art glass studio (custom work, demon-
                  319-622-3291 or 800-247-5088                  strations, classes, and supplies). We
                                represent over 100 of the most talented
                                                                regional artists, working in all mediums.
                  Amana Colonies original furniture shop.
                  Handcrafters of solid walnut, oak and
                  cherry furniture and clocks in tradition-     Colony Candleworks, Amana
                  al, original and custom designs. Iowa’s       319-622-3879
                  largest clock shop! Showroom and    
                  workshop gallery open year-round.             Handcrafting candles in all colors,
                                                                shapes, sizes and scents. Our acces-
                  Broom and Basket Shop, Amana                  sories complement many types of
                  319-622-3311                                  home décor. In an original Amana
                                building on Main Street. Open daily.

                              29 l Amana Colonies
Creative Colony, Amana                Giant Rocker and West Amana             unique accessories. Quilting, Cross-
319-622-3753                          Wood Shop, West Amana                   stitch, Hardanger, Tatting. Open daily.
Exclusively handcrafted gifts         319-622-3315
by Iowa artisans. Main Street in      Solid walnut rocker, 11 feet tall,
                                                                              Kitchen House Art Gallery,
Amana. Open daily March through       670 pounds. Unique wood products.       Homestead
December; open Friday through         Between Broom and Basket Shop           319-622-3078
Monday in January and February.       and Philip Dickel Basket Museum
                                      Gallery. Closed Sundays and             Krauss Furniture Shop,
Custom Cutlery                        holidays.                               South Amana
& Ironworks, Amana                                                            319-622-3223
319-622-3482                          Heritage Designs Needlework                  & Quilting Supplies, Amana                     319-622-3887                            Family owned and operated since
Quality ironwork hand forged on          1956. Handcrafted furniture and
site. Home accessories. Handcrafted   3,000 fabrics from contemporary to      clocks. Walnut, cherry, and oak.
knives for kitchen and sport.         traditional. Many original designs      Original, custom and traditional
Industrial Machine Shop Museum.       including patterns by a local artist/   designs. Open year round.
Open year round.                      button maker. Dovo scissors and other   Free shop tours weekdays.

                                             Amana Colonies l 30
Michele Maring Miller Studio/
Gallery, West Amana                                                                       Schanz Furniture &
                                                                                           Refinishing Shop
Award-winning artist at work in her
spacious and peaceful studio and                                                         Custom Built Furniture
gallery. Located in an 1871 sandstone
church in the center of the village of
                                                                                         in Your Choice of Woods
West Amana. Small room of antiques.                                             
Mini-Americana Barn Museum,                                                             Visit our workshop and see new
South Amana                                                                             furniture being built, old furniture
319-622-3058                                                                            being repaired and refinished,                                                                         as well as, caning
                                               Largest Known Collection of              and seatweaving.
Two hundred miniature replicas, in
                                               Miniatures in America Built
the scale one inch to one foot, built                                                   East of South
                                                       by One Man
by woodworker Henry Moore telling                                                       Amana on Hwy 6
early rural history from 1880 to 1930.               Woodcrafter                        2773 Hwy 6 Trail
                                                                                        South Amana, IA 52334
Powder House, Amana                               Henry Moore                           319-622-3529
                                                Jan. 3, 1911-Nov. 26, 1983
Schanz Furniture and                              South Amana, Iowa
Refinishing Shop, South Amana                        (319) 622-3058
319-622-3529                                                                            Open:
                                            Tour Groups Welcome • Admission Charged     Saturday
Custom built furniture in your choice of
                                              Open April-October (Weather Permitting)   8am-5pm
woods: walnut, cherry and oak. Furniture                     Daily 9-5
on floor for sale. Furniture repaired and         1st Floor Handicap Accessible                            Schanz
refinished plus chair caning and seat-       Restroom On Site • Bus Parking Available                   Lumbar Chair
weaving. Closed Sundays and holidays.

                                                    31 l Amana Colonies
            Featuring sales of
Quilts • Baskets • Rag Rugs • Tin • Pottery
   Door Locks • Woodwork • Brooms
          Needlework • Ironwork

 Fine Arts and Amana Paintings
    Special Rotating Exhibits
 C      E       N       T        E     R
     High Amana 319.622.3678

                                              Amana Colonies l 32
SHOPPING                                     TREASURE HUNTING
Amana General Store, Amana                   IN THE AMANA COLONIES
319-622-7650                                 Shopping in the Amana Colonies is               Locally Crafted Goods.
800-418-8318                                 unlike any other shopping experience            The Amana Colonies have a 151-year                    you might have.                                 history of craftsmanship. During its
Amana’s original store since 1858 fea-                                                       communal era, village furniture shops,
                                             Here there are seven villages to see, each
tures a wide variety of gifts, specialty                                                     tinsmiths, blacksmiths, basket and carpet
                                             with its own rich history and each with its     weavers, candle makers and quilters
foods, locally made wine, Amana food
products, cookbooks, cards, and more.        own story to tell. Shops and galleries in       produced useful things for everyday life.
                                             the Amana Colonies offer everything from
Amana Woolen Mill, Amana                     locally-made folk arts to luxury gift items.    Today is no different. Amana Colonies
319-622-3432                                 The appeal of a shopping excursion in the       crafters still make useful things for every-
800-222-6430                                 Amana Colonies is that while you explore        day life, along with a beautiful array of                      the villages you can see work by top            contemporary arts and crafts. There is
                                             regional artists, feel the cozy, comfort of     nothing commonplace about Amana-made
Visit Iowa’s only woolen mill and see how
                                             an Amana wool blanket, savor the taste          crafts. Many shops offer locally-made
famous Amana wool, cotton and acrylic
blankets are made. Sweaters, apparel         of hickory-smoked Amana sausage, try on         handcrafted items including furniture,
and personalized embroidery are also         the latest sportswear, sample palate-pleas-     clocks, tinware, knives, copper and brass
available. Bus/RV parking. Open daily.       ing local wines, find rare country primi-       art, ironwork, baskets, brooms, woodcrafts,
                                             tives, touch delicate European lace, learn      needlework, rugs, soaps, pottery, jewelry,
Ash Lynn Glitz, Amana                        how handcrafted furniture is made … and         candles and quilts.
319-622-5115                                 so much more. Shopping in the Amana             You’ll find handmade Amana Colonies crafts                             Colonies is a sensory experience with           surprisingly affordable. And in the seven                         endless possibilities.                          villages, you might meet the very person
A quaint shop on main street offering                                                        who created the piece you have selected.
an extensive collection of sterling silver
chains and Native American Turquoise.        When it comes to antiques, the Amana            Luxury is in the Details.
Experience our unique hunting memo-          Colonies are one of the Midwest’s best-         Shopping the Amana Colonies means
rabilia featuring Winchester, Colt, etc.     kept secrets. There are over a dozen            discovering a variety of shops offering the
Gifts and antiques.                          antique shops in the Amana Colonies,            best in boutique sportswear, outerwear,
                                             including single-owner shops and large          fashion accessories, semi-precious gem-
The Christmas Room, Amana                    antique malls with multiple vendors             stone and costume jewelry, imported
319-622-3692                                 stocking stalls. Additionally, some galleries   porcelain, trendy collectibles, home and
888-516-7769                                 and gift shops offer antiques and retro-        garden accessories, holiday ornaments and                        collectibles.                                   seasonal decor, glassware, toys, art and
Iowa’s largest Christmas store featuring
                                             Longtime Amana antiques dealer, Mary            books. And it means discovering good,
Dept. 56, Pipka, Byers Choice & Fontanini.                                                   old-fashioned customer service.
Stop in and experience our 12 rooms of       Anne Erenberger described the Colonies’
Christmas that feature a wide variety of     antique scene this way, “The authenticity       You can spend days browsing through the
holiday ornaments and decorations.           of the Amana Colonies setting, the old          60-some specialty shops throughout the
                                             homes, the gardens, provides such a             seven villages. Helping you find that rare
The Clothes Encounter, Amana                 unique shopping experience. For people          collectible, choosing the perfect holiday
319-622-3648                                 who enjoy antiques, they just love it …         ornament, picking a puzzle to please your
Look and feel great wearing something        And we have a real diversity of shops here.     six-year-old, or finding just the right gift
special! A quaint boutique featuring         There are really high quality antiques to       for someone special – in the Amana
women’s collections of casual and con-       be found in the Colonies.”                      Colonies that is our specialty.
temporary clothing. Accessorize with our
unique pieces of jewelry. Located inside
the Ronneburg Restaurant.

Colony Country Store
& Candy Shoppe, Homestead
Shop our Country Store for Rada knives,
soy candles, Amana products, Iowa
wine, gifts and more. Enjoy our Candy
Shoppe with homemade fudge and
caramels, nostalgic candy, chocolate
and licorice.

                                                     Amana Colonies l 34
Erenberger Antiques, Amana                         High Amana General Store,                 Lehm Books & Gifts, Amana
319-622-3230                                       High Amana                                319-622-6447 or 800-840-2387
Primitive original surface furniture               319-622-3232                    
and small antique items displayed                   
in a home that was built in 1856.                  This original 1858 village store looks    Books and gifts for all ages. Dolls,
A must see shop if you like country,               much as it did 100 years ago and offers   tractor items, Jim Shore, scrapbooking
primitives and Americana.                          a variety of merchandise. Operated        items, puzzles, CDs, cards, holiday
                                                   by the Amana Heritage Society.            items, and much more. Special orders
Fern Hill Gifts & Quilts,                          Open daily April through October.         welcomed. Open daily.
South Amana
319-622-3627                                       Kitchen Sink, Amana                       Little Amana General Store                            319-622-3227                              and Woolens, I-80, Amana                                                 Colonies Exit 225
Handmade Iowa quilts, antique                      Located in an 1872 historic building.     319-668-2744 or 800-779-4152
quilts, fabric and Fern Hill original              High quality gourmet kitchenware,         Old fashioned store setting features
fabric, architectural antiques, antique            linens, pot racks, crockery, cookware,    delicious Amana food products,
furniture, artist bears, gifts, cards,             gadgets, bakeware, decorative acces-      gourmet foods, famous Amana
home decorating, garden, florals,                  sories, coffee, tea, spices, gourmet      blankets, apparel, swimwear and a
sweets and beverages. Three                        foods, local products. Open daily.        large variety of gifts and collectibles.
brimming floors! Open all year.                    Historic Loop.                            Open daily.

       Don’t flip
   through a magazine,
   walk through one…
                                                      Fern Hill...
      at Fern Hill
                         Saunter up the steps
                       of Fern Hill and lose                                            • Antiques
                      yourself in the feeling.                                          • Quilts
                         Fern Hill offers a
                       creative edge in
                                                                                        • 3500 bolts of fabric
                        displaying the beauty of                                        • Original and custom
                     the antiques that once                                               floral design
               graced sacred places like                                                • Garden & Gifts
                     home and church. The array
           of architectural antiques is
                                                                                        • Home Decor
              unprecedented in this area and
     will take your mind on a journey. Journey
   back to laughing days of summer swinging on
                                                                • Original art
   an old porch or snowy days, learning to                     • Consultations
   quilt with Grandma by a warm fire.                          • Architectural
   Whatever the season, Fern Hill welcomes
   you and encourages you to create with them.
   Make your first quilt or let Fern Hill
   design one for you. Dream about your home
   décor and let us make it happen. Fern Hill
   will make your visit to the Amana Colonies
   special. Fern Hill can help you make your
   sacred place in your own                              Fern Hill, off the beaten path in the village of
   home or garden.                                      SOUTH Amana on the corner of Hwys 6 and 220
                                                          Open daily • 319.622.3627 •

                                                           35 l Amana Colonies
                                                                                              Ash Lynn Glitz
                                                                                               (Next to Ox Yoke Inn)
                                                                                                   (319) 622-5115
                                                Kitchen Sink
                                             Quality gourmet kitchenware, linens,
                                           coffee, tea, spices, gourmet foods, gifts,     • Sterling Silver Jewelry
                                           decorative accessories and local products.
                                              Featuring many German products.             • Native American Turquoise
                                             HISTORIC LOOP • AMANA                        • Gemstones, Rocks & Beads
                                                    319 622-3227                          • Exclusive Amana Charm for
                                                                                            Italian link Bracelet
                                           Colony Candleworks                             • Lena Liu – Thomas Kinkade
                                                          FA C T O RY A N D S A L E S
                                           Handcrafting candles daily • Handrolled          musical & jewelry boxes
                                           beeswax candles • Molded candles in a          • Animal figurines and more
  A Specialty Boutique Helping               variety of shapes, colors and scents
  Customers for Over 20 Years                     Iowa’s oldest candle shop               • Hunting Collectibles &
  View our latest collections of casual,     Offering a complete line of candles            Antiques (Winchester,
 contemporary clothing.To complement
your wardrobe, choose from our unique
                                                                                            Colt, etc.)
     line of jewelry and accessories.
       319-622-3648                                                                           Hours: Wed.-Sun. 12-4
      Main Street Amana                        MAIN STREET • AMANA
Inside Ronneburg Restaurant                         319 622-3879                                Closed: January-March

                                           Little Red Wagon-Kid’s Stuff,                collectibles, outdoor accessories, many
                                           Amana                                        German lines and products, Fenton glass,
                                                                                        Steiff, jewelry, cards & home accessories.
                                                                                        Open daily on Amana’s Historic Loop.
                                           Unique toy store for all ages. Browse        Tower Haus Gifts, Amana
                                           through our fun collection of nostalgic      319-622-3888
                                           toys, as well as books, puzzles, games,      The tower portion of this building was
                                           and more. Located next to the Amana          constructed around 1885. We opened
                                           General Store.                               as a gift shop in 1971. Come see our
                                                                                        line of fine gifts for home and garden.
                                           Olde World Lace Shoppe, Amana
                                                         Amana Handimart, Amana
                                           European and domestic lace curtains,         319-622-3270
                                           doilies, runners, tablecloths. Custom
                                           vertical, wood and vinyl blinds. Take        Phillips 66 gasoline, Krispy Kreme
                                           home a special family keepsake of            donuts, groceries, snacks, cold beer and
                                           Amana with an Olde Tyme photo.               pop, fresh ground coffee, cappuccino,
                                           Open year round.                             lottery, Nordy’s Subs and Salads, Visa,
                                                                                        Mastercard, Phillips 66 credit cards
                                           Red Geranium, Amana                          accepted. 6am-11pm daily.
                                           Come visit this enchanting shop featur-      Little Amana Handimart,
                                           ing custom silk and fresh florals, Yankee    I-80, Amana Colonies Exit 225
                                           Candles, garden décor and other sea-         319-668-2868
                                           sonally adjusted home décor ideas. 
                                           Schnitzelbank, Amana                         Phillips 66 gasoline, Krispy Kreme
                                                                                        donuts, groceries, snacks, cold beer and
                                                                                        pop, fresh ground coffee, cappuccino,
                                                            lottery, Visa, Mastercard, Phillips 66
                                           Toys, games, plush, puzzles, miniatures,     credit cards accepted. 6am-10pm daily.

                                                   Amana Colonies l 36
Lehm Books and Gifts
Books of all Kinds:
Children’s • Paper Dolls • Sports • Sticker & Activity
                                                         4536 220th Trail in Amana
Books • Novels • Taste of Home Cookbooks • Amana         Special Orders Welcome!
and Iowa Books
                                                                Open Daily
Gifts of all Kinds:
Jim Shore Figurines • Lee Middleton Collector Dolls       319-622-6447
• Porter Music Boxes and CDs • Mary’s Moo Moos
Collectibles • Pat Richter Stationery • Ertl Tractors    1-800-840-2387
and other Tractor items • Scrapbooking • Rubber
Stamps • Stencils • Puzzles • Greeting Cards
• Gifts for all occasions and so much more!

                                                         37 l Amana Colonies
Amana Colonies l 38
          Imported &
   Domestic laces & gifts
Doilies, runners & tablecloths
 European style lace curtains
   Imported German Lace
   Custom vertical blinds
          & draperies

                     617 45th Ave.
                      P.O. Box 258
                   Amana, IA 52203

                                     39 l Amana Colonies
                                                           THE AMANAS:
                                                           ON BIKE, ON FOOT,
                                                           BY CAR OR BUS
                                                                “Once you slow down and look, you begin to see the details,
                                                               the architectural details in the colony homes, the colors in the
                                                              landscape that make the Amanas such a unique environment.”
                                                                                    Gordon Kellenberger,
                                                                                     High Amana Artist

The color palette of the Amana           As the 3.1-mile trail skirts wetlands         Amana Farms, Inc. For additional
Colonies is determined by the season.    and nearly circles the Lily Lake, watch       information contact the Amana
Spring means colorful gardens set        for bald eagles, beaver, river otter and      Colonies Convention and Visitors
against a backdrop of coppery sand-      muskrat. Benches are located along            Bureau.
stone and rosy red brick homes. In       the trail for your comfort. You can
                                                                                       Custom and Group Tours.
summer the villages are set jewel-like   access the trail at the Amana Depot
                                                                                       Interested in bringing a group to the
amidst the green and gold forest         in the village of Amana and at the
                                                                                       Amana Colonies? Several businesses
and fields. By autumn the green has      Lily Lake on Highway 220 between
                                                                                       provide tours and guides to assist
given way to a dusky palette of gold,    Middle Amana and Amana.
                                                                                       your group. Group packages and
auburn and umber and with winter,
                                         Individual and Group Tours                    rates are available through the
the Colonies are transformed again
                                                                                       Amana Heritage Society and the Old
with the silvery frost and glittering    Audio Driving Tour.                           Creamery Theatre Company. Colony
snow.                                    The Amana Colonies by Car: An                 Visits offers group packages and itin-
Touring the seven villages whether       Audio Driving Tour is an easy to use          eraries. Step-on guide services are
on foot, on a bike or in a car or bus,   compact disc for your car CD player           available through the Amana Heritage
provides opportunities for seeing        that provides an entertaining account         Society, Colony Visits, the Ox Yoke
the Colonies at their best.              of life in communal Amana while               Inn and the Ronneburg Restaurant.
                                         pointing out historical, architectural
Open year-round for hiking and           and cultural features of each of the
cross-country skiing, the 3.2-mile       seven villages as you drive. The com-         LEISURE
Amana Colonies Nature Trail allows       pact disc can be purchased at local           Amana Colonies Golf Club
you to experience the eco-diversity      shops or the Amana Colonies Visitor           North of Middle Amana,
of Iowa woodlands. From the trail-       Center in Amana.                              on 27th Avenue
head parking lot located just north                                                    319-622-6222 or 800-383-3636
of Homestead at the junction of          Amana Colonies Barn Tours.
Highways 6 and 151, you’ll walk to       A new way to explore the Colonies
a bluff overlooking the Iowa River.      is on an Amana Colonies Barn Tour,
                                         taking visitors through century-old           18-hole championship course
Prehistoric Native American mounds                                                     designed to accommodate players
and geologic features are noted on       barns. The tour focuses on barn
                                                                                       of all skill levels, featuring lush,
the trail.                               architecture, preservation and adap-
                                                                                       watered bent grass fairways, tees
                                         tive reuse. In addition, visitors gain a      and greens. With 5 sets of tees,
Bike or walk the Kolonieweg Recrea-      greater understanding of unique com-          ranging from 5,228 to 6,824 yards,
tional Trail linking the villages of     munal farming practices used in the           the Amana Colonies Golf Club
Amana and Middle Amana by way            Amana Colonies, as well as a look at          is a challenge for any player.
of the historic Mill Race canal levee.   the modern farming operation of               Professional staff available for

                                                 41 l Amana Colonies
lessons or custom club fitting.                    interesting eastern Iowa area. All-     relax at a picnic table or walk the
Only course in the region to feature               inclusive tour packages with step-on,   perimeter on the Kolonieweg
ProShot Global Positioning System.                 meals, sight seeing, etc.               Recreational Trail.
ProShot GPS provides golfers with
yardage from all holes, distance to                Kolonieweg                              Millrace
trap locations and hazards, and dis-               Recreational Trail                      While driving through the seven
tance from ball to green. Beautiful                Access trail at Lily Lake               villages of the Amana Colonies,
clubhouse with scenic views – great                (Middle Amana) or Amana                 you will soon notice the Millrace.
for company functions or special                   Depot (Amana)                           In the 1860’s, the Colonists dug the
occasions.                                                                                 7-mile canal to power the mills in
                                                   Walk or bike this 3.1 mile hard sur-
                                                   face trail between the villages of      Amana and Middle Amana. Though
Amana Colonies Nature Trail                        Amana and Middle Amana. Enjoy           it is no longer used for the purpose
Junction of Highways 151                           the natural habitat of the Lily Lake;   of energy production, efforts are
and 6, near Homestead                              watch for swans, ducks, geese,          underway to preserve this histor-
Explore and enjoy the natural beauty               eagles, beaver and muskrats. Trail      ically significant feature of our
of Iowa on the Amana Colonies                      connects to several low traffic roads   National Historic Landmark. Witness
Nature Trail. Birds, wildlife, trees,              for over 20 miles of biking through     ice harvesting on the Millrace during
wildflowers, geological features                   the Amana Colonies.                     Winterfest, late January. Informa-
and Indian mounds are among the                                                            tional markers found at various
sights on this 1 to 3.2 mile trail.                Lily Lake                               locations along the Millrace.
Open year round for hiking and                     East of Middle Amana
cross-country skiing.                              on 220th Trail                          Opa’s Tractor Barn Museum,
                                                   View the spectacular scenery of         West Amana
Colony Visits…                                     the Lily Lake in Middle Amana.          Walk through an 1883 barn with
Heritage Destinations                              From mid-July through August,           hand-pegged chestnut beams.
319-622-6178                                       nearly 160 acres of water are           Agricultural history memorabilia,                              covered with large yellow lotus lily    Minneapolis-Moline, barnyard in                               blooms. Witness the breathtaking        miniature and more. America’s
Receptive group services. We’re                    beauty of soaring eagles, the grace-    agricultural past preserved for
your doorway to hospitality in the                 fulness of Trumpeter swans, and         the future. Seasonal 10am-4pm.
historical Amana Colonies and the                  the playfulness of otters as you

 Put Your Amana Colony Plans
  in the Hands of Those who
    Know the Colonies Best
Complete Receptive Services
  for group visitors to the
  Historic Amana Colonies
    & Eastern Iowa Area
      Heritage Destinations...
  Group Tours from The Amana Colonies Area
           to exciting destinations
               We Offer:
 • Custom Planned Packages
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                        Our experienced
                        Host-Guides are
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                        who have lived the
                        Colony Traditions.
Phone: 319 622-6178 • Fax: 319 622-3958
     P.O. Box 99, Amana, IA 52203

                                                           Amana Colonies l 42
                                                                                AREA ATTRACTIONS
                                                                                Historic Iowa County
                                                                                Just minutes to the west in Williamsburg,
                                                                                brick paved streets surround a picturesque
                                                                                town square. Contact the Chamber of
                                                                                Commerce at 319-668-1500 for information
                                                                                about their unique shops, outdoor aquatic
                                                        or visit   center and recreation facilities. Step back
                                                                                in time at the Pioneer Heritage Museum in
                                                                                nearby Marengo, also home to a Carnegie
                                                                                Library. Enjoy the Iowa County Fair
                                                                                July 13-16. Throw in a line at Lake Iowa,
                                                                                near Millersburg or hike around scenic
                                                                                600-acre park, 319-655-8465.

                                                                                Cedar Rapids
2006 SPECIAL EVENTS CALENDAR                                          
• Ushers Ferry Trains Day - June 4                                              Just 17 miles north on highway 151, Cedar
                                                                                Rapids offers a variety of cultural, historic
• Grand Celebration of Brass Bands - June 17
                                                                                and ethnic attractions, including the National
• Fairy Tale Festival - June 25
                                                                                Czech and Slovak Museum, Brucemore Man-
• Wild West Weekend - July 8 & 9                                                sion, African American Historical Museum
• Folk Festival - Aug. 12                                                       and Cultural Center of Iowa, IMAX Theatre,
• Civil War Weekend - Sept. 16 & 17                                             Cedar Rapids Museum of Arts and Ushers
• All Things Scottish - Sept. 23                                                Ferry Historic Village. Cedar Rapids Kernels
• Apple Festival & Craft Show - Oct. 7 & 8                                      Baseball and Rough Riders Hockey offer
• Safe Halloween at Ushers Ferry - Oct. 22
                                                                                semi-professional sports. Contact Cedar
                                                                                Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
• A Night at Ushers Scary - Oct. 27 & 28
                                                                                at 319-398-5009 or 800-735-5557.
• Thanksgiving Candlelight Tour - Nov. 24 & 25
                                                                                Iowa City and Coralville
                                                                                Home of the University of Iowa and inter-
                                                                                nationally recognized University of Iowa
                                                                                Hospitals and Clinics, Iowa City and Coral-
                                                                                ville are located 18 miles to the east. The
                                                                                University of Iowa offers several museums,
                                                                                including Iowa’s first capital building. Down-
                                                                                town Iowa City provides shopping, art and
                                                                                entertainment and dining experiences.
                                                                                The Iowa Children’s Museum is located
                                                                                in the Coral Ridge Mall. Contact the Iowa
                                                                                City/ Coralville Convention & Visitors
                                                                                Bureau at 319-337-6592 or 800-283-6592.

                                                                                Tanger Outlet Center
                                                                                At Tanger, every day is a sale day. Find
                                                                                the latest fashions, home furnishings and
                                                                                accessories at unbeatable prices. Buy direct
                                                                                from over 55 brand name stores. Located in
                                                                                Williamsburg, Tanger Outlet Center is just
                                                                                minutes from the Amana Colonies. Call 319-
                                                                                668-2885/800-406-2887 for information.

                                                                                West Branch
                                                                                Located 30 miles west of Amana is the
                                                                                home of our nation’s 31st president, Herbert
                                                                                Hoover. Visit the changing exhibits at the
                                                                                Herbert Hoover Presidential Library/Museum
                                                                                and National Historic Site. Another must see
                                                                                is Hoover’s birthplace cottage, his father’s
                                                                                blacksmith shop, Quaker Meeting House
                                                                                and the grave sites of both President and
                                                                                Mrs. Hoover. For more information call
                                                                                319-643-2541 or 319-643-5301.

                                                 43 l Amana Colonies
Amana Colonies l 44
45 l Amana Colonies
                                                                confusion of
Two unique religious groups were
attracted to the fertile agriculture soil
of southeast Iowa in the mid-1800’s: the
                                                     There is often a
                                                                                        major religious affiliation. Others have
                                                                                        decided that the word “Amish” is sim-
                                                                                        ply a form of the word “Amana.” The
Old Order Amish in Kalona, in 1846,              misconception that the                 two names certainly sound similar. The
and the Community of True Inspiration,            people of the Amana                   Amana Colonies and the Old Order
(the church of the Amana Colonies)               Colonies are Amish –                   Amish are, however, not related at all,
in 1855. Both groups sought isolated,                                                   in any historical or contemporary sense.
sparsely populated areas with adequate             this is not the case.
economic opportunities to preserve                The residents of the                  Source: The Amana Colonies & Kalona’s
and develop their respective separatist                                                 Old Order Amish: Two Unique Cultures
                                                      Colonies live a                   in Southeast Iowa, Rod. A. Jansen
                                                contemporary lifestyle –
But the Amana people and the Old                                                        Just 30 miles from the Amana Colonies,
Order Amish are two distinct groups                  you will not see
                                                                                        Kalona is the largest Amish settlement
of very different historical traditions          horse-drawn buggies.                   west of the Mississippi. Also known as
and religious teachings. There is, fur-
                                                                                        “The Quilt Capital of Iowa” – Kalona
thermore, no ethnic relationship
                                             This confusion has been accentuated in     is home to many unique shops; from
between the two groups, or has there
been much interaction over the years.        recent years as both the Amana             quilting supplies and antiques to up-
Still, the fact that these two groups set-   Colonies and Kalona have become            scale home accessories and furniture.
                                             major visitor attractions.                 Visit the Kalona Historical Village
tled within 50 miles of one another,
eight years apart, held separatist view-     Many people think that the Inspira-        with 13 buildings, Wahl House
points, spoke German and dressed in          tionists and the Amish are one and the     Museum and Mennonite Museum and
similar styles, has caused numerous          same ethno-religious group, or that        Archives. Call 319-656-2660 or visit
visitors to confuse the two groups.          they are two denominations of one for more information.

                                                                                        Amid the largest
                                                                                       Amish community
                                                                                      west of the Mississippi

                                                                                      “Quilt Capital
                                                                                        of Iowa”
                                                                                       Kalona offers quaint
                                                                                       shops featuring gifts,
                                                                                       bakery goods, cheese,
                                                                                       art, Amish furniture,
                                                                                       fabrics, antiques and
                                                                                            great food.

                                                    Amana Colonies l 46
how t
    o               findus

  Mileage to the Amana Colonies from:
 Cedar Rapids............17       Madison .................190
 Chicago..................220     Minneapolis ...........286
 Des Moines ..............93      Omaha ...................226
 Dubuque................100       Quad Cities ..............76
 Iowa City .................18    St. Louis .................265
 Kalona......................30   Waterloo ..................70
 Kansas City ............284      West Branch.............30

                                                                   47 l Amana Colonies
Amana Colonies l 48
49 l Amana Colonies
As good as it sounds. Overnight lodging and Waterpark access for five.
              Dinner and breakfast for two. Plus coupons.

            An unforgettable birthday for your youngster.
    Waterpark passes for ten plus party area, pizza, soda and cake.

Enjoy Wasserbahn without an overnight stay. Waterpark access for five.

                                                    For details, visit
                                                    or call toll free 800/633-9244
                                                    Holiday Inn Amana Colonies
                                                    I-80, Exit 225
     Each package subject to its own requirements and dates. Based on availability.
    Not applicable with other discounts. Waterpark is reserved for Resort guests only.
Amana Colonies
Convention & Visitors Bureau
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P.O. Box 310
Amana, Iowa 52203
319.622.7622 / 1.800.579.2294

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