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                Volume 9, Issue 5                                      February 2009

                                                Loving Each Other
                                                         By Cecil B. Murphey
                            Love is patient and kind; love is not jealous or boastful. --1 Corinthians 13:4

                            When Shirley and I were dating, her mother made a statement that
                            went something like this: "Some married people are kinder to their
                            friends than they are to each other." Over the years I've thought about
                            those words often and determined it wouldn't apply to us.
                            Sometimes because we love each other, we tend to take the other for
                            granted. We become more considerate of new relationships because
                            we want to establish them. We already have a loving relationship with
                            our lover and therefore do not show concern.
                            I've noticed that when many couples are in the dating stage, they're
                            courteous and helpful. I've seen the dashing young fellow carefully
                            open doors for the light of his life. I've often seen those same couples a
                            year after their marriage. He gets out of the car and lets her get out by
Devotion         1          herself.
                            One of the things Shirley and I decided when we were dating was that
                            I would continue opening doors for her all through our married life. I
MOPS             2          also said, "If I forget, I expect you to remind me." I'm still opening
Information                 doors for Shirley because it's my way of saying I care about her and
                            want to do little things for her.
                            True lovers constantly find ways to show they appreciate each other
Hospitality      2
                            and to affirm the relationship they have.
                            True lovers enjoy each other. They do things together, whether it's
Coordinator’s    3          working, participating in sports, or attending plays and concerts. They
                            share common interests.
Corner                      True lovers respect each other. They may disagree, but they allow for
                            differences of opinion. When we really love another person, we don't
Calendar         4          presume him or her to act contrary to his or her values.
                            We had a woman in our church who was very talented musically. She
Coming           5          once said that people had appreciated her talent for years, but very few
                            had appreciated her as a person. She needed affirmation as a human
Attractions                 being and not just recognition of her abilities.
                            Lovers care by being sensitive to each other's hopes, fears, aspirations,
Outreach         5,7        dreams, and plans. The Apostle John writes, "Beloved, let us love one
                            another." "Beloved" could be read as "dear friends," as it is in some
                            translations. He's saying, "As friends, let's love one another." Lovers
SuperSale        6,7
                            respect, love, and cherish each other, not only for today but
FAQ                         throughout their lives.
                            Lord God, teach us the full dimensions of love as we discover more about each
                            other and discover more about you. Amen.

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Volume 9, Issue 5                                                                                                                      Page 2

                                                          MOPS Information

 We would like all members to sign in at the Welcome Table at every
 meeting. This allows us to keep track of those that attend our
                                            Hospitality Schedule
 meetings, as well as give you information as needed.
                                        a new member of MOPS of Pleasant
 If you are interested in becoming meeting one discussion group will be assigned to bring breakfast items.
 Hills, please contact:          Discussion Group Leaders will be responsible for coordinating who will bring
                                 various items (i.e. hot breakfast, fruit or pastry).
                Theresa Waldier or
                                 November                            December

                                  group, be                          Dec. 5 – Phantom’s the
 If you have recently joined the Nov. 7 – Jack Rabbit sure to pick up Revenge MOPS of                                Daily Schedule
 Pleasant Hills past newsletters, Handbook, and Member Directory at                                             We will start our meetings
 your next meeting. These contain an abundance of information about
 both our local MOPS group and MOPS International.                                                                  promptly at 9:30.

                                                                                                                We find that the meetings are
             Prayer & Praise                                                                                      more enjoyable when we
 Moms who desire prayer should
                                                                                                                 have the time to include all
 contact her Discussion Group                                                                                     aspects of our meeting.
 Leader (DGL). The DGL will share
 prayers/praises with the Steering                                                                               9:00 – 9:15 Child Drop Off
 Team, revealing only what you feel                                                                                  9:15 – 9:30 Arrival
 comfortable sharing. If you wish,
                                                                         Bad Weather                            9:30 – 9:45 Announcements
 prayer/praise requests can be
 emailed to the MOPS prayer                                              Cancellations                             9:45 – 10:00 Devotion
                                                                   Cancellations are determined
 partners. Please let your DGL                                     by the West Jefferson Hills                       10:00 – 11:15
 know if you want your request to be                               School District schedule.                     Speaker/Craft/Discussion
 distributed via email. If you desire                              Therefore, if West Jefferson
                                                                   Hills has a DELAY or NO                      11:15 – 11:20 Clean Up – All
 to receive emailed prayer requests,
                                                                   SCHOOL, the MOPS meeting                          moms help clean
 please contact Joanne Dodds, our                                  will be CANCELLED.
 prayer coordinator.                                                                                               11:20 – Child Pick Up

                                                     Hospitality Schedule
                                   Each meeting one discussion group will be assigned to bring breakfast items.
                                   Discussion Group Leaders will be responsible for coordinating who will bring
                                   various items (i.e. hot breakfast, fruit or pastry).
                                          FEBRUARY                                    MARCH
                                   February 6 – Log Jammer                     March 6 – Kangaroo
                                   February 20 – Jack Rabbit                   March 27 – Phantoms Revenge
                                   Don’t forget to bring serving utensils for your dish!

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Volume 9, Issue 5                                                                                    Page 3

                                                    By Linda Zangrilli

                                              You Are Not Alone
           It is hard to imagine that motherhood can bring on feelings of loneliness but ask a mom of a
           preschooler and chances are she’ll tell you that is exactly how she feels (or has felt). While
           such a mom is never alone in the physical sense of the word… there is always one or more
           “cling-ons” in arm’s length… she is often emotionally alone. A hungry, crying infant isn’t
           the best company at 3 AM especially after they forced you to get out of a warm bed and much
           needed slumber. A demanding, tantrum-throwing-in-the-middle-of-the-grocery-store toddler
           isn’t desired company at any time of the day! And those incidents often chase everyone else
           away or garner much unwanted stares and “tsk-tsks”. The demands of mothering can leave
           little time for maintaining the friendships she had pre-kids and unfortunately, some disappear.
           Even her best friend, her husband, can be distant. Parenting puts strains on the relationship
           and the little energy –zappers can leave little left over for each other. Motherhood can be so
           overwhelming that she might withdraw into herself, the loneliest place of all. Or to deal with
           the confusing emotions she might put up walls of defense to keep them at bay.
           Sound familiar? It isn’t often talked about is it? Your life has changed dramatically in a way
           you could never have anticipated. Truly no one can prepare you for it. And even those who
           have been through it forget. (God is kind to us and makes pain fade over time!) But you
           completely understand it when you are in the thick of it. And that is where we, as members
           of MOPS, are right now! So the woman sitting next to you…she gets it. Talk to her about it.
           Is something really bothering you? Ask her about it. And if she can’t answer, ask someone
           else. God always gives us what we need. And for this stage of your life, He gave you
           MOPS. It is full of other women who understand and care about you. He wants you to use
           the group and to share it. Soon you will find…you are not alone!

                    Directory Updates                          Welcome to our Newest MOPPETS
   Welcome our newest MOPS member
                                                             Kerri Gonot on the birth of
   Tara Stephens                                             Drew Joseph
                                                             November 25, 2008
                                                             7 lbs., 13 oz.

                                                             Kristen Reckard on the birth of
                                                             Thomas James
                                                             January 10, 2009
                                                             7 lbs., 12 oz.

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Volume 9, Issue 5                                                                             Page 4

                                                               February 2009
      Sunday                    Monday              Tuesday           Wednesday             Thursday                Friday              Saturday
                    1                       2                  3                    4                    5                     6                     7

                                    7-10pm                                                                             9:30am
                            MomME Time                                                                           MOPS meeting
                          Courtyard Lounge                                                                        Log Jammer

                                                                                            Kristen Reckard
                    8                       9                 10                    11                  12                    13                    14

                                                                                                                         9:30am     Newsletter Deadline
                                                           7-10pm                                             Bible Study -Parlor
                                                   MomME Time
                                                 Courtyard Lounge                                              Retreat Deadline!

                                                                                                                    Joanne Dodds
                    15                     16                 17                    18                  19                    20                    21

                                                                                                     7pm               9:30am
                                                                                         Mom’s Night Out         MOPS meeting
                                                                                         Allenbaugh House          Jack Rabbit

                                Presidents Day
                    22                      23                24                    25                  26                    27                    28

                                    7-10pm                                                         9:30am                9:30am
                            MomME Time                                                    Steering meeting           Bible Study
                          Courtyard Lounge                                                          Parlor                Parlor

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Volume 9, Issue 5                                                                          Page 5

                                         Coming Attractions

          Take a break from this wild ride called motherhood and
          enjoy a weekend RETREAT. Experience the sights and
         sounds of your favorite amusement park without the lines
           and hassles. This all-inclusive package covers retreat
        admission, overnight accommodations and meals for only $70!
        The fun begins Friday, February 27th and continues through
                        Saturday, February 28th.                           Mom’s Night Out
               Meet at the Franciscan Spirit & Life Center,             If you just need a break from all
               (3603 McRoberts Road, behind Caste Village)              the stresses in life, please join us
           To reserve your seat, contact a retreat team member.             for a Mom's Night Out at
         Friday, February 13th is the deadline for registration and               7pm on
                payment. Don’t miss out on this great deal.                Thursday Feb. 19, 2009.
                      Joanne Dodds                                     Melissa Allenbaugh will be hosting
                      Joy Giel                                           mom's night, directions will be
                      Linda Zangrilli                                                provided.
                      Kim Brown                                           The night will be filled with
                      Or email                         conversation, food, and drinks.
                                                                       Please feel free to bring a snack or
                                                                             your favorite beverage.
                                                                           If you have any questions,
                                                                                 call Melissa
                                                                        or email

                                                       The Gift of Reading
                                        Our MOPPETS gathered approximately 50 books
                                              during their “Birthday Party for Jesus”.
                                           St. Elizabeth’s Food Bank was able to distribute
                                                     the books to families in need.
                                  Thank you for sharing the gift of reading during the holiday season.

 2008                                     Join the Adventure                                               2009
Volume 9, Issue 5                                                                                                 Page 6

           SUPERSALE Frequently Asked Questions
The MOPS SUPERSALE is like a giant garage sale that takes place indoors. It is an opportunity for women to
make some cash on their old stuff. A portion of the proceeds from the event helps with MOPS expenses for the
following year.

Where does this sale take place?
The SUPERSALE takes place on Saturday, March 28, 2009 in the gym of the Pleasant Hills Community
Presbyterian Church. The sale is from 8 A.M. – 2 P.M.

Who comes to this sale?
MOPS does a terrific job advertising for this event in order to invite the surrounding communities.

Is there a fee to become a seller?
Yes. There is a fee of $5.00 to sign up and become a seller. This fee covers the price of advertising. This fee is
significantly lower than other facilities. Since we bring the buyers to you, it is a lot more profitable than a garage

How much of a profit will I make from everything I sell?
As a seller, you will keep 70% of the profits and donate 30% to MOPS. This is a great opportunity to turn your old
stuff into cash and help keep this Christian ministry thriving from year to year!

What kind of stuff can I sell?
You can sell children’s items such as clothing, baby items and toys and small house ware items as well as maternity
clothes. We will not be selling stuffed animals.

Can I sell furniture at the sale?
Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient room to display furniture, however, there is a bulletin board where you can
advertise your furniture. All you need to do is put up a picture or description of the item and phone number. The
best part about this is you keep all of the profits and you will not have to move around any furniture.

I don’t have a lot of stuff to sell; can I still be a seller?
Yes! You don’t need a lot of stuff to sell to be part of the SUPERSALE.

I want to sign up to be a seller, what do I need to do?
Contact Jayme McGuirk via email at or call (412) 382-9148. Sign-up sheets will be
circulated at future MOPS meetings.

How do I know how to price my stuff?
We will be providing you with a detailed list of what items to sell and how to price them. You also have the
opportunity to red tag them so that during the final hour of the SUPERSALE those selected items can be
purchased at 50% off. You will have an opportunity to ask further questions at a seller meeting. Meeting for
SUPERSALE will announced at MOPS meetings and via email.

I have stuff to sell but I can’t work the sale, what can I do?
You can donate your stuff to the SUPERSALE and all of the proceeds will go directly to MOPS.

What can I do now to get myself ready as a seller?
Wash all of your clothing items. Sort through and take out items what are torn or stained. Everything at the
SUPERSALE must be in good condition in order to sell. We will be providing you with tags for each item you
have to sell.
 2008                                       Join the Adventure                                                     2009
Volume 9, Issue 5                                                                                                      Page 7

                                  Supersale FAQS (Cont.)
Will I have to set up my own table?
No. All clothing & house wares will be set up by category and all items are combined. Each seller is assigned a
seller number. This number will be on each tag, which will be on each item you sell. When your item is purchased,
the tag is split with your number on it. This is how we know your items sold.

Will sellers be able to buy some of the stuff too?
Yes. Sellers will be given an opportunity to buy items after set-up on Friday night before the SUPERSALE. They
will also be able to buy any items that are left 1 hour before the SUPERSALE ends at 50% off. Sellers are not
permitted to hold items in order to purchase them at 50% off.

I don’t have stuff to sell, is there anything else I can do?
Yes! Please tell us you will volunteer to help with any of the suggestions below:
    Help set-up on the Friday before the sale
    Help on the day of the sale – contact Melissa Allenbaugh for details
    You can bake something and donate it to our bake sale
    Tell all of your family and friends about the sale and come and shop!
We also need volunteers for the following areas
    Sorting hangers
    Copying and sending post cards
    Posting and taking down advertising signs
    Helping with finances
    Contacting previous donors
                MOPS needs everyone’s help to make the SUPERSALE a success.

                                           Outreach (con’t)
                                                                               Good Clean Fun
                                                          Thank you to everyone who donated their homemade soap to
                                                          the Forest Hills Senior Center, Home Delivered Meals program.
 Hello MOPS,                                              Seventeen seniors received our soap. The clients were very
 Thank you so very much for the                           grateful. Many of these clients are homebound and do not have
                                                          family or friends in the area. A few even said that it was one a of
 wonderful Boo- Boo Bunnies* you sent
                                                          the few Christmas gifts that they received this year. Who ever
 in. The mothers are so appreciative of                   thought such a small bar of soap could give someone so much
 your thoughtfulness. We realize the time                 happiness! This proves to me that the smallest thing can and
 involved and all of your efforts and                     does make the biggest impact on the world. Thank you so much
 caring put forth for them.                               from myself, Eastern Area Adult Services, and the Forest Hills
                                                          Senior Center, and their participants.
   A million “Thank Yous”, again from                     I work at the Forest Hills Senior Center. These seniors, and all
                 everyone.                                seniors, hold a special place in my heart.
 Sincerely, Magee – Women’s Hospital
 NICU                                                     Thanks Again
                                                          Melissa Allenbaugh
 *Boo-Boo Bunnies were a creative activity last spring.

 2008                                         Join the Adventure                                                        2009
Volume 9, Issue 5                                                                                            Page 8

                                        What is MOPS of Pleasant Hills?

        MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers.              approximately 2500 groups meet in the United States,
MOPS of Pleasant Hills is a local group                                   Canada and fourteen other countries,
of MOPS International. MOPS                                               serving more than 100,000 women and
International is a non-denominational                                     their families, providing a caring,
Christian organization that reaches out to                                accepting atmosphere for today’s mothers
all mothers of children under school age.                                 to grow and share their experiences with
Our local MOPS group is related to                                        other women.
MOPS International through a legal                                                 MOPS of Pleasant Hills began in
charter agreement between MOPS                                            1996 when a group of dedicated women,
International and our MOPS church                                         led by Kathy Fauth, organized the group
sponsor, Pleasant Hills Community                                         at PHCPC. Since then, God has
Presbyterian Church (PHCPC).                                              graciously provided many moms to keep
        MOPS is a haven for busy moms.                                    the ministry thriving. MOPS of Pleasant
MOPS began in 1973, when a small group of moms                Hills provides encouragement, support, teaching and
met in a local church near Denver, CO, to share their         a safe place to explore the deeper principles for life-
common needs. Today,                                          building. MOPS helps moms…and MOPS makes a
                                                              difference in the lives of their families.

   Pleasant Hills Community
   Presbyterian Church
   199 Old Clairton Road
   Pittsburgh, PA 15236

 2008                                    Join the Adventure                                                    2009

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