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					1、 Company Introduction

2、 Cooperative Intentions

3、 Contact Information

                    Letter of Intention for Co-operation
1.    Company Introduction
     Sichuan Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Jiuzhou) was
established in 1958, one of the 520 key enterprises and top 100 electronic information
enterprises in China. Located in Sichuan province, Mianyang city, which is a Hi-tech City
of China. Jiuzhou covers an area of 870 thousands square meters with around 10000
employees,58 subsidiaries and total assets of 500 million USD. Jiuzhou focuses on
researching,manufacturing and exporting DVB-S/C/T series, LED series, CATV series,
Cable & Wire, LNB series and LCD television. We are specialized in Cable TV Integrated
Service Network (CISN) System in China. Therefore, Jiuzhou has played a decisive part
in construction of national trade economy.
     Jiuzhou has independent intellectual property and key technology for digital TV
equipments. Jiuzhou has developed an industrial chain of digital TV equipment and
broadband network system. Jiuzhou has high-level and specialized production lines for
civil products, various production equipments, instruments, and product assembly lines.
We had acquired various certifications such as ISO9000, FC, 3C, CE, UL and RoHS. At
present, our 12 subsidiaries aim to develop overseas markets. Our products are
DVB-S/C/T series, LED series, CATV series, Cable & Wire, LNB series and LCD
     For DVB series, we are one of the biggest and best DVB manufacturers in China. We
have individual intellectual property of DVB products.
     For LED series, we own advanced LED production lines, which are able to produce
European level products.
     For CATV series, with more than 20 years experience, we are one of the biggest HFC
suppliers and we also own huge customer resources in china.
     For Cable Wire series, we currently manufacture more than 8000 varieties of 12
categories such as communication optic cable, RF cable, installation wire, installation
cable, mine communication cable, tinned leading wire, power cable, high temperature wire,
special cable, etc. The products can be widely applied in the field of radio and
television Internet, post, aviation, space flight, building, mine, automobile, power,
household appliance, etc.
     For LNB series, we are specialized in producing and marketing LNB products with
KU-Band and C-Band LNB product series.
     For LCD television, we are able to manufacture LCD television series with all kinds
of size and function.
     Jiuzhou has set up more than 100 sales service sub-companies in China. The sales
and services net work have covered the whole country. By setting up agencies in some
foreign countries such as Indonesia etc., the group has formed a sales pattern, which takes
Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America as the key point and radiates the whole
world. Firstly, we established the overseas office in 2000 (Indonesia Office). Furthermore,
we established Dubai and Paris office to explore overseas market in 2008. The foreign
currency earned by importing has been increasing year by year. Jiuzhou Group widely
exchanges and cooperates in the fields of commercial affairs, technology and investment
with transnational companies, hi-tech companies and commerce & trade groups in over 20
countries and regions. It also has extended economic and commercial contact with
America, England, Germany, South Africa, Middle East, Russia, Australia, Singapore,
Hong Kong and Taiwan, etc.

2.    Cooperative Intentions
     In order to further explore the overseas markets. Jiuzhou Electric Group Co., Ltd.
plans to look for some cooperative partners who are mainly involved in LED, Digital
Television and Mobile Communication industry in Thailand. We can adopt diversified
co-operation modes in marketing, R & D, manufacturing and other extensive scopes.
     In summary of the above, we hope your company can provide us with the report of
economic development status in your country, especially in LED industry,Mobile
Communication industry and the digital television industry (the operators market). We will
appreciate if you can help us to answer the question below and give us some suggestions:
(1) How about the digital television markets in Thailand and what is the future market

trend of digital televisions in Thailand? We may offer some free digital satellite receivers
or CATV systems to Thailand to acquire some cooperation opportunity with local
government and corporations. We also hope that you can offer us some advices and
business models well-applied in ASEAN market.
(2) How about the LED market in Thailand and what is the future market trend of the LED
market in Thailand?     If any countries would like to have LED light as city lighting
system, we may offer some free LED light systems to Vietnam to acquire some
cooperation opportunities with local government and corporations.
(3) Where are the best locations for us to set up factory in Thailand?
(4) What problems do we need to pay attention if we want to invest in the LED and
Digital Television industry?
(5) Who are the main digital television operators in your country?
(6) What is the tariff policy and tariff preference in your country?
(7) What’s the tax policy (especially for electronic product) in your country?
(8) Is there any preferential duty and special economic zone, which are related to us, in
your country?

      In a brief, our group would like to discuss with you for business cooperation in
detail. We also look forward that your company can help us to find some co-operative

3.    Contact Information
Contact person: Kevin Ding
Tel: 0086-755-26947218


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