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Hongkong Post
High quality postal services have been an important factor         Speedpost Service: Speedpost is the international
in facilitating Hong Kong’s development as a leading               courier service provided by Hongkong Post, and is the
business, financial and industrial centre. Hongkong Post           local brand name of the global Express Mail Service (EMS)
aims to provide reliable, efficient and universal postal           of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Speedpost has been
services at reasonable prices to meet the needs of Hong            given due recognition worldwide by achieving Gold Level
Kong as well as fulfilling its international postal obligations.   Certification in the Express Mail Service Cooperative Audit
                                                                   and Measurement Programme for outstanding EMS
Postal Services: The laws of Hong Kong empower                     performance for the eigth consecutive year. Speedpost
Hongkong Post to handle local and overseas mail and mail           provides reliable, convenient and value for money express
for transit to other places. The Postmaster General is the         delivery services to our customers. With a global reach of
head of Hongkong Post.                                             over 210 destinations and 1 900 cities in the Mainland,
      The exchange of mail between Hongkong Post and               packages can be delivered to major international cities by
other places in the world started as early as 1841. With the       the following business day. To provide more convenience
growth in population and the development of business               to our customers, a pick-up service is available, or they
activities in Hong Kong, the range and level of services           can go to any post office to send their Speedpost items.
provided by Hongkong Post have multiplied. There were              Customers can also open an account to enjoy the
127 post offices as at March 2010, 31 located on Hong              convenience of monthly billing and promotion offers for
Kong Island, 37 in Kowloon, 57 in the New Territories and          Speedpost. A track-and-trace service is available via the
the outlying islands, and two mobile post offices. In2009-         web site of Speedpost www.hongkongpost.com/speedpost.
10, we handled an average of 3.57 million mail items daily.
With over 90 per cent of the mail handled coming from the          Local CourierPost: Two services are available through
industrial and business sectors, it is clear that Hongkong         Local CourierPost – Standard Service and Premium
Post has played a significant role in facilitating the             Service – to cater for both individual and business needs
development of commerce and industry in Hong Kong.                 for local express delivery of documents and packages.
      Hongkong Post changed to a trading fund operation            Local CourierPost Standard Service items can
on August 1, 1995. The new status provides Hongkong                conveniently be posted at all post offices throughout the
Post with a high degree of financial autonomy, enabling it         territory. Customers can choose to register as account
to respond more effectively to changing market demand              holders and enjoy a pick-up service. For major service
and customer needs, and to pursue new initiatives and              areas, the Standard Service guarantees that items
improvements. Despite the changes in its financial and             accepted before the cut-off time are delivered by 1:00 pm
accounting framework, Hongkong Post remains a                      on the following working day and the Premium Service
government department.                                             provides guaranteed delivery within 2.5 hours from the
                                                                   time of receipt of customer orders.
Letter Mail Services: In 2009-10 Hongkong Post handled
1 096 million local letters. Over 99 per cent of letters           e-Post: This service provides customers a one-stop
posted locally are delivered on the next working day after         mailing solution that includes printing, enveloping, mailing
posting. Bulk economy items paid at discounted postage             and delivery to the recipients. The service is ideal for both
rates are delivered within three working days.                     commercial firms and government departments which
      Overseas letter mail services include Air Mail, Bulk Air     require printing and mailing enormous amount of invoices
Mail, Surface Mail, Bulk Bag, Direct Agent Bag and                 and statements on a regular basis.
Surface Airlifted Mail. A total of 166 million air and surface
letters were posted to destinations abroad in 2009-10. For         Logistics Service: A full range of inventory and supply
the airmail service, letters collected in Hong Kong are            chain management services are available through the
delivered to the airport to board departing aircraft either on     Hongkong Post Logistics Service which includes
the same day or the following working day, depending on            warehousing and stock management, pick and pack, local
the time of posting and the availability of flights.               and international delivery, online order tracking, import and
                                                                   export declaration, import license application, cross-border
Parcel Services: Both local and overseas parcel services           transportation and freight forwarding services.
are available. Customers may send parcels by air or
surface to around 230 international destinations. In 2009-         Philatelic Services: Like many postal administrations,
10, Hongkong Post handled 1.31 million parcels. The                Hongkong Post issues two kinds of postage stamps –
service standard is to deliver local and inward parcels to         definitive stamps which are normally issued once every
addressees within two working days for Hong Kong,                  five years and special/commemorative stamps which
Kowloon and major commercial and industrial areas in the           depict themes of general or historic interest. Usually there
New Territories. Outward air parcels are delivered to air          are around ten or more sets of special/commemorative
carriers within the same day or the following working day.         stamps issued each year. Hong Kong postage stamps,
which reflect Hong Kong’s history, life and development,           These machines automatically segregate mail items into
are designed and printed to a consistently high standard.          packets and letters, cancel the postage stamps on letters
The low postage rates prevailing in Hong Kong make                 with a date impression and further segregate them into
philately an interesting and inexpensive hobby. Apart from         local/surface mail and air mail.
handling and promoting philatelic services, Hongkong Post               The Air Mail Centre at the Hong Kong International
Stamps provides a wide variety of philatelic products to           Airport at Chek Lap Kok is equipped with machines for
meet the needs of local and overseas stamp collectors. It          automating the sorting of packets and parcels, and for
also offers Heartwarming Stamps Customised Service and             handling airline containers. The Track and Trace System,
one-stop service in developing special stamp souvenirs for         installed at all counter offices, delivery offices and sorting
individuals and corporations. In addition to its extensive         centres, computerises the tracking and tracing of
post office network, Hongkong Post also makes use of its           Speedpost and Local CourierPost, as well as registered,
well-established advance order system and online Internet          recorded delivery and insured mail and parcels. Hongkong
shopping platform to enable local and overseas philatelists        Post makes mail tracing information available to
to purchase Hong Kong stamps and philatelic products in            customers through an interactive voice response system
a convenient manner.                                               and on its web page.
                                                                        The     computerised       Collection     and    Delivery
PayThruPost Service: The PayThruPost Service has                   Management System incorporates the use of mobile
provided customers with greater convenience to settle              devices through the application of General Packet Radio
both government and utility bill payments by cash, cheque          System (GPRS) telecommunication technology to
and EPS at all post offices (except mobile post offices).          automate operations in the courier service.

ShopThruPost: The online shopping mall administered                International and Regional Involvement: Hongkong
by Hongkong Post provides customers a reliable channel             Post participates as a member of the delegation of the
for purchasing philatelic and postal souvenirs as well as          People’s Republic of China in meetings and activities
selected local and overseas products.                              of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). Established in 1874
                                                                   in Berne, Switzerland, the UPU aims to foster the
Certification Authority (CA) Service: To enable the                sustainable development of quality and efficient universal
development of electronic commerce in Hong Kong,                   postal services in order to facilitate communication
Hongkong Post established a public key infrastructure and          among the people of the world, and to guarantee the
began acting as the first public CA in Hong Kong in                free circulation of postal items through an interconnected
January 2000. As empowered by the Electronic                       single postal territory. The Universal Postal Union
Transactions Ordinance, the Postmaster General is a                Congress is held once every four years to determine
recognised CA in Hong Kong. Hongkong Post Certification            strategic policy issues and to review existing postal
Authority (HKPCA) issues digital certificates, namely              working procedures and regulations to ensure that
Hongkong Post e-Certs, to individuals and businesses to            they continue to meet the needs of the community.
facilitate the identity verification of the subscribers over the   Hongkong Post attended the 24th Universal Postal Union
Internet. The operation and services of HKPCA have been            Congress held in Geneva, Switzerland, in July-August
outsourced to E-Mice Solutions (HK) Limited since April 1,         2008 as part of the China delegation. Hongkong Post
2007 for 5 years. By the end of March 2010, HKPCA had              remains a separate postal administration and effectively
issued about 1.63 million digital certificates to businesses,      exchanges international mail and has bilateral postal
government departments and individuals.                            agreements with the postal administrations of other
Development of Postal Services: Automation of letter                    Apart from the UPU, Hongkong Post also participates
sorting was introduced in July 1990 with the                       in the meetings and activities of the Asian-Pacific Postal
commissioning of the Mechanised Letter Sorting System              Union (APPU) as a member of the China delegation. The
(MLSS), which was the first in the world using Optical             APPU is a regional postal union which deals with postal
Character Recognition (OCR) and Video Coding                       matters in Asia and Oceania. It aims at improving postal
technology to sort letters by reading the addresses of the         services through understanding and co-operation among
letters, without the need of reading post codes or zip             the postal administrations in the region.
codes. To further enhance operating efficiency, the                     In November 2007, Hongkong Post was elected as
phased installation of a replacement MLSS started in early         the Chairman of the Asia Pacific Post Cooperative (APPC)
2008 and the new MLSS has been put into full operation in          which was established in 1998 to improve the quality of
June 2009. The new MLSS combines and improves the                  postal services in the Asia-Pacific region; enable member
functioning of Optical Character Reader; Video Coding              postal organisations to enhance their market share; and
Machine and Letter Sorting Machine to streamline and               address operational, commercial, technical and economic
optimise mail processing flow.                                     issues of postal services in the region. Currently 25 postal
      Four Culler-Facer-Canceller machines are installed in        organisations are members of APPC with a governing
the General Post Office and the International Mail Centre.         board of seven members.

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