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									             Helping Parents Help Our Teens - A Forum for Chapel Hill -Carrboro Parents of High School Students
                  Monday, January 30, 2006 -- 7:00-9:00 p.m. - Hanes Auditorium, Chapel Hill High School
                             Co-Sponsored by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA’s) of
                                    Chapel Hill High and East Chapel Hill High Schools

Purpose of the Forum: Being a high school student can be hard. Being a parent can be hard. But being the parent of a high school
student can be especially hard. The goal of this Forum is to provide parents of high school and middle school students with a
chance to hear from, and ask questions of, a panel of experts and community leaders about the challenges of raising and guiding
our teens through the difficult years of high school. The Forum will also provide an opportunity for parents to meet fellow
parents and to share problems and solutions related to raising our teens. Panel members will speak for one hour, followed by one
hour of questions and answers. Topics to be discussed during the evening will include:
      how to listen to, communicate and establish trust with your teen
      how to manage conflicts between teens and parents, teens and teachers
      what kinds of limits and curfews to set for your teen
      what to do when your teen steps outside the bounds of these limits
      what are appropriate norms of behavior to expect of teens
      how to help teens avoid alcohol and drugs
      how parents and families play important roles when teens make decisions for good or bad
      what people and resources to turn to for help and advice in time of need

Mary Gratch, M.Ed., School Counselor, Chapel Hill High School -- “Positive Parental Involvement”
     Student counselor at Chapel Hill High School who specializes in helping with the personal, social, academic, and
        career needs of nearly 300 students. She has two teens, a 10th-grader and a 12th-grader.
     Ms. Gratch will talk about the need for positive parental involvement. Parental involvement, communication and
        support are key elements of a positive high school experience. She is very concerned about the high level of stress
        experienced by our children in our schools and how anxiety, sleep deprivation and excessive competition lead to both
        mental and physical health issues.

Jackie Reid, MSW, Student Assistance Counselor, East Chapel Hill High School - “Drug/Alcohol Prevention and Intervention”
      Student assistance counselor and substance abuse specialist at East Chapel Hill School who helps high school students
          with emotional, social and family problems.
      Ms. Reid will talk about how to prevent drug and alcohol use by teens and what to do if you suspect your teen is using.

Dr. Tina Lepage, Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Founder of Lepage Associates Solution-Based Psychological Services of
Chapel Hill
“Reasons Teens Decide to Break Rules and What Parents can do”
      Licensed clinical psychologist who works with teenagers and families in the Chapel Hill community.
      Based on her years of work with teens, Dr. Lepage will share the three main reasons that teens say they make the
          decision to break the rules. She will then discuss some ways that parents, knowing these three areas of vulnerability,
          can put some things in place to help teens be able to make better decisions.

Ken Kastleman, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Licensed Marital and Family Therapist
“Is There Something I’m Overlooking? Improving Family Communication”
      Licensed clinical psychologist who works with families and couples in the Chapel Hill community since 1979.
      Based on his years of work with families and couples, Dr. Kastleman will discuss strategies for improving
          communication between family members.

Alicia Vila, Spanish Interpreter, Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools - “Parenting Concerns for Latino Families"
      Advocates for Latino parents and students in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools
      Being a member of this community for the past 20 years, Ms. Vila has a deep understanding of the needs and concerns
          of Latino families and the challenges they face.

Wanda Boone, Parent Leader Orange, Person, Chatham Counties - “The Power to Parent”
    Mrs. Boone and her husband have successfully raised three children and mentored 15 children to adulthood drug and
        alcohol free in their 34 years of marriage. They are now therapeutic foster parents. Mrs. Boone received training in
        Applied Control Theory through Unlimited Success and Parent Group Facilitator training through National Families in
    Mrs. Boone will present statistical information on Protective Factors and Risk Factors and discuss the key role that
        parents/adults/mentor play in helping teens stay healthy.

If you need information or have questions about this Forum, please call or email:
CHHS PTSA Board Members:                         ECHHS PTSA Board Members:
Lisa Stolakis 928-9989         Karen Lewis 929-0651
Jenny Long 933-6161         Stacey Yusko 929-0752
Martha Sheard Farley 933-3933

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