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					Engaging Teens Conference
      Arlington, VA
       May 9, 2008
 Jaimie Koshy
 Ligne Meadows
 Susan Strecker
        Benefits to the Library
 Encourage other teens to attend:
  help to make programs fun and
 Help to bridge the gap between older
  after school staff and children
 Familiar with new technology
 Familiar with new curricula in
 Bring diversity into the working
   Benefits to the Community
 Provides stable environment
  with young, friendly faces
 Keeps children and teens off the
 Provides positive role models
   Children
   Other teens
   Adults
 Free computer support
 Multilingual
             Benefits to Teens
 Money
 Incentives
    Trainings
    Career opportunities
    College Resume
    Job Opportunities outside of LEAP
    Relationships with co-workers
    Experience in working world
    Convenient working hours
   SAT Prep
   College Prep
   Professionalism
   The Secret Life of Librarians
   Technology Trainings
   TLA Orientation
   Read Aloud
   Spanish Language and Culture
   Financial Literacy
   Teen Talk
   Gaming Training
   LEAP into Science
       How to Recruit Teens?
 Word of mouth
   Family and friends
 Develop a one on one
  relationship with a teen
 Volunteers
 Do outreach to places where
  teens are located
 Advertise in Newspapers
      Teen Leadership Assistants
             Who They are and What They Do…
 High School Students
 Provide homework help
 Help patrons with computers
 Develop craft and technology
 Read to children
 Aid in other library tasks
 Help to plan the Youth
  Empowerment Summit
             Associate Leaders
             Who We are and What We Do…
 College students
 Highly recommended former
 Mentors to TLA’s
 Training facilitators
 Youth Empowerment Summit
  Committee Heads
 Program developers
 Provide technology support
The Youth Empowerment Summit
 A day at the library planned by and for
   The Mission of the summit is to
    empower youth to explore their common
    interests, share ideas, and develop their
    goals through expression,
    entertainment, fellowship and
    discussion in a united effort
   Created because of an increased need
    for teen activities and involvement
   Each year’s theme reflects youth goals
    and leadership
   Teens help in all different committees
The Youth Empowerment Summit
 Each year about 300 teens attend
 Key Note Speaker
 Workshops
    High School to College Transition
    Anime and Manga
    Battle of the Sexes
 Info Fair
 Raffle
 Goals
        Tips for Retaining Teens
   Forget stereotypes
   Respect us and maintain equality
   Give us a voice
   Give us meaningful and creative
   Celebrate achievements
   View mistakes as challenges
   Don’t expect perfection
   Be flexible
   Have fun! :o)
         Future Opportunities
 After School Leader
 Outreach Specialist
 Work Study Student
 Library Intern
 Student Librarian
 Library Trainee
 Other job connections
       For More Information…
 Contact us at:
   The Free Library of Philadelphia
   The Office of Public Service Support
   1901 Vine Street
   Philadelphia, PA 19103

 Or Email us at:
   Jaimie Koshy (
   Ligne Meadows (
   Susan Strecker (

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